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 Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder

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PostSubject: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:59 pm

Steel Cage Scramble for the IWF Uprising Title


(1/29/12 - 2/13/12)
(9/30/12 - 11/25/12)

(12/4/11 - 1/29/11)
Relinquished to become the #1 Contender for the IWF Title.

@ Corey Casey: If Styg wanted ur opinion
@ Corey Casey: He'd take his dick out yo mouth

Figeffect: ...Why am I talking about Styg's sentient penis?

@Steel Angel: congrats Styg, you just earned yourself douchebag of the year Razz

Jaxx Ryder: see what happens when you pick a fight with an evil genius? You get schooled lol

--Said in deference to the master.

@Parker: Stygian be scary.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:10 pm

Scene cuts to an aerial shot of an empty arena. A Steel Cage has been lowered over the ring already, and Johnny Cage is seen walking around inside the ring. After Johnny shakes the cage, testing it, we see that he is hooked up to a microphone.

Cage: Sunday night, the one and only Johnny Cage will receive his first opportunity at gold in the IWF. For two weeks ago, he defeated Blyss Lockheart and Storming Raven in a most excellent Triple Threat Match. And his prize? A six-way Steel Cage scramble match for the Uprising Championship Belt. This is an opportunity that Johnny Cage will not be found lacking. Johnny Cage is more than ready for a match that will be held in this very cage.

Cage walks around the ring, running his hands along the edge

Cage: This very cage… how many of my opponents will I have to send face first into this unforgiving structure? How many faces will I have to ruin to merely even get a LOOK at that shiny faceplate on leather? How many times will my OWN face get raked across the stone cold steel?

Cage chuckles.

Cage: Well, if it comes right down to it? All five of my opponents have a date with my mistress here. And don’t let my Hollywood good looks fool you. I am prepared myself. I know that to win this match, I must get up close and personal and meet her, for my mistress does not play favorites. But it will not stop me from taking what I want. The Uprising Championship will be as good as mine. Who is there to stop me?

Cage: Farmer Dick? I admit, he is the one I see most likely to win this match, outside of myself that is. He is a big, tough country boy. He should feel right at home in the confines of the miles of steel that will surround the six of us. Despite our loss last week, I hold no ill will toward you. However, it will not stop me from taking you down, and leave you battered and bloody in the middle of the ring if that is what is needed. I have taken down bigger and badder men in the past, and you will be no exception.

Johnny leans in the corner, a grin still on his face.

Cage: And then, we have Eric Steel. A man who should not even BE in this match. Why, do you ask? Eric, what have you even done to get involved in this opportunity? If you guessed: bitched, whined, and moaned until management gave in, you would be right. Johnny Cage had to take down two other very tough competitors. I EARNED my spot. And so did everyone else… well, except for one.

A look of confusion spreads across Johnny Cage’s face.

Cage: Jacob Figgins. I can at least make a guess as to why Eric Steel got in. But you? Guess work escapes even me. I mean, I even found some time to watch Zombie Robot Vampires. People call MY movies bad? Good lord, you make me look like Marlon Brando and Ninja Mime look like The Godfather. But don’t let my words fool you all. The road we each took to get here changes not one damn thing. All it means is that I have additional bodies to destroy en route to my next run of singles gold. It doesn’t change that fact that the ring shall be stain with the blood of all who enter.

The grin returns to Johnny’s face.

Cage: Jaxx Ryder, your blood shall also be added to the mix. After all, I have said it once and it bears repeating. No Rock Knockoff has what it takes to knock this train of its rails. Hawkins has proven it once already, but I am going to be the one that is going to hammer this one home. You have had some measure of success around here. But so did Corporal Kirchner back in the day. You all remember him? When Sergeant Slaughter left his company and management decided to replace him with a knockoff, everyone thought it was a good idea. How well did it work out? He won a few matches, and got his shot. The World Champion made him submit in only a few minutes… with a simple headlock. You sir, are Corporal Kirchner. And at least the good Corporal waited for the original to leave. And that leaves us with one more…

Johnny pushes himself off of the ropes, and he gets a little more serious.

Cage: Matt Stone, you are my last victim in this bloodbath. And although I consider Farmer Dick the greatest threat in this match, I cannot discount you. After all, of all my opponents you are the one who has been the most impressive. Not only do you have a recent victory against another member of this little shin dig, but I readily admit you had the toughest road here. I know what it is like to face Savage, and Becky has her own experiences with Aries. But you will need to remember. That was only the qualifiers. This… this is the real thing. And it will all come down to this Sunday.

Cage once again runs his hand along the steel.

Cage: And it will all come down to my mistress. For it will be her that decides the outcome, and she is a fickle, cold hearted bitch. The only thing you all can do is to Prepare Yourselves. Prepare Yourselves for the mass destruction that awaits us all. Prepare Yourselves for the mayhem that only a match like this can bring. Prepare Yourselves, for the Express Train is coming kiddies. Listen to it SCREAM!

Fades to Black.


IWF Title History

None yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:15 pm

IWF Uprising Championship
Steel Cage Scramble Match
Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder

Scene 1:

The figure stands atop the mountain as a storm rages around him. Wind whips at the long dark hooded jacket he wears. He seems to shout in defiance of the storm fist raised in the air a scream ripping from his throat as he stares at the storm. People at the base of the mountain stare up at the figure their mouths agape as they look upon the scene above.

