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 Sah’ta Thor [vs.] Storming Raven

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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Sah’ta Thor [vs.] Storming Raven   Thu May 23, 2013 6:18 pm

The frighteningly sadistic Sah'ta Thor steps into the ring to defend his belt for the first time against the seemingly rejuvenated Storming Raven in Raven's favorite match...the always bloody Trail of Tears match!!!


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Sah'ta Thor


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PostSubject: Tears to Come   Sun May 26, 2013 5:54 pm

~*~*~*~*~Press Conference~*~*~*~*~

It had been another good week for the IWF Uprising Champion Sah'ta Thor but he had planned it all so that he could be part of a press conference to discuss a few things. It was set for mid-Tuesday afternoon and Sah'ta Thor had made sure things were ready by staying in Orlando after Battlegrounds. To ensure that no rumors would start about the reason for this press conference he had only given a time and location to his public relations team. From there he had done the rest. Battlegrounds had went quite well for the Empire of Blood and Sah'ta Thor personally. Yet, now it was time to do the first of his Isolation promotional events.

"Allow me to introduce the current IWF Uprising Champion and leader of the Empire of Blood...Sah'ta Thor!"

This introduction from Paige signals that it is time for Thor to go out and address the reporters who were waiting for him. He steps out from behind a stage prop with the newly designed IWF Uprising Championship gleaming over the shoulder of his black Sin Incarnate shirt. He steps up to the podium while Paige moves to sit in a chair off to the side.

"It is nice to see you all here. Before we begin this I have a few guidelines. I will say what I came out here to say while you just listen and make notes. Only after I have finished talking will I open the floor up to questions. If this is a problem for you then I guess you can leave now."

There is a brief pause as Thor waits to see if anyone leaves. No one moves which causes him to grin in satisfaction since he knew full well that his public relations team had selected intelligent reporters. So he takes a deep breath and sets the Uprising Championship on the podium in front of him.

"Last night we saw just how much power I already have in the IWF. Prove of that fact sits right in front of me in the newly designed Uprising Championship. You see I personally came up with this new design and let me tell you I am quite pleased with the fact that the IWF management gave me the green light to reveal it. Yet, that was just the beginning of my night wasn't it? After all, I got Storming Raven to accept my challenge for a Trail of Tears match at Isolation. Of, course we all saw that he accepted my challenge after a bit of bluster on his part. I look forward to end his Trail of Tears winning streak. Though frankly I have to admit that exchange paled in comparison to my victory over Alexander Remington. We all saw how he tried to walk out of the match in a simple admittance of his inability to beat me. However, he got ran back to ring by his Isolation opponent which allowed me to pin the self styled "Emperor of IWF" which makes my record against him 2 wins and 0 losses."

Thor stops speaking and lets the reporters catch up on their notes while he takes a sip from a water glass.

"Now as I was saying I have all the momentum going into Isolation. When was the last time Storming Raven won a match? Sure as hell hasn't been since I joined the IWF at Homecoming. Which means I have to wonder does he ever know what it is like win anymore? Or has the "Pride of the Cherokee Nation" just rolled over and accepted his role as the company punching bag? Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised given our history in the ring. In the end it doesn't matter because like I said before I am giving him a gift. I know what Storming Raven is capable of and honestly I think a little bit of incentive will do him some good. My gift to him is a chance to take MY Uprising Championship away from me in a HIS match type. You see I know that he hasn't completely washed up yet so I figure he can turn his luck around at Isolation if really wants the gold. I am giving him the chance to step his game up and be the one to end my individual winning streak."

Thor smiles then takes another drink of water while staring out over the crowd of reporters. He was getting warmed up with how he felt about his current place on the IWF roster.

"Yet, does anyone really think that Storming Raven can beat me at Isolation? I didn't think so, but who knows maybe the stars will align in his favor so that I get food poisoning or something before the match. Let's be honest here, the last time Storming Raven won an IWF match Chuck Matthews was around. Which is to say that ever since Storming lost to Blyss he has been spiraling ever downwards. Last night we saw him lose to my friend and brother in arms, Frank Finelli. Not to belittle Frank's talent in the ring but his career is a pale candle to what I have accomplished in the ring. Before Homecoming I told everybody that I was bringing the Empire of Blood to the IWF. I haven't forgotten that ideal and you see I have been working on assembling a team to be reckoned with. After Isolation I promise that things will be kicked into a higher gear and things will really get interesting."

