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 Match writing: Testers wanted.

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PostSubject: Match writing: Testers wanted.   Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:23 am

Ok gonna do a small sample here, just bare with me on this it my first time doing this sorta thing.

Match Templete:

Match Type: One fall match.

Name of Althete one: Justin "Crash" Clark.

Hometome: San Antonio Texas.

Weight: 255 pounds.

Fighting style: Brawler.

Heel or face: Face

Finisher - Crunch time = Combination ending with a KO punch to the jaw.

Name of Athlete two: Phill "the Drill" Markus

Hometown: New York Yonkers.

Weight: 370

Fighting style: Boxing/submission expert.

Heel or face: Heel

Finishers - The Driller = Heart punch, Break Down - Modified crossface

Both men wrote one good rp of 3500 words each.

vote results:

Phill - 3

Justin - 1

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Match writing: Testers wanted.
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