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 Tiffani Michaels vs Molly Reid

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PostSubject: Tiffani Michaels vs Molly Reid   Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:45 pm

Rock n roll, ladies.


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PostSubject: Re: Tiffani Michaels vs Molly Reid   Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:53 pm

That was easy. Almost too easy. I beat down Diana Logan and I hardly broke a sweat in the process. I honestly thought she was going to offer me more of a challenge but I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised that she ended up falling flat to my expectations. Most of these bitches do and that's why I've pretty much dominated over the entire female roster in the Insurgency ever since I first stepped foot in this company. Why should it be any different now? Especially after I joined forces with the Empire in order to flaunt the fact I was the Queen in everyone's face with nothing but pride etched all across the features of my face. I had made a solemn promise before my match against Diana Logan and warned her she would be used as nothing more than an example for me to get my point across. I guess that kind of pressure was too much for Diana and that's why she cracked pretty much as soon as the bell rung. No matter now, I have more important things to worry about than a badly named Wonder Woman. She was only the first step in a much more involved process and now it was time for me to focus my attention on someone who might actually possess more of a challenge. Someone who's actually looking to pose a threat to both me and my championship belt.

Molly Reid. Nowhere to Run. Her chance to be tossed into the spotlight at her first major pay per view event and with my Queen of Wrestling championship belt on the line. Inside of a steel cage. A first for myself and I don't honestly know if I can say the same for Molly. Even with this being a first in my career, I'm not about to back down, especially not with something so ridiculous like fear. There's nothing for me to fear because I know I can take down Molly. She's simply a new challenge. I've faced up against numerous new challenges in the past and now something new is being tossed in my path. I should be grateful to be honest. I was growing bored of always having Blyss Lockhart shoving herself into my face. At least I can take a breather from that bitch and focus on someone who's fresh and new. Someone I can't predict inside of the ring. Someone who will indeed have nowhere to run once we will be locked safely inside of that steel cage. I'm debating with myself on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for Miss Molly. I suppose it all depends on how generous I will be feeling that night in Atlanta. Honestly, this could go either way, I might want to tear her apart limb from limb or I might just be satisfied enough with a simple clean victory.

I think it all personally depends on whether or not Molly decides to push my buttons. That's the other fun part of facing a new challenge. You can't predict how they are going to act. I have noticed she enjoys talking a great deal of shit, but that was before her challenge lies in the Queen of the Insurgency. She might be smart enough to realize that getting on my bad side is only going to spell out disaster for her in the end. I don't know her well enough to predict though and so I'm leaving it up to dear little Molly to surprise me in terms of what kind of mood I will be in walking Nowhere to Run. One thing I am sure of is the fact that I have every intention of walking out the exact same way I walked into this match. With the Queen of Wrestling championship belt wrapped firmly around my waist. I'm still on my quest to make sure every single female on the roster is put on notice of what the Queen is capable of when she decides she wants to keep everybody else in line for her own personal amusement. Diana Logan was simply step one of this quest and now step two is to defeat Molly Reid and show her that becoming number one contender was nothing more than a fluke. Now she's tangling with the big girls and we don't always let her get her way just because it's what she wants. No, it's high time to show Molly that not everything in life comes so easily.

I just wish that there wasn't something still nagging at me on the inside. Something which had nothing to do with Molly or Nowhere to Run. Something much more personal that was like an annoying little tick which I needed to have removed before it became a complete nightmare. I needed a completely clear mind walking into Nowhere to Run and I think I know deep down on the inside what needs to be done. It's not something that I am dreading, it's just such an annoyance it needs to come to this in order for me to be able to get some much needed rest, but I suppose that we all need to make our sacrifices. This just happens to be one of mine and it couldn't come at a better time than this, because Nowhere to Run marks an extremely important match for me in my career, and I'm not about to let anything fuck up my chances of ensuring that the victory that belongs to me will indeed be mine by the end of the night. No, I can't put it off any longer, it needs to be dealt and I need to put it behind me for good. I'll be able to breathe much easier afterwards and Lord knows that it'll be a welcome relief to focus my thoughts purely on Nowhere to Run. Molly should feel that special, I want nothing to distract me from her or the victory that will keep the Queen of Wrestling championship belt in my hands. No more fucking around. It ends now and it's about damn time. I only wish I had done this years ago because it practically feels like I am a brand new person and I have to admit, that feels fucking fantastic. It's like all these new doors are being opened just for me and I can go anywhere I damn well please without worry or consequences. Who wouldn't want that feeling forever?


Scene 001 - Funeral For A Friend


I'm coming up only to hold you under
And coming up only to show you wrong
And to know you is hard; we wonder
To know you all wrong; we warn

The familiar warmth of the California sunshine was beating down upon the top of my head and I tilted my head upwards allowing for the warmth to bathe across the surface of my face enjoying the smile that was tugging at the corners of my mouth. There truly was nothing like coming back home, even if it was only for a brief amount of time, and luckily with Alex's private plane at my disposal it only made the trip that much more of a breeze. Almost like all I needed to do was snap my fingers and I would be magically transported anywhere in the world. Anywhere that my heart desired was within my reach, and for this to truly have the full extent of meaning I was hoping for, I needed to return back to Los Angeles. This time it was not for a visit to see my family or for any reason that was trivial like simply wanting to return to do some shopping on Rodeo Drive like I had done so many times for countless afternoons either with my friends or my sisters. Begrudgingly I could even admit to myself that there had indeed been times I had gone shopping on Rodeo Drive with Griffin at my side. The thought was enough to make me suppress on my urge to gag, however Griffin himself was indeed the very reason why I had requested this special trip back to Los Angeles.

It was obvious that my relationship with Alex for him was quite the bitter pill to swallow. His recent actions were a perfect example of how unhinged Griffin was becoming and I suppose he was hoping I would begin feeling a sense of guilt. He was doing everything in his power to ensure he came out looking like the true victim in this situation, when the truth of the matter is that I had been a victim of Griffin in the beginning. Alex was actually more like my savior than anything else and any claims of him using me were nothing more than completely false rumors. Most of them started by Griffin who was only speaking out of anger because he had been kicked to the curb. Without us actually engaging in a romantic relationship, Griffin was acting in the exact same way a spurned lover would, especially after discovering that the object of their affection had moved on to a much more suitable mate. Griffin to me had become that insanely jealous ex who didn't realize it was far past the time in which he should have let go of what he lost. I was smart enough to realize that no amount of trying to rationalize with him would do any good and to be perfectly honest all I wanted to do was my hands clean of even having a friendship with him in the first place.

It was completely frustrating to think that someone who should be more mature, seeing as how he was the older one between the both of us, was acting like a child being denied candy from the hands of a firm parent. Griffin had done everything but stomp his feet in frustration in order to get his point across. I had tried to reach out to him when I had gone to his locker room with every intention of bringing Alex his championship belt back where it belonged. However Griffin had chosen to act like a child and I'd just decided he wasn't worth the effort. Why should I have to lower myself to Griffin's level when he thought it was appropriate for him to throw a temper tantrum? Perhaps instead of choosing to act like a child, if he was wise enough he would focus his attention on realizing that he was the source of the problem that resulted in the end of our friendship. Such a revelation could help him to open his eyes and even put himself onto a path where he could actually engage himself in a relationship that wasn't completely destructive. Then again this was the man who chose to remain with a woman that did nothing but cut him down for fun, so maybe Griffin was just that kind of man who got his jollies out of having people treat him like crap. Then afterwards he could make himself look better by crying out to anybody who was willing to pay him some attention even if it was only out of pity. Any attention seemed to be suitable enough where Griffin was concerned.

Really too late to call
So we wait for; morning to wake you
Is all we got
To know me as hardly golden
Is to know me all wrong; they warn

There shouldn't be a single person out there who should even be thinking about placing the blame onto my shoulders. I did what anybody else would do if they were placed in the same situation. If somebody was dragging you down and forcing you to hinder back on your own talents, even after trying your best to help them, you would want to finally free yourself from a sinking pit. Nobody wants to keep being dragged down when there is a chance for rescue. When there is hope looming somewhere above the horizon. I reached out for the hand that was willing to pull me out into freedom. That hand was the one of Alexander Remington and I for no second at all had any second thoughts which would cause me to look back at what I had done with guilt. I knew this is what Griffin was desperate for, he was scratching away the closed door, hoping I would open it and take a good look at the broken man I had left behind. That would never happen because now that he had been firmly kicked to the curb, he could stay out there rotting with the rest of the garbage as far as I was concerned. I was closing that chapter of my life and with this firm decision placed in the back of my mind I knew this would be the best decision I had ever made so far in my life. Well, right after the decision I had made to stand by Alex's side during all of this and possibly for the rest of our days. Finally I was with somebody who saw me like a woman rather than a little girl that needed protecting from the world.

An open casket was there at both of our feet, Alex had agreed to come with me for this and I was grateful to have him there by my side, and the inside was filled with every single piece of memory I had where Griffin was concerned. There was pictures, presents he had given me that ranged from articles of clothing or jewelry, and any little thing I had found which in some shape or form reminded me of Griffin. All of it had been placed inside of this casket and would be lowered into the ground where it would be buried six feet under where it belonged. I wanted no personal attachments to remain between Griffin and myself so for that to happen I needed to be absolutely ruthless and that meant cutting off any cheap emotional trinkets that once held some kind of value. What would I need it for now that I was washing my hands clean of a man who held me down beneath him for his own personal gain? What good would it do for me to look upon pictures of myself with Griffin where he insisted on grinning like an idiot for the benefit of the camera. Memories he thought would last forever because finally he believed himself to be accepted into a real loving family. My family was never his to claim for his own and I should have been wise enough to not lower myself to allow him to believe such foolish nonsense. He had his own family, he should be content enough with that, not try to worm himself into a place where he simply did not belong. Now I could finally breathe easy because he was gone.

No longer would I have to worry about him tainting my belongings or insisting he come along during my shopping trips. No longer would I have to hold back my true talent for the fear of hurting his feelings because I reached up higher than him on the ladder of success. Griffin never wanted for anybody but himself to shine bright. I don't ever recall for friendship having to mean holding yourself back for the sake of the other person's feelings. That wasn't true friendship, that's more like being a prisoner to someone's own selfish whims, and now I had finally broken the chains Griffin wrapped around me from the moment we first met. I could sigh with relief when I looked down into that open casket because I knew this would be the very last time I'd have to look down at any of these items. I felt Alex wrapping one hand around my waist without saying a single word. He was allowing for me to be remain silent during this moment almost like we were attending an actual funeral. In many ways this was indeed a true funeral. It was burying a friendship that now was dead to the world. Standing on the other side of the casket where the two men who were being paid to bury the casket underneath the earth once I would be ready for it to be lowered. For now I remained silent while looking down at the inside of the casket. My fingers were playing with the chain which hung around my neck and I continued to each the basking warmth of the sun all across my skin.

At every occasion, I'll be ready for the funeral
At every occasion, once more, it's called the funeral
At every occasion, oh, I'm ready for the funeral
At every occasion, oh, one billion day funeral

Such beautiful weather for such a grim occasion. Perhaps I should be taking this as a good sign, a sign that I was doing the right thing, and that afterwards I'd be able to move on with no second thoughts clouding the back of my mind. That was a thought which brought a smile to my face while Alex's hand remained firmly placed upon my waist. He was drawing me in closer to where he was standing in a way that one would think was a comforting embrace. Almost like he was trying to comfort me because I was weeping over the loss of a friend. This was perhaps the strangest funeral one could ever attend, because instead of cherishing the loss of somebody, I was instead focusing on what I was going to be gaining. This was a funeral which would mark a brand new beginning in a point in my life where no longer I would have to dim myself for the benefit of another person. I could feel it with all of the confidence in the world that Alex would never force me to push back in order for him to save on his precious fragile male ego. He was more than content to let me shine as brightly as I could. I could never truly thank him enough for allowing me to find my wings, but perhaps simply giving him the opportunity to be there for this moment was enough to show him of my gratitude.

I shifted my gaze away from the inside of the casket long enough to glance over towards where Alex was standing. He looked so dashing dressed in one of his designer suits and I found it hard to wipe off the smile that was threatening to spill out all over my face. Instead I decided it would be best for me to focus my attention back onto the casket. The sight of Griffin's smiling face peering back at me was more than enough to snap me back into the reality of the moment. I pressed myself up close against Alex and rested my head up against his chest allowing for him to wrap both of his arms around my waist. I could feel both of these men growing impatient to start shoveling dirt all across the surface of the casket, but I could still feel something tugging at me, almost like it was trying to remind me that there was something missing. I narrowed my eyes slightly while I swept over every open surface inside of the casket. It was practically filled to the brim with all the pictures and various other trinkets Griffin had thought I would enjoy owning. How could there be something missing when I'd gone through every single item I had ever owned?

I was just about to give in to the notion that my mind was simply playing tricks on me when my fingertips brushed up against the guitar pick attached to the chain around my neck. Of course. The same guitar pick which Griffin had given to me claiming that it was a lucky guitar pick and I deserved it more than he did upon our first having met. I pulled as hard as I could on the chain until I felt the clasp breaking and winced slightly hoping it would leave a bruise on the back of my neck. I didn't care much for the fact I had just broken the chain, it certainly meant nothing to me now, and I held the guitar pick in the palm of my hand for a moment. I looked down at the guitar pick resting there in the palm of my hand thinking back to the afternoon where Griffin had first given it to me because he wanted me to have some luck come into my life. I'd always believed that only fools thought luck had anything to do with good fortune coming into their lives, it was much better to go out there and make your own luck with some hard work and determination. I'd given in to Griffin's foolish insistence on luck simply to keep his spirits from getting crushed. I never once believed this silly little guitar pick would bring any luck to me in my life. It was nothing more than a cheap trinket and I'd honestly even started to forget I owned it in the first place.

I'm coming up only to show you down for
And coming up only to show you wrong
To the outside; the dead leaves lay on the lawn
For they don't have trees to hang their own

I tossed the guitar pick and the chain inside of the casket without even giving it a second thought. Now it was complete. Every single piece of memory or attachment I had ever had towards Griffin Hawkins could be found inside of that casket. I nod my head slightly and Alex motions for them to begin lowering the casket down into the hole dug into the ground. The lid is closed firmly on the casket before they begin the process of lowering it into the ground and I watch in silence while every single memory I ever held was being put into the ground. An entire friendship was being locked away never to be remembered for as long as it could be helped. That was more than fine with me because this is exactly what I wanted to do where Griffin was concerned. Push him far so far away into the back of my mind that he would soon fade away into nothing. This is exactly what needs to be done when you want to cut ties with a person for good. Griffin can continue to cling onto his hope, but as far as I was concerned, there is no hope left. I was starting fresh and without any regrets for any actions I had done to get to this point. Alex removes his arms from around my waist and takes one of my hands into his own while I watch them begin throwing dirt onto the casket in the ground.

Alexander Remington - Lets go baby.

I nod my head and allow for him to lead me away from the men who were working as quickly as possible to fill the hole in the ground. I feel my heels sinking slightly into the grass while we walk away heading in the direction of the limo which had taken us here in the first place. I glance back over my shoulder and watch them continue to fill in the hole and I wonder briefly if they had any idea of the history they were burying into the ground. I highly doubted that they cared. After all they were just men that Alex had hired once I had told him of my plan, which had just been me thinking out loud, but he thought it was a fantastic idea that I was ready to rid myself so fully of anything that could remind me of Griffin in my life. I realized that he did make a good point and why shouldn't I follow this idea into becoming an actual reality? I squeeze Alex's hand slightly while my eyes remained focused upon the men still throwing dirt inside of the hole. The very hole that held a casket with memories I would soon forget. Memories which I needed to forget because they were nothing more than baggage weighing me down from my true potential. I'm not going to fall into the same trap I had been locked into for so many years, not when I could walk away with a clear mind.

I finally turned my eyes away from the sight and this would be for the last time. I was not going to look back a second time and instead I kept my attention focused solely upon Alex. We arrived where the limo was parked and he opens the door for me to get inside first. I smile towards him and wrap my arms tenderly around his neck before I press my lips to his in a kiss showing him my appreciation at the moment. Alex is only too happy to return the kiss and I feel his arms wrapping themselves around my waist while we continue to remain locked together in this passionate embrace. We pull away from the kiss and I gently trace along the side of Alex's face with my index finger. Now I would be able to start new memories and with a man that I loved. What else could I ask for in life? It was like a blessing had fallen directly into my lap. I pull away from his embrace in order to slide myself inside of the limo and it's not too long before Alex is right besides me where he belongs. I reach out to take one of his hands into my own and give his hand a most affectionate squeeze. No matter where life would take us from this moment on at least we would be facing it together and I wanted it no other way as far as I was concerned. This is exactly why he was my King.

At every occasion
I'll be ready for the funeral
At every occasion once more
It's called the funeral
At every occasion
Oh, I'm ready for the funeral
Every occasion
Of one billion day funeral


Scene 002 - Good Golly Miss Molly


I was standing in the middle of a football field with my hands on my hips as I looked out at the squad of Cheerios that were currently putting their absolute everything into this routine. All of them filled to the brim with enthusiasm wanting to be noticed and wanting to earn all of the glory in being hailed the star of the performance. The one shining spotlight that everyone's eyes were drawn to from the very beginning. I was quite comfortable being in that spotlight because it was exactly where I had made my home upon my arrival to the Cheerios and I believe it was a large part of the reason why I made it to Captain in almost no time. It practically become a school record how quickly I was awarded the position of Captain of the Cheerios. A title which I wore with excellent pride and now everyone on the Cheerios were clamoring for my attention and most important of all they wanted my approval. That to them would be the highest of praise. I allowed for the slightest hint of a smile to tug at the corners of my mouth because my main reason for being here was not simply to hand out praise like it was free candy on Halloween night. I had a much higher and far more important reason in my eyes for being out here on the football field watching these Cheerios performing.

Nowhere to Run was my reason and hand in hand that lead towards thoughts of my opponent Molly Reid. She'd swept through the Insurgency like a thief in the night. A win in her debut tag team match and after her second match she had successfully become the number one contender for my Queen of Wrestling championship belt. She had everybody's attention on her and even grown herself a rather quick gang of followers practically proclaiming Molly Reid to be the future Queen of Wrestling. So far I had remained silent on the subject, choosing to bide my time knowing that once I staked my claim to my championship gold, it would spell out nothing more than trouble where Molly was concerned. I could admire her for everything we might have in common and at the same time could ridicule her for being nothing more than a weak carbon copy of something I'd perfected upon my arrival to the Insurgency. This is exactly why I was here on this football field with Cheerios in the background. This was something Molly and myself both shared in common and I believe she would appreciate this promo more than anybody else upon her viewing. I had a camera man standing there besides me and still with my hands on my hips I offered him a simple nodding motion of my head. He knew this to be the signal for us to begin with the recording and to officially begin with this promo.

