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 Ryan Apollos [vs.] Ethan Cage

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PostSubject: Ryan Apollos [vs.] Ethan Cage   Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:57 pm

Steel cage match, only winnable by pinfall or submission.


(1/29/12 - 2/13/12)
(9/30/12 - 11/25/12)

(12/4/11 - 1/29/11)
Relinquished to become the #1 Contender for the IWF Title.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Apollos [vs.] Ethan Cage   Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:37 pm

-Press Start-

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage in the back of a car, he's wearing a Pierce the Veil shirt and black jeans with a jean jacket, contemplating his latest win over the IWF current world champion Alexander Remington. Ethan could tell that Alexander's heart wasn't in that match, that he was waiting for Griffin Hawkins. Did Ethan still put Alexander out of his misery, god damn right he did. Because that's what Ethan has come back to IWF to do. For a glimpse, Ethan thinks about where he would be had he stayed, would he have kept the case and cashed it in already, or would he have used that case to screw over others much as he did when he first got it. When he beat the shit out of Ruby Winters on top of a ladder to do it. Other moments like Hitting the Lights on Baron Tomson to put his arm in flames in an inferno match. Back to Ethan, he shakes off the "what ifs" and thinks about what he's about to do to the last man to almost end Ethan's career, one Ryan Apollos who took liberties while attacking Gambino, to hurt Ethan infront of the millions watching at home, only to think that there would be no repercussions, but as we all know, there most certainly was repercussions, one of them was taken away in a casket and the other fell out of a body bag spilling out blood. In the realm of things, a simple cage match is easy, Ryan has gotten the lightest judgement in that his attack will be no swift yet not as drastic as Gambino's or Steel Angel's fate. As Ethan starts to formulate a plan, a bloody hand slams against the limo's window. Must mean Ethan is in Bobby Ball's car, the sound of the hand catches Ethan's attention. Upon looking Ethan notices that he is surrounded by zombies, but Ethan doesn't seem phased, as if he knew they were coming for Ethan. All of the sudden tons of hands slapping the car, Ethan smirks.

Bobby: You better get out there before they fuck up my car.

Ethan: Only you would force me out of a car into a crowd of zombies, only to protect your car.

Bobby: Look, the faster you get out there and do the ceremonies, the faster we could get out of this freak show.

Ethan: What's wrong Bobby, afraid?

Bobby: Honestly, the people that ask for you to open their establishment, I don't know if they are weird or if you are for accepting these things.

Ethan: Well, time to bring joy down to the masses.

Bobby: And hurry up, I have a five o'clock massage.

Ethan: "Massage" huh, you know one day your wife is going to catch on.

Bobby: Can I help it if my inner thighs are always so tender.

Ethan: You know what I figured?

Bobby: What?

Ethan: That I'd rather be outside with zombies, than hearing anymore about your tender inner thighs.

Bobby: I'm serious, I chafe between-

Ethan: Bobby- shut up.

Ethan leaves the car and the zombies approach him, again, Ethan is unphased. Only a few feet from him, of them extends his hand.

Zombie 1: I'd like to thank you Ethan Cage for opening up our establishment, they told me it'd be a celebrity but I never thought they'd send an IWF star.

Ethan: Yeah, what were you expecting, Halle Berry?

Zombie 1: Is she in the limo?

Ethan: Perhaps, I wasn't really paying attention.

Zombie 2: How would an IWF superstar handle our little obstacle course?

Ethan turns to see-

Ethan smiles seeing the hottie.

Ethan: Well, I don't know, I'm just here to cut the rope and set everyone off on to your course here.

Zombie 2: What's the matter, scared?

Ethan: Please, I've seen death and baby doll, you ain't it. I'll run your little course.

The zombies dispurse amongst course, Ethan takes off his shirt to which the hot zombie girl hasn't budged yet.

Ethan: Aren't you supposed to be hiding or something?

The zombie girl zoned in on his abs, breaks her concentration.

Zombie 2:, oh yeah.

Ethan: So, you want to get to it?

Zombie 2: Just a minute my love, this is going in my spank bank.

Ethan: Girls have that too huh?

Zombie 2: Do we ever. Thanks for giving me something to think about while my girlfriend is eating me out.

The zombie girl runs into the course.

Bobby lowers the window of the car.

Bobby: You didn't say anything about running the course.

Ethan: Bobby, do you want the future IWF champion to be a puss?

Bobby: No but-

Ethan: Did you see that chick?

Bobby: What about Rayne?

