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 Sheyanne Successful [vs.] Flex Johnson

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PostSubject: Sheyanne Successful [vs.] Flex Johnson   Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:32 pm

The IWF High Impact Championship is on the line! Flex Johnson looks to regain his title as Sheyanne Successful returns from suspension!


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PostSubject: Re: Sheyanne Successful [vs.] Flex Johnson   Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:56 pm

Stacie: Girl, look at you! Up on that poster with that big ole championship! You finally made it now huh?

As me and my girl Stacie were walking down the streets of New York, we passed by bars that had the IWF Ragnarok Poster outside of their window. I smiled at her comment and shook my head.

Sheyanne: Nope…

She gave me a funny look and raised her eyebrows, pointing at the security guards in front of us.

Stacie: The hell you mean no!? Do you not see this giant god looking men in front of us? You got us being walked by security guards, are you missing the fans snapping photos of us too? Cause damn…

There were cars honking and fans eagerly trying to snap good photos of us without trying to get in the way of the huge guards that were escorting us. It seemed like yesterday when I still had my privacy and freedom, it seemed like yesterday when I could walk down these streets freely without anybody knowing who the fuck I was.

Although there has definitely been a big change, I still felt as though I haven’t made it yet.

Sheyanne: All this is, is status. It’s fame boo, none of this really means anything. I’m famous, so what? There’s other people out there who got the bigger fan base. These people love me because I’ve accomplished something great, something great for all the women out there who try to prove a damn thing to these men. I went in there, and I captured a title that only men have held, and I was the only women to attempt that because I didn’t give two fucks about the odds.

Stacie nodded her head at me, but she still seemed a little bit confused with my explanation.

Stacie: Yeah but what gives? You talked about this ever since you turned pro, moments like this… being on the PPV poster, having fans scream your name and reach out to try and touch you. Now that you’re here, I say you’ve made it, and you say no? Girl please…

Now I nodded my head at her, I did talk about this moment. Back then, it was all I ever talked about. I used to tell all my girlfriends, “one day, one day I would be up there”. Just because people know who I am and I’m off doing photoshoots didn’t mean I had made it.

The security guards showed us to a limo that was waiting for us around the corner, we both hopped in and my bitch Stacie was just in shock. She threw her hands up in the air as if telling me “Look at this!”, this limo only proved her point. As the door shut and the driver began to drive to a shopping mall I sighed.

Sheyanne: You say I made it because I’ve made it in your eyes. Hell, my mom says the same damn thing, my sis, my family, they all say “congrats Sheyanne, you’ve made it”. I say fuck that, no, fuck no I haven’t made it, not yet. I may be close, but as of right now… I haven’t made “it.”

Stacie just shook her head and grabbed a wine bottle that was in the limo.

Stacie: Whatever girl, you tripping.

Sheyanne: I mean… look at the facts, all this can be taken away. This PPV poster I’m on… could be my first and last. These fans are shady and bandwagon jumpers, they can turn their backs on me at any second. Flex beats me at the-

Stacie put the wine bottle down and looked right at me with a frown on her face.

Stacie: Ok, NOW I know your tripping. You are going to wipe the floor with Flex.

I shook my head, she just wasn’t getting it.

Sheyanne: Oh no, trust me boo, I know. Flex doesn’t have a chance, but I’m just giving you examples. Just hear me out… if some damn miracle happens and Flex beats me at the PPV then it’s done, it’s all over. Where do I go next? What happens to Sheyanne? Nobody thinks about that. I haven’t made it Stacie and you know how I know that? Because I’m still unable to get my mother and my sister out of that apartment building they live in, I’m unable to get them out of that dangerous neighborhood. I’m unable to do so much things, I’m still limited. So what? I’m on a PPV poster, it’s because I’m the High Impact Champion and the rivalry me and Flex have is so strong right now, that’s all. So what? People recognize me and love me, it’s because I’m real and I have a strong personality, that’s all.

Stacie looked me in my eyes and sighed herself.

Stacie: I forgot all about that…about your mom and your sis.

