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 Griffin Hawkins [vs.] Ethan Cage [vs.] Molly Reid

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PostSubject: Griffin Hawkins [vs.] Ethan Cage [vs.] Molly Reid   Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:31 am



IWF Record: 24 Wins 7 Losses 2 Draws
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PostSubject: That title is MINE   Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:04 am

+++Scene I+++
+++After the Main Event+++
+++Rio de Janeiro, Brazil+++
+++Monday, April 22nd+++

I looked down at the motionless Griffin and Ethan on the mat in front of me. It was almost too easy. Everyone knew that I hated Griffin, but they all thought Ethan and I were really close. Nobody expected me to do what I did. How could they? All signs pointed towards Griffin being the one who attacked Ethan last week. Nobody would suspect little Molly, the one who was always defending Ethan, the one who was always helping him get the advantage over Griffin. It was the perfect plan. Befriend the number one contender, get him to agree to give you a title shot when he wins.

Only Ethan had to go and ruin it. At first, he was all for giving me a title shot. But as the weeks went on, he became more and more wary of giving me that shot. It went from ‘Yeah you’ll get the first shot’ to ‘Well we’ll see what management says’. He knew how good I was, and he knew that I was going to beat him if we had a match. Once he realized that, and made it clear that he wasn’t going to give me any match, I knew I had to act.

So here I was, standing over the two motionless bodies of the two wrestlers who just put on a pretty phenomenal match. But that wasn’t important. What was more important was the IWF World Heavyweight Championship that I was holding in the air. I was taking the title home with me, and there was nothing that anyone could do about it. I should be getting that title match at Homecoming, but I already knew that it wasn’t going to happen. So I guess what I was doing was just a little bit of insurance. I’d give them back this title belt, just as soon as they gave me my championship match. If they wouldn’t give me the match, then I wouldn’t give them back the belt. It was that simple.

I could hear all the boos in the arena, people yelling at me, throwing garbage at me. I grinned at the crowd and told them to bring it on even more. Someone threw a full cup of beer at me, luckily it missed. That was my cue to go. I quickly slid out of the ring and walked up the ramp. Instead of heading right back through the main entrance, I hurried off to the side of the stage, to where there was a small side entrance to the back hallways. I quickly ran to my locker room and shut the door, locking it behind me.

I immediately started stripping down, getting changed. I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time before someone came looking for me to take back the belt. After my escapade in New Orleans with the Queen of Wrestling title belt, where I almost lost it, IWF had not been too keen on me holding on to any belts any time soon. I was just waiting for Jessica to knock on the door and demand I hand it back over. Luckily, I had planned for that.

I quickly hopped in the shower and just washed all the gross sweat off of my body, before towelling off and getting my street clothes back on. I quickly tossed my wrestling gear into my bag, as well as the IWF Championship belt, before pulling on my sexy 49ers snapback, and my Ray-Bans, and walking towards a small window in the far corner of the dressing room. Whoever designed this place was an idiot, but I guess even if you stuck your head through the window, you couldn’t see any part of the actual dressing room or shower. Whatever. I quickly grabbed my plane ticket from my bag and held it in my mouth while I tossed the bag out the window and on to the ground outside. I had already checked it out earlier, the window led to some closed off area, which led to the other smaller arena beside the stadium. So I was going to go in there, then exit to the back and catch a cab that I had paid to wait there. Then I’d go straight to the airport, and fly back to Los Angeles. I had switched tickets earlier today, so instead of flying it tomorrow like the rest of the IWF, I could leave right away. Rio was cool and all, but I didn’t want to stick around.

Just as I was about to climb out the window, I heard a knock at the locker room door. I waited a second, to hear who it was or what they wanted. But really I already knew the answer to both questions.
Jessica Matthews: “Molly? It’s Jess. Can we come in? We’d like to talk to you”

I said nothing and waited. I could hear Jessica turning the door handle, and finding that it was locked. I could hear her tell someone to get a key.
Jessica Matthews: “Look Molly, we just want the title belt back. It’s IWF property, and at this moment, property of Ethan Cage. If you just give us the belt back, we’ll leave you alone”

I laughed to myself and slid out the window. I grabbed my bag and ran over to the next arena, the door held open by a brick that I had placed there earlier. I ran inside and through the building, until I reached the exit. I found the cabbie that I had hired, and hopped into the car. As we pulled out, I could see Jessica and a few IWF Security members walking out of the arena, looking around at the busy street, clearly frustrated that they had lost me. I laughed as I was driven to the airport. I couldn’t wait to finish this road trip. Travelling the world was nice, but I missed my Los Angeles home. I missed Cali. I missed my kingdom. It was time for me to head on home.

+++Scene II+++
+++Return from trip sex+++
+++My house, Los Angeles+++
+++Tuesday, April 23rd+++

I lay back in bed, wiping the sweat from my forehead and pulling the covers up to my neck. I was really out of breath. I could hear Charlie beside me, also panting. That was possibly the best sex that I’ve ever had. Maybe it was because it had been weeks since I last had sex that I actually remembered. Maybe it was because Charlie and I were just that good together. But for whatever reason, I was exhausted and extremely satisfied, more so than I’ve ever been.

I looked over at Charlie and smiled. He smiled right back at me, before leaning over and kissing me on the lips. I laughed and laid my head back. I really liked Charlie. I had never liked anyone this much before. When I was gone, at first I was upset that he constantly wanted to hang out and talk and all of that. But eventually I realized how much I missed him. How much I liked him. I had only been back for a few hours, and already we were just back to normal life, as if I had never been gone.

But I still hadn’t told him about what had happened that one night in Australia. How could I tell him? How could anyone tell their boyfriend, someone that they genuinely care about that they cheated on them? It made me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I didn’t want anything to happen to us, and I knew that I would break his heart if I told him. I know how hard it was for him to stay friends with me, as I slept with all kinds of different guys. It’d be hard for anyone with feelings to do that. I sort of understood that now. It would be hard for me to know that Charlie was sleeping with some other bitch while we were dating. That would really upset me. But look at me, doing the exact same thing to him.

But I had to tell him right? I knew I couldn’t go on with this relationship unless I knew he was being honest with me. And it would be the biggest bitch move to demand honesty from him when I wasn’t even being honest myself. Look at me, what the fuck is happening to me. Dating Charlie has made me soft. I actually care about him and sort of want to be a better person for him. Nobody had ever made me want to do that before. I didn’t know what to really make of it. It was definitely a new feeling, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad one. I just wasn’t really prepared to change myself so soon in my life. I figured I had a lot of years of partying and doing whatever shit I wanted to do, before I had to actually get my life on track. No that was a poor choice of words. My life has always been on track. I just figured that eventually I would need to stop partying and maybe take life a bit more seriously, that’s all.
Charlie Hannah: “So, let’s see some of those pictures from the trip”

I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and handed it to Charlie. He unlocked it and started sliding through photo after photo. It was mostly of me at clubs getting drunk, but there was a few here and there of the scenery. I wasn’t much of a photographer, so there wasn’t anything special in there. But I did what I could.
Charlie Hannah: “Damn, you’re a regular…damn I don’t know any famous photographers.”

The sarcasm in his voice was easily recognizable. I punched him in the arm for it.
Molly Reid: “You’re an ass, I tried my hardest ok!”

Charlie Hannah: “Haha I’m just kidding! They’re good pictures. There’s a lot too. You seem to have gotten drunk quite a few times.”

I got out of bed and began to grab some clothes out of my dresser and put them on. Charlie was still in bed, looking through the pictures.
Molly Reid: “What can I say, without you there, I didn’t really have much to do. I just went out and partied every night pretty much. Came home alone, missed you, all that stuff”

Charlie didn’t say anything behind me. I turned around slowly and looked at him.
Molly Reid: “Charlie?”

He was looking down at my phone, just not really doing anything else. Didn’t seem to register me saying anything at all. I immediately realized what he was looking at. Oh fuck.
Charlie Hannah: “What the fuck is this?”

Charlie held up the phone so I could see. Fucking shit I thought I deleted all of these pictures from that night. But sure enough, there was Brandon Macdonald, taking a really douchebag looking selfie with my camera. And in the background, sure enough, was an extremely drunk and extremely naked me. Looks like I had some fucking explaining to do.
Molly Reid: “Ummmm…there’s something I need to tell you Charlie”

Charlie Hannah: “You’re fucking right there is! What the hell are you doing, naked on a bed, in the same room as Brandon Macdonald?!”

Molly Reid: “Look I was really drunk! And you were calling me every hour and wanting to talk to me, and you know how I get when people smother me. You just kept bugging me and wouldn’t let me go out, and wanted me to call you all the time. And Brandon is really cool, and he was DJing at a club, and I don’t know, I got really drunk and woke up in his bed. I don’t remember any of this happening. It was just one of my blackout nights”

Charlie stared at me for what felt like hours, but was probably just a few minutes. It was almost like he wasn’t sure what to say to me, like he was really searching for his words. Eventually he just got out of bed and started getting dressed.
Molly Reid: “Charlie, please, can we talk about this?”

Charlie Hannah: “Talk about what Molly? You cheated on me. Plain and simple. What is there to talk about? You going to talk to me about how good it was, or how much better he was than me, or shit like that?”

Molly Reid: “No Charlie! I just wanted to explain and apologize. You have no idea how bad I felt after. I cried for days.”

Charlie Hannah: “And when were you going to tell me? Hmmm?! Were you just going to hope it went away, and I would never find out? Jesus Molly, does anything have consequences to you, or is it all just some big game in your head? The world doesn’t revolve around you, other people have feelings that you’re fucking with when you do all your shit”

Molly Reid: “You think I don’t know that?! I really like you Charlie, you have no idea how terrible I felt after I did it. I was going to tell you, I was just trying to find the right moment.”

Charlie Hannah: “Well, the right moment would have been immediately after it happened, and even then, that would have been the wrong moment. The right moment would have been before you fucking fucked him, where you could have controlled yourself and not done it”

Molly Reid: “Charlie, I’m so sorry. I got really drunk, and I blacked out. I don’t even remember anything about it, and I’m being dead serious”

Charlie Hannah: “I knew it. I fucking knew this would happen. You always do this shit”

Molly Reid: “I’ve never cheated on you or anyone before!”

Charlie Hannah: “No. Not the cheating. It’s not even about the cheating anymore. We’re done with that. You have bigger problems than cheating on me”

Molly Reid: “What do you mean?”

Charlie Hannah: “I mean your drinking and just your lifestyle in general. Look at you Molly. You’re living a carefree life where you think that nothing bad will ever happen to you and that everything is always a party. Some of us are living in the real world. You go out every night and get plastered drunk, and blackout, and wake up on the grass beside some river. Or in some other dude’s bed with a pile of used condoms on the floor beside you. But do you learn your lesson? No, of course not. You’re Molly Reid, the queen bitch of Los Angeles, nothing bad will ever happen to you. You go out and you do the exact same fucking thing again. I knew it was only a matter of time before you got so drunk that you fucked some other dude. With your track record, I’m surprised it took this long. No Molly, contrary to what you think, I’m not that mad about you cheating. Because I know exactly what it stemmed from. You being an immature little girl, who can’t move on and grow up like the rest of us. Your drinking and the shit you do doesn’t just affect you, it affects other people too Molly. Even before all this, every night I’d go out with you, wondering if you’d come home with me, or just pass out on your own somewhere. I never knew where you were going to end up, be it someone else’s bed, or jail. Do you know how hard that was for me? Trying to put up with all your bullshit? And then, you go on this trip, and not even two weeks in and you’ve already cheated on me after getting blackout drunk. No, I can’t deal with this Molly. I’m done with this. I’m done with you.”

I was crying now, and I couldn’t stop, even though I wanted to so badly. I wanted to defend myself, to tell him that I do whatever I want to do, because that’s who I am. I wanted to tell him that my life has been harder than he’s ever known, and that’s why I drink and party and live the life that I do. But I was just so taken aback by what he said, and the whole situation, that all I could manage was a few sniffles as I wiped tears from my eyes.
Charlie Hannah: “Don’t bother talking to me, or calling me or anything. If I hear that you’re getting help, and I mean serious help, then maybe I’ll contact you. But right now, I just don’t want to hear you, or see you. But I mean it. Get some help. You need it. Get help before this whole thing ruins your life. Because trust me, these things that you do, the ones that you think don’t have any consequences. They do. And one day you’re going to suffer from them. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I really do.”

Charlie grabbed his stuff off of the table and moved towards the door. I tried to call out, tried to tell him how I felt, how sorry I was, how I was going to get help if it meant we could stay together. I would do all those things for him. Instead, all I could manage was a tiny little whimper between tears.
Molly Reid: “Charlie…”

Charlie turned around in the doorway. I could see that there were some tears in his eyes too. I tried to speak, but once again, found it impossible.
Charlie Hannah: “Molly, I loved you. I still do love you. And I mean the real you. The one that’s deep down in there, being supressed by whatever shit you’ve got going on above it. I can love real Molly, I can be with real Molly. But I can’t be with alcoholic Molly. I can’t love alcoholic you. I’m sorry. I really hope you either get help, or find someone that can deal with you, and makes you happy. I just want the best for you. I really do.”

With that, the door to my room was closing, and suddenly he was gone. Just like that. And there I was, sitting in the bed, crying my eyes out. Why did this have to happen today? He was right, I should have told him right away. He still would have said the same thing, but it would have been better than him having to find out through a picture. But fuck me for not deleting that, how could I be so fucking stupid?

He loved me. That part made me die a little inside when I heard it. Any part of me that wasn’t feeling an insane amount of sadness and regret instantly vanished as soon as he said that. Nobody had ever loved me before. Or at least, nobody had ever told me. So now what the fuck do I do? Did he actually love me? I certainly didn’t love him. I mean I really liked him, but love was something completely different. We’d been friends, but we’d only been dating for a little bit, how could I love him that fast? How could he love me that suddenly?

I was actually getting angry all of the sudden. The more I thought about his words, the more I realized they were bullshit. He didn’t love me. If he thought I had a problem, and that I needed to change, and he really did love me, he would help me. He wouldn’t abandon me like that. But no, instead he rips me a new asshole, and then just fucking leaves. Tells me he loves me, but doesn’t want to help me get better. Why?

Because there’s nothing wrong with me. He’s just one of the people like Chuck, who think that I have some big drinking, alcoholic problem. And who the fuck was he to criticize my drinking. He drank almost as much as I did, every night. Why did I have a problem but he didn’t? This was all so fucking stupid.

I feel sad and angry all at the same time. I thought we could date for a long time, I thought he was the right guy for me to actually be with. I was so sad that I was wrong. And I was angry, angry at him for leaving me like that, after saying all that shit. Fucking emotional overload. I needed someone to talk to, just someone to comfort me. But who the fuck did I have left? All my so called friends were abandoning me. I hadn’t talked to Brittney in weeks, I think she was mad that Charlie and I started dating. Fuck it, I had to call Brandon Macdonald. He was the reason this whole shit got started anyways.

I grabbed my phone and dialled him up. I waited, and finally, I heard him pick up the phone.
Brandon Macdonald: “Hello?”

Molly Reid: “Brandon, its Molly”

Brandon Macdonald: “Oh…ummm, hey Molly. How’s it going? You sound different”

Molly Reid: “Sorry. I’ve just been crying. Are you around? Can we meet up?”

Brandon Macdonald: “Crying? Shit that’s not good. And I’m actually not. I’m in Mexico, on a business trip.”

Molly Reid: “Fuck, can we just talk on the phone then?”

Brandon Macdonald: “What’s it about? I’m kind of busy”

Molly Reid: “Okay, well Charlie dumped me. He found out about our…night…and he got really angry obviously, and then yelled at me and told me he loved me and that I had a problem and now I just don’t know what to think. I just need someone to talk to”

Brandon Macdonald: “Uhhh…don’t you have like, a counsellor, or a friend or something?”

Molly Reid: “Fuck that, like I’d ever have a counsellor. And not really, all my friends either are pissed off at me for some stupid shit, or don’t care enough. You’re really the only person I have, plus, you sort of got me into this anyways”

Brandon Macdonald: “Whoa whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Look I’m sorry for what happened, but we were all drunk. It’s not my fault that you couldn’t control yourself and did what you did”

Molly Reid: “What the fuck, control myself?! I was blackout drunk, if anything, you took advantage of me! Not to mention you legit took a gay ass picture of yourself on my phone with me naked in the background, which is what Charlie saw, which is what actually caused all this shit”

Brandon Macdonald: “You hadn’t told him yet? Well, that’s hardly my fault. You should have told him right away. Obviously he was going to get pissed, I mean, I would if I was in his shoes. You cheated on him, why would you not tell him? That’s not my fault.”

Molly Reid: “What the fuck is your problem?! I call you just looking for help because I thought we were friends, but instead you give me shit for it? Besides, didn’t you cheat on your wife? You fucking hypocrite”

Brandon Macdonald: “Hey fuck off Molly, you called me. You want my help, well here it is. Smarten the fuck up. Don’t get so drunk that you want to fuck anything with two legs and a big cock. You’re still young; you still have time to fix things. But if you gotta stop drinking, or stop partying, or just stop having sex or whatever it is you need to do, then do it. Because you’re not getting any sympathy from me or anyone else. I’m married, I have a career, I can control myself. I can sleep with you and not let it affect my life. But if doing that affects yours, well fuck, you need to change it”

Molly Reid: “You’re a real piece of shit, you know that right?”

Brandon Macdonald: “I’m not paid to be nice. You called me. I’m just being straight with you Molly. Also, before you go, what the fuck are you doing?”

Molly Reid: “What the fuck am I doing?! What the fuck do you think I’m doing?! I’m trying to deal with all of this shit”

Brandon Macdonald: “No, not that. I don’t give a shit about that. I meant stealing the title belt, attacking Ethan after the match, all that shit. You know we could fire you for that right?”

Molly Reid: “So fucking fire me. Go get a new belt made, do whatever it is you have to do. I’ll just keep the original and everyone will know how big pussies everyone at IWF is”

Brandon Macdonald: “Do you think you’re going to get put in the title match or something? Because trust me, Jess has no interest in putting you in that match. So you better figure something else out”

Molly Reid: “Just fuck off Brandon. I called you asking for your help because I thought you were a good guy. But clearly I was wrong”

Brandon Macdonald: “I don’t know what to tell you Molly.”

I just hung up the phone. I couldn’t deal with this anymore. I legitimately thought Brandon was a good guy, and that he would be there as a friend if I needed it. For fucks sake, he slept with me, I thought I at least meant something to him. But apparently I was just another name on his list. He didn’t give a shit about me. Not even as a friend. I was pissed off. The one guy who gives no fucks about what anyone thinks about him, is against me. And was ripping on me, telling me that I was doing life wrong and that I needed to change. Who the fuck was he to tell me this kind of shit? I didn’t deserve this. Why couldn’t people just be real? Instead of faking their way through relationships like clearly Brandon was. Makes me think he’s my friend, that I can talk to him, but really just wants my vagina. Figures.

Fuck this. I looked over at the clock. It was almost five o’clock. After all that had happened today, after all the stress that I’d been going through, all in a span of like thirty minutes, I really needed a drink. I just lost two good friends, one really, really amazing one in Charlie, and what I thought was a good one in Brandon. Both gone, just like that. I looked over at my dresser, where the IWF Championship belt lay. This was supposed to be a great week, one of me celebrating and blackmailing the IWF into giving me a title shot. But nooo, my life had to go and get fucking flipped upside down. Fuck this.

I finally put on the clothes that I had gotten out to wear so long ago. I had just realized that I had been sitting naked in my room the entire time. I grabbed some slutty dress and threw it on, pulled on some underwear, grabbed some heels from my closet, and walked out the door. I grabbed my purse off of the table in the other room, before quickly walking into the bathroom. I wiped the remaining tears out of my eyes, and quickly put some drops in to get rid of the redness. I touched up my makeup, so I looked like I wasn’t crying all day. Once I had gotten completely ready, I ran out the door and walked to the front of my house, calling a cab as I did so. I was going to get so drunk tonight, I could already tell. I was going to have fun tonight, whether I wanted to or not. I didn’t want to think about Charlie, and this was the one way to put him out of my mind.

+++Scene III+++
+++At the Club Drunk+++
+++Los Angeles California+++
+++Tuesday, April 23rd+++

OOC NOTE: I tried to make this scene as least graphic and detailed as possible, but the general idea is something that I needed to get across. Just a warning/apology that this scene might be upsetting to anyone who has had to deal with this before

I stumbled over to the bar to order a couple more shots. It was about one in the morning now, and I was fucking gone. I was beyond hammered; I was surprised that I could even stand up, let alone talk somewhat coherently. It was actually quite a feat.

I grabbed my shots and downed them both rather quickly. I looked around the club. A lot of hot guys, and a lot of girls too. I had been dancing with a few of my friends from school, but they had left at this point. I had nothing to go back home to, so I figured I’d stay for a little bit longer. I was about to walk back onto the dancefloor when someone grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. I caught myself before I fell over, and looked up at a somewhat cute guy standing in front of me. He smiled at me, before talking. He had some sort of European accent, I couldn’t tell what it was though.
Guy: “I couldn’t help but notice your beauty from across the bar. You’re very stunning”

Molly Reid: “Ohthank youuu!”

Guy: “I bought you this drink, will you accept this gift from me to you?”

Molly Reid: “You’re funny!”

I took the drink from his hand and smiled. I quickly downed the whole thing without a second thought. Had I been more sober, that probably wouldn’t have happened. But I was so drunk that nothing mattered to me. The drink was amazing, and he pulled me over to where two of his friends were sitting.

He introduced me to them, and they all had accents too. I kept laughing at whatever they said, just because I was so drunk and their accents were so funny. They told me about how they came here to go to school from some country. Obviously I wasn’t listening that hard and didn’t really care. I had a few more drinks with them, we danced for a bit, they were really nice guys.

After a while I started to feel really weird. Everything was moving really slowly, and I was getting somewhat dizzy. I took a step towards the tables and immediately fell over. The three friends immediately helped me back to my feet.
Guy: “I think you should go home”

I nodded my head. I couldn’t even talk right now. I had never felt this way before, but I also don’t think I had ever been this drunk before. Maybe this is what alcohol poisoning felt like. Two of the guys put my arms around their shoulders, and began to help me walk out of the club and onto the street.

My vision was really blurry, and my brain seemed to be flashing. It was like I would blink, and suddenly we’d be somewhere that we weren’t a second ago. Then I’d blink again, and we’d be somewhere else. Everything was skipping, and I still felt really sick. My vision suddenly and randomly stopped blurring, and I could finally see where I was. I looked around. There was nobody around, and I mean nobody. We were in some sort of random abandoned area of the projects. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t even told these guys where I lived. And then everything started to make sense.

The friendliness of the guys. My feeling sick to my stomach, the dizziness, and the vision problems. The fact that I didn’t even tell them where to take me, and now we were in some dark, abandoned area in the middle of nowhere. That drink that they gave me. FUCK. Why did I drink that?

I suddenly pushed away from the guys holding me and tried to run away. But while my eyesight had recovered, my balance had not. I immediately fell down, scraping my knee up. But I had to get away. I was scared now, like terrified. There were three of them, and I was in heels and a tight dress. I could hear them running after me. Sober, I’m sure I could outrun all of these guys. But as drunk as I was, not to mention drugged, and with what I was wearing, I stood no chance. One of them reached me and wrapped his arm around my waist. I started kicking and screaming and punching. This wasn’t happening without a fight.
Guy: “Stop fighting whore, you can’t walk into a club alone looking like this and expect anything not to happen”

I punched him in the face. I tried to run again, but I tripped and fell immediately. I felt hands reach at me, arms wrapping around me. I kicked and screamed some more as I felt my dress rising, and hands groping at me. Tears were pouring down my face now. Not only did Charlie dump me and yell at me. Not only did I lose my one last friend. But now I was about to get raped by three guys, and there was nobody who could help me. Why God? Why was I being punished like this? Haven’t I been through enough?
Guy: “I’m going to enjoy this. And don’t worry slut, you’ll enjoy it too”

I could feel the hands, moving things around, getting things out of the way. I screamed louder and louder, desperately trying to escape and get away from this. I could hear one of them yell at me to shut up and take it. Then suddenly, a sharp pain in the back of my head, and darkness.

+++Scene IV+++
+++Video Blog time+++
+++My house, Los Angeles+++
+++Saturday, April 27th+++

I sit down at the chair in front of my computer, and flip it open. I loaded up my video blog page and waited for it to get all ready. I was so ready for this week to be over. Nobody knew what happened to me. The hospital had kept it a pretty big secret that I was there. I didn’t tell anyone. As far as the world was concerned, I was just at home, being a bitch, holding onto the IWF title that I had stolen. Speaking of which…

I reached over and grabbed the IWF title off of the shelf beside me. I placed it over my shoulder and looked at the camera. I laughed to myself slightly. I should get an Oscar for this acting performance. I was a mess emotionally right now, but no way was I going to let anyone know that. Fuck everyone.

Molly Reid
Well well well. It’s been a while since I spoke to anyone, hasn’t it? Aside from a few tweets here and there, I’ve pretty much kept to myself recently. But as you can see by this lovely title belt on my shoulder, there was a reason for that. And I think my secrecy and quietness paid off in the end, don’t you?

