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 Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Diana Logan

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PostSubject: Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Diana Logan   Thu May 23, 2013 6:24 pm

Blyss Lockhart might have finally bitten off more than she can chew in this match! Because she will take on not one, but TWO of IWF's most promising divas when she does battle with Megan Andrews and Diana Logan!!


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PostSubject: Re: Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Diana Logan   Sun May 26, 2013 11:38 pm

”When History Repeats”


Your decisions have led you to the drowning pool. You struggle, you choke, you gasp for air. Who do you scream for help now, my dear Blyss? If it’s not them who leave you like this, it’s you. Never have you called for me yet I’m the only one who has stayed since the beginning.

You’re struggling now, kicking and reaching. I hate seeing you like this. Not that I know any other emotion unfortunately. You made me this way, remember? That day when you first felt the bitterness of abandonment. Of death. How it engulfed you and how close you got to forgetting how to breathe.

Rage is me. Your sustenance. Your hope. What can I do to make you see me? I’ve grown so dark, there is no light here.

There you go again, crying for someone else. No one can hear you but me. It’s true. Whoever tells you otherwise is a liar. Do you understand me now? Because I can save you if you listen to me instead. I’ll make the decisions for you. I know what’s best for you, for us.

And so far, this isn’t it. You’ve wandered off the path. Stop fixing things when you yourself are broken. Time to come back, my dear Blyss. It’s time to return.

Blyss shoots up in bed, waking suddenly from a dream. Her heart is pounding in her chest. It takes a while for her to calm down and realize that she’s awake now... and still alive. Lying down on her side and curling herself up into a ball, she clutches the blanket with wide eyes searching in the dark.

How many such nights does she have to endure? What does she have to do to get rid of all this? She places a hand on her forehead and sighs. She knows the answer but she can’t remember for a long time now and so her eyes keep on searching.

Bury me, bury me
Come on, bury me alone in the light

Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL

Blyss is walking to the parking lot after BattleGrounds and passing by everyone without a word. She’s contemplating a decision that’s been weighing on her mind for a week. This thing with Gordon Fury seems to keep getting worse and last week, the confrontation with Jaci Sovereign sure doesn’t help at all. Should she go see Gordon now to talk things out? But she remembers what just happened during the show. Maybe it’s not really a good idea to talk to him now...

Or ever.

Tim Patrick
Hey Blyss! You heading to your car now?

Blyss turns around and smiles.

Blyss Lockhart
Hey Tim. Yeah I am. Walk with me?

Tim catches up to her and they both make their way to the parking lot.

Blyss Lockhart
Big match announcement for Isolation you got there. 3 Stages... Damn.

Blyss chuckles, adjusting the strap of her duffel bag on her shoulder.

Tim Patrick
Yeah, I asked Jessica for it. I'm going to have to really hurt Sean Libby.

Tim smiles.

Tim Patrick
And you get to beat the ever loving shit out of Diana and Megan.

Blyss shrugs then laughs a little.

Blyss Lockhart
I guess so. Though I'm glad that I beat Diana tonight, I don't know how it's gonna be later when Megan's there too.

Blyss clears her throat.

Blyss Lockhart
I hate triple threat matches... I don't want a repeat of Rising Monarchy when I had to face Ruby and Tiffani.

Tim Patrick
Dude, you're on such a roll right now. Megan hasn't done one thing to suggest that she can actually beat you since she got back and Diana looked super rusty out there tonight. Just be aware of everybody in the ring and you'll win. Really. 

Tim looks closer at Blyss, noticing that "look" in her eyes. The look she gets when something is bothering her.

Tim Patrick
Blyss... What's up, kid?

Blyss laughs nervously, backing away a bit.

Blyss Lockhart
What? Why are you looking at me like that?

A reassuring smile comes across Tim's face. He bends down a tiny bit and looks directly into her eyes.

Tim Patrick
Blyss, I know when you're upset. What's going on? Is it Gordon?

Blyss frowns slightly.

Blyss Lockhart
Dammit Tim... Is my face really an open book? Because people have told me that. (chuckles nervously) Well… Yeah, I guess it's about him.

