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 Tim Patrick [vs.] Sean Libby

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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Tim Patrick [vs.] Sean Libby   Thu May 23, 2013 6:27 pm

Well....this match promises to re-define what it means to take an opponent "to Hell and back." Tim Patrick and Sean Libby, two men who were once as close as brothers, will turn against each other at Isolation in a 3 Stages of Hell Match! The three stages will be:

-Barbed Wire Cage
-Extreme Hell in a Cell
-Pyramid Cage


[21:13:02] Sean Libby : I've always BO-Lieved that Cee Cee remained the epitome of what IWF stood for.
[21:13:39] Sean Libby : Rebellious, a true Insurgent, a spitter at authority. Because hes Corey FUCKING Casey.


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Sean Libby


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PostSubject: Re: Tim Patrick [vs.] Sean Libby   Sun May 26, 2013 9:54 pm

-The scene opens with Sean Libby walking in the Boston General Hospital-

-Sean walks up to the teller and goes to ask to check his wife Serai Leone-Libby out-

Hi, Sean Lib-

One moment please!

-The young girl is on the phone talking to someone to much of Sean’s annoyance-

-The teller hangs up the phone-

Yes, how can I help you sir?

I’m Sean Libby. Wife of Serai Leone-Libby. I’m here to check her out today.

-The teller looks threw folders and finds Serai’s-

Yes, um… Serai… Leone-Libby. She was already checked out.

-Sean becomes dazzled and confused-

Wha- What? Excuse me, what was that?

She was checked out last week.

Last week? But…I was here last week.

Yes Mr. Libby you were… However someone also came here a day or two after you did.

Who was this person?

I’m sorry Mr. Libby, but I can’t give you that information.

-Sean begins to pace around and holds his head-

Serai… Serai…. Where are you? Where could you be…?

Mr. Libby?

-Sean turns to the teller with wild like eyes-

-Sean marches to the front desk-

I need to find my wife…! Where could she be?

I-I don’t know.

-Sean pounds the table with his fist-


-People nearby turn to Sean in shock as Sean looks around the room seeing the people stare at him-

-Sean’s breathing begins to calm down but starts to go in a panic-

I need to find her… I need to find Serai.

-Sean storms out of the hospital and begins to walk back to his home-

This is the beginning of the end for you Timothy. Exactly two years ago from Isolation, this will hold our anniversary. The day, we first teamed together. Do you remember it? Two years ago. The Irish Insurgency Army, Connor O’Shannon, you Tim and myself, stood against, the Right Honorable Gentlemen of Brandon Macdonald, William Churchill and Reginald Chesterfield in that Isolation Dome. I remember it so fondly. I gave Churchill a nice Cold of Ireland then I Wormed out Chesterfield… Then you, and Connor came. Brandon Macdonald absolutely destroyed you. Who was the only one to oppose Brandon? I WAS! I stood up and fought him! I almost had him beat! You were nothing more than a weakling that day and you are still the same when you don’t have your crowd backing you Tim! But this time my former friend… You’re going to see why… Cages are my specialty.

In our first bout Tim, we fight in a Barbed Wire Cage. Oh Tim I want you to face the barbwire and look at what your face will become. Poor Blyss will never be able to recognize your face after I’m done with you. I will ensure you, that I will rap this devil wire around your neck to halt that sickening tongue of yours. You think your more hardcore than me? Your sadly mistaken. You don’t know what more I can do to you Tim. For this cage, is the first step… To your end.

-Sean walks into his apartment and paces around his home-

Serai… Seari… Where could you have gone? Who picked you up? I need to know! I was away for too long…Wrestling in IWF probably made something happen. I don’t know! God… Wait.

-Sean looks and grabs his phone and dials a number-

Come on, come on some one pickup the phone.

Hey, this is Donaldson’s Do’s. We cut hair, we shave beards, and we even do chest hair. Would you like to schedule a appointment?

