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 Jaci Sovereign & Aries Armadaist [vs] Parker & Steel Angel

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PostSubject: Jaci Sovereign & Aries Armadaist [vs] Parker & Steel Angel   Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:29 am



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PostSubject: Re: Jaci Sovereign & Aries Armadaist [vs] Parker & Steel Angel   Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:37 pm

I don't know! I don't know why i did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and
I don't know why I'll do it again!
-Bart Simpson-

Prologue // You Put Your Faith In The Right Hands But Now You Must Let It Go
Co-Star // Aries Amradaist //Suncorp Stadium // Brisbane Australia // Off camera

After it was all said and done, Jaci and Aries were leaving Battlegrounds as the new IWF tag team champions, and already the formers, Parker and Angel, were looking to cash in their rematch clause at Homecoming. Not because they thought they were cheated, but because they respected the efforts of their opponents. It wasn’t something Jaci was used to, usually after a match she is prepared to pull out the tiniest violin and start playing it to their melody of continuous complaints and excuses. This time, however, there were no excuses, because both teams brought their A game, and both teams did everything they could to win.

Once behind the curtain, Jaci knew the true meaning on why they wanted a rematch and it wasn’t because it was in the rulebook. They wanted redemption for their poor performance as a team. It was obvious that neither of them trusted one another and it showed in the ring. Especially when Steel Angel thought it was necessary to tag himself into the ring. He knew if he didn’t, parker would have never tagged him in to begin with. It almost made Aries and Jaci seem like the veterans in the match instead of the rookies.

Jaci looked over at her partner and watched as he did some sort of victory dance combo of the running man, robot, and the sprinkler. She couldn’t help but raise her eyebrow at his goofy behavior. It was like he never held a title before and just as fast as she thought it, he threw the championship acrossed the hall like it was some deadly spider as reality seemed to hit him. There was so much responsibility and pressure when holding a title. There was no slacking off, you had to work ten times as hard, and if you lose just one match, people will start to lose faith in your ability in being a champion.

Looking at the title in her hands, she lifted it up to get a closer look at the plating. Smoothing her thumbs over the cool medal, even started to trace the engraves of the design. Its been been a long time since she held a championship belt. In fact the last title she carried had the same prestige as the one she was holding now.

/heh, the one thing I was trying to avoid is now in my hands/

She mused.

/Apparently fate has a sick sense of humor. If I wasn’t going to get a title on my own then he was going to direct me to someone who would. Sadly,/

She sighed as she looked up at Aries.

He was pacing back and forth, seemingly debating rather or not he should pick up his title or not. His attitude was a bit surprising. She assumed he would be on his knees, clutching his title as he cried like bumbling baby, but this was the exact opposite.

/Fate stuck me with an Idiot./

Shaking her head, Jaci draped her title over her shoulder as she walked over to where Aries belt had landed. Looking over her shoulder she watched as Aries just stood there, chewing on his nails as though it was corn on the cob. Rolling her eyes, she bent over, picking up the title, before straightening up and walking back to her partner extending his title to him.

Jaci Sovereign: You did good kid. Surprised a lot of people out there, even me. /she extends the title further towards him/ You deserve this, don’t toss this opportunity away because you can’t deal with the responsibilities. You have had plenty of times to back out, now its time to buck up or shut up.

Her voice became stern as she pushed the title against his chest, basically making him take the title away from her.

Aries Armadaist: But now I’m just a big gigantic target. Now we got all eyes on us, and I can’t... I can’t do what I do, I can’t, I JUST CAN’T!

Jaci’s eyes grew wide as she leaned away from him, surprised about how he was reacting to this new found glory.

There was two ways she could handle this. She could either be insensitive, tell him to deal with it like she really wanted to or she could try to communicate in a way that Aries would only understand.

Thinking for a moment she cleared her throat.

Jaci Sovereign: You know, holding a title can get you a lot of attention. Especially from the women variety...

She trails off a bit noticing he is perking up a bit, like a little puppy dog who just heard his squeak toy. Lucky she was on the right track because she almost wanted to assume that he was gay.

Jaci Sovereign: But /sigh/ if you don’t want that kind of publicity /takes his title away from him/ then I have no trouble carrying the titles for both of us. I have done it many times before so I am used to this kind of thing, or maybe I could force someone to be my partner, and then they can get all the benefits that comes with being a champion. Let me see... /she begins to think/ Theres Blyss, I can trust her and I am sure she wouldn’t mind being handed another title. Then there is Tim, he has been wanting a title for quite some time now. Or maybe...

Just then, Aries raised his hands, palms out, as he waved them back and forth letting her know that he had heard enough.

Aries Armadaist: Alright, Jazz, slow your role. I wasn’t complaining about THAT kind of attention, it’s the other kind of attention I’m contemplating now. You know, the one that consists of the half naked dudes in spandex who may also be fond of these belt type contraptions we now have in our possessions. That kind of attention does nothing for me. That kind of attention makes my job harder than it already is.

Narrowing her eyes she almost couldn’t believe what was coming out of his mouth. As a wrestler, you go against half naked people all the time, no matter if they are a man or a woman. So for him to just realize that NOW he would have a problem with it and to suddenly come down with a case of Gymnophobia was just weird, really weird, and It made Jaci a little bit upset.

When they worked out together, all he could talk about was how he was going to be the biggest wrestler ever, because not only was he going to dominate over the human race but the animal kingdom as well.

After his rant of “domination” (that Jaci barely listened to) he proceeded to challenge a cat who was grooming himself in front of the gym entrance. Aries accused the cat of talking poorly about his mother the last time they were there and its sad to say his determination march of revenge to attack the cat was cut short when he ran straight into the glass door. Jaci was surprised that the glass didn’t shatter with that thick skull of his.

Jaci Sovereign: Harder you say? aren’t you already planning to double book yourself every week? I mean won’t that make things harder for you? I would say winning a title that you share with another person is the least of your worries. If you want to show that you're the best against two legged and four legged mammals I suggest you stop acting like a baby and take it like a man, because you ASKED for this. You WANTED this. I’m the one that was forced into this duo and I’m taking it WAY better than you are.

Aries took a step closer to her telling her to “Shhh” as he talked loudly in a quieter tone.

Aries Armadaist: LOOK! This is a situation i’ve played a thousand times in my head. But, planning to be here, and actually being here are two different things. I dunno, maybe it’s the reality of the situation all hitting me at once. I’ve never been in this position before. I’ve never held a real Championship before, period. You can think I’m a goof all you want, but I’m still allowed to be afraid, goddammit.

Jaci looked at him a bit concerned and for wants she was actually taking him seriously. She no longer saw the goofy goober in front of her who would do just about every annoying thing to get under your skin. It was almost like he went from being a kid to an adult in one point five seconds, but the fact that he had lost faith in his ability to be a champion didn’t sit well with her, at all. He put his faith in her to help him win and knowing that she did everything she could to make it happen, putting her selfishness aside. So for him to lose his confidence over something he wanted and over something she helped him achieve, it didn’t sit well with her at all.

Jaci Sovereign: Are you saying, that you’re not confident in us as a team anymore?

She asked sadly, disappointment playing in her tone.

Jaci Sovereign: I have your back even if I think you’re a horrible person for forcing me into this. I stuck by you and you stuck by me. If you didn’t want this, then why did you try so hard to achieve it? Why even make me your tag team partner?

Thinking for a moment studying his face, she seemed to have figured out why exactly he wanted her to be his partner.

Jaci Sovereign: You didn’t pick me to assure your victory did you? You picked me to assure that you would lose. You knew I didn’t want this and you figured I would flake.

He seemed to be growing more annoyed the more she continued to badger him with questions. But, instead of lashing out in some tantrumed induced fit of rage, he seemed to manage to keep his composure, instead exhaling a heavy breath through his nostrils as his brow narrowed at her.

Aries Armadaist: Don’t be stupid. If I wanted someone who was just going to cost me my title match, I would have stuck with Eric Steel, or some other scrub on the roster. Are the Tag Titles the ones I was hoping to nab when I was in that ladder match? No, I’ll make no bones about that. But, what I am is an opportunist. I had a legitimate shot at a Championship belt, and I had every intention of making the most of it. That’s why I chose you. Not because I thought you would flake. I picked you for the exact opposite reason. Because I knew you were the one person on this roster I could trust the most to help me succeed here. I knew you would be above whatever petty grudge you have against me, and you would put this match and this Championship before any of that. And, I’m not saying I don’t have confidence in us as a team, otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered with any of this. And, I’m not saying I don’t have confidence in you as my partner. I’m saying... I dunno if I have confidence in me now.

Staring at him it was obvious she had calmed down from her emotional episode, but she also knew he needed to learn that if you want to make a team work, you're going to have to have confidence in every expect. Sure, she wasn’t too confident when going into their tag match but that was mostly because there was a huge chance they could lose. The stack was heavily against them after all.But during this time she learned a valuable lesson a lesson she was now going to teach Aries but in her opinion, he was going to learn it the easy way.

Jaci Sovereign: Well If you don’t have confidence in yourself /hands aries his title/ then you don’t have confidence in me /hands aries her title/ and you definitely don’t have confidence in us.

Aries Armadaist: No, don’t you try and turn this around and make me the bad guy here. I know what you’re trying to do. I don’t need you trying to psych evaluate me right now, Jaci.

Jaci Sovereign: I can’t be partners with a man who isn’t sure he wants this. There have been to many times that I was used just so a man could hold a title and get a free ride on my coattails. You used me to get these /she gestures her hand towards the title/ supposedly, and now you don’t even want them, not even half of them. People would kill to be in your shoes right now. I went against everything I believed in, everything I wanted just so you could achieve your goal, and I will be damned if I am going to let you fuck this opportunity up for your self. So until you can manage to get your balls out of your throat, You can go find yourself another partner that will carry your sorry ass.

Shaking her head, Jaci turned her back towards him walking away from her partner as Aries remained silent for a moment, even narrowing his eyes at her as his lip curled into a snarl.

Whatever devious thought he may have been having was interrupted, however, when he noticed the duo had managed to attract a small grouping of people during their conversation. Maybe even people who simply wanted to congratulate them on their victory before they realized the two were bickering.

This was exactly the last thing he needed; word getting out that he and Jaci may not even be a functioning unit any longer. He needed to sweep any bad press this may get under the rug immediately.

Aries Armadaist: HEY, it’s cool Jazz, I got this, don’t sweat it! I’ll lug around both titles, no problemo, tag amigo! Go get em all nice and shiny and polished... It’ll be GREAT! Hey, hope to see you out there at my match next we--No? OK THATS COOL TOO! Busy lady, I know how it is... I too am busy... Just not a lady. Yeah, it’s cool.... Lemme know if you see any alligators around.

To share our stories is not only a worthwhile endeavor for the storyteller,
but for those who hear our stories and feel less alone because of it.
-Joyce Maynard -

Chapter Two // A Penny For Your Thoughts
Co-Star // Matt Haven // Burlington // North Dakota // Off Camera

After Jaci helped Aries capture the tag team titles, there was a lot she needed to reflect on. That moment alone changed the whole dynamic on how she was going to go about her career as her relationship with Stygian changed the whole dynamic on how she was going to live her life. There was just so many emotional obstacles that she couldn’t get around without breaking the rules in her personal rule book as it caused questions to over crowd her mind, and no matter how she tried to make sense of everything, the more complicated everything seemed to get.The more she beat herself up on the inside the more it began to show on the outside and soon the people around her started to take notice.

Blyss has asked on more than one occasion if she has been feeling alright and Jaci simply answered with a “yeah, i’m fine just not getting any sleep.” Blyss never pushed the matter further as she just giggled, her mind wandering in the gutter and when the answers started to become repetitive she just stopped asking. Stygian on the other hand, was a different story. He started to see right through her charade and just suggested, nicely, that maybe it would be best for her to take some time to herself. Go back home, and sort through what ever it was she was going through, because it was obvious she wasn’t going to let him help her.

She took his advice, just dropped off the grid but that didn’t last long as her secrets began to eat away at her...

//Jaci stood out on her porch, pacing back and forth nervously, as her hands clutched her phone tightly. Deep down she almost wanted to break it, so then the decision would be made for her. To not call him. Closing her eyes, she lifted up the phone taking a deep breath, before opening them back up as her thumb began to mindlessly go through her contact list, but as soon as his face appeared on her screen she hesitated, and no matter how much she wanted to, she couldn’t push the call button.

Her grip tightened around the phone as she began to get frustrated with herself. Taking a seat on the stoop, she let out a sigh as she pressed the edge of the phone to her forehead before then lightly tapping it. No matter how many times she played out the scenario in her head there was no silver lining, no way of knowing that she would be able to get out of this unscaved. The worst part of it, was that after she told him, there was no turning back.

How do you tell someone that at any day they could lose you and there was nothing they could do about it, no way for them to protect you. There wasn’t even a sure way she could guarantee that they would be able to share a life with one another if it got that far. It’s the reason why she had to tell him for his sake. She didn’t want him to waste anymore time on her if he couldn’t see that maybe there was a future, it was only fair.