Blyss twirls the ends of her hair around her finger nervously.

Blyss Lockhart
I went to see Jaci last week after you know... And she's really pissed at me because I was there for you but not her. It even sounds like she's mad at me because of what Gordon did. Like somehow it's also my fault. I don't know... I wanted to go see him last week too but I was too angry and I knew that conversation won't go so well. But tonight, it doesn't seem like it would be a good time either because of what happened with him and Alexander and Corey. Or am I just making up excuses not to see him? (scrunches up her nose) I'm confused.

Tim Patrick
Well firstly, thank you for being there for me last week and visiting me in the hospital. You're a great little sister. 

Tim hugs Blyss.

Tim Patrick
This Jaci thing? I'm not sure. I think she needs somebody to be mad at after what happened. It was ugly. But she's wrong in taking it out on you. 

Tim clears his throat.

Tim Patrick
You and Gordo are both adults. You guys clearly need to talk, so yeah... You should talk. 

Blyss scowls, feeling frustrated.

Blyss Lockhart
I know! But every time we meet, things just get worse. Like the last time, 2 weeks ago, we tried to have dinner, have a civilized conversation and a nice meal, but he just-- he just said some stupid shit he always does. He kept asking me what he should do on how not to fuck things up between us. And I just lost it. So I left to clear my head and give him some space to think about it.

Blyss sighs.

Blyss Lockhart
I know I shouldn't react that way and leave. I should've been more calm, right? I want him to see that he can trust me but I don't know how NOT to retaliate so hard like that. Even Jaci told me she can't talk to me when I get like that. But I just don't know how to control that. Should I just give up?

Tim Patrick
I think that if you don't try and work things out with Gordon, it'll bother you more and more each day. And you'll regret not trying. 

Tim laughs.

Tim Patrick
What do you like about him so much?

Blyss' face softens.

Blyss Lockhart
We've been through a lot and despite the rough times, there were good times too. Someway somehow he just gets me, you know? He's always been honest with me. Though sometimes he says things that makes me wanna punch him...

Blyss laughs, shaking her head.

Blyss Lockhart
But he stays true to who he is no matter what and that's what I admire about him. Back then when it was announced that I was his tag partner for Ascension, I could tell he wasn't happy about how he had to put his title on the line as well. Yet he accepted when I asked for his help to prepare for the match. He has a good heart...

Blyss smiles and turns to Tim.

Blyss Lockhart
That's what I like about him. (blushes) Aaaand he’s also kinda cute. Okay, like really cute.

Tim laughs. The smile on Blyss’ face slowly disappears, replaced by a more serious look.

Blyss Lockhart
And you're right. I will regret not trying. And if I have to take that risk again, I guess I should, right?

Tim grins.

Tim Patrick
You really should. Sounds like you really like him. Snatch him up before he gets distracted by shiny objects and wanders off into traffic. 

Blyss Lockhart

Blyss laughs.

Blyss Lockhart
Thanks Tim. I've been going over this in my head a thousand times already. I really appreciate this talk with you. Sorry to dump all this on you tonight after the show.

They finally reach her car and Blyss gives Tim a hug.

Blyss Lockhart
I'll see you soon, ‘kay? (smiles) Wish me luck!

Tim Patrick
(grins) Catch ya later, sis. Good luck.

Blyss gets into her car and as she drives off, she waves Tim goodbye.

His words are nothing but echoes of your own muddled thoughts. That’s all...

Blyss grips the steering wheel, glancing at the rear view mirror.

Leave it all behind, my dear Blyss. Just go.

I've never had a reason to take me away
I want it to be over
But I sit here and wait

Location: Gordon’s motel room in Orlando, FL

The elevator doors open, revealing the brightly lit hallway of the seventh floor. Blyss has come all the way here without breaking stride. Her mind is filled with thoughts of mixed emotions. But she’s made her decision that morning and with Tim’s advice, she has stuck to it.

Until now.

She stays where she is in the elevator, suddenly unsure whether to take another step forward. She hates this. She wants to do this. She needs to fix this.