-Sean scoffs and shakes head to focus-

No, uh. Is M.D there?

Yeah hold on homie. YO M.D! Some boy’s on the phone for you bro!

-The person on the other end makes sounds like he’s putting the phone down-

-Another person picks up the phone and makes a chewing sound like chewing gum-


Hey Malcolm! It’s Sean!

Yooo Sean! I haven’t heard from you in a long ass time bro. How’s it going with ya?

Kind of shitty Mal.

Why bro? What’s up?

I can’t tell you on the phone. Could we meet up somewhere? Like at Nobscot’s Cafe in like twenty minutes?

Well I got to finish up with this guy’s hair I got right now, but I think I can make it in twenty-five if that’s cool?

Yeah, it’s cool.

Awesome bro. See you then.

-Malcolm hangs up on his end and Sean puts his phone down-

He’s the only person I know who could tell me where she could be. Because he might know some people who could’ve picked her up.

-Sean looks out his window and see’s a dark cloud-

Yes I know Gum… This is a dark moment in my life. I will right this wrong though. I assure you.

-A small light pops in the sky indicating lightning-

-Sean grabs his jacket and begins walking out the door-

-When he gets outside it begins to pour and Sean puts his hood over his head-

-After walking for ten minutes past people running for cover and dryness Sean makes it to Nobscot Café-

-Sean takes a seat in the pub area to wait for Malcolm-

-After a short while Sean gets a tap on his right shoulder-

-Sean turns and he see’s his friend Malcolm-

Man you sure don’t age.

What are you talking about? You always have that same white smile.

-The two men share a handshake and a shoulder hug and then they sit down across from each other-

So what’s up Sean?

-Sean looks around to make sure no ones watching or looking-

I think someone kidnapped my wife.



-Sean covers Malcolm’s mouth-

Well, not like take her away or something, but somebody checked her out before I could.

What are you talking about?

Kay, I went to the hospital. Like I promised her. I would check her out next week. But someone else did on that week. And I don’t know who. That’s why I need you Malcolm.

Why do you need me? You don’t think I did it… Do you?

Absolutely not. You’re my most trusted friend. I need you to see if you know anybody in the hood or something who goes into your barber shop who you think might.

That’s not going to be easy Sean.

Who ever said that your life is?


-Malcolm sigh’s and looks around-

Alright, I’ll see what I can find for you.

Thank you Mal. It means a lot.

-Malcolm gets up from his seat and begins to walk past Sean but stops and looks at him-

Why do you think that she didn’t just leave you?

-Sean breathes in and closes his eyes-

I need her Malcolm. She keeps me controlled. Secure. Safe. Without her, I explode.

-Sean turns to Malcolm-

I’m shocked to see me still sane.

-Malcolm nods-

Yeah… Keep cool man.

-Malcolm leaves the café into the rain storm-

-Sean taps his hand on the table-

Its time to see someone.

-Sean gets up and leaves the café as well-

Man last year flew by fast huh Timmy? Hmm, You know it was almost a year ago we returned on the same day, same event, same show. We booked ourselves. A Street Fight for honor to each other. We went everywhere at From The Ashes. It was a very brutal match. From the arena to backstage, from backstage, to outside. There we would fight around a simple water fountain. In the end, I gave you a nice mark on your jaw and you had a nice swim in your own blood in the fountain. That was only a taste of my inner self Tim.

Our second bout is the Extreme Hell in a Cell match. As if the Barbie wire wasn’t enough I intend to break more of your skin depending on what is left after the cage match. I am going to rip your face on the cell like a cheese grater on the cell walls. As if that wasn’t enough, I am going to get a few toys from under the ring and introduce you to them. This Cell will be your final resting place Tim, but if you somehow survive it, I will bring something even more devilish, than Satin’s Structure.