Sheyanne: Not just them, but my family, they still live in the streets too. It’s not a problem for them, they’re used to it, so was I, but I have to get them out of there. They deserve better, they deserve to live in a beautiful house. Even the place I bought for myself ain’t nothing fancy, I mean… you saw it. Small house, one floor, no washer or dryer, I bought it to get out of that cramped up apartment building I was living in with them.

Suddenly the limo stopped and we arrived at the shopping center. We already had eyes on us from the outside as people walking around were curious to see who was in the limo.

Stacie: Here we go again Shey… as soon as they see it’s you, these fools gonna go wild.

I forced a smile as I looked outside. Even when I went out shopping, half the things I bought was for my mother or my sister. My family meant the world to me because they were the only people who would be there for me when nobody else would. If these fans turn on me and I got nothing left, who would be the only people there supporting me and still having my back? Them, and them only.

A win at this PPV meant everything to me. This was a lose-lose situation for me, and a win-win situation for Flex. People looked at this match and saw it the other way around but they were looking at it the wrong way. Flex already lost to me, people are already asking Flex about retirement. If he loses, nothing changes, he gets another loss, and people continue to ask him about retirement. He would only get another match if he didn’t retire, and the cycle would continue. If he won, then he won, the retirement question would still be there. People would just go
“Oh, we knew Flex would win, Sheyanne had too little experience and was too small anyways”.

But what about me? If I won, what happens? These haters would still shit on me. They would say that I still didn’t prove a damn thing. These fucks would tell me that Flex Johnson is old and that his time was over long ago, they’d tell me that I only won because Flex is past his prime and over the hill.

What would happen if I lost? My whole world would change. Why? Because I lost to a guy who I’ve disrespected on many occasions, I lost to a guy who I swore up and down I wouldn’t lose to, but most importantly, I lost to a guy who many people are saying should retire.

My title gets taken away, I couldn’t defend it not once, and I go down as that girl who got a
“lucky” win in some damn gauntlet match because the “truth” was that Flex was already beat up and not 100%.

Lose-lose situation for me, I had to win this. I had to win this to shut these critics up. Even with my win against Thor they were still talking.

“Oh, Thor was JUST an uprising Champion”

But then he beat the world champion and I was the first to say “HA! In your faces!” but then they only responded with “Well… it’s Ethan Cage, anybody can beat Ethan Cage, Ethan Cage is on a losing spree, this and that, blah blah blah” and I couldn’t help but agree with them on that.

I had to beat Flex in impressive fashion. I had to slap on that guillotine choke on him and make him quit again. I had to do it just like the first time to show them all that it didn’t matter if he was already beat up, injured or not 100%. I had to show the world that I could beat a healthy Flex Johnson.

I had to get this win for me and my family. Flex is fighting to STAY employed, to show people he still had it… I’m fighting for something much bigger. I needed to get my family out of the ghetto. I wouldn’t be here, in this position, if it wasn’t for them.

Fan: Holy shit! It’s Sheyanne!

That fan recognized me just as the window rolled down. I flashed the fan a smile, behind the fan was a bunch of other people who looked my direction. They all instantly recognized me. Screaming my name and cheering. This was the good life, just the “good” life.

Despite what anybody thought, I was yet to get the SUCCESSFUL life, after the PPV… I may just get that life.


John Sanders: Sheyanne Successful, have you heard of her?

Mike Wicher: Haven’t we all?

The scene opened up inside a sports studio. Both John and Mike were a part of a hot new sports recap show called “sports insider”. The show had started a little over a month ago which had the two men recapping sports events and debating over them as well.

At times, they would even invite athletes to come by the show as the two men would interview him/her.

Mike Wicher: There you see the picture of her that was taken by the police...

John Sanders: Her mug shot picture for grand theft auto.

John smirked but it was Mike who shook his head.

John Sanders: Well anyways Mike, it seems everyone has heard of her, and if you haven’t then you need to step out of your home and get in contact with the outside world again because you have got to check this chick out! Aside from her troubles outside of the ring, she gives people trouble inside the ring!