The doors begin to close and she quickly reaches for the ‘open’ button, even wedging herself in between the doors to keep them from closing. The doors open again and she slips through. Rubbing her shoulder, she walks down the hallway and searches for the room. With each step, she gets more anxious. She reaches the end of the long hallway and finally there’s the room she’s looking for. Of course. It hasn’t even begun and her heart’s already beating like crazy.

Trying to calm herself down, she stands before the door and takes deep breaths. There wouldn’t be a point for this if she were to start yelling straightaway. Nobody wants to talk to someone like that. Here goes nothing...

She knocks on the door and waits. No answer. This feels familiar and the memory of meeting Jaci last week is still fresh. What if this is a mistake? Is being hopeful really just being naive? She knocks again, feeling a lot more impatient. The least he can do is answer. Say something. Anything.

He did this to Jaci. He did this to you.

Her knocks turn to banging fists and that’s when the door finally swings open, revealing a very confused looking Gordon. His confusion combines with frustration as he replies.

Gordon Fury
Blyss? What the fuck are you doing here?

Hearing Gordon’s aggression, she forgets all about her promise to herself.

Blyss Lockhart
Look at what you did! To Jaci, to me! What have you done?!

Without thinking, she shoves him hard on the chest. He recoils from the push, his confusion turning more towards anger every second.

Gordon Fury
Look what I did? Are you fucking kidding me? What happened to Jaci was an accident and I didn’t do anything to you!

Gordon takes a step forward.

Gordon Fury
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Blyss Lockhart
Because of you, Jaci won't talk to me! So yeah, THAT'S what you did! It's all your fault, Gordon! It's all your fault!

She hits him again and then steps backwards, glaring back at him. She wipes the tears from her eyes. This is really not good… Not good. Gordon recoils again, his fists clench as he steps forward once more.

Gordon Fury
You know I didn't mean to hurt Jaci! If she is just going to throw you aside then she wasn't someone you needed in your life!

Gordon takes another step forward before glaring right back at her.

Gordon Fury
This isn't even about Jaci really, is it, Blyss? You got something to say? Then just fucking say it!

Blyss stands her ground.

Blyss Lockhart
Jaci's my best friend, Gordon. But you're right. This isn't really about her.

She takes a half step closer carefully.

Blyss Lockhart
This is about the shit you've put me through for the past few weeks. What you have done to me, Gordon. You asked me what you have to do, remember? At the restaurant? Is this it? You hiding out here in your motel room? Is that your answer?

She exhales sharply and looks up at him, challenging him.

Blyss Lockhart
Is that it, Gordon?!

Gordon takes a step closer to her as well, his body trembling slightly.

Gordon Fury
The shit I've put you through? Whenever something happens that you don't like, you run from it! You have never given me a chance to work things through with you! How the fuck am I supposed to sort shit out when all you do is run away and cry! 

Gordon's tone gets more leveled.

Gordon Fury
Sounds to me, Blyss, that I'm not the one who is hiding.

Blyss tries with every fibre of her being not to slap him. Her fists clench and unclench by her sides.

Blyss Lockhart
Because you kept asking me over and over again what you should do when I've already told you to trust me! I didn't leave that night to hide, Gordon. I wanted you to figure this out on your own! I gave you some space! Because whatever I tell you, you don't listen. Instead, you accuse me. If you don't want to choose, then just forget it and tell me, dammit!

Gordon Fury
That is complete bullshit and you know it! All you fucking do is run and hide because you can't deal with the consequences of your own decisions! You want me to trust you, Blyss?

Gordon takes another step forward.

Gordon Fury
Did Michael trust you before you tore his fucking heart out?

Blyss steps back, hitting the wall behind her. That just hits her like a ton of bricks but she defiantly glares back.

Blyss Lockhart
Michael has NOTHING to do with us! Don't bring this up, Gordon. Don't you dare.

Gordon Fury
Oh so you are allowed to bring Jaci into this but I'm not allowed to mention Michael? Fuck you, Blyss. Don't play with fire if you are afraid to get burned. You loved Michael and he sure as fuck loved you, he probably still does. How did you justify it to him, Blyss? You wanted to focus on your career? And yet...

Gordon motions to his room.