-The rain slowly calms down but still raining Sean makes his way to a cemetery-

-Sean walks past tombstone after tombstone till he walks over to one that is labeled “Joan O’Rourke-

-Sean kneels in front of the tombstone and puts his hand on it-

Hey Gum. Been a long time since I last talked to you. I know I’ve been away but I’m here now. I apologize.

-Sean rubs his nose and looks around-

I need you’re help. I need your strength. You we’re always there for me, and I now I need you more than ever. My wife is missing, and I don’t know where she is. I’m on the brink of losing my sanity without her. I need guidance, I need help.

-Sean looks up at the sky-

Please help me!

Thought I might find you here one day.

-Sean turns around to see his father Tony Libby-


-Tony walks over to Sean’s Grandmother’s grave-

Talking to your grandma?

…Yeah… Tough times dad.

Yeah. We’ve all been down that road Sean, you’re not alone. Libby’s and O’Rourke’s. You are both.

-Sean looks at his father-

You have the strength of the life long working Libby’s with the O’Rourke heritage and power. The O’Rourke’s would be royalty in Liturm, Ireland, Sean.

I’m royalty?

Yes. However, Libby’s are peasants. We work hard, day and night. Just to get what we’ve earned. All I’ve been seeing you do Sean is come short.

-Tony turns to Sean-

You’re a God Damn Libby! Your size never matters, its all about how you use your strength’s and hiding your weaknesses! Even those that are in the inside.

-Sean clinches his fist and stands on his feet-

There is no weakness to you my son. You are powerful in everyway. You cannot let your insecurities hold you down. I believe in you Sean.

Your right dad. I can’t let them hold me back.

-Sean looks at his father-

And I won’t. I will do whatever it takes to get what I believe is mine.

-The father and son share a hug and Sean walks away from his father as soon as it stops raining-

I will start… With IWF.

-Sean leaves the cemetery as the scene goes black-

And finally Tim, we go back to this year. What a time huh? We form a team together and we go on a rampage to become the Tag Team Champions! But we couldn’t. Because of you. You held us down. You worried about how would we tackle the Empire more than our opponents. You we’re more worried about Blyss’s safety than mine as your partner! I’ve let that all pass, till three weeks ago.

If you somehow survive the Cage, and the Cell I have something for you Tim. My match. The match, I’ve gladly called my home. The Pyramid match. Once it lowers, your fate is sealed Tim. Your blood, will be all that will remain in the ring. I will climb it. I could drag you with me if I so wish, and I will break your wind pipe, just as I broke Vincent Van Rose’s! VVR was never the same after that, as you could tell seeing as he lost the High Impact title to Tyson Rowle! And if I must Timothy, I will throw you off The Pyramid. I will destroy you. I will never forgive you.

You made this match to me, only to seal your fate Tim! You say this is redemption for you, but it is more so for me. You betrayed me. You had all my trust, all my faith in you. And you spat it in my face by betraying me three weeks ago. This is not my fault, this is yours Timmy. I hate you. I sincerely hate you. I am not the same person as you once knew Sean Libby. Who am I? I am the inner power that I’ve kept away. You Tim will feel the wrath of it! You were like my blood brother Tim, now its time for you to feel the pain that you caused.



IWF History: Been on IWF since it began.

IWF Uprising Champion 1X

IWF High Impact Champion 1X

Most Shocking moment of the Year 2011

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Tim Patrick


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PostSubject: Re: Tim Patrick [vs.] Sean Libby   Sun May 26, 2013 10:36 pm

Monday, May 20, 2013
Amway Center
Orlando, Florida
Backstage after Battle Grounds
11:30 PM

Battle Grounds has been off the air for the last half-hour. Wrestlers and crew members are packing up and leaving the arena. is roaming the halls of the backstage area getting interviews with IWF talent. They came across Tim Patrick as he was leaving one of the locker rooms. David Lester runs up to him with his camera crew. Tim perks up and begins to speak.

Tim Patrick:

I seem to be a real popular guy with you internet people. Is it because of what I say or what I do in the ring? Or is it a little bit of both? The fact that you never know what I'll do. I don't win a lot of titles so I guess my randomness keeps me employed. What can I do for you, David?

