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 Gordon Fury & Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Molly Reid & Baron Blaze

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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Gordon Fury & Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Molly Reid & Baron Blaze   Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:06 am

Well ladies and gents, it's been awhile since we've seen a match of this magnitude! Gordon Fury puts his IWF High Impact Championship on the line when he tags with Blyss Lockhart to take on the defending IWF Queen of Wrestling Champ, Molly Reid, and her partner Baron Blaze! Should Gordon and Blyss win, Blyss will become the NEW IWF Queen of Wrestling Champ. However, should Molly Reid and Baron Blaze win, Baron Blaze will become the IWF High Impact Champion! It's all on the line in this unorthodox tag team match!


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PostSubject: Re: Gordon Fury & Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Molly Reid & Baron Blaze   Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:23 am



There it is again, the Queen of Wrestling Championship. Its dark purple and cool steel of a face with hollow eyes have been taunting Blyss Lockhart since her debut in the Insurgency. The promise of holding such a prestigious belt was given right off the bat and the ride since has been nothing but bumpy. She just couldn’t get the job done. The Empire sounded like the only ticket to the top and at the time, she believed everything that was told to her. The dreams that were put on the plate in front of her were just an illusion, equivalent to seeing a mirage in the desert. How naive of her to trust the words of a stranger and worse, a stranger who’s only looking for pawns to build his dreams and no one else’s. Sadly, the reason why she trusted him was because he had told her things she wanted to hear, the things any young wrestlers looking for that big moment wanted to hear. Traveling the world and working in various independent promotions only helped honing her craft in the ring but every single time she’s in contention for a higher recognition, something would happen to force her out of it. Nonetheless, the joy of working is enough to live by. Until now.

What happened with the Empire became a rude wake up call for her and despite the bitterness, she needed it. Between a rock and a hard place, that’s where she was and had to be. It wasn’t because of Chuck and Jessica Matthews nor was it because of the unfair treatment within the Empire. It’s because she needed to be her own person again. Because life told her to. Sure, she could be a team player and that was demonstrated during her time with her former allies. But doing things on her own has always been her. However, this time, her personal goal is in conjunction with someone else’s. Gordon Fury. The High Impact champion who was forced to team up with her against Molly Reid and Baron Tomson, putting both titles on the line where the winners would walk out champions. What an interesting matchup, bringing together four individuals who have never worked together before yet gunning for similar things. After what happened with the Empire, Gordon is a refreshing change. She can depend on him to win just as much as he can depend on her. Hope that doesn’t change come this Sunday.

Ascension is the game Blyss plans to win. The prize is sweet too, her name forever etched in the history books as a champion. The title itself beckons those who catch sight of it and drives them forward even when the odds seem to be against them. It keeps them inching closer and closer to taste sweet victory, a mere test of strength and determination. Pride and humiliation, they watch from the sidelines and wait patiently to see if hard work would pay off. Blyss hopes to celebrate as new Queen.

Location: Dad’s place in North Aurora, IL

It’s about four in the afternoon when Blyss walks through the front door, immediately greeted by her little cousins who are playing tag around the house while wearing cartoon masks. The house smells of freshly baked cookies. She hugs each of them, kissing their cheeks, as they shriek in delight. The last time she met them is two years ago and now they are 3, 5 and 9. She then makes her way into the kitchen where her aunt is.

Aunt Jenna
Mel, you’re home! It’s so good to see you again, honey.

Blyss Lockhart

How are you, Aunt Jenna?

Aunt Jenna
I’m good. In fact, I’m so happy for you, Mel! I saw your match on TV last night. You beat that-- that-- fire man! I was so scared for you, you know!

Always the excited crazy one, that woman...

Blyss Lockhart

(laughs) Yeah I did. I was nervous too before the match.

Aunt Jenna
But you did it and I’m so proud of you.

She reaches in for a big hug and gives a kiss on the forehead.

Blyss Lockhart

Thanks, Aunt Jenna. So where’s Dad and Uncle Zak?

Aunt Jenna
They went out to get something to fix your father’s computer. They’ll be back soon.

Her aunt pulls out a tray of cookies from the oven. Right on cue, the three boys come running to the kitchen.

Aunt Jenna
Sorry, sweeties. In a minute, alright?

After much grumbling, they finally go back to their game. Blyss gives a sympathetic smile.

Blyss Lockhart


Aunt Jenna
Anyways, I heard from your father that you have a big match this Sunday. A what? Mix tag or something? What does that mean?

Blyss Lockhart

(amused) It’s a mixed tag match where I team up with a male wrestler against the team of another man and woman. And yeah it’s huge. Two championship titles on the line, the Queen of Wrestling and High Impact. Obviously I’m looking to win the QoW. I’ve messed up my past chances so I just have to get it this time, ya know? My partner Gordon has his title on the line and I have my pride on the line in this match. I can’t pass up any more opportunities like this because what if this is the last time I’ll ever get this near to the championship? I’ll go back down to being booked against new signees? No... I have to win, Aunt Jenna. I have to.

She suddenly starts shivering and her aunt looks at her with a worried look on her face.

Aunt Jenna
Honey, I have no doubt that you will. You know I believe in you, right?

Blyss Lockhart

(sighs) I don’t know, Aunt Jenna. I just-- Sometimes I feel like I’m never gonna be good enough. And I know I’m not supposed to talk like this but that’s what the records show. Am I not motivated enough? I do wanna win but for some reason, I just can’t get the job done. I have my partner’s support... I think. I mean, yeah, yeah I do. But I can’t help thinking he’s not happy. I mean, I know he’s not truly happy about our match. Who would? I don’t blame him at all. But he keeps asking me if I’m ready. Well, hell yeah I’m ready. I did beat Baron, all by myself if I may add and he’s still asking me if I’m ready for Ascension? Have I not shown my readiness enough? If I could, I wanna beat Molly in a non-title match before the PPV too. Maybe then he’ll know for sure I’m prepared for that pair of... jokes.

Aunt Jenna
Mel, do you remember what you said when you first tried out for wrestling? You said this was something you could finally be good at.

Blyss Lockhart

(scoffs) Yeah, that’s what I said about starting a band and then my so-called friends kicked me out.

Aunt Jenna
(laughs) Because they didn’t want a goth-looking lead singer?

Blyss Lockhart

(laughs) I just dyed my hair black, nothing “goth” about that. Besides, that wasn’t the reason, Aunt Jenna.

Aunt Jenna
Oh? What was it then? I don’t think you ever told me.

Blyss Lockhart

Because I was a girl. (waves it off) I know.

Location: Friend’s house in North Aurora, IL

It was band practice day at Taylor’s house, the lead guitarist. Blyss was the last to arrive while the others were setting up their equipment in the garage. When she entered, she closed the door behind her with a gleeful smirk.

Blyss Lockhart

Hey guys! Sorry I’m late. You won’t believe what happened--

She stopped, noticing an unfamiliar face talking to Taylor. They seemed deep in conversation while her other bandmates said hello without looking up.

Blyss Lockhart

(frowns slightly) Hi?

She walked over to Taylor who seemed to finally notice her.

Hey, Mel. (gestures to the stranger) This is, uh, Dave.

Dave turned to her, smiling a little.

Blyss Lockhart

Hi Dave. (turns to Taylor) So, what’s up?

(awkwardly) Thing is... We’re inviting Dave into the band.

Blyss Lockhart

Oh... (laughs nervously) We? I didn’t know about this.

Yeah... Um, because you’re not... “we”... anymore.

Blyss Lockhart

What? What do you mean?

Sorry, Mel, it’s for the best of the band. We just can’t have a girl lead singer. We don’t wanna be ridiculed before they hear us play.

She merely stared at him, finding it hard to believe what he just said.

Not that you’re horrible, Mel. But there’s just so many like that in the competition and you know how people like to compare. Plus, you’re... different from the band’s image, you know?

Subconsciously, she touched her recently dyed black hair and pushed it over her shoulder.

Hit him.

(shrugs) I’m sorry.

Hit. Him.

Blyss Lockhart

We started this band together and now you’re kicking me out just like that? One week before the contest I signed us up for? Oh, is Dave replacing me? Is that why he’s here?! That’s bullshit, Taylor! You fucking asshole!

Even before she finished that last sentence, she pounced on him with a flurry of fists to the face. The others immediately separated the two best friends.

This is exactly why we’re kicking you out, Mel! You’re getting more and more out of control and you won’t let me help you!

With a frustrated cry, she yanked herself free and left.

Present day.
The following is a dream sequence.

Darkness... and water. So much water. Blyss flails her arms and legs, not completely aware of what’s happening. Her limbs feel heavy and they keep sinking lower and lower. Then she realizes the iron shackles around her wrists and ankles. Not again... This is a dream, no, a nightmare. She’s had this before back when she used to work in another company. She had a similar dream a week before her first ever PPV match there and though this time it’s a much bigger match, the nerves and insecurities were the same.

She struggles with the wrist cuffs, trying to slip her hands through. That’s when she notices light but it isn’t coming from the surface. She turns around and sees the source at a distance. It seems to be getting bigger as it gets less dark. Soon, she realizes that the source is actually fire. How is that even possible? Then suddenly, she’s surrounded by fire and the heat is tremendous. She tries not to look directly at the bright orange flames that seem to blind her as well. She whips around at the sound of her name and is met face to face with Baron Tomson. At least, it sort of looks like him with that devilish smirk but at the same time, it doesn’t even look human. She tries to kick him away but the leg cuff stops her so she quickly brings up her fists, ready to fight him off. He floats back into the fire just as quickly as he appears.

Looking around warily, she knows who’s coming next and prepares herself for it. A strong tug of her hair from behind alerts her and she quickly swings a fist but the arc is too big for the wrist shackles to allow. She sees a blur of a dark-haired girl swimming around her in lightning speed. Then she stops right in front her with a malicious look on her face. She looks very much like Molly Reid. Without warning, she kicks her in the face. Blyss instinctively screams in pain and the foul-tasting water rushes into her mouth. She chokes and gasps, feeling colder hands around her throat. Her lungs begin to burn. She struggles with her eyes closed to pry off Molly’s fingers but when she opens her eyes, she realizes that it isn’t Molly anymore.

Oh, Melyssa
Are you filled with air?
Swallowed oxygen that make you float up?

It’s her doppelgänger. It’s back. A raspy voice comes through those thin lips as it sings in a mocking tone. Its hands grip her throat tighter and tighter. It laughs a dry bitter laugh until Blyss sees nothing but darkness once again.

Location: Home in Chicago, IL

There are nights when Blyss can sleep peacefully till the next morning but it isn’t tonight. The day has been pretty much perfect with her boyfriend Mikey. They went out for lunch, she ran errands and cleaned her apartment then they both cooked dinner together before watching TV and falling asleep. An hour later, she wakes up, tossing and turning. She feels weighted by the constant thoughts of this Sunday that keep running through her mind and for some reason, they won’t stop. The silence at this time at home usually let her revel in it but tonight, it seems to taunt her instead. She turns over and looks at Mikey, watching his chest softly rise and fall. Their relationship initially seemed to have gone too fast for her and despite every fear she had, she still dove headfirst with him. Perhaps the fear of losing him before anything can actually happen is greater than all the rest. Whatever it was, she’s glad to have taken that chance, as risky as it was. She lightly brushes her hand against his cheek, accidentally waking him. With half-opened eyes, he takes her hand and kisses it, smiling lazily. She smiles back and slowly retrieves her hand.

Michael Alexander
(murmurs) Where are you going?

Blyss Lockhart

Just gonna get something to drink. Sorry I woke you.

Michael Alexander
Okay... Hurry back to bed.

She slips out of the covers and heads to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, she pulls out a carton of orange and passion fruit juice she bought earlier today. She pours it into a glass and drinks. She taps her foot and then drums her fingers on the counter top. Leaving the glass and carton on the table, she goes to the living room where she last left her laptop and brings it over to the eating table. She turns it on and drinks more of the juice. There’s just no way she’s going back to bed now. Not yet anyways. She needs to get some things off her chest first.

Checking herself on the webcam window, she makes sure she looks presentable before hitting the record button. As it starts, she takes another swig of the juice and sets it down next to the laptop. She looks straight at the built-in camera.

Blyss Lockhart

It’s officially Ascension week and Gordon and I, we’re more than ready to take on our opponents at the PPV. Jessica called a good one here. Like I’ve mentioned before, we’re pretty similar in fighting styles. We’re both Muay Thai practitioners and we love taking high risks for well, (shrugs) high rewards. We got a chance to test out as a team and we beat the Human Highlight Reels. Then two nights ago on Battle Grounds, Gordon successfully defended his title against Jack Savage and I beat Baron Blaze. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a championship, let alone losing it in such a match that we’re about to compete in but one thing’s for sure, I’m not going to let me down or Gordon. Because if it’s just me, I can handle the loss and bounce back up but if I’m the reason why we both lost which would mean Gordon losing his title, then I won’t be able to live with myself. And that’s why I’m working extra hard to win this, not just for me but for the team. Because it is still a tag match after all and he’s forced to be my partner. Gordon, we got this. (smiles) So back to the last episode of BG, I managed to outsmart that pyromaniac, just like I said I would. Baron knows he’s got the upper hand in physical strength and I did warn him that I was going to play the mental game but he didn’t listen. He said that he planned to make his first shot at the High Impact championship a success and I have to say, that confidence is admirable. I’m also glad that he didn’t try to set me on fire in our match. (smiles then drinks a bit of juice) Thing is, Baron, I’m not that surprised that I won that night. It’s quite evident now that you’re not in the right mindset. You can’t stop bragging about getting your revenge on those Empire jackasses and then you got your head kicked kicked by Tiffani and your ass kicked by those three stooges afterwards. Now, you can add another loss to your makes air quotes gesture) “momentum” going into Ascension. So who can’t keep up with whom now, huh Baron? You’re so focused on breaking the people who wronged you that you ended up breaking your own promises. You said you won’t look past me like you did with Tiffani but you did anyways. You said you won’t allow yourself to lose but you did anyways. Let me turn that question around back to you, Baron. What chance do you have to contend with both me and Gordon now that you obviously couldn’t keep up with me? I practically told the whole world prior to our match what my game plan was but that just went straight over the top of your big head. You’re arrogant, Baron and that’s the reason for your recent failures. That’s where you fucked up. Not because you didn’t work hard enough or you miscalculated a step. It’s because you simply refused to open up your mind just a tiny bit and realize that I’m just as much a threat as any other competitor. Yeah I’ll admit, I don’t have the most impressive win-loss record. I’m not the best wrestler in the world. I’ve never held any championship titles. Anywhere. I’m not perfect. In fact, I’ve made so many mistakes in the past that I’ve lost count. I may hold grudges sometimes but I do move on, you know. I’m still pissed with Philip and after what he did to me, I did consider taking revenge but is it worth the risk when I’ve been given a title match at Ascension? I’m done being greedy, always rushing into everything. I’m learning to pick my battles. Plus, my good friend Tim decided to do it for me and went on to humiliate Phil in the recent ‘There Will Be Blood’ match. But don’t be mistaken, Baron, it’s not like I asked people to fight my fights for me. I’d rather do them all myself of course but I’d rather not waste my time or risk an injury with a misogynistic clown like Philip before my goal of becoming the Queen of Wrestling champion. Because as much as I agree that a title belt doesn’t make a champion, it would still feel that damn good to have gold around your waist, won’t it? And for the record, Baron, I am not your dear. Speaking of the QoW champion...