Rayne: What about me, she was hot. You ready baby?

Ethan: Yeah, you gonna run this with me?

Rayne smiles.

Rayne: I thought you'd never ask.

Rayne steps out of the limo in a tight pink v neck and tighter jeans, the shirt cuts off just above her hips to show those off a bit.

Bobby: Come on guys, what say we do this next week?

Rayne: Your 5 o'clock is just going to have to wait.

Defeated, Bobby raises the window.

Ethan walks over to the oversized scissors, tons of people with marathon like numbers infront of their shirts.

Ethan: You guys ready?

Crowd: Yeah.

Ethan: Ladies and gentlemen, this!

Ethan cuts the ribbon and the crowd runs into the course. Rayne begins to move but Ethan grabs her arm.

Ethan: Not yet.

Zombie 1: Both you guys have to put this one. You only have three tags, if you lose all three, you lose the course.

Rayne and Ethan put on their tag belts.

Ethan: Ready?

Rayne rushes in and kisses Ethan.

Rayne: I love this shit.

Ethan smiles.

Ethan: Go!

Ethan and Rayne begin to run, in the bush to the right comes a zombie in a torn suit. Rayne goes to the left side of Ethan, they get passed the zombie. They continue to run when they come upon a hill, they run up the hill and find at the peak, you have to swing across a small body of water. Two awaiting zombies are at the other side, Ethan and Rayne swing across and once at the other side, Ethan leaps off with a leg lariat and Rayne catches the man's head between her legs and swings around for a hurricanrana.

The downed zombies are grimacing.

Zombie 3: You're not supposed hit the zombies.

Ethan/Rayne: Our bad.

Ethan and Rayne chuckling can be heard in the distance. Another camera catches up to Ethan and Rayne, as they are running along side of crowd when they come upon a small bridge. On the bridge as they are running they see another two zombies, Ethan and Rayne still running but back off into the crowd letting them win the race on the bridge but the crowd gets caught up at the end of the bridge with the zombies, both Ethan and Rayne use the crowd as a shield and get passed the zombies, as the zombies are taking some of the crowd's tags. They are running still, passing tons of groaning zombies, using bob and weave movements they are getting passed these guys. They make a turn to the left to see a tube tunnel, Rayne bends down to crawl into tunnel and Ethan is running atop of it and jumps off at the end, Ethan looks back to see Rayne is not with him. Instead he sees her stuck in the tunnel with zombies at both side. Ethan runs back and at the end of the tunnel is the zombie girl from the beginning of the promo. Ethan sees her and whistles, he makes it so his abs pertrude with the sweat from his body. The zombie girl starts to lick her lips, but seeing what Ethan is trying to do, she turns towards Rayne. Rayne near the end goes to the end to an awaiting zombie girl, the zombie girl reaches for one of Rayne's tags and Rayne grabs the zombie girl's face and kisses her while manuevering to the other side of her. Rayne releases and catches up to Ethan.

Ethan: Nice touch.

Rayne: Thank you.

Ethan: No....thank you.

Rayne: You're a pig.

Ethan: You love it.

Rayne: I do.

They turn to the right and the end is in the distance, some people are already at the end, but with no tags. Near a tree, there is a zombie that looks to be super quick, almost Ryan Apollos quick, but not Ethan Cage quick. The zombie runs straight for Ethan and Rayne, Ethan pushes Rayne out of the way, and the zombie rushes in and Ethan Cage leapfrogs over the zombie who runs face first into the tree behind Ethan Cage. In doing so, a tag falls off of Ethan's belt and onto the ground. The zombie is shaking his head trying to get back to seeing straight. The tag in the middle of them. Rayne sees this.

Rayne: Just leave it babe,we're almost at the end.

Ethan: No way.

Ethan runs full stride, while the zombie attempts to crawl to the tag. Ethan catches the tag and then handles cartwheels over the crawling zombie, landing on the other side of him. Ethan runs passed the zombie and Ethan and Rayne are racing, Ethan getting a little bit of an edge but it's clear Rayne is a little faster. Ethan is running to the end and in the path of Rayne is a 6'9 zombie just before the finish line. Rayne turns up the speed and baseball slides under the man's legs. Ethan and Rayne are tie crossing the finish line due to Rayne having to slide. The crowd cheers.

Zombie 1: First race and first couple to ever cross that finish line with all their tags! Ethan Cage and Rayne!

The zombies put Ethan and Rayne on their shoulders.

Ethan: Well this is surreal?