Looking back at her phone, she put her free hand through her hair as she again went through the process, moving her thumb around the screen and went out even a second thought she pressed the call button but as soon as it connected her eyes grew wide, her heart began to beat faster and faster as her brain was now processing what she had just done. Soon she began to hear the ring and already she was shaking her head whispering to herself repeatedly...

/please don’t answer, please don’t answer/

"Hey babe, what's up?"

The sound of his voice caused Jaci’s heart to drop and she was frozen. Her mouth opened but nothing was coming out.

"Jaci? Jaci? Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaci? Jace? Are you there? Did you butt dial me?"

Her eyes began to flutter before she closed them tight, snapping out of whatever trance she found herself in.

Standing up, Jaci began to walk out on the sidewalk.

“No, I didn’t butt dial you /soft laugh/ it was intentional. I just... wasn’t expecting you to answer /sighing/ that... didn’t sound very... /shakes her head/ I was... just calling to see, if you had anything planned for the rest of week.”

Rolling her eyes she was wondering why she was dragging this out, and the way she was handling the situation was stupid. She was making it sound worse than it was, like at any moment she was going to drop the bomb that she was going to break up with him.

"I, No I don't." There was awkward silence on the line before he cleared his throat. "Jaci? Is everything alright?"

Kicking the dirt at her feet, she looked up, her eyes swelling,knowing she couldn’t tip toe around the inevitable and she could no longer lie to him.

“No, everything's not alright.” She began trying to keep her composure.“I, I have been keeping something from you and it could change a lot between us.”

Moving the phone away from her, she didn’t want him to know that she was crying. Wiping a tear from her cheek she did the best she could to collect her self.

“So I was hoping that you could come, here, so we can talk. Please?”

The ‘please’ didn’t come out like a question, it sounded more like she was asking him to give her the benefit of the doubt. At this point, she wouldn’t blame him if he already thought the worst, in fact she wouldn’t hold it against him if he didn’t want to come at all and hear what she had to say.

His end of the line was quiet for a few seconds, it probably felt like a lot longer than it actually was.
"I knew it. You actually don't like Van Halen, do you?" He laughed. "I'm kidding, but you are going to have to tell me where 'here' is."

Taking a breath she closed her eyes, feeling irritated now.

This was a vulnerable moment for her. A side of her that rarely is ever shown and here he was making jokes. But, instead of doing what she usually did and focus on the negative. Which at this point would be Jason’s insensitivity, she decided to focus more on the fact, that it seemed like he was willing to come.

“To my house in Burlington. I took your advice and, I’m afraid it lead me to a place where I can’t depend on myself to get me through. /she laughs slightly, still in shock that she is even doing this/ I no longer want to burden my self but instead I would like to share that responsibility with you. If you're up for the task.”

"Alright. Looks like I can't fly directly I can fly to Minot and rent a car. Earliest I can get there is tomorrow afternoon. That gonna be alright?"

“That, sounds perfect /deep breathe/ you have no idea how much this means to me.”

Jaci was beside herself, and for a moment she didn’t believe what she was hearing and she almost felt bad and wanted to somehow lighten up the situation like he tried to before.

“May I suggest you bring a firearm?”

"Am I going to need one?"

Thinking for a moment, he didn’t technically need one but shooting off some rounds is a good way to release tension...

“Not necessarily, but I think it might help.”//

It’s been three days since she made that call, and now she was sitting on her couch face to face with her overly dressed cousin Matt. The closest thing she will ever get to having another brother in her life and he was just staring at her, his gears turning in his head as he looked around the house that had pile of boxes stuffed in each corner, the only things that were set up were the necessities, finally he looked back at her his face turning from being intrigued to one of concern and anger.

Matt: He didn’t show up did he?

Tilting her head, narrowing her eyebrows, she wondered why he would just assume the worst since he was also so optimistic about everything. Well only things that he could have control over, her condition was not something he thought optimistically about.

Jaci: why would you just assume that he didn’t come?

Matt: For starters, I don’t see anything around here that says that a man has been here. No extra luggage, no extra glass in the sink. From your description of the guy, I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss him, I mean how could I?/he scoots closer to Jaci, talking in almost a whisper/ So why don’t you just tell me the truth so I can go find him and do my cousinly duty and do my best to kick his ass in your honor.

Her lips quivered into a smile, knowing it would be best to smile rather then bust out in hysterical laughter. Matt wasn’t the biggest man in the word but he wasn’t the shortest. What he lacked in fighting ability he replaced with being cunning and strategic moves

Jaci: I... appreciate that you would get your ass handed to you in my honor, but it isn’t needed.

He examined her face, as he leaned back into the couch looking for any possible signs of her coaxing him into believing something that wasn’t true.

Matt: are you saying that he came?

All she did was smile, tilting her into her hand as her elbow rested on the back of the couch.

Jaci: with his beretta mm9...

//Instead of having him meet her at her house, she decided to meet him at her firing range where her childhood home used to be. After she had it burned to the ground, she didn’t know what to do with the land, all she knew was that she didn’t want to sell it. So she made some use out of it.

She waited for him outside, her clothes stained in oil and grease, as she sat in a grass patch just outside the door. When she saw Jason pulling up, she watched and him for a second before getting up and walking over to him as he pulled in. Smiling as he opened up the door she was keeping her distance cause at this point in time a simple hug or anything could send her over the edge and she really didn’t want him to see her cry.

“Glad to see you finally showed, I was beginning to think that maybe you backed out.”

He looked at her through his sunglasses, and she could just picture the way he was looking at her.

“When are you going to start realizing that I’m a man of my word?”

he said as shrugged, holding his arms out slightly with a knowing smile on his face. In response to his theory of “she should know this already”, she rolled her eyes and started to approach him.

“So what were you working on?”

For a moment she looked at him a bit confused until it finally clicked that he was referring to the stains on her clothing. Pulling some of the stained fabric away from her body, she examined the darkened spots for a moment wondering what else it could be other than oil and grease.

“The Mustang. Had a cracked radiator, so I had to replace it, then I had to drain the oil, check the tires, air pressure...”

She continued listing off the things she tinkered with, slowing down the closer he got to her. As he went to place a hand on her shoulder she cowardly away from him like he was going to hurt her which caused him to look at her oddly as he slowly retreating his hand.

“I’m not going to hurt you Jaci.”

He said as he looked at her concerned, wondering what he could have done to make her act that way around him.

Tightening her arms around herself, she began to rub her forearms slightly as she more or less looked passed him, not wanting to make eye contact.

“I know, it’s just if you touch me right now... I won’t be able to hold myself together.”//

Matt: So you told him? Everything?

Nodding her head, Matt was kind of beside himself. He never thought Jaci would be the type to open up to someone well, besides him any way since he was the closest family she had.

Matt: Did he say anything?

Jaci: Not at first. He was quiet, for a really long time. It felt like we were standing there for hours. He said he didn’t want want me to compete anymore, which is understandable, but now that I’m one half of the tag team champions its not that easy to just hang up my boots.

Matt’s mouth was now hanging open as he stared at Jaci, baffled at what just came out of her mouth. Soon he was hitting himself in the side of the head to get him out of the trance because for a moment he couldn’t believe that he was in a reality moment.

Matt: Let me see if I heard you correctly. You, Jaci Sovereign, would give up your career for a human being , if you weren’t a champion?

Jaci: Well not exactly, I mean if I was currently holding a singles title I would have no trouble vacating it but since its a group effort, I can’t leave Aries hanging. That wouldn’t be right especially when he is counting on me. Plus he is having troubles accepting the fact that being a champion comes with higher responsibility as a competitor. Like now hes going to have to work harder if he wants to keep it.

Matt placed his hand on her forehead, feeling if she had a fever before turning his hand over to feel her cheek.

Matt: you don’t feel sick

Smacking his hand away,Jaci sighed figuring that he of all people should know that she was indeed capable of feeling sympathetic towards another human being, she raised him for god sake and he turned out alright.

Matt: you have a girl as a friend, an honest relationship, and you have a tag team partner that you actually want to work with... you got abducted by aliens didn’t you?

She just gave him a stare before she walked to the kitchen as he laughed.

All she wanted to do was sort of become Aries mentor. Guide him into learning what it is like to be a champion and hopefully in the end he can benefit from it. It would be a first for her, being a teacher to a fellow wrestler but she needed to pass on her expertise some time because it wasn’t like she was going to have children anytime soon...

If we all stand together we're a force that can shake the whole world.
- A Day To Remember -

// Thoughts //

On April 15, 2013 something tragic happened on the doorstep of IWF stomping ground. That day was supposed to be the start of a new beginning for people who had sacrificed their blood, sweat, and tears to prepare for what could have been a monumental moment of their lives. Boston Marathon. I can just imagine the excitement in the runners eyes knowing that their plan of staying in the race has paid off because right infront them was the finish line just only feet away. When they took their last breathe, that breath of relief, that they have made it, their weeks, months, of dedication and hard work was about to pay off and then in that instant, that feeling of accomplishment was ripped away, their personal victory, tarnished.

The encouraging cheers of friends, neighbors, family, acquaintances,was erased with a loud bang. The finishing line that was clearly in front them, was now blurred with smoke. Instead of being praised with victory confetti that their love ones made from scratch, it was now replaced with foreign objects and blood.

This one act of cruelty tooked 3 innocent lifes. Lifes, that were important to someone, because they were someone’s son, daughter, father, mother... the price of one, is the price of many.The men who were behind it had no remorse, no guilt. They looked upon these people as guinea pigs. They didn’t think on what these people meant to others, what they were accomplishing with their lives, because to these assassins they were all nobodys. But through these “nobodys”, a city was united, to go up against those who thought they were so righteous, who thought that they could play the hand of god. Those boys may have been somebody for a few days but those nobodys will live on forever.

The only time these assassins will be remembered, is when the victims look at their wounds, or when they look over and see that one of their limbs are missing. They will grieve, they will curse the Tsarnaev name, and they will ask god in tears “why me?”. But those memories will soon fade, and when they look down at their scar, their prosthetic limbs, they will no longer frown, they will no longer shed a tear, instead they will smile as they think back on how their town of Boston did not crumble in cowardice in the act of terrorism but how they stood up, together as one to avenge their family.

Are job, as wrestlers, are not to just entertain ,but to help people forget, even for a few hours the cruelty that goes on in this world. We are their breath of fresh air, their distraction, so its time for Insurgency to go back home, to help their family forget the travesty that was postone upon them. Our Homecoming will be the start of Bostons healing...

We go to the movies to forget about time, to be in a dream state. And it's entertainment,
distraction, from the fact that everything is kind of crumbling in front of our eyes.
-Christian Marclay-

Chapter Three // In Boston We Trust
Boston // New York // On Camera

Three weeks ago, Jaci and Aries had become the new tag team champions. Everyone was shocked that two people, who have never worked together or even faced one another were able to work so well as a team and pull a victory over the IWF veterans Parker and Angel. But with this new found glory came complications.

Most were angered at the fact that two people took the titles off of the waists of their favorite superstars which in any case was understandable especially when dealing with fans, but when that rippled through out the staff of IWF you could assume that it had become personal. Already Aries and Jaci weren’t being treated with the respect that came in becoming/being a champion especially when they didn’t revert to dirty tactics to win the titles. Instead they were brushed off and treated like they were nothing more than competitors in the eyes of the higher ups. Meetings were called, they were not invited. Decisions were made, and they weren’t even counseled. The rules were changed and they weren’t even asked their opinion. It would seem like their employers were playing a dangerous game.

Did they not hire them to give them an opportunity to prove himself? Or does that opportunity suddenly end when someone defeats their hand picked champions? It seems like all they were hired for was to be some sort of punching bags, work out equipment to keep their men on their A game. But like Boston, they will not falter, instead they will come together and fight back and show them why they hired them in the first place and to maybe help them realize that reverting back to the old ways isn’t necessarily the best.


The scene opens up to a birds eye view of a street littered with streamers, confetti, and some handmade Boston signs /Belive In Boston, Pray For Boston, We Are Boston, We Don’t Fuck Around/ and as the camera moves through the streets you could hear footsteps walking over a pebbled road and slowly but surely, the camera began to turn towards a guard rail that was surrounding a rooftop, and soon Jaci’s voice came across the gentle morning breeze.

Jaci Sovereign: I find it funny how people don’t feel any shame in showing their favoritism. Ever since me and Aries have won the tag team titles fair and square you would think people would be asking us how we would like to defend them or when we would like to defend them but apparently in this situation this isn’t the case. It was obvious to everyone that Jessica wanted Steel and Parker to be Insurgencies tag team champions which is understandable considering their history, what they have accomplished throughout the years, and what they could bring in representing the tag team division. But you would think that after they lost the titles, fairly and cleanly I might add, that maybe Jessica would look at the new tag team champions with respect and maybe even stand behind them and show them that she indeed sees them as a good representation for the division. Nope, that wasn’t the case at all.

Jaci Sovereign: When they lost the titles, Parker gave us a nice speech on how he respected us because we handed their asses to them and then they wanted round two. Aries and I couldn’t really argue do to the rematch clause but I figured we would all meet in an office to go over the details on when, where, and how.But nope, instead I was sent a letter being TOLD that me and Aries would be putting our title on the line at Homecoming. There was no contract signing, no business meeting to discuss the terms on how this was going to be handled. Just a simple be here or be square type of thing.