Tiffani Michaels - It must feel like all of your dreams are coming true right about now my dear Molly. Still just a newbie to the Insurgency and such the wanted one by the public. You are their golden girl, the one they are putting all of their faith into, the one they want to see succeed because everybody wants to see the Queen being dethroned. Especially after my decision to join with the Empire, I think it's only resulted in the females on this roster being that much more eager to witness my downfall. However it's going to be quite rare to find such the woman who's going to be able to keep me down for good. Look at your own newfound friend in Blyss Lockhart, she's had the nerve to claim that she'll be giving you a hand in preparation for our match at Nowhere to Run, but how many times now has Blyss failed in her attempts to remove the Queen of Wrestling championship belt from my hands? How can you with sound mind take advice from a woman who's face I've introduced to the mat numerous amounts of time? It's laughable at best to watch somebody like Chuck Matthews or Jessica Casey having such pride in a woman who always chokes when the moment of glory is standing right there close enough for her to reach out and grab. Is this the fate that lies in wait for Molly Reid? Granted she's been climbing that ladder of success, but when you look at the list of opponents she's defeated, well I do believe it explains everything much better than I ever could. Of course it's easy to be successful when all you are doing is playing around with the scraps left on the plate. It sounds familiar and I think that's because it's the exact same pattern that Blyss Lockhart was following. Her head got all swelled up because she defeated a couple of nobodies and then when a real challenge stood there in front of her, well that turned out to be too much for poor little Blyss and she folded up like a cheap suit. I'm not going to typecast Molly just because she's following an all too familiar pattern, but I am going to put in that grain of salt, simply because to me it's food for thought. It's worth considering if it just so happens that at Nowhere to Run our friend Molly will be bitting off more than she can chew.

Tiffani Michaels - The funny thing is that I remember upon her arrival how quickly Molly was to make herself known to me, that she wanted for me to believe her to be an ally, someone that I could trust. I was too smart for that though, sure the compliments were nice to hear, but I could tell that there was a definite ulterior motive lurking beneath the surface. Molly was practically drooling at the sight of my Queen of Wrestling championship belt and I knew this to mean only one thing; that there was no trust to be held between the both of us when at any instant she'd be the one holding the knife to my back. This is why they say that in girl world we all secretly hate each other and that when two women are friends there's always a secret reason why that's chipping away desperate to be discovered. I have no interest in being a pawn in anybody's twisted little game and I know for a fact that as long as I hold the Queen of Wrestling championship belt, I will have no female friends in the Insurgency. That suits me just fine because I'm not in this business to make friends. I'm here to make a name for myself and to continue to hammer home all of the reasons why I am the Queen of the Insurgency. It's appropriate that this pay per view event is named Nowhere to Run and that I will find myself inside of a steel cage for my match against Molly. It was only last week in which I made the declaration that none of the other divas on the roster would be safe from the Queen's wrath. I made quite the primary example out of Diana Logan, but I fear that wasn't enough to keep me satisfied, and so I am hoping that Molly will prove to send out a much stronger message to all those who haven't been paying enough attention to me while I have been speaking. I know some of these girls can be quite hard of hearing judging by how many times Blyss keeps coming back for another swift kick in the face. I wonder what kind of girl Molly is going to be, will she learn her lesson the first time? Or will I be forced to deal with Molly breathing down my neck for weeks on end unable to accept the fact she was defeated? I know it can be hard to swallow down defeat, especially when gold is on the line, but there comes a time in everybody's life when they need to realize that their best simply wasn't good enough. I have no doubt in my mind that Molly is feeling like she's ready for this match, that she can pull off the biggest upset by taking down the reigning Queen, but anything she imagines can swiftly be put to rest when reality comes crashing down upon all of her hopes and dreams. If Nowhere to Run isn't your time to shine Molly, I'm going to have to beat you down and remind everyone of exactly why I am the one true Queen of the Insurgency.

Tiffani Michaels - Will you still be two faced after I beat you Molly? Will you still claim to have my back and pretend like we could be the best of friends? I do hope you'll at least be smarter than that and not attempt to shove such pitiful bullshit in my face or else I'll just respond with laughter. Why laughter? Simply because you'll be nothing more than the biggest joke I've ever met in my entire life. The sad fact is you truly set yourself up for so many jokes at your expense. The pitiful way you continue to throw yourself at Chuck Matthews while denying the fact you wanted to engage in an actual relationship. Obviously I know the difference between a relationship and casual sex, but I don't think I've ever seen a woman claiming simply to be after some dick act like such a clingy girlfriend. You can't have it both ways Molly. Either you want the man only for the sex or you actually want to be in a loving relationship where you can stake a claim to Chuck Matthews. I'm sure anybody else would be slut shaming you for all you were worth, I mean, you do make it so easy for someone to break out words like whore or skank with the way you bounce around from dick to dick. I'm wondering if you even bother to take a shower in between jumping around from different guys all for the sake of pumping out those orgasms. I'm getting distracted here, but I do believe that my original point was how easy you made it for people to call you out on the slutty way in which you decide to live your life. However, I'm going to be the biggest person here, and quite frankly it would be a waste of my time to even try to convince you to be ashamed of how you live your life. I mean, come on, you seem quite happy being a slut. Who am I to tell you it's wrong? If daily worries of contracting STD's or pregnancy scares are something that makes you feel complete then I am in no position to tell you that it's wrong. I'm not going to play the part of the morality police here, not when Molly Reid is a grown woman who is more than capable of making her own decision. So if she wants to throw herself at the entire male roster for the sake of becoming the cheap thrill of the entire locker room, who are we to tell her she can't? I guess that having self respect is something that flew out of the window back when the Kardashians became a part of weekly television viewing. Maybe Molly just doesn't think she's good enough based on her talent so she's decided that being passed around in the bedroom is exactly how she will make herself be remembered.

Tiffani Michaels - I have figured it all out though, Molly's nothing more than a good time girl, and a good time girl's biggest flaw is that she's never able to make herself focus enough to be able to achieve something credible. All the good time girl cares about is how her entire life should be nothing more than a party. Nothing is better than going out to parties, getting drunk, getting laid, and staying super beautiful for as long as it is possible. That's the biggest problem with a good time girl, sooner or later, the party must come to an end and she will find herself all alone with no friends left. All those previous booty calls will have moved on and made a life for themselves. Girls like Molly Reid are going to fall apart and land among the ranks of other former party girls. The Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan's of the world if you will. Everybody was loving them when they were the life of the party, but look at them now, even on the outside it's not exactly a pretty sight. There's your look into the crystal ball of the future Molly. Does that not make you cringe? I'd be pretty disgusted if I were in your shoes. I mean, right now you're at your peak, and life is nothing but a damn good time. In which you can have any man you want with the snap of your fingers and you're at every V.I.P. list whenever you get the urge to go out for a wild night. I'd just love to see the look on your face the night when you find yourself standing on the outside and nobody even bothers to remember your name. The both of us might be cheerleaders, but I do believe that is about all that we have in common, the rest couldn't possibly be more different especially where it counts the most. I do believe that is exactly why I am the one with the Queen of Wrestling championship belt and you will be the one trying your best inside of that steel cage to prove yourself to be a worthy opponent. I know you've gone on record stating your love for cages, but this one is going to be much more different than the stripper cages in which you probably find yourself dancing after a few too many drinks. This is the kind of cage that could put a serious damper in your party-going ways for a couple of weeks. I mean, are you really going to be willing to go out partying with black eyes or bruises all over your face? I know I'm not about to show any mercy to a girl who was so willing to smile in my face while plotting the many ways she could steal my Queen of Wrestling championship belt right out from my hands.

Tiffani Michaels - You see, that is the kind of motivation I am bringing with me going into this steel cage match, what kind of motivation is Molly bringing? How do I even know for a fact that during the match she won't simply be mentally preparing herself for all the fun parties she could attend after the night comes to an end? I have yet to truly witness her taking anything at all seriously. Even the act of becoming the number one contender was nothing more than another chance for her to show off for the public. That's the only thing that truly matters to Molly, being the center of attention, and I think the only reason she even wants to become the Queen of Wrestling is because she imagines it will gain her invitations to even more parties. Life is nothing more than one big party after another when you're Molly Reid! Nowhere to Run is just one more opportunity for her to strut out like she owns the place and shake her ass for those horny perverts who will enjoy nothing more than spanking the money to dirty thoughts of Molly Reid. Somehow all of that is enough for her, being a dirty fantasy for horny old men is something that puts a bounce in her steps, and gives her more cause to continue shaking those tits around for anyone who's interested. Can we be completely serious here? Is this really how a Queen should be acting? If anything, Molly's acting more like the whores the King would keep around for his own personal pleasure. I personally like to believe that to be able to hold the Queen of Wrestling championship belt, one must actually hold some poise and hold themselves to a standard that goes above opening their legs to the first man who pays her the smallest hint of a compliment. Or is that what all this is truly about? The Queen of Wrestling championship belt is going to be able to fill for you a void that not even an endless supply of dick seems to be doing? Is the lonely little girl deep inside of you that just desperate to be loved hoping that becoming the Queen of Wrestling will finally be enough to validate yourself of having any kind of worth? I'm afraid that I think this is one ship which sailed a long time ago and the only thing you'd be doing with the Queen of Wrestling championship belt is lowering the value of the belt in the first place. Nobody is going to take Molly Reid seriously if she's the Queen of Wrestling because it would mean any old crack whore can become a Queen if she spreads her legs for the right man. Of course for Molly, there's no shame with sleeping your way to the top. We cannot forget that she holds much pride in being a whore and wouldn't hesitate to get down on her knees for anyone if they promised to deliver her the goods. Why I do believe that wherever she goes, our dear Molly becomes everyone's personal cum dumpster! She laps it all up because she's a good little girl and she wants whatever is being promised to her, too bad becoming Queen of Wrestling won't be so easy as handing out blowjobs behind the parking lot. Wow, listen at me, I said I wasn't going to give Molly a hard time for her choice of lifestyle. It really is too easy, now isn't it Molly? I promise that's the last one in terms of your sexual escapades. I'll be good from now on, unless something else accidentally slips out.

Tiffani Michaels - In all seriousness though, I do want to express my concern for Molly where one Blyss Lockhart is concerned. It's all nice and sweet right now in the fact she's so willing to help you out in your journey to hopefully become the new Queen of Wrestling. She's all pumped to give you that edge over me, despite the fact she's never beaten me, and it's almost like Blyss is making it her own personal mission to take one Molly Reid underneath her wing. It does indeed warm the heart if any of that was actually sincere. For months now Blyss Lockhart has been the woman putting the biggest target on my back all because she salivates at the mouth at the thought of the Queen of Wrestling championship belt. I think I even figured out what her brilliant plan of attack has become now that perhaps she's actually realized she has no hope of beating me inside of the ring. Blyss is going to do everything she can in the desperate attempt of pushing Molly into a fluke win over me, because her logic has decided that if she can't beat me, she'd probably have more luck beating Molly instead. How fantastic is The Order going to work out when the women are all secretly plotting behind each other's backs? Blyss is not going to be any friends of yours Molly if by some lucky miracle you manage to beat me inside of that steel cage. She's going to turn on you faster than you spread those legs because all Blyss Lockhart cares about is putting some gold around her waist. Never mind the fact that at first you two were all ready to scratch each other's eyes out. Now I'm supposed to believe you've formed a tight knit bond all for the sake of dethroning the true Queen of the Insurgency? Lord, all of these bitches must think that I was born yesterday, or that I've suddenly developed the IQ of a hot potato. If they didn't think I was going to see through those super thin little plots, they truly are beyond my level of help, and it really is just going to be easier for me to destroy them all to prove for once exactly why I am the Queen. From the very moment that championship belt was placed in my hands I knew that for me it meant ensuring I remain dominant at every single opportunity being presented to me no matter what the challenge. That's why I'm not about to back down, not from Molly at Nowhere to Run, and certainly not from Blyss and that tag team match they're building up for Ascension. We all know she can't beat me one on one, so I suppose giving her a tag team partner is the best way to give some leverage towards a woman who's sunk so low on the totem pole we're all stepping over her at every single turn. Boy, it must just eat her up alive on the inside that Molly is getting a chance first. A one on one chance for that matter, something you never had, and part of the main reason why you continue to bitch still to this day.

Tiffani Michaels - I don't even want to have any kind of personal issue against Molly, hell she's done nothing to me, she's just a silly little party girl running around begging anyone for some attention for the sake of helping her feel special. I'm just sick and tired of having to listen to how everyone treats her like she's some special hot shit or something. What exactly does Molly have to even give her a clear advantage over me in any kind of situation? It certainly can't be because she's a cheerleader, because I do believe I have that covered myself, and so it renders the whole cheerleader aspect pretty null and void. Is it because of that YouTube video she flashed around of her kicking some girl on the side of the head? Am I supposed to be scared because she can kick a bitch? Or maybe it's because Molly's special talent lies in tearing other girls down without any remorse? Well, of course she can do that, and even with a smile on her face! The bitch is a cheerleader and that takes a special kind of bitch in order to be able to cheer while being pure evil on the inside. I am dying, simply dying, to hear any cut throat remarks which she has make about me now after she spent her first promo being kind enough to kiss my ass even though I wasn't at all involved in the match. How is she going to flip flop from wanting to be BFFs with me to all of a sudden wanting to kick my ass because I'm the Queen of Wrestling and she wants her chance to shine in the spotlight. You can't have it both ways I'm afraid. I was willing to extend the olive branch enough to be able to get to know Molly a little bit better before I made any judgments about her type of character. Now that I've seen enough to form an opinion, I think I certainly don't need someone like that by my side, because it would just end up being the kind of situation where I'd need to be watching my own back constantly. I'd rather know who my enemy is from the beginning than having to spend my time worrying about when my friends would decide to turn on me for their own benefit. Besides, I'm part of the Empire, I'm the fucking Queen of the Empire for that matter and do you really think I'd bother with the lesser bitches when it's all just nothing more than a proper waste of my time? Sure, Molly's got some spunk, and I'm willing to bet that she will put up a fight just because she so enjoys getting down and dirty. However I don't think it's going to be enough, she's going too far above her limits, and that's exactly when karma comes biting a bitch directly on the ass. I'm only trying to offer her a fair warning, just like I did last week to Diana, and she chose not to listen to my wise words. What am I supposed to do when these bitches just don't want to listen to their Queen?

Tiffani Michaels - You're a pretty girl Molly and obviously you have yourself some fantastic taste as far as recognizing talent. You also have yourself a great cheering section heading into this steel cage match at Nowhere to Run. However, it's been far too easy for you, you've faced no real challenges, and the number one contendership was practically handed to you on a silver platter. This Sunday, this is when things get real, this is when the challenge becomes an actual challenge. You'll actually have to bring out this tough street wise chick you claim yourself to be and actually show to me that you're not just all talk with nothing to back up those claims. Do you think that's even possible for you to do? Or did your ego already become too big from just those two nothing matches and having a few people be so willing to kiss your ass because they think for whatever reason you're good enough to beat me at Nowhere to Run? I think they all thought the same of Blyss Lockhart and even Ruby Winters thought she was good enough at one point. The point of the matter is that people can think anything they fucking want, but the reality sometimes is far more disappointing, and maybe the reality of what is going to happen will leave our dear friend Molly Reid shaken because she will be walking into this match with so much confidence. Or wait. I should say that she will be cheering her way into this match with so much confidence. Nowhere to Run is what the people have wanted since the moment you signed that contract. The battle of the cheerleaders. Our very own personal version of Bring It On without all of it sucking major ass like all of those ridiculous sequels. We're two hot girls and they want to see us rolling around the inside of the ring. They want us to see us tearing each other apart and probably ripping at some clothing. I think when men start thinking about cheerleaders they get the lines blurred a little bit with the things they see in porn videos on the internet. Either way, they're going to be sporting some major wood during our match, all because it's something that a man's wet dreams is made of and they'll be paying good money to see it all happen live. I'm not one to ruin a good cheerleader fantasy, I just want to make it perfectly fucking clear to Molly and everybody else of exactly why I am the Queen of the Insurgency. I shouldn't have to prove anything really, I mean, I am the one holding the championship gold but it does appear like there's enough people with doubts in their mind to be placing money bets on Molly to walk out with the win. I'll never understand why people choose to be so fucking stupid, but at least I get the pleasure of proving them all wrong in the end. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Taking all of those doubters and haters, those wanting you to fail miserably, and showing them exactly why you are better than them in every single aspect. I'll love listening to everyone bitch because they didn't witness the downfall of a Queen like the wanted. No, the Queen just keeps on kicking ass because she's better than anybody else they can find to throw in my path trying to slow me down for good.

Tiffani Michaels - Are you ready to show me that it's not all just talk Molly? Will you bring to me a fight worthy of actually making me respect another female in the Insurgency? Or am I just going to be left disappointed because once again another diva is going to fall at my feet showing me that all of these basic bitches shouldn't even be running their mouths in the first place. I'm being quite generous by willingly offering you the chance to prove me wrong and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm quite confident in my own abilities. I know there's nothing on this earth right now that can stop me from making my way out of that steel cage with my Queen of Wrestling championship belt still in my possession. I mean, you're a cheerleader, you understand how there can be only one head cheerleader while the rest kind of just flock around behind her knowing that they will never be good enough to claim the top spot. This is exactly the kind of situation we are walking into where Nowhere to Run is concerned. Two cheerleaders but only one of us can make it to the top of the pyramid while the other one has to grin and bear it while she's holding onto her feet. I've just tried to be the bigger person here, offering you some sound advice about the company you keep, and putting the message across quite clear that I am not going to be such an easy challenge when that bell rings. I think you'll find yourself wishing you were back to facing those nobodies because at least then you stood a chance of having a victory to your name at the end of the night. This time things will be quite different and I do believe the odds are firmly stacked in my favor. This is my Kingdom after all and you are merely just a peasant who's visiting. I'll play around with you until I get bored and that's when I'll give you the boot which you so firmly deserve. I know that makes you sad on the inside because I think a part of you still wishes we could be BFFs, but I'm afraid I don't bother to associate with women I end up destroying inside of the ring to continue proving exactly why I am the fucking Queen. I'll make you bow down to me Molly, if you don't want to do it willingly, don't worry because I have other ways to convince you that it's in your best interest to bow at my feet. It might be your only saving grace in this entire match. Come prove me wrong, show me it's not just all talk and flashing of the tits, and maybe then I might be impressed. For now though, I'm still waiting, and I don't like to be kept waiting for too long.

I giggle before I bring one hand up to my mouth and press the palm up against my lips before blowing a kiss towards the camera. The camera man turns off his camera and my promo has officially come to an end. I smooth down the front of my Cheerios uniform before reaching upwards to tighten up my ponytail with a smile on my face. I could feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins which was the same rush I always felt whenever I was going through the cheers and pumping up the rest of the squad before a big game. I felt that exact same rush simply walking out towards the ring with my Queen of Wrestling championship belt wrapped firmly around my waist. I'd be a damn fool if I was going to let such a brilliant rush slip out from between my fingers, especially to a woman who was basically a carbon copy of everything I represented, no sometimes there can be only one who reigns supreme in the end. Nowhere to Run was my chance to prove to everyone why the original is always the best. Molly Reid should be nothing to me right now, sure she was my opponent, and she could even be an actual challenge inside of the cage. It still shouldn't be enough to cause me to be rattled, because I should have more than enough confidence in my own abilities, this is why I was the Queen in the first place.

