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 David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor

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PostSubject: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:27 am




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Sah'ta Thor


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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:31 am

Prepare of an Uprising [Part Uno]


Life was full of surprises and one such occurrence was about to happen. An organization had been presented for a powerful man's review and had the man had made a decision. A decision that would forever change the way things were done in that organization.

"You don't know who I am but that doesn't matter much. Then again from what I saw some of you may very well know EXACTLY who I am. Either way let me take the time to make a proper introduction."

The voice falls silent as the image of study comes into view. Along two of the walls were filled redwood bookcases. The other two walls different one was built like that of a skyscraper while the last directly from the windows held a set of hooks. Along the upper reaches of the walls ran a set of cabinets, each filled wrestling trophies and memorabilia. In the center of the ring was sturdy looking mahogany desk with a high backed black office chair behind it. The chair slowly turns to reveal a calm looking rugged featured man dressed in a black business suit. His arms were resting on the arms of the chair as he sat there with an unreadable expression on his face. Arrayed on his hands were four golden rings while a gold skull pin gleamed from the center of his red tie.

"MY name is Sah'ta Thor and I have just faxed in my signed IWF contract. In return I have already been booked in the upcoming Homecoming event which is this weekend. Yes I am well aware that I am late addition to the card but trust it will be worth the sudden change. Yet, that leaves with a quandary. How do I introduce myself to the good people in the IWF? Yet I have come to a conclusion on that, you see I summed my career up pretty well about 18 months ago so I will let that do the talking."

With that Thor leans forward and opens a desk drawer pulling out a remote control. He presses a button and wall in front of the desk revolves to reveal a television. He turns the tv on and we cut to a prerecorded video. Only the few who had seen its original would know how much effort Thor had put in to edit it.

Quote :
It was another day and another wrestling company to make a debut in. Though for the leader of the Empire of Blood it was a question of what to tell the fans. What did he want to reveal going into the Mayhem World Title Tournament. Did he want to let the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation know that he was a multi-billionaire who had his own multi-billion dollar corporation? Did he talk about his many wrestling glories and accomplishments? Maybe he should go into his personal life and how it affects his wrestling career. May he would go into what the Empire of Blood was and the mission he had for it in the EHWF. For sure he would talk a bit about the folks he would be facing but in the end he needed to figure out how best make himself known to the EHWF fan base.

In the end he would do all of it and still probably leave a lot out so as not to overload the fans. Thor knew that he hated starting out in a new company where no one knew who he was or what he had done in his career. Yet, even with that distaste Thor kept going out to join new companies. All in the name of expanding the influence of the Empire of Blood and in order to further cement his name the history books as a legend of the industry. Thor comes into view as the screen shows him sitting in the center of a wrestling ring with twenty-eight title belts arrayed around him with one draped over each shoulder. He was dressed in a set of red and black camouflage fatigues. After a moment chuckles slightly before starting to speak.

"Laying around me are the titles that I have won in the last four and half years. The same amount of time that I have been a professional wrestler I might add. Among these twenty-eight belts are six World Titles and six tag team belts. Over my left shoulder is my seventh World Title, The ICW World Championship, which I am currently the holder of. On my right shoulder is the GEW Omega Title, which I just won in a brutal four way match that had a glass sheet around the ring. These belts chronicle the many struggles that I have had to be recognized as an icon in the wrestling world."

He turns his head slowly to look over the arrayed history that was around him. Some of the belt he had earned in companies that had folded shortly after his winning them but the other where from companies that had strong lineages. A couple of those companies were even still open and his legacy in them was ever growing. Yet he had come out to discuss more than just his illustrious career. He slowly stands up and then drapes the belts on his shoulders over the ring ropes before sliding out of the ring.

"Yet I didn't come out here to brag about the number of titles I have won in my career. Sure I mentioned them and even named the two I currently hold but that is more for the information sake. This way you know what you are getting into when I step into the ring. Though I would be remiss if I didn't let you in on what I can do in the ring. You see I have been in all sorts of hardcore matches from a Cage of Death match to a Buried Alive match. Several different types of other cage matches, ladder matches, a flaming tables match, ladder matches, and of course a handful of specially created match types specific to one fed or another that I have been in. Take for example the Cannon match that I had a few months ago. In order to win you had to stick your opponent into a bullet type thing then fire them off into the ocean. Well other than that there were no rules and as a result my opponent threw a handful of gunpowder into my face then a lit match. Well there was a bang and a my face was badly burned. I won the match but instead of taking time off to let the wounds heal I donned this mask."

Thor reaches up and takes off his mask as he sits on the ring steps. As he does his mostly healed but still clearly burned face is revealed in all its gruesome glory. He looks straight into the camera and smiles slightly which gives him a slightly demonic look with lasts for a moment before he puts back on his mask. Once this was done he turns and points to the arena in a sweeping motion.

"I wonder how many people out there recognize this arena. I mean it used to be the home of the Phoenix Wrestling Enterprise. This is the Phoenix Nest in Las Vegas and was built by me. I paid for it all had it built by my corporation, the Imperial Enterprises. Well long story short I am the only PWE Grand slammer and when the company folded I retained ownership of the arena. I use the place for my training session as well as a meeting place for the wrestlers of the Empire of Blood. Which poses the question of what the Empire of Blood is. The short and simple answer to that is that the Empire of Blood is a multi-federation stable that is made of the people that other on the roster would other otherwise disdain and treat like nobodies. The Empire of Blood members have held over seventy-five championships in over a dozen companies. Many of the members who before joining the group were nothing have risen to the main event status often becoming the federation's World Champions. And like any major group the Empire of Blood has many who have parted ways with the organization. While most no longer wrestle others struck out on their own as they didn't want to be involved with me."

Thor falls silent as he he starts to walk around the ring like a caged animal looking for a way out. He was getting to the point where he felt that he could move on to address some of the more pertinent points in regards his is EHWF debut.

"Now as many of you have probably figured out I am here to expand the brotherhood of the Empire of Blood to the halls of the EHWF. In the coming weeks I will been looking at the roster to see who might be worthy of joining the ranks of the Empire of Blood. But for now I will say that being part of the Empire of Blood does not mean we will not meet in the ring. In fact some of my best matches have been against fellow Empire of Blood members."

The tv goes dark and once again we see the man sitting behind the desk. He smiles in an expression similar to that found on a shark. He reaches his hands up and steeples them in front of his face before one again speaking.

"That video was taken roughly a year and half ago and it summed up my career to that point quite nicely. However, let me bring you up to speed with a summarized report on just how lucky you all are to have me join the roster. Since that video I have gained a total of twelve more championships, three of which were World titles. For the math impaired that means I have a total of 40 different title reigns to my name of which 10 are World Championships. Though something that wasn't mentioned at the time of the video what that I was in a Hall of Fame. Well, in the last year and half that has turned into four Hall of Famer honors. In short, ladies and gentlemen of the IWF I believe that makes me the most decorated star on the roster. Then again I haven't had a chance to do a complete look at the roster. But I digress and I am sure you are left wondering what any of this has to with you."