Jaci began to walk down the staircase that was bolted on the side of the building, guiding her left hand on the safety guardrail.

Jaci Sovereign: At first I was upset because why weren’t me and Aries included in this business decision? Why are we being told what to do instead of being asked? We are the champions right? We should decide how and when we defend our titles. But then I thought /shrug/ what did it matter? I mean honestly. If it was on a PPV or at Battlegrounds, the result would be the same. Me and Aries would again hand them their asses and tell them to have a nice day. It would be a true Boston versus the Tsarnaev Brothers moment.

Looking over the guardrail, Jaci couldn’t help but smile at the remains of what was left of Boston’s celebration because they won a battle over terrorism.

She slowly began to move downward once more, before redirecting her attention to the metal mesh steps underneath her.

Jaci Sovereign: After that, we will say our goodbyes,titles still in hand, and wish them the best of luck working their way back up the totem pole to EARN another title shot.

Stopping in her tracks, Jaci looks up at the camera, tilting her head as she leans against the “barricade”

Jaci Sovereign: So here is our match as far as I was concerned, Me, Aries, versus Grandslam in a tag team match up with out titles on the line. Simple enough right? But apparently that wasn’t going to fly with Paker and Steel because at Battlegrounds they announced that our tag team match was going to be an elimination table match. When I heard this, again I wondered, why me and Aries wasn’t told or even asked if this was okay since we are the champions after all.

Jaci Sovereign: As I listened to Parker and Steel whine and moan as they admit that they suck as a team, which we all knew, and how the only way they could win is on their own, which doesn’t make any sense since Parker just lost to Blyss last week in a straight up singles match, but whatever. The way I see it, me and Aries are not getting recognized as the tag team champions. Instead Parker and Steel are still being treated as though they are still champions and they have control on what goes on. Luckily for me and Aries, they’re not that smart.

Raising her eyebrows, she begins her descent once again.

Jaci Sovereign: They think they have us backed into a corner where the only result is them winning. Trying to stack the deck in their favor which I find very hilarious since they have no idea what they have done. They have actually stacked the deck in Our favor. I don’t know about Aries and I am not going to speak for him over the matter but I am pretty good at overcoming impossible odds. You two no little to nothing about my wrestling career so let me educate a little about my success and what I have been through.

Jaci Sovereign: As a woman in this sport, sometimes we are limited to only doing certain matches that don’t cause disfigurement. Our body’s and faces are the money maker after all. Unfortunately for Parker and Steel I made a career out of doing the impossible. My first ever televised match was against seven men in an “Your It” match. I was thrown in the match because the owner at the time, Ray LaPointe thought it would be funny and that maybe it would teach me that I don’t belong in a ring with men. Unfortunately, I came out the winner of that match and just to insure you the men participates didn’t take it easy on me. After the victory, there was some controversy, the complaining, the excuses, and so on and so forth and in the end the company had to close it doors. Go figure. A woman wants to break the mold and all hell breaks loose just like it did when we asked for equal rights.

Jaci Sovereign: My next match that was considered “not appropriate” for women, was a no disqualification match against Boris Petrov.Ladders, tables, and chairs oh my. People laughed at me even accused me of being crazy. But it was pure bliss when my hand was raised in victory and the fans were silent. Then came the first blood match, chain match, tag team tournament in cage, whatever match they put in front of me I always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win.

Jaci Sovereign: I made a career by doing things people thought a woman couldn’t do, and no matter if I was taking a break or healing from an injury, I would get phone calls asking me to come back because they needed someone to put someone in their place and show them that they’re not immortal. So this table elimination match, that our opponents have chosen, isn’t going to be the match they want it to be. Oh no, no, no.

Shaking her head she finally makes it to solid ground, cement beneath her feet as she is now in the small crevice in between two buildings, an alley if you will.

Jaci Sovereign: Parker, Steel, you may think you have an advantage because it will be like two single matches in one but that is where you are wrong. No matter how the match goes, the one thing that will be superior is team work. When you decided to head line this division you must have thought that in some way, somehow you guys would have to work as a team but then again why should you work on something when your just going to get things handed to you right?

Jaci Sovereign: Jessica handed you a title shot while Alex and Ace handed you the titles. Then you got lucky against Blyss and Gordon and then when it came to me and Aries, you actually had to work for it and you failed. So then what happens? You get handed a rematch when and where you wanted it. Then you got the stipulation you wanted to benefit you and over compensate your lack of working as a team. You have every one behind you, you have Jessica pulling the strings. But no matter how much this match is stacked against it, it will still come down to one thing. The one thing that will always separate me and Aries from you. Teamwork.

Now Jaci was standing in the middle of the littered street, extending her arms, gesturing to the scenery around here where Boston came together and united as a solid unit.

Jaci Sovereign: You can guarantee that if you are about to put me through a table, Aries will be right there to prevent you from doing and the same goes if the situation is reversed. Unlike you two, we will know what is going on at all times while you guys are playing the mind your business card that allows you to only care about your self and the person standing right infront of you. You may think it will be a distraction for us, keeping tabs on one another to make sure that neither of us goes through a table, but our teamwork is what allowed us to beat you for the tag team championships and it will be the same reason why we are leaving with the titles at homecoming.

Jaci Sovereign: It still baffles me that both of you are forcing your way into this division, when you don’t even like each other let alone want to work with one another on anything except in proving to me and everyone else that you need things tipped in your favor to even have a chance against me and Aries. It doesn’t make you look strong, it makes you look weak .

Bending down, she reaches down and picks up one of the many signs that were scattered across the paved road. /Boston Stands Together/ noticing some sticky tack behind it, she decides to walk over to one of the buildings and sticks it on their brick wall. Just like Boston, Aries and Jaci are going to stand together.

A soft smile appears on her face, before she starts to move forward once more.

Jaci Sovereign: The only thing that I can think of, the only reason why you guys even want to try, is because you just don’t have what it takes to be successful in the singles division any more.

Jaci Sovereign: Steel Angel is winning against wrestlers that are still wet behind the ears, and Parker just ruined his opportunity to be even be considered for a singles title opportunity. I mean if you can’t beat Blyss, no offense Blyss but if you can’t beat her, what makes you think you can beat Tim, Jacob Figgins, or even Ethan cage?or how about people like Griffin and Molly? Rather you want to admit it or not you two? are each others crutch and I think you two are honestly too stubborn to admit it. You guys have lost your touch, you have lost the ability to achieve greatness.

Jaci Sovereign: By making our match an elimination table match, you have only doomed yourself for failure and humiliation. In the end the only people you can blame is yourself, and the people who believed in you enough to just hand you something that should have been earned.

Jaci Sovereign: You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat us?

Walking further down the street, her back towards the camera, she begins to sing a song as the scene fades.


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PostSubject: Re: Jaci Sovereign & Aries Armadaist [vs] Parker & Steel Angel   Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:40 pm

Parker's Address
Sometime Before the Show - Rio Blog

If you asked me a week ago what Homecoming was going to be about, I probably would have said GrandSlam winning their second tag team title. I mean, that is a pretty big deal. Honestly, before we moved the event to Boston, I wouldn't have even been able to tell you where we were performing. I have a rule about planning that far in advance: Don't do it. It is always one show at a time, because in this business, you can never be sure that you are going to make it to the next one. Anything can happen, and looking forward only helps to take your eyes off the ball. That changed when we moved Homecoming to Boston. It is almost like when we moved the show, the venue became just as important as the angles, and matches that we had going into the event. This show became more than just another pay per view event.

Coming from me, that probably doesn't mean a whole lot to you guys. I have worked my tail off in this industry to make all of you hate me. I hope you people love to hate me as much as I love competing in that ring. That is the reason that I do it. I have competed in Boston only once in my entire career, and it was hardly an impressive evening for me. Rising Monarchy saw Parker Wayde beaten and then removed from IWF, and the Boston crowd was more than happy to see me go when it was all said and done. There is something about that crowd though. Something that I cannot put into my own words, so I will borrow some from a much wiser man, or rather, one that doesn't make a living getting dropped on his head.

"Sometimes you just don't feel the same everyday, it doesn't matter what you do, but when you have people looking forward to seeing you perform for them, that puts you in the mood, and that's natural in Boston. That's why it's such a special place to play." - David Ortiz

I might not be a Boston resident. I might not even be a fan of the professional sports teams that play there. That doesn't mean that I can't recognize the importance of that city. Just because the people there aren't cheering for me, doesn't mean I can't feel that energy in the air that you just don't get in a lot of places around the world. Even at a low point in my career, like Rising Monarchy, I enjoyed being in front of those people, because they make you feel like nothing else in the world matters. From the time that camera feed starts up, and the show starts, all the way until the IWF logo ends the show, there is no outside world. These fans help us bring the characters we play to life. They take our mind off the pain from the bumps we take. They take our minds off the toll that working on the road can have on our mental state. Now, Boston needs us to help them take their minds off the pain. Boston needs our help to make them forget all of the problems, even if just for a night.

You will undoubtedly see kids on this roster rise to the occasion and prevail at Homecoming. You will undoubtedly see some bad guys cheating their way to a victory. You will see the heroes prevail, and you might even see one or two of them fall. Homecoming will be an event like no other, because everyone that shows up is going to be doing so for the people that are in that arena. You guys are going to be a bigger part of the show than you have ever been before. Like I said, this is not just going to be about IWF. It is more than that. This company is coming home. We are coming to the place that has the greatest fans and the greatest atmosphere for professional sports. More importantly, we are showing up in the place that needs us the most right now. See you in Boston.

As for Parker Wayde, right now, I have a Phoenix Champion to beat up on.



Parker's Shoot on Steel Angel
An IWF Promo

Most of the time enemy. Recent tag team partner.

You do not like me, and Parker damn sure cannot stand you. Parker thinks that we have moved past that at this point though. In the last month we have been up, but mostly we have been down. Not only have we been down, but this last month has almost been like an early Parker promo come true. At every step of Parker's career, at least until a month ago, Parker has ridiculed you for being worthless. Every week Parker would throw a jab at you, and most of the time, you walked out with a win that night, and then fired an "I told you so" at Parker in response. Parker made a career of cutting you down, and you managed to prove Parker wrong more often than not. It wasn't until recently that you have been off. Almost like you have been a non-entity in the ring. Have you forgotten what it means to be a Grand Slam Champion? Has that spark gone out?

Parker is not saying these things to get under your skin, at least not in the way that he used to. These taunts have become legitimate questions for you. You cannot seem to keep your shoulders off the mat. Parker tries to make up for it at every turn. Blyss pinned your shoulders to the mat and almost caused us to lose the tag titles before we even got the damn nameplates on them changed. Now, Parker is the one that has had trouble defending titles in the past, but that was embarrassing Steel. How are we supposed to be successful when we came so close to losing in the first week. Parker was pissed. Parker was so pissed that he issued a challenge to Blyss last week in Rio. Parker was determined to prove to himself that he could beat her, when you could not. Parker wanted to avenge that loss, not just for himself, but to avenge that near loss as a team. Parker failed to do that. Parker continued the downward spiral that you started that first night after we won the titles.

We have had no success together Steel. We were handed half of the tag titles by Axle and then beat the other half out of one man. That can hardly be counted as a victory. You got pinned by Blyss and only on a technicality did we escape with the titles in our first defense. Look what happened the very next week though Steel. We dropped those titles into the hands of two kids that had not accomplished a thing in IWF. Again, your shoulders were on the mat, and again Parker could not stop it from happening. This time Gordon Fury was not in the ring to take a fall and save our asses either. Against Blyss and Gordon, we performed mediocre. Against Jaci and Aries, we stunk up the place. We failed, and Parker will admit that you did not fail on your own, we failed as a team. Excuses, of course, could be made. Parker and Steel Angel were a makeshift team. Parker and Steel Angel cannot stand each other. Parker and Steel Angel were not on the same page. Sure, all of those things are true, but it does not change a damn thing. We walked in confident, and we walked out without titles. We failed. You have constantly asked Parker to take some responsibility for his losses, and here it is, the moment you have waited for. You may have been the one that got pinned, but the two of us failed together.

Since then Parker has tried his as hard as he can to get on the same page with you Steel. Parker was in your corner for your match against the champ. Parker was there to lend his support. As things seem to go when we are in the ring, on the same side, all that came of it was another loss. The excuses go out the window at this point. There was no hostility between the two of us. We were on the same page. Hell, we were not even actually teaming together. We still failed. Sure, it was the IWF Champion, but both of us have been there. Both of us have competed at the highest level. Arguably, we are two of the top guys on the roster, and yet we haven't even been able to get the job done on our own.

