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 From The Ashes: August 28th 2011

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PostSubject: From The Ashes: August 28th 2011   Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:56 pm

”As a wise man once said...”

Spotlights shine down on different wrestlers standing in a line in the ring.

”From the ashes”

In the ring stand The Notorious K.I.D, Aaron O'Shea, Nick Ridicule, Brenton Cyrus, The Mexican Samurai and Matt Gray all stand in a line. The lights switch off.

”The phoenix will rise”

The lights turn back on and this time Sean Libby, Vincent Van Rose, Tyson Rowle, Matt Young, Dan Alexander and Jeff Adams stand in the ring. The ligths switch off again.

”The phoenix will rise bigger, brighter and more beautiful then ever before. But the past will never be forgotten”

The lights switch on again and now Chuck Matthews, Corey Casey, Brandon Macdonald, Shadow Demon, Jason Hawk and Johnny Styles stand in the ring.

”But the future awaits a new generation. A generation that will be remembered forever and its fire will never die. A generation with the greatest competitors there is. A generation with biggest legends today. A generation that starts today.”

A single lights turns back on and Latoya Banks stands in the ring.

”Its time for you people to get fucked up. All of you.” - Latoya Banks.

The light turns off again and when it turns back on Steel Angel stands in the ring.

”You're going to see just how good I really am!” - Steel Angel.

The light keeps turning off and on again and each time a new wrestler stands in the ring.

”It's nothing personal. It's just BUSINESS!” - Victor Luthor.

”I will become IWF's punisher. I will destroy anyone who gets in my way. I am a man on a mission” - Bobby O'Day.

”I am winning that match Bobby and there is nothing you can do about it” - Jeff Adams.

”I am THE HUNGRY LION!” - Carmine Vestieri.

”You better be ready losers” - Tyson Rowle

”Tonight I am taking MY title back” - Vincent Van Rose.

”For to long I have waited in the dark. It is time for me to outshine all of you” - Ryan Apollos.

”I am leaving From the Ashes as a champion. And that is a guaran-damn-tee!” - Sean Libby.

”We're destined to save and destroy each other, Johnny. This match is our destiny” - Shadow Demon.

”"I’ve thrown more punches at you than Jay Hawk has received blowjobs from Alison Williams." - Johnny Styles.

”I am on Manifest Entity mu'fuckas!” - Frank Hart.

”Manifest Entity? Meet the Hartbreaker” - Chuck Matthews

”And I will be the one who reduces the both of you to nothing more than piles of ASH on the floor” - Corey Casey

”I'm coming to From the Ashes with one thing on my mind. Becoming the first two-time IWF Champion in the federations history. And nobody, not Casey, not Shark, will get in my way of doing that.” - Brandon Macdonald.

”Theres a million Brandon Macdonalds. A Million Dan Alexanders, a million Chuck Matthews, a million Shadow Demons, a thousand Jason Hawks, and hundreds of Alison Williams. Theres only one James Shark.” - James Shark.

”So it was written... so it shall come to pass” - Corey Casey.

”Shhhh just smile”

”Ma money is on Sharky!!” ”HAVE HART!” ”LIIIIIIBBB” ”EEEEEEEEEHHH” ”Crumpet eating douche!” ”<--- VVR fan” ”Why has there never been a live Peep Show on a PPV?” ”I WANNA SEE THE FINAL JUDGEMENT FROM THE TOP OF HAWK'S NEST!!” ”Who is this gas mask man?” ”Anyone notice that Dan Alexander isn't on the card?” ”HAI EES DEE!” ”It's Electric”


Johnny – I love how that Electric sign is always shown on TV.


Johnny – Will you stop yelling?


Johnny – You are gonna get a heart attack if you keep yelling.


Johnny – Sure, just do as he says...


The scene opens in a backyard. The footage has been filmed with a cheap camera. The sun is shinning and sky is clear. Four kids are in the backyard. Two girls and two boys. All of them are soaking wet from the water fight they are having. A woman comes out of the house with a tray. On the tray stand two glasses and a bowl with cookies. Next to the woman walks a little girl, seemingly a little younger then the rest of the kids. The kids don't notice the woman and keep playing.

Mrs. O'Day.
Kids! Do you want some cookies?

All the kids immidiatly rush to the woman to get cookies. All of the kids get one.

Mrs O'Day.
So how is the waterfight going?

One of the boys puts his arm around the other one and says.

Jason Hawk.
Bobby and I are winning Mrs. O'Day.

Megan O'Day.
No! It is not true mom. Kim and I are winning this!

Jason looks down at his waterpistol then at Megan. Jason aims at her face and shoots.

Jason Hawk.
No, you are not.

Mrs. O'Day laughs and takes a seat as she watches as the kids run back to play. The little girl still hugs her mother's leg and looks at Jason. Jason looks back at her and smiles. He breaks his cookie in half and gives the little girl one half.

Mrs O'Day.
That is so nice of you Jason. Say thanks Taylor.

Taylor O'Day.
Thank you.

She says and then quickly hids behind her mother. Jason smiles and runs away. In the distance Bobby sees this and a worried look crosses his face.

The scene changes and opens in a livingroom. Jason Hawk and Bobby O'Day sit on the couch. Both of them are wearing suits. Bobby looks nervous while Jason looks totally relaxed.

Jason Hawk.
Relax. She is not gonna ditch you. She is gonna be here.

Just then the bell rings and Bobby runs to the door. He opens it and Alison Williams stands in the door wearing a fancy dress.

Jason Hawk.
Told ya.

Just then Mr and Mrs O'Day walk down the stairs to see Bobby, Kim and Megan all dressed up with their prom date by their side. Mr. O'Day takes a picture of them all. All of them walk out and Jason waits in the by the door. Bobby stops and looks at him.

Bobby O'Day.
You don't have a date?

Jason Hawk.
Oh I do. I am just waiting for her.... and there she is.

Just then Taylor O'Day walks by and Jason puts an arm around her waist and they walk to the big limo. Bobby grabs Jason's shoulder and turns him around.

Bobby O'Day.
What are you doing Butthead? You can't take her to the prom!

Jason Hawk.
Hey, relax. It is just for fun. Both Megan and Kim are going so I figured I'd take Taylor so she is not left out when we are going to talk about this for weeks to come.

Jason and Taylor then enter the limo. Bobby stands outside and look of anger crosses his face.

The scene changes to the livingroom again where Taylor sits alone. She is crying as Bobby walks in. He sits down next to her.

Bobby O'Day.
What is wrong?

Taylor O'Day.
Jason broke up with me.

Bobby O'Day.
That Butthead!!!

Bobby looks furious as the scene changes once more.

Bobby O'Day sits in his locker room getting ready for his match.

Bobby O'Day.
Tonight that Butthead is gonna pay!


Rick – That was one long intro video.

Johnny – Of course. Jason was in it. He is such an ETA that he just had to make it a long one.

Rick – Good point.

Johnny – It was good though. I am all excited about this match though!

Rick – Me too! Jason Hawk and Bobby O'Day two childhood friends now turned enemies.

Johnny – Bobby originaly wanted to fight Jason but because of Jason's injury, Bobby must fight Jason's protoge Jeff Adams.

Rick – A big bad wrestler against a speedy little high-flyer. This should be a good one. Lets get it on! First match of the evening!

Taylor O'Day – The following contest is the opening match of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall and introducing first..

Feel the pressure let it go
Feel the pressure let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Adams emerges from behind the curtain. He throws one arm up into the air as he turns his back to the ring. As he throws up his arm blue pyro shoot up from the sides.

You try to buy some time
Can't read the signs or the reasons why
Every single time I could drive in blind
Can't make up my mind
I know I'm gonna find my way out

Jeff flips backwards and performs a back handspring. Jeff then leaps up into the air and flips backwards. Jeff turns around and raises his arm again.

Crash you're going down without a sound
And I'll pass you up before I explode
Breaking until I'll see it through
You won't keep me down when I crash through you

Jeff slides into the ring and climbs a turnbuckle. He raises his arm as the fans cheer for him. Jeff keeps his arm up as he flips backwards and lands on his feet in the ring.

So here we are right now
This is our time to cross this line
Every single time I could drive in blind
Can't make up my mind
I know I'm gonna find my way out

Taylor O'Day – From Salt Lake City, Utah! He weighs 170 pounds. The Protoge of Extraordinary! The New Era!! Jeff Adams!!!

Johnny – This young man is starting to look more and more like Jason Hawk each week. When he debuted he was a shy and quiet little guy.

Rick – To bad that Jason's bad habtis also have transfered over to Jeff. Last week we saw him beat The Ninja after he had knocked him out with a pair of brass knuckles.

Taylor O'Day – And his opponent...

"Broken Mirrors" by Rise Against plays through the speakers.

Hey man, now did you hear?
Your final days are near?
In a free fall of fire and ice
And explosions in the sky

Bobby O'Day walks from behind the curtain, looking at the ring. He smiles, and heads down the ramp.

A fate that we deserve
There's no escape, no
Now it's your turn
Now it's your turn

Bobby walks to the ring, and pauses halfway down the ramp. He drops to his hands and knees and quickly does a few pushups before pushing himself back to his feet, and walking the rest of the way down the ramp.

It's been years
Since our luck ran out and left us here
Like broken mirrors
Ten million shards of glass and tears
But now we are
Awake enough to shatter what we hate
Like broken mirrors
Reflections of an unfamiliar face

Bobby leaps from the mat to the apron, and climbs between the ropes. He looks around at the fans and points to himself, smiling

Taylor O'Day – From Sacremento, California. He weighs in at 275 pounds. The Punisher! Bobby O'Day!!

Johnny – One of the stupidest men to ever enter a wrestling ring but damn can he beat people up.

Rick – What he lacks in brain he more then makes up for in power and strenght.


On the top of the stage Jason Hawk steps out onto the stage. Jason walks down the ramp and stops as he reaches the ringside floor. He stares at Bobby, who stares back at him. Bobby yells something at him then points at Jeff. The ref rings the bell.

Jeff Adams [vs] Bobby O'Day.
[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Bobby immidiatly shoots for a tackle but Jeff reacts quickly and moves out of the way. While Bobby is still on one knee Jeff kicks him to the chest. Bobby holds his arms over his chest and falls to his knees. Jeff runs to the ropes for more speed then rebounds and dropkicks Bobby to the face. Bobby falls to the mat and Jeff quickly leg drops him.

Johnny – Jeff Adams with the early adventage.

Rick – If Bobby doesn't get some offense going there will be no contract.

Jeff runs to the ropes and jumps to the middle rope. He springboards off of them. Bobby sits up just to be dropkicked by Jeff. Jeff goes to the apron and and waits for Bobby to stand up. Bobby slowly gets to his feet and Jeff jumps to the top rope. Jeff springboards off of it and catches Bobby with an hurricanrana. Bobby falls forward and hangs on the middle rope. Jeff runs towards Bobby, steps on his back, and jumps over the top rope and leg drops Bobby to the back of the head.

Johnny – Did you see that air time!

Rick – He went way over the top rope!

Bobby holds his head and Jeff sits on the apron. Jeff goes to the ringside floor and backs up a few feet. Jeff runs towards Bobby. He grabs the middle rope, jumps up and kicks Bobby to the head. Bobby falls onto his back and Jeff climbs to the top rope. Jeff leaps off the turnbuckle and flips forward then leg drops Bobby.

Rick – This hit and run tactic is really catching Bobby off guard.

Johnny – This is like seeing Jason Hawk in his prime. Jason has really thought him well.

Jeff stands up and stomps on Bobby. Bobby grabs Jeff's foot and quickly stands up. Jeff jumps up and goes for an enziguiri but Bobby catches his foot. Bobby looks Jason and yells something at him. Bobby then leans back and catapults Jeff into the corner. Jeff crashes into the corner stomach first and hangs on to the turnbuckle. Bobby runs to the corner and jumps to the middle rope. Bobby grabs Jeff around the waist and german suplexes Jeff off the corner. Jeff flies all the way across the ring and crashes down onto the mat.

Rick – Now look at that air time!

Johnny – That didn't surprise me at all. Bobby has an weight advantage that is over 100 pounds! I expect Bobby to toss Jeff around like a ragdoll!

Bobby follows Jeff and locks his hands tight around Jeff's waist. Jeff struggles to get out of the hold but Bobby easily gets Jeff under control again. Jeff slowly gets to his feet but Bobby keeps the hold locked in and german suplexes Jeff back to the ground. Bobby keeps the hold locked on. Jeff fights back to his feet. Jeff elbows Bobby to the stomach. Bobby loosens the hold and Jeff elbows Bobby again. Bobby grabs Jeff's arm and then quickly locks in a headlock.

Rick – Beautiful amatuer wrestling here by Bobby.

Johnny – This is boring. JEFF DO SOMETHING COOL!.

Jeff starts pass out and the referee. The referee lifts his arm and lets it go. It just falls down. The ref raises his arm again. Again it just falls down. The ref lifts Jeff's arm up again but before he lets it fall Jason smacks his cane across the ref's sheen. The ref turns to look at Jason, who just backs away and shrugs his shoulders. The While the ref has his back turned Jeff heels Bobby to the crotch. Bobby falls to his knees. Jeff smirks and runs at Bobby. But out of nowhere Jeff gets clotheslined by Chad Mason.

Rick – It is Chad Mason!

Johnny – What is that awkward little fuck doing here?

Chad stomps on Jeff and goes to the corner. Chad waits for Jeff to get back to his feet. Jeff slowly gets to his feet and Chad sprints out of the corner and spears Jeff.

Rick – Mason Tackle!!

Johnny – He is ruining the match! I wanna see Jeff do some flippy shit!!

Outside the ring Jason points at Chad and screams at the ref to turn around. Chad rolls out of the ring just in time so the ref wouldn't see him. Bobby is first to his feet. Bobby picks up Jeff and hooks his arms. Bobby lifts up Jeff turn around and slams him down. Bobby goes for the pin.




[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Taylor O'Day – Here is your winner! Bobby O'Day!!!!

Outside the ring Chad throws his arms into the air and Bobby gets back to his feet. Bobby rolls out of the ring and gets face to face with Jason.

Bobby O'Day.
I am coming for you Butthead!

Bobby and Chad back up the ramp and Bobby never breaks eye contact with Jason. The scene switches to a locker room. Tyson Rowle is getting ready for his match. He has some bruises and his knee is all taped up. The door opens and Sean Libby walks in.

Sean Libby.
Oh look at that. All taped up and bruised. You can't even walk on your own.

Sean laughs and Tyson stands up.

Tyson Rowle.
Look who suddenly grew a pair. It'll make it all so much funnier when I take that title from you.

Sean Libby.
Oh you think so? This title is going nowhere. Because someone is gonna get thrown the cage!

Tyson Rowle.
Yeah, I will enjoy throwing you off the top of the cage. You are going down. Literally!

Sean Libby.
Oh dream on. This baby is never leaving my shoulder!

Tyson Rowle.
Keep telling yourself that. I won't burst your little bubble now. Now get out! I have to get ready!

Sean backs up.

Sean Libby.
Why bother? You don't stand a chance anyways!

Sean laughs as he walks out and the scene switches to the Hawk's Nest intro.


”The Hawk's Nest”

The Hawk's Nest structure is shown.

”One of the most dangerous matches ever. 20 feet above the ring.”

Different clips are shown of wrestlers falling down from the Hawk's Nest.

”Only one man will stand victories. There is only one winner”

Jason Hawk, Connor O'Shannon, The Notorious K.I.D and Nick Ridicule are shown celebrating their Hawk's Nest victories.

”In the Hawk's Nest creativity and the extraordinary are the keys to victory.”

Jason Hawk is shown taking a taser out of the Hawk Box and tases Ryan Apollos. Jason Hawk is shown swinging from a wire that has been cut off it cable. Jason swings himself up to the Hawk Claws and climbing all the way to the middle and takes down the belt.

”The Hawk's Nest always hosts the most extraordinary moves”

Jason Hawk is seen performing a double shooting star press from the top of the Hawk's Nest and he lands on Ryan Apollos who is out in the crowd. Ryan Apollos is seen hitting a front slam on Jason Hawk sending both men off the Hawk's Nest.

”Even utter destruction will happen”

Death-Angel is seen running at the support on the Hawk's Nest. He rams a ladder into it and the structure and it starts to shake. Slowly it falls apart and Death-Angel falls to the ring and the ring falls apart.

”The Hawk's Nest. The match of extraordinary”

The Hawk's Nest structure is shown.


Taylor O'Day – The following is a Open Invitational Hawk's Nest title match for the New Blood title. Introducing first...

The lights go black. Sounds of crows are heard throughout the arena for 30 seconds. Dance with the devil by breaking Benjamin hits the pa system. the arena tints blew. white fog surrounds the stage. 2 crows fly out from the fog as a shadow of a man appears. Alex Corbin steps out of the fog with 2 crows on his shoulder. He slowly walks down to the ring as the crows leave his shoulder and fly around the arena. He slides in to the ring and stands to his feet. A crow lands on his shoulder and he stands there waiting for his opponent.

Taylor O'Day – From Cincinatti, Ohip. He weighs 200 pounds. Alex Corbin!!!

Johnny – I have a feeling this guy is gonna suck.

Rick – Why?

Johnny – I am really not sure.

Lights turn a slight blue/green and music plays . Pyro runs from one side of the stage to the other, and back again. Cypher then enters the stage. Cypher then walks down the ramp, only reaching halfway, before he taps the ground and raises his shoulders, slanting slightly and pyro explodes behind him. He then reaches the ring, enters and taunts again gazing into the crowd.

Taylor O'Day – From Springfield, Virginia. He weighs 215 pounds. The Sovereign! Cypher!!!

Johnny – Another failure!

Rick – I agree with you on this one.

Johnny – IWF really has some of the top talent and for some reason we also have some really big failures.

The lights in the arena go out and evil laughter echoes throughout the arena. Crazy circus music hits and mixes with the laughter. Suddenly, every sound stops and multi-colored fireworks erupt from the stage. “Feuer Frei” by Rammstein suddenly blasts out of the house PA system.

Knife to Know You slowly walks down the entrance ramp and pauses at the top of the stage. He looks around the arena and laughs crazily. He then walks down to the ring and steps over the ring ropes. He faces his opponent and makes a cut throat motion as he stares at his opponent.

Taylor O'Day – From the abandoned Red Triangle Circus. He weighs 390 pounds. Knife to Know You!!!

Johnny – Holy shit! I never realized Knife weighed that much!

Rick – Yeah, no kidding! That is one fatass clown!