Gordon Fury
...Here you are.

Blyss Lockhart
Are you fucking kidding me?! I can't believe... (sighs in frustration) You know what? FINE. I did love Michael. And when I finally won my first title in my career, I wanted to focus fully on it. I didn't think I could handle having both or even deserve it. I admit it was stupid and selfish of me. I panicked and I bailed. And the reason why I'm here now is because I want to fix what I've done wrong... But not with him.

She bows her head down, slamming a fist on the wall.

Blyss Lockhart
It's time I clean up my mess. I realize that now. I understand why you would be skeptical of me. I don't know why I did what I did. But I wanna fix this, I really do. And if I have to risk throwing myself at you like this again, then yeah whatever. I'm unpredictable, hard to be trusted, whatever. Just tell me. I can take it.

Gordon does not look like he has calmed down. He looks like he is barely retaining control.

Gordon Fury
Or what, Blyss? You'll run away again like a scared little bitch?!

Hey eyes go wide as she shoves Gordon hard in the chest, sending him back a few steps into his room, and she follows him. Any calm she had maintained is gone now.

Blyss Lockhart
How dare you!

She shoves him again, further into the room, before slapping him hard across the face.

Blyss Lockhart
How fucking DARE YOU!

She winds up for another slap but Gordon catches her hand, his eyes wild with rage. He pushes her and slams her against a wall, pinning her there, still holding her hand. Both of them stare at one another in defiance.

In the heat of the moment, he kisses her before she moves in for it herself. There’s no use fighting back anymore. She collapses into him and he carries her up against the wall, not letting her fall this time. Every pent up emotion between each other, against each other, now flow freely. Questions are no longer burning in their minds. They just know. She holds onto him with tears running down her face and he wipes them away in between letting her know his answer. Where clothes go, so do their doubts. Then he brings her to the bed and they fall together.

If you lower, lower, lower me down
You lower me clearly so come and lower me

Location: Hotel room in Houston, TX

Rain pours outside. Blyss is in the tiny balcony, leaning against the railing. So lost in her thoughts, nothing really captures her sweeping gaze. She’s had a few hours of sleep but since waking up for a drink of water, she can’t go back to bed. Today, or rather yesterday, has left her feeling quite confused. Earlier, she and Gordon had gone to the XWA Legends ’13 show to support their friend in his match. Afterwards, they got separated and Blyss waited for him in the parking lot for nearly two hours but he never showed. Some missed calls and an unanswered text message later, she left hesitantly.

At this early hour, little traffic passes through the streets. Bright lights here and there. Nothing stops.


She tilts her face up toward the sky and closes her eyes, reveling in the coolness of the morning and standing alone here. Does she feel lonely?


She hears the cacophony of distant voices from other hotel guests possibly next door, the heavy thumping of footsteps from above, the rain and above all, the beating of her own heart.

[ the following is a flashback ]

Sitting on the bedroom window bay seat was fourteen-year-old Blyss and in front of her was her mother who offered her a plate of oatmeal cookies that she baked that morning. Blyss happily took one and enjoyed a bite of it.

Blyss Lockhart
Thanks, Mom. Mmm... Love this.

Her mother laughed, something which her father now loves to say in reminiscence sounded a lot like how Blyss does too now. The kind that is both light yet contagious. Her mother set the plate down in between them and reached over to tuck a loose strand of Blyss’ hair behind her ear as her facial expression changed to being concerned.

What happened today, honey?

Blyss sighed, deciding how to begin. She had snuck out of school and come home early that day. She begged her mother not to send her back, practically in tears. The woman was always very patient, a trait that can be both admirable and taken advantage of in a parent. And especially toward her younger daughter, she easily gave in but not without a lesson to give. Today was no exception.

Blyss Lockhart
School is hard... I don’t really understand some of the things the teachers say. Remember that Math test you helped me prepare last week? I failed badly, Mom... I’m sorry.

Blyss looked down, breaking the rest of the cookie in her hand into pieces. The crumbs carelessly fell on her lap.

Did you try your best?

Blyss Lockhart
(automatically) Of course.


