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 Ace Static[vs.] Corey Bull

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PostSubject: Ace Static[vs.] Corey Bull   Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:28 am



IWF Record: 24 Wins 7 Losses 2 Draws
Overall Pro Wrestling Record: 42 Wins 8 Losses 2 Draws

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PostSubject: Re: Ace Static[vs.] Corey Bull   Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:47 pm

"We're All WHORES.. just SOME of US get PAID"
The world ended today.
Corvis Bull.
With the knife in MY hand
That brought fourth this flood.

Where do you want me to start? You want me to say some cheesy "Pray for Boston" shit? Nah.. I don’t believe in a higher power. Fuck that wizardry. What happened, happened. Every fucking day Marines get blown into pieces from those “pressure cooker bombs”. You want me to say something nice? Not happening. I don't care about any of the stuff that happened? I honestly don't, I only care about myself and my own fucking problems.


Yeah, that’s what everyone should be praying for. What those two Russians did couldn’t hold a candle to what is in store for Corvis Bull. After the beat down Corvis, receives from me… this won’t be IWF’s homecoming but the True Boston Massacre. What happened at the Marathon; complete Childs play.

I’ve been in Boston for more then a week. I hate it. I hate the entire East Coast.

I’m close to New Jersey.. Where I grew up. I can’t stand it.

IWF Homecoming was supposed to be, in my hometown of LA. Everything in LA is better. You don’t have stupid foreigners bombing marathons. Why? Because if you look at someone wrong in LA you get fucking stabbed. And quite frankly no one has time for any of this.. There would be no marathons; and no pressure cooker bombs.. Before the retard could place one somewhere he would be ran over quicker then his brother by some skank in a Hummer, putting on her make-up, Liking pictures on instagram, talking on the phone and driving with her fucking knees.

Ugh female drivers.

SO I’ve been here in Boston, TOO long.. ALL THIS RED SOX PRIDE AND DUMB ACCENTS! This whole tour has really been bothering me, Fuck Corvis Bull. EVERYTHING SUCKS yet I met this chick who seems to be able to hang with Ace Static. Her name is Car-I Riot. She came to America with me, with more heart and passion then any skank in that IWF locker room… (maybe not counting Jaci.. I <3 YA JAYC) she is going to be the second ever trainee of the HFF-wrestling academy.

So Car-I and I have been travel buddies.. We’ve been taking great care of each other.


♣Car-I Riot Loyal♣ @CarIRiotLoyal
Cheesy lines #Adorable #IfDoneRight

Sal Stətson☭ @AceStatic
@CarIRiotLoyal do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because:

♣Car-I Riot Loyal♣ @CarIRiotLoyal
@AceStatic #NoSexTape #OneTimeOnly

Sal Stətson☭ @AceStatic
@CarIRiotLoyal I’m not sharing this.
Hell no, I am not sharing this. This Boston tour has sucked balls. First; any trip without Axle Vengeance is FUCKING boring.. Second we were all locked down in our hotel rooms. And the only bit of shining light I had was Car-I. We tweeted back and fourth, I assumed we were joking around but.. She sent me a text so I knew it was legit.

I quickly text messaged her back. Yep. I put a little winky face with the tongue sticking out. Girls love those.

So we open up to Nine-Zero. It’s Boston’s newest, most expensive Hotel. Five stars. It’s weird. This hotel keeps their suites on the second floor. Our room was, on the second floor. Obviously. Right in front of the hotel. Only bad part was.. The bedroom window overlooked the front door canopy.

Room 222.

Standing in front of the door, you would think you accidentally left cine-a-max on and poof! SKINAMAX! But this isn’t some tv-porn. Behind lucky door number 222 is Ace and Car-I. It sounds like Car-I is having a GREAT night. We slowly fade in.. There I am looking like a champ. Car-I is laying underneath me her legs are wrapped around my hips. She lays there. Even with “sex hair” she looks hot obviously we’ve been working at this for awhile.

She writhes under me.
Her moans grow louder and louder.. Styg take notes. JAY-C eat your heart out. Obviously building up. I smirk down at her not stopping. Quickening my pace. Sounding like we’re hiking through the WETLANDS… I continue. Her back arches. Eyes squint closed, Her legs tighten around my waist. One of her hands twist in her dyed hair and the other: pushing her nails into my back scratching me all over making it look like I took a lynching..

