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 Rps from NLWF

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PostSubject: Rps from NLWF   Thu May 16, 2013 2:15 am

Decided to repost these here just so you can see what I did prior to my match with Hostyle and Robbie.

=If the road to hell is paved with good intentions.=

"If the road to hell is paved with good
intentions, then what is the road to heaven paved with?"

For me, it's always about sacrifice, I never
claim to be a saint and while compared to everyone else I'm the nicest guy in the
world......I'm not without my flaws.

But I didn't really start to think about those
flaws until i was given my release papers from Corey Casey. It happen just a
few days after PRIDE, I received a call from one of the road agents telling me
that the boss man wanted to see me. I couldn't understand why he would call me
so early before our next big event. I was booked to fight against one of the
returning talents known as Ethan Cage, a man whom I buried in less than a
minute. The guy made the mistake of a lifetime when he slapped me in the face,
showing complete disrespect for a man who helped put IWF on the map, paving the
way for new talents like him.

And he has the nerve to not only expect me to
just roll over and die but to also allow him to shit over me and get away with

It's one thing to put over new talent, thing
about me is I never believed in sharing the spotlight with those who have done
absolutely nothing to earn it.

This guy is no exception to that rule.

So I destroyed him in that ring, took me less
than a minute to break this guy and his so called "god given" talent
and beat him for the one two three.

Then after a two month's long hiatus after I've
been dominating the local competition he returns and wants to face me again
this time at the next PPV.

I signed my name on the dotted line, accepted
the challenge head on, then took the time I needed to train myself mentally and

Been working with some new trainers from out of
state, ever since my encounter with my old college Darren De Jean, he's been
hooking me up with some guys who would help me to develop new fighting styles
to add into my arsenal. I have to admit I was at first unsure of wanting to
take the lessons, after being self taught for so long with my only other
trainer being my old man I never thought I would be able to learn anything new
from someone else.

Boy was I ever wrong.

Darren had a gym set up near where I lived, he
had my friend and former DW athlete BM help with setting the place up. We
bought the place from the original owners and remade it into our own personal
gym. We spent several hundred thousands of dollars getting the equipment, the
designs, the mats, the rings and the trainers into this place. We called it the
Training Grounds as homage to our old DW show of the same name and indeed, it's
just like old times with me, Darren and BM running the spot. New people flocked
us by the hundreds, we reserved the second floor as our personal training
place, meant for people like myself. Darren would bring these trainers from
over seas, some from Korea but mostly from Japan, a place where much of my
parents interest came from. They once stayed over at Japan during their
honeymoon, inspired by the culture there, taking many key factors which they
would soon enough input into their own household. The most important ones where
the means of discipline, honor and respect. I would be taught all these things
while growing up: Respect for my fellow man, being polite and kind to others,
protect the weak from the strong and above all, if someone steps out of line
you have every right to defend yourself.

Well taking part of these training sessions
would often bring back memories of the time when father took me under his wing
and taught me the means of wrestling. He took Japan's extreme methods of
physical training and would use them to hone in my mind and body. He would push
me above and beyond my limits, every move I was taught I had to do without
fail, every exercise routine I did repeatedly until was I literally drenched
from head to toe in sweat. My mother would always encourage me to never give up,
told me how proud she was at my progress. She was my shield to my father's
wrath who sought to break me mentally and physically, however I showed a
fortitude that was to be admired. I never quit, I never stop, just kept on
going and from it, I became a better person, a better fighter.

Here it was the same thing only it wasn't my
father teaching me, it was skilled men and women who have studied these
fighting styles for years and now sharing their knowledge and prowess to me.
From their teachings I replaced my self taught use of martial arts and instead
use taekwondo alongside with ju-jitsu, I've also been trained in the art
of judo. I've been spending weeks on end learning these new techniques
and from it I progressed very rapidly. It was from those teachings that I was
able to destroy my opponents with very little trouble. Taking full advantage of
my strength and speed, I was more than ready for my rematch against Ethan.

It was during that day I was heading to the
Training Grounds for one last session before I went out to Boston,
Massachusetts for the big match. It was there I encountered the PRIDE poster
featuring the members of the Human Highlights Reels, friends that I made during
my time in IWF, friends who left the fed because they were getting shit on by
management. I still remained with the place because they treat me well enough,
long as they kept giving me challenging foes I wasn't going to complain. The
pay is great but it's the matches that really make me love the sport.

However it wasn't until I saw that
poster that I felt something build inside me, I realized just how much I missed
those guys and would love nothing more than to see them again. However I was
warned about Corey's animosity towards NLWF, I could take a huge risk just by
even showing up at the show. But then I heard something about NLWF trying to
get Chuck Matthews to sign into their company. That's when an idea formed
inside my mind, and idea that made me smile, an idea that I just could not
resist doing.

Corey didn't have to know, so I called
in sick, saying that I had a bad cold and couldn't attend the show and took a
plane ride to where PRIDE was being held in. I went into a nice little shop and
found this awesome looking jester mask that went well with this trench coat I
got last Christmas. I bought the mask and decide to have a little fun.

But what started as a barrel of laughs
ended up becoming something else entirely.

I used my connections with IWF to do
that little makeshift video of myself to produce the feed which would be
broadcasted live at NLWF just before their big event would take place. After
making the buzz and rattling the cage, I took a first class trip right down
there. That is where I made a mistake that I would end up regretting.