With that Thor smirks in amusement as he watches the reporters scribble in their notebooks. He knew that each one was probably thinking up questions for him. It was almost time for him to open the floor up to them but first he had to comment on a few matters.

"Now I find myself needing to backtrack slightly. You see the IWF Chairman of the Board has made it quite clear where his bias lays when it comes to stars on the roster. He was in Alexander Remington's corner during our match last night and it was probably his advice that caused the "Emperor of IWF" to run from me. Hell we all saw how Corey Casey egged Remington on while he attacked Gordon Fury in the back. So I am going to take a moment and make something very clear. IF Corey Casey decides to try and screw me over I will insure that he no longer has ANY power within the IWF. The moment I feel that the Chairman of the Board has it out for my I will take this company from him faster than he can blink. I won't give this warning again so I hope he understands how serious I really am. Speaking of paybacks and lessons that I need to teach, Ace Static had better consider himself lucky. Lucky that I have yet to catch up with him. However, I think his luck is going to run out after Isolation because I will make sure he knows what crossing me will cost him."

Thor falls silent as a demonic smile crosses his lips as he contemplated just what he was going to do Ace Static when he finally got his hands on him. He licks his lips as if savoring something tasty before he starts to chuckle. He randomly points at a reporter and motions for her to stand up. As the reporter stands Thor just grins knowing what he intended to do in this moment.

"You are the first one to get the chance to ask me a question. I would advise making it a good one though."

The woman nods nervously having heard about Thor's somewhat short temper.

"Thank you for allow me a chance to ask you a question. My name is Emma Jacobs of the Wrestling Enquirer and I would like to know who specifically on the IWF roster have you been looking at to recruit for the Empire of Blood."

"I am sure you would Emma. However, you like the rest of the world will have to wait until that information is made public. Yet, I be nice and give you a hint on who I have been looking at. It is quite simple really if you have been paying attention to the last few Battlegrounds. IF you haven't then all I will say is that you need to look for the skulls. Furthermore, I can tell you that on Battlegrounds 74 I will be revealing at least one of the new Empire of Blood members."

Emma sits down as Thor looks for his next question. He points at a random guy on the other side of crowd which he nods slightly. The man slowly stands up a bit nervously as he was unsure if he was in a good situation.

"I am Jake Evans and my question is this. It has been well documented that your family has a major wrestling legacy. Will that legacy be continuing in the IWF?"

"If you are asking if any other members of my family will be coming to the IWF well I am not sure about. As of right now I have heard nothing to indicate that any one of else in my family will be signing an IWF contract in the near future. However, that is not to say that it is unlikely to expect a few of them to be seen on the roster sometime in the future."

Jake sits back down and Thor contemplates his next choice before looking back to Paige. After a moment he picks up the Uprising Championship before walking away from the podium. Paige gets up and walks back to the podium to end the press conference.

~*~*~*~*~Snippets of interviews past~*~*~*~*~

We find Thor later in the day sitting on a private jet in mid flight west. It was evident that the scene was being recorded for later uploading but still he was ready to address a few other issues that would further explain who he was.

"Are you sure about this Master?"

"Yes Paige. This will help people to know a bit more about me."

"I understand but do you really need to explain yourself to the masses?"

Thor just chuckles knowing that she had a major point but still knew that he had to follow through with what he planned to do. That way people would begin to understand just what he was all about. Paige was sitting with a open laptop and was was ready to cue in the proper clips when the time was right.

"IWF Isolation is just around the corner and I am on the way to Los Angeles to get ready for it. Yet, I am not one to waste time so I figure it is time to show some clips of some my old interviews in order to show more of who and what I am. Understand the clips I am going to show are more highlights than anything else and as such should viewed as such. The first set of clips be from a press conference that I did before my shot at the GEW International Championship back in June of 2009."

