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 Jack Savage [vs.] Baron Thompson

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PostSubject: Jack Savage [vs.] Baron Thompson   Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:58 pm

High Impact #1 Contender Match, Texas Bullrope Match


(1/29/12 - 2/13/12)
(9/30/12 - 11/25/12)

(12/4/11 - 1/29/11)
Relinquished to become the #1 Contender for the IWF Title.

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@ Corey Casey: He'd take his dick out yo mouth

Figeffect: ...Why am I talking about Styg's sentient penis?

@Steel Angel: congrats Styg, you just earned yourself douchebag of the year Razz

Jaxx Ryder: see what happens when you pick a fight with an evil genius? You get schooled lol

--Said in deference to the master.

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Jack Savage


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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage [vs.] Baron Thompson   Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:46 pm

February 1, 2013

I was walking around a local Toys R Us with my little girl setting in the shopping cart and my darling wife Kelly walking beside me. We turn to where all the Barbies are and I look at Ashley and tell her that she can pick out a few Barbies to take home. That's when things got real funny

Ashley Savage: But Daddy I don't want a Barbie... Barbies are too girly....

Kelly Savage: But honey you are a girl?

Ashley Savage: I know but I just don't want Barbies..

Jack Savage: Then what does my little girl want.

Ashley Savage: Wresting Guys...

Kelly Savage: I guess we could see if they have any...

Kelly shots me an evil glare and we look around and we find wrestling action figures. Of course she sees one of Axle, Ace and Damien men that she has come to consider her uncles and I put them in the cart with out her knowing. Then her eyes light up when she see's one of me her Daddy her hero.

Ashley Savage: Daddy can you buy this one for me please?

Jack Savage: Of course I can...

Ashley Savage: Thank You Daddy... Ooh look a Johnathan Cage...

Ashley's eyes get big again as she looks up at me.

Jack Savage: Yes I will get you the Johnathan Cage so that you Jack Savage has someone to beat up...

I smile as I look at my daughter I think we should go you already have a lot of toys in the cart.

Ashley Savage: Okay...

As we got to the checkout the young man notices just who the hell I am and starts to geek out.

Jack Savage: Just hurry up I got plans tonight. Okay boy and before you ask hell no I wont give you my autograph.[b]

The young man just checked us out and looked at me in shock that I would not give him an autograph. But why the hell should I give anyone of them those who I call the unwashed masses an autograph at all. They don't mean a god damn thing to me and never will. We walked out of the Toys R Us and all I could do was laugh at the moronic young man at the check out. Because he was thinking that I would just give him my autograph.

February 23, 2013

[b]Ashley Savage: Daddy that's funny...

I look at my daughter and smile knowing that she was a total daddy's girl. Kelly looks at my daughter with love of mother in her eyes.

Jack Savage: Yes it was honey...

Ashley Savage: Daddy do you have anything like that planed for Barron?

I smile an evilly sick smile.

Kelly Savage: Honey your daddy can't tell you what he has planed for Barron...

Ashley Savage: I don't want to know what Daddy is going to do I just want to if he has anything planed for Barron.

Kelly Savage: Okay I guess he could tell you that much...

Ashley Savage: Your damn right...

Jack Savage:ASHLEY!!!

Ashley Savage: What?

How I could not be honestly be mad at my daughter when she is so damn cute? I just could not do it the way she is and the fact that she is my daughter says a lot.

Jack Savage: You want to know I am not mad at you. Because you just want to know if I have anything planed for Barron Thompson...[b]

Ashley gets a huge smile on her face and nods her head.

[b]Ashley Savage: Yes Daddy that's all I want to know that's all I want to know.

Kelly Savage: I think you should tell her Jack because she should know.

Jack Savage: Honey Daddy has a lot planed for Barron tonight I want to see him suffer. Do you want to see me make Barron suffer..

Ashley gets a huge smile on her face. Seeing her smile slowly bring a huge smile to my face because there is nothing that makes me happier then seeing my daughter smile. I love seeing her smile, I have always loved seeing her smile.

Ashley Savage:Yeah Daddy...