Thor lets the question hang for a while as he reaches into the open drawer and pulls out a clear glass tumbler. He sets the glass on the desk then reaches back into the drawer for a bottle. Without a word he opens the bottle and pours himself a class of its contents before returning the bottle to the drawer.

"It quite simple really, I will become the NEW IWF Uprising Champion at Homecoming. All I have to do is kick the asses of seven other stars in that opening battle royale for the right to face Ashe Corvin in title match. I could sit here and talk about each one of my opponents but frankly that would be a disservice to you. After all, I want to take a look at the roster a bit more before I discuss who I will be defeating in just four short days. I hope that none of take this personally because I WILL be addressing each and every one of you in the next couple of days. So until then, remember the name Sah'ta Thor because after Homecoming you will NEVER forget it."

With that Thor downs the contents of the glass with a devilish smirk before turning the chair back around to stare out the windows behind the desk.


The Empire of Blood
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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:37 pm

The Hangover -Scene One - Where the Fuck am I?

Messiah comes back to his locker room after his impressive victory over Saint. Messiah didn't even break a sweat in the match. In his Locker Room he see's a package he starts to open the package and from there everything becomes blurry. Messiah wakes up covered in sweat and other fluids and substances. He eyes slowly start to open for some reason he hurts all over his butt especially.

"Ughhh what the fuck happened?"

Messiah eyes start to get more open he is starting to notice his surroundings. He see's he is in a old run down hotel room. There is no air conditioning on its hot as all Hell in the room. He see's Four women laying around the room they look Asian.They also look to be ether dead or very good sleepers. Wait scratch that they may not be women at all one of them is sporting some morning wood.

"Oooookkkkk I really did it. So this is what rock fucking bottom looks like."

Messiah gets up and makes his way to what he thinks is the bathroom. He opens the door and there is one of the men? women? shemale? there is this person with tits and it is standing there taking a piss.

"Mind giving me some privacy?"

Says the thing with a deep manly butch voice. Messiah quickly closes the door.

"What the flying fuck did I get myself into?"

Messiah walks over and looks out the window what he see's is wow. Its obvious he is somewhere far away from the last place he remembers. Before Messiah can even get his surroundings to him a Asian guy comes running in.

"Man we are in trouble dude you need to hide the cocaine and the hookers now man. The cops are down stairs and there coming for us."

Messiah has no clue what the fuck is going on as the Asian man grabbed this bucket and it is filled to the very top with a white powder. He throws it out the window and it snows onto people outside.

"Listen man who are you? I don't have any clue what is going on Sunday...."

"You don't remember me homie? I am you bud Kok Suk also its Wednesday. Now hate me with this Hooker we have to throw her...him out the window."

Before Kok could do this the cop burst into the room. Messiah puts his hands up.

"Listen I have no....."

Before he can finish he gets the shit beat out of him as cops beat him with there battons Kok does the smart thing jumps out the window and is able to get away. The scene begins to fade as Messiah is being put in cuffs.

Scene Two- What Happened?

Scene opens with Messiah in a prison cell his face all brusied up from the ass kicking the cops gave him. For some reason this fat asian guy is sitting in the shadows licking his lips eyeing Messiah up and down. Messiah just shudders at the thought of whats going threw that guys head. A Cop comes up and opens the cell he grabs Messiah and pulls him out. The cop speaks some jibberish language Messiah doesn't know but he did hear the word free in there. Thats all Messiah needed to here he leaves the prison still with out a clue where he is or how he even fucking got here. Messiah walks the streets for a few minutes before running into that guy from the Hotel Kok Suk.

" I see you were able to get released from prison good for you."

Messiah angry about his situration takes a deep breath and ask as kindly as he can.

"Could you please tell me where the Fuck I AM and Why I don't remember the last few days of my fucking LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!???"

"Wow you really don't remember do you? Lucky for you I like to film every thing. Come back with me and I will show you the video"

Messiah follows Kok back to his place. Then he watches the video of his coked out binge in Taiwan. Seeing things he would never do sober. Messiah does so many drugs in the video he would make even Charlie Sheen say Damn thats to much. After the video ends Messiah is sitting there in shock. He doesn't even know what to say.

"I had a orgy with Shemales fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk. Kok destory the video this shit can never see the light of day."

Kok does what is asked of him.

" No problems man its already on the internet anyway it gotten over five millon views."

Messiah is stunned like someone hit him in the gut.

"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You already uploaded the fucking thing. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!"

Kok just shrugs his shoulders.

"Its what I do. I film then upload.If it makes you feel any better Vivid already bought the rights. I'll give you some of the moneys."

Messiah walks off like his is in a daze. He walks off into the sunset as the scene ends.

TBC in rp 2 soooooooooon.
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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:26 pm

::The sun shines down on the ruins of an old Spanish mission. It is a relic from the days when the empire of Spain stretched across the Atlantic, before wars with England and eventually, the United States destroyed the once mighty world power. There are holes in the tiled roof. The top of the tower that once held the church bell is partially missing. There are no doors on the building. The outer coating is cracked, chipping and even missing in some spots. In the spots that the layer of white is missing, the bricks underneath are exposed. Little to no glass remains in the windows, only broken shards and frames. Decades of being exposed to the elements have stripped this place of any color. The stone cracks and splinters, the wood rots. Vines crawl up the walls. Grass has entirely reclaimed the long courtyard. Birds dart in and out of areas on the roof in which they have built nests. Time has made this mission into a ruin, while nature has managed to reclaim the land.::

::A man walks from the doorway to the center of the courtyard. He is dressed in black pants, an Operation Ivy tee shirt, and a pair of black converse shoes. His short dark hair is slicked back. He is David Caid.::

::One would expect to see the skin of David Caid burn due to his standing in this spot. One would expect the grass to wilt and die or the birds to fly away. One might even expect the remains of the tower to fall and crush him. However, none of these things happen.::

::Caid’s eyes survey the area he now stands. He nods. As “The Plague" speaks, his voice sounds pleasant and heavy in sarcasm.::

“Well this match at Homecoming seems perfectly fair.”

“I am to battle a bunch of no bodies, two of which I have already beaten, to earn a shot at championship against a man who calls himself the greatest man to hold the Uprising Championship, but that individual is later, at this time I'd like to talk about the unfournate casualities , who are in this battle royal with me.”

::Caid rubs his chin in thought. It is an over exaggerated motion.::


::He shrugs.::

“Well gee, everything here seems on the up and up. Yes, can’t really see anything here that would cause a reason for concern or would arouse suspicion. This will be totally fine. Yes sir, this will perfectly safe. Can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong here. No sir, no way, no how.”

::He throws his head back.::


::He sighs and shakes his head. The pleasantness and sarcasm leave his voice. He seems, somehow strangely amused.::

“The only way this match would feel like more of a set up is if Jessica Matthews was the ring announcer, Brandon MacDonald was the timekeeper and Corey Casey was the referee. What? Would that have been too obvious? Somehow, just making all the hungry young IWF talent, without the brasses help, against one company killing indivdual keeps it from looking like a total screw job? That makes sense I suppose.”