The camera pans from the back of the arena closing up above the stage as the camera pans to the titantron.
The titantron clips shows The Ninja executing “The Way of the Ninja” varying from slow motion to sped up versions of the clip. The clip in between is the Ninja standing poised in a martial arts stance in a church like background with a fire in his eyes and determined badass smirk on his mug. The camera pans out and the Ninja climbs down the top of the titantron and hops off the top structure to the stage rising with a tuck and roll, he rises poised as he bows silver fireworks blow up around each side of the stage both left & right.

The Ninja walks down the ramp tightening his wrist tape as fans pat him on the back and shoulder, he high fives a few fans as both sides of the ramp then stands in the center of the stage does a backflip then sprints forward and slides on his stomach underneath the bottom ring rope then he rises with a somersault into a headstand and a kip up followed by a front flip and then he does a back handspring then a cartwheel and finishes it off with a spinaroonie spinning on the top of his head then he torques to the side and rises then runs to the nearest turnbuckle and tosses it up his arm with a peace sign and pushes his palms up to egg the fans on to cheer which they do. He points to them then jumps off doing a torque in mid-air and landing in the center of the ring, he stands and pounds his palm with his fist while staring straight down at the stage.

Taylor O'Day – From Tokyo, Japan. He weighs 190 pounds! The Ninja!!!

Rick – I could see him win this thing.

Johnny – Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins.

Natural Born Killaz Intro Start As The Song Start Out Walk Victor Luthor In Handcuff Arm In The Air In X Then Pound His Chest come out in Tank Top Skull Cap and Red Bandana Over His Face. As his Coming Down To the Ring being being a company by police being lead to the ring as he walk up the Steps Get in Under Top Rope Throwing his Hands Up In The Air With Pit bull on leash.

Taylor O'Day – From Philadelphia, Pennsylvenia. He weighs 235 pounds! Dr. Payne! Victor Luthor!!!

Rick – Who is this?

Johnny – Shark is gonna be thrilled. We have another black guy!

Girls Are Stupid
And Guys Are Lame (Lame)
Girls Want The Fame (Fame)
Guys Just Wanna Sex Me
So Friday Thru Monday
My Phone Is On Vibrate
No Drama On My Plate
Im Just Gonna Party

Pyros go off, and yellow lighting surrounds the arena as the fans begin to cheer loudly.

I Am Fly And You Are Flu
Which Means You Were Fly Before I Came Thru
I Walk In Slow I Steal The Show
And I Don't Want Your Man But I'll Take His Dough
I Am Me And Me I Do
I Keep My Dudes Like Curfew
So They Running Back
And Me Is Too
And I Pull More Dudes
Than I Pull Tissue

Latoya comes out of the curtains and spins around with her arms out. She smiles and winks at
the camera, blowing a kiss.

I'm Just Gonna Party
No Drama On My Plate
My Phone Is On Vibrate
Friday Thru Monday
Guys Just Wanna Sex Me
Girls Just Want The Fame (Fame)
And Guys Are So Lame (Lame)
Guys Are So Lame (Lame)

She walks down the ramp, nodding her head with a smile looking around at the arena,
she slaps some fans hands as she goes down the ramp.

Groupie Girls Wanting Fame
Ugly Boys Wanting My Aim
Backstabbing Friends Playing Pretend
I See Right Thru Just Like The Lens
I'm The Shit
I Set Trends
You're A Bitch That Steals Boyfriends
He's A Loser
Broke He Is
Im Indigo
And Im Filthy Rich

She walks over to the side of the ring, gets up with one knee onto the apron, looks at the
camera, winks once more, then gets ontop of the ropes and taunts the fans, licking her lips.

Girls Are Stupid
And Guys Are Lame (Lame)
Girls Want The Fame (Fame)
Guys Just Wanna Sex Me
So Friday Thru Monday
My Phone Is On Vibrate
No Drama On My Plate
Im Just Gonna Party

She gets off of the ropes, walks past the center of the ring, and goes up to one of the turnbuckles
and points all around the arena smiling.

Im Hot
Im Hot
And Haters Aren't
And Haters Aren't
Im Having Fun
Im Having Fun
While You Mean Mug
Uh Huh
Uh Huh
Oh Wee
Oh Wee
Oh Wee
Oh Wee
Im Nice
Break It Down!

She Jumps off of the turnbuckle, and makes her way to the center of the ring. Smiling
and waving at the camera.

Taylor O'Day – From Brooklyn, New York. She weighs 120 pounds! Latoya Banks!!!

Rick – Imagine if Latoya wins this thing?

Johnny – Imagine if she wins it, and shows us her boobs again!!!!

Dispite the lies that your making

Your love is mine for the taking

My love is, just waiting

To turn your tears to roses

Pyro sets off from both sides on the entrance ramp in the form of a pair of angel wings. A single platform can be seen being lowered at the ramp. A lone figure is seen standing at the center of the platform, wearing a white/black rope with angel designs decorated on the robe. His face is covered by the hood of his jacket and only his long black hair can be seen.

Despite the lies that your making

Your love is mine for the taking

My love is just waiting

To turn your tears to roses

The figure jumps off the platform and removes his hood revealing his face to the fans as they shower him in cheers. Steel Angel then walks slowly towards the ring every step with purpose, every movement loose and flowing.

I'll be the one that is gonna hold you

I'll be the one that you run to

My love is a burning, consuming fire

Steel Angel then stops at the end of the ramp where he brings his hands together with the middle and index fingers joining together pointing straight out with the other fingers curled together overlapping one another. He then moves
his hands while in this symbol up, down, left and then right in the form of a cross before bringing both middle and index fingers to his lips and kisses them. He then separates his hands as he points to the sky unleashing blue pyro from the entrance ramp.

No, you'll never be alone

When darkness comes

I'll light the night with stars

Here my whispers in the dark

No, you’ll never be alone

When darkness comes

you'll know I'm never far

Here my whispers in the dark

Steel Angel then walks around the ring slapping high fives with some of the fans before climbing through the second rope and enters the ring.

Whispers in the dark

He then poses to the crowd making them cheer some more.

Whispers in the Dark

He smiles as looks around the ring.

You feel so lonely and ragged

You lay there broken and naked

My love is just waiting

To clothe you in crimson roses

I'll be the one that's gonna find you

I'll be the one that's gonna guide you

My love is a burning, consuming fire

He then removes the robe and takes it off showing a gold and black short sleeve kimono with the words "Steel Angel" in black Latin like writing with wings attached to the sides of the words. He is also wearing gold karate style pants with white flame like designs on the ankles and black feathers dotted along the sides.

No, you'll never be alone

When darkness comes

I'll light the night with stars

Here my whispers in the dark

No, you’ll never be alone

When darkness comes

You’ll know I'm never far

Here my whispers in the dark

He then stands at the center of the ring and forms the same hand gesture he did at the end of the entrance ramp. This time as he ends the gesture by pointing to the sky that white pyro erupts from the corners. He then tilts his head from side to side and he gets ready for his match.

Taylor O'Day – From San Diego, California! He weighs 245 pounds! The Steel Angel!!!

Johnny – There he is!! The man with the coolest finisher in the world!!!

Rick – I wanna see him powerbomb someone from the top of the structure! Imagine if he can do a double front flip from the top of the turnbuckle. Imagine how often he can flip forward from the top of the structure!!!

Open Invitational Hawk's Nest New Blood Title Match.
[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Like a G6 hits the PA system and Matt Young walks out onto the stage. Matt walks down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Rick – Didn't Jason fire him last week?

Johnny – Yup and Chad got fired weeks ago and he was also here tonight.

All of the competitors look up at the Hawk box. Then all the competitors look at each other.

Johnny – Come on! Do something!!

Rick – Fun fact. No one in the ring has ever been in a Hawk's Nest before.

Steel Angel, Latoya Banks, Matt Young and The Ninja all run to the corners and start to climb the Hawk's Nest. Victor Luthor slides out of the ring and gets a chair. The rest of the competitors brawl it out in the ring. Victor Luthor rolls back into the ring and starts smashing people over the head with it.

Johnny – Victor Luthor is cleaning house!

Rick – Ouch.. that chair shoot on Cypher was brutal.

Victor keeps smashing Knife over the head with a chair. Knife falls out of the ring and Victor follows him. Victor throws away the chair and picks up Knife. Victor looks at the support pillar and hooks Knife's head. Victor leans back and suplexes Knife into the support pillar. A huge crack is heard and the support pillar cracks.

Rick – He just suplexes almost 400 pounds!!

Johnny – And look at the damage it did on the Hawk's Nest!

In the ring, Latoya, Ninja, Matt and Steel Angel have all made it to the top of the Hawk's Nest. They all stand up and look at each other. They all slowly walk towards the center of the Hawk's Nest. They all meet and start to trade punches. All of them lose their balance and fall off the top of the structure. Though all of them manage to grab onto the wires.

Rick – Wow! That is amazing!

Johnny – They all managed to grab onto the wires!

All of the try to kick each other down. But no one seems to get an edge. Under them Victor sets up a ladder. Victor climbs up the ladder. He makes it to the top and punches Ninja to the stomach. Ninja looses his grip and falls down onto Victor's shoulders. Steel Angel kicks Matt to the stomach and Matt falls on top of Ninja. Latoya then kicks Steel to the stomach and he too falls on top of the shoulders of Victor. Latoya then losses her grip on the wires and falls down and lands on top of Steel Angel and as she does Victor just falls backwards and everyone crash down in the ring.

Rick – What strength!

Johnny – He just had four people on his shoulders!!

Rick – Because of that he is forgiven for breaking the unwritten rule in the Hawk's Nest. Never bring a ladder to a Hawk's Nest!!

”That was awesome!!”
”That was awesome!!”
”That was awesome!!”

Steel Angel is the first to his feet. He stomps on Victor and picks him up. Matt Young also gets to his feet and punches Victor. Steel says something to Matt and Matt nods. Matt and Steel hook Victor's head. They suplex him onto the ladder. The ladder tips over. Matt and Steel sandwich Victor into the ladder. Both guys pick up the ladder and throw it out of the ring.

Rick – Ouch...

Johnny – You said it.

Latoya and Ninja stand up and run over to Steel and Matt and throw them out of the ring. Ninja and Latoya then start to brawl. Latoya sends Ninja to the ropes and as he rebounds Latoya clotheslines him and drops and elbow on him as he falls to the ground. Latoya goes for a stomp but Ninja moves out of the way quickly gets to his feet. Ninja dropkicks Latoya. Latoya then stumbles back to the corner. Ninja quickly follows her and hits her with a monkey flip. Latoya gets back to her feet and Matt jumps up to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. Matt leaps off the turnbuckle and dropkicks Ninja. Ninja stumbles backwards and falls out off the ring. Matt quickly gets to his feet and runs to the ropes. He jumps over the top rope and takes out Ninja. Matt and Ninja start brawling outside the ring.

Rick – Some very fast paced action here!

Johnny – I am loving it!

Latoya gets back to her feet and realizes she is alone in the ring. Latoya climbs the turnbuckle and jumps up to the wires. She gets closer to the Hawk Box. Steel Angel then jumps to the apron and jumps up to the top rope. He springboards off the rope and hits Latoya with a cross body block. Steel quickly kicks Latoya out of the ring. Steel then climbs the Hawk's Nest. Steel makes it to the top of the structure and walks towards the center. Suddenly Latoya appears on the other side. She runs towards Steel and hits him with a tornado DDT. Steel doesn't fall off the Hawk's Nest. Latoya then walks towards the center again. She is about to break the Hawk Box but is speared by Matt Young. Matt stands back up but is dropkicked by The Ninja.

Rick – How are they not falling off that thing!

Johnny – Come on! Someone fall off! I wanna see someone fall off!

Latoya is the first to her feet. She picks up Ninja and hooks his head. She looks down from the Hawk's Nest and then smirks. She jumps off the structure and hits a spinning neckbreaker on The Ninja.


Rick – Wow!!!

Johnny – Yes! Someone finally fell off!

Rick – and it is about to get even worse!!

On top of the structure Steel Angel has Matt Young in a powerbomb position.


Rick – Wait! What is he doing now?!?!?

Steel Angel starts to walk towards the edge of the structure. Steel makes it to the end. He leaps off flips forward three times and powerbombs Matt Young through the announce table.

Johnny – OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!



Steel jumps back to his feet out of pure adrenalin and lets out a roar. He slides back into the ring and climbs the Hawk's Nest. He makes it to the top of the structure and walks towards the center. Latoya makes it to the top. Steel Angel is about to break the glass on the Hawk Box but Latoya jumps and spears Steel. Steel reacts quickly and grabs Latoya's head and and DDT's her through the glass. The glass breaks into a thousand pieces and Latoya rolls off the structure. Here forehead is busted open and blood is pouring down her face. Steel Angel takes the New Blood title out of the Hawk Box.

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Taylor O'Day – Here is your winner and the first ever New Blood champion!! The Steel Angel!!!!

Johnny – He did it! He did it! The man with the best finisher ever is the New Blood champion! And with his finisher I put my money on him getting the world title shoot!

Rick – He has been here for three weeks and he is already a champion!! Oh the Ratings!!!!!!

The show fades to commercials as Steel Angel stands on top of the Hawk's Nest structure with the title held high above his head.
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PostSubject: Re: From The Ashes: August 28th 2011   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:31 am

The show returns to Jason Hawk sitting in his office. Bobby O’Day sits across from him, while Chad Mason and Matthew Young stand on either side of him.

Jason Hawk
Alright…you won. You get the contract.

Bobby smirks, and scribbles his name across the contract. Jason scans his eyes over the contract, and nods.

Jason Hawk
Good. Everything seems to be in order.

He looks at Bobby, who doesn’t move.

Jason Hawk
You can leave now.

Bobby O’Day
You have two stars left to sign, butthead.

Jason shakes his head.

Jason Hawk
The stipulation was that if you won, you’d get a contract. You won. You got your contract. Chad and Matt are shit out of luck.

Chad steps forward, but Bobby puts his arm out, stopping him.

Bobby O’Day
You know we won’t let up until all three of us have contract, right, butthead?

Jason smirks.

Jason Hawk
I figured as much. But it doesn’t matter to me. At Fallout, all three of you will be unemployed, and I won’t have to deal with your bullshit anymore. All I need to do now is wait.

Bobby O’Day
What do you mean at Fallout?

Jason smiles wider.

Jason Hawk
Check the contract, “butthead.” That’s a one-month contract, which expires at the next Pay-Per-View. Fallout. You got what you wanted. You’re an official IWF competitor. But in 30 days, you’ll be right back where you started. The back of the unemployment line. BEAT THAT!

Bobby pounds his fists on Jason’s desk, cracking the wood.

Bobby O’Day
That’s not fair!

Jason Hawk
You know what else isn’t fair? Calling security if you three don’t get out of my office right now. But guess what I’m about to do anyway?

Bobby glares at Jason for a moment, then turns and leaves, Matt and Chad in pursuit. The camera cuts back to ringside.

Johnny – Something tells me Jason might regret that decision.

Rick – Who’s gonna stop him? Bobby O’Day? The guy has won one sanctioned match in IWF. Look who he’s got running around with him. Chad Mason? Matt Young? As if those two are going to do anything.

Johnny – Regardless…it seems that Bobby and his crew have until Fallout to figure out how they’re going to stay in IWF.

Rick – That remains to be seen. Enough wasting time though! This is From the Ashes, and we still have some huge matches left!

Johnny – Yes! It’s time for a street fight!

A video plays on the screen.

“The things that I’ve experienced…the things I’ve endured…that’s what makes me who I am.”

Tim is seen kicking William Darlington in the face. Clips flash by of Tim hitting the Detonator on various opponents. Clips are shows of Tim Patrick celebrating, victory after victory. Tim standing up against Corey as Ashley Matthews cowers behind him. Tim going face to face with Lord Blackwing, an Irish flag in his hand. Tim raising his hand in victory, William Darlington fallen at his feet.


“And you know what? Nobody cares.”

A clip of Carmine Vesiteri walking onto the stage is shown.

“See, I’ve gotten inside your head, Timmy. I know what you’ve done…and I know what’s been done to you. And for the next few weeks, I'm going to make sure I'm in your head all...nightmare...long.”

Clips of Carmine and Tim attacking each other over the past weeks are shown as Tim and Carmine’s voices are heard over the mayhem.

“From the Ashes, you and I are settling this once and for all. A Philadelphia Street Fight.”

“After From the Ashes, nobody will care about Tim Patrick! Nobody will remember who you are! You’ll be nothing, just as you always have been....and just as you always will be.”

Carmine and Tim stare each other down.

Fireworks explode around the ring as “Super Bon Bon” starts to play. A spotlight shines up to the rafters, where Tim Patrick is lowered on a wire, wearing his usual boots and mask. He detaches himself from the wire and climbs the corner, getting a huge cheer from the crowd.

Taylor O’Day – The following is a Philadelphia Street Fight! Introducing at this time…from South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…weighing in tonight at 230 pounds…TIM PATRICK!

The crowd cheers loudly. Tim tears off his mask, roaring, getting the crowd more excited.

Rick – The Irish Car Bomb is ready to explode!

Johnny – Wow.

Rick – I’ve never seen him more fired up!

All the lights go out and white and Red pastel lights go crazy throughout the arena as the words ‘I'M ON ONE’ go through the speakers. The crowd reaches a loud mix reaction as white smoke engulfs the stage and it hovers maliciously.

Carmine Vesiteri appears on the stage and the smoke rises to surround him. He stands with his arms to his side, with his head facing the ground. His mouth is covered by a Italian flag bandana as the white and Red pastel colored lights continue to flash and rotate behind him. Carmine Vestieri snaps his head up and you can see a pair of shades covering his eyes as fireworks go off on either side of him. The shades turn from a Red color to a bright Green color and he looks around as the fans boo him as loud as ever He starts to make his way down the entrance ramp, slowly, and the first verse of the song starts to play...

Carmine reaches the bottom of the entrance ramp and looks around. Fans boo and cheer him and shout things at him but you can feel Carmine’s eyes glare at all of them through his shades. He makes his way to the steel steps and gets up them quickly and walks along the apron. He places his foot on the second rope and gets on the turnbuckle ala The Rock. He looks around and holds up his arm as the crowd gives another mix reaction at a fever pitch. He moves the bandana from around his mouth to his neck and his devilish smirk can be seen clearly. Carmine shifts his weight and sits atop the turnbuckle and his shades turn from a Green color back to the Red color they were initially. He throws the bandana and his shades at the referee and the ref puts the bandana in his pocket and gives the shades to the timekeeper. Carmine leans back a bit, removing his shirt and just lets it hang between his legs, as he waits for the match to begin.

