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 Ascension Ladder Match

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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Ascension Ladder Match   Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:57 am

Ethan Cage [vs.] Damien Drake [vs.] Tim Patrick [vs.] John Tolly [vs.] Cassidy Smith [vs.] Storming Raven [vs.] Flex Johnson [vs.] Aries Armadaist [vs.] Jack Savage

Yeah...i'm gonna let Chuck explain the idea behind this match Razz


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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:56 am

[The scene opens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Cassidy Smith runs his hands through his hair as he sits on his red and white checkered couch. He had just got in from coming from the airport. Cassidy was really happy about his big win at Battlegrounds. He sat on his red and white checkered couch and was watching his match from Battlegrounds. He kept rewinding and going back to where he hit the Hate Spike Cradle Piledriver on his opponent. ]

[After watching the match a few dozen times, he decided that he would go for a walk. His girlfriend, Jessica Lorner wasn't home so he couldn't ask her about the strange call he recieved when he was backstage at Battlegrounds. It was cold outside, but not cold enough for a scarf or a hat. He put on some gloves. He opened the door and walked outside. He had his winter coat on as well to keep himself warm.]

[He was really bothered by the call he got when he was preparing for his match backstage. He couldn't wait to hear what Jessica Lorner had to say about what was said. He did trust her, but he really wanted to know who sent him that pocket pussy. He really wanted to know who did because he wanted to kick their ass for even mentioning that they were with his girlfriend Jessica Lorner.]

[He had to think about his match that he was having at the Insurgency Wrestling Federation's Ascension Pay Per View in a Ascension Ladder Match. He would be competiting against eight other superstars. There would be four briefcases hanging from the ceiling containing title shot contracts. He really wanted t o get the World championship title shot, but really he'd be happy with any title shot. All that mattered to him was that he got a shot at someone with a championship. Jessica Lorner promised great things if he got some gold around his waist. He really wanted this badly.]

[This was only his second match and it would be on pay per view. This was a really big deal for him. He couldn't explain how bad he wanted to win. He knew ever since he was a little kid that he was destined for greatness in wrestling. Ever since he was a little kid he wanted to be a wrestler. He dreamed of getting championship title shots. He dreamed of getting gold around his waist. He dreamed of fans seeing him where ever he goes trying to get pictures with him.]

[He walked slowly out of the apartment building. Once he was out in the cold, it took him a while to adjust. He walked a bit down the entrance way and to the front area where in the Summer there is usually green grass and beautiful flowers. Now though, that it's winter, it was covered in snow. Cassidy Smith didn't mind the snow as much as the ice. Ice was slippery and it made Cassidy fall on his butt many times. He was extra careful as he walked.]

[Suddenly a person ran up to him. This person was a woman, wearing a red coat and had a winter hat with a white pon pon on it. She was super excited to see him. He wasn't used to getting attention from people because he had just been on television for just a short amount of time. He greeted her with a smile. She asked for his autograph. She said she didn't have anything to sign, but asked if he'd sign her breast. Cassidy Smith went right to it as she took off her coat and lifted up her shirt revealing a nice bra.]

[After signing he asked her what she thought of the match. She said she was very happy to see him win and couldn't wait for his match on pay per view. She asked him if he had facebook and he said no, he doesn't have it. She asked for his phone number. He gave her his number. He said he had to go and said that he would talk to her after. They both parted ways. Cassidy Smith decided that he would just get in his car and drive to his dad's. He wanted to know what his dad thought of the match and if he'd be getting the pay per view to watch him win. This match was such a big deal for him he wanted everyone to see how he'd do in the match.]

[Once he reached the parking lot, he walked to his car. He opened the door and got in. Once he got in he headed to his parents house that wasn't too far away. After driving for some time he finally made it to his parents place. He shut off the car and then walked to the front door. It was locked as usual so he rang the doorbell. After waiting a few moments the door was answered by his father. His father was suprised to see him. He said that he was proud of Cassidy because he got the win on Battlegrounds. He said that he'd be rooting him on pay per view in the ladder match. He said he really wished that he would win a title shot, but would be proud of him even if he didn't get a win on Sunday night.]

[He was the one who paid for his wrestling school. He was the one who let him chase his dreams and become an Insurgency Wrestling Federation wrestler and potential champion. He knew that's what Cassidy wanted to do with his life. He wanted to encourage his child do what they dream of, not force them into anything like Cassidy's grand parents did to his dad. He thanked his dad for helping him do what he wanted to do in life. Cassidy would be forever in dept to his dad who paid for his wrestling school. He wanted to win the big one for him and make his dad super proud of him.]

[His dad asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner. He said yes because Jessica wouldn't be around for dinner. He asked him what they were having for dinner. His dad said they were having lasagna. Cassidy was happy because that was his favorite meal. That day turned out well for him. He met a new woman, he signed her breast and now he was having his favorite meal. He went in the living room. He looked at all the pictures of him that were hanging on the wall. From each grade, they went from his youngest picture to his oldest picture. In each picture he thought he had a goofy smile. He had always been told that he had a nice smile but Cassidy didn't think he did.]

[The scene opens up in at Cassidy Smith's bachelor apartment. He is sitting on his couch. Suddenly, his cell phone rings. He checks the caller identification and sees that it's his friend Ken calling. He answers and begins to talk. He asks him how he is and Cassidy says that he is doing fine. Ken then asks him if he can come over for a drink or two. He wants to see Cassidy before he heads off and goes to the Insurgency Wrestling Federation pay per view. Cassidy tells him to come by.]

[After waiting about ten minutes his friend comes to his apartment door. Ken comes in and they start talking about the match he had on Battlegrounds. They crack open a couple of Rickard's Red beers and reminice about the good old days when he and Ken would pretend they were wrestlers in Cassidy's backyard. Ken says that he is so proud of him for making it to the big time. He says that he wish he was right there with him but he couldn't afford or have anyone to pay for his wrestling school tuition. He said he couldn't wait to see how he does in the pay per view ladder match. He said that he wants Cassidy to win the World title shot brief case. He said that he is super happy to see Cassidy to live his dream. After a little discussion they decided that they would head out to the bar to see who still goes out. Before Cassidy made the big time, he would spend Friday and Saturday nights at the bar.]

[The scene opens at the bar. Both he and Ken are in the parking lot after their pre drinking. Cassidy is wearing a yellow shirt that has the Insurgency Wrestling Federation logo on it. He looks around the parking lot and sees a ton of cars parked. They are parked fairly close to the front of the parking lot. Cassidy and his friend Ken walk slowly and confidently to the bar. There is a long line up of people there. It goes fairly far around the building. It wasn't long before someone recognized him. A couple, a woman with her boyfriend walk up to him and ask for his autograph and picture. Cassidy kindly gives them an autograph and has Ken take a picture of him and the couple. The couple says thank you and they walk away. This whole ordeal drew a lot of attention to Cassidy and Ken, so much attention that the bouncer of the club let's him inside without waiting any longer.]

[Once inside the bar they head straight for the bar. They both order some drinks. Cassidy Smith orders a Rickard's Red, his favorite drink. Ken orders a rum and coke, his drink of choice. There are places for them to sit at the bar so they sit there. They discuss the upcoming wrestling show that Cassidy is on. Cassidy says that he is so excited about it, he's going to get his big break. He then explains the match that he's in. He says that it is a nine person ladder battle. There will be four briefcases hanging from the ceiling and each contains a title shot at a different championship. He says the match is all about skill and toughness and briefcases are all determined by luck. He says that it is quite the unique match that he has. He says that he's determined to walk out with a briefcase so he can get a title shot at someone. He says that there is a chance he can get a tag team title shot if he gets that particular briefcase. Cassidy says that he doesn't really want that one because he is focused on a singles career for now. That's the only thing he's worried about.]

[Ken heads off to the washroom leaving Cassidy Smith all by himself. Cassidy sips on his Rickard's Red. Soon a woman comes up to him. She asks him if he's the wrestler that was on that wrestling show the other night. He says yes. She asks if she can sit down beside him. Cassidy says sure.They talk for a while before she asks him if he'd like to get oral sex in the washroom. He says sure, seeing as he thinks that his girlfriend is cheating on him.He tells her to go first in the washroom and he will come in after. He still loves his girlfriend but after that phone call he got from someone saying they had a piece of her, and that fact that she didn't call him today makes him think that it's over. He still wanted to be with her and have a relationship with her. ]

[The scene opens backstage at the pay per view. Cassidy Smith is wearing a blue singlet. The camera can't see it, but on the back it says Cassidy on the back. He is standing in front of an Insurgency Wrestling Federation backdrop. He looks at the camera and begins to speak to the audience in the arena and those watching live on pay per view.]

Cassidy Smith: This Sunday night on pay per view. I step into the ring with eight other wrestlers and I have a chance of winning one of four title shots. This has been my dream to make it to wrestling on pay per view. I really really really want to win a chance at facing the World Heavyweight champion. I am sure everyone else in the match wants that too. This match is a very dangerous match because it has so many people in it with ladders in play. So much is on the line. So much to win, so much to lose. It is going to tear the roof off the arena when all of us are in the ring. It is going to tear the roof off the place when I get that briefcase hanging so high in the air. I know the people watching at home are going to go crazy, it's going to be one awesome match. I've never stepped in the ring with any of these guys. I've never stepped in the ring with any of them before because this is just my second match in my career. Everyone thinks they are going to win. I know I am going to win with a little help from lady luck. All I have to say to all the wrestlers in this match is bring it on. Bring all you got because I sure will. I will be using that ladder to my advantage. I will be hitting everyone with it. I will bashing people in the head and back with it. I've been waiting for this my whole life and with lady luck and a lot of skill I will win the match. There is no one who can stop me. Absolutely, positively not anyone who can beat me. See you in the ring and see you on pay per view you punks. It won't be long before I have a championship around my waist. It won't be long before they are calling me champ. See you in the ring sweet hearts.

[With that the scene fades to black.]
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Storming Raven

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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:14 pm


Storming Raven stands with Warren Bradley in a run down hardware store. Oddly enough it's still pretty well stocked,and dust covers the floor. His attire is slightly different. Along with the black tank top, and athletic pants his body is wrapped in barbed wire from his torso to just above his feet. His hands are taped with shards of broken glass glued on.

Warren: Alright, kid. This fight is a little different as you can probably tell. Anything ya find in here can be used as a weapon. Yer opponent is surprisingly quick for a seven foot, four hundred pound behemoth,with the same attire as you obviously. Try to stay out of his reach and ya should be fine. The purse is 50,000 plus bets.

Storming Raven glares at his opponent on the other side of the room. The people betting on this fight are all outside. Storming Raven hears glass shatter as someone breaks the windows. He chuckles confidently.

Storming Raven: C'mon, Warren. Even if I got inside his reach I could still beat him.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees a beautiful young woman. Now what is she doing in a place like this? He shrugs it off as he has to stay focused. Someone presses the button of a bull horn signaling the fight to start, the behemoth points at Storming Raven and runs a thumb over his throat.

They circle each other, looking for an opening. The behemoth lashes out with a right hook, staggering Storming Raven, and immediately busting him open. Storming Raven shakes it off, and runs toward the behemoth. He grabs the man's head and brings him down face first into a barbed wire knee smashing his nose.

Storming Raven runs, and jumps up on the counter. He jumps off going for a fore arm smash, but the man catches him in a bear hug. Stormy rakes his fist across the mans eyes, and follows with a headbutt getting the man to break the hold. As the man staggers holding his bleeding eyes, Storming Raven grabs a sledge hammer off a shelf, and swings hard at the man's knee. As he drops to one knee Storming Raven smashes the sledge hammer into his throat. The behemoth falls to the floor clutching his throat, and trying to breathe. The bull horn sounds signaling the end of the fight. Storming Raven raises his arms in victory.

Warren grabs a pair of wire cutters to cut the barbed wire off of Stormy. Stormy grabs a box cutter and cuts off the tape.

After cleaning off most of the blood, Stormy puts his attention on the girl. He grabs a couple of bottles of water, and walks over to the girl handing her one. She takes it with a devilish smile.

“What brings a girl like you to a place like this?”

The girl runs a hand through her hair, keeping that smile on her face. Stormy notices those beautiful green eyes with a slight hint of danger.

“I just happened to hear about these little, underground fights at school. Decided to come check it out.”

Storming Raven shows that famous grin.

“How'd you get in? You don't look old enough.”

She strokes his cheek with a finger, and brushes his hair out of his face.

“I'm not, but I have a fake ID. I'm sixteen. You don't look old enough to be fighting in these things either. How old are you?

He could get lost in those eyes, like a pool of shining emeralds.

“I'm sixteen as well.”

He twists the cap off his water and takes a long drink, then puts the cap back on, and wipes his grimy hands off on his pants. He waits for the questions to come. She looks at him kind of shocked.

“Why haven't I seen you in school? Where do you live?”

He clears his throat, and wipes his mouth. Here we go.

“My mother kicked me out of the house shortly after my father died, when I was twelve years old. I've lived on the streets more or less since then. Only started doing this about a month ago to make money. It's not pretty, but life isn't perfect.”

She gives him a sympathetic look, and runs her fingers along his arm.

“That's rough....”

She notices the neon clock on the wall.

“I hate to, but I have to go. I hope I see you again some time.”

Storming Raven shoots that famous grin.

“I'm sure we will. Though parting is such sweet sorrow.”

He kisses her hand before she reluctantly turns and walks out the door into the night.

Scene 1: Higher ground.

Eight long years Storming Raven has been in this business. There isn't much he hasn't done. Twelve time hardcore champion, eight time tag team champion,Five time US/North American champion. He's seen friends,family, and enemies come and go. He still stands strong. Through it all the one thing he has never had is an opportunity to be a top level talent. That all changes in Houston, Texas in the Ascension ladder match, in front of his home state fans.

For now he sits on the couch at his home in Laredo, Texas with Leilani by his side. He is sorting through old news paper clips, and pictures. Various replica titles sit on a shelf behind him, honoring his various championships.

“Two Nation Army captures tag titles for a record breaking eighth time.” reads one headline.

“Storming Raven crowned king of extreme” reads another. The picture showing Storming Raven, bloody from face to torso, holding a hardcore title.

Leilani rubs his shoulders as she looks over them at the papers.

“I still don't know how you managed to survive that one. No normal person can lose that much blood and live.”

Storming Raven scoffs as he lights a cigarette.

“You of all people should know by now, I'm NOT a normal person darlin. I do what I have to do to win, against friend or foe. It makes no difference. I've got a promise to keep.”

She laughs and kisses him, running her fingers through his hair before maneuvering to sit on his lap and put her arms around his neck.

“My bad. I forgot who I was talking to for a second. Are you ready for Sunday?”

He gives her an “are you fucking kidding me?” look.