She pauses for another drink. This time, she downs the last bit of juice like taking a shot and slams the glass down on the table. She laughs a bit.

Blyss Lockhart

Molly Reid. A 22-year-old college girl who loves to party, get wasted, have fun... It’s all about living life like there’s no tomorrow for you, isn’t it? “Oh yeah, drink it up!” “Hey Molls, beer pong time!” “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” (smirks) Sure, it’s impressive that in your third ever wrestling match, let alone in IWF, you manage to steal the Queen of Wrestling championship from the very person I had fought from day one here. Yeah, I’ve heard what you say about me being famous for losing to Tiffani so many fucking times and always failing to capture the title. Yeah, go on and sneer at the fact that I’m this (makes air quote gestures) “loser” who’s all talk but no walk. And even against my own friend Jaci, I couldn’t get the pin. You’re right about all these things, Molly. They are facts and everyone who watches IWF knows. I’m not even gonna make up any excuses because it’s true and I agree. I haven’t done what I said I would. The QoW title isn’t with me or around my waist. Hell, it’s not even around yours at one point, right? (leans in to mock whisper) Don’t worry, it’s not like this piece of news isn’t circulating online or whatever. (leans back) Seriously though, do you even know what that championship symbolizes? It represents every drop of blood, sweat and tears of the holder. It represents the good, the bad and the ugly times the holder went through to get to the top. That Queen of Wrestling title represents those things for the holder so that when everybody else sees her, they’ll know what you’ve done to get it and how much you’ve wanted to reach for it. Respect comes with that acknowledgement whether you ask for it or not. Whether you care for it or not.

She sits up straight and rests her crossed arms on the table, moving closer to the webcam.

Blyss Lockhart

From day one, Molly, ever since you stepped foot through the doors of the Insurgency, you’ve kissed up to the top tier of the roster. Remember how you tried to get in the good books of Tiffani? Calling you (makes air quotes gesture) “Cheerleader No. 2” apparently pissed you off so badly that you decided to gang up on me with Tiffy on Twitter. But I guess that’s irrelevant now because Tiffani’s quit her squad already so that leaves you the sole cheerleader in this company. Can I ask you a question, Molly? What is the deal with (makes cheerleader poses with imaginary pom-poms) all this? What is it that you gain from all of that? Oh I know. NOTHING. That’s why you have to search somewhere else after ”falling in love” with kickboxing. And then that YouTube video of you beating up some poor girl got the attention of management for some reason. With no wrestling training prior to your signing, you’ve managed to worm your way to face off against your idol for the title after just a few matches that I can count on one hand. I’m not gonna lie, that is impressive. Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back. Seriously, great job! I mean, not only are you a top IWF diva but you’re also on the Dean’s list in your school, aren’t ya? Such a lucky, lucky girl, Molly Reid. You can juggle school, cheerleading, wrestling and whatever self-destructing nonsense you revel yourself in, day in and day out. You must be Wonder Woman, like Diana Logan. You can keep talking about how all this drinking doesn’t affect you in any way but Molly, it’s time to drop the charade. And that includes your being in the Order. Yeah I know damn well that it’s not a stable nor is it a team but the fact that we’re associated at all makes me sick. I don’t have the slightest idea why you’re even in the Order. (stops) Oh no, wait. That’s a lie. Everyone knows the exact reason why you’re in the Order and I don’t need to say who so let’s just leave it as that because if it weren’t for that reason, it would be pointless to have you in the Order. In fact, it would be ironic because you have no sense of order. You’ve been drunk for a few days at a time, how you even manage to train is beyond me. And by the way, me offering to help you get ready for Nowhere To Run was purely out of courtesy and spite of the Empire. There was simply no need to be rude, Molly. You can just politely say no. It’s not like I was dying to help you. I could have given you some tips specifically on facing Tiffani because like how you just love to point out, I’ve always lost to her. But I guess now looking back, you really didn’t need my help at all. It was a great match and it deserved to be called “Match of the Year”. But you know what else it can be called? (smiles) “Beginner’s luck”. You’re on a roll now, Molly and that’s great momentum for you going into Ascension and yeah mayyyyybeee, ya don’t need Baron Blaze to help you beat me and retain the championship. Thing is, Molly, beginner’s luck can take an ugly turn and already you’ve let it gone to your head. And we both know how much alcohol can fuck up your brain, right, smart girl? See, it’s already telling you that you don’t need Baron this Sunday but I hope you realize that no matter how “impressive” you’ve been this early in your career, you can’t possibly defeat two people in the same match alone. I suggest you better suck it up like the champion that you are. (smirks) And if you thought there’s a double entendre, well... No one is as angry as the person who is wrong.

She turns off the recording and uploads it online. These videos usually help her feel better but for some reason, she doesn’t. Perhaps not yet. As she pours more juice into her glass, doubtful thoughts return to her mind and the confidence she felt during the making of the video suddenly disappeared. It must be the late hour that’s easily allowing all this negativity to flow through her. Sleep would be the only cure so she decides to shut down the laptop and head back to bed, carrying the glass with her.

She sets the glass down on the bedside table and slides under the covers. Inching closer to Mike, she closes her eyes and waits for sleep to come...

...But it doesn’t. How can this be? Her body screams for rest but her mind ignores it, conjuring up more insecurities. Worse, there is this familiar melody playing in her head but she can’t quite figure out the lyrics or the title. Or even where she’s heard it from either.

When God is gone and the Devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul?

Turning to the other side, she reaches for her iPhone next to the glass and logs on to Twitter. She quickly types out the words that suddenly string up in mind and sends them out in a tweet. Maybe someone can tell her what song it is.

Or tell you the answer to that question...

She shivers. Then her phone screen lights up as it notifies a Twitter reply. It’s Chuck.

Ignore him.

She tries to read the reply but the words seem to be jumbled up in her vision no matter how much she focuses her eyes. Then she voices one of the most pressing thoughts, “Why am I not good enough?” It’s the same question she asks herself every time she fails to achieve her goals. Like in the Insurgency, the past title matches and the Siege Perilous tournament... And now with Ascension creeping closer, that question returns to mock her as if it wants her to know that she’ll be asking herself this again after the pay-per-view. She remembers the words of Priestess Severina, she needs to believe that she is good enough but can that just be denial? She sits up in bed, suddenly feeling suffocated. As she reaches for the glass of juice on the bedside table, she accidentally knocks it.

Bad things come in threes and that glass you just knocked over will be the third.

She suddenly remembers what happened last week at the mixed martial arts gym in Miami where the glass door suddenly shattered and at the hotel room in St Louis when she accidentally dropped the glass of water. Quickly, she grabs the juice glass before it goes over the edge of the table. So close.

She takes a swig before placing it carefully back on the table and opens up the Twitter app again. Reading the encouraging tweets by her friends Chuck and Tim puts a smile on her face. Then the song tweets come in and she tries not to laugh out loud so as not to wake Mike again. The insecurities she felt now gave way to this social network amusement. It must be that time of the night. And finally, sleep comes.

OOC: “When God is gone and the Devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul?” are lyrics from O Death by Jen Titus. Modified lyrics in dream sequence are by Pinback in “Penelope” but the Saosin version is used for reference.


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Molly Reid


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PostSubject: I fucking win   Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:31 pm

Unknown Place
Wednesday March 20th, 2013

Light. Oh god the light. What the hell, why was it so bright? I groaned and rolled over and immediately fell onto the ground.

Molly Reid: “Owwwwww”

I rubbed my eyes and sat up, trying to adjust to the brightness of the room. Clearly it was somebody’s hotel room. I looked around and saw someone over at the kitchen, pouring a glass of water. I rubbed my eyes and squinted.

Molly Reid: “Chuck?”

Chuck Matthews turned around and looked at me. He walked over with the glass of water and put it on the table in front of me, as well as two aspirins. How did he know my head was fucking killing me? God what the hell did I do last night, I literally remember nothing.

Molly Reid: “Chuck what the fuck am I doing here?”

Chuck Matthews: “I brought you here.”

I popped the aspirin and downed the glass of water. I needed that, my head was pounding. I tried to think hard, but I really had nothing. I remembered hanging out with Charlie at my house, and then I think I took some shots with a bunch of friends who came over. But I really didn’t know.

Molly Reid: “No seriously I don’t remember anything. How did I end up here?”

Chuck Matthews: “You were drunk.”

Molly Reid: “Yeah no shit. I totally thought this hangover was from all the French fries I ate last night”

Chuck Matthews: “You really don't remember a thing from last night, do you?”

Molly Reid: “Were you with me all night?”

Chuck Matthews: “No…you found me.”

Molly Reid: “What?”

Chuck didn’t look very happy. Did I do something wrong? I didn’t remember, so it didn’t happen, right?

Chuck Matthews: “I was out...and you just happened to run into me. Here...”


Rachel and I were walking down the Venice Beach boardwalk. It was getting late, but dinner had gone better than I expected. She had mentioned that she wanted to go to the beach and just relax there for a bit. Sure, whatever. So there we were, walking along the beach towards a quiet spot with nobody around. Or rather, almost nobody. Because it turns out, there was one person stumbling around on the beach.

Rachel: “Whoa that chick looks messed up”

She wasn't wrong. There was this girl, bottle of alcohol in her hand, stumbling all around the sand. She was singing to herself, but they weren’t words. Her eyes were half shut, and her arms were swinging around like she didn’t know what they were for. I didn't recognize her unti she got closer.

Chuck Matthews: “Shit...I know this girl.”

Rachel: “What?! Really? Should we help her?”

I didn’t want her to ruin this date. I didn’t want to have to deal with drunk Molly right now.

Chuck Matthews: “No…just keep walking. She can handle herself, I’ve seen her worse”

Rachel: “O…kay”

We walked right past Molly. I tried to avoid looking at her, but she must have recognized me anyways.

Molly Reid: “CHUCK!?!”


Chuck Matthews: “Hey Molly.”

Molly Reid: “OhmygodCHUCK!”

Molly ran over to me and launched herself on me. I laughed nervously and tried to hold her up.

Chuck Matthews: “Yeah, hi. Listen...Molly…kinda busy at the moment.”

Molly stared for a moment, clearly trying to process what I had just said to her. Eventually something clicked.

Molly Reid: “O ya!!!! Howsitgoin?”

Chuck Matthews: “Just fine until about ten seconds ago. Do you mind? You should probably get home and rest anyway.”

She clearly ignored everything that I was saying. Or she just didn’t understand any of it.

Molly Reid: “Ohmygodohmygod. Youguysshouldcomepartywithme! Ohmygodsomuchfun!”

Chuck Matthews: “Look, Molly, we’re not going to come party with you. We can walk you home if you want but I'd rather you left us alone.”

Molly was now holding onto Rachel, who looked shocked and unaware of what to do.

Molly Reid: “Did…didyou know that Chuck and I…used to be llllllovers!”

Chuck Matthews: “Ok Molly, that’s enough.”

Molly Reid: “Heusedto…FUCK my brainsout! You…you’reluckygirl!”

And with that, Molly took one step, and fell face first in the sand in front of us.


Chuck Matthews: “So I had to leave Rachel and take you back to your house, because I couldn’t just leave you there in the sand. Not only did you completely ruin my date, but you didn’t even have your keys and your gate was locked. So I had to drag you all the way back here. I'm running on two hours of sleep right now, by the way. Thanks for that.”

I laughed. It was kind of funny, only because it was so typical drunk Molly. Apparently Chuck didn’t appreciate my laughter though, because he looked mad.

Chuck Matthews: “Is something funny?”

Molly Reid: “Yeah sort of.”

Chuck Matthews: “Please, explain.”

Molly Reid: “I don’t know, it’s typical drunk Molly, wandering down the beach on my own and running into you two. Thank god you were there to save me, imagine if I passed out on the sand all alone”

Chuck Matthews: “I think you’re missing the bigger issue here.”

Molly Reid: “And what’s that?”

Chuck Matthews: “You ruined one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. I had to leave my date to take care of you.”

Molly Reid: “Well you didn’t have to…”

Chuck Matthews: “You said it yourself; imagine if you passed out alone. I don’t know when I decided to grow this conscience, but for whatever reason I felt compelled to help you. Besides, after you decided to scream in Rachel’s face about how you and I have had past relations, I’m fairly sure the date was going to end right there anyways.”

Molly Reid: “Oh yeah, that was pretty funny too”

Chuck Matthews: “Molly, are you even listening to me? Because of you, she might not want to talk to me anymore. You ruined one of the best things I had going for me, because you can't curb your fucking alcohol problem.”

Molly Reid: “Oh she’ll be fine, just call her in a few days or something”

Chuck Matthews: “You don't get it, do you? Your drinking is affecting your life Molly. It’s affecting other people’s lives. You’re an alcoholic.”

Hadn’t we had this conversation before? Chuck always told me I was an alcoholic, but he was crazy. I even survived a week without alcohol with him. What more did he want me to do to prove that I wasn’t an alcoholic.

Molly Reid: “It’s not affecting my life, it’s affecting yours. It’s my life; I’ll do what I want to do. I’m not an alcoholic. I already survived your challenge, what more do I need to do to prove you wrong?”

Chuck Matthews: “No, after last night, you’re done trying to convince me otherwise. You need to stop. You’re hurting the people around you and you don’t even realize you're doing it.”

Molly Reid: “Maybe that’s because the people around me can’t mind their own business”

Chuck Matthews: “YOU BARGED IN know, it's not even worth it. I don’t know why I'm wasting my time. You're fucking hopeless. You don't care about anyone but yourself.”

Molly Reid: “Yeah and look how far that’s gotten me. I used to care about other people Chuck. Then my dad died and my mom’s boyfriend abused me and I had a pretty shit life trying to care about others. So I stopped. It’s worked out pretty well so far”

Chuck Matthews: “Don’t bring your dad into this; he has nothing to do with you fucking up your life.”

I stood up, I was livid now. Fuck Chuck, talking to me like this, who did he think he was?

Molly Reid: “How dare you talk to me like that. You know about my dad, you know how hard that is for me to deal with. Don’t you fucking dare tell me when I can or can’t bring him up”

Chuck Matthews: “I’m tired of you using that as an excuse to be an alcoholic. Yeah, your dad died. Shitty luck. Fine. But that doesn't give you an excuse to act like a complete bitch to anyone and everyone around you. I’m sure this isn’t what your dad thought you’d grow up to be."

Oh no he didn’t. That was crossing the line.

Molly Reid: “Who the fuck are you to tell me what my dad would have wanted for me? You didn’t know him, you barely even know me! Don’t forget our relationship here Chuck, we’re just old fuck buddies. We’re hardly even friends. You don’t have the right to pretend like you know what my dad would want for me. You’re not my dad Chuck, don’t you dare try to tell me how I should live my life. I’ll do whatever I decide to do. If you don’t like how I am than you can just fuck off”

Chuck stared at me for a moment, almost as if he didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t look upset, or apologetic or anything. He just looked like he was trying to figure something out. But eventually, he just gave up.

Chuck Matthews: “So be it. You go right ahead. Drink yourself even more stupid than you already have. Piss your life away, drink yourself to death, whatever. Clearly, that's what you're after. But I refuse to be a part of it.”

Molly Reid: “Good! Because I’m done with you! Somewhere along the line of fuck buddies, you managed to get attached to me and actually care about me and shit. That’s your own fault. Don’t blame me and my drinking for shit going wrong in your life!”