Taylor O’Day – And the opponent…from Brooklyn, New York…weiging 155 pounds…CARMINE VESITERI!

The crowd boos loudly, and Carmine flips them off.

Johnny – No respect!

Rick – Carmine doesn’t respect the fans, he doesn’t respect management, and he sure as hell doesn’t respect Tim Patrick. I think the only person Carmine has any respect for is himself.

The referee looks from Tim to Carmine, then calls for the bell.

Tim Patrick [vs] Carmine Vesiteri
Philadelphia Street Fight

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Tim runs forward and fires off a kick, which Carmine manages to duck. Carmine sends a kick to the bag of Tim’s other leg, tripping him up.

Rick – Tim tried for the Detonator right away, but nothing doing.

Johnny – Carmine made this personal, and I think he may have gotten inside Tim’s head.

Carmine slides out of the ring and grabs a garbage can filled with weapons. He tosses it into the ring, then digs under the apron, grabbing a chair. Tim picks up a kendo stick from the trash can. Carmine slides back into the ring, chair in hand. Tim swings the stick, but Carmine raises the chair, blocking the shot.

Rick – Carmine using that chair like a big metal shield.

Johnny – Bamboo stick versus steel chair, chair wins.

Carmine drives the chair into Tim’s gut, then swings the chair into Tim’s back. Tim falls to the mat. Carmine runs to the ropes and bounces off. He runs back and baseball slides, kicking the chair into Tim’s face. He lifts Tim and throws him to the ropes. Tim hits the ropes, but hangs onto them, preventing himself from rebounding back. Carming picks up Tim’s kendo stick and swings it into Tim;s gut. Tim keels over. Carmine wraps the stick around Tim’s neck and hits a Russian legsweep onto thechair. Tim rolls off, clutching his back.

Rick – Damn!

Johnny – Carmine is dominating this matchup!

Carmine kicks Tim, rolling him towards the ropes. Carmine takes a few steps back and races towards Tim, dropkicking him under the bottom rope to the floor. Carmine slides out of the ring, stalking Tim. Tim slowly gets to his feet. Carmine grabs Tim by the neck and throws him towards the ring post. Tim’s head bounces off, busting him open. Carmine holds out his arms, and the crowd boos loudly.


Carmine shakes his head, and lifts Tim to his feet. He grabs Tim’s neck and drives his head into the crowd barricade. Carmine stomps down on every part of Tim he can find, then lifts him to his feet again. Tim throws a deperation punch, connecting with Carmine’s gut. Carmine releases Tim, who stumbles up the ramp, wiping blood from his eyes. Carmine grabs a kendo stick and follows after Tim.

Johnny – Where the fuck are they going?

Rick – I don’t think Tim really knows where he is right now.

Carmine meets Tim halfway up the ramp, and cracks the stick across Tim’s back. Tim stops, crying out in pain. Carmine takes a few steps back and charges, driving his shoulder into Tim’s leg, tripping him up. Carmine stomps on Tim’s back, then lifts him to his feet. Tim digs his thumb into Carmine’s eye, causing Carmine to release the hold. Tim slowly stands, shaking the pain from his head. He grabs Carmine from behind, lifting him in a reverse suplex. Carmine squirms and kicks, landing behind Tim. He immediately grabs Tim’s head and drives him onto the ramp with a reverse DDT.

Rick – Big reversal!

Johnny – And that’s merciless steel! Tim has to be out of it!

Carmine lifts Tim to his feet and throws him further up the ramp. Tim scrambles up the ramp, trying to get to his feet. He reaches the massive stage, where the IWF phoenix rises above the stage, and uses the setup to get to his feet. Carmine approaches Tim, kicking him in the gut. He grabs Tim by the neck and pants and throwing him towards the edge of the ramp. Tim manages to stop himself just before going off. He turns around, and is greeted with a big right hand from Carmine. Tim stumbles, and Carmine lifts Tim on his back. He turns so that his back is to the edge, then jumps off, driving Tim and himself into the wires below. A massive explosion rocks the arena, and sparks erupt from the machinery. The lights flicker a bit, then shut off.



Rick – That has to be it! Tim and Carmine are done! Dead! Out of IWF!

The lights come back on as medical personnel race from behind the curtain. The referee peers over the edge of the stage, and hold his arm out to stop the EMT’s. He drops on the stage and starts to count.




[Ding! Ding! Ding!]


Johnny – Who pinned who? WHO WON?

The referee races to the ring and whispers in Taylor’s ear.

Taylor O’Day – Here is your winner……CARMINE VESITERI!

Rick – Carmine did it!

Johnny – He was absolutely dominant, but the Irish Car Bomb refused to give in…so Carmine sacrificed his own well-being to put him away!

Rick – MASSIVE win for Vesiteri, literally on the biggest stage of IWF’s year!

The crowd boos loudly as the EMT’s dig Carmine and Tim out of the wreckage, aiding them onto stretchers. Carmine weakly raises his hand as they push him back up the ramp….flipping off the crowd as he goes.

The camera cuts to backstage, where Alison is seen talking to a woman.

Alison Williams
Tonight has been a lot of fun.

It has. I’m happy we got the chance to get together.

The two stare at each other a moment, smiling. They move closer to each other….then Chuck Matthews walks on screen, and the crowd is heard booing through the arena.

Chuck Matthews
Am I interrupting something?

Alison pulls herself away from the woman and lets out an exasperated sigh.

Alison Williams
No. Hi Chuck.

Chuck looks from Alison to the woman, and raises his eyebrow.

Chuck Matthews
Who’s this?

Alison Williams
I’d like you to meet a friend of mine. Angelle Laree.

Chuck takes Angelle’s hand, shaking it.

Angelle Laree

Alison Williams
She’s from France.

Chuck nods, and smirks.

Chuck Matthews
Ah, vous etes la nouvelle ouvrière pour IWF? Bienvenue.

Angelle smiles.

Angelle Laree
Oui, merci.

Alison looks from Chuck to Angelle, and frowns.

Alison Williams
Don’t you have a match to get ready for?

Chuck smirks.

Chuck Matthews
Darlin, that’s not a match. What Frank Hart is about to walk into is a certified slaughter. I’m about to rid IWF of the most overrated star it has…but you’re right. Maybe I should go.

He looks at Alison and Angelle, smiling.

Chuck Matthews
Adieu, mademoiselle. Enjoy the show.

He walks off, leaving the two alone.

Angelle Laree
He’s kind of a creeper.

Alison Williams
You don’t know the half of it…, where were we?

The camera cuts back to ringside.

Rick – Chuck Matthews: never short on confidence….and now comes with TWO programmed languages, apparently. He’s not just a jackass, he’s an educational jackass!

Johnny – In his defense, the odds are certainly stacked in his favor tonight.

Rick – What I want to know is who this Angelle Laree woman is, and why I don’t have her number!

Johnny – Probably because she isn’t interested in washed up wrestlers and annoying critics.

Rick – HEY!

Johnny – No time to argue. Look!

The fans cheer loudly as a low rumble is heard. Spotlights shine up to the rafters, where the three cages are lowered, making up The Pyramid. A video is shown on the titantron. Creepy xylophone music plays as a little girl’s voice is heard singing.

“Ring around the rosy…”

A metallic screech, and the screen shows The Pyramid, the three cells stacked one on top of the other.

“…A pocketful of posies…”

Another screech, and clips from past Pyramid matches start to play. Shadow Demon getting blasted with a chair. Chuck Matthews’s bloody face being pressed into the cell wall. Frank Hart being suplexed onto the floor of the second cell.


More screeches, and more clips. Steven Angel screaming, his face bloodied, keeping an ankle lock held tight on his opponent. James Shark knocking Jamean Jaxon out cold. Ashley Matthews and Alison Williams brawling on the top of the cell.


Nick Ridicule powerbombing Jason Hawk off the roof of a cell. Chuck Matthews spearing Death-Angel off the first cell, sending both men crashing through a stack of tables. Shadow Demon hitting the Shadow Crusher on Steven Angel, sending them plummeting through the floor of the third cell. Aaron O’Shea diving off the top of the third cell, down onto James Shark on the concrete floor far below. One final screech, and the entire arena goes black.

“…We all...fall....down………”

The spotlights come on, illuminating the fully assembled Pyramid over the ring.

Rick – The satanic structure known only as The Pyramid, ladies and gentlemen…and there’s the prize.

THe camera zooms in on the High Impact Title, hanging above the top of the third cell.

Johnny – Four men competing for it, but only one can walk out with the title around his waist.


Pyro explodes out of the stage as New Noise by Refused plays.


Ryan Apollos walks out on the stage and walks straight towards the ring.

We lack the motion to move to the new beat
We lack the motion to move to the new beat

Apollos slows down as he approaches the cell. He looks up at it, then steps through the door, walking around the ring, and finally jumping onto the ring apron as pyro explodes out of the ring posts.

It's here for us to admire if we can afford the beauty of it
Can afford the luxury of turning our heads

Apollos enters the ring and circles it before standing on the ring ropes facing the hard camera.

Adjust that thousand dollars smile and behold the creation of man
Great words won't cover ugly actions - good frames won't save bad paintings

Apollos turns around and climbs on the turnbuckle and stares out into the crowd.

We lack the motion to move to the new beat. Yeah!
We lack... motion

Apollos circles in the ring again as the music fades.

Taylor O’Day – The following match will be contested under Pyramid Rules! One competitor must climb the Pyramid, take the belt, and make it back down to the arena floor to win! Introducing at this time…from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 250 pounds…RYAN APOLLOS!

Rick – Ryan Apollos looking amped up and ready for action!

Johnny – He’s never really been seen as a power player, and I think that gives him a distinct advantage. Apollos has won matches nobody expected him to win, and he could easily win this match when someone least expects it.

The arena goes dark and as the lights rise slowly we see the entrance filling with smoke and VVR is standing in the entry way arms extended in a jean jacket, jeans and cowboy hat.....Cigarette between his lips and a look of determination in his eyes.....

Ride this dying carousel

Four rusted horses strangled by their own rope
Where children love are singing
We'll know that their tied hearts had broke

That their tied hearts had broke

Everyone will come, everyone will come...
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead
Everyone will come, everyone will come...
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead


....VVR makes his way slowly down to the ring ignoring the jeers of the fans. He stalks his way to the ring looking intently at Apollos and the Pyramid....

I can see the coffin shining through my tinted window
Must've missed the sign that said it was a Fire Sale
I can see the coffin shining through my tinted window
Must've missed the sign that said it was a Fire Sale

Everyone will come, everyone will come...
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead
Everyone will come, everyone will come...
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead

You can't take this from me
Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell
You can't take this from me
Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell
Useless in Hell...

....VVR pauses at the cell, running his hand down the steel wall, and smirking. He walks into the cage, and slides into the ring, walking slowly toward the center. He looks toward the heavens raising his hands, when he lowers them pyro flashes from the ring posts and smoke fills the ring......

I can see the coffin shining through my tinted window
Must've missed the sign that said it was a Fire Sale
I can see the coffin shining through my tinted window
Must've missed the sign that said it was a Fire Sale

Everyone will come, everyone will come...
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead
Everyone will come, everyone will come...
To my funeral to make sure that I stay dead

You can't take this from me
Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell
You can't take this from me
Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell
You can't take this from me
Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell
You can't take this from me
Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell

Useless in Hell...

Ride this dying carousel
Four rusted horses strangled by their own rope
Where children love are singing
We'll know that their tied hearts had broke

That their tied hearts had broke
Now that their tied hearts had broke

.....VVR then nods to the ref and smiles a wickedly evil grin from ear to ear, cracking his wrists and neck...

Taylor O’Day – Introducing next….from Knoxville, Tennessee weighing 285 pounds….VINCENT…VAN…ROSE!!!

Vinnie smirks, climbing the corner and pointing straight up towards the title before motioning around his waist.

Johnny – Vinnie claims that tonight, he’s taking back what he feels is rightfully his.

Rick – It was just last month Vincent Van Rose lost the title to Sean Libby in a Chicago Back Alley Street Fight…a match that everyone thought Vinnie would win hands down. Now it’s a new environment entirely…The most sadistic structure IWF could throw at them. The Pyramid.

“10s” by Pantera plays through the speakers, and fireworks erupt around the arena. Tyson Rowle walks out form behind the curtain as the crowd bursts into loud boos. Tyson laughs at the fans, and points at the Pyramid before walking down towards it. He runs down the ramp and jumps, grabbing hold of the cell wall, and hanging off it for a moment, looking at Vinnie and Ryan in the ring. He smirks, and drops to the ground before entering the cell. Taylor opens her mouth to speak, but Tyson shakes his head, and snatches the microphone from her.

Tyson Rowle
Ladies and gentlemen……this is From the Ashes….the biggest event in the IWF year…and as such, it’s time for the biggest match of the night, with the biggest star in this business.

He looks at Vinnie and Ryan.

Tyson Rowle
And not you two losers either. No, it’s…

He looks around at the crowd.

Tyson Rowle
The man who weighs in tonight…at an ASTOUNDING….AMAZING…JAW-DROPPING…229 POUNDS……the man who hails….FROM SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND…..

He looks around at the audience, grinning.

Tyson Rowle

He tosses the mic casually, and Taylor manages to catch it. Tyson looks up at the High Impact title, smiling.

Rick – Pureblood has spoken.

Johnny – The Brash Brit is looking to accomplish something he’s yet to do in IWF: grab a championship. We know he can talk the talk…tonight, he’ll need to walk the walk to take the title.

Music hums into the air.

All that is near us we must know could disappear anyday becareful. The main key to finding happyness, lies nowhere else but in my soul!

Sean Libby jumps onto the stage dancing to the crowd

You could reminisce you could recall
the very last time you felt joy
or maybe you are so blessed to appoint
were you cant remember anything

Sean Libby hops down the ramp while dancing at the same time.

Its a harmony a miracle
being able to breathe and live at all
so here is your one and only chance
life is an opportunity

Sean jumps to the crowd wall and jumps on top of it hugging fans and high fiving others then he jumps off back on the ramp

All that is near us we must know
could disappear anyday be careful
the main key to finding happiness
lies no where else but in my soul
you know the closer you get to something
the tougher it is too see it
and Ill never take it for granted
lets go!

Sean points to the fans on his left and runs to them and hugs a couple of them then jumps back down.

Some people may call it kind deed
an act of meat head vogrecy
but nevermind those who have lost faith
you shouldnt give into what they say

Sean runs along the barrior and high fives all the fans who have their hands open for one.

As a matter of fact let me tell you
even if it was for a selfish cause
a savage of all democracy is superior too murderous honestly

Sean runs onto the announce table and grabs Rick Christian's hand and shakes it and yells to him.

Sean Libby
I’mma win ths shit!

Sean hops off the table and circles the Pyramid, entering the cage door and slamming it shut behind him. He climbs up onto the ring apron.

Everybody tells you from time to time
to never give up like a phrase from a movie
they tell you to stand up for yourself
as if it was always that easy
gather a handful of courage in my heart
to go on and survive another day
and I'll never take it for granted.
lets go!

Sean jumps into the ring and dances in the ring and goes to the ropes jumping on it with a big smile on his face. He goes to shake the hand of Taylor O’Day, and moonwalks back to the bottom right turnbuckle and jumps on it and dances to the beats on words.

All that is near us we must know
could disappear anyday be careful
the main key to finding happiness
lies no where else but in my soul
you know the closer you get to something
the tougher it is too see it-

Sean guickly grabs the mic from Taylor.

Sean Libby
And Ill never take it for granted!

Sean jumps to the center of the ring.

Sean Libby
Everybody tells you from time to time
to never give up like a phrase from a movie
they tell you to stand up for yourself
as if it was always that easy
gather a handful of courage in my heart
to go on and survive another day
and I'll never take it for granted
lets go! YEAH!

The song repeats and Sean hands the microphone back to Taylor and stands with a smile on his face.

Taylor O’Day – And introducing now….from Framingham, Massachusetts….weighing in tonight at 193 pounds…..he is the curren High Impact Champion…..SEAN LIBBY!!!!


Rick – The fans have rallied behind Sean Libby tonight!

Johnny – They’re going to blow the fucking roof off the place!

Rick – This is it! The Pyramid! Four men, one belt! Ring the bell!

The referee looks at all four men, then looks up to the High Impact Title. The four men glance at the belt, then at each other, and the match begins.

Sean Libby [vs] Tyson Rowle [vs] Vincent Van Rose [vs] Ryan Apollos
The Pyramid
High Impact Championship

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Vincent charges at Sean, taking him down with a stiff clothesline. Tyson and Ryan tie up in the corner, and Tyson takes Ryan down with a judo throw, then begins stomping him into the mat.

Rick – And we’re off!

Johnny – These four guys are dying to get their hands on the High Impact Title!

Vinnie lifts Sean to his feet, throwing him to the ropes. Sean jumps onto the rope and springboards off, pulling a complete backflip. Vinnie ducks under Sean, but Sean lands on his feet behind him. Sean runs forward, and Vinnie steps back, driving his elbow into Sean’s face. Sean stumbles backwards, holding his nose. Vinnie grabs Sean from behind, lifting him in a german suplex. He stomps down on Sean’s arm, then again on his leg. Vinnie grabs Sean’s ankle, wrapping it around his own, then falls back, torqueing Sean’s knee.

Rick – Simple, but effective.

Johnny – Vincent Van Rose and Sean Libby have a lot of bad blood. Just last month, Sean defeated Rose to become the High Impact Champion, but remember that it was Sean’s mentor, Connor O’Shannon, that lost the belt to Vinnie in the first place!

Rick – It’s true, Sean and Vinnie have been crossing paths throughout their respective IWF careers, and have never been on the same page.

Tyson shoves Ryan into the corner, and begins delivering stiff punches. Ryan shoves Tyson away. Tyson stumbles, but regains his footing and charges at Ryan. Ryan lifts his boot, kicking Rowle in the face. Tyson stumbles back again. Ryan climbs to the middle rope. Tyson turns around, and Ryan leaps off, hitting Tyson with a flying European uppercut, taking Tyson to the mat. Ryan lifts Tyson to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulder. He runs towards the corner, but Tyson slips out the back, throwing Ryan into the corner. Ryan hits the turnbuckle hard and bounces off. Tyson grabs Ryan’s head, taking him down with a bulldog. He immediately mounts Ryan, raining down punches.

Johnny – Tyson Rowle, a former amateur boxer. Few people can use their fists as effectively as Tyson can.

Rick – Which means Ryan Apollos is in a bad place right now.