=I know you, you're the asshole on T.V=

I won't lie, I was actually getting very

Why wouldn't I be? I'm doing something that I'm
not suppose to be doing. I've heard the rumors, every time someone would bring
up the name of the place you can hear the sound of tables flipping and stuff
being broken all the while hearing this:


And that.....came from one person, there's only
one soul who hates the place more than anything else in the entire world.

Corey Casey, my boss.

I was told about the history between him and
Chuck and Brandon who were all involved with NLWF at one point before breaking
off and making their own personal fed which became one of the greatest places
to ever be in. Though I was given a very brief run down, to make a long story
short: Nick became hungry with power, kicked everyone else who didn't agree
with his methods, the three main men who would end up bringing his entire
federation down were Corey, Chuck and Brandon who all founded the Insurgency
and the rest was pretty much history.

Nick tried to find work there and even Brenton Cyrus
gave it a shot, both had some success but were mostly forced to retire from the
place early. Since then there was no word about Nick or NLWF for the longest
time. Last I've heard of Nick he was working at a local McDonalds and one day
was found in his house being hung up by a rope near his kitchen room. Sources
say he killed himself due to depression.

Turns out those rumors were false as less than
five or so months later NLWF reopens it's doors. At first I showed no interest
mainly due to the fact that I was too busy with my own success in IWF, that all
changed when Robbie and Hostyle fled the scene.

It was for that exact reason that I arrived here
at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, standing just a few yards away from the all star
arena where the show would take place.

I moved in like a shadow, slipping past the
guards and managed to get inside the backstage area. There I caught the image
of Robbie Hart, he looked a bit different but I would never forget that face of
his. I would walk closer, hands in my pockets as I close the distance between
us. He was too busy signing autographs to notice me. I stood there, a few feet
away, he would slug over his gym bag when he suddenly took notice. He tilted
his head as he studied me, clearly my disguise worked because he had no idea
what to make of me.

Robbie Hart
Can I help you?

I felt a smile form beneath my mask, I just
couldn't resist myself.

Yuko Isamu
It's been a long time Robbie,
haven't seen you since that six pack challenge a few months back.

That got his attention, turned his full body
towards me, eyes narrowed as he looked right at me.

Robbie Hart
Who are you?

I couldn't help but frown, never the less I kept
my tone cheerful.

Yuko Isamu
Come now, you mean you don't
remember you're old friend? Oh I get's the mask.

With one motion of my hand I slipped the mask
off my face and revealed myself and all my splendor to him. It took him a few
good moments for the image to sink in, never in a million years did Robbie
expect to ever see me inside a NLWF arena.

Yet here I am, in the flesh, right there
standing in front of him.

And what seemed like forever he finally breaks
the silence.

Robbie Hart

Yuko Isamu
The one and only.

Just like that, didn't need to strike pose or
anything, state the fact, confirm it, that was all took for Robbie.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing, it was
one thing for Hostyle to show up but me? I would be the last person out of all
the people that Robbie expected to see here at PRIDE. He instantly regained his
composure and glared at me.

Robbie Hart
The hell are you doing here?

Yuko Isamu
Just thought I'd say hi, I'm also
made a promise that I would attend the show.

Robbie Hart
A promise? mean
that guy on the......

He stopped mid way as I held up the mask I was
wearing. It took him a good minute or so to finally get it.

He couldn't help but smile.

Robbie Hart
You clever bastard! And to think
Corey had you wrapped around his little finger, figured Corey's hold on you
would make is so you would never think to jump ship!

Yuko Isamu
You make it sound like Corey has control
over my life, like I'm his parent or some shit.

I tilted my head and gave him a more serous

Yuko Isamu
Fact is I'm only loyal to the fed
and the fans that attend to it, I can care less about the suits that run the
joint. You don't see me kiss ass just for a title shot, those belts I won I've
done on my own terms.

I've of course reflecting on my past
achievements at IWF. I have quite the resume: First ever New Blood champion,
had the longest undefeated streak at the time before Brandon and Anna broke it,
former High Impact champion, former Heavyweight champion and 2nd Triple Crown
champion, the first and so far only person to hold all three belts.

But I won those belts without hardly any help
what so ever. Only time was when I cashed in my briefcase against James Shark
moments before our suppose match in the Isolation Dome. I only did that to both
humiliate him and get him fired up for our rematch. Instead he walked out, he
complained that I broke the rules by cashing in before our match and management
didn't do anything to stop it, in short: He felt they "betrayed" him.
Truth is I stated that I would face the champion at Isolation inside the dome,
I didn't exactly state that I would be cashing in my briefcase for that match
although everyone else seemed to have gotten that impression. Only management
knew the truth and they didn't bother to tell Shark about it, so when he went
to then to complain about it it's no wonder why they didn't do anything. I followed
the rules of the briefcase as it was stated, while my method was unlike me, it
was funny to give Shark a little lesson in humility.

Robbie just smirked, he found this to be a real
treat, if only Hostyle were here right now, he would be ecstatic to see me here
in NLWF.

Robbie Hart
So you're here to join our
federation? You ready to be part of the big leagues?

Yuko Isamu know better than
anyone else that I am more than ready for the big leagues.

I was gonna add "Don't believe me? Count
all the times I've beaten you" but there was no need. Robbie knows my
skill first hand, a guy like me would be perfect for this kind of sport.

Robbie Hart
Hey's a good thing
you actually showed up, was about to see my brother. How about I introduce you
to him? Let him be the first to welcome you into your new home.

