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 Neon Exodus vs Aries Armadaist

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PostSubject: Neon Exodus vs Aries Armadaist   Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:55 am


Anyway, knock your socks off.


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PostSubject: Episode Two: Hi Aries!   Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:31 pm

Scene cuts to the top of a skyscraper in downtown Atlanta. The stars in the sky glimmer, and the a full moon watches over Atlanta. Sitting on the edge, Neon Exodus with a rat curled in his hand.

Well! The IWF Universe got thier first taste of victory at battlegrounds. I had a blast! Although, it wasn't the first time I tasted victory. Let me tell you a story, this is a pretty good one. I find myself getting goosebumps i'm so excited!

The Camera zooms in on Neon as he smirks.

I remember it like it was yesterday. --Well actually, it was yesterday. So, I'm riding my bicycle, and I come by a sign infront of an Elderly Home just outside of Atlanta. It read "Bingo at 4:30 in the Hall". I said to myself, "Why not." I looked down at my watch, it read 4:00. I had time on my hands, so I rolled up to the entrance, and parked my bicycle out front. I open the door, and walk to the lady at the desk. --She smelled nice.--

Neon chuckles.

I asked her where the hall was, and she pointed down the hall way. She told me to take a left when I got to the end, and walk in. So, I walked down the hallway, took the left, and walked in. It was elderly galore! Thier eyes opened wide, and they stared at me. Except one. So, I walked to the table this woman was sitting at, and sat down. I said to her, "Hello Mam, my name is Neon--". She didnt look at me, but she did speak. She said "Hello Neon, my name is Alberta". Now, Alberta was quite old, but cute in a way. Elderly cute. After I had come to my senses I had realized Alberta was blind. And I wasn't too sure how she was going to play bingo. I looked up to everyone around me, and said "Lets play some bingo!". All the hag's stopped staring, and the games had begun! I spilled my bingo peices onto the table, and got my bingo sheets ready. Rounds passed, and I found myself quite amused with Alberta. We talked for ages, about the old days, she told me stories, I told her ones too. It was a true delight. Then I heard it. "B-3", said the announcer. I looked down at my sheet, I had it. I got bingo! I shot up from my seat and screamed "Bingo!". The bingo announcer checked my sheet, she confirmed! I had won. Alberta smiled. I won a free smoothie at the cafeteria. I looked to Alberta, and gave her the cupon. I said "You can have it Alberta." She smiled, and said "Thanks sonny." I got up from my seat, and walked to the door. Before I left, I said goodbye to my eldery bingo friends, and then I left.

Neon looks up to the camera.

Isn't it wonderfull!

Neon gets off of the ledge, and stands up. He putt's around, and finnally sit's back down on the ledge.

{looking down to the rat in his hand} I found this here fella' when I got up here. I fed him some crackers. He's a nice guy. I named him Arnold.

Neon rub's the rat.

Don't ask me how I got up here. This is my first time in Atlanta, I'm having quite the time. I had a wonderous Idea! I wan't to build Arnold a little parachute, and throw him off this here ledge. He woukld truly love that. But, they don't sell rat-sized helicopters. He could be the next stuart little!

Neon places the rat on the ground, and he quickly scurries off.

I do enjoy it up here. The wind is quite marvelous. I feel like batman! Except, I don't have my spandex. I wish I had brought them, I truly do.

Neon looks off to the distance

The skyline is inspiring isn't it! I just wan't to fly!

Neon begin's to sing to himself.

"I, just wanna fly--Put your arms around me baby, put your arms around me baby!--" I love that song. A true smash hit if you ask me.

Neon looks up

Hey, that gives me another story! Alright, so when I was in high school, I played in a garage band called "Loose Tooth". I played bass, and sang. We sold out the garage one time. Ten people came. Can you belive it! Count it out! Ten! We had some nice material. We were way to good for the record companies, so we never did anything big. Adam, our drummer, lent us his garage. His Mom, and her friends would watch us play all the time. They were our biggest fans. Oh, the good ol' days.

