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 A few tidbits I've excluded from my "retirement" reasons.

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Werner Wehrmact


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PostSubject: A few tidbits I've excluded from my "retirement" reasons.   Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:33 pm

I was not going to originally make this public, even though a few people already knew. But I wanted to make sure that I wrote them with a clear head. And I will also mention beforehand that everything I wrote before remains the truth and the biggest reason for me leaving. Everything in here only added to it and would not cause me to leave on its own.

I have been a member of sometime between 5-6 months and I have not had one solid match. A lot of the time it was my own fault, I just did not "bring it" that week. But the last three months I realized something. I was getting the same treatment as a no-show, even if I managed to post something. It was then that I got particularly lazy. My last "match" against Jack Savage comes to mind. I no showed because I no longed trusted creative to even make it look like I shot at winning. I was going to get my butt handed to me by Savage regardless of what I posted. The match writing for my prior match at the PPV prior took away the last of my trust.

We had three no shows in that match. I am sorry, but Eric Steel and Matt Stone no-showed despite their posts, they were not Role Plays. How did they get off lucky to the point they got to "walk away" when anyone else gets squashed? And as the only one to post two RPs, I did not get any kind of push in that match. Figgins got every single elimination. With five, (or four before I get it) eliminations, at least one could have gone to me. On top of that, whomever wrote that match does not know what a Scramble match is. That was only a common elimination match.

And my last thought has been a common one the last few months. Matches needs to be assigned MUCH earlier then deadline. These matches NEED to be started earlier and the next card posted earlier. For one thing, I am a bit of the opposite. My free time is during the week, I am very busy on the weekend. So what if someone no shows? Why should the one who did show suffer a terrible match because the other didn't bother.

Despite clearing my head, I could not keep the neutral tone I intended. I still enjoyed my time here, but I just felt i was not rewarded for even trying. Hence why it was time for me to leave. You are all good people, but I felt I was just wasting my time.


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Chuck Matthews

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PostSubject: Re: A few tidbits I've excluded from my "retirement" reasons.   Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:36 am

Funny part is I completely agree. I was NOT happy with how the scramble match was written, because it completely fucked up the entire concept of it. The match itself wasn't meant to be elimination.

But honestly, I take more of the blame myself than the writers. I think a big part of the problem is that you didn't have a storyline. Like...ever. You got matches based on how well you performed, and we were all set to push you towards the Uprising belt...but that was pretty much it. You did week by week stuff, with no real connection or reason for anyone to care about the character. That's not really your fault as much as it's mine for not figuring out what we could do storyline-wise. Without an angle, your character becomes unremarkable. He never gets over. People writing matches stop caring. And we get into a cycle until one of those breaks. So that one's on me, and I apologize.

Which, I guess, leaves us asking "Where do we go from here?" I mean, you've voiced your displeasures with IWF. That's awesome. Now we know there's a problem. It's entirely in your court though. We can either move forward, bring you back into the fold and see if we can't fix this mistake...or you can leave. The end decision is up to you, and I won't try to convince you either way.

You're also welcome to PM me if there are any other concerns you feel should be voiced that you don't want to make public here.


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A few tidbits I've excluded from my "retirement" reasons.
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