A voice fills the air and booms over the raging storm.

Ethereal Voice:
“You are My child Jaxson Ryder, the son of Apollo, and as such you should show more respect to your father. You will not stand in defiance of my wishes and you will give up on the silly dream you have of making this music you call Rock And Roll.”

Jaxx stumbles a little as the wind picks up but he quickly regains his feet. He stands once more and lashes out at the storm. His scream pushes the clouds back and the storm lessens. A smile crosses his face as you pushes the hood back off his head. He screams up into the universe where the voice had spoken from before.

“You may be my father you may be a God but you don't hold a candle to me so bring down your wraith because I am not going anywhere. I am going to bring the word to the faithful. I will show them the way to the garden or greatness. They will learn that Rock is the new voice of a God.”

A laugh fills the air as thunder trembles the ground, those standing below grab their loved ones as fear crosses their face. Jaxx looks down on the people concern etched on his face he knows they are innocent and yet they will suffer Apollo's wraith. Reaching down Jaxx pulls out a golden electric guitar, pulling the strap over his head a wicked smile crosses his face as he pulls a pick from between the strings. He strikes a cord and the clouds are cleared out. The people standing below let out cheers some even through up the devil horns to their new god.

As Jaxx plays the guitar an angry growl fills the air as a Man seems to materialize next to him. The man is dressed in golden flowing robes and a golden aura surrounds his body. Many would consider the site of him beautiful yet the anger on his face makes him ugly. He grabs the guitar and tosses it from the mountain as he grabs Jaxx.

That is enough or your arrogance and defiance you may be my son but I will not tolerate this any longer you will be cast down for this.

He picks up Jaxx by the collar of his coat, and smiles as he tosses him over the edge of the cliff after his guitar. Jaxx plummets toward the ground yet he doesn't scream. Right before he hits the ground everything goes black.

Scene 2:

The blackness of night fills the room as we see a a large bed with what looks like a body asleep in it suddenly the figure sits up and as the sheets slide off we see Jaxx Ryder a panicked look on his face he wipes sweat from his forehead as he swings his legs over the side of the bed. Grabbing the cell phone from the side of his bed, he dials a number and waits as the phone rings. Finally a faint voice can be heard on the line.


Yeah I know what time it is but I need to meet I have some things to work out can you be at the gym in an hour?


OK great see if you can get Johnny there too I want to work out in the ring, and I need a partner.


See ya there.

Jaxx hangs up the phone and then stands up heading into a bathroom he closes the door and the camera fades out.

A Short Time Later

Jaxx walks into the almost empty gym and heads toward the ring in the back where two men wait for him one is Darren De Jean We can only assume the other is Johnny as he stands there in work out cloths. Jaxx walks up a huge smile on his face as he shakes Darren's hand.

Thanks for meeting me I know its late but I had this fucked up dream and knew I was in no way getting back to sleep and with the PPV coming up and the Steel Cage match I figured I needed as much practice as I can get.

No problem kiddo I figured something was up. I spoke with our friend he said he has been watching the videos of you working out. He sees the potential you have going for you and he says you just need to let go don't be afraid of anything just take the risk.

Jaxx sits on a bench and pulls out his boots and starts lacing up. As he works on lacing them up he nods at Darren. Johnny climbs in the ring and stretches as he waits for Jaxx to get ready.

Yeah I know sometimes the risk out weighs the reward but hey I will try. So I heard one of my opponents has finally spoke out about the match. I think it was Johnny Cage, you know what I don't get is where this two bit Hollywood knock off of a wrestlers thinks he has the right to say I am a fake and a phony and that I am here as a second rate knock off of Griffin Hawkins. You know I have been in the music business since the day I was born. I walked out of my momma's womb with a guitar in my hands . I admit Griffin Hawkins kicked my ass around that ring but if this Ryan Reynolds wanna be thinks that some flashy moves and good looks is going to carry him in this match he is in for a surprise.

Darren nods and smiles at Jaxx as he finishes lacing up his boots and climbs in the ring. Jaxx stretches and checks the ropes making sure everything is set right.

You Know what Darren I have to say this shit has really started to piss me off. These guys calling me a poser when some of the guys in this match didn't earn their shots they where just handed to them. Johnny seems to think that he is in some way even close to the same league as Griffin Hawkins and honestly Johnny you couldn't carry the mans guitar picks let alone even step in the ring with that man. You are as fake as they come in this business and just as transparent, we all see through you. You want to know what this” Corporal Kitchner “ did to get into his match. I went out there and faced two people a hell of a lot tougher then Blyss Lockhart, and Allen Walker. Wait you know what I can't say that about Blyss she is pretty tough and most likely would have won your match if she hadn't been cheated. Also I must note the fact here MR. Cage that you seem to not even have a clue who you faced in the match you said Storming Raven but as we can clearly see it was Allen Walker. I am amazed you even know who is in this match.

Now as I was saying I not only had to take on the muscle of the Empire but also Baron Thomson. I did all that with a fucking broken arm and a concussion and I plan on walking into No Where to Run with that same broken arm and showing the Hollywood faker just who the poser is.