David Lester:

Tim, we just saw you getting involved in Sean Libby's match. A lot of us thought that your feud with him ended when you and Blyss beat him and Megan a few weeks ago. What is there left to prove?

Tim Patrick:

Yeah, we beat them but then Sean attacked me from behind, gave me a mild concussion and put me in the hospital for a couple of days. So yeah, I wanted to come out tonight and fuck with his life the way he did mine. I wanted to take all shots of victory away from him tonight. I wanted to come out in front of the entire world and own his bitch ass. And you know what, David? I did. In life, you only get a certain amount of friends and people that you love and trust. Sean Libby, for years here in IWF, was one of those people to me. He made the mistake of throwing rocks at a man who has killed others for less. He made the mistake of throwing away our trust. He made the mistake of trying to hurt me...trying to really fucking hurt me. So tonight I paid him back a tiny little bit. But the big pay-off, the big receipt comes this Sunday at Isolation. 3 Stages of Hell, Libby. Welcome to the end of your world.

Tim pushes Lester out of the way and walks off down the hall.

~~The Scene Fades~~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Orlando, Florida
Tim Patrick's Hotel Room
2:30 AM

Tim Patrick has been drinking and watching highlights of Battle Grounds and Sportscenter on television since returning to his hotel room. He's lonely. He's been expecting a phone call from Cody all night, who is in Paris modeling. He's sleepy and keeps dozing off. His cell phone rings. He wakes up and excitably answers the phone, assuming that it's Cody on the other end.

Tim Patrick:

Hey, cutie!

Man on the phone:

Um, hello Mr. Patrick.

Tim, laughs out loud embarrassed but cautious. He has no idea who could be calling his private cell phone at this hour.

Tim Patrick:

Oh, sorry. Who is this?


I'm going to have to leave my name out of this conversation. I hope you'll understand. I work for the United States State Department. I'm calling to let you know that your life just got a little bit easier.

Tim Patrick:

How's that?


Mr. Patrick, as of 8 PM last night, Ian McFadden has been deported from the United States back to Northern Ireland. He won't be bothering you or anybody else in America.

Tim Patrick:

How do I know that this isn't some trap and you're not working for him?


You don't. But what I'm telling you is true. Enjoy your night, Sir. You have a friend in the Government...

A dial-tone is heard as the man on the other end of the phone hangs up. Tim sits there unsure of what to believe. He raises his eyebrow and comes up with an idea. He sits up on his bed and dials a number. A few seconds go by, and Tim begins to speak again.

Tim Patrick:

Is it true? Is he in Belfast?

Man with Irish accent:

Yes, mo chara. He just landed. We'll watch him and then take care of him. Go live your life in America. We have this taken care of.

Tim puts his phone down and smiles. Everything in life is coming together it seems. But he knows that later this week, he must confess his history to Cody. He lays in bed with his eyes wide open.

~~The Scene Fades~~

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Paris, France
Cody's Hotel Room
12:30 AM

The scene opens at Cody's hotel room around midnight. She just finished working at her modeling shoot, had a quick dinner, and is now relaxing. She has been expecting a phone call from Tim. Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door. Cody slowly gets up, walks to the door and opens it. Tim is standing there with a bottle of wine in one hand, and roses in the other.

Tim Patrick:

Hey you.

Cody just stares at him, eyes wide obviously she wasn't expecting Tim to be at her door.


Tim I.... I... I said you didn't have to come down here.

Tim smiles.

Tim Patrick:

I know you said that. I wanted to come see you for a night before I got all weird in preparation for my match with Sean this Sunday.

She moves a side with a soft smile, allowing Tim to go inside before looking at him oddly.


Weird? Why would you be getting all weird?

Tim comes in the room, putting the vase of roses and the bottle of win on a table.