Blyss Lockhart
It was difficult! After the first few questions, I couldn’t understand the next one. I didn’t know what else to do. (hesitates) So I just... left it as it is till it’s time’s up.

Look at me.

Blyss looked up sadly.

I’m disappointed that you gave up on yourself like that. You should never admit defeat just because you don’t see a way to succeed. Did you look at the rest of the questions after that hard one?

Blyss Lockhart
(quietly) No.

Have you now taken a look at those questions after your teacher gave back the paper?

Blyss Lockhart

Can you answer them?

Blyss Lockhart
Some, yeah... But not all.

Knowing some is still better than none at all. See what you could have achieved if you hadn’t given up?

Blyss Lockhart
(sheepishly) Yeah...

(smiles) I’m glad you realize that, Melyssa. Don’t let that fear cripple you before you give yourself a chance to try. And this doesn’t only apply in your tests. Just about everything in life. Be it that school soccer team of yours, friendships, relationships, work when you get older... Anything. (rubs Blyss’ knee affectionately) Don’t be afraid to try even when things feel impossible. There’s a fighter in all of us, remember that. (tone gets more serious) Your dad and I of course believe in you and so does Kenzie. But you, my dear Mel, should always trust yourself. Because there are times when you are suddenly alone and there’s no one else around. That’s where your inner fighter becomes your companion. Find her. And keep fighting for what you believe in. For what is right.

It was a lot for Blyss to comprehend at the time but she hung onto every word that her mother just said. Then she looked back at her with a thoughtful look on her face.

Blyss Lockhart
...But what if I can’t find her?

(shakes her head, smiling) Impossible. (points to her heart) She’s right here, Mel. Learn to listen to her. Don’t say a word, okay? Put your hand over it and just breathe and listen...

Blyss did as she was told as they sat together in silence. A moment later, she felt its beating, a strong and steady rhythm. She looked at her mother, feeling excited. That then caused a slight increase in her breathing and she giggled which made her mother laugh.

Sometimes your mind gets clouded by so many different thoughts and that would weigh you down. It’s why people would give up, because of all these self doubts. But do you know where self doubt can’t reach? Your heart. Promise me you’ll listen, Melyssa?

Blyss Lockhart
(nods) I promise, Mom.


Back to the present, the rain has finally ceased. Blyss admires the bright starry sky. For the first time that night, there is silence and in that moment, she listens. Strong and steady. Confident. All the choices that are thrown at her and the decisions she has made up to that point where she’s standing in that balcony overlooking the city now look clear cut to her. It all finally feels right.

Her mind begins to wander.

What do they call her these days? An unstoppable wrecking machine? An amused look appears on her face. Funny how certain monikers actually describe not only how she presents herself in the ring but also outside, though coincidentally. How many times has she let her emotions get the better of her? She has seemed uncontrollable, retaliating hard at everything that affects her.

The pay-per-view is just around the corner and she has to defend the Phoenix title in her least favorite match type, a triple threat. That old fear has tried to creep back into her mind but she reminds herself that this time, it’s not the same. Just like before any other important match, she needs to find back that confidence. The one she felt prior to winning the title in the first place with the help of...

As if on cue, she hears the alert tone from her iPhone. She glances down at the lit up screen. It’s a message from Gordon. On Twitter. Frowning, she reads how he had gone off to have drinks with Kasey. She grips her phone tighter. That name... It can’t be the same girl who annoyed her yesterday, can it? She felt disrespected by this ‘old acquaintance’ of Gordon’s.

It’s only been a few days and he’s already tossed you aside. Left you waiting for hours outside the building. Alone. You should have cut him first before he did. Now look where this has taken you!

Biting her lower lip, she shakes her head. She takes a deep breath before typing out a reply. She remembers to stay calm. Didn’t she promise herself to stop raging every time something pisses her off? There’s no need to get worked up over nothing...

Nothing?! How naive are you, my dear Blyss? Pay attention!