A ladder match...With multiple participants....With title shots on the line? Of course I'm ready. More bodies, more carnage. I am the most violent man in IWF, and one of those title shots will be mine. Finally I get some recognition. Only took a damn year. I figured my reputation would proceed me.”

Lani gives a devilish laugh.

“I almost feel sorry for them. ALMOST. You're going to do great baby. The pride of our nation, will prove it's not just a name.”

Storming Raven nods, taking a long drawl from his cigarette, and exhaling through his nose.

“I'm just glad I get a chance to play with the big boys for a change. The past couple of weeks have been too easy. No test of my skill. Soon people will realize I have the strength, will,and determination to pull this off. Not to mention the reckless abandon to do whatever I have to. The first day of the rest of our lives begins at Ascension.”

He kisses her gently as the scene fades.
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John Tolly


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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:22 pm

Off Camera: Frank Erwin Special Events Center, Austin, Texas.
John Tolly had decided to take the IWF’s trip down to Texas as an opportunity to watch the Illini play Colorado in the NCAA tournament, and as the second half started John was feeling good. Illinois was up by 16 points, next to him his twin sister decked in an orange baby doll t-shirt with an orange I painted on one cheek and the Illinois Chief emblem on the other, his daughter Marissa sat on his other side jumping up and down bitting her lip as the Buffs had started to mount a small comeback.

“COME ON!!!!” she yelled “Don’t let them back in this game, play some damn defense!”

John shot a quick shocked look at his daughter surprised that his usually quiet demure daughter could get so worked up.

“I thought you were an Illinois State fan?”

Marissa shrugged “Well ISU’s not in the tournament”

John smirked “So if the Red Birds where in the dance you’d be wanting the Illini to lose?

Marissa playfully elbowed his dad in the side “ least not unless they were playing each other .”

Marissa smiled at her father “I’m glad your felling better dad”

John nodded and smiled back. It had been a tough month for John. After bashing Farmer Dick with a monitor Tolly had been all set to make a major impact in the IWF, he was going to start his “war against stupidity”, but a bacterial infection put a quick end to that what followed was 2 weeks in the hospital followed by a week of bed rest and another week of getting his strength back up. When he finally was ready to return to action he found the face of the IWF had changed. Farmer Dick was nowhere to be found as was Sean Libby another future target of Tollys “war”. Maybe though it was for the best, he thought to himself, he needed to focus on something bigger. After all as much as he hated silly gimmicks they were always going to be a part of the wrestling business, no he needed to focus on something different and that something virtually fell in Johns lap with the ascension ladder match. With four title shots on the line and nine other competitors in the match his chances of getting at least one of those shots was pretty good. Still he knew he couldn’t just still on his laurels, he had three more days to prepare for what could be the match of his life, and that’s exactly what he planned to do this Sunday. He knew it wouldn’t be easy there were eight other hungry wrestlers looking to make a name and an impact. A few of the names were familiar, Savage, Flex, Drake he had known back in the UECW, he had long personal history with both Felx and Savage in particular. He and Savage had started one the most controversial groups besides the HFF in America’s most hated. Though the two had a falling out and now were bitter enemies, and Felx? Well John had always considered Felx Johnson to be his greatest rival and the thought of locking up with the Notorious FLX one more time did bring a smile to his face.
John snapped back from his day dream to realize that the game had just ended.

“Dad?” Marissa asked snapping her fingers to get her father’s attention

“Holy Crap I kinda zoned out there for a bit”

“uhh yeah, you missed almost the entire second half” His sister said

John chuckled “sorry just thinking about this Sunday”

Jenny nodded “it’s a big match”

“the biggest, this match is my chance at redemption Jenny, my chance to show the world that I’m not the butt of a joke but I’m still the franchise and still got what it takes to be a champion.

“so, do you have plan?” Marissa asked

“I’ve one ladder matches like this before back in the UECW, I won the first Ladder of Chance match there, the concept is somewhat similar , though adding shots at all the titles does make it more interesting and in some ways easier and harder.
“Easier and harder how?” John’s daughter asked

“Well its easier because you figure that you have four title shots and nine guys in the match. “

Marissa nodded “you have just about a 50% chance of getting some kind of title shot.”

“Exactly” John said messing up his daughter’s hair, “and it’s harder because with four title shots on the line the danger level goes up exponentially”

“So again dad, what’s your plan? You going to try and go for a briefcase early or try and wait for the end and hope that one has a world title shot?”

John smiled “Ladder matches are all about opportunity Marissa. It doesn’t matter to me when that opportunity comes, when it does I plan on taking it. Don’t matter if it’s early in the match or later. Besides no one knows what titles are in what briefcases, the first one someone gets could have a world title shot in it.”

“And most people might assume that it would be the final one and try and wait and get that one” Marissa added

“And you know what they say when you assume things? You make an Ass out of you and me”

“Still that world title shot could be in any of those briefcases” Jenny said adding her two cents to the conversation

“That’s why I’m not concerned with getting a “world” title shot and just getting a title shot period sis. If I get a world title shot great! I’ll take it. If not? Well guess what? Like the old saying goes, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.” John smiled and motioned for them to come on “Lets get out of here you guys I want to get to Houston early “

On Camera:

The scene opens with John standing in front of an Ascension PPV banner. He looks pensive as he starts to talk.

John: On Sunday nine men walk into the ring with a goal, not just to get a shot at a title sometime in the future, but to make an impact in the IWF

John:For some like Damien Drake this is his chance to prove that he’s more than the HFF’s attack dog. That he has what it takes to be a champion, but let’s be honest now Drake shall we? Without Axel and Ace pulling your strings you just seem to flounder like a fish out of water, and do you really think that either one of them will truly have your back if you were to somehow win the big one ever?

*John shakes his head*

John:No they would turn on you in a second and you know it.

John:for others like Storming Raven this is his chance to show in his home state that he truly is his people savior. Though you seem more interested in singing crapy country love songs to your girls. I mean seriously dude, you sound like the country western version of Emo. Get your head out of your ass and hers and focus on the task at hand, in case you haven’t noticed this is not American Idol, this is the IWF, we are a “wrestling “company, so put down the guitar and start wrestling!

John: ahh and then there’s my old friend Flex! Flex when I saw you were in this match, I can honestly say it made me smile. You see I know you know what this match is all about and I know you are going to give ever ounce of what you got! Some people might say that your age puts you in a disadvantage, but I call that experience and that means more than you can imagine in this kind of a match. It’s not always the ones who do the fancy moves that win this kind of matches. It’s those who use their brains and you and I both know that. You always bring out the best in me and I expect no different

John:And finaly we come to Jack Savage, Jack I know you’re going to come out here and make fun of me. But honestly I’m beyond that right now. We can argue over who started what or when until the end of time personaly I’m sick of it! And I really could careless! Know if you want to continue to worry about stupid shit like that be my guest. I’ll be busy winning a title shot! You see Jack ever since I got here I’ve had one thing on my mind, getting some kind of revenge on you and to be honest that hasn’t really got me anywhere so now that I have you in a match. I’m not going to pay any special attention to you. Cause you see doing that could lose me this match and I’m going to treat you for exactly what you are, Nothing special!

John: As for everyone else? Don’t take it personal that I didn’t mention you, To be honest I don’t really know any of you to say anything about you. But don’t think that means that I’m taking any of you lightly. On the contrary I realize exactly what’s on the line. I’ll be ready the question is..will all of you?

Scene fades to black


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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:02 pm

[The scene opens about thirteen years ago. Little Cassidy who was only five years old was watching television on a Saturday morning. As he was flipping through the channels he found something interesting, so interesting that he stopped to take a look. It was a clown. Not only was it was it a clown but it was a clown that was wrestling. Cassidy didn't know what wrestling was. Before seeing this he didn't know it existed but he liked what he saw. The wrestling clown wasn't a very friendly clown as he would hand balloons to fans at ringside and then run up to them and pop all the balloons. Cassidy needed to know more about this wrestling. At the time he didn't even know it was called wrestling. He ran over to his mom who was in the kitchen, cleaning. He asked his mom what was on television. His mom said it was wrestling. He asked his mom if he could watch it. His mom said it was okay for him to watch it, just to not try the moves at home or at school. He promised his mom that he wouldn't do such a thing. He then continued watching the show. He really enjoyed it and wanted to know everything about it. When he knew it was on, he'd do whatever it took to watch it. Sometimes though his parents wouldn't let him watch because they were watching something on television. Cassidy had a different childhood then other kids. Most kids would watch cartoons on a Saturday morning. Cassidy would do that too but would take time out to watch wrestling on Saturday mornings.]

[One day, when Cassidy was at his grand parents house not too far away, he was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. As he ate his fruit loops his grand father mentioned that there was wrestling coming to town. Cassidy got super excited. He wanted to know when and where they were coming. His grand father couldn't say it fast enough, he was already over his grand fathers shoulder looking at the ad. They were coming in July. It was the beginning of May and the tickets would go on sale in two weeks. Cassidy was so excited. He asked his mom if he could get tickets to the event for his birthday. His mom, knowing how much he liked wrestling said yes. Cassidy couldn't believe it. He gave his mom a big hug.]

[After weeks of waiting, the show finally came to town. He was so excited that day that he couldn't sleep the night before. He couldn't wait to go to the show so all he did was talk about going to the show at school. It was really a big deal for him. He had no idea that he would be sitting at ringside for the event, all he knew was that he was going to have a great time at the event. Cassidy really loved wrestling and showed in his school work. Every time he had a project he would try to do it on wrestling.]

[On his fifth birthday he got a few presents. His favorites were when he got action figures Bulk Bogan and Nacho Man. He was really a big fan of Nacho Man when he was this age. He loved to watch them on television. It was his dream to wrestle with them one day. For now though he could only dream. He could on wish that'd he face them one day in a wrestling ring. As more birthdays and Christmas' passed, his collection of action figures began to build. He would play with his action figures every day in the grass during all seasons besides winter. In the winter he'd spend a lot of time playing with them with his blue wrestling ring. He had fun doing that. Sometimes if he was really lucky he'd play with his action figures while watching a wrestling tape on VHS.]

[When he wasn`t doing something wrestling related, one day he was across the road playing with a little girl named Laura. Laura was only four years old. Anyway, they decided that they were going to go play hide and go seek. Cassidy looked and looked for Laura one time and found her in the playhouse. The play house was always fun but it had a lock on it that only people from the outside could lock or unlock. This was really annoying because bigger kids would come lock them inside. Anyway they were playing hide go seek. After a while, Cassidy was getting tired of playing. He decided that he`d run across the street and hide at home. He wanted to watch wrestling anyway. That was his plan. Anyway, as Laura began to count, he ran across the street, but couldn`t make it across because there was traffic going both directions. This had Cassidy worried that he`d get hit by a car. The traffic was heavy. Might I add that the street was really a busy highway where cars zoomed by really fast. Anyway, when trying to cross the street, he stood on the yellow line that ran down the centre. It was then that he got hit by a car. He flew all the way into the ditch and stayed there until his dad came running over to help take him out of the ditch. He set Cassidy down on the grass and some way got the police to come. Cassidy was out cold. They brought him to the hospital where they got x rays. He didn`t have any broken bones. He spent the next two weeks at home and out of school. His biggest injury was a black eye and a scraped knee.]

[When he was older, when he was able to read, he used to buy wrestling magazines. He get all the ones that he could but not only that, he'd get the ones that were independent. While reading it he discovered a game called "Champions of the Galaxy" – a card and dice game made by Filsinger Games. The game promised that you'd be able to run your own wrestling federation, while being the fan. The day he got it in the mail, he was so excited. He tore the envelope open and brought it upstairs to the desk where he used to play. He read the instructions and tried out his first match. He loved the game so much that he'd play every chance he could get. It was addicting to him and he really enjoyed the game. He played this game a lot, going into his adult life. He loved the fact that you could run your own wrestling promotion. He loved that wrestlers joined, improved or got worse and even retired. He loved that you could have tournaments for the belts. It was the perfect game for him. He always wanted to go to the game convention but he never had a chance. He lived too far away and it was always a money issue. His favorite characters were Wolf, Mayhem and Vengeancce – all from the Gladiator race. He had other favorites like Pegasus and Jack of Diamonds and even Mad Jester. It was a game that he never stopped playing, only when he started wrestling school did he stop.]

[On the night before his first day of wrestling school, he was super nervous and had trouble sleeping. When the time came the next day to go to school, he was so amped that he was shaking. He came in and said hi to his trainer. He introduced himself as Jim. He didn't mention his last name, he just said his name was Jim. Jim said that for the first month they wouldn't be touching the ring. He said that he wouldn't allow them to touch the ring until they were in shape. He said that it was the ways things went and if people didn't like it they could just leave the school and not come back and not get a refund. They started with squats. They did a hundred of them. There were ten students in the class including him and they each had to count loudly when it was their turn to count. They even spent sometime running laps around the building. If anyone stopped everyone got two more laps to run. It was a rough month as this was all that they did. He couldn't believe it, but after a few weeks people were dropping out of the class. He couldn't understand people wasting their money by not following through on what they paid for and what they wanted to do. Jim started to be a little easier on the remaining students. He explained that he only did that to see who was really serious and who was just there to waste their time.]

[His remaining time in wrestling school was a lot of fun. It was a lot better than his first month there. He started to learn the wrestling moves and how to take the move effectively. He really wanted to be a great wrestler. Jim told him that he'd be a great wrestler, that he may make it to the big time. After a few months learning the moves, he was then thrown into practice matches at the wrestling camp. He loved it because he'd get critique for how he was doing. He got some critism but also got some great pointers. He couldn't wait to do it in the ring in front of a real crowd. Until then he preacticed for what seemed like forever. He felt so great about himself though. This was the time that he was so happy that good energy, if you believe in that sort of stuff, was oozing out. People could tell that he was truly happy in his life. He was told by Jim that he was his best student that he ever had, that he was the one with the most wrestling talent. When he got him to cut a promo, he had practiced before, so he was able to cut a good promo for him. He was so happy. Jim told him he was going to call the Insurgency Wrestling Federation in regards to signing him to a contract. Cassidy was so damn proud of him when he got the phone call asking him to go to federation head quarters to sign a contract.]

[The scene opens at Ascension. Cassidy Smith is walking the back hallway of the arena. He walks quickly, as he passes people pulling cables and what not backstage. He is in his ring gear, blue singlet and white boots. He looks great and feels even better. He walks down the hallway until he is in front of where there are promos shot. He is told by the cameraman that he can go and cut another promo if he wishes for his match tonight, the ladder match. Cassidy Smith walks on the set and is handed a microphone. He taps the microphone to see if it works. It works perfectly. He takes is place in front of the Insurgency Wrestling Federation backdrop and then begins to speak to the audience watching live on pay per view and watching in the arena.]