Collapsing beside her; I grin. Car-I is trying to catch her breathe. She is a REALLY… REALLY GOOD FRIEND. As we both lay there, she turns to her side and is sort of cuddling me. I don’t mind it. She is pretty rad. I kiss her ontop of her head as we lay there. My iphone lights up and vibrates.. It has been viberating the whole time. Don’t people know if I don’t respond leave me the fuck alone. I sigh as I reach over and grab my phone.. Car-I looks up at me with a sarcastic smirk…

“ Sacagawea's spiritual guide must have told her you were having sex with a white woman"

[[I look over at Car-I and smile. Not only was she attractive as fuck, she was a asshole just like myself. I shake my head as I grab my phone. She rest her head on my chest, as I slide my finger across my phone unlocking it, confused I look at the number, clicking on the message it wasn’t a iphone because I’ve received these as text messages. Opening the message there are three two pictures my heart sinks to the bottom of my stomach as I spring out of bed only clad only in boxer shorts. Dropping my phone onto the mattress. Dashing over to the window I peer out, nothing. I sprint over to the door. It’s locked. Car-I has my phone… ]]

“ huh, this lighting really does me justice, I mean look at that! even my O face is gorgeous, I always thought that maybe I would look like a howler monkey, but now i can O all day with confidence”[/b]

[[I walk over and sit on the side of the bed. Car-I crawls over next to me. Covering herself with the blankets as if she was wrapped in a toga. Somehow, someone took pictures of us from that window. Someone got a show. I grab my phone and shoot a text back to that number.]]

Sal Stetson (Me.) 1:36am
Who is this?

Unknown Number 1:38am
Your worst nightmare.

Sal Stetson (Me.) 1:39am

Unknown Number 1:41am

[[And BOOM goes the dynamite. My heart begin to beat just a little bit faster and my face contorted into a scowl.

It was Corvis.

Corvis somehow FUCKING watched me and Car-I.. Corvis watched me fuck her… I am SO pissed. With all my might I throw my phone down at the ground. It bounces off the floor back onto the bed. I climb to my feet and begin to pace. My mind is racing. I go and look out the window and nothing.. I whip my eyes and shake my head maybe this is a fucking dream… I look back out nothing? No one. I let out a loud sigh as I walk over to the door… nothing. Corvis will pay for this…. I have so many emotions flowing through my body.. Every time I get something good Corvis ALWAYS has to ruin it. I shake my head trying to stop my mind from over thinking.. Car-I looks at me, I stand in front of her speechless. I am so pissed. I am gonna kill Corvis Bull.]]

“you okay sully??”

[[FUCK NO IM NOT!! I am going to rip Corvis.. Limb from limb.. His blood is going to be all over IWF’s hands. Wait what? I look at her very quizzical… Did she just ask if I was Ok? Wow. I haven’t had anyone ask me that in years. Looking at her I don’t know how to answer.]]

“ There just pictures of us having sex, nothing to get mad about. You look good I look good and lets be honest, if the pictures get outthe person who took them is going to look like some perverted bird watcher.”

“Car, I am sorry.”

[[I sit down next to Car-I. I place my hand on hers.]]

“I’m not a good guy.

I know who is behind this, Corvis Bull.

I’ve done things too Corvis, that were equally worse. What he done tonight. He will pay. I give you my word. The horrible things I’ve done is because they needed to be done. Corvis; ripped every skeleton out of my closet, He burned my childhood home to the ground. He defiled my mothers grave and my sis-ter…”

[[As I’m talking a lump develops in my throat. Before I could even get out the word “sister” my eyes begin to well up with tears and my voice cracks like I am a prepubescent nerd trying to get laid. ]]

“Corvis; raped and murdered my sister.. And I should have been there to save her. I should have been a better brother and told her to stay away from Corvis… Car-I, I’m sorry I dragged you in this. Corvis will pay”

[[My foot taps on the ground as my blood boils. I look over at Car-I and she sits there silent. Almost in shock, over what I just said. My eyes still water. I hate thinking about not being able to save Liz from Corvis. Because I could have, I could have killed him right then and there and the rolls could have been reverse. Liz Stetson could be alive today and that waste of space Corvis could be in the ground. I shake my head..]]