I place my hands on my hips and press my lips together in a firm pout. Yes, I was the Queen, and I had become the Queen of Wrestling for a reason. I had the talent to back up any words that came out of my mouth and there was nothing that any other female who dared stand in my way could do to make me ever start doubting the reason why I held the gold in the first place. I looked out at the Cheerios who continued to cheer and look at me with hopeful glances all across their faces. It was a look I'd seen in other people before, people like Molly Reid no doubt when she'd start thinking about Nowhere to Run, and it was comforting to know I held enough power in the palm of my hand to crush all of those hopeful looks into nothing more than shattered dreams. I removed my hands from my hips and brought them out in front of me before I began to clap in order to display to all the Cheerios that I was indeed pleased with the performance. Relief could be seen flooding across their faces and I had to stop myself from smirking at the sudden thought which flashed inside of my mind. The thought that I would not be so kind where Molly Reid and Nowhere to Run was concerned. That would be a night where I would be nothing short of ruthless. All the best Queens are, that's just a simple fact.
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OOC NOTE: The following two posts are one RP. It was just barely too long to fit on the forum as one post Sad But yeah, the shoot is attached to this story as one RP. Thanks Very Happy

The Morning After
Tuesday February 19th
Los Angeles, California

I slumped down on the couch beside Chuck Matthews, who was already sitting there watching TV. He and I had been sleeping together on and off for a week or so, including last night. I smiled as I sat down beside him and looked at him.

Molly Reid: “Are you going to leave soon?”

Chuck Matthews: “I was planning on it...Why? You in a hurry to get rid of me?”

Molly Reid: “Oh, you know me; I have ten other guys lined up after you leave”

Chuck Matthews: “I thought as much. Alright, I’ll get out of your hair....lest you get attached or something. We can't have any of that.”

Molly Reid: “Oh yeah, I was just about to fall in love with you Chuck, better get out of here before I do”

I liked Chuck, but not like that. Sure he was a good guy, and he might even be fun to date, but that’s not what I want. That’s not what he wants either. We’re just sleeping together. It’s a good stress relief. We’ve both had plenty of experience with it, so we don’t have to worry about getting attached. I just liked sex, and so did Chuck, and we were both pretty good at it. We were essentially designed to be the perfect fuck buddies.

Chuck stood up and walked over to the door. He started putting on his shoes when my phone rang. I looked down. Unknown caller. I shrugged and answered it anyways.

Molly Reid: “Hello, you’ve got Molls”

Kate Reid: “Hi baby, it’s me”

Molly Reid: “Who’s me?”

Kate Reid: “Don’t you recognize my voice anymore? It’s me Molly, it’s mom”

I froze. What the fuck. How did she get my number? I had just gotten a new phone a few weeks ago, brand new number and everything. There was no way she should have my phone number.

Molly Reid: “How did you get my number?”

Kate Reid: “I…I asked someone at your school athletic department. They gave it to me…Molly, can we talk?”

I’m going to have a long talk with the asshole that gave her my number.

Molly Reid: “I thought I told you never to call me again”

Kate Reid: “You did…but Molly I’m your mother. I just wanted to talk”

Molly Reid: “We have nothing to talk about. Don’t call me ever again”

I went to hang up the phone, but I heard her yell into it just before I did.

Kate Reid: “Molly wait! Can we just talk, I’m outside at the gates”

What. The. Fuck.

Molly Reid: “The gates?”

Kate Reid: “Can you please open them for me? I just want to talk to you for a bit Molly”

Molly Reid: “Yeah, I’m sure you don’t want to ask me for money right? Shouldn’t you still be in rehab?”

Kate Reid: “I got out early. I’m clean Molly, I really am. I just want to talk to my daughter”

Molly Reid: “Fuck off mom. Don’t call me again, don’t come near my house again or I’ll call the police.”

I hung up the phone and threw it across the room at the other couch. It bounced off and landed on the floor. Chuck looked up as I buried my face in my hands, trying to hide the tears that were now streaming down my face.

Chuck Matthews: “....everything alright?”

I wiped my eyes and looked up at him, trying hard to not cry anymore. I didn’t want to let this fuck up my day, but I’m pretty sure it was going to.

Molly Reid: “Not really”

Chuck Matthews: “You wanna talk about it?”

I wiped my eyes again and stood up.

Molly Reid: “Can you just drive me to school?”

Chuck Matthews: “Yeah, sure”

I grabbed my bag and my purse, as well as the house keys before walking outside with Chuck. We hopped into his car and he drove towards the gates that surrounded my house.

Chuck Matthews: “So...let me ask. You're twenty-two. Still in school. Just got signed to a major company...but how did you afford this house? And how could you get that, but not like....a car?”

Molly Reid: “It was my grandparents house. They left it to me, as well as most of their estate, so I got a lot of money from them”

Chuck Matthews: “I don't even know why I asked. Inheritance is a powerful thing. Why not leave it to your parents though? What happened to them? Where do they live?”

Chuck probably regretted asking the question as soon as he asked it. I broke down into tears again and turned away from Chuck, looking out the window at the front lawn beside me.

Chuck Matthews: “Ah, Christ...Sorry. Didn't mean to upset you.”

Molly Reid: “No it’s not your fault. I’m just having a rough morning.”

Chuck Matthews: “...There's someone at your front gate. Do you know her?”

I looked up. Sure enough, there was my mother, standing at the gate, looking as bad as ever. Clean my ass. She looked worse than the last time I saw her, before her second stint in rehab. That was three years ago.

Molly Reid: “Just drive past her, don’t stop”

Chuck Matthews: “She looks like she's here to see you. You sure you don't want to see what's up?”

Molly Reid: “Chuck don’t you dare even think about stopping”

Chuck Matthews: “Well, shit. Fair enough.”

I grabbed my keys and hit the remote gate opener. As the gates opened slowly, Chuck started to pull out and turn onto the road. My mom was yelling something at me, and trying to get up to my window. I turned my head away and held back the tears. I closed the gate as my mom continued to try to talk to me. I covered my ears and looked up at Chuck, who saw me and quickly sped off down the road, leaving my mother standing there in front of my gate, staring at us.

I quickly wiped my eyes and sat back up in my seat.

Chuck Matthews: “Do I dare ask who that was?”

Molly Reid: “My mom. No doubt ditched out on rehab to come try to get drug money from me”

Chuck Matthews: “Well...that explains a lot. You gonna be okay?”

Molly Reid: “Yeah. I’ll be fine. I just need to distract myself.”

I grabbed my phone from my pocket. I had to call her rehab clinic because I’m certain she didn’t get out early. I couldn’t deal with seeing her when I came home tonight.

Lady: “Hello, Los Angeles county drug rehabilitation center, how can I help you today?”

Molly Reid: “Hi, this is Molly Reid, calling about my mom. She showed up at my house this morning saying that she got out early. Is this true?”

Lady: “Oh my, we’re so sorry Molly. We’ve been trying to find her all morning. She ran off some time last night, we’re looking into how she managed to get out.”

Molly Reid: “I’d just appreciate it if she was gone from my house before I get home tonight”

Lady: “Of course, we’ll get her back as soon as possible. I’m so sorry you had to deal with this”

Molly Reid: “It’s ok; just make sure it doesn’t happen again”

I hung up the phone and kept my eyes on the road. I could tell Chuck felt very uncomfortable with all of this. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting any of this.

Molly Reid: “I’m sorry you had to see me like this Chuck”

Chuck Matthews: “It's not the first time I've seen a woman cry, and I doubt it'll be the last. We all have our dark little secrets, Molly. I just...didn't really expect to learn yours.”

I wiped my eyes. Time to be strong. I didn’t need to deal with this today.

Chuck Matthews: “...and you're sure you don't want to talk about it? I mean...I'll listen to you if you do.”

Molly Reid: “No, it’s fine. If I talk to you about this then I feel like you’ll know too much about me, and then I’ll want to tell you more. Then eventually I’ll start trusting you too much and falling for you, and neither of us want that”

Chuck Matthews: “Good point. We can't be letting 'love' or 'feelings' into this. That could be absolutely disastrous...I don't know about you, but I'm perfectly satisfied with where we're at now.”

Molly Reid: “You and me both”

We drove in silence for the rest of the drive. When we got to the Coliseum, I hopped out of the car and walked over to Chuck’s window.

Molly Reid: “Thanks for the ride Chuckie. Meet up again soon?”

Chuck Matthews: “I suppose so...if you want to, that is.”

Molly Reid: “I do”

I leaned over and kissed Chuck quickly, before smiling and walking towards the stadium. Chuck was a great guy. Not for dating of course, but just to have fun with. He knew what he wanted, just like me. Plus he was really good in bed. So was I though, so we worked well together.

Unfortunately, he got to see some of my emotional side today. I didn’t like that. Nobody has really ever seen that bad side of me before. I preferred to hide that way down inside of me. I wasn’t always this big of a bitch. There was a time where I was a nice person. Where I appreciated what other people did. But that was before my world got turned upside down. Before I knew how cruel the world was, and how quickly it could completely change your life. That was back when my dad was still alive.

I never met my mom before my dad died. My parents got divorced before I had even turned two years old. My dad never explained why, only that they had different approaches to life that just weren’t meant to coexist. I would later understand what he meant, but at the time, I had no idea. I was an only child, and I was always with my dad. We did everything together. He really did spoil me, but it was in a loving way. I never took advantage of him and made him spend thousands of dollars on me for nothing. But he was all I had, and I was all he had. So we needed each other to survive in life. One thing I remember about him was that even though we lived far from all my schools, and he worked full time, he always found time to come pick me up after school and drive me home. It was those little things that made him the greatest dad I ever knew. He never forgot about me, he never put anything before me. I still remember the last time I saw my dad alive, because that day, he didn’t show up to pick me up from school. I was sixteen years old, in the eleventh grade. I can remember the exact events of the day like it was yesterday.

The Day My Life Changed
Los Angeles, California

Ring Ring Ring!

Thank god. The last bell of the day. I could finally go home. I grabbed my bag and walked back to my locker with my friend Brittney, who was talking about some boy the entire way. I was only half listening; she talked about boys all the time so I figured this was no different. We got to our lockers and I quickly grabbed some books and my other shoes, before walking out to the parking lot. My dad was picking me up, just like he always did, at the exact same spot. He was taking me and some friends to San Diego this weekend, to go to the zoo. Sometimes I think my dad still likes to pretend I’m a little girl, and that the zoo is something that gets me so excited. I don’t have the heart to tell him that it doesn’t. That’s why I’m bringing friends, so I won’t be completely bored, and my dad will have fun taking all of us.

I got outside and walked over to where my dad was. Only he wasn’t there. There were some seniors huddled around a car, and a police car parked near them. This was so unlike my dad. Ever since I started going to school, he was never late picking me up from school. I would always walk outside, and he would be right there.

I checked my phone. No new messages or any missed calls. I tried calling him, but got no answer. He was probably driving over right now, that’s why he couldn’t talk. My dad was a bank manager, so it was very possible that he just got caught up with a client.

The seniors were all piling into the car. One of the girls waved at me, and I waved back. I was a pretty popular girl in high school, but I just wasn’t comfortable hanging out with the popular crowd. They were all bitchy, and my dad had raised me to never judge people like they did. I was pretty happy with my group of friends.

I looked around as one of the police officers got out of his car. He looked around, eventually looking straight at me.

Police Officer: “Are you Molly Reid?”

Molly Reid: “Yeah, can I help you?”

Police Officer: “Come with us please”

Molly Reid: “What’s this about?”

Police Officer: “There’s been an incident involving your dad.”

Molly Reid: “Oh my god, is he ok?!”

I climbed into the back of the police car as the two officers did the same and began to drive out of the parking lot.

Police Officer: “We’re afraid not. Your dad’s bank was robbed earlier today. We’re not yet sure who or how much they took”

Molly Reid: “What about my dad?”

Police Officer: “Your dad tried to talk them out of it. He was shot”

I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know what to say. Was this really happening? I sat in silence for a few minutes, thoughts running through my head, unable to turn them into words. Eventually I regained enough composure to talk.

Molly Reid: “Is…is he ok?”

Police Officer: “He’s about to go into surgery to try to remove the bullet and save him, but he refuses to go until he talks to you”

I sat there, not believing what was happening. This was all just one big nightmare. Soon I’d wake up and this would all be over right?

We arrived at the hospital and the police officers raced me upstairs to a room. Sure enough, there was my dad lying on a bed, surrounded by doctors and other people. He was hooked up to all kinds of machines, all of which were beeping and making strange noises. He looked weak, but he smiled when he saw me. I ran over to him and knelt beside him, grabbing his hand.

Molly Reid: “Daddy!”

John Reid: “Hey baby”

His voice was weak and faint. I could see tears welling up in his eyes. They would match the tears that were pouring down my face. My dad was everything to me. I couldn’t lose him, not now, not ever. He was all I had, how would I survive without him?

Molly Reid: “Dad you need to go into surgery, you’re going to be ok”

John Reid: “Molly, did I ever tell you how proud I am of you?”

Molly Reid: “Dad stop talking like that, you’re going to be ok!”

John Reid: “I love you so much Molly. You have no idea just how much you mean to me.”

Molly Reid: “Dad stop! You’re going to be fine, you’re going to survive! The doctors are going to save you, but you have to let them take you into surgery!”

John Reid: “I just wanted to say goodbye to you, in case I don’t make it”

Molly Reid: “Dad you’re going to make it ok?”

John Reid: “Just say it Molly”

I was bawling now, the tears pouring down my face. I couldn’t stop them. Could anyone in a situation like this?

Molly Reid: “Bye daddy”

John Reid: “I love you Molly.”

I wiped some of the tears from my eyes.

Molly Reid: “I love you too Dad”

I hugged my dad, who very gently hugged me back. The doctors quickly sprang into action, pushing me out of the way and taking my dad out of the room and moving down the hall and out of sight.

I fell down to the ground. I couldn’t stand back up. I couldn’t even move any part of my body. I was in complete and total shock. I felt someone grabbing me under the arms and lifting me up. It was one of the doctors. He passed me off to a nurse, who helped me slowly walk back to the waiting room. She was mostly dragging me; I wasn’t being much of any help. I was just thinking about what that could have been.

It could have been the last time I ever got to talk to my dad again. No, I couldn’t think like that. But what if he didn’t make it, what would I do? I had nobody else in my life. My dad was everything to me. I would have nowhere to live. No one to take care of me. I needed him to pull through; I needed him to make it. He was going to make it! He was the strongest guy I’ve ever known, he had to make it!

I sat down and waited. I waited for hours. I didn’t move, I didn’t look around, I didn’t read anything. I just sat there, in the same chair, staring straight ahead. I was just waiting, waiting for that doctor to come around and say that my dad was ok. Waiting to go and see my dad smiling in bed as I walk in the room. Waiting to hug him again and have him back in my life. But the longer I waited, the harder it got to handle.

It was nearly ten o’clock now. I had been sitting in that same chair for five hours. Finally, I could see a doctor walking down the hallway towards me. I stood up and quickly walked towards him.

Molly Reid: “Is he ok?”

The doctor looked at me, and instantly I knew. I could see the sadness, the regret in his eyes.

Molly Reid: “NOOOOOO!!!!”

I fell down but the doctor caught me. I sobbed uncontrollably into his shoulder, as he hugged me tightly.

Doctor: “I’m so sorry. We did everything we could”

I couldn’t talk, I could only cry into his shoulder and let out screams of anger and sadness mixed together. How was I going to live the rest of my life without my dad?!

Doctor: “I just wanted you to know Ms Reid, that your dad was one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. The location and damage of the bullet should have killed him instantly. I’ve never seen anyone who was able to stay alive and fight it for so long. Your dad fought death with all his might.”

That was just like dad. He wasn’t going to give up easily. He had never given up anything in his entire life, and he wasn’t going to on his very last battle.

Doctor: “He kept saying that all he wanted was to see you. He made sure we got you as soon as we could. He fought death long enough to see you Molly. He just wanted to say goodbye to you one last time.”

That was the last thing I could handle. I fell to my knees and bawled on the ground. He fought long enough to see me one more time. All he wanted was one last moment with me. My dad was gone, and I was never going to see him again. Never going to hear his voice again. Never going to have his support again. I knew right then, that I was never going to be the same person again.

Present Day
Los Angeles, California

It took me a long time to recover from that, as it would anyone. The only family I had ever known was my dad. Without him, I was alone. I moved in with my friend Brittney for a few months. Her parents took care of me, and were a huge help in me being able to move on from his death. I took the rest of the year off from school. They gave me passing grades in all my classes so that I would be able to come back in the twelfth grade and not be behind. Everyone was very understanding, and very helpful.

But I wasn’t the same girl. I was mad at the world, mad at everyone. It wasn’t fair that they all had perfect families, while mine was torn apart. I was stuck by myself, thanks to someone so cruel. And the worst part was that they didn’t find the guys who shot my dad until years later, when one of them confessed. So I was also trying to deal with the fact that the police couldn’t even do their job. I wanted justice for my dad’s death, but I wasn’t getting anything.

But eventually I started to adjust to my new life. I changed who I was to mask the feelings I kept hidden inside me. I became more of a popular girl, or, I guess I would call myself a bitch. My friends and I did what we wanted, when we wanted. I started accepting that I was hot, and using it to my advantage. Even at the time, I knew I was only doing it because of the anger I felt towards everyone for what had happened to my dad. But I couldn’t stop it. Because the only person who could have talked me out of who I was becoming was my dad, and, well, that wasn’t possible. So I grew to like my life of being the most popular girl in school. I could pretty much do anything I wanted. My life was finally turning around.

Until everything went bad again.

My Adoption Meeting
Los Angeles, California

I walked up the courthouse steps and opened the big doors to get inside. I was finally having a custody hearing for myself. Since my dad died and there was nobody else that could take care of me, Brittney’s parents decided that they would become my legal guardians, at least until I turned eighteen. I really didn’t want them to put that burden on themselves, but they insisted. I had to admit, I was really glad that they were going to do it. Since I was still underage, doing anything without a legal guardian was next to impossible. I had essentially no money, because I could not get access to my dad’s estate, all of which he left to me, until I was eighteen. I had nowhere to live, since my dad’s house was part of the estate, and I couldn’t sign the deed or sell it until, again, I was eighteen. So having Brittney’s parents take over that legal guardian role, it would allow me to gain access to some of the estate through them. Plus, since I had been living with them for a few months, they were the closest thing to a family that I had.

I walked into a small meeting room where I was told to meet my lawyer. He wasn’t there yet, so I just sat down and started to text Brittney. I was hoping her parents would come down at some point to talk to my lawyer about it. I was really excited, finally something really good in my life.

The door opened and my lawyer, John Goodman walked into the room. He sat down across from me with some papers. He wasn’t smiling like he usually was. Something looked wrong.

Molly Reid: “Is everything okay John?”

He sighed before looking up at me

John Goodman: “Unfortunately, I have some bad news Molly”

Molly Reid: “What is it John?”

John Goodman: “I’m afraid that when we do these legal guardian contracts, we are obligated to contact any remaining parents. Usually we either cannot find them, or if we do, they do not respond. In this case, we found your mother. And she responded. She blocked the guardianship contract”

That made no sense.

Molly Reid: “I’ve never even met my mother; I have no idea who she is. How can she do this?”