Turning to face Johnny, Jaxx squares off in the middle of the ring the two lock up collar and elbow pushing each other back and forth. The two quickly work through a few moves exchanging them back and forth as the loosen up into a routine. Jaxx rebound off the ropes and leap frogs over Johnny but as he reaches the other ropes he jumps onto the top rope and back flips doing a cartwheel kick right into the top of Johnny's head.

That's it kid right there is what we are talking about you take the shot don't think about don't worry about it, just fucking do it.

Jaxx gets to his feet and picks up Johnny who he flings against the ropes but as Johnny goes to leap frog Jaxx. He catches him and then flips him hitting a massive T-Bone suplex. Again not wasting time Jaxx picks up Johnny and slips into the Koji Clutch.

Been waiting to try out this move I think everyone needs a good submission move in there arsenal. I know our friend tells me I need to expand on my moves so they can't predict what your going to do. Especially against the likes of Matt Stone. I mean we have faced each other once and I walked out of that match the winner but I won't discount him in this match. That Canadian Large Mouth Bass is trouble and I am sure he remembers last time we tangled and is looking forward to getting some form of revenge on me.

Letting Johnny go Jaxx helps him to his feet, Johnny rubs his neck but shakes Jaxx hand and heads out of the ring. Jaxx climbs out as well and sits on the bench grabbing the bottle of water Darren offers him.

I mean seriously Darren, Matt stone has the potential if he would just stop letting his ego and mouth get in the way of his wrestling ability. I think that’s the issue with a lot of these younger guys they get out there and let their mouths run and then step in that ring and realize this is not a debate. Matt Stone you have skill shut your mouth look and listen, learn from others and maybe you will one day hold the championship I am about to win.

Finishing the water Jaxx unlaces his boots and tosses then in the bag. He pulls out a DVD and hands it too Darren.

Lets head into the office I want to watch these videos of the guys matches I really want to concentrate on Figgins and Farmer Dick. Those two worry me the most. Dick I have faced before and though the man is well a farmer he has power and strength behind those ropey muscles. I have felt that power, hell his knees almost broke me in two last time we tangled and once again I have to face him this time in the confines of a steel cage . Hell I am not sure if this steel cage can hold that mountain of a man. No worries Dick I have some ideas brewing for you my friend and we will see once more who the better man is and this time I plan on it being me.

The two Men head back into a small office with a large screen TV and a DVD player. Darren sets up the DVD and turns everything on as the two sit in the office chairs. The video starts playing showing Jacob Figgins in different matches. Jaxx leans forward studying the mans moves.

Kids got skills no doubt he will be one to watch for sure.

Yeah he will but Johnny did have a point Figgin's and Steel have been here and have put in the time but the rest of us had to go through a match to earn our spot. I am not saying Jacob that you don't deserve a spot but I am saying it sure is convenient to have that spot handed to you on a silver platter with out the need to have your ass handed too you by two opponents just the week before this match. Hey you know what that means shit really when it comes down to it you have skills we have all seen it and I am sure at some point we will see each other across that ring and when we do I plan on saying fuck it and laying into you like a rented mule.... damn I should have used that analogy for Farmer Dick it would have made more sense. Oh well its done and over with now so I guess that’s life.

Jaxx stands and turns off the DVD and tosses it back into his bag and sits back down looking over at Darren the two men just sit silently for a moment. Finally Darren clears his throat, and looks at Jaxx.

Boy I think you are forgetting some one there isn't there a member of the Empire in there?

Oh yeah Eric Steel the whiner of the Empire, the man who was handed his chance into this match. Now he has been here for awhile but really what has he done lately to deserve this? Seems to me he hasn't been on a winning streak....honestly I am not sure when he last won a match. I wonder if I should bring some cheese to the ring for Eric Steel, I wonder what goes good with Empire whine? Honestly Darren there are a lot of people in this match and I am not even sure I will meet each and everyone of them in the match. There will be bodies everywhere, people going after each other Eric Steel you are one of those men I want to meet in there so I can finally shut up a member of the Empire. You know what Darren I am done for the night tell our friend I will see him soon.

Darren nods at Jaxx and the two men stand and leave the office as the camera fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:55 pm