Sean delivers a kick to the back of Vinnie’s leg, and follows up with a hard push kick to VVR’s chest, driving him back to the ropes. Sean throws Vinnie to the opposite ropes. VVR rebounds off, and Sean ducks as he tries for a huge clothesline. Vinnie hits the ropes again, rebounding off. Sean takes him down with a drop toehold, and rolls over him, locking in an STF.

Johnny – Remember, pinfalls and submissions don’t mean anything in this match. The only way to win is to climb to the top cage, retrieve the belt, and make it back down to the arena floor.

Rick – But submission holds like this are smart moves. Good for wearing down your opponents, making sure they can’t get to the top.

Tyson grabs Ryan’s arm, throwing him to the rope. Ryan bounces off, into a huge dropkick from Tyson, sending Ryan tumbling between the ropes to the outside. Tyson slides out, and drags Ryan to the cell wall. Tyson takes a step back, then sends his boot to Apollos’s face, driving his skull into the cell wall. Ryan holds his head in pain as Tyson lifts Ryan to his feet. He throws Ryan towards the cell, but Ryan reverses, pulling Tyson towards him, and driving his knee into Tyson’s guy. Ryan lifts Tyson onto his shoulder and runs, tossing Tyson into the cell door, breaking it open. Tyson tumbles to the outside of the cell, Ryan in pursuit.

Johnny – Tyson and Ryan outside the Pyramid!

Vinnie manages to break free of Sean’s hold, and slowly gets to his feet. Sean sends a kick to Vinnie’s gut, but Vincent manages to catch hold of Sean’s foot. Sean hops on his other foot for a moment as Vinnie stands. Sean jumps, looking for an enzuigiri, but Vinnie ducks the shot, letting Sean land hard on his stomach. Vinnie lifts Sean to his feet, and delivers a kick to his gut. He sends Sean to the ropes. Sean jumps to the top rope and jumps off, grabbing hold of the ceiling of the cell, and slowly swinging across the cell roof.

Johnny – What the fuck?

Rick – Genius! Sean is using the cell roof like monkey bars, swinging towards the trapdoor that will lead him into the second cage!


Sean reaches up, unlatching the trap door, and pulling himself through to the second cage. Vinnie stares up at him, shaking his head. He slides out of the ring.

Rick – I don’t think Vinnie was expecting Sean to do that.

Ryan lifts Tyson to his feet. He throws Tyson towards the cell door as Vinnie kicks it open. The door swings open, hitting Tyson full in the face. Tyson falls to the mat, his head busted open. Ryan drags Tyson towards the cell door, putting his head between the wall and the door. He takes a few steps back, then runs forward. Tyson moves just as Ryan kicks the door shut. Ryan hops back, holding his knee. Tyson runs, tackling Ryan, and pining him to the cell wall. Vinnie slowly begins climbing the first cell. Inside the second cell, Sean grabs a ladder from the wall, positioning it under the trapdoor to the third cell. Vinnie hoists himself onto the roof of the first cell, and pulls open the door to the second, as Sean climbs the ladder to the third. Vinnie runs, pushing the ladder over. Sean leaps off, grabbing hold of the second cage roof, and begins swinging towards the trap door again.

Rick – Not again!

Vinnie turns to the cell walls, where various weapons hang. He grabs a long leather belt from the wall and turns to Sean, whipping him across the back with it. Sean cries out, but hangs onto the cage. Vinnie whips him again, but Sean still manages to keep hold. Vinnie shakes his head. He whips Sean one more time, getting the belt tangled around Sean’s ankle. Vinnie pulls at it, yanking Sean from the roof, crashing to the steel below. The floor of the cell shakes precariously, but holds firm.

Johnny – Imagine if that would have broken beneath them.

Rick – The roof of the cells aren’t designed to take a lot of damage. They’re very likely to give if they take too much abuse.

Tyson kicks Apollos to the gut, then grabs him by the neck, throwing him headfirst into the cage. Ryan’s head bounces off, and Tyson seizes the opportunity to begin climbing the wall of the cell. Ryan gets to his feet and climbs up after him. He grabs hold of Tyson’s leg. Tyson sends a kick to Ryan’s face, sending him falling off the cell wall to the concrete below.Tyson makes it to the roof, entering the second cell. He grabs a sledgehammer off the wall, then stops. He drops the hammer, and instead picks up a table. He takes the table out of the cell and looks down at Apollos. He tosses the table off the roof of the cell, letting it fall on Ryan below. Tyson goes back into the cell and grabs a steel chair, then repeats the motion. He walks to the edge of the cell and throws it down at Apollos.

Johnny – I can’t say it isn’t innovative.

Ryan stands, picking up the table. He sets it up next to the announcer’s table, then begins climbing the cell. Tyson grabs the hammer from the second cell and returns to the outside, waiting for Apollos. Ryan climbs up onto the second cell, and Tyson drives the hammer into Ryan’s hand. Ryan shouts in pain, but stil manages to get up onto the cell roof. He gets to his feet, and Tyson rams the hammer into his stomach. Ryan keels over, and Tyson grabs him by the neck.

Rick – He wouldn’t…

Tyson tries to throw Ryan from the cell roof, but Ryan keeps his ground. Ryan drives his elbow into Tyson’s gut, forcing him to let go. Apollos throws Tyson to the cell, but Tyson manages to stop himself before coming in contact with it. Ryan runs up behind Tyson, who grabs Apollos and throws him into the cell wall. Tyson lifts Ryan to his feet, and DDT’s him onto the cell, which caves in a bit.

Johnny – I don’t know how much more that cell can take.

Vinnie lifts Sean in a suplex, but Sean drives his knee into VVR’s skull, dropping back down. He wraps his arms around Vinnie’s neck, dropping him with a spinning neckbreaker. Sean kips up to his feet, and sets up the ladder beneath the trapdoor. He slowly begins climbing. Ryan enters the cell, and drives his forearm into Sean’s back. He climbs the opposite side of the ladder, and reaches up, releasing the trapdoor latch. Sean climbs the rest of the way, and Ryan swings the door down, smacking Sean in the face. Sean almost falls off the ladder, but grabs hold of Ryan. Ryan tries to hold on to the hole to the third cell, trying to pull himself up. Tyson enters the second cell, and pauses, seeing Sean and Ryan balancing precariously on the ladder. Tyson grabs the ladder and pulls it from under them. Sean throws his weight onto Ryan, who tries to hold on to the cell roof. Tyson steps out of the cell, setting up the ladder outside the cell. He climbs the outside of cell two, onto the second roof, and steps inside cell three.

Rick – Ryan’s using all his strength to support the weight of two men, but it’s all he can do. With the added weight, he can’t pull himself into the third cell.

Johnny – The third cell is sick. Three sides covered in barbed wire, leaving only one available path to the top of the structure.

Tyson looks down at Ryan, hanging onto the floor of the cell. Tyson smirks, staring down at Ryan. He lifts his boot, then pauses, looking to the crowd.

Rick – This is going to be awesome.

Tyson brings his foot down on Ryan’s hands, causing Ryan to let go of the cage. Sean drops down, landing on the cage floor, as Ryan falls, crashing into the cell floor, which finally gives way. Ryan bursts through the steel, falling all the way to the ring below.


Johnny – FUCK

Rick – That’s a two-story fall! Straight through the cage!

Ryan lies in the ring, not moving. Tyson smirks, and exits the ring before climbing the third cell. Vinnie gets to his feet, shaking his head. He looks down the hole in the cell floor, down at Ryan, and smirks. He turns towards Sean, who leans heavily against the cage, staring at the hole in the floor, just a foot away from him. Vinnie charges, driving his boot into Sean’s face. Sean falls, but hangs on to the cell wall, trying to keep his footing. Vinnie lifts him in a pumphandle slam, then drives him headfirst into the floor.


Rick – That modified Southern Sledgehammer just destroyed Sean! He’s not moving!

Vinnie exits the second cell, using Tyson’s ladder to climb to the roof of the second. He meets Tyson as hes about to reach the roof of the third cell. Vinnie races behind Tyson, driving his elbow into Tyson’s back. Tyson stops his climb, and throws kicks at Vinnie. Vinnie grabs Tyson’s feet, and pulls him from the cell. Tyson lands on his feet behind Vinnie, who turns taking Tyson down with a clothesline. Vinnie lifts Tyson onto his shoulder and runs, planting him onto the cell with a powerslam.

Johnny – Southern Sledgehammer!

Rick – Onto the cell!

Tyson slowly tries to stand. Vinnie turns to climb the third cell. Tyson slowly gets to his feet. Vinnie turns around, and shakes his head. He charges, throwing a stiff clothesline. Tyson ducks the shot. Vinnie turns around, and Tyson grabs his neck, spinning as he drives VVR’s face into his knees.

Johnny – Blizzard’s Sting!

Rick – Shit!

Tyson and Vinnie lay on the cell. In the second cell, Sean slowly crawls towards the cage, using it to get to his feet. He slowly climbs the second cell, onto the roof. Vinnie pushes himself onto his hands and knees, and slowly gets to his feet. Tyson crawls towards him, grabbing his ankle. Vinnie turns around, and shakes his head, kicking Tyson to the face. Vinnie spots Sean climbing the cell, and runs his hand through his hair. He glances at the High Impact title above the third cell, then at Sean. He moves towads Sean, who lifts himself to the roof of the second cell.

Johnny – This might be a mistake. Vinnie left the title behind. I don’t know if that was intentional, or if he just wants to hurt Libby so bad, he didn’t notice what he was doing.

Vinnie grabs Sean and lifts him onto his shoulder again.

Rick – Another Southern Sledgehammer coming!

Vinnie runs towards the cell wall, driving Sean’s face into the barbed wire. Vinnie lifts Sean and drags his face against the wall, causing Sean to start bleeding badly.


Rick – That IS sick!

Johnny – Sean is getting the flesh torn from his face by that! And Vinnie is loving every second of it!

Vinnie slams Sean’s face into the barbed wire once more, then turns around, towards the title, and is immediately leveled by a big clothesline from Tyson Rowle. Tyson lifts Vinnie, who sends a blatant shot to Tyson’s crotch. Tyson drops to his knees, and Vinnie stands, leaving Tyson behind. He begins climbing the third cell. Tyson gets to his feet and positions himself beneath Vinnie. He grabs Vinnie in a powerbomb position, struggling for a moment, but pulls Vinnie away from the cell.

Johnny – No way…

Tyson slowly carries Vinnie towards the edge of the second cell.

Rick – Holy shit…

Tyson powerbombs Vinnie off the second cell, sending Vinnie crashing to the roof of the first cell, which caves from the impact, but doesn’t break.



Johnny – Are they cheering for Tyson?

Rick – This is the greatest match he’s had yet! He just powerbombed a man who has 50 pounds on him! OFF A FUCKING CELL!

Tyson slowly begins to climb the third cell. He reaches the top, looking down at Ryan, still laid out in the ring, then to Vinnie, lying in a crater in the first cell roof, then to Sean, who lies bleeding on the second cell rood. Tyson wipes blood from his eyes, and detatches the High Impact Title from the hook.

Tyson Rowle

Tyson raises the title high above his head, smiling widely.

Rick – Tyson grabs the belt!

Johnny – But this match isn’t over! The winer is the first to reach the arena floor with the title!

Sean slowly begins to climb the third cell. Tyson turns to climb down, and sees Sean climbing up. Tyson takes a deep breath. Sean reaches the top, and Tyson swings the title, looking to hit Sean in the face. Sean ducks the shot. Tyson turns around into a superkick from Sean. The crowd erupts into cheers.

Johnny – YES! YES!


Sean lifts the title, holding it high above his head. He turns to see Tyson slowly getting to his feet. Sean turns around, and spots Vinnie starting to move on the first cell. Tyson stands, and Libby looks at him, and waves. Tyson makes a grab for Libby, who runs out of the way and leaps off the top of the third cell. Libby does a full frontflip, soaring over the roof of the second cell, and landing with a massive legdrop onto Vinnie on the first cell.




A replay shows Sean diving from the roof of the third cell and landing a flipping legdrop over the second cell onto Vinnie.


Tyson stares in disbelief at Sean, who lies on the cell, not moving. Tyson drops down to the second cell, still staring at Sean. Vinnie stirs, raising his arm off the cell.

Rick – I have no idea how, but Vinnie is starting to get up.

Johnny – Tyson took Ryan Apollos out of the competition earlier in the match, and I think Sean just blew his shot at the title, hoping he’d take Vinnie out of the running as well.

Rick – You can never count that man out. Vincent Van Rose is a fucking tank. If they had him during the Civil War, slavery would still be legal!

Vinnie crawls to the second cell wall, using it to climb to his feet. Tyson climbs down the second cell, dropping down to the first. Vinnie throws a blind punch, which Tyson dodges. Tyson throws a punch of his own, hooking VVR in the face. Vinnie stumbles back, leaning heavily against the cell wall. Tyson kicks Vinnie in the gut, and grabs him by the neck, driving his skull into the cage wall. He walks towards Sean, wrenching the High Impact title out of his grasp. Sean reaches feebly for it, but Tyson sneers and drives his boot into Sean’s skull. Tyson turns around to see Vinnie getting to his feet. Tyson throws another big punch, but Vinnie blocks it. Vinnie shoves Tyson back, towards the edge of the cell. Tyson nearly falls off, trying to keep his balance. Vinnie runs, tackling Tyson head on, and sending both men soaring off the cell.

Rick – HEADS UP!

Vinnie and Tyson crash through the table Ryan set up earlier, as well as the Spanish announcer’s table.

Johnny – WHAT?!

Rick – They’re all out! All four men are out cold! Where are they?

Tyson and Vinnie lie, buried beneath the wreckage of the tables. Slowly, a hand reaches from the rubble, holding the High Impact Title. The other hand appears, grabbing hold of the crowd barricade to pull himself out of the wreck.

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Taylor O’Day – Here is your winner, and the NEW High Impact Champion……….VINCENT…VAN…..ROSE!!!!

Rick – What a finish! What a match!

Johnny – Vincent Van Rose may have shortened his career considerably, but he conquered The Pyramid, and now, for the second time in his career, Vincent Van Rose is the High Impact Champion!

Vinnie roars to the crowd, holding the belt high above his head.

The scene cuts to the back where Corey Casey is seen throwing a few punch combinations at a punching bag. Suddenly, the sound of his phone ringing is heard throughout his locker room

[No, you'll never be alone
When darkness comes
I'll light the night with stars
Hear my whispers in the dark]

Corey Casey throws one last right hook at the punching bag, rocking the punch bag hard. Corey then turns and walks over and grabs his cell phone which is sitting on a nearby steel chair. He slides the phone up and brings it up to his ear

Corey Casey
Hey Jess…

Corey Casey grimaces slightly and holds the phone away from his ear. The sound of Jess yelling at Corey is heard briefly. Corey then brings the phone close to his ear again

Corey Casey
Look Jess…I…I’m sorry about what happened between the two of us the other night. I was under a lot of stress and The Lord took full advantage of that fact and made me say a lot of really shitty things…

Corey looks pensive as Jess says something on the other end of the line. Corey nods his head a few times

Corey Casey
I know Jess…I know that using The Lord is not an acceptable excuse…but I wanted to make it up to you. You know how tonight, when I win, Brandon Macdonald will lose his ownership of IWF? Well, I wanted you to take over Brandon’s ownership, that way I can incorporate you more into my life. Picture it Jess…you and I working together in IWF, you could always be around me and together we could work to rid myself of The Lord. With you around, The Lord wouldn’t even dream of bothering me ever again

Corey sighs as Jess says something. After a moment of silence Corey once again speaks

Corey Casey
Just do me a favor Jess…think about it ok? I promise you, I will win tonight and I will give you Brandon’s part of IWF. The two of us will be together all the time and rule IWF

Corey smiles slightly

Corey Casey
I love you

Corey looks somewhat sad as he slowly brings the phone away from his ear and sees that Jess has hung up. Corey slides his phone shut as the show cuts to commercial.
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PostSubject: Re: From The Ashes: August 28th 2011   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:49 am

A video package begins to play over the screen. A voice is heard.

Johnny Styles
I swear that after From The Ashes, Shadow Demon won’t be walking around these halls anymore.

The video cuts to Johnny Styles standing behind Shadow Demon, waiting for him to turn around. When he does, Johnny Styles hits the End Result and covers Shadow Demon for a three count.

The video cuts to static, and then jumps back to Johnny Styles running down the entrance ramp and smashing Shadow Demon in the back of the head with a chair. He then grabs Shadow Demon and hits The End Result onto the ring floor.

The video again cuts to another clip, this time of Shadow Demon wearing a referee shirt, standing behind Johnny Styles and Vincent Van Rose. As they turn around, Shadow Demon kicks Johnny Styles in the gut, and nails him with a Shadow Crusher.

Then, the video cuts to Shadow Demon, holding Johnny Styles on his shoulders. Suddenly, Shadow Demon drops Johnny Styles off of his shoulders, and stares at him as he lays on the ground.

Shadow Demon
I'm not like you



The words blare over the speakers as clapping begins to take over the speakers. 


The Lights in the arena cutoff and a single spot light shins over the IWF entrance ramp


Standing there with the spotlight shinning is Johnny Styles wearing a white trench coat and matching cowboy style hat. Smoke begins to engulf the ramp, as Johnny slowly begins his march towards the ring his jacket dragging behind him, his every step matching the beat. 


The crowd gives him mixed reactions but he doesn’t seem fazed by it. He looks around slowly before making his way down the smoky ramp. Styles reaches the bottom of the ramp and looks around. Fans boo him and shout things at him but Johnny Styles eyes glare at all of them


Styles begins his walk up the steel steps and on to the apron, he ducks between the ropes to enter the ring. He marches to the center of the ring, before he tips his hat forward, taking it off along with the jacket. Sending white flames from each of the turnbuckles 

Alison Williams - Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Boston, Massachussetts, the Strike Back Kid, Johnny Styles!

Rick - Johnny Styles looked nearly unstoppable in the first few weeks in the IWF, but recently, Shadow Demon has been able to take him down a peg or two

Johnny - Yeah, last week Shadow had the chance to seriously injure Styles after his match, but neglected to do anything, instead waiting until tonight to get his revenge.

Rick - Yeah, but was that a good idea? Will Styles make good on his promise to take out Shadow at From the Ashes, or can Shadow finally one up SBK.

A manic laugh rings out, escalating in pitch...before the loud, pulsing intro to ‘Your Betrayal’ by Bullet for my Valentine begins. The synchronized intro continues until the guitar and drums begin to solo. Eventually they converge in together in a powerful rhythm, and as this happens pyros shoot up from either side of the stage, revealing Shadow Demon standing there with his hands up in the air, causing the crowd to erupt.