“And yet I am really trying to think of what I possibly did for this one. It could be my declaration that I want to kill the very company i now wrestle for just a mere three weeks ago. Obviously that is something I should be punished for since there has been no official announcement for what punishment I'll be getting. Or maybe I am randomly being punished for being bold enough to state I'm out to kill the company? Clearly that was entirely my evil scheme. Perhaps it was cause I did it on live television, but I wanted it that way.”

::He pauses for a moment and looks down and off camera as if in thought.::

“Not sure how exactly that works out.”

::Again, Caid shrugs. He looks back up, smiling at the memory of his words he spoke just three weeks ago.::

“Honestly, I wish I could have done it sooner, but timing is everything. And really, you have to admire that sort of determination and savagery. I don't think IWF saw me coming, but it surprised a lot of people. I think I now have the brasses attention and they see how truly of a threat I am. But do realize how big? I mean is it why they put in a match with Brad Franklin again and Cameron Thomas. Put in the ring with someone name Kandi Kash, god knows who that is. Then there is Messiah, this guy thinks he deserves a championship cause he beat up a few jobbers like himself and then beat up Cassidy Smith, gag me kid you ain't got nothing. Then Megan Andrews, I hear she is decent I mean has some skills if you know what I mean. She is just eye candy for the match. Then there is Guy LeDouche, really a Richard Simmons, Barney The Dinosaur crackpot who probably want to hug it out instead of fight it out, that is the easiest elimination right there. And then some newbie name Sah'ta Thor, what couldn't think of something scary so you put an apostraphe in a word similar to Santa and added the name Thor, wow how thoughtful, I bet you scare the pants off all the kids when they try to sleep, not. Your little message didn't scare me, your past means nothing and it will bring you nothing. The message is simple, kiddos.”

::Those predatory eyes glare into the camera.::

“I want the IWF Uprising Championship around my waist. Granted, I wouldn’t mind becoming the IWF World Heavyweight Championship, but if you are going to kill a company got to start somewhere. That would be something of an accomplishment. However, I really want to take that Uprising title, it seems so precious to not only the other battle royale particpants,but to name who the winner will face, Ashe Corvin. It feels like he has sole ownership of it, like it's long lost child and he needs it to survive.”

“They said I won't win. I'll prove them wrong not only once, but twice. I will become the Uprising Champion. Give it some kind of creedence, unlike guys like Ashe Corvin, Jacob Figgins or the other fellow wannabes of the IWF, I prefer it go to a man of excllences who can actually wrestler and knows what winning is as opposed to taking a few months off and either stumbling into or selling out for a title opportunity. I do not care if this match is some kind of set-up or a trap. All I care about is gaining wins and getting the title. And take that attempt to take the top of the IWF and it will begin at Homecoming with this Battle Royale and title match.”

::He turns from the camera and walks around the courtyard for a moment. There is an amused smile on his face.::

“I find myself in a very awkward position of having to be the sole enemy of all of the battle royale particpants, all those IWF wrestlers and this legendary wrestler who in four matches has the chance to become the IWF Uprising Champion.

“You see Megan,Kandi, Sah'ta, Messiah, LeDouche, Franklin, and Thomas, if it was not for the IWF Brass, I would have easily been the man who would be facing Ashe Corvin and become the IWF Uprising Champion, I have to now becuase I knowhow IWF sees me, they see me as the biggest threat to their company especially their titles and they will do what it takes to keep me from getting them. If they hadn’t put in this battle royale, they would see me reign terror over the whole Homecoming pay per view and watch as people like Megan or Kandi and the rest of you nobodies, stink up the pay per view.”

“And speaking of no bodies, again, it seems Ashe Corvin hasn't spoken yet because you seem to be distracted by other things, like mainly thinking that you will be the Uprising Champion so easily. I mean since I've debut, I have heard how great these IWF wrestlers are. So far, no one has done nothing to even attempt to convince me, let alone impress me. Now it seems part of this brilliant to convince me is to try is place me in this battle royale. Brad Franklin was suppose to make sure I never made it to IWF and what did he do, he tapped. I should probably thank the brass in advance as I can only assume that when I get to youy Ashe, he will try to honor IWF and keep me from getting the title. To be honest, I am not really sure how exactly that will work, but thanks for being the next victims of The Plague.”

::True to what one would expect from a person like Caid, he laughs at his own somewhat cruel joke.::

“Prior to signing with IWF, I said I would kill off every living breathing breathing individual associated with IWF. So far, I have broken their Nightmare's arms, made their money man tap out twice, but at Homecoming, I humilate their mid card talent, and knock off the supposed rightfully owner of the Uprising Championship all in one glorious night, IWF's coming home night. Now I may not have won the championship yet, but soon I will when Homecoming is said and done. No one I face at Homecoming will oppose me, I will destory, I will be the best in all of IWF and then I will kill it.”

“Since I debut, I have defeated all that has been thrown at me, roughed up the feathers of the brass and more importantly have everyone realize I am the one man wrecking submission machine. You all think that you are safe from this deadly plague, yet you have no idea what you are expecting. Yes, you have all lived calm and peaceful tender here in IWF. However, at Homecoming, the IWF you know is going to slowly and rapidly change. It’s okay to be afraid, I know if I was any of you I would be.”

::Caid gestures to the ruins of the mission, as if trying to use it as a comparison. There is a hint of distain in his voice::

“I look at my opponents including Corvin and I see a group that has literally stagnated. I see a group that should be filled with talented wrestler in the IWF and yet is nothing more than a rabble. Folks, the ship is floundering. You can get on the lifeboat, swim to safety and make something of yourself or you can sink with it. Really the only reason you would qualify for this match is because you all are IWF has left to try to make somethings out of and most of the other newcomers have done nothing or have left. So, basically, you granted a chance at glory by default.”

::Caid allows himself a chuckle.::

“But if you seem content with that. You seem content with where you are in the IWF. That’s kind of sad my opposition. You all are good. Once you get passed the rough interior, the nicknames that barely make sense and the attires that makes you look like you just rolled out of bed that you wear to the ring, you are a capable wrestlers. But you will never be a breakout star as long as you stay where you are.”

::Caid looks at the sun as if he staring at images of his opponents and then glances glances to the camera.::

“Did I offend? Did I make you all mad? Good. Now take all that and use it at Homecoming. And if I didn’t, well then that is really disappointing. It is almost as disappointing as Molly Reid having a World Title match.”

::Caid seems to be watching the remains of the mission. It is as if he can see it crack and crumble and decay around him.::

“But, as I said, I really don’t care about the opponents in this battle royale, I don't care about Ashe Corvin. I don’t care how I get the Uprising Title, the lack of opponents and their talents doesn't scare me and make me worry whether or not I will leave with the title at Uprising. I don’t care that each and everyone of you seems content with your lot in the IWF.”

“I mean look at this place.”

::With a wave of his hand, he gestures to the decaying and crumbling mission walls that surround him.::

“This place so perfectly captures the status of my opponents, Megan, Cameron, Sah'ta, Brad, Guy, Kandi and Ashe. Just like this building, they will eventually crumble and decay.”