Molly Reid
I had to keep quiet. When I get in these anger filled rages, I can’t control what I say. I don’t know if suddenly I’ll reveal all the secret plans that I’ve made with myself. So I decided to shut my mouth for a few weeks, because I knew that if I talked, I’d end up telling everyone about what I was going to do to Ethan. And I couldn’t risk that being spoiled. Before anyone asks themselves, yes, these were my intentions the entire time. I never had any real friendship-esque feelings for Ethan. The guy is a cock. But what I saw was yet another opportunity to rise to the top. With Ethan, I could use him to further push myself into IWF management’s eyes, to remind them that I’m the best wrestler in this entire company. He was the number one contender, and if I didn’t side with him, I stood to fight medium level wrestlers for the rest of my career. Only compared to me, those medium level wrestlers are shit-level wrestlers. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my career fighting pussies like Tim Patrick and cunts like Blyss Lockhart. No, I wanted more chances to fight the best. So I knew I had to act, I knew I had to get their attention somehow. Especially when, even after I beat Griffin, they gave me absolutely no indication that I would ever be considered for a spot in an IWF Championship match.

Molly Reid
So yeah. After playing the friendship card with Ethan for about a month, I realized that it wasn’t working. I needed to do something else, something that would really get people’s attention. Something that would make them realize that I wasn’t fucking around when I said I wanted the IWF Championship. So I knocked Ethan the fuck out and stole his title belt. The one thing that puts him ahead of me in the eyes of everyone. But hey, Ethan, I wasn’t going to fuck you over without at least rewarding you for the last month of pretend friendship I had with you. I gave you the gift of being IWF Champion. So you should at least be grateful for that right? Even though I took your title, you’re still champion, technically speaking.

Molly Reid
I stole the title belt because it should be mine. Hate me for what I did all you want, I really don’t give a single shit. Call me a coward for attacking them after the match, call me a bitch for not winning the title honourably. Do whatever you want, I couldn’t care less. The end result is that what I did served its purpose. I wasn’t getting my chance for whatever fucking reason, and so I needed to show them that I was serious. That I was going to fuck IWF over and over and over until they gave me my title shot. And guess what? It fucking worked. Now I get a chance to fight for the IWF Championship against Griffin and Ethan. A chance to once and for all prove that I am the best wrestler in this company. I didn’t think I needed to keep proving it, but I guess one more time should do the trick for all the doubters out there. Jessica can’t hold me back forever, and I’m surprised she even tried. I thought we were at least somewhat good friends, but apparently she was just a stupid bitch like the rest of the girls here in IWF. One who thought that she could stand in my way. Well guess what Jess? YOU CAN’T. This is my world that you’re in. My manipulative, bitch-like conniving ways know no bounds. I’ve told everyone from the beginning that I’ll use any situation that I can to get ahead in life. And would you look at that. That’s exactly what I did here. Ethan gave me a chance to do what I knew I needed to do.

Molly Reid
And what I needed to do was kick him in the skull. He was supposed to get hurt, supposed to not be able to fight against Griffin for the title. It was a last minute decision too. I actually had no intentions of attacking Ethan after the show two weeks ago, until I saw Griffin talking in the ring. Well, trying to talk, it was hard to hear him with all the dicks in his mouth. But when I made out that he wanted to get revenge on Ethan, I knew that was my perfect chance. If I took out Ethan, and Jess and the rest of management suspected it was Griffin, what would they do? Oh right, they would put Ethan’s best friend and partner in the match instead of him, to get revenge. But noooo, Ethan had to go and make a full recovery. So that was when I reverted back to my old plan obviously. Make Ethan win, attack him afterwards, steal his title. Use it for ransom in order to get into a title match. And that plan worked gloriously. I did everything that I planned to do, and in the end, became the first woman to ever get a chance to become the IWF Champion.

Molly Reid
Excuse me while I direct a bit of anger towards the IWF management for a minute. How the fuck am I the first woman to ever compete for the IWF title? Like, does the entire management team have shit for brains, or are you guys just that fucking sexist? I’m no feminist by any means, but come the fuck on. Are you seriously going to tell me that no other woman did enough to deserve a title match? Look back into the annals of IWF history and tell me that not a single other girl deserved a chance. As much as I can’t stand Tiffani the bitch, she’s done enough ass-kicking to deserve a shot. Seriously, not only was she the longest reigning Queen of Wrestling champion in IWF history, but she kicked a lot of ass, and a lot of it was man ass. But no, because she is a woman, she doesn’t deserve a title shot. She’s not good enough to compete with the big boys. They’d punch her in the tits, give her a nice cootchie kick, and send her off crying to her boy Alex Remington. Or what about Alison Williams. The girl that won a championship from a guy, held it for multiple defenses, and then gave it up to her girlfriend or something. The tapes were somewhat confusing on that part. Not only that, but she has the third most Path to Valhalla eliminations, many of which were also against men. And then finally, look at Anna Stone, creator of the Queen of Wrestling title. This girl, from the tapes I’ve seen, beat man after man, and kicked a serious amount of ass. Like enough ass that she was able to actually win the Path to Valhalla match, and get a chance to main event at the biggest show in IWF. But why did it come to that point? She should have gotten a title shot long before she ever needed to win that stupid match to get an opportunity. Maybe she would have after From the Ashes, but I heard she vanished and then died. Although she follows me on Twitter, so I guess she isn’t that dead after all. Anyways, the point I’m trying to make here is that it’s fucking horseshit that I’m the first girl to fight for the title. Out of all the girls in IWF history, while it’s clear that I’m the best, there were still plenty who did enough to deserve a shot. But fuck me right, I had to literally steal the championship in order to get put in that match. Alright, enough about the stupid decisions of the IWF. And before any of you get the idea that I’m going to try and win this title “on behalf of all the IWF women”, you can all shut the fuck up. I’m winning this title on behalf of myself and nobody else. Me being IWF Champion doesn’t mean that it’s open season on women getting title shots. No, but if you’re fucking good enough to fight me, then fight me. I’m not going to be giving away title matches just because you’re a woman and you want to be like me. Nobody can be like me.

Molly Reid
Fuck, enough. Onto the match this week. Before anyone decides to go nuts and claim that I don’t deserve to be in this match, and I’m only in it because I stole the title, let me stop you right there. You’re actually half right. I’m only in the match because I stole the title. I’m not like the rest of you fuckers in IWF, who just sit around and wait for the company to give you chances. No, I make my own fucking chances. I made my own chance this past week, and look at that, it paid off. I wasn’t getting a title shot, so I did what I needed to do to get one. So yeah, I’m only in the match because I stole the title. But if you don’t think I deserve the match, then you must be fucking retarded. Not a figure of speech, I’m dead serious. You would have to have some serious mental incapability to actually believe that after all that I’ve done in IWF, that I don’t deserve a title shot. My first match in IWF was on February 5th. That’s 81 fucking days ago. In that time, I have never been pinned. Think about that for a second please. In almost three months here, I have never been pinned one time. I haven’t even lost actually, since that match with Gordon and Blyss was about as bullshit a match as there ever was. But I digress. Nobody can beat me. I’ve proven that over and over again. Griffin Hawkins, the former IWF Champion, he can’t beat me. What more do I need to do to prove that I deserve to be in this match? Rhetorical question, because there is nothing more that I need to do to deserve a title shot. This is a match that I should have been in a long time ago, and I’m just happy that IWF came to their fucking senses and put me in the match. Now, as for my opponents this week…

Molly Reid
Ethan! You’re the IWF Champion! Doesn’t it feel good? Don’t you just love when all your dreams of being the best in the company come true? I bet it would feel a lot better if you actually had the IWF Championship to celebrate with, wouldn’t it? Yeah…sorry about that. Oh wait, no I’m not. The only reason you won the title is because I kicked Griffin in the fucking skull, and you took advantage of that. Pretty shitty way to win. But don’t worry. Your title reign will only end up being less than a week. When they look back at this, nobody will care about the pussy way you won the title for a week. They’ll be far too busy focusing on the first woman wrestler in IWF history to be the IWF Champion. But seriously, do you think that you can beat me Ethan? Do you think that you have all the wrestling skills to beat the girl who knocked you out cold last week? I mean, you’re a better wrestler than 99% of the IWF roster, that’s for sure. But that’s more because the IWF roster is a bunch of fucking scrubs that don’t even deserve to share the same arena as you. But while you’re better than most of the wrestlers here, that doesn’t say much about your chances to beat me. Because when it comes to wrestling skill, I’m on a whole different fucking level. No matter how hard people try, they just can’t seem to figure me out. Nobody knows how to beat me, because it’s never happened. And it never will happen. So what gives you a chance to beat me? Because you knew me and so you know how I operate? Is it because you know girls like me, the ones who do whatever they can to get ahead? Well listen closely Ethan. You’ve never known a girl like me, and you’ve never known me. I’m not just some typical slutty girl who uses her vagina as leverage to get ahead. No, everyone knows at this point that I’m so much more than that. I may use whatever means necessary to get ahead, but when it comes time to fight in that ring, I don’t fucking disappoint. That’s the difference between me and other girls. They use that shit because they have to. I do it because I want to. I could sit back, and just wait until Jessica got fired for doing a shit job as General Manager, and then wait some more until the new GM inevitably gave me a title shot because they couldn’t ignore me any longer. But fuck waiting. I’m not a patient person. So I do whatever I need to do to speed things up. Same end result, a quarter of the time.

Molly Reid
Griffin, how’s it going? Your head still hurting? I would bet that it is. Considering I haven’t seen you on Twitter in a while. I’m sure the doctors told you to stay away from computers and to rest up. And good for you, listening to them. You wouldn’t want to be anything less than 100% for our match this weekend. Speaking of which, why are you in this match? Is it because of that gay-ass rematch clause in your contract, which I assume every wrestling contract ever pointlessly has? I mean, it sure as hell can’t be because you deserve a chance. You lost to Ethan, get the fuck over it. Three weeks ago, I beat you cleanly. There was no controversy, no extra help that allowed me to win. No, I kicked you in the fucking skull and pinned you. One. Two. Three. There was nothing strange about the win. So please tell me what the fuck you think is going to be so different this time around? You think that because Ethan is in this match, that you won’t have to worry about me focusing solely on beating you, and that somehow you’ll use that to win? You still have to fight Ethan, who, let me remind you, beat you last week. I wasn’t the only one to kick you in the head last week. This is going to be a good old fashioned three person brawl. There’s no gay alliances, no fucking teamwork. There’s just a free for all. So not only do you have to deal with me, but Ethan too. The two people who you’ve lost to in the last three weeks. And somehow you think you still stand a chance? That’s pretty laughable. I don’t even know what more to say about you. I mean, I beat you already. So get the fuck out. What are you going to say to me or to anyone that is going to convince them that the same thing isn’t going to happen again? Whatever you decide to say Griffin, just remember. I beat you. You can’t change that. While you have no idea what it takes to beat me, I know exactly what it takes to beat you. So sure, tell everyone that this time will be different. Make up some pussy excuse about why you lost to me the first time. But trust me, this match is going to have the same result. Only this time, I’ll be leaving with the IWF Championship. And this time, I’ll be leaving with it deservingly.

Molly Reid
So bring it the fuck on Griffin and Ethan. I can’t wait to hear what you two have to say about yourselves, about what happened last week. I’m ready to hear the great childish insults you two will throw at me. Molly’s a bitch, Molly’s a drunk, Molly’s a hypocrite, Molly’s a slut. It never gets old guys. Maybe one of you will think of some creative new one this time. But I doubt it. So bring it the fuck on. Just know that the two of you stand absolutely zero chance of beating me. This title is mine, and this week’s match is just my contract signing. If you know what’s best for you, don’t drag the match out. Because the longer the match goes, the more you’re going to get hurt. Do yourselves a favour and just lay the fuck down and take your beatings like a couple of men. And then congratulate me when I become the next IWF Champion.

Molly Reid
This week is my week. This match is my match. Everything I’ve done in the past has been to get to this point. I’ve finally got my chance to become IWF champion. And now that I’ve got this chance, I’m not going to fucking waste it. I will become IWF Champion. I will beat Griffin Hawkins and Ethan Cage and win the title. If you don’t like the sound of that, well, tough fucking titties. Get fucking used to it. Because, just like I’ve been saying all along, I’m the greatest wrestler in this entire company. Nothing anyone can do or say is going to change that fact. And this Sunday, at Homecoming, if there are any doubters left about my greatness, trust me, you’ll all be silenced. After Sunday, whenever someone mentions the greatest wrestler in all of IWF, they’ll all be saying the same name. Molly Reid.

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PostSubject: Re: Griffin Hawkins [vs.] Ethan Cage [vs.] Molly Reid   Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:25 pm

-Press Start-

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage who is coming to the back up the ramp after his match, without the title that he just won. Here's why, Ethan Cage called it, said that it'd be Molly that screwed him over. Molly then screws over Ethan, trying to make a name for herself, some would even say that Molly helped Ethan win it. Not from what Ethan saw of course but hey, what are you going to do. You know the real loser in this story is Griffin, he never gets the girl, he's lost his title, he doesn't have the charisma that Ethan has, nor the looks, and he's not even a champion in name, like our Ethan. Molly has the belt, Ethan has the title of Champion and Griffin has his right hand to jerk himself off while crying himself to sleep, which is really no different than when he was champion, he just doesn't have a title or belt to use as any sort of self respect. Now getting back to our story, Ethan walks to the backstage area. He's tired as you've seen he put up one hell of a match with what has to be considered as his IWF nemesis Griffin Hawkins. That match is well passed Battle Grounds worthy, but this was for the IWF title and come on, what the hell are you here for if not for that title. Ethan Cage has been wanting that title since winning the Battle for the Briefcase, because in the land of egos, Ethan was told he'd never make it as a champion or to the championship belt. Well, thanks to Molly, he has the moniker but sans the belt, which he will be getting at the pay per view. You know you'd think this would anger Ethan, but come on idiots, he's the motherfuckin' champion and that is in the books, just as the battle for the briefcase winner. Ethan has struggled, admitted that he left due to stress and the feeling of having a chink in his armor, and now he has buffed out that chink and took his fuckin' title away from him. Ethan reaches the top of the ramp, the crowd behind him giving him a respectful chant that isn't being filmed for Battle Grounds, and as such Ethan takes the time to stop at the ramp. Rayne runs from the back and slides on his hoodie vest, his back turned still to the crowd, the chant gets louder. Ethan looks at Rayne who is teary eyed and clapping absolutely proud of Ethan's accomplishment, her long time boyfriend is the Heavyweight Champion in the IWF, ...if you don't understand the honor of that, then you have no idea what the fuck we do weekly. Ethan nods to Rayne, almost asking if he should cave, if even just once, Rayne nods. Ethan jumps in place, his vest bounces on and off his body as he jumps and just then the lights go off, when the lights come back up, Ethan is facing the crowd with Rayne laying down posing infront of him. Ethan lifts his hood over his face and his music begins to play and blue confetti falls from the top of the arena. Ethan takes in the bit, as people that were packing up to leave are now facing Ethan and clapping, some people even holding home made sharpee Ethan Cage shirts as IWF does not have official ones yet, what the hell is that about, fuck it, after this week, they'll have to make them. This sight of Ethan known and announced as the new World Heavyweight Champion, even without that title is now a fact, to look at this sight, it's not just a future, it is now a present, and you being in this present means you're in for one hell of a champion. One that won't fizzle out like Remington, and one that won't take being a champion for granted like Stygian, and certainly not one that will be as invisible as Griffin Hawkin. Bobby Ball brings out a microphone.

Ethan: You all can leave if you want, even though I don't see a soul leaving, you want to see what Ethan Cage would say as it now a fun fact that I am your new World Heavyweight Champion. And you know what, you've cheered me, you've definitely boo'd me, but I've been honest with you. I've been called a false prophet, a flash in the pan, but it's taken me longer than you thought for me to become champion. You see, I'm the real thing, and from what Rayne just told me, I have Molly "My Turn on Ethan Cage was too painfully obvious for anyone to care" Reid and Griffin "Oh shit I lost my title, I better actually try to get my title because that's all I have going for me" Hawkins, at the pay per view. I mean come on kids, we all saw the leaked pay per view poster on and other wrestling websites, and what are we, supposed to act surprised because heads up, Molly's my special guest referee, and I "accidentally" kicked her in the face and all of the sudden I'm attacked last week. And what does Molly want me to do, she wants me to go along with it. Her plan is so thoughtless, rushed and no one's talking about it. No time for her turn to grow, to make a real impact. But as I said last week, I should've never dropped my guard, so what's the best plan, to take this title shot away from her by embarrassing her and keeping my title. Let's face it, the only reason she is even in the main event is because she rubbed elbows with me, well and other things that couldn't have been filmed but it was enough for me to drop my guard and that's all you all need to know. What else do you need to know....I am the champion and that belt will be around my waist at the end of Homecoming because the World coming home.

Ethan drops the mic and extends his hand down to Rayne. She takes his hand and he lifts her to stand. Ethan extends his arms out to his sides and after a moment heads to the back.

As Ethan and Rayne make it to the back, Ethan pushes the black curtain back but follows Rayne closely as he's prepared for Molly or Griffin. But once in the back the staff stop and clap at the efforts of one Ethan Cage. Ethan bows and Rayne smiles as they make their way to Bobby's limo with Bobby very hesitant behind Ethan, always searching behind him to warn or be wary. They make it safely to the limo and get inside, the driver nods in congratulations to Ethan. Ethan nods back.

Driver: Congrats Champ.

Ethan stops.

Ethan: You know, I could get used to it.

Bobby: Looks like you're going to have to.

Ethan smirks and gets into the car, following behind him is Rayne and Bobby. Now in the car.

Bobby: Now, this Molly business-

Ethan: I don't need speeches, I let my dick think for me and she made me pay for it. End of story, that cloud is gone, and so are her chances of ever being a World Champion over me. I'm going to make her pay, and I'm going to bury that chica, so bad, she's going to wish she never screwed me over.

Bobby: Did you really know it was her attacking you?

Ethan: Black ski mask, voice thing fuckin' up her voice and she had boobs, yeah. I'm no detective, but if you've seen a woman's shape before, it was pretty easy to see. Still, was hoping against hope she wasn't that stupid.

Rayne: Babe?

Ethan: I know, I know what you told Bobby and Semtex after I left the room. And trust me, after my match and I get my title back, you have your match. By now, I don't care what happens to that chick, she can hold my dick then she can hold my title, but this week, I take both back.

Rayne: I just want to rip every hair out of her skull.

Ethan: So hot when you say stuff like that.

Rayne: You just want us to fight because you think you'll make out.

Ethan: Hey, if Parker can become a World Champion, then really, anything is possible.

Bobby: You beat Griffin for his title, imagine that, from the ashes rises Ethan Cage, to become this company's World Champion.

Ethan: Remember when you were about to fire me?

Bobby pulls on his collar and starting to sweat.

Bobby: Was just to boost you up.

Ethan: Easy, I could care less right now. I may not have my title, but hey, I have a chica keeping it warm for me. So, Bobby, I know you set up a party for me.

Bobby: Well, it's hard to outdo the strip club in Vegas when I got you that party for the battle for the briefcase but I think I might have something.

Next Scene In Los Angeles

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage, clearly showered because he's in a black vneck, a slouchy beanie, a leather jacket, a hoodie inside and blue jeans. Rayne steps out with pink purse and a tight black skirt and heels that seem to go on forever. Bobby is in a tux, as he steps out of the limo after the champ. Ethan steps out and immediately is intercepted by Pasquale Semtex.

Ethan: What the hell are you doing here?

Semtex: Congratulations Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, thanks kid.

Semtex: How do you feel about your only friend turning on you?

Ethan: Like a million bucks, I'm the fuckin' champion and she's a jealous dickface.

Semtex: Do you think she used you?

Ethan: Well, she didn't get there on her own, and her relevency is pretty thin. But hey, fuck it, a bit of eye candy during my match is just the cherry on top.

Semtex: Are you not taking her serious.

Ethan: As a heart attack, but now, she's just another person in my way. The days of kissing her ass are over, now she'll have to go back to blaming others for her fuck ups. I'll just give her something else to complain about.

Semtex: How did it feel to finally beat Griffin Hawkins, legitimately?

Ethan: Oh, you mean because he showed up, well, felt fuckin' sweet to hit him where it hurt, his bank account, his pride, ego and anything that had him stand out. You know from the beginning this motherfucker was being handed absolutely everything. And it was my time to finally shut that jackass down.

Semtex: And to those waiting to take that title away from you?

Ethan: Fuck them, if they could've taken it in the first place, they would've done it while I was gone. Fuck 'em.

Ethan sees Snoop Lion.

Ethan: What the fuck?

Bobby: The man himself.

Snoop: What's crackin' Eth-izzle?

Ethan: You're actually at this thing?

Snoop: The Lion is a big fan of the wrestlin' game. I've made appearances in other companies but you know I had to be here fo' this. Me and Dre Day.

Dr. Dre steps up to Ethan.

Dre: It's the Doctor, baby.

Ethan: Holy shit. That's fuckin' dope.

Dre: Your agent has a lot of people everywhere, ya see. I just wanted to say damn good job on winning that belt, you know what I'm sayin'? We doin' it big this year.

Ethan: Hell yeah. I'm mindfucked right now, I can't believe all these people are here.

Ethan looks at the walls of LA Live and they are adorned with long banners of Ethan.

Ethan: Pretty fuckin' surreal.

Rayne: Baby, there's a stage over there.

Ethan: Is that Jennifer Lawrence?

Rayne: Yup.

Ethan: Is that Tupac's hologram?

Ethan: Damn, this is pretty crazy.

David Lester is now on the stage.

Ethan: Who is that dude?

Bobby: David Lester, he's an interviewer for the IWF.

Semtex: If he's an interviewer, what's he doing up there?

Lester: I'm just here to say a few words about our new champion, I know I don't have the experience of Ethan Cage, hell I've never even gotten an interview with him, but outside looking in. This is what I've seen, I've seen him Hit the lights off a cage, a ladder, atop a coffin. The man hits you from every angle, whether you're the Phoenix Champion, all the way up to the World Champion, he has wins over former multiple champions in the IWF, he had an incredible win streak, he's won two briefcases, he's been a pain in management's side, as well as the rosters and all seemingly out of nowhere. I've seen him grow into the person you see every week, to the point where he is now the top man in the IWF.

Semtex: I need a drink.

Lester: I just want to lift me drink to him. Here you go Ethan, congrats man.

Everyone lifts their drinks to Ethan and clap. A couple of hoes run up to Ethan, obviously sneaking in, they try to grab on him, not knowing what to do once next to him, they just grab on them in sexual frustration. That is until security grabs them off him.

Ethan: Ladies.

Rayne: Hardly.

Ethan makes his way to the bar, seeing Semtex doing shots.

Bobby: You know E, I mean times like this where you're the champion it'd be a smart move to shop around.

Ethan: Really, I'm not even champion a week and I want to jump ship?

Bobby: Not jump ship-

Ethan: That's all you understand, money, you act like Molly with that title, and not realize just how bad you've gotten yourself. She's got the worlds biggest H.T.L coming to her, and I don't wish that on anyone. Things just got interesting in the IWF, I ain't going anywhere. Look at Kotex over there, he's drinking like a fuckin' fish over there.

Bobby: I'm just saying, my phone has been ringing off the hook since you had your hand raised as the champion.

Ethan: Let it ring, they didn't even know who I was before my hand is raised, but believe me, they'll know my name now.

Ethan is losing count of Semtex's shot taking.

Bobby: Well, what about sponsoring something, like a cereal-

Ethan: Are you here to talk business or drink?

Bobby: I'm just so damn hyper.

Ethan turns to Bobby.

Ethan: 5 hour energy?

Bobby lowers his head.

Bobby: Yes.

Ethan: Yeah, taking something that makes your heart race HAS to be good for you. Excuse me-

Ethan walks over to Semtex.

Ethan: Hey buddy.

Semtex: Why didn't you tell me that muscle headed freak was going to be here?

Ethan: Who?

Semtex: David Lester, are you serious?

Ethan: I didn't know, besides, why are you crying?

Semtex: I've hung out with you since day one, and he gives you the congrats toast?

Ethan: You're drunk dude, let's get you some coffee.

Semtex: If that motherbitcher thinks he can weasel his way into being your interviewer, I'm going to show him a thing or two.

Rayne: What's up?

Ethan: Kotex here is fucked up.

Rayne: We've been here like ten minutes.

Ethan: Well, I'm getting him coffee.

Rayne: You might want to hand it to him on stage.

Ethan: What?

Rayne: Look at him.

Ethan sees Semtex onstage trying to turn the mic on and struggling drunk. Ethan takes a few steps towards Semtex to try and stop him when-FEEDBACK! Ethan grabs for his ears, as does everyone else.

Semtex: Sorry about that. Now, I've known Ethan for a little less than a year and....and....well David Lester had to show up and ruin it all. I had a speech and a fourth of it was taken by him. He said it himself, he doesn't have the experience of interviewing Ethan Cage, I do, I've been beaten up by him, I've been humiliated by him, and I've even seen him taken to hell by the Grim Reaper himself, and now he is the top man and David Lester gives the speech? What the fuck is that horseshit?

David Lester walks up the stairs to the stage.

Semtex: What's the matter hombre, you got carne?

Rayne: "You got meat?"