“Sal, You shouldn't blame yourself for your sister’s mistake. Do you honestly think warning her would have kept her away? I’m guessing, probably not.

As for your mother? what he defiled, was nothing more than dirt and stone., because she isn't there anymore, she lives on through you, just like your sister does. And now your sister is somewhere, where guys like Corvis won’t hurt her again.

Your childhood home will always remain with you through your memory,
You can’t always go to the bad when you think of things Sal, sometimes you have to think of good.”[/b]

[[Her words, pierce through me like daggers. Not knowing what to think. A smile crosses. My face, thinking about the good things.. Maybe this was why Car-I was put in my life? I raise my eyebrow as my eyes still drip with tears. Slowly drying up]]

“Thanks Car-I“.

“why don’t you go take a nice long bubble bath, maybe light some candles, play some soft music and just relax. I heard its good for the soul”

[[I shake my head and lay back in the bed, letting out a huge sigh. Looking up at Car-I, I smirk winking at her. Hopefully Corvis has his phone ready for round two.]]

”Don’t think I’m giving you pity sex

"A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free."
- Nikos Kazantzakis


Hope is Real….
”I hate people. I hate autographs. I hate it all.”
-Ace Static


[[After the tragic events that took place this entire last Month, the entire nation has been up in arms paying homage to the people of Boston and giving them all credit. The entire nation has been mourning for them so could say. IWF management moved the PPV to Boston to help in the relief funding. Obviously a big chunk of the PPV’s gross earnings will be donated to the families of all the injured civilians. So with that being said. Majority of the superstars have been visiting hospitals of the wounded.

With great compassion, we at IWF want to express our deepest condolences to everyone involved.

So we open up at St. Vincents St. Mary General Hospital. The intensive care unit. This is where all of the critical people are put. About half of these people are all unstable. Waiting on Jesus Christ or the Devil himself to welcome them “home”. Sitting there propped up against the wall looking into one of the rooms stands me. I’m dressed like the devil himself. I wear, all black skinny jeans, all black button up shirt with the sleeves ripped off Rick Vaughn style with a blue jean sleeveless vest. I wear thick rimmed hipster glasses as my hair falls into my face.

Remember that one picture of the guy whose legs where blown off and his was getting rushed by several guys with a good citizen holding his artery shut? He is right behind. Me. There he lays there with several I.V’s attached in his arms and neck pumping medicine into his body. A tube is place into his mouth pumping his lungs full of oxygen keeping him alive. I look over at him. The machines beep as it signals he is alive. I look into the camera.]]

“We’re all in this together.

This man lays here. Not only a patient clinging to life.. Fighting to remain living… but a prisoner of circumstance. Two Mondays ago, this man woke up.. Put on his little running shorts and his running shirt, tied his little NIKE running shoes and took off to run the Boston Marathon. Sure looking into his eyes now, you see nothing but Death loitering but two Mondays ago you seen ambition, determination and pride.

Maybe he wanted to win that Marathon.. Maybe he just wanted to finish. He had passion boiling through his veins and look what happened. Within minutes it was ALL took away from him. The legs he ran in on ripped away from him.. LITERALLY RIPPED AWAY FROM HIM..


Going down in history?

Personal gain?

Media attention?

That’s it. At the end of the day every human being on this planet just wants attention. Whether it’s a homeless man pandering for money on the street, Leilani begging for Stormy Raven’s lust or these two Arabic kids blowing up presser cookers. “

[[I shake my head in disgust, looking over at the man laying in the bed a sick smile creeps over my face.]]

”Corvis, whats the point?

This man is laying here..


There is no point living, his body is burned, internal organs punctured from nails, ball bearings, etc. The blast was so hellacious his legs where blown completely off his body. There is NO hope laying before me.. This man is dead. And you can ask yourself, if I have that point of you… Why?

Why am I here?

I’m not here for any of these patients. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. I could care a less. In fact I want these people to die. I WANT THEM TO DIE! I want the families of everyone of these hurt people to hurt just as much as I hurt every day for what you did to me.

I like being here.

I like looking at ALL of this carnage. Why? It prepares me for what is in store for you. Mentally Corvis this will be you. This guy who lays here getting pumped full of medicine that keeps his heart pumping… this man right here with a tube shoved down his throat electronically breathing for him is….

