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 Gordon Fury [vs.] Alexander Remington

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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Gordon Fury [vs.] Alexander Remington   Thu May 23, 2013 6:30 pm

In the first of two Isolation Chamber Matches, Gordon Fury will look to cement his legacy in IWF and launch himself into the main event when he takes on the always impressive, former IWF World Heavyweight Champion Alexander Remington! with Alexander Remington looking to get some revenge for the last few weeks, will Remi get his final full measure of vengeance against Gordon or will Gordon Fury make damn sure his name is written out in lights and associated with a main event title shot forever more?!?!!?!?


[21:13:02] Sean Libby : I've always BO-Lieved that Cee Cee remained the epitome of what IWF stood for.
[21:13:39] Sean Libby : Rebellious, a true Insurgent, a spitter at authority. Because hes Corey FUCKING Casey.


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Gordon Fury


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PostSubject: Re: Gordon Fury [vs.] Alexander Remington   Sun May 26, 2013 11:58 pm

"The Next Step"

The scene opens in Gordon's motel room, where he and... hey now!


Dude, Blyss is in your bed.


With you.


And she's naked.


And you're naked!

Uh huh.


That we did.

Dude forget everything bad I ever said about you. You are my idol! You have eclipsed Chuck Norris as the greatest hero in my life!

Thank you?

No Gordo. Thank YOU.

You are welcome, I suppose. So...

Oh right, Gordon is in his bed, just staring up at the ceiling, with Blyss Lockhart curled up at his side, her head on his chest.

Well that was intense to say the least. A lot of pressure was released last night, it will be interesting to see how things are this morning. My thoughts are broken as Blyss stirs beside me, her beautiful eyes staring into mine.

Gordon Fury: Good morning Blyss. That was rather rude you know? assuming you could stay the night. What if I wanted to spend the night alone?

Blyss frowns then laughs.

Blyss Lockhart: Good morning to you too, Gordo.

Then she looks back down again. A moment later, she starts giggling. Hard.

The giggle seems to be contagious. This is actually really great, Just me and her, together. I never actually thought I would say it.

Most guys who don't want to look like little bitches don't.

Fuck you man, eat a dick. Both of our giggles die down as I finally get some words in.

Gordon Fury: What seems to be so funny Ms. Lockhart?

I grab her hand and weave my fingers in between hers.

Blyss Lockhart: I don't know... I just didn't realize it last night because of well... You know.

A sly grin crosses my face.

Gordon Fury: You bet I do.

She looks up at him and half roles her eyes before poking him in the chest.

Blyss Lockhart: You pick the crappiest motels to stay in.

Dude I fucking told you!

Shut your non-existant face. I smile at her as I shrug lightly.

Gordon Fury: Call it a force of habit, what can I say? These shitty motels grow on me.

Are you sure that isn't the mold from the mattress?

Hey as least the bed didn't collapse, so that's a plus.

Fair point.

I look at Blyss and can't help but smile. However, I have a serious thought in my mind, so I try and portray myself accordingly..

Gordon Fury: Blyss, I know you just woke up, but I have something on my mind that we need to talk about now.

I take a deep breath.

Gordon Fury: What do we have between us? What is next?

I look away from her.

Gordon Fury: I know I said some cruel things to you last night, but I can't apologise for them, its just who I am. I will always tell you what I honestly think for better or worse. If we are going to make a go of this, I need you to accept me for me.

I gently let go of her hand.

Blyss sits up, frowning a little and pulling the blanket to cover herself.

Blyss Lockhart: Gordon, do we really have to talk about this now? I'm still kinda waking up.

Fuck, she's shutting down, not a good sign.

Gordon Fury: Blyss you and I both know that if we don't do this now we will just keep ignoring it.

I grab her shoulders and pull them into line with mine.

Gordon Fury: Blyss, look at me.

She looks at you.

Solid narration there.

Its what you pay me for.

Gordon Fury: If we are gonna make this work, we have to be honest with each other. Starting now. If you don't want to make this work, then tell me now.