He thinks I'm here to join the fed, that wasn't
my intention but I wasn't going to argue with Robbie so I nodded my head and
turned away and motioned for me to follow. I had a really bad feeling about
this, thinking back now this probably wasn't the smartest idea now.

He led me to this one locker room that stood out
among everyone else. A few knocks and we get a response, door opens and Robbie
just enters like he owns the place. My gut feeling just told me to not enter
that room with him and turn back. I ignored it and stepped inside.

There I was greeted by the man himself, former
NLWF Heavyweight champion Nick Ridicule. The guy I've heard about, never saw the
man in person.......until now.

He looks really jacked up, with tattoos and what
not, the most distinguishing feature was that infamous red mohawk of his. He
turns around seeing Robbie and they exchange a brief hug. I just stood there
like an idiot watching the surreal scene unfold itself.

Nick Ridicule
Hey there Robbie.

Robbie Hart
Hello bro, how you feeling?

Nick Ridicule
I've had worst believe me.

He then fixes his gaze at me and I could feel
the alarms being set off inside my head, I played it smart and kept my mouth

Nick Ridicule
And who the hell is this?

Robbie Hart
This? This is my pal Steel Angel,
he's from that fed IWF.

As he mentioned the name I could see a hint of
anger flash on his eyes, I was told of Nick's hate for IWF and anyone
affiliated with it. He has made some exceptions with the likes of James Shark
and Robbie mainly because he knew them.

However he doesn't know me and puts me at a very
bad spot.

Robbie Hart
And Steel this is-

Yuko Isamu
I know who you're
the asshole on t.v.

I smirked and added.

Yuko Isamu
Saw your fight at City of Evil
against James Shark. Guess you can say it's a real honor to finally see the man
face to face.

Oddly enough he smirked at that and turned to

Nick Ridicule
We need to talk, Robbie.....get the
door, I don't want anyone knowing what's going through these walls.

He gives a slight nod and closes the door, I
could only stand there and watch these two as they turn their attention towards

I couldn't help but feel nervous, only now did I
realize just how much deep trouble I've gotten myself in.

Boss is going to have my head, if I'm lucky.

=Traded One Fed for another.=

I thought the guy was bluffing, I half expected
to see Corey crack a smile and laugh, anything to convince me that this was
some crazy joke.

But as I looked at his stone face, it was clear
to me that he isn't joking. To be completely fair, I did call in sick when I
was suppose to be attending the show and instead I made headlines on the NLWF
website. As luck would have it Ethan Cage, my opponent that that I was going to
fight got into a serous brawl during a press conference few days before the
match and badly hurt seven other fans and one police officer. He was charged
with assault and IWF was unable to reach an agreement to release him in time
for the show so they cancelled the match altogether.

It still didn't leave me completely off the
hook, because I attended the NLWF show I was called in to see Corey, I can tell
just from his body language that he was trying not to explode in front of me.
If I was anyone else he would scream and throw me out himself, even going so
far as to actually grab me and throw me into the asphalt.

But I wasn't just anyone, I'm a high draw in the
IWF company, I'm one of their top stars, a main eventer with a fan base large
enough to fill four entire stadiums. In other words, I'm a big deal and it's
really weighing on Corey's mind whether or not he wants to give me the ax.

But for him the decision was easy enough: I
broke the sacred rule, I attended a NLWF show and that seemed like a good
enough reason for Corey to hand me my release papers.

Corey Casey
I thought I made this very clear to
you, we had an understanding or so I was lead to believe. You instead went
behind my back and did the one thing I told you NOT to do!

He stared at me with those glaring eyes of his,
those same eyes I saw when I fought him during the Double Cage Horror match,
the same eyes that scared the piss out of anyone who stood toe to toe with him.

But not me, I didn't flinch, didn't make a move,
I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. Instead I stood there, hands
folded behind me, face as expressionless as Corey's, I took a breath and spoke in
a calm voice.

Yuko Isamu
You made it sound like I committed a
felony, never seen you this angry since that time I kidnapped your woman.

Corey Casey
That was false anger, that was
management's idea.

Yuko Isamu
And yours too if I recall.

Corey Casey
You listen to me you little shit!
This has nothing to do with that! I made this place, I pour my life's work into
it! My blood, my sweat, my tears, everything to distance myself from that god
awful place! I didn't want to have anything to do with it, it was beneath me,
we moved out of NLWF's shadow and made a worldwide federation whose very
popularity is head and shoulders beyond what anything that NLWF could ever HOPE
to achieve!

I stood there and his shouts just deflect off of
me, I remained unmoved, not intimidated by Corey who I now see for the person
he really is: A pathetic shell of his former self. Ever since he took the spot
as chairman of the federation, he became more of a control freak, making sure
that storylines, feuds, and matches would be run by him first before they would
be made in fact he demanded that anything that had to do with this place
required his approval before green lighting it. I think this in turn made him
extremely paranoid and indeed, that is one of Corey's key flaws, something that
one day will end up killing him.

Regardless I didn't complain, I knew what I did
and I had no regrets, it's the price I paid for being too curious and now
because of it I'm short of a job. I signed my name on the dotted line, ignoring
Corey's glare as he couldn't wait to be rid of me. However he doesn't yet
realize that this decision would end up being the worse thing he has ever done.
Chuck and most of the IWF locker and IWF in general will be very angered to
hear of my departure. So far the only two people that knew about this is the
two men inside this very office. No cameraman, no members of the Empire, not
even a secretary within a five yard radius. I handed him back my release papers
and he tossed the aside, never keeping his glaring eyes away from me.