Quote :
The black conference table gleamed in the light as the room slowly started to fill with a group of men and women holding notebooks and tape recorders. The group even included a few cameramen who set up behind the table all pointed at the red high back chair that sat empty at the head of the table. This gather had been set up quickly and all parties had been invited by the head of the Empire of Blood Sah’ta Thor. Its purpose would soon be revealed. A hush falls over the room as Sah’ta Thor enters the room. He was wearing a red suit with a black and gold tie that was held in place by a gold Empire of Blood skull pin. His long black hair pulled back and held in place by a silver hair clip. In his right hand he held a finely polished purple heart wood walking cane with finely etched Nordic runes spiraling down the slightly spiraled shaft. In his left he carried a black duffel bag. Sah’ta Thor stood still a moment looking over the company of reporters that were sitting there awaiting him. Slowly and regally he makes his way towards the empty high backed chair the end of his cane tapping on the hardwood floor.

Once at the chair he sets the duffel bag on the tabletop then hooks the cane on chair’s arm before slowly sinking into it. As soon as he was seated Thor grins slightly and then looks each reporter in the eye for the briefest of moments as if searching for something within their souls. He was leans back once this procedure was done and licks his lips slightly in prelude to beginning what would be a rather interesting afternoon.[/color]

“Good afternoon and welcome to this hurried press conference. Know that the twenty of you here today are an elite group. Each one of you here today been allowed to be present because of the way you conduct yourselves in the pursuit of information. I promise you that while each of you must be wondering just what this is about it will make sense in a moment. You see I have invited you all here this afternoon to engage in a session of twenty questions. Each one of you will be allowed to ask one question and between all of you I would like to think that I will provide the answers to many of the world’s questions about me.”’

Thor stops speaking and then looks around the table once more to see several bewildered looks and knew that the day would be interesting for all present.

“But before we begin with the questions I must inform you that there will be a few rules maintained to ensure the peace. First off we shall start with the reporter on my left and work around the table one question at a time until all twenty of you have asked a question. Also when you ask your question please don’t expect a long winded answer. Honestly I am not sure what all I will have to say on a given subject. I will allow you a moment to prepare your questions while I have someone bring us some refreshments.”

With that Thor leans back into the chair as he pushes a button the chair’s arm. Within moments a pair of the building’s black uniformed security come in with a roller cart that has several pitchers of ice water with enough glasses for everyone in the room and a couple of trays with meat and cheese on it. The finish setting the stuff on the table so that all of the reporters could get to it they quietly leaves the room while after nodding towards Thor. The reporters talk among themselves while they grab a drink and some of the munchies.

"I hope that sets the scene nicely enough for all of you out there in viewer land. Of course I am not going to share all twenty questions with you but I hope you will see just how important I am taking this. So enjoy the following bits of enlightenment."

Quote :
“You claim to have many different supernatural abilities but lately you have avoided even talking about that side of who you say you are. I would like to ask what caused you to deny who you are?”

Thor stiffens and looks at the woman intently for a moment then sighs looking away. He slowly stands up and unbuttons his shirt before taking it off. With a groan of pain a pair of black feathered wings slowly unfurl from his back as he holds out his hands. His hands are enveloped in fire as his eyes flash slightly. He sighs softly as he stands back up as he sees the fear and interest in the eyes of the reporters.

“You ask of something you do not know. I have stopped showing what I am because close minded assholes think I am a monster. The point is that I know I am different than all of you and I am honestly scared of what will happen if I show what I am. Can you honestly say that the world is ready to accept what I am? I am thinking of people like you with my discretion.”

The fire extinguishes from Thor’s hands as the wings retract into back again. The process causing him immense pain as he grits his teeth and bows his head slightly knowing that the show he had just put on would hurt him in the end.

“Many of those who watch Global Extreme Wrestling have wondered just what Sah’ta means would you share the meaning of your name with us?”

Thor leans back in his chair and gets a rather distant look on his face as he tracks down the memory attached to his name. Grinning he finds it and takes a deep breath.

“Sah’ta is more a title then a name. It is meaning is hard to explain as there is no literal way to translate what it stands for in English. But the general idea of it is that it means something along the line of “redeemed leader through rebirth.” Anyone who is aware of and interested in my history knows that I have been killed at least twice in my lifetime and have earned the title. Only a few other men and women have ever earned the title and I have not met any of them. In short it is a respected title that comes from my homeland.”