Rayne: I know I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

They carry Ethan and Rayne towards their car, flashes of cameras are going off. They open the door and Ethan and Rayne get in.

Bobby: Well, that was fun.

Ethan: Not yet, it's not.

Ethan pushes Bobby out of the limo and Bobby lands on the ground, infront of zombies. One holding a belt of tags and welcoming him to run the course. Bobby is genuinely afraid as they come closer, the limo drives off.

Bobby: Oh no.

They look out of the back of the limo to see the zombies putting the tag belt on Bobby and taking his suit jacket off. Ethan and Rayne are laughing.

Ethan: So, what are you doing around 5?

Rayne: I guess we're getting a massage.

Ethan: Well said. Driver ?

The driver nods.

The camera fades to black.

Scene 2: Here's Where I Win

The camera comes back in on Ethan Cage, in only a towel in the small room sitting on a massage table. Behind him are two women bringing in oils and making their hands soft.

Ethan: So this week I face a man who prides himself on being some sort of slayer. Like Buffy, Buffy Apollos, okay Buffy. You were wondering why I chose you to make my return on, and well I think you know. And well I figure I can't handle my future until I've handled my past. And Ryan, you are definitely in my past. You thought I would stay gone, that I was collateral damage, that me, Ethan Cage's legacy was going to be spit on by you and Gambino. You two are mid card at best, and even then I use that term loosely. You see in dealing with me, you didn't even mention our match, no, you were too busy making us watch some WB soap opera. Now I know you wear skimpy tights and like to dye your hair blonde but come on kid, we are given these cameras each week to promote a match, a match that is going to happen at Nowhere to Run.

Ethan: You are some 21 year old punk kid that thinks his shit doesn't stink and I'm about to put you in a world of reality and in this reality, you will be in the most pain you've ever felt in your life and after Nowhere to Run, you're going to wonder how you ever got into this business with the lack of talent you truly have. I figure that's why you don't talk about your matches, I mean how do you gloat about losing all the time. Look, no one has the heart to tell you, but I will, you think you get all these matches because you somehow have earned it. Absolutely not, it's a joke, it's a free win for whoever gets to face you, I mean I thought Alexander Remington was handing me a win, but come on, he at least talked a little bit about wrestling, but with you, it's like you're trying to make us interested in your personal life. Love has no place in IWF.

Ethan: When you were a child, you were unruly because your childhood was "turbulent", and that's supposed to mean something to someone. It's part of your history, well that must explain why you dye your hair, because you're "troubled". Fuckin' idiot, this is real life, you think any of us didn't have a troublesome childhood, get over yourself. No one cares about that, because no one cares about you. Remember when you were crying about losing your shot at the Battle of the Briefcase, so Chuck put you in that really cool six man match and you were a blundering moron. Yeah, me too.

Ethan: You are the "straight edged slayer, so does that mean you slay the straight edged people or are you straight edge, because Buffy's a vampire slayer, but she's not a vampire herself, so that must mean that you slay straight edge people which is a pretty funny way to go about life, to hate on people who don't drink or do drugs or even take an aspirin. When someone was thinking up nicknames, they didn't put any thought into it, they just thought it sounded cool, but it doesn't, it just puts your lack of brain power out there for everyone to see. Besides what guy with the name slayer would ever go to Chuck's office crying until he got another match. Why should you have worthy matches, who are you, who is Ryan Apollos, just another victim..plain...simple.

Ethan: You call yourself a man of destiny, and what is that destiny Ryan, what have you done here in the IWF, I'll tell you, you've become a body, a person to place in a match simply to have another person there. You don't truly matter, you never did and you never will. You're taking up space that someone with your opportunities could be utilizing, instead of wasting everyone's time and space.

