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 Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins

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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:09 am

The IWF World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a match that takes place both in and ABOVE the ring! That's right folks! Griffin Hawkins will put the IWF World Heavyweight Championship on the line when he faces off against the new leader of The Empire, Philip Joseph, in a Scaffold Match! With the shocking return of Alexander Remington and his manager and best friend Corey Casey last week on Battle Grounds, you had better believe that Philip Joseph is going to be telling the other members of The Empire to watch his back just in case!


[21:13:02] Sean Libby : I've always BO-Lieved that Cee Cee remained the epitome of what IWF stood for.
[21:13:39] Sean Libby : Rebellious, a true Insurgent, a spitter at authority. Because hes Corey FUCKING Casey.


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Shooter Davis


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PostSubject: Re: Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:32 pm

The Birth of The Champagne Superstar:My Journal
June 27,1987(Off Camera)
The day a Superstar was born. The son of a drug addicted mother and no father to be found. I lays there in the arms of my mother as Child Protective Services bursts through the door. They take me and explain to his mother that she is unfit and will not be able to keep her son. She breaks down as they walk out with me in hand. She chases after them begging and crying as they continue to walk down the hall. I am is crying as they walk out of the maternity ward carrying me in hand.
June 27,2005
Philips 18th birthday. I am sitting on my porch in the slums of Detroit. I have struggled the last 18 years bouncing from foster home to foster home before finally running away. I soon found himself running with the gangs and slinging dope to make ends meet. I have hustled the streets for 2 years now avoiding the law. Until this day my 18th birthday. I am standing on my usual corner making my normal deals with the usual customers when all of a sudden an unknown man approaches me and tries to make a deal with me. I am hesitant at first but decides to go with it. After the deal is complete the man walks around the corner as 4 cop cars rush the scene and arrest me.
July 1,2005
My sentencing. I have nothing left as I walk into the court room in my Bob Barker jump suit and shackles. I walk in and sit down and face the judge. I show no remorse for what I have down, why should I it was the only thing I had. I look at the judge and laugh as I hear all of the charges I am facing. The judge finally has enough and hands down a hefty sentence of 7 years. I just look at the judge and laugh "That's easy time." The judge orders me out of the court room as I continue to laugh.
March 16, 2007
The day that changed his my forever. I am hanging out in the yard of the prison working out when all of a sudden a man approaches me. A man they call "Boss". I didn't know it at the time but this man would soon change my life forever. This man soon took me under his way and started working out with me and teaching me a new way of life. This man would soon become my savior and new trainer. This man introduced to me the ways of wrestling and a new way of life. This man found potential in me and soon became the father figure I was missing my whole life.
August 29,2008
My meeting with the Parole board. Today is nerve wracking. I don't know how to feel. I could be set free today. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I went and met with "Boss" today to get some advice and he encouraged me to continue with my training. He gave me some contacts on the outside and insisted on meeting up with them as soon as I got out. Finally the time has come to meet with the board. They go over my record and notice that I have not had any issues while being incarcerated. They talk to me for about 30 minutes before finally deciding that they feel fit for early release. My emotions are running high at this point. I can't hold it back anymore and break down and cry thanking the board for their decision.
September 2,2008
The day I leave. So today is the day, the day I become a free man and start my life over. I spent most of the day with Boss and talked to him about my intentions of getting out and continuing my training. He suggested a few trainers and organizations to apply to. We talked and exchanged information so we could write and talk on the phone. I told him that one day I hope he could see me preform in a top organization. Finally a "CO" approaches and informs me its time to go. So I went and packed up the few things I had and headed out the gates a free man. The fresh air and the sense of freedom was overwhelming at first but I think I will make it.
October 12,2009
Just days before my pro debut. I got a letter today from the family of Boss. He had passed away a few days earlier. This was the worst news ever he was due to get out in just a few short months but was the victim of a vicious attack that left him for dead. He had huge plans he was going to be my manager, he saw the potential I had. He was the only person who ever believed in me. This has been a rough day. I feel like giving up but I can't let him down. I have to go out there and do this for him.
A look into the life of The Champagne Superstar

July 27,1997
Today was a rough day. Even though I never got to meet my real mother.. it was hard finding out that she had lost her war with drugs. I feel so empty inside right now. She brought me into this world and I was hoping that one day we would get to meet each other. Well my hopes and dreams have been shattered. I will never get to know her and it hurts. I have always wanted to run away and find her... try and rescue her so we could have a life together. Today I finally get to see her face, but not in the way I intended. Wish me luck.
September 9,1998
Well I got a letter today. It was from my dad. I have never seen or heard from him in the 11 years I have been around. I have so much hate for this man. I have hated him since the day I was born. This man abandoned me and my mother. He just left us and never said a word. Maybe if he would of stayed around we could of been a happy family. He wants to finally meet me. But I am not going to give him the satisfaction. He basically left me and my mom for dead. This man will never get to know me if I have anything to say about it. I will hurt him like he hurt me and my mother. This man is nothing but a dead beat loser. I never thought I could feel so much hatred for one person.
October 12,1999
So I got a phone call today. It was from a boy claiming to be my brother. I am in total shock right now. This can't be true. He knows my mothers name and has been searching for me for the past 7 years. How could this be happening to me? He wants to meet me, but Im not sure I am ready for this. I have all kinds of different emotions running through my mind right now. Either things are starting to look up for me or they are starting to slowly fall down around me. Well I am looking forward to the contact with my "brother" and hopefully soon we will be able to finally meet.
March 3,2000
Finally the day has arrived. Today I get to finally meet my little brother. We have been in constant contact over the last few months and today is the day. I don't know how to feel right now. My emotions are running high. I am excited and nervous at the same time. What if we don't mesh together? What if he hates me? All these questions keep running through my head. I am just anxious for today to be over. I really hope we get along and can be close. I have never had any real family in my life.
March 5,2000
Well that was fun. I got to spend the last two days with my little brother. Words cant even explain how much fun we had together. We got to know each other and spend a lot of time talking about our life's. Turns out he has had it just as rough if not worse then I have over the years. But hopefully that will change. We have a plan to get back together. We are going to plan our escape from these nasty foster homes. We are going to pack our bags and take off. I just can't wait to start this new life with someone I can call family.