Jack Savage: I am glad I could make you happy baby girl.

The camera fades in on Jack Savage he is standing in front of a tank that displays piranha's, electric fish, and other unusual fish inside of the Georgia Aquarium. He is wearing an all black Armani suit and a pair of Aviator sunglasses. He has a smug but angry look on his face. He slowly puts a cigarette up to his lips and lights it.

Jack Savage: I truly did believe, with every fiber in my FUCKING being that everything was in place last week. For me to make my return to my winning ways. Thus somewhat eliminating the bad taste that I still have in my mouth from my recent loss to that nobody Gordon Fury. But even the dumbest of the dumb know that even though even though that I didn't win this week, that I really didn't lose either...

Jack takes a deep drag and looks into the camera. He slowly removes his sunglasses and places them into the pocket on the suits jacket.

Jack Savage: I know that all of the unwashed masses are so happy that I was wrong about making my return to my winning ways. But even if I would have won a man like me would have considered the victory to be a very small one. I mean come on look at me and then look at just who the FUCK I was facing in the first place. Because the two of these so called wrestlers are nothing but a couple wannabe's...

Jack lets out a little laugh and looks into the camera.

Jack Savage: So for all of you that where buying Nowhere to Run hoping to see me lock up with Johnathan Cage in the Steel Cage Scramble to crown the new Insurgency Wrestling Federation Uprising Championship it just isn't going to happen this time..

Jack takes a deep drag and a look of contempt slowly come across his face.

Jack Savage: You know to tell you all the truth...

The look on Jack's face is now one of total contempt and disgust .

Jack Savage: I just didn't and don't see any point for a man like me wasting my time on a pitiful championship like the IWF Uprising Champion in the fist place. A championship that I know and I think that you all know all to well that I am way to good to hold in the first place. I mean come on now I know for a FUCKING fact that I belong closer to the main event. not being some glorified certain jerkier. That can and has taken some of the best that this business has to offer to the limit and back. But now for some reason you want to relegate me to competing for one of the most pointless of the most pointless championships in the history of this business. A championship that is so meaningless that I even think that my sworn enemy Johnathan Cage is too good to fighting for it.

A smile slowly begins to grow on Jack's face.

Jack Savage: You see the IWF Uprising Championship is perfect for men like Eric Steel who in his wildest of dreams could never measure up to a man like me. Then there is the chicken FUCKER Farmer Dick the IWF Uprising Championship is just the kind of championship that he should be relegated to fighting for because just like him the Uprising Championship is a steaming pile of shit.

Jack laughs hysterically at the comment he just made as he takes a deep drag from his cigarette.

Jack Savage: Let me ask you a little question should a man like me be fighting over a championship that I know in my heart is totally and utterly beneath me? No I SHOULDN'T!!! Men like me should be fighting for titles that have way more prestigious. Titles like the IWF High Impact Championship, or the IWF World Championship or an other title that still means something in this business like My Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling Omega Championship a that I took from the queen of the USELESS, little girls Rebecca Valiant.

Jack smile begins to grow again.

Jack Savage: But at Nowhere to Run it wont be about a Useless, little girl...

Jack laughs and begins to laugh and takes a deep drag from his cigarette.

Jack Savage: No at Nowhere to Run live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Where I already know I will begin by quest to become a relevant champion all over again. Because at Nowhere to Run I am going to beat the holy living fuck out of a former member of The Empire named Barron Blaze Thompson. In a Texas Bullrope Match that has been made into a number one contenders match for the IWF High Impact Championship...

Jack looks around and starts laughing like a mad man as he blows smoke out of his noise.

Jack Savage: And Barron just like the name of the Pay Per View says you are going to have nowhere to run in Atlanta, Georgia. A match that I hope he knows that I will be able to do so much more then what I do to that nobody named Aries Armadaist. You see I have plains to make Barron to make him suffer and fell more pain then he has ever felt in his entire life. I already know that I will make bleed. Hell I might set the rope on fire ask him how he likes the fire now bitch...[/color]

Jack's eye's widen as he mentions fire and stops smiling

[b]Jack Savage: I have already proved that I can still be The Savage One but now it's time to take being The Savage One to a whole new level. Barron I think you already know that you not even on my level. Hell truth be told it's not even close. Because I know that I am better then Barron, I am more twisted then Barron, but I think Barron already know these thing. He just need to admit it to himself. But I wont hold my breath on that one. Because Barron will never admit to that.