Chuck Matthews: “Sure, Molly. The door's right there.”

I stood up and threw the glass of water I had in his face. He probably didn’t deserve it but I was pissed off. Chuck wiped the water from his eyes and just stared ahead, refusing to look at me. Fuck him. I almost considered him a friend. But if this is how he was going to treat me, well, good riddance. I walked out of his hotel room and slammed the door shut behind me

Fuck him. I didn’t need him in my life. Now that I had Charlie, Chuck was as useless to me as anyone else. Plus he had been nothing but unsupportive of me ever since we started sleeping together. In fact, I’m sure that he wants Blyss to win the Queen of Wrestling title this weekend. He’s wanted her to win since the beginning. He had absolutely zero faith in me, and would much rather someone else as champion. Well that obviously wasn’t going to happen. Chuck wasn’t going get the satisfaction of seeing me lose my belt so soon after winning it.

Unknown Place
Thursday March 21st, 2013

Just like almost every other night, I woke up somewhere that wasn’t my bed. As my eyes got more accustomed to the light, and my brain started to move, I looked around. Sky, all around me. I was lying in the grass. Awesome. I looked around some more. There was a small river right in front of me. Oh now it made sense. I was at Ballona Lagoon in Marina Del Rey. Must have passed out beside the lagoon and slept the night there. I had seen people, mostly homeless, lying along here before, so that’s probably why I wasn’t disturbed. Great, people mistook me for a homeless girl.

I stood up and straightened out my dress that I was wearing. It was pretty dirty now, from lying in the dirty grass all night. I looked around and saw a couple of other guys passed out near me. They definitely looked homeless. I grabbed my purse from the ground and looked inside it. Everything was still there, which was amazing. I always seemed to have the best luck when it came to passing out in random places. I never got robbed, or raped, or attacked or anything. Maybe it was a bit of luck, but maybe it was because I’m so fucking awesome.

I looked around again. Man did my head ever hurt. This was one of the worst hangovers I’d had recently. I also couldn’t remember anything, but that wasn’t really a big surprise. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. Shit, I had cheerleading soon. There was no way I could do it feeling the way I was. If I even tried to jump around, I’d throw up, I could just tell. But I had to at least show up. Coach would kill me if I just skipped out on practice.

I walked over to the street and hailed down a cab. I was too far away and didn’t have enough time to go home. Luckily I had a few spare outfits in my locker at the stadium. I hopped in the cab that pulled over and we took off towards the Coliseum. The entire ride there was spent texting a few of my friends who were with me last night, and then looking through the photos that I had apparently taken. Some of them were ridiculous, everyone clearly smashed and causing havoc along the boardwalk. I’m surprised that I wasn’t arrested last night, looking at what we were doing in some of these pictures. Then again, everyone else might have been arrested for all I know.

After some time, we got to the stadium and I hopped out of the cab and paid the cabbie. My stomach was churning just thinking about cheering. I walked into the stadium and made my way to the locker room, trying not to be seen by anyone. I was pretty early, and so nobody was around yet. Lucky me.

I quickly stripped down and hopped in the shower. After thoroughly cleaning myself, I dried off and changed into my cheering gear. I sat down in the locker room as my teammates slowly drifted in around me. Nobody on the team was out with me last night, judging from the pictures I saw, as well as the fact that nobody mentioned anything about the night or how I looked. Most of them didn’t like to drink as much as I did, but I still loved them. As everyone was changing, I saw my personal trainer Bill talking to the coach. The two of them looked at me, and I smiled. They smiled back, but immediately went back to talking. This probably wasn’t going to be good. I waited until I saw coach go back into his office and looked at Bill, who motioned for me to walk over. I stood up and followed Bill all the way to his office, where I sat down across from him.

Molly Reid: “What’s up Bill?”

Bill Stevens: “How are you feeling Molly?”

I looked at him. He obviously knew something was up. I knew better than to lie to Bill. If I told him I was fine, he’d put me through some ridiculous workout, and I’d puke without a doubt.

Molly Reid: “Like shit”

Bill Stevens: “Yeah that’s what I thought”

Molly Reid: “How’d you know? I mean I thought I hid it pretty well”

Bill Stevens: “Oh I could hardly tell by looking at you. No, you hide it very well Molly. However, I knew you’d feel this way before you even came in”

Bill pulled out his phone and showed it to me. I could see a video playing on it, of me and my friends stumbling around the beach, drinking from whiskey bottles and trying to sing a song. Clearly we were just completely hammered. I wanted to laugh, because this was hilarious, watching me try to hold myself up on Charlie, while drinking whiskey straight from the bottle and trying to sing some Katy Perry song.

Molly Reid: “That’s pretty funny. How did you get this?”

Bill Stevens: “You sent it to me. At about three in the morning last night”

Molly Reid: “Oh. Whoops. Sorry Bill”

Bill Stevens: “Yeah. Luckily I keep my phone downstairs when I sleep, so I didn’t wake up. But boy did I have a nice little laugh over breakfast this morning”

Molly Reid: “Yeah…I tend to black out sometimes when I drink too much. Totally don’t remember sending that to you”

Bill Stevens: “You seem to do this a lot, don’t you?”

Molly Reid: “I guess sometimes. How do you know?”

Bill Stevens: “Come on Molly. You kids think you can hide your hangovers from us old folk. But you forget that we were just like you when we were your age. We’ve all been there and done that. I can tell when you’re hungover, and it seems like almost every time you come to train, you’re somewhat hungover or drunk”

Molly Reid: “Yeah, well I like to drink. There’s nothing wrong with that”

Bill Stevens: “No there’s not. I was like you in college. Loved to drink, did it all the time. It was a lot of fun. I know exactly what you like about it and why you do it. There’s nothing wrong with it either”

Finally, someone who was actually making sense. He knew that there was nothing wrong with my drinking habits. Why couldn’t people like Chuck see it the same way that Bill did? Maybe it was because Bill was older. He had all those years of wisdom. Chuck was older, but he wasn’t that old. Nor did he have any real drinking experiences. At least not like me.

Molly Reid: “I’m glad you see it the way I do. A lot of people have been getting on my case about my drinking habits. I mean a few weeks ago I made it an entire week without drinking once. I’m not addicted to alcohol; I just choose to drink it often, because I like it. If I really wanted to, or I had a reason to, I could stop no problem.”

Bill Stevens: “Yeah, look Molly the reason I wanted you in here is just because I wanted to say something to you about that. What you do with your private life is none of my business. I don’t pretend to know or really care about what my twenty two year old student does at night. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a grown woman who is smart enough to make her own decisions. I’ve know you a long time, I’m very confident in your abilities to make good choices.”

I was a little confused. He called me in here just to tell me that he didn’t care about what I did? He could have just said nothing. There must be more.

Molly Reid: “But…? You wouldn’t have called me in just to tell me that”

Bill Stevens: “But I just wanted to make you an offer. Maybe you didn’t get this already, but I’m a recovering alcoholic. Well I think at this point I’m allowed to say that I’m recovered. But I’m going on fifteen years this Friday, and I’d like it if you came to our meeting and just sat in with me.”

That didn’t really surprise me. The way he hesitated when he said he was like me when he was my age. I could tell it was hard for him to talk about. Plus I’m pretty sure I overheard him talking about it with a bunch of others coaches. Whenever they invited him out for drinks, he’d always tell them that he didn’t drink. I never really thought about it before, but looking back, it all made sense. But me, going to a meeting? I don’t think so.

Molly Reid: “I’m not very good with meetings”

Bill Stevens: “You don’t have to say anything. I don’t expect you to come and try to give up drinking and join the program. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t have a drinking problem. I just have some friends and family coming to celebrate my fifteen year anniversary, and I’d like you to be there.”

I thought about it for a minute. As much as I hated the thought of going to a meeting, I really did want to support Bill. After all he’d done for me, I think he deserved me to at least go and be there if he wanted me there

Molly Reid: “Nobody is going to ask me questions, or try to make me tell my story or anything right? I just get to sit there and listen?”

Bill Stevens: “Exactly. There might even be a cake too”

Molly Reid: “Alright I’ll go. Just don’t expect me to have some big kind of revelation and realize that I’m really an alcoholic and that I need to change my ways”

Bill Stevens: “I’d never expect it. Here’s the address, we meet at six. You can bring your boyfriend if you want”

Molly Reid: “I think he has work, but if not then I’ll see if he wants to come along. Hey wait, how did you know I had a boyfriend?”

Bill Stevens: “Oh there’s more to the video. I just made a good guess”

I covered my face with my hands in mock embarrassment. In reality I didn’t care if Bill knew, he was the closest thing to a dad I had anymore. Even though he was still far from it.

Molly Reid: “Oopsies. My bad, sorry about that. Sometimes I get weird”

Bill Stevens: “Don’t we all. So I’ll see you Friday?”

Molly Reid: “Yeah for sure.”

Bill Stevens: “Awesome. I already told coach that you were going to take the day off to do a specialized workout with me. But you should go home. I don’t think you’re in any real condition to work out”

I got up and hugged Bill. I definitely wasn’t, he was right.

Molly Reid: “Thanks Bill. I’m really not. Not unless you want puke covering all your mats”

Bill Stevens: “I’ll pass on that. See you on Friday Molly. Oh, one more little thing I’m going to ask you”

I turned around and looked back at Bill before I walked completely out of his office.

Molly Reid: “What’s that?”

Bill Stevens: “Please don’t show up drunk”

I laughed pretty hard. How classic would that be to show up to an AA meeting drunk out of my skull. Maybe that was for another night. I wasn’t going to ruin Bill’s night just for some laughs. I wasn’t that big of a bitch.

Molly Reid: “As hilarious as that would be to me, I promise I won’t”

Bill Stevens: “Thanks”

I walked out of Bill’s office and back to my locker. I didn’t feel like getting changed, so I just grabbed my clothes and purse and walked out of the locker room, and made my way to the front entrance of the stadium. Luckily the bus I needed to take home was just pulling up to the stop. I hopped on and sat down, wishing that I had my car with me.

The entire bus ride was spent listening to my music and thinking about how funny it would be to crash an alcoholics meeting while hammered. I also remembered that I needed to pick up alcohol today. Living the student life was great. The house I lived in already had the mortgage paid off. Most of my dad’s money was put aside to pay for bills and taxes and other stuff. All of my school was already paid off. So really, my entire IWF paycheck went to buying food, alcohol, and partying. I wasn’t buying unbelievably fancy cars, or adding on to my already huge house or anything. Just saving money and having a lot of amazing times.

After about an hour on the bus, I finally made it to my stop. I walked down the street towards my house, grabbing my key from my wallet. I punched in the gate code and made my way to the front door. I opened it up and immediately walked upstairs to my bed. Of course, Charlie was lying there, flat on his stomach, still completely passed out. I ran over and jumped on the bed beside him, yelling his name. He rolled over and smacked me with a pillow.

Molly Reid: “Wake up Charlie!”

Charlie Hannah: “Five more minutes mom”

Molly Reid: “No now!”

I smacked him again, and then jumped on him, bouncing on his back until he finally bucked me off and sat up. I laughed and smiled widely at him as he looked at me like I was crazy.

Charlie Hannah: “You’re in a good mood this morning”

Molly Reid: “I got the day off from cheering, which I needed so badly after last night”

Charlie Hannah: “Oh fuck yeah, what time did you end up getting home last night?”

Molly Reid: “I didn’t. I passed out at the lagoon”

Charlie Hannah: “No fucking shit! Why didn’t you call me or anything?”

Molly Reid: “I have no idea; I don’t remember jack shit from last night. I just woke up beside the lagoon this morning and went to cheerleading, but Bill gave me the day off.”

Charlie Hannah: “Damn. Next time I won’t let you go off alone then”

Molly Reid: “Where was I going?”

Charlie Hannah: “I don’t know, you weren’t making sense and then you just ran off and said you’d be back later. I thought you woke up early and went to school, and that’s where you’ve been all morning”

I laughed. Charlie never figured anything out, he always just assumed things happened around him. He was so cute when he was confused. I leaned over and kissed him. After a few minutes he stood up and walked over to the bathroom and started to get ready to go shower. I figured I should probably ask him about the meeting on Friday. Or just about the whole alcoholic thing in general.

Molly Reid: “Hey you don’t think we’re alcoholics do you?”

Charlie Hannah: “What? No, of course not. Why?”

Molly Reid: “I don’t know, people keep talking to me about it and saying that I am and stuff. It’s annoying”

Charlie Hannah: “It’s not you who has a drinking problem; it’s everyone else that has a problem with your drinking”

Molly Reid: “Yeah that’s what I keep telling people. Whatever, I’m over it. By the way do you work tomorrow night?”

Charlie Hannah: “Yeah, until ten. Why?”

Molly Reid: “Oh, Bill asked if we wanted to go to his AA meeting”

Charlie looked at me from the bathroom with a shocked look on his face.

Charlie Hannah: “And you want us to go to an AA meeting? Didn’t we just talk about this?”

Molly Reid: “Oh, no, it’s not like that. It’s his fifteenth year clean, and they are having some kind of celebration. He wanted me to go, so I said yes”

Charlie Hannah: “Oh. Well just don’t come back claiming that you want to change or something”

Molly Reid: “Come on; remember who you’re talking to here. Molly and alcohol go together like…well Molly and alcohol.”

Charlie Hannah: “Yeah, you’re not kidding. Alright well I’m sure you’ll have some fun.”

Molly Reid: “Yeah. Anyways, take your time in the shower, I’m going to do one of my video blogs now, get it over with”

My Bedroom
Thursday March 21st, 2013

Charlie shut the bathroom door behind him as I flipped open my computer. I quickly pulled up my video blog site and got it ready to record a new entry. I reached over on my desk and grabbed my Queen of Wrestling championship and put it over my shoulder, making sure nobody would forget who the real champion was. I hit the record button.

Molly Reid
“I know I know, it’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these. If IWF didn’t keep giving me these weeks off then I’d have more for you. Unfortunately, I can’t really do anything about that. Maybe they’ll start giving me more matches. Anyways, where were we last time I talked to you guys? Oh right! It was when I was going to fight Jaci.”

Molly Reid
“Yeah so Jaci and I had our match. Nothing special really. I was just about to kick her ass like I’ve done to every person I’ve fought lately. Then that stupid bitch Megan Andrews interfered. Let me tell you, I’ve never met anyone who’s made such a stupid decision in their life. I mean seriously Megan, what did you think you’d accomplish by attacking me? Did you think that you’d make a name for yourself? Did you think that people would be talking about you because you ruined a match that I was in? Bitch please. All you accomplished was setting yourself up for a future beatdown. Which is exactly what you got last week. Now of course I wanted to be the one to personally kick you in the face, but unfortunately Jaci must have heard my plans and raced out there to beat me. Whatever, I still got to kick someone in the face. Maybe that will teach you new girls that you can’t just attack whoever you want here to make a name for yourself. There will be consequences, and you found out the hard way. Now you’ll get to be beaten down by Jaci once again, and I won’t have to deal with you anymore. I mean Jaci isn’t even that great of a wrestler, but she’ll have no problems with you and your friend Roxy. Meanwhile, I have bigger fish to fry”

Molly Reid
“Oh Blyss, Blyss, Blyss. What is there to say about you that hasn’t already been said? I mean, I’ve done nothing but put you down from the beginning. I’m not very nice, but I might have been especially cruel to you. What did you ever do to deserve me being so mean to you all the time?”