That brings us to Homecoming. The last time that we were in the United States, and on the same team, we won ourselves some tag team titles. We were not anywhere close to being a team on that night. Parker was not even supposed to be in the arena for the show. When it was all said and done, we were still champions. The last time that we were both on top of the world was as a team, on pay per view, in the US. Why not make the same thing happen in Boston? Why not end the night standing on the stage with a couple of tag team belts held high above our heads? Parker knows that we can win as a team. Parker knows that we WANT to win as a team. We could look at the things that we have done in the last month and call it quits. Clearly, this arrangement has not been the highlight of either of our careers. GrandSlam can end its run right now, and we can forfeit this match, if that is what you want to do Steel. If the past few weeks have killed off any will that you have to be one half of the tag team champions then Parker is not going to beg you to stick around. However, if you are still in, then we can make Homecoming our night. Even if we do not walk out with the titles, the least we can do is make one last stand that people remember. Maybe we can even change the minds of everyone that said we were a failure as a team.

This match is tables. Something that we can both agree is going to be fun. This is a match that we can shine in. The two of us can work together to get the job done, or we can do our own thing and try to win on our own. That is the good thing about elimination matches too. Nothing is going to force us to work together, or even be on the same page. We could be on opposite ends of the arena, each of us fighting half of the tag champions, and we can still walk away with the titles without even having to look at each other. With the record we are carrying in as a team, maybe that would be the better plan of attack. It does not matter how we do it, but Parker is extending the olive branch. Can we, at least for one night, put the last month out of our minds? Can we, just for one night, forget that we cannot stand each other? Let's throw the history we have, as both a team and as singles stars, out the window and start over. Just for one night let's be GrandSlam, not Parker and Steel Angel.

Win or lose, let's put it all on the table Steel.

Better yet, let's put it all through a table.


Tell the world that I'm coming home...

Coming Through Logan International Airport - Boston
Parker's Inner Thoughts

This place doesn't take long to pick itself up and get going again.

The airport buzzes with people going any number of places. It doesn't seem like a place that has seen a terrorist-like attack, and a few shootouts in the middle of residential areas in the past month. I can't see any indication of panic on these people's faces. It's actually pretty impressive.

A place like Boston can recover from so much physical and emotional damage in just a matter of days, or weeks, and I can't seem to shake something so insignificant as a losing streak in IWF. We are supposed to be coming here to help this place heal, and forget about what happened, but it seems like most of these people have already moved on with their lives. Maybe getting back to the routine is just a way to put on a mask. Is all of this hustle and bustle just a facade?

I pick up my bag from the conveyor belt, and start to head for the car rental desk. All around me are people that just act normal.

You would think that with bombs going off in the streets, people would be on the edge. This is an airport after all. Haven't we been conditioned in the last twelve years to be terrified of everyone that even thinks about boarding an aircraft? Isn't this, of all places, the kind of place that we should be worried about getting blown up? Here I am, in the center of a city that has had pressure cooker bombs, and shootouts near college campuses, and nobody seems anymore panicked than they would be on any other regular day in any other city.

The line at the desk is short, but still the wait is long enough to let me to continue people watching.

Is it weird to feel so normal in here? I mean, maybe it is just because we have been outside the states for a month. Is it odd to think that these people standing around with their families are insane? Now is not the time to have kids around such places, not with all of the crazies shooting at cops in the streets. Haven't they heard that we aren't sure if we got all of them? Do they know something that I don't?

The person in front of me steps to the counter.

All of these people, able to pick themselves up after everything that has happened, and here I am scared out of my mind. People standing around with their families with happy-go-lucky looks on their faces, and here I am, a large black man, terrified and constantly looking over my shoulder. What do I really have to worry about? I am Parker "fucking" Wayde, am I not? I am a larger than life superstar. Who is going to walk up on me, when there are so many targets that would give them less trouble. Nobody wants to pick on the big guy in the room, at least not anywhere outside of prison.

It is my turn at the counter. Honestly I am not going to remember this conversation 30 seconds after it is over. I hand the girl at the counter my paperwork, and then smile and nod until she gives me a set of keys and points me in the right direction.

I don't know why I am so surprised at these people. Maybe I am the weird one. I mean, I spend every minute of every day dreading the next conversation that I have to have with a person that I don't know. Talking to people has always brought some kind of physical pain in my stomach, like a knot that tightens long past what is useful. Kind of puts me in a hazardous line of work. I am on television every week yelling at someone that they are inferior, when behind the scenes, I have to take enough lithium to take down a small horse any time Edwin thinks I am irritated.

The double doors open automatically in front of me as I approach. I check the label on the key ring, pointing me to the aisle my car for the weekend is in. It's close. Apparently my luck is good today.

I suppose I lucked out, being able to make this trip alone. It has been a long while since I have had some time to myself. All things considered, not having a person yammering in my ear has been peaceful. Yeah, maybe I haven't quite put down as much of this medication as I should have. No matter how many times I tell them that it makes me shaky, they still force it on me. I wouldn't listen to them if I could stay out of jail without them.

The car is about halfway down the aisle. The valet tries to catch my attention, but that isn't going to happen. I am more than happy to walk if it means avoiding talking to him.

How pathetic am I? I have the talent to land myself on television at least once a week. Thousands, if not millions of people can recall my name, or at least recognize me from somewhere. I have God given ability that most people would die for. Yet, here I am, terrified of every thing and person around me. Here I am, barely able to keep it together. A Grand Slam Champion with more money than he could probably spend in his life, unable to just chill out. Maybe it is just God's idea of a joke. I wonder if he actually has a sense of humor....

The button on the remote actually unlocks the car. With rentals, the keyless entry is pretty hit and miss. The trunk releases, and I throw my bag in the back before slamming it shut. I take a look around before opening the driver's door.

It's pretty beautiful outside. The kind of day that reminds me of cruising around as a high school kid. Windows down, music blaring, not a care in the world other than just enjoy the day. I have a few hours before the show, why not take a drive? Why not enjoy this time alone a little longer before Edwin rips me apart with a dozen questions before the show? This is the first time I have been back stateside in a long while. This really is my homecoming. I should enjoy it before work takes over again.

I pull the door open, and all but flop into the bucket seat. There is a button on the side of the remote for the keyless entry. Pushing it releases the end of the key, and I have to appreciate that pointless flashiness of it. I start the car, the supercharged V8 roaring to life.

Going cruising around in Boston in a car that probably only gets 16 miles to a gallon of gas is pretty wasteful. Did I really need to drive around in a Camaro? Probably not. I mean, I am only supposed to be going to a hotel, and then to an arena. I don't need something this flashy to get around in. Not to mention, it is going to be a total waste of money to take this drive around the city. Good thing I will make more money at Homecoming than I will know what to do with. Maybe I will take a look around where all of this action has been happening lately. Maybe taking a look at some real hurt, and anguish will take my mind off my own petty problems.

I flip the radio on. The perfect song is already playing.

Tell the world that Parker's home.


Parker's Shoot on Jaci Sovereign
An IWF Promo

Nobody is going to argue that you are the driving force behind your team. Honestly, you caught Parker by surprise. By the time Parker realized what hit him, you and Aries were already backpedaling up the ramp with the tag titles held high. You two pulled one over on us. Steel Angel and Parker were talking about holding those titles for forever. Parker was even cocky enough to break down what it meant to be the reigning and defending tag team champions to you before the match. We were over the moon after winning those titles. Parker was a Grand Slam Champion, something he had only dreamed of as a kid. Who would have thought it would be less than a year after signing his name on the dotted line that Parker achieved such a dream? Anyone would have a big head after that. Anyone would get cocky and think that they were more than a mere mortal at that point. Parker will not even lie to you, he felt as if he was a god among men in IWF.

And as the story would go, you were the one to end all of that. Sure, you could have sent a bigger message to Parker by pinning him in the match, but you did not need to do so to smack the taste out of Parker's mouth. You did not have to pin Parker in order to deflate his ego and take the wind right out of his sails. All you had to do was win the match. You beat down, and took out Steel Angel while Aries was beating up on Parker on the outside. You saw the opportunity to walk out of the arena that night as a champion, and you took it. Parker cannot do anything other than applaud you for that victory. Nobody thought that you were going to win. You proved everyone wrong.

Parker was so glad that you took him up for a rematch at Homecoming. It warmed Parker's heart, and yes... Parker has one of those, to know that you were going to be the fighting champions that GrandSlam said that they were going to be. However, Parker is never without a plan. The night that you won those titles, Parker invited you to use your champion's challenge to give us a rematch, and you agreed. As the reigning champions, you challenged us to a match. We picked a stipulation, and we accepted your challenge. You are the one that dropped that opportunity into our hands. You are the one that allowed this to be an elimination tables match. From the very moment that the ring announcer made your title reign official, Parker has planned for Homecoming. Sure, the road to Homecoming has been a bit bumpier than it was supposed to be, but that is all behind us. Parker crafted the match we will have tonight. Parker planned it from the very moment he was no longer a champion. Now it is time to cash in on the opportunity that Parker created for himself and Steel Angel.

Hopefully you don't hold it against Parker that he is seizing his opportunity. Parker already told you that he doesn't blame you for taking yours and winning the tag titles. As far as Parker is concerned, we are even. This match is going to play more into Parker's hands that it will yours though. See, the opportunity that you took, was taking Parker out of the equation for just long enough to get a pin. That will not be happening at Homecoming, because Parker took pins and submissions out of the match. You pinned Steel Angel, and ended the match without Parker having a say in the matter. This time, you will have to deal with Parker in order to win. Elimination matches mean that both challengers, or rather, both champions have to be taken out in order to win. That handicap created by having a partner that is not quite on top of their game is minimized. Sure, you can put Steel Angel through a table, but until you can do the same thing to Parker, this match will not end.

That is what Parker is counting on Jaci. Parker is not going to sit here and throw stones. If you saw everything that Parker had to say about Steel Angel, you will see that Parker is not in the business of cutting people down with insults. Parker used to rip his opponent to shreds with exaggerated claims of their inferiority. Parker used that to get into people's heads, and turn them against themselves. That is the only way a rookie can pull one over on a veteran, a least without a little luck, or so Parker thought. Using words to put your opponent on the defensive before the bell even rings is a great strategy. However, Parker soon realized that doing so with these exaggerated insults only takes away from the message. Parker's message to you, is that you are walking in to a match that Parker picked, and that works to Parker's advantage. Parker does not need to exaggerate that fact. Parker does not need to insult you. Parker is not even going to do so much as guarantee that he is going to beat you. As of now, you know the score. Parker is showing you his cards and daring you to beat them. No tricks. This is the truth, as far as I see it. "The thing about the truth is that it is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." Winston Churchill said that, and it kind of speaks to what Parker is trying to tell you right now.

You are walking in to Parker's best laid trap.

That fact cannot be denied.

You may try to ignore that fact. You may try and talk your way around it.

It does not change anything.


Laying In The Lockerroom
Parker's Inner Thoughts
The Night of the Show -- an hour to curtain

"Playing in New England and the Boston area, the fans are so passionate about their sports if you don't play well, they'll let you know so I know it's not something that they take lightly." --Drew Bledsoe

Why do they always have to put semi-inspirational quotes in locker rooms? I mean, they could have just ended the damn thing with the fans being so hype. Wouldn't that have given anyone reading it the boost they needed to get out there and put on a hell of a show? They always have to push it a bit further though. Instead of just a message about the fans, I have to sit here and doubt myself now.

I roll over onto my stomach, facing away from the poster. The strap of my bag is within reach, so I grab it, pulling the bag over to my head, and then burying my face in it.

As if there is not enough on my mind. Edwin is going to be busting through that door any minute to interrogate me about my week away. I'm not even sure I am allowed to be out of his reach, considering I am only a free man as long as I am under his supervision. Although, there is not much that little white man can do to stop me from doing whatever I want. When you really break it down, Edwin is still terrified of me. He has seen what happens when I snap. Those thoughts are always going to be in the back of his head, even if I can't really remember what happened.

I shift the bag a little, trying to get it so that my head is resting only on the clothes in the bag instead of all the other bullshit I brought with me. I guess I did not plan on it being my locker room pillow.

I already have to worry about whether or not Steel Angel is going to show up. I mean, physically the guy is going to be here, but mentally is what I have to worry about. This guy has been off lately. Is it me? I haven't felt or performed any differently this month, have I?

I laugh, the sound nearly buried in the gym bag.

There it is, the good old feelings of self-doubt. Nah, I haven't been doing anything different. The effort is there, it just hasn't been my month. Maybe the stars are not aligned in my favor. Boston is a great atmosphere to change all of that, but as that intimidating poster would explain, if I fail, it is going to get pretty ugly. They will let me know alright. Now it is only going to be harder to push that image of being laughed out of the arena from my mind. What exactly does it mean that they won't take it lightly though? Should I expect a riot if I suck it up out there? As if falling flat on my face, or in this case, through a table, is not going to be bad enough now I have to worry about fans imposing their will on me after the fact. Sounds like a recipe for a bad night alright.

I wrap my arms around the bag, turning my head so that I am laying on the left side of my face. The poster is now behind me, but I can still feel Drew's eyes on the back of my head. Posters and pictures are creepy like that. It always feels like they are watching, and judging. My eyes are on the plain white wall in front of me.