Both men turned their chairs over to face the camera. Behind them was a large screen and as they both talked about Sheyanne, the mug shot image of her vanished and was replaced by a slideshow of large images of her appeared behind them. It was a slideshow of images, images of the matches she has won, matches in ASWF, NLWF and her last two matches in IWF.

John Sanders:
Right now, the biggest female name out there in combat sports is without a doubt, the UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, but when you want to talk about the sport of professional wrestling then jeez…

Mike Wicher:
Sheyanne would be right up there, in my opinion, right now, I do believe she is the biggest name.

John Sanders: See and this is where people butt heads. Mike and I were having this conversation earlier, he really truly believes that Sheyanne is above all female competitors right now, but I have to disagree. Is she talented? Of course, star on the rise? Most definitely, and does she have the potential to keep on doing her thing until she gets me to say “Yup, Sheyanne is no doubt, the number one female in wrestling right now”? Yes, she does, there is no denying any of that. The problem with me not calling her number one comes from her ONLY having two matches in the IWF, when you look at her other matches… they haven’t been so great Mike. Her professional record is ten wins and six losses.

Mike began to shake his head.

Mike Wicher: See now I didn’t say she was the number one female wrestler, you keep putting that in my mouth, it would be ignorant for me to say that. All I’m saying is, right now, at this particular time, Sheyanne Successful IS the biggest name in female wrestling. Say it’s because of her last two wins against male competitors or say it’s because of the controversy that has been surrounding her lately, regardless of what it is, she is attracting so much attention at such a high speed. Everyday, more and more people know about this girl and WANT to know more.

John Sanders: Well I would have to say it’s because of the controversy. A lot of females in this sport have gone on to out wrestle males in one on one matches.

Mike Wicher: Yea but she’s done it on two occasions with both of them being against current champions.

John shrugged.

John Sanders: It’s been done before.

Mike Wicher: Why can’t you just give credit where it’s due?

John Sander: I have, I’ve said she’s talented, she’s super talented. She’s so small and-

Mike Wicher: Yea, that’s another thing, her height and weight puts her at such a disadvantage. When you go up against a male competitor, it’s just different. People will say “Male and Females are equal” but the reality is that they are not. Males are naturally stronger and bigger than females. She goes in there already at a disadvantage for her being female alone… but when you add in her height and weight into the equation, that just pretty much gives her zero chance, it makes for an impossible situation, yet, she goes in there and gets the job done. Not with a lousy pinfall or a lucky disqualification, but by slapping on one of the most nasty guillotine chokes I have ever seen…. In MMA or in wrestling… and she makes these men tap out.

John seemed to agree with everything Mike said as he nodded his head.

John Sander: Hey I agree, but you also have to go back to her first match. Flex Johnson was gassed out, he was hurt and already beaten. She came out there and he was still able to kickout-

Mike Wicher: It’s easy to just kickout when you weigh like what? 300 pounds? and you have a girl that weighs only 80 pinning you down

John grabbed a piece of paper and looked at it, it had information of both Sheyanne and Flex.

John Sanders: Flex doesn’t weigh 300, let’s not overreact, he’s a big guy but he only weighs 210. Sheyanne also does not weigh 80, she weighs 120.

Mike Wicher: It’s still a huge difference John! And Sheyanne’s real weight is not even official. She’s gone on interviews to say that she’s listed and billed as being weighed 120lbs but really, she’s roughly around 80lbs.

John Sanders: I don’t believe that. I’ve seen those interviews and I believe she does that to just add insult to injury. She wants her opponents to feel even worse about the loss. She has no class.

Mike Wicher: She makes mistakes, she’s young and has a lot of pressure on her. She’s only 21 years old, give her a break. You don’t know that for sure, you don’t know that her saying that was playing mind games!

John Sanders: But what I do know is that she is extremely disrespectful. Look, I want you to get this straight John, and this goes for the viewers watching right now.

John looks at the camera.

John Sanders: I don’t dislike Sheyanne, don’t get all of this wrong. It’s not like I’m not a fan of hers, I’m actually a big fan and I hope she continues to win because the women of the sport needs somebody like her… IN THE RING. Outside of the ring, I am not a fan. I am not a fan of the things she says and does outside of the ring, and I think it’s a terrible representation of the women in professional wrestling.