Molly Reid
“Oh right. You were and still are an absolutely shit wrestler. I could barely get through a single one of your matches. I mean, they were just so damn painful. There’s only so many times I can watch someone lose to one girl so often. And it wasn’t even like you were ever close to beating Tiffani. I watched those matches over and over, and never once did you even have a chance to beat her. You were just sort of there, hanging on, knowing that your moment in the spotlight could be over at any time. And sure enough, it was. After you failed to beat Tiffani in a fucking two on one match, you cried foul and quit the Empire. But not before you got humiliated by Philip and Axle for trying to complain. See this is why I don’t get why you even joined the Empire in the first place. Did you not know that this was going to happen? Did you really think that all of these egos were going to coexist? I told everyone from day one that the Empire was going to fail, because someone was going to feel left out. And would you look at that, I was right! At least you had the sense to get out before that. I will give you credit there. But that’s not enough to overshadow the fact that you actually thought it was a good idea to join them in the first place! Just pure idiocy right there.”

Molly Reid
“So now you’ve somehow finagled yourself yet another title shot. I just don’t understand why people keep giving you these opportunities. You lost to Tiffani, and then you got an immediate rematch the next pay-per-view after going on a self-proclaimed “bitch hunt”, and immediately lost again. Then I went in, beat Tiffani, and became the Queen of Wrestling champion. And now somehow you think you can beat me? How do you figure that? I mean, I beat Tiffani, who beat you, so therefore, you can beat me? No, that’s not how it works Blyssy. I didn’t lose my way to the title, in fact it was quite the opposite. I haven’t lost yet, and you’ve done nothing but lose. I really like my chances in a match against you. Just kidding. That would imply that I have a chance of losing to you.”

Molly Reid
“Here’s what I want to know Blyss. You went on a bitch hunt as you called it, and tried to take out anyone who wasn’t a worthy diva. Now why wasn’t I part of that list? I’m the biggest and baddest bitch of them all, yet you’ve been running away scared from me, refusing to get in the ring with me. Like last week, you could have come in there and fought me like someone who’s actually a little bit tough, but instead you retreated and ran away, like the little pussy that you are. Why you scared bitch? You afraid to get your face kicked in by my foot? Because I would be. I’ve been writing your name on my foot all week, just getting ready to introduce it to the real you. I was so excited to have the chance to wipe the wrestling ring with your lumpy ass and prove that you’re nothing but a fake-tough wannabe pussy bitch. I still am excited. But you and your good buddy Charles Matthews had to fuck me out of a one on one match against you. In fact I can’t even call that a match. If we fought one on one, it would be about as one sided a beatdown as you can get. But no, you and your best friend Matthews couldn’t let that happen could you? You just had to make this some bullshit tag team match to give you even the slightest chance of winning, didn’t you?”

Molly Reid
“Before I finish talking about that stupid match, I wanted to address shithead Matthews. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? Everyone I ask tells me that you’re this big womanizer who can’t physically feel feelings and just likes one night stands and could never hold a real girlfriend. I hook up with you and we have the perfect thing going on. Fucking with no attachments. But then all the sudden you develop these feelings for me, like you actually care about my wellbeing and stupid shit like that. Crying about how I shouldn’t drink so much just because your lightweight ass gets sloppy drunk and takes his pants off after his fourth beer. Tell me that I’m an alcoholic and that I have a problem, when really you’re the only person with a fucking problem. Suspend me for drinking even though other wrestlers admitted to drink THE SAME NIGHT I DID. You’re such a fucking hypocrite. Why did I get the punishment for showing up a little hungover, when people have smoked and drank in the god damned ring on fucking TV? You couldn’t have just hated me, because you still wanted to see me and talk to me. You still tried to convince me that I had some sort of alcohol problem. You still showed feelings for me. So what was it? What made you punish me and act like this towards me, and then give Blyss a title shot of her dreams for doing absolutely nothing? Is it because you started to get feelings for me, but hated the fact that you did exactly what we agreed not to do? Does the great Chuck Matthews not understand the rules of one or more night stands? Pathetic. Just go do your stupid little ego-boosting indy fed tour, go fall in love with this ugly Amber bitch, go run your stupid company into the ground. If I never saw your old ugly hypocritical piece of shit ass around IWF again, I’d be one happy girl”

Molly Reid
“Back to Blyssy’s dream match this weekend. She knows she can’t beat me one on one. That much is obvious. If she knew that she could beat me, she wouldn’t need to fight me in some stupid fucking gimmick match. She’d grow a set of figurative balls and fight me mano-a-mano. But no, the little bitch backs out and gets me put in a stupid tag match with a useless partner, and makes it so that if he loses, I lose my title. How fucking stupid is that? If I’m going to lose my title, you have to beat me. Not another shitty wrestler, ME. It’s fucking bullshit to lose my title if someone else is pinned. But of course shithead agreed to it, probably because Blyss gave him some sloppy blowjob and a little ass action. So now I have to defend my title against Blyss and Gordon Fury, with fucking Baron something as my partner. That little shit couldn’t even do his job right last week. So I kicked him in the fucking skull to teach him a lesson. He knows not to fuck up around me, because I’ll fucking destroy him. I would actually be happier if he just didn’t show up. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about him fucking everything up. But knowing him, he’ll be there, and he’ll try to fuck everything up again. I’m not going to let him. The minute he tries to do something stupid, he’s getting a kick to the head. But don’t worry Blyss, I’m still saving my good foot for you.”

Molly Reid
“Gordon Fury, I don’t even care about. The dude could barely beat Jack Savage, IWF’s most retarded wrestler. Seriously if Corey Casey asked someone to blow him, Jack Savage would bend over and drop his pants for Corey. He went above and beyond in his creepy quasi-homo love for that man. But yeah, Gordon, nice job almost losing to him. Not to mention you haven’t had any serious competition for your title ever. I mean come on, you fought Diana Logan in your last match. That cow couldn’t beat Roxy fucking Kay in a match. But I mean, congratulations. You’re going to do fine in our match. Just don’t complain when you lose your title. Isn’t going to suck, telling everyone that you lost it to a girl, who didn’t even get to keep the title, but had to give it to her partner? No, fuck that. When I win this match, I’m keeping both titles for myself. Baron won’t deserve to be High Impact champion, I will. So I guess that won’t be as bad. I really have no reason to dislike Gordon. I don’t hate him by any means. I don’t know him, so I can’t say that I like him either though. But one thing I do know is that he’s a fucking moron. Why would anyone in their right mind pick Blyss Lockhart as a partner? Do you think she gives you the best chance to beat me? Did you get a nail shot through your fucking skull as a child? A girl who loses as a job, who tries to act like she knows what she’s doing and that she can help me, a little bitch who’s too afraid to fight me one on one. I know that as soon as I get in that ring, she’s going to do whatever she can to get away from me. So Gordon, are you going to come ready to fight me? Because someone is going to have to, and I can guaran-fucking-tee you that it won’t be Blyss. Are you prepared to hit a girl? Sometimes people can’t. Sometimes guys get so caught up in their bullshit chivalry thing that they are afraid to hit a woman. Let me tell you something Gordon, you better not be fucking afraid to hit me. Because I sure as hell am not afraid to hit you. I hit you last week, and I would have knocked you out cold if Baron didn’t fuck up. But whatever, it is what it is. Just be careful this weekend, because I’m not going to let Baron fuck up again”

Molly Reid
“I’m the fucking Queen of Wrestling champion. I’ve beaten everyone that I’ve stood across from in the ring. And yes that includes Jaci, because fuck that bitch Megan ruining my win. I beat the so called “best” woman wrestler in the IWF in just my third match ever. I won the match of the year award, within a month of joining the company. I’m the future here. I’m the reason people even care about the IWF woman’s division. In fact, with the champions and top guys we have now, I’m the reason people watch IWF, period. Don’t let that transvestite prostitute be the IWF Champion, just give that title to me. I’m by far the greatest wrestler in this entire company, man or woman. Blyss Lockhart knows it. Gordon Fury knows it. Baron knows it. Everyone fucking knows it. You either love me for being a completely unfiltered and brutally honest bitch, or you love to hate me for those exact same reasons. Either way, you all still love me.”

Molly Reid
“So get ready Gordon. Get ready Blyss. You finally got the match you blew for. Finally get a chance to get in the ring with the great Molly Reid. The girl who did more in three weeks of IWF than you have done in your entire life. You finally get to find out firsthand what it’s actually like to fight me. And let me tell you, you couldn’t have picked a worse thing to discover. Ask Roxy Kay, ask Jaci, ask Baron, ask Tiffani, ask Rhiannon, ask Diana. They’ll all tell you the same thing. I’m the real fucking deal, and I play to kill. I take it easy on nobody. Just because you have a partner with you, doesn’t mean I’m going to beat you senseless any less. Gordon won’t be there to protect you when I’ve knocked him out cold. I’ve done the one thing that you never could, and that was become the Queen of Wrestling champion. Don’t you even think for a fucking millisecond that you’re going to be able to do the same and beat me this weekend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. IWF is my world, and you’re all just living in it”

Molly Reid
“Now if you’ll excuse me, my boyfriend just finished showering, and I’m going to go fuck his brains out. Maybe I’ll even send a copy to Blyss and Gordon to give them some pointers on how it works. Kids need to be taught once in a while right? Might as well be nice, and teach them twice”

I laughed and kissed my championship belt, before blowing a kiss at the camera and closing my laptop, sending the video cutting to black.

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PostSubject: Re: Gordon Fury & Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Molly Reid & Baron Blaze   Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:09 pm

”The Last Fight”

The following is a dream sequence.

The first thing Blyss notices is the heat. She looks around, not sure where she is. The sun can be seen high in the sky, its scorching hot rays burn everything it touches including her skin. There’s a forest behind her, glowing unearthly green and something tells that’s where she just came from and shouldn’t go back. The second thing she notices is a long stretch of road that seems to go on forever. The thought of her car crosses her mind instantly but it isn’t here. She tries to call out for someone if there is anyone at all out here with her. However, all that comes out is a coarse whisper. Her throat hurts as if the muscles used for speech have been crushed and that’s when a memory comes to her, cold bony fingers wrapped around her neck. Her head aches remembering that for some reason.

A hot dry wind blows past her, messing up her hair. She brushes it away and hears the roar of another rushing wind. Instinctively, she turns on her heels and starts running. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s away from what sounds like a tornado. It’s funny to think she can outrun it but a fool’s hope is better than no hope at all. She tries to pick up speed and her legs surprisingly obey. She feels light all of a sudden and focuses on the horizon in the far distance. She dares herself to look behind. The tornado is still nowhere in sight but what she can see is a woman running, no, gliding at top speed toward her. She can make out how familiar this runner looks in the semi blurriness. Then comes the third thing she notices; her doppelgänger. Reaching for her with outstretched arms and wild dark hair flying around her head like Medusa. She wants to run but deep down, she knows it’s too late. So, she turns her body away and shields her face from the impending collision.


She falls down hard to the ground, anticipating the rough surface of the dirt road to cut into her skin. But the floor is smooth and it bounces slightly under her weight. She uncovers her face and finds herself in the middle of a wrestling ring. She glances around but the lights are too bright in the crowd area and the only person she can see is Molly Reid who’s staring down on her with a proud smirk on her face. Molly dangles a foot near her face and then pushes her forehead with it, cackling in delight.

“You (you) can’t (can’t) beat (beat) me (me)!”

She painfully turns her head from side to side, feeling dazed. The insult spat from Molly’s tongue echoes all around.

“I’m (I’m) better (better) than (than) you (you)!”

Molly’s face looms into her vision. Her eyes gleam with malice as she brings her foot down over her face again. Blyss struggles to say no but can’t. Suddenly, Molly vanishes and Blyss feels herself being lifted up. Thank God...

“Think (think) again (again)...”

Standing up right again, Blyss is now face to face with Baron Tomson. That’s strange. Isn’t he much taller than this? That’s when she realizes her feet are no longer touching the ground. Slowly, she’s being lifted above the ring by an invisible force.

“You’re (You’re) a (a) coward (coward)!”

Glaring from below, Baron shouts those words as the ring ropes and turnbuckles burst into flames. She flails her arms and legs, desperate to get away.

“I’m (I’m) the (the) new (new) champion (champion)!”

Baron is now a walking figure of fire. He spreads his arms wide as he burns more intensely with the flaming ring.

“Not (Not) you (you)!”

He shoots fireballs at her, setting her to also burn alive. But unlike him, she’s only human.

Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

Ascension day.

Backstage is filled with crew members setting the place up for the Insurgency March pay-per-view. Seven matches will be held tonight and five titles will be put on the line together with a showdown between Stygian and Nova Wonder that everyone including her look forward to seeing and the big 9-man ladder match. There’s also her friend Jaci Sovereign competing in a 2-on-1 handicap match against Megan Andrews and Roxy Kay. When she told her about it, Blyss was surprised and wondered why it’s a handicap match. But nonetheless, she knows Jaci would be able to beat them both and vice versa, how she tweeted to her a couple of days ago.

“I believe in you. #JumpRopePal”

Blyss smiles remembering this as she makes her way to the women’s locker room. A few crew members pass by her, greeting her as they go. She sincerely returns the favor, feeling more and more excited. Even though she’s only missed one PPV, she still misses it. The atmosphere is different from regular Battle Grounds shows. There’s just this electric buzz in the air as everyone hopes to put on a good show. Frankly, she’s never seen her job this way. It’s always about improving herself in the art of the sport and never about looking for the approval of the people who watch it. She’s been told many times before not to make the fans the main reason she goes out there to the ring. Not to make them a priority in her career or do what they say. But if and when she gets the opportunity to make a “Best of...” DVD or write an autobiography, the fans have to be mentioned under “Special Thanks”. She’s made a mental note about this and for now, she’s not that far along yet to thank the fans like some people would. She’s still young and still climbing up the ladder. Maybe one day...

Setting down her duffel bag on the bench, she changes into her wrestling gear and starts her pre-match warmup ritual. After stretching for about 15 minutes, she takes out her jump rope and exits the locker room. She skips down the hallway until she reaches the catering area. She downs a cup of water and resumes skipping along the other corridors. Somewhere along there, she’s caught up with a camera crew who insists on hearing her thoughts about tonight’s match.

Blyss Lockhart

Oh, it’s going to be a good one. A really good one. Tonight I’m teaming up with the High Impact champion Gordon Fury and we’re facing a couple of children who don’t seem to want to work together, the Queen of Wrestling champion Molly Reid and Baron Blaze. Last week, I beat Baron and yes, he tried his best to outwrestle me. Gordon was right. He can’t do it out of a paper bag. But I appreciate how he doesn’t try to set me on fire. So Baron, are you done re-watching our match on tape to try to figure out where you went wrong? Here’s a clue. The solution is right... (points in the camera lens) there. Yeah, what you’re doing right now. That’s it. See, you’re too busy analyzing your past matches and when you’re addressing the future, your mind’s still thinking about what you did last week. Or the month before that. You’re too caught up in (taps the side of her head) here that your body isn’t moving. Or looking like someone possessed. Maybe Molly actually could try to control you instead. Hey, team work! (chuckles) Baron, I really wonder what kind of mindset you’ll have tonight. You know, fire can be quite unpredictable. Especially when it meets with other elements like... wind. (grins) Or a blizzard. So what happens to this fire? It can’t help but to spread, losing control. Until it wipes out everything else except the driving force behind the destruction. The wind or yeah, the blizzard. But the sad truth is, Baron, you’re the opposite of unpredictable. Because I know for damn sure that you’ve been obsessing for the past week over the fact that you lost to me. And this is going to happen next week when you’re going to obsess again over how you couldn’t get the High Impact title because of me. Or Gordon. It doesn’t matter because either way, you’re going to wish that you had taken me a lot of seriously when you laughed at the fact that I’ve failed to capture the QoW title twice. Baron, I suggest you take a good long look in the mirror before you face me and Gordon. Are you sure you’re ready? Because last week, you sure as hell weren’t.