Corey Casey
Now pack your things and get the
hell out of my building, you'll have 10 minutes from now to get your stuff and
leave. I see your face around here again and I will make you wish you weren't
ever born!

Yuko Isamu
You mean I can't say goodbye to my
pals in the locker room?

That comment took some serous balls, he's
steaming I can tell, regardless he's keeping his cool. He speaks to me with
slightly clenched teeth.

Corey Casey
You let me worry about the rest of
the locker room. I already know what I'll tell everyone as well as the
people in get moving, your time starts now.

I didn't say a word and turned away, out the
door with cat like reflexes and made my way down the corridors. It felt weird
knowing I'm going to missed this place but a smile formed as I grabbed my bag
and items. Instead of walking towards the exit, I took a sharp right. Figured
if I was going to leave this place for good, might as well do so with a
bang.........and to give Corey one last fuck you before I could call it day.

The place was packed, the show was about to
start, I should of been gone twenty minutes ago. But I waited and just when
Heather the announcer was about to start us off with the first match of the
night, here I come to shut off the light Death Angel style and reemerge clad in
my causal attire.

The crowd goes nuts, the commentators were confused, I knew Corey was watching
this and is likely calling security right now. Whatever it is I'm going to do I
have to do it quick.

Yuko Isamu
I thank you all for your support but my time here is limited so I'll make this
brief. I've just been released from my contract by Corey Casey.

The crowd takes a moment for this announcement to sink in before the boos start
to surround the entire place. I turned to where Rick Christian and Matt Biggars
are doing commentary, they both had very shocked looks on their faces. Clearly
no one thought that I was going to be fired from this company after everything
I done for them.

Yuko Isamu
Yeah.....Corey caught me attending NLWF's PRIDE show last week, I don't know
what the fuss is all about man I mean I was just there to say hello to my pals
Robbie and Hostyle and have a little fun. That was all I did and yet because I
attended one show, one measly little show that Corey decides "Nope your
are now an enemy of IWF and thus you need to go!" So yeah to make a long
story short I got fired.

The boos became even louder now, I had a large grin on m face, somewhere I can
picture Corey just throwing shit around his office and taking a bite out of his
desk. I could see men in black suits coming from the rafters as they make their
way down. Well that's my cue to finish up and get ready to run like the wind.

Yuko Isamu
I know it sucks but look on the bright side, you'll be seeing me on NLWF's next
blockbuster PPV Tournament to the titles as I'm going up against my two pals
Hostyle Jones and Robbie Hart in a Human Highlight Reel match for a number one
contender spot. So my suggestion is this: Stop watching this show and switch
the channel because you don't wanna miss what I plan to bring to the table.

I can see the guard getting closer, time to go.

Yuko Isamu
And with that I take my leave, see you all at NLWF next week!

I drop the mic and took off, good timing too, the guards managed to get over
the rails and were closing in on me but I was too fast for them. Being a very
athletic person really helps as I was able to slip right past them, some of the
fans even formed a barrier to bar their path allowing me to widen the distance.
I arrive in a two way section, I looked both ways then heard the sound of a
footsteps behind me.

Exit stage left.

I barged through the double sided doors and took off into the night sky. My
ride thankfully was parked on the sidewalk just a few yards away from me. One
street crossing later and I was in, jammed my key, fired up the engine and I
burned rubber. Ten minutes later the IWF arena became a blur, I was home free.

Well I couldn't have pulled that off any better of I tried, it was perfect,
took a final stab at Corey and got away with it. Now everyone knows the truth
and the fact that I was being chased by his personal security force confirmed
that what I said back there is true. Now IWF will lose a great deal of it's fan
base and more often than not people are going to be asking questions. Corey
won't be sleeping well tonight, that's a given fact.

I stopped near the airport, still have my ticket for San Diego and it seems
I'll be using it earlier than intended. But I didn't mind, just meant more time
for me to spend with Marley and plus I get to sleep in tonight.

Before any of that though I pulled out my phone as I parked my rental car next
to the airport, a man greets me as I step out. He works for the place where I
got the car from, he was there to return the vehicle when i was done.

Yuko Isamu
Car is yours, I'm not going anywhere else tonight.

Pulled out a wad of twenty dollar bills which I handed to the guy.

Thank you sir, appreciate your business.

Yuko Isamu
Not a problem, take care and for god's sake be careful out there, bunch of
drunks out tonight.

Just another stab at Corey, I always heard that he likes to get drunk alot
before work or afterwards. The guy nodded and got into the car as it moved from
the driveway.

I didn't pay any mind, I pulled out my phone and dialed a number while I walk
into the airport taking a short glance at my terminal number that's imprinted on
my ticket. I got a response and spoke.

Yuko Isamu
Hey Nick it's me, yeah I've decided. I'm in full time, just got the boot from

A few more words later and I smile once more.

Yuko Isamu
Oh don't worry about that, what Robbie told you is very true, I'm one hell of
an athlete.

Some more words from Nick.

Yuko Isamu
I can't wait for my debut match, going to be one of the best highlights pun intended of course.

I smiled as I heard Nick on the other side.

Yuko Isamu
I'll see you then Nick, looking forward to my new home.