Tim Patrick:

Whenever I have a big match, I tend to stay to myself in the days leading up to it. The one I'm having with Sean is a 3 Stages of Hell's going to be very violent. I have to get mentally ready for it.

Tim walks over and hugs Cody and kisses her.

Tim Patrick:

I've missed you. How was your day?

Cody smiles at Tim as she rests her hands on his chest.


It was okay accept getting 15 stitches in my heel... guess that was why I was a bit moody towards you cause I tried calling and texting you and I didn't get a response back now I know why.

Tim wraps his arms around her hips and smiles at Cody.

Tim Patrick:

Yeah, I wanted to surprise you. How did you hurt your feet?

Cody laughs as she leads Tim to the couch of her hotel room


Not my feet my foot. I slipped on this massive rock, ended up slicing pretty good luckily.... it was on my back side

She laughs before looking in Tim's eyes.


If you have to prepare for your match mentally... won't I be a distraction for you?

Tim Patrick:

I've never had such an amazing woman in my life before a big fight. So this is all new to me. I'll be your personal man-nurse tonight.

Tim begins rubbing her foot, carefully not touching or hurting her injured area.

She slowly takes her feet away from Tim’s grasps tucking them underneath her robe as she shakes her head.


That’s a sweet thought but no besides you didn't come all the way down here to just hang with me, I know you have something on your mind I can see it.

Tim nods and smiles


So.... am I going to have to tickle it out of you?

Tim grins and playfully grabs Cody's other non-injured foot and dances his fingers under her toes.


HEY DON'T I’m injured.

Tim smiles

Tim Patrick:

Okay, we'll play later. Well, I did come here just to see you. I realize we've never really talked about ourselves before. And I like you...a lot. So much that I rarely stop thinking about you. I have a weird past. There are some things you should know...


Seems like you have a weird everything

Tim laughs to himself nervously.

Tim Patrick:

Yeah, I guess so. I mean...most of my past is behind me. Most of it.


Well what isn't behind you?

Tim sighs.

Tim Patrick:

I mean, I don't want to lay my entire life story on you right now...but I feel like if I leave this stuff to come out years from now you might been betrayed or something. Some of this is kind of big. And it explains how I am the way I am.


But I like you the way you are...

Tim has a soft look of worry in his face.

Tim Patrick:

I hope you like me after I tell you about me. Because're.....I feel like I've been wanting to know you forever.

Tim takes a deep breath.

Tim Patrick:

Should I just start?


Only if you want to...

Tim Patrick:

Okay. When I was a little kid, I had an adult neighbor that was also the gym teacher for the elementary school kids. He...did some things. I was abused by him for several years. I've had trust issues ever since so when I do open myself up for somebody, like you, it's because I trust you.

Tim nervously gets up and walks over to the bottle of wine, opens it, and takes several big gulps out of it.

Tim Patrick:

My mother was an alcoholic my entire childhood and her and my father pretend like she never was one. They deny that anything bad could have ever happened to me. I never really had any sort of healthy relationship with them. So I was sort of a loner all my childhood.

Tim takes another drink.

Tim Patrick:

Then I got a little older and wanted to reconnect with my past. But not just my past, my family's past. I found where they came from in Ireland...near Belfast. And then I learned about what happens in Belfast. I was compelled to get involved with things over there.


What sort of things?

Tim Patrick: Let me explain. For years, for hundreds of years, England controlled Ireland. In the 1920s, after a war, the Brits left the southern part of Ireland but kept control over the northern part of the country. They used religion to divide the north. Protestants, who were mostly supportive of the British, got special treatment. They got better housing, better jobs, and were able to vote. Catholics, that were what my ancestors were who came from Belfast, had to live 4,5,6 families to a house, were picked last for jobs, and weren't allowed to vote.

Tim takes another drink and paces around the room.