“There has been much speculation and just what nationality you claim as your own. So just what country do you claim to have ties to?”

Thor grins thoughtfully and starts to laugh. This was a question that he had been waiting for some time to answer.

“Such a question is dangerous Mr. Grant. To be honest I am descended from the great Vikings of the past. The blood of the Norse runs through my veins. I am the product of a warrior people and if you have not seen that then you are near blind. One only has to look to history to see that the Vikings were ruthless in battle and any who have seen me in the ring knows that I too am ruthless. Yet also the blood of the Celts runs in these veins and together the bloodlines are stronger than apart.”

“To expand on the last question just how is the Imperial Enterprises different from the rest of the corporate world?”

Thor grins knowingly at how the man had seemingly wasted his question to follow through on that his predecessor had started to find out. This was fun and informative at the same time.

“Ahh, an all important qualifier of a question. You want to know just why the Imperial Enterprises is on the rise? I will be honest with you all the employees of the Imperial Enterprises has undergone a minimum six week personalized combat and professional training course. On top of that each Imperial Enterprise employee owns a minimum 25 shares of the company stock. You see Imperial Enterprises is a owned by each and every member of the Empire of Blood and as a result each owner adds to the whole. I may have founded the business and the organization but I will tell you now its strength and success is not in what I provide but in the team work and cooperation of each and every one of my colleagues. As been the Empire of Blood creed “Helping the unfortunate help themselves” such is how it is in the Imperial Enterprises.”

Thor stops to take a drink of water while focusing his thoughts. As he was doing this his eye stop to rest upon the duffel bag had brought in earlier.

“I belief that society is only as strong as it is weakest member and as a result I seek out the weakest in the society and help them become strong. That is how Imperial Enterprises is different from other corporations and why it will continue to grow. It gives the people who can’t otherwise compete a fair chance at employment. Instead of being a overly greed focused company we seek to make enough to support the Empire of Blood and have enough leftover to expand as it grows.”

“I must ask about Castle Thorn, where exactly is it located?”

Thor grins as he thinks of his secluded home. Yes it would be safe sharing where it was located because it was on privately own property.

“Ahh Castle Thorn, the family homestead. I will be honest when I say that it’s walls have seen much in the way of drama and excitement. Currently the castle, which I had transported from its original resting place via a rather complicated arrangement, rest on the western side of the Colorado Rockies. It is nice quiet and secluded. The air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful beyond belief. I am happy with the location and it is one that many people would find hard to get to so my privacy is kept intact.”

Thor slowly stands up and grabs the duffel bag that had been sitting next to him the entire afternoon.

“And that wraps up the twenty questions. However since no one asked what was in this duffel bag I will enlighten you.”

Thor opens the duffel bag and slowly pulls out a set of twenty-five boxes, a box for each of the reporters and cameramen. The boxes were the same each containing a pack of Imperial Cigars, a small bottle of Imperial Brewery ale, an Empire of Blood shirt and an envelope with $5,000 in cash on the inside. Once all the boxes were laid out on the table Thor turns towards the door and walks to it with the now empty duffel bag in his hand. He turns back to the room and grins.

"Long story short I ended up winning that match and became the new GEW International Champion. The fact that it took me beating two other men in triple threat action just made it all the sweeter. Yet, for all of that I have to admit that wasn't the first time I made some big revelations about myself in a interview nor the last. In fact, I know I still have a few good interviews left in me."

"We have a have a problem."

"What sort of problem Paige?"

"I can't seem to find that interview you did with Shelly where you revealed your long terms wrestling plans."

Thor sighs slightly as he pinches his nose in slight irritation. That clip would have been a good one but he would make due without it.

"That is okay Paige, I will figure something else else. It may have be have been my fault that you can't find it."

He leans forward in his seat with a smile on his lips as he contemplated how to salvage this unforeseen setback.

"You know what Paige send in what we have now and I will take care of the rest after we get settled in LA."

With that the image suddenly goes black as the camera is turned off. The rest of the flight a mystery to any who might have wondered.