Ethan: You are the "Vampire Lord", so you're a slayer of the people who like to party and you're a lord of vampires, not to mention "da X factor", do you ever stop to think of how ridiculous this is all is, or do you just spout off at the mouth and never think that anyone is listening, I mean I'd understand if you did infact think like that. Because during your Melrose Place promos, I'm sure there are millions who tune out just because they are busy staring at Alexis' ass. As I was, I mean I had to watch twice just because I couldn't believe that ass belongs to you. But then again, come on, women fall for losers all the time, because they think they don't have what it takes to be with winners. They think they don't deserve it and let me tell Alexis personally, she will never make you a winner. With stupid nicknames that really don't do anything for this business, because it's people like you who get eaten up by this business and get forgotten. Like Mike Harowitz or Koko B Ware, no one cares about them, they are working at car washes hoping to god everyday that no one recognizes them. That life is meant for you. I mean you can show us Sydney and Alexis all day who will one day fight over you or whatever and that will never stop your destiny of being forgotten by the many and remembered by the few and only as a joke because your life is a joke. The fact that you chose this business when you're not good at it means you were meant to be a fuckin' loser. I'm Ethan Mothafuckin' Cage and I'm the best you will ever see in your life. I work hard to have that status, I see guys like you who represent this business and it makes me fuckin' sick. You and I should never have to be around each other, you shouldn't have to look at me and be reminded that you will never be as great as me. That you would be better suited carrying my bags to the room like a fuckin' bell boy, or have a fuckin' cloth and Windex and wait for cars at the gas station asking them if you can do their windows. You're a horrible human being and if this world was a kill or be killed world, you would've died at the age of 3 when they realized that you would never become anything in life. I can not wait to beat the ever living shit out of you, to hear you scream, to hear you cry out for one of your bitches as you cry like one. I'm the guy that is going to make your life a living hell and it's all at your expense and all for my pleasure.

Ethan: Don't worry about having your head in the game, because I'm about to kick it off your shoulders.

The two asian massage therapists go towards Ethan. Ethan snaps his fingers and the camera goes to black.



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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Apollos [vs.] Ethan Cage   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:56 pm

-Press Start-

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage in a wig black and blonde, which only means he's playing a character, this promos character, is Ryan Apollos. Ethan Cage wearing a fake beard, and dresses almost exact to the way Ryan was dressed in his last promo. Rayne is in "Alexis" attire and that really hot zombie girl in Ethan Cage's last promo is brought back to play Sydney. Ethan is walking around in an emo state of mind. As "Sydney and Alexis" walk about.

"Sydney": Why does he hurt me, why doesn't he care? I love him so.

"Alexis": Who are you talking to?

"Sydney": Wait you heard me?

"Ryan": We all heard you.

"Sydney": Well that's weird.

"Ryan": When you open your mouth and sounds come out, we all hear it.

"Sydney": Noted.

"Alexis": Someone used my shampoo.

"Ryan": Who do you think it was?

"Alexis": I don't know, I think it was someone who hated me.

"Sydney": It was me.

"Ryan": It was you?

"Sydney": What, no. I'd never.

"Ryan": You just said you did.

"Sydney": I thought it, but I didn't say it.

"Ryan": Am I trippin' or is this girl crazy?

"Alexis": Why did you do it?

"Sydney": I slept with Ryan.

"Ryan": What?

"Sydney": I slept with you.

"Ryan": When?

"Syndey": Last Monday.

"Ryan": How could that be, Griffin Hawkins was kicking the shit out of me that day, remember Shot in the Dark?

"Sydney": Then who was it?

"Alexis": And what's that have to do with my shampoo?

"Ryan": Wow, my promos are pointless and have no meaning whatsoever.

When in walks Bobby Ball in a short blonde wig.

"Voice": It was me, your twin brother....Jason Hawk.

"Alexis": How are you guys twins, you guys don't even look alike.

"Ryan": I don't know, but I fell for it once already in NLWF. Then I found out who my father was.

"Sydney": Darth Vader?

"Ryan": Tommy Cornell.

"Alexis": Sounds boring.

"Ryan": Just like my promos.

"Alexis": You ever feel like when we have all these stories or these experiences, like people are watching us in all our drama?

"Ryan": Yeah.

They all look at the camera with wary eyes.

Fades to Black

Scene 2

The camera comes in on Semtex Pasquale, Ethan's new interviewer, but not new to IWF television.

Semtex: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Ethan Cage's interviewer and here I am to bring you an interview with Ethan Cage himself as he is about to take on Ryan Apollos, the man who had attacked Ethan before his ...what can I say, hiatus from the IWF. This match will close the chapter of Ethan's departure, and what will happen after Ryan Apollos, what are Ethan's goals now that he doesn't have the Briefcase, will he go for it again now that Griffin Hawkins is using that briefcase to cash in at Nowhere to Run. Let's see what Ethan has to say about all this. Joining me now....Ethan Cage.

Ethan: What up?

Semtex: Ethan, you're heading into your first pay per view back how do you feel?