April 17,2000

Well are plan has fallen through. We had all of our stuff packed and ready to go until we were caught. Today sucks because they decided to separate us again. I have never felt so much heart break and disappointment. They shipped him half way across the country to another foster home. And they are planning on sending me away as well. But I have another thing for them, as soon as I am done writing this I am taking my bags and hitting the streets. I will never be held back again. These foster homes can kiss my ass.

June 10,2000

On my way to find my brother. So all I was told was he was sent to Michigan. So I am on my way to find him, to rescue him from hell. I hope he is doing good. I kind of miss him. So traveling has been kind of hard. I have seen alot of weird stuff. And the people are fucking crazy. I just hope I can make it without giving up hope. I have been stealing food and hopping trains just trying to survive. Well back to the grind.

August 30,2000

So I finally made it to Michigan. Let to search begin. I haven't had any leads on where my brother might be. I have been searching and asking around and no one has been able to help me. This really sucks because I miss my brother alot. I have met some nice people along the way. They have shown me the ropes of being a drifter. I have had a few brushes with the law along the way but managed to weasel my way out. So today I am going to beat the streets and search for my brother some more. Ill check back in with an update.

The Journey to Fame...
The year is 2000, we see an abandoned shed next to some train tracks secluded from the outside world. A peak in the window and we see a pile of blankets and bags rustling around in the corner. After about a minute of rustling a young boy emerges from the pile. He looks disoriented as if he had just woken up. He reaches into his bag and pulls out a half empty bag of what appears to be chips. He begins to eat them as he wakes up. He finishes the chips and looks out the window at the tracks looking for signs of the next train. When he sees that there isn't any sign of a train coming, he walks back to the corner where his bags and blankets are. He reaches into one of the bags and pulls out his journal and begins to write...
September 2,2000
Well I hope to get back on the road today, there hasn't been a train in quite awhile. Its starting to get cold outside and I don't know how much longer I can stay warm for. I am almost out of food and I am getting hungry. I don't know what to do anymore. I need to get to my brother soon. I have been on the roads for months and have made good progress. I know he is here in Michigan but I don't know how long it will take for me to get to him. Today is going to be a rough day. I have to slip into town and try and steal some food. Lets hope I don't get caught...[/]
The young boy puts away his journal and begins to pack his bags, when all of a sudden he hears the sound of a train horn from the distance. He struggles to get all of his things packed up as he rushes out the door to try and catch a ride. He gets out the door and just barely makes it onto the train. He rides it for a few miles just enjoying the country view. He laughs as he watches the animals playfully fight in the field as they pass by. After a few minutes he notices a sign letting them know they were coming up to the next town. He grabs his bags and prepares to hop off. The train begins to slow down just enough for him to make his jump. He tosses his bags first and as he jumps he aims for his bags making it a softer landing. As he lands on the ground a train worker notices him and begins to yell. The Boy hears the yell and runs as fast as he can through the thick bushes until he finally hits the town. He is nervous and out of breathe as he walks through town looking around for the nearest place to hide his bags. He walks down the street and notices and empty house at the end of the street, he slips around back and notices no one lives there so he sneaks in through a broken window. Once inside he inspects the place looking in all the cupboards for any signs on food. To his discouragement he finds nothing, he begins to get mad then decides its not worth it. He grabs a jacket from his bag and heads for town.
Once he arrives in town he notices it is a very upscale community. People are starring at him funny and giving him weird looks. This is due to the fact that he appears to have not showered or changed his clothes in some time. He finally arrives at the local grocery store. He walks in and slips through the isles slipping different things into his pockets. He gets nervous and begins to panic as he thinks someone is following him. He finally heads for the bathroom and assess what he has taken. Once he is satisfied he attempts to slip out the door, but as he tries to get away a worker notices his bulging pockets. The worker yell and a nervous Philip runs out the door as fast as he can and into the woods he goes. Once he feels he is in the clear he heads back to the empty house where he left his belongings. He is inside and notices the place still has heat and running water. He decides he is going to take a shower and attempt to wash his clothes before he prepares to head out in the morning. After he has showered and washed his clothes he begins to make some food. He didn't get very much due to being chased out of the store. All he has to work with is some noodles,cheese and some meat sticks so he decides to make a soup with what he has. After he finished his drifter diner he lays down and gets ready for bed. He then pulls out his journal and begins to write again.
[i]September 2,2000 Continued