[...fade to black]

Location: Childhood home (aka Dad’s place) in North Aurora, IL

It’s late on a Friday night. Sixteen-year-old Blyss is lying on her stomach in bed and watching TV. It’s a random program she picked while flipping through the channels and though she didn’t really know what’s going on, she liked how amazing the female protagonist was. She kicked ass in the show and Blyss was inspired. It’s nights like this that brought back the smile on her face and lately, she’s always either in a foul mood or none at all. Then she heard a couple of knocks on the door.

Blyss Lockhart

(annoyed) What?

Mackenzie Lockhart
It’s me. Can I come in?

Blyss Lockhart


Kenzie entered the room and closed the door behind her. She walked over to the bed and sat down.

Mackenzie Lockhart
What are you watching?

Blyss Lockhart

I don’t know but she shoots people and stuff.

Mackenzie Lockhart
(sarcastically) Great...

Blyss Lockhart

I didn’t invite you to watch it.

Mackenzie Lockhart
Sorry, actually I came to ask you something. Have you seen that necklace with the silver and purple pendant? I couldn’t find it in Mom’s box. I wanna wear it on my date with Ben tomorrow.

Blyss Lockhart

No. Ask Dad. He’s the one who tossed all her stuff down to the basement.

Mackenzie Lockhart
I searched but it isn’t there. And watch your tone.

Blyss Lockhart

What the fuck ever.

Mackenzie Lockhart
(sighs) Lissie. Can you not do this now? I’m tired.

Blyss Lockhart

Then get the hell outta my room and let me watch this in peace!

Mackenzie Lockhart
Hey, you’ve gotta stop this, alright? It isn’t easy on any of us, not just you. Dad’s just clearing some stuff because it’s been a year since Mom... (clears throat slightly) And it’s not healthy if he doesn’t.

Blyss Lockhart

I don’t wanna go back to therapy, Kenzie. I hate it. It’s not fun being forced to talk about what you do today and how it makes you feel doing all that.

Kenzie hugged her.

Mackenzie Lockhart
I’m sorry you have to go through that. I really am but we’re worried for you, Lissie. It won’t be forever. It’s only until you feel better again.

Blyss Lockhart


The following is a dream sequence.

Blyss is back in the wrestling ring and this time, she’s trapped in the enemy’s corner. She can feel Baron’s lock on her arms like vise grips and Molly raining down fist after fist to her abdomen. Coughing and gasping for air, Blyss struggles to free her hands so she can fight back. Moving on from jabs to the stomach, Molly starts to slap her face and her cackling and Baron’s mocking laughter deafens her. That’s when she hears a third voice calling her name. As her face turns to the side from the slap, she sees someone else in the far opposite corner.

“Help (help) me (me)!”

Help him? What’s he talking about? Shouldn’t he be helping her instead? The man in the corner starts pounding a fist on the top turnbuckle pad and beckons her with his other hand. She slumps over, still hearing the echoes.

“Let (let) me (me) win (win)!”

There’s got to be way out. She doesn’t want to be trapped in this corner forever. She needs to cross over. Gathering all her strength, she pushed herself down to the floor. Wounded cries are heard all around. She quickly crawled through under Molly. Though momentarily distracted when she accidentally slapped Baron in the face, Molly whips around and with a screech, she pounces on her and latches onto her ankles. Blyss tries to kick her way out of her grasp but it’s locked tight. She continues to pull herself forward, inching closer to that man in the corner. She hears him yelling her name. She gives one mighty kick and Molly lets go of one leg. And that’s all she needs. Pushing herself off the ground, she manages to stand on one leg. Before losing her balance, she pulls in her other leg, pulling in Molly as well. In one swift motion, she grabs Molly’s head and smashes her face into her raised knee. The enemy now falls limply to the ground. Keeping that balance on one foot, she spins around and tags in the man who’s been waiting in the shadow. A light shines over him, finally revealing it to be Gordon. He holds her steady by the shoulders and with a smile, he runs into the ring, taking her place in the fight.

Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

The camera crew patiently waits for Blyss to continue. She doesn’t disappoint.

Blyss Lockhart

I’ve not sure why Molly thinks she’s the best IWF diva. Sure she holds the Queen of Wrestling title but is she a true representative of those words on the championship belt? When I hear the name Molly Reid, I don’t think of the word “wrestler”. I don’t think of the word “queen” or something as regal as that. What actually comes to mind is a bratty child who likes to brag about having things they don’t quite deserve yet. You see, a child sees the world in black and white. It’s either you’re this or you’re something else. And in your case, Molly, you call yourself the queen of wrestling just because the title says so and disregard everything else that’s supposed to come with calling yourself that. (counts off with fingers) 1, training. I know you practice this sport when you’re not in class or cheer practice. But how long have you been doing so? Even the most talented or the most natural athlete takes time to perfect his performance. And that means you’re not near perfect or even close to being the best at it, let alone be the queen of something you’ve just started learning. 2, dedication. This I don’t see from you. You seem like the type who trains to only capture the gold. You don’t sound passionate in this sport at all. You have no opinions other than about yourself and you live your life like there’s no real purpose or destination you’re heading towards. Your only commitment is drinking all day everyday and making sure you don’t lose the championship title. (scoffs) And you’ve done the latter except it wasn’t in a match. But you will. Tonight. (smiles) Lastly, 3, vision. You have no goals in this industry. You act like the QoW title is the only thing that matters so you can now rest on your laurels. If that is your only goal, then I suggest you take your leave or be pushed aside and stepped on by real wrestlers. Yeah, that’s right. Because Molly, champions aren’t made in gyms. They’re made from what’s inside them and that’s desire, dream, vision and goal. And clearly, you have none of these things. You’re just a rookie who got her chance way too early in her career and yeah, when you beat Tiffani at Nowhere To Run, I was genuinely shocked. But like I’ve said before, beginner’s luck. And it’s going to run out tonight, Molly. By the way, I never did anything unethical to get my title shots. You must have me confused with my old backstabbing partner Ruby Winters. And no, it wasn’t a handicap match. It was a fucking triple threat. But because we needed to take the title off Tiffani, we decided to work together in the match until she fucking stabbed me in the back. I guess you should never trust a bitch and you, Molly, are the biggest one of them all. Do you know what ticks me off the most? You calling me the worst wrestler you know. I mean, I know I’m not the best but I am definitely not the worst. Molly, when we finally face each other in the ring tonight, I want you to look me in the eyes... Really look me in the eyes and I can guara-damn-tee that you, Molly Reid, are the worst wrestler ever. Don’t get me wrong, “street fighting” is a style but don’t forget what you’ve been calling yourself. “Queen of wrestling”. Your style right now is not it. And you wonder why you don’t get booked every week like... oh me. Because your matches are that damn boring. It lacks passion, skills and everything else a real wrestler has. Unlike you.

[...fade to black]

The following is a dream sequence.

As Gordon fights Baron who comes charging like a bull toward him, Blyss steps through the ropes to be in the shadowed corner, cheering and supporting her partner. But somehow she loses balance and dives headfirst off the ring apron and lands on the ground. She soon stirs awake and pulls herself up. Wait, where did everyone go? She looks around to find herself in a house. In fact, it’s her dad’s place but the decor looks slightly different, older. Hold on. It’s before... Before Mom died. Indeed, the house now looks familiar again yet there’s a certain chill in the air that’s making her shiver in fear. A sound from upstairs catches her attention and without much thought, she follows it.

At the top of the stairs, the hallway literally stretches out before her very eyes and there’s a door at the end. She turns back and finds the staircase gone. It’s just wall. A dead end. This hallway also looks familiar... That’s right. It’s the never ending hallway from that nightmare she once had.

When you first met me!

A pair of hands shoves her from behind but she quickly regains balance and off she goes, sprinting along the creaky wooden floorboards. Another set of footsteps thumping behind her as it tries to catch up. The walls on both sides start to sprout out mirrors of various sizes and frames. On every glass surface, she sees herself running and the doppelgänger only a few inches behind her. Once again, the mirrors start breaking as she passes them. The glass shatters in her ears and she covers them with both hands but she can still hear the high-pitched wailing from behind. The door at the end seems to shrink in size as if she’s going further and further from it.

Nonetheless, she presses on and one piece of glass that just broke landed on her shoulder. She grabs it and tosses it over her shoulder. She hears a sickening wet crunch and then a loud wounded cry. She glances behind and to her satisfaction, the glass piece she threw is sticking out of one of the eyes of the doppelgänger. But it still doesn’t break its stride as it swipes at her hair, not quite able to grab a fistful of it yet.

She sees a small framed mirror coming closer on her right and before the glass breaks by itself, she pounds a fist on it and snatches a big piece of broken glass. With one fast swing of the arm and catching hold of a large mirror for balance as she spins around, she swipes at the doppelgänger’s neck, cutting deep in the throat. It screams in agony as it falls to its knees. Without wasting time, she kicks it in the face and takes off toward the door that’s now a few steps away. As she stumbles out, she sees a staircase that leads downstairs. She exits the house through the front door, staggering backwards as she looks up at it. It’s where she grew up in but it’s also where it lives, feeding on her insecurities. She doesn’t want to invite it with her anymore. A cry rang through the house and out a suddenly open window. She looks down and in her hands is a box of matches. Instantly, she knows what she has to do.

Don’t do it, Blyss. You need me!

She ignores the plead in its cry and walks defiantly toward the open window as the dirty white curtains blow gently in the dry hot wind. She strikes a match.

I’m a part of you! You kill me, you’re nothing! You’re dead!

Blyss Lockhart

You’re just something I made up to blame for my mother’s death. You’re my creation. And now, I’m ending you.

Without hesitation, she sets the curtains on fire and quickly, it spreads through the entire house.

Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

Blyss stands there, smiling at the camera without saying a single word for a long moment. The crew isn’t at all sure if it’s over or not.

Blyss Lockhart

Tonight I’m competing in a mixed tag match with two different titles on the line. It’s insane, I know. But it’s simple. See, I want the Queen of Wrestling championship and Gordon wants to retain his High Impact championship. All we have to do is work together for this one match, make sure we watch each other’s back, and win! We have similar high flying styles with a dash of Muay Thai so we complement each other well as proven in our win against the Human Highlight Reels. That’s basically our strategy going into the tag match which is after all the proper way for such a match. Not kicking your partner in the face one week before the match and claim you don’t need him. That right there shows your lack of knowledge and experience in this industry, Molly. Sure, it’s a dog eat dog kinda world at times but there are times when you have to trust the person who’s fighting alongside you and who has a goal that in turn, helps you achieve yours. (chuckles) Why am I giving you tips? I don’t know. Anyways, Molly, just because you go around screwing your guy friends, it doesn’t mean I’m the same. And don’t you worry your ugly little head, I have every intention to pin you 1-2-3 for the QoW title. Hey I do want a singles match. Yeah, bring it! But it’s not my call or my idea. So quit whining about how the match is “stupid” and just prepare for it. You’re such a child, get over it. You talk way too tough for someone who’s only had just a few matches in the Insurgency. You don’t know the worth of that belt in your hand. I hope you didn’t lose it again. I want it handed to me by the official when I win tonight. Baron, I hope you have a clear mind for the match and speaking of which, you and Molly have that similarity. You’re both not quite clear headed going into the match. I mean, Baron for the obvious reasons. Stop obsessing over your past. And Molly, you’re having this weird thing with Chuck that I will never understand. Him giving me this title shot has absolutely nothing to do with you. Back then, I was focused on preparing to beat Tiffani. You were never in the picture, Molly. You were a nobody. Just like how you will be again after tonight. You getting extra mad at me for “doing nothing” to get my “dream match” just because of whatever crap you have with Chuck is actually quite amusing to me but nonsense nonetheless. (giggles) You’re actually pretty good at making shit up, aren’t you? You act like everything I do is related to you. When I started that Bitch Hunt, did you really think I was thinking of you? You were only on my radar when you started talking trash about me after finding out about our impending match Ascension. I was told that I got to face whoever the champion will be after Nowhere To Run. Note, your name wasn’t even mentioned. You were irrelevant, Molly. But don’t worry, tonight I’d like to focus more on you in our match because I’ve already beaten Baron last week. I’m not saying that once is enough but after all that shit you’ve been saying. I really wanna shut you up. And that I’m planning on doing once and for all .


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PostSubject: #Boom   Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:31 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Friday March 22nd, 2013

I climbed out of my car and looked at the address on the card that Bill had given me. This was where I was supposed to be. A small community center in Montebello. I guess this is where Bill’s Alcoholics Anonymous meetings took place. I walked up to the door and walked inside. I followed the signs until I made it into a room with a bunch of chairs set up in a circle. Everyone sitting down turned and looked at me as I walked in. I saw Bill sitting down and immediately made a beeline for him.

Molly Reid: “Hey Bill, I guess I made it to the right spot then”

Bill Stevens: “You did indeed. Thanks for coming Molly, it means a lot”

Molly Reid: “Yeah don’t mention it. I had nothing better to do tonight anyways”

Bill Stevens: “Oh I’m almost certain that isn’t true”

I laughed and hugged Bill. He pulled a chair for me to sit down on, and I sat down in it. I faced the circle, where everyone was sitting. They all looked so sad. I don’t mean sad like emotionally sad, but sad like they just had no lives and really didn’t have much going for them. Some of them were older, some younger. I was probably the youngest one in the room though. A few of them looked almost scared, and some of them even looked like they weren’t quite all there. I leaned over to ask Bill something.

Molly Reid: “So how long has everyone here been sober?”

Bill Stevens: “Oh it’s different for everyone. Some people have been sober for over thirty years. Some only a year. Some people here aren’t even sober at all”

Well that didn’t make any sense. How could anyone attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting not be sober? The entire point of AA was to stop drinking and fix that problem.

Molly Reid: “Explain?”

Bill Stevens: “Well we’re a bit different than most of the other AA groups. We don’t necessarily focus on getting rid of drinking immediately and permanently. Instead we just meet once a week and talk about what’s going on in our lives. Some people come here to fix their alcoholism. Some people just come here to control it. They find that talking about it and getting our support helps them cut down. They still drink, but it doesn’t ruin their lives anymore”

That was actually kind of neat. I had never heard of an alcoholics meeting that allowed people to keep drinking while doing it. But I guess it made more sense. Some people just needed some guidance. I had seen some of my friends who couldn’t control their drinking. I didn’t want them to stop, but maybe if they learned how to control it a little bit better.

Molly Reid: “That’s cool. I’ve never heard of anyone else who does that”

Bill Stevens: “Me neither. As far as I know, we’re the only place that does it”

Molly Reid: “Why do you guys do it?”

Bill Stevens: “It was something that Anna thought up”

Molly Reid: “Who’s Anna?”