~*~*~*~*~Bloody Tears~*~*~*~*~

Thor had spent the last few days in LA enjoying himself before his big title defense at the IWF Isolation event. It had done some good to just be able to relax for a few days. Sure he had dealt with a few business related issues but in the end those things had been minor. Now however, the week was coming to an end and he had to make one last set of comments about his match against Storming Raven. Which is why he was already at the Staples Center ready to talk about his upcoming title defense. He was standing on the front steps with the IWF Uprising Championship resting around his waist.

"Is today even real? Or are we in some sort of time loop? Hell it doesn't really matter does it since I am here and IWF Isolation is only hours away and I am ready for it. I have to wonder though is Storming Raven or will I be the latest in a long long of defeats? In the end it doesn't really matter because I am fired up for tonight. I am focused on how important this match is not only for me but for the entire IWF. I know what is riding on this match even if Storming Raven doesn't."

Thor stops speaking for a moment as he starts to grin in amusement.

"Now we all know that my opponent Storming Raven is a proud Cherokee warrior who mentions his heritage at every chance he gets. I already know that he is going to deliver some long winded history lesson about what happened during the real Trail of Tears as if it might help him during our match. Let me be completely honest here, I don't give a shit about something that happened almost two hundred years ago. No what I am interested in is what is going on now. Which makes me wonder if Storming Raven will even be in this century for our match not that it really matters because I am going to do something that no one else has. After tonight Storming Raven will no longer be undefeated in his Trail of Tears match and I will still be the Uprising Champion."

Another pause occurs as Thor starts to pace. He was getting to a point in his commentary that it would be important to show his passion.

"Which brings me to just what the Trail of Tears actually is. Which I will explain it to as I recall it from when I first heard about back in September of 2011. The match takes place in a 20 foot tall steel cage surrounded in razor wire and broken glass,two sides electrified that change at random, hanging inside the cage the most extreme weapons known to man. The only way to win is pinfall, submission or if the contender is no longer able to continue. Now here is where it gets interesting...If someone climbs out of the cage, the match isn't over, the opponent must climb over and continue the match on the floor where it becomes last man standing."

Thor pauses here to let the match type sink into the minds of those listening to him.

"If anyone thinks that this type of match scares me any then they haven't been paying attention to my career. I have been involved in some of the most brutal cage match variants known to man even one created by IWF's very own Alexander Remington. Though that really doesn't matter does it? Because I know that this is an entirely different beast. Sure Storming Raven has the experience fact in this matchup since he created the match type but from there I think that is all the advantage he may have. After all, I have proven time and again that I am not just some pushover in the ring. Toss me in a match that is the bastard child of a Clockwork Orange match and Last Man Standing and you had better be ready for anything to come."

Thor unbuckles the IWF Uprising Championship from his waist and lifts it up into the air. As he does he gives a devilish smirk.

"The truth is that anyone who knows anything about my career will know that I love to inflict pain and cause bloodshed whenever possible. Throw in a title and my savagery only increases in the fact that I will do whatever it takes to win. So Storming Raven will be walking into is proverbial death tonight and the result is that I will cause him to bleed. I can promise that there will be tears shed tonight but there will tears of pain and remorse on the part of one Storming Raven. I purposely chose this match type to give my opponent the so called home field advantage to make my win all the sweeter. So until later tonight the Pride of the Cherokee Nation can live with the delusion that he may just become the new IWF Uprising Champion."

With that Sah'ta Thor turns and walks into the Staples Center signalling that he had finished speaking on the matter. Now all that remained was to have the match and see what history was made in the process. In just a few hours some one would suffer in the Trail of Tears.
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Storming Raven

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PostSubject: Re: Sah’ta Thor [vs.] Storming Raven   Sun May 26, 2013 7:50 pm


My hometown, Laredo,Texas. I wake up in bed next to a woman I spent the night with. Hell I don't even know her name. I shake her awake. She smiles up at me and I just scowl.

“You're still here? Get the fuck out”

She begins to get angry and puts on her clothes.

“What the fuck is your problem?! You prick! Everyone was right, you're just a pathetic loser!”

I pick up one of manyempty whiskey bottles by the bed, and throw it at the wall above her head.


A few hours later I sit on the couch of Laredo's finest psychiatrist Dr. Schultz. He is a fat balding man with wire rim glasses. He goes over some notes and begins to speak.