Wow today was nerve racking. I almost got caught trying to get some food today. And the people in this town were so rude they kept staring at me and making jokes at my appearance. But on the bright side, I did find a nice cozy place to relax and actually shower. I just hope no one comes here while I am sleeping. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of train riding. I don't know how long my brother will be where he is. I am 200 miles away from his still as my journey across this country continues. Well I am going to lay down and get ready for my long road ahead of me.
Its 11pm and Philip is fast asleep as he plans to be up in a few hours to hit the road early. All of a sudden there is a bang outside the door. Philip jumps up out of a dead sleep and begins to investigate the noise. He hears several voices outside the house and begins to get nervous. He grabs his things and heads down into the basement to hide. While he is down there he hears footsteps above him and a voice yell out. "If anyone is in here you better come out now this is the Police" After hearing this Philip gets freaked out and notices a small window. He attempts to climb out of it before they can find him. But as he is half way out the window someone grabs his leg and pulls him back inside. Philip gets defensive and tries to fight his way out of the mans hold but it is far to strong for him to escape. Philip finally gives in and lets the police take him and his things to the police department.
September 3,2000
Wow what do I do now? The police aren't pressing charges for the theft but they are looking into a breaking and entering charge. But due to the fact that I am a still a minor they are looking into putting me back into the foster care system. This could actually be a blessing in disguise. There is a chance, a slim one but still a chance I get placed into the same place my brother is located. I guess I just have to bite the bullet on this one and let the journey continue.

March 23,2012

Well I am just a few days away from the biggest match of my career. I have done way to much to let this chance slip past me. I am going to go out there and send a message to Griffin and the rest of IWF. Alexander Remington thinks he is going to come in and spook me with his return. Well he has another thing coming. I am the new leader of The Empire and there is nothing he can do about it. But I need to get back to preparing for this match, I will check back in after the match.

Scene 2: Final Preparations

The scene opens up and we see Philip's limo pulling into the Toyota Center. The limo comes to a stop as the driver climbs out and walks over and opens the back door. Philip climbs out wearing a white Armani suit and his Gucci sunglasses, he has a shit eating grin on his face as the driver shuts the door. Philip begins to walk towards to entrance to the arena.

This is what I have worked my entire life for. This is going to be the biggest match of my career. Everyone has been doubting me and questioning why I am in this match. Well come Sunday I am going to prove to everyone exactly why I am in this match when I walk out with the IWF Championship.

Philip opens the door to the arena and proceeds to walk through the dark empty halls.

I noticed Griffin has been all over twitter talking about how he has a surprise waiting for me at Ascension. Well Griffin I am more then ready for whatever you have planned. There is nothing you can do to surprise me. You see I am coming into Ascension to surprise the IWF universe when I walk out with your Championship. See I have worked way to hard to let you stand in front of my of destiny. Axle took me under his wing and has shown me my true potential. I am looking out for no one but myself. And the first order of business is to become IWF Champion.

Philip continues down the dark empty halls and stops at the curtain that leads to the entrance ramp, he walks though the curtain to the top of the stage and looks around the empty arena.

It seems that Alexander Remington is back. He claims he is going to come and destroy the group he once called his own The Empire. Well newsflash Alex this is my group now and you are not going to stop us. No one here in IWF is going to stop us. You and your little puppet Corey just need to go crawl back under the rock you came from. This is no longer your company. The fans didn't miss you while you were on the shelf for a couple of weeks, hell Tiffani didn't even miss you. Last I heard she was talking to Griffin again. So before you go running your mouth about The Empire you might want to put your woman in check.

Philip chuckles as he walks down the ramp to the ring. He stops and sits on the steps that lead to the ring.

This Sunday at Ascension I am going to prove all of my critics wrong. Every one has been doubting my ability to win since I lost to Tim Patrick last week. Well what did you want me to do? Risk getting injured the week before my biggest match. Of course not, last week was a pointless match and had no bearing on whether or now I was going to face Griffin this week.

Philip stands up and climbs into the ring.

I can hear it now, all the fans booing as my name is called out after I am victorious at Ascension. Griffin doesn't know what he has gotten himself into. He said that after he beats me I won't get another shot at the title as long as he is champ. Well good thing he won't be walking out victorious. Griffin you are in for the biggest surprise of your career. Sunday I will become the IWF Champion and there is nothing you or Alexander Remington can do to stop me. So bring your A game because anything less and you will be shelved just like Remington was a few weeks back.

Philip climbs out of the ring as the scene fades to black.

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Griffin Hawkins


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PostSubject: Re: Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:01 pm

~*Searching for Truth*~

I knew I had to find answers to why I have been having these crazy ass dreams. I honestly didn't know who to talk to. If I talked to Taylor she'd think I'm crazy...I'd talk to Tiffani but me and her aren't on the best of terms right now. I honestly had nobody to talk to...hell, they wouldn't believe me if I told them anyway. But I continued to have these vivid dreams and I had nobody to tell them to.

Except for one man...

I told Taylor I was flying to Paris France to meet an old friend. I would join her the next day in Huston Texas after I see someone about these dreams. It was night time by the time I had arrived in my rent a car to this great Mansion at the end of the woods. It looked so towering yet...creepy at the same time. I think I heard the howling of wolves in the distance. I really didn't like being here at all..this place gives me the creeps already. But I knew what I had to do.

There was no turning back now.