And that’s when things start to spin out of control. How did everything go wrong again? And so quickly? Blyss wants to keep that trust in him but with each new tweet, her anger builds up more and more and so she redirects that rage towards that woman instead. The insults, the name calling, the disrespect. Then finally comes... the challenge. This verbal back-and-forth just won’t solve anything. Clearly, she’s not the only one seeing red now. She shoves her phone into her jeans pocket and storms out of the hotel room. Fuck promises. Post Oak Boulevard it is. Time for an early Saturday morning beat down.

A wrecking crew indeed.

Diamonds, diamonds are you all in the sky?
I can't believe all of these beautiful lights
As they surround me I will take a photograph of the sky
Bury me, bury me

Location: Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA

The camera opens to Blyss walking along the backs of the arena seats as she teeters slightly on them with arms spread out, keeping balance. Her face is calm, almost as if she’s doing this mindlessly. Not a single care in the world. Then she nimbly hops down onto a seat, sitting cross-legged with a soft smirk that slowly shows on her face as she zeroes in her attention to the camera.

Blyss Lockhart
So Isolation begins tonight... I’m perfectly okay with this. I’m used to being alone. (shrugs) Shit happens whether you want to or not. Actually in this case, I do want to be by myself. (chuckles) In fact, aren’t the three of us alone in this match? None of us are friends here. Isolated in different corners of the ring with the Phoenix championship title in the middle. My Phoenix title. Diana, you may have earned yourself this shot here by beating Elizabeth Terry. Impressive, really. But what happened last week when you faced, well... me? It’s twice now that the Wonder Woman of IWF couldn’t beat me. Shame... You’re the better contender in this match, Ms Logan. The deserving one. I hope Rosalie has been training you extra hard this past week because I want to meet the real Diana in the ring. (shakes her head) Not the one I faced last week. That Diana didn’t show up prepared. Unless... Was that a trick, Diana? (chuckles) Did you try to make me think you’re that much of a non threat prior to the PPV? Wow... You almost got me fooled. Of course I expected only the best from you but last week, that was just... easy. Either you’ve lost your touch or you’re in way over your head. It’s great that you’re training with Rosalie and all but what have you done to make her proud of her little protege? After your debut, you were given various opportunities to prove yourself in this business including a shot at securing a contender’s spot for the High Impact championship. But what happened? You failed and then disappeared. Now you’ve come back and are given yet another great opportunity, getting a shot at my title. Does this match mean the most to you right now? Winning the Phoenix title after an extremely struggling career and a return? That all sounds very impressive. It really does. You were looking great back in that ring for two weeks straight but I took that momentum from you going into the PPV. Like I said before, shit happens. Last week was kinda like a dressed rehearsal before the big day, you know? And I told you I wasn’t gonna go easy on you just because and I’m really pissed-- (breathes in sharply) The thing is Diana, I’m disappointed. Last week was the second time we fought in that ring. We both have changed since the first time; better, stronger and faster. (clenches and unclenches fists) I wanted that-- that opportunity to gauge how you are now and give the same to you. (slams fist on knee) And I did! But you didn’t show me the same courtesy, Diana! What the fuck? I hope you’re not doing this on purpose, hiding what you’re truly capable of against me. Just so you would surprise me in the match that matters more? No, Diana... (shakes her head) I’m sorry but you won’t get the upper hand in this tonight. I’ve analyzed the whole damn thing and I know I’ll walk out the winner. Two successful title defenses is better than one and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Your hard work didn’t show last week and maybe you’re just not ready... (leans closer, elbows on knees, chin on hands) To be champion? Or... facing me? (shows the Phoenix title belt) Do you know what this represent, Diana? Top new talent. Is that really you? (looks at belt, shrugs) I don’t know. You don’t seem consistent in your matches. Sure losses are a part of our battles here but how much does your wins say about you anyways? The fans might still remember your face or your name but what impact has Ms Wonder Woman done exactly on this company or this business? Do you honestly think what you’ve put forth since your return is enough to take this title? Management gave you three weeks to prove just that but that driving motivation to win the Phoenix title has screeched to a halt when it finally sinks in that I’m the one you’d be facing to get it. I’ve said it before, I am that road block for people like you coming in, even back again, who are looking for their first taste of gold. I hurt your debut here and then again last week. (smiles) Is that enough to bring back that fire in you, Diana? Will I finally get to fight that version of you tonight? Because she sure as hell didn’t show up last week...