I apologize for no shwoing... I really really do but the thing is... I've been really sick... I haven't been feeling motivated and... I've been mostly focused on getting better. I would like to apologize to everyone in this match. I'm sorry I let you down. I really am. I didn't mean to. If I do end up getting something done at least before deadline which is doubtful then good... but.. I haven't been feeling well enough to become motivated. Not only that but I haven't had any ideas come to me as far as what I wanted to do with my rp. So, I apologize to everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:40 pm

~~~ Can you say bitch?~~~
((Off camera))
Smack! Thud! Sound effects! Various noises flooded the dimly lit gym, florescent bulbs that probably haven't been changed in ages flicked above. It was one of those old gyms one would probably remember in elementary school, just big enough for an offical basketball game and seating for seventy five at the most. One could see dust particles lazily floating about in the light, probably a bad place to be for people with allergies. Faded markings upon the floor in dire need need of a waxing showed clues that this gym hasn't been used for any regulation game in a long time. A practice ring stood out in the very center, and it seemed to follow the same theme as the rest of the gym. Duct taped ring pads shown , while still functional, still went through a lot of wear and tear.

Three individuals moved about the squared circle, Jacob Figgins in the center of it all. He took a sparring partner by the wrist ,who made the mistake of telegraphing a punch, and jammed it behind his back into a hammerlock . A harsh, clubbing forearm was delivered to the back of the neck before Figgins pushed the man away from him. This sparring partner was a good three inches taller than Figgins,and appeared to be in his early thirties. The hair cut into a close buzz did nothing to hide the swollen cauliflower ear that showed his back ground in collegiate wrestling. Despite his willingness to participate in the spar, he was obviously outclassed when it came to professional style wrestling.

Before Figgins could catch a breath, the other sparring came rushing toward him. His build, quickness even the obnoxious spikey blond hair showed him to be one of those flying types. Also the fact that he appeared to be going for a leaping ddt might have supported that theory . But Figgins managed to push the kid off him. The younger opponent landed on his feet and charged once more, but he was met with a knife edged chop. Left, right, the chops came in succession before Figgins caught him on the side of the head with a round house kick. Figgins caught the opponent and locks him into a double underhook. A quick flick of the hips, Figgins lifted the body over his head and drove him back first into the mat.

Not wanting to be bested by some one younger than him, the older opponent takes Figgy by the arm and whips him into the eastern ropes, but on the rebound he is leveled by Figgin's perfected Revolution Lariat. The raucous shriek of a metal whistle rips through the air and Figgins looked outiside the ring.

???: “Okay I think we can call it a day, unless someone wants to change me.”

That rather odd statement came from an individual sitting at ringside in a wheel chair. Despite his handicap it was obvious he trained what parts of his body he could. Long dirty blond hair framed a scruff ridden face. Figgins slipped out of the ring while the two opponents collected themselves and wandered to the locker rooms. Muttering amongst themselves about where their strategy lacked and needed to be improved upon.

Figgy: “So Lance, how do you think that tag team will stand up in the indys and out of the local scene?”

Lance: “Rick Irons won't last very long. His ameture background is astounding, but he just can't mesh very well with anyone, and he refuses to adapt to anything. Colt has potential, Rick could help the kid on his ground work, but then should consider a singles carrer. So how do you like putting up with my sister again?”

At this point Lacey showed up dressed in her usual business attire, yet Figgins seemed unaware of her prescience while he spoke. How the girl managed to walk silently on a hardwood floor while wearing heels is implausible. But that is probably the excuse Figgy would use.

Figgy: “Oh you know, just a bitch as usual. This is the only time in my life where I wish I had the ability to jump ahead five years and have this contract done and over with. And if she tries to screw me over again...she's right behind me isn't she?”

Obviously it took Figgy a while to decipher the 'Shut up, Figgy' look that he is quite used to seeing. Wondering if it was the 'Dude that's my sister' or 'Dude, she's right behind you' category. The nod from Lance determined that it was the latter. A sigh passed from his lips, he's going to hear it now.

Lacey: “Lance , dear Brother may Jacob and I speak alone? I assume you are done with your talent scouting today? Wonderful.”

It seemed that even her family wasn't immune to her demanding nature, of course, being the smart one of the siblings she always lorded that over her older brother. Lance simply shook his head and rolled away, not to oblige the woman, but because he wasn't in the mood. Once Lance was out of sight Lacey turned to Jacob.

Lacey: “Thank you for helping my brother get that scouting job for that indy promotion. It's the least you could do after you crippled him. But anyway I am here to speak business with you, seeing how you are holding up before your big title match.”

Figgins shot the woman a glare when she insisted upon twisting that blade jammed into his conscence once more. Her tone made it most unsettling the way she said the words like it were everyday conversation.

Figgy: “I'm ready, and without a single bit of your help. But hey, if a boot lace comes undone I'll be sure to call you right away”

Sarcasm bit deeply into his words while he leaned done to prop open a small red cooler and pull out a bottle of water. A smirk curls across Lacey's lips at Jacob's comment.

Lacey: “Now now, you know a verbal sparring with me will always turn out the same . And I know your anger is misplaced. It's certainly not my skull you wish to cave in. It is that of Sulli's. I also know you wouldn't lay a finger upon me. You couldn't live with the guilt, you wouldn't be able to look my brother in the eyes.”

An eye roll came from Figgins, it was true, it didn't mean she had to bring it up one thousand times.

Figgy : “What the fuck are you driving at?”

Lacey glanced at her nails casually. She just had them manicured two hours ago , but the gesture was just another way for her to get under Jacob's skin, an activity she always found to be so much fun.

Lacey: “Jacob, you are going on a little road of redemption, I understand it's really cute. And the fans gobble up that kind of thing. But forgiving people? That is not you, and that only makes you weak in this business. Do you think I brought Hunter over here cause I wanted you two to make up? I fooled Hunter with that, but you didn't fall for it did you? What happened to that fallen G.O.D that the Apostles knew would be an important tool for tearing down the Pantheon in that War Games match? That rage that toppled the 'Gods' of PWA did not dissipate.”

The wheels in Figgins' head turned while he tried to decipher the words of his manager. His facial expression changed to that of a glare once those wheels started to click.

Figgy: “The Fallen G.O.D's mission is over. After that cage match he left because he was no longer needed. I humiliated Hunter and he left PWA soon after, he knew he couldn't ever face me in the same ring again. He sidelined me for three months, and I helped begin his downward spiral into nothingness. The score has been settled. We are even now. Are you telling me you brought Hunter over here just for me to cave his skull in? You have one fucked up mind.”

It was Lacey's turn to roll her eyes, as well as release a chuckle.

Lacey: “Aren't you the astute one? Even though that little speech of yours might have been convincing to those fans of yours, I can see right through it. All that rage and self loathing you possess does not simply dissolve. I'm sure you discovered many ways to let it vent, but it is still bubbling inside your core. You cannot settle with simply being even, no you want to push him into the abyss so he will never think of rising up against you. And honestly, who is going to miss him? He is a dead beat dad, a failure to the wrestling world, he is disappointment incarnate. So what's to stop you from putting him out of his misery, you crippled a man before, you can certainly do it again.”

Muscles in Figgin's jaw tensed, his left fist clenched tight. Those green hues glittered menacingly toward the woman.

Figgy: “Get the fuck out of here. I've listened to enough of you today.”

Lacey's smirk did not waver while she turned on a heel and headed toward the exit to the gym.

Lacey: “We're making progress. You know my way always wins, and you will come to realize that soon enough...”

The click clack of her heels faded, once she faded out of sight

