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 The Insurgency Story

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Sean Libby


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PostSubject: The Insurgency Story   Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:27 am

I was reading CC's bio and I was thinking of doing it for myself. But then I realized that nobody's gonna read it. But I also know, that there are alot of you people who have been here a long time. So I thought, why not share it? To start it out, heres tha Libby's story.

The new world:
While doing some independent work for Ireland, Sean Libby caught the interests of Connor O'Shannon who was looking for some new talent for the new federation of Insurgency Wrestling Federation. O'Shannon offered Libby a job at IWF and even offered to train him for the extreme environments of IWF, which Sean happily accepted, leaving behind his family that was there. On the eve of the first show for IWF Sean was moving quicker, going harder and in better shape than ever before. He dubbed himself the Irishman like he used to, and kept his dancing gimmick from his past American federations. Then on the first night, he was shown on screen with Connor, tho not saying a word or doing anything Sean's presence was felt.

First matches:
On the second official show for IWF, Sean Libby debuted against Duke Churchill and Bulk Bogan in spectacular fashion and in a successful contest. The young Libby didn't have much to work on, being new and unknown to the Insurgency for most of the roster knew eachother but they did not know Libby. He was booked low and against other newcomers and jobbers.

First Major Feud:
In the midest of his matches, Sean was asked by Connor to go back to his ancestor's past and turn into a true bloodied Irishman. He changed his name from Libby (from his father) to O'Rourke (from his mother) and joined the Irish Insurgency Army, along with Corey Casey, Tim Patrick Vincent Van Rose and Connor O'Shannon, to counter the Right Honorable Gentlemen. Sean was mainly in contests with another rookie in Tyson Rowle who was also in the RHG. The two debuted in their first PPV's at Bloody Sunday which was a First Blood Match for O'Rourke being the victor. A few weeks later, at Isolation, O'Rourke teamed with Tim Patrick and Connor against Duke Churchill, William Darlington and Brandon Macdonald. O'Rourke single handedly defeated both Churchill and Darlington. Later on Brandon tied O'Rourke and Macdonald beat Connor and Tim. However O'Rourke got loose and started wrestling Macdonald in a fantastic contest. He came close but the young rookie could not topple the veteran and lost. To this day Sean see's this match as his favorite match in his career.

Career ending Injury:
After the IIA and RHG disbanded O'Rourke was put into the first Battle of the Briefcase Tournament. And his first opponent was Vincent Van Rose. Sean tried his hardest at the time, but even with all his strength and speed could not topple the monster Van Rose and was defeated. After the match however, Van Rose was determined to make a statement. He brought a table into the ring, not without knocking out Connor O'Shannon, who was in Sean's corner, and set the table up in the ring. O'Rourke, still knocked out by Van Rose had no idea what was going on. VVR set the table on fire and powerbombed Sean threw it, burning him alive. This injury kept Sean out of the ring for a long time.

Return and pursuit to titles:
Sean returned at Ragnarok, dropping his O'Rourke name, and going back to Libby. He returned attacking VVR and Connor O'Shannon, taking out his mentor for some time. Sean was determined to get his revenge on VVR and since Van Rose was the High Impact Champion, he chose to challenge him. On his path to get to VVR, he defeated Matt Young, Libra and Ryan Apollos. He even teamed with VVR, and won but got brutally assaulted by Van Rose afterwards. Finally at Heroes Also Die, Libby avenged himself and defeated Van Rose for the High Impact championship.

High Impact:
For Sean, nothing was wrong. He was a champion, and was in love with is girlfriend at the time, Maria Ortiz. Sean was expected to have a son soon and felt ontop of the world. The number one contender Ryan Apollos, was very determined to take Sean's title from him, but in a non title match, Sean squashed him and was later attacked by Bobby O'Day. While Libby knew he would be defending his championship against Apollos, other people wanted his title aswell. Tyson Rowle manged to get his spot, as well as VVR. Matt Young was trying very hard to beat all of them to get a shot at Libby but was unsuccessful and was fired. At From The Ashes, Libby in wrestling wise, out preformed Rowle, Van Rose and Apollos but in the end could not retain his title and lost it to VVR.