::He lowers his arm. Caid glances towards the camera just slightly. It is like a predator watching out of the corner of his eye.::

“However, all your issues and unwillingness to accept the truth do not matter to me.”

::The fingers of his left hand begin to open and flex, wiggling a bit as he stretches them. This is how he keeps it loose, the hand he uses for the Breaking Point.::

“What I care about is climbing the ladder and getting to the top of the IWF. What I care about is becoming the IWF Uprising Champion.”

“If I have to take apart a lack luster roster and a so called rightful champion to get that accomplished, then you can damn well bet that I am going to. Right now, you all are just between the title and my winning it. So believe me when I say I am willing to commit sacrilege and blasphemy to get the title in my hands.”

::Caid turns to fully face the camera. He spreads his arms out wide and looks upwards. This creates the image of a preacher before his flock, leading them in prayer.::

“Bless me father for I have sinned and I plan on doing it again.”

::Caid lowers his arms and his head. His eyes stare into the camera like a snake about to strike. With his left arm, index and middle fingers extended, Caid makes the sign of the cross. When it is done this way, it is done towards a person, as in a burial after the coffin is lowered to the ground.::

::With that cold, cruel sadistic smile on his face and predatory look in his eyes, Caid lowers his hand. He exits the courtyard. The scene fades to black as he exits through the doorway.::
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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:08 pm

Off Camera:
Colorado Springs, CO. 2006.

A 17 year old Brad Franklin walked down the aisle of his high school in the Cheyenne Mountain area of Colorado Springs. Like most students in this very prestigious prep school Brad comes from a very wealthy family, however Brad’s father also has connections, connections that allow him certain freedoms not afforded to other students. To put is simply Brad is able to get away with things other students would not. On this particular day Brad has just finished ruffing up a fellow student who failed to pay his “entry fee” into “his” lunch room. Never mind the fact that this the first time the “policy” was ever enacted and the fact that Brad had made it up on the spot, the kid couldn’t pay and well he paid the price. Brad figured that he broke the kids cheek bone and possibly his nose, he was in bad shape when he left him lying on the floor, He thought he saw him crawl out of the lunch room but no matter this was just another day in The Colorado Springs School.
Brad reached his lookers just to hear the principle of the school call him to the office. Brad rolled his eyes.
“Uh oh. Looks like you’re in some deep crap man” He heard the voice of his best friend Keith Staples from behind him.
Keith had been friends with Brad since..well as far back as Brad could remember Keith was the only one Brad truly trusted and was usualy involved with Brads, extracurricular activites.
“This won’t take long Keith”

Brad walked into this principal’s office he glanced over and noticed the same dork that he had beat up just a few minutes before sitting in a chair in front of the principal’s desk. Did this guy seriously just tell on me? Brad thought to himself. No matter in a few moments this would all be swept under the rug and everyone would be told to forget this matter even happened. Brad turned on the charm to 11 and beamed a smile.

“Mr Vogel what can I do for you this fine day”
He knew that Principal Adam Vogel hated what Brad made it sound like He had come to see Brad and not the other way around, but there was not a damn thing he could do about it. He owed his job to his dad and he was not about to do anything to jeopardize that.

“Mr Franklin, please have a seat” Principal Vogel said motioning to an empty chair next to the other kid.
Brad sat down giving the kid a knowing wink, which cause the poor sap to swallow hard and turn almost pale.

“Mr Thompson here has been telling me an interesting story”

Brad raised an eyebrow feigning ignorance

“Oh? And what has he told you?”

“That you beat him up in the luch room and that you demanded money from him”

Brad gave a fake look of shock.

“well we certainly need to deal with this immediately obviously!”

A sly smile came over the face of Brad as he pulled out a checkbook

“and just what would it take to…make this go away”

Chris Thompson looked on in disbelief his jaw agape.

“Mr Vogel!? You seriously not going to take a bribe?” He said

Vogel just hung his head in shame as he pushed a piece of paper to Brad. Brad laughed as he took the note.

“Let me tell you something about how the world works kid. It’s not just about how much money you or your daddy has. Its how much influence you have, what dark dirty secrets you have over people.” He gave Adam a predatory grin

“And if your thinking of taking this to the papper or the cops. I should remind you that my dad has a lot of pull in both places”

Chris’s face turned to that of a man how had just been defeated.

“So Adam here is what we are going to do. You are going to expel young Chris here.”

“WHAT!?” Chris exclaimed

Brad smirked

“good luck in public school”

Colorado Springs,CO. 2013

Brad ran down the stairs of his mansion after being awoke by the doorbell.A door bell which was still being rang over and over again.

“OK OK! I’m coming damnit!”

Brad unlocked and through open the door.
“This had better be goo….Keith???”

Brad best friend stood in the door way with a grin.
“well are you just going to stand there or are you going to invite me in or are we just going to stand out here all day?”

“huh? Ohh yeah dude come on in?” Brad said motioning for Keith to come in.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Brad asked

“I’ll take a beer” Keith answered as he pulled a stool up at the breakfast bar

Brad turned around raising an eyebrow

“Kind of early for beer ain’t it?”

“Early for beer? Is there such a thing?”

Brad laughed as he handed Keith a Sam Addams and grabbed one of his own and sat down with Keith.

“So what brings you here?”

“I was in the neighborhood”

Brad raised an eyebrow

“You were in the neighborhood? Why do I think there is more to it than that?”
Keith shrugged “Well I heard about your loss last week. Thought I could be there for moral support?”

The smile faded off Brad’s face

“Ok first of all..I didn’t lose that match! It was a triple threat match and I was not the won who has forced to tap out. So I did NOT lose”

“Yeah you didn’t win either”

Brad noded “True enough”

Keith took a swig off his beer

“So where do you go from here?”

Brad smiled as he took a drink

“Well Casey told me he wanted me to make an impact so that’s what I plan on doing?”

“By winning the uprising title?”

Brad shrugged

“That’s one way?”

Keith looked confused
“You mean there’s another?”

“There is always another way.”

Brad smiles as Keith looks on confused.

End Sceen


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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:03 am

Hangover Part Three-I am so out of here.

Messiah has had enough of Taiwan all he wants to do now it leave this Hellhole. Messiah is walking around town asking people.

"Airport anyone know where the fuck the airport is?"

Messiah keeps asking around till he finds it himself. Now all he needs is to get a ticket and he is home free to leave this fucking place. Messiah walks into the airport he goes up to buy himself a ticket.


Messiah only has his wallet no passport. His eye widen as he trys to explain the lady his situration.

"Listen I have no clue where my passport is. I have more then enough money for the ticket. Just let me buy a ticket and leave this place"

The ticket lady looks around then holds her hand out. Messiah slips her a couple of hundred and he gets his ticket. He is finally going to be able to leave Taiwan. Its not long before Messiah is boarding a plane to head back home. Messiah takes his seat in first class and just lays back closes his eyes and takes a short nap as the scene comes to a end.

