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 Alright Ladies...

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PostSubject: Alright Ladies...   Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:26 pm

Okay ladies/female characters in general....I know there's not a lot of us, but it doesn't matter either way. Corey's basically put me in charge of the ladies' division as far as writing the matches, thinking up feuds, etc. Now I can plan out feuds alone, but I want your input as well! If you have someone you want to feud with or ideas for a feud that might be happening that you're involved with, or anything like that then please let me know! You can message me on Angie's or Ruby's account or post in this thread for me to message you. I want your character to be used how you want her to be in a feud or storyline, but if I don't hear anything from anyone then I'll just make feuds and such as I'm able to. And keep in mind, it doesn't have to be a feud, it doesn't have to be super long, it doesn't have to be for a title, & you're not stuck with just feuding with the other female characters. I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from y'all.

And if one of my amazing admin buddies could sticky this (and maybe make it as an announcement), I'd greatly appreciate it ^_^


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Alright Ladies...
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