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 Which of these is the best RP?

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Which is the best?
Jackky Dane #1
 0% [ 0 ]
Ted Anderson
 17% [ 1 ]
Jackky Dane #2
 17% [ 1 ]
Jackky Dane #3
 17% [ 1 ]
Bulk Bogan
 17% [ 1 ]
Angelo Darkness
 0% [ 0 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
 32% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 6



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PostSubject: Which of these is the best RP?   Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:05 am

#1 - Jackky Dane RP #1
jackky dane walks out from backstage and the crowd is all shocked. "omg i thought he died twice" "i thought corey killed him" "omg wtf" jackky dane gets on the microphone and talks to the people. "You all thought i was dead and i came back. and then you all thought i was dead again and i came back again. now im here to stay. because the awesome ones dont have an expiry date even tho every1 thinks they do. I proof that they dont bcuz i am here and i am ready to win again." Jackky Dane looks closer at the camera. "And Corey Casey, dont think i forgot about you, because last time i was here i made a promise, and thats a promise that i am going to keep. i hope your ready for a drive corey because this week im taking you for a drive down DANE'S ROAD TO HELL" Jackky Dane drops the microphone and the crowd is still shocked

#2 - Ted Anderson
this week on battle grounds i will beat the so called legend corey casey. i go after the best and since corey is iwf champ that makes him the best so ill beat him and take his title. u cant stop me nobody can. i was part of bad company in fact i made bad company awesome because thats who i am. i am ted anderson the awesome one. everything i do becoms awesome and that includes bad company. corey u r a failure u failed so bad and thats y i left bad company to join the sindicate. the sindicate was where it was at and just like bad company i went and i made it awesome. corey u should hav let me join bad company now ill destroy you because IM TED ANDERSON AND IM


#3 - Jackky Dane RP Number 2
Now people I live to fuck evryones misery. Life is just lyke swearing, I live wid chucks balls lying next to me. And I will screw tim patrick cauday is over. se saint pattys drink . Now I have been inspired by greta people like Chuck, Corey, Brandan, Ryan heh and even Jason have all inspired me. THey showed me a new path. The all are the pals that I know hav just a tiny bit of interest in me. Now i may not be the gud kinda guy but I like to show people the :Chuck: finger. Now I may not be able to take patrick down but I do know that I wont back down from a challenge. So guys i dont know what you thin but I think I suck. Though my two gs think am amazing.

#4 - Jackky Dane RP Number 3
Now people ask me many questions like who the fuck are you? Why are you here? Do I know you? Are u emo? Are u homo?

And now I am tired of this bullcrap. I have showed the the middle finger and walked away. I have made sure that I always get beniifted. And what I am going to do At IWF? Why am I here?

The story begins

I was in my usual routine going to my friends house playing video games getting drunk etc. One day I come back home and find a letter in my mailbox an unknown Chuck Matthews

I get in my house, Jump on the couch and open the letter, in it was written

Dear Jackky,

I am inviting u to IWF. I hear you are a good wrestler and want you to wrestle for my company. You dont have to pay me anything cause its for free. Now dont think ur the only one invited cause there are several others to. So I want you to be at your best behavior. If ur joining plz do at the earliest

From Chuck Matthews

And the rest folks is history. SO you can tell what you think about me . And I hope i can make an impression here guys

#5- Bulk Bogan RP
Bulk Bogan walks into a bar. He sits down. He orders a drink. He looks over to a booth and see's a man, sitting with many women. A man with a mustache and a mullet. He walks over to the man, who looks at him

Can I help you my friend?

Bulk Bogan
You sure can brother. I am Bulk Bogan. I have just signed a contract with the Insurgency Wrestling Federation. You work there, don't you brother?

I most certainly do my dear friend. Come, take a seat. Ladies, if you please

The women all leave. Bulk sits down beside Gunther.

So, Mr Bulk Bogan. You are interested in the very sexy Insurgency Wrestling Federation, are you?

Bulk Bogan
You're damn right brother! Years ago, I was robbed of a spot to become the face of American wrestling. Now, I must rightfully take my spot back. This is where the power lies!

I see. My good man, where have you been for the last, however many years?

Bulk Bogan
Thats a good question brother. Ever since I was cast aside, I moved to India, to fight over there. And I won multiple championships. I was the face of Indian wrestling brother. The Bulkster was the man. But I longed for the glory, you feeling me brother?

Yes yes, I understand you my sexy friend

Bulk Bogan
So I moved here. I wanted to get one more shot at American glory brother. So I joined the IWF. I have heard great things about this place. Is it as great as I hear brother?

Well my friend. There once was a place called the NLWF. Run by a miser named Nick Ridicule. The best wrestlers in the world fought there. There were some epic battles. The NLWF was at the top of the list when it came to wrestling promotions. No one even came close. But that all went downhill. Nick started getting too power hungry. An ego-maniac. And finally, the members of the NLWF couldn't take it. So they quit. NLWF vanished. And then, Chuck Matthews and Corey Casey decided that they would need to make their own federation. So they enlisted the help of another great, Brandon Macdonald. And together, the three of them formed the Insurgency Wrestling Federation.

Bulk Bogan
Thats sounds great and all, but let me tell you something brother! I'm going into the IWF brother, and I'm going to win a title immediately, in the Hawks Nest match brother. No one can stop me on my rise to glory, where I belong. So the question becomes brother, whatcha gonna do, when Bulkamania runs wild on you?

#6 - Angelo Darkness
Meet the Angel of darkness

Chapter 1

Welcome to my world.
I am in a dark, the most attractive and in terrifying beast in
alternation. I have come from a land far away from the life fitness
upon the world. My fighting skills are unparalleled to anyone in your
events. I have killed so many of the greatest wars galaxy is proceeding.

Angelo darkness
What are you doing here in this great It is only out

Angel of darkness

Angelo darkness
I said what are you doing here and render?

Joe Barton
So everyone look going on

Angel of darkness looks over Joe Barton

Angel of darkness
Who are you and where did you come from?

Joe Barton
Oh, vegetarian burger with the rest of you guys?

Sorry looks over at Angela Gardner

Ensor Gardner
Hey you’re stepping on my flowers always

Angel of darkness
Oh, what about that

So Dartmouth begins to jump up and down.

Angela Gardner
That wasn’t very nice

Angela Buchman
Where are all these people coming from?


#7 - Ninja
Post PPV

The Ninja sits on the bench in the locker room with an ice bag on his lap. He's so embarrassed.
A light knock is on the door of his personal locker room he tells the person to come in, it's his girlfriend

she cuddles next to him and he gazes at her chest, the camera slowly pans in to her all natural bust.

Scene 1:
It's morning and the Ninja is kicking a punching bag as music amplifies each strike in the background

scene 2:
The Ninja voice over:
Pancake Pete, I'm not in the mood for your goofy-happy go lucky-never say die-always plucky way
I am still a good guy and fan favorite, but I am in a dark, dark place and if you even breath on me
motha'fucka you're gonna be bleeding blood not syrup, stick a fork in you you'll be gone and I shall
stand above with my mighty sword as I stab into your internal soul and watch your body take the toll
I smirk a gruesome devilish smirk as the pain rushes through your carcass as he lay strangled by my
nunchucks,a shuriken deep in your throat, rapid punches to your brain as I slice open every vein with
my daggers, cutting off all your swagger. You will victim to the That's What She said because it is . . .


#8 - Gunther


IWF Record: 24 Wins 7 Losses 2 Draws
Overall Pro Wrestling Record: 42 Wins 8 Losses 2 Draws

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Which of these is the best RP?
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