Am I going insane (insane)
My blood is boiling inside of my veins
An evil feeling it ticks (it ticks)
My body shaking there’s no turning back

Shadow Demon begins to walks down the ramp, grinning madly.

Don't take your eyes off the trigger
I’m not to blame if your world turns to black
as your eyes start to blister
There's just no hope for our final embrace
So here we are, I’m in your head
I’m in your heart!!!

Shadow slides into the ring and up the turnbuckle, raising his arms out to the crowd, his hands balled into fists.

You were told to run away
soak the place and light the flame
Pay the price for your betrayal
Your betrayal, Your Betrayal!!

Shadow jumps down from the turn buckle, and the music fades out. He stands in the middle of the ring, the smile still on his face. He throws practice punches in the corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Alison Williams - And his opponent, from the Kingdom of the Demon in South Australia, it's everyone's favourite clown, Shadow Demon!

Shadow Demon [vs] Johnny Styles

[Ding Ding Ding!]

Shadow Demon and Johnny Styles immediately tie up in the middle of the ring. Johnny Styles overpowers Shadow Demon and throws him to the ground. Shadow Demon stands back up and again the two men tie up. This time Shadow Demon hits a knee to the stomach of Johnny Styles, doubling him over.

Rick - Both men trying to utilize their strength here in the early goings of this match

Johnny - These two guys have been at each others throats for the last month or so now, and we're finally seeing them go one on one. This should be a great match

Shadow Demon immediately begins to punch Johnny Styles in the side of the head, as well as the ribs. He backs Johnny Styles up into the corner, where he continues to punch him. Shadow Demon climbs onto the second rope and balances over top of Johnny Style, preparing to punch him again.

Rick - Shadow Demon has always been a bit of a puncher or a brawler, and tonight is no different!

Johnny - He's trying to punch SBK's head off!

Johnny Styles uses his strength and pushes Shadow Demon off of him, sending him crashing to the mat. As Shadow Demon slowly gets to his feet, Johnny Styles spears him back to the ground, and begins to punch away at his face.

Rick - A good counter their by SBK, and how he's the one on top, punching SD in the face.

Johnny - Quite the role reversal if I do say so myself

Shadow Demon bucks his hips and rolls over onto his stomach, trying to escape. Johnny Styles rolls with it and tries to sink his arm underneath Shadow Demon's chin. Johnny Styles begins to try to choke out Shadow Demon.

Rick - Johnny, how wise do you think it was of Shadow to not go through with his attack on Styles last week?

Johnny - I don't think it was too wise at all, given that had he gone through with it, SBK may not have been in as good shape for their match here tonight

Rick - I guess Shadow Demon wanted to be the honourable man in this feud.

Johnny - Yeah, he did take a lot of beatings from SBK, but that's where I, and a lot of other superstars, would have used that excuse as a reason for an attack last week.

Shadow Demon stands up as Johnny Styles stays holding onto his back. Shadow Demon runs backwards into the corner, causing Johnny Styles' back to crash hard into the turnbuckle, forcing him to release the chokehold.

Rick - Great reversal there by Shadow Demon! He's clearly been working on some wrestling moves

Johnny - No more punching people in the face and then grabbing a weapon for Shadow! He's the complete package!

Shadow Demon turns around and charges at Johnny Styles, clotheslining him in the corner. As Johnny Styles stumbles out of the corner, Shadow Demon runs at him and hits him with a running DDT, smashing Johnny Styles' face into the canvas.

Rick - The momentum is clearly swinging in Shadow's favour right now, he's in complete control

Johnny - We'll see how long that lasts though. We've seen so many back and forth matches in the IWF, why wouldn't this one be any different?

Rick - We've already had some great back and forth matches tonight even.

Shadow Demon grabs Johnny Styles and picks him up to his feet. Shadow Demon whips him into the ropes, and waits for Johnny Styles to rebound. Instead, Johnny Styles grabs the ropes and holds on. Shadow Demon runs at him, but Johnny Styles ducks down and pulls down on the top rope, sending Shadow Demon crashing over the top rope and onto the floor.

Johnny - Great awareness shown by the older man Johnny Styles there.

Rick - Completely fooled Shadow and sent him crashing out to the floor

Johnny Styles rolls outside the ring and picks up Shadow Demon, and stares at him. He then grabs Shadow Demon and shoves his head between his own legs. Johnny Styles' hooks Shadow Demon's arms and jumps up, hitting a pedigree onto the floor.

Johnny - Right on the floor!

Rick - That pedigree looks like it did some damage.

Johnny - This could be a quick match ending right here.

Johnny Styles picks up Shadow Demon's body and rolls him into the ring. Johnny Styles slides in and covers Shadow Demon.



Shadow Demon kicks out after two.

Rick - Nice kickout by Shadow!

Johnny Styles picks up Shadow Demon and lifts him onto his shoulders. Shadow Demon quickly slides off before Johnny Styles can hit his finisher on him. Shadow Demon kicks Johnny Styles hard in the back. As Johnny Styles turns around, Shadow Demon begins to tee off with punches to the head of Johnny Styles

Johnny - Shadow is almost hit with The End Result, but manages to escape, and now he has the upper hand again!

Rick - And he's really teeing off with these punches to SBK's face

Shadow Demon continues to punch the head of Johnny Styles, before running back and bouncing off the ropes. He jumps and hits a flying shoulder block on Johnny Styles, knocking him to the ground. Shadow Demon walks over to the corner and hops up onto the top rope.

Johnny - Everyone's favourite clown is going to fly!

Rick - He doesn't usually go to the top rope, but when he does, it can be a deadly weapon

Shadow Demon waits for Johnny Styles to slowly stand up, before jumping off, and throwing a flying dropkick that connects right into the chest of Johnny Styles. Both men lay on the ground, as the referee begins to count. Shadow Demon begins to stand to his feet.

Johnny - Shadow Demon is really building momentum here. Can he use it to finish off Johnny Styles?

Rick - Perhaps Johnny's age is starting to play a factor, as this match goes longer, the advantage would have to go to the younger Shadow Demon, wouldn't you think?

Johnny - Oh, I would definitely think so

Shadow Demon walks over to where Johnny Styles is trying to make his way to his feet. He grabs Johnny Styles, who quickly hits a punch to the gut of Shadow Demon. Johnny Styles grabs his head and spins Shadow Demon around, and then drops to the ground, hitting a reverse neckbreaker on Shadow Demon. He goes for another cover.




Shadow Demon kicks out just before the referee hits the mat a third time. The ref holds up 2 fingers, as Johnny Styles gets in his face about the count.

Rick - Just when you think Johnny is down and out, he comes right back and almost wins it!

Johnny - Just goes to show you how strong this guys heart and courage is

Johnny Styles waits for Shadow Demon to get to his feet. He grabs Shadow Demon behind the neck and begins to choke him with a modified dragon sleeper. Shadow Demon immediately begins to flail his arms around, trying to break out of the hold.

Rick - Uh oh, Shadow is fading fast!

Johnny - If he can't escape this hold, he's going to go to sleep at the hands of SBK!

Johnny Styles tightens the hold, as Shadow Demon appears to begin to fade. His arms begin to move less and less quickly. He tries to stand up, and gets onto one knee. Johnny Styles again pulls on Shadow Demon, trying to force him to tap out. Suddenly, Shadow Demon jumps and rolls, causing Johnny Styles to roll over the back of Shadow Demon, and release the hold.

Rick - Wow, did you see that?!

Johnny - What a counter by Shadow Demon, forcing SBK to release the hold! We're back to even feet.

Johnny Styles stands up and runs at Shadow Demon, who jumps and hits a big knee to the jaw of Johnny Styles. The legs of Johnny Styles give out from under him as he collapses to the ground. Shadow Demon jumps on him and begins to punch him in the face and the body quickly.

Rick - Oh, he rocked him with that knee!

Johnny - I think he knocked him out cold there, his legs went completely limp

Shadow Demon jumps up and runs over to the corner. He hops onto the top rope, and bounces a few times, before jumping off and landing a flying elbow to the heart of Johnny Styles.

Rick - Flying elbow drop from the top rope!

Shadow Demon stands behind Johnny Styles, waiting for him to stand up. Johnny Styles slowly begins to make his way to his feet, barely able to stand. Shadow Demon grabs him in a suplex position, but then spins around while holding onto Johnny Styles, hitting a lightning spiral. Shadow Demon goes for the cover.

Johnny - No Laughing Matter from everyone's favourite clown!




Johnny Styles kicks out.

Rick - What a kickout! The heart!

Shadow Demon stands up quickly and picks up Johnny Styles. He throws Johnny Styles into the ropes, and waits for him to rebound. Johnny Styles rebounds and hits a big clothesline that takes both men down to the mat.

Johnny - And now Johnny is getting in some offense.

Rick - This has really been one of the closest matches we've seen recently

Johnny Styles slowly stands up as Shadow Demon is using the ropes to help stand. Johnny Styles walks towards Shadow Demon, but his left leg gives out, causing him to fall down. As he tries to get up again, he stumbles sideways and falls down again. Shadow Demon laughs at him as he walks over to Johnny Styles.

Johnny - Oh man, I think that knee to the jaw really screwed up something in SBK's brain

Rick - He can't even walk, his legs keep giving out on him

Johnny - But Shadow is just loving it!

Shadow Demon stands over Johnny Styles, who is leaning on the ropes heavily to stand. Shadow Demon grabs him and lifts Johnny Styles onto his shoulders. He walks into the middle of the ring, while Johnny Styles tries feebly to escape. Shadow Demon spins him out and hits a cutter on Johnny Styles.

Rick - The Shadow Crusher!

Johnny - This one is over!

Shadow Demon rolls over and hooks a leg of the motionless Johnny Styles.




[Ding Ding Ding!]

Rick - Shadow Demon wins! Shadow wins!

Johnny - It was a competitive match, but Shadow seemed to have a bit more in the tank when it came down to crunch time.

Rick - Johnny put up one hell of a fight though, we can all give him that

Shadow Demon climbs onto a turnbuckle and poses as the crowd cheers him. Replays are shown of the match finish. Shadow Demon walks to the other turnbuckle and poses for it to. Johnny Styles slowly pulls himself to his feet with the help of the referee. He walks to the center of the ring as Shadow Demon turns around and stares at Johnny Styles, who extends his hand. Shadow Demon looks down at Johnny Styles' hand, then walks right past him and out of the ring. The camera shows Johnny Styles standing in the middle of the ring, before it cuts backstage to James Shark and Lillian Banks, who are sitting in their locker room.

Lillian Banks
I'm so glad I'm back. Whoever did this is going to fucking pay

James Shark
I'mma make sure Casey pays in dis match tonight. I know that white boi fuckin did this, and imma kick his ass for it. Now a nigga can focus on the match completely, and not worry about dis whole kidnapping bullshit

Suddenly, DJ Sir Mixer and Victor Luther walk into the dressing room.

James Shark
Ma niggas. Was good?

DJ Sir Mixer
Just came to wish our boy good luck in his match.

Victor Luther
Even though a nigga won't need it

James Shark
Got that shit right. You niggas better watch dis main event. I'mma teach you boys how Team Swag gets it done. Cuz we always on point, and we ain't never gonna stop.

The camera fades back to the ring. A video begins to play on the titantron. Clips of old NLWF shows are being played.

Frank Hart
So keep your soul tucked away Chuck. Keep your fears hidden because I will sense them like a shark senses blood in the water. Your eyes will lock with mine and you will fail to see my foot come and kick you in the side of your head. You will fail to see my knee come crashing in your stomach while you spew bright red fluid from your mouth. The crowd will boo and hiss at this and I will feed off of it.

Frank Hart leans on the ropes yelling for a new Ref, and it gives Chuck Matthews enough time to get to his feet. As Frank Hart turns around, Chuck Matthews attempts a Super Kick, but Frank Hart catches it and drops him with the DVD MOMENT! Frank Hart falls on Chuck Matthews as the referee slowly counts




[Ding Ding Ding!]

The crowd goes nuts as the referee hands a exhausted Frank Hart the No Limit championship.

Chuck Matthews
I have become a legend of this industry. A true ring general. I’ve come a long way since that first encounter Frank. I’ve become a master of the game. I’ve mastered the art of manipulation. I’ve fine-tuned my in-ring tactics. I’ve formulated plans and schemes that would make your fucking head spin. I’ve fought impossible odds, and succeeded.

Frank Hart stands and Chuck Matthews comes off the top rope, connecting with a super Vandamnenator! Frank Hart didn't even see it coming. Chuck Matthews goes for the cover…




Frank Hart kicks out

Chuck Matthews rolls away from Frank Hart, he can’t believe that Frank Hart kicked out. Frank Hart starts to stand and he looks frustrated that Chuck Matthews was able to surprise him. But Frank Hart grabs Chuck Matthews by the hair, pulls his head back and drops him with an inverted DDT. Frank Hart then gets Chuck Matthews back up and hits him with a flurry of forearm smashes before nailing him with a backbreaker! Frank Hart grabs the chair, but the ref warns him one last time, causing Frak Hartn to slam the chair to the mat. 

Chuck Matthews stands up and slowly walks towards Frank Hart. Chuck Matthews goes to hammer him with a punch but Frank Hart evades it and plants Chuck Matthews into the mat with a lightning quick DVD Moment. Chuck Mattews is down and out as Frank Hart pins the Freedom champion…




[Ding Ding Ding!]

Marissa Johnson: Here is your winner, and NEW NLWF Freedom Champion, FRANK HART!

Frank Hart
Don't come looking for a normal match. This will be a fight because once I throw your body atop the mountain of victims I will forget about you on my way to getting my throne back. I am watching the throne real close because once I get there everyone will forget about Corey Casey, Chuck Matthews, James Shark, Brendon Mac... everyone. 

Chuck Matthews runs at Frank Hart when he turns around and connects the Panic Attack, spear, on Frank Hart who is driven into the thumbtacks. Frank Hart scrambles on the floor in pain, he looks at Chuck Matthews and begins to beg off.

Andrew - Frank Hart looks terrified!

Tommy- I think he shit himself.

Chuck Matthews grabs Hart’s legs and begins putting him in a inverted sharpshooter, Frank Hart panics and screams that he quits as Chuck Matthews locks in the Cryptic Cross. Edwin Dale drops down with the microphone and holds it to Frank’s mouth.

Frank Hart

Chuck Matthews doesn’t break the hold, just like Brenton Cyrus he leaves it locked in. Chuck Matthews drags Frank Hart into the thumbtacks, then tightens the hold some more. Frank’s body and face press into the tacks that pierce his skin. Frank Hart lets out another scream, Chuck Matthews finally breaks the hold.

Chuck Matthews
There's nothing that Frank's done in his career that I haven't done better. Nothing you can do that I can’t beat you in. Now, you’re walking into a match I invented and dominated. My match. My show. My company.

The video fades to black with Frank Hart laying motionless on the ground, while Chuck Matthews stands over his body.

Rick - What a video package that was

Johnny - Isn't there some sort of copyright issues with using footage from those old NLWF shows?

Rick - Who knows, but really, who's gonna sue us?

Johnny - Good point

Alison Williams - This next match is a Devastation Match. The rules are simple. There are no disqualifications. In order for a participant to be able to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase carrying Frank Hart's contract, one must first score three points. The blood point, which is simple. Make your opponent bleed. The Fall point, again, simple, pin or submit your opponent. And finally, the third point, is the punishment point. And you get that by doing one of the following. Knocking out your opponent, lighting him on fire, or putting him through a table. Once you have scored all three points, you may go for the briefcase. Now, introducing first....

♥ [The arena suddenly blackens, lit only by a few royal blue spotlights that have gathered on the ramp. Without further hesitation, the NYC mix of DaRude’s “Sandstorm” begins to pick up pace as a huge gust of wind sweeps the entire building.]

"C’mon! Are you ready?"

Johnny - Here comes Frank Hart!

[A mixture of Pink and white spotlights span around the arena, all centering around the top of the ramp. The words “FRANK HART” scroll across the IWF-Tron proudly and the crowd begins to roar triumphantly.]

Rick - Listen to these people! They’re going to blow the damn roof off this place!


[Suddenly, Pink and white fireworks explode at the top of the ramp, filtering down the walkway and meandering towards the ring. As the pyros hit, a familiar figure rises from the smoke at the top of the ramp. It’s Frank Hart and he’s rising from underground elevator into the arena floor.]

Johnny - They spare no expenses with this guy’s entrance!

[Raising his arms over his head and smiling at the crowd, Frank carefully makes his way down the ramp as the music continues to boom out overhead. Making his way around the ring, Hart strides towards the ring steps, climbs them and steps through the ropes calmly. Taking a moment to pose for the fans, Frank Hart climbs the turnbuckle and raises his left hand at snail’s pace for dramatic effect. Failing back from the turnbuckle, Hart makes his way into the center of the ring] ♥ 

Alison Williams - The King of Creativity, Frank Hart!

Rick - Frank has been talking a lot of smack lately to try and get into Chuck Matthews head

Johnny - I'll say. He talked Chuck Matthews out of retirement! That's not an easy thing to do

Rick - But last week Chuck got the better of Frank, when he forced him to fight this match and put his career on the line

Johnny - He didn't force him to put his career on the line. He just told him when he had to

Rick - Whatever

In this life I'm me, just sitting here alone
By the way I tried to say I'd be there for you
Walk the silent emptiness that leads me by my hands
And throw away what I don't understand as a man

Godsmack's “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain” plays through the speakers, and the crowd erupts into boos. The screen shows the face of Chuck Matthews, smiling, before a shadow passes over his face, showing only his eyes and an evil grin. Chuck himself walks out from behind the curtain, eliciting a louder response from the audience.

It's complicating me sometimes
This love-hate-sex-pain
It's underestimated lies

Chuck stops halfway down the ramp and looks to the booing crowd. He raises his hands in his signature old-style cornas. Fireworks erupt in a line behind him, firing back and forth for a moment. Chuck looks back to the the ring, and continues walking. He runs up the steps and pauses on the apron, flashing a grin at the crowd before stepping between the ropes.

Don't you worry please
Don't you leave me
Because I surely slip away
Through love, hate, sex, and pain
I fall away
Into love, hate, sex, and pain

Chuck climbs up on the turnbuckle. He stares at the crowd, sneering at them, and stretches out his arms, soaking in the crowd's reactions. Finally, he points to the opponent, shakes his head, then motions to himself, and raises his arms in his signature pose again. Chuck hops down from the corner. He paces the ring, rolling his wrists as he waits for the bell.

Alison Williams - And his opponent, the creator of the Devastation match, holding a record of 9-2 in the match, the Sex Icon, Chuck Matthews!