Cassidy Smith: You know what? I know I was here before and told everyone what I thought of the match but right now I've got a few things to say still. This ladder match is everything to me. It means so much to me. It means that I have a chance at getting a World Heavyweight championship title shot. This is something that I am looking to become Insurgency Wrestling Federation champion. My dream is be just that. I will do whatever it takes to win the title. It doesn't matter who I have to step in the ring to get the championship, as long as I get it. Who is going to stop me, is there anyone who can stop me from getting the championship? I don't think there is. There are people who think they can? I'm sure every single superstar in Insurgency Wrestling Federation thinks they can beat me but they have to understand that I am undefeated and there is no one really out there who is going to change that. I'll take on all challengers. It doesn't matter who it is, they want a chance at me, they got it. That's all I got to say. See you in the ring, sweet hearts.

[With that the scene fades to black.]
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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:28 pm

The following RP depicts scenes of murder. For more info on the backstory, read this past RP.

Monday, March 18, 2013
Scottrade Center
St. Louis, Missouri
11:15 PM

Minutes after Battle Grounds 70 has gone off the air, Tim Patrick is alone backstage recovering from the brutal match he had with Phillip Joseph. He's wandering around talking to himself, delirious. An camera crew catches up with him, Tim notices the camera and begins to speak.

Tim Patrick:
First, I made Damien Drake my bitch. Tonight, I made Phillip Joseph bleed all over the place then tap out with a piece of chicken in his mouth. Can somebody possibly dominate another person more than making them tap out while making them eat a chicken wing at the same time? I mean, who ever heard of that shit?! Now, the same guy who's soul I crushed tonight gets a World Title shot at Ascension? Whoever said the world isn't fair doesn't know the half of it. But I'm not one to bitch and moan about what goes on in this business, so I'll let it slide. I've been here off and on for two years, since Insurgency Wrestling Federation began and I have yet to receive a singles championship opportunity. This all changes very soon. Sunday night, I'm going to literately climb the ladder to success and a better future. I promise you, things are about to change. If you thought tonight was violent, you haven't seen anything yet! My time is now!

~~Scene Fades~~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Tim Patrick's Apartment
South Philadelphia, PA
8:30 PM

Tim has been sitting all day on his couch, eyes locked at the wall. He has been awaiting his next contact from Mr. Smith and Ian McFadden, who promised him that they would call today. Tim is getting restless, smoking cigarette after cigarette. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, the cell phone on his lap begins to ring. Tim takes a deep breath, and picks up the phone.

Tim Patrick:
Where are you?

Ian McFadden:
(Laughing) Hello there, Timmy-poo. We're near by. Closer than you might think. The three of us watched your fight last night on television. It was pretty gruesome. Are you sure you have it in you to come after us tonight? Mr. Smith is getting lonely. And I'm craving to see you bleed again, in person. And the kid we took last week...well he's starting to get really scared. We've fed him all week, and we even found a pile of old dirty towels for him to sleep on, but I think he knows that his time on this earth might be coming to an end. We'd really like you to come and join us.

Tim Patrick:
So are we back to playing guessing games or are you going to tell me where you are?

Ian McFadden:
We're right down the road. The building that was condemned by the city last year. We'll be waiting.

Tim puts the phone down and races out the door and down the street. He knows exactly what building Ian was talking about. He runs past garbage and broken glass littering the street, and races past homeless men drinking on the sidewalk. After about a minute and a half of running, Tim is standing at the door of this building. It looks as if it's completely falling apart. Windows are busted out, the door is hanging off it's hinges, and it smells...badly. The neighbors have long suspected that this former home is being used as a crack house, but the police are rarely in the area and the ones that drive by refuse to go near the place. Tim forcefully pulls the door off of what's left of the hinges and walks in. It has no electricity but each room is lit by candles. In the distance, Tim can hear Mr. Smith's voice, singing and humming a lullaby. The vibe inside this abandoned house is extremely creepy. As Tim passes from room to room looking for his foes, he steps over syringes, broken bottles and rats. He listens carefully to try and figure out where Mr. Smith's voice is coming from. It's silent for several minutes, Tim just stands there, waiting, listening. Suddenly, a loud cracking sound echos throughout the building and then a child's scream followed by the eerie sound of Mr. Smith laughing. The young boy cries in pain. Franticly, Tim begins to search more aggressively. He finds a staircase and quickly buy cautiously begins to make his way down to the basement. Peaking in, he sees Mr. Smith standing over the little boy, holding what looks to be a yardstick. Tim realizes that Mr. Smith has been beating this boy with the yardstick. Continuing to peak into the room, Ian McFadden is nowhere to be seen. Mr. Smith raises the yardstick above his head, readying himself to whip the child again with it. Tim Patrick rushes over and reaches up and catches the stick. Mr. Smith turns around in shock, and the child runs off to the far corner of the room.

Mr. Smith:
What are you doing here?! Ian told me that we were going to wait before we told you!

Tim Patrick:
And where is Ian?

Mr. Smith:
(Shouting) Ian?! Ian!? He's here! Ian?!

Tim Patrick:
(Grinning) Don't you know to never trust a man like Ian McFadden?

Mr. Smith cowers back into the corner and trips over the pile of towels that the young boy was being beaten on.

Mr. Smith:
You sure have grown up, kiddo. You wouldn't hurt me, would you? You were my special little gu-

Before Mr. Smith could complete his sentence, Tim grabbed him by the throat and his pushed him up against the wall.

Tim Patrick:
I have been waiting for this moment for almost twenty years, Smith. Before I do the deed, there is some shit that I need to know, and you better tell me. Why did you do all of those things to me?

Mr. Smith:
Because I could. Because I needed to. You can't begin to understand how easy it was and how hard it was to ignore the urges. You lived right across the street from me and we're already a shy, lonely kid. It was perfect. You were perfect. I loved you in my own way.

Tim Patrick:

Mr. Smith:
I know that. Society says that it's wrong but I did it because I needed to. It's all I had. You were all I had. My wife left me, I never had any children of my own. The job I had was so worthless. Teaching gym to snot nosed brats. I hated it! The only reason why I went to work everyday was because you would be there....running, jumping, playing. You were the best boy ever.

Tim grimaces and slaps Mr. Smith across his head.

Tim Patrick:
You're a sick fuck. There was nothing loving about it. There was nothing romantic. You did what you did to me for the same reason you aligned yourself with McFadden and for the same reason you were beating this little boy here tonight. Power. That's all it is. It's not for love or happiness. It's fucking power! You ruined me mentally! I should be working nine to five wearing a suit like everybody else. Instead I bleed for a living. I hurt myself for a living! YOU DID THIS TO ME! You are the reason why I joined I went to another country, joined a paramilitary and killed people! I couldn't just accept that there was injustice in the land of my ancestors, I had to go there and kill people to try and stop it. I can't do anything normal. I always have to go to the extreme. Do you even understand that I haven't called the cops on you or Ian?! You kidnapped a child and killed his mother! And I can't be normal and call the cops. I had to track you down myself! None of this is normal!

Mr. Smith:
Of course you're not normal, silly. If you were like every other person I never would have been interested in you. You were always special.

Tim has heard enough. His eyes fill with rage and he begins to push down harder on Mr. Smith's throat. He turns to the child in the far corner of the room, sitting in a fetal-position, shaking, looking directly at the confrontation in-front of him.

Tim Patrick:
Kid, I need you to turn and face the wall and cover your ears and don't move until I say it's okay. Okay?

The little boy nods in agreement and turns around and covers his ears.

Tim Patrick:
Smith, I'm going to kill you.

Tim's choking of Mr. Smith lets up, but before he can catch his breath Tim begins punching him in the face over and over again. Mr. Smith falls to the floor and Tim straddles him, raining down lefts and rights on Mr. Smith's face. His nose and jaw shatter from the blows as blood begins to pour. Mr. Smith is barely conscious but is aware enough to make one final statement.

Mr. Smith:
It....was.....worth it.

Tim picks up a loose brick that's laying on the floor next to him, raises it above his head, and smashes it into Mr. Smith's forehead, repeatedly. His skull has caved in and he's dead, but that doesn't stop Tim. He continues hammering the brick into Mr. Smith's face until the brick begins to fall apart. Finally, he throws the brick down and rolls off from on-top of the carcass of his former molester. All that's left of Mr. Smith's face is a puddle of bloody mush. A sick grin comes across Tim's face as he sits there, looking at what twenty years of rage has come to.

It takes him a few minutes of deep thought to realize what had just happened. How the man responsible for tormenting his life for all these years is finally dead, and at his hands. A sense of closure overcomes IWF's Hardcore maniac, and in a sudden surge of emotion, he begins crying while sitting there. The little boy turns around and see's Tim sitting there next to the body of his kidnapper and rushes over to him and hugs him. Tim reaches up and hugs the child back, and the two share a special moment of relief and gratitude, embracing each other in a way a younger brother would hug an older brother after experiencing something traumatic. Tim looks at the child and smiles, wiping his own tears away.

Tim Patrick:
You know, kid...I never got your name.

Donny. My name is Donny.

Tim Patrick:
Well, Donny. It's nice to finally know your name (laughing).

My Aunt is dead, isn't she?

Tim Patrick:
Aunt? I thought she was your Mother...

No, she's my Aunt. She's dead isn't she?

Tim Patrick:
I'm afraid so. These men that took you and killed your Aunt are very bad men. We have to get you to someplace safe. Where is your mother and father?

They've been dead since I was a baby. The only other relative I know is my other Aunt who lives in New Mexico.

Tim Patrick:
Are you close with her?

I lived with her until last year. My other Aunt told her that I would like living in a city more than the small house we lived in in New Mexico. So she took me to live here in Philadelphia. She never told my Aunt that she liked doing drugs all day.

Tim Patrick:
When was the last time you talked to her?

On the phone around Christmas. She said she missed me and begged my other Aunt to let me live with her again. I think she knew my other Aunt had problems and that this wasn't a good life for me.

Tim Patrick:
You're a smart kid, Donny. Very smart. I'm sorry you have had to go through all of this. When that Ian guy broke into your house the last time and left, I thought it was all over and he would leave your family alone. I'm really sorry, kid. I should have known not to take him so lightly. I should have let you know that you could have always come to be if you were every scared again. I never should have let what has happened over the last week happen to you and your Aunt.

I don't blame you.

Tim Patrick:
Yeah, but I blame me. And I'm going to make it right. What we're going to do is we're going to go back to my apartment and you're going to call your Aunt in New Mexico and we're going to make arrangements for you to live out there with her again. Would you like that?

Donny smiles and nods in agreement. Tim tassels Donny's hair and gets up and they both walk out of the basement.

The scene picks up again a few minutes later in Tim Patrick's apartment. Donny is sitting on Tim's couch holding Tim's cellphone up to his face, waiting for the person on the other end of the phone to pick up. Finally, they do.

Hello? Aunt Nancy? It's me Donny!

Tim smiles and leaves the room to give Donny some privacy. He walks downstairs to Donny's old apartment and begins carrying up some of Donny's belongings including his mattress and the few stuffed animals and toys he has, making several trips up and down the steps. While Donny is on the phone, Tim sets up a space for Donny in the corner of his bedroom. He begins collecting the cigarette butts and empty bottles of whiskey that were scattered across the house and vacuums for the first time in a very long time. By the end of Donny's phone conversation, the apartment is spotless and Tim has created an environment that a child would be safe in. Donny comes running up to Tim and begins to speak.

I told my Aunt everything. She said I can live with her. When can I go?

Tim Patrick:
This weekend, I'm going to be going to Texas. That's right next to New Mexico. I'll have my boss Jessica change the tickets so that we'll make a stop in New Mexico on Friday. We can meet your Aunt at the airport.

What am I going to do until then?

Tim Patrick:
You're staying with me. I brought up everything you had in your room downstairs and brought it up here.

But what about Ian? Will he come after me again?

Tim Patrick:
He knows that if he ever steps foot in this apartment that he's a dead-man. I'm going to protect you, Donny. I won't let you out of my sight until we get to your Aunt's house on Friday. Okay?

Donny nods.

Tim Patrick:
Now, I'm hungry. Have you ever had a Cheesesteak?


Tim Patrick:
Well I know a great place that delivers...

The scene fades and picks up again with Tim tucking in Donny hours later in his bed.

Hey, Tim...

Tim Patrick:
Yeah, kid?


Donny closes his eyes and Tim begins to sign an old Irish Lullaby that his mother used to sing to him.

“Over in Killarney
Many years ago,
Me Mother sang a song to me
In tones so sweet and low.
Just a simple little ditty,
In her good ould Irish way,
And l'd give the world if she could sing
That song to me this day.

"Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now, don't you cry!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's an Irish lullaby."

~~The Scene Fades~~


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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:13 pm

The Friday night before Ascension, the IWF crew is doing a house show in Storming Raven's home town of Laredo, Texas at the Laredo Energy Arena. The crowd is in anticipated silence. Ladders are set up all the way down the ramp. Soon “Sympathy for the devil” by Guns n Roses blares through out the arena, and the crowd goes wild as their hometown hero Storming Raven makes his way out from behind the curtain with a smile. He runs down the ramp, going under every ladder along the way.

Stormy grabs a ladder, and slides it into the ring. He grabs a microphone from the ring attendant, and slides in the ring with the handle of the mic between his teeth. He sets up the ladder and begins to climb. Once at the top, he sits on top and takes the mic in his hand. The crowd slowly quiets to hear what he has to say.

“It was eight years ago, a kid from Laredo, Texas began his journey to become the best in professional wrestling.”

The crowd cheers wildly at the cheap pop. Storming Raven raises his hand for quiet.

“There has been a lot of bumps in the road a long the way, but it is all about to pay off. Sure I've had my share of setbacks, but this Sunday I climb the ladder of success and NO ONE is going to stop me! Every fight, every ounce of sweat, every drop of blood I've spilled. It has all led to THIS moment, and I will NOT let it pass me by! Now everyone in this match is a great competitor in their own right. Though I have something none of the others have. I AM THE MOST VIOLENT MAN IN IWF! I am willing to do what others will not. I am completely focused and ready for a title shot. It's about damn time management gives me the chance to show what I can do. There's really too many people in the match to cover them all, so I'll just focus on a few. Cassidy Smith, I like the guy, I really do. Yet this is he's still a bit green. He's not ready for a match of this caliber. It's simply not his time. Now the only other person who even comes close to my level of violence is Tim Patrick. I'm sure the two of us will shed a lot of blood in this match."

"As all of you know, I am no stranger to ladder matches, or heights in general. So this match is right up my alley. My first ever time capturing a US title was in a ladder match. I went on to carry that title for nine months. I believe that makes it a safe bet, that I'm a favorite going into this match.”

Storming Raven stands on the top of the ladder, and back flips off landing on his feet. He pushes his hair out of his face and grins.