I hung up and found the terminal I was looking for, showed my ticket and
slipped inside. I took a seat and stared off into the window as the captain
starts his speech thing and everyone gets strapped on while the engines fire up
and we get ready for takeoff.

I thought back to what I just did in the IWF arena not too long ago.

Simple really, I traded one fed for another.


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PostSubject: Re: Rps from NLWF   Thu May 16, 2013 2:18 am

=Steel Angel: Another side, Another Story.=
-Switching gears-

Making the trip back to Cali so early in the day was likely the best and worst idea ever.

It was the best idea as it allowed me to take Marley to see Hostyle and Robbie not too long after their title win. The timing was perfect as we arrived in time for the afterparty. I didn't stick around for very long, just long enough to inform the two about our match coming up as well as handle a few party favors when one of the guys passed out due to drug overdose and we had to carry him outside less he die while inside the house.

However it was the worst idea because Darren called just moments after me and Marley made it back to the house, leaving behind a message with the words: "Come to the Training Grounds whenever you arrive back, we need to talk." I knew shit was going to hit the fan when I saw that message, Darren no doubt watched the last Battle Grounds when I announced that I was released from my contract. I've heard that Corey is having problems on his end as well, seems the backlash proved greater then I thought. Chuck had a long talk with him and even some of the athletes backstage are growing very uncomfortable, they figured if someone like me can be fired on the spot then it's only a matter of time before they get the ax. Few of them left the place no too long after my departure, not wanting to work for the place while Corey was at the head, his extreme paranoia causing his own Empire to crumble bit by bit.

What sweet irony, man comes from the past fed to build this new fed and now it's dying off because of people interacting with the fed that he came from.

While it brought a smile on my face, it doesn't stem the fact that I have to get use to this new home of mine. It's almost as if I took a time machine and went back to when I first joined IWF two years ago, no one pays me any mind and while I got a huge pop when I showed my face at PRIDE I know trying to win this crowd over will be a task in on itself, these guys are hardcore diehard fans, you really have to go your way to win them over.

But that's ok, I love a good challenge and indeed what a challenge it is.

But I can worry about that later, right now I'm pacing back and forth in my living room, Marley sitting on the couch watching my every move, calmly sipping on her glass of milk as I try to think about what I'll say to Darren when I get over there. He's gonna want to know what the hell is going on, to him I'm out of a job but he doesn't know that I'm now signed with NLWF.

It was by pure luck when I was offered a contract, I was very hesitant to put my name on the paper. Good thing I did because if not, I would be in some big trouble because I wouldn't have a fed to go to. Now my only real concern is to worry about Tournament to the Titles and how to best prepare against my pals Robbie Hart and Hostyle Jones.

Not to mention I'm wondering about how I would best break the news to Darren, he signed a deal with IWF that was to remain active so long as I was an active member, now that I'm not he is wondering what will happen with me.

You know you're not going to solve anything just by wondering back and forth like that. Best to just tell Darren the whole story.

I turned to see her, what she said made alot of sense to me, in fact I should really consider it after all.......what's the worst that can happen?

Yuko Isamu
Yeah...I better get going, sure you wanna stay here by yourself?

Don't worry about me, by the way I'm washing your tunic right now, should be ready soon.

A smile formed on my face, remembering when Marley offered to clean my outfit after coming back from the after party, good times indeed.

Yuko Isamu
Well I'll be back.

Have fun.

She blowed me a kiss and I would return the gesture, I took my jacket from the coat rack and went through the door.

=Pack your bags son, we're going to shape you mind and body.=

Ok remember when Marley suggested that I just tell Darren what occurred and I said "what's the worse that can happen?"

Well I think I jinxed myself because Darren has his evil face on, the kind of face he would use when he was donning the wicked gimmick of the scarred psycho preacher Roman Synn.

Darren De Jean
Alright you have ten minutes Yuko, explain THIS to me!

As he said "THIS" he points at the pre recording of me standing in the center of the IWF ring telling the crowd that I was fired by the company on the t.v screen. He turns to me with his arms folded, Brandon hasn't arrived yet and god knows where Kayls is, right now it's just me and Darren in this gym.

Darren De Jean
Well spit it out! What the fuck is going on here!?

I took a deep breath and explained about when I saw the poster for PRIDE and the tag team tournament, how I attended the show and helped my buddies Robbie and Hostyle defeat their opponents. The fact that I showed up at a NLWF event caused Corey to sign me my release papers, not wanting to have anything to do with me after that stunt I pulled. When I was done Darren shook his head, he didn't look pleased at all and why shouldn't he? I messed up and got myself fired and now Darren has to wonder what to do next.

Darren De Jean
Well I can kinda see why he would fire you, granted he went a bit overboard but you went behind the man's back and attended a different show when you should have been at the Battle Grounds!

Yuko Isamu
Ethan didn't even show up to the event, he got arrested before the show started remember? It would have been a complete waste of time for me to make the trip to fucking Boston anyway.

It's true it would have been, that seemed to calm Darren a bit, but the question still lingers on his mind: What to do from here?

Darren De Jean
Well now you're out of a job! I have to call my agent and tell him that I will have to severe my contract with IWF.

Yuko Isamu
Actually Darren, I'm not without a job, signed myself to a new place.

This caused him to raise an eyebrow.

Darren De Jean
Don't tell actually signed a contract with NLWF?

Yuko Isamu
Yep and what's more, I have a match in less than a week from now.

Darren De Jean
Against who?