Neon yawn's

Well its just about time I go to sleep. I'm tired, bingo from yesterday took some life out of me. Good thing I brought my pillow!

Neon looks to his pillow on the ground, and the scene fades out.

<--Nowhere To Run-->

Scene cuts to a bathroom somewhere backstage. Steam is building inside, and the camera gets closer and closer to the curtain. Behind the curtain, Neon Exodus's shadow. He seems to be sitting down, singing.

Doo-Wee-Doo-Bop-Bah! Doo-Cha-Cha!!

The curtains open--Neon Exodus is lounging in a bathtub, bathing.


Why hello there! I'm just engaging in my everyday bathtub fun! Your welcome to hop in If you'd like.

Neon chuckles.

I'm kidding. Theres only room for one of us in here. And plus, I love my bathtub fun! I got bubbles, my rubber duck, some action figures, the usual. I can see that there is just enough bubbles to cover my genetalia, I did this on purpose. I had no intentions of exposing myself. My private area is quite embarrasing. But stay for a while, I don't mind if you watch.

Neon plays with his bath toys, and continues to wash himself.

Oh, yeah, I have a match tonight don't I! With, ah whats his name there? Aries Armadaist!? Correct? Yeah thats him. And It's a Steel Cage match! Oh goody!

Neon laughs.

I love steel cage matches. Always have. I like climbing, so Its always been one of my favorite match types. When I was a kid, I climbed up this tree in my backyard, and built a tree house way up high. I wanna say 40, 50 feet? Yeah, that sounds about right. I did it all by myself. I must have been twelve? I used to climb up there when I got angry. I slept there a couple times, it was nice. A couple years back, me and a couple buddies of mine climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. It was quite the adventure, but it was a good time. Took us weeks, but when I was at the top, I felt like I was being born again! Nothing better than being squeezed out of the vagina.

Neon continues scrubbing his body, and playing with his toys.

And where was I? Ah climbing. Did I mention I will be climbing over the top of the steel cage to win my match with Mister Armadaist tonight? I will. It will be quite the experience.

Ive looked over the card a couple times, and Ive come to notice that there are quite a few steel cage matches tonight. I won't stress the fact that me and Aries Steel Cage match will be the best. It shall make all of the other steel cages look like--like, uhhh, Poop!

Neon laughs to himself. And continues bathing himself.

I'm sure Aries will say the same thing. By the way Aries, I'm an Aries. I was born April sixth. Do you read horoscopes? I do. I find them quite facinating. Although they are a load of balogna if you ask me, I still read em'. Now, Aries, I don't care what you do in the ring, do what you have to do. Just don't make fun of me. I hear your a mean guy, and I dont take being made fun of too well. It makes me-It makes me--Sad. Vewwy, Wewwy Sad.

Neon smirks.

And, yeah I know I'm easy to make fun of. I mean look at me! I'm a grown man. Here, in a bathtub. Playing with toys! But as I say, lifes too short to be mature! Life's also to sure to loose a match to a guy named Aries. And I meant to ask you, I love the color of your hair. Tel me, is that natural? Or do you dye it? Cause I knew this girl in high school who had the same color hair as you do. I had a crush on her. I asked her once, is it natural, she said yes. I saw her a couple weeks ago. She works at this Walmart in Baltimore. Hasn't changed a bit. Other than the fact that her hair was brown, her face was quite wrinkley, and her breasts sagged a bit. I think she might be a heroin addict now, but I'm not sure. I walked up to the cash register, at first I didn't recognize her. She says, "Darren! Hey its Lucy! We went to school together!". I thought she was crazy, but then it came to me. I remembered her, we talked a bit, and I left. I couldn't stop looking at her hair, it was brown! I guess she wasn't really a blonde. Oh well.

Neon looks up to the camera.