Blyss Lockhart: Okay. Since we're being honest here, why do you keep doing this? Every time we do something, you always ask me what's the next step. Can't we just... go with it?

She takes my hand and laughs lightly.

Blyss Lockhart: Let's just enjoy each other's company on this early morning, okay? And maybe get something to eat.

She smiles at me and I really do want to let it go, but I need to know what is between us. Damn it woman. She is so stubborn.

I would just like to point out the irony here.

Yeh shut up I know. I try and keep my serious composure

Gordon Fury: I know I can be a bit demanding, but I don't want to go through this as a happy couple if we aren't, you know, a happy couple. I just want to know where we stand. You know, as us? At least tell me that.

Blyss lets out a frustrated sigh as she replies.

Blyss Lockhart: Alright fine. We're dating. I'm your girlfriend, you're my boyfriend. Anything else?

She shakes her head, trying to seemingly shake away the frustration.

Blyss Lockhart: Sorry I didn't mean to sound irritated. I appreciate you being honest. That's why we're here, right?

She leans forward and kisses me on the cheek. A smile covers my face as a wave of relief washes over my whole body.

Blyss Lockhart: It's why I'm here, Gordon. There's no need to be afraid anymore, okay? We're in this together and that's that.

Still the same demanding Blyss. I wouldn't have her any other way.

Gordon Fury: That's good enough for me at this point Blyss. Oh and there is one more thing...

A cheeky grin spreads across his face .

Gordon Fury: We never got to go round 2 last night. I mean we are already dressed in the right attire. Unless of course you are a quitter, which I would totally understand.

Blyss smacks his chest playfully.

Blyss Lockhart: Me, a quitter? Don't you know me at all, Mr Lowe? I'm terribly offended.

Then she moves quickly on top of him, surprising him a little. She laughs and kisses him.

I raise my eyes in playful defiance.

Gordon Fury: Oh yeh?

I buck my hips and flip Blyss onto her back, moving on top of her.

Gordon Fury: Prove it.

Blyss shrugs and bites her lower lip then places her hands on his shoulders. Then she tilts her head slightly.

Blyss Lockhart: You know, you look quite cute when you want something.

Staring into his eyes, she slides her hands down his chest and smirks.

Gordon Fury: Ditto.

I move my head down almost on top of hers.

Gordon Fury: Ding, ding, ding.

Gordon and Blyss kiss again, and the camera zooms out to show their bodies moving underneath the sheets, as they are fucking.


Always. A moan can be heard from Blyss as the camera fades to black.

“Death to the False Emperor”

People who aren't me in the following scene are not the real people that they pretend to be, they are actors and shit.

Money problems?

Money problems.

The scene opens in an empty Roman looking Colosseum (check the last PPV you dumb shits, it continues on from there). The blows through the empty arena, whipping some of the sand into the air.

It has been some time since Gordus Furion was defeated in the Arena by Timeon Patrika, and much has change in the land of the Insurgency.

Hold the fucking phone. Gordon, who the fuck is this guy? And why is he narrating?

First, this is an impersonator of Morgan Freeman's disembodied voice.

Hello there.

Second, he isn't a narrator. He's a story teller.

Isn't that the same thing?

No, it's not. You are a good narrator, but you can't tell a story for shit.

I can so!

A SERIOUS story. I have once again spent a lot of money on this and I need to go all out.

Whatever. Don't even care.

Are you invisi-pouting?

well then keep going.

Fine. Scene cuts to showing 3 men in the arena, two of thm are lying defeated in the sand

Since that day, Gordus Furiah took to the sands again and defeated two men, one of which was Timeon, and reclaimed his place as champion, in defiance of the Emperor Coriah Caseyus. However things would not be as they were before for Gordus. Shortly after he took his place as arena champion once again, an old warrior who earned his freedom returned to the arena: A man known as Alexander The Great (no not that one).