Bill Stevens: “Anna Baxter. She runs the meetings. That’s her right there”

I watched as a small but not very old woman stood up from her chair. Maybe thirty years old, with long blonde hair. She was pretty attractive too. Definitely not what I expected from a person running AA meetings.

Anna Baxter: “Ok everyone, as you know, today is a very special day. Today is Bill’s fifteenth anniversary sober. Before we let Bill talk, I’d like us to all give him a big round of applause. Going a week without alcohol is hard enough, fifteen years is something to be very proud of”

We all clapped as Bill thanked everyone. After the clapping died down, Bill stood up and everyone looked at him. I was excited to hear this speech of his.

Bill Stevens: “Hi everyone. I tried planning this speech, but I really got nowhere with that. So I figured I’d start from the beginning. Hi. My name is Bill, and I’m an alcoholic”

Everyone laughed and said “Hi Bill” back to him

Bill Stevens: “Fifteen years ago was when I first came to one of these meetings. I was twenty eight years old. I was scared, I was alone, I didn’t know what to do. See I grew up in an alcoholic family. My daddy was a big drinker. And I don’t mean that he just liked to drink the occasional drink here and there. I mean he would drink until he was passed out every single night. And he wasn’t a nice drunk, oh no. Far from it. I saw the problems drinking could cause first hand, but somehow it still appealed to me. I don’t know why, but it did. My dad was violent. Every time he drank it always ended the same way. But that didn’t stop me from learning about it myself. I think I really started drinking heavily in high school, when I was about sixteen years old. It was real easy to steal from my dad. He always kept so much booze, and he was always too drunk to know how much of it he had actually drunk. So I would try all these different types, and I liked them all. They tasted like shit, but the feeling I got after drinking them, it was the best.”

Bill Stevens: “It became a habit for me. No, more than a habit. An addiction. I was drinking all the time. Skipped school to get drunk. Show up at work drunk. Sneak out at nights and get drunk. It was controlling my life. At the time, I had a lot of friends who liked to drink too, so there really wasn’t a problem with it. None of them drank nearly as much as I did, but when you’re that young, you don’t notice these things. You only notice the good times, none of the bad times.”

Bill Stevens: “But eventually, I got tired of my friends. I would always want to drink more, and none of them ever did. So I’d get mad and move on to new friends. Looking back I have no idea why I got so mad. I guess deep down I was more mad at myself for letting it get this bad. I didn’t realize it at the time obviously, but now I do. But I let it control me, control my life. Nothing I did that wasn’t drinking ever felt like enough to me. I just had to keep doing it and keep doing. Eventually it got to the point where I knew that if I kept doing it, that I was going to die”

Bill Stevens: “But I didn’t stop. I just kept doing it. Maybe I thought I was superman, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, I would still go out to bars, I would still get drunk off my mind all alone. And then I’d wake up and go out and do the exact same thing the next day. Rinse and repeat. My life never changed, it just went progressively downhill. I dropped out of college. My girlfriend left me. My family stopped talking to me. But none of that mattered. As long as I could still go out and get drunk, that was all I needed in my life. I just hid all of my depression with drinking”

Bill Stevens: “One day, when I was twenty seven, I woke up in some hotel with three hookers, had no memory of the last four days, and had absolutely no money or identification or anything. I realized then and there that I needed to change something. But I still didn’t have the desire to really change. I went out and joined AA, and went to meetings every week. But my heart was never in them. I would go and sit and listen to everyone tell their stories. I would laugh to myself at all these people’s sad pathetic lives, and then go out and drink in my own sad pathetic life. I’d go back to the meeting and lie about how I was sober all week. Now I know that everyone could see through my bullshit. But nobody called me on it, because they knew that this was something that I needed to figure out on my own. Looking back I owe this all to them, because without them, I never would have come to the realization that I did”

Bill Stevens: “About a year later, I finally decided to call up my dad. He had left my mom years before, and I hadn’t talked to him in even longer. But sure enough, he was happy to hear from me. We met up at a bar, and I told him that I was trying to do the program. He laughed at me, called me pathetic, and told me to be a man and drink with his old man. So, being the idiot that I was, I agreed. We drank until last call, and I mean we drank. Shot after shot, drink after drink. My old man and I, we got about as drunk as I had ever been before. And so when he told me that he would drive me home, of course I agreed.”

Bill Stevens: “So I got in the car with him. Many people would say that I made the biggest mistake of my life by getting into the car. But getting in that car saved my life, albeit at the expense of another. Something I will never truly get over, but something that I know happened for a reason. My dad drove off an off ramp going eighty five miles per hour and hit a hydro pole, not to mention a young girl walking home. My dad died instantly. The young girl broke her leg, but lived. I still talk to her to this day, and she has since forgiven me for what happened. I can never change what happened, but I can try to change myself. That was all she wanted. And my dad showed me that. The doctors said that he was so drunk that he wouldn’t have even felt a single bit of pain. That was how he lived his life. Pain free. Numbed by alcohol. That was how I was living my life. When I finally awoke from my drunken stupor, as a traumatic shock accident will do to you, and I looked over and saw my bloody and mangled dad beside me, I saw myself. I knew that if I kept this up, that I would be the one in the driver’s seat next time.”

Bill Stevens: “That was when I realized that I had a problem. For the first time, I could admit that I was a problem drinker. My eyes were finally opened. So after I was released from the hospital for my injuries, I immediately went back to Alcoholics Anonymous and vowed that I was going to change. I told everyone there my story. Everyone was supportive. I finally felt loved, like I actually had people in my life that cared about me. AA was my family.”

Bill Stevens: “And so here I am now, fifteen years later. I visit my dad’s grave once a year. I bring a bottle of whiskey, and I leave it there for him. I don’t hate my dad for what he did, or didn’t do. My dad was the reason I got sober. My dad is the reason that I’m now happily married with two kids and a job that I love. I can never thank him enough for teaching me the things he did.”

Bill Stevens: “Thank you all for being here for me. You have no idea how much it means to see all of you here, my friends, my family. Without any of you, I wouldn’t still be here today. So thank you. All of you”

Bill wiped tears from his eyes as he sat back down. There was a moment of silence before people started clapping. I wiped a few tears from my eyes. I don’t know what it was, but that really got me. I could just tell how hard it was for Bill to tell that story, and how much it meant to him. He never opened up to me like that, ever. This was the first time I heard about anything with his personal life. I didn’t even know he had a wife or kids. He was just Bill the trainer to me. Now that I knew about him, about his past, I felt like I knew him just that much more. It was just such a raw emotional moment. It made me think a bit. Is this what I was doing with my life?

Anna Baxter: “That was beautiful Bill. Everyone, we’re going to take an early break to congratulate Bill and talk a bit amongst ourselves”

Everyone immediately went up to Bill and started talking to him and congratulating him. I just sat in my chair, thinking the whole thing over. No, I wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t ruining any friendships because of my drinking. Well, Chuck said that was the reason, but I knew there was more to it. I wasn’t going out alone and getting drunk by myself. I wasn’t addicted to alcohol, it didn’t control me. I wasn’t ruining my life with drinking. Was I? Is this why Bill wanted me to come? He just wanted me to hear him give his speech, because he knew that it would make me question myself? Fuck that. I knew I wasn’t an alcoholic. I can’t believe Bill would use this to try to get me to admit to my alcoholism!

I stood up and stormed out of the room and out the exit. I walked over to my car. Evidently Bill saw me, because he came running after me.

Bill Stevens: “Molly, where are you going?”

Molly Reid: “That’s why you brought me here isn’t it? You wanted me to listen to your speech and realize that I was an alcoholic and that I needed to change. You’re no different from all the rest of the people trying to tell me how to live my life!”

Bill Stevens: “Molly, honestly, I just wanted you to come and be with me. This is a very special day for me and I thought you being there would make it even more special”

Molly Reid: “You don’t tell me any of this stuff in the two years I’ve known you and been training with you. I didn’t even know you had a wife for god’s sake. And then you bring me here just to drop all that on me?! The day after you get that video of me drinking and call me on it? Fuck that, you’re just using this to get me to change”

Bill Stevens: “Molly, I’m serious, I just wanted you to hear my story and know where I came from”

Molly Reid: “Yeah, and what did you think would happen after I heard it? That I would just feel fine going out and drinking again knowing what happened to you? Fuck you Bill, that’s not fair to me. I’m out, congratulations on your fifteen years.”

I climbed into my car and slammed the door shut. I sped off with Bill just standing there, looking at me. He stared at me as I drove off, never once taking his eyes off my car, never once changing the sad expression on his face. I wiped some tears from my eyes. I needed a drink. I needed one badly.

Hotel Room
Sunday March 24th, 2013

I flipped on my camera. I wasn’t planning on recording another video, but someone passed along some comments that Blyss made about me and this match, and well, I couldn’t leave well enough alone apparently. I had the Queen of Wrestling belt on my shoulder again, and I was ready to go.

Molly Reid
Blyss I hear you’ve been talking shit. Well, trying to at least. From what I hear, you can’t seem to separate one thought from the other, in one big long garbled mess. Here’s what you should do next time. Since obviously you aren’t an expert at talking shit, you should jot down some bullet points, and try to stick to them. It makes it easier. But just don’t mention you being able to beat me in our match. Because you know it isn’t going to happen.

Molly Reid
Bitch please. All I hear from you is talk talk talk. But none of it even makes any sense. You need to start thinking before you talk. First you say I don’t train enough, but then you say champions aren’t made in the gym. If that was the case, then wouldn’t I be a worthy champion? Because you’re right, I haven’t trained as hard as any of you have. In fact I barely train at all. I haven’t trained for as long as anyone else in IWF has. Yet I’m undefeated. I’ve beaten all of these other girls who’ve dedicated their lives to training for this sport. So what does that tell you? When girls like Tiffani Michaels, Jaci Sovereign, Diana Logan, all the girls that train for wrestling, when I beat them all, that really shits on your argument that I don’t train enough to be a real champion, doesn’t it? If they have trained their whole lives, and I only train a tiny bit, they should be able to beat me right? So why haven’t they? Keep telling yourself that it’s beginners luck. Please, I encourage you to think that. Because it’s going to make it that much more fun when I stomp your face in tonight. Your argument is literally the exact same as the one that Jaci made two weeks ago when she was going to fight me. All you bitches talk about is how I’m not really a champion, how I’m not fit to be a champion, and all that shit. But bitch do you see this belt on my shoulder? This is the IWF Queen of Wrestling Championship. I AM the fucking champion. Who gives a shit if you don’t think I deserve it? I won the title, from the girl that you could NEVER beat. I got a shot, and I succeeded on my first try. I didn’t need a second one, or a third one. It took me one match, because I’m championship material. A champion is someone that can defeat all rivals in a sport or competition. I’ve done that. Have you? Because from where I’m standing, it doesn’t really look like you have. I mean, unless I missed something, but last time I checked, you lost to Tiffani. You lost to Jaci. You haven’t beaten everyone that’s been put in your way. But that makes you more of a champion than me?

Molly Reid
Oh, but you were right about one thing. My matches are damn boring. You’re totally right about that. I mean, it’s not like my third wrestling match ever won match of the year right? Oh wait, it totally fucking did. Let that sink in for a bit. Match of the year. That means that Tiffani and I had the greatest wrestling match in all of IWF in an entire year. Not Alexander Remington, not Stygian, not Corey Casey, definitely not you. Me. This bitch right here. I guess that really derails your argument about me being boring doesn’t it? Although, I guess me just laying a one-sided beating on anyone I face can count as a boring match. Maybe that’s why I don’t get booked every week. Or maybe it’s because they know I’m champion and that I deserve a week off every so often. You get booked, well, because they know you need the experience. Everyone says the best way to learn is to actually do it right? Well obviously you haven’t learned enough about wrestling yet, because they keep making you do it. But I digress. I guess I’m just not passionate enough to put on a match of the year type match like you are Blyss. I mean, after last week’s match with Baron, you are a shoo-in for next year. I love watching two mentally handicapped turkeys flop around and smack each other with their wattles until one of them pleads for it to end. I should just give you my match of the year award right now, since there’s no way I can compete with you. I just don’t have that same passion I guess.

Molly Reid
However, I did want to correct you on one thing. Contrary to your unpopular belief, I don’t train just to be champion. Like I said, I barely train at all. But when I do train, I train to kick ass. I’ve made that pretty clear before. I don’t think anyone has ever doubted that. I’ve said many times that I give no shits about these titles as physical entities. A belt is just that, a belt. I wear belts all the time, they don’t mean that much. No, what I’m after is the recognition. I fight because I want people to see what a real queen looks like. I want people to understand that I’m the best in this company. If the Queen of Wrestling belt is a vessel to further prove that point, well then I’ll take it. But it’s not the reason I train. You should know that. I figured that was obvious, given my complete lack of regard for the belt. You think I would ever lose it after a night of drinking if I really cared about it? Fuck no. You’re right, I really don’t care that much about wrestling. I never watched it before I joined IWF. I didn’t grow up with any favorite wrestlers, or dream of one day joining some big promotion. No, I’m not some by-product of childhood wrestling fanboyism. I’m just a girl who loves to beat the living fuck out of girls. Which is why I’m so glad to be fighting you!

Molly Reid
Everyone and their mother’s know what my goals in IWF are. Beat everyone. Make certain that everyone knows that I’m the best. Expose all you fake girls who go around acting tough and trying to talk trash. But none of you have ever done it in the real world. I see all of you every single weekend. Holed up in your hotel room with some significant other, keeping away from the public eye. Have you ever had to tell anyone to fuck off without getting your security involved? Have you ever had to punch someone out because they wouldn’t leave you alone? Because the way you act, it sure seems like you would have. But I would bet my house that you haven’t. You’re way too much of a pussy to ever talk shit to someone that you don’t know. In a place that isn’t controlled, one that has no rules. But you know, whatever. I’ll just keep exposing all of you, with my words and your shitty wrestling ability. I have fun doing that.

Molly Reid
See this is what really pisses me off. You girls are all the fucking same. You occasionally trash talk each other, but really you’re all friends afterwards. You all have respect for each other and are all buddy buddy and all that shit. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I don’t respect any single fucking one of you. I respect the wrestling ability of some of you. But as people, I respect none of you. You’re all a bunch of cowardly pieces of shit in my books. I’m pretty new to wrestling, but even I know that everyone is an enemy. Everyone wants the same thing. So how the fuck can you be friends with someone who ultimately is going to have to go through you to get what they want? It makes absolutely no sense when I see all these girls lying to each other and pretending like they’re all friends and that they all have respect for each other. How can you wrestle someone that you like? There’s no way that you can use all of your wrestling abilities in a fight against someone that you ‘respect’ and are ‘friends’ with. There’s just no way. So why even pretend? Is it because you’re all fucking scared that if you’re mean to someone, that they’ll come after you? It sure seems like it to me. It really fucking annoys me when I see that. I’m the only real bitch in this god damn company. I’m the only one who isn’t afraid to say exactly what I mean whenever I want to. So talk all you want about how much you hate me next week. Then next week, after you’ve lost to me and finally realized that I’m the real deal, you can talk about how all that hate was just for press, and how you actually respect me and how I wrestle. I’m not going to do that. I’ll wrestle Blyss this week, and then I’ll continue to tell everyone how much shit she is next week. Because I don’t like her. I don’t like anyone in IWF. It’s full of fake people who are all trying to get ahead, but are afraid to hurt anyone along the way. You’re not going to be friends with everyone. Don’t be fucking scared. Just speak the truth once in a while. I can’t respect anyone that I’m about to beat the shit out of. Neither can anyone else in the world. Nobody is going to earn my respect here. Nobody is going to grow on me. I’m not going to turn around and say that all my talk was just for show and that we’re actually friends. No, I mean everything that I say, and none of that is going to change. Fuck all of you. Respect is for the fucking weak.