Dr. Schultz: Mister Cochran, in our last session we instituted hypnotherapy and a lie detector. When asked if you killed your fiancee, you said yes, that was a lie. When asked if you had any recollection of doing it you said no, and that was the truth. Upon further hypnosis I realized what you had was a very vivid dream. The things you described doing were impossible. You are just a very troubled person. In my professional opinion, it was all a dream. When I got into your repressed memories nothing came up. Quite frankly you need more help than I can give.

I stare blankly at the doctor and walk over to him at his desk. I pick up a dagger shaped letter opener and sit on the desk, seriously who has letter openers like this anymore? I flip the letter opener over a few times as I begin to speak.

“Well Doc. Someone once said, that which doesn't kill you, simply makes you...strange-er.”

Dr. Schultz puts his hands on the desk to get out of his chair. Before he can get up I stab his right hand with the letter opener, it goes through his hand and sticks into the desk. Before he can scream I put my hand over his mouth. I lean down right in his face and quietly speak.

“Now Doc, you're not gonna tell anyone what happened here today are you? After all pain is just a part of the healing process.”

The doctor shakes his head in fear, sweat drips from his temples, and his eyes are wide.

“Good. I do enjoy our little sessions. You understand me. Just in case you think about telling anyone what happened after I leave, remember I will know about it, and I have friends. Friends who can make it like you never even existed...Now if you will excuse me I have a plane to catch, Los Angeles is in need of a new class of villain.”

I reach into the pocket of my black jeans and pull out an ace of spades card, the death card when used as a tarot card. I put it in his shirt pocket, and walk out the door.

Chapter one: Hooray for Hollywood?

I stand in front of the world famous TCL Theater formerly the Grauman Chinese Theater as the camera comes on. There are various people in costume. There is a Superman, Batman, Spiderman,and...Elvis.

“Look at this place. Hollywood, Los Angeles California. The city of angels, hell city of whores is more like it. There's at least five on every corner. The other inhabitants aren't much better in this steaming cesspool of a city. The sins of vanity, and greed run rampant in this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. These people sicken me. Spending lavish amounts of money on things they don't need. This town needs an enema to rid of it of the shit that clogs the arteries of the heart of this land. It's not all their fault though. The true fault lies at the hearts of the people. The people who watch the lives of celebrities like crows on a battle field waiting to feast on the carrion as soon as one of these famous people mess up. Hell we're all human, we all make mistakes, famous or not. Yet everyone loves to look down their noses at celebrities. We have shows that glorify teen pregnancy, and dolls that look like street walkers, and we wonder why so many children are getting pregnant. We should stop watching the lives of celebrities crumbling around them, and take a look at our own lives! You don't want your child to see something? Don't let them watch it. Don't want them hearing certain things? Don't let them listen to it. Be parents, take control of your own lives!”

As I am talking Spiderman and Elvis notice the camera and walk over to pander for the audience, looking for their big break. I sigh and run my hand over my mouth.

“Excuse me for one second.”

I step back and kick the Spiderman in the nuts, then look at Elvis.

“You sir are NOT the king. The king is dead...”

I kick him in the stomach and DDT him on the concrete, his wig comes off. I look at him in disgust.

“Not even the common decency to actually fix your real hair like Elvis Aron Presley?”

I shake my head, jump back to my feet and look back into the camera.

“Now enough about this city, and on to what matters. Isolation. It seems in this business the past has a funny way of sneaking up to you. A man I thought I had left behind in a dying company has some how found his way to my new turf. What's more in his first match he has captured a title. Something I haven't been able to do in a little over a year with the company. Now I know the way he thinks. He thinks because of our meeting finally constantly being put off in that long dead company, that I am afraid to face him. He has even gone so far as to put his title up for grabs against me in my own match.”

A malevolent chuckle escapes my mouth.

“How fucking stupid do you have to be, to challenge ME to a trail of tears match?! Thor you died as soon as you made the challenge, and now I am just waiting to pull the plug on the machine keeping you alive that is the uprising title. You have no idea what you have done! I would say ask Ace Steel what it's like to go against me in a trail of tears match, but he is nowhere to be found, off licking his wounds since last we met.”

I begin to pace around.