Ethan: He means "you got beef"?

Lester: Okay, Semtex, that's enough, this isn't about you, it's about our new champion.

Semtex: Forget you.

Lester: Let's go get a drink.

Semtex: I would never drink with you. Look at your muscles, you're not a wrestler because you're a scared bitch.

Lester rolls his shoulders uncomfortable.

Ethan: That may have done it.

Bobby: You're not going to help him?

Ethan: No, this is pretty awesome.

Semtex: You scared bitch?

Lester decks him as hard as he can.

Ethan: Who had their bets on one shot?

Rayne: The entire place.

Ethan: God damn it's going to be a good night.

Bobby: And it ain't over yet, look at the stage now.

Ethan Cage turns to see....

They are all wearing Ethan Cage themed hoodie vests and gloves with matching booty shorts. They do a dance in which they end with them all holding their arms out. And out come Metallica playing Hit the Lights.

Ethan: Damn, it's good be the champ.

Ethan says looking at the camera with a smirk as it fades to black

The promo...

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage waiting outside of a white room, when a nurse walks in.

Nurse: He's a little tired but he's too excited that you were coming to sleep.

Ethan: So what do I do, I've never done something like this.

The nurse smiles at Ethan's honesty.

Nurse: You're that child's hero, it's going to take a lot to disappoint that boy.

Ethan: What if I say the wrong thing?

Nurse: You're Ethan Cage, you'll think of something to say.

Ethan nods.

Nurse: You're doing a wonderful thing, don't forget that.

Ethan exhales.

Nurse: And Ethan-

Ethan looks at the nurse.

Nurse: Welcome to Boston.

Ethan: Thank you ma'am.

The nurse smiles and leaves him be. Ethan stares at the door, almost preparing himself, he's used to entertaining thousands and millions at home, and in that room, is something he's not ready for. Ethan takes a few steps in to see-

Boy: Hello.

Ethan: Hey kid.

Boy: My names Nicky.

Ethan: Mine's Ethan.

Boy: I know who you are.

Ethan: You do?

Boy: I sort of had to know it when I put your name down for the Wish Granters of America program.

Ethan: That's right. So uh, what'cha doin'?

Nicky: Coloring, I like to color.

Ethan: Why did you ask for me kid, this is more of a Griffin Hawkin or Diva thing, even Steel Angel-

Nicky: You're the reason I watch wrestling. My mommy lies to me and tells me the bad words you say mean something they don't, or else I'd be able to repeat them.

Ethan laughs.

Nicky: It was my wish, and I wished for something I thought would be impossible to get. Ethan Cage to visit me, little me.

Ethan: Yeah, what a letdown huh?

Nicky: Nope. I have the IWF World Champion in my room, that is no let down.

Ethan smirks.

Nicky: I may never walk again, but something came out of it.

Ethan: You're a strong kid.

Nicky: Have to be, my mommy cries a lot, and my dad hasn't seen me yet.

Ethan: They caught who did those bombs kid.

Nicky: Will that bring back my legs...or my dad?

Ethan: I guess it won't.

Nicky: They talk to me about metal legs but if they knew my class, they'll only make fun of me even more.

Ethan lowers his head.

Nicky: Don't be sad. Sad faces make me sad.

Ethan: Well kid, I brought you a hoodie vest, it's signed and everything. I should get going.

Nicky: Am I sad to look at?

Ethan: No.

Nicky: Then why do you want to leave?

Ethan: Training.

Nicky: Ok.

Ethan turns to leave.

Nicky: You want to know my real wish?

Ethan: What's that kid?

Ethan not turning around.

Nicky: Ethan Cage talks to Hawkins and Molly right from my room.

Ethan: A promo?

Nicky: I don't know, I just want to see you talk to Griffin and Molly and make fun of them.

Ethan smirks. Ethan turns towards the camera.

Ethan: Griffin Hawkins-

Nicky claps and has the biggest smile on his face.

Ethan: - Ah, doesn't that just feel fuckin' awesome, you fuckin' said that you had my number and you know what you did, you once again relied on your wit and your "reaching" humor to get you through yet another promo, and well what did I do, I entertained, as always. You see, you've beaten me yes, you've beaten me when I've tried and you've beaten me when I just plain gave up and that's why your number against me is so high. But in that match, we tore the house down as I predicted, because that's what that title means to us. And even Molly, I give it up to her for making herself noticed, even using us to get there. But this match is definitely between you and I with her being the fly in the ointment. Now she may think that I don't have my eyes on her, but she has my title, keeping it warm for me, putting her scent on it, which I don't mind. I mean Griffin, while she was handing you your ass, didn't you smell her, like a batch of sunflowers, can't hate on that. But see, I am evil, and what I do to her will be seen as barbaric.

Ethan: Friggin Griffin, I mean for our short stint, there really isn't much we haven't been through, you hate me, I hate you, you've beaten me, I've beaten you, and well, all that needs to happen is me sleeping with your girlfriend and we'd be besties, but alas, I could never sleep with Stygian, I would however sleep with his two zombie wenches that are basically what is known to the gay community as his beards. God damn, I think I almost ripped the front of my gear the last time I saw them. Anyway, Griffin, I told you that I'd beat you and I told you that I'd be the top man here in the IWF and here I am, as I did exactly what I said I would. I mean, at least I can say that I've never had a dream about you, can you say the same about me?

Ethan shudders:

Ethan: Fuckin' creeper. Now, do you believe that I am a god, now do you believe that I am every bit as good as I say I am. I can beat you, and in that match, I know what you will say, that it was because of Molly, and trust me, you can say that all you want. I want you to credit a woman to me winning my match, because I want you to make all the excuses you can. I want you to look like the loser that you truly are. You took my briefcase, I took your fuckin' title, now are you going to hold that over my head, nope you're going to go back to the Molly thing and say things like I'll be champ for a week but really think about that, do you think I will do anything that would cost me my chance at becoming one of the biggest champions in this company's history. The only hall of famers being Brandon Macdonald and Death Angel, and you think it's going to end there. I said I'd win the briefcase and I did it, I said I'd win the World Championship and I did and now, I say I'm going to be a Hall of Famer...and god damn it Griffin, I'm going to do that too.

Ethan: You thought I'd once again leave or ditch, or something would come up and that I wouldn't absolutely give it my all. Well whatever hold, whatever guilt or whatever doubt you put into me is long gone Griffy, trust me when I say that that belt, is the very significance of what I can do in that ring and in this company. I'm simply bad ass, and I can and WILL represent this company in a manner I see fit. I'm the fuckin' greatest thing to happen to wrestling which in essence means me as champion, IWF is the greatest thing to happen to wrestling. The ground beneath you is shaking and you're looking for cover, and when I have back to back wins over you, you'll know one thing is true, that I was made to be this company's top man. Whether the people of the past were here or not, the main event runs through my veins and the footing I hold now, is a forever sort of deal. Once I've made myself a crucial part of the IWF, you'll know that the IWF will surround one man, and that's the one man that can handle fame, the one man that has been through the dirt and has risen to the heights of the championship. You took it for granted because you've been champion before, this is my first run, and it feels pretty damn good. Do you remember this feeling, you know, before now, at the point where you're in your twenties but look like you're in your fifties. When having a belt meant something, when having a management team that actually has your back. And a team of support that never asked anything of you than to be yourself, yeah, that's because you're a complete tool and no one wants to hang around you.

Ethan: You've called me a coward, but I couldn't hear you because you had my boot in your mouth, you silly bitch.

Ethan: You say that I disrespected you and everyone else when I walked out of the IWF, is that right, I did that huh? What I did was, I left and waited for everyone to realize that you were just another flash in the pan, that you are no real champion, you're just a name. You're living off the name you used to have, the man you used to be, and the heart you used to have. You think you speak for the IWF, why, because you've been here a few months and made this place that you use to keep your name out there. You speak for no one, little does everyone know that when I showed back up, Mr. Casey was more mad at the plans I ruined when I left than he was that I left. And that was my own selfish reason, I was a spoiled child losing the attention I had worked so hard to get, why, just because the great Griffin Hawkins was here, fuck that. But when I left, there was an even bigger hole in my heart than I ever came to realize, I wondered what I was missing, how Baron was fuckin' up this week, how the Empire was ruling everyone, and what I came back to, was new names, a new IWF, but alas great Griffin, it is still MY IWF. This place needed it's king, it's king of the roster, not some fake bitch with feathered hair. Not some Ethan Cage wannabe, even up to a few weeks ago, you beat me, and it was unfortunate, because I would've liked to have done what Molly did, which is beat you and earn the World title shot. Instead, I beat a group of guys and scaled a ladder and won myself a title shot, and beat you in that title shot. And now we find ourselves at the aptly named Homecoming with you clamoring for your title back, Molly begging for some sort of attention and myself walking into my first pay per view as this company's champion. All in the space of a week, that's how fast your life turned to shit, and because of me.

Ethan: You asked me what I'm going to do when you beat me a third time, am I going to run away, I guess the answer is, I'm going to take your title. I know that wasn't the answer you were looking for, but that's the reality of it. You tell me that I don't belong in the IWF, um, fuck you, I most definitely belong in the IWF. Believe me, in front of Stygian, Casey, Chuck and half the locker room that remembers me, I had to swallow my pride and lace up my boots in front of people that hissed at me, that would take shit about me as if I wasn't there, people like you who thought they fuckin' know me. People who judged me because of my past, but I did come back, and I'm here, and I made a fuckin' impact and my name is on that marquee, my picture is on that pay per view banner. I guess the days of thinking you know me, are long gone.

Ethan: You're the one dumb enough to think that you have a legacy, well, okay, let's all play pretend. Well, I'm apart of that so called legacy, because I'm the considered upset who took a chunk of your legacy away, you're welcome. You have nothing here, there are tons that think they have a legacy here, Dan Hardy, Robbie Hart, Chad Mason and the list goes on, and the truth is, they have all been forgotten. I've fought disturbed clowns, I've fought considered monsters, all the way down to big breasted models that took what the IWF could give to her for granted, you know her as Ruby Winters, I know her as the woman I left hanging on a ladder that I used as a rung to step on to get my briefcase. You, you were hanging out with Stygian while he played, I'm in Chuck's group, now I'm not, and his tag team partner, you were the Robin to his....fuck that, I'll never call Stygian someone as cool as Batman. I've fought the Empire people on my own, I've won everything I've ever done, on my own and I never needed to rub elbows with anyone to get my chances at becoming something in the IWF, you did.

Ethan: You said everyone needs a haven, and you're right,it's just that my haven, is atop this fuckin' roster, now, looking down on you, as you once did me. You said you knew the ending to this movie, you called my life, well the ending must've had a rewrite because I'm sure you didn't imagine yourself crying at the end of my movie. And in my movie, you wouldn't even be a main character, you'd be the comic relief, the tranny with a heart of gold. You'd be equivalent to the guy that hits the propeller at the end of Titanic. Now watch the crowd say in unison, "oh yeah, that guy"... that in the end, will equal Griffin Hawkins, as it pertains to the IWF.

Ethan: Molly Reid, what can I say pumpkin, you used your strengths, your ring talent, those big eyes, that bomb ass and you got my attention, and you used that attention to get what you want. Kudos, I mean, what I was offering was taking over the fuckin' world, and much like a greedy pig, you play the loyal chick and then turn on someone, just because I got what I want. You failed against Blyss, and I won my match for a title shot, I win my title shot and then you turned into the greedy pig. That's fine. Let's take a look at the would be champion, 22 year old princess who knows no loyalty or boundaries. Molly, as close as you think you've gotten to me, you may think you kept me at a distance but believe me, you weren't too smart as I had you figured out as soon as you attacked me. You see, all of the sudden I get attacked and what was the sudden difference, let's see half the roster doesn't know me and the other half doesn't even care I exist, the only difference in my life was a budding wrestler who all of the sudden befriended me because we made a good tag team. And then, wouldn't you know it, I get attacked. It also helps that in her promos, she talked about how much better than me she was. Her negatives towards me outweighed the positives, and then she thinks she pulled out a swerve, really, you're as see through as some of the shit you wear to the ring. You know I actually had to look passed you wearing a cheerleading outfit, I mean I'm Ethan Cage, I was the one extending MY hand to pull you up and make you cool. People accepted you because I said to. And now that you've made yourself known, I will be the one to take it all away from you.

Ethan: You, from Los Angeles, and weighs a simple 124 pounds, nothing but moxy and motivation, she lives to think and prove herself to be good enough, if not better than the men, and admittedly, she's better than some but she is no Ethan Cage. And hell, it's even hard for Ethan Cage to keep up being Ethan Cage, but alas, Ethan Cage is the shit. She thinks herself to be what they call a bad guy. A bad guy/girl who wears a cheerleader outfit. That'll be the day. You know in joining with Molly I thought it'd be awesome, you know, a Joker and Harley type of thing. But the chick was so thoughtless that she blew any sort of real chance to make a name for herself. Think of us taking over the world, the tag titles, the heirchy and then bam, I turn on her or she turn on me, that's the money maker. You know I've seen in other companies where things are just rushed because they don't have the patience to make something real. That's the impatience and inexperience of Molly Reid, she has one lucky win and all of the sudden she's main event material, are you fuckin' kidding me?

Ethan: The chick has been here since the end of January and now she deserves the World title? Are we a bit of ahead of ourselves, ....yeah, is anyone else thinking of head from Molly, oooof right, damn that'd be hot. Anyway, back to our mini princess super hero, Molly. Ethan and Molly, damn, we sound like the new cast of Beverly Hills 90210, maybe it's a better thing that we never really made headway....there's the thought again, towards becoming something real. You know, like tag champions, like a team better than the Order and Empire combined. You know, tear this company a new asshole. What did I expect out of a small brained woman such as yourself, I mean for me to expect you to see the bigger picture was completely stupid of me. To have actually put any sort of confidence in you, that was my bad and it'll never happen again. Now you have to pay, along with the rest of them. You see you holding my belt, is like you holding my jock, and therefore I say thanks. And if you think shaking that nice ass is going to get you anywhere but the same place it would if we weren't hating each other, think again, you're still going to end up on that mat with your back on it. You may think this is a game, but this is about my own legacy, this is about how I leave this world and I'm not going to let my first reign as the champion last only a week, like my name was Parker Wayde. I won't go out like that. Instead, I'm going to break your fuckin' neck and leave you lying like a dying fish out of water. You see, this is my land, I was the one who overthrew Griffin, not you. You get to play pretend tea party with my belt, but when I slam your face against that mat and make you look like the pathetic little twat that you are, you're going to remember that I am not the one to mess with. You've seen first hand what hell I went through to become the Champion, and you think you're going to take that away from me. I'm Ethan Cage baby, and you're just another broken body in my wake.

Ethan: Your file says it, you are a rookie, which means clouded judgment, which means you don't know any better. Do you remember walking into the IWF headquarters, the big building, the overwhelming feeling when you met Robert Rodriguez in where, that's right, Boston. How is it you feel about Boston by the way?

Ethan smiles knowing the answer.

Ethan: And how do you feel about wrestling, I mean you were "too busy" texting to sign your contract when asked, and now you have the World Title thinking you deserve it. Fuck you Molly, you're going to see why I deserve it, and you're going to see the real Ethan Cage. It's all fun and games until I get into that ring, you may think my mind is on your tits, but believe me, my girlfriend has better ones and you have my title. And that title means a hell of a lot more to me than a bad fuck, which if you're just as inexperienced at wrestling, I can tell you're just not worth it. You even call these promos vlogs-

Ethan snickers.

Ethan: What the fuck was I thinking trying to make you legit? You let Jaci get the pin in your first match in this company, you want the easy lifestyle, you just don't want to work for it. You want it to be handed to you because you have a pair of tits, well so does Guy Ledouche and ain't no one handing him shit, nor do they really want to. Being the girl everyone wants to bang does not make you a World Champion. Do you know how serious I take the IWF, and do you ever think I'd let you represent this company, especially now. This may not be your last pay per view, but you're definitely going to learn a lesson. You're going to be stuck in the middle of a war that you never wanted to be a part of. Griffin and I are going to tear each other apart, yet again, and if you think you're going to get away scott free, get yourself a seat because you're in for a long night. That belt means the world to me, it makes me righteous, it makes me clean, and the devil inside me will do anything to get that belt. You should've never even let me touch that belt, because now that I know what it feels like to hold that belt, to make it a reality that I am champion, well I'm going to have that feeling at Homecoming, and it'll be celebrated, the right way. At Homecoming, we sever any ties we have between us, and I leave you behind Molly, I leave you back to your failures as the Queen of Wrestling title holder, and give you a new flaw, your failure at the World title. And then where will you be, just another person that thought they could make it here in the IWF that left because their ego couldn't take the reality that they just weren't made for this business, let alone the IWF.

Ethan: You see, as I restarted in the IWF, you had your first match and while you let Jaci make the statement that you couldn't, I go ahead and defeat the man that sent me packing, Steel Angel, a former World Champion in his own right. Are you starting to see the difference. You are only thinking of the positives, the main event of a pay per view. You think you've made it, let's put it this way, even Jack Savage has had a world title shot. I've had one, and I made damn good use of it, because with that one shot, I made myself a world champion. And like the attention whore that you are, you think you stole the show. All you did was once again ride my coat tails, let us tear down the house and you made this match about you. And I get it, born into a rich family, spoiled at every turn, and yet, you're willing to flash Robert Rodriguez for a job. You were willing to show your tits on television to get a job, now how can you have any sort of respect for that title when you have none for yourself. And Robert, if you're wondering what they look like, damn kid, I'll have to show you a little video I s- ...I can't finish that sentence without incriminating myself, but trust me, they ain't half bad. Molly, that title is something your parents can't buy for you, but they will be able to pay for your hospital bills. And it's said in your own file that you're known to sleep around if it gets you somewhere, all I'll say is, she hung out with me and got a world title shot. I won't say Corey and I played Heads or Tails with her, but I certainly can't deny it.

Ethan smiles.

Ethan: See princess, I'm the real bad guy, I'm the real evil. I know you see charities, benefits, and me visiting children, but in that ring, there is just devil trying to show his powers. I run that ring like no other, and the things you learned at some fuckin' yoga class means absolute bullshit in that ring. If Griffin doesn't get in my way, I'm going to do everything I can to make you tap. You're going to scream my name....again.

Ethan winks.

Ethan: Your second match was some silly squash match with Rhiannon, and then people wonder why you weren't ready for Blyss Lockhart. I mean you face Jaci and you once again can't make a statement with your double disqualification. You're just the middle of the road, hum drum vanilla, aren't you. The only thing that sticks out about you is your cheerleader outside, which really isn't even something new, Tiffani Micheals used to do that, actually did that before you even got here. Doesn't that suck that you're just a copy cat, a stupid carbon copy of someone else, you're the Janet of the Three's Company, everyone wants to bang the blonde, but down to bone the brunette, long as she doesn't tell the blonde and ruin our chances of banging the blonde.

Ethan: And then, while I beat eight other people for the World title shot, you lost your Queen of Wrestling title. On a major pay per view with everyone watching you. And as I was watching backstage on the monitors, I loved the spunk, and I actually felt sorry for you that you failed. I mean you had Baron and I thought that you could be awesome, and that I'd be the one to elevate you, and the very next week, in our tag match with you as my partner, I made you look worthy of being someone to recognize in the future. Now, you're just a side note in the main event. A fresh face in an established rivalry, that's all you are Molly. You want to be World Champion but you have a history of having one match one week and a week off the next, now how much experience could you have gained, you don't think about that, you just think about what everyone can do for you, and what I you.

Ethan: Once again, you're "too busy" to wrestle, and I hold it down every week and I work twenty times harder in that ring than you ever will. That's a champion, not a woman who treats this place like a bike, get on ride and then leave it. The IWF is not one of your toys, not one of the places that will bow down to your looks, because there are hotter than you now, and there will be hotter than you in the future.

Ethan: You've beaten Griffin, but you beat an end of the road Griffin, and I got a title out of it. Come to think of it, you've had two weeks off before even stepping into this match, which will make it 3 weeks to the day. Wow, now when I saw you kick Griffin in the face, that was pretty sweet, I have that on repeat GIF and when I slide my lock screen it plays, I just can't get enough of it. You may think three weeks away from that ring may not take it's toll but you're facing the current World Champion, a former World Champion and your own insecurities. You have the most to gain and the least to lose, but internally, you'll lose a lot more than we'll ever know. I know winning the Queenie title has you thinking you're one of the best, but the truth is, you're simply not ready for what's about to happen. The terror you're about to be put through. I've set the man of fire Baron on fire, I've beaten men in the favored matches, and I've made my name in this company Molly, this champion has been a while coming, and you stole a moment from me. A moment that should've lived on in my memory forever. Instead, it's tainted, and when I come into that ring to get it back. I'm going to show you your place is beneath me, under my fuckin' foot. Molly, this not your playground, this is my home and this is your hell.

Ethan laughs thinking about something.

Ethan: Got to catch a little bit of your promo or as you think it, video diary. And wouldn't you know it, you're having sex in it with some cool guy named Charlie. Now one has to wonder, because the camera didn't just run in and catch the end of you having sex, it just sort of faded in. Did you actually have the camera guy watching you guys have sex?

Ethan laughs.

Ethan: That's scummy, even for you, but fuckin' eh, it's hilarious, don't stop. It teaches the kids about the birds and the bees, it pushes the envelope on great television, and between that and you running away from Jessica Matthews, it makes you look phenomenal. You are a great choice for a champion. To those watching, isn't it a little weird to see a champion getting fucked and not doing the fucking. I guess I'm just stuck in a man's world where you want the top person to be a man, you know, like the president. I mean, do we really want our champion to do promos while she's on her period, or emotional promos about her feeling bloated. Do whatever you want Molly, all I care about is my fuckin' title. I'm glad to be rid of you, and you may think you stabbed me in the back, but it's an evil such as me that is going to stab you in the chest, and look you in the eye so that you realize it was me, that I was the reason you are dying.

Ethan bends down to the camera.

Ethan: You've made an enemy Molly, I've made men leave in coffins, bleed in body bags, and you're a light 124 pound girl who has her head in the clouds. It will be my hand pulling you down into the pits of hell, and I will use you as a rug to clean the blood from my boots after what I do to you and Griffin. My world has no room for error, and it has even less time for your horse shit. You spend the majority of your promos on your sad little life instead of concentrating on what it should be, this match for the World title. The death song will be playing for you, and I will be the conductor. Your priorities are for shit, and that belt is more than just jewelry in your jewelry box. Men have retired from what they have done to gain that championship, people have left those doors in tears, their dreams shattered that they could never achieve it. And you walk around like the sham you are, parading around like there will be no ramifications. Oh Molly, the ramifications will be great. You better fuck Charlie a lot, while he can, because when I fuckin' paralyze you, he's going to be fuckin' a vegetable. There you'll lie with one sad tear in your eye as he plugs along while you can't feel a thing and all you'll think about is how much you fucked up when you messed with me. You are no mastermind, you're a douchebag, and I'm going to bury your face into the mat. The H.T.L that is waiting for you is one that will be one of vengence, this was made personal, because that title is mine. There is no one that thinks we were really close, because if you knew me, my walls were always somewhat up. You don't watch my promos, because if you had seen last week, instead of drinking Starbucks and picking out sunglasses, you would've seen me KNOW it was you that attacked me. Griffin has never attacked me that way, through all the hate, we hate each other on a level where we want each other to know it was each other that did it. And masked, that's just not Griffin's style. You're a one trick pony, and the problem now, is that everyone knows you're a trick. You're dead in the water Molly, and I'm going to be there to see your body sink.

Ethan: I am the Ethan Cage, and I am FINALLY...the World Champion. At Homecoming, I retain, I gain....because this is MY world....and me....I am YOUR GOD!

Ethan extends his arms out at his side, as does the kid behind him, a smile on his face as he was a part of Ethan Cage's promo.

Ethan: Long live....the champ...

And the camera fades to....



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PostSubject: Re: Griffin Hawkins [vs.] Ethan Cage [vs.] Molly Reid   Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:37 pm

(OOC- The first scene as always is from Griffin's point of view)

~Casualties of Rock~

I walk along the desolate city, the entire surroundings in ruins. Buildings are in disrepair as I walk slowly down the deserted streets. I am as worse for wear as I go through the buildings. My face is bloody to the point where it's entirely crimson. The blood stained clothes on me is apparent. I don't exactly look to be in the best shape of my fact I look like I have been through a car wreck. To sum it up, I had just been through a war..

A war I didn't win...

I do manage to see people as I limp through the streets..only thing is, they are dead. They all are bodies lying about, struck down as if it was some kind of force. I come to the first one..Baron Tomson. One of my first rivals coming to Insurgency. Me and him have had wars in the ring all over the world. While many don't like him, he brought it every time we fought and in time he earned my respect. He turned out to be one of my most hated...yet respected rivals.

He was the first to fall..

I walk past a lot of the of them seem to catch my eye, it was none other than Alexander Remington. Part of me looked down at him with regret. This was a man who had my back through thick and thin, someone who backed me up when everyone else hated me with a passion. But on the other hand part of me felt satisfied. He was also the same man who at the time turned my best friend against me and brainwashed her. But after our battle, we had each others respect. Would we meet again? Only time would tell. I go through more of the dead bodies and another familiar face lies on the concrete bloody and lifeless.

