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PostSubject: Goodbye   Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:35 pm

Chris Wade is Dan Alexander

That’s the truth. I could have held out a lot longer since you guys would have probably never figured it out, but trolling is not what I want to be doing anymore. It’s pretty time consuming and doesn’t really have any benefit other than being a minor entertainment for myself. I also felt that this troll was particularly mean because I have already infiltrated the forums once and got the gist that it was an explicit attack and injustice to you guys. I also haven’t been contributing whatsoever as Chris Wade. I haven’t roleplayed once. Add to the fact that I technically promised not to mention or disturb IWF anymore about a month ago. This was just a mere way of me interacting with old faces here in IWF, which I enjoyed as Chris Wade.

Aside from this little escapade, I am completely gone from efedding. This is pretty much my last connection to it and once I leave, I will pretty much be gone for good. There is no need to worry about any further presence of me. I will not be on my efedding twitter. I will not be in any efed. If one decides to contact me through IM or any outside means that would be the extent of any future contact I have with any efedder. I will not infiltrate or try to infiltrate IWF or any other efed in the future. You don’t have to worry about any other existing ‘entries’ as this is the only one I have for IWF. I am not Griffin Hawkins. I am not using a proxy. I am not Joseph or anyone else currently in IWF.

This is pretty much goodbye letter to IWF and pretty much everyone I know who was involved. Whatever feelings you have of me, I hope you can set them aside not for my sake but for your own. This is probably more difficult for some more than others. Understand that trolling is the extent of what I have said or done. The opinions and views I have expressed are not written in stone and shouldn’t be treated as such. There were times were discussions got heated, but for me it’s all in the past. I don’t view any of you in a different light than I would have if those things haven’t happened. I understand the circumstances under which all of you acted towards me. After all, I was the one who created those circumstances for the most part. You had every right to be resentful towards me.


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Chuck Matthews

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PostSubject: Re: Goodbye   Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:05 pm

Chris Wade wrote:
Chris Wade is Dan Alexander

That’s the truth. I could have held out a lot longer since you guys would have probably never figured it out

MFW he thinks we didn't have an idea.

But all joking aside, Styg and I were of the mind that so long as you weren't antagonizing people, weren't causing issues, and were just doing your thing, it wasn't worth starting shit over. I stand by that. I don't particularly care that you were here. Not happy about it. Not upset about it. I don't feel like I was fooled, trolled, made a fool of, whatever. I just don't care.

I hope you realize that the reason you were banned in the first place was because you were obnoxious and a pain in the ass to work with. The second time around, it was because you had blatantly disregarded our ruling of kicking you out for a 30 day period, and you continued to give IWF we had no reason to want you here.

Strange as it sounds, my problems with you ceased when you got into NLWF. Your whole Alex Danielson, as retarded as that name was, made you less of a dick. It was more fun to talk to you then via twitter than have to deal with Captain Complaint Department Dan Alexander. So I'll toss that out there.

But, yeah, whatever. Cool, you're out of the game. I don't believe that for a second, because that's almost never actually the case. Maybe it's against my better judgment, but I'll say the doors are open should you feel the itch to come back...Hell, I'll even say you could rejoin us as Dan...but I'd throw in the caveat that should you revert to the old ways, and the reason we kicked you out in the first place, we don't want you here. Be a civilized human being, as you were with this whole Chris thing, and I don't see any reason to keep you out of IWF. I think, just as I think half of IWF thinks, that you do enjoy being here, as much as you hate to admit it. Far be it from me to deny someone entry to IWF who actually does want to be here.

That's all I really have to say on the matter. Godspeed.


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Sean Libby


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PostSubject: Re: Goodbye   Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:00 pm

Well, after reading this, I gotta say, props to Dan, cause as Chris Wade it just seemed that Dan Alexander was like a regular guy. Even though from the past you seemed to have changed, in alot of ways most of them good. When you were trying to sneak yourself in as that German guy, you really weren't the same. You weren't trying to troll more like trying to be welcomed back into the family that is IWF, after we kicked you out. Which to be honest I was kinda sympathetic. I did not think you were doing anything wrong like spying on us for ASWF. Then when you join as Chris Wade, its like you weren't the old Dan which is good.

I'll say this Dan, you got a life. Cause you coming out like this isn't like you, but this truly seems legit. However, like Chuck said you go back to your old ways, you lose respect from me. For now I respect you cause you just came out in the open like this, but if this was simply to see how we would react, well I'm not sure what would happen, but it wouldn't be good.


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PostSubject: Re: Goodbye   Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:48 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Goodbye   

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