Jack pauses and just stairs into the camera.

Jack Savage: Because knowing Barron like I do from our time in The Empire he is incapable of admitting when someone is simple better then him. But I am better then him in every FUCKING way possible and that just I am going to win. Because I don't question my greatness and I know that you do. So Barron you will not blaze your self to a path of glory anytime soon.

Jack lifts his arm high into the air.

Jack Savage: I am going to take out all of my aggression out on Barron. All of my pent up anger over all of the losses that I should not have had of the years. In doing do so I am going to prove that Barron Thompson is nothing compared to a man like me. Because I know that I am great and I know that I can do so many more things then Barron could ever hope to do. I am ready for this Barron.

Jack nods his head.

Jack Savage: For all of those reasons it makes me laugh that Barron Thompson thinks he can hang with me in a wrestling ring. But for some reason he does think that he can hang with me. It's sad really because you look at me and you look at him. I know that even you the unwashed masses can see differences. You can tell that you look at him there is no way you see a wrestler or even a fighter what you see is a little boy who likes fire... No! No! No! Loves fire but I know that he could not even wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag.

Jack laughs loudly.

Jack Savage: Even though that I know that you have one matches. Hell I know you have won fights but you have never won anything against a man like me. Because I most say its been a long while since you had a real match and this will be a real match Barron. I want your blood I want to see it on the FUCKING bell I want to see it on my FUCKING hands I want to see it every where.

Jack smiles

Jack Savage: I am going to make a name a for myself for myself all over again for what I do to Barron Thompson. To tell you all the truth there is simply nothing that anyone let alone Barron can or will be able to do about it.

Jack lets out a laugh again.

[color:c0ec=goldJack Savage: Barron I love violence... I love what I am going to be able to do to you with that Texas Bullrope. I may just end up cracking Barron over and over again with the cow bell that is attached that rope... Barron your going to taste the violence that I unleash upon you... And you going to like it...No your going to love it. I can't wait to have you where you can't run. Where you can't hide. Where it will be just you and me. Where you will look like nothing more then a little fucking bitch.[/c]

Jack takes another drag.

[b]Jack Savage: Nothing can be done to stop me... Not by Barron...Hell not by the pitiful Order... Not by anyone... And I know all of this because I am a Hall of Famer, I am three time World Champion... And Barron is a nothing a nobody a never will be anything. I know all of these things because of who I am and what I have done.

Jack takes a final drag from his cigarette and glares right into the camera.
Jack Savage: Barron Thompson I will become the number one contender for the Insurgency Wrestling Federation High Impact Championship. It's all set in fucking stone there is nothing that you can do about it. Your nothing but a little bitch I am ready to prove that to you and to everyone expressly you Barron.

Jack licks his lips and looks right into the camera.

Jack Savage: And your about to find out Money Talks and I am loaded. So as you can see I can't wait to face you when you have no where to run in a Texas Bullrope match where you will have Nowhere to Run you little bitch. To prove every thing I have said to be true.

Jack laughs like a mad man again then turns around and looks at the tank that's right behind him.


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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage [vs.] Baron Thompson   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:45 pm

††Location: On board a plane bound for Atlanta Georgia††
†February 23th, 2013, 12:45 P.M†

???: Baron? Baron wake up!