John Goodman: “Unfortunately, since you are only sixteen, legally your parents still have full custody rights over you. We also learned that your parents never truly filed for divorce. So your mother technically is responsible for keeping your father’s estate until you turn eighteen. She told us that she intends to move into the house and take care of you until you turn eighteen”

I stood up and smacked my fist on the table. I was mad.

Molly Reid: “John this woman left my father, the nicest man in the world, left him alone to raise me for my entire life. I’ve never so much as gotten a letter from her. I’ve never seen a picture of her. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a mother. How the hell can she be allowed to take me and my dad’s estate, one that he worked so hard for? I don’t get any bit of say in this?”

John Goodman: “Unfortunately not really. You could sue her as an unfit parent, in which case you would be placed into foster care. But you would need some real hard evidence that she was unfit to take care of you, because most often the court will side with the mother”

Molly Reid: “This is total bullshit. So now what?”

John Goodman: “Well, your mom told us to hold you until she arrives to take you home. As I said, she’s legally your guardian, and you are still under eighteen. We can’t let you leave with anyone but her”

Molly Reid: “Fuck this. Help me John, you know me, you knew my dad. Give me something, anything”

John looked around, as if to check if people were listening to our private conversation.

John Goodman: “Alright, I’m only doing this because your father was a friend, and I hate that you have to go through this. I’ll give you my personal advice. Either you wait until you’re eighteen, and then you get the hell out of there. The estate will still be yours. Trust me, we’ve got protective measures over it, your mom can’t just go and take all the money. It’ll still be yours in two years. But if you really can’t wait that long, here’s what I suggest. Your mom is obviously not fit to raise a sixteen year old girl. She hasn’t been there for you at all; she’s been arrested for drug possession numerous times. I have no idea why she wants you now, but I know for a fact that she won’t be able to take care of you properly. So just wait until you have proof of it. Wait until she slips up, prove that she’s a bad parent, and then get child services involved. They just need any kind of proof that she’s unfit to take care of you, and they’ll take you away from her. Then you can get this family that was going to take you in to register as a foster family, and you can get put with them. That’s my opinion. You can choose to do whatever you feel is best”

I stood up as John walked over and hugged me.

Molly Reid: “Thanks John”

John Goodman: “Anytime Molly. If you need me, you have my number. I’m going to take you over to a waiting room; you’ll have to wait there for your mom”

We walked out of the room and down the hallway together.

Molly Reid: “Fuck this. Does she think I’m just going to accept her as my mother? I have no mother”

John Goodman: “I wish I knew why she decided to take you in”

When we got to the waiting room, I could see it was empty, except for one woman and a man with her.

Molly Reid: “Is that her?”

John looked up and saw them

John Goodman: “Yeah, it is”

I looked at the two of them again. She looked terrible, her hair was a mess. Disheveled and discolored, messed up like she hadn’t showered in days. Her face was kind of dirty, and her clothes were disgusting. They looked like thrift shop clothes at their worst. She basically looked like a dirty drug addict whore. The guy with her didn’t look much better. He was wearing one of those tight Ed Hardy shirts, so instant douchebag. He had muscles coming out of everywhere, but he didn’t look like he was actually very tough. One of those gym muscleheads, but nothing more. This was going to be shit.

John Goodman: “Well, I’ll leave you to meet them. Remember, if you need anything, call me”

Molly Reid: “Thanks John, I’m sure I will”

I hugged John, and watched as he waved goodbye to me and left the room. I turned and looked back at my apparently mom and her, I guess it was probably her boyfriend. Oh god, just what I needed right now. Some guy pretending to be my dad. No thanks. I looked at my mom, who was smiling and started to talk.

Kate Reid: “Hi Molly. I’m Kate. I’m your mother”

Molly Reid: “No, you’re not”

Kate Reid: “I know…I know you probably have some questions-”

Molly Reid: “I don’t. Fucking shut up and let’s go”

I was pissed. Did she really think she could just come into my life and act like nothing ever happened? How stupid was she?

Douchebag Boyfriend: “Hey! You listen to your mother when she’s talking to you!”

I turned around and looked at the two of them standing there. I had so much rage built up inside of me, but I tried to hold it in as best I could. It took all of my effort not to punch her in the face.

Molly Reid: “I have no mother”

I stormed out of the door and onto the street. There was one car parked on the road, I assumed it was theirs. I walked towards it. I heard them walking quickly out of the building behind me. I heard the guy walking faster, saying something to me.

Douchebag Boyfriend: “Don’t you dare talk to your mother that way!”

I felt his hand grab the back of my head. I immediately tried to shake him off, but I felt myself being pushed forward. The last thing I remember was my head rushing towards the steel frame of the car door.

Present Day
Los Angeles, California

Yep. My mom’s douchebag boyfriend liked to beat up sixteen year old girls. For that I’ll never ever use his name. He’s always douchebag boyfriend to me. He was terrifying at the time, but eventually I got used to it. Not in the sense that it didn’t hurt, but in the sense that him beating me was just part of my life. I was too terrified to tell anyone. The look in his eyes whenever he hit me or my mom was just too much. I knew that if I told anyone, he would find a way to hurt me. So I just tried to avoid him as much as possible. I hated my mom and I hated him even more. Every time I’d go home I’d run to my room and lock myself in. He would never try to force his way in my room or anything, but when I’d go to get food, or even leave my room, he’d always find some way to hit me. Looking back, I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t just tell someone about it. But I didn’t want to go to the police, because I knew what he would do to me if I did. I didn’t even want to tell John, my lawyer, because I was so afraid of him. Another part of it, I think, was that I never wanted to give him the satisfaction of knowing that it hurt me. I never cried in front of him, I never acted like any of it bothered me. I figured that he would feed off of the crying and the pain, so I gave him none of it. I figured that maybe he’d get bored and stop. But he didn’t. And the worst part about it all was that my mom was so attached to him.

I found out almost instantly that my mom was a hardcore drug addict. How in the fuck my dad ever thought she was a good wife blows my mind. But she was constantly high, which made her not care at all about what douchebag did. She was barely awake half the time, and made no effort to raise me. Occasionally she would try to talk to me about her and dad, but I would just leave. I didn’t want to hear anything she had to say about my dad. As far as I was concerned, she had never even met the man. Living in this house for just a year was so brutal. I can’t even count the number of times I just cried myself to sleep. This was the worst thing that could possibly happen to me after losing my dad. I hated my mom, I hated her douchebag boyfriend, but I was too afraid to do anything about it.

At least, until a year or so after they took me in, when I finally snapped and got out of there for good.

A Year After They Took Me
Los Angeles, California

Douchebag Boyfriend: “Molly, dinner, get your ass downstairs right fucking now!”

I quickly ran downstairs and sat down at the table, lest he come upstairs and throw me down the stairs. I looked at the food sitting in front of me. Looks like my mom had been cooking again. It looked terrible, like, the most disgusting chicken I had ever seen. I didn’t even want to eat it. There were some old carrots on the plate beside it; I figured I’d try them first. At least they were somewhat healthy. I looked up at douchebag, who was eyeing the chicken just as hesitantly as me.

Douchebag Boyfriend: “What the fuck is this I’m looking at?”

Kate Reid: “It’s…chicken. Your favorite.”

Douchebag Boyfriend: “It looks like you took a shit on a plate and served it to me”

Kate Reid: “It…it may have burnt a little bit”

Douchebag Boyfriend: “It may have?! That’s more than a little bit. Honestly what the fuck do you do all day, sit home on your ass! And all I expect is a good dinner, and you can’t even give me that”

Kate Reid: “I’m sorry!”

Douchebag boyfriend stood up and walked over to my asshole mother. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her out of her chair. He reared his hand back, ready to smack her across the face.

I don’t know why I said anything. I’d seen him hit her a thousand times. He’d hit me a thousand times. I never gave him the satisfaction of knowing that it hurt me. He wasn’t even hitting me this time. I could have just sat there and eaten my dinner quietly and then gone up to my room for the night. I hated my mom and she deserved everything she got. But for some reason that I can’t explain, I spoke up. I didn’t even stand up or anything. I just continued to look at my food, but words came out of my mouth.

Molly Reid: “Does it make you feel big?”

Douchebag let go of my mom, and she collapsed to the floor. He hadn’t even hit her yet. He looked at me, anger in his eyes.

Douchebag Boyfriend: “What did you say to me?”

I stood up and looked him right in the eyes. The past year, all the anger I had towards him just spilled out all at once. I shouldn’t have provoked him like this, but my mind was going on its own, and I just had to go along with it.

Molly Reid: “I said does it make you feel big? Hitting a cracked out whore and beating a seventeen year old girl? You must feel like a real tough guy”

Douchebag got right up to me. He was almost a foot taller than me, but I didn’t back down. I just braced myself for the inevitable smack to the side of the head that I was likely about to receive.

Douchebag Boyfriend: “Somebody has to keep the two of you in line. A little slut like you needs a good smack every so often”

Molly Reid: “Yeah blame it on me. You’re a big guy, what are you compensating for? I mean, you’re dating a crack whore and you beat little girls. Can you really not get anything else? Is there not a single other woman that would take you? How pathetic can you get?”

Douchebag Boyfriend: “You little bitch; I’ll show you how pathetic I am”

I waited for the slap, but it never came. Instead, I felt his big hands grab me by the throat and squeeze. I quickly gasped for air, but couldn’t get any. I tried to pry his hands away from my neck, but he was way too strong. I tried to look into his eyes, to get him to stop, but he was dead set on choking me. I reached around the table as my vision blurred and faded. I grabbed a plate and used all of my strength to smash it over his head. He quickly released me and fell to the ground.

I gasped for air, trying to regain myself as Douchebag slowly got to all fours and felt his head, which was now bleeding. He looked up at me as I stared down at you.

Douchebag Boyfriend: “I’m going to kill you!”

Before he could get up, I soccer kicked him as hard as I could in the head. He fell to the ground but was still moving. I kicked him as hard as I could one more time, right in the jaw. He collapsed to the ground completely unconscious.

Kate Reid: “Nooooo!!!”

I looked over at my mom, who was slowly crawling over to where he lay. God she was so pathetic. She fell on top of him, as if she was trying to protect him. She looked up at me.

Kate Reid: “What did you do to him?!”

Molly Reid: “What the hell is wrong with you? He just tried to kill me!”

Kate Reid: “He just needs love, he gets angry but it’s not his fault”

Molly Reid: “I can’t believe that you’re sticking up for him. You’re the most pathetic person I’ve ever met. I’m calling the police. I can’t deal with this anymore”

I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and was about to dial, when my mom stood up and tried to knock the phone out of my hands.

Kate Reid: “Nooo don’t!”

She grabbed my arm and tried to fight me from using my phone. I pushed her back and she fell onto the ground near douchebag. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Molly Reid: “Why the fuck did you block me from being adopted by my friends parents?! What in the hell made you come out of your little alley and bring me into this stupid house to live with you and your piece of shit boyfriend? Why the fuck did you have to make my already shit life even worse? What the hell is your problem Kate!”

My mom looked up at me, tears welling up in her eyes. I didn’t care. Fuck her.

Kate Reid: “I…I thought you could help me. I thought you could help me get clean and turn my life around. So I could be a good mother”

Of course she did

Molly Reid: “You selfish piece of shit. My dad had just died, and you wanted me to come and help you! A crack whore who left my dad and forced him to raise me by himself?! Why would I help you?! I’m the one who needed help. I needed you to be a good mother when I was growing up. But you weren’t fucking there for me were you!? And suddenly you force me to live with you, all for your own selfish reasons! You’re the lowest of the low. I’m calling the cops, I’m going to live with Brittney until I’m eighteen, then I’m taking this house, all of dad’s estate, and I’m filing for a restraining order against you. I never want to see or hear from you again for as long as I fucking live. I hope you die alone you cunt. You deserve nothing less”

There were a few tears rolling down my face, but that was only because I was thinking about my dad. I was furious with my mom, how could she do this to me. She was just a selfish bitch who only wanted me so that I could help her. She didn’t want to raise me, or be a good mother.

I could see the tears pouring down my mom’s face. No matter how high she was, I knew I had cut her deep. She deserved it.

Kate Reid: “Molly, I’m your mom…”

Molly Reid: “No you are fucking not. My mom died before I was born. You’re just some bitch who’s pretending to be her”

I turned and walked to the front of the house, kicking open the door and storming off towards the gates. When I was almost there, I could hear my mom at the doorway, yelling at me.

Kate Reid: “Molly…please help me…I love you”

I turned around and looked at my mom, with all the hate I had for her showing in my face. She could see it, because she instantly looked like she regretted saying anything to me. But I just wanted to get away from her and never see her again.

Molly Reid: “Just fuck off and die”

I turned around and walked out of the gates, before calling the police, ready to report on everything that had been happening for the last year.

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OOC NOTE: This is the second post of my single RP that didn't fit on one post Very Happy

The Video Blog
Entry Number 3
Friday February 22nd
Santa Monica

I looked around at all the people on the beach today. It wasn’t as crowded as usual, but it was a weekday after all. I looked back at my friend Brittney, who had agreed to bring a camera along and film some of my video blog that I was doing for IWF. She was studying film in school anyways, so she was happy to do it. Up until now I had only done it in my room or somewhere in my house. But today I felt like doing it outside. It was such a beautiful day and I didn’t feel like sitting alone at home. And there’s no better place to do it than the beach. So we drove up to Santa Monica to film for the day. That’s how I ended up here, walking down the beach in my bikini, smiling as guys stared at me, and waving to the girls that seemed to all know me. I can’t say that I knew many of them by name, but I had seen them around at some of my parties. Most of the people I knew I had met through one of my parties. I did throw a lot of them after all. I was really the go-to house party person at USC, since I had this giant mansion type house and only me living in it. I hated being alone, so I had parties to give me something to do. Anyways, I suppose I need to do this video blog. I turned to the camera, still walking along the beach.

Molly Reid
“Hey everyone, Molly here, with another edition of my video blog. I’m sure you all want to hear me talk about IWF and my match this week and Tiffani and all that shit. But first can we just appreciate what’s going on right here right now? It’s the middle of February and I’m walking down a beach. The sun is shining bright, the water is beautiful, and it’s just a perfect day out. Only in California could you get something like this. That’s why it’s the best state in America. It’s probably this warm in Florida, but fuck Florida. I’ll stick to Cali, where half the population isn’t over the age of seventy. Look at all these people here. These are my people. Look at them, trying to get into this video. They know exactly what I’m doing here. They know me. That’s what I love about being so popular in such a big city. Everybody knows who I am. You know who else knows who I am?”

Molly Reid
“All of America. But more specifically, all of the girls in the IWF. Even more specifically, Tiffani Michaels knows who I am. I’ll get to her in a bit. Right now I want to talk about my brief history in the IWF. I’ve only been here three weeks. I’ve had two matches. And look at that, I’ve won both of them, and I already have a shot at the Queen of Wrestling title. Do you think that management has confidence in me or what? My first match was such a dominating victory. I barely even broke a sweat when Jaci and I easily handled Diana and Rhiannon. I expected a little bit more of a challenge, but I guess even that is asking too much from these divas. And after that match, I heard both Diana and Jaci were so scared of being in the same ring as me again, that they requested to be excluded from the number one contendership match that I won two weeks ago. I mean, I know I’m really intimidating ladies, but seriously? Didn’t you even want to try? I guess it wouldn’t have mattered in the long run, but even still. I thought we had a bunch of fighters in the IWF women’s division. Instead, we have two fighters, and then a bunch of bitches. You know who is the biggest bitch of all though?”

Molly Reid
“It’s not Diana, or Jaci, or even Blyss or Ruby. No, the biggest, ugliest, stupidest bitch would have to be Rhiannon. I mean, yeah, I’ll give you props for actually taking the match against me. But you’re extremely stupid for doing so. Someone out there had enough faith in you to actually put up a good fight against me. I mean, you are the longest reigning WEW Women’s Champion aren’t you? That’s all I heard from anyone leading up to our fight. The longest reigning champion in a federation that, while claiming it is as good as IWF, has never done anything even remotely close to what IWF has done. The best woman in WEW history couldn’t last ten seconds in the ring with me, a rookie with all of one tag team match under her belt. That tells me two things. One, you’re pathetic and your company is even worse. But two, it tells me that I’m the best female wrestler in the world. If I could beat you that badly with next to no wrestling experience, think of what I’ll be able to do once I get some more practise. I’ll be as unstoppable as anyone’s ever been. I already know that I’m the best. That much is pretty obvious. Look at me and tell me anything different. Find one flaw with me. I dare you. But you won’t. Because I’m flawless. I’ve proven that these first few weeks I’ve been in the company.”

Molly Reid
“Now I already know what a lot of you are going to say. ‘Oh, Molly, how can you say such a thing? You’ve only beaten the bottom feeders of the IWF. How can you stay flawless against someone as flawless as Tiffany Michaels?’. Bullshit, right? Yeah, you’re right. I beat some bottom feeders. They were terrible, and I kicked their asses. But a win is a win is a win right? I taught them a thing or two, and they learned to stay away from me in the ring. And so far I’m undefeated. But oh no, how will I ever translate those wins into a victory over the dominant champion Tiffani Michaels? I’m going to pose a question to everyone out there. What if Tiffani Michaels isn’t as good as you all seem to think? I mean, even I thought she was good. I actually said I respected her. But after looking back at tapes, and into the history of IWF, I’ve come up with a different conclusion. Tiffani Michaels is very average, and is only thought to be so good because of good fortune going her way. Let’s take a look at the history shall we? First there was Fallout. Tiffani’s first pay-per-view with the company. She’s fighting a triple threat match for the Queen of Wrestling belt. As you all know by now, she won the match. But when you watch the tape, her opponent, Katelyn Dimaz, is mere seconds away from winning, when a dumb bitch interferes and distracts her. Tiffani takes advantage and wins the match, and the title. Had that stupid bitch Angelica Monroe not interfered, Katelyn would have been the champion, not Tiffani. A questionable start to a questionable title run. Her next title defense was at Violent Impulse. Against that Angelica bitch in a ladder match. When I first saw this match, I was somewhat impressed with Tiffani. Even though it looked like Angelica slipped off the ladder at the end, I thought that Tiffani had beaten a fairly solid opponent that night. But then she lost to Angelica at the next pay-per-view. In literally eight seconds. It was the shortest match I’ve ever seen, even shorter than my match against Rhiannon. I thought it was pretty funny though, I mean, I couldn’t imagine ever getting knocked out in that short amount of time. I guess that’s how Rhiannon felt though. Or that girl at the club who’s head I kicked in. Whatever. Losers will always be losers.”

Molly Reid
“Next up on the Tiffani Michaels championship run of greatness was her match at New Years Evil, where she beat Blyss Lockhart and Angelica Monroe to win back the Queen of Wrestling title belt. Remember, the fight where Angelica Monroe was hit by a god damn car before the match. The one where Blyss Lockhart was smacked in the skull with the championship belt a few times. The one where Tiffani Michaels was…Oh wait. Nothing happened to Tiffani. She simply came into the ring and cleaned up what was left of the broken and beaten bodies of Angelica and Blyss. She actually almost lost that match too. If I ever lost a match to a girl that had been run over by a car minutes before, or to a girl who no doubt suffered a concussion five seconds before the match started, I would just retire right then and there. What would be the point of going on if I couldn’t beat two cripples. That was almost Tiffani. She had to really work to win that match, something I wouldn’t have had to do. I can guarantee you I would’ve gone into that ring, kick both girls in their already damaged heads, and knocked them both out cold. But clearly, Tiffani is not me.”