~~~The Shoot~~~

Open to the inside of a modest sized study.. The walls were designed with some floral pattern wallpaper that Figgy had yet to actually get around to changing. But he seemed content with covering it up with a number of posters. A large 'Dio' poster hanging above the desk stuck out. IT stood out for it was the only music related poster in the room. The rest were pay per view banners, posters of Indy events. Even some of his own merchandise hung about. The camera pans over to show his tropy case. There it held the AWA world title, the company where Figgy was crowned their first and last world champion. Below the belt was GWA's Inaugural guardian of the Threshold Trophy. Once more, a title he was the first and last holder of.

Figgy stands beside a half full ,silver framed sunglasses resting upon the bridge of his nose while he looked to be fiddling with cards. He looks up to the camera , straightening his plain black shirt.

“My opponents they will list off their reasons why they will win. They'll list off wins and losses along with many other bland statistics to show just how much of a one dimensional thinker they really are. They will try to demean my credibility. Try to overshadow it with their self proclaimed greatness. But the moment that cage door closes, it all becomes irrelevant. Statistics stay just statistics. Something that looks great on paper but means nothing once it reaches the realm of application. Illusions will shatter once they snap that lock shut. But there will be those who will still try to cling to that rainbow, refuseing to believe that it is mere vapour and cannot carry them. But what do I have to bring to the table? One may ask. What puts me a step ahead of the game? A lot of things, a lot of things that they may consider superficial. But they will be wrong.”

Figgy pulls a card from his hand and makes it face the camera. It was a simple card with letters written in green sharpee. It read 'EXP'


“ People may look at my age and see the the opposite of that word. They may think I am some fresh faced rookie and this is the biggest match in my career so far. This cage is tame, I have seen many and prevailed in most of them. I have been inside an Elimination chamber, I am the one and only person to ever stand victorious inside the Carnage X. Why do I bring this up? Why does it matter? Frankly, I do understand the sentiment of what I have done outside of IWF doesn't really matter. That was all years ago, now locked away in some vault for a best of DVD. But my body and my mind never forget what it's like. I shall always remember the taste of that volitile cocktail of multi man chaos mixed with an unforgiving steel structure. Why do I bring up my experience?”

“Because it is something Farmer Dick does not have.”

“The man may posses the dawn to dusk work ethic that is common amongst farmers. He may have developed strength over the years of lifting hay bales and feed sacks. Those are admirable traits in this business. But he is a newborn when it comes to this business. His strength may give him the edge, but only for a little while, only for a few minutes. He is the largest man in this match, that's more of a detriment than an advantage. He's the biggest target, he is going to be attacked from all sides. Sure he will be able to beat away the tide for a little while, for a few minutes. But how long will he last after his face has been jammed into the steel a few times? How long will he last when he eats a couple signature moves? How quickly will he be worn down when a submission hold has been locked in?”

“Has Farmer Dick asked himself those questions?”

“If he hasn't, he better. He won't win this this match. But he can redeem him himself. He can prepare himself for this match, he train himself to endure the constant barrage of attacks. Maybe, just maybe he will make himself a credible athelete here. That's if he doesn't see this business as a get rich quick scheme. Then he will certainly be the biggest target in this match. This business is a lifestyle it's not a phase, it's certainly not a last ditch effort to save the family farm. If he doesn't have his priorities straight, he will find himself most unwelcome in IWF”

“But experience isn't enough to win this match is it? I actually want to be in this match. I know, it sounds like such a pointless thing doesn't it? But it's there. You see, a championship a gateway, a gateway to getting higher competition. When these things are on the line, people bring out their best. And that is what I strive for, competition. Competition is what drives me the most. Because competition isn't there to prove that I am better that I am better than someone. No, it is there for one to improve themselves.”

Figgy produces another card. This one reading 'Desire'. He seems to bear a slight look of boredom upon his face as he thinks about the opponent that he would bring up.

“Matt Stone doesn't want to be in this match.”

“Matt Stone and I, sad to say have history. This isn't the first time we faced off, and since he followed me to IWF, I doubt it will be the last. Matt Stone is a collector of titles, because he is always chasing a pre-made legacy. But to him, this match isn't worth his time. To him this is just a match for a third tier title. He believes this match is a throw away, all because the title isn't prestigious enough for the great Matt Stone. A title's prestige is not set in stone, a title's prestige is built upon the competitors who have fought over it, the matches that were set under it's name. The man makes the title, Stone. But Stone firmly believes otherwise.”

