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 OOC Dan

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PostSubject: OOC Dan   Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:16 pm

So what's up? How is my old twisted fam doing? Glad to see Stygian made his return. Sad to see Chuck go. I wish I could have conversed with him now. Tell him it wasn't personal with him. Hope he is doing well.

What do you think of the DCH match Corey Vs Dan one night only? I think it was great booking. Long term storyline. Much to be said. Much to be anticipated. Our characters never had a match but there really is a feeling of animosity between them. There was always a bit of rivalry between them hidden beneath the floor. I personally love it.

It's a shame people find me so annoying and for that I am banned from the chatroom. I accept that. I haven't been the most fun guy to talk to. But I promise I won't bring up.... a lot of things from the past that was just weird. No more obsessing over a girl. That's over. No more feeling like I have to tell you about suicidal tendencies and specific scenarios. I agree that was fucked up and I would never do that again.

But I do defend everything I've said today about me and my character. I feel like this match needed to happen. We needed a fight to end the abandoned questions of the past. And what better way to do it then in a DCH.

In the meantime you might find a few new faces stalking the forums. They will be fedheads that I associate myself with now. Don't worry they mean no harm. They just want in on the spotlight and the action. This will be afterall, the biggest match in IWF history. No offence FTA 2011 but that was kind of a sham. This will be better. I promise.
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