Rick - Chuck Matthews has only ever lost a Devastation match twice in his career. Will this be the third time?

Johnny - I've gotta lean towards Chuck on this one. Frank Hart didn't even want to fight this match, how will he be mentally ready for something so intense as Devastation?

Devastation Match
Frank Hart's Career on the Line
Frank Hart [vs] Chuck Matthews

[Ding Ding Ding]

Chuck Matthews and Frank Hart run at each other in the middle of the ring. The two men grab each other and try to overpower each other. Frank Hart kicks Chuck Matthews in the knees, and then grabs his neck and wraps it up in a headlock.

Rick - Frank immediately begins to work on the neck of Chuck, which is his most delicate body part right now

Johnny - Well, the way Chuck lives, after what he probably did last night, I'm sure there's another part just as delicate right now.

Frank Hart drops down to one knee, trying to crank on Chuck Matthews neck as much as he can. Chuck Matthews reaches around on the ground, and grabs a lead pipe. He brings it up and smashes it into Frank Hart's head, causing him to break the hold.

Rick - Chuck wastes no time going for a weapon here

Johnny - He's competed in so many of these matches that he just knows what he has to do and when. He has a distinct advantage over Frank in that aspect

Chuck Matthews takes the pipe and begins to smash it down on the body of Frank Hart, who rolls around on the ground in pain. Chuck Matthews slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides it into the ring, and then goes underneath it, pulling out a table. Chuck Matthews slides that into the ring as well.

Rick - Chuck is looking to score a point almost immediately here, bringing in that table

Johnny - I think he might be getting a little too overanxious, maybe he wants this match to end quickly so he doesn't risk another neck injury

Chuck Matthews slides into the ring and sets up the table. He grabs the steel chair and walks over to Frank Hart, who is slowly getting to his feet. Suddenly, Frank Hart spins around and smashes Chuck Matthews in the face with a chain necklace.

Rick - Big shot to the face with that chain necklace

Johnny - Frank and Chuck have had so many epic wars before, and I expect this one to be no different

Chuck Matthews falls to one knee, and Frank Hart kicks him in the chest, knocking him backwards. He grabs the chair and smashes it down on the back of Chuck Matthews repeatedly. Frank Hart tosses the chair aside, and picks up Chuck Matthews. Frank Hart picks Chuck Matthews up for a samoan neckbreaker and walks over to the table.

Rick - Frank is looking to hit the DVD Moment through that table here

Johnny - Chuck needs to fight out of it, or he'll be put in a pretty significant hole here

Frank Hart goes to hit the DVD Moment on Chuck Matthews, but he pushes away and misses the table. Chuck Matthews rolls out of the ring to the outside. Frank Hart slides out after him, as Chuck Matthews falls into the crowd barrier. He reaches into a woman's purse, who screams and slaps him.

Rick - Does that count as robbery?

Johnny - No, she agreed to the risk when she came into the arena

Frank Hart grabs Chuck Matthews and spins him around. Chuck Matthews shoves his hand up and sprays something from a spray can into the eyes of Frank Hart, who begins to scream in pain. Chuck Matthews throws the can of Mace away and grabs the head of Frank Hart, hitting him with a DDT.

Rick - Chuck uses a can of Mace to blind Frank Hart, then got him with that DDT

Johnny - He's just so innovative when it comes to this match. He knows how to win better than anyone

Rick - Well that's because he created it

Chuck Matthews reaches under the ring and pulls out an Xbox 360. He runs at Frank Hart, who is just starting to stand up, and smashes him in the face with it. Chuck Matthews waits for Frank Hart to stand again, before hitting him in the head again with it, causing blood to begin to pour down the face of Frank Hart

Johnny - Point Chuck!

Alison Williams - Chuck Matthews has scored his first point, by way of the blood point!

Chuck Matthews rolls Frank Hart into the ring, and goes for the cover. The referee makes the count.



Frank Hart kicks out.

Rick - Not quite enough

Chuck Matthews walks over to the table, and moves it into the corner, leaning it up against the turnbuckle. He walks back to Frank Hart, and picks him up. Chuck Matthews tries to irish whip Frank Hart into the corner, but Frank Hart fights his way out of it.

Rick - Frank is still very much in this. He's only down a point, and it's early on

Johnny - As long as he just stays calm and doesn't panic, he'll be okay for now

Chuck Matthews quickly grabs a hold of Frank Harts arm and twists it behind his back. Chuck Matthews holds it there with one hand, and with his other arm, begins to drop elbows onto the top of Frank Hart's head.

Rick - Big elbows from the top here by Chuck

Johnny - These look painful Rick, enough of these could cause a knockout.

Chuck Matthews picks up Frank Hart, and hits a spinebuster, driving Frank Hart's back into the mat right in front of the table. Chuck Matthews moves to the opposite corner, and waits for Frank Hart to stand up. When he does, Chuck Matthews runs at Frank Hart, going for the Hollywood Impact spear. Frank Hart quickly drops down to the ground, and Chuck Matthews flies over top of him, and crashes right through the table.

Rick - Wow! Chuck Matthews goes right through the table! We're tied up!

Johnny - What a dodge by Frank Hart. Instead of being down 2-0, he's tied it up at one apiece

Alison Williams - Frank Hart has scored his first point, via the Punishment point!

Frank Hart slides out of the ring and reaches underneath it. He pulls out a boombox, and throws it into the ring. He reaches back underneath and pulls out a paintball gun.

Rick - Why do we have a paintball gun under the ring?!

Johnny - I hear The Infamous TODD likes to go paintballing in his spare time living under the ring.

Frank Hart slides back into the ring and grabs the boombox. He runs and throws it at Chuck Matthews' head, knocking him to the ground. Frank Hart picks up Chuck Matthews, and moves him to the corner. He wraps Chuck Matthews' arms and legs up in the ropes, exposing his chest. Frank Hart walks back to the other corner, and grabs the paintball gun.

Rick - This doesn't look good for Chuck right now

Johnny - Oh man, he's going to be painted red with rage after this one!

Frank Hart takes aim and begins to fire paintballs at point blank range to Chuck Matthews' chest and head and legs. Chuck Matthews yells and squirms, trying to escape from the ropes as the paintballs explode all over his body.

Rick - Listen to those paintballs smash into his bare chest

Johnny - I think I'm starting to bruise up just by hearing those

Eventually, Chuck Matthews manages to escape the ropes, but is still being pelted by Frank Hart's paintballs. Frank Hart eventually runs out of paintballs, and drops the gun. He walks over to Chuck Matthews, and picks him up. Frank Hart hits a huge samoan neckbreaker on Chuck Matthews. He rolls over and covers Chuck Matthews.




Alison Williams - Frank Hart has scored his second point, the Fall point!

Rick - Frank Hart hits the DVD Moment and scores the pinfall point!

Johnny - 2-1 for Frank! Who saw this coming?!

Frank Hart pounds his chest as he stands up over Chuck Matthews. He slides out of the ring and looks around underneath the ring. He pulls out a barbed wire covered two by four, and slides back into the ring with it. He walks over to Chuck Matthews and grabs his head.

Rick - Frank is looking to get his final point here

Johnny - And how can Chuck stop him? After the last few minutes, how can Chuck keep fighting back?

Chuck Matthews quickly grabs the leg of Frank Hart and pulls it as hard as he can, taking Frank Hart to the ground. Chuck Matthews jumps up and grabs the leg of Frank Hart and begins to stomp on the inside on the thigh. Chuck Matthews then pulls Frank Hart's leg back as far as he can, before letting go.

Rick - Oooh. The leg stretch. Frank better be flexible, or else that pulled a muscle

Johnny - But that just goes to show you the resilience of Chuck Matthews. You think he's down and out, then boom!

Chuck Matthews picks up Frank Hart by the head. He grabs a hold of Frank Hart and hits a big scoop slam. Again, Chuck Matthews picks up Frank Hart, but this time, Frank Hart reverses it, headbutting Chuck Matthews.

Rick - Nice reversal by Frank Hart

Johnny - This match is really going back and forth

Frank Hart slides out of the ring and again goes underneath. He comes back out with a hacksaw, and a wild smile on his face. Frank Hart slowly climbs onto the ring apron and poses for the crowd. Chuck Matthews suddenly stands up and runs at Frank Hart. He dives through the ropes, and spears Frank Hart, sending them both crashing through the announce table.

Johnny - Hollywood Impact through the announce table!

Rick - Did you see how far they flew there?!

Alison Williams - Chuck Matthews has scored the Punishment point, earning his second point of the match!

Both men are slow to get to their feet. The referee is outside of the ring checking on the two men as they lay in the mess. Slowly, Chuck Matthews begins to rise to his feet. He grabs Frank Hart and picks him up in a fireman's carry. Chuck Matthews rolls Frank Hart into the ring, and goes for a cover.




Frank Hart kicks out just before a three count.

Rick - I thought for sure Chuck had that one

Chuck Matthews stands up and walks to his corner, setting up for another spear. As Frank Hart stands up, Chuck Matthews runs forward towards him. Frank Hart jumps and dropkicks Chuck Matthews in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Johnny - Another great reversal by Frank Hart

Rick - It's almost as if he can see Chuck's moves coming before they even happen

Johnny - This match might even be more closely contested than the last time Chuck lost in Devastation, to Brandon Macdonald

Frank Hart again goes outside the ring and begins taking everything he can from under the ring and throwing it into the ring. Frank Hart slides back into the ring and picks up an old kitchen sink. He runs at Chuck Matthews and smashes him in the face with it.

Rick - The irony right there is just too much

Johnny - He literally just hit Chuck with the kitchen sink

Frank Hart jumps on top of Chuck Matthews and begins to punch him in the face several times. Chuck Matthews reaches around and finds a frying pan lying around the ring, thrown in by Frank Hart earlier. Chuck Matthews smashes the frying pan across the face of Frank Hart, knocking him off of himself.

Rick - Pan to the face!

Johnny - Taking a page out of Pancake Pete's book

Rick - Whatever happened to him anyways?

Johnny - He probably got all fried out

Chuck Matthews stands up and slowly picks Frank Hart up to his feet. Frank Hart suddenly tries to Irish whip Chuck Matthews into the ropes. Chuck Matthews rebounds and ducks underneath Frank Hart's clothesline attempt. Chuck Matthews rebounds off the other ropes, dives, and hits a huge spear on Frank Hart. Chuck Matthews hooks a leg.




Alison Williams - Chuck Matthews has scored the Fall point, and the final point he needs for the match.

Rick - Chuck can go for the briefcase now!

Chuck Matthews rolls out of the ring and grabs a ladder that is set up near the entrance ramp. He slides it into the ring, and sets it up underneath the briefcase. Chuck Matthews slowly begins to climb the ladder. Frank Hart slowly gets to his feet below, and grabs a chair.

Johnny - Chuck's going to win this right now!

Rick - But watch out, Frank's got something in mind here!

Chuck Matthews reaches for the briefcase and grabs a hold of it. Frank Hart throws a chair discus style at Chuck Matthews. The chair smashes into the briefcase, which smashes into Chuck Matthews' face. Frank Hart climbs up the ladder to where Chuck Matthews is trying to regain his senses.

Johnny - Great move by Frank there. He knew he didn't have enough time to get to Chuck, so he threw the chair at him, knocking the steel briefcase into him

Frank Hart grabs the briefcase and smashes it hard into the face of Chuck Matthews, which sends him flying off the ladder and onto the mat below. Chuck Matthews rolls onto his stomach and covers his face with his hands, but blood can be seen dripping out.

Rick - Chuck's bleeding! Frank can go for the briefcase!

Johnny - I don't think Frank knows that though. He can't see that Chuck is bleeding yet

Frank Hart climbs all the way up the ladder, and looks down at Chuck Matthews. Frank Hart jumps off the ladder, and tries to leg drop Chuck Matthews, who rolls out of the way just in time. Chuck Matthews takes his hands away from his face, and the blood is revealed to everyone.

Rick - Oh wow, Frank Hart just missed a golden opportunity to win

Alison Williams - Frank Hart has scored his final point, and can now go for the briefcase too

Chuck Matthews looks up at the briefcase hanging above the ring, and then back at Frank Hart. He reaches down to pick up Frank Hart, who suddenly spins around and wraps a wire around the neck of Chuck Matthews. He tightens the wire so that Chuck Matthews can hardly breathe. Eventually, he releases the choke and Chuck Matthews collapses, gasping for air.

Johnny - Frank Hart is pulling out all the stops here. He's giving Chuck a run for his money, that's for sure

Rick - He certainly is Johnny

Frank Hart pulls out a pair of brass knuckles from his pocket, and puts them on his hand. He slides out of the ring and brings a second ladder into the ring with him. Frank Hart begins to slowly climb the ladder, as Chuck Matthews gets to his feet.

Johnny - Come on Chuck, catch him!

Rick - Frank Hart has a sizeable lead up that ladder though

Frank Hart suddenly stops and reaches down at his feet. Chuck Matthews sees this and begins to climb the other side of the ladder. As he gets near the top, Frank Hart suddenly explodes with a brass-knuckle punch to Chuck Matthews' jaw. Frank Hart grabs a hold of Chuck Matthews as his body goes limp. Frank Hart leans him up at the top of the ladder.

Johnny - Oooh. Frank playing possum, then knocking Chuck out cold with those brass knuckles

Rick - It's over, Frank's going to win!

Frank Hart drops down and smiles. He grabs the other ladder that he brought into the ring, and leans it up against the already set up ladder, with Chuck Matthews' motionless body leaning at the top. Frank Hart pounds his chest a few times, before running up the leaning ladder, and jumping off of it towards Chuck Matthews, looking to hit a huge shining wizard.

Rick - What is Frank doing? Win the match dammit! Grab the briefcase!

Johnny - He wants to make sure Chuck is completely finished, and this is the best way he thought of

As Frank Hart jumps to kick Chuck Matthews in the face, Chuck Matthews suddenly ducks down below the ladder. Frank Hart flies overtop of Chuck Matthews' head, and continues to fly through the air, until he crashes hard into the second announce table.

Rick - Chuck ducks! Chuck ducks! He's going to win!

Johnny - Say goodbye to the IWF Frank Hart

Chuck Matthews takes a moment to catch his breath. He looks around and smiles, before reaching up and grabbing the briefcase, pulling it down and jumping off the ladder.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Alison Williams - Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Chuck Matthews!

Rick - He did it! Frank Hart is no longer an IWF wrestler

Johnny - And he improves to 10-2 in Devastation. Looks like those injuries didn't affect Chuck as much as everyone believed

Rick - It's great to see him back in the ring. It wouldn't be the same without him

Chuck Matthews looks over at Frank Hart's lifeless body, which is being attended too by medical staff. He laughs, and opens up the briefcase. Chuck Matthews pulls out Frank Hart's contract, and slowly rips it into pieces, all while staring at Frank Hart's motionless body. The camera cuts backstage to Brandon Macdonald in his locker room.

Brandon Macdonald
Your dad won babe

Ashley Matthews is seen walking towards Brandon Macdonald, and taking a seat beside him. She kisses him for a moment.

Ashley Matthews
I knew he would. Daddy always win's in Devastation

Brandon Macdonald
Well, not always.

Ashley Matthews
Well, not everyone can be as good as you, can they?

Brandon Macdonald
I guess not. So, ready to go watch me win the IWF Championship again?

Ashley Matthews
Of course I am babe. But I just have to see my dad first and congratulate him

Brandon Macdonald
Ugh, really? I don't want to go near your dad.

Ashley Matthews
You don't have to. Look, I know you're mad about him and Anna, and you have every right to be. I'm a little mad at him too. But you have to understand, that my dad and I have a good relationship. And I hope you can live with that. Because Nick couldn't, and look what happened to him

Brandon Macdonald
Well, he also didn't know that you were with me the entire time you two were dating for that last little bit either.

Ashley Matthews
That's true, but you get my point right? I am so grateful for everything dad has done for me, and I can't just forget about my family just because my boyfriend tells me to. Please don't ask me to do that.

Brandon Macdonald
Ashley, I would never. I love you too much. It'll take some time, but I'm sure I can get used to Chuck

Ashley Matthews
Thank you! I know you can! I'll help you, don't worry!

Brandon Macdonald
Great. So, do I get a good luck kiss?

Ashley Matthews
It's not like you'll need it. You've got this match in the bag. Corey and James don't even stand a chance against you.

Brandon Macdonald
I know. Plus I have you in my corner, which is always a motivation booster

Ashley Matthews
Aww, you're too sweet. Come on then, let's get out there. Show the world the REAL Duo of Destruction

Brandon Macdonald
We're so not using that name

Ashley Matthews
I know, I just wanted to say it

The screen fades to a commercial as Ashley Matthews and Brandon Macdonald are walking out of the locker room together.
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PostSubject: Re: From The Ashes: August 28th 2011   Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:00 am

The camera returns to Rick Christian and Johnny Electric sitting at the announcer's table.

Rick: Welcome back, wrestling fans, and what a show From the Ashes has been so far!

Johnny: Incredible, Rick, it certainly has lived up to the hype!

Rick: Well, if you thought that was incredible, I think this next match is going to be even better.

Johnny: The main event of From The Ashes, the champion, James Shark, defending his title against the winner of the Path to Valhalla match, Corey Casey and Brandon Macdonald.

Rick: James Shark defeated Dan Alexander at Heroes Also Die to win the title, while Corey settled an old score with his rival Shadow Demon at the same event. In recent weeks, Corey approached Shark and told him that the IWF title means “Everything” to him, and then asked Shark if he could say the same. The next week, Corey was seen conspiring with Dan Alexander about something he needed “Taken care of”.

Johnny: Yeah and the week after that , Lillian Shark was kidnapped by a mysterious man wearing a gas mask. Coincidence? Or is this more than meets the eye?

Rick: Whoever’s behind it, James Shark has to put those events behind him and focus on the match at hand, because he’s facing two former world champions – one of them his former teammate.

Johnny: Yup, Team SWAG appears to have disintegrated in the weeks coming up to this PPV. Things are, as Sharky put it, “Strictly business”.

Rick: Also, last week, our GM Jason Hawk decided to up the ante of this match. Corey and Brandon are now both unwillingly putting their stakes in the company on the line. So that means, should Shark retain, that Corey and B-Mac will no longer be recognized as owners of IWF.

Johnny: Yeah, so I have a feeling this match is going to be awesome!

The camera fades out to a black room, wherein James Shark is sitting on a fold-out chair, staring at the IWF Championship in his hands. At that moment, Corey Casey’s voice can be heard:

“The thing I care about the most in the entire word is that IWF championship...I wonder, can you say the same thing?”

An image of Lillian Shark screaming from the trunk of the masked man’s Pontiac is seen.