Ah, sorry I tend to get off track. Our match, I'm going to win. I hope this doesn't dissapoint you, I would love to be friends. But, first, lets settle buisiness. Then we can be friends. I could't help to notice that your theme song is by GWAR. I saw GWAR once live, they were okay I guess. They put on a pretty funny show. Musically? They are okay. Nothing compared to my old band Loose Tooth. We were great!

I'd like to warn you before hand, I am not this nice in the ring. I'm going to do what I have to do Mister Armadaist, and I really hope this doesn't get in between what we have going. Oh also, If I have to pee during the match, I might have to call time out. I will be quick. I'm going to make sure I pe before our match, but I can't make any promises.

Ive also noticed you have a finishing move called the "Dick Kick". I will be wearing a cup to the ring, so I would advise you don't kick too hard. Unless you want to hurt your foot that is. You could try kicking me in the ass, but I have quite the squishy butt. It probably won't hurt. And I almost forgot! I have a special attire just for you Aries. I'm gonna wear it tonight in our match, I think you will be quite pleased!

Its a good day to be a good guy!

Neon continues playing with his toys. He shuts the curtain, and the Scene fades out.


Scene cuts to the lockeroom where Neon is in the bathroom getting dressed. He is ready to showcase his special attire.

Hang on! Almost done! Done!!

Neon steps out from the bathroom, wearing pink tights, an Aries Armadaist t-Shirt and make-up featuring a Smiley face.

Now I know this doesn't look special at all, but--

Neon spins around to reveal "Hi Aries!" spelled across his butt area on the back of his tights.

Don't you love it! I got it specialy ordered and made just for you Aries!

Neon spins back around and faces the camera.

Well I guess its time for my match! Up-Up and away we go!

Scene fades out.
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Aries Armadaist


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PostSubject: Re: Neon Exodus vs Aries Armadaist   Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:50 pm

Scene One
One Week prior to No Where to Run
Off Camera

I think that's it, people.

The man let out a relieved sigh as he announced to his crew, everyone else seeming to share in this relief as their work appeared to be done. The only one in the room that appeared to be absolutely beaming was Aries Armadaist, fists resting on his hips in almost a super hero esque pose as he stood proudly in front of an IWF banner as the low hum of the camera pointed at him quieted into nothing. Aries had delivered what, he felt, was his greatest piece of promo work in his entire career. More or less pouring his heart and soul onto film to be broadcast to the entire world. Something that would make his soon to come victory all that sweeter. Sure, it took a little longer than most promos but it was worth it. It was surely something to go down in the istory books as the greatest words ever spoken by a man.

Aries Armadaist
Can I get a replay on that or something? I just want to...experience it again.

Aries couldn't help but grin from ear to ear as the director turned his exhaustion filled eyes toward Aries, simultaneous handing the tape off from the camera, containing his master work off to another stage hand.

yeah just...follow Barry to the editing room and--Jesus Christ are we going to need to cut that down..

Aries Armadaist
You wouldn't DARE!

Aries snarled at the man as he marched by him, who only slowly ran a hand down his face as Aries snarled at him as he stomped by. The dult of a Director couldn't kill Aries' spirits, however, as that wide grin soon continued as he attempted to follow the tracks of the one known as "Barry," who was transporting his precious cargo. he couldn't help but shake a sense of familiarity in the name "Barry," however. Like he had heard it before. Sure, there were plenty of people named "Barry," in the world, but he couldn't help but feel he had heard the name more recently. Then again, he heard a lot of names float around his work space, so it was most likely just him over thinking something.

He continued to stroll down the hallway, still wearing his shining pride in himself and his work as he snatched a doughnut away from a woman who was passing him by, stuffing it into his gullet before she even had a chance to react. Still chewing his mouthful of sweetened dough, Aries finally manages to stumble across the door marked "Editing," his smile somehow becoming even wider without ripping his face apart, and without having chewed doughnut leak out everywhere. Sadly, lightning wouldn't strike twice as Aries marched into the room, spewing his half chewed snack everywhere he possibly could as he blurted.