Molly Reid
This match IS stupid. If Blyss really wanted to fight me one on one, she shouldn’t have agreed to this match. Jessica is the GM, Chuck does whatever the fuck he does. If you had said no to their deal for this match, they would have made you another one you fucking stupid cunt. They wanted you in the Order so fucking badly that Chuck would have fucked his own sister if you had asked him to. All you had to do was ask for a different title shot. But no, of course you knew that you weren’t good enough for that, and you needed to make sure that you could win the title without actually beating someone. So even though you didn’t know who the Queen of Wrestling champion was going to be, you chose that match. I mean, if you had used your fucking brain for once in your pathetic life, you could have made the deduction that it would be either Tiffani or me as the champion. Seeing as I was the number one contender and she was the champion when you got your title shot. But you know, that’s fine. I can’t expect you to suddenly get smarter. But don’t sit there and fucking tell me that you had no choice in the matter. You had all the leverage. They wanted you, not the other way around. So either you really are just stupid and didn’t think any of that through, or you knew that you couldn’t beat me or Tiffani alone, so you accepted this match. Either way it makes you look like a fucking idiot.

Molly Reid
So now we’ve got this fucking match. But whatever, I can deal with it. I’m not complaining about this match. Yeah it’s stupid, we can all agree on that. But complaining? No. Why would I complain for a match that I know I am going to win? I have no chance of losing this match. Gordon Fury and Blyss Lockhart are so thoroughly overmatched, and I’m not even counting my useless partner. He is irrelevant in this match. If he even shows up. I don’t even care. I’m going to win this match single-handedly. I’m not ‘talking tough’ for this match. I talk like this all the fucking time. You would know that if you weren’t such a fake little cunt Blyss. I don’t sugar coat anything I say. Hate me if you want, I don’t give a single fuck.

Molly Reid
All you two have to do is watch each other’s backs and you’ll win right? It’s just that easy isn’t it? Except you forgot one thing. One of you is going to have to take care of me if you expect to win. And neither of you little pussies can do that. I don’t care if Baron is watching my back, because I don’t need anyone watching my back. I’ve never had anyone there to watch my back, and I sure as shit don’t need to start now. I’ve taken on much worse than the two of you, and I’ve come out on top every single fucking time. I’ll kick my partner in the face whenever the fuck I want. You think it’s stupid because you’ve never seen it before. You could never do it because you know that you would be completely and utterly fucked if you lost your partner. You can’t watch your own back, so it blows your mind to see someone like me, who doesn’t want or need anyone to help them.

Molly Reid
I have not heard a thing from my partner all week. But that makes sense. I’m sure he hasn’t been able to talk after I kicked him square in the jaw. But whatever. I don’t care what he has to say. The silence I’m more surprised with is Gordon Fury. Your partner in crime Blyss, the one that you say will be the reason that you can beat me and win the titles. So why hasn’t he said anything all week? Is he being quiet for a reason? Maybe he just doesn’t have anything to say, and wants to do his talking in the ring?

Molly Reid
Or maybe he’s just a scared little bitch. I’m sure he’ll do his interview as soon as he gets to the arena, at the last possible moment before the show starts. He’ll do it then, because he knows that if he says anything before that, I’ll tear him a new one. He’s so afraid of me that he won’t even talk until the last possible moment! He knows that if he does any interview before I get to the arena, that I’ll find a camera and that I’ll hurt his little feelings with my words. Come on Gordon, am I really that scary? Are you really afraid that I might hear something you say and get pissed off at you for it? Well, you’re not wrong. But here’s the thing. I’d rather you have a set of balls and speak to me, rather than just hide and do nothing. A coward’s way out if you ask me. I would love for you to address me and say what you want to me about how you’re going to beat me and all that shit. But I know you won’t. So I guess I’ll just have to beat you, go back, listen to what you had to say, and then laugh about it. But sure Gordon. Go ahead and trash talk me when it’s too late for me to get a response in. Sit there and think up the PERFECT things to say to me, when you already know I’m inside the arena and can’t say anything to you. You’re going to look pretty smart when you say all these things that I have no response to because I’m not around to hear them. You’re a real mans man Gordon, talking behind someone’s back like that. I could sit there and wait until everyone has said what they’re going to say, and then come out and use everything that they’ve said to rip them a new one. But I don’t, because I’m not a chicken shit. I think of my own things to say, and then I say them. Whatever I think of in my head, I say it. I don’t wait until the last possible moment to say them. But if that’s how you want to play, then go for it. Be the chicken shit here. It’s going to come back to haunt you in the end.

Molly Reid
This is my match. This is my title around my shoulder. Neither Gordon nor Blyss not Baron is going to fuck up this night for me. I’m retaining my championship, I’m taking the High Impact championship as well, and I’m walking out of Ascension still undefeated. Put your money on it; mark my words, whatever you have to do. Just know that I’m going to beat down Gordon Fury. I’m going to break all the bones in Blyss Lockhart’s body. I’m going to put the biggest beating on IWF’s two biggest pussies tonight at Ascension. And I’m going to do it all with a smile on my face.

I hold up my forearms to the camera so that everyone can see the message written on them

“I’d Rather be Hated by All, than Loved by Few. Fuck you Blyss. Fuck you Gordon. This Title is Mine”
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PostSubject: Re: Gordon Fury & Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Molly Reid & Baron Blaze   Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:52 pm

::Training Room, game day.::

I laid down on the floor reading the book that Parker Johnson recommended for me, told me about my anger issues and how to be in control of them. Seems my fighting style is very rugged and predictable as seen during my match with Blyss as I could barely put a scratch on her.

He enters the fray armed in his training jacket and whistle.

Parker: Alright Baron it's go time, on your feet! We're going to have a nice walk.

I signed and close the book, brushed myself off as I nodded to Parker we then jog outside where I signal for him to wait, took out my walk man and applied the headphones, once I had the music I wanted I nodded my head and began our jog. We jogged around the city block, past traffic, around restaurants, even across a bridge where the cars flew by the freeway. We soon came to what looked to be a school for Karate and Parker heads in, I took a moment to notice where this is going before I went in myself. To my amazement Sarah is there already dressed for the part, clad in a white long sleeve kimono and pants to match. I toss my walk man aside as I tilt my head at Parker, a frown on my face.

Baron: Okay......what is this all about?

Parker: Well if you haven't guessed yet, you're going to learn karate.

Baron: Karate? Really man? What the hell do I look like Ralph Macchio?

Sarah giggles at this and Parker just shakes his head.

Parker: Not exactly though there is a method to my madness. So I've seen your matches and looked at your fighting style. You're all about getting up close and personal, south paw I would say, just ground and pound and use power mix with some high flying. Not bad for taking on larger guys but if someone can get past your frame and chop you down you won’t have much to work with. Your match with Blyss last week being the perfect example of this.

I winced as I was reminded of my lost to Blyss but I can understand where he's going with this. Still doesn’t answer my question as to why the hell I'm here of all places.

Parker: By teaching you the methods of karate, you'll improve your speed as well as defend yourself against more nimble opponents like Blyss and Tiffani. You may not like this Baron but you need to really switch up your style, this whole up close and personal stuff is good for people like maybe Jack Savage or even Griffin Hawkins, very few can match you in an all-out slugfest so they won’t even try. Only problem is you're predictable and it doesn’t help when you're acting more on instinct and less on thought. You need to pay attention to what is around you at all times Baron, that girl tricked you when you should have seen through it a mile away. Instead you got fooled and took a knee to the face; this training will help for you remove those weaknesses and get you up to speed. Power is great but speed and power is even better.

Baron: Ok I kinda get where you're going with this but why karate?

Parker: Karate is all about speed and technique; it's also one of the more simple styles that you can learn. I mean there are others but this one is fit for a guy of your size. With this you'll be able to catch the smaller people off guard and by mixing this along with what you already have; you'll be even more dangerous.

Just then a perky brunet girl walks in, she also wears a white kimono as well as a black headband. Dispite her small apperence, she has a slender but strong build as you can see even with all the clothing on her. She is also small, if she were to stand toe to toe with Baron she would likely only reach his chest.

Parker: This is Mira, a seven degree black belt in karate and a third degree blue belt in judo. She will be your instructor for these lessons.

Baron: Wait Sarah.......why are you taking this class?

Sarah: I want to be able to defend myself; I don't want to have you save me all the time Baron. I don't want to be a burden to you.

He thought to himself "You're not a burden as long as I get you under the covers tonight."

Mira: Good afternoon you two, I was called in here by Parker to assist you both. Baron Tomson was it? I will be your personal instructor for these training sessions.

Baron thought "that's fine, I might get lucky and get both of em to sleep with me."

Parker: Baron you listening?

Baron: Yeah I get it, shall we begin?

Mira smiles and bows to them, Sarah politely bows back and Baron reluctantly does the same.

Mira: Let us get started.

The camera fades away as the two begin to train under this new girl.
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PostSubject: Re: Gordon Fury & Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Molly Reid & Baron Blaze   Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:00 am

“Training Day”

The scene opens up in a gym where a man and a woman can be seen beating the shit out of a heavy punching bag. When the camera zooms in it shows the pair to be Blyss Lockhart and Gordon Fury. Both of them have heavily taped wrists and knees, Blyss wearing a pink tank top and black MMA pants, and Gordon a black tank top and red MMA pants. Blyss jumps and throws a hard right knee into the bag as Gordon braces it, looking around the bag at Blyss.

Gordon Fury: Solid knee Blyss, some nice power there. I can see it isn’t called the Blyss Knockout for nothing.

Both of them look exhausted, but Blyss smiles at him.

Blyss Lockhart: Thanks.

Gordon Fury: That said, I notice when you throw it you come up from under the chin. Sure it is more than capable of knocking someone out, but try thinking of throwing it straight on into the chin. It will send their chin back into what is called “the button”. You hit that, they go out cold. Here let me show you.

They switch positions and Blyss braces the bag as Gordon goes to the other side and Gordon jumps and throws a hard knee strike into the bag.

Gordon Fury: See the slight difference? It’s just things like that can make all the difference in a close fight.

Blyss nods in agreement. Way to show her how its done Gordo.

I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult so thanks, and fuck you.

Blyss Lockhart: Yeh ok I see, give me a go.

Gordon Fury: Righto, calm your tits woman.

Blyss Lockhart: Hey fuck you man!

We both laugh as we switch positions again. While I wasn’t keen on the idea at first, not only do I trust Blyss as a partner, but I actually think we may have become friends. We help train each other with techniques, and she even took me out to lunch the other day. I still know I need to keep my guard up, but I must admit that it is nice having someone on the roster who doesn’t want my head on a spike. She adopts a slightly different stance and jumps, throwing the knee again, and the sound of the impact for even louder than before.
Blyss Lockhart: Wow, that actually makes it a bit easier for more impact.

Gordon Fury: Yeh, it’s almost like I know what I am talking about ay?

Blyss Lockhart: Almost.

I playfully punch Blyss in the arm as we walk over to our water bottles, and when they get there she punches me back in the arm. Hard.

Gordon Fury: Ow, you bitch.

Blyss Lockhart: Aw did I hurt you Gordo? Are you gonna cry?

Gordon Fury: I think I’ll be ok this time.

Way to be manly Gordo.

That’s enough from the peanut gallery. We both sit down on the bench our bottles are sitting on, and take a drink from them. We both sit there catching our breath when a thought crosses my mind. I break the silence.

Gordon Fury: You know I trust you to have my back my Ascension right?

Blyss Lockhart: Yeh I know.

She doesn’t sound convinced.

Gordon Fury: Because I do. I know you have what it takes.

Blyss turns to me.

Blyss Lockhart: Are you sure? Because you have done a pretty good job at doubting me.

She has a point Gordo.

I know.

…Wait, no “fuck you”? No insult at all?

What can I say, I can’t dispute the truth.

Gordon Fury: Its nothing to do with you Blyss. I have a tough time trusting anyone these days, especially when it comes to my High Impact title. For the longest time the only person I could count on to bail my arse out of the fire was me. Having to count on someone else has been a culture shock for me. But after the last few weeks I know I can count on you. You bailed me out after my match last week, and I honestly didn’t expect you to. Hell, I didn’t expect anyone to. I know first-hand you are ready for this, and I have every confidence that we are going to leave Ascension with the titles.

Blyss smiles at him.

Blyss Lockhart: Well I’m glad, because I trust you too. I AM ready for this, and at Ascension we WILL beat Molly and Baron. I promised you before that we would win, and I intend to keep that promise.

Gordon Fury: That is good to hear.

I put my water bottle back down and stand up.

Gordon Fury: Well I suppose we should get back to it.

Blyss stands up as well.

Blyss Lockhart: Back to me showing you how its done right?

Gordon Fury: Yeh righto then.

Gordon and Blyss both laugh as they walk back to the punching bag. The scene fades to black.

“Ending the Nightmare”

The scene opens up outside a hospital room door, where Gordon Fury is leaning against a wall next to the door. “Kurt” is next to him leaning against the wall.

Gordon Fury: I don’t really need to do this.

Kurt Lowe: Yes you do.

Gordon Fury: I mean, the nightmares aren’t THAT bad.

Kurt Lowe: Yes they are. Gordo just open the door and step inside, you will be fine.

Gordon Fury: Fuck you man, you don’t understand.

Kurt Lowe: Actually, I’m the only person who does. I’m you dick head, remember?

I don’t want to do this. I managed to convince one of the nurses to let me in after hours to avoid as many people as I could, but it only makes is slightly easier. I haven’t seen Tracey since the restaurant, and I honestly thought that would be the last time I ever saw her. I have no idea what to expect once I walk through the door, and to be honest I don’t want to know.

Kurt Lowe: You can do this Gordo, I know you can.

Gordon Fury: Fuck.

I turn around and open the door before walking into the room, shutting the door behind me. The room is dark, the only light coming from the dim moonlight shining through the window, as well as the various machines around the room. A steady beeping noise is heard, but besides that the room is completely silent. Lying on a bed in the center of the room is the person that I personally put there: Tracey Smith. As I walk into the room Tracey seems to stir, as she squints at me trying to see who it is.

Tracey Smith: Hello? Is someone there?

Well here it is, moment of truth. No going back now.

Gordon Fury: Yeh, there is.

Tracey Smith: Wait, that voice… it can’t be.

Gordon Fury: It’s me Tracey. It’s Gordon.

Tracey’s eyes immediately open wide and I can tell that she is starting to panic.

Tracey Smith: What are… what are you doing here?

At this point I should explain myself to put her nerves at ease.

You are going to mess with her aren’t you?

You bet your fucking arse I am. I slowly walk towards her.

Gordon Fury: Oh, you know, I was just in the neighbourhood so I decided to drop by…

She is really freaking out now, so weak and pathetic. And its now that I realise what Tracey truly is. She is simply a sad lonely woman who has lost everything. While I will never forgive her for what she did, I honestly pity her more than I am angry with her. I stop just next to her bed, at this point she has pulled the covers up over her head and has started sobbing. I just look down at her and shake my head. While this isn’t exactly what I expected from this, I have to admit, I don’t think I’m gonna be having nightmares anymore.