The camera shifts to show Coriah Caseyus and Alexander the Great standing on the balcony over the arena. Coriah is in his white and gold robe, and Alexander is standing in his gladiator gear, his sword held above his head. Both men are wearing those dumb fuck leaf things on their head.

Alexander was brought back by Coriah as the warrior-emperor, who was determined to once again conquer the arena. This brought him into conflict with Gordus, who foiled Alexander's first attempt at reclaiming his place as champion. In spite, Alexander and Coriah cost Gordon his place as Arena champion of the midday games.

The scene changes again to the arena, where Gordus and Alexander are standing one on one.

Now, the battle to decide the very fate of the Insurgency begins...

The scene fades out and fades back into Gordon Fury in a plain black room.

Gordon Fury: Alexander you have no idea what you have done. You thought that little bitch move you and Corey Cunty pulled would brake me. You thought it would shut me down. And i'll admit, at first it worked. My outlook was as bleak and empty and this room I'm standing in now. I loved being a champion, it meant EVERYTHING to me. And it was taken from me by a warrior who deserved it. It was stolen from me, purely because I am perceived as a threat. You can deny it all you want Remi. Belittle me, insult me, I honestly don't care, because everyone knows you are threatened by me. That's why you attacked me two weeks in a row, that's why you screwed me out of the High Impact championship, and that's why you did everything you could to make sure you didn’t have to fight e at full strength.

But you will continue to boast, to talk about how you are the emperor and how you are the greatest and that I am shit. Blah blah fucking blah. You say the same fucking shit everytime you open your mouth. And you know is funny about it? NONE of it is true.

You think yourself worlds above me Remington, and my question to you is why? What makes you think you are so much better. Because you were a world champion? Whoopdee fucking do. Steel Angel and Griffin Hawkins were both world champions, and I beat them. Because you have more matches and experience? So did Flex, and I beat him too. Because you have “earned” more opportunites than me? Well thats the next point Remington.

Gordon takes a step towards the camera.

Gordon Fury: You have NEVER, in your entire time in IWF, earned a SINGLE thing on your own.

Think about it. From the moment you stepped foot into this company you were Corey Casey's bitch, and that hasn't changed. And if you make the point that you won the world title without him you are either naiive or in denial. He used Parker to get the title from Stygian. But Corey didn't want Parker as world champion, he wanted someone he knew he could control. You. He let you think you were winning the title on your own, and before you knew it you were once again actively sucking his dick. Your title defense was an abortion that only happened because Corey FORCED Axle Vengeance to not fight. Does that sound like someone who deserves the accolades you put on yourself? Spoilers: No, it fucking doesn't. Even now, Corey is STILL using you to once again gain glory for himself, because the old crippled fuck can't hang anymore. I have no idea who you were before IWF, and quite honestly I don't care. You are NOTHING but a little bitch who doesn't even know what “earning a shot” means. The best bit about it is Corey Casey gives you EVERYTHING, hands you anything you want on a silver platter. And yet are you fighting for the world title in the main event this week Alexnader? No. Instead, you are fighting me, the former mid card champion. That says something huh?

Unlike you Remington, I have NEVER been given anything in this business, or in life in general. I have had to fight as hard as I fucking could for everything I have ever earned. I have no corporate douche bag in my pants, I have no connections. I fight every week to earn my place, because I have no other choice. You have taken from me something that I fucking earned. It was my right to be champion. You? You never deserved to be champion in the first place, let alone regain it now.

You think this is going to be an easy fight for you, I can guarantee it. Even if you don't admit it, everyone already knows. The fact is Remington that you are in for a fight unlike any you have ever had. When we get locked in that Isolation Chamber, there will be no more attacks from behind, there is no support from your Corey Casey. There is just you, and me. Face to face. And when it is all said and done, the wool you have pulled over everyone's eyes will be lifted, and a new era will begin. And it will be furious.

It's time to face the fury...


The scene fades to black.


1 x World Heavyweight Champion (current)
2 x IWF High Impact Champion
4th place in 2013 Survive and Conquer
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Gordon Fury [vs.] Alexander Remington
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