Yuko Isamu
The rest of the Human Highlight Reels, Hostyle and Robbie.

Darren De Jean're full of surprises aren't you?

He didn't seem so angry now, at least now he's aware that I'm now part of NLWF, gives him some ideas.

Yuko Isamu
Just go ahead and sign your services to them man, forget IWF ok? At any given day they are just another fed, granted it's a fed that pretty much made me who I am today but it's time for me to just move on.

He nods his head slowly, taking a moment for all this to fully sink in.

Darren De Jean
Right well at any rate I'm going to have to change my entire training schedule for you, BM is out sick and Kayls is too busy taking care of him so I'm going to have to train you myself.

Yuko Isamu
What do you mean train me? What happen to the guys you had before who were teaching me those new fighting styles?

Darren De Jean
I've called them off today, after seeing what happen at Battle Grounds I wasn't going to take any chances, paying for those trainers ain't cheap man and I don't wanna waste the money if I can avoid it.

Then something cause Darren's eyes to light up and he has a weird smile on his face.

Darren De Jean
Hold your horses......I forgot about.......oh wow I'm an idiot.

Yuko Isamu
I don't understand.

Darren De Jean
Listen Yuko, I need to make some calls and pull some strings, how long before your match with Hostyle and Robbie?

Yuko Isamu
A few days from now.

Darren De Jean
Perfect, look I got alot of work to do today so I'll let you slide this time, no training for you but I will see you here first thing in the morning do I make myself clear?

Yuko Isamu

Darren De Jean
Good! You're dismissed.

I was taken aback by this but I walked away but not before Darren calls out to me.

Darren De Jean
And Yuko?

Yuko Isamu

Darren De Jean
Don't try to get yourself kicked out of this new place you're in ok?

Yuko Isamu
No arguments here.

I left the gym and drove back to the house where Marley is watching t.v. she greets me as I walk in with a hug.

Marley did it go?

Yuko Isamu
He took it better than I thought, in fact he's going to set me up for some additional training.

So he's not mad at you?

Yuko Isamu
Not mad, just a bit disappointed, I assured him that this new place will be sure to welcome me with open arms. It will be a rough start but I'll be sure to earn their respect much like I earned the respect of IWF.

Well at least you'll be with my brother again.

Yuko Isamu
Indeed, that was a bad move on their part to let him go like that, their lost I suppose.....not my issue anymore.

She nodded and we shared a kiss, just then my phone rings and I excuse myself, flip the phone and pressed it against my ear. Darren was on the other end.

Darren De Jean
Best get plenty of sleep tonight, you'll need it.

I was gonna say "why" but then he added.

Darren De Jean
Also be sure to pack your bags and get ready to leave first thing in the morning.

Yuko Isamu
Why where am I going?

Darren De Jean
You'll see.

He hangs up before I could say anything else, I looked at the phone and pondered to myself.

Somehow I get the feeling I'm not going to like what Darren has in store for me.

=Mind over matter.=

I stand there alongside with Darren looking at this scene before me, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Yuko Isamu

Darren De Jean
Nice ain't it?

Of all the places we could have went to go train, Darren takes me to the one place I would never think to go.

A shaolin temple.

Yuko Isamu
So......why would you take me half way across the world just for a training lesson?

Darren De Jean
Because this guy I told you about doesn't believe in outside travel, you're lucky he's even agreeing to teach you, took alot of convincing to get him to say yes.

Yuko Isamu
But who is he?

Darren De Jean
Here he comes right now.

I turn to where he's looking and can see one of the shaolin monks walk up to me. I took note of his appearance.

He seemed like a seasoned fighter, clearly capable of defending himself, he looked younger than I expected but I can tell just from standing across from him he has alot of wisdom......wisdom that he's likely going to share with me during this session.

The man bows before us and we return the gesture, having been taught some of the culture gestures from my parents prepared me for such a greeting.

Darren De Jean
Hello Shi Xing.

Darren speaks to the man in perfect English and to my amazement he responses back in perfect English though his is replaced with a heavy Chinese accent.

Shi Xing
Darren....welcome to the Shaolin temple.

He turns to me with a curious look on his face.

Shi Xing
Is this the boy you spoke of?

Darren De Jean
He is, this is Yuko Isamu.

I bowed my head to him once more and he returns the gesture.

Shi Xing
Well met Yuko, I've heard much about you.

Yuko Isamu
I don't is it you and Darren know each other?

This is one thing that I didn't get, I always thought Shaolin Monks live in secluded areas and have very little contact with the outside world aside from their homeland.

Darren De Jean
I encountered this place a long time ago, was brought in as a transfer student and wanted to learn the exact origins of kung fu and that's what brought me to this temple. Shi here was a disciple of the shaolin who was just learning their style and techniques. I would keep in contact with him and his temple, sometimes even making a small donation to their temple every once in a while.

Shi Xing
Yes your contributions helped this place, not many appreciate the importance of the shaolin.

Darren De Jean
Hey just because I'm from America doesn't mean I'm brainwashed by their stupid karate films that they come out with, always portraying you people in such a negative's sad really.

Shi Xing
I'm glad to see your travels have broaden your way of thinking. At any rate, Yuko is it?

Yuko Isamu
Yes sir.

Shi Xing
Darren here states you require some extensive training, I have just the thing for one as spirited as you, if you follow please.

He turns and would follow closely behind, turning to see Darren just stand there.

Yuko Isamu
You're not coming Darren?