I grab the door knocker and slowly clang it three times. Part of me was hoping nobody was home so I can get the fuck out of here. It seemed like an eternity before someone was going to come down. I had just about decided that it was time for me to go before the door slowly creaked open. A familiar face greeted me as it stuck his head out from the darkness.

Marquis Laveaux - Griffin?...

Griffin Hawkins -'s me.

Marquis Laveaux - I must say..this sure is a surprise.

Griffin Hawkins - Believe me..the last place on earth I want to be is here in this spooky ass place at the edge of the woods....but I need to talk to you about something.

Marquis Laveaux - home is your home..

Griffin Hawkins - I appreciate that dude..but you can keep this place.

I follow him inside. The halls of his home are quite huge, not to mention much too quiet. It was like someone..or something was waiting to come and get me. This place is like a castle. On the walls look to be paintings. They look to be important looking people..likely members of his family. The detail looks so real the pictures look almost alive. Eventually we come to the den. There's a red couch with a wooden table across from it. The fireplace looks to be already lit...I can hear the snapping and popping.

Marquis Laveaux - Have a seat.

Griffin Hawkins - Don't mind if I do...

I slowly sat on the couch as he poured me some tea. I can honestly say this is my first Tea with a Vampire. He sat in the chair opposite of me.

Marquis Laveaux - So...what brings you to my home?

Griffin Hawkins - Lately...I have been having these strange dreams...

Marquis Laveaux - Really now? And what are these dreams like?..

Griffin Hawkins - They aren't just your regular run of the mill type of dreams. They are real. I don't understand them.

Marquis Laveaux - What happens in these dreams?

Griffin Hawkins - the first one that I had..I woke up in some..temple or something in a far away land. These hooded figures who turned out to be Skeletons tried attacking me. So I took my sword and laid waste to them.

Marquis Laveaux - Interesting...and the second one?

Griffin Hawkins - I saw myself..I think, as some kind of medieval warrior..leading my troops into battle against an undead horde.

Marquis Laveaux - These sound like really vivid dreams Griffin..

Griffin Hawkins - You're not kidding. That's why I came to you. Any other person would think i am some kind of whacko..but you seem to be an expert on this supernatural...dream state kind of stuff.

Marquis Laveaux - Not to mention I've been on this earth for centuries and seen many horrors just like that. You came to the right man.

I look at him oddly as I sip my tea. Honestly..I thought this dude was out of his mind. I wasn't sure if he was a Vampire or not..but I needed someone to talk to on this...and old Dracula was my only hope.

Griffin Hawkins - you have any answers on why I am having these dreams?

Marquis Laveaux - To be perfectly honest..I haven't a clue. I don't know why you're having these dreams Griffin.

Griffin Hawkins - Wow..I've flown halfway across the world just to get...nothing.

Marquis Laveaux - Try to understand Griffin, I know nothing of your family history. When I took you in, you were just some stray...a runaway going from place to place. I knew nothing of you. But're having these dreams due to past life experiences..

Griffin Hawkins - Are you sure its not nothing I ate..because I am known to eat some crazy things before bed.

Marquis Laveaux - This has nothing to do with food consumption Griffin. You're having these dreams for a reason.

Griffin Hawkins - But why?

Marquis Laveaux - Again, I don't know. But I will look up your family history..see if I...

Suddenly as he looked at me, it was like I had said or done something to upset him. His eyes grew wide as he suddenly held his head. He screamed in pain as he was brought to his knees. I quickly make my way over to him.

Griffin Hawkins - Hey..are you alright man?...

Marquis Laveaux - Get out of

Griffin Hawkins - But Marquis...

Marquis Laveaux - Go!...just go...

I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I was smart not to stick around. I turned away and ran right out of the Mansion. I made it outside and caught my breath. I didn't get my answers..but I had a feeling I'd be getting more than what I bargained for...


~*More Than Friends?*~

It was days before my title match and I had decided to get a good look at the arena. It is a strange thing I do. Before every performance or match, I access the arena days before the big event. I knew that I wasn't just fighting Philip Joseph..but I was fighting an entire Empire. He would bring his boys with him...but I had a special surprise for him. For now I just wanted to relax. I needed to get it all out of my system before the big match.

Because Sunday...I was in for a hell of a fight.

I was backstage, saying hi to all the road agents. Some of them were wishing me luck at the Pay Per View..not that I was going to need it. The place seemed quite empty. A few of the stars on the card for the event were just arriving while some were just leaving. I was thirsty and decided to get a drink out of the soda machines. I put in a dollar and fifty cents and pressed the Mountain Dew Button. Moments later a bottle of dew fell down the slot. I went to pick it out of the slot when I heard a female voice call out to me.


I thought for a second it was Taylor. I looked forward to her cheering me on during my match. But as I turned around I saw a brown haired woman dressed in jeans and a red sleeveless top. She had her arms crossed as she looked to me.

Griffin Hawkins - ....Oh, hey baby.

It was my girlfriend Drea Dante..someone who I had met in the early days of my wrestling career. She had been with me for quite a while. A lot think we don't exactly have a healthy relationship..but every relationship has its ups and downs.

Drea Dante - Are you disappointed?

Griffin Hawkins - No I'm just...surprised that's all..

Drea Dante - Surprised to see your own girlfriend here?

Griffin Hawkins - No, well..a little. I thought you'd be at home waiting for me.

Drea Dante - Well I only see you a few days a week, I got kind of lonely. But I see you are the furthest thing from that.