The sudden voice calling out to me made me almost jump from my seat, I turn to see the lovely face of Sarah sitting right next to me. Just across the way were Joey and my trainer Parker Johnson playing what looks to be checkers on a small board. I've introduced my partner to Joey a week ago and they became good buds, I guess when you got two guys who came from Brooklyn meeting each other for the first time they become pals in a instant. I didn't mind much, just means I get to see Sarah more often, in a way she helps me in my training. Just seeing that hourglass like figure of hers gets my blood boiling over and I feel a sense of adrenaline rush. I don't know, call it love if you want, fact is I'm just crazy for this girl and this is coming from a guy who once fucked an entire high school all girl cheerleading squad (never heard of male cheerleaders but whatever). I used to just think very lowly of girls, mainly saw them as thrill rides, get one to drop her panties, get another to give you head, it's all the same for me. Sarah I could tell was a different gal, I can't explain it, might have something to do with the fact she's my best friend's sister or the fact that she was a virgin up until I came into her life and took it. Even then her attitude didn't change much, only that she has grown on me as of late, even Joey seems to have taken noticed.

Not that he minds, in fact he even asked me about it, oddly enough I admitted to being attracted to her (didn't tell him I had sex with her while he was in the hospitable, figured Sarah would spill the beans and was amazed that she didn't). He said he was cool with it, just as long as I take care of her and treat her right.

Anyways I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and adjusted myself in my seat, couldn’t sleep much after Johnson worked me over the last few days getting me ready for my match against Jack Savage. Sarah smiled as I finally got comfy again and met her gaze, god I love her eyes, hell I live just about everything about her.

Sarah: Hey there sleepy head, sorry if I woke you it's just you seemed a bit tense.

A hint of confusion on my face as I narrowed my eyes.

Baron: Tense?

Sarah: Yeah.....your body was shaking; you were mumbling and even punched the side of the window once.

Now that she mentioned it, I did feel a slight throb in my hand; I guess I did hit something in my sleep. That's a good sign, I'm more than ready for my opponent, I'm not about to mess this opportunity up, not when I got another member of the Empire breathing down my neck.

Sarah: I mean I haven't seen you like this since that time you protected me last week from those jocks at the mall.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that, the smile still stayed on my face as I thought back to that day when I made those assholes flea with their tail tucked between their legs.


Location: Summit Avenue just a few blocks from the local College.
February 16th 2013, 2:22 P.M

It was a nice afternoon, school was out and Sarah had just got out of class. She's been enrolled since last week with her mom who had just returned back from her business trip helped out with the financial aid and stuff. So far she enjoyed her life in this new place, made a few new friends even a few who graduated from High School along with her. She checked her watch, it about twenty minutes after two and she had some homework to do once she got back to the house which was about six or so blocks from her campus. Her new outfit looking good on her, complete with navy blue button shirt and light green tank top underneath with the bottom covered with her blue pants and white shoes with long white socks that reach to her knees, a blue ribbon tied behind her reddish hair in the form of a ponytail. Pack back slung over in one shoulder while she listens to Katy Perry on her walk man attached to her pant pocket with the long cables that attach to the head phones swaying to the beat of her walks. Just then something ahead in the distance causes her to halt her progress, just a few feet away are a couple of black men in large sweaters but she instantly recognizes them from when Baron first fought them at the mall. They both took note of her and one of them moves from the metal rail that he was leaning on as he slowly sways, bottle of booze wrapped in a brown paper bag clutched in his hand. She can tell just from his body language that he's been drinking.

Man: Hey baby.....wanna get lucky tonight?

He words are slightly slurred and Sarah just backs up a step, feeling like a rabbit cornered by a willing hunter, her words coming out slow and calm with hints of fear in them.

Sarah: J-just stay away, I don't want any trouble.

The man just laughs and his partner comes from behind him, his hood removed so you can see his unshaven face complete with messy hair.

Man 2: Hey weren’t you that one girl from the mall?

Just saying that causes Sarah to gasp as she instantly covers her mouth, not wanting to show her shock.

Man 2: Yeah she is man, she's the one who was with tha Baron boy, he owe me for killing my home boy Josh.

Another step back, Sarah just shaking her head as the two men come closer and closer to her. One grabs her by the wrist and yanks her nearly off balance.

Sarah: Stop! Let me go you're hurting me!

Man: Oh don't worry; we won’t hurt you too much.

Man 2: Yeah we'll just have some fun with ya, if you behave we might even give ya a present.