“The record between Stone and myself is set at 2-2. Does Stone wish for me to break that tie all because he does not seem this match important? Is Stone going to make the fatal mistake of underestimating me? Yes to both. Stone's so caught up on trying to catch heat, and getting caught in the glare of the camera, that he's going to walk into this match unprepared. He's wants to issue the challenge for someone to shut him up. But I want him to keep talking. I want him to perceive me as just a minor threat, like I know he will. I'm want him to let that marinate in his mind. So we can see the stunned look on this face when I am the one holding that title over my head. He can cheat his way through tournaments, he can steal married women, but he isn't stealing this match from me. i know his ways, he's going to make sure he gets the last word in. In the match he's going to stand off to the sides and await his opportunity. I've seen it for years, he prides himself on such things. Whether he brings up my times when misfortune has pulled me away from this business, or the times when I was sloppy and out of my game. I will prove to him that he hasn't seen this Figgy. The one that has been constantly improving. I may not shut him up, I can't, his ability to talk is what he thrives on. But I can stun him to silence ”

Figgy once more produces a card, bearing it's usual green letters reading 'Critics'' but the red cross out circle was above it. For this one he rests his hand upon his rubbing his head in a 'can someone be this stupid?' type fashion.

“But experience and wanting it are not enough. I silence the critics by ignoring them. Once again the first thing that may pop into someone's mind is 'Why does that matter?' I don't look at statistics, I don't look at polls. That's all just opinions, opinions that are irrelevant. Letting them effect my thinking for one second is pointless.”

“Johnny Cage, he let the critics get into his head”

“Johnny Cage mentions on twitter about how he is the least favorite in this match to win. So what? The fact that he even brings it up means that he let people not even involved in this match get to him.But that's a habit, isn't it, Cage? Before coming to the wonderful world of wrestling, he was in a business where critics were important. He was in a business where critics had the power to make people not buy his product. Did that mentality follow him into this business? It seems to be the case. And there is almost nothing worse than walking into the ring with the voices of doubters in the back of your mind.

“And Cage is not a very cerebral fellow to begin with. Has anyone ever listened to his promos? The man fails to look beyond the surface of his opponents.He only comments on what is obvious, he only takes facts that are handed to him. Some posturing, an over rehearsed smile, saying Carnage kick every now and then mixed in with typical 'I'm gonna kick your ass' phrases, while a woman piddles in the back so he can affirm his sexual identity. That is all he shows, no depth. If the man can't even look beyond the surface, how can he break the glass ceiling? Maybe his movie career is such a flop because they haven't quite figured out how to produce a watchable movie in 1D. Because that's what Cage is, One dimensional. That is his line of thinking. One dimensional. That's why he decided you rip on a movie I care nothing about. Some old buddies were making a movie for shits and giggles, they asked me to join in. It was fun, we didn't take it seriously. That's why he did absolutely no research on me. He couldn't even be arsed to watch Rising Monarchy to figure out why I am in this match. I won a spot in this match just like the rest of you. Who knew the title would have been vacated the week after I fought through three other opponents to get the shot? Not me. ”

“When he found out I had a movie he wanted to zero in and compare us as actors. I'm not an actor, I don't run around pretending to be someone else. But that was important to him, that realm was where he could comfortably compare us. He knows , that no matter how hard he tries. He cannot compare to me as a wrestler.”

Yet another card is drawn while he tosses the used ones over his shoulder. It was drawing of a human shape taking the superman pose. But within the figure was another, a human shape curled in the fetal position.

“ I am not delusional. I keep my feet deeply rooted into reality, I may make claims that sound cocky. But that is simply because I take my time to look into facts that others are too lazy to look into. I don't strut around and inflate my chest while belting false claims on deaf ears. I don't try to create some flimsy aura of intimidation. When I was young and awkward in the ring, sure I may have done it to hide my insecurities about my in-ring acumen. But I was sixteen years old back then with little to no training. But that was eight years ago, I have done a lot of growing. I've picked up a few tricks from any country that held a wrestling ring.”

“Eric Steel is one delusional idiot. This 'Golden Prophecy' tarnishing as each day passes. A man who proclaims himself to be the 'Crown Jewel of the Empire '. A man who holds himself to so many pseudonyms of grandeur has to kick and scream to stay on the bottom rung. A man who knows that he is fading into obscurity. Why does the Crown Jewel have to whine and cry his way into a match with a bunch of guys who haven't even been here for two months? Why hasn't the Empire risen him to the top, why isn't he the center piece that he claims to be? Because he is too caught up in his own self image to actually get the job done.”

“I mean, look at him ,he is one whiny little prick. He finds himself crying about an opponent being ruthless? BE RUTHLESS RIGHT FUCKING BACK!”

Figgy throws up his arms in exasperation, his eyes wide as a 'come on, bro' look spread upon his face. Before it melted into a smirk of confidence. Green hues drilling intently into the camera.

“That should be common sense , should be. But common sense does not seem be the trend that Eric Steel likes to follow. No, he wants to try and vilify an opponent simply because he didn't think of it first. How is that boo-boo, by the way? Did he heal up from his bruised jaw nicely? I would hate for him to not be one hundred percent for this match. Oh wait, I'm lying. I honestly don't give a fuck, if he has a little bruise from a few weeks ago somehow hold him back then he simply can not hack it in this business. He is not the empire's crown jewel , he is being trumped by the court jester. And it makes him scream his insecurities..”

