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PostSubject: EPIC OMEGLE RICK ROLL   Mon May 02, 2011 6:49 pm

Stranger: heyy
Brandon: we're both on the same page here right?
Stranger: nooo
Brandon: no?
Stranger: yeah we aree
Stranger: some page
Brandon: stranger?
Stranger: same*
Stranger: yeh
Brandon: to think i had lost you there haha
Brandon: love this site
Stranger: hahh why
Stranger: i dont like it
Brandon: you dont?
Stranger: not really
Brandon: know whY?
Stranger: just thought id try to get a laughh or two ahha
Stranger: causee its just a lot of immature kids aha
Brandon: the site is good for that i guess haha
Brandon: rules though, they sometimes break them
Stranger: rules on this site?
Brandon: and it bugs me
Brandon: so yeah
Brandon: do you not know them? they are somewhere
Brandon: i think anyway haha
Stranger: noo idea there are rules ahha
Stranger: aha are u a guy or a girl?
Brandon: a guy haha
Stranger: ohh damnn ima guy
Stranger: awkwardd
Stranger: i liked talknn to u lmao
Brandon: full time job?
Stranger: wut?
Brandon: commitment to one is hard i think
Brandon: what do you do?
Stranger: im still in school
Stranger: but i reff soccer
Brandon: i'm trying to get a job soon
Brandon: thinking maybe going to look soon
Stranger: 4/4 i had already made sense the start of the month
Stranger: 90*
Stranger: and havntt reffdsnesee hah
Stranger: u shouldd
Stranger: howw old r u
Brandon: of what?
Brandon: you want to know?
Brandon: wouldnt you like to know haha
Stranger: $90 in 4 days
Stranger: and i was jwww hah
Stranger: im 16
Stranger: live in NH
Brandon: get $90 in 4 days wow
Brandon: this is all from soccer ?
Stranger: yehh
Stranger: but
Stranger: its not consistent
Brandon: from any other things?
Stranger: like i havnt reffd sense
Stranger: nope
Stranger: nothing else
Stranger: just socccer
Brandon: any plans for later then?
Brandon: other jobs maybe/
Brandon: guy you there? haha
Brandon: I want to get a job for the summer maybbe
Brandon: just dont got the time
Brandon: wanna give me some suggestions?
Brandon: tell me how you do it!
Stranger: sorry facebook
Stranger: and idk
Brandon: you were on facebook, ok haha
Stranger: yehh i was aha
Brandon: how did you get a job?
Stranger: this shit makes facebook soo slow
Stranger: aha
Stranger: i just got my reff liscense
Brandon: im not really able to get one
Brandon: feeling kinda sad about it haha
Stranger: took a one weekend class
Brandon: gotta go get one i think
Brandon: make some money this summer
Stranger: and just went to the indoor sports soccer place and asked the manager aha
Stranger: like tournaments
Brandon: you need money to get teh bitchez
Stranger: make like 200 a day
Brandon: understand what i am saying haha?
Stranger: aha
Stranger: i dont need money for em
Brandon: dude read the first word of every line i said
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: thats weird
Brandon: lolololololololol
Stranger: holy fuck ur good bro
Brandon: hahaha
Stranger: ur kidding right though
Stranger: ???
Brandon: about what?
Stranger: that was sickk
Stranger: lmao


IWF Record: 24 Wins 7 Losses 2 Draws
Overall Pro Wrestling Record: 42 Wins 8 Losses 2 Draws

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Chuck Matthews

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Alignment: Heel

PostSubject: Re: EPIC OMEGLE RICK ROLL   Mon May 02, 2011 6:52 pm


THREE for how hilariously creative it was


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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Re: EPIC OMEGLE RICK ROLL   Mon May 02, 2011 6:56 pm

Corey Trophy
Corey Trophy
Corey Trophy

I fucking love how creative people get with their rick rolls


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[21:13:39] Sean Libby : Rebellious, a true Insurgent, a spitter at authority. Because hes Corey FUCKING Casey.


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