Molly Reid
“Finally, her most recent match. Well, I think we all remember what happened in that match. Blyss Lockhart was in total control until she was knocked out cold by Ruby Winter’s kick to the skull. And then Tiffani snuck in and stole the victory. I mean come on; can you win a match on your own Tiffani? I’m not counting useless Battle Grounds matches. I’m talking real match, for the title, on pay-per-view. Because so far I haven’t seen any evidence that you can do it. All of your wins have come by good luck falling into your lap. This time, you won’t be so lucky. You better hope that I break my ankle or something, because at this point, that’s the only way you’ll be walking away still the Queen of Wrestling champion after I’m done with you”

We reached the Santa Monica pier. I walked down it, with Brittney in front of me, filming everything that was going on around me. A few guys whistled at me from one of the patios along the pier. I blew them a kiss back. Probably just made their week. A few girls stopped me, just to tell me how much fun they had at my party last weekend. This happened daily to me. It was kind of pointless, since I obviously knew how much fun my parties were. I didn’t need anyone else to come and tell me that. But they got a chance to talk to me, which I’m sure made their lives just a little bit better. Just as I was about to start talking again, three cute guys walked up to me.

Cute Guy #1: “Hey Molls, remember us?”

Totally didn’t. They looked kind of familiar though. They were pretty hot too. None of them were wearing shirts, and they were all jacked and toned. Abs on abs on abs.

Molly Reid: “Ummmm…not really”

Cute Guy #2: “We’ve been to a bunch of your parties”

Oh. Well chances are I’ve slept with them. Awkward.

Molly Reid: “Oh ok. Well what can I do for you boys?”

Cute Guy #3: “We…umm…were hoping you could sign this picture for us”

The three of them were laughing, and could barely talk. The picture must have been pretty funny then. I grabbed it from them. It was a picture of me, naked on my bed, while one of the guys was naked behind me. Yikes. I looked pretty drunk in the picture too. I turned to the camera.

Molly Reid
“Not safe for video, apologies to my viewers, but I’m not showing this”

I laughed and signed it for them. They all got a good laugh out of it and thanked me for the autograph. I turned back to the camera, laughing.

Molly Reid: “This is the kind of stuff you’ll see on my vlog. And if you want to know more, come on down to my house every Friday or Saturday night here in Los Angeles. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Anyways, where was I?”

Brittney Sinclair: “You were talking about Tiffani I think”

Molly Reid
“Oh right. I have a question for people. Have you ever seen a more jealousy filled couple than Tiffani and Alex Remington? Seriously, I said one nice thing to Remington on twitter a few weeks ago. Tiffani freaked out, accused me of trying to steal her man. I literally just said that I liked a man that wears a suit. And I’ve seen anyone who tries to say anything complimentary to Tiffani immediately gets attacked by Remington. Like seriously, do you two have any freedom? I picture you going home and locking yourselves in a bedroom and not leaving ever. That way you can both keep an eye on each other, and neither of you can ever talk to anyone else without the other one knowing. Seriously, lighten up a bit. You should take it as a compliment that I like your boyfriend’s suit wearing. Remington, you should appreciate another man hitting on Tiffani. If you have a good relationship, you trust each other and you don’t need to be super jealous and protective. Come on, I don’t even date people and I know this. Being overprotective just shows that deep down, you’re both deadly afraid that you’re not good enough for each other. You’re afraid that if anyone comes along and talks to the other, that they’re going to leave you. Because you just know you’re not good enough. Well, I guess that’s true in this case. Neither of you are good enough for anyone else. Which I guess makes you perfect for each other. But instead of just accepting that, you two fight to make things perfect.”

Molly Reid
“That’s why I never understood the appeal of having a boyfriend. I mean, I get all the same things that anyone else gets, and I’m not tied down to one guy. I never have to worry about cheating; I never have to worry about jealousy; I never have to worry about anyone besides myself. Most importantly, I don’t have to deal with disappointing sex if I don’t want to. There is literally no downfall to being a one night stand exclusive girl. Ask Chuck Matthews. He’ll tell you the exact same thing, and he’s actually been in relationships before. They never work out in the end. It’s better to just do whatever you want, whenever you want. I have an insane amount of friends. I’m never lonely, I’m never bored. Having a boyfriend would just slow me down. Not to mention, it would distract me from my match. Which I’m sure it’s going to do for you.”

Molly Reid
“Aren’t you going to be thinking about Alex during our match? I mean, what if I break your nose, and all of the sudden he doesn’t find you attractive anymore? What if he sees you lose to me, and doesn’t want to date a loser? All these things running through your mind, don’t they just suck? I bet you’ll be thinking about Alex’s match later on that night. What if he gets seriously hurt? What if someone attacks him backstage while you’re out fighting me? Oh god, just think of all the horrible things that could happen to him if you’re not there with him. All these attachments you have, all these extra bags that you carry into each match, it must weigh on you.”

Molly Reid
“Me, I don’t have any of that. What are you going to say is going to keep me from winning? Chuck? HA. Don’t make me laugh. Chuck is really good at sex, but other than that, no thank you. That I’m not ready for someone as good as you? Please. First of all, like I said, you’re hardly good. Secondly, I never understood why people say that. ‘You’re not ready to fight someone as good as me’. Like, what does that mean? Of course I’ll be ready for you. I’ve been training all week for you. I’ve watched you fight; I’ve seen how good you are. I’m ready to fight you. Maybe the correct thing to say would be like, I’ve never fought anyone like you. Technically true, but also irrelevant. You’ve never fought anyone like me either. Nobody has ever fought anyone like anyone, because everyone is a different fighter. Maybe you can say that I won’t beat you because I’m not as good as you. But that’s just a lie. Because I’m better than you. That much I know already. And sure, you can talk all you want about how I copied you. You’re a cheerleader from LA, and I’m a cheerleader from LA. OMG I totally just stole that from you. I’m just a copycat!”

Molly Reid
“There are a lot of cheerleaders in LA. It’s a pretty big city, in case you forgot. Besides, I didn’t even know who you were when IWF first contacted me. I’ve never seen you at any of my parties or anything. You were probably too busy wrestling or something. I wish you’d have made it out to at least one of them. Then you could see who the real Queen of Los Angeles is. You could understand that I run this city, and I always will. And you might even have fun, something that seems to be lacking from your life, judging by your relationship with Alex. Come on Tiffani, do you really think you’re going to beat me at Nowhere to Run? Inside that steel cage, there won’t be anyone to help you. Nobody is going to be able to interfere and allow you to steal another title defense, like you’ve done every other time. Alex won’t be able to come save you when I’m ruining that pretty face of yours. This might only be my third wrestling match, but I’ve been fighting all my life. I’m ready for this match. I’ve known since I joined the IWF that I was the only woman that deserved to be the Queen of Wrestling champion. You may have the belt now, but you’re just merely holding it for me. Deep down you know it too. You know that you can’t beat me. You know that I’m the real Queen, of IWF and Los Angeles. How do I know that you know? It’s simple.”

Molly Reid
“Because everyone knows it. Ask anyone in the IWF who the hottest, most talented, greatest woman in the company is, and they all know it’s me. I have the looks, the confidence, the swagger of a champion; the only thing I’m missing is that pretty belt around my waist. Say all you want about how I’m a copycat and can’t beat the original. Keep talking about how I’ve never fought anyone as good as you. Give yourself as much hopeless confidence as you can. I want this to be a fun match. But just know that the end result is going to be the same as my first two matches in the IWF”

I motioned for Brittney to turn the camera around and show off the entire pier, as well as the surrounding beach. The place was crowded with students like me, and it always was. This was all mine.

Molly Reid
“See this Tiffani? I’m the Queen here. This is my kingdom. And come Sunday, after I beat you for the Queen of Wrestling championship, the IWF will be part of my kingdom.”

I stood up on the edge of the pier, before extending my arms and falling back into the water. The cold splash felt so refreshing, it felt so calming. I knew I was ready for my match. It was my time. When I surfaced and saw all of the people at the pier, either jumping in the water with me as well, or cheering me on, I knew that these were my people. I wasn’t going to let them down. I was never going to let them down.

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At the Gym
Continued from first RP
Los Angeles California

So that was the end of that. I had many meetings with the police, lawyers, child services, where I basically just told them exactly what had happened for the year that I was living with them. Doctors confirmed that my bruises likely came from another person, which backed up my story. The police found drugs in my mom’s house, as well as child pornography on douchebag’s computer, which didn’t surprise me in the least bit. Both he and my mom were sent to prison after a fairly short trial. Douchebag was sentenced to 80 years in prison on a variety of charges including assault, child porn, and possession. My mom was only sentenced to four years, but she was court ordered to stay away from me and never try to make contact with me. That was perfectly fine with me. That’s also why I was so upset that she called me and came by today.

After she was released, she was forced to attend a rehab clinic. They needed someone to pay for it though, and since I was her only relative left, I agreed to do it, as long as she was never allowed to know it was me paying, and that she was never allowed to contact me. Up until now, they had made good on those deals. I expected them to fix things this time around. I guess the only reason I’m paying for her rehab is because I know my dad would have wanted me to. I hated her more than I hated anything in my life, but I just couldn’t shake that feeling that my dad would have at least wanted me to help her get clean. Even though I had absolutely no faith that she could ever get clean.

After that, child services placed me in foster care. With John’s help, Brittney’s family was able to take me in, and I lived with them for a few months. I joined the cheerleading squad at my high school, as well as a local competitive team. When I turned 18, I moved back into my dad’s place by myself. I told people it was my grandparents’ house, unless they knew of course. Since I was the only one in school with a house not only big enough to host massive parties, but also had no parents to shut it down, I instantly became the most popular person in school.

Being the most popular girl in school, I got plenty of boys coming after me. And I don’t really know why, but I slept with a lot of guys from my school. I guess it was just my way of dealing with my lack of a family. I hated being alone, so I always found a guy to be with. It always made me feel better, and so I kept it up. Maybe my dad wouldn’t approve, but he would want me to do what made me happy, and I was definitely happy. So between all the parties, cheerleading, school and boys, I was pretty busy all the time. It distracted me from my lonely life.

Then I graduated and got a cheerleading scholarship to USC. So that’s where I’ve been all my life. That’s why I’m here at the gym today. Although today I was training for wrestling, not cheerleading. I had a big match coming up on Sunday, and all I could think about was my fucking mom.

How dare she come and ruin my day like that. I was all set for a good day of training, and she had to come and ruin it all. If I have any chance of beating Tiffani this weekend, I need to really push myself to the limit. She is the one wrestler I really respect in IWF. But I know I can beat her if I’m at my best. Because there is nobody in the world who’s best is better than my best.

I walked into the changeroom and over to my locker. There were a few girls sitting around changing, some from the other cheerleading squad. I didn’t really know them well, because they were technically below me, and therefore not worthy of my time. I could admit that I was a bitch most of the time, but hey, the world was a bitch to me when it took my dad away from me, so I’m only paying it forward.

I quickly changed into my workout gear and walked into the gym. I had a few minutes before my coach got here, so I walked over to one of the punching bags. I sat down on a bench and started taping my hands and wrists, just staring around the gym. A lot of bitches here, doing a lot of leg work. It makes me mad when I see girls like these ones. It’s basically the exact opposite of the guys who go to the gym and only do upper body stuff. These girls come in the tiniest spandex shorts and run on the treadmill for an hour, don’t break a sweat and then go home. They only come to look hot and show off. They aren’t doing anything worthwhile. Meanwhile I’m always killing myself so that I have nice strong abs and good arms. I could punch any one of these girls in the face, and they’d drop like a sack of potatoes. Maybe that’s why nobody ever talks to me in the gym. They know that I could beat each and every one of them up.

I stood up and started throwing combinations at the punching bag. A few kicks here and there, some knees, but mostly punches. I wanted to take the punching bag’s head off. I picture my mom, standing there in front of me, and it made me punch even harder. The anger inside me was welling up, and I was now taking it all out on the punching bag.
Bill Stevens: “Molls, jesus, save some of that anger for this Sunday”

I turned around and saw my head trainer, Bill Stevens standing in a doorway to another part of the gym, smiling. I grinned at him. Bill’s been my personal trainer for over two years now. We were introduced through cheerleading, when our coach made us take some fighting lessons, to learn how to properly fall without hurting ourselves. Mostly precautionary, in case we messed up on a move. But I loved fighting, and hired him to train me personally. He was so excited when he found out I was signed to a real company, and not just fighting girls at the clubs.
Molly Reid: “Sorry Bill. I’m just in a pissed off mood today”

Bill Stevens: “Well I’m about to make you even angrier, follow me”

I followed Bill into the next room. It was the fighting room, used exclusively for fight training. There were two wrestling rings, an octagon cage, and a whole lot of bags. The entire floor was matted too, so you could spar from anywhere. Bill led me over to one of the wrestling rings, where he had set up some kind of wall on two sides of the ring.
Molly Reid: “The fuck is this?”

Bill Stevens: “This is how we’re going to train you. You’ve never had to deal with a cage before, have you?”

We climbed into the ring and walked over to where the cage walls were set up.
Molly Reid: “Nope”

Bill Stevens: “Good”

I felt Bill’s hands on my back, just before he pushed me hard into the steel cage. I got my hands up at the last second and protected my face. I hit the cage and fell down to the mat. Damn that hurt way more than I expected.
Molly Reid: “What the fuck Bill?!”

Bill Stevens: “We need to get you used to hitting that cage. Most wrestlers go into their first cage match and have never been around a cage before. So the first time they hit it, they are so shocked at the amount of pain it can cause, that they tense up and spend the rest of the match trying with all their might to not hit it again. They put one hundred percent of their focus into staying away from that cage, and forget their gameplan completely. My goal is to get you used to the cage. By the end of the week, you’re not going to fear the cage; you’re going to love it. You’re going to want to hit that cage. That’s how you’re going to beat Tiffani. By using this cage”

That actually made sense. Because I definitely wanted to stay away from the cage after that. Hopefully after this week, I’d be comfortable with it. I never even thought about it before.
Molly Reid: “Ok, how do we do that?”

Bill Stevens: “First things first. I want you to run across the ring and jump into that cage.”

Molly Reid: “Are you insane?! I don’t want to die before my match”

Bill Stevens: “Trust me; we’ll give you plenty of time to rest. Just do it”

I stood up and walked across the ring. I looked at him, not believing that he actually wanted me to do this. But he nodded his head. So I slowly jogged across the ring and jumped half-heartedly into the cage. It still hurt but not as much as before. I expected it that time.
Bill Stevens: “By the end of the week, we’ll have you jumping full speed into that cage”

Molly Reid: “Fat chance”

Bill Stevens: “You’d be surprised Molly. Alright, quick, circuit number five, now”

Bill and I had developed about twenty different circuits that he would call out, and I would go run immediately. Each one took about twenty to thirty minutes to complete, and I would be next to dead afterwards. They were tough.

After I finished the circuit, I could barely lift my arms. I looked over at Bill.
Bill Stevens: “Now go climb over the top of that cage”

I looked over at the cage. It wasn’t that high, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to climb. I walked over to it and started to climb. But to my surprise, I found that my arms and legs were far too weak and tired to climb the cage. I got about halfway up before I couldn’t hang on any longer. I dropped myself down onto the mat and lay there for a few minutes, panting exhaustedly.
Bill Stevens: “It’s harder than it looks, isn’t it?”

Molly Reid: “Fuuuuck”

Bill Stevens: “Don’t worry, getting over that cage is mostly mental, less physical. You’re strong enough to climb it, you just need to push yourself. We’ll get there by the end of the week”

Molly Reid: “I hope so. I really need to win this match Bill”

Bill Stevens: “Don’t worry. You’re gonna win. That championship belt is as good as yours. I have a lot of confidence in my training methods”

Me too. Sure they were unorthodox. Bill was a strange guy sometimes. He actually came to a lot of my parties, and drank a ton. He didn’t seem to care that I drank, which was different from a lot of trainers. I actually considered him a friend, which was really cool. But I knew that if anyone could teach me to love getting thrown into a cage, it was Bill. If anyone could push me to give one hundred and ten percent on a workout, and then still find the strength to climb over a steel cage, it was Bill. He was the best trainer in Los Angeles, I’d argue against anyone. I was so glad to have Bill to train me. And I think he felt lucky to have someone as dedicated as me as his student. It’s a pretty awesome teacher student relationship that we have. I’m going to kick Tiffani’s ass this weekend. I can’t wait.

Reading Fan Mail
Video Blog Entry #4
Somewhere over United States
Sunday, February 24th

Molly Reid:
“Ok, so as you can see, I’m currently on a plane, heading to Atlanta for my match tonight. Full disclosure I’m a little tired, and a little hungover. But I’ll take a nap once I get there and I’ll be one hundred percent ready to go. Anyways since I’m tired and I can’t really go anywhere, Brittney is going to read off some fan mail, and I’ll answer it for you guys. Maybe it’s a cop out but hey, I’m doing to vlog’s in one weekend, you guys should be happy. Alright Brittney, read away”

Brittney Sinclair:
“I’ve got one from some guy in Tennessee, he’s asking why you didn’t join the Empire? It seems like a perfect group for a girl like you?”

Molly Reid:
“What does he mean, a girl like me? A bitch?”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Probably, but he doesn’t have anything else”

Molly Reid:
“Alright, well, Tennessee, the reason I didn’t join the Empire is the same reason that most people aren’t joining it. It’s fucking stupid. Tell me this, who is the leader of the Empire? Because most people would say it’s Corey Casey. But if I asked Alexander Remington who the leader was, do you really think he’d say Corey Casey is the leader? What about Axle Vengeance, would he say that he’s playing Corey’s sidekick? Of course not. This is a group full of massive egos. And sure, I would fit right in there, confidence wise. But while I may be very confident in myself, I’m not fucking stupid. Why join a team that is hanging together by a thread, just waiting to snap and all come apart. What’s one thing that Axle, Alexander, Corey, Tiffani all have in common? If you said that the only people they look out for are themselves, then you’d be right. What’s the point of a stable if you really only care about yourself. Sooner or later, one of them is going to get asked to do something that they don’t want to do. It’s already happening. Corey’s freaking out because Axle went to fight in a different company. But Axle isn’t backing down, because he’s doing what he wants. So why even join the group, if you’re not going to have a clear leader or follow any orders. I’m not going to join some stupid group full of self-adoring wrestlers, just to play second fiddle to whoever is feeling the biggest each day. No, I’d rather sit and watch from the outside. If I wanted to go fight someone in another company, you know how many people would stop me? Absolutely zero. I have nobody that’s holding me back. Nobody that I have to wait to catch up. The Empire won’t last; it can’t last with the people who are part of it. Not to mention they seem to just accept anybody who wants to join. They don’t care about anything in the past, just that if you want in, you’re in. Remington spent weeks fighting off the Empire, but then he joins it and they act like nothing has ever happened. Last pay-per-view, Tiffani almost got screwed by Blyss and Ruby, who were part of the Empire, and yet she joins it two weeks later. It makes no sense to me. I could beat Tiffani this week, ask to join the Empire next week, and I guarantee they’d say sure. Corey just can’t say no to anyone. He doesn’t care about building the most talented group, he just wants as many people as he can to work for him, so that he doesn’t have to do anything and he’s protected. That’s why I won’t join the Empire. That’s why I’d never join any stable. Sure I’ll help people take down the Empire, but I do things my way. The Empire will collapse under its own weight soon enough, once everyone realizes they can’t get along at all. And once they do, I’ll be there to make sure it’s gone for good”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Next question, from James in Pennsylvania. James says ‘Hey Molly, big fan. I was wondering if you could tell us whether the rumours of Blyss Lockhart putting you under her wing and training you are true.’”