Griffin Hawkins - What are you talking about?

Drea Dante - I'm talking about you and you both have been lately.

Oh we go with this again. I'm getting tired of having to explain myself every time.

Griffin Hawkins - For Christ sake and Taylor are just friends. We go back years, there is nothing between us.

Drea Dante - How stupid do you think I am Griff? I see how you two are always back and forth on Twitter all the damn time.

Griffin Hawkins - Baby..people tweet all the time. Twitter is a big social network site for people to chat to each other and others to completely embarrass themselves by trolling others.

I honestly didn't see the big deal. Me and Taylor were just friends and nothing more.

Drea Dante - Then when were you going to tell me she was your manager?

Griffin Hawkins - ..I was going to tell you when I got back to L.A.

Drea Dante - You didn't have to tell me..I saw you both on TV clad in KISS makeup.

Apparently my girlfriend knows everything. I'm surprised she didn't put a tracking device up my ass so she knows where I am at all times.

Griffin Hawkins - It's really no big deal baby. She volunteered for this.

Drea Dante - Did you ever stop to think that maybe I would want to be your manager? I mean really long has Taylor been in wrestling? five minutes. I got the experience, the girl doesn't know anything.

I couldn't take it anymore..I was tired of her bad mouthing Taylor.

Griffin Hawkins - God damnit...why are you acting like this Drea?

Drea Dante - Because it's obvious that girl has a thing for you. I saw her undressing you with her eyes.

Griffin Hawkins - Okay, you're seriously whacked in the head. You're insane.

Drea Dante - I'm not insane..I just know people like her.

Griffin Hawkins - Did you even bother to find out she has a boyfriend and a son? She has no interest in me whatsoever.

Drea Dante - are so naive Griffin..she obviously isn't happy with her she's spending time with you.

Griffin Hawkins - Why can't you just leave Taylor alone?

Drea Dante - ...Why can't she leave you alone?

She just turned and walked away from me. I tried calling after her.

Griffin Hawkins - Drea come on! Drea!....

She simply ignored me as she walked further down the corridor.

Griffin Hawkins - ...Shit.

I knew things weren't going well with me and Drea lately..but she was completely overreacting. Hopefully she'll come around, because Taylor plans on being my manager for a very long time. I just hope this doesn't cost me...



IWF Camera finally find me as I am in a much different place. It looks to be a well put together Living Room. There's tea on the table and a burning fireplace. On the wall looks to be a photo of a great young man. I finally enter the room dressed in a fine cut suit. My hair is in a ponytail as I sit in the big chair. I gotta admit...I have style. I smile as the camera man focuses on me.

"Every now and then..believe it or not, I do like to get dressed up. Usually it's to red carpet openings..or fancy parties. It's very important to look your best even going into battle. As the Insurgency World Heavyweight Champion..I have to look presentable and carry the title with class..honor..and dignity. Something many Champions of the past have simply lacked. So everyone just sit back and watch me show Phillip Joseph that he isn't worthy enough to lick the dirt off the bottom of my shoes. For he has no business even sniffing my title. Now normally I wouldn't dirty my hands on trash like him..but he would make it worth it."

I sit back and relax in my chair. I must admit..this feels really good. No wonder Remington enjoyed suiting up for his promos.

"But before I get to him, I'd like to turn my attention to another young man. A man who has been sniffing too close to me for my tastes. Ethan Cage. Now Ethan...I know you're watching this and hanging on to my every word, so I want you to listen up. As far as I am concerned, I have nothing left to prove to you. Last Monday I beat you just like that. You never even stood a chance against me. Get it through your head once and for all that you can't beat me and that I am better than you. After Battlegrounds there is no doubt in anyone's mind who the better man between us is. So my suggestion is you win the Ascension Ladder Match and pray and hope that you luck out and get the World Heavyweight Briefcase..because as far as I am concerned, I'm done with you. You're no longer a threat. I've beaten you three times now..and that should be enough. So word of advice kid..don't ever get in my face again.

My focus was no longer on Ethan Cage. Whether he liked it or not, he's going to have to earn his shot against me.

You think you're going to live your life alone
In darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know
You've been out there and tried to mix with those animals
And it just left you full of humiliated confusion
So you stagger back home and wait for nothing

"Ah..and now Phillip Joseph. I just want to say how much that I respect you. You're one of the hottest young up and comers here in Insurgency. Week after week you go out there and say you're going to do something and you actually do it. Many regard you as the future of this business and the man who will lead this company into the next Millenium. Your matches with the likes of Stygian is without a doubt legendary and you just may give me a run for my money at Ascension. If you can beat me in that Scaffold will be the Champion. People will even throw a parade in your honor...they...heh heh..."

Okay..I can't take it anymore, I just bust out laughing at all this.

'Cause I'm a liar, yeah, I'm a liar
I'll tear your mind out, I'll burn your soul
I'll turn you into me, I'll turn you into me
'Cause I'm a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar...

"It's all a lie! This whole thing is a lie. Your entire run is a lie. You becoming the number one contender is nothing more than a lie. The only reason you're here right now is because of the Empire. The fact of the matter is NEED the Empire. Because without them you're nothing. When I accepted the award for Newcomer of the year, I expected you to come at me like a man, but you came in full force with your little friends who can't even wipe their ass without someone else doing it for them. The fact of the matter is little man..its that you don't deserve to even contend for this very belt."

