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 Some Changes in IWF

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Chuck Matthews

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PostSubject: Some Changes in IWF   Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:01 pm

Right, so...

As you've all seen, we've had a huge surge of new guys come in (yeah. THAT'S how long I've been putting off writing this.) So, to the guys in UECW, welcome aboard. I'd go into details on what we planned to do with you guys, the titles, the UECW standing in IWF, etc etc, but we've really already gone over it, need to get into that discussion. LOL

If you guys aren't aware, we're actually brewing a storyline that, if we run it right, will engulf the entire fed. What that means is, ideally, it'll provide an interesting position for all characters in IWF to interact with and write about. It will essentially change the landscape of IWF, and with it, form new alliances, new rivalries, and allow everyone an automatic story to jump on board with. You'll see it unfold in the weeks to come. As it does, you're welcome to PM admins with any ideas you come up with to get yourself involved.

Now the big deal:

As you've noticed, our last couple of shows have been pretty late. I know I've been apologizing for this left and right, but for those who aren't aware why, I'll fill you in:

Ideally, we have 5 admins at any given time. The admins are responsible for writing the shows, and it's the division of labor that allows us to get shows written and posted within a day (Shows are technically "due" by noon on Monday: 36 hours after deadline). Brandon recently stepped out to focus on school. Stygian did the same...leaving us with Carmine, Corey, and myself. You noticed we made Cody Taylor a writer/admin for a while. When he bailed out, we were back to three. Currently, we're training Steel Angel to take the position. I expect you all will show him the same respect you show me, or CC, or Robbie.

That all being said: These last couple weeks have been pretty rough, OOC, for the admins. Between Robbie having issues in real life, to CC starting a new job, to me getting swamped with school and work, it's been difficult to juggle time efficiently. Currently, my midterms are over, so I myself will have a bit more time on my hands. When soccer season is over, Corey will be in the same boat. Hopefully, this is the end of the short slump we found ourselves in, results-wise. So I thank those of you who are still with IWF, and I appreciate your ongoing cooperation as we sort things out.

We've also come up with one final solution, to ensure that this does not happen again:

As of this week, deadlines are now on SUNDAY. We have pushed deadline back exactly 24 hours, and it will remain that way until further notice. The reason for this is two-part:

1. Since most of you guys seem to be less busy during the weekend, it gives you all a full extra day to write.

2. The admins (namely, me) are bogged down with shit on weekends, and so having Sunday and Monday to write results is absolutely useless to me, because I can't use that time anyway (I normally haven't been able to start writing until Monday night). By moving deadline back 24 hours, it means having a show Tuesday morning isn't considered "late" anymore.

A friendly reminder, for those unfamiliar with how the IWF Schedule works. It looks like this:

Card is posted.

You have until 11:59 PM EST Sunday night (not Saturday), to write your RP's.

As soon as deadline hits, you have 12 hours to read, judge, and vote winners, if you so choose. Unless we're super pressed for votes, the outline is completed and sent out by noon on Monday (not Sunday). Of course, if we get numerous votes immediately after deadline, we can (and usually do) get started before that time.

Show is supposed to be posted within 24 hours of THIS deadline. That means 11:59 AM, EST on Tuesday (not Monday), shows should be written and posted in their entirety. If not, the show is considered late. At that point, Chuck's Amnesty Law kicks in, and you're not required to post any feedback on the show.

Just so we're all on the same page in terms of what constitutes as a "late" show. Very rarely (I think maybe twice since IWF started) do I ever get complaints on the show being late, but I do notice a number of people (mostly new guys) asking when to expect the show. For your reference, that is when you should expect a show: Before noon on Tuesday morning. If it's later than that, you have my permission to complain.

As soon as results are posted, we post the next card, and the cycle starts again.

Anyway...that's the idea from here on out. Deadlines are permanently on Sundays now. You all have an extra 24 hours than usual to RP...but in exchange, shows posted Tuesday morning are no longer considered late shows. Sweet deal.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or criticisms you'd like to make, don't hesitate to post them here. Always remember it's your fed too. We do this for your entertainment.

I think that pretty much covers it.


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Some Changes in IWF
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