In an instant the image is gone, and the dark room is back, this time with Brandon Macdonald sitting in the same exact spot. His hands are pressed together in prayer, and his head is bowed. The voices of Brandon and Shark can be heard.

“Good luck tonight...and good luck at From The Ashes. No matter who wins...we'll take Corey out of the game, and it'll be a battle of the best.”

“Aight, man...taking Corey out sounds good. But when it comes to defending this IWF title...whatever happens between now and then is all business. Ya feel me?”

“Of course. Strictly business.”

The words “Strictly business” echo around the room for a few moments, before footage of Battle Grounds XVI begins to roll.

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Shark stalks Shadow, curling his hand into a fist. Shadow Demon slowly gets to his feet and turns around into a massive right hand from Shark. Shadow Demon falls to the mat, and doesn't move. THe referee checks Shadow Demon and begins waving his arms.

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Megan O'Day - Your winner, as a result of a knockout...JAMES SHARK!

Shark smiles. Johnny slides into the ring and begins stomping Shadow out. Corey Casey jumps the barrier and slides into the ring. Shark turns in time to see Corey, and the two begin trading blows.

Johnny - This is madness!

Rick - Madness?! THIS IS IWF!

The four men brawl in the ring. Brandon Macdonald charges down the ramp, and tackles Styles to the mat. He turns and starts unloading punches on Corey. Corey and Johnny immediately slide out of the ring, retreating up the ramp, staring at Brandon in the ring. Brandon leans over the ropes, pointing and yelling at Johnny and Corey. He finally stops, and turns around to face Shark. Shark sends a huge right hand to Brandon, knocking him out cold.

As soon as Shark hits the Sawg Out, the footage slows down. The voices of the announcers become distorted, and the sound of Brandon hitting the mat is loud. The footage suddenly cuts to James Shark, looking down at Brandon Macdonald on the mat, his title in hand.

“Like I said homie...strictly business”

The footage fades and the dark room returns, this time with Corey Casey sitting in the chair. He rubs his hands together, and smiles, looking down at the ground. Footage from Battle Grounds XV begins to roll, showing Corey Casey standing in Dan Alexander’s locker room.

“What do you want, Corey? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of pre-match preparations?!”

“Yeah, I see that Dan, and I’m sorry to trouble you, but I heard that your...well, let’s just say that I know you’re one of the few on the roster that knows his corporate business...if you catch my drift. And since I am one of the co-founders of IWF, i'd say that that makes me part of the corporate infrastructure around here...”

“Yeah? Why so?”

Corey laughs evilly, and smirks.

“Let’s just say that I need a little matter...taken care of...”

Dan looks Corey Casey up and down for a moment before speaking

“What did you have in mind?”

“Walk with me Dan...”

The footage slows down once again, as Dan Alexander follows Corey Casey out of the locker room. The footage fades and the dark room is shown again, this time with all three men sitting in a row, each in their own chair. They seem not to notice each other. Suddenly, Jason Hawk’s voice is heard.


Each man stands up from their respective chair, and begins to jog on the spot, as if in a pre-match warm up.

“So, at From The Ashes, we have James Shark...”

“From the Ashes of Sin” by EnderverafteR begins to play in the background at a low volume, as images of James Shark in action flash quickly across the screen.

“Corey Casey”

The images change to those of Corey Casey wrestling, as the song begins to rise in volume.

“And Brandon Macdonald”

Once again the images change, this time to Brandon Macdonald in action.

“When I was appointed General Manager, I was given full control to make matches as I saw fit…and that includes matches involving our IWF owners, Brandon Macdonald and Corey Casey. At From the Ashes, you two will both put your stakes in the company on the line. If Shark loses, he loses the IWF Title. If either of you two lose…you will no longer be recognized as owners of IWF.”

All of a sudden, everything goes silent, and the dark room is left deserted, and only the sound of a woman panting frantically can be heard. The panting builds up in speed until the woman screams:


“From The Ashes of Sin” returns and the chorus blasts out at a high volume. Footage of the three men fighting each other at different shows and in various matches is shown, escalating at a rapid pace. As the song reaches its climax, the footage races faster and faster, until, as the song ends, it stops, and fades out to Corey Casey standing alone in the dark room. Corey Casey opens his hand, and lets a handful of ashes fall to the ground. He looks up at the camera, and smirks. When he speaks, he speaks slowly, adding weight to each word.

“From ashes, to ashes, dust, to dust...”

The video fades out, and the camera returns to the arena, where James Shark is making his entrance.

S.W.A.G is with me
Must make mo (more) dough
We will be shaking your floor
Come against me
That's a no no
Yo, cause I'm a Beast

James Shark walks out of the curtains nodding his head. He stands in the center and begins to flex and
spot out girls from the crowd, eyeing and winking at them.

I can smell your woman's rosy punani
on the dance floor all the way in VIP
I'm a wrestler, I can molest her,
and she will leave with me because of my swagger.
Now, everybody move, everybody bounce.
Whoever the Nina choose, we about to pounce.
(work it out)
With the 151 and a bottle of calm?
helpfully let me hit this model in the grado.?
I like all woman, tall woman, and small woman.
Ya gotta let sharky knees tease your shakra.?
Species release freaks, please the monster.
Petite beast, feast, these G's will rock ya.
Handcuff a busta don't trust a
Round these hustlers homie don't be a sucker.
When your lover say tecca Nina's a brother,
she's trying to say that I rushed her then crushed her.

James Shark walks a few steps down the ramp but again stops, this time to pose for the cameras flashing
off his confident smile.

S.W.A.G is with me
Must make mo (more) dough
We will be shaking your floor
Come against me
That's a no no
Yo, cause I'm a Beast

James Shark stops and continues to walk down the ramp, he makes it to the front of the ring, he walks around
it eyeing the reff giving him a dirty look.

I'm about to get that money like a robbery,
Now I got it all my enemies wanna clobber me.
Squallery harder we need dollars comradely
the hotter the scholar be, the larger the lottery.
Need ten, twins, gotta succeed spend G's, Ben Franks
We cram G's in bank, breathe said we win thanks
Hungry like the wolf indeed, but I give
money to my crooks in need, I live
In Sherman Oaks but from Kansas City,
I miss home, Cali is Business but man it's pretty.
I ain't lying y'all, Monster for money for mine y'all
if I wasn't getting money, I'd do time dog.
You'd never see the nine fall,
big house, wood floors,
maid cleaning the bitches with pine-sol

James Shark gets to where the announce table is and begins to talk shit to the announce crew before making his way
over to the stairs and climbing up towards the ring.

S.W.A.G is with me
Must make mo (more) dough
We will be shaking your floor
Come against me
That's a no no
Yo, cause I'm a Beast

James Shark gets into the ring and continues to eye down the reff, he bumbs into him hard almost causing the reff to
stumble over, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and again begins to eye the ladies in the crowd

Friend, this industry is no kin to me,
behold the flow of the century.
But they scared of me
wrestler they don't compare to me.
Fair to be said that he dares to be sincerely a rarity.
Check the sound scan, look around man.
Wake up look at you Jacob, you in killer clown land.
Face paint and jugalettes with bubble butts
And we rock it twisted diddy women in the button ups.
Hands down we rock harder than kiss,
but rap me Kutt and Krizz.
Can I get two stomps and a clap in this bitch
Nina shot to the top 'cause the plots to get rich.
Tell ya executives,
I'm next for this
Success it is.
Yet the best for Tech, this ain't
Baptist Pentecostal or Methodist..
This is the beast baby.
Out, I mean exodus.

James Shark jumps off the turnbuckle and begins to say some words to the reff, almost threatning him before going
over to the turnbuckle across from him as the music fades away

Taylor O’Day: The following match is a triple threat match, and is for the IWF World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 205 pounds, he is the IWF World Heavyweight Champion, JAMES SHARK!

Rick: Here comes the IWF champion, James Mo’fuckin SHARK!

Johnny: Notice he’s out here without his one remaining angel, Latoya. She was involved earlier in the New Blood invitational, so she’s probably too tired out to manage him.

Rick: Either that, or Shark requested her to stay backstage. Which would want to be understandable, knowing that he’d want to keep her safe after what happened to Latoya.

The entire arena is suddenly plunged into darkness

Your magic white rabbit
Has left it's writing on the wall
We follow like Alice

Red pyro erupts from the stage as two red spotlights turn on. The two red spotlights are pointed at a man wearing a hooded and robbed standing in the middle of the stage, amongst all the pyro, holding his arms out straight to either side in a crucifixion pose

You can't face your broken promise
Our ties have come undone
I will not be used to be battered and abused
It's the reason why I choose to cut my losses
Your lies fool no one
Your magic white rabbit
Your white room straight jacket

Your magic white rabbit
Has left it's writing on the wall
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole
We're falling and we're losing control
Your pulling us and dragging us down this dead end road
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole

The hooded and robbed figure reaches up and pulls down his hood, revealing the wicked smile of “The Lord” Corey Casey. The Lord has black paint smeared under his eyes and his eyes are a cold blue as they shine in the darkness

You can't offer your poison to me
In your kingdom of filth
White Rabbit
Straight jacket

Your magic white rabbit
Has left it's writing on the wall
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole
We're falling and we're losing control
Your pulling us and dragging us down this dead end road
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole

“The Lord” Corey Casey slowly walks through the pyro and begins making his way down the entrance ramp. The people on either side of the isle boo him violently, but “The Lord” simply tunes them out. Hatred and anger burn in his eyes as he slowly climbs up the steel ring steps

I won't be pushed aside
I will be heard
I will get what I want
What I deserve

I won't be pushed aside
I will be heard
I will get what I want
What I deserve

We're falling and we're losing control
Your pulling us and dragging us down this dead end road

“The Lord” Corey Casey enters the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle. “The Lord” takes off his robe, revealing that the word “PAIN” is written on his chest. He holds his arms out to either side again in the same crucifix pose

Your magic white rabbit
Has left it's writing on the wall
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole
We're falling and we're losing control
Your pulling us and dragging us down this dead end road
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole

Your magic white rabbit
Has left it's writing on the wall
We follow like Alice
And just keep diving down the hole
Diving down the hole

“The Lord” Corey Casey climbs down from the turnbuckle and sits down in the corner. He hangs his head and awaits his opponent as a scowl appears on his face…

Taylor O’Day: And the first challenger, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing 250 pounds, “THE LORD” COREY CASEY!

Rick: And the man who’s been desperate to become world champion again since losing the strap to Brandon way back at Bloody Sunday . You have to admit, he’s in form.

Johnny: Yeah, just last week he beat the champ one on one inside a steel cage!

From Agincourt to Waterloo
Poitiers and then Anjou
The Roses War, the Hundred Years
Through battlefields of blood and tears

Camera focuses in on the top of the stage. Brandon Macdonald ascends from the sky on a platform, with his arms raised to his side and his head looking up in the air.

From Bosworth Field to Pointe Du Hoc
Stalingard and the siege of York
The bloody turf of Gallipoli
Had no effect on the killing spree

The platform reaches the ground, and Brandon walks off of it slowly. He drops to his knees on the entrance ramp, and raises his arms above his head

Bannockburn to Austerlitz
The fall of France and the German blitz
The cruelest of atrocities
Europa's blood is borne of these

Brandon slowly stands back up and walks down the ramp. He climbs up the stairs and into the ring.

Heaven help in all our battles
Heaven see love, heaven help us

Brandon walks to the center of the ring. He makes the sign of the cross, before falling to his knees again, and pointing to the sky. He lowers his head and prays, before standing up

Taylor O’Day: And the second challenger, accompanied to the ring by Ashley Matthews, from Ontario, Canada, weighing 220 pounds, BRANDON MACDONALD!

Rick: And the Modern-day messiah, Brandon Macdonald. He pinned Corey Casey at Ragnarok AFTER the Path of Valhalla match had finished, leading to our then-GM Shadow Demon placing him in this match.

Johnny: Brandon hasn’t had much ring action lately; I think his last match was RRL’s send-off match, which he lost.

Rick: True, but I think he’s saved his best for this contest. He knew this contest was coming, and I believe he’s well and truly shaken off all of the cobwebs. He did get involved in that cage match you mentioned last week, adding a steel chair to the equation, which Corey was able to hit a purifier on.

Johnny: Yeah, well, I don’t think he’ll be having any allegiances in this match - it’s every man for himself.

Rick: I hope you’re ready folks, because this is bound to be a spine-tingler. James Shark, Corey Casey, Brandon Macdonald, IWF Championship on the line at the biggest PPV of the year!

IWF World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
James Shark [vs.] Brandon Macdonald [vs.] Corey Casey

[Ding, Ding, Ding!]

As soon as the bell rings, James Shark rushes into the middle of the ring and begins trash talking both Corey Casey and Brandon Macdonald. James Shark points fingers at both men, shouting various insults, most of them questioning their sexuality. Corey Casey and Brandon Macdonald exchange looks before rushing forward and kicking James Shark in the gut together. Both men Irish whip James Shark to the opposite ropes. James Shark rebounds and Corey Casey blasts him with a hard chop across the chest.

Rick: Ouch! I bet they heard that one in the cheap seats!

Johnny: Perhaps trash talking this early in the match wasn’t the best idea, Sharky...

Brandon Macdonald shakes his head at Corey Casey, and grabs James Shark. Brandon Macdonald keels back, and then unloads a powerful chop on James Shark. James Shark clutches his chest in intense pain. James Shark staggers away, but only makes it as far as the ring ropes before he is turned around by Corey Casey. Corey Casey hits an even harder chop that makes James Shark’s eyes bulge.

Rick: Oh my lord, forget the cheap seats, I think the next town over could hear that one...

Johnny: Pardon the pun, but Shark looks like a fish out of water right now!

Corey Casey is suddenly punched from behind by Brandon Macdonald. Brandon Macdonald whips Corey Casey off of the ropes. Corey Casey rebounds, and Brandon Macdonald takes him down with a dropkick. Brandon Macdonald quickly covers Corey Casey.


Corey Casey kicks out.

Rick: A simple dropkick isn’t going to win you the match B-Mac!

Johnny: I think he’s trying to put more pressure on Corey.

Both men get to their feet, and begin exchanging punches. Corey Casey gains the upper hand, and connects a hard chop to the chest of Brandon Macdonald. Corey Casey leads Brandon Macdonald over to the corner and bounces his head off of the turnbuckle. Corey Casey drives his thumb into the eye of Brandon Macdonald, and keeps it there until the ref begins to count.





Corey Casey breaks the hold, but as he does, James Shark charges from across the ring and hits a flying forearm on both men in the corner. James Shark connects a few right and left hand jabs to the groggy Corey Casey, before whipping him to the opposite turnbuckle. James Shark runs and hits another flying forearm, this time on Corey in the turnbuckle. James Shark then runs in the opposite direction, and looks to hit a forearm on Brandon Macdonald. Brandon Macdonald counters with a kick to the gut. James Shark stumbles into the middle of the ring, and faces the opposite direction, from which Corey Casey charges out of the turnbuckle, and hits a hard clothesline on James Shark.

Rick: Wow! Fast-paced action early on in this triple threat match!

Johnny: Yeah, Brandon stopped Shark from hitting a forearm on him, and that allowed Corey to hit a clothesline on a dazed James Shark!

As Corey Casey gets to his feet he grabs James Shark and tosses him over the top rope and down to the outside. Corey Casey turns his attention to Brandon Macdonald, who he locks up with in the centre of the ring. Corey Casey backs Brandon Macdonald into the corner, and the ref tells him to break up the hold. Corey Casey slowly backs away from Brandon Macdonald, holding his hands in the air. Corey Casey suddenly hits a cheap shot on Brandon Macdonald, and pulls him out of the corner. Corey Casey lifts Brandon Macdonald into a vertical suplex to the mat. Corey Casey covers Brandon Macdonald.



Brandon Macdonald kicks out.

Rick: One and a half count for Corey Casey, who’s looking to wear down Brandon while James Shark is down out here at ringside.

Johnny: Remember Rick, these two guys never got their deciding match. Corey beat Brandon at Demolition Day to become the first ever IWF world heavyweight champion, and then Brandon returned the favour as you said, at Bloody Sunday.

Rick: Yeah, and they were going to have their decider at the Hall of Fame show, but that, of course, was when Nick Ridicule returned and gave reason for Corey to challenge him instead of Brandon.

Corey Casey stands, and applies a side-headlock to Brandon Macdonald. Brandon Macdonald moves Corey Casey back, and shoots him off of the ropes. Corey Casey rebounds and Brandon Macdonald drops his head, looking for a back body drop. Corey Casey manages to stop himself, and hooks Brandon Macdonald’s head. Corey Casey quickly signals before driving Brandon Macdonald’s head into the canvas with a floating DDT.


Johnny: Isn’t it supposed to be onto a foreign object?


Corey Casey covers Brandon Macdonald.



Brandon Macdonald kicks out. Corey Casey stands, and pulls Brandon Macdonald to his feet, and whips him off of the ropes. As Brandon Macdonald rebounds, Corey Casey is grabbed by the ankles. Corey Casey falls to the mat, and is pulled out of the ring by James Shark. James Shark lands a hard right hook to the face of Corey Casey, and then Irish whips him into the steels steps, shoulder first. James Shark slides into the ring, but is ambushed by Brandon Macdonald, who stomps him repeatedly. Brandon Macdonald lifts James Shark up, and takes him over with a snapmare. Brandon Macdonald looks in a rear naked choke.

Rick: A nice choke submission from probably the most technically sound wrestler in this match: B-Mac.

Johnny: Yeah, it’s a real contrast in fighting styles between the two men in the ring right now. Brandon’s far more technical, while James Shark is something of a showman and a brawler.

Brandon Macdonald wraps his legs around the body of James Shark, tightening the hold. James Shark scrambles for air, and the ref asks him if he wants to quit. James Shark begins yelling at the ref, presumably maddened at being asked if he wanted to quit. The ref backs away slowly from James Shark, who continues to berate him with insults. Brandon Macdonald squeezes the hold tighter, shutting James Shark up. Brandon Macdonald continues to tighten the hold. The ref checks on James Shark, who isn’t moving. The ref lifts up James Shark’s hand, and let it fall. It hits the mat. He lifts it up again, and lets it fall. A second time it hits the mat. He lifts it up a third time, but before he can let go, Corey Casey breaks up the hold with a moonsault from the top rope.

Rick: Wow! CC came out of nowhere with a huge moonsault to break up the choke hold!

Johnny: Holy crap, that’s like...the FIRST time Corey Casey has ever done a moonsault!