Low Card Jobber status:
After losing the High Impact title Sean was booked low on the card and was mostly in battle royals. Most times, Sean would get victory's over random opponents and get booked at PPV's but was beginning to be overlooked by many of the new people. Libby was a partner to the new High Impact champion, Tyson Rowle for a time but that team dissolved. Libby trying to stay around in the High Impact area couldn't and was literally forgotten. He was mainly booked around the New Blood title, which he despised. Felt that he was better than the rookies and wanted a better challenge. While he wrestled, his girlfriend, Maria broke up with Sean. Still pregnant with his son, she did not care. She felt that he couldn't provide for her anymore, and left him for a man named Vic. Sean's wrestling career never went so low until this point.

Road to the top again:
Sean was getting angry with IWF, keeping booking him low on the card. So he wanted to change the bookings and defeat the High Impact Champion, Robbie Hart. Seeing how angry Libby was being overlooked, he wanted to get back on top of the food chain. So he challenged Robbie for his title. Robbie Hart not caring for what Libby may throw at him he was challenged by Libby to a TLC match. At Spring Fling, after a hard fought battle Libby could not defeat Hart. Sean suffered a minor injury in the match and was being assisted by Serai Leone, however Sean and Serai were attacked by SM Raye. Sean bursting in anger was hand cuffed by Raye and he proceeded to brutally assault Leone. He powerbombed Leone followed by a kiss to her. Raye then knocked out Sean. Afterwards Sean's anger had hit boiling point and even though he lost his match that night, attacked SM Raye after losing to Steel Angel. Later that night Libby was a Special Guest Ref for the Main Event by request from the Briefcase owner Steel Angel, Sean called a draw for Cody Taylor and James Shark who was the World Champion. Libby then superkicked both Cody and James, knocking Cody out.

(This will be updated by me as time passes. You should do it too.)


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PostSubject: Re: The Insurgency Story   Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:10 pm

Note: This was taken straight from my bio, I will update this as I go along. Thanks to Sean for making this tab.

::Winning Streak and New Blood champion::

Yuko made his first appearance interrupting a match between Keith Axel and The Ninja. He attacked both men with a chair and leveled Ninja with his Final Judgment finisher, causing Johnny Electric to call him "The man with the best finisher". He made his official debut match against a jobber defeating him with hardly any effort. He then partook in the Hawk's Nest invitational for the recently instated New Blood title. He defeated several other athletes including James Shark's own Latoya to become the first ever New Blood champion. He then fought and defeated Sean Libby the following week and defended his title against both the Ninja and Matt Young in back to back matches. His 3rd defense came at Fallout where he defeated Matt Rydell in convincing fashion. He was soon involved in a feud against Aric Voss who is also gunning for his belt. They first met in a tag match where Yuko was paired with then IWF Heavyweight champion Vincent Van Rose. They defeated their competitors which caused Aric's former agent to push Aric's title shot to next week. Yuko retained his belt due to outside interference and the next week partaken in the 1st ever triple threat champion's challenge match who consisted of High Impact champion Tyson Rowle and Heavyweight Champion Vincent Van Rose. Yuko defeated the Heavyweight champion in an impressive showing and would do so again in the triple threat tag team match the following week. Yuko and Aric would finally meet at Violent Impulse in Yuko's own Trip to oblivion match for the New Blood title. Yuko would finally receive his first loss as he was thrown of the structure.

::Feud with Death Valley Rebellion and heel turn::

Soon after Yuko was involved in a feud with the Death Valley Rebellion which consisted of Robbie Hart and Death Angel. The feud started when Yuko lost to Robbie due to Death Angel being the ref and using unbiased methods to keep Yuko down. Yuko would respond back with a win over Death Angel the following week but was beaten down soon afterwards. Yuko would get his rematch against Robbie with Brandon standing in his corner; he defeated Robbie and once again was beaten down by Death Angel who also proceeded to knock out Brandon as well. This lead to a glass table match at Pick your Poison between the two angels as Yuko once again despite doing the impossible: toppling the giant and "powerbombed" him into the glass table. Soon after Yuko was taken away and wasn’t heard from again since that night.