Darren De Jean
Naw I won't interrupt your training, go on ahead and I'll wait for you here.

With that I follow Shi down to the one of the many lake areas they have near the temple, we walk towards a nearby waterfall and Shi stands next to a rock and points towards it.

Shi Xing
Stand here.

I did as instructed and stood at attention.

Shi Xing
As I look into your eyes I can see a certian calmness in them, I can also see many other things: Conflict, determination, uncertainty, while you have some positive aspects you also have some negative ones as well. Our first task would be for you to strengthen the positive aspects of your mind and remove the negative ones.

Yuko Isamu
How will I do that?

Shi Xing
The strongest warrior doesn't always win my young grasshopper. You need to train yourself both body and mind, you can always be ready physically but you must also be ready mentally. Strength doesn't always lead to victory if one's mind is not attune to the body. You create these barriers within your own mind to safeguard yourself from outside influences, while it may seem wise it also prevents you from reaching your full potential. The barriers hold you back, so what we need to do is remove those barriers and let yourself go, allow the calmness of your mind guide your actions.

Yuko Isamu
How can this be done?

Shi Xing
As you know we as human beings are made from the elements of nature, it is possible to tap into these elements and make them your own, this in turn will allow you to reach new heights the likes of which no one can ever hope to reach. You must learn to move like the wind, your body stiff like the earth with your mind calm like the water and your spirit raging with fire.

Yuko Isamu
Earth, wind, water and fire the four elements of the earth.

Shi Xing close your eyes and feel the elements around you.

I spend the next few hours learning to hone my mind, we train with staffs while balancing on a tight rope, I deflected rocks thrown at me while blind folded, practiced meditation and did pushups while having a rock placed on my back. So much time goes by and I feel my mind sharpen, my skills growing, if I was anyone else I would say this kind of thing is stupid but that's just the thing about me: I'm not anyone else, I'm a unique breed, something I found out a long time ago. I thanked Shi for his training as we return back from the temple.

Darren De Jean
I can tell you've gotten better Yuko, just looking at you're going to be ready for this moment.

He turns to Shi.

Darren De Jean
I thank you Shi, sorry to have requested such a thing from you.

Shi Xing
No need, he is a respectable student and a fast thinker, he will go far, I can tell.

I smiled at his praise, if only those two numbskulls can see me now. They would think I've lost my mind or something, going across the world and end up in a shaolin temple to train against them for this match. We take our leave of the temple.

Darren De Jean happy we made the trip?

Yuko Isamu

Darren De Jean
Good, I expect you to go out there and crack some skulls!

I smiled, he didn't have to tell me twice.

=I'm going to make you mine tonight.=

The trip back was fun, I had those words of Shi echoing inside my head.

"Move like the wind with your body still like the earth, mind calm and flowing like water and your spirit raging with fire."

Sounds like something from a movie, but this isn't anything like that, what he said is true, as humans we are made of the elements of the four: The air we breath, the water we drink, the fire used to keep us warm and the earth that provides us with nourishment. If that is truly the case then stands a reason I can use those very elements into my arsenal, not literately of course but rather in my head.

It's a form of mind over matter, something you would often hear. Most people often see it as just a metaphor, not to be taken to heart.

However those people don't clearly see it the way I do, again that separates me from everyone else, I don't think like most people do, and that edge provides a advantage that I have over Hostyle and Robbie: I always keep a clear head in the ring, they more often than not don't, they rely on less thought and more instinct which makes them irrational when it comes to deciding what to do in the match. They are more incline to just throw everything they have without any sense of thought or strategy, a good example of that is in the case of Robbie who often follows through with his movements whenever he faces me but always comes up short. This time he believes to have the home field advantage seeing how this isn't IWF and he doesn't have to hold back or pull any punches.

But is that really the case? Was he really holding back in all those matches? Very unlikely, Yuko would know the difference and he knew that during all the times they fought each other, Robbie had always fought hard and never held back. History has a strange way of repeating itself and Yuko intends to do just that when he gets ready to fly over to Boston for the big event. It's kinda funny that Yuko already left Boston to escape from Corey when he announced his departure from IWF and now he's going back to his hometown......only with a different crew behind him.

Marley and Yuko rest on the bed, it was already late in the night and Yuko could feel the after effects of his training catch up to him, still though he felt great, at ease, the monk did a great job helping him get his mind into shape. Marley lays on top of Yuko with a mischievous smile as she runs her hands on his chest, seems someone feels a little.........horny.

Yuko Isamu
You're in a playful mood today, did you beat Brian out of his inheritance in poker again?

Naw I just thought about all the things you were going through this week, losing your job at IWF, being signed to NLWF, fighting your first match against my brother and your other friend. Figured you use a little.......loosening up.

He smiles back and grabs her by the waist and pulls her down, running his hands down her back until he feels the soft fabric of her underwear. She kisses him and wraps her arms around his neck as they share some more kisses before Yuko reaches out for the light switch.

Yuko Isamu
It's been a while since we've had sex in the dark.

Yeah.....I'm gonna make you mine tonight.

Yuko Isamu
Baby doll.

My little angel.

He hits the switch and the two start moving around in the bed, the door slams in front of the camera as it fades away.

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PostSubject: Re: Rps from NLWF   Thu May 16, 2013 2:20 am

This match was barely announced, hell the guys didn't even know we were going to be fighting each other even though the commentators whom they crushed during the aftermath of the tag tournaments stated that the next show would feature all three of us in one match with the winner taking home the prize.

