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 Please Don't Hate Me

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PostSubject: Please Don't Hate Me   Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:01 pm

I realize this comes at an awful time, seeing all the people who are stepping away from IWF for a while but I, unfortunately, need to join the group of those who have as well. Most of you know I run my own fed as well and with that, I have been almost non-stop recently. Last week my RP was rushed because of time constraints because of that and because of real life and for the same reasons, right now was the first time I saw I had a match that is due tomorrow. I WILL RP for the match because I HATE to no show.

To management, you can do with Desmond as you see fit to write him off "TV." As long as he's not raped in a back ally, given a transgender gimmick and then killed off after being eaten by man eating grasshoppers ... I don't care what you do Razz Whatever works for current or future storylines, go for it.

Secondly, I wanna say sorry to Flex cuz we never really got our tag team off of the ground. I think we coulda done some awesome things if I could have focused and given my 100% here.

I don't want to step away, because I've really liked this place, since I got here. You guys are good people. This will not be the last you see of me. There's too many of you that I'd like to work storylines with, that I didn't get a chance to yet. Once things settle down, I'll be back. Probably with a different character because I wasn't quite able to get back into the DY character as I hoped. But for right now, I've got other things going on and it's just not leaving me the time to dedicate to this place, like I was hoping I could. Best of luck to all of you guys and if anyone wants to stay in touch, I've got MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, whatever. In the famous words of The Terminator ... I'll be back!
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Please Don't Hate Me
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