::The Dark Archangel and Feud with Upper Limit::

Yuko returned as the Dark Archangel, the exact opposite persona of the Steel Angel. He lost his 1st match against returning Connor O' Shannon, and then lost at the main event against Chuck Matthews. He then accepted Brandon's challenge and fought him at New Years Evil for the Heavyweight title which he also lost. He redeemed himself with a squash win over Rosa Knight and was then involved in a triple threat match for the High Impact title. After that he then fought Ruben of Upper Limit and was screwed over by guest ref Corey Casey. Yuko would then challenge Corey at Rising Monarchy in a no DQ match. Even though he lost the match, he soon found a weakness in Corey's armor in the form of Jessica Matthews. Since then he would stalk her to no end and during the next battlegrounds, he would make a surprise appearance destroying a fellow jobber and then would later level Corey with a Chaos Destruction. The following week he spoiled the return of Tyson Rowle by giving him a crushing loss in their match. At the HOF show he would defeat the tag champs Craig and Ruben and was soon revealed to have abducted Jessica and is holding her against her will. Though Corey and the rest of Upper Limit tried in vain to search for her, he would make his escape in his car, taunting Corey before letting Jessica go. At NTR Dark Archangel would face Corey in the Double Caged Horror match and after a hard fought match, Corey would throw him over the cell structure and was never seen again.

::Return of the Steel Angel::

Steel Angel returned with a new look, wearing a warrior tunic as opposed to a short sleeve kimono. He was teamed with the new guy Sho'No Mercy who was also GM for tonight's show. They fought the team of Sean Libby and the new briefcase winner Chad Mason. Steel Angel would gain the victory over Sean after Chad betrayed his partner and attacked him with the briefcase. The following week he took on another newcomer called Masque who showed impressive power, but was put down when Steel Angel nailed him with his new finisher called the Skyward Breakdown. After the match though Masque got right back up and attacked Steel Angel, leveling him with a tombstone piledriver. After that Steel was booked against Serai with Ashley as the ref, while he dominated in the early going, Masque's sudden appearance caused a distraction which allowed Serai to gain the upper hand. However Ashley just ignored her and this soon caused Serai to focus on her instead, this became the opening that Yuko needed to get back on the offensive and he defeated Serai without too much trouble. But he was soon attacked from behind by Chad Mason then was tombstoned again by Masque who would also be attacked by Mason. Yuko that night challenged Chad and Masque at Spring Fling and asked Chad if he was bold enough to put his briefcase up for grabs. Chad responded with another attack and accepted the challenge. Just one week before the PPV, Yuko took on the Heavyweight champion James Shark and held his own against the heavy hitter but fell short and was defeated. Chad would enter the ring to pick up the pieces when he was suddenly attacked by Masque who nailed him with the tombstone piledriver. Before the show ended, the GM Brandon Macdonald, announced that due to an online petition that was made by the new talent Cody Taylor, the triple threat match for the briefcase is now a fatal four way and that it's a ladder match.

::The briefcase winner::