All three men begin to climb to their feet. Corey Casey and Brandon Macdonald are the first two to stand. Corey Casey charges at Brandon Macdonald, who ducks under him and plants him with a spinebuster. As soon as Brandon Macdonald rolls to his feet, he is hit with a swift kick to the side by James Shark. James Shark then rolls over and kicks Brandon Macdonald in the other side with his left foot. Brandon Macdonald counters by trapping James Shark’s foot with his arm. James Shark hops on his foot for a second, before swinging his other leg through, and connecting an enziguri.

Rick: You don’t see that move often from Sharky!

Johnny: A great counter by the champ, who’s looking to get back into this match, and hopefully retain.

James Shark stands up and immediately lays down next to Brandon Macdonald, pretending to sleep on his side, with his hands under his head. James Shark snores loudly, before rolling to his feet, and taunting Brandon Macdonald. Brandon Macdonald gets to his feet, and James Shark hits a right hand jab. James Shark then begins to shadow box Brandon Macdonald, dodging all of Brandon Macdonald’s punches, and pointing and laughing at him. James Shark yells out “WHITE BOI!” and laughs again. Suddenly Brandon Macdonald gets tired of it, and charges forward, taking James Shark down with a Lou Thez press. Brandon Macdonald rains down punches on James Shark.

Rick: I think Brandon’s had enough of Shark’s taunting!

Johnny: I would too, if I was him!

Brandon Macdonald stands up, and taunts James Shark. James Shark climbs to his feet and charges at Brandon Macdonald . Brandon Macdonald dodges James Shark, and tosses him into the turnbuckle, face-first. Brandon Macdonald ducks under James Shark, and lifts him into an electric chair position. Brandon Macdonald backs into the centre of the ring, and then notices Corey Casey climbing up to the top rope. Corey Casey leaps off of the top rope, and connects a spear on James Shark in mid-air, just as Brandon Macdonald drops backwards and hits an electric chair drop. All three men crash to the ground.


Johnny: That was amazing!

Corey Casey moves to make the pin on James Shark, but Brandon Macdonald lifts him up and tosses him into the turnbuckle shoulder-first, causing him to slam into the post. Brandon Macdonald hooks the leg of James Shark.




James Shark gets a shoulder up.

Rick: I think Brandon thought he had it won there!

Johnny: Nope, Sharky has some fight left in him yet!

Brandon Macdonald stands up, and signals to the crowd. He bends down and lifts up James Shark. Brandon Macdonald places James Shark in the powerbomb position, and then signals again.

Rick: Uh, oh, I think Brandon’s looking to hit the Holy Driver!

Johnny: JShark’s in big trouble! Not even Corey can help him!

Just before Brandon Macdonald is about to lift up James Shark for the Canadian destroyer, James Shark uses all his power to push Brandon Macdonald up and over his head with a back body drop. James Shark stumbles to the ropes and recovers.

Rick: What a reversal by the champion!

Johnny: That was a clutch counter!

Corey Casey stands up out of the turnbuckle, and charges at James Shark, who is leaning on the ropes. James Shark ducks his head, and sends Corey Casey up over the ropes, leaving him to free fall to the unprotected outside. James Shark climbs out of the ring and lifts up Corey Casey. James Shark grabs Corey Casey’s head and smashes it onto the crowd barrier. James Shark trash talks in Corey Casey’s ear, and then again bounces his head off of the crowd barrier. James Shark, using all his strength, picks up Corey Casey and places him on his shoulder. James Shark hits a running powerslam onto the ground. James Shark then stands up, and climbs onto the crowd barrier. James Shark yells out to the crowd, and raises his hands in the air.


[Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap, Clap]


[Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap, Clap]

Rick: What an amazing crowd reception for James Shark here at the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Johnny: He loves to trash-talk, but as he showed us there, he can definitely back it up!

James Shark hops down from the crowd barrier, only to be hit with a baseball slide by Brandon Macdonald. Brandon Macdonald slides out of the ring, and grabs James Shark. Brandon Macdonald bounces James Shark’s head off of the steel steps, and then leads him over to the announcers table. Brandon Macdonald smashes James Shark’s face into the announcers table, and pulls out one of the TV monitors. Brandon Macdonald hits James Shark straight to the head with it, sending him to the ground, and causing a small cut to open on his forehead from which blood begins to flow. Brandon Macdonald proceeds to take apart the announcer’s table.

Rick: Haha, that poor old Spanish announce team can never get a break, can they?

Johnny: I’m just glad it wasn’t our table – I’ve got a Battle Burger hiding underneath the table for when I’m hungry! OI!


Rick: Do you ALWAYS have to do that?!

Johnny: Always!

The Spanish announce team vacant their seats, as Brandon Macdonald climbs on top of the table, lifting the now bloodied James Shark up with him. Brandon Macdonald places James Shark in the powerbomb position once again. James Shark tries to wriggle out of it, but Brandon Macdonald clubs him on the back and tightens his hold. Brandon Macdonald flips forward, and hits a Canadian destroyer, sending James Shark through the announcer’s table.




The crowd cheer wildly as Brandon Macdonald and James Shark lay motionless in the wreckage of the announcer’s table. After a few moments, Corey Casey approaches the two men. Corey Casey drags James Shark out of the mess and lifts him up. Corey Casey rolls James Shark into the ring, and slides in himself. Corey Casey positions James Shark in the middle of the ring, and then makes the cover.

Rick: Corey Casey’s going to try to take credit for Brandon’s work, and get the pinfall on Shark!

Johnny: That would be his way, wouldn’t it...




James Shark gets a shoulder up.



Corey Casey pounds the mat in frustration, and shouts to the referee that it was a three count. The ref holds up two fingers in response. Corey Casey shakes his head, and returns his attention to the downed James Shark.

Rick: This is actually really good for Corey. If you remember their match, not last week, but a few weeks ago, CC lost because he was too busy arguing with the referee, and allowed Shark to hit a Swag out for the pinfall.

Johnny: Yeah, he’s a lot more focused in this match then he was in that one.

Corey Casey grabs James Shark by the legs, and turns him over into a boston crab. Corey Casey wrenches back on the hold with all his might.


Johnny: And with all the punishment that James Shark just took, I doubt it’s going to be easy for him to escape – if he can get out of it at all!

James Shark grunts in pain, as Corey Casey shouts for him to tap. The referee doesn’t attempt to check on James Shark – too afraid to after his previous attempt. Instead he watches James Shark’s hands to see if he’s going to tap. James Shark slowly begins to pull himself towards the ropes. James Shark reaches out for the bottom rope but he is too far away to grab it. Corey Casey moves forward and pulls James Shark back into the centre of the ring, applying even more pressure to the hold.

Rick: I’m afraid to say it, but this could be all folks!

Johnny: Yeah, I think Shark’s last chance to survive was to grab those ropes, but he couldn’t, and now Corey has him trapped in the centre of the ring again!

Rick: Remember, if you could possibly forget, James Shark is very beaten up. He took a Holy Driver through the announcer’s table!

James Shark screams in pain, as Corey Casey wrenches back on his legs. James Shark’s hand hovers above the map, as the referee slides in position to watch for a tap. Corey Casey shouts once again for James Shark to tap. James Shark squeezes his hand into a fist. James Shark opens his hand again, unable to find the strength to fight out of the submission.



James Shark frantically taps out but the referee has been pulled out of the ring.



Brandon Macdonald slides into the ring and hits Corey Casey from behind with a steel chair, breaking the submission.

Rick: Brandon was the one who pulled the ref out of the ring! THIS MATCH IS STILL GOING FOLKS!

Johnny: By the grace of God, Brandon has saved James Shark’s world championship, and destroyed Corey Casey with a steel chair! ...Get the pun?


Corey Casey tries to stand up, but Brandon Macdonald smacks the chair over his back, causing him to crumple back down to the mat. Brandon Macdonald droops the steel chair and walks over to James Shark. Brandon Macdonald hooks the leg of James Shark.

Rick: Oh wait, here we go, Brandon’s taking advantage of the worn down James Shark!

Johnny: He’s not out of the woods yet!




James Shark gets a shoulder up.


Johnny: James Shark is one resilient nigguh, let me tell you that!

Rick: All three of these men have to be feelings the effects of this amazing contest by now!

Brandon Macdonald slowly stands up. Brandon Macdonald looks from Corey Casey to James Shark, and back again, before nodding in agreement with himself. Brandon Macdonald drags Corey Casey over to where James Shark lies, and places him on top of him. Brandon Macdonald picks up the steel chair and begins to scale the turnbuckle. Brandon Macdonald reaches the top rope, and taunts to the crowd, who are on their feet. Brandon Macdonald holds the chair to his chest, and leaps off of the top rope. Brandon Macdonald lands a shooting star frog splash, driving himself and the chair into both men.







Corey Casey falls off of James Shark. Brandon Macdonald pulls Corey Casey to the middle of the ring, and covers him.




Corey Casey kicks out.



Brandon Macdonald shakes his head in disbelief. Brandon Macdonald crawls over to James Shark and hooks the leg.




The ref stops and points at James Shark’s foot, which is resting on the bottom rope.



Rick: Why, because it’s so ELECTRIC?!


Brandon Macdonald let’s go of James Shark’s leg and looks at the ref in confusion. He then looks behind him and sees James Shark’s foot on the rope. Brandon Macdonald slowly climbs to his feet, and rests up against the ropes. The crowd begins to chant.





Rick: The crowd are divided!

Johnny: But they seem to be connected by the fact that none of them want Corey Casey to win!

Brandon Macdonald walks over to Corey Casey, who is on his knees, willing himself to stand up. Brandon Macdonald pulls Corey Casey up and whips him to the ropes. Corey Casey rebounds, and Brandon Macdonald attempt to clothesline him. Corey Casey ducks under the clothesline. Corey Casey rebounds from the opposite ropes, and hits a spear on Brandon Macdonald.


Johnny: What a counter by The Lord!

Corey Casey slowly moves over to Brandon Macdonald, and then shakes his head. An evil look spreads over his face, and instead of going for the pin, Corey Casey slides out of the ring and looks under the apron.

Rick: What the hell is Corey doing?! He basically has the match won!

Johnny: I think that Corey doesn’t believe he has the job done, so he’s looking to inflict more damage on him. Either that or he’s just a sadistic bastard...

Corey Casey pulls out a straight jacket, and his signature razor-tipped Cat O’ nine tails. Corey Casey raises the Cat O’nine tails, and looks at it in admiration. The crowd shower him in boos.





Corey Casey slides into the ring with both items. Corey Casey kneels down and places Brandon Macdonald inside the straight jacket. Corey Casey stomps repeatedly on Brandon Macdonald, and then raises the cat o’ nine tails above his head. Corey Casey brings the cat o’nine tails down onto the sternum of Brandon Macdonald. Brandon Macdonald screams in pain as Corey Casey brings the cat o’nine tails down again and again onto him. Corey Casey whips the head of Brandon Macdonald with the cat o’nine tails, causing blood to leak from a large cut on his forehead.

Rick: Blood in the water! The end is near for Brandon, as is another world title reign for Corey!

Johnny: Uh, hold your horses Rick...

Corey Casey turns away from Brandon Macdonald, and looks over at Ashley Matthews, who is on the outside of the ring shouting for him to stop. Corey Casey reaches over the ropes, and pulls Ashley Matthews onto the apron by her hair.

Rick: Oh my...

Johnny: We all know the history between Corey and Ashley, and let me tell you, it’s not at all pretty...unlike Ashley herself Rolling Eyes

Rick: ...Did you just do the "Alison Wiliiams" face?!

Johnny: Shut up, there's people fighting each other over there!

Corey Casey screams at Ashley Matthews. Ashley Matthews rears back and slaps Corey Casey across the face. James Shark, who has pulled himself to his feet, is now standing behind Corey Casey. James Shark grabs Corey Casey and turns him around. James Shark connects a right hand knockout punch to the jaw of Corey Casey.



James Shark falls to his knees in exhaustion, and covers Corey Casey.




Corey Casey gets a shoulder up.




All three men lay on the mat, and the crowd begin to chant.


James Shark slowly begins to pull himself up via the ropes, while Brandon Macdonald begins to free himself from the straightjacket. James Shark climbs to his feet, and Brandon Macdonald gets his arms out of the straightjacket. James Shark walks over to Brandon Macdonald, and laughs at his predicament of being stuck in the straightjacket. James Shark dances around Brandon Macdonald, before landing two right hand punches to Brandon Macdonald’s head. James Shark pulls Brandon Macdonald out of the straightjacket, and whips him to the opposite turnbuckle. James Shark runs in and connects a clothesline. James Shark backs up and begins to decimate Brandon Macdonald with a variety of strikes and kicks. James Shark pounds Brandon Macdonald in the stomach with punch after punch. James Shark drags Brandon Macdonald out of the turnbuckle, and whips him off of the ropes. Brandon Macdonald rebounds and James Shark catches him and hits a spinebuster.

Rick: Wow, suddenly James Shark has found an extra gear!


Rick: Ugh...not again...

James Shark stands up, slaps the mat, and taunts. James Shark positions himself in front of Brandon Macdonald, and motions for him to stand. James Shark kisses his fist and smiles.

Rick: Sharky looking to finish things off here with another Swag out!

Johnny: That’s the question though Rick, what is it going to take for one of these men to beat the other? They’ve thrown nearly everything at one another, and still only been able to get near falls!

Brandon Macdonald slowly begins to climb to his feet. Brandon Macdonald eventually pushes himself up to a standing base. Brandon Macdonald turns to the direction of James Shark. James Shark looks to hit a knockout punch, but Brandon Macdonald ducks under it at the last second. James Shark spins around, and Brandon Macdonald decks him with a huge running clothesline. James Shark falls to the mat, and is immediately pulled out of the ring by a man wearing a gas mask.


Johnny: He just pulled Shark out of the ring!

The man in the gas mask knocks James Shark down with a hard punch. The man in the gas mask grabs James Shark by the legs, and slingshots him straight into the steel pole. James Shark’s head bounces off of the pole and he crumples to the ground. The man in the gas mask then pulls off the top half of the steel steps, and drives them into the grounded body of James Shark.

Rick: He’s destroying James Shark, completely taking him out of the equation in this match!


Inside the ring, Brandon Macdonald crawls over to where James Shark would have been, but finds nothing. The man in the gas mask drops the steel steps and climbs over the crowd barrier.

Rick: Brandon didn’t see Shark get pulled out of the ring, but he must have put two and two together.

Johnny: Yeah, now the man in the gas mask is making an early exit!

Brandon Macdonald looks over at Corey Casey, who is now on his feet, holding a steel chair. Corey Casey rushes at Brandon Macdonald, holding the steel chair above his head. Brandon Macdonald kicks Corey Casey to the gut, causing him to drop the steel chair, and places him in the powerbomb position.


Johnny: Corey Casey came out aggressive with that chair – maybe that was a bad idea!

Brandon Macdonald attempts to lift Corey Casey up, but at the last second, Corey Casey drops down and grabs Brandon Macdonald’s legs. Corey Casey drops Brandon Macdonald down onto the mat, and bridges over into a pin.




Brandon Macdonald kicks out.

Rick: Corey counters into a bridge pin, BUT IT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH!

Johnny: This is basically a one on one match, since Sharky just got destroyed by that mysterious man!

Both men slowly get to their feet, right next to each other. Brandon Macdonald grabs Corey Casey by the hair, and punches him with his right-hand. Corey Casey returns fire with a left-hand punch. The two men begin trading punches, with the crowd firmly on the side of Brandon Macdonald. The crowd react with each punch thrown.





Brandon Macdonald starts to get the upper-hand, and begins blasting Corey Casey with punch after punch. Corey Casey suddenly drops down, and hits a low blow on Brandon Macdonald. Brandon Macdonald clutches his testicles in agony.


Johnny: A desperation move, one that’s COMPLETELY LEGAL in this match!

Corey Casey hooks the arm of Brandon Macdonald, and slowly lifts him up. Brandon Macdonald struggles for a few moments but Corey Casey clubs him on the back. Corey Casey connects a jackhammer, driving Brandon Macdonald’s skull into the steel chair on the mat.


Johnny: OH NO!

Corey Casey lays an arm across Brandon Macdonald’s chest.






[Ding, Ding, Ding!]


Rick: DAMN IT!


The referee kneels down and places the IWF World title belt on the chest of Corey Casey, as “White Rabbit” by Egypt Central blasts out of the PA system. Corey Casey slowly gets his bearings, and clutches the title close to his chest. James Shark, who has just crawled into the ring, looks on in disbelief and heartache.

Rick: You may not like it, you may even HATE it...but Corey Casey is world champion again!

Johnny: I think the look on Shark’s face tells it all, Rick. He knows he got screwed out of defending his title by that man in the gas mask!

Corey Casey climbs to his feet, and raises the title above his head. At that very moment, the man in the gas mask slides over the crowd barrier, this time carrying a steel pipe in his hands.

Rick: Hey look, he’s back!

Johnny: And he’s got a steel pipe!

The man in the gas mask slides into the ring, and he and Corey Casey nod to one another. The man in the gas mask begins beating down on Shark with the steel pipe, while Corey assists him with a steel chair. Brandon Macdonald rolls out of the ring and is led backstage by Ashley Matthews.

Rick: Looks like Brandon doesn’t want to get involved in anything.

Johnny: And fair enough, I doubt Brandon has the strength left to take on two men.

Once the man and Corey have finished the beating, Corey walks over to Shark and lifts him up. Corey hits a Purifier on James Shark.

Rick: Corey always wins doesn’t he – he’s obviously in business with this masked man.


The man in the gas mask stands over James Shark, holding the steel pipe behind his neck. Slowly, he reaches up and grabs a hold of the gas mask with his hand.



The man rips off the gas mask, and throws it onto the mat – revealing the face of Dan Alexander.

Rick: IT’S DAN!!

Johnny: NO WAI! It all makes sense now! Corey Casey hired Dan Alexander to play mind games with James Shark before FTA, by kidnapping Lillian! Dan obviously already wanted revenge on Shark, after he took away his title at Heroes Also Die!

Dan Alexander grins, and raises the steel pipe above his head. Corey Casey raises his world title, as confetti begins to rain down from the rafters. The two men celebrate in the centre of the ring.

Rick: Corey Casey has played us all once again, and gifted himself another world title reign.

Johnny: Well, sometimes the bad guys always win!

Rick: And with that, folks, we’ll have to bid you adieu. This has been on hell of a pay per view, Johnny!

Johnny: You couldn’t be more right Rick, and Corey Casey has come out on top here in this unbelievable main event!

The show fades on a shot of Corey Casey and Dan Alexander standing in the ring, their arms raised over the body of James Shark.

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