For the first time I had actually told the truth in my promo.

"You talk about putting Remington and Tiffani on the shelf. But you act as if you did it all on your own. When all you did was put him down with the aid of your friends. Sad thing can't do a damn thing by yourself. You need The Empire to back you up. Because without them you're shit out of luck. You remind me of the arrogant punk in high school who would often hide behind the Jocks when it looked like he was going to get his ass handed to him. The fact that you're in this match is nothing more than a joke. Sunday I will prove that you don't belong in the same ring as I do."

I get the Champagne out and pour some in a glass. I take a sip before finishing, letting the taste set in.

"Tastes, last Monday you had the gall to play Kanye West to my Taylor Swift..and interrupt my acceptance speech. You claim that I let people hand things to him and that I stole the IWF World Heavyweight Title. Well let me clear up some things Philly boy. I never took the easy way out of anything in my life. Everything I have accomplished in this sport..I worked my ass off for it..and who the fuck are you to tell me otherwise? I didn't win this briefcase on a technicality..I won it by beating Ryan Apollos in a Hawk's Nest Match after Ethan Cage took his ball and went home after I defeated him. And I didn't "steal" the World Title...I earned it. I beat Alexander Remington at Nowhere to Run face to face like a man..something you have never even done in your career. So don't get pissed at me just because your run in Insurgency has been an absolute failure. Despite what you say, I was never handed my opportunities..I earned them. Every time you got an blew it. You lost the Uprising Championship, you got your ass kicked by Stygian..and just recently Tim Patrick made you cry like the little bitchlet you are when you tapped out. So what makes you think you deserve a title shot?"

In all actuality...he didn't really earn anything.

" don't really pay much attention to much do you? You said that the last time you checked, me and Tiffani were still talking. It sounds like Mister didn't get the whole story...didn't get the whole story. Because if you weren't such a'd know that me and Tiffani haven't spoken in weeks and aren't on speaking terms. God..just when I think you couldn't be anymore of a moron, you go and prove me wrong. But this isn't about Tiffani...this is about you. You are going into a Scaffold Match with the World Heavyweight Champion.."

I can't believe I ever hurt you, I swear I will never lie to you again, please
Just give me one more chance, I'll never lie to you again, no,
I swear, I will never tell a lie, I will never tell a lie, no, no
Ha ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho! Sucker! Sucker! Ooooh sucker!

I take off of my jacket and unbutton my shirt, revealing a Motorhead T-Shirt underneath. I rip off the black pants, revealing a pair of blue ripped jeans. I take the band out of my hair, letting it all hang out. I grab the title and put it around my shoulder.

"I'm not going to lie anymore. This whole image is a facade. Calling yourself a Champagne Superstar does not make you a Champion. Hiding behind a group of punks does not make you a Champion. This belt right here makes you a Champion. A belt that you want Joseph. A belt that you haven't even come close to winning. This will be your one and only chance at my gold. After this, just like Ethan Cage...I don't even want to even see you in my ring. It's time for you to punch the clock for your shot Phil...but the God honest truth won't defeat me. And that isn't a lie. That is the truth..the whole truth..and nothing but the truth.."

I smile and walk off the set carrying my title.

I am a liar, yeah, I am a liar, yeah, I like it,
I feel good, ooooh I am a liar... yeah
I lie, I lie, I lie, ooh I lie, I lie, yeah,
Oooooh I'm a liar, I lie, yeah, I like it, I feel good,
I'll lie again, and again, I'll lie again and again and I'll keep lying,
I promise... ha ha ha


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PostSubject: Re: Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:55 pm

I am sorry. I have to concede . I messed me knee up real bad n havent had The motivation to write. I am going in to see the surgeon in The morning. I want to appoligize for IWF giving me a chance to prove myself and for letting them down.
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PostSubject: Re: Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:10 pm

(OOC Note - As always, the first scene is a dream sequence)

It seemed like a normal night to me. I was walking along the busy city, minding my own business. Many people were walking along the sidewalks just like me. I didn't know why, but I had a bad feeling that someone was watching me. I'm not really paranoid like this all the time, but I can't help but wonder every now and then. I walked along the buildings with my hands in my pockets when I noticed someone in black on the far end of the sidewalk lock eyes with me.

This isn't good.

I start to move fast, hoping that I'll lose him in the crowd. But as I look ahead I see another man in black, he has shoulder length black hair and his dressed all in black. I was starting to get a little bit worried. I walked faster and faster but saw that they were beginning to follow me. I figured I'd duck into an alley and they wouldn't see me.

But there were other two waiting for me.

I saw a good look at them. It was Jack Savage and Damien Drake. Only there was something wrong. They were human..but their eyes were glowing red. I turned around and saw that right in front of me was Axle Vengeance and Phillip Joseph, both looking demonic as well. As if he had some sort of power over me, I just stood there looking straight into those eyes. Jack Savage had hit me from behind with some sort of blunt object. Ace and Axle held me up as Phillip came up to me, a sick smile spreading across his face. He pulls out what looks to be some sort of knife and plunges it right into my stomach. I let out a long scream of pain as the knife breaks my skin.

Someone help me....

Phillip Joseph - You're not one of us..

The other two throw me down as I hit the pavement. The Empire relied on strength and numbers..but would it be my downfall?..