Wasn't until I stepped in and told those two idiots myself that they finally got the message and already the shit talking starts. Let me just start off by saying this: I'm all about being honest, I don't try to sugar coat it like most people would, I don't have an ego like these two even though I should because let's face it, compared to them I have more to prove.

I have alot of things I want to get out of my chest first, I don't know where the hell Robbie got this whole "Corey fired you because your garbage" crap. I'm garbage? If that was really true then I would have been gone a LONG time ago. How many PPVs have I headlined? Plenty, never needed to be the top draw to make the headlines, you can put me against the weakest jobber on the roster and I'll make it a five star match.....even if it's a compete beatdown.

I ride off the success of others? Since when? I was going to cash in the briefcase whether Chad's goons would attack or not and on that note Robbie, when I was the World champion what were you huh? High Impact? Sure you held a second rate belt while I carried the whole world on my shoulders. You had the perfect chance to dethrone me, to prove that I was as you say a paper champion.

Did you do that? Fuck no, I beat you just like I've beaten you the last two times before. Let's face it Robbie, every time we squared off, I always made you my bitch in that ring. History is on my side punk and just like I beat you back at IWF I will beat you here in NLWF, ain't no clean sweep pal, you just can't accept the fact that I always am and always will be better than you.

And you have the nerve to say I'm garbage hah! If I'm garbage then your trash times twenty.

You held the High Impact title and defended it five times, yet couldn't beat me when it mattered most.

And unlike me Robbie, you never won the damn thing, Shark handed it to you on a silver platter.

Least I actually won the belt instead of taking it from someone's hands after being beaten down by said person.

Then you went on to defend that belt against a dancing buffoon and in a tag match where it was like three people against one guy who was also a fucking rookie.

What was your other defense? Cody Taylor aka James Shark clone 2.0?

Beat him for the briefcase on his second match, soften him up for you, you're welcome by the way.

You never see me pay him to kill my girl's unborn babies.

You're scum Robbie, you think of yourself as perfection but really? You're always second rate, only reason you became Heavyweight champion a second time was because of ME and HOSTYLE, you didn't just become a member of the Human Highlight Reels, we brought you in! Then you decided to pull a James Shark on us and left the group once you beat Chad for the belt.

Never said thank you along the way.

Then I would beat a hall of famer and some spineless coward to earn my shot at your belt, it was suppose to be Robbie vs. Steel Angel round 4, your chance to wipe your slate clean with me. However management had other plans, IWF bought out ASWF and UECW and decided to include a couple of their members into the the fold and made it a six pack challenge. Granted you lasted longer than me, but in the end you got shit on.

You couldn't handle the pressure of being Corey's golden boy, he had put so much faith in you only for you to drop the ball when it duty called for you to rise to the occasion. You let the whole company and yourself down and decided to flee just so you can lick your wounds.

I stayed because I knew I can take the abuse where as you couldn't, you already proved that you're not able to hack the last three times you fought against me. Why stop now?

Because I'm in a whole new environment? Please I've had worse Robbie, this is a playground for me and I'm going to have so much fun.

Now that I've bashed you let's move on to stoner/idiot number two, Hostyle.

Okay I've already stated before that you both have IQs the size of walnuts right? Just making sure.

Stop with those whole "We carried you" bullshit! You never carried me at all, everything I've done was by my own terms. Hostyle didn't carry me when I won the New Blood title, he didn't carry me when I kicked Cody Taylor off the ladder and claimed the briefcase, he didn't carry me when I went out there during his live or die match with Syco and saved his sister from becoming a human cement block.

And he sure as HELL didn't carry me when I took on Parker Wayde and defeated him for his custom High Impact that he took from you while you were picking your teeth off the floor drowning yourself in cheap booze and motels whining about your "lost pride". The true difference between us Hostyle is I've made peace with myself a long time ago, you're still trying to find your calling in life. You didn't carry me Hostyle, if anything I was the ONE WHO MADE YOU WHAT YOU ARE! I was the one who gave you a job in IWF, I told management to sign your name on the dotted line, you looked up TO ME! The guy who watched your back when his sister got kidnapped by Syco Angel and bailed her out during the Live or Die strap match. Then when you and your wife had a falling out, who pulled her out of the flames and gave her a place to stay? That's right ME! I made you Hostyle, because of me you became a huge success, we formed the Human Highlight Reels and since then we never looked back. Sure you could argue that your style helped me to some extent but in the end I was the one who always carried your ass when you couldn't get the job done yourself.

Between the three of us, I have the most tools needed to get the job done. While they are too busy getting high and drunk banging sluts and doing odd jobs for the mafia I'm out getting ready for war and what a war it's going to be. Hostyle was right about one thing, we're going to blow the roof off this joint, the combine star power that any one of us unleashes is large on it's own, all three of us though? Forget blowing the roof we'll create a tear in the depths of space!

You wanna talk about carrying me on your backs? Last show I was the one carrying you guys during the whole tag tournament. Robbie of course tries to act like he's not impressed when I showed up in the jester mask after passing off as Chuck Matthews. What Robbie wont tell you though is that I almost had him fooled, he didn't even recognize me until I removed the mask and while you could have won the belts without my help, you can't deny that I made your job so much easier.

the 2nd triple crown champion, a feat that NEITHER you nor Hostyle have!

Bow down blockheads, Steel Angel is coming through.

Peace out.
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Rps from NLWF
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