“The empire has crumbled. There is a new era dawning in IWF, it is my time to step out of the shadows, and show everyone just what it is I am made of. It is time for me to soar with the eagles, and not feast on carrion with the crows.”

He smiles and his voice becomes deathly quiet.

“I promise each and everyone of you, that Sunday night,on my honor as the pride of the Cherokee nation, I will not stop until I am at the top of the mountain! Wakan Tanka Wasaka Maku Wo! (Great Spirit give me strength.)”

He throws the down microphone, causing static and feedback, as the crowd erupts and “Sympathy for the devil” plays but can barely be heard over the crowd. He jumps out of the ring and runs back behind the curtain.
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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:55 pm

Isolated pawn

Scene 1: Off Camera

“Are you sure this plan is going to work?” asked Mya as she took a seat on the couch. Flex was over by the TV, he had been trying to mess with some tangled wires behind his PS3.

“Babe, I’ll be honest; I’m floundering in IWF. My winning percentage is average at best. Creative has NOTHING for me, so they decide to throw me in four-way matches every week. It feels like I’m just spinning my wheels.”

“And you think this is going to get you some recognition?”

“Recognition? Meh probably not. But, it will get me some type of heat.”

Mya put her legs up on the couch.

“This will only get you cheap heat.”

Flex sighed.

“I know babe, I know. But, I’d rather have cheap heat than have ice sickles you know.”
Flex unplugged a couple of wires and then tossed them to the ground. The wires went to an older DVD player, which rested in the entertainment center, which also held the TV. Flex grabbed the DVD player and placed it on the ground next to the cords.

“What the matter with the DVD player?”

“Nothing,” said Flex as he walked over to the couch. As he sat down on the couch he lifted Mya’s legs and rested them on his own. “Just making some room for that X-Box you have been asking for.”

“Really?” asked Mya.

“Indeed…Mya, are you sure you are ok with this?”

Mya laughed.

“I think there are other ways to get a buzz around your name. But, as long as you don’t cross the line, I’m perfectly fine with it.”

Scene 2: On Camera

The camera opened up to a shot of an IWF banner. Flex stood underneath the banner with a microphone.

“Please excuse the background. Normally I’d deliver on of these type of promos in some kind of fancy manner.

“But, not today.

“But, you all don’t want to hear about that do you? You want to hear about my thoughts on this upcoming match don’t you? Well, to be honest, I don’t have too many thoughts about this match. I mean honestly, why should I? IWF creative team didn’t give too many thoughts when they created this match. Hell, all they did was throw all the mid-carders together.

“Hell, I don’t even know most of the fools in this match. So, I’m only going to touch upon the one that I do know.

“First there is Damien Drake, AKA the reject. Damien, you have been the reject of HFF ever since the group formed. Most people didn’t or still don’t know that you are part of the group. Maybe it’s because you have a bad habit of disappearing worse than James Harrden in the fourth quarter. OR, maybe it’s the fact that you just suck. Damien, you and I have been in a few fed together; you’ve never been able to hold a candle to myself or the other top tier wrestlers. I don’t know how you expect to thrive in this match, you fucking failure.

“Speaking of failure, you were also the reject of the Empire weren’t you? Ha, Jack Savage got more respect in that group then you did. You know what that indicates Damien? It indicates you are a nobody, a scrub. Hell, you could win this crazy ass match at Ascension and no one would give a fuck.

“Isn’t that something?”

Flex sighed.

“Well, since I’ve mentioned him, I might as well talk about him.

“Jack Savage.

“Jack, I’ll be honest, it’s a miracle that you still have a job my brother. I met you eight years ago, and for eight years you have been fucking up and losing matches. I’m starting to think feds hire you just to keep the others’ self-esteem high. Look Jack, you aren’t going to win this match—you know this, and I know this. You aren’t a winner Jack. I mean, a week ago or so you had a shot at Gordon’s title didn’t you? Hell, I know exactly how that match was going to go down. You talked some shit before the match, and then proceeded to get your ass kicked up and down the ring. Come on Jack, it’s the same fucking routine for you every week!

“Let me say this Jack, and trust me, it pains me to say this…

“…Sometimes heart just isn’t enough!

“Jack, we all know you’ve got heart. Hell, you’ve had more matches than I have. Week after week you take a beating. And yet, each week you magically appear back in the ring—that’s commendable. However, Legends aren’t one-dimensional Jack. Legends are able to able to master most, if not all the important aspects of wrestling. And hell Jack, you can’t master ring skills, which is probably the easiest one.

“But it’s perfectly fine Jack. That’s a place for loser like yourself; fools like you are meant to lose to the greats like myself. I’d like to say that you are simply a stepping-stone, but the fact of the matter is, you aren’t even that. ‘Stepping-stone’ wrestlers offer a challenge, even if it’s minimal. You, no sir, you are more like a foot-stool, something for a weary legend to rest his feet upon.”

Flex laughed a bit.

“Let’s move on.

“John Tolly, sup kid.

“Now Tolly, you and I have a lot of history don’t we? We’ve have been friends, and we have been enemies. We’ve been on the same team, and we’ve been on opposing teams.

“So, what are we right now sir?

“Are we friends?

“…OR, are we enemies?

“Or, maybe we don’t need to answer that question right now. But, I do know this week we are opponents. And as you know brah, I don’t hold back when I’m in the ring. No, I’m not going to verbally disrespect you like I have the others—but I am going to disrespect you out there in that ring. It’s been a good two to three years since you and I have wrestled. And just like all the other UECW rejects have learned, I’m not the same wrestler that I used to be. Even though I’m older, I’m better than I ever used to be. But you my ‘friend,’ it appears that you aren’t as crisp.

“Wonder how that’s going to play out this Sunday?

“But enough about Tolly.

“Next up is …Cassidy Smith!”

There is a long pause.

“You know, I’ve been racking my brain to think of something to say to you sir. But, honestly I’ve got nothing. I mean, you have beaten a couple of scrubs in IWF. What more is there to really say about you?

“Well, I guess I can say this—you aint winning this match holmes. Let’s be honest, this match isn’t filled with ‘main event caliber’ wrestlers, but there are enough credible ones to prevent your dull ass from winning. My suggestion to you is really just to stay out of the fray, if you know what I mean.”

Flex laughed.

“Storming Raven—you and your people lost your pride when the American settlers touched down. This your chances of advancing in this company are going to be snatches away.

“Sucks to be you.

“Cage and Armadaist—fuck yaw.”

Flex held up a finger.

“And then, that brings me to you, Tim Patrick. You and I have had a couple of encounters here in IWF. And even though I’ve kicked your ass up and down the ring on both of those occasions, I will say one thing about you—you are a fighter.

“Regardless of what I’ve said, or what I’m about to say, I actually do respect you Tim.

“But, matches aren’t won by respect son. Matches are won by skill, and I’m sure you will even admit that you are lacking a bit in that area. Tim we have discussed this before—you are brawler. Now, if all you ever aspire to be is a ‘hardcore legend’, then sure, I guess that’s cool. But, if you want to ‘legend,’ then simply being a brawler will not do.

“Now Tim, I know you a bit. You think because this is some type of ladder match that you have an advantage don’t you? You probably think you can just walk into the match, hit everyone with ladders, and then walk away. But truth be told, that won’t be the case Tim. A ladder match takes strategy, timing, and like I’ve said before, skill. That’s why you are at a disadvantage in this match son.”

Flex laughed.

“You know something just hit me…

“…Over the years I’ve been in a number of ladder matches myself. I won’t say that I’m the most experienced, but I’ve had my fair amount of battles ya dig.

“I know what a lot of you all are thinking right now. Yall think I don’t have a chance in hell of winning. You all have seen me win some matches, and you’ve seen me lose some matches. In your minds, I’m just a sub-par wrestler. Well, I want to be honest—I really don’t give fuck what you all think. You see, I’ve been wrestling for a number of years.

“No one really believed in me—no one but myself!

“And in my time as a wrestler, I’ve been able to do a great deal of things. I’ve gotten a chance to travel, I’ve gotten a chance to meet a bunch of cool people. But, most of all, I’m gotten a chance to written my name in wrestling history. I always thought I’d be great, but I never saw myself being a nine-time champion. I never saw myself being inducted in to one hall of fame, much less two.

“I’m not trying to brag…or maybe I am.

“I’ve done more in my short time in the business than most of you all have done in your entire lives. But, here’s the best part—I’m not done yet. You see, I may be a little older, but I still haven’t lost a step. I can go toe to toe with anyone, and I mean ANYONE.

“This match will only be proof you dig.”

Flex smirked. He then walked off camera.

Scene 3: Journal

“I’ll be honest, I’m not extremely excited for this upcoming match. Yeah, I know I should be; but, I’m not. Now don’t get me wrong, once I step into the ring it’s going to be business as usual. But, I’m just not hyped about this match.

“Maybe it’s because there isn’t a lot of hype behind this match. Yeah, title shots are on the line. But, does anyone really care? I feel I like most people don’t, not even IWF management. This match feels like a big old cluster-fuck.

“I’ll be honest, I’m not too happy with my position here IWF. But, I really can’t blame anyone but myself right? I mean, I’ve lost a fair amount of matches, matches that could have moved me up the ranks. Most people would complain and blame others. But, I won’t do that. I lost those matches because I wasn’t on my game—it happens.

“But, it feels like IWF doesn’t know what to do with me, so they just toss me into random matches. And, let me speaking from experience, it’s hard to be motivated when you are tossed into three-man and four-man matches every week.

“My finance’ tells me that I should take it as a complement—her view is that IWF trusts me, and that they throw me into random matches because they know I’m going to deliver.

“I don’t know if that’s the real reason or not.

“But, it sure sounds nice doesn’t it?”



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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:10 pm

[off camera]

Jack Savage: I have been a professional wrestler for a long time. But I think that this may be one hardest challenges ever this week.

[color:e31b= purple]Ashley Savage: Daddy don't say that... Your too good of a wrestler to be worried about this match.

Jack Savage: I am not worried honey.

[color:e31b= purple]Ashley Savage: Then why would you say that?

Jack Savage: It just a lot can happen with that many men in the ring at the same time. Let alone that many men with Ladders being in the ring too. Don't worry though I have a plan to make sure that I grab one of those briefcases.

Ashley Savage: Good because you need one of them Daddy.

Kelly Savage: Yeah then your Dad needs to become a champion again.

Ashley Savage: Yeah he does and prove to the world that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world today.

Jack Savage: I thought that I have proven that many times already.

Ashley Savage: I don't mean to Mommy or to me I mean to them the gross people.

Jack Savage: The gross people?

Ashley Savage: Yeah the one's you call the unwashed masses....

Kelly Savage: That's just what your Daddy calls the fans because he does not like them...

Ashley Savage: Oh so they do wash then selves?

Kelly Savage: Most of them do...

Jack Savage: And the ones that don't are truly the unwashed masses like John Tolly for example.

[color:e31b= purple]Ashley Savage: John Tolly is gross....

Kelly Savage: In more ways then one way honey.

Ashley Savage: Never leave me alone with him please.

Kelly Savage: We never would..

Jack Savage: Yeah I just don't trust that guy.

Ashley Savage: Just do me a favor Daddy grab a briefcase and then become a champion again.

Jack Savage: Will do Honey.

Ashley Savage: Go for it all.

[on camera]

As the camera fades in Jack Savage is seen wearing an all black Armani suit. He stands with his back ageist a brick wall some where in the city of Houston. He has a huge smile going from ear to ear as he stands there looking into the camera.

[color:e31b= gold]Jack Savage: I think that almost each and everyone of you is smart enough to know the truth...

Jack lets out a little bit of a laugh.

Jack Savage: And the truth is that I should be standing here today as the Insurgency Wrestling Federation High Impact Champion. But I know that not a signal one of you will ever admit that truth though. Because as you can clearly see I do not have the Insurgency Wrestling Federation High Impact Champion around my waist. Because by some freak fluke I did lose to Gordon Fury. Something that I assure will never happen again. Because I had no FUCKING business losing to that the man that has had the balls to call me a loser.

Jack starts to laugh even harder now as he keeps on looking into the camera.

Jack Savage: But that does not change the fact that I lost and that I was made to look like a fool in front of the whole world. Because a man of my talents should not be losing matches to a no body the likes of a Gordon Fury. But I still some how lost to that man that has the nerve to call me a loser. When the fact of the matter is he is the loser. That has done nothing but get lucky over me or my brothers Axle Vengeance and Philip Joesph.

Jack claps his hands

Jack Savage: A loser that has not beaten me two times. Because of that I have now put a target clearly on his back. So next time that I face Gordon Fury I will be ready for every little trick he has. But that's enough talk about Gordon Fury for now. Because tonight at Ascension I am in the Ascension Ladder March with eight other men. Those eight other men being Ethan Cage, Damien Drake, Tim Patrick, John Tolly, Cassidy Smith, Storming Raven, Flex Johnson, and Aries Armadaist. So I think that I should give you a simple run down.

The smile disappears from the face of Jack Savage and his quickly replaced with a look of anger and focus.

Jack Savage: Let me start with the man by the name of Ethan Cage. A man that once held a briefcase that gave him a shot at any champion he wanted to face. But he lost his briefcase because he was foolish enough to put it on the line in a match. You had a shoot at a championship of your choosing and you put it on the line like some dumb moron. That's why I know that you don't have what it takes to win this match. Because this match is going to take brains and that is something that you clearly don't have.

Jack keeps looking into the camera.

Jack Savage: Then you have a man that I proudly call my brother Damien Drake a man that I can grantee you will grab one of those four briefcases. When he does he will prove to the world why he is a monster that should be feared and hated by the wrestling world. I know he can do this. I know that he will do this no one can stop him. Damien Drake is my brother and we have each others backs to make sure that we both walk out of this match with briefcases. No one else in this match has someone watching there back and Damien and I do...

Jack nods his head and starts to laugh.

Jack Savage: Tim Patrick a man that has be a target of the new Empire. Tim you want to set there in your FUCKING ivory tower and act like if you where given a chance to be a part of The Empire that you would not have taken it. Because as much as you try to say you would never goes as low as to join the Empire every man has his price Tim and if you where offered the right price you would have taken it and ran with it.

Jack keeps laughing and puts one finger up in the air.

Jack Savage: Then there is John Tolly a man that I have known for years. Hell at one time us came together under the name of America's Most Hated. Even though that John wants to sit there and act like the name was all his idea . You all know the truth that I was in a tag team with that same name years before the version that I formed with John Tolly. But this is not about America's Most Hated is it John. No hell it's not even about who the better wrestler between the two of us is. Because I have already proven that I am time in and time again. This time is about a chance at becoming a champion a chance that I know that I need too see everyone as threat that includes you. You want to say I am no one special I will show you that your wrong.