Ethan: Did you hear about the projected buy rate for this pay per view, how do you think I feel. I mean I have a lot of people depending on me to put up or shut up, highest buy rates since I've left and all for what, is it for Griffin Hawkins versus Alexander Remington, come on let's get real. I have Ryan Apollos in a cage and he can't even win by escaping, which means that match will end ONLY when I want it to. Ryan Apollos has been here for a long time, and he still hasn't made the name that I have in just the months I was and am here and that's very sad to see. And see, to be taken out by him, that was just something I was never going to allow, death, coma whatever, I'm not going out like that, not here, not anywhere. Steel Angel got what was coming to him as did Gambino, and now it's Ryan's time to answer for his sins. I will never be collateral damage, I am main event, I am the thrill seeking, high flying, shit talkin' son of a bitch I always was and always will be. And to be taken out by a fuckin' chump, a stain on society, and worst of all, a man who is chillin out, doing nothing with the opportunities he's been presented over the years.

Semtex: How do you feel about Griffin Hawkins going for the World Title?

Ethan: Well, it's about time, I mean I thought he was being groomed to be the champion since his fights with me. But to see that it still took that idiot this long, it's actually quite comical. I mean his endless rants about how I held on to my Briefcase for so long because it defined me, yet, Griffin Hawkins held it for just as long as I did if not longer. Hypocrite, that's right, he can go for whatever he wants, do I care who wins between the two, not really. I mean look at the Griffin clones we have, I mean how many "rock star" wrestlers can you have in one company. It's like they all had no clue what kind of gimmick they wanted and now they are all here. I mean I play guitar and am the lead singer of a garage band, but do you ever see me calling myself a rock star. No, because I would never use that as a gimmick. And then you have the stuffiest shirt with a stick up his ass in Alexander Remington. So my choices are, Griffin Hawkins who was basically Stygian's igor to his Frankenstein, or a pencil necked geek. I'm telling you with this wealth of talent the IWF has, for these two to be main eventing, well, it's a shame. But as the buy rates are telling you that upon my return, it's back to originality, it's back to fun and it's back to seeing the type of matches the IWF deserves.

Ethan: You know Alexander said, that one by one, he'll dispose of us all. Now I can see that when I kicked him in the face, that I knocked a screw loose. But what I do know is, see I'm not in line for a title, not just yet and I know why, I have to earn it, and just like I earned my briefcase, I'll earn a title shot because being the second match on a pay per view, come on let's get real shall we. I'm not second match material, I'm far better than that. I mean you have Gordon Fury and Diana Logan in bull rope match. See, I thought I was heartless but this company will do anything for ratings, including bringing me back in with open arms. Gordon is going to make it look like Chris Brown and Rihanna. And then you have my endless victims Jack Savage and Baron Tomson fighting for the number one contention for the High Impact Championship. Now I get it, by name, my match should be above that but it's got more implications then revenge. My match is for simple revenge, and sweet revenge when I rip his mouth from his face.

Ethan: I mean you have Jacob Pigeons and Johnny Cage and a guy named Farmer Dick up for the Uprising Championship.

Semtex: I think his name is Figgins.

Ethan: At this point, does it even matter. I'm facing a guy that's been here since March 2011 and has never won a title, how can a man live like that, not one, not even the High Impact or Uprising, no? I mean Ryan is about as useless as a condom with a hole in it.

Semtex: But like you he's beaten Alexander Remington with just the Silencer, are you afraid you will get hit with that move?

Ethan: Afraid of what, a move, come on, not even death has silenced me, you think I'm afraid of a kick. Just remember Kotex...I kick harder.

Semtex: And his win over Eric Steel?

Ethan: Yeah and he's going for the Uprising title, what's Ryan Apollos doing, fighting me in the second match on the card. You know you bring up Ryan's squash matches, but what about when Ashe Corvin squashed Ryan three or four weeks ago, just as fast as a Descent into Darkness or when Axle Vengeance took him out a month ago, or when Griffin Hawkins beat him and Hostyle Jones. You brought up his win over Eric Steel, what about Brandon Macdonald's Hall of Fame show when Eric beat him and two other guys, are we not counting that all of the sudden.

Ethan: I'm going to kick the shit out of Ryan in Atlanta, I don't know what he has in his plans this week but he better be able to do it from his bed because he won't be mobile once I'm done with him. No twins, no love triangle promos, just his face and my fist. Ryan is the epitomy of the person I don't want to be, a man that has been here so long and nothing to show for it. I got that briefcase in a month, my first month in this company. He's lucky they didn't give us a Texas bullrope match or I would've whipped him like a slave.