Tim Patrick:

In the 1960s, like in America, there was a civil rights movement in Northern Ireland. The cops and Protestant community would attack the Irish Catholic protestors. In 1916, entire Catholic neighborhoods were burnt to the ground. The Irish Republican Army reformed and defended the community. Nobody else would. They did noble and heroic things. They also did awful things.

Tim continues to pace around quickly.

Tim Patrick:

When I learned about all of this, it was in the mid-2000s. The IRA was winding down their operations. They "officially" stopped and "disarmed" in 2005, but some of their units still are there in secret to ummmm....take care of members of the British police service and army and their supporters who abuse their powers on the Irish community.

Tim stops pacing and looks at Cody.

Tim Patrick:

In 2004, after I finished high school...I went to Belfast and joined a secret unit of the IRA. I was responsible for Intel and street combat with the British loyalist paramilitaries. I flat out refused to hurt civilians in any way shape or form. I was asked to leave the IRA in 2008 after I refused put a bomb in a place that would hurt random people. This is why me winning the High Impact title in Belfast was such a huge deal, and why me even being there caused a riot.

Tim stands there, scared to death of what Cody might say.

Tim Patrick:

Cody...say something.


I... I don't know what you want me to say. This is a lot to take in you know?

Tim nods.

Tim Patrick:

The way I saw it, it was no different than joining the American military. I mean...I probably would have if the cause of the Iraq war moved me to join. But it didn't. This Northern Ireland conflict touched me in a very deep and personal way. The neighborhood where my ancestors came from was burnt to the ground by the Brits. If my family didn't come to America, it would have been my family being killed in the streets.


Are... they going to be coming after you in any way?

Tim Patrick:

There is one guy. His is Ian McFadden. He was a superstar in the Ulster Volunteer Force. A real sick guy who was responsible for killing all sorts of Irish people who had nothing to do with the conflict, and tormenting IRA solders....he came to America this past winter. I'm not sure how, but he figured out some stuff about my past and used my childhood abuse against me. He actually got in touch with my abuser. And used him to get in my head. They kidnapped a neighbor kid and held him there until I could find him. I ended up killing my abuser, Ian got away. This is the kid who I took to New Mexico to live with his Aunt that I told you about. His mother was a drug addict that Ian killed. I know this is a lot to take it. I told you my life was weird.

Tim laughs nervously

Tim Patrick:

I came out here because it felt safe enough to tell you this because I got word earlier this week that Ian was deported back to Northern Ireland.

Tim sighs.

Tim Patrick:

This part of my over.


But its not, what if Ian comes back?

Tim Patrick:

I have learned in my years in Northern Ireland and my years in hardcore wrestling to always be aware of what and who is around me. If he ever shows his face again, I'll be ready for him. But I have a good understanding that when he gets back to Belfast, he'll be...ummm...taken care of.

Tim sighs again.

Tim Patrick:

Cody...I care about you so much. I'm always going to be honest with you. Before I killed my abuser, one of the last things he told me was that I'll always be alone. That I was lucky that he did what he did. Then I met you. And I knew he was wrong.


I'm going to need to time to think about this, I hope you can understand that.

Tim nods and sits next to her

Tim Patrick:

I understand. But I want you to be able to talk to me about this. Do you have any questions or things you need to say right now?

Cody stays quiet and just shakes her head.

A single tear drops out of Tim's right eye.

Tim Patrick:

I just wanted you to know where I was coming from. And that my past is no longer my present. That I'm focused on my life in the ring, and I'm focused on you.



Tim Patrick:

Can I stay the night with you? I don't hate me do you?


I don't hate you I... just don't think you staying here tonight is a good idea though. Not until I process everything.

Tim closes his eyes. He's clearly scared of losing Cody.

Tim Patrick:

Okay. I understand. I'm gonna go get ready for my match. How about I call you the day after my match and we'll see where things are with us?


That sounds fine.

Tim softly kisses Cody on her forehead and looks softly into her eyes.

Tim Patrick:

Thanks Cody. Everything I have said about you, I meant it. Please stick with me. I'd do anything for you...