Aries Armadaist
Barry, my man, I'm gonna need a play back on that piece of promo magic I just performed. Specifically where I began to accuse Jack Savage of being a hermaphrodite. I know I said to keep it in despite the fact i was mid sneeze through most of it, but maybe we can cut around that a li--

Aries' joy quickly turned to horror as the man known as "Barry," turned to face him. Sporting a scowl that spoke of nothing to vengeful thoughts in mind, it all began to click together. Barry was indeed a name Aries had heard recently. Their eyes locked as Aries could see nothing but a fiery passion of burning hatred. This man had become nothing more than a being of vengeance, and revenge. Revengeance, if you will. This was the man who Aries denied 5 dollars for helping him in his first promo. And, grasped in his grubby hands was the tape containing Aries' master piece.

Aries Armadaist
hey, man, don't do anything crazy... We can work something out. Maybe, like... an I.O.U. or something.

Eat a dick.

With a snarl of his own, and a growl in his voice, Barry proceeded to toss the tape to launch the tape out an open window. The world seemed to slow down all around Aries as he watched his pride and joy go careening out an open window, no doubt to begin its plummet down two floors to the unforgiving cold concrete down below. A sense of dread and horror washed over Aries as he couldn't help but let out a cry of pure anguish.

Aries Armadaist

His cry hung in the air as he bellowed, futilely, and desperately reaching his hand out toward his falling tape as it seemed to continue to slip further and further away from him as every agonizing second passed. Finally, it plummeted, dropping out of sight as Aries curled his open hand into a fist, his pained cried continuing to echo out, time no longer a factor as what had happened in mere moments felt like an eternity.

In reality, however, Aries had just began to scream "NO" as if he really were in slow motion, Barry having already exited the room to leave this mad man to his theatrics since he had successfully screwed him over. Aries has continued to act long to enough that it seemed he finally managed to push the last bit of oxygen out of his lungs as he was past straining, his face a blood red as he struggled to continue to shout. Finally, he caved, inhaling deeply as the color quickly rushed back into his face, Aries bellowing out a loud curse as soon as his lungs were full again. Despite his over reaction, this truly did feel like a crushing blow to the man, a sincere frown now replacing his gleeful grin he had only moments earlier. There went his greatest on screen speaking role of all time. Laced with clever and topical jokes. Deep, thought provoking arguments. And some where in there, a deep, hour long analysis as to how Batman & Robin film was the greatest piece of Batman media to ever exist. Now, it was all gone. Forever lost to the world, and all those unlucky to have never witnessed it. Letting out a heavy sigh, Aries refused to let this dampen his spirits. He felt he was still the most superior of those within the confines of his match. As far as he was concerned, his victory was still ensured.

Aries Armadaist
Pfft, whoever needed a promo to win a match anyways? I got this...

--One Savage Beating Later--

Disoriented and only half conscious, Aries came stumbling back through the curtain, mindless shouting jibberish as he desperately attempted to make his way through the backstage area on his spaghetti legs, his knees acting as if they were going to buckle on every step. All along the way, desperately trying to communicate with those around him, spewing out nothing but nonsense (which wasn't anything new), while motioning toward his broken, blood gushing nose. No one would hear Aries jumbles pleas for help, even seeming to go out of their way to avoid him if his bumbling attempt at speech was aimed toward them. Finally, Aries' body seemed to give up as he finally dropped to his knees, falling face flat onto the floor.

The hustle and bustle of the stage hands and backstage workers seemed to finally come to a halt as they all took notice of the fallen wrestler. A silence quickly began to hang in the air, aside from the roaring crowd from the other side of the curtain. All eyes were on the unmoving corpse of the downed Aries as every seemed to be at a loss of words for a moment.

Oh my god...Oh god, is he dead..?

The crowd shared a collective, short gasp as the question suddenly crept into everyone's mind, no one moving for a moment as they continued to watch to see if Aries would respond. Their question was shortly answered Aries Armadaist seemed to get one more breath of life as he suddenly, and violently thrashed and flopped on the ground, letting out one last fit of jabber before going limp once again, the crowd seeming to let out a collective, disappointed "awe," before going about their business once again.