Sarah pulls back, panic in her eyes, the force causes him to let go and she falls on her butt just a few feet from them, legs sprawled over getting a good look at her thighs. The two men seem aroused by this and move a bit closer reaching for their pants when a voice calls out.

???: I don’t think she likes being touched.

The two men turned to where the voice is and Sarah looks on as a wash of relief shines on her. Just a few from her stood baron Tomson, clad in his trademark flaming red jacket that he always wears and a gray muscle shirt. He takes a sip from a silver tin cup with a makeshift handle on the end, the side of the cup read's "Energy" in metallic writing. The two men turn their full attention to him as he smirks.

Baron: Figured you fuckers would have learned your lesson the last time you tried to hurt my friends. By the way how's your jaw feeling Jordon?

The one black man with the dirty hair rubs his jaw in anger of having been reminded of the time when Baron super kicked him in the jaw and causing him to nearly lose a couple of teeth. The other man with the hoodie speaks up.

Man: You think we were just gonna let you walk all over us after that shit you pulled?

Baron: Just so you know I didn't start that fight, I simply ended it. Your fault that Josh was killed.

Jordon: Man fuck this shit Tyler! Let's just beat this punk up so that we can go back to doing what we were going to do with this pretty girl over here.

Baron: You better not have harmed her you rotten piece of shit!

Tyler: And what if we did? You gonna kill us with that coffee cup of yours?

They start laughing and Baron just smirks while he raises the cup to his lips.

Baron: Tea actually.

Jordon: What?

Baron takes a long sip from his cup and tilts his head to the side, letting out some cracking noise as he looks at the two men.

Baron: I will kill you with my tea cup.

The two men charges towards Baron, Jordon takes a wild swing which Baron ducks under and comes up with an uppercut using the side of the cup as weapon as he smacks Tyler on the chin. He leans back to advoid another punch from Jordon before going down stairs with a swift kick to the nads causing him to bend his knees inward allowing Baron to smack him hard with the cup to the side of his head. He turns in time to see Jordon holding Sarah hostage, her struggling under his massive arms as he holds her upward.

Baron: Sarah look at me, I want you to see this coming.

Jordon holds her but she stomps hard on his foot with the heel of her shoe, loosening his grip enough for her to duck out of the way as Baron nails Jordon with the Burst Shot kick that takes him off his feet. He motions with his head for her to get behind him and she does just that. Both men groan as they try to pick themselves up off the ground, seeing that they are no match for Baron, they retreat and Baron just snorts as he watches them run away. He turns to Sarah.

Baron: You lucky I was out for a walk girl seem to me you might need someone to watch your back from now on.

As I heard myself say those words the vision starts to fade away and I return back to the present time. Yeah I guess I was really tense, just seeing Sarah in danger, about to be raped by two men who in spite being more privileged that I was turned out to be even greater failures than me. Since that time I sort of became Sarah's boyfriend/bodyguard, keeping her safe from people like them, people who are lower than trash.

Look I for one don't give a shit about what people think about me ok? Yeah I go out there and ruin lives and shit for the sake of publicity but even I draw the line somewhere. In my world if there are certain things I won't tolerate at all and taking advantage of a defenseless girl is most certainly one of them, especially if that girl just so happens to be my best friend's sister.

The only other thing I won't tolerate is people who abandon those in need, like I was when I was a! Don't want to think about that right now! Must do something; anything to prevent me from drifting into those thoughts.

I turned to Sarah who was still watching my expression while I took that brief trip down to memory lane.

Baron: Yeah I's been.......tough for me lately.......I mean between this and the training and stuff.......

Sarah: Least you'll have me watching you fight.