This is YOUR future Corvis Bull.

[[I widen my eyes as I approach the patient laying here. Placing my hand on his head. I feel nothing but coldness. This man doesn’t have much time. The family is honestly fighting a losing battle just like Corvis Bull.]]

” And you can’t avoid. Corvis, you want to play mind games?? Lets go. Figuratively speaking. The presser cookers are already placed Corvis. NOT only am I mentally going to destroy you Corvis.. Physically youre fucked. Inside that steel cage Corvis. You have no where to run.


Limb by Limb I will hack off and butcher you and your career. Your blood is on IWF’s hands!

[[I take one last look at this glorified corpse. I shake my head and walk out the door.. As I step through.. FUCK! Some retard runs my foot over.. Stopping I observe him…Tilting my head like the monster I am..]]

{Wheelchair Man} Ace…. *barely audible*

[[The kid in the wheel chair is really fucked up. Bandages wrapped around his, head and a eye patch covering his eye. He is missing a leg and a trach is placed in his throat obviously helping him breathe even though it makes him barely audible. The kid continues to try and talk to me. I don’t want to talk to anyone in a fucking wheelchair… its gross. Stepping being the kid I grab his wheel chair… Pushing him forward I push him inside the house keeping closet and close the door. ]]

Quote :
Friday April 26th 2013
Machiavelli. “Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.”

This is where I fucked up. I didn’t finish the job when I had the chance. I couldn’t I don’t know what it was but I’ve grown to hate myself more and more EVERYDAY since. Corvis I will not have a change of heart coming, this Sunday. I am going to end your career.

And then I will be able to put a close on this chapter of my life and Liz Stetson can finally rest in peace.

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Corey Bull

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PostSubject: Re: Ace Static[vs.] Corey Bull   Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:52 pm

~Bull is lying in a bed, the room surrounded in darkness, with a wall of candles surrounding Bull. Calypso sits naked at the end of the bed on the floor, a bowl in front of here filled with something. She tosses an unknown substance into the bowl and it sparks up a fire, then smoke starts to drift up and over the lying Bull~

”Drift my Hatebringer, sink deeper into the darkness and seek out the wisdom that you need. Seek it, find it, feel it and flow with it.”

~The smoke drifts slowly over Bull. His body is covered in archaic markings, their very nature unknown to the rest of us, but what they could possibly mean is disaster if the Voodoo Queen gets it her way. She closes her eyes and starts to wobble back and forth, a low chant in some language rolling out of her mouth as the whole world seems to freeze and come to a crashing halt~

~The turmoil that is the mind of Corey Bull is sending a plethora of lightening bolts to the ground, as the whole place seems to be locked in an epic battle of mother nature. The winds are whipping, the rain is coming down in sheets, and the thunder is rumbling the very foundation of everything. And in the center of the mess is one spot of pure calm, bars of sunlight shine down through the thick clouds to highlight an area on the open field. The many minds of Bull are all here, kneeling on one knee and heads bowed, including Corey himself. After all, when Bull dreams, this is usually where he comes. All 7 heads snap up and there is a fire in them, but unlike any ever seen it is as if the very flames are coming out of their eyes and flickering. The light in front of them swirls into a form and slowly becomes Elizabeth Stetson, the sister of Ace Static.

”It is good to see you Corey. I have missed you. The other side is not the same without you.”

~All 7 sets of eyes look up to Elizabeth, the woman who was once known as Krystal Meth, the sister of Ace Static…and the secret lover of Corey Bull.~

”I see that you have brought forth the hounds of war. Ace is in your sights again. I believe in you. I have never stopped loving you. Calypso may have you now, but you are mine now and forever.”

~Elizabeth walks to Bull and caresses the mask as she tilts the head up~

”Just like I never stopped loving Sal. I just despised him becoming Ace. No matter what, I have continued to love Sal. But Ace is another story. I blame Ace and Axle for my death! I blame them for robbing me of my time with you! So I now charge you with a holy quest of vengeance! Bring my brother back to the light! Return him to me!”

~Elizabeth walks away and turns, her beautiful face taking in the entire seen~




~Those beautiful lips smile as the twinkle is seen in her eye as she barley speaks the last part~

”….by any means necessary.”

