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 Diana Logan vs Gordon Fury

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Chuck Matthews

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PostSubject: Diana Logan vs Gordon Fury   Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:52 am

And Chuck will come down upon ye with great vengeance and FUUUUUUUUURIOUS ANGER...and you will know I am DA LAWD when I kick yo ass for NOT GETTING YOUR GODDAMN MATCHES WRITTEN ON TIME.

And....that's about all the hell you're gonna catch from me on that subject, Gordo. I cracked a joke about you in a PPV RP thread. Consider us even.


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Gordon Fury


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PostSubject: Re: Diana Logan vs Gordon Fury   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:57 pm

(Will code later. This half arsed ran out of time RP just caps off a brilliant week in IWF for Gordon Fury. Fuck my life lol)


Well Gordo, looks like it the streak is done.

Seems that way doesn't it?

I mean sure, it must suck coming so close and then losing to Phillip Joseph.

...But hey, it could be worse right?

I'll... start the scene now.

You do that.

The scene opens up in a desert. Not a flat sandy desert, but a dirt, rocky one. Gordon Fury, in a pair of short cargo pants and a white singlet, sprints through a particularly rocky area. He puts his hand on a rock directly in front of him and flings his body over the top, but as he lands he loses his balance and falls forward, smacking his face on a rock in front of him. Chris Cryptic, who is slightly ahead of Gordon, hears the impact and stops to turn around.

Chris Cryptic: Gordo, are you ok?

Stupid fucking piece of shit rock! I will murder your whole fucking family!

Gordon Fury: Yeh man, I'm fine.

That's gotta be good for the brain trauma. Not. I drag myself back to my feet as I massage my face, trying to get feeling back into it. I was pretty bummed after my loss to Phillip last week...

And by “pretty bummed” he means “destroyed a cactus with a baseball bat in anger.”

...So I insisted that I joined Chris on one of his parkour runs. Not only does it let me give off some steam, but it is a good way to increase my speed and train for my upcoming title defense. I leap the rock in front of me and continue, Chris continuing as well once he sees me on my way. I See a small clearing ahead and I increase the pace, leaping 2 rocks in a single bound. By the time Chris reaches the clearing, I am only just behind him. However the clearing slows him down as I catch up to him. We pass the clearing and keep moving, side by side.

Chris Cryptic: So, losing to Phillip Joseph fired you up this much huh?

Gordon Fury: Not necessarily losing to Phillip, just losing in general. I had the perfect chance to fight for the world title, and I lost, and it pisses me off.

Chris Cryptic: But don't you fight the best when you are pissed off?

I think about for for a second as we both leap over a log in our path.

Gordon Fury: Good point, but I can't help thinking of what could have been.

Chris gets a bit more serious.

Chris Cryptic: You can't think like that Gordo, that sort of mentality is just going to break you down. Trust me. Instead of focusing on what you could have had, focus on what you have now. And that is a title defense.

Of course he is right. Even though I was elimination from Siege Perilous, I still have to defend my title against Diana Logan at Nowhere to Run. That needs to be my main concern right now, and leaving that night still High Impact Champion.

Gordon Fury: You are right Chris. And I am definitely going to need to stay focused if I am going to defeat Diana. Phillip Joseph got his shot, and I get a ringside seat to watch him fuck it up. Plus this way my title defense will take place on the PPV.

Way to look at the silver lining Gordo...

Wow, that actually sounded like a compliment.

...You fucking idiot.

THERE we go.

Chris Cryptic: Exactly man. You will be world champion one day soon, and we all know it. So you had a setback, name me one wrestler that hasn't on their way to the top. Gordo you are one of the best wrestlers I have even seen in that ring, and I'm not just saying that because I'm your friend.

50 dollars on the fact he is just saying it because he's your friend.

Will you shut the fuck up?

Why are you always mean to me? You always talk to me like I am some disembodied voice.

...That's because you ARE a disembodied voice.

That is NOT the point!

We both leap a final rock before arrival in a quite large clearing, and both men sit on the ground, panting and taking swigs from the water bottles they brought.

Gordon Fury: That's exactly right Chris. ONE OF the best. Not THE best. But one day I will be.

Chris Cryptic: Of that I have no doubt.

both men just sit there for awhile before Chris breaks the silence.

“Bouncing Back”

The scene opens with pure darkness except for a single white spotlight. Said spotlight is shining directly on Gordon Fury, who is wearing a black “Face the Fury” T-shirt, navy blue jeans and white sneakers. He is staring at the camera. He motions to his right and another spotlight shines on a picture of Phillip Joseph pinning Gordon Fury from last week.

Gordon Fury: Last week, in the Siege Perilous tournament finals, I was pinned by Phillip Joseph. I am not going to bitch about it, I am not going to complain. What happened happened. Phil, I told you to step in that ring and fight me like a man, and that is exactly what you did, and you won. While I still think you are a piece of shit, I can't help but respect that. Although I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be laughing after Stygian tears you apart at Nowhere to Run. You know in a way its fitting. You are currently too big for your boots, and Stygian is going to bring you back to reality. The hard way. So good luck this week Phil, I hope it was worth it.

Gordon motions to his right and his High Impact championship is sitting there.

Gordon Fury: This is what it is all about at Nowhere to Run. While last month I defeated Griffin Hawkins in a match of his own creation, it technically wasn't a title match. Because of this, my match this week will be the first time defending my title, and I am determined to do just that. A spotlight shines in front of Gordon and the camera pans to side on as the spotlight hits a picture of Diana Logan.

Gordon Fury: Diana, this week you are in for the biggest challenge of your career. Now don't get me wrong, I respect the hell out of you. I could tell in our tag team match that there was something special about you, and I knew all along that you would one day would challenge me for my High Impact title. But Diana, now is too soon. I understand how determined you are to show everyone that you are a forced to be reckoned with, trust me I do. But answer me this Diana. What have you done to PROVE you deserve this shot? You think beating Jack Savage is some kind of milestone? A broom could out wrestle Jack Savage, and probably be more entertaining as well. The only other victory of note that you have is a tag team match...where you tagged with me, and I got the pin. While I believe you deserve to fight for my title one day, you have done NOTHING to prove you deserve it now.

I really hope you prove me wrong Diana. I truly hope you are ready to be High Impact Champion. Because if you aren't, and you pull the same shit against me that you pulled again Tiffani, then I won't hesitate to put you down. It's time to face the fury...


The scene fades to black.


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Diana Logan vs Gordon Fury
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