This was turning out to be a good day. I knew this restaurant on the edge of town that served the best food. I wanted to take Taylor out to lunch for being so good to me. I went towards Taylor's hotel room, looking to invite her, but to my surprise she's packing all her clothes in a suitcase. I slowly walk in, confused as confused can be.

Griffin Hawkins - ..Taylor?

Taylor looks up from the suitcase as she sighs before closing the lid. This wasn't good.

Taylor Michaels - Oh...Griffin.

Griffin Hawkins - Where the hell are you going? We got a big match tonight and I need you by my side.

Taylor Michaels - You don't need me there, really...I know you can do it by yourself.

Griffin Hawkins -'re...leaving?

Taylor Michaels - I think it's better if I just go back home.

Now I'm really confused. She seemed so happy about being my manager.

Griffin Hawkins - I don't understand..why are you going? Did I say or do something to upset you? If I did, I'm sorry.

Taylor Michaels - You didn't do anything wrong Griffin, I just don't want to cause any more problems for you and Drea.

Griffin Hawkins - Wait...what do you mean by more problems?...

Taylor Michaels - I know she's not happy about any of this.

Griffin Hawkins - ...How much of that conversation did you hear?

Taylor Michaels - It doesn't matter, I'm just going to go back home.

Taylor turns to walk away but I stop her.

Griffin Hawkins - Taylor come on..please don't leave.

Taylor Michaels - It's better if I do.

Griffin Hawkins - But we're having so much fun together, I don't want this to end.

Taylor Michaels - You can just have Drea be your manager, it's obviously what she wants.

Griffin Hawkins - But I don't want Drea as my manager..I want you as my manager.

Taylor Michaels - It's just not a good idea Griffin.

I really didn't want her to go. I was really getting desperate.

Griffin Hawkins - Taylor..just listen to me. I don't care what Drea wants. I'm tired of her deciding things for me, I'm grown man, I can make my own decisions.

Taylor Michaels - Then you two can figure this out, but I'm not getting in the middle of any drama.

Griffin Hawkins - But I don't want you to go Taylor...I actually like you being here.

Taylor Michaels - You can't force me to stay when I don't feel comfortable.

Griffin Hawkins - I'm not trying to force you..I just don't want our partnership to end just because Drea can't handle the fact that another girl is working with me.

Taylor Michaels - That's exactly why I don't feel comfortable, so if you're my friend, you'll understand that.

Griffin Hawkins - I do but..I just don't want this to end..not just you being my manager..but the time you and Bryce have been spending with me. A lot has been going on with me and being with you gives me a break from it all.

Taylor Michaels - I understand that Griffin, I'm just not in this to get in between people.

She goes to turn the doorknob. Before she could leave the room, in one act of desperation I turn her around and plants a deep kiss on her. She flails a little, but then takes it in, wrapping her arms around me and pulls me in...making it deeper. Suddenly weboth realize whats happening and let go, shocked at what just took place.

Griffin Hawkins - Oh my God I...I'm so sorry....

Taylor Michaels - I should go...

Griffin Hawkins - Taylor, wait come back!

She rushes out of the room, not saying another word. What have I done?...


~*Music of the Damned*~

Later that day, I decided to do some browsing. While many women would hit the local mall and go shopping...I did my own I went to the nearby record store, looking to get my usual brand of music...Rock. Of course, the place looked pretty busy on this Sunday Morning. I know for sure that I'm going to have quite a time getting out of this place.

"Circle of Friends" by Better than Ezra comes from the speakers as I make my way past the young 13 year old girls looking through their Justin Bieber CDs and search desperately for the rock section. I really can't wait to get the hell out of here...finally after some time of searching, I make it. There looks to be a lot of music CDs, music from bands such as Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Cannibal Corpse, and many other relevant bands. I take a few of the CDs..but there is one that catches my eye. A Metal Album that looks different than all the others. It was a single album with a red pentagram on it.

This looks interesting...yet creepy. There isn't a name on the CD and the back of it is black. I was sure it was some kind of new band that had just come out and figured...what the hell, I'll buy it. And so I paid for the CDs and left the music store.

Later that night, I was sitting in my hotel room and put on the headphones which was attached to my boom box. I put in the CD only to see its marked nothing. This is really strange. I turn on the radio and some music plays from it. The music is hard to describe, it sounded soft and melodic at first...then it got all heavy and hard hitting. The sounds of high pitched King Diamond-like voices filled my ears.

I could get used to this...

Whoever these guys were...they sounded good. The opening track sounded like something I could use as my next theme. As soon as I got to my second sounded like some kind of backwards speech.. It reminded me of the hidden voices on that Beatles CD. Whatever this was it was really bizarre and somewhat...addictive. The voices sounded more deeper and rough than the first track. While it seems strange to me, they start to lull me into a deep sleep.

I slowly wake up and I am surrounded by a load of dead bodies. I look around for where I am and it looks to be a crumbling temple. I don't understand how I got here in the first place. As I look down I see that I am holding the decapitated head of a woman with sharp fangs in her mouth. I quickly jump back, shocked at what I had just seen. Did I kill this woman?

Griffin Hawkins - Is there anyone out here?! Hello!?

I then hear the sounds of someone walking behind me. I had hoped it was someone to help me make sense of what had happened. But as I slowly turn around I see a huge hulking beast in some sort of battle gear. His Skin is purple and has one huge eye in place of two. My eyes grow wide as he raises his axe above his head. He raises it down onto me as I quickly wake up. I am in shock at what I had just seen as I realize that I am back in my hotel room. I quickly take off the headphones and turn off the radio.