Scene Two
On Camera

The scene fades in from black as the viewing audience is greeted with the familiar view of of the IWF Interview Area. Filling up the screen was the lard IWF banner that covered the wall, and at the moment, was the only thing preoccupying the screen. Repetition would train someone that, usually in a situation like this, there would be a wrestler to greet the camera instead of just the barren area itself. But, as the camera panned downward, the missing individual would be revealed. there, sitting on the floor, slumped against the banner covered wall was Aries Armadaist. Sporting an out of character frown as his face carried the cuts and bruises of his unsuccessful out going on Battle Ground. His nose being heavily bandaged. His gaze didn't meet his good friend, the camera, however. Instead, he seemed to be staring off into nothingness as his frown began to become something more of a pout.

Aries Armadaist
Last week... was HORRIBLE! At least, what I remember from last week. there's a good...ehh... 60% of my match I have no recollection of. I had to fill in those gaps by actually having to watch the match. I have to say, not very pleasant. Have any of you ever watched you get your ass kicked? I mean, it's one thing to experience it. ya know, with all that horrible pain you've got to deal with. That's pretty bad. But, actually have to sit there, and watch yourself from angles that your eyes would never be able to see other wise... It's pretty awful. Kind of like watching a horror movie you didn't know you starred in. It's even worse having to watch the parts you don't remember, and realizing "oh, THAT'S why that part of me hurts now." I'd say it'd actually be worse than experiencing it first hand, but, ya know, there's all that "excruciating pain you have to experience" part.

he threw his hands up into air quotes as he spoke, scoffing under his own breath as he let his arms lifeless flop back down beside him.

Aries Armadaist
Ya know, any other time, I'd come out here after a loss like that and actually brag about it. I'd talk about how only Aries Armadaist can lose that spectacularly. That, even in getting my ass viciously beat, I still manage to even do that better than anyone else in our profession. But, I'm not gonna do that. I'm not going to brag about how my..."performance" on Battle Ground put the "Gore" in "Gorgeous." Even though all of that is completely and utterly true. No, I think I'm just going to have to swallow this big ole piece of humble pie and admit that I was simply bettered. I was bettered by my former Venom Stablemate... and bettered by a fellow Canuck. In a weird way, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad to see a fellow Canadian succeed at wrestling. Despite this moronic stereotype that all us foreigners in wrestling must stick together, seeing a fellow Ontario boy get to progress in the ranks warms the cockles of my heart slightly. So, honestly... I want to say congratula--yyuuuggh.

Aries now seemed to suddenly begin to dry heave,even turning his head in danger that he may actually hurl something up. He placed a hand on his chest for a moment as he sat back up, smacking his lips as he scowled, as if having a horrid taste in his mouth. It seemed his attempt at being civil literally almost made him sick to his stomach.

Aries Armadaist
Although, there is.... something I want to say about the happenings of last week. As much as I say I was soundly beaten by my opponents, I can't help but let them know something. I just want them to know that their victory wasn't... without it's handicap. I'm not talking about the fact that i was BLATANTLY, and relentlessly double teamed early on to such extremes that no mortal man, not even I, would have been able to with stand. No, see, something else happened, leading up to Battle Ground. Something major; life changing anyways. Between the weeks from Khaos to last week I went on a.... spiritual retreat. I felt I needed to find my inner peace. Maybe even find out more about who i truly am. you know, discover myself. So I retreated deep into the Himalayan Mountains. Deep within their frozen tundra where no man could possibly survive for an extended period of time. Which seemed to be the only logical place in the world to go to seek my seclusion, since I am indeed no man. I trekked to their highest peaks, the highest I could possibly find. the highest ANY man could find. And there, I sat, and meditated. Almost isolated in time and existence. I sat there for days--WEEKS even. Well... not weeks, since it was only one week...WEEK even. I contemplated my life...I contemplated all of life. The life of my friends and co workers, and even my fellow wrestlers. I contemplated our grand places in life, and our places within the entire cosmos themselves. Like, how, no matter what we do here, in grand scheme of the universe, our petty quarrels are truly meaningless. While we bicker and fight over something as meaningless as a championship title, out there somewhere, something even grander is taking place. Like.... Jesus fighting... Galactus or something.