Jack laughs even harder.

[b]Jack Savage: You also have Cassidy Smith a man that I don't know to much about. Because he is so new to the Insurgency Wrestling Federation. He may think that he is so damn good. But I know that I am better then him. I know that I will prove that I am better then him in the Ascension Ladder Match. It wont take much all I will need to do is stop his sally ass from grabbing a briefcase before I do. Him being new may work to his advantage but I don't think it will I think that I may hurt him in the long run..

Jack lets out a chuckle

Jack Savage: And I know that I will do that...

Jack looks around and pulls out a one cigarette and places it up to his lips and lights it.

Jack Savage: We also have Storming Raven a man that I have already beaten once and I know that I can beat again. It wont take much because Storming Raven is nothing but a wannabe a sad joke of a wrestler. That if you ask me has done nothing to improve himself. In fact if you ask me he has made him self look like a total joke. He is really an embarrassment to professional wrestling. Because the only kind of match that he can win is extreme rules matches and even those he seems to have a hard time winning.

Jack cracks his fingers and looks right into the camera.

Jack Savage: What about Flex Johnson you may ask?

Jack lets out and other soft chuckle.

Jack Savage: Well Flex Johnson is another man like John Tolly and Damien Drake that I have known for years. Since our days in Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling the same place that I knew John Tolly from. A place that think that we face each other very few times. But unlike John Tolly I can actually say that Flex Johnson and Damien Drake are all time great professional wrestlers.

The smile slowly start creep back across the face of Jack Savage.

Jack Savage: And Flex is a man that I have had the honor of watching many of his matches live. A man that I will be honored to lock it up with and try to keep him from grabbing one of the briefcases. So right there can tell you who three of these briefcases are going too.

Jack pulls out a knee pad that happens to have dry blood on it as he looks at the smile on his face grows bigger.

Jack Savage: Then lastly we also have Aries Armadaist.

Jack lets out another soft laugh.

Jack Savage: A third man that is in this match that I know from UECW and a second that I was in a group with in UECW. This group was a lot stronger then America's Most Hated was. That's right I am talking about the group that was known as Venom. But when Aries showed his face in the IWF I have proven to him that I am a better wrestler then he is when I broke his noise and made him look like the little bitch that we all know that he is. His blood was everywhere just like it will be again after the Ascension Ladder Match.

Jack places a finger up to his lips.

Jack Savage: In Fact everyone but my blood will be all over the place after this match. I am going to cause pain and suffering to every last man in this match an prove once and for all that I am a man that should be FUCKING feared. That I am among if not that I am the best wrestler in this business today.

Jack eyes grow bigger.

Jack Savage: I have told you things about all of the men that I will be facing in this match. I have told you why I am better then all of these other men. But I guess that it's just time that I FUCKING prove it to every last one of you by grabbing one of the briefcases...

Jack licks his lips

Jack Savage: And then winning my title shot Finally I will become a champion in this company. Something that I have craved for a very long time now because I am a greedy no good son of a FUCKING bitch and greed is good. It's time that every last one of you is honest with your selves and admits to you own greed. Greed is what will lead me to grabbing one of the briefcases and proving that I belong.Proving that I am a man that has the IT factor and that I am among the all time greats.

Jack laughs one more time and takes a deep drag

Jack Savage: And also admit that greed is a good thing. I am going to prove I am right when I say money talks and I am loaded...

The camera fades to black with jacks laugh growing louder.


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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:18 pm

-Press Start-

Ascension?....That's All I've Ever Done

The camera comes in on Ethan "I Love Bad Bitches That My Fuckin' Problem" Cage, you see once again against Griffin Hawkins, Ethan Cage has failed and yet this time, Ethan doesn't give a shit. Why, you ask, because that time didn't count, and because Griffin Hawkins or at least the Griffin Hawkins that has come to be, has become lazy, has become too comfortable in his standings and that was a gift to Hawkins, because after this ladder match, all bets are off and Hawkins will learn his new place is under our dear Ethan Cage. Ethan told the world that once Griffin would become champion that you would see a different side of Hawkins. You see guys like us need goals, need motivation, needs focus. Against Griffin Hawkins last week,what for, Griffin vs Ethan is main event and for titles, it's not some throw away match you throw on the card to waste time. Ethan had focus when it came to revenge, it was on Gambino, Steel Angel and Ryan Apollos and Ethan came back to right the wrongs and against Griffin, there was no heart there, but the time for feeling sorry for ourselves is over. Griffin Hawkins will suffer his fate, he may have beaten Ethan Cage enough times that it seems like he holds Ethan's number but come on kids, if you know Ethan, then you know at anytime he inspires and produces greatness and sooner or later he will be the IWF World Heavyweight Champion, it was set in stone once he won that briefcase. His new goal to be the only man to win it twice, and this time, the irony would be to cash it in on the one motherfucker who took his briefcase, that is of course, only if he is still holding it. And yet another opportunity has fallen on our anti hero, this ascension ladder match. The last time Ethan was involved in a ladder match he pulled a briefcase down from the heavens, and in that same match Hit the Lights on a plastic doll named Ruby Winters to get that briefcase. You see, as was said, this has been needing focus, Ethan Cage needs something to focus on, not random matches that are given away. This match is against some people that need to make their name, as Ethan Cage is made to do once again, and he will. You see he will be your new God now, he will not be your savior, he will be seen as more than your idol, he will be seen as the prophecy, the man that he claimed to be since joining this company. I know it seems like he's fallen by the waistside, letting guys like Axle, Ace and other Empire tards run this place. But now much like then, Ethan will never extend his hand to any group that wishes to dominate for one man's means. No, when Ethan joins a group, it will be anarchy, it will be the likes of which you've never seen, but until Ethan can get over his selfishness, there will be no groups. As well, he thinks everyone but him is a complete moron. Ethan is stretching in the corner in a pair of blue Adidas joggers, and a hoodie with the sleeves cut off. This is when Bobby steps into the gym, his head down.

Bobby: What happened?

Ethan: Nothing, I just shouldn't have drank so much green beer.

Bobby: You drank green beer before a match?

Ethan: It was Rayne's birthday the night before and the show was on the day of St Paddy's day. You've known from the very beginning that I liked to party.

Bobby: No, what I knew from the beginning is that you were going to be champion, you won a briefcase well on your way to greatness, yet you have no belt, no past title reign and here I sit on a gold mine who won't get off his ass.

Ethan: You're one to talk fat ass.

Bobby: I'm not kidding Ethan, get your fuckin' head back into this game.

Ethan: You know what, I have my head in this game.

Bobby: Well get your heart back.

Ethan: Fuck you! I'm the fuckin' star, I don't need to listen to some agent.

Bobby: Well, it looks like I have no choice Ethan, I'm sorry you're going to make me do this, but I'm going to have to le-

A pair of hands grab Bobby by his pin striped jacket and pulls him out of the frame. Ethan's back to Bobby, realizes that Bobby went silent. When Ethan looks up, he sees Austin Cage.

Austin: Sup baby brother?

Ethan: I'm older than you.

Austin: Then why are you acting like one, I don't know if you noticed but your million dollar agent, was about to let you go.

Ethan: I don't care.

Austin: You know, around the holidays when I came back I was dealing with a man that was done with wrestling, he was working on cars for the neighborhood like some kind of grease monkey. And now I show up, you were on the rise again and then you get beaten by Griffin Hawkins.

Ethan: So what, he beat me again.

Austin: He didn't beat you, his promo was horseshit, Johnny Cage could've beaten him that night. You beat yourself, you gave up on yourself again, just like you did when you faced Steel Angel, at least this time the Grim Reaper didn't show up and put you in a coma again.

Ethan: What are you doing here?

Austin: To wake you up. To show you the road you're heading down again, is the one that let you out of the IWF, that led you into normality. You really want to be one of those Empire flyin' monkeys, having to rub elbows with the devil himself, Corey Casey to get a title shot, like Phillip Joseph. You're better than this. You're just getting lazy.

Ethan: This match will get me back into the mix wouldn't it?

Austin: Being a lazy ass wouldn't, this match fell into your lap for a reason, because you were given a chance to once again be what you claim, the best the IWF has to offer. On your best day, you are untouchable Ethan. That place needs Ethan back, they have Phillip Joseph in the main event for Christ's sake. You think you don't deserve to be there?

Ethan: Phillip Joseph sucks.

Austin: Yeah, well lately you're not being seen as the viable option you once were. It's time.

Austin walks over to Ethan and pushes him.

Austin: What would Dad say to see you here acting sorry for yourself?

Ethan: I don't know.

Voice: Why don't you ask me?

Ethan's eyes grow wide, as we can tell, there's only one man Ethan respects and it's his father, the very man's genes provided Ethan with the ability he has today. Just think of Ethan around that ring at Ascension, it's going to be incredible.

Ethan: Dad?

Tristan: That's right son.

Ethan: What are you doing here?

Tristan: I'm here to tell you to stop wasting everyone's time and do what you were meant to. You see Ethan, I sat idly by while Steel Angel dismantled you, I stood watching my television while Ryan Apollos and Gambino played you like some sort of toy. And when I saw you last week, I saw that wreckage, and if you think I'm going to sit here and watch that debacle again.

Ethan: He beat me.

Tristan: He didn't beat the real Ethan Cage, not that time, perhaps before but not that time.

Ethan: I'm just a little more relaxed now, having fun and not taking it so serious.

Tristan: Is that right? That's interesting, not taking wrestling so serious. Is that what it's come to? Okay my dear boy, let's go inside and look in the want ads, but I don't know if any job is going to have openings for men that have given up on themselves. Come on.

Ethan: Fuck you.

Austin: Hey.

Tristan: No, let's hear this, what do you have to say?

Ethan: I won't live in your shadow.

Tristan: No one's asking you to, son. I'm asking you to create your own shadow. I created a legacy for you, not to continue, but to surpass, for you and your brothers, even though Brandon chose music, what can I say, the last one is always the rebel. You and Austin have been given a gift, not from me, but from the Cage family. Right now, this joke of a man named Johnny Cage is degrading our name. Ethan, if you think any of this is about me, then you can flush that shit right down the toilet. You have a fire under your ass son, light it. How does it feel to see this Griffin joke hold a title that was meant for your waist. That company has put it's faith in you once before, you will have to earn that trust back. And not promoting your matches won't get that back. You see this, this camera, showing us arguing, it's giving them a chink in your armor, and it's something your enemies will pounce on, just as you would. These cameras are meant as a tool to bury your opponents, and from what I've read, you have plenty of enemies to bury this week. Even this Damien Drake, who will be looking to avenge that lose to you weeks ago. Ethan, the matches you could have, the ability and creativity you both share in that ring is something I could never do. I'm a power man, you both are so technical and aerial, it's an absolute treat to see you in that ring. That ladder is your ascension Ethan, out of this funk and into the light, where you belong.

Ethan: ....

Tristan: When you both were children, you would fight over holding my title replicas, and one time while I was champion, Ethan you snuck into my bag and got the real TNW World Heavyweight Championship, you couldn't even carry it and at 3:30 in the morning you and Austin were fighting for it, winner gets my belt. When I pulled you both inside, you said "Daddy, one day I'm going to fight for my own title", and that stuck with me and here you are, in one of the most challenging companies, a true test of your abilities and you're in a pair of sweats stretching like your match isn't soon. Are you going to sit this one out or are you going to show those other clowns that you will be the only one to ascend into greatness.

Ethan: I'm going to ...ascend...

Austin: What?

Ethan: I'm going to ascend!

Austin smirks, a trademark of Ethan's, but the family resemblence is shown clearly.

Austin: Well, I don't know why you're telling us, I mean you have a camera and eight opponents that haven't heard shit from you yet. I'm sure they would like to hear what you have to say.

Ethan: Are you sure about that?

Austin: Well, I'm sure they wouldn't like to hear themselves being torn apart, but it's time to hear Ethan have his spine back. It's time to hear the return of the man, the child with the dream of becoming a world champion.

Ethan looks at the camera, and his father and brother fade into the blur of the background. Ethan stands straight up, a sense of resurrected confidence, a smirk before the unleashing.

Ethan: Here I am in a match with a bunch of wash outs while guys like Eric Steel, beat him and Jacob Figgins are wrestling for titles, what has the world fuckin' come to. I'm Ethan Cage, bitches, but I digress, I mean come on, I'm coming off a loss to a Barbie with the world title. I know how boring it is having him as a champion, how redundant things have become, I mean I thought this company was stale with Stygian as the champ but this has hit a whole new low. You see, I do see guys with talent who have made horrible decisions, guys holding tag championships who should be holding world titles, and yes I am referring to Axle. There will be a day where he and I will tear down the house, but instead of seeing that. We are going to see a lackluster main event where Phillip Joseph will be so far out of his element that people will be leaving during the match just to beat the fuckin' traffic home. I'm going to utilize this match however, even though it still hasn't been fully explained what this match is for, what I know is that atop that ladder, there will be something for me to claim. And I will claim it, above all else, above a bald bitch with douchebag tats, an Irish Twatbag, a Canadian Con man, whiney army brat, a man in makeup who feels like wrestling then doesn't, depending on what week it is, a man with a cotton candy fro or the head of any bitch's security who can't even protect himself. All eight of you think that you have something to prove, that this match is all up in the air, but it's going to be my massacre, it's going to be my ascension, because bitches I will rise through the blood bath with a smile on my face and your blood stained on my body.

Ethan: Each of you have no idea, even at present if I am going to even show up for this match, so you're running off at the mouth saying generic shit that is going to get you nowhere with anyone. I know the threats in this match, I know the ones that are going to throw away this opportunity like they throw away everything else. You see our world champion is going into a match with a win over me, which has him gloating yet again, well I'm going to outshine his match with what I do with this ladder match. It's what I do, it's how I live, I'm going into this match to break each of your hearts and dreams of becoming anything in this company. You see my family was right, it is my time to stop treating this career like it's a fun thing to do, and it's time to come up and break all of your faces all with a smile on my own. Each of you have reached up to a certain point, mostly a place where you're barely above surviving, and coming into this match with me, it's almost a set up, a hand me match, because I am the name in this match, the only one really. I mean if you're counting Storming Raven, a man with such a ridiculous name, a man that hasn't gotten the memo that emo is out this year, then you're really reaching. Or maybe you're thinking of Axle and Ace's baby bitch Damien Drake, is he a name in this match. I don't think so. You see, I'm at fault here this week, you see I had two chances to come out with a promo, but luckily the two or three assholes that came out with two, had nothing of merit to say and the others, are like me, why say the same thing twice when you can make the one time count.