Steel Angel.

Yuko was indeed someone whom I regard as a friend even to this day. He supported me when everyone else said that I would never have a chance in defeating Remington and becoming Champion. When we fought, he showed why he is one of the most respected Champions in the history of Insurgency. Even though it seems lately he's been off, he still showed me something out there and I wouldn't forget the war we had in the ring. When we both find outselves

Moving on through the bodies I find another corpse that looks familiar to me..Phillip Joseph. This was a kid who thought that he deserved to be Champion when he done nothing to deserve it. He came at me with The Empire in full force, thinking it would give him the advantage. Once I had them preoccupied, it didn't take me long to do away with him and send him back into the unknown. I went through a few more bodies of my past victims, Jaxx Ryder, Robbie Hart, Eric Steel, the list went on and on. It didn't stop until I came to something that I never expected to see. Body that I never thought would be thrown down.

...My own body.

I then notice two figures standing above it, laughing arrogantly.

Ethan Cage - Heh Heh Heh..stupid bastard. He had no idea what was coming.

Molly Reid - Neither do you...

Ethan Cage - ...What?

And in a flash, Molly took her dagger and stabbed Ethan right in the stomach. He had a look of betrayal and confusion on his face.

Ethan Cage - W-Why?....

Molly Reid - Nothing personal's business.

She threw down his now soon to be dead body. She picked up the Insurgency Title and walked away, proud of herself. I realize now that I am a spirit walking the earth. Ethan had eliminated me and there was nothing left. I see my body fading into nothingness..I did the only thing I could do, get into my body and join the others around this city.

..I had become a casualty of rock.

[Off Camera]

It has been some time since I've been back home in Canada. Going around all over the world from the states to Europe and back home again makes you forget what home was really like. I had arrived back in my birthplace, Windsor Ontario Canada. I wish it were on better circumstances, but I needed to talk to someone. The cab dropped me off at the Morningside Cemetery. I was dressed in a long black coat and blue jeans, carrying roses as I made my way through the headstones. The weather was stormy as rain poured down from the sky. I didn't even care to bring an Umbrella.

At this point I just didn't care.

I felt like I had lost everything. Was it my fault? Thats what I keep asking myself. I know for sure that I have virtually nothing left. I feel defeated physically and mentally. I keep walking among the pouring rain, carrying the roses in my hand until I come to a headstone. It read the name "Maxwell Griffin Hawkins" I stop and look down at the grave, putting my free hand in my coat pocket. After some silence..I finally speak.

Griffin Hawkins - Hey Grandpa..I know I kept promising I'd visit often..but lately I've been busy. I'm sure you understand..

Grandpa meant everything to me. When he died it was possibly one of the saddest days of my life. I swore from that day that I would do the right thing by him.

Griffin Hawkins - I guess you..saw everything that's been going on with me lately Grampy..I feel like I've lost everything, and I don't know what to do. I keep asking myself...what would you do in my position? How would you handle things? Times like this makes me wish you were still here. I don't know if at times I lived up to my potential in your eyes..but I need to know where do I go from here?

I take the roses and kneel down towards his grave, leaving them right there in front of the headstone.

Griffin Hawkins - I feel like I've let you down Grandpa..not just you, but everyone who has ever believed in me. Part of me is just..tired of fighting and I want to give in..but something just keeps telling me not to give up on what I believe in. What's the point of fighting if you continue to lose? I promise..I'll stop by and see you some more Grampy..just always know that...I love you.

Tears begin streaming down my face as I look down at the grave. Suddenly, what I thought was private time with me paying my respect to my Grandpa is interrupted. I hear the sound of something unfolding above me, an Umbrella. I turn around and see my best friend from childhood, Mitch Shepard. He always seemed to know where to find me. He gave me a warm smile, hoping to cheer me up.

Mitch Shepard - Hey bro..

Griffin Hawkins - Hey..I'm guessing Taylor told you where I was.

Mitch Shepard - Not really, I know you well enough to know when you visit your Grandfather's grave that there's something wrong with you.

Griffin Hawkins - I much of that did you hear?

Mitch Shepard - Just about everything. So..where do you go from here?

Griffin Hawkins - To be honest..I don't know.

Mitch Shepard - What do you mean you don't know?

Griffin Hawkins - You have no idea what I'm going through Mitch, I lost the title, I'm losing my family..I don't really got anything left. What do I have? Nothing.

Mitch Shepard - So that's it? You're just going to give up?

Griffin Hawkins - That seems like the viable option right now.

Mitch Shepard -'re not a quitter. I've known you since we were kids and you never gave up on anything you've ever wanted..ever.

Griffin Hawkins - Well there's always a first..

Somehow deep down inside, I didn't want to give up. I didn't want Ethan to get the satisfaction that he ran me out of the company. I just felt so defeated.

Mitch Shepard - Griff, listen to what you're saying! Yeah, you lost. You lost the title, but he only won because he had some biased Referee steer the odds in his favor. You want him to win this?

Griffin Hawkins - He's already won Mitch! He's got the belt! Or should I say Molly has it? It's obvious management doesn't want someone like me as the face of their company, that's why they've been treating me like an afterthought lately. If that's the way they want it? Fine.

Mitch Shepard - ..What has happened to you man? This isn't like you to give up. You can still win it back.

Griffin Hawkins -'s not worth it. It's just not worth it anymore.

Mitch Shepard - Not worth it? This is something you have wanted since you were a little kid. You watched people like Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Bret told me that that would be you out there someday. You've accomplished your dream, don't let it fade away.

Griffin Hawkins - It already has man, I lost. I'm tired of everything...

I had my head hung low in disappointment. Never before have I felt so defeated. I then felt my best friend put his hand on my shoulder.

Mitch Shepard - Griffin..this isn't you. It's not like you to give up so easily. You can't just give up like this. That belt was taken away from you unfairly and you can get it back. Prove to him, to Molly, and to management once and for all that you deserve that title. I know this isn't what you want..and I know this isn't what your Grandfather would have wanted. This is your can't give up..not now, not ever.

With that he walked away from me as I stood alone in the rain. Was he right about everything he said? Part of me didn't want to give up. People had so much faith in me..what would I tell them? If I wasn't going to win the title back, I'd give them both one last good kick in the teeth before my time is over.

But is it worth it?

For the first time in a long time, I am doubting myself. I hated feeling this way. A long time ago, I cared too much about what people thought of me. I was so worried about what they thought that I never listened to myself. Do I really want to go back and fight for what I believe in? Or do I just pack it up and move on to the next federation that's in need of a Champion to lead them into a new era.

Option B does look easy.

But then I, that's what Ethan would do. When things got too hot for him to handle, he did the easiest thing ever and just walked out. That's not my style, it's never been my style. For too long people told me that I was nothing, and a long time ago I believed them. Now, I am stronger now than I have ever been before and I needed to do something to show that I am indeed here to stay no matter what anyone has to say about it.

I needed my belt back.

I look over at my Grandfather's Tombstone just as the clouds clear. There is no more rain as the Sun peers through the clouds, shining on me for the first time in hours. I take a deep breath before breaking my silence.

Griffin Hawkins - ..I won't let you down Grandpa.

I turn away and make my exit towards the entrance of the Graveyard. It's there where I notice Mitch smiling, as if he was expecting me to come to my senses.

Mitch Shepard - You ready to kick some ass?

Through the water soaking my hair to the point where my eyes aren't visible, a smile comes across my face.

Griffin Hawkins - ..Yeah, I'm ready.

He smiles and puts his arm around me as he walk down the street. I had a new fire in me..I had to become Champion again by all costs. And I wasn't going to give up until it became a reality.


~Meeting with Management~

It's no secret that I'm not a fan when it comes to the Powers that be. Usually I've had many dealings with authority figures. They abused their power and punished anyone who dared to oppose them..and usually it meant me. Last Monday a huge injustice was caused and someone was responsible for it. After I arrived back in Boston, I decided to pay someone a little visit. I walked the halls of the TD Garden Arena, searching for that person. I walk until I come to an office. I should do the polite thing and knock.

...But when have I ever been polite?

I grasp the knob with my hand and pull the door forward, walking in. I see the person I came to see, Dr.Jessica Casey Matthews. She looks to be typing away on her laptop, but is interrupted when she hears someone enter her office. She looks up and sees that it's me. She takes off her reading glasses as she looks up at me.

Jessica Matthews -, this is a surprise. Nobody has heard from you in a week.

Griffin Hawkins - Did a little soul searching you might say.

Jessica Matthews - Oh..well it's nice to see you're back and ready for the title match Sunday at Homecoming. But what do I owe you dropping by?

Griffin Hawkins - Well, last Monday there was a thievery. And I actually found out are responsible for it.

She blinked, confused. She obviously wasn't expecting me to say that. She tilted her head to the side in confusion.

Jessica Matthews - ..Excuse me?

Griffin Hawkins - Oh..there is no excuse Jessica. You was you who gave the okay for Molly Reid to be the Special Referee for my match. You said that if she showed any bias towards Ethan, there would be consequences taken..and what does she do? She kicks me right in the head.

Jessica Matthews - Griffin..I realize I made a mistake..but..

Griffin Hawkins - Mistake?...Mistake? Spilling your Coffee all over the kitchen counter is a mistake. Backing your car over your neighbor's cat is a mistake. Ethan Cage being THAT is a mistake. What happened last Monday was bullshit. You let Molly con you into becoming the guest referee..but I see a recurring theme here..weeks ago Ethan was the referee in my match with Molly, and he threw me off my game by being in the match and attacking me afterwards. Week after week after week I am constantly stalked and attacked by Molly and Ethan and you have done nothing about it! You are by far the worst GM I have ever seen in my life!

Jessica Matthews - really need to calm down. You don't want to say anything you may regret.

Griffin Hawkins - Oh, you mean tell the truth? The last few weeks I've been getting the shaft from management. It seems since day one since I won the title, I was treated like an afterthought by the powers that be. I can't remember the last time other than last Monday that the World Title Main Evented a Battlegrounds or a Pay Per View. I want to know right now, do you guys have anything against me?

Jessica Matthews - Whoa..that is an absurd accusation.

Griffin Hawkins - You call it absurd, I call it the truth. It's bullshit that in the last few weeks, Molly and Ethan ran roughshod over me and nobody has done damn thing about it. Last Monday..the line was crossed, I got screwed out of the title. And how do you punish her? By sticking her in the match.

I was frustrated. I was tired of being mistreated and nobody gets punished for it. She was partly responsible for what had happened and I had it up to hear with it.

Jessica Matthews - Look..I understand your frustrations right now Griffin. And you're right, last Monday you were screwed, plain and simple. But you will have your chance again at Homecoming.

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah, I look forward to that, but I can't help but wonder if there is a conspiracy going on here between you..Ethan..and Molly. You're the General Manager, you're supposed to do something about all this.

Jessica Matthews - Believe me..I am taking action..I..

Griffin Hawkins - You're a little late for that Jessica. I'm not stupid, I know when I am being jerked around. It's no wonder you never take action against Ethan and Molly, you're practically in bed with them.

Jessica Matthews - Are you questioning my integrity?

Griffin Hawkins - Oh..I'm more than questioning it right now..

She takes a deep breath before sternly looking me in the eyes.

Jessica Matthews - Griffin, I understand you have a bad history with authority figures. Try to understand that I'm not Corey Casey, I..

Griffin Hawkins - You're're not Corey Casey. Because he would look me right in the eyes and tell me that he doesn't want to see me as World Champion. You hide your hatred better than him.

Jessica Matthews - I wasn't finished Griffin. I was trying to say that I have the upmost respect for you as a competitor..and as one of the most popular Superstars that's come down the pike of Insurgency in a long time. That's why I am giving you your rematch against Ethan Cage and Molly Reid. This time it's everyone for themselves, no alliances. Right now, your focus shouldn't be on should be on Ethan and regaining the title. I'm not biased like my husband..I believe in doing things fairly. If you win it, I'll have no problem calling you our Champion.

She sounded like she was on the level, but I have seen this far too many times before from people that I can't even remember.

Griffin Hawkins - Believe me Jessica. I really want to believe you, but I heard the same song from people who were my boss in the past. They try to act like they are my friend, but in the end they stab me in the back when I don't conform to their ways.

Jessica Matthews - It doesn't have to be that way Griffin, I don't believe in petty vendettas like Corey.

Griffin Hawkins - Really now? Then why is it in the last few months you've kept me away from the main event? You base the Battle Ground main events over..what..the Impact Title? Are you high? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the World Title should be the Main Event. Now, it doesn't matter if I am on the opening card or the last card of the night, I just don't like it when people treat me like a second class citizen and don't got the guts to tell me to my face why they are.

I actually felt better venting my frustration.

Jessica Matthews - Despite your brash demeanor right bring up a lot of valid points Griffin. While I was trying to shake things up and make things interesting, you're right. The World Heavyweight Title should close the show. Which is why your match will be the Main Event. And believe me when I say I have nothing against you. All I ask from my Superstars is to go out there and bring the house down, which you have done on many occasions. This Sunday is your chance to win your title back, I'd suggest you make it count.

Griffin Hawkins - Oh, believe me, I will.

Jessica Matthews - Will there be anything else Mr.Hawkins?

A smile then comes across my face.

Griffin Hawkins - No..that will be all. You have a nice day.

I turn away and calmly walk out of her office. My smile fades as I close the door behind me and mutter to myself.

Griffin Hawkins - ....Bitch.

I walk further down the hallway away from her office. At least I cleared things up with her...I think. Time will tell if she is truly sincere in everything she said.



The camera opens up in the Arena. But not the arena you think. While many would do their promos in the the locker room or even on the street. I chose a special place to shoot my promo..the Baseball Diamond. Fenway of the most beloved places in Boston. This arena does have quite a bit of history to it, an arena where new Champions were crowned. The camera man makes sure to get a shot of this glorious arena on this day. It's not long till he spots me sitting in the stands in the front row. I have my feet propped up on the railway. The sun gleams off my mirrored Aviator Shades as I kick back, smiling.

"Ah..Baseball. I used to love it as a kid. My Grandfather used to take me to all kinds of games. I enjoyed the atmosphere..The Hot Dogs, the soda, the peanuts and Cracker Jack. One time I even caught a home run hit by Mark McGuire. But one thing I love most about Baseball is that anything can happen. On October 27th 2004...nobody expected the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series. Many written them off as a team that just couldn't get it done. They said that "The Curse Of Bambino" which was born the day The Sox lost Babe Ruth. But on this night...they silenced all the critics..all the doubters that said they couldn't do it. How ironic is it that Insurgency has come to a place where Champions made things happen?"

It would be Ironic for me to win back the World Title in the city of Boston. But it would also be more of a case of poetic justice for Ethan's reign to be the shortest in Insurgency history.

"I guess you can call me a modern day version of the Boston Red Sox. Because I am going into the match as an underdog. Sure..there are doubters out there who probably think that I can't reclaim the title that I lost unfairly. But my whole life...I have made a career out of proving people wrong. Now that Ethan Cage and Molly Reid are enemies, things are in my favor for once. No longer will it be two on will be every person for themselves. Two people cannot become World Champion..only one will walk out with the gold. And as for the new Champion Ethan Cage...all I gotta say about his win is.."

With that, I smile...and begin clapping my hands.

"Very well're the Champ now Ethan. You took me to the pushed me to places that I haven't been pushed to in a long time. Hell, even the fans were giving you mad respect for your guts and determination. The both of us deserve a standing ovation. But you more than anyone because it's you who is the Champion. Only thing had to do it with the help of Molly. Wow..the great Ethan Cage as usual hides behind his BFF's skirt when he can't get the job done. For someone who says the IWF is all about him and acts as if he is the be all end all of the company actually needed a biased referee to give you the title. Sure you're bragging that you beat me down and took my title..but in a little world called reality, it was Molly Reid who put that belt around your waist, not you. Hell, she even said so herself...but hey, that doesn't matter because you're the Champion right? So you can shout from the rooftops and throw yourself a parade that you FINALLY beat me in that ring..albeit with the help of a bogus referee. But I need to ask you something Ethan."

I leaned closer towards the camera, holding onto the railings for leverage. I wanted to make sure he heard every word from my mouth.

"How does it feel now..knowing you got nobody to hide behind? How does it feel knowing that you can no longer ride on Molly's coat tails and kiss her ass now that she knocked you right the fuck out with your very own title? Because now..its a Triple Threat Match. Finally we'll see who really deserves that very belt that Molly has her grubby paws all over. You can cling to that victory over me which I know you probably are by now..but you're a man on an island don't got anymore buddies to help you get that edge. Molly was your meal ticket wasn't she? You were counting on her to get you the belt. And now that her job is don't have anymore help. But we will see just how long you survive.."

I sat back in my seat, propping my feet up once again as I cracked my fingerless gloved knuckles. A small sigh escapes me as I tilt my head back before I continue the promo.

"I think I figured out why you hate me Ethan. At first I thought you were this one big giant douchetruck..well, maybe you still are..but if I can play Dr.Phil for a moment, I think I know the answer. You have all this hate..all this venom..all this resentment towards me're scared of me. There's no jealousy here, I realize that now. All this is fear. Fear of me. When we first crossed paths..I saw it in those cold eyes. I saw that you were scared shitless. Why are you scared? Because you saw the reputation that I was building up and you were worried that people would take notice of me and just forget about you. That's the thing with you need attention. Without it, you're nothing. You were angry that so many Superstars at the time were coming out of the woodwork and into this company. Champions from previous federations wanted to leave their mark and it made you insecure. You were scared that one of these guys would take your spot..and one of them ended up being me. That's what all this hate comes from..because you're scared that with me in'll be an afterthought. You have this inferiority complex because for the first time in your career in met someone who can beat you on any given night just like that. And while you are're still not better than me. You will never be better than me. The fact that you needed Molly by your side when it came to facing me proves it. At Homecoming..I'm going to reclaim whats rightfully mine...The Insurgency Title."

I was prepared to win back what was stolen from me. I didn't care if it was Ethan or Molly..I'm not leaving without my title.

"You were right about one thing Ethan. When you said I was something that shouldn't have happened, you were right. No really, I agree with you. I wasn't supposed to be where I am today. About two years ago..if you asked people if Griffin Hawkins would ever be a Main Eventer, they would say you're crazy. But do you know what I am Ethan? I am an anomaly. And what what that means is something that wasn't supposed to happen. I've had bigger assholes than you tell me to my face that I would never be a Main Event guy. I've had them tell me that I would never evolve. To them, I was just some lowly mid carder who held meaningless titles here and there...some gimmick that's only there to make people look good. But you know what happened? I shut them up the night that I won The World Title in UECW. When I came to Insurgency..people tried to say that my first title win was a fluke and that this is a whole different federation. And in a twist of irony..I won the title around the same time that I did last year and proved once and for all that I can win the big one. There is nothing that you can say to me that hasn't been said already Ethan..I'm not changing who I am for anybody..not even a jackass like you. You were right bang on the money when you said that I'm something that shouldn't have happened Ethan. But at Homecoming...I'm going to happen to you."

I feel so relaxed sitting in this chair. Sometimes I wish that our match took place in the Baseball Diamond..

"I also find it funny that you had the gall..the nerve to constantly bring up that I was Stygian's bitch..but were just about the same thing when it came to Molly. I guess it's only okay when you have someone by your side the whole way..yet if someone does the same, it's automatically someone who's hiding behind the other. And you call me a hypocrite? See, what happened is just as I predicted would happen. Molly eventually grew bored of you tagging along with her wherever she goes, following her around like a little lost puppy, blowing smoke up her ass about how hot she is, and kicked your ass to the curb. You may have thought you were using her..but it was her that was using you. You see..she knows for a fact that one on one on any given can't beat me. So just to ensure that you get the win..she conned Jessica into making her the Guest Referee. And as soon as you outlasted your usefulness to her, her true colors came shining through. And don't have a belt to enjoy. You said before that Yuko's reign as Champion will be forgettable and short..but how sweet it would be if your reign ended at Homecoming. Sure..his reign was a month..your reign would last for nothing more...than a week. Karma's a bitch Ethan, and you're going to find that out the hard way."

I reach into the pocket of my leather jacket and pull out a carton of cigarettes. I place one in my mouth and light it. After a drag, I keep the cig between my fingers.

"One of the biggest problems with you Ethan changed, and not for the better. No No..its not that you're hurling lame ass insults at me and calling me names that makes you sound like a 13 year old who just learned how to were always that way. The thing with you got soft. You said before that I was slipping when in's you who slipped. Because the Ethan Cage that everyone knows wouldn't latch himself to a woman when he wants the title. Where's the ass kicker? Where's the badass loner who doesn't need anybody? Look at what you've been reduced to..your first title win in Insurgency will always be followed by an Asterisk that you needed someone to win it for you. How are you going to look your son AJ in the eye and tell him that Daddy did what he said he'd do and win the title? Hell, you're better off telling your son that Daddy is a yellow fucking coward. Hell, with the way you let people do work for you, it wouldn't surprise me if AJ wasn't really your son. I'd suggest you check your DNA, but that is a different story. But at a man for once in your life and come after me. No Molly..just us. And we'll see who truly deserves to be The Champion."

I know I say this a lot..but I want to shut Ethan Cage's mouth once and for all. He was a problem that needed to be cut off..and cut off quick.

"You say that IWF is all about you..typical. You said that you are IWF...I find that funny. Because you were the sorry little coward that walked out of it..yet you seem to think Insurgency is your domain. It must really feel good to live in Ethanland huh? It's a magical land where everything is the opposite..A place where David Caid is actually a main eventer and multi time Champion, Molly is a pure sweet virgin, and Charlie Sheen is a role model to kids. IWF is all about you? That's like calling Lindsay Lohan a good driver. I never met anyone delusional as you. I mean fuck..just about every promo you do is one big self blowjob about how "great" you are. The biggest mark for you is Whether you like it or not, IWF is not all about you. The world doesn't revolve around your sorry ass. It's about the Superstars who put their life on the line such as Parker Wayde, Steel Angel, Axle Vengeance, Gordon Fury..people who paved the way so punks like you can actually have a job like Alexander Remington, Corey Bull and Stygian. What you need to understand, is that all this around had nothing to do with it. See, I don't have to be number one in this company. I don't obsess over it like you do. I do this because I was born to do it, I'm the best at it, and nobody can tell me different. Sorry to tell you bud, but this isn't The Ethan Cage Show..this is the Insurgency Wrestling Federation..and I'll see to it that you get brought down to earth when I take your gold."

I drop the cigarette and stomp it out with my foot.

"And now on to my second opponent. A woman who's had more balls fly at her than Carlton Fisk at batting practice..Molly Reid. The woman who literally stole the World Heavyweight Title last week at Battle Grounds. Sad thing is..possession is nine tenths of the law. And hate to rain on your parade..but you got something that belongs to me sweetheart..and at Homecoming...I'm taking it back. I suggest you get all the bragging out of your system little girl, because soon it's going to end. This time, I'm going to see you coming and you won't have Ethan Cage in your corner. What this is all about is that title that you took. You want to prove that you are the rightful Champion...well..this is your chance to prove it."

Molly was indeed an obstacle that I had to overcome if I wanted to become a two time Champion. Beating her wouldn't be easy.

"I just want to set the record straight here Mols, you did beat me. And yeah you should have had a World Title shot..but after I would've gotten done with Ethan Cage, it would have been you and me one on one at Homecoming. No Ethan Cage as a Special Referee, just us in that very ring. To answer your question, the reason I am in this match because I lost the title thanks to your bias officiating and the powers that be decided that I deserve a fair rematch at the belt. Why you're in it..I'll get to that later. But the point is, you're going to have to deal with me. I really hope you're enjoying your time with that gold..because that will be the last time that you ever hold that title unless you win it fair and square."

Sad thing is, Molly is a hell of an athlete, someone like her didn't have to take shortcuts to get to the title.

"It seems like we always know what you're going to say Molly..why? Because we seen it all before. From who? One person..Tiffani Michaels. It's obvious that you're trying to be her. You ripped off of her ring gear, you got the almost the same kind of's obvious. Not just that..but look at Tiffani in Insurgency..she comes in as a cheerleader, you come in as a cheerleader, she wants a shot at the World want a shot at the World Title. She aligns herself with Remington, you align yourself with Cage. You're a biter Molly. There isn't a Goddamn thing original about you! The one thing you fell short in is the Queen of Wrestling which lasted a month. Nobody takes you seriously because all you are is a pathetic wannabe Tiffani Michaels. When the real deal comes back, she is going to whoop yo stank ass so bad you'll copy the next gimmick and move on. But before that happens, I want a piece of you myself."

I just hope that Molly wouldn't ask to take me shopping like Tiffani.

"God..even your bio is cliche. How many times have we seen the damaged chick with Daddy issues and uses drinking to cope with it? You're a walking cliche Molly. Hell, when you post your video blog, people just skim through it and they don't miss a damn thing! But it's not about gimmicks or vlogs or whatever's about taking a title that you know damn well doesn't belong to you. Yeah you beat two three in that ring you beat me. If you actually waited you would have been given a title shot..but now that you've really pissed me need not to worry about escaping with the gold, you need to worry about escaping with your life in tact."

I didn't want to just beat Molly, I wanted to hurt her and send her a message.