Ethan: He walks around backstage like he's ever accomplished something, crying to anyone that will listen for matches that upper card, and he's not the it guy you go to in those situations, I am. Management knows that I'm all about pressure situations, and I always come through, they may hate my ego or the things I say but it's the truth. I am the shit, and what's worse is I know it, therefore I can never allow myself to go lower than that.

Ethan: At 6'4 and 250 pounds of uselessness, that's a lot of weight that IWF has to lug around from town to town to stink up the joint.

Ethan looks at the camera.

Ethan: Ryan, I'm coming to Atlanta to beat you and finally put your name on my notch belt, you and I have never crossed paths but that ends tomorrow and believe me when they cross, you are going to realize just how good you had it when you didn't have to wrestle me. You should've never come out there that night, you should've never put your hands on me and you should've never even been born. They are going to need the jaws of life to pry my foot out of your mouth.

Ethan: You've told people that they are going to be your punching bags, and then you end up on your back like your mom at a truck stop. You say that you're a beast, but come on man, you are no beast, you're not even a wrestler, you're a fuckin' hack. You think you're great but you're a silly chump. You're a punk bitch who no one wants to deal with, you are a waste of a match and worse yet, you're a waste of breath. There are people out there that were genius' and the fact that they are no longer and a cheap knock off of a human being is alive and well, it just irritates me. You told Johnny Cage that you deserve to be champion. Why is that, because you've been here longer than most people. IS that what you think guarantees you a championship, no, it just makes you look like a helpless little nothing. And I'm going to stomp your skull into mush.

Ethan: You tell everyone you face to prepare for the onslaught, and I can tell you now that there is no intimidation on my side Apollos, I know for a fact that I'm kicking your ass all over Geogia and theres not a damn thing you can do about it. You say I'm in danger, and I say you're talking out of your ass but that's okay, my foot will be planted there soon, and you won't able to talk out of it.

Ethan: You've lied to yourself saying that you've taken Stygian to the limit, and really, have you, because you also got your ass handed to you and a regular basis. Well, this week, the threats you put out there will be paid in full, but on you. The time for your drama is over, you see this entire time, this promoting should be about a fight, a fight we're about to have. And I know you avoid the fight due to it not being your strong point, but this fight, is going to show you who I am. Ryan Apollos, the day you laid a finger on me, you put your own knife in your chest. Wake up's time to die....

Ethan walks off camera leaving Semtex.



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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Apollos [vs.] Ethan Cage   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:58 pm

Expect The Unexpected
Part 10

Sydney's POV

Why is it that we love the ones that hurt us and ignore the ones that adore us? That was me and Ryan's story. Alexis always hurt Ryan and he ignored me when I adored him. His sweet smile made me melt. I loved him but it was time for him to feel some pain.

As the limo pulled up in front of our resort in South Beach, I was the first one to hop out of the car and smile at the hotel in front of me. I heard everyone hop out of the car and they all said, "Wow"

"How did you pay for this?" Cody asked,

"A little piece of my savings," I smiled,

"Well, thanks!" He replied back,

I turned around and said, "Well, Well, I rented out 14 hotel rooms, two people each. We have to pick now before we check into the hotel."

Nobody spoke, not a word. "Well, if you guys are gonna sit there with your fingers up your asses, I will pick," I said,

"Scott and AJ, Daniel and Kelly, Jake and Erika, Alexis and Ry-" I was cut off by what I was saying,

"Cody," John's voice said,

Alexis looked at him with shock, "Why did you say Cody?"

"Ryan, there is two beds in one room, maybe they can take that one," I said as I tried to encourage the fighting to continue.

"Well, Alexis, I want to enjoy ourselves with our friends and we have been fighting a lot lately," Ryan said,

"I guess you are right," She kissed him on the lips as a smile spread across my face.

"Well then, Alexis and Cody," I went on with naming people then I got to the final 4, "Me and Derek and Ryan and Eva,"

"No!"Ryan said,

"What?" I asked,

"Derek should be with Eva," He said,

"Derek?" I asked,

"Yeah sure, whatever." He replied with.

"Well then, I guess it's me and Ry guy and Derek and Eva," I winked at Ryan.

We all walked in and got our keys, as I opened the door to Ryan’s and my room, he attacked me with a powerful kiss that almost knocked me over.

"What the fuck was that?" I asked,

"Just fucking kiss me," He said as he slobbered himself all over my mouth,

I got into the kiss, I finally made him crack as I kissed him one last time until we pulled away from each other.