During the week leading up to Spring Fling, Steel Angel and Cody Taylor were engaged in a twitter war, trading words with each other. Cody kept insulting and harassing Steel Angel while he just shrugged it off and told him he couldn’t wait till they meet. Just before the PPV Cody held a press conference with his trainer and the rest of Team Blackout and just unloaded a barrage of insults to Steel Angel, showing no respect for the young veteran and told the reporters that he will walk away with the victory and the briefcase. At Spring Fling all 4 men faced off but Brandon changed the rules slightly, making it an elimination match until two people are left. Steel and Cody took out both Masque and Chad leaving them the only two remaining before the actual ladder match began. Both traded blow for blow, Yuko using his speed and high flying arsenal while Cody used his brawling, pound and ground style to keep him at bay.. After a hard fought battle, Yuko was able to kick Cody off the ladder and won the briefcase. For his first match the following week, he booked Cody against James Shark and had Sean Libby as the ref. He defeated Robbie Hart and SM Raye and would present himself during the main event between Shark and Cody. While he watched the two fight, they purposely got themselves counted out and went back in the ring to taunt him. However both Shark and Cody were superkicked by Sean Libby who then left the ring. Yuko took the initiative and proceeded to cash in his briefcase, but was stopped by Corey Casey. Yuko managed to escape from him and watched as Corey was attacked from behind by James Shark who then stared him down. Yuko then booked Team Swag vs. Upper Limit for next week with the tag titles on the line. Yuko himself also faced a mystery opponet who later turned out to be Ryan Apollos. Yuko destroyed Ryan and would later make a surprize apperence after the main event match, knocking Cody out with a crowbar then went right after Shark. Once again he proceeded to cash in his briefcase but Corey once more intervened causing Yuko to back off. He then announced that since Corey was so willing to save Shark's title, he decided to book Shark and Corey against the IWF roster and added the stipulation that Corey's team will compete under Mason’s Law rules. Corey responded by nailing a Purifier on James Shark. That following week, Yuko faced Cody Taylor in a Spring Fling rematch with Cody gaining a measure of revenge after sneaking in a win over him. However Yuko would soon apper have the last laugh during the main event when he sat back and watch Ryan Apollos lead the IWF roster which consisted mostly of jobbers and rejects. Though Corey and Shark were able to work as a team and destroy every opponet until Ryan was left, Ryan would use a tazer on Shark which took him out of commission. Corey would respond with nailing Ryan in the face with the Cassy shuffle before eliminating him. However a last minuite entrant in the form of WEW's Stefan Raab attacks Corey and takes it to him, Corey would regain control and nail the Purifier which gained him and his team the win. However Steel would take advantage of the situation and knock out Corey with the briefcase before signaling the ref that he was about to cash in. However GM Brandon stopped him at the last minuite telling him that Corey is already named the number one contender for the Heavyweight title at Bloody Sunday 2. Angry that he has once again been denied his shot, announced that he will cash in his briefcase against the winner of that match at Isolation and the match will be held inside the Isolation Dome.

::The title hunt.::

Steel Angel at Bloody Sunday 2 used the power of his briefcase to book himself in a Blood, Pride and Death invitational. The person to answer his challenge was none other than Ryan Apollos who somehow managed to score an upset win over Steel after he slipped while performing his finisher allowing Ryan to hit his move and leave him dazed. Steel Angel redeemed himself the following week during the WEW vs. IWF fed war when he teamed up with his best friend and new talent Hostyle Jones and formed the Human Highlight Reels. They scored an impressive victory over the team of Ryan Jackson and Roman during the fed war and then took on the team of Dan Alexander and James Shark the following week in a losing effort. Steel would redeem himself with an impressive win over Chuck Matthews sending a clear and strong message to James Shark who was suspended that week. At Isolation Shark was attacked backstage by a new group called the Natural Law lead by the returning Chad Mason. The attack would leave Shark wide open for Steel to cash in his briefcase (though he announced he would face Shark in the Isolation Dome, he never stated that he would be cashing in for that match) after two Divine Cutters, Steel would pin the champion to become the new IWF Heavyweight champion. He would later be present inside the Isolation Dome with rumors of Shark leaving the show just moments after losing his belt claiming that the company betrayed him. Those rumors would soon prove to be true when Shark fails to show up for the main event match giving Steel another win (and title defense) by forfeit. Just then Chad and the rest of Natural Law would surround and attack the new champion who managed to fight them off, but was overwhelmed and beaten down.

::Heavyweight Champion and feud with Natural Law.::

More to come

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PostSubject: Re: The Insurgency Story   Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:04 pm

Came in.

Destroyed like 10 people in a battle royal to earn number one contendership for the IWF title.

Lost to Brandon due to tons of intereference and Rueben's meddling.

Eventually won the title from Rueben who won it from Brandon the week before.

Suffered an injury at the hands of Shadow Demon.

Lost title to Shark. Skipped a couple of shows until I cost Shark the title match at at FTA 2011.

Worked up to another condership match against Robbie Hart. Lost and was put into the 2nd Briefcase Tournament.

Lost at the finals to Brandon.

Worked way up to Tag Team title contendership. Steel Angel cost me the match.

Had match with Stygian and left for months.
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PostSubject: Re: The Insurgency Story   Tue May 29, 2012 1:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Insurgency Story   

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The Insurgency Story
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