That is true; she and Joey bought front row seats to the show, courtesy of Parker Johnson who works with IWF as my personal trainer. Like I said he's been helping me get back into the swing of things, haven't had any real training since my time in TEW and now I realize just how out of touch I am in this new federation that is IWF, here you got your typical new kids on the block who are just plain losers and then you got guys like Griff and Stygian who have made their respective marks. I've been looking forward to this encounter for some time now; ever since I've been marked by Corey and the rest of the group, I made it my mission to completely sever my ties with the Empire and everything that it stood for. Kinda weird isn’t it that one moment I was working with the most powerful man in the whole federation to being one of his more hated enemies. Suppose I should have seen this coming, after all I've told Griff before our last match that if I lost I would leave the Empire, I would show Griff a side that I'm sure even he never saw coming, even a guy like me has respect. I mean he's no whining ego tripping bitch that's for certain. However I understand the situation I'm in right now, Corey isn't going to stop until he's broken me. He declared war and so far I've been making his group look like total suckers, first I deny Philip his chance to take me out then I tossed a fireball into Remi's face and while I didn't win the triple threat match last week, I did get the last word in by bashing Drake's skull with a chair. Not that I really cared for a shot at the Uprising title, a belt like that isn't for someone of my standards.

Now a shot at the High Impact belt is a different story, that's something that will peak my interest and let's face it: I've been long overdue for a title shot.

All I gotta do is just get past Jack Savage, a man whom I share some history with, he and I used to be best buds while I was part of the Empire. Sure that changed after I left the group, to Jack I betrayed the Empire when really it was the other way around.

But who cares, guy can't think for himself anyways I mean why else would he blindly follow Corey around like some loyal pup?

I got to win this, for once in my life I actually have something really going for me, as much as I hate to admit it I have someone whom I actually care for: Sarah. It's funny how this whole thing just started with me wanting her body like every other girl I've scored up to this point. But now I've seem to have fallen for her, and I felt something I never felt before since that time I was with my foster parents. Could it be attachment? Love? Acceptance? Ever since I was abandoned by my original parents the only things I've learn was pain and suffering. Yet now I feel like I'm not just doing this for myself but also for her.

Nah what the fuck am I talking about!? I can't think like this! I need to focused, I need to put on my game face, go out there like a raging bull and just tear Jack Savage apart. But then again......the thought of beating people up to impress someone like Sarah.......doesn’t sound too bad at all.

I mean shit when I beat up those jocks that got me laid alot, and since Sarah is going to be my cheerleader going into this match perhaps I can sleep with her tonight after my win. That would be the best thing ever; title shot is fine enough but just that moment in bed with Sarah........more than worth it. I'll break every bone in Jack's body; make him drown in his own blood, anything just for that.

It's something to look forward to, for once in my life I'm actually feeling really good about this, can't wait to bring this bastard into my realm of pain. I can hear the voice of the pilot.

Joey: Well we're almost there.

Parker: Bout time too, was getting tired of you beating me in checkers.

Sarah laughed as I leaned to the side of the window, eyes looking down at the city coming into view.

††Location: Training Room not too far from the Philips Arena.††

†February 23th 2013, 8:46 P.M†

I could feel my bones aching; sweat pouring out of my body. Parker Johnson has been making me work all evening, ever since we arrived, Joey volunteered to be my spotter and towel boy as he helped to keep me from completely wearing myself out. Parker handed me a water bottle as I sat there on the bench, Joey and Sarah helping themselves to sandwiches that they packed up during the trip.

Parker: You got this man, this Jack fella is one tough son of a bitch but don't ever forget, you're a tough son of a bitch too. I mean you've survived a brawl with a vengeful Stygian and came out on top at the end, you've mopped the floor with Philip last time and this time you're gonna mop the floor with Jack.

Baron: Only now I won't be alone.

I took a small glance at Sarah and Joey; Parker nods his head and gives me another pat on the shoulder.

Parker: Look man, you might not wanna hear this but you need to take your mind off of Sarah and Joey, just pretend they don't exist. Moment you start thinking about them, you get distracted, distractions cause problems in the ring and problems lead to defeat. We don't want a repeat of last week ok?

Baron: Last week the fucker pulled the ropes from underneath me and made me fall on my head! Made him pay for that big time.

Parker: Well you won't have to worry about having a third person in this match; This is just one guy Baron.

Baron: One guy who has three managers in his corner.