he waves his hand through the air as his gaze turned up toward the heavens, raising an eyebrow slightly as his expression seemed to read how awesome he actually thought that confrontation would be.

Aries Armadaist
But, as I sit, deep in meditation, I was disturbed. I sensed danger, and when I came to, what did I see in front of me, with gnarling teeth and savage intentions? That's right. Dire Wolves. high atop the Himalayas I now had to fight for my own survival, with nothing but my bare fists, undying passion, burning spirits, and my bear fists. Not to be confused with my bare fists. It was a pitched battle that lasted a fort night...however long that is. Felt like a fort night. Like, enough time would pass that you would think "yeah, I'd label that as a fort night. That night felt quite fort." I came out victorious, but not without my own battle wear. But, i couldn't let that deter me. by that time, I was only hours away from my match at Battle Ground. So i hurried back with a new found sense of understanding of peace, and our place as a species in life. but, as I tried to spread that message to my fellow competitors, I was greeted with only an unforgiving beating... a broken nose... and like, a grade 2 concussion. Thanks for that by the way, Savage. I tried to take the non-violent route. But, my pleas fell on deaf ears. They showed me no mercy, and despite my best attempts I could not reach them nor over come them. Ya know, from all those terrible Dire Wolf injuries.

Which brings me to the now. The Pay-Per-view. My first Pay-Per-View for IWF. And for some reason, despite my grevious injuries, the powers that be decided, I should PROBABLY wrestle again. Ya know, never mind the fact that I kinda took Jack Savage's finisher off the top rope, not to mention with the applied force of Matt Stone power bombing the both of us off the top rope, AND taking the Combo Breaker. So obviously I'm in fit condition to compete. let alone in ANOTHER FUCKING STEEL CAGE! So, I'm gonna cut it like this. I don't want to be here. I don't wanna be on this stupid Pay-Per-View. I don't wanna be in another Steel Cage for as long as I live. Let alone, two in one week. Neon, this is not a good day. Not for me, and unfortunately, certainly not for you. I don't know much about you. You seem like a pretty weird cat. Not bad, just weird. Really, really weird. I know you won your first match on Battle Ground. The very same Battle Ground where I didn't have the same luck. I'm sure you're mighty excited to be going into this match. Both of us getting to preform LIVE on Pay-Per-View. but, I'm letting you know now, I'm not going to lolligag in this match. I'm not going to take my time showing off for the crowd, or making sure I have the best match tonight. I'm an animal in a Cage at No Where to Run. Literally. I'M IN A FUCKING CAGE! i don't care if I have to stomp your nards into oblivion. Or if I have to hit you with every bit of foreign object I can stuff into my tights and/or boots. I am going in and getting out as fast as possible. If that bell rings, and I immediately go to try and climb over the top, for your own sake, just let me go. I'm not trying to escape for the sake of a quick victory. I'm just trying to get out of that Cage before I have horrible flash backs and mess my ring gear. Tonight, I am not the man to be fucked with. And after tonight, I don't ever want to hear myself associated with a Steel cage for the rest of career. Insert catch phrase here, and good day.

reaching off screen, Aries pulled in a clear piece of plastic, with what appeared to be a black strap fashioned to it as well. it was a nose guard. Still sporting his mighty frown he fashioned the protective gear over his head, now hugging his knees to his chest as he fell over onto his side, proceeding to roll away, off camera as the scene returned to black


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PostSubject: Re: Neon Exodus vs Aries Armadaist   

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Neon Exodus vs Aries Armadaist
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