"You put on a facade that management is out to get you...when I know the truth. And the truth're in the spot you're in now because you're sleeping with Brandon McDonald. You see, after your embarrassing loss to Blyss, you had to save face and try and become Champion. You tried to convince Chuck Matthews..who you were boning I might give you a shot which he rejected you. You tried to kiss Jessica Casey's ass and she didn't give it to you..then one day you found Brandon McDonald and you decided to spread your legs for him and he automatically gave you a shot. Two things were exchanged on your tryst with got a match with me..and he got the clap. So you can play it up that management doesn't want you to be Champion..when in reality, you have management behind you. Hell, you're different than I am, while I would do anything to get a title'll do anyone to get a title shot."

Ugh..the thought of Molly having sex with anyone was enough to make anyone's stomach turn.

"You see Molly, all that you a shit talker. That's all you have. You run your mouth and you expect people to take you seriously. If you were sooo great, why would you use someone to get to the top? Yes Ethan was a gullible moron who's dumber than a bag of hammers..but if you were the woman you said you were, you would have kicked his ass in no time flat for that briefcase and challenged me for the title. Would the so called greatest of all time steal a belt? Course this probably isn't your first time in a three way with two guys..but its not what you're expecting. The only difference is, you're going to be left lying on your back while...well, okay maybe that doesn't seem so different, but you will be in for a world of pain."

Just sitting there brings back memories of when I watched The Sox win the World Series. In Boston..history can be made..

"Thing is Molly, you got a different problem than Ethan. While he feels inferior to think you are superior to me. You beat me...once. All that was was one match. My mind wasn't where it should be when it was on Ethan who had no business in this match in the first place. One victory over me doesn't make you the Queen of France. I'm not Ethan Cage, I don't act like I'm this unbeatable monster who can't be pinned. You're not the first to beat me Molly, because every time I lost..I picked myself back up and moved on because that is what a man does. My mind was on other things Molly, but it doesn't take away that you beat me. But you have a lot of proving to do if you want to become Champion for real. For once..actually EARN the world title."

In a weird way, I was actually looking forward to facing Molly.

"Whats going to happen if you lose Molly? Are you going to still go around claiming you should be the number one contender? Or are you going to sleep with the next person to get a shot at my title? Everyone is curious to what you're going to do. Everyone is wondering if everything you say is true..or bullshit. See..the reason I was gone for the last few not because of you. It'll take more than someone like you to put me out. The last few days I've been training for what could be the biggest match of my career. So I suggest you do the same Molly, because come hell or high fucking water..I will be the next IWF World Heavyweight Champion..and its going to be over your dead body. I seriously hope that your 15 minutes of fame was worth it."

I slowly get up off my seat, making my way towards the isle.

"People counted out the Boston Red Sox to the point where nobody believed in them. Once they won..they had no choice. I'm sure there are a handful of people who still don't believe in me. While there is a Curse of Bambino, in some circles there is a curse of the World Heavyweight Title in Insurgency. I'm willing to prove that there is no curse when it comes to the Insurgency Title. As Manny Ramirez said...I don't believe in curses, I believe you make your own destination. If the world hasn't forgotten the Red Sox...they haven't forgotten Griffin Hawkins."

I make my way down the aisle and through the door as I reach the bottom of the stairs, disappearing into the darkness.


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PostSubject: Part II   Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:52 pm

+++Scene I+++
+++Waking Up in a Strange Place+++
+++LAC+USC Medical Center, Los Angeles+++
+++Wednesday, April 24th+++

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Bright lights shining down on me, really affecting my vision. I squinted and tried to figure out where I was. I tried to roll over, but ran into a metal frame. I tried to sit up, but couldn’t really. Eventually, my eyes became a little more adjusted to the light, and I could finally make out where I was. It looked like a hospital room. There was a person in a doctor’s coat standing over beside me, looking down at some papers. He seemed to hear me moving, because he suddenly turned around and looked at me.

Doctor: “Ah, you’re awake. Right on schedule. How are you feeling Ms. Reid?”

I lifted my hand up and held my head. I was a little sore, especially the back of my head. I desperately tried to remember what had happened to me. Why was I here, in the hospital? The last thing I remembered was going to the club down from my house. I remember getting a drink, and then dancing for a while. But after that, my mind went blank. I tried to remember more about what had happened yesterday. Right, Charlie left me, and Brandon was a dick. I remember being mad at both of them, but also really depressed. I went to the bar to sort of drink away my feelings. But for the life of me, I could not remember what happened at the club.

My whole body was really sore though. The back of my head felt like I had smashed it into a brick wall or something. My arms hurt, my legs hurt. And, well, my vagina was really sore. It just felt weird, like I had had really rough sex last night. But Charlie dumped me, and there’s no way I would have had sex with anyone last night. Not after Charlie dumped me like he did. I mean I was a bit of a slut, or I used to be at least, but even I wouldn’t have done that. No matter how drunk I got. I was too upset with what had happened to do anything with anyone.

Suddenly, everything hit me like a stack of bricks. The lack of memory. The hospital. The soreness. Everything was pointing to the clear and obvious.

Molly Reid: “Oh my god”

The doctor shook his head sadly as he could tell I had realized what had happened. He grabbed some papers from his table and walked back over to me. He looked down at me.

Doctor: “Ms. Reid, I know this is very difficult to hear, and talk about, but I am just going to go over what we found and what happened last night. Is that ok?”

I nodded my head, wiping my eyes as I did so. If what I thought was true, I really didn’t want to hear or talk about it. But I knew I had to.

Doctor: “Last night, around three in the morning, emergency dispatchers were called, when someone found you unconscious in a back alley. They were not aware of who you were or what had happened, but they found you naked with a ripped dress beside you. We picked you up and brought you here, and kept you overnight. We ran tests, and we found high levels of Rohypnol in your system. I can imagine that you don’t remember much of anything from last night, is that right?”

I nodded my head. I really couldn’t remember anything. I kept trying, but nothing was really coming back to me. Pieces here and there, but I couldn’t tell if they were real, or just dreams. It was extremely weird. In my mind, last night hadn’t even happened. But clearly it did, since I was here, in the hospital. I couldn’t stand hearing him talk and beat around the bush like this. I needed to know.

Molly Reid: “Doc I just need to know…did I…was I...raped...last night?”

The doctor looked at me sadly, and I knew. I started to cry. Not hard or anything, not nearly as bad as when Charlie broke up with me. But I was crying nonetheless. The doctor walked over and put his hand on my shoulder.

Doctor: “We found traces of three different people. We’ve given you emergency contraception medication, and we’ve been treating all other wounds and injuries that you suffered. You’ll be sore for the next day or so, but you should be able to walk out of here on your own tomorrow”

Tomorrow. Great. That left me with only four days to prepare for my fight on Sunday. If I could even compete in the fight. He said I would only be sore for a few days, so I could probably fight, even in the condition I was in. It was a title fight, I finally got one, there was no way I was going to miss out. Even if I had been…raped.

Molly Reid: “Will I be able to fight on Sunday? I’m a wrestler and I have a match, will I be able to fight?”

Doctor: “Ms. Reid, we do not advise any strenuous physical activity by anyone who’s been sexually assaulted. For at least a few weeks. While you may feel healthy and physically capable, many victims experience months of mental trauma that can seriously affect their daily lives. I would really not recommend doing any serious physical activity for some time”

I sat in silence. For whatever reason, I was not as devastated as I thought I would be over this. What happened to me was something that ruined lives. Getting raped was nothing to take lightly, and by all accounts, I should be afraid, nervous, upset, devastated. And in a way I was. But maybe it was because I didn’t remember any of it. It was hard to get really upset over something that I really had no idea of ever happening. I was angry at whoever did this obviously, but maybe if I hadn’t been drugged, and I remembered what had happened, and I had actually experienced the whole rape, then I would be way more upset, and angry, and hurt, and devastated.

Or maybe it was because this is exactly what Charlie was talking about. I deserved this. After everything Charlie had called me out on. All my drinking and partying and everything taking over my life. He was right. Everything he said was right. My drinking was affecting not only me, but everyone around me. He said that something really bad was going to happen to me eventually. All my drinking until I blacked out, doing crazy shit just because I thought it would be fun, and not caring about any consequences. He knew that one day it would come back to bite me. He knew that one day, I would get myself into something so bad, that it would serious affect my life. Well he was right, and he didn’t have to wait long.

So yeah, I deserved every bit of this. I didn’t listen to him. I didn’t listen to Brandon. I didn’t listen to Chuck. I didn’t listen to anyone. Everyone who told me to get help, to stop drinking, they all warned me. They all told me that I needed to change. They were all right. If I had listened to them, I would have never been raped. If I had listened to them, I would be living a happy life, still with Charlie, still with all my friends. But instead, I ignored them. And exactly what they had told me would happen, did happen. So yeah, I deserved every little bit of what happened to me.

Doctor: “Ms. Reid, I have an officer here from the Los Angeles Police Department. Do you think you’ll be okay to answer a few questions?”

I nodded my head. I didn’t think I would be any help at all, considering I couldn’t remember anything. But I know that they had to ask me, so I figured I would be as helpful as I could. The doctor walked to the door and opened it, and motioned for someone to walk inside. A police officer walked in with a notepad in his hand and sat down in a chair beside me.

Police Officer: “Ms. Reid, I’m Officer Smith from the L.A.P.D. I’d like to ask you a few questions, if that’s ok with you”

I nodded my head again. He started writing stuff down on his notepad almost right away. Probably just my information and the time and date of this conversation. Stuff for charges and stuff no doubt.

Police Officer: “So, you were at the Zanzibar nightclub in Santa Monica last night, correct?”

Molly Reid: “Yes. I remember going there, that’s really all though”

Police Officer: “Did you go alone?”

Molly Reid: “Yes”

Police Officer: “Do you know if you met anyone there at any point? Or maybe you just know any friends who might go there often, and maybe saw you?”

Molly Reid: “I know the bartenders at the Zanzibar pretty well from other times, so one of them was probably working”

Police Officer: “Ok. And is there anything you can remember, other than just being at the club?”

I tried to remember anything that would help the officer. But I really just remembered only getting to the club, and dancing and drinking. Nothing really specific stood out. Nothing that would help him figure out who did this to me.

Molly Reid: “Not really. I remember getting there. That’s it”

Police Officer: “Ok Ms. Reid, if that’s all you can remember, that’s ok. I’m just trying to get as much detail as I can, because at this point, we have no real idea who did this to you. We interviewed a few people who were at the club last night. We didn’t tell them what it was for. But none of them seem to remember you leaving with anybody. They said one minute you were dancing with many different people, as you were doing all night, and then the next minute you were just gone. So at this point, the only thing we have to go off of is that there were three people. Most likely friends, in a group. If there is anything, anything at all that you can remember. Please, call me”

The officer handed me a business card with his phone number on it. He stood up and began to walk towards the door. I felt bad not giving him anything. I didn’t want to be looked at as some weak little victim. There must be something that I could remember that would give the police any kind of real help in identifying these guys. I really racked my brains, searching hard for any real memory of what had happened last night. Suddenly, there it was. It wasn’t any picture or image or any real description of their face. But what I could remember was a voice. Someone yelling at me before I blacked out. I couldn’t really make out what he said, but that was because I couldn’t understand through his thick accent.

Molly Reid: “Wait! German! They were German”

The police officer stopped and turned around to look at me. He walked back towards me and pulled out his notepad, looking at me as he sat back down beside me. He began to quickly write down what I was saying.

Police Officer: “Are you sure? How do you know they were German?”

Molly Reid: “I can remember one of them yelling something at me, and they had a thick German accent. Maybe Polish, but I think German. I don’t know what they look like, or what they said or anything. I just remember a pretty thick German accent.”

The officer finished writing everything down and closed up his notepad. He stuffed it back into his chest pocket and stood up. He put his arm on my shoulder and squeezed it tightly.

Police Officer: “Thank you, that’s great information. I’m so sorry this happened to you Ms. Reid”

The officer began to walk out the door, but then I realized one more thing that I wanted to ask the police officer. Something that he might not be able to do, but I really wanted to see for myself.

Molly Reid: “Wait, Officer Smith. Is it possible for you to not release my name with this or anything? I’m a pretty big name wrestler and I really don’t want my name out there tied to a rape investigation. At least, not yet. I don’t need to deal with that on top of all of this. If that’s possible, please.”

Police Officer: “Sure. Since we have no suspects yet, we cannot lay down a charge on anything. So we’ll run the investigation with your name anonymous. However, when we find the suspects, and we have to charge them, we will have to release your name. But that might take a little bit of time. So for the time being, you won’t have to deal with any of this. And of course, we’ll be in touch”

Molly Reid: “Thank you so much”

The police officer walked out and shut the door behind him. I wiped my eyes, trying not to show how upset I was with all of this. I tried to sit up a little higher in my hospital bed, but there was not enough pillows to hold me up, and too many things attached to me. Suddenly the door opened and the doctor walked back inside and looked at me. I suddenly realized that I was alone in the hospital. Figures. Not a single friend came to sit beside me when they heard I was in the hospital. Maybe nobody knew. Or maybe I was just really alone in this city now. What the fuck had I done with my life.

Doctor: “You have a visitor Molly. Should I send him in?”

Molly Reid: “Who is it? But yeah, send him in please”

I hoped it was Charlie, but I knew it wasn’t. He wouldn’t come see me any time soon, especially after what he had told me yesterday. If he did come, he would probably just say that he told me so, and that I deserved it for all the stuff that I’ve done in the past. And he would be right.

I watched as the door to the door to my hospital room opened. The doctor walked in, and right behind him was Bill Stevens. He was probably the last person I expected to see here. I hadn’t seen Bill since he took me to his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and told his story about what happened. I had stormed out because I thought his taking me there was a clever ploy to get me to start rethinking my own life and come join in on the meeting. Looking back now, I’m sure that is what he was trying to do, but now I realized that he was right all along. I did have a problem, and I did need AA. I needed all the help and support that I could get.

Bill walked over to me and didn’t say a word; he just looked down at me. Before I could say anything, he leaned over and hugged me tightly, as I burst into tears. Maybe now, seeing Bill, this entire situation was beginning to affect me more. The initial shock was wearing off, and now I just felt dirty, and disgusting, and worthless. I felt like a piece of garbage, used, abused, and tossed on the side of the road. And that was basically what I was. Nobody wanted me, nobody cared about me. I was just there to fuck and then forget.

Molly Reid: “I’m so sorry Bill”

Bill Stevens: “Don’t be sorry Molly, you did nothing wrong”

Molly Reid: “I did. I shouldn’t have yelled at you at your AA meeting. I shouldn’t have stormed off like that, and most importantly, I shouldn’t have tried to remove you from my life. I’m so sorry”

Bill Stevens: “But Molly, you were right. I did bring you to my AA meeting to try to convince you to understand what you were doing and hoped that you would join. I was being selfish, thinking that I could solve a problem that was yours and yours alone.”

Molly Reid: “But you were only trying to help. If I had let people try to help me earlier, I wouldn’t have…you know. But instead I was too convinced that everything I did was the right thing to do, and that I was doing nothing wrong. I was convinced everyone else had a problem with my drinking, when really everyone was just looking out for me. Because they knew how much of a problem my drinking really was. And I didn’t listen to anyone. And I lost a lot of people that I care about because of it.”

Bill Stevens: “People your age don’t understand what it’s like to go through something like this. While they’ll be mad at first, eventually they’ll get over it. You haven’t lost all your friends. You’re just going to earn them back.”

Molly Reid: “I’m so sorry Bill. I can’t believe this all happened. I really fucked up. This is all my fault”

Bill Stevens: “Molly no. None of this is your fault. The only people at fault are the ones who did this to you. And God will judge them for what they’ve done. You are the victim here, and don’t let anyone else or any of your thoughts tell you otherwise.”

Molly Reid: “But if I hadn’t cheated on Charlie, then he wouldn’t have broken up with me, and then we’d be having a happy relationship and I wouldn’t have gone out last night and nothing would have happened”

Bill Stevens: “Doesn’t matter. What’s done is done. You can’t go back and say what-if to every situation in your life up until this present moment. You can only look back and learn from your mistakes. And this assault wasn’t anything anyone deserved, especially not you. You are the victim here Molly, and you better start believing that. Because the faster you’re able to understand that this wasn’t your fault, the faster you’ll be able to move on and bounce back stronger than ever. Say it with me. This wasn’t my fault”

Molly Reid: “This wasn’t my fault”

Bill Stevens: “You’re right, it wasn’t. I’m glad to hear you admit it”

I chuckled at the joke through my tears as Bill smiled and hugged me again. I wiped my eyes and looked up at him. He was right after all. I couldn’t change the past. All I could do was learn from the mistakes that I’d made. And there were plenty of mistakes to choose from.

Molly Reid: “Thank you Bill. Everyone always told me that eventually something really bad would happen to me if I kept drinking like I did. I didn’t believe them. I guess getting raped was the thing that it took to make me realize that they were all right, and that I wasn’t invincible.”

I hated saying the word rape. Especially when I was saying it about me. I was still in a bit of shock that this had happened to me. I had accepted it, but because I couldn’t remember anything about it, it was hard to really believe it. Maybe that was a good thing though. If I couldn’t remember it, then maybe I wouldn’t have as huge an emotional trauma as a lot of other victims suffer. I was glad, but I also felt really terrible. As a girl who has had a lot of fortunate luck in her life, for me to get raped and not remember any of it, and to not be too broken by it, that was lucky. Most girls who suffer through this are reminded of it every day. I wish I could help them, I really do.

Bill Stevens: “Well sometimes that’s all it takes. Like I told you at that meeting, it took one big shocking moment for me to realize my problem as well. Sometimes the bad things that God throws at us end up having a golden lining. Perhaps this was one of them. We find out a lot about ourselves when we hit rock bottom. And no offense, but I think it’s safe to say that you’re somewhere around there.”

Molly Reid: “None taken, you’re completely right. This is the lowest and most disgusting I’ve ever felt in my life. I want to be better, I need to be a better person. Bill, could you help me be a better person? You’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to a dad since mine died. Maybe that’s one of the things I’ve been running from in my life. Can you help me, please?”

Bill Stevens: “Molly, of course I will help you. I’m always here for you, even when you got mad at me. I wasn’t mad or upset with you. Just disappointed. But if you had needed it, I would have been there for you in a second. Please, please know that.”

Molly Reid: “I do now. Thank you Bill. I love you so much”

Bill Stevens: “I love you too Molly. I’m so sorry. But I know you too well. You aren’t going to let this bring you down will you?”

Molly Reid: “I hope not. Do you think I should fight on Sunday? The doctor says they don’t advise anyone doing any physical activity after an assault like this.”

Bill Stevens: “Well, the way I see it, you really have no choice. You’ve worked your ass off to get where you are. You’ve finally been given a title opportunity after months of trying to get noticed by the higher-ups. If it took you this long to get just this match, how can you back out now? You may never get another chance if you throw this away. This is your time to shine Molly. I think after all that’s happened to you, just going out and wrestling, doing something that you love, it’s really going to help you out. I would wrestle.”

I smiled. It was like he was reading my mind. I really wanted to wrestle, if not just to get my mind off of all of this. Maybe that was exactly what I needed right now. To just go out there, do what I do best, and kick some ass inside a wrestling ring. Not to mention, I may never get another chance at the IWF Championship title. If I threw this shot away, I could be throwing away everything. My entire career was riding on this match. If I couldn’t be champion, then what was the point?

Molly Reid: “Bill…Nobody else came to see me. Do you…do you think you could stay with me until I get released tomorrow?”

Bill reached into his backpack and pulled out a few DVDs. He smiled at me. I grabbed one of the DVDs from him and looked at it. It was a compilation video of a bunch of Griffin Hawkins’ wrestling matches. The other DVD was one of a fair amount of Ethan Cage matches. I laughed. Even now, after I had essentially fired Bill and not talked to him for a month, he was still my coach. He was still making fight tapes, he was still going to help me find weaknesses to exploit, and ways for me to win. That is why I loved Bill.

Bill Stevens: “But if I stay with you, you’re going to have to promise me something”

Molly Reid: “Oh? And what’s that?”

Bill Stevens: “On Friday night, you come to my AA meeting. And you don’t just sit there. You stand up and tell your story. If you join our group Molly, I promise that not only will you have me to talk to or look after you, but you’ll have the fifteen other people in that group as well. Please do this, not for me, not for Charlie, not for anyone except for yourself. Do it for yourself. You’ve already admitted that you have a problem. Now do what most people can’t do, and do something about the problem.”

I sat there thinking for a bit. He was right, I did admit that I had a problem. It took this rape to make me realize it. But if I just went back and continued to drink until I couldn’t control myself, what would happen next? I get raped again? Or maybe it would get worse. I could get hurt, I could even die. I couldn’t keep up a life like this. I had to stop. And Bill was right. I was strong enough to do something about it. Plus, if Bill was there with me, I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable doing it. I had to do it. If Charlie would ever take me back, he would need to see that I’ve changed. He would need to see that I wasn’t the same Molly that cheated on him.

Molly Reid: “I will. I want to change. I want to deal with my problem”

Bill Stevens: “Good. First meeting is on Friday night. We’ll go to that”

I smiled as I sat up and hugged Bill again. I was so glad that I had someone like him still in my life. He was the one person that didn’t run out on me. He was the one person who wanted to help me become a better person. And while everyone else who left me did so for my own good, I needed people like Bill just as much as I needed people like Charlie. Charlie helped me realize that I had a problem, and Bill was going to help me deal with it. It felt good knowing that I wasn’t alone in life.

+++Scene II+++
+++First AA Meeting+++
+++AA Meeting Room, Los Angeles+++
+++Friday, April 26th+++

I walked into the classroom where Bill’s and I guess now my Alcoholics Anonymous meetings were being held. I sat down at one of the chairs in the circle of chairs, right beside Bill. He held my hand and squeezed it tightly as the rest of the people in the group began to file in and sit down. I was nervous, but I had no reason to be. As Bill had told me all the last few days, these people had all been through the same thing that I had. Alcohol brought them down to rock bottom, just like me. But these meetings had turned their lives around, and that’s exactly what I hoped would happen with me going to these.

Everyone sat down, and eventually Anna Baxter, the person leading the AA meeting walked in. She sat down in the last empty chair and looked out at everyone.

Anna Baxter: “Alright, good to see everyone again. Alright, I say we jump right into things. As you all may have noticed, we have someone new joining us tonight, and from what I’ve been told, she’d like to start things off with her speech. So let’s all listen up to Ms. Molly Reid please”

With that, I was up. It was my time to stand up and tell the story of my life. I had seen so many AA speeches in movies and TV shows, but when it came time to do it for real, I really couldn’t remember any of them. So I just started talking the way I thought would work the best.

Molly Reid: “Hi everyone…I guess you already know my name is Molly…and…and well…I guess I’m…no, I am an alcoholic.”

Everyone: “Hi Molly!”

I sort of laughed at that. Just like the typical start to an AA speech, and everyone was doing the exact same things they did in movies. I just thought that was funny.

Molly Reid: “Sorry, that wasn’t funny. I’ve just never really been to one of these before. I’ve never really thought I had a problem with alcohol before. I mean sure, I loved to drink. But I’m a twenty two year old girl in college, so basically my drinking just seemed like the normal thing to do.”

Molly Reid: “I guess I really started drinking heavily after my dad died, when I was seventeen. I never really thought about it before, because I did drink before he died. But when I look back, it really took off after that. My dad meant everything to me. It was always just the two of us, I was an only child, and my mom had left us when I was still a baby. So my dad raised me by himself. We did everything together. He was everything to me. He helped me get through my first period, in abut as awkward a time as you are all imagining I’m sure. He helped me with my first boyfriend, and then inevitably scared him off. He was a lot better when I got my second. But when he broke up with me, my dad was the one to help me get over it. Hell, my dad gave me my first beer when I was fourteen. Every big moment in my life, happened with my dad”

Molly Reid: “When he died, in a botched bank robbery, I was mad at everyone and everything. My dad was just trying to be nice, trying to talk them out of robbing it, and they shot him. They took my everything away from me. The minute my dad died, a huge hole opened up inside of me. And the only way that I was able to fill that hole was with alcohol. I was so depressed, I would drink myself to sleep every night, just so I didn’t have to cry myself to sleep. I would go out and get so drunk, just so I would forget all about my dad and how he wouldn’t be there to pick me up from the party at three in the morning when I called him. Then, when my mom came back and tried to raise me with her abusive boyfriend, my drinking really took off. I drank all the time. To deal with him abusing me, to deal with my mom being a cracked out whore, to deal with the fact that life was being so unfair to me. Everything wrong in my life was being solved with alcohol”

Molly Reid: “Then I went off to college, and of course, I made all my friends through drinking. Nobody drank nearly as much or as often as I did, but they still did. I could always find a group of people to drink with me every night. And we’d always have such a good time. I’d usually end up doing something embarrassing, but wasn’t that what drinking was about? That’s what I thought at least. So I never thought there was anything wrong with it. It was just part of my life. Nothing bad ever happened, and it made me feel invincible. I felt that nothing would ever go wrong, and that I was always in control.”