Hangover Part Four-Shoot time

After a crazy few days Messiah is finally on a plane and heading home. But he wont be able to stay there long. As he has only just over a day to get ready for a very big match for himself. It could be a night where he wrestles twice in one night. First in a battle royal and if he wins he gets a title shot right after the match. Messiah gets up from his seat and with a tablet in hand he heads to the planes restroom. There is not alot of room in there but he sets the tablets webcam on record.

"Let me tell you dispite the fact I have had a pretty fucked up week. That wont stop me from coming into Homecoming and doing what I have done alot of these past few weeks. Kick Ass!!!!!!!! I plan on walking out of that event as a Champion. To do that first I have to win myself a battle royal. Me and seven other guys...Wait one of the people in the match is a Chick."

Messiah gets a perverted sadistic smile on his face.

"Megan Andrews hahaha Listen babe you wont be winning this match but after I win and then win the title. How about you come up to my hotel room and I will let you touch my title and maybe touch something else."

Messiah looks down to his crotch as he says this.

"Wait there another chick to Kandi Kash two chicks can anyone say THREESOME. Thats right sugar tits you to are invited to touch my title once I win it at Homecoming. Then I will treat you two fine ass ladies to the best sex you will ever have. Cause after all Once you get my eight inch snake in you. You wont want anything else to ever be in you. Don't think I don't notice you two fine ass females looking at me in the back. Can't blame ether of you for wanting a peice of a real man like myself. Face fact like all the women of the World you want your brains fucked out by yours truely."

Messiah perverted thoughts about what might be happening after the ppv gets him some what excited.

"Ok now with that said lets discus the dudes in the match who have no chance in beaten me cause I am fucking awesome after all. First there is this Thor jackoff bitching and bragging about what he has done else where. Well to everyone in IWF your nothing but a fucking noob. You see unless you win here you haven't done JACK SHIT!!!!!!!!!! So nobody fucking cares what you got to say your ass if going to be the first I throw out bitch!!!!!!!! Now there a few other people in this match but to be honest there fucking nobodys. Not one of them is a threat you yours truly.

Messiah looks over the list of those in the match and nobody even gives Messiah any bit of concern.

"Now lets talk about my second match. Yes I am so sure I will win that they should just go ahead and make it offical Macho Messiah Zack Roberts vs Ashe Corvin. Cause let me tell you people its going to take God himself coming down from the Heavens kicking my ass to make it where I lose at Homecoming. Cause I don't see Ashe having a chance in Hell of beaten me cause I am the new fucking face of the IWF. and ohh what a sexy face it is'

Messiah winks into the camera and then shuts it off. He heads back to his seat to take another nap as the scene comes to a end.
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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:27 am

Prepare for an Uprising [Part Dos]

~*~*~*~*~Who I am~*~*~*~*~

It was going to be an interesting next couple of minutes because the Sin Incarnate had no idea what he was going to say about his upcoming IWF debut. He had already sent in a recap video of what he had accomplished in his career but he knew that didn't really say much about who he was or what he was capable of inside a wrestling. So now less that a day before he became the new IWF Uprising Champion he had to do some major talking. Yet, he knew that he had to be careful about what he revealed or how much at this point of the game. After all he didn't want to reveal his entire life story in one shot. Not that anyone would pay attention that long anyway but still he had to be selective about what he said going into this event. Being a unknown entity going into Homecoming suited him just fine and actually played into his strategy a bit.

"So maybe I chose the wrong way to introduce myself to the IWF but you know what it still serves a purpose. I wouldn't change that submission even if I could. As a matter of fact for those of you who were able to look past the "bragging" you would have seen that I am not some pushover inside of a wrestling ring. You would have seen that I have no qualms about putting my body on the line in dangerous and potentially life ending matches. Which for anyone out there who is paying attention, is a rather important thing to know. Of course I already know that the roster, more importantly those people who I will be facing at Homecoming think that I am a piece of trash nobody who they can easily beat because I am new to the company. That is quite fine with me but at Homecoming the entire roster will learn that I am not some pushover inside a wrestling ring. Then again a few people on this roster already know that don't they?"

By this point we see the one and only Sah'ta Thor standing next to a black Hummer with an amused smirk on his lips. He was almost insulted by the reception he was getting in the IWF but really he had heard it all before. He runs a hand down his side and then smirks for a minute before continuing with his thoughts.

"So I finally managed to look through the roster and I found a few old rivals of mine on the IWF roster which only served to show me that I had chosen right to sign a contract here. I wonder though if they remember me, because I remember them quite well. Alexander Remington, Jaci Sovereign and Storming Raven are all old opponents of mine from a place that I am sure they remember well. Seeing these names just means I have people on this roster who know what I am capable of who could tell the world all about it if they wanted. Which I am sure they don't since from what I remember none of them really liked me much. So I guess that leaves me with a biased group of people who know what I can in the ring but hate me. Oh, well I can live with that since after Homecoming I will be the new IWF Uprising Champion."

Thor falls silent for a moment as he sees a group of four women slowly approaching him. He shakes his head slightly upon seeing that each woman was carrying several shopping bags but knew that he would more than likely enjoy what had been purchased.

"Now I am sure some of you are wondering why I call myself the Sin Incarnate. Well that is simple, I have indulged in every one of the Deadly Sins in my lifetime. Take for example those lovely ladies walking towards me right this moment. I am sleep with each and everyone of them and they all know it. I know all about Lust and how to make it work for me. Yet, Lust isn't just about carnal relations is it? One can lust for power or wealth and do whatever it takes to get them. Then of course we have the sin of Wrath, which I will show you all come Homecoming in vivid color as I beat each and everyone of my opponents on Sunday. Once that bell rings I will do everything in my power to ensure that I am the one who goes on to face Ashe Corvin. If I have to I will break bones and make people bleed in order to become the IWF Uprising Champion at Homecoming. Pride or rather Arrogance should be self evident to all of you but incase it isn't let me say it point blank. I WILL BE THE NEXT IWF UPRISING CHAMPION. Gluttony, Greed, and Envy will all be shown to in time but let it stand to reason that one day I WILL be the IWF World Champion. Which leaves Sloth, the one Deadly Sin that will be shown in my own time."

He pauses then takes a breath as he turn to check the progress of the women heading towards him. After a moment he turns back so that his face was once again in a frontal view before taking continuing on.

"With that being said I have to admit I was expecting more out of my opponents. I mean come one what Hell was that nonsense that Brad Franklin put up? I saw that shit and I am still left wondering what that had to do with anything this side of the moon. Then of course we have Macho Messiah and his Hangover spoofing which I admit was bordering the line of funny. How could I forget Mr. Caid? Is insulting my name the worst you can come up with? Or are you just a pathetic as you seem? I guess Homecoming will give me the answer to that question. Which brings me Guy LeDouche, Cameron Thomas, Kandi Kash, and Megan Andrews in regards to their silence in regards to this match. Do yourselves a favor and stay home because if you don't I will make an example out of you all. One way or another I WILL make certain that I am the winner of our battle royale. Nothing will stop me from ensure that it is I who will destroy Ashe Corvin."