“He hates when his fragile illusions are threatened in the slightest bit. And it doesn't take a lot to threaten them does it? Apparently sharing a nationality is enough to threaten it. What else does it take to breach that little ego? Not a lot. He knows he is not the crown jewel. He is but a peasant, he is a conscripted pawn. He is the lowly town guard that picks at the scraps the empire leaves for him. His usefulness is quite simple to figure out. When a revolt does take place, who do the disgruntled serfs attack first? The lackey who stands among them, puffing out his chest with false superiority. He is the empire's fall guy, he will be this match's fall guy”

The final card is drawn. Revealing a figure simply staring up at a mountain, as it casts it's tremendous shadow down upon them.

“The Fig Effect is too large to be caught beneath a shadow. I am simply too determined to ever be caught beneath another's Shadow. When the Unfanthomed tower looms above, I stride calmly toward it. The shadow it casts does not cause me to shutter. I take any challenges that hide in the darkness. Shadows mean nothing to me.”

“Jaxx Ryder, no matter how much he tries to deny it. Is quaking beneath a shadow.”

“He seems like a pretty chill dude, honestly. But it seems too bad that this is how we shall meet. The Jacob Figgins that is at home is differen't from the Jacob Figgins that is in match mode. The part of me that analyses speech patterens, studies movements. The cold Figgy that looks for physical and mental flaws. He put up a classic match against Griffin Hawkins that is sure to be talked about for years. But in all honesty, one has to ask. Will that single match be his defining moment in IWF. The rockstar challenge in which he fell short. The very match where he firmly planted himself under the shadow of Hawkins. Honestly, most of the fans around probably didn't even think of it,until Jaxx brought it up. Jaxx implanted his own doubts into his mind, and then projected it into the mouths of his opponents, into the mouths of the fans.”

“He is now trying to silence his own doubts, he needs to bounce back. To try and pull himself out of the shadow. But that was something I noticed about Jaxx, he seems to be claiming targets to try and get support behind him. First he declares the Empire as his target, thinking that calling out the top of the food chain would get him noticed. They ignored him, why should they notice him? He hasn't proven himself to be a blip on the radar screen. Then his next target was Griffin, he was noticed, and Griffin swatted him away like a fly. He has the talent, but he is distracted. He is showing tunnel vision straight toward a bright future, but he isn't looking at the dangers that lay right beside. His enthusiasm is admirable, but he might need to cool down a little, else he runs straight into a Revolution Lariat.”

Jacob tosses the final cards over his shoulder before crossing his arms over his chest. A simple look of stoic defiance. An unwavering smirk telling all challengers to come his way.

“IWF is in need of revolution, too full of people caught up in their dramas that they project onto the televisions week after week. Too many people leaping at every attempt to catch the last ounce of spot spotlight. I'm here to show that at the end of the day that this sport isn't about fame, it isn't about politics, it isn't about money. But every revolution begins with a revolt. Every revolution begins with an Uprising. I will be the leader of this uprising.”

Figgins removes his sunglasses and hangs them upon the collar of his shirt.

“I'm bringing the wrestling back. Rejoice motherfuckers”

Glance into the blackness


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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:50 pm

I'm also going to raise the white flag. Anything I would put up now would be rushed anyway, I had 2 other matches this week to write for and I'm just finding that I'm stretching myself too thin and running out of ideas at a much faster pace than originally anticipated. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:50 pm

Scene cuts to Johnny Cage running some laps on an outdoor track. But unlike the last time we saw him, it is not a Winter Wonderland outside. We are in Hot-lanta, GA! Although, it is relatively cool still. However, not all is well. Johnny Cage has been fighting a cold over the last week.

Johnny Cage takes a turn a little too sharply, stumbling a bit. But he able to correct himself and he slows his pace down.

Fuck. Gotta watch it, not like I should really be doing this. But this opportunity is too good to pass up. After that quick loss against those Irish guys, it might be a while before I get another chance. Its not like management is just throwing me shot after shot.

After one more turn, we see Becky Valiant waiting at his starting area. Some bottles of water, and a pair of camping chairs are sitting nearby. Johnny wearily smiles, as he slows down to walk off the last section. As he nears, Becky throw one of the nearby bottles, which he barely manages to catch.

Becky: Your slow today, are you holding up?

Cage: Bah! Not the best, but I should be good to go for the Steel Cage Scramble. It's your fault anyway. If I wasn't spending that time running around in snow...

Becky laughs.

Becky: Nah, you deserved it. And now you don't have anything to complain about. In fact, I find this to be perfect running weather. Besides, it was only a tag team match. The Scramble is next, and by the time the bell rings you wouldn't even remember that you were ill.

Johnny Cage grunts, as he takes a seat. He opens up his bottle, and takes a long swig.

Becky: By the way, I caught your little television spot. You screwed up.

Cage: Huh? What you mean? The Corporal Kirchner line a bit too obscure?

Becky snickers.

Becky: Well, make that two things. Don't you remember Allen Walker?

Cage furrows his brow.

Cage: Walker? Should I?

The snicker turns into a full on laugh.

