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Alexander Remington


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PostSubject:   Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:23 pm

Yet again, my net started giving me problems today, and it was out all day, but talking with tech support for about an hour and a half, i THINK it's resolved (thought that last time, but meh). Already told Apollos previously I wouldn't be rping because I didn't think I'd have net, and I'm a man of my word. So sorry for the no-show; barring future Internet probs, won't happen again..


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1x IWF champion [12/23/12 - 2/24/13]
2012-2013 IWF Wrestler of the Year

Alexander Raven (x2)
Baron Tomson
Parker Wayde (x3)
David Bable
Silas Romero
Eric Steel
Jack Savage

[02:13:50] Alexander Remington : i know approx. 25ish years ago, her family did the worst thing ever
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