He ran to the door and tried to lock it, "Fuck, this shit won't lock," He whispered under his breath,

I laid on the bed, I took my clothes off and said, "Oh Ryan, you better hurry up," I smirked,

He looked back and went into a panic as he tried to hard with the knob and ripped it off, "SHIT!" He screamed as I giggled a little bit.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," He said as he put it back in and put a Do Not Disturb sign on the outside of the door,

"Shit, I have the biggest boner ever," He said as he slammed the door shut.

He raced over to me and put his whole entire body on top of mine, I gave him tons of kisses as he kissed down my neck and my chest.

Right before he was going take off his clothes and to pound the living shit out of me, a knock was on the door.

"Honey!" I heard Alexis' sweet voice,

"Shit," I whispered, even if I wanted John I couldn't let this happen, I quickly ran to the bathroom as Ryan answered the door,

"Yes?" He asked,

She walked in and said, "Where is Syd?"

"Taking a crap," he answered,

"What a dick," I whispered to myself,

"Why are your lips so red? Why are you breathing heavier than usual?" She asked,

"Working out," he answered,

"Well, we are going to the South Beach's Exotic Women’s club tonight, so look hot," She said as she planted a kiss on his lips and left the room.

He wiped his head in relief as I ran out of the bathroom and threw myself at him. I was on top, he was officially my bitch.

He rolled me over instantly though, and I slid off his pants. I looked up into those blue eyes and saw nothing but desire and warmth.

"Shit, you're huge," I whispered,

"I know," The cocky bastard answered back,

He started to fuck me, he pounded in and out of me for 5 hours. A couple breaks here and there but we must have hit 20 orgasms. I was out of breath but he kept on fucking me, his penis was huge as it entered me. Fuck, I will never forget that day. I never screamed "Fuck me," so many times in my whole damn life.

I was getting ready for the club as I curled my hair, I heard John's shower going. I took out the stuff I got at the sex store. I laid it all on the bed but I put on my outfit that probably only covered 15% of my body. I put on some red lipstick, I would usually wear lip gloss. I had to commit to the whole hooker look.

I got up and fixed myself up and put on some perfume. Some mascara, eyeliner, lotion. I looked like a woman you found at the corner of your street. John was wearing his usual, shirt and jeans. Nothing new, ever.

"You're not fucking going out like that!" He said,

"Watch me," I said as I kissed him,

"Fuck no!" He said,

"I'm not your wife," I said as I dropped to my knees and blew him, as his cum hit my mouth, I took it in and got back on and kissed him one last time.

I knew his facial expression was of confusion, I was such a slut for blowing him randomly like that, but I loved it, it was so good.

I smiled in amusement as I saw his face of shock, and I headed out the door as I heard him walking behind me. A smile came across my face and he pulled me back and slammed me against the hallway.

"Listen," he started, "My girlfriend is 4 rooms down, if you think you caught me when I'm weak, just know, you will be making a terrible mistake and it would be a terrible mistake if we were caught doing something,"

I smiled and pecked his lips and I said, "It wouldn't be a mistake if we did something, it would be your blessing," I winked at him and continued my way down the hall way, I felt powerful.

When I entered that club, I was a woman unleashed. I was a total slut and I'm not afraid to say it. I got up on the stripper pole and did the moves I know, I made out with 3 guys, I had men grab my ass, and I was looking for sex.

Ryan and Alexis were over in the corner doing the regular couple talk. I could see Ryan getting annoyed by Alexis’ nagging. I'm not gonna lie, she had a reason to lie. Ryan didn't tell her anything about what happened when she was gone. Whenever she would ask what he did while she was gone, his response was "nothing."

I couldn't blame her, I would be acting like a crazy bitch too. Ryan left it obvious, he was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. He did it with me too. If I was Ryan, I would have a kick ass back up plan.

I kept my eye on them the whole night, Ryan occasionally looked over his shoulder to see what I was up to. Obviously, it wasn't much. Just dancing on a new guy and ignoring the fact he was looking at me.

Ryan's POV

Alexis’ constant nagging got me to have a major headache. The bitch didn't know when to shut the fuck up. I had had it with her bullshit.

"Shut up!" I yelled, the first time those words ever escaped my lips to Alexis.

"What?" She looked beyond shocked and I got up and said,

"We need time apart, I'll move my shit out when we get home I can't take this constant complaining," I said,

"You fucked a girl and I know who!" She yelled,

My face was shocked and I said, "What?"

"I know you did something with another girl and I know who it was!" She yelled at me,

Sydney's POV

As I looked over my shoulder, I heard screaming as well. I heard Alexis’ voice and I instantly backed away from the guy that I was on.