Gordon Fury: I’ll see you around Tracey.

I turn and walk out through the door, before heading towards the hospital exit. Kurt stops leaning on the wall and follows me.

Kurt Lowe: So Gordo, how did it go?

They both walk through the automatic front hospital doors.

Gordon Fury: Kurto, it was her worst nightmare.

Kurt Lowe: Ain’t that ironic

Gordon Fury: That’s what I thought too.

The automatic doors close behind Gordon as him and Kurt leave the shot. The scene fades to black.

“The Good, the Bad, and the Useless”

Disclaimer: All people that aren’t Gordon Fury are impersonators representing their associated real life counterparts.

Why do you need to say that?

Cause apparently management chucks a fucking tantrum if I don’t say that shit beforehand.

Fair enough then. The scene opens up with… ok what the fuck.


Are we… are we actually where I think we are?

Do you think we are in the Wild West?

Yeh, I suppose.

Then yes. Yes we are.


Just read the fucking lines.

The scene opens up in a wild west town. Dusty streets and olden style houses are seen in the background, as people dressed in western clothes walk the streets as the midday sun beats down on them. And by “Western” I mean “ ridiculously stupid looking”. One much person walking the streets is a young woman, but she is not dressed the same as the other women. She is wearing a white shirt with a badge that says “Sherriff” on it, as well as long pants and cowboy boots, a six shooter strapped to her hip. Another woman, wearing a ridiculous dress, runs frantically up to this woman from out of shot.

Woman: Sheriff Lockhart! Sheriff Lockhart! The Blaze Bandit is at it again, burning “Blaze was ere” into my house!

The Sheriff looks out at the woman from under her cowboy hat, looking calm.

Sheriff Lockhart: It’s ok ma’m, Blaze is nothing but a pest trying to get attention. I’ll deal with him.

Woman: Oh thank you Sheriff! I’ll lead the way.

The woman starts jogging away, and Sheriff Lockhart jogs after her. They come to a house where Baron “Blaze Bandit” Thompson is laughing like an idiot, trying to light a solid wooden house on fire from the outside with a match, having no luck whatsoever.

Blaze Bandit: Once I light this house on fire, people will finally take me seriously! I will be the greatest anti-hero the world has ever known!

Sheriff Lockhart pulls out her six-shooter and points it at him.

Sheriff Lockhart: Hold it right there Blaze! Your reign of mediocrity is over!

Blaze Bandit: Oh shit! You’ll never catch me Sheriff!

He drops the match and goes to run away, but suddenly a shot rings out from out of shot, and Blaze collapses holding his leg, crying out in pain. Like actually crying. Like a bitch. The Sheriff looks around confused, as she didn’t fire the shot. A few seconds later, a man walks into the scene, a smoking revolver in his right hand. He is wearing a black duster, buttoned up at the front, as well as black boots and a black cowboy hat. Spoilers: Its Gordon Fury.


Sheriff Lockhart grins and shakes her head.

Sheriff Lockhart: Well, if it isn’t Gordon The Man.

Gordon twirls his gun like a boss, before blowing the smoke from the tip of his gun, and putting it back in the holster.

Gordon The Man: It is.

Sheriff Lockhart: So what brings you here Gordon? You never usually enter these parts.

Gordon looks down at Blaze, who is still sobbing. He just shakes his head.

Gordon The Man: As much as putting this pretender in his place is entertaining, he isn’t the reason I’m here. Another bounty hunter has recently come on the scene, and I have been hired to hunt her down. “Twin Peaks” Molly Reid.

The Sheriff seems a little taken aback before regaining her composure.

Sheriff Lockhart: I know Molly all too well. We have had a few shootouts in the past, and although I have come close to arresting her, she has always managed to escape me.

?: And I’ll continue to do so.

Both Gordon The Man and Sheriff Lockhart turn towards the adjacent building the voice came from, before “Twin Peaks” Molly Reid comes out from behind it, a smirk on her face. Molly is wearing a dark brown leather vest over a light brown sleeveless t-shirt, as well as long black pants, and brown boots.

“Twin Peaks” Molly Reid: Hello again Sheriff, that keen for another dose of ass kicking are you? Haven’t you learned your lesson by now? You are no match for me.

Molly moves next to Baron, who is crawled up in a ball. She has both of her hands resting on the pair of pistols she has strapped to her waist, as she stares dead into the Sheriff’s eyes. Sheriff Lockhart stares right back at her, not even blinking.

Sheriff Lockhart: You may have beaten me in the past Molly, but this time is gonna be different.

Molly scoffs.

“Twin Peaks” Molly Reid: Oh is it now? Why, because you now have someone to carry your slack? I don’t know who you are stranger, but I suggest you leave now.

Gordon takes a step forward and chuckles to himself.

Gordon The Man: They call me Gordon The Man, Ms. Reid. And I’m sorry, but I have been hired to take you in, dead or alive.

“Twin Peaks” Molly Reid: How unfortunate…for you.

Gordon and the Sheriff both hover their hands over their holsters, as epic showdown music plays. Gordon looks a little confused.

Gordon The Man: Can anyone else here that music?

Sheriff Lockhart: No time to be losing your mind now Gordon. We have to take Molly down.

Gordon snaps back into focus.

“Twin Peaks” Molly Reid: You can try Sheriff Failhart, but even the two of you are no match for me. I’ll take you both out.

Blaze Bandit: I’ll help!

Blaze has managed to crawl his way back to his knees.

“Twin Peaks” Molly Reid: If you even breath in my general direction again, I will shoot you myself. I don’t need a crutch. Both of these idiots will be dead by nightfall.

Blaze Bandit: That means I can be head bounty hunter!

“Twin Peaks” Molly Reid: Whatever, just shut the fuck up and stay out of my way. Now where were we? Oh right, putting two morons in the ground.

Gordon The Man: Try it bitch.

A few tense moments follow as a wind blows through the street, tumbleweed rolling across it as well. All at once all three of them draw their guns, and a shot is heard as the screen goes black.

The black fades away as the scene opens back up inside a wrestling ring, and in this wrestling ring, now dressed in normal, less stupid clothes, is Gordon Fury.

Gordon Fury: In a matter of days, this ring will be the field on which our shootout will take place. The weeks of stare downs and mind games are over. Teams are set, lines are drawn, and the time to draw our weapons is almost here. A shootout unlike any anyone has ever seen will decide which pair will leave triumphant as champions… and which team will just leave. Last week I had hoped for a match that would have prepared me for my match this week, that would prove me as a fighting champion. And while I did prove I was a fighting champion, for some fucking reason the Matthews clan decide to put me up against Jack Savage? I mean really? I wanted a fight, a true challenge. Instead I got Jack fucking Savage. So, either you enjoy giving shots to Empire members who don’t deserve them, or, knowing how terrible Jack is, you put him up against me, knowing I would beat him, making sure I stayed Blyss’s partner at Ascension. To be honest, I’m not sure which one I hate more.

Gordon steps forward and grips the top rope. He is obviously not happy as he is gripping the ropes quite tightly. Almost as tightly as he grips his penis.

I fucking hate you.

Gordon Fury: I made it perfectly clear to both of you that I was not interested in your “support”, and while you may be counting on me to have Blyss’s back, Blyss winning the Queen of Wrestling Championship is honestly none of my concern. My focus is 100% on retaining my championship, and if that means that I need to work with Blyss, which I have no issues in doing, then so be it. Unlike my opposing champion, I use every advantage I can, instead of making things harder for myself. But if you think for one second this means I work for you, then think again. I don’t need help from either of you, and I certainly don’t want it. I am here to earn my stripes and prove I belong here to the only person that it truly matters to: me.

Oh, and speaking of giving shots to people that don’t deserve them, we come to Baron Thompson. Week in, week out this guy proves why he DOESN’T deserve to be High Impact contender, let alone champion. I mean he “earned” his shot by beating Jack Savage. That’s like saying that someone earned their pilot’s license by throwing a fucking paper plane. You have done NOTHING to earn this shot. Not a fucking thing.

Last week you said the only thing I could pin on you was that you were a coward who likes to hit people with fire. Well not to worry my friend, I am more than happy to rectify that misconception. You are a fucking loser Baron. You say you have beaten some big names. Care to elaborate? Because unless I blinked when it happened, it seems like every time you have a chance to prove yourself, like so many others on this roster, you choke and fail. Miserably. I mean lets review a fact here between you and me as an example. In my first match against Griffin Hawkins, I beat him. First go. You have lost to Griffin six times, with not a single win in return. SIX FUCKING TIMES! Oh and that reminds me, for the record, your whole lone wolf story has a few holes in it. You had a series of matches with Griffin Hawkins, and not only did you lose every single one, but losing the last one FORCED you to leave the Empire. You didn’t leave to walk your own path, you lost your way out of the Empire. I also found it hilarious that your “tearing me down on all angles” consisted of you criticising my wins over the last two weeks. I’d do the same to you, but you know, you kind of need to HAVE WINS FIRST!

Do you really think I give any flying fucks about what a guy who can’t win thinks about how I win my matches? SPOILERS: I don’t. I mean you tried to leave like a bitch in your match against Tiffani, which, by the way, proved my point, and ending up getting knocked the fuck out anyway. And then, you fucked up any chance of getting momentum when you Blyss beat you by, once again, knocking you the fuck out. You are fucking pathetic Baron, and you pretending to be a bad arse makes you even more pathetic. You don’t even deserve to look at the High Impact Championship, let alone fight for or win it. I mean even your own fucking partner doesn’t think you deserve it. I mean Molly isn’t exactly the nicest person in the world, and she did knock you the fuck out, which seems to be a trend, but when your own partner in a match with this much at stake says flat out that you don’t deserve to be champion, that says a lot. I mean you may have a little more in ring skill, but even Jack Savage deserves another shot more than you deserve yours. And THAT is saying something.

Face it Baron, you don’t belong in this match. It is proven that you can’t beat Blyss, and honestly I wouldn’t give you much chance against me on a normal week, let alone a week where my title is on the line, because as I have proven before, when the pressure is on, I always step it up, and you, you know, don’t. So long story short, you better fucking hope Molly is as good as she says she is, or you can kiss your dreams of a title reign goodbye.

Gordon lets go of the top rope and takes a deep breath before climbing between the ropes and stepping out onto the apron, seeming to have perfect balance on the relatively small surface area.

Gordon Fury: Speaking of Molly, in my eyes you are the true threat in this match. While our partners way want to win, you and I are the ones that have everything to lose. And from personal experience, this kind of situation either brings out the best in you, or causes you to choke. And as you proved at Nowhere to Run, you are no choke artist… well, at least in that respect.

HAHA Penis joke.

Gordon Fury: Now Molly unlike your partner I have nothing but respect for what you do in that ring. You make no apologies for who you are, and you go out there and fight, and more importantly, win. However Molly, you seem to see things through a tinted lens that doesn’t chooses to “adapt” the truth to more suit what you want. See we are very similar personalities Molly, but I use the truth as a weapon, and you try and twist it into favourable lies. It’s actually funny Molly when you think about it. You have pushed the point of you being this unstoppable bitch who will decimate everyone in her way, and you make your opponent believe it. They walk into the ring expecting to fight the unstoppable Molly Reid, and they lose. It has worked for you without fail since you have entered IWF, but this week I’m afraid you will have to adapt tactics. You see Molly, you are human just like the rest of us. You aren’t unbeatable, not by a long shot, but you win because in your opponents mind you ARE unbeatable. In actuality Molly…

The camera zooms in on Gordon’s face as he slowly says the next few words.

Gordon Fury: You are afraid. Now you can argue and insult me all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts. You are afraid that people will see through your façade and fight you like an equal. I mean you practically wrote your match with Jaci off as a win, just sort of pushing it under the rug. Well I watched that match Molly, and Jaci had you, and you know it. I saw the look in your eyes as Jaci fought you tooth and nail, and nothing you could do would keep her down. You try to write off that match so that people don’t see the truth, and it was crystal clear to me after last week. You said it yourself Molly, you don’t know me, you don’t know what I am capable of in that ring when everything I have is on the line. And that scares you.

You had a chance to fight me one on one last week, champion to champion. Instead, you waited until my back was turned and cracked me over the back of the head. Why would the unstoppable Molly Reid need to do that? It’s simple. Because you didn’t know if you could win. You weren’t sure that if it played out, that you could have beaten me, and if I showed you up a week before Ascension, then your entire plan would be dead in the water. You are scared of the unknown, scared by the fact that you don’t know what your opponent is thinking or what he brings to the table. You think you know Blyss, but you know you don’t know me. You are scrambling to keep your image up with smoke and mirrors, and I am coming at you with a bag of bricks.

Gordon jumps down from the apron to the floor, and slowly walks up the entrance ramp.

Gordon Fury: Don’t get me wrong Molly, I am not taking you lightly, not by a long shot. You are the only chance that your team has of winning this match. You may wage war with mind games, but unlike so many others, you have the skill to back it up. You earned the right to be Queen of Wrestling champion, and you earned the right of match of the year. But all of this early success has made you too big for your boots. So either I am right and your arrogance is an act, or this success has gone to your head so much that you actually believe it. To be honest, I can’t tell which is worse.

Now another factor in this match is Blyss. Like you Molly I hate having my title in someone else’s hands. I am a man that lives and dies by his own hand, and I am not at all happy with my title reign being in the hands of someone else. And while I didn’t choose Blyss to be my partner, I am fucking GLAD that she is Molly, because you are so fucking arrogant that you fail to realise the threat that Blyss truly is. Yes her match history may be filled with failure, but she is not kidding herself, she knows, and it’s this failure that is driving her. It has lit a fire inside her and has made her train and work harder than she ever has. She is sick of the mocking, the insults, and she has absolutely everything to gain from this match. You see Molly, you may be driven to defend your title, but Blyss is driven by something that is even more powerful: Self-belief. She knows that you don’t consider her a threat, and what you don’t realise is that this is exactly why she is such a big threat. You are used to the Blyss of the past, talking shit and getting hit. This Blyss is different, I have seen it first hand. I am not afraid to fight you Molly, to me there is no man or woman once that bell rings, there is just me and my opponent. You are trying to take from me something that I worked so hard to gain, and you are trying to essentially give it to Baron Thompson, so you better fucking believe that when the chips are down, if I have to knock you the fuck out to leave with my title, then that is exactly what I will do. However, I may not have to. Blyss has more than a few critics to silence this week, and I have no doubt that she has what it takes.

We are ready as a team for this match Molly, and yet you are still so arrogant that you can beat both of us alone. If you think you can Molly, then prove it. Only one of us will be leaving as champion come Ascension, and I willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make fucking sure that it’s me.

Gordon stops walking and turns around to survey the arena. The camera centres on his face again.

Gordon Fury: The time for talk is now over. It’s time for the standoff to end and the shootout to begin. It’s time for both of you to fight like it all is on the line. Because you better fucking believe that it is. You want to take my High Impact Championship away from me? Then you had better be ready to pry it from my corpse, because as long as I breath, you better believe that I will still be fighting. It is finally time for both of you to face the fury…


With that, Gordon turns back around and walks through the entrance curtain, leaving the shot. The scene fades to black.


1 x World Heavyweight Champion (current)
2 x IWF High Impact Champion
4th place in 2013 Survive and Conquer
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Gordon Fury & Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Molly Reid & Baron Blaze
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