If only my mind could be so blank and at ease. I envy that wall. What I wouldn't give to be an inanimate object.... Kind of sick right? All I would have to do is chill out. Nobody would talk to me. Nobody would need anything from me. No worries. As long as there wasn't some kind of act of God, or construction team demolishing the building, I wouldn't even have to worry about self-preservation. It would be like retirement, but without the beaches and beautiful view. Sure it smells a little funny in here, and I would have to see pathetic wrestlers laying on the floor whining in their head, but that would only be a small price to pay.

I turn over on to my back, now looking at the ceiling, trying to shake such insane thoughts from my head. That isn't the kind of thought that I need right now.

So, Boston is going to let me know if I suck. These fans are going to run us right out of town because they do not take failure lightly. As if that isn't bad enough, I am on a losing streak and my partner is nowhere to be found at the moment. This is some kind of great match preparation that I am doing right now. Jaci and Aries are probably doing something productive. Hell, Steel is probably doing more than laying in the middle of the floor worrying about what is going to happen when he loses.

I push myself up, determined to do something productive. I bend my knees, wrapping my arms around my legs and flex all of the muscles in my body. The tension tries to pull me out of the ball I have curled into, but my grip prevents me from moving. This stretch is probably the most comforting thing I have done all day. I push myself up off the floor and head to the locker where my ring gear hangs.

I have to get my head back in the game. No more worrying about later. Who gives a fuck what is going to happen after I lose. If I go out there and win it won't matter. That is the kind of thinking I need to focus on. That is going to be what allows me to put these fuckers through some tables. I am Parker Wayde. I am the Instant Impact. Now it is time to start fucking acting like it.


Parker's Shoot on Aries Armadaist
An IWF Promo

You already know what Parker is going to say, don't you?

Maybe you have some kind of general idea already. Maybe you think you know where Parker is going with this little promo dedicated to you and only you. Then again, maybe you don't. Parker is just going to go ahead and assume that you heard what he said to Jaci. Parker called her the better half of your team. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, maybe Parker did not exactly say that in so many words. However, that was Parker's point, and without a doubt, you picked up on that. Parker is not going to assume that you are an individual of below average intelligence. Parker is not going to insult you by talking down to you, or sugarcoating what he has to say. Jaci Sovereign is the backbone, and the stronger member of your team. Now, clearly you have the physical strength that she does not, but that is not what Parker means by strength, and Parker is willing to bet that you know that. She is the reason that you are one half of the tag team champions. That is not just because she got the fall that made you a champion, it is because of the two, she is the one that stood out to everyone that watched that battle that we had. You had little to do with that match, other than managing to keep Parker out of the ring while she pinned Steel.

Parker could use that fact to really tear into you. Parker could use the fact that you are the lesser half of the team to get in your head and turn you against yourself. However, that would go against this whole idea of a "new" Parker. See, Parker is trying to turn over a new leaf. Parker is trying not to be "that" guy anymore. Plus, there are plenty of redeeming qualities about you Aries. For instance, you have a lot more experience in tag team matches than Parker does. Look at the last month if you need an example. If you had a match on the international tour, it was as part of a tag team. Certainly you have more experience than Parker does. Plus, even though it was merely a distraction, during our last meeting you did get the better of Parker on the outside of the ring. If you were totally useless, which Parker is trying to tell you that you aren't, you would never had a chance to keep Parker out of that ring while Jaci pinned the lesser half of GrandSlam.

Parker eliminated you from the equation tonight, and hopefully you will not hold that against him. While these are the tag team titles that we are talking about, tonight is not going to be about tag teams. See, like Parker said, you have more experience being part of a team than Parker does. Not, considering that Parker has planned this match to his advantage, it would not have been a very smart move to let you have any kind of advantage in experience. Instead, Parker made this match about the individuals inside the ring. Parker made this match about the stronger half of the team not being weighed down by the weak link. Instead of Jaci having to worry about babysitting you, and instead of Parker having to carry Steel Angel, Parker broke the team dynamic. You can be eliminated from this match without any real penalty to Jaci. Sure, it might come at a time that would give her a numbers disadvantage, but your failures cannot single-handedly cost her this match. Just like if Steel Angel were to find himself put through a table, Parker would not be out of the running for the tag titles.

That is a wedge that Parker drove in between the teams for a reason. Parker wants Jaci to give GrandSlam her best shot without having to keep an eye over her shoulder at you. Parker does not wish for her focus to be on you, because that would make you an excuse. Parker felt that Steel Angel cost him the tag titles, and for a few moments after that match resented him for that fact. That isn't going to happen after this match. Both members of either team has to lose. There will be no blame game afterwards. There will be no fingers to point. This match is going to come down to four individuals trying their hardest not to go through a table. Three of those four people are going to fail. If Parker had to take a shot in the dark at which two are going to fall first, you know your name would come up. You might not be the first one to go through a table, but you are damn sure going to go through one before Parker does. That is not a jab at you, that is a damn fact.

You were the distraction that stopped Parker from breaking up that pin fall. That has weighed down Parker ever since. Parker talked down to you before that match, and even if you did nothing worth a shit for your team on that night, the one thing that you did do was take Parker out of the equation. Once our match starts, Parker is going to make sure to do the exact same thing to you. See, Jaci does not have to spend time looking over her shoulder to protect you from taking that big fall. So she is not going to be paying attention when Parker drops you through a table to get even with you. This problem that Parker has with you is personal, and it is going to be hanging on Parker's shoulders until you are out of the match. Once you are gone, you can go back to being an afterthought to Parker. Once you are out of this match, the problem between you and Parker will have been rectified. When it comes to you, this is not about the tag team titles.

The difference between you and Jaci is, Parker wants her best shot and is not going to be upset if it costs him a chance to hold the titles again.

You, Aries, Parker just wants to see you to go through a table.


Enter Edwin
Shortly Before Curtain
Backstage Catering Table

A fucking five gallon water cooler. Who's dick does a guy have to suck...

[Cutting him off]
... to get the company to just put a bucket of ice on the table with bottles of water in it?

Parker turns and Edwin tosses him a liter bottle of water. Reacting quickly, Parker manages to cradle it just as it hits him in the chest. Parker cannot help but to be impressed. Edwin twists the cap off of his own liter bottle and starts in on the interrogation.

How was your week off?

Man, how did you know that catering was going to fuck this up?

Did you stay on your medication the whole time, or did you snap and kill someone?

And how did you manage to get here at just the right time?

What did she want you to do Parker?

I guess I will never understand the small wonders of the universe.

Edwin raises his hands, prompting Parker to stop talking. He shakes his head and sighs before raising the bottle of water to his mouth. Edwin should have known better than to come at the problem directly. Parker had likely been awaiting his arrival all day, and preparing ways to avoid his questions. Parker follows suit, spinning the cap off his water and taking a long drink, killing nearly a fourth of the bottle.

That really hits the spot. Where have you been at all night? I've been here for hours.

Apparently my brother cancelled my flight. Luckily I got to the airport in enough time to grab a connecting flight to get here. I'm late, but I'm here.

Your brother, eh? Could have sworn you were an only child Ed.

Parker fails to suppress his smile, and tries to take another small drink from the water to hide his face instead.

You know, I tried to tell the chick at the counter the same thing. Apparently whoever called had all the necessary information though. She was actually pretty surprised the ticket was canceled considering it was non-refundable.

At this, Parker nearly spits out the water in his mouth. He raises his arm to his mouth, and averts his eyes in an attempt to control himself. Edwin doesn't seem to find the situation so funny.

I told her it wasn't a terribly big deal though. I had your frequent flyer card on me, so I just used some of your free miles. I couldn't stand the thought of missing the show tonight and letting you down.

It is Edwin's turn to mask his smile with a drink. Parker doesn't seem to grasp the comedy of Edwin's statement, but isn't going to let it bother him. Edwin had beaten Parker at his own game this time, and it wasn't really a problem. After all, without Edwin, he would still be standing here bitching about water just because he was bored.

Well, as expense as it may have been, at least you got here in time.

Small miracles, eh?

I guess so. So, you didn't burn down my house in the last week did you?

Parker asks the question as he starts to walk away, back towards the locker room designated to him. Edwin follows like a lost puppy dog, as Parker had assumed he would.

Let's make a deal. I won't tell you what I did this week, and you don't have to tell me what you did.

Parker stops and spins around to be face to face with Edwin.

What did you do to my house.

Edwin steps out of Parker's face and continues the way that they were walking without any idea where they were headed.

Would you be reassured if I said that it was still standing?

Sure. Whatever it is, it can't be too bad if it is still intact.

I didn't say that it was still standing. I asked you if you would be reassured IF I said it was.

Parker turns and starts to jog to catch up to Edwin.

Come on man, that isn't cool. What the fuck did you do to my house?

Edwin stops, sure that he had the leverage to get Parker to spill a little bit of his week long adventure with the devil herself.

You are so adamant about not telling me what Marie wanted with you, but you want to know everything about what I did?

She was recruiting and wanted my professional opinion on the people she had scouted. Now tell me what you did to my house.

It is never that simple with that woman Parker. What is the catch?

There isn't one. I told her that she had a week. Her time is up. End of line. Now... my house?

Please, like I would be crazy enough to fuck that place up. I watched you beat a guy nearly to death over a bar argument. You would think that I would do anything I could to make sure I don't meet the same fate. Your house is fine. All your shit just the way you left it.

That is a fucked up game you played.

Edwin starts to continue down the hallway, but Parker grabs him by the shoulder and motions to the door on their right. Parker turns the handle and pushes the door open. Edwin follows him with only one question left on his mind.

You are still taking the meds, right?

[With a laugh]
... wouldn't you like to know.


Parker's Final Thoughts
Boston - The Night of Homecoming
Walking To The Ring

So here it is, the moment of truth. The time to talk is over, the time to fight is now. I have put it all on the line. I sent a message to Steel that I want him to be on his game, but if he isn't that I can do this on my own. Either way, he is not going to be bringing me down tonight. The kid can go through a table right off the bat if he is so inclined. If his music hits and he never comes down to the ring, that would not so much as take my eye off the job at hand. If I have to win on my own, and then hand him the title myself, so be it. Of course, it would only help if he came down to the ring and became that Human Highlight Reel he is always yammering on about. It is about time that he starts backing it up instead of just running his mouth about it. How about that, eh? Seems like a total role reversal for us.

I turn the corner at the end of the hallway and hear the door to my locker room close behind me.

I told that girl that she is the one that I have to worry about. Jaci Sovereign, who would have thought that Parker would ever consider you a legitimate threat? My track record against women is a joke, inside the ring and out. Maybe they have something to do with each other. Who knows? You stepped up and beat Parker last time, Parker has you sized up this time though. People might talk about the time that you won the tag team titles, and call it an upset. When they start talking about what happens on this night, the word "upset" will be the furthest thing from their mind. This is a match that is going to end without excuses. The better team will be left standing.

I walk past the catering table, getting closer to the hallway leading up to the stage. I can hear the crowd already blowing the place up. The sound on the other side of the curtain has to be deafening.

Aries. I may have been a little hard on the kid, in hindsight. He probably thinks that I want to tear his limbs off and beat him to death with them before he even has the chance to bleed out. Maybe the Parker that beat Jinx back in the day would consider doing something like that. That is not what I am about nowadays though. Maybe I have become a little soft as I have matured. The problem I have with him is going to be solved with the breaking of a table. After that, maybe the little voice in the back of my head that is pissed off at him will finally go away.

Finally I turn the corner. The stairs are in front of me and my music is already playing through the PA. I can hear the mixed reaction that the fans are giving me. I suppose that is better than them all being against me. My mind flashes back to the out of place Bledsoe poster in the locker room.

Put on a good show, or they will let you know that you suck. That seems to be a pretty clean cut way to think about it. Win, or be cut down by the crowd. I don't think I have even stopped to think that I am supposed to be the bad guy in all of this. It could happen where they will let me know what they think of me regardless of how I perform. In that case, maybe I should play it safe and just stay on this side of the curtain.

I get right up to the curtain, placing my hand on the edge.... this is the moment of truth. To stay or to go.

No turning back Parker. We got work to do tonight. Fuck what these people are going to think of you.

We got a pair of bitches to put through tables.

We got a pair of tag team titles to take home.

No bullshit. No last words.

Let's get this done.

I yank open the curtain. Who cares what happens on the other side?


"I will fly to America and molest your grandchildren."

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PostSubject: Re: Jaci Sovereign & Aries Armadaist [vs] Parker & Steel Angel   Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:52 pm

=I don't fight to defeat others, I fight to defeat myself.=

The moment that I held the tag team titles with Parker, that was a time where I was most unsure of myself. I had no idea where this partnership was going to go, all I knew was that no good was going to come of it and for me personally it was going to be more trouble than it really was worth.

So as I stand here I need to ask myself: Why the hell am I still in this team?

I mean why is Parker going out of his way to make sure this team stays afloat? Dosen't make any sense to me, ever sense that speech he gave a few weeks ago after we lost our belts to Jaci and Aries I was unsure of what to expect from my partner. Part of me thinks that this is all just a means for him to get the better of me however another thought comes to mind: Perhaps he's having a change of heart.

