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 Pre-Deadline Post

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PostSubject: Pre-Deadline Post   Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:27 pm

Hey everyone. So I'm currently at my cottage, lacking any internet connection aside from the one sitting out in front of someone's house. But I cant be on it long. So I won't be home until tomorrow night. So everyone read this. Someone please post deadline. And make sure that everyone sends votes to ME AND ROBBIE. And I'm going to ask a special favour from people. I would like people to Direct Message me their winners on Twitter. I get it on my phone, so I can start writing on my drive home tomorrow. Otherwise the show won't start until late Sunday night. So if everyone could please vote ASAP and DM me on Twitter, that would be a huge help. If you DM me, make sure you ALSO PM votes to BOTH me and Robbie Hart. Thank you.

If anyone needs to talk to me, you'll have to DM me. Otherwise I'll see you all tomorrow

Oh, Shark and/or Cody, can you tell the WEW owner that I'll be back tomorrow afternoon/night? Also, tell him who is all on Team IWF (Brandon, Stygian, Jason Hawk, Gunther, and Corey/Shark) Also tell him that Justin Underwood is replacing Vincent Van Rose. Tell him if he has questions, again, to DM me.



IWF Record: 24 Wins 7 Losses 2 Draws
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Pre-Deadline Post
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