Molly Reid:
“Ok I’ve actually heard this one before. People ask me about it on Twitter and stuff. Let me make this clear. I have never in my life had an in-person conversation with Blyss. I don’t like her at all. I think she’s a terrible wrestler and I would never ever even train with her, let alone let her train me. What would she teach me, how to lose to Tiffani? How to get my ass kicked in the ring but yet still keep coming back and acting like I’m actually talented and can wrestle. Blyss Lockhart wishes that I would teach her a thing or two about wrestling. So to answer that rumour, no, I am not training with Blyss Lockart, it disgusts me to think of her trying to train me. I will never train with Blyss. So whoever started this rumour is an idiot. I assume Blyss did it herself, because she needed some kind of credibility back for her career. She saw that I was getting a Queen of Wrestling title shot and knew that I was going to win. So she decided to tell people that she was training me, so that when I won, she could say that she was the reason that I won. When I win tonight, it will be because of me, Molly Reid, not because of a stupid bitch named Blyss Lockhart.”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Here’s one from a Matt in Illinois. It says ‘Hey Molly, will you have sex with me?!’ Oh lovely, he’s got some pictures attached too”

Molly Reid:
“Is he hot?”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Ew no, he’s really fat and hairy. Also he sent a dick pic”

Molly Reid:
“Hahaha, no way! Let me see!”

I leaned over and looked at the computer that Brittney was holding. Sure enough, there was an old hairy fat naked man, sitting on his couch, his genitals in full view. Lovely.
Molly Reid:
“I’ll give him props for having the balls to actually send those, but no, I will not have sex with you Matt from Illinois. Shave, lose some weight, then maybe we’ll talk”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Next question is from Jenna. She mentions that you once said that Tiffani Michaels was the only girl you said that you respected in the IWF. Is that still true?”

Molly Reid:
“Yeah it is. Look, I’m not going to lie about it. I do respect Tiffani Michaels. I know the kind of dedication it takes to be a cheerleader as good as she is. I know the amount of work and dedication she had to put in to get where she is. So yeah, I respect her and what she’s done. It’s way more than what anyone else in this company has done. At least she worked hard to get where she is today, unlike almost all of the other girls. But while I may respect her, I just don’t think she’s that good of a wrestler. I don’t think it will be hard for me to beat her. I know I’m a much better fighter than she is, and that I’m going to prove it tonight. Respect be damned, I’m going to kick her ass. She needs to know who the best woman in the company is. She needs to understand that she isn’t going to be able to get by with fluky wins and lucky shots. After tonight, maybe she’ll learn a thing or two.”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Another question asks about whether you thought you were being two faced. After all, you did play nice with Tiffani in your first vlog”

Molly Reid:
“You know, that’s a funny thing. I guess you could say I was being two faced. I mean, I guess I’m always being two faced, right? I’ll say and do anything to get myself ahead. Do you think I would have slept with Chuck Matthews if I didn’t think it would help me get ahead in the IWF? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Chuck is great in bed and there’s a reason we slept together so many times. But I wouldn’t have ever even given him the chance if I didn’t think it would benefit me somehow. And low and behold, it must have done something, because after only two matches in the IWF, I’m the number one contender for the Queen of Wrestling championship. Being two faced is what I do. But at least I can admit to it. I’m a cold-hearted bitch, and that’s the truth. Maybe if the world wasn’t such a cruel bitch to me, then I wouldn’t have turned out the way I did. But hey, can’t change the past now can we? So yeah, Tiffani, if she accused me of being two faced, she was right. I join the company, and I see everyone ganging up on the Queen of Wrestling, and yet she’s still winning matches. Not to mention she’s also a cheerleader from Los Angeles? It was way too easy. Of course I was going to side with her. Of course I was going to pretend to like her and be friends with her and act like I would have her back. She was the fastest way to success for me, who wouldn’t take that path? I didn’t expect to rise up so fast, but I guess even I underestimated how amazing I really am. So Tiffani, if by any chance you watch these vlogs of mine, yes, I was never intending on having your back or being your friend. I always just wanted that belt of yours. And don’t you dare tell me that you wouldn’t have done the same. Now I’ve got my chance to get that belt, and I won’t let myself down. I’ll do whatever it takes to be the best, and that includes lying or sleeping my way there. I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks of me. Call me a slut if you want, I couldn’t care less. I’m very happy with myself and what I’ve done in my life, as well as what I am going to do. If I tell you that I like you or something, chances are I’m just lying. But that’s ok, because that’s just what I do. I’m not going to change, and if you don’t like that I’m a two faced bitch, tough titties girl”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Paul asks ‘With all the downfall of recent celebrity socialites, ala Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, how will you make sure that you won’t fall down the same path?’”

Molly Reid:
“Because I’ve got one thing that neither of those girls, in fact, none of those socialite bitches have. A brain. Contrary to what many people might believe, I know exactly what I’m doing. Not to mention I’m pretty fucking smart. Not everyone can get a degree in biomedical science at one of the biggest schools in the United States, all while maintaining a successful party lifestyle on top of her cheerleading schedule. But I can. That’s why I won’t fall down the same path as idiots like Lindsay and Paris. Look at me, first of all, I’ve still got years and years of being this hot left. Secondly, I kick fucking ass. And thirdly, in a few months, I can officially apply to jobs using my biomed degree. Not bad for some stupid socialite bitch am I right? So yeah, something tells me that I’ll be better off than they were. Not to mention I don’t do crack or meth or anything like that. I drink, hard. Maybe I’m an alcoholic, I don’t know. It’s not ruining my life or anything, so probably not. But yeah, I drink a lot. Occasionally I smoke weed. But I’ve never had the desire to try anything else. I don’t even smoke cigarettes. And before you go off talking about marijuana as a gateway drug, and that maybe one day I’ll have to try something harder, I want you to think harder. First off, like I said, I don’t smoke weed that often. Secondly, I’m twenty two years old. I smoked my first joint when I was fourteen. If I haven’t moved on to any harder drugs by now, I’m never going to move on. I like where I’m at in my life, and I’m never going to change that. Drinking, partying, school, cheerleading and wrestling. I’ve got a pretty solid balance. My life isn’t about to go downhill anytime soon. Plus, I can act. I’ve been pretending to be friends with some people all my life. I’ve always got that to fall back on”

Brittney Sinclair:
“This guy wants to know why you have sex with so many guys.”

Molly Reid:
“I like sex. It’s pretty simple. And I like experimenting. Like seriously, how is it fun to have sex with the same one person over and over again? Everyone has different things that they bring to the table. Everyone else can stick to the one course meal, I prefer the buffet. Maybe I’m a sex addict. That would make a lot of sense. Oh well, I like it. I’m careful, I always use protection, and I don’t sleep with ugly guys or anything. Not just anyone can fuck me; you need to pass all of my tests. And trust me; there have been way more fails than there have been passes. So yeah, I have sex with so many guys because I like to have sex. It’s literally as simple as that.”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Alright, this guy wants to know…nevermind”

Molly Reid:
“No, what was it?”

Brittney Sinclair:
“He was asking about your parents. I know you don’t want to talk about that”

Brittney was one of only a few people who knew the true story about my parents. Of course that was because we had been friends for so long, plus she was always there for me when I went through that whole thing with my mom. So she knew that I never wanted to talk about it. But if I just ignored it now, people would continue to ask me, over and over again. I had to tell the story I told everyone.
Molly Reid:
“No it’s ok. Look, my parents always treated me like shit. They never found time for me, they never loved me. I don’t want to say I hated them, but it was pretty close. My dad, I think he said all of five words to me my entire life. My mom even less. Sometimes I would run off for a few days to live with Brittney or another friend, and when I got back they didn’t even notice I was gone. I got so sick and tired of it eventually that I called child services. They came and talked to my parents, who basically agreed without any hesitation to put me into foster care and then move away to New York. Luckily for me, Brittney’s parents adopted me and took care of me. So I will always consider them my parents. I couldn’t give a shit about my real parents. As far as I care, they died when they put me up for adoption. So now that everyone knows, I better not hear another fucking question about them, unless you want a swift kick to the mouth”

I hated having to lie about my dad like that. My mom, I didn’t give a shit about. But it was hard to say that my dad treated me so badly, when really he was the most amazing dad in the world. But I could never tell people about what really happened. It was too sad, too embarrassing. It was just too much to talk about, so I made up this story. People believed it, so I never bothered to change it or anything.
Brittney Sinclair:
“Alright, another question here. Bob from Connecticut is asking how you trained for this cage match”

Molly Reid:
“Cool question. I actually had a really different training approach to this match. My trainer is pretty unorthodox, maybe even a bit crazy. He set up half a steel cage in our training ring, and every half an hour or so, he’d make me run as fast as I could and throw myself right into one of the cage walls. Or he’d make me climb over the cage as fast as I could, right after I finished a grueling workout. He was really trying to hammer home that I didn’t need to be afraid of the cage. He taught me how to push myself even further through pain. I’d be doing a circuit, and he’s smack me in the back with a section of chain link fence. It was weird, I’ve never trained like that before. But now I’m not going to be afraid of the cage anymore. Now, when Tiffani inevitably throws me into the cage in our match, I’ll know exactly how much it will hurt, and exactly how to deal with it. It won’t catch me off guard. It’s just those little things that I think will give me a big advantage in our match. I’m sure she’s been around steel cages before, so she’ll know what to expect. But now I’ve evened the odds in that regard. I’m all around a better wrestler than her, and now she doesn’t even have an experience edge over me. So that’s how I’ve been training, obviously as well as my normal fighting training.”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Only a few more questions. This one is from some unnamed guy in Florida. He’s asking if it’s hard for you to hear everyone insult you about your lifestyle”

Molly Reid:
“Haha, no, it’s not hard to hear. Look, I hear that shit all the time. It’s literally the easiest thing to say about me. I hear girls trash talking me, and all they say is ‘oh, she’s a whore, she’s a cumdumpster, she opens her legs for anyone’. Like, I get that you want to insult me. But could you be a little more creative? EVERYONE uses those insults towards me. Make fun of how I look, make fun of how I’m a girly girl cheerleader, make fun of how I’m a bitch or how I’m not as talented as you are or something. But if you really have to resort to just calling out my lifestyle, it just shows me how uncreative you really are. Yeah I have sex with a lot of guys. I enjoy it. I wouldn’t change that for anything. I don’t get attached to guys, certainly not to guys like Chuck Matthews. Unlike most people, I actually understand that an ONS is only for one night. Yeah, sure, Chuck was good in bed. So I kept asking him to come back. But like I said earlier, Chuck was helping me get ahead. Why would I throw that away? Not only did it help me advance my career, but I got really good sex out of it. It was a win-win situation. But when girls make fun of that, it really just shows me how insecure they really are themselves. It’s true, not all girls want to live like I do. Most girls would rather find a boyfriend and stay with him and him only. I don’t understand why, but that’s not the point. But the ones who are truly happy with that choice, they don’t berate me for my choices. They see me and they say, ‘you know what? I don’t agree with what she’s doing, but it makes her happy, so who am I to question it.’ Whereas girls who use it as an insult are really just too afraid to admit that they wish they could accept what I do. They want to be able to sleep with people and not get attached and just have fun. But they don’t know how. So they resort to making fun of my choices, rather than deal with their own pathetic selves. I get it though. People wish they were me. They wish they had the confidence that I have, to own my lifestyle. I don’t get embarrassed that I sleep with a lot of guys, I accept it. If I wanted to change it, I could. I just don’t want to, because I enjoy what I do.”

Brittney Sinclair:
“Alright, last question. This is actually just my question. Any last words for that little bitchy Tiffi Michaels?”

Molly Reid:
“Yeah I guess I could say a few things. And I’m speaking directly to you Tiffani. All the wrestling news sites, all the podcasts and talk shows and radio hosts and whatever can play this. I want you to hear this. I want you to know this, I want you to believe this. I am going to beat you tonight at Nowhere to Run. This cage match is going to be fun for me. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy beating you senseless in that ring. Grinding that pretty little face of yours across the cage, bloodying it up a little bit. I’m sure you’re not used to that. None of these other girls in the IWF can do that to you. But I can. And you know I can. You know that I have what it takes to beat you. You know that you can’t simply wait until some kind of opportunistic moment arises. No, honey, this is inside a steel cage. Nobody can come and help you. You can’t win because someone gets in there and gives you a perfect chance. No, you have to beat me. And that’s something that you just can’t do. You joined the Empire so that someone would always have your back. Because you knew that with me in the IWF, you needed it. Well tonight, no one can save you from me. That Queen of Wrestling championship is mine. I’m coming into that cage and I’m taking it. Your skinny little ass won’t be able to do anything to stop it. I’m simply better than you. I’m better than everyone. God put me on this earth to be the best, and that’s exactly what I’m being. Not third best, not second best, but THE best. I came to the IWF to teach all of the women here a thing or two about how you fight. Not about how you wrestle, but about how you punch a girl in the face. This steel cage match isn’t going to be a wrestling match. You’re only kidding yourself if you think that. This steel cage match is going to be an all-out war. We’re going to put the IWF womens division on the map with this match. Exactly what I was brought here to do. Unfortunately, somebody has to lose the match. And, well fortunately, that someone is going to be you. You’re not going to have a third person in the match to help take the pressure off of you. You’re one on one, against me, inside a steel cage. I’m going to be coming at you nonstop. I’ll punch you in the face before you even get a chance to think about what’s happening. Before you know it, your ass will be knocked out on the fucking ground, and I’ll be climbing out of that cage on my way to becoming the Queen of Wrestling champion. Hold onto my belt Tiffi. Keep it nice and clean. Because I want it to look nice and sexy when it’s wrapped around my cute little waist”

I put my hand in the camera to cover it, as Brittney turned it off. I was ready. I was pumped. This match was mine. That title was mine. There was nothing that Tiffani could do to stop me. Nothing that anyone could do to stop me.

The IWF was mine, and that’s just the way I wanted it.

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Scene 001 - Little Princess in a Terrible Mess


I wanna be a bottle blonde
I don't know why but I feel conned
I wanna be an idle teen
I wish I hadn't been so clean
I wanna stay inside all day
I want the world to go away
I want blood, guts and chocolate cake
I wanna be a real fake


Approximately Four Years Ago


I stepped inside of the girls washroom during the small break we had in between each classes with the intention of touching up on my make-up wanting to make sure I always looked my best. That's the price that came with being Captain of the Cheerios and having every single eyes locked upon me when I made my way down the hallways of the school. I had the unique ability of being able to make people move out of my way simply with my attitude and so ensuring I always looked my best was no small sacrifice. I pulled out my favorite pink lipgloss and was applying some onto my lips when I could hear the sound of somebody sniffling back on their tears from inside one of the stalls. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't even bother to care if some girl's feelings had gotten hurt to the point she thought it was necessary to seek sanctuary inside of the school washroom, but there was something oddly familiar about those sniffles, and it was enough to make me step away from the mirror for some further investigation. I peered beneath the one stall with the closed door and immediately recognized those black satin flats to be the ones my twin sister Taryn had been wearing this morning after we'd gotten ourselves dressed. I couldn't help the frown that crossed over the features of my face when the realization that it was my own sister who had locked herself away to shed those tears.

I took in a deep breath before I gently pushed open the closed door of the stall and luckily enough I discovered that Taryn had chosen to leave the door unlocked. Or perhaps she had simply forgotten because she was feeling so distraught at the time. Taryn looked upwards the moment that she felt my shadow looming over where she was sitting hunched on the toilet. There was no denying the big tears that were running down both of her cheeks and even if she wiped them away the damage was already done. Her eyes were all puffy and red causing me to feel a twinge of sadness in the pit of my stomach to have to be the witness of my sister suffering in such a state. I lowered my gaze from her puffed up tear filled face and instead focused my attention on the swollen size of her pregnant stomach. I sigh before lowering myself down onto my knees and reaching out with both hands to take Taryn's wanting to bring her some immediate comfort. Taryn didn't flinch or recoil at my touch instead choosing to allow for me to squeeze her hands in the most affectionate manner. I released my hold on one of her hands and gently reached upwards to smooth down some of her hair that had fallen over her face. How grateful was I for the fact we were here alone inside of the washroom. I was highly doubtful I'd get anything out of Taryn if this was not a private moment.

Tiffani Michaels - What's wrong Ryn?

Taryn Michaels - I don't want to talk about it Tiff.

Tiffani Michaels - You don't have much of a choice here, I'm not going to let you leave without finding out what happened.

Taryn Michaels - It's nothing that I can't handle.

Tiffani Michaels - That's why you're sitting here crying?

There was a moment of silence between us when Taryn realized she wouldn't be able to argue with such sound logic. She takes her free hand and wipes at her eyes that were still quite watery and I lean back against my shoes wishing I could convince her to just come out with whatever was bothering her at the moment. Sitting here crouched inside of the washroom was not exactly my idea of a good time. I give her hand another comforting squeeze hoping that Taryn would realize that I only had her best intentions in mind. I wasn't blind to the kind of treatment she had been dealing with because of her unplanned pregnancy, but it didn't mean I was aware of the exact specific reason why she was reduce to tears at this very moment. Taryn released a deep sigh from inside of her lungs almost like she was carrying the weight of the world solely upon her shoulders. I pulled myself up from my crouched position and leaned in close towards Taryn in order to cup the sides of her face into my hands. I gently guided her face upwards forcing her to look me straight in the eyes because I knew this would be the best way to convince Taryn to tell me the truth. She had to be aware deep down on the inside that it was the best option, certainly one that was better than sitting here on a toilet and crying, my sister was much better than being reduced to this level of pathetic.

Tiffani Michaels - Tell me what happened.

Taryn Michaels - It's just Claire again, she's spreading even more rumors about me being a whore. Now everybody's starting to actually believe them to be the truth!

Tiffani Michaels - Why can't she just leave you the hell alone?

Taryn Michaels - You really think I know the answer to that Tiffani?

Tiffani Michaels - I've had enough of that little bitch thinking she can go around ruining your life.

Taryn Michaels - Wait, what is that supposed to mean? Tiffani?

I had pulled away from Taryn and stormed out of the bathroom stall with my mouth set in a grim line of determination. I could still hear Taryn screaming after me, pleading with me to calm down and not do something completely insane, but it was far too late for that now. I was seething on the inside, if my sister wanted to be so weak she'd allow for some prissy little bitch to walk all over her I believe that made it my responsibility to have her back for support. It was easy enough for me to make my way through the hallway when people were quick to move out of my way so I could head in any direction that would be pleasing for me and so finding Claire took practically mere seconds. I was still seething watching her standing there besides her locker and laughing without a care in the world despite the fact she'd gone and reduced my sister to nothing more than a crying mess all thanks to her vicious words. I didn't even confront her verbally, instead I lunged towards her with both hands held out, and I bashed her head up against the side of the locker with all of my strength. I could hear the sounds of people screaming with shock, but the only thing I was focused upon was grabbing large handfuls of Claire's hair while I continued to introduce the side of her head to her locker with the most vicious of intentions placed in the back of my mind.