By this point the women had made it about halfway to the Hummer and one could see that they were all wearing different colored tank tops and miniskirts. Thor smiles to himself as he watches them come closer before once more continuing on.

"Speaking of the esteemed Ashe Corvin, I have come to the conclusion that he afraid of Homecoming. He is afraid of facing me for the IWF Uprising Championship because he KNOWS full well that I will beat him in the center of that ring. He is right though, I WILL beat him for the title. The only question is if I will make him tap out with a Heretic's Curse or drop him on his head with a Parasite Eve. Though in the end the outcome will still be academic with my hand being raised in victory come the end of the match. After all Ashe there is a reason I was booked in a match so quickly after my signed contract was received by IWF management. Your silence speaks more than anything you can ever and I know it is echoing loudly with the rest of the roster. Though I honestly hope that you put up a fight come our match Ashe. That way when I beat you I will have some satisfaction in knowing that you tried to beat me but couldn't."

"Master we are done shopping now."

This is spoken by a subtle tanned woman in pink who looked like she had just stepped of the set of Star Trek Voyager.

"I can see that Paige. I hope you ladies didn't bankrupt me."

"Don't worry Uncle, we didn't."

Thor shakes his head as this is spoken by the Latina looking woman in hot pink who happened to be the daughter of his best friend. Which was a story for another time and place.

"Do you think we would do that Daddy?"

Thor could only shake his head as hears the way the last word of that sentence was spoken in a lust filled exaggeration. She was wearing a white tank top with a black mini skirt which complemented her dark carmel skin nicely. Her very demeanor saying nothing more than "fuck me now".

"With you four there is no knowing."

"We only bought a few things which we knew you would like."

The light black skin and long white hair contrasted quite well with the pink and black outfit the last of the four were wearing. Thor starts to laugh as the women put their bags into the back of the Hummer before piling into. The Hispanic looking one getting into the front passenger seat.

"I guess I will have to be the judge of that later now won't I?"

A moment later Thor slides into the driver's seat and waves out the window to some we can't see. The Hummer starts up and Thor pulls out of parking light. As it does you can hear the sound of amused giggling before the scene fades to nothing.


A smoke filled room comes into view as the sound of women's laughter is heard.As the image comes into focus we see a rarely naked Sah'ta Thor sitting on a couch. His pale white skin seemed to gleam in the smoke filled air as his small but muscular form is seen by all. In between his legs kneeled the form of his naked lover Coilette who at that very moment was bobbing her head up and down in a slow rhythmic fashion. Pressed into each of his sides were the equally naked forms of Briendea and Paige. A Thor enjoyed this to the fullest the source of the smoke became evident as he took a long drag off of the six inch gold and green glass pipe that he had in his right hand. After taking a hit he pass the pipe to his left while letting a cloud of white spoke out of his mouth.


"Enjoying yourself Uncle?"

This causes Thor to turn his head to one side where Melfina was standing in the doorway in all of her naked glory. Thor chuckles as the pipe is passed over his chest then smirks.

"Of course I am Mel. The question is if you are enjoying yourself."

"Mhmmm, of course I am Darling."

Thor grunts as he hands come down to tangle in the Coilette's hair for a minute. His head rolls back as Melfina giggles knowing full well what had just happened. As Thor releases his grip his lover moves back causing a loud suctioned pop to echo through the room for a moment.

"Mmm tasty as ever Daddy."

A pair of hands come down to rest in his lap as Melfina saunters over to the couch to take the pipe from Paige. Melfina lights up then sets it on the nearby coffee table while she poses in front Thor.

"So Uncle are you ready to take IWF by storm?"

This causes Thor to blink rapidly a few times as he forces himself to take a deep breath before speaking in a slightly strained voice.

"Of course I am Mel. I be the IWF Uprising Champion come the end of the night."

Mel giggles and places her hand lightly on his chest as she straddles his hips. Coilette moves back a few feet and grabs the pipe. Paige and Briendea begin to rub up against him while they start make out passionately.

"Is that so? How do you feel about your opponents?"

Thor takes a few seconds to answer as he was having a difficult time concentrating on cognitive thought given what was happening around him.

"Uhhhh, we have the self declared destroyer of the IWF in David Cain. Who has already insulted my ring name and introduction video. In fact, I think he even vowed to be sure I was first one eliminated at Homecoming. Oh, well I will see what he can do in the ring come the match but I expect to be disappointed. Then we have Zack Roberts and his whole attempt at being a lecherous man. News flash here is true carnality. However, I do see potential in him and have a few ideas regarding the man. AHHHHH."

Thor jolts slightly as he starts to tingle all over. His hands move down to rest on Mel's hips as he forces his breathing to remain even so he could finish her oddly timed questioning.


"Then we have Brad Franklin who is nothing more than an accomplished nobody who thinks the world revolves around him. A man who has no real claim to fame and has a pretty generic finisher. Which brings us to Cameron Thomas, a man who has yet to do anything in the business that I can see. Though to be fair he looks to be better than Brad even though he has said nothing about our upcoming match. Guy LeDouche, is another one of those silent types. He, or should I say she poses no threat whatsoever besides being completely creepy."

Melfina giggles as Thor's body jerks a few times. He gasps as he feels lips on each side of his neck.

"That isn't all of them Daddy."


He struggles to get out before his breathing becomes too labored to talk. Mel collapses onto his chest with loud moan of pleasure grinding her chest into his upper body. Once he finally catches his breath Thor continues his reply.

"We have the green "Sister Sin" Kandi Kash, who I will admit would look nice in this gathering. With the right influence and connections Kandi will go far in this business. However, she won't be far come Sunday night as the night is mine. Then we have Megan"The Burning Star" Andrews who is a woman who seems to be down right brutal. She has had some success on the Indy scene which shows she has the talent as well as the fire to make it big. She is another one who I would love to see in this room but we shall have to see what happens. After all, come Homecoming I will throw her over the ropes just like all the rest no matter what else I would love to do to her."

"How about the man you will beat to get the title?"

Things had slowed down for the moment so Thor was able to think clearly for his answer.

"I wasn't forgetting the once retired "King of Darkness" Ashe Corvin. No, I have looked at the man's roster stats and I have be honest, I am kinda saddened by the fact that I will have to kick his ass. He is a man in whom I can see a kindred spirit and once the dust settles after Homecoming, I hope he is willing to talk to me. Yet, that fraction of sadness is cast to the dust in light of is overwhelming silence. Mr. Corvin has all week to defend his position as going into his match but has instead said nothing. He will fall in the end and I hope he isn't bitter when I stand over him as the newly crowned Uprising Champion."

With that Thor falls silent as he runs his hands up and down Mel's back. He had said his piece and he hoped questions would stop so he could put his mouth to better use. Paige sense his mood gets up and looks to the other ladies before offering her hand to Mel.

"Shall we move this to the bed Master?"

Thor nods his agreement as the screen sudden shifts to show an image of him with the IWF Uprising Championship raised over his head. The image slowly fades away leaving only static for a few seconds before shifting to a commercial for a local Boston restaurant.