Ethan: Your chance at making a difference is done, because I have returned and have come back to the road where at the end of it, is my throne. I don't need to be Oz and trick the world, I need to be me and claim it for myself. The IWF has been waiting for me to take my place at the head of it ever since my arrival, and a few stalls have happened, my personal life has come into the mix, as it would, human nature. However this week, I have the focus I need to win this match, this match's win will be yet another notch in my belt. No other man needs to live out my life, the briefcase never needed to be mine, because the abilities I used to get me that briefcase, is still with me. And it's going to rise in this match, each of you is a target, and each of you is out gunned in this match. Even if you all worked together, you'd have absolutely no shot at winning this match. I am the lost god that is waiting for his followers, yet doesn't need them. I'm going to break each of you, I'm going to embarrass each of you, and whatever is atop that ladder, is coming home with me.

Ethan: As I said, each of you have said something generic and shallow, and spitting out shit hoping for something to stick, well I know exactly who I'm in this match with. Shall we?

Ethan rolls his name from shoulder to shoulder as if preparing.

Ethan: Let's start with Microphone head, Flex "No Pecs" Johnson. Okay, so Flex, a man from Harlem but now lives in Los Angeles. You see, that's your ascension right there, going from Harlem to the bright lights of Los Angeles, isn't that enough for you. I mean come on, you don't expect to really achieve anything here do you, look at your record, sure I've lost a few but I have an amazing record that can't be touched by you. You have a move called anywhere but here, that's funny, because that's exactly where I feel you should be when it comes to the wrestling business. You're wasting everyone's time being here, taking up valuable Battle Grounds airtime with your fumbling about and moc wrestling style. Sure you have a bunch of past title reigns and yet, here you suck.

Ethan: No one's heard much from you since your Grandma passed away, such a shame, I know how much that must have hurt you. To have to be told through your little answering machine that your Grandma passed. I mean she had an infection for two weeks and you were too busy to see her, drop in and say hello. I mean some are even saying that just seeing you could've made her happy enough to get well, but I can't speculate that it's your fault she died, I mean it's truth but who am I to bring that to light. I mean, I would've gone to see my Grandma if she were in the hospital, but I mean I'm a better human being than you. For me to expect you to be that great of a person, to care for the woman that brought one of your parents into this world, I guess that's beyond you. You're too busy thinking of yourself, and your pathetic life to care about something like that. The woman who raised you doesn't mean shit to you, how can I expect this match to mean anything to you. The truth is, her death is the best thing to happen to you, because now you have nothing holding you back, not that your ever even thought about her. But now you don't have the guilt of her watching your matches every week and having her watch you lose. She died knowing her grandson was a fuck up, that must've been heartbreaking, maybe so heartbreaking it killed her. Well, truth, is that she did have an infection and that infection was your family bloodline, and how funny is it that you are now IWF's infection, and it's an infection I'm about to cut out.

Ethan: Weeks ago, you said that when you came into this business, you were naive, you didn't know politics and the ins and outs of this business, and I say that you may know that now but you still need to learn how to wrestle because kid, in that ring you ain't got it. You're a rag doll and what's worse is that you think you have the attitude to back up what you say, but what you don't realize is that everyone is laughing at your every word. You've become a joke, the end, I could tell you this, your Grandma's last breath...was spent laughing at you...and the mistake she made having the parent that made such a waste.

Ethan: Who now, let's go to Tim Patrick. The so called "Irish Car Bomb", all right, that's fine, playing off your Irish background, good deal. Good for you to put such...thought into your gimmick, proud to be Irish, all right. That must've taken a whole minute to come up with that one, I guess I can appreciate that you even used your brain for that long, I mean it must have stung something horrible. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Luckily, you haven't put that much thought into anything you've done since, your promos, your matches, not one thing. You are 5'11 and 230, other than that, I'm trying to pick out the difference between Sean Libby, John Tolly and yourself, I mean I know there was some Irish group that you had in the past, some laughable group of fuck ups with a chip on their shoulder, a group that spent more time fighting each other than making a name for themselves but a group none the less. I've beaten Sean Libby and no he didn't have a piece of chicken in his mouth, nor is that really something to gloat over, but you managed to do it as if it meant something. Of course, here you are in this match with us and he's in the main event for the title, but you bragging about the chicken in his mouth I'm sure made a difference.

Ethan rolls his eyes.

Ethan: Yeah. Anyway, you love baseball bats, hardcore matches and say stupid things like you'll never beat the Irish, again, a half a second of thought into your career. Talking to Donny as if this all means something. I get that you like to bleed and don't worry Tim, you're going to be doing plenty of that in this match, because with that ladder, you're going to need a bat to even keep up with that I do in that ring. I am a ring surgeon, I can't be touched and I'm going to over take this match make each of you wish you never set foot into that ring. This match was made for me, and it's my time to show the world that. You may not care for the rules, but I break the shit out of them, I am the one that you're going to have to keep an eye on, and as of yet, each of you just doesn't know what they are in for. And you know why, because you're not doing your fuckin' homework, you're arguing with each other because it's what you know. You know nothing about me, because if you did, you'd know how much of the focus should've been on me. Because right now, I'm about to tear all of you a new asshole and none of you have even mentioned me. And that's the way I want it, all of you out of your element, all of you unprepared for what is going to be in that ring with you. All of you will have your eyes on each other, and I'm going to get up that ladder and win the match, while you all lay on the mat asking yourselves how you could've let that happen. I live and breathe these situations, these put up or shut up situations and believe me, I'm going to be putting up a lot, too much for any of you to handle.

Ethan: See Tim, you made a promise you can't keep, you promised you'd get up that ladder and that things are going to change, well you're not going up that ladder but things are going to change,...but for me. Soon, I won't have to be in matches with weaklings like you. Guys that think they are bigger and badder than they truly are. You are a walking waste of time, and you act like this match is yours. Well, I'm your wake up call and you ain't going nowhere but down. I'm going to make sure you feel every ounce of pain you crave. I'm going to make sure that my ascension will be earned, so you don't complain about it like you did with Phillip Joseph. You see I beat Alexander Remington while he was holding the title. I didn't beat the man who is getting a title shot, I beat champions. There are those that fear you because you're not right in the head, but I don't fear you because I'm just as crazy if not more. I'm a controlled crazy, because I know exactly what I'm doing but it's just that I'm crazy enough to still do it. You can have your detenator because you're not going to even touch me with it, instead you're going to have to see all the pretty lights when your back is to that mat.

Ethan: You see Tim, I'm going to take you back to Jersey, where you were bullied and abused and I'm going to remind you of old times. And this will be no backyard wrestling show where people are actually proud of wrestling in someone's backyard. That make you tough, really, does it, I think it makes you stupid. And you don't have your career in mind, you just have this little notion that you like to fight. Well, I do too, but my goal is to become a legend in this business, not to prove that I was once tough. People like you, with the "hardcore" mentality will only make it so far in this business, you're a gimmick and the people want to see you do stupid shit for money. You're not meant to be a champion, you're meant to be a stunt man, you're meant to fall off shit, get hit with shit and the people want to see you in pain. You're like that one kid in school with a screw loose that is dumb enough to do something that would break his leg. You live for the now and don't think long term and that's fuckin' perfect, because that type of man is a man that makes a lot of mistakes, only serving me and my instinct. I will win this match Tim, and it will be at your expense and then you'll know why it wasn't you that was chosen to go against Griffin Hawkins for the world title, because you couldn't even beat me. Also, I got a new move name for you, you can call it the Potato Famine, you fuckin' idiot.

Ethan: Maybe after this loss I'll get you to feel how your buddy Ryan did,...right before he killed himself. I mean having such a lackluster life and having you as a friend, why wouldn't he take himself out. He realized that he didn't want to be a laughing stock like you and that's just not a life he could live with or was willing to accept. See, you don't have such high standards, you're perfectly fine being a loser. But as I said, maybe I can get you to feel as he did, that way you can join him and show him that you had some form of respect for yourself. We all know how depressed you became after he left us, and yet, here you are bleeding every week, punishing yourself, and we can't help but think that it has something to do with Ryan. Perhaps you're waiting for the right moment, to go out in this business, to be put through so much pain that you just, let go. Is that it Timmy, you just want to be taken out of the game on your terms. Is that why you care so much about hardcore, you want the bat you love so much to be broken across your skull, to be given a warrior's death. Well, most likely your death will involve you falling off the top rope and landing on your head. Going out the way you came into this world....a mistake.

Voice: Babe?

Austin: He's working.

Rayne: Fuck you.

Austin: No thanks, I already had your sister.

Tristan: Damn son, that's cold.

Rayne: Say it again Austin, come on, say it again.

Tristan: Okay, what is it Rayne?

Rayne: It's the ascension ladder's for a title shot, at the four titles, depending on certain things, you end up with a title shot, just make sure you ascend and get one.

Ethan smirks.

Rayne: You ready for this?

Ethan: Yeah I-

Without warning Rayne desks Austin in the face. Austin backs up but luckily doesn't fall as the wall was there to hold him up. Tristan smirks, proving where the smirk arised from.

Tristan: That woman has a mean right hook. Reminds me of your mother.

Ethan: I'll just pretend to have never heard that.

Austin: What did I say?

Ethan looks back at the camera.

Ethan: And then we have Damien Drake who is talking about how food is scarce and the hardships that have befallen him, and yet, he's in the Empire. What's that say about Corey Casey's promises, not much apparently. Damien, I hit the lights on you and it was one of the best feelings in the world, to knock out a so called monster. You demanded that I make with the violence and I gave you more than you can handle. You are no monster, you are the Empire's version of Sloth from the Goonies and you're just as slow in trying to catch on to what people say. You said it yourself, you don't know me and you've never even heard of me and you paid for that, as these people in this match will. You told me to prepare to be your victim, and I was anything but. I beat you and I was damn convincing doing so, you see Drake, I am made for the main event, and not made to be some empire's pet. I am my own man, and I make my own footprints in the sand, I don't follow anyone and no one tells me what to do. You don't have a spine, you don't have a brain and what's worse is that you don't have a fuckin' clue.

Ethan: You said what I do is prance around, and well I don't remember doing that, but how did your muscles help you in our match. Oh I get it, you used your muscle to pick yourself up off the mat after I beat you, well, glad you had enough pride to get back up. Because that allows me to be able to do it again. You talked about me being lifeless and you squeezing the life from my body and yadda yadda yadda, and none of that happened. But see heres where you fucked up, you had my kid's name in your mouth, which you never should've done. I get it monster, you thought that would be some sort of "oh" moment, like you got me good, but where did it get you, you returned to the Empire with your tail between your legs having to make excuses as to why you lost. You couldn't get the taste of my boot out of mouth for weeks. You were going to crush me into nothingness, and yet, here I am, still talking shit and still stomping around here making the IWF my own personal battle ground.

Ethan: Besides, what's the point of even being in this match, you've admitted that you don't have any interest in holding a title, that's convenient of you, because you know you're never going to win one. I guess it's a valid point for you to not want one, you not having the gifts to get you a title. You told me you were the boot of reality...and I shoved that boot up your ass...hopefully you got it out by now....maybe you don't, 'cause're all smiles...weirdo.

Ethan: Who else, ah yes, Stormin' Normal Raven, okay now there's nothing I can say about the native Americans that one, hasn't been said, hasn't been done in American history. I mean Christopher Columbus handled it really, so I'm going to judge the man Raven. The man from Laredo Texas who is the skinniest 251 pounds this world has ever seen. His finisher name, Storm Warning, wow that's bad, that's like Glacier bad, remember him...if you don't, good, if you do, then you know just how horrible Storming Cuntsock is. He calls himself the most violent man in the IWF, is that right, that's interesting, a man fell out of a body bag from what I did to him, you, you get beaten every other week and you face a bunch of no names like yourself. This is one match you get to prove yourself and you're coming up short before you even started. Raven, you beg for death to come to you, because of some lost Leilani love who looks like a damn hound dog. You say that you're here to be the best in the industry, I say you're here to be a body, a man that is here to simply fill up the card. In this match, you are just a victim, what's sad is that you are given chances such as this to learn your place. You think they are for you to succeed, and quite honestly, all of us are in this match because they had nothing better for us. Let's just be real, I'm coming off a loss and you ass biscuits are a bunch of fuckin' hacks and we were all placed here because there was nothing for us on the card. That's okay to admit, but don't get shit twisted and think you have any place here in my ring. You see, I am the one, I am the one that will succeed, because it's been my destiny since my first match against Porter McLoad-in-the-pants.

Ethan: Talkin' about how you're willing to do what others are not is not something you want to say in a match full of dudes, it's threatening sure, but it's not the kind of threat you want to put out there, you fuckin' perve. You say it's about time that management give you an opportunity, that's funny, how long have you been here, you haven't gotten the fact that you need to earn it. Or be Corey's bitch like Griffin and get handed them. And well, we know you're a bitch, you're just not Corey's bitch, hell, you're not even Chuck's, you're just a lonely bitch with an ugly ex girlfriend you hauled along with you. You have the balls to talk about people being "green", insider terms like you're a somebody. A person who's green puts out promos with the low quality that you have for this pay per view match. You are green, shit man you're like She Hulk that's how green you are. You don't know anything about opportunities, and that's why you're going to fail and you're going to fall and next week you're going to complain about nothing, blaming it on everyone but yourself. In your head, your subpar talent has you thinking you should be at the top of this business, but one day you're going to wake up and know you were just part of the road others walk all over. All right Tatanka, I'm done talkin' to you.

Ethan: Let's move on to Douchey Mcdouche, Aries Armadaist...Armadaist, Armadaist,...oh, oh, oh Armadaist.

Ethan comes back laughing.

Ethan: Now that that's out of the way, let's get this guy out of the way, he'll have enough things to say about himself, I won't need to say much in my promo. Other than this, Aries, you are known for fuckin' up in that ring. Now it's not a secret that I have an ego but one thing comes first, that match, however you let your ego get to you, show off a little too much to where you get yourself into trouble. Well I'm not the man to do that with, because with any instance that you drop your guard, you're going to find yourself on that mat faster than you'll ever know. I'm not the one to toy with, I'm the man that wants that world title more than you'll ever know, and what's even more truth is that I'm the only one in this match that has the capabilities to do that. You see, this pay per view is the first to ever have my face on the poster, sure, it has most of the people in this match, but I'm the one that's going to matter. I'm the one that is going to make IWF interesting again, IWF's golden boy Hawkins just ain't getting it done. He's the same boring man he was when he started, shit it was almost better when Parker Wayde was the champion, at least the interest was that people were waiting for him to lose it, as he did. But I'm the man that is going to end reigns, I'm the one that steals the show time and time again, as I will in this match.