Becky: You should. He was one of you opponents to get into the scramble. You didn't face Raven.

Johnny's face falls as it dawns on him.

Cage: Ah. Fuck. Well, people come and go so often, I don't bother with learning all their names. Anyone catch it yet?

Becky: Well, Ryder did.

Cage: Ah, well I guess that's kinda appropriate.

Becky: How you figure?

Cage: Well, I mighta been a bit hard on him. But you know how it is around here. Guess he owed me one.

Cage laughs a bit.

Cage: Well that knowledge won't do him a bit of good anyway. He may have studied my match history, but I've been studying his moves and match tendacies.

Becky: Good. Well, I need to run early. Have some prep work I need to do for your match. Meet you at four for you next session?

Cage: Sounds good. When's dinner?

Becky: Whenever your done. Probably sevenish? Don't rush it though. Don't need you talking about your upcoming match against Ravishing Rick Rude and Ric Flair.

Cage: Ha!

Becky gets up, and leaves the area. Johnny sits there for a few extra minutes, thinking.

Scene cuts to Johnny Cage, standing in front of the Nowhere to Run logo.

Cage: So. Finally, a couple of my opponents finally decided to rear their heads. Not all mind you, but enough. But I can not help but think of why something like that can happen. Afterall, we are all tough men. Or at least, we all like to think so, but it has to be true. And me? I am nothing more then a B movie actor.

The grins spreads over his face.

Cage: Or at least that what all the disbelievers would want you to believe. Figgs. I happened to catch a bit of your promo today. And something you mentioned caught my ears. Me? Care about critics?

A laugh spurts out from his mouth.

Cage: You don't do the kinds of movies that I star in and care one thing about critics. No critic would even give Ninja Mime 2 a full review. I was lucky to get even a couple of sentences. But I'll tell you what. Its was a SMASH at the box office. To top it all off, I got to hang with such stars as Chuck Norris and Scout Taylor Compton. Not only that, it helped to launch the Heroes For Hire movie that released, just last year.

He winks at the camera.

Cage: Look for it on DVD and Blu-Ray March 6th! You see, critics hate me. But my fans? They LOVE me, and through them I will gain the ability to prevail. The fans, they are the ones that drive me and the ones I fight for. But critics... like you Figgins, I have something special in mind. Remember a movie director by the name of Uwe Boll. Like him or not, he did one thing that most people could only dream of. Raging Boll, anyone?

Cage snickers.

Cage: In case you never heard of it, Uwe invited some of his critics to step into a boxing ring with him. Some accepted, and then he proceeded to punch the living daylights out of them. You know how they got suckered in? Research, plain and simple. Uwe Boll trained professionally as a boxer, and those basement geeks who thought it was safe behind their computers in their Mama's basement. All those computer skills, and they did not think to do a little research. But in your case, Figgy. I think you have not done you research. One-Dimensional? I warn you, I kick in 3D. I am well trained, I am disciplined. If you only think of me as an actor, you are missing the other two dimensions. Multiple Black Belts in different martial arts, multiple time singles champions, almost eight years wrestling experience. Concentrate on the acting at your own peril, or you will be the next one to find himself back in his mother's basement. And one last thing.. If you think that Becky Valiant is only there to “appease my manhood.” I challenge you to face her in a match. And don't come crawling to me for help.

Cage: Another person who decided to rear his head was Mr. Laxing Jaxxson Ryder. First of all, a concession. It WAS Allen Walker, not Storming Raven I defeated along with Blyss Lockheart that I went through to get here. And excuse me if I can't keep all the people who decide to show up for a match or two and leave forever. So I can be excused when I mix up one two-bit loser for another. And you like to think getting past 'ole Damian Drake and Baron Tompson makes you that much more worthy? Don't make me laugh. I would have defeated them even quicker then I took down Blyss and Walker. And don't tell me that I screwed Blyss. No one from the Empire helped. I just threw her into a ring post and covered Walker. Perfectly legal. Blyss should have watched her back a bit more carefully. And I did not have the time to nail Walker with another move. In a match like this Steel Cage Scramble, you need to have this ring presence. To take the pins and submission when you can get them. For this veteran that you claim to be, you should know this already.

Cage: Now for the rest of you. Are you all holding back, saving what you have? Or are you all just scared of losing to this “two-bit” B Movie actor? The way some people talk about me here, I don't blame you for hiding. I would hide from me too. But remember, when the time comes and the ring bell tolls there will no longer be any hiding. The Steel Cage will be lowered and you all will be locked up in a cage with one of the greatest martial artists ever to grace a professional wrestling ring. But not only that, but a martial artist with a great wrestling background, and a REAL wrestling mastermind in his corner. I fear that your chances are slim. But it is not too late, for there is one ting that you can do.

The smirk once again crosses his face.

Cage: Prepare Yourselves. Prepare Yourselves for the Uprising of a new champion. Prepare Yourselves for the rebirth of the phoenix. Prepare Yourselves for a man, who has made his name within the confines of miles upon miles of steel. Prepare Yourselves for the Express Train has got you all in its sights. And this Express Train is coming kiddies, listen to it scream!!!

Fades to black.


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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder   

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Jacob Figgins [vs.] Eric Steel [vs.] Farmer Dick [vs.] Johnny Cage [vs.] Matt Stone [vs.] Jaxx Ryder
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