She chuckles, leaning back in the chair and crosses her arms over her chest.

Blyss Lockhart
Speaking of not showing up... (tilts her head slightly) The fact that Megan is even in this match is truly laughable. I don’t even care if you show up or not. What have you done, Ms Andrews? Besides causing trouble and throwing tantrums after losing, I mean. (laughs) Did you catch up on old BattleGrounds episodes before joining the Insurgency or something? Because it’s like you’re trying to run in my footsteps doing pretty much the same things to gain a name around here. Too bad you’ve been falling all over yourself. What’s even funnier is that this is you returning from some sort of break, just like Diana. Not like you’re someone completely new around here. (places hand on lips, eyes wide) Oh wait... They still don’t know who you are, do they? Oops, my bad! (laughs) You and Diana are so different that you’re practically the same. You’re both looking for that recognition in the business but at least Diana has earned her way to our match tonight and I respect that. You? Attacking me with cheap shots after every time I beat you in a match should not have gained you any attention from management. But for some reason, it did and now I’m no longer complaining because Megan, you really need to learn to shut the fuck up. (raises the Phoenix title belt to camera) This doesn’t represent the number of times you can send someone to the hospital. Yeah sure sometimes that happens but this championship doesn’t mean that. You’ve tried to take me out twice now and again I’m still here, Megan. Perfectly fine. But you know what else I am? (slaps the title name plate) My goal is to keep this for a time much longer than tonight which includes making sure that people like you don’t get it. I retired the Queen of Wrestling title partly because it’s been tainted since Molly Reid brought nothing but shame to the championship. And if you, Megan, were to win this by some stroke of dumb luck... Well, I guess it’ll be tainted again and the next person would retire that one and rebrand it again. (chuckles) Seriously though, I changed it to the Phoenix championship because I wanted more competition and for a month, I fought men. My first title defense with it was against one of the most hardcore wrestlers here, Storming Raven, whom I successfully beat. Then the two of you ladies decided to make your returns and management gave me you. (smirks) The female wrestlers come and go around here. Make an impression, win titles, leave. With or without a choice, they still leave. But I’m still... right... here. Despite all the odds, I’ve done nothing but advance in my career. I’ve made mistakes too but I always come out stronger and better. I’ve opened eyes that don’t believe I have it in me to succeed. I’ve given my all and this... (slings the Phoenix title belt over left shoulder) This is my all. Right now, that’s what matters, isn’t it? This is what you two ladies want, right? But I’m not done with it yet. (smiles) Yeah it’s going to take a whole lot more than a small Best 2 out of 3 matches series to beat me. More than trying to hurt me and send me to the damn hospital. More than training with a former champion. More than being somebody in the independent scene. More than trying to revive your career. More than causing chaos to get extra airtime. More than a perfectly timed Invisible Jet and the Lasso of Truth. More than the most vicious Sudden KO, Animalistic Impulses... and definitely more than the Sexy Squash. (rolls her eyes slightly) Just know this, ladies, after tonight, not only will I walk away as the reigning and second-time defending Phoenix champion but also the most dominant female wrestler of IWF. (smiles) I always stick to my plans and goals. Do you? History shows... you can’t. But I hope you can at least keep up with me tonight because I’m expecting a good fight. Don’t disappoint me, ladies.

Blyss bites her lower lip, stifling her laughter, and walks away before the camera cuts to black.

Welcome back, my dear. Keep that focus. Good... Good.

I am, I'm gonna run just like a lion
Another way to be alone
And I will wait until you find me
Until you finally decide to go home

OOC: “Viola Lion” lyrics by Isles and Glaciers


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Megan Andrews


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PostSubject: Re: Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Diana Logan   Mon May 27, 2013 12:00 am