Molly Reid: “But soon those embarrassing moments began to turn scary. It turned from me falling into a table and knocking it over, to me waking up in a park with no memory of how I got there. It turned into me almost drowning because I tried to swim after drinking all night. But even with these terrifying moments that might have led other people to realize they had a problem, I just went with them. I was scared on the inside, but I never let anyone else know that. Maybe I was too proud, or maybe it was just a way for me to feel like I was still in control. But for whatever reason, I didn’t admit to them being scary. I convinced myself over and over that it was not a problem, but just me having fun. People around me who told me that I had a problem, I pushed them away. I lost a lot of friends because I let my drinking affect them. I would ruin their nights because they’d be stuck dealing with me. But I think the last couple of weeks were the scariest and by far the worst few weeks. And those weeks are what led me to finally force myself to admit that I have a problem”

Molly Reid: “A few weeks ago, I was on a worldwide tour with the wrestling company that I work for. And one night I got so blackout drunk, that I actually slept with one of the guys who works for my boss, and his wife. They live a pretty care-free lifestyle, and so they had no problems with it. But deep down I knew it was wrong. I had a boyfriend, who was also my best friend. I worried what would happen if he found out. So I kept it a secret. I wasn’t going to tell him, and eventually it was all going to work out. Because that’s how it always worked for me. If I left it alone long enough, eventually it would just work itself out. Only this time, that didn’t happen. My boyfriend found out, and as you can imagine, was not too happy. But while he was mad at me for the actual act of cheating, he was more upset and disappointed that I still refused to admit that I had a problem with my drinking. He was one hundred percent right, but I refused to admit it. I was so afraid that if I admitted to having a problem, that I would suddenly become depressed about my dad dying again. I never wanted to feel sad again, and numbing the pain with alcohol was the only thing that I could do. So even though my boyfriend was right, I wouldn’t admit it. So after he left me, telling me all of this, I directed my anger at myself for letting this happen, towards him. I convinced myself once again that it was his fault, and that he was just jealous of me and how I lived my life. So what did I do to cope with him leaving? I went to the club to drink my life away of course.”

Molly Reid: “So it’s another typical night for me. I go to the club, I drink more than anyone should drink, and I black out. Only this time, instead of waking up on the beach, or in a park, I wake up in a hospital bed. I wake up to a doctor telling me that I was drugged, raped, beaten and left in a back alley in some terrible neighbourhood. At that moment, I knew that everything that anyone had ever said about me drinking was right. I knew that I had a problem. If I hadn’t gotten so out of control, I never would have taken a drink from a stranger, I would have never let them take me home. And most importantly, I would have never been there alone in the first place. So there I was, in the hospital, a victim of date rape. It took the absolute worst thing that could happen to me aside from dying, to make me understand that everyone else was right, and I was wrong.”

Molly Reid: “And so I listened to a suggestion from Bill. I decided to come to Alcoholics Anonymous, and tell my story. He told me that all of you have had similar experiences. He told me that if there’s anyone in the world who can help me get through this, it’s everyone here tonight. And that’s just what I want to do. I want to be able to get through this. I want to be able to go out at night and walk home by my own power. I want to go to sleep in my own bed, with my boyfriend by my side. I don’t want to ever wake up scared because of alcohol again. I’m scared right now. I was scared coming here. I’m going to be scared later tonight. I’m scared that at any moment, I could suddenly get the urge to drink myself to death. I’m scared of myself right now. And I just don’t want to be scared anymore”

Molly Reid: “I didn’t come here because my boyfriend told me to, or because Bill told me to. I came here because I told myself to. I came here because I just want people to help me fix this addiction that I have. I came here because I know that all of you came here when you were in my shoes. You were all at your worst, and you came here, and you managed to deal with your problems with the help of others, and you overcame those problems. I want to be like all of you. I want to one day be sitting here, listening to someone like me talking about their life, and I want to be someone that can help them. And I know the only way that I can be that person is if I confront my own issues. I can only be that if I come here first, and prove to myself that I don’t need alcohol to have a happy and successful life. So I know that I am in no position to ask for anything from anyone. But, I’m going to ask you anyways. Please help me. I don’t want to be scared of myself anymore. I just want to be alike all of you. Whatever that takes, I’ll do it. But I can’t do it without help. I know I can’t. And that’s why I’m here, today, standing here in front of you, telling my story. Because I need help, and I hope that you all can find it in your hearts to help someone like me. Thank you”

I wiped the tears from my eyes that had begun to form almost immediately into my speech, and then continued to grow as the speech went on, until I was practically bawling by the end of it. I went to sit down, but was held up by Bill, who had stood up along with everyone. They all moved in towards me, and engulfed me into a big hug. That was what I needed. I just needed to know that I had people who would support me right now. I would have been happy with one person. But now I had fifteen people. And not just any people. But people who had overcome the same obstacles that I have to overcome. People who could show me that I don’t have to be scared of myself and my drinking, because they’re no longer scared of themselves and their drinking. I knew that I had made the right decision coming here to get help. And I was going to do everything that I could to change. I needed to change. If I kept up the way I was going, I was going to die. And after tonight, after sharing my story, I knew that I had too much to live for to die.

+++Scene III+++
+++Last Minute Press Conference+++
+++TD Garden Arena, Boston+++
+++Sunday, April 28th+++

I stood up at the podium, looking out at all the media that was there in front of me, holding cameras and microphone’s ready to hang on my every word. They had no idea of all the shit that I’d been through in the last week. Only select few did. And I wasn’t about to explain to them why I suddenly wasn’t a huge bitch and why I wasn’t drinking and why I had begun turning my life around for the better. No, I wasn’t about to tell everyone anything. So I was going to do exactly what someone else would do in my situation. I was going to act. And shit, I was going act the fuck out of it.

Molly, how are you feeling this week? Are you prepared for your big title match?

Molly Reid
Of course I’m prepared. I’m always prepared. You guys might think that I’m out every night, partying and drinking and generally not giving a shit. But trust me, I do a lot of work. I watched hours upon hours of match tape of Griffin and Ethan, just to get a better understanding of what they do. I mean I watched them fight last week, but it never hurts to get an extra edge. And then I have one of the best trainers in the world, who’s always pushing me to be better, to improve. So for anyone to question my dedication, or how ready I am, it’s bullshit. I’m just as prepared as anyone else in the IWF.

Molly, last week you attacked Ethan Cage post match, shocking the world. Seemingly everyone was surprised, except Ethan Cage says that he wasn’t, and that he knew you were the one the whole time. Any thoughts?

Molly Reid
Yeah I have some thoughts. I actually heard him say that. It made me really laugh. I mean seriously, does anyone actually believe him? By the way Ethan, I call my “promos” video blogs because that’s exactly what they are. They aren’t some “in-character” interviews or some shit like you apparently think they are. Maybe if you watched more of my vlogs, you’d understand that I don’t just talk about wrestling shit, but my life in general. You clearly just watch the wrestling related ones, because that’s all you care about. Oh, and maybe you don’t understand how computers work. But I have a webcam on my computer. I don’t have a cameraman in my room filming me. Maybe you’re a bit too 1999 for this year, but yeah, computers have cameras now. But anyways, back to Ethan’s bullshit. Come on Ethan, how fucking stupid do you think we all are? You can actually sit there and say you knew it was me all along? Come on, seriously. If you knew it was me, why did you let me travel with you? Why did you still let me hang out with you? Why did you want Jessica to put me in your match against Griffin? And why, after I won you the title, did you celebrate with me? If you really knew it was me all along, why didn’t you do anything about it? You just let me continue to pretend to be your friend and continue to be around you, and be part of all your matches and everything. It would have made you look a lot smarter if you figured this out before I attacked you. But now, all you’re proving is that you’re trying to do anything you can to make you look like the smart one. You’re desperately trying to make everyone believe that you outsmarted me, because you can’t believe that a girl like me could beat you. Keep telling yourself that you figured me out Ethan. We all know that you’re just clinging to anything you can to make it seem like you’re ahead. Here’s a thought. If you had really known what I was up to, then maybe you wouldn’t have let me steal your IWF Championship. But I did, so really this is all moot point right? So shut the fuck up Ethan. You had no idea that I was the one who attacked you. But hey, if you did somehow know it was me, really all you proved is how fucking stupid you actually are. You didn’t try to get rid of me, but actively pushed me to be involved in your match. Why would you push for me to be in that match, knowing that I attacked you? Either you didn’t know, or you’re just a fucking moron.

Ethan Cage was also quoted as saying that he made you-

Molly Reid
Look, I saw his “promo”. I’ll just answer all the questions you probably have myself.

Molly Reid
Ethan Cage thinks he made me. That’s such a fucking joke. In no way, shape or form did you even attempt to do anything for me. Yeah sure, you teamed with me for one match. We won, easily. Lest we forget who got the pin in that match. But seriously Ethan, who the fuck are you to say that you made me? What in the fuck did you do to make me? You refereed one match that I was in, against Griffin. And wouldn’t you know it, you didn’t do jack shit to help me. You just sat there with your fist up your ass and waited for me to win. Luckily it didn’t take me too long. And where were you when I beat Tiffani Michaels in the match of the year? Where were you when I basically beat Blyss and Gordon single-handedly? Oh that’s right. You were living in fucking obscurity. You won the briefcase to fight Griffin, but look at who you were fucking fighting against. Jack Savage. Tim Patrick. Storming Raven. John fucking Tolly. What do all four of those guys have in common? They all suck fucking cock. Of course you won that match. It would be embarrassing for anyone to not win that match. So really your argument for you trying to make me is bullshit. I’ve been in the IWF for three months and I’ve become a better wrestler than you. How the fuck are you going to say that you made me? I was made when I beat Tiffani Michaels for the Queen of Wresting Championship. I was made when I speared Gordon Fury through a flaming fucking table. You set Baron on fire? Good for you. I set Gordon on fire. Guess we’re even right? Except Gordon is twenty times better than Baron fucking shithead, so no, we’re not even.

Molly Reid
Your promo really weirded me out too. Every other time you talked, it was about how you loved staring at my ass, or how you wanted us to be the next Bonnie and Clyde. But then you spent the other half talking about how you would paralyze me in the ring or whatever. It’s weird man. Do you want to fuck me or not? Although you seemed to imply that you did, which I thought was hilarious. I mean, you had literally just said that your girlfriend was hotter than me, but then you implied that we’d had sex. So I mean, do you want me or not? Because let’s get this straight. I would never, ever, have sex with you. You’re one of the ugliest fucks I’ve ever met. Seriously, I don’t know how any girl could fall in love with that fat face you got there. And that hairy chest, oh god! You just like you’re a few IQ points short of 40. But you know what, keep telling people we had sex. If that’s what you need to do to get noticed around here, to get attention, I’ll let you do it.

Molly Reid
It makes me laugh that you call yourself a “bad guy”. Seriously, the only people who call themselves bad or good guys, do it because nobody else will call them that. If you are so convinced that you are a bad guy, why do you have to say it over and over again? If you were really a bad-ass bad guy like you seem to think, everyone else would say it. But nobody else is, so you have to keep pushing your point so that we don’t forget how you want everyone else to see you. It’s kind of pathetic man. If you want someone to call you a bad guy, be a bad guy. Don’t act all tough when you’re talking to a camera, and then go and do a bunch of pussy shit. That’s the difference between me and you Ethan. You go to these charity events, and go visit children in the hospital, but yet you expect me to believe that you’re like, the devil or some little kid shit? I don’t even have to say I’m a bad guy, because I don’t think that I am. But I don’t bullshit. I don’t go to charity events, or go visit sick kids, because I’m not a fucking bitch. What you see is what you get with me. I don’t have to be a fake pussy like you do. So sure, keep doing your charity and then saying you’re a bad guy in the ring. That’s fine. The more you talk, the more laughing I do. But just don’t expect me to refer to you as a “bad guy”. Because you’re not. A real bad guy is an asshole in the ring, and an asshole out of it. He doesn’t have to pretend. You do Ethan. You’re not an asshole, and you’re not the devil or whatever shit you say.

Molly Reid
I thought I was pretty clear Ethan. I already severed my ties with you when I kicked you in the skull. We’re not friends, we’re not acquaintances, and we never were. I agreed to be your partner because I knew from the start what was going to happen. You asked me to be your partner because you knew that I was good enough that you could ride me to the top. Let’s not forget I am the reason you are technically IWF Champion right now. But how does it feel Ethan? How does it feel to have your title belt stolen by a one hundred twenty pound little girl like me? You’re a big manly man, and women have no business fighting you and blah blah fucking blah. Just keep saying that women can’t fight men or whatever bullshit you were on about. I knocked you out last week and I’ll knock you out again this week. By the way Ethan, I thought you had done your research on me? My parents are dead you fucktard. Everything I buy, I buy myself. Everything I earn, I earn myself. I’ve been on my own for six fucking years, and I swear to God if you mention my parents again, I won’t just fucking hurt you in that ring. I’ll fucking kill you. Nobody mentions my parents. Not you, not Griffin, not fucking anyone.

Molly Reid
Also, here’s something both Griffin and Ethan mentioned. It’s probably the most original thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about me. Every week, it seems like every single fucking opponent of mine brings up the fact that I am a Tiffani Michaels’ clone. Every single time it makes me laugh but it also makes me question how fucking stupid everyone is. Do you guys think that me being a cheerleader is like, a character or a gimmick? Do you think that I just decided to be a cheerleader like, the moment I signed with IWF? So what you’re saying is that even though Tiffani has been wrestling for two years, and not even a year in the IWF, that when I started cheerleading some seven years ago, I knew that Tiffani would one day join the IWF, and that I was going to copy her. Is that what you’re saying? For fuck’s sake guys. I’ve heard a lot of fucking retarded things, but that has to be one of the most. Keep comparing me to Tiffani guys. Just because I so happened to be a cheerleader and joined the IWF, it automatically means that I copied Tiffani. You guys are really reaching on these insults. Just shut up.

This had turned into less of an interview, and more of just me talking about both of the people I was fighting this Sunday. I hated interviews anyways, so I was fine with this. I didn’t need to answer questions about all this stuff. I had seen both of the promos with Ethan and Griffin, so I knew exactly what both of them were talking about.
Molly Reid
I actually laughed when Griffin agreed with what I’ve been saying this whole time. Ethan has just been riding my coattails the entire time. Using me to get ahead, to ensure that he won the IWF Championship. And yeah, he did. Sorry about that Griffin. But you did hit me with a chair. You deserved every bit of that kick to the skull. And it just so happened that you lost. Not like it really matters anyways, because I’m going to make sure Ethan has the worst IWF title reign since Robbie Hart’s. But I’m glad that Griffin and I can agree on something at least. Probably the only thing that we’re going to agree on ever.

Molly Reid
Griffin, please. Be my guest and ask Brandon if I’m sleeping with him. Please. He’s a fucking asshole, so he would tell you straight up if I was sleeping with him. Trust me, if I didn’t have a boyfriend and he wasn’t married, I’d probably be all over him. The man is attractive. But believe me, we’re not together. Nor have we ever been. If we were, I think the world would explode. Too much attractiveness in one relationship for anyone to handle. But yeah, no, the reason I’m in this match is simple. I stole the championship belt and threatened to destroy it, and just ruin the company’s flagship belt. Jessica is a little bitch, and so she caved easily and let me into the match. It’s pretty simple. This is one time where I actually didn’t sleep my way anywhere. Believe me, if I was sleeping with Brandon, I would be bragging about it to everyone.

Molly Reid
Yeah Griffin, my loss to Blyss and Gordon was really embarrassing right? I mean, a two on one match, where I completely dominate, and Blyss sneaks away with a win by pinning my mentally and physically incapable partner, that’s really an embarrassing loss isn’t it? Maybe you should ask Gordon, after I speared him through a flaming table. Or even ask Blyss, who I knocked out cold more times than I can count. But yeah Griffin, that’s my embarrassing loss. But we could look at some of your embarrassing losses, couldn’t we? Actually, you know what. There’s only one match that I want to bring up. You against me. You lost. Do I need to bring up anything else? YOU FOUGHT ME AND YOU FUCKING LOST GRIFFIN. Don’t give me some bullshit excuse as to why you lost. Oh nooo, my head wasn’t in it, I was distracted, excuses, excuses. Everyone has shit going on in real life Griffin. The sign of a real champion is someone who goes out there, puts everything in their life in the back of their mind, and goes out and wins. I had shit going on in my life Griffin. And yet I was able to go in there and win. So shut the fuck up and eat your loss. You didn’t do enough to beat me, and this week, the same thing is going to happen.

Molly Reid
Yeah Griffin, you’re right. I am a shit talker. But you’re an ignorant pussy if you think that that’s all I am. I talk a lot of shit, but you know what I always do? I always back it up in the ring. Every single match I’m in, I fucking put it all out there and kick fucking ass. You’ve experienced it firsthand haven’t you? I talked mad shit to you before the match, and then I came out there and beat your ass to the ground. So yeah, I shit talk. But it helps me get focused for my match. And it always works. I always fucking dominate.

Molly Reid
Both of you guys are trying to talk shit, but come on. You’re trying to talk shit to the best shit talker in all of IWF. It’s not going to end well for either of you. You’re outclassed, so back off and just focus on all your in-ring stuff. Keep cutting these “promos” and trying to get into my head and whatever else it is you’re trying to do. If you think it’s going to win you any match, you’re way fucking off. Come on guys, look at me. Look at what I’ve done in the ring. I don’t give a shit that I’ve only been wrestling for a few months. In that short time, I’ve never been pinned. You guys have both been pinned in that time. So, you know, there’s that. I’ve risen to the top, without the help of either of you. I was at the top when I had the match of the year with Tiffani. And, oh yeah, I fucking won that match. I’m the best wrestler in this company. It’s embarrassing to everyone else that you’re letting such a young, inexperienced wrestler dominate this company so badly. But that’s not your fault. I’m just that damn good. In a short time I’ve risen to the top of the company. And this Sunday, at Homecoming, there won’t be any gimmicks, or any shit that you might think I’ll be hiding behind. I’m going to come out there, kick both of your asses, and pin either one of you and win the IWF Championship. Nothing you can say to me beforehand is going to change that. So Ethan, please, keep going on about how you’re the devil and that you’re going to kill me in the ring. Come on. We’re not fucking retarded. You don’t sound tough. You’re not just going to go out there and paralyze me you fuck. I’m not just going to stand there and let you snap my spine. You just sound ridiculous when you act like this big evil guy in the ring who thinks that he’s going to not only end my career, but end my life. Yeah, no. You’re not. So stop fucking pretending that you will, and just talk shit that actually is realistic. Griffin, I really have nothing more to say to you. I beat you already, and I’m going to do it again. You can make any excuse as to why you lost to me, but the fact of the matter is, you still lost. I am superior to you in every single way. While Ethan acts like he’s an unbeatable monster, I actually am the unbeatable monster. Nobody has been able to beat me yet. And shut the fuck up if you say Blyss beat me. She won the match technically, but look at what happened. I walked out of there. I was the most dominant wrestler in the match. Blyss didn’t beat me. Nobody has beaten me. Not even you has beaten me.

Molly Reid
Both of you two are actually so fucking annoying. Like it hurts me to listen to both of you talk. Griffin is just completely out of his element trying to trash talk, and Ethan just sounds like a god damn idiot. You’re not god you fuck, you’re a fucking wrestler. So let’s stop talking. Let’s just go out there and leave it all in the ring. I can’t wait to kick both of you in the skull. And I can’t wait to pin one of you. And I especially can’t wait for that three count, and me getting my hand raised, with the IWF Championship raised high in the air in my other hand. Because nothing either of you do is going to stop me from becoming the first female IWF Champion in company history. Try as you might, neither of you can beat me. You’re just not good enough. Period.

Molly Reid
Speaking of period, guess what time of the month it is Ethan? Yeah, so don’t worry. I can still “cut a promo” even when it’s that time. And I’m going to beat your ass on that time of the month too. Good luck boys. You’re going to need all that you can get.

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PostSubject: Re: Griffin Hawkins [vs.] Ethan Cage [vs.] Molly Reid   Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:56 pm

-Press Start-

The camera comes in on Ethan wearing his Los Angeles Dodger jersey, a pair of jeans and a slouchy beenie. Rayne is dressed in an olive green shirt, tight jeans and Dodger hat, her ponytail coming out fo the hole in the back of the hat. They are being walked into the dug out of the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, as they were too late to say hello in the locker room. As the Sox are on the field right now, Ethan takes the time to shake the hands of those that are there. The coaches nodding to him, knowing of his presence since Monday. They tip their caps and Ethan respectfully watches from an out of the way wall. Alex Wilson and David Ortiz look over at Ethan, smirking. Ethan pays no attention, but wanting the attention, Alex Wilson clears his throat.

Ethan: Shouldn't you be watching the game?

Ethan still not looking at the player.

Alex: Does the little lady come with all the sport of wrestling?

Ethan: Does yours?

Ethan says while looking at David Ortiz.

Alex: Why you little jerk.

The manager John Farrell from far is heard.

Farrell: There better not be something escalating over there.

Ethan smirks at Alex.

Alex: Why are you even here anyway, this isn't a bunch of dudes in underwear wrestling each other.

Ethan: Yeah, but don't you guys like, spank each other?

Alex: That's a congratulations pat, or a good job pat.

Ethan: ...on the ass.

Alex: Your point?

Ethan: Slapping the batter's helmet, patting the back. I mean what next, you guys going to tap dicks in congratulations?

Alex: What happens when you congratulate each other?

Ethan: You win titles, you get hand shakes, you come to events such as these and have to deal with morons who ...spank each other.

Alex: And what about the lady here?

Ethan: Her name is Rayne, and I believe she can speak for herself.

Alex: Hey baby.

Rayne: Hello gentlemen, and I use that term loosely.

Alex: She's British, that's hot, what are you doing after this?

Rayne: After this game, I'm going to give our son a call.

Alex: Oh, you guys are together.

Ethan: You're a pitcher, you get a line drive to the face?

David: Alex may not know what's up, but I do. I know you're in town for the pay per view. And I know Griffin Hawkins is going to get his world title back. He visited us just the other day, are you copying that?

Alex shocked.

Alex: You watch that shit?

David: Shut up Alex.

Ethan: No, Jessica Matthews has us all coming here, it was just my turn.

David looks back at Ethan, even getting up off the bench.

Ethan: Hey look babe, he's getting off the bench, how long has it been since someone has said that about you?

David: Very funny, but this is baseball, America's favorite past time, you're part of a sport that only hicks and trailer park trash watch.

Ethan: Didn't you just admit that you watch it?

Alex: He's got you there.

Ethan/David: Shut up Alex.

David: Griffin Hawkins beat Alexander Remington to win his title, he's the rock god of wrestling, he made that shit famous.

Ethan: Actually that was Hogan and Macho Man, Cyndi Lauper, those kind, remember the cartoon?

David: You have a smart ass answer for everything don't you?

Rayne: Yes, yes he does.

Ethan smirks.

David: You know, if I kick your ass right now, I'd be the IWF World Champion.

Ethan: Well I suppose you'd win, but if I beat you, would I have to be a benchwarmer who sits on his ass to get paid?

Alex laughs.

Alex: Oh shit.

David: I'm a designated hitter.

Ethan: So you suck at being in the field but you hit better than a pitcher, so it's almost like you're half a man.

David: I hope Molly kicks your head off.

Ethan: I hope you get to play a few games to remind people what you actually do for a living.

The production team runs up to Ethan Cage and Rayne.

Production: Come on, it's time Mr. Cage.

Ethan: If you'll excuse me, I have to go on to the field now, let me know when...excuse me, IF you'll get to say the same thing.

David: Motherfucker.

Ethan: Oh, you're mom finally told you?

Alex laughs again as Ethan follows the production person to the field, on the first base side. A mic is handed to Ethan.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll look to the Red Sox's bullpen, you'll see IWF's World Champion Ethan Cage and IWF's Rayne Atienza.

Ethan: Look at that, they said your name.

Rayne: Sounded weird.

Ethan and Rayne wave to the crowd.

Announcer: You'll be able to catch them on a pay per view called Homecoming as well as yesterday's vistor Griffin Hawkins, tomorrow, check your local listings.

Ethan brings the mic to his mouth.

Ethan: We're about ready to go, I know I heard a few boos out there because of my jersey and I understand that, but some of you know me, I'm a loyal Dodgers fan. Now the announcer was right, you can catch me on Homecoming this week where you'll see me retain my title against the hottie Molly and a guy named Griffin Hawkins, the man I took the title from in the first place. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Ethan Cage, pay to watch me and you'll see something that you've never seen before, it's sold out, get to stub hub, hit up scalpers, this show is going to be one that will live on in IWF history forever.

Ethan hands the mic back to the production team and heads back to the Red Sox bullpen.

Alex: Those boos weren't for your jersey, they were for you.

Ethan: Oh you both have decided to act together have you? Well, whoever said I was alone myself?

David: You'd actually let your girl fight your battles?

Ethan: Who, Rayne, nah, she'd fuck you both up pretty bad. She's a former tag team champion as well as Women's/Diva/and fairy championship winner. The latter one she hates the name of, but hey, we can't help name belts, feel me?

David: So who's your back up?

Ethan: Oh we aren't the only celebrities visiting kids. We're here with Boston's Finest.

Ethan sees the two player's eyes get big.

Ethan: They're right behind me aren't they?

Twitch: You ready to go Mr. Cage?

Ethan: Yeah Twitch, I think I've made my commitment.

Manny: Yeah, the owner's want you in the box and I think we get to follow.