Ethan: It's time to reclaim my place, you see the revenge chapter of my life is over, and I'm back and I'm back for matches like this, to outshine, steal the show and leave, leave you with your hopeless main event that will mean nothing to no one. But you, out of your own mouth have given me a target, weeks ago you admitted that doctors believe that you still may have internal bleeding in your chest, don't you see how I am the perfect predator, that I study my opponents, that I don't speak a little blurb and hope what I do in that ring backs it up. I know you Aries, and I know this weakness you've all given us a target for, and when I have a ladder in my hands, you can bet your ass I'm going to break your chest plate. You spent time complaining about being cage matches, and here you are in a ladder match hoping to get a title shot? Please, let's do yourself a favor and let that dream go, because I'm going to make sure you are just forgotten, as forgettable as your matches, promos, persona...anything you have to do with.

Ethan: You pride yourself on being an asshole, congratulations, you're doing a damn good job at it, but me, I pride myself on rising to the occasion, as I will this match, you see you're all dead, you just don't know it yet. I'm walking in that match with the most focus I've had in months, I am truly back. I will make it back to Griffin Hawkins and I will get my title, and I will make his briefcase cash in nothing more than a paper transfer and I'll have the title and hold it high above me. Because it's time Aries, there was never a time that I was like you, I know exactly where I am, I know when I've fucked up in the past, I know when I've been lazy and I know my place but I also know that when I try, I succeed and this week will be evidence of my superiority. It's time that Ethan Cage is the name he was when he won that briefcase, ever this this influxation of these new roster pick ups, they don't know who I am, well you all will find out who the fuck I am when you see what I do in that ring. No matter what title shot I win, whomever is holding that title, knows their time with that title, is going to run it's clock. I will not make light of this, and this opportunity will lead to a title, I will not fuck up like I did for the briefcase, and Tim, THAT'S a promise that will be kept.

Ethan: Aries, Ontario's Favorite son....will have to live the rest of his life, as just another son...of a bitch.

Ethan: Who else we got, oh yeah, Jack Savage, I literally kicked the shit out of him. You should've seen his face when I beat him, well he had his eyes close but when he woke up he was almost in shock, he was in shock because he believed his own bullshit, he really believed he was every bit as good as he was saying, and when I beat him, he coudn't believe it. Man, that was so classic to see. And now what, we have to see money with his face on it, like it can be used for anything, shit Disney dollars are worth more than his money. He's been giving tons of shots, I haven't, I've never been given a title shot, even to this day. They told me it was because I have a title shot whenever I want with my briefcase, and here I am without it, still never got one. You've had so many Jack, that you even admit to not even trying to win because you don't feel like it. I don't know that life, much less do I ever want to know it. I am a pure bred champion and everything I ever get, I want to earn, like this match, when I win, I will get mine. This waist will finally have gold around it, and I'll be a proud champion. I'm already in the halls of the IWF, now I'll go into it as a champion.

Ethan: I'm going to leave you and your druggy wife far behind, and get better, more meaningful matches, and you can dwell at the bottom because that's where you deserve to be. You can enjoy being Jack Savage, because anyone else would be ashamed of having to live out their life as a sham. Not you, you revel in it, and I will break you for it. I will break the sham and leave it dangling for the Empire to come collect. You talk about how your greed is having you want to be champion again, too bad your talent will never match your greed, because it's something that will never be realized.

Ethan: And then there's Moses...excuse me John Tolly, the 34 year old who thinks he still has it. The so called Franchise, the Franchise who hasn't proven anything to anyone, who's favorite match is an I Quit match, why, so he can quit whenever he wants. He's a loser like everyone else, just another body in the road. He comes out to Blind from Korn, and that's obviously because that's how he lives when it comes to his career. He says he's better than everyone, he never proves it, but I guess it's sure fun to say. It's said that he's been in the most brutal matches of all wrestling history, well you ain't seen anything yet Johnny Boy. See, you're in this match with the one and only Ethan Cage, and this match will not be one for the faint. John, this will be a match you will claim to have been apart of, you'll forget the part where you lost but it's something you'll be able to say you were involved in. Tolly, it's over for you, you're washed up and no one's had the guts to tell you. I will, because I can't give a fuck about you. You're just going to have to live your life as another one of my victims, telling your grandchildren about how badly I kicked your ass. That you barely survived what I did to you, but how great I was. That you wished you were me, but you'll have to live your life knowing that you will never be me. Not even close.

Ethan: Talking about being in the business 15 years and are still treated like a glorified midcarder, well, shouldn't you be happy that you're at least glorified or even considered a midcarder, because in my eyes you're a bottom feeder. So when you talk fame and money know that that is a long ways away, for you. You're a hack and you're in this match to glorify me, because when I win this, you'll have the front row seat looking up at me holding my pending title shot. Then you'll pay for not knowing me, and no, I don't take it personal...but what I do to will.

Ethan: And then there's Cassidy Smith, a man depending on lady luck for his title shot. We get to see a twenty second promo in which he calls us sweethearts, which is weird but then again, he doesn't talk about anyone, he just rants with the most generic sayings you could really pick. He knows he has no chance, he'll pray, he'll beg, but he will fail. He's telling everyone to bring it on but he doesn't understand that this isn't about luck, if you have control of that match, you can have whatever you want. And is it me or is this the oldest 18 year old you've ever seen in your life?

Ethan: How is this man not old enough to drink a beer, he looks like one of those dudes kids ask to buy them beer, and he's scum baggy enough to do it. What is this, Benjamin Button, or the movie Jack, this is fuckin' ridiculous. Well it would make sense though, would explain why his brain is so short on thought. I mean come on, this guy wants to be IWF champion, fuck this dude, he ain't going anywhere in this company. And I have to face him to win a title shot, you'd think I'd bask in his idiocy, but guys like this don't prepare me for title shots. Guys like this make me think Corey Casey sticks his head out the door and pulls people off the street to be wrestlers.

Ethan: Each of you will now have to acknowledge me, each of you made a mistake and now comes the time when you regret it. I will be winning a title shot, and I will be in the IWF as a champion. And each of you better hope to God I leave a title shot for you to even win, I just may take them all and hold every title there is to hold at one time. Til Ascension, do yourself a favor and play catch up...give yourself some sort of shot at being prepared at what's coming...because there will be no mercy....and there will survivors.

Ethan walks off camera.

Ethan: God, it's good to be back.

And the camera fades to...



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Scene One
Off Camera
At an Undisclosed Gymnasium

Aries couldn't help but wear a smile from ear to ear as he approached the ladder surrounded ring, his newly appointed "right hand man," Barry the Cameraman, in tow. Not his usual smile of undeserved confidence, but one of pure, simple pleasure. Before him was a ring full of physically (and most likely mentally) superior athletes. All of them different shapes and sizes, but all of those shapes and sizes clearly being Aries' own stature in every manner. It was exactly how he had hoped it to be. As the duo approached the ring, Aries clapped his hands together, gathering the attention of the in-ring individuals, before entering himself.

Aries Armadaist
Gentlemen, I thank you for meeting me here today.

He took center stage in the middle of the ring, all eyes remaining on him as he leaned on the ladder that was also posted up.

Aries Armadaist
I've brought you all here for an explicit purpose. There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people, so when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could. Its called the Avengers Initiati--wait, no..... What am I doing... Oh, yeah. I brought you here today to help me prepare for the biggest opportunity of my professional wrestling career... this month.

Aries Armadaist
If you are unaware of what I'm speaking of, I have an opportunity at getting a chance at an IWF Championship...again. And, much like how history enjoys repeating itself, I'm once again in a match with multiple opponents. Since my last experience with match ups involving multiple bodies, I have learned.... I'm really awful at them, and as far as I'm concerned, I have every intention of coming out this match up much better off than I did last time. Which brings me to why I've gathered you all here. To prepare for this match I want to train myself to be mentally, and physically ready for the uncontrollable chaos that is no doubt going to result from shoving nine large testosterone filled men, and me, into one ring, and basically dangling a piece of meat above us. Now-- Oh, wait...

Aries seemed to become troubled, his head now darting back and forth between the individuals, who immediately seemed to catch Aries' sense of uneasiness. He then turned his attention to his assistant, who had remained ringside during Aries' speech.

Aries Armadaist
BARRY! They're all Caucasian.


Aries Armadaist
How the hell am I suppose to simulate the unbridled rage on a large black man with all white guys helping me out?

Barry could only respond with a blank look of absolute confusion. A look that he would get more use to having if he had planned to stay around Armadaist.

Aries Armadaist
Ya know... Flex Johnson is in the match...

You're just a big ole bucket of "wut," you know that?

Aries Armadaist
WHATEVER! We'll simply have to compromise. YOU! /points at one of the helpers/ I'm going to need you to simulate the unbridled rage of a large black man! Now then--

Nameless Helper #3
This is dumb as hell.

Attention was once again ripped away from Aries as all eyes now turned to the outspoken helper.

Aries Armadaist
...Beg pardon?

Nameless Helper #3
First of all, I was told this was to help... benefit the greater good or some shit. or Sweatin for the Oldies or somethin'.

Aries Armadaist
This is the greater good. You're helping me. And if I win, then then I'm happy, and if I'm happy, everyone else will be happy too. But, if I'm not happy, I'm gonna go out of my way to make sure everyone else is just as miserable as me.

Nameless Helper #3
Man, get your bitchin' bitch ass outta here, bitch. I ain't got time for this shit...

The disgruntled man made a quick exit from the ring, muttering himself the entire way out as he exited the gymnasium all together. All eyes slowly turned back to their ring master, wondering how this would effect his grand scheme. Surprisingly, Aries seemed undeterred, however, a look of confidence still adorn his face as he stroked his chin, already steps ahead into forming some sort of replacement, or back up plan.

Aries Armadaist
Further inconveniences, eh..? It's fine... YOU! /points to the same helper as before/ I now need you to not only simulate being large and/or black, but being two people as well.

Nameless Helper #7
Man, I can't take all this pressure of being multiple people... How do I know when to be who?

Aries Armadaist
NOW THEN, as I was attempting to explaining, my match is in fact a ladder match. That means I have to be able to scurry my ass up one of these ridiculous comedically sized ladders, despite a horde of people trying to stop me, and manage to grab a brief case. You assignment is simple, gentlemen. Your job is to try and stop me, by any means necessary, to achieving my goal of making it up this ladder. It's anything goes in these types of matches, so feel free to use any tactics you feel may be necessary, especially if you think they will aid me. It's more than certain that my opponents will also try to use these ladders as weapons to impede my progress, so I encourage you to use that as well. Is everyone ready?

Aries eagerly looked back and forth between the trainers, a smile that read of pure confidence, and excitement, each of them giving him a gesture of approval before he turned to his ring side assistant once again.

Aries Armadaist
Barry, are you ready?

Why am I timing this, again?

Aries Armadaist
Because, reasons. Gentlemen... This is the first step on one very long walk on the road of success... and you all get to be apart of it. Be proud..... Aaaaaand GO!

Immediately, Aries attempted to make a mad scramble up the ladder. Unfortunately, his feet barely made it past the second rung before he felt the impact of what felt like a train nailing him in the side as one of the trainers immediately tackled him off the ladder. Grounding him, the helper immediately started to rain down punches as Aries desperately attempted to cover up. The man hesitated however, when he noticed he was the only one partaking in the exercise. He hesitated, looking at his fellow volunteers, as if looking for approval. This would prove to be his downfall as the wily Armadaist jammed a thumb into the distracted man's eye. Managing to worm his way from the now partly blinded man's grasp, he immediately made a mad dash for the ladder once again, half crawling across the canvas like some sort of half man, half crab (all idiot) mistake of God.

This action also seemed to be all the instruction the rest of the crew needed to join in, immediately leaping into action the second Aries reached the ladder once again. Once pounced upon by two more of the volunteers, Aries quickly found himself overwhelmed, and on the unfortunate end of about eightteen fists and feet. Eventually the "simulation" seemed to have broken down into nothing more than the group huddled around one point, hurling down their fury on the poor imbecile who organized all this. All the while, Barry, left to watch ringside, partly in horror, but mostly in amusement, as the huddled group seemed to gradually move their way around the ring, as if they were all desperately trying to capture a soccer ball from one another. Eventually, they're assault slowed to a stop. Not out of concern, but simply out of the fact that everyone was exhausting themselves, everyone spacing out from the lump of human being that was left of Aries.

Nameless Helper #5
So... are we done?

Nameless Helper #8
Dunno. He never actually said. He just said to stop him from climbing up the ladder.

A few of their heads turned to Barry, who could only offer a shrug in response. Apparently, he was about as informed on Aries' great plan as they were. By this time, Aries had begun to stir as well, letting out a low groan as he attempted to start dragging himself toward the ladder at the pace of a snail with a rock on it's back.

Nameless Helper #5
Well.... What else should we do?

Nameless Helper #2
Well he did say we were aloud to use ladders too.

[colore=grey]The group seemed to share an "Ooooh, yeah!" and immediately retreating ringside to each grab a ladder of their own before returning. Aries seemed to have managed to gather himself just enough to begin to rise to his feet. Sadly, his progress was quickly halted as the group resulted their assault, now all swinging the large, metal ladders down onto the battered Canuck, the gymnasium quickly filling with the sound of clacking and thudding as they ruthlessly continued with Aries' training simulation. Their tolerance for this round of abuse didn't seem quite as high as the action slowed to a stop once again, the group now breathing heavily as the back off, Aries now seeming to be completely unresponsive.

A silence seemed to grow within the group as they all looked around at one another, once again lost on how to proceed. Eventually, someone tipped over the ladder Aries had been attempting to climb from the beginning, to ensure there was no way he would be able to get up it.[/color]

Nameless Helper #2
Well... I'd say we successfully stopped him from climbing anymore ladders.

Nameless Helper #8
Good job everyone. Let's call that a day.

The group proceeded to drop their ladders, giving caution to the wind on where they landed as the exited the ring, all of them congratulating each other on their jobs well done, patting each other on the back, and seeming to even plans on celebrating their hard work at a nearby bar all the way out of the gymnasium, leaving it in silence as the squeaky metal door slammed shut once again.

This just left Barry, still standing at ringside as all he could do was stare at the still unmoving corpse of Aries Armadaist as he remain, huddled near a corner where they left him for the vultures. The lone camera man looked at his surroundings for a moment, as if expecting something to happen, or what he should possibly do next. Calling some sort of paramedics were the best idea at this point. But, something else took precedent as Barry's gaze wondered down to his stop watch, his eyes widening as he let out a slight laugh.

Aw, dude, I wasn't timing that at all.

Scene Two
On Camera
Toyota Center in Houston, Texas

The scene opens with the oh too familiar backdrop of the IWF Banner. Already positioned in front, despite having his back to the camera, it was obvious to anyone watching it was time for Aries Armadaist to "grace" the world with his presence once again.

Aries Armadaist
Alright, here we go again. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right. I'm going to do it the only way I know how to do it. I'm going to do it how EVERYONE should do it. For those of you who may have been tuning into the boring drell of other professional wrestlers, you have my deepest condolences. But, fret not, for the entertainment has arrived. So, allow me to do my weekly introduction...