~All 7 look up and the flames erupts from their eyes. Suddenly, Elizabeth disappears and all 7 scream this terrible howl, like an animal that has just been mortally wounded. But the howl isn’t in here…..~

~Corey Bull shoots straight up out of bed, the howl that is erupting from him sending animals within a mile radius of him scrambling for cover. His eyes, like those of a predator, look straight forward. A snarl comes out of his lips. He turns and grabs the mask, sliding it over his face. Calypso is staring wide eyed at him and for the first time, looks scared. Bull stands and starts to leave~

”Where are you going my Hatebringer?”

~Bull stops and rolls his shoulders, as his voice comes out in a whisper~

”To a graveyard.”

~Calypso just stares at him as he walks out of the room and everything fades to black~

~Nine-Zero, Bostons newest hotel. We are near the parking garage and obviously getting images from a hand held unit, as it is looking over the front of the hotel, zooming into a particular room. No giggle, no huff, but more of a snarl comes from behind the camera. It continues to march into the parking garage, the camera swinging back and forth like a predator scenting the air. After a few minutes, it stops in front of a car. There is some jostling and the camera finally settles and around from behind it comes Corey Bull. He walks over and sits on the car hood and turns around. His voice is haunting, deep and foreboding. His eyes almost appear to be somewhere else when he talks**

”Finally Ace. There is going to be nowhere for you to run. Nowhere for you to hide. And no Axle or Damien to help you out.”

“Whats the matter Ace? Are the odds finally even for once? Can Ace Static survive the onslaught that is coming for him? Maybe….maybe not. It doesn’t matter to the world. It doesn’t matter to a lot of people Ace. You are nothing more then a user. Everything and anybody. You use something till there is nothing left then you toss it to the side. Just like you did to Elizabeth.”

~Bull becomes more animate for the first time, standing up and walking behind the camera. He comes back with a sledge hammer and starts to level shots into the car. The side windows are smashed in and the hood takes a few shots before Bull tosses the sledge down and turns to the camera~

”WELL THERE YOU GO ACER! Just another thing to toss to the side. This car, rental or otherwise, is no longer of use to you. That’s how you are Ace. Use it, abuse it, toss it off. Well we are going to walk into Homecoming and enter that cage with the same thought in mind. We are going to beat you so bad that the paramedics will not be able to piece you together and then just toss you off to the side of the road like a raccoon hit by an eighteen wheeler! We are going to make you pay for EVERYTHING! We are going to make you pay for what you and Axle did to Alexis, no matter how much that bitch deserved it. We are coming to take you out for the things you did to our disabled sister!! SHE HAS THE MIND OF A TWELVE YEAR OLD YOU FUCK!! We are going to make you pay for all the turmoil and pain you put Elizabeth through. And then we are going to extract our revenge for you TAKING HER FROM US! YES YOU! We blame you fully and one hundred percent for Liz’s death. No one else Ace. You took her from us. And now we are going to take from you. Over and over….and over again!”

~Bull again walks off screen and when he returns, he is carrying some large object, but his back is to the camera. He lifts it and jabs it with great force into the hood, as metal and glass crumple under the blow. Bull turns and lifts the camera from its tripod and stares into it~

”You have fucked with the wrong individual….”

~Bull chuckles, a maniacal sound~

”…who are we kidding. YOU HAVE FUCKED WITH THE WRONG MONSTER ACER!! We are not coming to play this stupid wrestling game so many others play. We are coming to rip you apart and show your corpse to the world! Like one big fucking trophy. Tim Patrick can raise the title above his head with pride….we are going to raise our very own ACE FUCKING STATIC! Blood loss included. It is going to be a day of pain for you Ace. And nothing in this world or the next is going to stop us from removing your head! Welcome to your nightmare.”

~The camera jostles as Bull sets is t on the car and the sound of his boots walking away is heard. The camera us now facing a granite tombstone with one name on it.~

Elizabeth Stetson


[03:20:37] @ Chuck Matthews : "I don't always like people...but when I do, I FUCKING DON'T.  Stay angry, my friends." -Corey Bull
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PostSubject: Re: Ace Static[vs.] Corey Bull   

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Ace Static[vs.] Corey Bull
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