I'm not blind, I can clearly see that Parker is undergoing some form of change in himself. Before he is natually being an asshole and now he's trying hard to be an asshole and hating every moment of it. I know for a fact that Parker still dispises me, that is something that is never going to fade away. However one has to wonder exactly what is going through the minds of both members of GrandSlam I mean sure we have a perfect opportunity, a rematch for the tag belts in elemenation tables match. That means that neather person has to worry about the other, many would argue that the biggest flaw with us is that we're too worried about the other a fast one on the other person I mean shit Parker plenty of chances to take me out of the picture yet he didn't follow through.

Now we have a change to regain what was lost from us, but the main thing for me is do I really want to become tag champion once more? Do I really want to team with Parker? Hell can I bring myself to put up with his antics week end and week out having to hear him talk about me not pulling my weight or some bullshit that I can give so much as a rat's ass about.

So many questions seep into my head as I look into the night sky, I'm at my house sitting on the back porch gazing at the stars. Marley is sleeping on my chest, today was a busy day for both of us, Marley has a new job working as a clothing designer for IWF. Thankfully she still spends plenty of time with me however with things the way they are right now I can't help but wonder what the future holds for someone like me. I mean what is there left for me to do in IWF? I mean I've done everything there is to do, isn't this how Corey Casey feels whenever he sits down and watches the action unfold on his 57 inch plasma screen t.v? Or how about Brandon or Chuck? Do any of them feel like this, like they want to compete but cant because they done everything there is to do in that ring? I mean why am I fighting? It isnt just for belts or acheivements anymore, I told myself ever since I came back from NLWF that from now on I only fight to prove myself and return back to that era where people didn't have to lay down for me in that ring, that someone out there can give me the match I want. I know why I fight in the ring: It isn't for money, it isnt for titles, it isnt for fame or acceptance or anything.

I don't fight to defeat other people, I fight to defeat myself.

Because at the end of the day every person in their life reaches a moment where they have to face their own morality, I thought I fought mine when I don the black kimono of the Dark Archangel however that was but a shadow created from my half brother's mind games. The truth is I don't know why I'm here teaming with Parker, I dont why I'm in this match for the tag belts. I mean do they mean anything to me? Does this team mean anything to me? Does anything in this match mean anything to me or am I just wasting my time?

That was the first thing I thought when I was told that Parker would be my replacement for the tag match against HFF for the belts. It would just be a waste of time for me, however it turns out it wasent as we were able to win the belts and even held them in a very close match with Blyss and Gordon but then came the unpredicatable team of Aries and Jaci and after we lost the belts I thought to myself "so this is it eh? We had our run and we're just gonna call it in?"

Nope instead Parker did the one thing no one would ever think he would do.

Even after seeing him in his locker room to confront him on the matter I could just see it in his eyes and body language that perhaps he does see something in this team of ours that can work. I don't understand it myself, in fact I question the reason for Parker even wanting to team with me in the first place. At first it was just to win another belt however now I think there's more to the story than that.

Perhaps Parker has another reason like I do? After all I would love nothing more than to bash heads with Griffen and Ethan at some point. It isn't just because I want to be champion once more, because I thrive on competition, I want to be in the heat of the battle, to take on the best this company can provide. It is no longer about being the best, for me it's about seeing how far I can go before I can say I had my fun.

People seem to think I'm just a glory hound but when you take a look at me and see what I bring to the table every time I step into the ring, you don't see a glory hound you see a fighter who takes down his foes no matter how big or small they appear to be. Wheather they are champions or legends, man or woman it matters little to Yuko. All that matters is the match and the thrill of the fight and when all is said and done to the victor go the spoils.

I have my reason to fight in this tag match, I can only wonder if the others will say the same thing.

=Always remember your first.=

Table ether love em or you hate em.

For me I was never really a huge fan of table style matches mostly for the sole fact that I had many methods on how to use a table during a match and most of the time it dosen't work out like I imagine it would.

What can I say really? It comes with the experience of being in so many hardcore style matches.

Darren today had this setup perfectly for all four of us, a fatal four way elemination table mock match inside his gym under his penthouse. Darren even invited some of his students from the developement camp to watch us. Marley is of course sitting in the front row waiting for the four of us to duke it out in this ring. I glanced around at BM, Kayls and Darren, none of them had seen any real action in quite some time and I coulden't help but feel a sense of Deja vu. I mean this is the first time in years that I fought any of these guys in a legit match. Darren figuired this would be the best way to perpare me for my match less than a week from now.

Darren De Jean
Alright guys you know the rules, there are no countouts, no dq and no pins or submissions in this match. You have to put your opponet through a table and dont worry I took the liberty to have these custom made tables for us to use. They are made of simple plywood and break like twigs which also reduces the risk of injury but that dosent mean you wont get hurt. Indeed we're treating this like a typical match.

Yuko Isamu
Just like old times eh?

Just like old times. Hey Kayls you better be ready for me!

You should be more concern for yourself dear, I wont pull any punches!

All four of us eye each other, Darren then makes the ding ding ding sound.

Darren De Jean
Let the match begin!

Kayls shoots straight towards BM while I took on Darren, he sails over me and catches me on the rebound with a heel kick to the side of the head. I forgot just how quick he is for a man his age however I didn't let that distract me at all as I regain control and booted him in the gut doubling him over and hosting him up and over for a suplex. Meanwhile BM has Kayls trapped in a camul cutch but Kayls uses her impressive upper body strength to power out of the hold. I whip Darren towards the ropes and stepped back as he did a half back flip and aimed a drop kick towards me, I swatted it away and waited for him to get back up. I grabbed him and lifted him up but he backflips while grabbing my head. I turn my whole body around to block his move and pushed him towards the ropes. He returns back with a forearm attempt that I duck under and he hits BM instead who got whipped in our direction. I leap off the 2nd rope and spring over to nail a crossbody on Kayls and lift her up for the Divine Cutter but she slips out of it and and attempts her finisher however I drop down and forced her arms off of me before she could do it. We both got to our feet and started slugging out with Kayls faltering due to my enhanced training in hand to hand combat. I drove her to the corner and knocked her off the ring then leaped to the turnbuckle and drove into her with the senton.

BM had already a table set up on the far left turnbuckle, he also had a steel chair that he dropped and he bends over to pick it up. Darren comes out of nowhere and kicks the chair into his face and staggers him somewhat. Darren whips him to the table but BM reverses it and sends Darren into it Darren hits hard on the wood but it dosent break, BM charges in top speed and Darren stepsides in time and throws him head first into the wood. BM crashes hard into the table and sends peices flying everywhere, the guys on the bleachers are loving the action so far and Marley seems to be enjoying herself as well. Me and Kayls are outside trading blows when she catches me and throws me over with a capture suplex. She then pulls a table and sets it up and walks over but I spring to my feet and nail a dropsault which knocks her back first into the side of the table. I quickly get to my feet and pull her out of the table then lifted her up, I dropped her straight into the table with the Divine Cutter destroying the table as well. Her body lies in a sea of splintered wood while Darren takes a look to see what happened.

Darren De Jean
Krusher Kayls is eliminated!

Just as he said that he turns around and gets caught in a belly to belly suplex by BM who then grabs a chair. I climb to the apron and ready myself as BM whips Darren to the ropes. Darren ducks the chair shot and runs towards me, I spring off the top rope and backflip once as BM turns around just in time for me to drive his face down with the modified Skyward Breakdown. Darren also springs just as BM's body bounced from the impact and nails a double flip moonsault on him. I rolled out of the ring and pull out another table and slide it into the ring then dig under the ring apron once more while BM recovers and Darren walks towards him. He sets the table up and picks BM up and nails the Breathtaker which is a powerbomb into a facebuster right into the table which breaks it. The guys are going crazy as BM's prone body lays there in the middle of all that broken wood.

Darren De Jean
BM has been eliminated

I slide into the ring and Darren gets to his feet, teacher vs. student what a battle it's going to be.

*30 mins later*

BM, Kayls and myself enjoy shakes made by Marley while Darren has an energy drink. All of us are tired and beaten but feeling great, feeling ready for this match. Darren looks up to me and smiles.

Darren De Jean
Well that was fun and I can say that all the training you've been enduring is paying off. I got a huge feeling that you and Parker are going to win this man I just know it. Course I've been proven wrong in the past but when you look at the statistics and the people involed there really is no reason for you guys to not win this.

This would be the point where I would nod my head and agree however when I look into this match more closely I understand that even with our statistics and power it dosen't mean anything if neither of us can work together. However that talk I had with Parker last week is sure to relieve me of the fact that there could be some hope for us after all. While I'm not to fond of the whole getting back the belts that we just lost a week ago I had to remind myself that this isn't about belts or titles anymore. It's about being in ring, fighting to be the best, to beat the odds and savoir the moment like it's your last because lord knows when another chance will come to you. It's funny that at my age I would be thinking about when enough is enough, I'm 22 years old and I haven't even reached my prime yet, I can even go so far as to say I'm nowhere near it. But all that matters at this point is the fight, the match itself, me and Parker against Jaci and Aries. Two teams with partners who for the most part can't really stand each other however if Yuko can bring himself to trust his partner then perhaps there is hope for this team after all.

If not then the least he can say is that if worse comes to worse, he won't go down without one hell of a fight.

=From a friend to another.=

I'm here, this is it for me the moment of truth. Darren, BM and Marley have taken refuge in the backstage lounge leaving yours trurly alone in his locker room. There's no telling how long I've been sitting in that chair, outfit on, game face on, I'm just pumped for this. I wanna go crush some skulls and soar to new heights but I had to contain myself, can't allow myself to burn out before our match starts. The card already looks stacked and the matches are already underway however I know that our match is right around the corner and it's killing me to be confined in this accused locker. I should be warming myself up instead I'm just sitting there waiting the minuites to count by, what the hell am I doing? Just then for no apperent reason I feel myself getting up from my chair and streaching myself out. I took a look at my cross, I held it close to my chest and prayed, I don't what I was praying for exactly: For a great match, for a victory, for something I don't know I just prayed. I took a look at the clock, it's still not time yet, I began pacing back and forth, feeling like a caged animal in a gladiator arena waiting for someone to come in and let me out of my den so that I could kill some unsuspecting warrior for me to feast on. I finally said screw this and barged out of my locker and walked around the halls, keeping my mind wondering so I don't have to think too much. Suddenly I run into Blyss Lockhart.

Yuko Isamu
Ahh hello there Blyss.

Blyss Lockhart
Hey there Steel, you ready for your match tonight?

Yuko Isamu
I am, question is are you?

Blyss Lockhart
You bet I am! Oh and just between us, your main target should always be Jaci.

Yuko Isamu
*nods* She is one hell of a competitor I'll say that much. Aries is mainly just a cheating scumbag who got to where he is because he hides behind and strikes when opportunity knocks on his front door.

Blyss Lockhart
Well I wish you luck on your match tonight.

Yuko Isamu
Likewise madem.

I walk away and start putting my earphones on, lisening to the music as I attempt to get into the rythme. I could feel my body tensing, my mind focused, this is it were my thoughts. A stagehand meets up with me and I remove one of the plugs to listen to what he has to say. Our match is up next, finally the time has come at long last. Marley can be seen at the lobby, she runs to me as soon as I enter the room, Darren and BM give a signal from their table as they watch the show from the t.v set. I nod to them and steal a kiss from Marley, we walk side by side to the ramp, my gaze centered, her gaze up at me, I didn't look back at her, my mind cannot allow for any distractions, this is the moment for me. The match is here and the fight awaits, time for me to steal the show.

When people look at us what is the first thing they see? They see two young legends in the making, two men who have seen it all and done it all. Two men who stood on the shoulders of gaints and slayed them all, two men who are skilled and talented in their own right. Two men who have ever seen formed into this unlikely team have been the target for much ridicule as far as others go. Many call us arrogant, cocky, egostistical, self centered, traits that when you hear them being mention in the same breath as Steel Angel dosen't seem to stick at all and yet they keep saying it over and over like it's now become a curse. Everyone doubted us from the very start when we won the tag belts from HFF because Axle never showed up and Ace was spending the good portion of the match just lisening to sound of his own voice. Then Parker came into the picture and that was when GrandSlam was born and just like that every person wanted to form a team there and then because to them this was the perfect time to become tag champions. Because after all how on god's green earth could Parker and me keep the titles for one week?

Well Gordon and Blyss seem to have that exact impression when they stepped to the plate and challanged us to put those belts on the line, put up or shut up. We did just that and while many would argue that we didn't win, we also didn't lose either and did Blyss and Gordon ever get the rematch? Nope instead that gets carried over to a team that was even more unlikely then ours. The team of Jaci and Aries.

However that unlikelyness also came with the advantage of unpredicatablity, add that into the fact that me and Parker can't work on the same page and sure enough we lost the belts. That point I thought that was it for us, I thought the only thing holding us together at that point in time was the tag belts and I figuired once we lose those Parker would just break off and persue something else.

Instead he asked for a rematch much to everyone's surprise, even I was taken aback by this.

Now Jaci wants to play the victem by saying we whined about wanting another shot, that we think highly of ourselves blah blah blah. Look Jaci I respect you as both a person or your standing and an athlete, the fact that you pinned me in that ring fair and sqaure proves your worth. Fun fact: You're the second girl besides Blyss to have ever done that.