Tim places the bottle of wine back on the table, turns and walks out of the room, slowly closing the door behind him

~~Scene Fades~~

Friday, May 24, 2013
Compton, California
Tim Patrick's Hotel Room
9:00 PM

If it's one place on Earth that a guy like Tim Patrick doesn't belong, it's rich and plastic Los Angeles. In order to prepare himself for war, he tends to stay in bad neighborhoods and scummy hotel rooms. This time, he decided to stay in a cheap and dirty hotel in Compton, a ghetto on the outskirts of LA. The walls are moldy and filthy, the room smells, there are used condoms under the bed, and the bathroom is so gross that Tim refuses to use it. He sits on his bed with his laptop on his lap and a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He checked in last night after flying in from France. His visit with Cody wasn't a total disaster but it wasn't what he wanted either.

His therapist suggested that he keep a private daily journal on his laptop. The following is his journal entry for today.

“So, is this what love is? I have spent my entire life thinking that I am unworthy of feeling loved and loving others. 27 years into my life, I meet the most spectacular woman I have ever met and I think I love her. She even senses that. She knows I am head over heels for her. That I can't stop thinking about her. But as it turns out, my sketchy past may have caught up with me. I flew all the way to Paris yesterday on a whim to talk to her and pour my heart our and reveal my past to her. She was shocked. She didn't throw me out of her room and slap or or call me a murderer or anything, but she wasn't accepting immediately. Can I blame her? I mean, me telling her that I was sexually abused, killed my abuser, joined the IRA, killed people over there, and other craziness from my past...who wouldn't be shocked? I hope she doesn't feel like I would ever hurt her. I never world. When I see her I melt. And even though I haven't known her for long, I'm not sure what I would do without her. I love her. Wow...I really think I love her. I hope that after Isolation she'll talk to me and we can get through this.

I am scared shitless at the thought of losing her...”

Tim closes his laptop and begins nervously chugging his bottle of whiskey. His facial expression changes and he throws the bottle against the wall. It crashes and breaks into a thousand different pieces and he lays back on his bed with his head in his hands.

Tim Patrick:

I don't want to be alone again.

~~The Scene Fades~~

Sunday, May 26, 2013
Staples Center
LA, California
7:45 PM
Isolation Pre-Show

The arena is packed. In the ring, two local wrestlers are performing for the crowd in a non-televised dark match. The fans are not impressed. After a series of head-locks and wrist-locks that appear to go on forever, Tim Patrick's theme music hits and he runs to the ring and Detonator kicks them both squarely in the face. The crowd erupts in “Thank You, Tim!” chants. He grins and runs over and grabs the microphone from the ring announcer.

Tim Patrick:

You're welcome!

The crowd erupts again.

Tim Patrick:

Okay, play time is fucking over!

He slaps himself in the face and suddenly, his mood changes. His eyes are wild and he looks like a caged animal.

Tim Patrick:

Sean Libby, tonight is the night that you die. Tonight is the night that you feel what I have felt in my heart and mind every time I have thought about you for the past month. You see this scar on my forehead, Libby...DO YOU?! This is from when you tried to put my out of wrestling. This is from when you decided that to win a match, you had to hospitalize your brother. This is from when you signed your own death notice!

I have a lot of scars if you haven't noticed, Sean. Have you ever taken a good hard look at my fingers? Every finger on my left hand was broken in Belfast one night. I was arrested one night on patrol with the IRA. The Brit fuck-head cops tortured me all night. They broke each finger at the knuckle one by one with a hammer. I didn't talk. They didn't break me. The only thing that I thought could break me was being betrayed by a brother. You were my brother and you betrayed me. But you didn't break me. And honestly Sean, that surprised me. I'm shocked that I'm not in bed all day wallowing in self pity over your actions. You know why I'm not, Sean? Because you with your backstabbing fuckery lit a fire under my ass. You see, when I won the High Impact Championship in Belfast, it was my dream. I wanted nothing else in life. Then I met a beautiful and smart and amazing woman that I care deeply about. I was content. I was relaxed and happy. That's often a death sentence to the career of a fighter. But then it happened. It was like an act of God. You of all people on this Earth, attempted to ruin my life. You tried to hurt me. You tried to end everything I ever worked for. Then I woke up from my hazy dreamworld of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and all became clear. I have to hurt you really really badly. I have to do it on a big stage, on a Pay Per View. I have to do it in 3 separate kinds of Cage matches here tonight.