Ethan: So, if you boys want to see me, I'll be watching from the box, I know it'll be hard to see me from the bench, but if you ask nicely, I'm sure the coach has no need for you here, come have shots with us.

Twitch: Actually, we're on the clock.

Ethan turns to see that he is indeed on a TNT camera.

Ethan: All right, that wasn't discussed but I've done other things to piss off Corey Casey, I'm sure you can just add this to the list. Looks like I'm getting double the paycheck kids, I'll see you up there.

Ethan walks through the part in the Boston cast, they block the players from even stepping foot towards Ethan. Alex looks at Manny.

Alex: He's not even from Boston, you should've just let me get a hit in.

Manny: We're just here for protection, since the bombing, anything that is even a semi big event, we're going to be there for it.

Alex: He's the World Champion, why does he need protection?

Twitch: The protection wasn't for him.

Twitch smirks, as the rest of the cast file out behind Twitch. The camera catches up with Ethan Cage who is being walked to the box by the cast.

Ethan: They pissed?

Twitch: Just doin' our jobs, the Sox will always have our hearts though, but protecting the IWF World Champion is sort of a kick too, ya know?

Ethan: Thanks man.

Twitch: Don't mention it.

They come to an elevator.

Twitch: Team 3 stay down here, teams one and two come with me. Team 3 also check in with base, and the specialty teams in the lot.

Mike: Yes sir.

Twitch, Ethan, Rayne, Jenn, Myles, Skye, Tim and Terrique are in the elevator, others staying behind for the second trip.

Ethan: Feels weird doesn't it?

Rayne: Was never at a place where we needed to be escorted anywhere.

The doors open and they are greeted by Donnie Wahlberg.

Ethan: And then there was a New Kid on the Block.

Rayne: I like Jordan better.

Donnie: I get that a lot.

Rayne: Shit, I didn't know I said it that loud.

Donnie: It's okay.

Ethan: Is this a celebrities day or what?

Donnie: I'm actually here as a producer, Boston's finest is my show.

Ethan: Well, thanks for the protection.

Donnie: They will also be at your pay per view, that's where you'll get to meet the entire cast, as we will be taking no precautions while you and the IWF are here.

Ethan: But they caught those guys.

Donnie: You always got to worry about copycats Mr. Cage.

Ethan: A new kid just called me Mr. Cage.

Donnie: There was a day when that used to offend me, but nowadays, it's an honor.

Ethan: No offense meant.

Ben Cherington walks up to Ethan to shake his hand.

Ben: Welcome to the establishment Ethan, this is where you can watch the rest of the game, I am Ben Cherington, the general manager and Vice president of the organization. Like the jersey, I'm surprised they didn't kill you. I suppose I should be happy it's not a New York jersey.

Ethan: I didn't want to brown nose, and wear it just because.

Ben: I understand. I also understand that you'll be in the main event of a major event at your place.

Ethan: Yes, for the World Heavyweight title.

Ben: That's excellent. Screwdriver, margarita, vodka?

Ethan: Got Patron?

Ben: Chilled?

Ethan: Absolutely.

Ben: And the lady?

Rayne: Jameson/Redbull.

Ben nods to the staff and they get to work on it.

Ben: I want to thank you for visiting our organization, there are a lot of IWF fans out there today and I think we are at a point where we need a lot of positivity right now.

Ethan: Absolutely, the tragedy was horrendous and I've seen firsthand what it's done to change lives.

Ben: I will say this though, that Molly woman, quite hot.

Ethan: You know, I thought that way too, came back to bite me in the ass. Because when she took off that pretty mask of hers, you see the real her. And I say that Charlie is only in it for the sex because her personality needs a lot of work.

Ben: Well, from behind, you won't even have to hear her talk.

Ethan laughs.

Ethan: Touche good sir.

The drinks are handed to Ethan, Rayne and the owner, as well as Donnie. They cheers and down their shots or sip their drinks.

Ethan looks at the camera.

Ethan: And we'll be back after these messages.

The Commercial

The camera comes up on Ethan in a suit, standing in front of a table with some sort of product on it.

Ethan: Have you slept with Molly and caught the Clap, the drips, HPV, PID, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Herpes, mouth or genital, Gonorrhea, Bacterial Vaginosis, Clamydia, Hepititas, Viral, HIV, Aids, Chancroid, Lymphogranuloma Venereum, Pubic Lice Infestation or Scabies? Well, do we have the product for you, don't believe me, just ask these clients.

Ethan again but as Corey Casey.

Corey: When Molly was first introduced to me, I came into my office and she was on her knees already, topless and in pink panties. Well, needless to say after she was done, I handed her a towel and a contract. But little did I know, I'd not only be stuck with her on the roster, I'd also be stuck with scabies and pubic lice, apparently her mustache mixed with my pubes and well, let's just say it'll be a long time 'til I can wrestle again, with scratching. It's embarrassed me in meetings, Chuck used to think I was jerking off under my table.

The scene switches to Ethan Cage as Axle Vengence, fake tattoos, make up and a wig. Rayne is playing a short haired Ace Static.

Axle: Well there I was just after winning the tag titles with me walking into my dressing room with my buddy Ace. And for some reason, she was in our shower. Well, we didn't know who she was, we thought she was just another ring rat, so Ace and I promised each other to not look each other in the eye and accomplish a threesome of epic proportions, little did we know that we would catch Gonorrhea. In the end, it cost us our tag titles, I'd like to say it was worth it, but the shots in my penis, the endless pain. My promos have suffered, as has my career, I don't know if I'll have a career to come back to.

Ace: It's something that should've never happened. Those tag titles meant everything to us, the Empire looks at us in judgement. Whoever thought a girl named Molly would be the downfall of Hollywood's finest. We've beaten most oncomers, and we've made a name for ourselves, but that new name, is Gonorrhea.

The scene clips over to Rayne playing Tiffani Michaels.

Tiffani: Hello IWF, miss you guys, well after facing Molly for the Queen of Wrestling title, I thought I had the rest of my life for a career, however one move had seen it where our genitals hit and wouldn't you know it, I ended up with HPV. I'm no lesbian but it's hard to explain to anyone that it's because I was wrestling a STD'd woman in the ring. It's affected my lifestyle, my secret love relationship with Griffin Hawkins, who's been like a brother to me during my rape and my career. A brother who puts it deep in my ass every night, and for some reason calls me Stygy. I've yet to figure that out, but I will...I will figure it out. This is a warning to those who wrestle her, lots of baterial soap and hand wash and for God's sake, don't bump genitals.

The scene clips over to Ethan Cage as Baron Tompson.

Baron: The night that we ....set the bed on fire so to speak, it was the night before we had our tag match. And well, she had been eating this cotton candy, seductively I might add. And well, she had bent over to lace up her boots and the top of her ass was showing. I walked up to her and placed my hands on her hips. I shuttered thinking she would stop me but alas, she did not. She just stood there, so I moved down to pulling her cheerleading skirt down and still no stopping me. I stick the tip in, and still no stopping, and after the tip there wasn't much to the rest of my dick so after several seconds of pleasure. I finish on her skirt which really made her angry because we were about to go out there to the ring. Also, Charlie joined and had the most awkward threesome ever. I mean, he knew what he was getting into, there was no need to keep swatting my hand away from him. I mean right? Am I the wrong one, was I in the red, someone tell me. Well, no one's seen me lately because they are changing all my gear to read Baron Bl-aids...because that's what she gave me, aids.

And finally, Ethan is dressed as Griffin Hawkins.

Griffin: Oh yeah, so like dude, right, it was the night of my match with the great Ethan Cage. That guy is masterful, I mean I have said it time and time again that I've beaten him three times, but did you see him hand me my own ass and take my title. That shit was awesome, I mean when I woke up and saw the match, it was powerful. The moves he hit, the power with which he hit those moves, I'm lucky to be even standing. I knew what I was going into with him, Ethan Cage is a beast. So, knowing Ethan had kicked Molly in the face the week before, I decided to visit her. And well there she was, just finishing off the newly signed Sah'ta Thor
and there was actually numbered tickets next to her bed. So, like a gentleman, I take one, wait for my turn. And my turn comes, and so do I, I mean I had her legs bent behind her head like Bugs Bunny, and she kept claiming not to feel anything, she fell asleep from the absolute pleasure that she was put in. And well, Charlie came into the room, and let's just say he didn't swat my hand, if you get me. Well, I come to find out that with my long hair and guyliner that he thought I was a woman, and after he gave me a pearl necklace, he realized I was a man and ran out of the room. And then she woke up, and saw what had happened. And she cost me my title because I stole her man's heart. Now, to look at it, it's just not fair, how was I to know that was going to happen. I thought everyone wanted to sleep with the champ, little did I know, that I was only human, born to make mistakes. To Molly I say this, this match won't be personal, I never meant to take your man and him texting me at 2am has nothing to do with me. Please forgive me.

And finally, back to Ethan in the suit.

Ethan: Are any of these stories sounding similar, well today is your lucky day, taken from those that had slept with Tara Reid, comes the new Bacterial Condom called Get Reid Of It, and in pill form called the Molly After Pill. Not available in stores as there's just not enough product to keep up with the demand. Order now! And for those that want to know the experience but don't want the STD'S comes Several Nights in Molly, watch the fill in the comfort of your own home, clean up yourself knowing that you will not have anything but crusty socks to worry about. Make sure to get your order in soon or we just might run out.

And the camera fades to black.

The Promo that Retains My Title

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage in black jeans, a black hoodie vest covering the top of his head. Ethan stands by the statue of JFK on the JFK trail in Boston. Standing front of the statue he sets still for a bit before lifting and throwing the hoodie back. Ethan exposes his classic smirk.

Ethan: I told you all that this championship match would be epic, you've seen Molly talk, me talk and the late but still showed up Griffin Hawkins say something. Already this match is going to be main event quality, why, because you finally have a champion that WANTS to be a champion. You have a man in Griffin Hawkins so desperate in getting back his title, he's trying to be the man he once was. And you have a woman who realizes that once this match is done, it's over for her, she'll have to face Tim Patrick for his title or try to win the Uprising Championship. Lord knows she can't go for the one against Blyss, or she'll just lose again. Lots of time and patience have gone into my climb to the top of this company, then again it's been lots of right place right time, it's been the matches that have earned me recognition such as the briefcase matches, the cage matches and the rivalry I had with Baron Tompson that established me. And not to mention defeated a so called legend in the IWF my second match in the company. It's been showing up every week and putting out matches that I not only think will be my opponent but that will dominate them. Each of you know that the championship is finally in the right hands, and yes, I'll have to deal with abandoning this company with everyone I face in the future, but I am the champion of the only company I respect. And that means a hell of a lot more than some ego that I've accrued for myself. The match I'm about to be in is going to be one of my hardest because I'm facing very desperate people, but they don't know the motivation I am, they don't know the god like qualities I carry. What they worry about is being champion and what it could do for them, but that championship has all I've ever wanted since stepping foot into this company. Watching guys like Robbie Hart, Stygian, Remington when he cared, but watching tapes of Corey Casey and his wars with James Shark or Brandon Macdonald, back when it mattered. You see Griffin, it's not that you are not a part of that, because we are the new Corey Casey James Shark rivalry, the new polar opposites that are willing to kill each other to win a match.

Ethan: Look at yourself, you're barely hanging on. Molly and I are stealing the show and you're just letting it happen, and you're waiting for motivation to strike you, and you're unwilling to unlock the man that beat me three times. You have faced me almost a half a dozen times and have probably ran out of things to say, but I haven't. Get your balls out of Charlie's mouth and fight me. Fight me like it matters, because I want to make sure you make no excuses. You beat me three times well, I've beaten you twice and pretty soon we will be tie, because I am winning this match and I will leave Homecoming with my championship and I'm going to go down in IWF history. Now it's up to you whether you try or not, but the roster is growing daily with those that had the dream that you once had. You achieve becoming the top guy and all of the sudden it's old hat to you, well, that's all I've ever said. It's because you didn't go through the trials I went through to get it. You walk in and get handed a shot at my briefcase, because of your name, you don't see how fuckin' ridiculous that is, fuck even Baron deserved it after the wars we've been through. No, I took your title because I am and always was the real thing. You just see it as me leaving, and I see it as you being favored, and no one is favored over me. I win, that's what I do, and I win the big matches and right now to gain my title back, there is nothing bigger. I have a crazy retard that is holding my title because she won one significant match, just one. You see, it's happening all over again, one person is favored and gets handed the match of a lifetime, but it was my own fault, she's favored because she hung on to my coat tails right to the top. And once again, you're letting it all happen. Griffin, I've never said this, but I have respect for you beating me the many times that you have, and I think the wars we've had will be some of the greatest, but you need to be you. You call yourself a soldier, I call you a cunt. You think I'm a coward, I'm not the one letting two people walk all over you like you are nothing. You're the former champion and you aren't even putting up your hands to fight.

Ethan: On November 19th, I found myself acting like a child running and trying to grasp any attention from you that I could and there's not a week that goes by where I do relive that moment, that moment when the Grim Reaper sent me through the mat of fire. As much as I hated that moment, I deserved it, I let my past speak for me and it fell on deaf ears and instead of beating you through out all of last year, I let you win. I allowed everyone to get their throats shoved with Griffin Hawkins. But I will never let that day live on in my body, because I am the champion now, and it's what I returned here to be. Thank management for not holding a grudge and allowing me to do what I do best, and that's kick people's ass. I have to tell you Griffin, kicking your head off last week was one of the best feelings in the world. You see you were my biggest antagonist, and I defeated you, I proved to myself that you are beatable. You once said that you proved me to not be invincible, well I fuckin' returned that favor. I've proven to myself that I deserve to be here, that I am in the main event for a reason, and here I am once again proving it. As others can't be bothered to promote their match, here I am putting together one that is doing what you can't, entertain. You're putting up these half ass attempts at trying to stay in the running. And here I am, as the champion outdoing you, you have been superceded, by something greater. I am the IWF World Champion, and I'm going to be saying that for a long time to come. I will welcome all opponents, and I will send them back down the ladder or packing. And yes, I will be working on the failed attempt with Molly and forming something that would be even greater than that team.

Ethan: You saying you've been holding the IWF up while I was gone, really. Let's see, you beat Ryan Apollos and Baron Tompson for my briefcase, that's no huge accomplishment. Ryan Apollos is one of the most over rated stars who was in the main event without any rhyme or reason most times, and Baron Tompson was basically our whipping boy. But what I remember was, you talking shit saying that you would cash in that briefcase as soon as you won it. You said that I kept my briefcase because it defined me, that it was the only thing making me relevant. That's interesting, how long did you hold that briefcase, oh yeah, longer than I did. So not only did you NOT do what you said you would, you've proven yourself to be a hypocrite and hold it even longer because you knew that it was the only thing keeping YOU relevant. The biggest hate I had for that briefcase was not being able to go for other titles before the World Title, but that's one of the rules and I get that. But I had it while Stygian was the champion, and that match would've gone down in history, but I was bidding my time as he was dealing with Empire and he had his little bitch at his side. I wasn't going to do anything stupid, I wasn't going to be stupid like Molly and waste my shot at greatness.

Ethan: You put Storming Raven in a coffin, let's see, I've done that, against a man that actually tried. I put a former World Champion in a coffin, you put a Native American in a coffin, that's well, I mean haven't we done enough to the Native Americans. And then you can't get a win under the name Hawkington, because you punch the ref in the face and get yourself disqualified. You pride yourself on not stooping to my level but we all see you constantly "stooping" to my level. You are seen as the good guy, and I'm seen as the asshole, but you are every bit as much of an asshole as I am. I think that's why we hate each other, because we see too much of ourselves in each other, except me, short hair, no make up, no girly cheek bones, and not afraid of a damn thing. And I sure as hell would never let anyone up and walk away with my title. You've seen what I have put you through to beat me and that's just a normal match, imagine what I will put you through to keep my title.

Ethan shudders.

Ethan: You were fed Baron Tompson twice in a row, and I get it, shit he was fed to me too and he even did this sex promo and showed himself having sex, which was weird, because why would you do that. I mean, it was weird and had nothing to do with wrestling, you kind of almost take it like he's excited about his match with me that he does that and after having sex, he decides to do a promo against me, right after, wouldn't that freak you out.

Ethan: You see, Griffin, you have weaknesses, and it was one that Gordon Fury exposed when he hit you with the dead spike and knocked your ass out. You see, there's only been two people to ever beat me and those people have been beaten right back. And I saw what that weakness was, and I'd like to tell you what it was, I need not set myself up like that, but I will say this, watch that match and you'll see what I see, and what I knew. And you would think you'd learn your lesson after he hit you with that Dead Spike. But alas, back to back weeks Gordon Fury beats you. I remember when I beat you, you begged management to face me again to "rectify" that match, but I never thought I'd see you lose to someone as random as Gordon Fury. I guess he's the one that has your number, you know with all your bragging of the casualties of rock, you sure don't acknowledge these losses.

Ethan: I mean it's even gotten to the point where you lost Tiffani as a friend, and you even stuck up for her when I was making fun of all the tragedies in your life. You see this is why they say nice guys finish last. There's you, the guy in the white hat that's protected her all her life and then there's Remington, the heartless guy that Stygian had to break his arm to beat him. And who does she end up with, and really you can't judge her, girls that were abused tend to go with what they know. How funny how things have changed, you were there to comfort her right after she had been raped and because she joined her friend, you, in front of thousands called her a slut, a whore and even a dated term such as trollop. How convenient for you to completely turn on a victim. See, I told you that you always wanted her, that you were just waiting for all that trust crap to pay off and get you some pink. I'm not a stupid man, I know a guy that is an opportunist. But for you to be one of the biggest faces in IWF history to go down that road, and call a woman a whore. I told you Griffy, you're just like me, you just needed that little extra push, and you'll be brought down to my level. And once you accept that you're a horrible human being, you'll be free, free of judgment, free of a conscience and free to do whatever you want. Much like you did when you challenged Remington for the title, and what does Molly do, she copies you outright, and does the same to me, thinking she's going to have the same outcome. Little does she know, I'm going to rip her head from her body and punt it into the crowd.

Ethan: As a champion who did you really fight, you had one fight against Phillip Joseph, and really, is he really competition to a World Champion. This match, is going to blow that out of the water. This is how much management knew that match was not main event, because my match for the briefcase was the main event. You as a champion have never main evented a pay per view, I've been champion for a week and already I'm main eventing as a champion. I overshadowed you while you had the title, and now you knew how I felt after I accomplished the battle for the briefcase and you walked in. You didn't even last until this pay per view to hold your title. You have one defense, I'm going to do in two weeks what you did in two months and I'm going on to the next pay per view as this company's champion. And I'm going to make that championship match surpass anything you've ever done with the belt.

Ethan: Then Molly beat you, and now we have this monster on our hands that thinks she's been through everything we've been through. She has a handful of matches and now she thinks that she's main event, all because she beat you. I'll admit, I was proud of her when she did it, but I didn't know she'd turn into the sweaty twat she's become. But she took you out pretty bad. So what did I do, I go out during your match with Steel Angel and get a first hand look at the match and you seemed to be distracted but got in a school boy win. And then get a mic and complain, but you preface it by saying that you're NOT going to complain, how does that even happen. You said management is doing nothing about it, and you opened your mouth and it happened, you faced me the very next week and lost your title. Instead of calling out David Caid, you should've been concentrating on me. Instead you call me out and say payback's a bitch, but in the end, I took your title and made you the bitch.

Ethan: Three Shots in the Dark and I still won the title. I saw the frustration and it just made me laugh, because Griffin, I told you I wanted my title and I fuckin' meant it. And I have the mantel of being the champion, and now, much like you took Remington's title, I have to take mine back and stay the champion.

Ethan looks up at the statue and then back at the camera.

Ethan: And then to see you bitch and moan to Jessica Matthews about Molly and I after weeks of saying you wouldn't. I mean, I know the excuse of Molly, but you did hit her in the face with a chair, and you didn't complain about that. I mean you who punches a referee in the face and get disqualified, you hit Molly in the face expecting to get disqualified and are just mad it backfired on you. That instead of disqualifying you, she kicked you in the face, right before I kicked you in the face and won my title. I know how you want to credit only her but I think it was my kick that KEPT you down.

Ethan: We can call you the modern day version of the Red Sox, why, you're Canadian, you're the modern day Maple Leafs, how dare you talk about being American and how you loved the atmosphere. You don't know it like us Americans, but that's okay, it's meant for everyone, but don't ever claim to know what baseball is all about and you sit there fuckin' feeling sorry for yourself calling yourself an underdog. Just last week you were talking about how you have my number that it's going to be yet another easy win and this week because I beat you, you sit there crying in your own promo. You're a fuckin' coward, remember you calling me that, and now you'll have to look in the mirror and say it again. You're not a champion, motherfucker I took your title and now we have to watch emo Hawkins, we didn't run you over because of Jessica Matthews, we ran you over because you let us. You allowed us to run around and terrorize because you thought it'd all be handled in the ring, your safe place, but you were going up against Ethan Cage and in that ring against me, you're anything but safe. I'm the guy that shines in the darkness, I am the guy that can make any match with anybody watchable. You complain about not being in the main event, but to look at your promos, and to look at the others who actually put hard work and thought into it. They generate the interest, and you think it's that belt that should've made you instant main event. I look at Tim Patrick who is main event material, I see the tag titles when Hollywood's Finest have them surpass anything you did with your own reign, and you have the nerve to complain about what you do. Your promos are horseshit lately, just you whining to anyone that will listen and here's the problem Griffin, the whining has become so constant that everyone has stopped listening. You are no modern day Red Sox because in all their years as losers they've never given up the way you already have. You are continuing to let us run you over. That's not Boston, that's fuckin' France, you are the modern day France, which explains the connection to Canada.

Ethan: You verbally shake my hand and then try to bring up that I need Molly's help, well okay, fine, let's forget the three Shots in the Dark and you going through a fuckin' table and even becoming tired and frustrated, yes, I won the belt. Now you once said that it doesn't matter how you get the win, just that you did, that was around the first win you got off me and now that the rolls are reversed, now you have a problem with how I won my match. Now had you been disqualified and kept your title, you'd be here gloating of how you kept your title. Griffin, you are not the underdog because you claim it, you are the one who can't find a way to win in this match, and it's too far gone for you to get that motivation back. I don't need your acceptance and I don't sure don't need your congratulations, I want my belt, I want my own legacy and I want my Hall of Fame speech. I will be granted all those things by what type of champion I am. And it starts with me retaining my title at Homecoming.

Ethan: It's hilarious that you think I'm a guy on an island, that I'm by myself, like that's anything new. I never joined the Empire, the Order or the Code whatever their name was, I never buddied up with Stygian, Remington or Tiffani Michaels, you see, once again, you're not taking into account the shit you've done yourself, you're in a glass house throwing stones. Tiffani left you after years of loyalty, for a man she barely knew, and Stygian left you behind the day he walked out those doors. Molly was only around for like two to three weeks, how close could we have gotten. I rode her coat tails as you say, but it was me who won the Ascension ladder match to even get that title you fuckin' idiot. You're spouting out shit that doesn't make any sense, how was I ever riding her coat tails, she hasn't done anything but win the Queen of Wrestling title, what the hell does that do for me or my career, absolutely nothing. You're grabbing at straws and nothing is catching.

Ethan: I've never hidden behind anyone, I piss off everyone and I can't stand anyone. I ain't scared of you Griffin, I never have been. You saw everything I went through, I've taken your best moves and I've kicked out time and time again, so what is there to be scared of,"Dr. Phil"'re Dr. Shit because that's what your promos have become. It's funny that the Molly/ Ethan thing is not even a month old but everyone is playing it up like we were like best friends that did each other's hair. I mean you comparing Molly and I to you and Stygian, you think Molly was even on Stygian's level, now that's a joke. But you have nothing to say that you haven't been saying every time I face you. It's just a bunch of rehashed shit. You don't have anything on me and much less, you're going nowhere in the IWF, you're the least talented amongst the three of us and you fuckin' know it. You already lived in the glitz and glamor of the spotlight and you're over it. You can say anything you want and you can act like I'm this newcomer who used Molly to make a name for myself but the truth is in my matches and the truth is in our promos, there's me who's ripping both of you apart, there's me who gives absolutely everything I have in that ring and there's you who is happy when he's winning but makes up a bunch of lies as to how he lost and how people only won because of this or that. In the books of IWF, it's not going to say Ethan Cage wins championship due to a slut kicking Griffin in the face, it's going to say World Champion Ethan Cage, several defenses and one of the best main eventers of all IWF time. I don't think IWF is Ethan Cage, besides management and the back office, I KNOW that I am the IWF. I was here before you Griffin and I'll be here long after you.

Ethan rolls his shoulders.

Ethan: And onto Molly, figuretively of course, you hear how we're all of the sudden besties, that's funny. We say a few nice things about each other and all of the sudden we're signing each other's yearbook. Okay, so this match is basically you and I kicking each other's ass. You want that title and I want it, and I'm getting my title back. You don't have the experience or the will power that I do. I know that you think you want it but no matter how much you do, if you're not ready than it's really not going to matter. You think you made this big splash but you didn't. All you did was prolong the inevitable, you know deep down you don't deserve that title, and you know damn well you don't yet have all the tools to be a World Champion. You are a simple minded gimmick and haven't fully developed or honed your skills, you took a few classes got yourself a green belt and now think you know it all. I'll be straight up, that Molly kick hurts like hell, but it's not H.T.L. and once I hit you with that, again, you're going to fall. You think you have the speed and you might, but I have the power to break you like twig, and in the speed category, I'm no slouch myself. You don't have what it takes to represent this company, and whoring yourself to gain any kind of attention is not the way of a champion. You know you say you want to do anything you can to make sure women are seen as fighters, yet you're willing to sleep your way to the top.