Aries now begins to act as if he's trying to hype himself up. Hopping back and forth on one leg at a time as he shakes his arms and head before spinning around to finally face his viewing audience, a smile as wide as he could muster as he already begins to pour on the dynamics.

Aries Armadaist
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Bipeds, Quadrupeds, No...Peds. Allow me to welcome you. We are currently standing on the threshold of what could potentially become a new era within the Insurgency Wrestling Federation. Tonight, you, the viewing audience, whether it be here in the arena with us, or one of the millions viewing from home, are getting the privilege to witness LIVE on Pay-Per-View what could be the most instrumental night in 10 competitor's lives. Tonight, I find myself with the most unique Championship opportunity since... last month, when I was faced with the most unique Championship opportunity. Nevertheless, it doesn't change the uniqueness of my match tonight. I, along with 9 mother of my mid card compatriots will be beating each other brains out at an opportunity at not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR! There are FOUR championship opportunities on the line. That four chances at four different titles, all within one match, and your truly couldn't be happier.

Aries Armadaist
Now, first, I'm going to get some business out of the way. There are ten people in total in this match. That's nine other people I'm suppose to do my weekly ramblings on. Ethan Cage, Damien Drake, Tim Patrick, John Tolly, Cassidy Smith, Storming Raven, Flex Johnson, and Jack Savage. That right there, me mentioning their names, is the most I am going to talk about them. Sure, some may expect me to do the obligatory "run-down-every-single-one-of-my-opponents-and-explain-their-flaws" promo, but I'm not going to do that. Why would I? Why would I waste your time saying "this is this guy, and this is why I'm better than him" nine times in a row. I don't want to hear that, you don't want to hear that, so why bother with it. There's only one man in this match that is even truly worth mentioning. I mean, why would I waste my time talking to you people about them when I could just as easily talk about me? Ontario's Favorite Son; your favorite wrestler, and mine. I'd say that's a much better use of air time. SO, now that I've cleared that up, let's talk about ole Aries.

Aries Armadaist
Now, I know what you're thinking: "Aries, you handsome devil, how can I ever possibly hope to be half as good looking as you are?" Well, first off, that's impossible, so stop trying. Second of all, that completely irrelevant to what I'm trying to talk about you big dumb dumb. So, for the sake of the promo, I'm just going to pretend what you're ACTUALLY thinking is "What's different?" How could a man in my position be so calm? Big event, big opportunity. Not to mention, it wasn't too long ago I was faced against multiple opponents for a title opportunity, and I don't think I need to remind you of how that went. Well the answer to that is very simple. It seems to be a rare trait these days that people actually learn from their mistakes, especially in this business. They lose against someone, they immediately want to fight them again. Or if it seems a certain match type doesn't seem to be their strong suit, they seem to get some sort of "inner fire" that makes them want to over come their...obstacles or whatever. Basically, it all goes back to this dunder headed cowboy mentality of proving to everyone in the room that they've got the biggest dick. It's that kind of mentality that clouds better judgement, and obvious easier paths. If you've tried to fight one opponent before and lost in a most embarrassing fashion, your first instinct probably shouldn't be to stare down the barrel of one of these cameras and regain the honor of your famiry by trying to beat them again. Case in point. What I did in my triple threat match is, I set out to simply beat my opponents. I had every intention of trying to out muscle them, and basically out class them. Obviously, I took the wrong approach. No matter how much I may have trained and/or worked out, I am no Stygian, and therefore, I am not going to withstand the assault of two men at the same time, let alone nine men.

Aries Armadaist
So what am I doing? I'm not going to out wrestle everyone this go around, I'm simply going to outsmart them. I haven't made it this far within my short career as an unprofessional wrestler by wowing the crowd with some unnecessary aerial flippity doo, or playing to the purists with a mat based borefest. I'm an opportunist. I'm a weasel; I'm a cheater. My one mistake was attempting at beating other people at their own game. Even better, it will be even easier for me to do what I do best. Nine other bodies to keep themselves preoccupied with each other. Other people may be moaning and groaning about the clusterfuck that is this ladder match. Whether it be because they're daunted with the task of trying to better so many other competitors to try and win, or they just don't enjoy being lost in the shuffle in these type of multi-man matches, I can't help but feel I am the only one truly excited for this type of match. It's like it was made for me. The very best part is that there are four different opportunities to win. Honestly, it just makes me all giggly to think about. How easy it shall be to pick my spots. While the mindless monkey may all be scrambling to try and stop one person from retrieving one suitcase, I can just as easily swoop in and nab another. I'm not a picky man either, none of us can afford to be in this match really. I have no delusions of World Championship glory. Any opportunity can be made into a fruitful opportunity, I've learned. So many people want to immediately leap as high as they can to try and grab that brass ring, and oh so often do they fall short before plummeting into the pit of obscurity. So few seem to want to take this step by step. This profession is a gradual process really, and you must have patients to survive. Take it step by step... like climbing up a ladder. Ohmigawd, metaphors, WHAT?!

Aries slapped his hands on the side of his face as he gasped, as if he were attempting to recreate the poster of the movie Home Alone.

Aries Armadaist
Gentlemen... My fellow competitors, we all come from different walks of life. All f us seem to have different aspirations coming into this match. Whether were a bunch of young bucks hungry for a chance to shine. Or maybe we're a roster mainstay who's aching so bad for an opportunity so long over due they're willing to kill for it. Maybe even, some of us may be past stars who simply want to reclaim that glory that once held so tight while they reminisce from days long past in the inky black pit of obscurity I mentioned earlier. Or maybe you're like me; a devious, dirty, sonuvabitch who will cheat, steal, and weasel his way to get whatever he wants out of this business. Personally, I'd say it's a good day to be a bad guy.

With a click of his tongue, Aries simply gave the camera a thumbs up before exiting the scene, leaving it to fade to black.


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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:30 pm

Sunday, March 24, 2013
Houston, Texas
Toyota Center
Backstage/Locker Room Area
6:00 PM

With only a couple of hours until Ascension, Tim Patrick is restless and is pacing around the locker room. He got into Houston early this morning after dropping Donny off with his Aunt in New Mexico and spent most of the day sleeping and getting mentally ready for tonight's Ladder match. After the week he's had where he actually killed his abuser from childhood and saved a child from his hands, a huge weight has been lifted off of his shoulders and he enters tonight more confident than ever before. And IWF camera crew has been looking for him and his finally caught up with him. Patrick sits down. The camera zooms in and Tim begins to speak.

Tim Patrick:
What's that song from the late 1960s? Time Has Come Today? Well time actually has come for me and eight other men. Tonight, I and a group of other warriors who have been passed over and brushed aside in this business get our opportunity at greatness. As I understand it, the rules of the match are innovative and entertaining for the fans, and grueling for the wrestlers. Four briefcases will hang from the ceiling of the Toyota Center, in each briefcase is a contract for a different title shot. Nine wild animals going after four shots at glory. This is the kind of shit I have worked my entire life for and is exactly what I have worked two years in Insurgency Wrestling Federation for. For two years I have been quietly bitter about not getting singles title shots. But it hit me the other day that I am damn lucky that I haven't gotten any yet. What would have happened if during the height of my inner madness revolving around childhood trauma if I were to win a championship here? I wouldn't even be able to enjoy it. What's the point of having a huge pay raise from a title win and instant world-wide fame if I was just going to be batshit crazy and destroy myself? Thank God I was looked on as a novelty until now. Thank God I kept coming and going here, taking several absences. Thank God my service in Northern Ireland has come to an end. And thank God I was about to literately smash the horror of my childhood and put an end to a twenty-year long nightmare that has been plaguing my soul. Tonight is my chance to become a Number One Contender for one of four Championships. Look into my eyes and tell me that I don't have it in me to shock the world and take home some gold in the near future. Look into my eyes and tell me that tonight, there is somebody more dangerous in the entire state of Texas. Look into these fucking eyes and tell me that you can stop me! I have been on the biggest hot-streak of my life, putting on shocking displays of violence and winning at all costs. How can you really tell me that of the four men that will be walking out of the Toyota Center tonight with briefcases that I won't be one of them? I'm on my way to greatness and I'm prepared to step on the heads of others to get there. That is exactly what I'm going to do tonight.

Aries Armadaist, let's start with you. You call yourself a douche. That's never a good sign. When I think of a man-douche, I think of a guy who wears backwards baseball caps. A guy who wears wool hats in the summer. A guy that gets drunk at sporting events and yells obscenities at children who wear jerseys of sports teams you dislike. A guy who hits their idiot trailer-park girlfriends, listens to Toby Keith and gets arrested with his shirt off. Guys like you get what you deserve all the time. Guys like you are too busy voting against their interest in elections and drinking cheap piss beer and duck-face posing in the bathroom mirror for a Facebook picture to realize what a waste of flesh you are. We're not having a douche-off tonight, Aries. Tonight we're having a war and you're going to get hurt. Next time you want to be a self-proclaimed douchebag, you'll be missing teeth. I promise you.

Ethan Cage, you're next buddy. Ethan, you're a good wrestler. You have a flashy entrance and a smoking hot wife. It's going to take more than fireworks and a pretty girl to win a match this intense. Oh, I forgot, your father is some sort of legend in the business. Whatever, man. The apple apparently falls very far from the tree, because I just don't see it in you. However great your daddy might be, it won't help you if I ram a ladder into the side of your head, will it? Tonight you'll realize that you're not in my league and that you should stick to standard singles matches and leave the hardcore stuff to me. My life is more than just some simple wrestling gimmick. I have lived and breathed my own blood and the blood of others. Ethan, I have killed men for less than what this ladder match is worth to me tonight. There is a reason why if I'm even seen by police in Northern Ireland that I'll be arrested. It has nothing to do with wrestling.

John Tolly, you might actually surprise the world tonight. You have a history in hardcore matches and you're well rested and have done big things in other promotions. But none of that matters. This is Insurgency Wrestling Federation. This isn't UECW. Your Hall of Fame status there means dick here. I know what you're thinking. Who am I? Who have I ever beaten? What Hall of Fame am I in? This Irish guy is a fucking loser. If that's what you're thinking, you're dead wrong. And I emphasize the word “dead”. This is a ladder match. There are no restrictions or rules to keep me from slaying you in the middle of the ring tonight. You can hold onto your Hall of Fame plaque and your heroic memories from UECW, but none of that will help you tonight. You're going to fold and crumble just like everybody else.

Jack Savage, your last name holds a special place in my heart as a wrestling fan. A man by your last name that you will never be able to equal Main Evented the very first Wrestling show I ever saw live In Philadelphia in 1993. I fell so in love with his character and ability that I bought his poster and it hung over my bed for my entire childhood. Tonight you're going to be so full of lashing out at John Tolly for his past attacks on your wife to even consider to think about what I'm doing. I'll likely be breaking your face and climbing the ladder to a better future. And I heard what you said about me joining Empire if given the chance. Are you high or just stupid? I made the mistake of aligning myself with Corey Casey in the past and I'll never do it again. Even with Corey out of the picture, I wouldn't give you Empire boys the time of day or piss on you if you were on fire. I align myself with people, not scum. Maybe you should take some notes, Savage. Oh yeah, dig it!

Cassidy Smith, I really don't know much about you, dude. I know that you're a bald Canadian white man who comes to the ring with Ice Cube blasting on the stereo. That image alone is hysterical. But hey, no worries, kid. I used to be 18 and a rookie in the business too. You've been in the indys for one year and have made it to the big-time. Bravo, junior. You have a lot of potential, but I refuse to let you use me as a stepping stone. One year in, you have put yourself in a position that can propel you into super-stardom. But there is a 5'll crazy fuck from South Philly standing in your way, and I left my crazy pills back home.

Damien Drake? Are you fucking kidding me? You?! Again?! Bro, how many times do I have to knock you unconscious for you to just stay the hell away from me? Your entire “thing” is that you call yourself an unstopable monster, then I stop you. That's how our relationship works. You make big scary faces and grunt and yell and then lose to me. You put yourself out there as a beast. A guy The Empire and Hollywood's Fucking Finest needed to have on their side to be successful. Well HHF won the tag belts without you and the Empire is weaker than it's ever been and it's on the verge of collapsing into the sea like every other Empire the world has ever seen. Tonight, I'll beat your dick into the dirt again and there is nothing you'll be able to do about it.

Flex Johnson, we've had our battles. I respect you more than most people in the locker room. A match like a Ladder Match helps two kinds of people. Hardcore lunatics like myself and natural athletes like you. Keep in mind, Flexy, when we faced off in a standard tag team match, you and Desmond got the best of Sean and I. But when we faced off against two other teams in a hardcore pyramid cage battle, you couldn't cut the mustard. Axle and I were the ones who took that match to another level and we were the ones who brought the house down by the time you were already in the shower. Tonight won't be much different. It takes more than timing to beat me in a match like this. You're going to have to kill me and I know you don't have it in you to pull the trigger.

And well, well, well. We're only down to one last person in my little rant. Storming Raven. Brother, you and I put on the most insane match this company has ever seen. Our “There Will Be Blood” match in Paris at Bloody Sunday 2 last year will go down in history. It's probably the proudest moment of my two years here in IWF. So far, at least. The Irish and Native Americans have a lot in common. We share common struggle and common slogans. And you and I share common interests in creating havoc and bloodshed wherever we go. We've gone out drinking and have wrecked more bars and hotel rooms than I care to even remember. And we will do it again, and again, and again. You're a friend, make my mistake about it. You have to realize and I think that you do that the moment bell rings, we are not friends until it rings again to end the match. You will be standing in my way, blocking me from something that I need. I NEED one of these briefcases, Raven. I NEED to put on the most violent spectacle Houston, Texas has ever seen. And I WILL NOT be defeated tonight.

Next Sunday is Easter. The story of Christ is that he was the son of God and one day he was double-crossed and brutally murdered. When nobody expected it, he came back from the dead to show the world his true power. I am by no means comparing myself to the story of Jesus, but I have been left for dead in my personal life and in my professional life many times, and I have always come back stronger.

In 1916 in Ireland, there was a revolution. Most say it failed. The Irish people rose up and fought the British with what little they had in this arsenal with balls of steel. The leaders of this rising were executed, but their names are holy to the Irish and their actions inspired a guerrilla war that brought about a free Republic of Ireland in the southern part of the country of Ireland just a few years later. Those men fought because they had to. It wasn't just something to try, it was something they had to do. It was in their blood to revolt and fight, just like it's in my blood. Tonight, you'll see why I claim to be the most dangerous man in wrestling. It's because I am.

Gentleman, it's time to play a very sick game. I'm the sickest motherfucker any of you have ever seen.

~~The Scene Fades~~


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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Ladder Match   

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Ascension Ladder Match
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