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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:49 pm


July 14, 2012

The scene was Pierre South Dakota. There was a girl and a guy running through a rather large corn field. The stalks were high, but you could make the images out as they zipped by. At the end of the field was a girl with a stop watch. The girl crossed the line of dirt into the road first, slowing her pace and the guy followed suit, stopping with his hands on his knees now.

“Your time has gotten much better Alicia.”

The female known as Alicia walked over to the blonde and the guy.

“Mariah, you know I keep improving.”

“Yeah, Jeremiah is the one slow today. We will make a wrestler out of you yet kid.”

Mariah, Alicia’s cousin and trainer grabbed two bottles of water, tossing it to the pair. Alicia drinks and smiles at Jeremiah, who has his water all but gone.

“Dang Miah, did I run you dry or something?”

“Funny child, you just watch yourself.”

The pair laughed as Mariah had a clipboard. Alicia knew it was check off time and then to see what she still needed to work on. She walked over to the truck where Mariah was sitting in the back bed.

“So Alicia have you figured out your ring name?”

She sat and thought about it. Alicia Morales, a simple girl from South Dakota had not thought about this. IT was in her best interest to think and think fast. More training was to be done and Alicia wanted to hone her mike skills a bit. She then got a smirk as she looked in her cousin’s eyes.

“Kandi Kash, Sister sin.”


Ladies and gentlemen of IWF, let me introduce myself.

My name is Kandi Kash, but you will get to know me as Sister Sin. Do not ever let my size fool you, for I am quicker than lightning and strike when least expected. Speaking of least expected, IWF wastes little time in booking yours truly here in Boston. Quite the match as well as this fight in is a hodge podge of stars new and old and those who are just fucking crazy.

We have this man called Thor. He is very interesting for one reason only, he seems to have this presence about him. It is one of pure awe and amazement….for all of ten seconds. The façade doesn’t fool me. Some of the greats have this same façade and have failed time once and time again. Don’t become so arrogant for the Uprising title that you overlook me now Thor, I am not one that takes kindly to being overlooked. I will make you remember me real fast.

Then this guy named Messiah. This guy is just one douchebag. Really, people call me Sin, but at least I don’t go announcing what I want to do to women or men. In fact, if he so much as THINKS about touching me in THAT manner, I plan on removing his voice box from his body. He is so worried about hooking up with women that he doesn’t have the title on his mind, let alone the fight in. If the dude really wants to hook up, there are strip joints for that. Some women like myself have enough class to move on from scum sucking airheads like yourself Messiah.

Then Brad Franklin. “Always another way” Brad I call him. He wants to cheat, go right ahead. I am not afraid to do the same thing. I will admit, when it comes to something like the uprising title, I will do WHATEVER I have to in order to make the impact in my debut match. You want to try your hand at Sin Brad? Surely you will fall like every other fool here.

David Caid, yes I paid quite a bit of attention to this one. Whining and bitching gets you no place fast David. If you had the number one contender slot to the title all wrapped in a bow, would this fight in not be taking place? Really, do some homework on your opponents as well. We are all after the same thing and the same person. Oh, and you really want to call yourself sin yet you have nothing to show for it. Such a shame, throwing you out of my ring will be very easy. Your head is fogged with taking IWF apart, you need more focus. You will just have to get in the back of the line.

Then there are those like Guy, Megan and Cameron. Three individuals who are afraid of speaking up. Are you afraid for what may come your way or you afraid you already lost? No worries, you already have anyhow. Don’t bother coming boys and girls. Let the real winner stand up and win her title.

Let Kandi be victorious in her debut.

Ah, but let us not forget who this really is about, Ashe. You are champion for a reason. Your reasons may be a bit…cloudy at best. I however have the solution to clear the clouds. You will falter and fall at the hands of Sin. Don’t fight it either Ashe, your pain will be worse for each time you try to fight it. Just hand the belt over the first time I try and make you submit. It is quite simple really. I come from all angles, you never know how I will strike. When I do? It will be your demise for sure Ashe.

Sin will uprise.

I will be your new Uprising champion.

My name is Kandi Kash.

You have been warned…all of you.

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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:00 am

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover
Starring: Megan Andrews
Jason Andrews

I rolled my eyes as I pulled my convertible up to the front of my parents home. Apparently my mother and father were out to some appointment with my little sister, Blaire, so it left Jason home alone with nothing to do. When he called me to come over and hang out with him for a bit, I couldn't really deny him the quality time and told him I'd be there shortly. I may be a bitch, usually at least, but I did have a soft spot for my kid brother. He had been cast in the shadows for Blaire's career in music and acting just like I had. I may have been the first born, but my parents did care about me or Jason like they did with Blaire because we didn't have all of her...skills.

"I really could smack them for just leaving Jason like this. The house is huge as it is, and it seems so much worse when you're in it alone. Poor kid needs some friends, but he can't ever get out thanks to their inconsideration. At least he won't be home alone now."

I got out of my car and walked up to the door, not bothering to knock on the door before I walked inside. I knew Jason would be in his room, the game room, the pool, the gym, or the entertainment room. I took a quick look outside towards the pool and didn't see him out back, so I started making my way to the gym, thinking that he was getting his frustrations out in there. When I heard the sound of yelling as well as the sounds of a gun shooting, I quickly changed my course and made my way to the game room where I found my little brother parked in front of the big screen TV, playing Call of Duty. He hadn't noticed me come into the room, so I stood at the door way with a smirk on my face and watched him play for a few more minutes, laughing silently and shaking my head as he yelled into his headset some more.

"You know, yelling at the idiots you're playing with won't make them any better or you any less frustrated at them, mom, dad, and Blaire."

"You'd be amazed, Megan. Yelling at all of the dumb fucks and imaging their our parents and sister has actually relaxed me quite a bit. I'm surprised you got here so soon, sis. I wasn't expecting you for a while, so that's why I started playing some video games."

I went over and sat down in the gaming chair next to Jason and picked up a controller. I smirked and shrugged to him a bit in response to him starting the game. It didn't bother me much, Hell, I planned on joining him after this round was over. We both had XBox Live accounts, so it made staying in touch a bit easier in all reality. I watched my little brother continue to rack up kills and listened to the people in the game bitch about him getting all of the points. I rolled my eyes after a few minutes and finally moved the headset microphone towards my painted lips and spoke into it.

"Quit your bitching, you pathetic wastes of space. Get over the fact that my little brother is kicking your asses because you all suck dick at the game."

I laughed when I heard them all yelling in response and glanced over at my little brother, watching him grin and laugh as well. My brother and I were actually quite similar to each other and were quite a bit closer to each other than either of us were to Blaire. We knew that her fame wasn’t her doing, at least not her doing voluntarily. Our mom had pushed her into drama classes and choir classes, so she never had much of a choice in the matter. It didn’t seem to matter that it wasn’t her fault…she didn’t ask for the career that she was in, but it still didn’t do anything for the sibling relationship between the three of us. It hadn’t been the same since she was discovered at the age of 15…the same age that Jason was right now. I shook my head a bit and put my focus back to the game, my little brother, and the idiots that were still playing Call of Duty with them. I wasn’t really sure when the new round had started nor had I even realized that I and Jason were kicking everyone else’s ass. It wasn’t the first time that I had played a game on auto-pilot without even realizing it, and I was sure that it wouldn’t be the last time it would happen either. When I checked the scores, I rolled my eyes and scoffed a bit before I spoke into the microphone on my headset.