Tiffani Michaels - Leave my sister alone you fucking bitch!

I continued to bash her head up against the locker listening to the sounds of the screams that surrounded me even though all of it was beginning to feel like a blur. That's how much the rage I was feeling on the inside was threatening to take over everything. Her friends were screaming for help and I was sure someone by now must have gone in search of a teacher in order to stop me before I ended up killing Claire with just the use of my bare hands and my own uncontrollable rage. There was a stickiness of blood all over my fingers and I was about to take a deep breath to slow myself down when I felt a pair of hands roughly pulling me back. All of a sudden people rushed towards Claire to provide some assistance while she lay there slumped against the floor. She must have passed out after I'd started beating her head against the locker and that was why she had stopped screaming after awhile. I'd just been too fueled by rage to even notice. I was being dragged away and I started kicking my feet wanting to escape from the strong arms of the teacher that was carrying me as far away from Claire as it was possible. All of it for her own safety because I was too dangerous to be trusted close to a girl who I had just attacked from out of nowhere.

Tiffani Michaels - Leave Taryn alone or I'll fucking kill you!

The sound of my voice was foreign even to my own ears because I had never heard it filled with such rage and venom. I can imagine the reaction from my parents when they would receive the phone call from the school about this incident, but right now I couldn't even begin to give less of a fuck, all I wanted to do was to be able to provide protection for my sister during her time of need. The teacher put me down and instead of heading for the principal's office where I'd receive my punishment, I simply ran down the hallway heading for the direction of the doors that would lead me to the outside world. I'm not going to get punished for something when my intentions had been nothing but good. I was standing up for my family and that fucking prissy little bitch had it coming in my opinion, I'm sure I wasn't the only person who wanted to do that to her over the years of dealing with her attitude. I pushed open the doors and kept running until I was outside feeling the sunshine pouring all across my skin. My shoes pounded up against the pavement and I couldn't even begin to wonder just to where it was that I was running to in the first place. All I knew is that I needed to make my escape before they caught me and tried to place all of the blame upon my shoulders.


Yeah I wish I'd been a, wish I'd been a teen, teen idle
Wish I'd been a prom queen fighting for the title
Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible
Feeling super, super (super!) suicidal
The wasted years, the wasted youth
The pretty lies, the ugly truth
And the day has come where I have died
Only to find I've come alive


Approximately Four Years Ago


I stepped inside of the office of my Cheerios coach with my uniform tucked up underneath one of my arms and that wasn't enough for her to look up from the pile of paperwork she had gathered up on her desk. I cleared my throat to catch her attention and finally she looks up giving me the chance to take the satisfaction of watching her mouth drop open with shock once she catches sight of my outer appearance. I could feel her eyes swooping across my bright pink hair that I had dyed after cutting it short to release myself from the duty of the high pony of a Cheerio. She seemed in pure shock noticing my nose ring and my darker more edgy clothing that was a far cry from the preppy look I'd adopted whenever I wasn't dressed in my Cheerios uniform. Feeling more than satisfied with her reaction I step closer towards her desk and use this as the perfect opportunity to drop my Cheerios uniform directly on top of all of her paperwork. She stands up from her chair and looks down at the uniform before returning her gaze to my face where I turned up the corners of my mouth into a small smirk. This was a new kind of a power and I had to admit I was definitely loving the feeling.

Tiffani Michaels - I quit the Cheerios.

Coach Hennigan - You can't quit my Cheerios.

Tiffani Michaels - I just did. You can't tell me what to do anymore.

Coach Hennigan - Have you lost your mind? You're my Captain, I'm not going to have my Captain just walk away because she's going through some kind of teenage crisis.

Tiffani Michaels - What you call a teenage crisis, I call finally discovering myself, the real me and not just what others think I should be based on my looks.

I resist the urge to roll my eyes after such a powerful statement and instead simply turn myself around so that my back is facing Coach Hennigan. To be perfectly honest with myself I had no other reason to remain inside of this office because it was now part of the past and I was looking to move on to much better things. I was done trying to pretend I was the blonde little Miss Perfect whom other girls in the school followed around in the desperate hope some of my popularity would rub off on them in the end. All of that was nothing more than bullshit and I'd much rather live with the free option of being myself without a bunch of lackeys trailing my every single step. I make my way towards the door feeling more than prepared to walk back out into the hallway and perhaps take off the rest of the afternoon from my classes because more of them were truly becoming quite the bore. However I can feel Coach Hennigan standing directly behind me which causes me to come to a stop. I'm not even quite sure why I did bother to stop but I did and I slowly turned myself around to find her standing there with her arms crossed. The moment that she feels my eyes locked onto her all she can do is shake her head like she is extremely disgusted with the girl I've become.

Coach Hennigan - Just look at you Tiffani. It's so sad.

Tiffani Michaels - Thank you for the pep talk Coach.

Coach Hennigan - You look horrible. You've truly lost it all, the friends, the popularity, and worst of all you've lost your high pony. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror?

Tiffani Michaels - Quite easily, because believe it or not, there's more to life than just being a Cheerio.

Her mouth drops open yet again with the shock because I must have spoken out some words she believed to be nothing short of blasphemy. However I couldn't even begin to attempt to pretend I gave half of a shit about her opinion especially on any matter where the Cheerios were concerned. Instead I simply turned myself around and pushed open the door of her office heading back out into the hallway. Like always, everyone's eyes were trained on me and I could hear the hushed whispers, all of it was simply because of me and how no matter what I was doing I was able to get myself noticed. I smirked to myself when the sudden thought that I didn't even need to be a Cheerio to rule this school crept into the back of my mind. That's because I would always hold this attitude and it would be plain for the world to see even when all I was doing was walking down the crowded hallway of my school. Some people sometimes were just born to stand out. It was in their veins and nothing they could do would ever be enough to keep it locked way for too long. I glanced over to where my former Cheerio squad mates were standing with looks of disgusted and concern etched all across their faces. I didn't even bother to acknowledge their presence before I turned a corner and headed into another direction leaving them all behind where they most definitely belonged.


I wanna be a virgin pure
A 21st century whore
I want back my virginity
So I can feel infinity
I wanna drink until I ache
I wanna make a big mistake
I want blood, guts and angel cake
I'm gonna puke it anyway


Approximately Three Years Ago


I brought my legs up underneath myself while I remained seated quite comfortably upon the leather couch inside of the living room of the man who had once trained my oldest sister Tara when she'd decide to test her feet into the world professional wrestling. Together they had gone through a relationship which had been much more complicated than something which was purely based on business and even though I was fuzzy on all of the details I could tell that Tara had done something she would live to regret. Logan Preston had been making himself a more permanent figure in her life and Tara had become so desperate to have him disappear that in a moment of panic she had offered him up an evening with me in exchange. All it had taken was a simple picture and Logan had accepted the bait without even hesitating. That's when Tara had made the arrangements to drop me off at his apartment and how we now found ourselves alone together in a completely private moment. It was a situation I'd never been in before in my life and I had to admit to myself that it was obvious I was nervous judging by how my heart was pounding wildly inside of my chest.

Logan steps back inside of the living room carrying two glasses of red wine in each of his hands and he offers me a small smile before he sets the glasses down on the surface of the coffee table. He lowers himself down onto the couch besides where I am sitting and I take this moment to get a much better look at the man who'd my sister had once found so irresistible. There was no denying the obvious in the fact that he was older than I am, but even I had to admit to myself that he was certainly a good looking man, even with the five o'clock shadow on his face. I was not one that was terribly into beards, but it wasn't so horrible looking that it distracted from the rugged attractive features of his face. There was some lines on his face probably due to the years of stress and frustrations taking their toll on him, but to me it meant that he was a man of experience, and that was something I could find to be extremely attractive. He turns towards me and motions towards the glass of wine which I had yet to touch upon his return to the living room. I had been too busy taking in this time to properly soak in the appearance of my partner for the evening.

Logan Preston - I hope that you like wine.

Tiffani Michaels - I've never really tried it before to be honest.

Logan Preston - So this would be a first.

I love the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles and it's enough for me to smile back before I reach out towards the glass of wine. I could feel my hand shaking slightly while I take the glass and gently bring it up to my lips for that first sip. I couldn't quite explain why I was feeling so nervous but it wasn't anything that I couldn't get past, so instead I chose to focus my attention on the taste of the wine. I didn't want him thinking I was just some silly little girl who couldn't enjoy the finer things in life. The wine had a strong kick to it, but I swallowed it down quite easily and managed to smile towards Logan while setting the glass back down onto the surface of the table. Logan takes a couple of sips from his own glass with the kind of an ease someone who had been drinking wine for years would be doing. I watch him with curiosity, not daring to say a word, until he reaches out and gently tucks a loose strand of my hair back behind one ear in a gesture so small it actually took me by surprise. I imagine my look of surprise must be written quite clearly on my face because it's enough for him to let out a small chuckle.

Logan Preston - What's the verdict?

I knew he was asking me about the wine, but it was no longer a concern in my mind, and so I lean in closer towards him before pressing my lips to his own taking him by surprise with an unexpected kiss. However it didn't long before I felt Logan wrapping his arms around my waist in order to pull me in closer while we continued kissing. He leaned back against the couch and I was practically straddled on top of him wondering just where all of this was coming from in the first place. Of course there was no complaining coming from either myself or Logan while we remained wrapped up in each other with my lips trailing a dozen small kisses all over every available inch of his face. I pulled away from his mouth and with my thumb I brushed away some of my lipgloss that was smeared across the side of his cheek. Logan chuckles slightly and I pull away enough for his arms to release their hold from around my waist. I brush my hands up against the front of his shirt before leaning in closer again to whisper into his ear in the most seductive manner possible.

Tiffani Michaels - I'll be right back.

I pull myself off from him and make my way inside of his bathroom making sure to close the door behind me as softly as it was possible. I looked at my reflection through the mirror while I ran my fingers through the golden blonde curls of my hair enjoying the fact there was a smirk teasing the corners of my lips. I could practically feel Logan sitting there on the couch and waiting for me to make my return. How fun it was to know I could so easily have a man in the palm of my hand. I wonder if this was the exact same kind of power which Tara held when she had been with Logan in the past. I could understand how she had lost control because so much of that power could so very easily go to your head in an instant. I reached inside of my purse and pulled out my lipgloss before applying a generous amount to my lips. I pressed them together in a pout before smiling at my refection and sliding the lipgloss back inside of my purse. Tonight was all about me and the power I was holding in my hands now with a man who was making it so easy for me to see I had all of the control. I don't think Logan had any idea of what he was dealing with and maybe to me that was truly the best part. How someone could think you were so innocent, but deep down on the inside, it was a much different story. I reached for the doorknob and took a deep breath before pulling open the door in order to make my way back inside of the living room. Tonight would most definitely be a night to remember.


Yeah I wish I'd been a, wish I'd been a teen, teen idle
Wish I'd been a prom queen fighting for the title
Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible
Feeling super, super (super!) suicidal
The wasted years, the wasted youth
The pretty lies, the ugly truth
And the day has come where I have died
Only to find I've come alive
Come alive, I've come alive


Approximately Three Years Ago


There was something to be said about the week before high school graduation. Almost like everyone was walking on a cloud and tears became part of the daily routine. I was doing my best to stop myself from dissolving into tears with the rest of the crowd and I think I was being fairly successful considering the fact I wasn't off sobbing into the arms of my best friends. Instead I was walking with confidence down the hallway with my yearbook tucked up underneath the crook of my arm in search of people to add their signatures. I was dressed in my Cheerios uniform filled with confidence now that I was back where I belonged as the Captain of the Cheerios. There was still those whispers that filled the hallway while I strode along with confidence in my every step and I only came to a stop when I was greeted by the sight of a young freshman girl standing directly in my path. I honestly had no idea who she was, but I could tell by the expression on her face that she knew exactly who I was, and the smile that was taking over her entire face was something that could not be hidden from view. I wasn't quite sure what to say but there was no need. She simply threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around me in a surprising hug that caused me to take a step back.

Freshman Girl - Don't ever change!

That was all she said, in an excited tone that almost came out in a squeal, and like a flash she was gone skipping down the hall in the opposite direction of where I was standing. I had no idea what her name was and she didn't even bother to wait around for me to even ask any questions about her statement. I raised one eyebrow slightly before shrugging my shoulders and looking down at the yearbook in my hand. A complete stranger to me had just told me to never change and she had said it with such confidence in her voice. I couldn't help but wonder just how many lives I had affected in my time here and if perhaps I would even be remembered once I left these hallways behind for good. There might be a legacy I'm leaving behind and and I would be lying to myself if I didn't admit it was a feeling that put a little bit more bounce in each one of my steps. I began walking down along the hallway and still inside of my head I could hear the sound of her voice telling me that I shouldn't ever change. How many people could say they had someone come up and tell them something so profound? It didn't happen on a daily basis that much was a sure thing.

Life was a funny thing sometimes, wasn't it? You never realized how many lives you were touching simply by being yourself, and the fact of the matter is that nobody really knew what was going on underneath the surface. All they saw was they outside and they made their own assumptions based on personal thoughts. I shouldn't be complaining too much since thought personal thoughts were helping people to make me a legend that would forever live on in the minds of those that walked through these halls. I hugged my yearbook close to my chest feeling the corners of my mouth curling upwards into a smile. She didn't need to worry about a single thing as far as I was concerned, the truth of the matter is that I never wanted to change, I was so perfectly content being myself because it opened so many doors for me in my life. Why would I trade that for anything else in the world? That would be like settling for less and that's something I would never do when I was destined to be the best. The entire world was out there waiting for me to conquer it and I couldn't be more excited to discover just where the open road would take me based on what I wanted.


I wish I wasn't such a narcissist
I wish I didn't really kiss the mirror when I'm on my own
Oh God! I'm gonna die alone
Adolescence didn't make sense
A little loss of innocence
The ugly years of being a fool
Ain't youth meant to be beautiful?


Present Day


I couldn't stop in Los Angeles without paying a visit to my sister Taryn especially now when she was pregnant with her second child. I was kneeling in front of where she was sitting with both of my hands placed on her swollen stomach waiting for the moment when the baby would start kicking. Taryn insisted that the baby was a frequent kicker but I was beginning to grow slightly restless by now because I had yet to feel a single kick the entire time my hands were placed on her stomach. Taryn had more patience than I did clearly, but that was probably because she was a mother already and that certainly helped with developing some patience for most things. There had been a lot of talk between Alex and myself about babies of our own, suit babies as we had grown to love calling them, and even though it was a fun discussion topic. I don't think I was truly prepared for everything that came with motherhood. Especially when I had first arrived at Taryn's home and my niece Holly had immediately latched her attention on my Queen of Wrestling championship belt. To her it was nothing more than a fancy toy to play with and I'd been unable to tell her no when she had pleaded with me to let her play around with the belt during my visit. Taryn smiled at me while my hands continued to move around her growing stomach wondering if maybe there was some kind of trick that would convince the baby to start kicking. Maybe there was some magic words that Taryn hadn't shared and I'd just be left feeling foolish.

I was eager to return back to Alex and for us to board his private plane so we could make our trip to Atlanta in preparation for Nowhere to Run. Having Molly Reid practically breathing down my neck gave me little time for rest and I was constantly plagued with thoughts of my approaching title defense inside of a steel cage. There was no denying that Molly was filled with confidence, every single opportunity she had to brag that a win was within her reach appeared to be more and more frequent. I simply scoffed underneath my breath because the last time a woman had been so brazenly filled with confidence I had eliminated her for the third time in a title defense match. Molly could very well be heading down that same path which was something I wasn't going to argue about, especially if it kept the Queen of Wrestling championship belt where it belonged. In my hands and it would keep me in the exact same position I had always been, at the top of the pyramid looking down at all the foolish little bitches who thought I wasn't worth of being the Queen. If such a statement was anywhere close to the truth, I certainly wouldn't be the Queen of the Insurgency, and I wouldn't be such the fighting champion in which no challenge was ever enough to keep me down for the three count.

I returned Taryn's smile as much as it was possible despite the fact that there was butterflies churning in the pit of my stomach. I hated those pre-match jitters that I couldn't quite shake off despite having all of the confidence in the world in my abilities. Molly Reid to me was nothing more than an annoying little prissy bitch who thought she was deserving of being the Queen when the truth of the matter is she was far more deserving of having several swift well placed kicks on her behind. Did people really expect for me to have a lush like Molly Reid walk away with my championship belt? I'd give it about a week before she's throwing up all over the belt after one too many wild parties in one evening. Not to mention the fact I need to be seriously worried about her throwing up on me during the match in question because the bitch is unable to do anything without being severely hung-over. That is not a woman who is worthy of being a Queen. I'm going to do absolutely everything in my power to keep a firm hold on my belt so it doesn't become polluted by Molly Reid and her ridiculous notions that she is deserving of being on a level higher than myself in the Insurgency. I hear the sounds of Holly giggling and look over to see her touching all over my championship belt.

Holly Warner - I love your pretty belt Auntie Tiffani.

Tiffani Michaels - Please be careful with that, okay Holly-Pop?

Holly nods her head in response but she continues to play around with the belt as much as it was possible. I can only hope that her fingers aren't all sticky from whatever she was doing before her attention was drawn to my championship belt. My attention is drawn back to Taryn's pregnant stomach when I feel the smallest hint of a kick coming from somewhere on the inside and a feeling of happiness floods throughout me despite everything else I could possibly be feeling. A kick. I had truly just felt a kick from Taryn's unborn child and that's what everybody in the world loved to hail to be the miracle of life. I could understand what all the buzz was about and I think it was beginning to shift my opinion slightly on how I didn't feel prepared enough for motherhood. How much more amazing would all this be if I was the one growing the baby on the inside and Alex was feeling those kicks. Our very own suit babies that we could watch growing together and shape their lives in order for them to truly make a difference in this world. The thought was more than enough to bring a smile to my face and Taryn seemed to think all of it had to do with her or the fact I was probably over the moon pleased with finally having felt a kick from her baby like we had both wanted.

Taryn Michaels - It's amazing, isn't it?

I didn't know what words to use exactly and so I simply nodded my head in agreement which was more than enough for Taryn who was looking absolutely pleased. Now that I had felt a kick from my unborn niece or nephew, I was ready to move on to the next big event in my life, and that was without a doubt Nowhere to Run. I needed to walk out of that steel cage with my Queen of Wrestling championship belt. I was so tired of listening to all these girls running their mouths with the slim hopes that anything they could ever say would be enough to get underneath my skin in the process. That's all they wanted in the end, to get under my skin, and to work their ways inside of my head enough so that I would be doubting in my own abilities. I was the one who held all the power in the palm of my hand and I should be feeling confident enough to power through absolutely anything. To hell with Molly Reid and her self inflated ego that made her dare to think she had any power of me or that she'd be enough to crack the outer shell of this Queen. No, I'm not going to give in to somebody who didn't know me well enough to realize I could break her in two with a simple snapping motion of my fingers. One thing was certain, Molly was going to live to regret all those words she had spoken. She'd had her fun running her mouth, now it was time for her to learn her lesson the hard way. I rub my hands over Taryn's stomach one more time, Nowhere to Run was going to be my night to keep on shining.