"It was her!" She screamed as she pointed to me, she was crying a lot and her face was red. I felt terrible for her. I was a total bitch, but I thought she was dead.

The whole club looked at me, the music even stopped playing. That's how loud she was.

“What ar-" Ryan was cut off by Alexis’ words.

"I know because I read your fucking text messages, you pig! You were texting her and you never deleted them! I thought you were mine!" She yelled as tears kept pouring,

"Alexis, I thought you were dead and gone.." He said,

"I know I was! I didn't care at first but then I realized you never even cared to tell me!" She kept screaming and she walked up to me and looked me in the eyes.

"You," was all she said,

"Me?" I asked,

Her voice began lower, "You are not my best friend anymore, I can't believe you would sleep with my boyfriend like that. I hate you!" she said,

She slapped me, a hard slap that had her hand imprint on my face. I didn't hit her back, I deserved it. I deserved hell.

She walked back to Ryan and said, "And YOU!"

"You're gonna leave me?" Ryan asked, he sounded a bit sad.

"No! You're lucky I am so deeply in love with you that I'll give you another chance since I was considered dead!" She said,

"Let's go, everyone!" Alexis yelled, "NOW!"

Everyone that was on the trip with us started walking towards the exit, they looked at me and shook their heads. All of them, and they actually talked to Ryan normally.

I spent the rest of that night packing up my bags as Ryan went to another hotel, I looked up the next flight to California, I needed to get out of South Beach.

The next morning, I walked to Erika's room and she pulled me in the room and said, "I didn't want them to see you coming in,"

"Typical," I replied with,

"What!" She asked,

"You don't care, Eri. You let them hurt me and you didn't even check on me, you had to sneak me in here too," I spat,

"Oh save it!" She said,

"What?" I asked,

"You were the one who was sleeping with a guy that was getting over his girlfriend’s ‘death’ and you didn't even tell her when she came back! You fucked him yesterday didn't you?" She asked,

"That's none of YOUR business!" I yelled,

"You're nothing but a slut," She said,

"Pathetic" She said as I walked out the door.

As I was in putting my luggage away in the airplane, I dropped my duffle bag. A man grabbed my hand as I tried to pick it up.

"Allow me," He said as he handed it to me.

"Thanks," I said and I looked up and said, "Who are you?"

"I'm Thomas," he said with a smile,

"I-" He cut me off,

"Sydney, right?" he said,

"How did you know that?" I asked,

“I saw that scene in that club last night," He said,

I smiled and said, "Care to seat next to me?"

"Of course," he said as I allowed him in and I sat down and happiness finally came to me.

=The Match=

The fool known to everyone as Ethan Cage must have a deathwish. Not only has he picked a fight with a seething and increasingly pissed off person, but he wants to do it locked in a steel cage where the only way to stop the match is for one of us to be pinned or submitted. There's no other rules, I can deal out enough punishment to put you near death. I might as well do it also.

I don't even care if people want to call me a Slayer anymore. The fools, the morons, and the blind sheep want to join in mocking the fact that I've called myself that, even while I'm in a slump. I will never understand the people who want others to decide how they should live their lives. The way I see it, you're someone who feels like you need to be told what to do, and it's really pathetic.

What I really want to know, is why are you tying to tell me what I can and can't do? Why should I take the advice of a bumbling stooge? Who gave you the right to even give your opinion about my life? You know what, don't answer that last question, because I don't care who you think gave you any right. It's laughable to think I'll be taken aback by the ramblings of a dunce.

And then there's the fact that you've decided to give a ranting review about my life and my choices? When did you get permission to do something as ridiculously pathetic and pointless? You're just some guy who nobody will listen to, nobody will associate with, nobody will even miss. Of all my enemies, you're the last guy I would really give a damn about anything you say or do. The only reason I'm even talking to you, let alone about you, is cause you feel the need to pick a fight with me. It's a waste of my time and energy, and it's a waste of everyone's time and energy.

Hell I want a refund of the time I wasted listening to you babble on about the nicknames I've had. It's funny, it almost seemed like you were actually trying to be interesting, but you failed worse than a circuit breaker at the Louisiana Superdome. Why people even allow you to walk the Earth is ridiculous, and I will relish this opportunity to rid the world of a parasite that does nothing more than waste everyone's time and energy to listen to the rantings of a dumbass. Welcome to the end of your life bitch.


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Ryan Apollos [vs.] Ethan Cage
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