“It really IS a shame you went through all that trouble of designing a new title, just to lose it at Isolation. When you step into the trail of tears, you're not only facing me, but you are facing the countless souls of my people who have died because of the white man's greed for centuries! A twenty foot high steel cage, surrounded on all four sides by broken glass and barbed wire. Three sides of the cage are electrified, the most extreme weapons known to the sport hanging inside. If one of us is to climb out of the cage the match isn't over. The other must follow it then becomes last man standing. Thor, I am the extreme Cherokee artist. The ring is my canvas, blood is my paint, my opponent's bones my brush. I shall call my next disasterpiece “Ragnarok: the fall of Thor, and the uprising of The Cherokee Nation”...See you soon.”

Chapter two: Say hello to the night.

(from a video on

The video opens with Storming Raven sitting by a bon fire in an undisclosed location. He looks in to the camera with black eyes.

“Notice the difference in my appearance do you? This is only the beginning.”

Thunder is heard in the distance and rain begins to fall.

“My family history states, any male child born under the night of a storm with a raven watching while the moon is full, will turn into a wendigo if he does not find true love before midnight on his twenty-seventh birthday.”

Storming Raven grins showing unusually sharp teeth, and runs his fingers through his hair.

“That means I have until December seventeenth to stop this curse. If I don't? May the god have mercy on IWF. Now on to business. This Sunday, it's streak versus streak and title. My streak in the trail of tears match, versus Thor's winning streak and the uprising title. Now I won't go into the history of the trail of tears. If you don't know by now, you're just too damn stupid, or don't care enough to google. I'm guessing the latter. The white man never cared about what happened to my people. Thor you shouldn't be too upset with Ace Static, after all it wasn't long before that match I took him to hell and made him walk his own trail of tears, for what at the time I thought was a valiant reason. I was wrong. I won't make that mistake again, but I digress. He isn't the only one who has lost their soul in the trail of tears. The Jackyl and Silas Romero also thought they could best me in my own world. They must have thought their god would protect them, well I proved to them their god doesn't exist, and now they lay somewhere broken, possibly dead, dreaming of what might have been.”

The rain picks up and the wind howls.

“Thor you are but the fourth soul who shall perish in my trail of tears. It's nothing personal, it's just business. It's true I may be on a losing streak, but this is EXACTLY what I need to get back on track, foolish man. Your life, and your title belong to me!”

Thunder rolls and lightning crashes causing the camera to go to static. A sinister laugh can be heard through the static as a blood red skull slowly fades in to view.

Chapter three: Everything changes

I sit on the couch in my locker room wearing buck skin pants, a Cherokee choker and black and red war paint in the fashion of a skull, a few short hours before Isolation. My body is wrapped in barbed wire from my shoulders to my feet. A barrel of broken glass stands near by. I take a roll of tape out of my duffel bag and begin to tape up my fists. I then take out a bottle of glue and squeeze some out on each fist, before walking over to the barrel of broken glass and dipping my hands in. I pull my fists out, now covered in bits of broken glass.

“I'll never understand why you do that little bro.

I chuckle and look at my sister standing in the open door way of my locker room.

“I wouldn't expect you to. When you spend most of your youth on the street, you learn to use every part of your body as a weapon. To use the objects around you to your advantage. This match is a year in the making, and could have happened at a better time. Tonight I smite the mighty Thor and send him packing back to whatever hell he crawled out of.”

Bella walks over to the near by fridge and grabs a bottled water.

“ careful Stormy. Don't take any unnecessary risks.”

I chuckle again.

“Now would I do that? It's all necessary I will win tonight. I HAVE to win. Our people will not walk the trail again. It's not me you should be worrying about. I will be fine. I was born for this. You and everyone else should be worrying about Thor. Someone is getting scalped tonight, and we will have a new uprising champion. A deserving champion who has fought all of his life for greatness. It's only a matter of time. The Cherokee will rise.”

Bella sighs.

“Little bro, have I told you lately how crazy you are?”

I laugh and hug my sister, being careful not to cut her.

“You haven't seen anything yet sis. When everyone thinks I will lose is when I come up with the most surprises.”

We walk out of my locker room, and to the backstage curtain area, waiting for my music to hit.


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Sah’ta Thor [vs.] Storming Raven
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