But don't let it go into your head miss, last time you got the win and now you're the champs. This means that we're the challengers and that makes us more hungry than before, also last time you only manage to pin one of us in that ring with some outside help from your pal Aries. Parker might now be the smartest person I've seen but he seem to have the right idea when he made this an elmination tables match. I can see why he did it, he wanted to make sure there was no doubt in anyone's mind who is the better tag team. I also knew he did because that way he can safely fight this match and no be held down with having to worry about me. Likewise I can give a fuck about what happens to him as well.

Also one thing to say to you Aries, you might think you're smart and slick with your underhanded tatics and shit but I have my eyes on you at all times. You wont be able to get away with those same tatics because since I dont have the rules to hold me back, I can cut loose and really show you just how much damage I can do.

I trust you are enjoying those belts? Good because you wont be having them for very long, this night is out night, the night of GrandSlam to take back what is rightfully ours.

Bow down block heads.
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Scene One
On Camera
An Undisclosed Location

The scene opens on quite a unique scene. The camera capturing what appears to be an all out war. marching through ending roving fields of green hills come, what appear to be beasts of a hellacious nature. Horrid, mangles creatures that could only be conjured by a mind more wick than any mere man could possibly imagine. Beasts clad in armor as they tote swords and shields, snorting, snarling, and roaring bellowing out from their slobbering needle toothed maws. The horde of beasts all marching toward an army of equal size. These, however, were normal men. Also clad in chainmail and armor as they armed themselves with sword, shields, and other various means of war. All of them holding their ground as the opposing force drew ever closer. These men stood ready, prepared for the worst to protect what was most precious to them. They stood ready to defend the fortress behind them, the only defense between these horrid hell beasts and their country that these creatures sought to devour themselves. Like a plague they had no doubt roamed across the countryside, destroying all in their path, and these men now stood, refusing to be just another casualty of their wanton destruction.

Suddenly, the army came to a halt, the armies now close enough to each other to see the pupils of each others eyes. A uneasy silence fell upon the valley as both became still as stone, neither wanting to throw the first blow. The army of beasts parted however, as one made it's way through the crowd. One that had been standing out during their entire crusade. A mountainous hellion, easily standing 9 or 10 feet tall now stepped forward, toting a crooked blade that was the size of any full grown man. This beast coated red, no doubt in the blood of the innocents he and his army had trampled over leading up to this point. The beast inhaled, letting out a bellow that was loud enough to rumble the skies themselves, the army of men suddenly having a sense of dread and hopelessness fill their hearts. They felt their resolves waning. What chance did they have against this demon and his minions where so many fell before them? That's when hope came knocking.

With a loud bang, the huge wooden doors of the castle came creaking open, drawing the attention of the entire Battlefield. There, in the door way, stood the King, having apparently kicked these huge doors open himself. But, it wasn't just a King. Infact, it wasn't a King of any sort. There, in the door way, stood Aries Armadaist, completely decked out in an set of over exaggerated gleaming, golden armor, the IWF tag team Championships having been fashioning into his shoulder armor. The suit shining bright enough to actually make the entire battlefield cover their eyes as the sun cause his armor to shine just a little to brightly for their eye's comfort. Without a further moment's hesitation, Aries reached behind him, retrieve off his back what appeared to be a rocket launcher, and taking aim at the biggest target on the field.

Aries Armadaist

Hell Beast Leader

Before the Devil spawn could even finish his sentence, he was fed an explosive, courtesy of Ontario's Favorite Son, the beast's bloody chunks sent raining over the battlefield in an orange fireball. The arm held up their weapons as they cheered in approval, Aries motioning for them to attack, the army not hesitating even for a moment, charging forward with their spirits now revitalized as the air soon became filled with the sounds of clashing swords and battle cries, Aries himself tossing the firearm aside as he began to casually wonder onto the Battlefield as the camera now ran to try and catch up to him.

Aries Armadaist
Ya know, this is only the second time I've been on camera with the Tag Team titles, and still, I can't help but get all giddy when it happens. I've had the belts for roughly about 3 weeks now, and the feeling I get at the very thought of actually being a bonafide Champion hasn't waned even one iota. To even look at this championship, think of what it represents, and see my name carved into name plate? I can't help but swell with a sense of pride and self admiration. I'd like to say a lot of people get that feeling when they hold a championship. Why else would we pursue a big gaudy piece of leather and tin other than what it represents to each of us? Especially with the glory, admiration and recognition that comes with the title of being a "Champion." You think to yourself that you are automatically going to be associated with all the prestige that comes with the title. And, in the history books, and the minds and memory of everyone especially, you'll be remember as the elite few that got to say "I was a -Insert Name of Belt- Champion." You're forever immortalized by that point. At least, that's what goes through my mind. Keep in mind, I'm still something of a green horn in this industry, as much shit as I talk. I like to think I do a good enough job to cover that up, but it's moments like these that remind me of how new the experience of wrestling on a main stream level still is for me.

Aries was now starting to stroll out into the thick of battle, his men locked in mortal combat with the Hell Beasts, Aries unsheathing a sword from his hip himself as he began to swing it at any horror that was unlucky to wander a little too close to his reach.

Aries Armadaist
But, as much as we all initially like to tell ourselves that simply winning the Championship is what will define our career, the cold reality of the situation is, that's not the case at all. There's another part of this whole "being a champion" gig, something much less glamorous and heart warming than winning the title itself. In case you're borderline retarded, of course I'm talking about actually keeping your title. As a champion you've got to defend your right to call yourself the best. That's what will truly define you as one of the greatest. People will remember your illustrious reign as Champion, over coming all odds and challengers as you continue to reign supreme over all others who wish to usurp you for your throne. Pretty neat little dynamic when you think about it. My point of all this being, this is the challenge that I have lying a head of me. It's time for Aries Armadaist and company to dig their heels into the sand, and stand firm as we protect our respective thrones. The first, of what I plan, to be many, many defenses of the IWF Tag Team Championships. Now, what I find funny is the first defense of your championship, to me, seems to be among the most important. It's where your merit as a champion is truly tested. To win a championship is one thing. The match where you have an opportunity to finally become one of the elite seems to be the one match any competitor will put more heart, soul, and sheer force of will into to try and win. Like that one moment of glory where you hold your new shiny belt over your head is more important than anything that will follow. Winning the belt shows that one has the ability to be one of the best. To keep that title is to show everyone your superiority over everyone who has ever held the title before you, and try and stay dominate over anyone who will hold the championship in the future. Jaci, and I have shown we have what it takes to capture these belts, now we get to prove to everyone that we did it through pure skill, and not just dumb luck.

Aries now switched his gaze to the lens of the camera for a moment, throwing his arm back just in time to lob off the head of a hellion who had come charging toward him, a jagged axe raised in an attempt to try and cut him down.

Aries Armadaist
This was a day that I knew was coming the second I heard that referee slap his hand to the mat for the 3 count. Before Parker decided to get his shit in and refuse us even a moment to enjoy our time as becoming the new champions by making sure he still got the last word by issuing us a rematch challenge. But, maybe it was for the better. I'd say I was better off by letting the harsh reality of the responsibilities that now come with these fancy little belts set in early, before I get to comfortable with the delusions that being a champion is all smooth sailing after you acquire the belts. Don't get me wrong, the time leading up to this, I have fully enjoyed flaunting my big gold belts around everywhere I go, but don't you think for a second that this day wasn't constantly nagging at me from the back of my head. Don't confuse that for fear, however. I've yet to step into a ring with anyone, including Grandslam and felt actual fear. fear of cages, maybe, but fear of my fellow competitors, hardly. I'm simply wary is all. Cautiously optimistic. As seriously as I am taking defending my championship with Jaci, I can't say I'm actually worried. I don't really have this sense of dread looming over me. Any nervousness that may have come from squaring off against two names like Parker and Steel Angel were quelled with our last encounter. I've faced them before, I know what to expect on a certain level. But, on a certain level, I can't help but ponder if maybe I should be concerned.

Aries Armadaist
I took myself a gander into the record books of IWF's Championship History, and it would seem that people actually successfully defending their titles is'nt exactly a common occurrence. Out of all the IWF Tag Team Championship reigns, the highest number of defenses appears to be... One. One defense is the highest amount any persons who hold these Championship belts get. I couldn't help but wonder If perhaps these belts were cursed or something. Then I did a little more digging and realized that this is a fact that seems to ring true with all the Champions within the IWF. Everyone's number of defenses for every championship can be counted on one hand. taking that into consideration, I can't help but feel this itching concern. Like, perhaps these belts really are cursed. Maybe now I'm more concerned with simply becoming just another name on the list of people who have held the Tag Championships. Hell, even the supposed great and glorious team of Parker Wayde and Steel Angel fell to be just another statistic. Not to mention their one and only defense was a pure technicality. In a sense, I still feel it should have been Blyss and Gordon that Jaci and I took the championships from, but what good does dwelling on the past do me. I'd still be in this position, regardless of who was holding the titles at that time. So even with this mounting pressure of statistics and odds, you may be wondering how I can go into all this being so calm? What hopes do a dysfunction, rag tag team like Jaci and myself have in breaking this curse when the supposed dream team of Grandslam couldn't even pull off such a daunting task.

Aries Armadaist
Several factors contribute to my ever expanding ego and boundless confidence, honestly. But, luckily for those listening, the list as to why I'm confident about this match in general isn't quite as expansive, so we won't be here all night with my explanation. Honestly, I'm not even sure why I really need to explain anything. Shouldn't it be obvious to anyone paying attention? I would hope that it would be more of a surprise if I was concerned with my championship match. Jaci and I get to go against a team that we've already conquered once. Conquered quite soundly if you ask me, just like both Jaci and I said we would. Perhaps that's a little foolish of me to shrug off my opponents simply because I've beaten them before, but at the same time, it's kind of hard not to. At the end of the day, Steel and Parker were just another statistic. Quite honestly, they were never exactly an impressive combination to begin with. They're a team of two men who despise each other. Originally, when I took that into consideration, I thought that was the one thing that helped them successfully function together. Like, their need to simply one up each other would drive them to be a nearly unstoppable force in the ring with one another. Their rivalry, in turn, would drive them to push themselves to the limit no matter what. I'm sure that's what everyone expected, but honestly, after facing them in the ring, that's not quite what I experienced. But, still, I'm not one to simply write someone off simply because I beat them. Who knows, maybe it was a bad week? Perhaps they weren't on their A Game. As much as it sounds like a lame excuse for someone to use to try and cover up the fact that they lost, it does happen. It's happened to the best of us. Either way the entire experience was a little underwhelming, but I was still cautious of Grandslam as a legitimate threat. Then, post match, Parker decided to open his mouth. In that one instance, I think Grandslam let Parker tell more about themselves then maybe they had intended to. They immediately issued a challenge for a rematch to us. Not before, however, trying to butter us up the best they could while saving face. Admitting that we thoroughly trounced them, but seemed to make a point to note that they had defended their titles once, as Parker put it "however narrowly." I'll keep pointing this out as long as I face the two of you, you didn't "narrowly" defend your title. You didn't just manage to squeak out a win against Blyss and Gordon. You flat out didn't win. It was a draw, if anything, and you got to keep those belts for a little while longer off of a technicality. And, that's what I'll think about whenever I think back on the Tag Title reign of Grandslam. A technicality. A fluke, even. Two guys who won the titles in the first place through questionable means, and then kept them by default. What a great addition to the annuls of wrestling history. Truly I am to quake at the mere mention of their names. How lucky am I that I didn't get technicalitied out of winning the Tag Team Championships.

His tone was beginning to tell his growing frustration in regards to his opponents, even stopping his troll as he stabbed his bloodied sword into the ground, letting the war continue all around him as he now seemed more interested in talking directly to the camera.

Aries Armadaist
What makes it even worse is, somewhere along the way. the stipulation for their rematch got changed. No longer was it a simple One Fall to the finish tag team match. Somewhere along the lines, this got turned into a Tag team Tables ELIMINATION Match. All of this, may I remind you, behind mine and Jaci's backs. You know, the Champions. Apparently, we don't even get to decide the stipulation that our matches have tagged onto them. Hell, we don't even get to be involved in the process of deciding what the stipulation is. What really adds insult to injury though... I mean what REALLY just grinds salt into an open wound, is they didn't even have the decency to tell me. No meeting. No phone calls. No letters, no e-mails. Not even a mentioning on Twitter in passing. I had to find out from Jaci because she actually got a letter about it. They couldn't even be bothered to send two letters. What, did they assume Jaci would tell me, assuming I didn't already know? Me and Sovereign aren't exactly best pals who go around arm and arm, I only get to talk to her in person IF we get an opportunity to train together during the week. So, I can only imagine who's doing this is. I mean, I know IWF Management loves to add useless little stipulations on to matches because they think it'll generate more interest, I'm use to that by now. But, what makes that all the more frustrating is how blatant they are to admit they'll do everything in their power to make the people they want Champion to be champion. All of this enforced by the IWF News Source reporting that the Board straight admitted to how they favor Molly Reid to hold that World title strap. Which would explain a lot in the recent weeks and leading up to the World title match at Homecoming. Putting that into consideration, I can't help but ponder if maybe management prefers Grandslam to have these tag titles? After all, they're definitely a bigger name within IWF, can't argue they have more recognition and drawing power than Jaci and myself, especially myself. So I can't help but wonder if this new stipulation isn't a ploy by the Boards to maybe swing the favor toward Parker and Steel? Or, maybe even,risking sounding like some crazy conspiracy theorist, this wasn't a decision made by the Board alone. Maybe they had a little coaxing. Parker and Steel themselves said their pathetic excuse for a single defense was enough to make a case for a rematch. Maybe they took that case to the higher ups. Greased the wheels a little. If that is what they did, I can't be angry at them. It's smart. Hell, I'd do the same thing if I thought I could get away with it. Why not try to get the odds in your favor, especially when your going up against a team you've already lost to? It's just good strategy. It's my kind of strategy. Not many may know this, but this sport is a war that can be fought outside the ring as well, and I don't mean jumping someone in the Parking Lot.