Yeah I wish I'd been a, wish I'd been a teen, teen idle
Wish I'd been a prom queen fighting for the title
Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible
Feeling super, super (super!) suicidal
The wasted years, the wasted youth
The pretty lies, the ugly truth
And the day has come where I have died
Only to find I've come alive
Only to find I've come alive
Only to find I've come alive
Come alive


Scene 002 - All I Can Hear is Blah, Blah, Blah


It was quite a relief to have arrived safely in Atlanta and I'd barely even bothered to start unpacking my suitcase when I'd pulled out my laptop and set it up on the coffee table inside of my hotel suite. The clock was ticking on my steel cage match against Molly Reid at Nowhere to Run and the moment for final words were resting heavily upon my shoulders. I'd heart every single word that Molly had to say and to be honest I was taking them all with a major grain of salt. Molly's attitude was not surprising in the slightest and all I needed to do was let her know that none of her words were not going to have the slightest affect on me walking into this match. I pulled the Queen of Wrestling championship belt onto my lap while I click around on my laptop eager to get everything all set up so I could begin with the recording. I was chewing thoughtfully on my bottom lip while I clicked around until I had my Tumblr website open and the web camera program opened so all I needed to do was to begin the recording. I pulled the championship closer to me until it was pressed up close against my chest and sucking in a deep breath I clicked onto the button to begin recording. The red light blinked itself to life and I knew now that every single movement I made was being recorded. I leaned back against the couch and pushed my hair out of my eyes while holding out the championship belt so everyone watching could get a good look.

Tiffani Michaels - Wow, Molly Reid, you sure do love to run your mouth now don't you? It's amazing how much you can put it to good use when it isn't being wrapped around Chuck Matthews' dick. Oh wait, I forgot, you don't put a label on relationship and so that mouth could very well be wrapped around any dick that was close enough for you to jump onto for dear life. It's amazing how a girl with absolutely no morals finds herself to be an expert on judging anybody else who's around her and I find that to be extremely hypocritical my dear Molly. What gives you the right to judge anybody when you're nothing more than a borderline alcoholic who's living in a dream world where she actually thinks she deserves to be the Queen of Wrestling champion only because she had the good sense to hump Chuck Matthews like he was the key to the city. You're going to take actual pride in the fact you've basically slept your way to the top and that pretty much makes it ring out loud and perfectly fucking clear that you have no talent. I mean, lets be real here Molly, you wouldn't even be in this match if you hadn't start sleeping with Chuck. He wouldn't even know who the fuck you were and I'd doubt he'd give a shit about a girl who's lips are always permanently wrapped around a bottle of cheap liquor. It's so much fun to be a party girl! Fuck that bullshit. If being a party girl is your valid reason for being the one to beat me at Nowhere to Run than you have to be actually fucking retarded in the head because I've never heard anything more ridiculous in my life. All you deserve is to get yourself locked away into rehab and I can't believe I'm being forced to compete in a match against a girl who admits she is going to be hung-over. I run the risk of getting puked on by this drunken little bitch and she has the nerve to keep bragging this match is won? Wake up sweetheart. We haven't even stepped foot inside of the ring yet and none of your threats are having any effect on me because I'm laughing at how desperate you've become to stake your claim to being the new Queen of the Insurgency. I get it though, little Molly just wants to feel special and loved, she wants to feel like she deserves all the attention she gets and that means she needs a belt around her pretty little waist! If only it were that easy.

Tiffani Michaels - I was laughing out loud when Molly decided that she was special enough to run through my past matches all in her effort to prove that I'm some kind of fluke champion. Is that why I'm the reigning Queen and all you're doing is blowing smoke up your own ass in the hopes people might actually believe the bullshit spilling out of your mouth? Are you that desperate to get inside of my head Molly that you're going to pull out one of the cheapest tricks possible? Let's just make one thing perfectly fucking clear here and I'm even going to speak slowly so that you might actually understand me since you probably have a raging headache right about now. You can dissect as many of my past matches as you want, none of that changes the fact that I won the Queen of Wrestling championship belt, and that I have gone on to defend it successfully which is a pattern that will repeat itself at Nowhere to Run. You can pick out all these little instances and try to claim I'm nothing more than a fluke champion who just got lucky, but come on now, eventually luck does run out and that's not been the case where my career is concerned. That can only mean one thing, that luck has nothing to do with how I get things done inside of the ring, and the best way I can prove this to be a fact to Molly Reid is by beating her and smearing that arrogant little face all across the surface of that steel cage. God! I can't even begin to express how good it is going to feel for me to finally get my hands on this bitch who runs her mouth without once thinking about the consequences. I suppose that I didn't realize winning two matches against complete nobodies was enough of an ego boost that it makes a girl believe she can beat absolutely anybody on the roster, including the woman who is the reigning Queen and who's basically taken down all of the other bitches who dared to think they could be any better. Do you for one second think you're some kind of a special exception to this rule Molly? I'm going to burst that bubble and tell you the honest to God's truth that you're not that fucking special. It's nice to see you strutting around like your shit doesn't stink, but from what I'm seeing, you're about the rankest bitch I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my life. I've never wanted to rip somebody to shreds so badly before and it's going to be damn near fucking orgasmic for me to take Molly and introduce her face to the steel cage. I'll break her nose, I really just don't give a shit what she'll look like after the match, just as long as she learns a very fucking important lesson.

Tiffani Michaels - That lesson is you need to learn your place before you start thinking yourself to be better than the Queen. I didn't make my way here by simply sleeping to the top, I actually earned every single accomplishment that I have to my name, and the reason why you didn't know about me is only because I wasn't spending my time being everybody's go to party whore for kicks. Of course, Molly's proud of this fact, and hard work is not for her because it's way more fun to not earn any of your accomplishments. Why go through the hassle of working hard when all you need to do is spread those legs and everything magically happens like it does in the movies? Life is so good when you're Molly Reid, but I'm afraid at Nowhere to Run you're walking into a situation where spreading those legs is not going to be the magical answer which will solve all of your problems. Just remember that you were the one who wanted this Molly, you wanted to be the number one contender, and you wanted to have the chance to face the Queen inside of the ring. Because you were foolish enough to believe yourself to be better than I am and now you're walking into a situation where you will most definitely pay the price for thinking something so wild and ridiculous. I'm not going to hate on you for having the self confidence to walk into such a situation, but let me tell you, when I throw you against the cage it's going to be much more different than when you're trainer was doing it to help you become stronger for this match. This is going to be the real deal and I'm not going to have any mercy on a wannabe who thinks she should have everything handed to her on a silver platter. Of course you're pretty Molly. You can stop asking every single second of the day. Your looks are the reason why you are even in this match in the first place, but they won't be much help to you after I've gone through the trouble of arranging around your face to something I will find much more suitable. I want you to remember this lesson I will be teaching you at Nowhere to Run. It's one that very simple and I believe that somebody should have been teaching you this lesson many years prior to this because my goodness you do so like to run your mouth like any of the bullshit spilling out many any sense. I suppose it does to someone who's just bitter and jealous, that's right Molly, I'm calling you out on something you make obvious.

Tiffani Michaels - I'm not saying you're jealous of me personally, maybe more so the fact that you're jealous of me because I have something you desire so desperately. No amount of sleeping with Chuck is going to put that championship belt around you waist because you still need to make it through me to make that become a reality. I really think that Chuck doesn't care about you all that much if he thought it was a good idea to lock you inside of a cage with me because I'm going to take full advantage of the fact you won't be able to make any escape once I get my hands on that hot bod you love to throw around to the highest bidder. I'm going to take what you cherish the most, those good looks, and I am going to tear them into nothing more than what was once a former shadow of Molly Reid. I'm going to give you a brand new reason for why you should be drinking yourself into a stupor on a nightly basis. You'll be drinking to want to forget the beating I'll be dishing out to you all to prove to the entire fucking world that one little bitch is never going to be enough to dethrone a real Queen. Make all the jokes you want Molly, but I've got something you will never possess in your entire life, I have the talent to make it through my entire career without once having to lower myself to sleeping around because there's no other way for me to make it into the spotlight. Such a shame when a girl knows she has no talent and realizes the most valuable possession she has in her disposal is what God granted her between her legs. That's right, it's all about the power of the pussy, and Molly's realized if she had nothing better to offer at least she can flaunt that sex appeal for as long as her breasts aren't hanging down to her knees. I can't wait to find out what Chuck's reaction is going to be when he sees his little fuck buddy ripped apart and left shattered inside of the ring. Will he be able to stomach watching me drag her face across that steel cage and not stopping no matter how much Molly is going to be begging me for mercy? It's far too late now because this is exactly what she wanted, she wants to become the Queen, well now she has to pay the price for wanting something far beyond her reach.

Tiffani Michaels - Don't concern yourself about how Alex and I run our relationship, at least we're not being hypocritical considering the fact that of how you don't want to claim Chuck as your boyfriend but you insist on getting jealous whenever another girl even so much as looks in his direction. Not to mention the fact you keep trying to make him jealous, how ridiculous that you continue to play these childish little games, but keep on thinking that you are so mature because you enjoy casual sex and don't give in to having relationships like a normal girl. If anything that makes you so much weaker than I am because I don't think you're in any position to claim yourself to be mature in any kind of situation. These teasing little games with Chuck are pathetic and your constant need to express how much he doesn't mean to you is laughable at best. Come on now Molly, Chuck is your meal ticket, he's the reason why you're in this match and I know that you're not stupid enough to throw it away when you're going to need Chuck's help in the worst way after I'm finished making my imprint on the back of your head. I think you'll be more than willing to find some comfort in Chuck's arms because it's all you're going to have to call yours at the end of the night. The Queen of Wrestling championship belt remains with me and I will take great pleasure in rubbing your face against the golden plate to remind you that the position that you belong in is one you enjoy the most. That being flat on your back. You were born to take a pounding Molly, whether it was from dick or from me, it's what you do the best and I think you'll even have a smile on your face when you realize just how good you're going to be at becoming my bitch inside of that steel cage. Of course that smile will fade when you realize that it means the Queen of Wrestling championship belt won't be going around your so called sexy little waist and instead remains around the waist of the true Queen who's become quite skilled at taking unworthy bitches down when they've run their mouths for far too long. I've been far too generous where Molly Reid is concerned, I've allowed her to spread her vile opinion much more than I would like, and now I fear that my patience is growing too thin to let it go on for any longer. This basically means that Molly's time has run out and with a snapping of my fingers I'll bring her back down to facing nobodies and thinking she's hot shit because that's actually something she can accomplish. You need to learn how to walk before you can run and I'm afraid you're not ready for this, not in the slightest.

Tiffani Michaels - Of course it's easy for you to believe yourself to be ready, everything is easy when all you're doing is running that mouth with your bitchy little friend for moral support. It's nice to have someone there to properly kiss your ass after all and I could see that to be the exact reason why you even bothered to have her there in the first place. She pumped you up enough so you can continue to believe you have this in the bag. Do you know what happens to those who think they already have me beaten inside of the ring? I believe you can ask Blyss Lockhart that very question and she'll tell you that the end result is not anything to be proud about, not in the slightest. I love how you can claim that you hate Blyss and you're not accepting any of her help for this match, yet all you're doing is walking down the exact same path that Blyss was walking. She ran her mouth all of the time, she went on bragging that she was the next Queen and she was going to beat me in our match, but then what happened? Blyss Lockhart lost and she lost hard. Is that what you want for yourself Molly? Trust me when I say that I can make it happen and I have every intention of watching another lost little puppy licking her wounds in defeat. The only difference is you won't have anyone but yourself to blame, Blyss could at least go around claiming that she was robbed, but with us being alone inside of that steel cage. There's no room for excuses when you're going to be tasting defeat Molly and nobody to blame but yourself when the Queen of Wrestling championship belt remains exactly where it belongs. I'll enjoy watching your rant, I mean at the very least, you're quite skilled at running that mouth so I expect to hear much more whining from Molly when she'll be stomping her little feet with rage. Or maybe none of it will make any sense because she'll be so fucking drunk that all of her words will be slurred beyond belief. Either way I have a feeling that it is going to be extremely entertaining and all I'll need to do is sit back to enjoy the show with nothing but pure glee etched all over my face. Those are the kinds of rewards that come your way when you are actually worthy of being a Queen.

Tiffani Michaels - You don't deserve to have the Insurgency at your feet. We don't appreciate pretenders to the throne Molly and that's what you are, nothing more than a pretender, and it makes me sick to my stomach. I'm not stupid, I know there's more than one cheerleader in this world, and especially in a big city like Los Angeles. So I'm not claiming you stole everything from me all I'm trying to state is the fact that there's nothing you do that I haven't done and haven't done much better for that point to be made even more valid. Am I making myself clear enough for you to understand? Yes, we can both be cheerleaders and we can both come from Los Angeles, but one of us was made to be a Queen standing tall at the top. The other one was made to be nothing more than a bottom feeding ho bag who's purpose in life is to be seen at every party flashing her tits to the camera for shits and giggles. I think it's doesn't take a genius for us to figure out which one of us is which, now does it my dear Molly? I don't know though, maybe you might need some extra help, you are always drunk after all and I know that alcohol tends to lead to the loss of those precious brain cells. In my personal opinion a girl like you can't really afford to be throwing those around because in the end you'll be left completely brain dead. At least you'll still be pretty, right? I know how much you value those good looks. You'd be absolutely lost without that pretty little face and that sexy little behind you love to wiggle around for the hoots and hollers that make you feel somewhat accomplished. How sad your life must be that these things are enough to make you feel complete and yet you have the nerve to claim out loud that you deserve to be the Queen more than I do, based on what? The fact you won two matches against people who's names I can't even be bothered to remember? Or is it the fact that you can wrap your legs around Chuck's neck in less than a second when he comes calling? None of those reasons make you good enough to be a Queen in my opinion and I'm certainly not shaking in the slightest at those threats you're making towards me when we're going to be stepping foot inside of that cage. I'm actually pretty fucking anxious for this match to begin because at least then I won't have to sit through the torture of listening to Molly speaking. Her voice is truly what nightmares are made of and sometimes I feel like I'm in need of a stiff drink after I'm done watching one of her little video blogs.

Tiffani Michaels - The more confident they are, the more fun it is for me to knock them down back were the belong, so you can only imagine how much fun I am going to have with Molly. I will literally be ripping out her dreams from the inside because I am going to watch her fall on her knees in front of me and it's going to be so delicious when I shake out all of those ridiculous notions she has put in her head of beating me at Nowhere to Run. She just has no idea of how dangerous this game is that she's decided to start playing with me because she's awakened something inside of myself that is not going to be so easy to tame once we're locked away inside of the cage. Forget all of those matches you watched before Molly, this is a brand new Tiffani you'll be dealing with, and at least I'm happy to hear you admit that you were anxious to stab me in the back with your knife. It's always a good thing when you're able to admit to yourself that you're nothing more than a two faced slut bag. I think that should be step one on the road to your own personal recovery. I knew just by looking at you that you were the type of girl nobody could trust and at least I was smart enough to be wise enough to your cheap attempts at flattery. So please, go on thinking I'm not good enough, and that you can beat me so easily. It's only going to make it that much more satisfying when I beat you at Nowhere to Run. That's when I remind everybody watching of exactly why I am the fucking Queen and why these bitches need to stop running their mouths because it's starting to get on my nerves. I'm sick of dealing with little bitches like Molly Reid, but at least I can take pleasure in beating her inside of the ring and I can take even more pleasure in watching her suffer because that's the exact punishment she deserves for being such a vile piece of trash in the first place. You don't deserve my championship belt because you aren't good enough Molly. You are garbage to me, okay? Nothing more than fucking garbage I can stomp down upon with pleasure and then I'll wipe my feet all over your face because you mean that little to me in the end. Do you see how little I care about you Molly? I could end your pathetic excuse for a career at Nowhere to Run and by the next night, I'll have completely forgotten your name.

Tiffani Michaels - So this is it Molly, this is the moment where you finally put up and fucking shut your mouth. This is the moment where I'll demonstrate to everyone and most important of all to you just why you are not worthy of holding my championship belt. Hell, you're barely even worthy of being in this match against me in the first place. Yet you are and I need to deal with the fact I'll be forced to put my hands all over your skanky ass just for the purpose of beating you back down where you belong. Go back to jerking the curtains Molly and the rest of us will continue to move on with our careers because we're actually earning our accomplishments. Better yet, go work on the street corner because that's the perfect kind of job for a girl like you, being paid to suck some dick. It's like a dream come true. I'm even going to help you, that's how generous I am, I'm making it my own personal goal to knock out all of those pretty little pearly whites inside of your mouth so you can perfect the art of the blowjob. I'm willing to bet that after that Chuck Matthews will be sending me a thank you basket filled with mini muffins or some kind of flowers to show his appreciation for all I've done for his sex life. A gumjob from Molly Reid now that's something a man can go on bragging about! You don't belong in my ring Molly, you don't belong in my Kingdom, and you can't be mad at me because all I'm doing is helping to send you on your way. Any other person would be giving in to your delusions, but I'm not going to be that cruel, I'm giving you the stone cold truth of these facts you can't seem to be able to swallow. Funny considering I didn't think that would be a problem for you, but maybe you're just full of surprises like that. One surprise you won't be pulling off however is the surprise of beating me inside of the ring, because that would require you being able to pull of a miracle, and everybody knows you're the furthest thing away from being the Virgin Mary. We're not going to be seeing a new Queen at Nowhere to Run, no instead what we will be seeing is the complete and utter destruction of Molly Reid for not having learned her place. So thank you for the concern about keeping my belt pretty, I do believe I will, just so I can properly enjoy rubbing it in your face after I win. I'll see you inside of that steel cage Molly, it's going to be a wild night, I can promise you that.

I wink towards the camera before bringing my championship belt up closer against the side of my face giving everyone watching a good view of the Queen of Wrestling championship belt. I smiled for the camera while running my fingertips up against the golden nameplate which read Tiffani Michaels. I brought the palm of my hand up against my lips and blew out another kiss for the camera like I had done with my previous promo before reaching out to end the recording by clicking on the button. The light fades out from the web camera and I swiftly click around a couple more times until I am certain that my promo has been uploaded to my Tumblr account where it would be viewing by millions across the world. I take my Queen of Wrestling championship belt in both of my hands and breathe out a sigh before I press the belt up close against my chest feeling my heart pounding so wildly on the inside letting me know that the adrenaline was pumping at full speed. Nowhere to Run was so close that I could practically taste it and I was ready, I'd never felt more ready in my entire life, let Molly keep running her mouth because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was better than her in every single way that could ever be possible. She was just a bug I'd yet to crush underneath my heel but I would, I would soon, at Nowhere to Run she'd be forced to shut her mouth for good.

Long live the fucking Queen of the Insurgency. The true Queen. The only Queen.
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Tiffani Michaels vs Molly Reid
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