Ethan: We've all suffered haven't we, all for that belt, losing friends and family, loved ones, because of our obsession with being great and becoming the World Champion. I mean we didn't have the biggest bitchfest ever in our promos like Molly did, I mean that was some MTV drama, I'm sure that did really well with the teenage girl demographic, probably awesome for Brandon Macdonald, I mean how awesome is that of Brandon Macdonald. He bones the chick, takes a picture on her phone doing it, she keeps it, her boyfriend breaks up with her and the first thing she does is call the person she cheats on him with. Well, if you've all noticed Charlie said that when she's getting the help she deserves that he'll get in contact with her. Well, I've decided to get a private detective to find our dear Charlie, and here's why.

Ethan Cage brings up a tape of Molly's promo.

Ethan: You see, I want Charlie to know exactly where you went running to right after he broke up with you. I feel like he should know, you sleep around and lose the only guy you actually liked, and well I'm going to go ahead and send him this tape to make sure you suffer, the way I have by not having my belt. You think you screwed me over, lady, you have no idea who you were ever dealing with. Griffin does, that's why he's not messing with me, that's why he's complaining to Jessica Matthews and not attacking me from behind. Griffin knows the kind of man that I am, that it's safest to keep everything in the ring, because when it comes to mind games with Ethan Cage, you will lose. You got what you wanted and you're in the main event at Homecoming but at what cost.

A man with a badge comes up to Ethan.

Man: We've found him and it's time sir.

Ethan looks at the camera.

Ethan: Should I? Hell yeah.

Ethan hands the tape to the private detective.

Ethan: Tell him to make sure he watches right after the break up, that's the best part. And then to watch the end, I'm sure he's going to want to see that.

Ethan has a Chesire Cat smile.

Ethan: You cost me my title, I cost you the only love you'll ever have. Well let's be fair, that was you, but I'm making sure it stays gone. Here's a funny part, if Brandon fucked you when you were in a black out, why would you think he was a good guy. Why would you run back to that, well the truth is, you ran back to him because you wanted another round. And well, Molly, I'm going to go ahead and be straight up with you, Jessica Matthews and I, we've had eyes on you this entire time, and we didn't have Charlie followed, we had you followed and let me say that I am well aware of what happened to you, it's on the tape that I sent to Charlie, yes, that. And I know you think the hospital kept it a secret, but how can I say this, with the right bit of money and the fact that the person asking was a former cop, let me just say that I know what happened to you. Also, the detective knows the people that did it to you and things are being handled as they should be. I'm a heartless man, but those guys will get what's coming to them, believe me. That's not anything for you, that's to get them off the street. And I won't expose that to the world, that's something you need to deal with, instead though, I did send it to Charlie, I figure that would do the damage that I need it to. So, I know that you think he will never know, but that tape is on it's way to him now. And he'll know, and that's more devastating than the world knowing.

Ethan smiles.

Ethan: You should've never made me your enemy, because this is truly who I am when it comes to that belt. I am not the nice man that everyone thinks, I'm not Santa Claus, I am very much the son of Satan himself. You think our shit was in that ring, well, with me, I hold grudges and you fucked up on the wrong person. I saw you posing with my title and trust me, it's good that you're smiling. I mean, a used piece of meat such as yourself. Well, here's the thing about us guys, we have this insecurity where we need to let other guys know that we're getting pussy. Do you think Brandon Macdonald never told us about your night. Worse yet, do you think that was the only picture that ever surfaced. Well, what can I say, we all high fived about it, and we know in great detail what happened, even if you don't. You are not a champion, you're a person that needs a lot of help. And all Charlie did, was jump off a sinking ship.

Ethan: You called me a cock-

Ethan laughs.

Ethan: You have no idea. You want next level, that's fine, you're already walking in fucked up emotionally. And trust me, you kept quiet because you were worried about what might come out of your mouth, maybe if you were more worried about what you put in your mouth, you'd still have a man. I don't care that you never wanted to be friends or that you used me, I really don't, because I have the title now and in Griffin's eyes and other's eyes, I used you. You said it yourself, that you would be stuck fighting mid level fighters and you wanted the top, and now you're here. I don't care because you only made yourself look stupid, you show the world your vulnerable side and you show the world your weakness every single week and I was the only thing that could've helped. You fucked up, because I will live on as champion without you, and you, you'll live on the mid card knowing that you fucked up. That you should've just played the game, and if you think that I would've never given you a shot then you know shit about me. I talk about people like Ace Static, Axle and Tim Patrick all the time and there are others that I think that will make the main event level one to talk about. You're an idiot, and the truth is, you fuck up good things, that's why you cheated on Charlie, that's why you turned on me, because you knew just how good it would be for yourself. You know I would've given you a title shot, and you knew that Charlie was the one, and like the fuck up that you are, you pushed that away. Now he's going to see you as the used goods that you are, and I am going to take my title back.

Ethan: You see Tim Patrick, as mid level as you think he is, he's fighting every week and putting out decent promos, my fight with him is going to be talked about for years to come when he makes it to my level. He was fighting me on a god damn ladder while you were busy losing your Queen of Wrestling championship. He fights every week, no shortcuts, just good fighting. I can't say the same for you anymore. It was that match that I looked at your in ring presence and I saw something that no one else did, remember that. I never asked you for a damn thing, not one, you hitting Griffin, that was your own doing, and that was because of your jealousy. The jealousy of knowing that the main event level was so close and you're not even in our league. It was all happening around you, and the only way to get in the title match was to steal the title. I can respect that, because in your head you can't trust a damn soul and after I saw that tape of what the guys did to you and after Brandon deserted you, I bet it'll be even longer before you trust another man.

Ethan: You say you played the friendship card and it wasn't working, you're right, it wasn't working for me. You stayed gone for weeks, while I wrestled here every week to keep the view alive. I did all the work as I always do and you took the shortcut. We have to watch endless promos about your life and then you mention in less than a few minutes about your match. This is a pay per view, people want to hear about the match and what you're going to do and why they should watch, they don't want to see you arguing with your boyfriend and watch you drink yourself to the point where you don't care about yourself or your body. I mean they want to see the Molly sex tapes, and maybe you can gain the fame from that that you can't get from wrestling. You cry about not getting any respect but show the world that you're sleeping with our boss. What the fuck are you doing?! Have you gone completely retarded, you're doing nothing for yourself in the way of the positive, that's why you lost your title, that's why you show up one week and then abandon us other weeks. You are not made to be holding that title, that's why Brandon cared more about the title than you. You're good enough to bone but you're not good enough to hold the title.

Ethan smirks.

Ethan: That has to burn, to get fucked over in your own promo and then show the world, that's you setting yourself up for a fall. You have so many flaws, all you're doing is hurting yourself when you showcase them to me. You think Jessica Matthews is holding you back, I mean what the fuck, you and Griffin must have it out for Jessica. I mean according to Griffin she's helping you, and to you, she's sabotaging you. You place your blame on everyone but yourselves, because you can't handle the fact that you are where you are because of yourselves. Griffin can no longer skate by and Molly has to blame the general manager while she's sleeping with the owner, how does that make any sense. Sleeping around didn't get her what she wanted so she steals the title and it works, and like I said, good for her. She's going to have to pay for her sins, and she is going to pay dearly.

Ethan: You see Molly, I used to think like you, that no one could ever beat me and granted I'm still the greatest thing to ever happen to not only the IWF but the sport of wrestling, Griffin was the first guy to beat me and it fucked with my head and heart for a while. And now, I'm going to do what he did for me, and that's open my eyes and make me a better wrestler. You're right, you've never been pinned, but you are not invincible, and I'm going to bring you to your knees and I'm going to make you cry, because it's going to become a reality that you are not going home the champion. Whether you are the first woman to try for the title or not, it doesn't make a difference, yelling at management for not putting a woman in the main event is not going to get you anywhere. You are here, so instead of yelling at them, you should keep concentrated on covering up because Molly, I'm going to fuck you up and I'm going to fuck you up bad. Others have fucked with you emotionally, and now I'm going to break your back and make you worth nothing. I am Ethan Cage and this is the IWF, and here I am king. There were kings before me, but now, I am the lion and you are just another gazelle that's hoping to god for just another day of life. There is a date set for the heartache I'm about to put you through, and it's at Homecoming, and you're going to have to start thinking of other things to blame. Because when you and I fought on the same side it was me who held up the team, it was me who was the backbone of the idea. And now that backbone is against you and you have nothing but your shallow pool of talent to hold you up. And I'm going to break through that and I'm going to show you the amounts of pain no human being should ever go through.

Ethan: At Homecoming I solidify myself as this company's champion, and I come home with my title. Molly, if you think you abandoned me, look at where we both will be after this match, and ask yourself, who abandoned who. Griffin, it looks like another bout where we will do anything we can to beat each other and it'll be my hand raised. And on Battle Grounds when they play my music and announce me as champion everyone will visualize you bodies in my wake.

Ethan puts his hood back up.

Ethan: So sayeth....the Champ.

And the camera fades to -



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PostSubject: Re: Griffin Hawkins [vs.] Ethan Cage [vs.] Molly Reid   Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:56 pm


Tonight I stand upon the brink of the abyss. I face two tough opponents who want to become the Kingpin..or Queenpin of Insurgency. Ethan Cage and Molly Reid. Throughout history I have faced a lot of tough superstars. But none of them have given me as much trouble as these two. The both of them used to be allies, but the World Title had changed that. Now they want to tear eachother apart all for the sake of being Champion. it's no longer a two on one's an all out free for all.

..And that's how I like it.

No longer will I have to worry about both of them coming at me at the same time, because now they hate eachother. This partnership was too volatile to last. Any moron could have predicted this would happen. When the World Title is involved, there is no such thing as friends. Everything changes...only one person can become a Champion. Both of them lay claim to the title. One stole it from me stole it from the other. There is so much dispute between who is the true Champion between the three of us.

First there's Ethan Cage.

A man who has been a thorn in my side since the day I walked in. What started out as petty jealousy has morphed into something even more stronger...hate. I was the first man who exposed his vulnerability and he has never forgot it. He based his entire career over one fluke title win..a win that he hasn't even earned on his own. And in a twist of irony..his so called BFF ended up stealing a belt from him. Poetic Justice? Maybe, but not by my hands. I know that I can beat him, I have before and I will again no matter what it takes. This time he has nobody he can hide behind. After Molly is out of commission, he has no choice but to face me.

But then there's Molly.

I have beaten a lot of people in Insurgency. I've beaten everyone there is to beat...but nowhere on that list is Molly Reid. She has got a win over me..I'll give her that. But one match doesn't make you dominant. It also doesn't give you a right to steal a title that doesn't belong to you. All Molly does is talk on and on about how she is the greatest athlete's time that someone brings her swell head down to earth and wake that bitch up to the cold hard reality that she is not invincible. Her so called going to come to an end.

Both of them deserve eachother.

I'm probably the only one between them who lives in reality. Both of them act like they are the greatest thing since Internet porn. I'm no stranger to these type of battles..but this one is really important. I was on a mission to reclaim the belt that I should have never lost in the first place. It's time to remind everyone why I am The Rock Soldier..when this is over, everyone who doubted me is going to owe me a big apology..


~End of an era~

I had promised Taylor that I would make some changes in my life. The reason I wasn't happy for myself was because I allowed people to take advantage of me and I wouldn't say anything about it. It was indeed time for me to grow up. For too long I worried about what other people thought and put my feelings on the back burner. If I didn't do anything now, I would let people walk all over me for the rest of my life.

They already did it for too long.

I made my way to the park where Drea was waiting for me. I could tell she had a lot to say to me..course I don't know when she doesn't have a lot to say. She kissed me on the cheek before smiling at me brightly.

Drea Dante - I am sooo glad you're here! We have so much to catch up on and..

I didn't want to hear any more of it and just held my hand up to cut her off. She stopped almost immediately.

Griffin Hawkins - We need to talk..

Drea Dante - Talk? Sure, we have plenty to talk about, we haven't seen each other in weeks with that world tour you've been on.

Griffin Hawkins - No, you don't get it, it's about us.

Drea Dante - What about us?

Griffin Hawkins - It isn't working isn't working.

Drea Dante - Griffin, I know we've been having problems lately. What couple doesn't have problems these days? What's important is that we get through them.

I don't think she understood...

Griffin Hawkins - All we have had is problems problems problems Drea. All we do is fight, and I can't take it anymore. This entire relationship is unhealthy, and I think it would be best if we saw other people.

Drea Dante - Like I said we can get through this if we try, there's no need for us to throw in the towel.

Griffin Hawkins - We've been trying to get through this for years now..and I am just tired of always fighting with you.

Her look of hope suddenly turned into a look of anger. One I saw too many times to even remember.

Drea Dante - She has something to do with this doesn't she?

Griffin Hawkins - ..What?

Drea Dante - Don't play dumb with me! It's Taylor isn't it? How long have you two been seeing each other behind my back?

Griffin Hawkins - See? This is exactly what I'm talking about! You don't trust me, you never have and you never will.

Drea Dante - It's not you I don't trust's her. I've seen people like her my whole life.

I was getting really tired of explaining to her again and again that me and Taylor are just friends..even though secretly I wish it were more than that.

Griffin Hawkins - This is why it can never work between us Drea. You get jealous over any girl who even gives me the slightest bit of attention. It took me months to convince you that me and Tiffani were just friends..and now you're paranoid that me and Taylor are more than friends. I can't take it anymore, I want out.

Drea Dante - So thats it?...You're dumping me?

Griffin Hawkins - It's over Drea..we're finished. felt good to finally stand up for myself. I turn and head for the door. But before I could finally leave the park and walk out of this toxic relationship for good..I hear her speak.

Drea Dante - ..You'll be back.

I stop and slowly turn to her.

Griffin Hawkins - Excuse me?..

Drea Dante - I said you'll be back. Who the hell do you think you're fooling Griff? You're never going to find anyone better than me. It won't be long until you come back. You'll see the error of your ways and you'll come crawling back. Face it..I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you, you'll never find anyone like me.

Griffin Hawkins - Really..that's the best news I heard all day.

With that, I turned away and kept on walking. It actually felt..good to be free of her control. I felt free if I had a new lease on life. At least now I could be happy.



Seeing as Insurgency was in Boston, I decided to go for a walk through the city. It really did feel good to actually be free to myself for the first time In a long time. Taylor was busy with other things which was truly a shame as I wanted to go for another walk with her. The streets of Boston are as you expect, busy with so much people. Some were going to work, some had their cell phones out, while others were just enjoying the atmosphere like I am. I found myself getting lost in the crowd of people who were walking the street. I had my Ipad in hand, listening to "Murmaider" by Dethklok as I walk down the street, looking at the stores. Just if a force is overtaking me, my instincts tell me something..

...Turn around.

I slowly turn my head to the back of me, among all the busy people, one of them seems to stand out from all the rest. He had jet black hair and a dark and twisted goatee. He seemed to be dressed to the nines in a fine cut Italian suit. But the look of the guy just screams creepy to me. I don't know if he noticed me, but I decided to just keep walking and maybe he'll just disappear.

...But he didn't go anywhere.

It almost seemed as if this man was following me. I don't know what it is, but he creeped me right the fuck out. I wanted to lose him in the crowd but it was as if he was moving at a faster speed than I was. My heart was beginning to race as I was walking faster and faster. Soon my quick walking turned into running as I was making tracks, running through the Bostonites that occupied the street.

It was obvious this guy wasn't going to give up.

I keep going and going until I see a Police Officer. I quickly go up to him.

Griffin Hawkins - Excuse me..Officer?

Police Officer - Yes sir, can I help you?

Griffin Hawkins - There's following me and..

But as I turned around, the mysterious stranger was gone. It was as if he had vanished into thin air.

Police Officer - ..What does this man look like sir?

I just stand there confused. I know for sure there was someone following me.

Griffin Hawkins - Never mind sir...he's gone.

He gives me a nod before turning away to go about his business. I still can't shake the feeling of that man.


After arriving back at the hotel, I just wanted to lie down and get some rest. I was stalked by some freak who I never even seen before in my life and I needed to rest. I open the door to my hotel room, looking to plop down on my bed, but then see someone sitting on it.

Marquis Laveaux - Surprise Surprise..

I immediately jump back out of shock.

Griffin Hawkins - Have you ever heard of calling me ahead of time and actually letting me now when you're coming?

Honestly..the guy was getting his kicks off on scaring the crap out of me..I can tell.

Marquis Laveaux - I like the element of surprise.

Griffin Hawkins - Look Marquis, I'm not in the mood for your creepy voodoo nonsense...I just want to get some rest, I got a long night ahead of me.

Marquis Laveaux - You'll change your tune once you find out what I have to say..

Griffin Hawkins - About what?

With that he rose up from his seat on the bed, looking at me face to face.

Marquis Laveaux - The man who was on that battlefield..fighting that your great great great Grandfather..Lucian Hawkins..

Griffin Hawkins - What?..

Marquis Laveaux - It's true, I looked through a book in the Library and..

Griffin Hawkins - Oh! The library! Did you know you can just borrow books from there?

I really need to get out more often. Marquis just looked at me with a confused face.

Marquis Laveaux - Um..yes you can. Anyways, I read through this history book that Lucian Hawkins was a brave Scottish warrior who fought many hard battles. But they left out the history where he slayed monsters.

Griffin Hawkins - Probably because it sounded like a children's pop up book..

Marqus Laveaux - wasn't by choice. The others didn't want his family to find out the truth behind his battles because they thought one would be foolish enough to revive the demons.

Griffin Hawkins - So..that's why I have been having these dreams..

Marquis Laveaux - Yes..a great battle is going to take place. A man named Alistair Dracan is about to awaken a great evil..

Griffin Hawkins - Dracan..I know that name!

Marquis Laveaux - You do?

Griffin Hawkins - I listened to the music and I was brought to that freak's throne room. In fact I think he was following me on the street.

Marquis Laveaux - Well, he knows where you are now.

Griffin Hawkins - What am I supposed to do?

Marquis Laveaux - Just watch yourself. Don't fall for any of his tricks. He'll try and mess with your head.

Griffin Hawkins - Don't worry, he can't get to me. There's also that..war I'll have to fight when the time comes. But I don't know how to do this.

Marquis Laveaux - It was once said that the only way evil would if good men do nothing. At some point in our lives Griffin..we have to fight.

He turns and walks away from me, leaving me to think about what he told me.. I had finally got my answers to everything..but I know what awaits me is something that would be the hardest battle of my life. The question is if..and when will it come?


~Video killed The Wrestling Star~

I am still in my hotel room, I really didn't feel like going down to the arena tonight, usually I would give my random spiel about my opponents, I'd insult their families, I'd tell them they don't got a chance in hell against me. But as I realize...that kind of stuff is seriously overrated. People are always expecting you to do something that grabs your attention. And to be honest...I haven't done that in a long time. So I decided to do a little something different..a Web Vlog. I had the laptop ready..only one problem.

All I got is a black screen do you get this damn thing working? I don't see how Tiffani and Taylor got it to working when they had something to say. How come it never works for me? I try pushing the keys and nothing comes up. I tried shaking it violently to get it to come on.

Griffin Hawkins - Come on you stupid piece of crap! Work already!

Taylor hears the commotion, listening to me swearing at my new laptop. I put it down on the dresser, trying to figure everything out. She simply comes over and clicks the button..turning it on.

Guess that's all she had to do.

Griffin Hawkins - I was gonna do that..really.

Taylor Michaels - Sure you were..

She sticks her tongue out at me before leaving. The Laptop fires up and I am ready to do my vlog. But on the way I decided to get a little bit creative with myself.. I set up the camera and put on what looked to be a brunette wig. There was already eyeshadow on me as well. As soon as it was all set and ready, I began speaking in a girly voice.

"Hello Hello Hello! What is up people! It's me Molly Reid. You probably remember me from such exciting moments such as..Molly does Dallas..Molly does the football team..Molly does..well..everybody! I have been spending my time before the match tweeting and sending obscenities to my opponents..but for some reason Griffin doesn't seem to pay that much attention to me. But he is scared of me I tell you! I beat him one time and I got him running scared! Like always I'm ignored by just about everyone, so I made sure to get the belt from Ethan after I helped him win it..maybe then people will actually think I am the Champion!..Even though when I wear this thing I look like a Cuban Cigar..

I actually hear Taylor laughing in the background.

"As it stands now, I am in the main event of Homecoming because I deserve it. I've been here in IWF for 3 months and I already got a title shot! I guess sleeping with the right person does have it's advantages. In a matter of hours, the TD Arena is gonna be more filled than my vagina on a Tuesday night...well..every night. where did I put my vibrator...oh, almost got sidetracked there. See, I know for a fact that if I say it loud enough that I am the greatest of all time, people will believe me! I mean yeah sure I lost the Queens of Wrestling title to Blyss Lockhart, but hey, I'm used to things lasting for 5 minutes..if you don't believe me, just ask Brandon MacDonald! Oh..right, you didn't hear that..its a secret!

I can't help but try to burst out laughing on the inside. It's probably common knowledge that they are having an affair.

"See, all I had to do was play the friendship card with Ethan and he bought right into my little trap. That boy bought it all..hook line and sinker. See, I know for a fact that he can't beat Griffin one on the poor boy needed a little bit of help. And so I gave him the help he needed by hitting Griffin right in the face with the Molly kick! He was celebrating because..well, lets face it..the only way he'll probably beat Griffin is if he needs the help of a Special Referee! He hadn't felt that special since he got his first kiss from someone who wasn't his cousin! I almost feel sorry for him. He would follow me around everywhere, he'd call me nightly to tell me how hot I he would cry whenever Griffin told him the truth about how he is..

I make a mock sad look face. I even pout my lips a little.

"Ah who cares. He doesn't matter. What matters is I humbled him and stole the title! Course they had to get it steam cleaned because with all the STDs I can never be too Hoemcoming I plan on giving both of them beating of their lives. Or..maybe I will just sit back and let them beat eachother up..and like a vulture..I will just swoop down and get the one..two..three. Why? Because that's what I do! And if I fail in this shot so what? It's no biggie, I'll just sleep with Brandon again..and if that doesn't work, I'll just nail Jessica Matthews..OMG..with the way her husband is, she does need someone to be must be off, I got a customer tonight..Later losers!"

I get up, and leave the laptop. For a while, the camera is on and ...all that is seen is a chair. Soon I come back with a short haired wig.

"Whats up!? It's me, Ethan Cage. Your World Heavyweight Champion! The guy who beat the living fuck out of that butt nugget Griffin Hawkins!...Wait..have I used that one yet? wait I didn't..right, but nugget! Sure, everyone is talking about how I needed the help of Molly Reid to put the title around my waist. But you know what? Fuck them! I didn't need Molly!....even if she was the guest referee..and Jessica Casey was stupid enough to put her in knowing she would be completely unbiased...but all that matters is I am the Champ, I am God! I am better than every one of the Superstars on the roster! ..Just hope they don't hear me..."

It would be interesting to see the roster rise up and beat the crap out of Cage for his comments.

"Thing is..I didn't go home because Griffin was better than me. I went home because with him there, I could no longer run roughshod over the Company like I used to. When he beat me..he must've cheated! Because I never lose! Nobody can beat me! I am invincible! Even if Griffin beat me once....twice...three times. But all that is ancient history now, because now I am the Champion! And at Homecoming I am going to defend this very title in what could be the last defense of my title reign. I refuse to allow my reign to go up in smoke, I refuse to lose to Griffin for the one thousand and eighty eighth time, I am better than him! When was the last time you saw Griffin randomly appear with celebrities like Motley Crue and Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion or whatever he calls himself now? Sure..I pay them gobs and gobs of Money to kiss my ass like I'm the greatest thing ever..but that is what makes me great!

I always did wonder how much Ethan paid those celebs to suck up to him.

"Molly Reid was supposed to be my friend goddamnit! That fucking slut stole my title after eveyrthing I had done for her..after taking her shopping, stalking her in airports, trying on her underwear while she was out of her hotel sleeping with other guys...this is how she repays me? I will not allow it! I will beat Griffin, I will beat Molly, I will beat myself if I have to. I am your Champion..and there is nothing that anybody can do about it! Not Griffin, or Molly..unless one of them gets taken out and it's finally one on one like it should have been in the first place. Because...I'm sorry I can't do this..."

I then take off the wig, showing myself for the first time.

Griffin Hawkins - See..anyone can do impersonators. This is how Ethan deals with an opponent. Impersonators..this is how Molly deals with an opponent..Blogging. I'm done talking, I'm done playing around. I want to defeat both Ethan and Molly in that ring. The time for talking is over and I want what should have been mine in the first place. Molly is just going to be just another flash in the pan star that I made famous..and Ethan Cage is someone who will have the shortest reign ever...see you all at Homecoming.

I turn the switch off, ready for Homecoming.


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Griffin Hawkins [vs.] Ethan Cage [vs.] Molly Reid
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