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 Stygian's character voice differences exercize

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PostSubject: Stygian's character voice differences exercize   Mon May 14, 2012 7:25 pm

I can't take credit for this, it actually came from a professor in a creative writing class. The Premise is this: you have a character that's kind of stagnant and repetitive, a little generic, this character doesn't stand out. Take that character and take any character you like from any genre you want (though the closer to their own genre, the better) list ten differences between the character you want to define, and the one you already know. Do this at least three times or more, and if you look, you'll see certain patterns emerge. Certain entries that are common across all entries. These are your characters core values. The things that makes them them. You can also do this with similarities. List any difference that comes to mind, no matter how superficial. Try to get at least ten, but if you want to do more, do more.

The Differences between Stygian and:

John Cena
We all know John, let's see how he's different than John Cena.

Stygian is/has...
1. College Educated | Cena is not
2. Seven Feet Tall | Cena is not
3. A guy who likes to get booed | Cena accepts it, but he'd rather be the All-American face
4. Someone who didn't get into wrestling because it was a lifelong dream | Cena's wanted to wrestle since he was a small boy
5. Not afraid to take a cheap-shot or a short cut | Cena has to be pushed to bend the rules unless the match specifically allows it
6. In a committed relationship | Stygian is happily married, the Cena character has no on-screen love interests ala Trish Stratus, Lita or Miss Elizabeth (his personal divorce is not a factor in this exercise.)
7. In a polyamorous relationship | John Cena is not
8. A metal fan | John Cena is primarily a hip-hop fan
9. A self-confessed geek | John Cena portrays a "sympathetic jock" at best
10. Willing to sell out for a pay check | John Cena believes in "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect"
11. Willing to hit a woman. | Cena is not
12. Generally a loathsome human being. | The Cena character is actually a pretty nice guy.
13. A chessmaster. he enacts plots and schemes to give himself an advantage. | Cena runs in swinging.
14. Crude. | John Cena has made a contentious effort to be more kid-friendly.
15. Not kid friendly. | Cena is
16. Pragmatic. | Cena is proud. Cena will fight no matter what, Stygian is not above a tactical retreat, or "giving up".

Now, let's do one more.

James Shark
Stygian is/has...
1. White. | James Shark is black.
2. A full head of hair | James Shark is bald (Remember, no matter how trivial! Something may be important you don't realize.)
3. Seven feet tall | James Shark is not. (Here we have out first bolded point: Stygian is seven feet tall, not many wrestlers are. This is part of what makes him unique.)
4. College-educated. | James Shark quit school as a small boy. (Another common point that Stygian has over many other wrestlers.)
5. Happily married. | James Shark is divorced.
6. In a polyamorous relationship. | Shark is a player at his worst, or commits to one woman at best. (Another thing that sets Styg apart from most grapplers.)
7. A proud geek. | Shark is a flashy jock who would have beaten up geeks in school.
8. A metal fan. | Shark is a hip-hop fan, by and large.
9. A home in a quiet Colorado suburb. | Shark lives in a Penthouse in NYC if I am not mistaken.
10. A "breast man." | Shark is an ass man.
11. Spends his spare time rebuilding classic cars, usually movie cars. | James Shark spends his free time clubbing.
12. Likes to get booed. | Shark is self-serving in his motivations. The crowd loves him? Fine. They hate him? Fine. They can kiss his naturally black ass. Stygian deliberately antagonizes the crowd.
13. Pragmatic. | James Shark is proud. Shark will fight on, no matter what. Stygian has no problem cutting and running.
14. A chessmaster. | Stygian oftentimes plots an schemes, James Shark trusts his fists and his dick to solve his problems.

Looking at these two alone, a picture of what makes Stygian unique begins to form. Stygian is seven feet tall? Does that factore into his worldview, and how others view him? Yes. It affects how my must be attacked as an opponent, it affects how he's written, by a competent match writer anyway. The next thing we see is that Stygian is college-educated. Does this factor into how I write him? ABSOLUTELY! Stygian thinks he's smarter than most because he has degrees in engineering fields. He thinks he's better than people who haven't put in the work to educate themselves. Next we see that Stygian is in a polyamorous relationship. Not only does it make him different, it matters. Read on of my RPs after deleting Lilith and Lilah's sections. They and it are central to the character. The next point I see common to both: Stygian is a geek. His promos are littered with sci-fi references, his gimmick is adapted from Warhammer 40k, he's often seen wearing geeky t-shirts, he did a World of Warcraft ad...geekyness is central to Stygian's character. Stygian is a metal fan. And a fan of a very specific kind of metal. This isn't necessarily reflected directly in his character, but it does affect his entrance music, some of his attire, background music, and if I have trouble writing him: these are the songs I queue up for motivation. Stygian is also pragmatic. This only makes him different when compared to faces and "proud" characters. He isn't above getting counted out to save a title, taking a short cut, or retreating when the odds aren't in his favor. Again, if I added Daniel Bryan or Chris Jericho to the list, that entry wouldn't be as frequent. Stygian also deliberately antagonizes the audience, somethin most wrestlers don't. I think of Stygian the way I think of Jack Parkman in Major League 2, stopping on his home-run trot to listen to the boos of the crowd who's team he just took yard. The last commonality is that Stygian is a chessmaster. he'll plot and scheme to get an advantage, like the way he broke James Shark's hand. So just look at the encapsulated results, do you think of these things when you think of Stygian:

Smart, shrewed (college-educated)?
Seven feet tall?
Metal fan?
In a committed relationship with two women?

You tell me if the exercise works. It sure does for me.


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PostSubject: Re: Stygian's character voice differences exercize   Mon May 14, 2012 7:51 pm

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Stygian's character voice differences exercize
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