”You idiots are pathetic. I didn’t even realize the round had started, and I’m still kicking all of your asses just like my little brother is doing. You really are the biggest, saddest excuses of gamers that I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing against and teaming with.”

”Hey, if you morons don’t like what my sister has to say, you know how to leave the game. It won’t hurt our feelings at all. We can always find something better to do with our time than waste it with idiots like you.”

I gave my little brother a smile and an approving nod. It was a bit scary how his attitude was changing to fit mine more than anyone else’s in the family, but with the way he was treated by most of them, it wasn’t all too surprising really. Jason and I stopped killing everyone long enough to watch the players list quickly diminish with a huge amount of the players bitching as they left. When it came down to being just me and him left on the players list, we laughed and turned the Xbox off and set our controllers down before we took our headsets off as well. I ruffled Jason’s hair and pushed up and out of the chair that I was sitting in, stretching a bit as I stood up. I may not have been in the chair for long, but with how low it was to the ground, sitting in the gaming chairs weren’t exactly easy on the body to get in and out of.

”So what do you want to do, little brother? God knows how long we have until mom, dad, and Blaire get back from whatever kind of meeting they’re at.”

”I want out of this stupid house. I’m sick and tired of being stuck in it so much while they focus on Blaire. I swear I’m wasting my life away in this house.”

I nodded in understanding…I had felt the same way for most of teenage life. Even before Blaire had been discovered, she had always been the favorite for some reason, and I had never quite understood it even back then. I threw my arm around my brother’s shoulder and started to steer him towards the front of the house. I already knew that he had his house keys and wallet on him…he always kept them in his pockets in case he ever got the chance to escape the house once in a while. We made it outside, and while Jason locked the house up, I went and got my car started. Jason joined me just a couple of minutes later, and the next thing I knew, my tires were peeling out of the driveway as I drove away form the house as fast as was safely possible.

Who Could Leave You?
Starring: Megan Andrews

I looked around my Seattle apartment and shook my head a bit. It was still a disaster from when I had brought Jason over the other day, but it didn’t bother me too much. I was used to leaving my apartment in a mess and coming home to it being clean…the joys of having a maid with a house key that I could actually trust. She was a friend of my parents and did their place once in a while too, but I could tell that she preferred helping me out while I was on the road. As I walked around the living room of my apartment, I kicked an empty pizza box out of my way and sighed to myself. My bags were packed already to leave for the pay-per-view with IWF, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I knew it was mostly worrying about my brother since it seemed like our parents were becoming even more absorbed with Blaire’s career, but another part of it was because of the most adorable little puppy that I had just gotten. The apartment had been lonely with just me in it, so I had adopted a Miniature Pinscher puppy from one of the shelters around me. Now I felt bad about leaving, even more so when she ran up to me with her ears flapping a bit and her little tail wagging.

”Aww…come here pretty girl. Mommy won’t be gone long, and Aunt Gabrielle is going to be taking care of you while I’m gone. I’ll be back as soon as I can with a shiny new title for you to look at yourself in and see that pretty face in.”

I hugged the 3 month old puppy close to me and kissed her head. I knew she couldn’t really understand me, but it made me feel a bit better in talking to her. I wasn’t as cold hearted as everyone thought I was…animals and my brother were my soft spots, so the last couple of days had been interesting and kind of out of character for me. I wasn’t used to being nice or sweet anymore…I hadn’t been in years, so why would it feel alright to me? It was just more natural for me to be a cold hearted bitch in all reality. I carried Princess over to the crate that I had bought her and made sure she had a bit of food and water as well as a puppy pad in it since I had made sure to get a larger crate than what she needed in order to train her with it. When I was satisfied with how I had her stuff settled in, I put a couple of her stuffed toys in the pink camouflage, round bed as well as her fluffy blanket before I gently placed her in the bed, making sure that she was nice and cuddled by her blanket. I gave her a small smile and closed the crate, knowing Gabrielle would take her out and take care of her when she came by later.

”You be good, pretty girl. Mommy will bring you a special toy back with her when she comes home. I love you.”

I straightened up and walked away from her crate, frowning when I heard her start to whine. I hated hearing her whine, but if I didn’t get on the road then I wouldn’t make it to the pay-per-view on time. I sighed softly and grabbed my suitcase and duffle bag from beside the door before opening my front door and walking out of it, giving my new puppy one last, quick look. I heard the door click shut behind me, and I turned to lock it before making my way down the stairs and to the parking lot. It was only minutes later that I was pulling out of the parking lot and was getting on the road for my future victory in the battle royale for a shot at the Uprising Championship.

Nothing Is As It Seems
Starring: Megan Andrews

”A battle royale for a title match in the very next match…most would think that the match order seems a bit silly, but I welcome it. I’ve always worked best under pressure, despite what everyone may think. I've stayed quite up until now because I've rather enjoyed seeing my opponents make absolute fools of themselves. They all think they're some hot shit when in reality, they're nothing more than lucky little boys and girls that were thrown into this match. They're nothing compared to who should be the, already, obvious winner in this I don't see this children as competition; I see them as nothing more than bumps in the road that are standing in my way of getting my first taste at IWF gold.

I don't know how anyone could see them as real competition as it is. We've got some guys that are wannabe wrestlers, a guy that needs to seriously have his ego deflated and dick cut off for being such a sexist, and a woman that, I suppose, could give me some actual competition. The Burning Star is back in action and ready to take some names down for victims. I don't know why management even bothered with the match because with who they've put me against, this match is going to be a walk in the park compared to some indy matches that I've taken part in. It really is kind of sad when an indy match has more competition in it than a pay-per-view match with a big name company.

And of course it all comes around to the champion...has he even been seen or heard from since the card was announced? I sure as Hell haven't seen him anywhere or heard anything from would think that Ashe Corvin would want to throw his two cents in about his 'possible' opponent since it is his title reign at stake. I suppose he's just like every other typical male...running scared with his tale between his legs at the thought of a woman being better than him. It wouldn't surprise me really, you see that more often than you would actually believe.

I don't care who I have to go through or what I have to do in order to win this match. I will emerge victorious, and I will move on to face Ashe for the Uprising Championship. Before the night is over, a new champion will be crowned, and it will be ME. It's time for some changes around here, and I'm just the one to bring in those changes. I hope all of you boys and girls are ready because it's time for me to burn brightly, and I don't care who gets hurt in the process of it all."


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PostSubject: Re: David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor   

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David Caid [vs.] Masochist Messiah [vs.] Brad Franklin [vs.] Guy LeDouche [vs.] Cameron Thomas [vs.] Kandi Kash [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Sah'ta Thor
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