The Law Really Is Useless
Starring: Megan Andrews
Tanner Johnson

I hadn’t left Seattle yet…I probably needed to in order to make it to Isolation in time. Granted the pay-per-view was only in Los Angeles, so it wasn't that far from me, but that wasn't the point of it all either. I had some stupid function that I was expected to attend; it was something that my family had been a part of for years, but it wasn't really something I was interested in. I didn't even remember the name of the thing anymore and preferred zoning out. I had made sure to stay in the back to avoid the chance of seeing anyone in my family, knowing I would want to slip out if I saw one of them, other than my little brother, coming towards me. Since all of the speakers were done, the function had moved onto the buffet dinner portion of the evening, and I found myself being one of the first people in line so that I could grab something to food and get the Hell out of the building. Most people left after they ate as it was, and I actually started wondering if they were like me and only came for the food. I was loading my plate as I walked down the buffet, but when I heard the voice of the man behind me, the food filled plate almost hit the floor.

"I see they're still letting people like you into this function. And here I thought it was supposed to be something exclusive."

"And I see you still think you're above the law. That little thing called a restraining order is still in effect, you know. Just because I've avoided you for the better part of 4, nearly 5, years doesn't mean I've let that expire."

I didn't bother turning around to look at the man behind me. I already knew it was my ex, Tanner, and I knew that he hadn't changed one bit to have actually let me know he was there. The aforementioned restraining order had been in effect for the near 5 years that we had been broken up, so it wasn't as if it was something that was new to him. I was reaching the end of the buffet, and I knew he was still right behind me. He was close enough that I could feel his breath on my skin, and it made my skin crawl for him to be that close to me again. Once I reached the end of the table and finished loading my plate, I didn't bother going to my table. I knew he would follow me to it if I did, so I paused and turned around to face him, a scowl on my face. The sound of my shoes tapping the floor could be barely be heard over the noise, but I knew Tanner could hear me considering the smirk on his face.

"You know you've missed me, sweetheart. I don't see why your mother would invite me to this little shindig otherwise."

"Oh yes...that's exactly the reason that my mother, the same woman who loves to torment me and remind me that I'm not good enough to be her daughter, invited you to this stupid little function that I'm expected to attend whether I'm on good terms with most of my family or not. I've missed you like a dog misses a tick that's feeding on its blood. You could have dropped dead, and I really wouldn't have cared. Now then, before you think about following me to my table, let me remind you one more're in violation of the restraining order and there are cops working the security detail for this stupid thing. Don't be even more of a dumb ass than you already are and make me have to get one of them to escort you out."

A Chance That Won’t Be Wasted
Starring: Megan Andrews (Red & Black, not White & Black)

"Diana Logan...I will say you've been somewhat, impressive, for a lack of a better word. You got into this match by beating Elizabeth Terry...not exactly a big deal in all reality. I could have beaten that wannabe with my eyes closed...Hell, I could have beaten her in my sleep in all actuality! You basically got in on a technicality, it's not exactly hard to figure that out. Other than your little technicality, I don't see the point in you being in this match. It's going to be down to me and Blyss either way, so you might as well do yourself a favor and just spend the night in your locker room to save yourself some embarrassment and humiliation. I'm trying to give you some friendly advice, so just keep that in mind because I don't give it out often.

I'm sure the way my matches have gone lately, that'll come into play in everyone's mind. How can I be so sure that it'll be down to me and Blyss? How can I be so confident in my performance when it's been less than ideal as of late? It quite easy, really. When I started my little...journey against Blyss, I told her that I wouldn't win every match against her even if I believed I would. I said that I would take her down over time and that my final blow would come when I was good and ready. Is that time now? Is it time for my final blow to come and for me to finally show just what I'm capable of in taking down the seemingly unbeatable Blyss Lockhart? Only the match with tell that answer, ladies and gentlemen.

Don't think that's me letting you off easily, Blyss. We've had quite a few run ins in the ring, and you may have bested me in them, but that doesn't mean that my spirit is broken or that I'm broken as a whole. My spirit is still quite alive and shining bright, waiting for the opportune moment to help me show that I'm more than a pretty face. Sooner or later, you're going to have to lose that pretty little belt you're holding, and with any common sense, I'll be the one to take it from you. Keep your eyes open honey, I'm coming before you know it."


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PostSubject: Re: Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Diana Logan   

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Blyss Lockhart [vs.] Megan Andrews [vs.] Diana Logan
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