Here is how it's going to go tonight, Sean. They're gonna construct the cage around us and wrap it in barbed wire. The bell will ring. For the next several minutes, I will tear your flesh open and cause so much pain in your tiny little brain that you'll pass the hell out. I'll piss on your face and you'll wake up, then I'll do it again. And again. And again. And again. It will be a sick cycle of violence. People in the crowd here will get freaked out. IWF Headquarters will start getting phone calls demanding that the match be stopped. But nothing will stop what I'm going to do to you tonight. Then, out of the goodness of my heart, I will pin you for the 3 count.

Sean, I'm sorry to say, brother, that it doesn't end there. Because they will take down the steel cage and lower the Hell in a Cell cage that will have all sorts of weapons and fun little toys hanging off of it. I'll crack your head open with a hammer, scar your back with a Singapore cane, pull your teeth out with a pair of pliers, and knock you out again with a steel chair. But this time, out of the goodness of my heart, I'll pull you on top of me and you'll win. Why the hell would I do that you ask? There is always a method to my madness.

They'll remove the Hell in a Cell cage and lower the Pyramid cages. You know what I'm talking about, Sean. Those special cages that you think made you some kind of legend in his company. That one time you jumped off of it onto another guy or threw somebody off it or some shit. How your shit no longer stinks like the rest of us because of one stupid little cage match. You know, that one. I requested to Jessica Matthews that she add the Pyramid to this encounter that we're about to have for one simple reason. To embarrass you and hurt you not only physically, but mentally. This special match-type that you have so much pride in will be your burial ground tonight.

You want to blame me for not winning the Tag Team Championship? You were the weak link of the team and in all places, the Pyramid cages, you were one of the first eliminated in our match. You have no argument, dude. Your heart wasn't in it. Mine was. And tonight, I throw your heart against the wall and step on it!

Let me give you a little history, Sean, of people who have betrayed me. In Kindergarten, the class bully beat me up one day. The next day I knocked out two of his teeth and then tied him to the monkey-bars with jump rope. In 1st grade, I was sexually abused by a neighbor. Good look trying to find his body. In 3rd grade, this one kid cheated while playing Cops and Robbers on the playground. He pushed me to the ground when I confronted him. I gave him two black eyes and was sent home. In 7th grade, 3 kids bullied me for the entire year. I shattered each of their noses with my thick history textbook one day at the end of the school year. In High School, when word got around that I was confused about my sexuality, other boys threw glass Snapple bottles at me in the locker room. Over the next several weeks, I bloodied each and every one of them. Then only a few weeks ago, a man I trusted to join the Irish Insurgency Army to fight and take out the Right Honorable Gentleman here two years ago and the man I trusted to come out of retirement and team with attacked me and hospitalized me. That man was you. This isn't kid stuff anymore, Sean. There will be no leaving you with a bloody nose or upside-down tied on are going to be very hurt tonight and when you hurt me, you lost you biggest friend. What I do to you tonight, Sean...nobody is going to even try to help you. I just hope for your sake that they raise the cage and rush in security and paramedics in time to safe your life.

Tim looks down at his watch

Tim Patrick:

It won't be long now, Libby. It won't be long now. Tick-tock...tick-tock....tick-tock....tick-tock.....tick-tock.

Tim drops the microphone.

~~The Scene Fades to Commercial~~


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Tim Patrick [vs.] Sean Libby
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