Aries Armadaist
But, while contemplating all that, the next question that came to my brilliant little mind is "Why?" Well, more so, "How." How would a match up like this possibly aid Grandslam in anyway. One thing that came to mind is the phrase "It's easier to keep a title than actually win it." Champions can keep their belt through technicalities. Disqualifications, count outs, and the such. Now, me being the guy that I am, I am not above abusing a technicality like that. Yeah, sure, I just bitched at Grandslam by having a defense due to a technicality, but the difference between me and them is I'll straight admit it. Anyone who's even listened to a single one of my promos could probably figure that one out easily. So, a Tables match would immediately nix my opportunity to do that. No DQ means I can't get DQ'd, so that's some clever thinking on their parts. Unfortunately, for them, no DQ means... I can't get DQ'd. So, now I can just blatantly do what I do best without the fear of potentially getting caught. Can't lose the match if I thumb an eye now, so why try and hide it. Maybe my entire offense will now be purely focused on permanently blinding you. Match won't be stopped until bodies go through wooden tables, so who's to stop me? Good thinkin' on that one boys. But then came the second part of that stipulation. The Elimination part. So two persons MUST go through tables for the match to end. So, I'm thinking, even if by some chance I do get eliminated, what's to stop me from helping Jaci anyways? I'd definitely have to amp up my sneak skill to pull it off since I wouldn't be allowed ringside once I get eliminated, but it's nothing I haven't done before. Of course I'm still gonna slither my way in to give Jaci a bit of a helping hand, assuming by that point neither of us has eliminated Grandslam by that point. That's when it dawned on me. The plan is to get Jaci out of that match ASAP. She lives under that strict honor code bullshit. That same honor code that I knew would bound her to help me win the tag titles despite wanting nothing to do with them or me. I figured they planned to use that against me. because God knows Jaci won't bend the rules in the name of victory, and even I will readily admit I stand little to no chance against two competitors at the same time. It's honestly some good thinking. I was impressed since this is coming from a team where one member can't seem to grasp the concept of pronouns. Then again, I could completely be over thinking this, none of this having anything to do with Grandslam, or Management being bias, and can chalk all of this up to poor booking, which God knows I've been on the receiving end of several times. Either whhhhuuuu...?

Aries' concentration seemed to have been broken as his gaze was ripped away from the camera, his brow narrowing as something else seemed to catch his attention. One his his men seemed to have brought a rather large alligator onto the field, holding it via a chain that it had wrapped around its neck, basically using the reptile as an attack dog on some poor Hell beast, which now found itself in a death roll as the beast as managed to clamp it's jaws onto it's shin.

Aries Armadaist
Right.... Either way, I think I've got all my angles covered. But, during that massive brainstorming, one thing kept creeping up. One question I couldn't help but wonder, and that is why Grandslam really wants these Tag Titles so bad. Silly question, right? Why wouldn't they want to hold the IWF Tag Team Championship. They have an opportunity to reclaim it, why wouldn't they want to reclaim them? Because, it's Parker and Steel Angel. Two guys who have no time, tolerance, or respect for one another. They flat out hate one another. I figured in that situation, after losing the Tag Titles, they'd immediately want to disperse. Go their own separate ways and resume their singles careers and try to start climbing that latter back up to the IWF World Championship that they both want to reclaim so badly. Figured they'd even start that hike back up the mountain with each other. But, no, I got the exact opposite. They immediately announced they wanted a rematch. And, in the weeks following our match with them, I think the situation explained itself. These tag titles...hell, their tag team in general is all those two have left. Parker attempted to avenge his...draw in a one on one match with Blyss--cause that makes sense--just recently, only to find himself not winning against the young lady once again. In fact, he straight lost this time. I'll be honest, I watched that and couldn't help but bust out laughing when I saw it. But, that's when it hit me. Parker and Steel just can't hang anymore. They're just not cut out for the success they once had as singles competitors. It's sad to think a year ago, I'd be an idiot to say such things, but it appears with the new crop of talent that came rushing into IWF after UECW closed it's doors, that they got lost in the shuffle. So, it suddenly made sense why Parker agreed to team with Steel. It made sense why he decided to run out at the last possible second to help Angel capture the Tag Titles from HFF. They need that validation. They need to be able to tell themselves "yeah, we're still the best." Days of glory seem so far gone now. Grandslam should have been the dominating force we all assumed they would be, but unfortunately for them, one raggedly mismatched Tag team stole their glory from them. Glory that's been stolen from both of them time and time again. I can only imagine how they reminisce on those glory days of yesteryear...Literally, just yesteryear for one of them. Hell, I don't even have to imagine how much Parker reminisces, he's nice enough to give us full on history lessons every fucking week on how great he use to be. Gettin' all half chubbed on air as he tells us what an honor it was that Stygian patted him on the head and told him "That'll do pig." He almost sounds like an old man at this point. Ya know, the ones with a thousand war stories where everything reminds them of something else, and he'll make sure to tell you how and why. I'd make a crack about Steel Angel too, but with him running around with such an indyrific ring name, I don't think I can think up anything to really try and embarrass him further.

Aries Armadaist
Although, I can assure you one last bit of glory as a team, Grandslam. It'll probably be the last bit of glory as long as Ms. Sovereign and I are operating together. You see, upon realizing how dreadful of a job the past Champions of the Tag Division have done at holding this belt, it sort of lit a fire under me. As you progress through your career as a professional wrestler, you constant have to set new goals for yourself. You can't ever just be complacent, otherwise your doomed to stale. My new goal is to now trounce every and all other tag teams that have ever held these titles. To make every single one of their reigns to further shame. To defend these titles to the point that Aries Armadaist and Jaci Sovereign will be the only names you ever associate with these championships, even after the point where we no longer have these belts in our possession. We will forever become the measuring stick of success that all other will be compared to after we're done with these. You get the glory of being apart of that, Grandslam. You get to be a footnote. You can say you were right there from the beginning, and you had the distinct privilege of being the ones to first hand us our Tag team Championships, and on top of that, be the first persons we defended them against. What an honor that truly will be when we all look back on this day. Then, you can stare down the barrell of that camera, Parker and tell everyone how great it was, that after Sovereign and Armadaist handed you your asses twice in a row, that Aries Armadaist patted you on the head, and told you "That'll do pig."

Aries gave the camera one last smirk as it panned out, revealing the fighting had ceased, and Aries' army of men had won, all of them raising their fists into the air, letting out one more cry of victory in the name of King Aries.


Barry gave the signal to cut and the light on the camera died, everyone dropping their arms as they let out a collective breath of releif. "Dead" soldiers that covered the ground now began to rise back up to their feet, others offering hands to help up hell beasts they had just killed as they patted the dirt off their bodies. People began to pull off armor and rubber masks as a chatter broke out among the crowd.

Aries Armadaist
Ya know.... these allegories are maybe getting a little too elaborate for a wrestling promo.... Silly, even. I can't imagine how much all this cost...

Looking down, Aries now began to poke the head of the Hell Beast he had decapitated with his bloodied sword not too long ago.

Aries Armadaist
These costumes ain't half bad...although some of these don't look too hot up close.

One man, still clad in his armor crept a little closer to "King" Aries as he continued to poke at his kill, seeming to take particular interest in the bodiless head Aries was poking at his his expression grew increasingly worried.

Soldier #1
Are you using a real sword?

His eyes instantly widened, his head slowly creeping around as Aries turned his attention to the soldier, his eyes shifting between him and his bloodied sword.

Aries Armadaist
...Am I not suppose to?

Scene Two
Off Camera
The Arena

Aries simply sat in the blackness of his locker room, silent as he pulled his padding up his shin and situating it onto his knee, repeating the process with his next leg. The only illumination that let him see what he was even doing coming from the outside hallway as he had his door standing wide open. he could hear the roar of the fans in the arena as a match was already in progress. The only thing occupying his mind was the match that followed; his title defense. On the floor next to him sat both Tag team Championship belts. He shold only have one of them. His would be partner should have the other, but she left hers in his care. The thought causing his brow to narrow as he began to slip on his boots, tugging on the strings with a little extra force as he began to lace them.

His concentration was broken as he noticed a shadow occupy his doorway. Looking up at the silhouette, it wasn't hard to figure out who it was leaning on his door way, their arms crossed as they observed him like some sort of animal in a zoo. He didn;t even bother to greet them as his gaze simply returned to his boots, letting them break the silence, if they really wanted to speak to him bad enough to come to his locker room.

Jaci Sovereign
Well, Aries?

Aries Armadaist
Well, what.

Jaci Sovereign
Am I going to be in your corner tonight?

Aries Armadaist
I can't tell you that, it's not my decision. You're not bound by contract to help me anymore, so that's completely up to you.

He switched feet now, now beginning to lace up the other foot as he continued to casually converse with his "partner."

Jaci Sovereign
You're missing the point of what I'm saying. Have you given any thought to what I said?

Aries Armadaist
Nooot really.

Jaci Sovereign
Aries...look, I'm trying to help you. Really, I am. I want us to be successful. I want you to be successful. But, if we need to work as a team, I need to know I can count on you.

Aries Armadaist
I told you that you can count on me. I've given you no reason to think otherwise.

Jaci Sovereign
You can't sit there and tell me you don't have confidence in yourself as a Champion and expect me to believe I can depend on you. You can't let thoughts like that enter your head. Yeah, i know, it's easily to get rattled by something like this. You're in the lime light now, and it's easily to let things like doubt ad fear creep into your head. But, what's going to determine whether you sink or swim is whether or not you let those feelings rule you. Not many people get to stand in the position you're in. Some people don't even make it far enough to get the opportunity. Every opportunity in this business is pivotal, and you can't afford to blow a chance like this one. I have to know you believe in yourself. Otherwise, how can I trust that you believe in us as a team.

She was obviously growing frustrated with his attitude toward the situation, even beginning to talk with her hands. Aries, finally finished gearing up, simply rested his elbows onto his knees.

Aries Armadaist
I get where you're coming from. You've been at this a lot longer than I have and I'm sure you've seen cases like me a million times before. People who get a chance at holding a Championship, or even people who get to be where I am with an actual title. With a chance to call themselves a Champion, and lose it all because they choked. I get that. But, you gotta understand something about me. Just because I say I'm afraid doesn't mean I'm going to run. Just because I say I'm not sure if I have confidence in my own ability doesn't mean I'm not going to fight as hard as I can to still come out victorious. Just because I feel these things doesn't mean I wont let them hinder me.

Aries Armadaist
My dad always told me that real courage isn't not being afraid, it's doing something despite the fact that you're afraid. If we're ever to go out and lose these championships, it wont be because of a lack of confidence. It won't be because I hesitated or choked because I wasn't sure I would be good enough to pull off whatever I'm planning. If anything, I let these feelings fuel me. I let them push me forward and try to overcome them. As far as I'm concerned, i'll lose because I'm outmatched before I'm willing to lose because I've already mentally beat myself. I'm better than that. I've always been better than that.

He rose from his seat, snatching up the tag titles off the floor next to him, now approaching Jaci, a belt in each hand as the two exhanged glared, their brows narrowing at one another.

Aries Armadaist
Like I said, I understand where you're coming from, and I appreciate the concern. You may have seen people in this same position a million times before, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm not like every other mother fucker. So, let me ask you, Jaci, are you going to be standing in my corner tonight?

[/color=grey]He held the title out to her, the two locking eyes as Jaci attempted to study his face. Without move her gaze, she simply reached out, taking the title from him as she threw it over her shoulder, the duo not uttering a word between each other. Eventually, Aries' expression softened a little, Jaci's doing the same in return. It almost felt like the two were beginning to come to something of an understanding with each other, as odd of a creature as Aries continued to make himself out to be. That is, until Aries ruined the moment by opening his mouth.

Aries Armadaist
...I'm fighting a goddamn beaver tonight, ya know that?

With a scoff, Jaci simply rolled her eyes, mushing her palm against his forehead as she pushed him back, forcing him to start his trek down the hall toward the entrance way as Jaci soon followed suit behind him.


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Jaci Sovereign & Aries Armadaist [vs] Parker & Steel Angel
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