Parker: It's still just one guy Baron! Look you already knew from the start what you were getting yourself into. You know how this group works inside and out, you know their tactics, what they are willing to do to get the win. You're going to have to use that knowledge here and now! Can't let the Empire get to you son, otherwise this battle would be over before the bell even rang.

I took a deep breath to clear my thoughts, I hate to confess it but he's right. I know this group, shit I've been a part of it, not gonna pretend that all that time I spent as Corey's personal enforcer didn't happen. It did and I allowed myself to be used like I'm some fucking puppet to this guy. All it took was a rival to make me see daylight and now the puppet master wants to break his toy and is willing to send out every one my way to insure that I don't make it out in one piece.

Baron: Let em come, I'll fight them all if I have to, I'll take on the entire Empire if they want to get involved. Either way I ain't letting this bastard get a win at my expense.

That fire in my eyes was all the convincing Parker needed; he nodded his head and walked away.

Like I said before, I was more than ready for this.

::The Shoot::

Ok so I've heard everything this punk has to say for himself and I have one question to everyone in attendance.

Did ANYONE understand a damn word that he said? I mean I almost fell asleep he was so boring and all this time he kept talking about how he's "better" than me and how I would never admit that fact to his face.

Yeah because you never see me lose a High Impact title shot to a.....what was the word "useless little girl"?

Yeah the only real useless person is you Jack, I mean come on now, wake up and smell the ashes ok? When you said that when you returned you were going to go back to your "winning ways" and then try to justify you losing last week by saying that you didn't want to waste your time going after the Uprising title.

Hey I would make that excuse myself for my lost last week but the thing is: I'm not. I knew I lost, I admit that I lost, I could come up with a few excuses, but instead I told myself that next time I won't let history repeat itself.

See Jack I changed for the better, see like you when I made my return I said that I would come back better than ever before. Since then I breezed through my opponents like nothing, then comes Philip Joseph who told me that Corey put a price on my head and he was there to collect. Bashed his pathetic skull in, sent him crying back to Corey asking for forgiveness while I stood center stage, head held high and shouting the words YOU WILL NOT BREAK ME!

Since then I was all about getting in your group's face and so far I've done a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I've burned the face of your Heavyweight champion, I caved in the skull of one of your colleagues but tonight you're going to get the worse beating of your life. I mean why should be scared of someone like you? Hell for a guy who calls himself the "Savage One" You're really more bark than bite. Hell you choked on every title shot you were given, you choked during your debut match in the six pack challenge at Fallout, you choked against Philip Joseph for his Uprising title and then when you fought Diana for a shot at the High Impact, you choked against her as well.

If you can't beat a useless little girl then what fucking chance have you got against someone like me?

Unlike you, I win matches, unlike you I've fought and defeated Stygian and survived against his onslaught, the guy even attacked me from behind and I still came out on top though he had to resort to hitting me below the belt only because I took a page out of his book. The fact is though Jack is in every sense you're not better than me ok? Let's just get that crap out of the way right now. You're not better than me, you've lost so many times and the only wins you had were against people whose names you won't even remember five minutes after fighting them. When it comes to fighting someone who is relevant though you choke and you choke hard!

Heck my only losses were against three other people: Griff, Ethan and Crimson only one of those was a truly unclean victory but no point in crying over spilled milk. Those three names I've mentioned are much more relevant that you and they are alot more skilled than you. Also Jack I don't need like three people pampering me and watching me from the sidelines, in the ring I only need one person: Myself.

So you can act all tough and shit but you'll find out that when push comes to shove, I'll send your ass running with your tail tucked between your legs just like I sent Philip and just like I'll send every other member that Corey sends after me. He's gonna run out of troops sooner or later and he's gonna find out the hard way that I'm here to stay and not even the chairman of the board can get rid of me.

That happened before in TEW, that won’t happen here in IWF.

I'm going to make you my bitch in this match Jack, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, just the two of us and a long ass rope that holds us together. I'm going to use that rope to strangle you and break you in so many ways and just to keep tradition; I'll send you back choking just like you've been doing.

See you in the ring Savage.

Stay Blazing.
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Jack Savage [vs.] Baron Thompson
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