...What the hell was that?

I stop the music and open the radio. I take out the CD, wondering what the hell kind of band is this. When I opened the CD case I take out the booklet. I read it and there looks to be some dark symbols on the first page. Under it seems to be some kind of strange words. I read them out loud.

"Ekawa snomed..Ewaka snomed..wollaws siht dlorw otni ssenkard..."

I say the verses over and over till I get a cold feeling of dread over me. It's a feeling that I had never felt before. As if some kind of force was overtaking me. I close my eyes and open them back up and I see myself uptop a mountain with a blood red sky over my head. I see Skeletons all around me inching towards me. I close my eyes, shaking my head and wake up back in my hotel room again.

This is getting weird. Finally I get a call from my cellphone which startles me. I slowly pick it up and answer it.

Griffin Hawkins - Hello?..

Marquis Laveaux - Griffin?...

Griffin Hawkins - Marquis? Oh...hey...

[color=lightgreen=Marquis Laveaux - I..wanted to apologize for before.[/color]

Griffin Hawkins - ...Before? Oh that..spaz attack back at your home.

I really wish he had told me sooner...if he has a medical problem he should get some help..

Marquis Laveaux - Yes I...wasn't myself. Just called to let you know I was alright,

Griffin Hawkins - Don't worry about it dude..anyways, did you..find anything about my family history?

After that there was a long silence. Soon he talks again.

Marquis Laveaux - ...I'd rather not talk about it.

Griffin Hawkins - What?

Marquis Laveaux - It's not open for discussion..

Griffin Hawkins - But this is important Marquis, I need to know why I am having these dreams.

Marquis Laveaux - Don't ask questions if you aren't prepared for the answers..goodbye.

Griffin Hawkins - Marquis? Marquis don't hang up on me! Marquis!

He hangs up on me. I thought I was going to get answers..but he refused to give them to me. Now I have even more questions, he seems to be hiding something from me..but what?


~*High Anxiety*~

IWF Cameras finally catch me as I am at the empty Toyota Center arena. But I am not in the ring at all, I seem to be high above the arena. I sit uptop the scaffold, knowing likely I'll be dangling above it like a worm on a hook. The lights shine down on me as I am dressed in ripped black jeans and A T-Shirt that has the front cover of the movie I Spit On Your Grave on it. I use my arm to hold the Insurgency Title around my shoulder. My legs lean down, kicking back and forth as I begin my spiel.

[color=yellow]"In just a matter of hours...two men will fight uptop this very scaffold. One man will take the plunge...while the other leaves the arena victorious. I knew from the beginning that when I won this very title, I would have people gunning for me. I knew there would be many knocking on the door. The same people who didn't have any faith that I would actually win this title..are the same ones breathing down my neck for a title shot. I knew the Empire would be breathing down my neck, looking to bring the Insurgency Title back into their camp. But they didn't count on whats going to happen when they come up against the Champion. Because as the hour draws does the last moments of Phillip Joseph's chances of becoming Champion.

I knew I couldn't allow myself to take Phillip Joseph lightly. He's determined more than he has ever been in his life and he wants to become the World Heavyweight Champion at all costs.

"Now..I have heard the same old tired argument from everyone. Especially the Empire. I heard it from them for weeks now that my title win was a fluke and that I don't have any business even holding that title. So I'm going to say it one more time. This belt is around my waist because I earned it. It's around my waist because I beat Alexander Remington..something they could never step up and do. So to all the doubters and naysayers like The Empire who say that I don't deserve this Championship, I say just watch me prove that I am the deserving and rightful Champion. And I will prove that once I go face to face with Phillip Joseph. A man wo seems to think he deserves to be Champion.."

I run a hand through my long blonde hair, drinking in the atmosphere. I would look down and see so many people cheering for me as I fight Joseph uptop this scaffold.

"You see Philip, despite my personal feelings toward you, I respect you. No really..I do. You got a lot of heart, you got a lot of passion. You got the desire to go out there and be the best. ...But the problem is you're lazy. You talked about how I get everything handed to me, while you're expecting people to give you everything just because you're in the Empire. If you want to prove you're a man...leave The Empire in the back. Do something by yourself for once and fight me one on one. Stop hiding behind The Empire and silence all the critics. Prove you're Championship material and throw me off this Scaffold."

I reach into my pocket with my free hand and pull out a pack of cigarettes. This is probably the first time I smoked high above the ring. I place the cig between my lips and use my lighter to light it up. After a drag, I keep the cigarette between my fingers as I continue the promo.

"You have the exact same problem that Ethan Cage has. You think this company owes you something. During Ethan's promo all I heard were a bunch of excuses to why he lost to me. Am I going to hear the same from you? Wouldn't surprise me. Because lately all you have done lately is make excuses excuses excuses to why you're not in the big picture. Well I am going to tell you something you need to don't have what it takes to be in the main event. Maybe you will someday..but that day is not today. At Ascension you will know your place. You will know once and for all that you couldn't fill my jock. The beginning of the end of the Empire..starts with you."

With that, I flick away the cig and walk across the scaffold into the darkness as the scene comes to a close.


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PostSubject: Re: Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   

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Philip Joseph [vs.] Griffin Hawkins
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