John now turned over to Mike.

John Sanders: If you look at everything that’s wrong with Women in professional wrestling, you will realize that Sheyanne does every single one of those things outside the ring. She represents women in such a great way when the lights are on and it’s time to fight BUT when the show is over, she acts like a complete fool, turning off fans and just reminding people why they look down on women so much in this sport.

Mike sighed and just sat back as John continued on.

John Sanders: When we look at the majority of the women in wrestling,we realize that 50% of them are whores, 40% of them are bitc*es and the remaining 10% are the good ones. Call it a “character” or a “gimmick” but the reality is, most of their personalities are real. You have most of these women wrestlers acting like pornstars, going on to do playboy, bragging about fuc*ing said superstar, then you have some bullying others… it’s just disgusting. I respect the other 10% of women who represent this sport in a good way. I respect those girls a lot.

Mike Wicher: And how does Sheyanne act like the 90%?

John Sanders: I don’t have to sit here and talk about her “personal life” because you’ve seen exactly how she shows the world what goes on in it with the tweets she makes. Talking about sex, openly wanting to have it with superstars, it’s not right. But then she trash talks and does it in such a disrespectful manner. The way she treated Tim Patrick? He showed her nothing but respect and she trashed him for it.

Mike Wicher: And she apologized

John Sanders: It was a half assed apology Mike, she apologized for it but then said “I stand by what I said” so what the hell? That’s like saying, “Hey, I’m sorry for calling you a coward but I still think you go to the bathroom in your pants when you see me”.

Mike laughed as John nodded his head.

Mike Wicher: You mentioned the confidence gym, a gym owned by none other than James Shark and Brooklyn Carter. Two of the loudest mouths this sport has. Of course Brooklyn is more calmed down now, she used to be a big trash talker back in the day but ever since she’s met James, that has changed and she’s cooled down… now it seems she only engages if you start with her, but James Shark

John Sanders: James Shark, oh boy

Mike Wicher: Oh boy is right, his mouth is reckless, did you see his interview the other day? The one about his return?

John nodded.

John Sanders: That went beyond trash talk, a lot of people who like him were said to be disgusted by what he said. He called bisexual people “confused”, he tried to make a point about how he was not gay bashing the other day on Twitter, but he just dug his hole deeper with that interview.

Mike Wicher: Yup, I agree. I think he took it too far but you know what? Keeping in mind with his trash talk, there is nothing more worse than a trash talker who can talk so much trash and then back it ALL up. That’s what Sheyanne Is doing. I think training in the same gym as Shark and being one of his very close friends, she is picking some of that up. By trash talking she is selling tickets and giving everybody something to look forward to, I mean look at this match with Flex? So much hype, so much anticipation, everybody wants to know what will happen, she captured the role of the “Bad Guy” and Flex has captured the role of the “Good Guy”. They all want to buy the PPV and see what the outcome is in this grudge match.

John Sanders: Yea I agree with you on all that, but I think she is trying too hard to be like him. Sure, okay, she looks at him like a big brother and talked about how she’s really close friends with the guy, but does she have to try so hard to get the amount of “hate” that he gets? Trash talking is okay, but when it’s a constant thing and you go too far with it, I don’t like it. I think we both  can agree that she does NOT have the skill that Shark has, we’re talking about an Icon and a Rookie, because really, that’s what she is, a rookie. She’s only had sixteen matches in this sport, ten of those are wins, six of those are losses, and she’s also coming off a suspension. She’s just taking things too far.

Mike Wicher: I don’t agree with the things she’s doing,  but again, this is why she is the biggest name right now. I hope she does slow things down,  I wouldn’t want to see her get caught in the wrong section and throw away her entire wrestling career.

John Sanders: She’s already in the wrong section Mike. This sport has already been divided into three categories. In this sport, you’re bad, good or neutral. For the longest time I’ve seen Sheyanne been on the neutral level. She’ll say something incredibly stupid and then throw a half assed apology for it, but hey, at least she apologized right? Her interview leading up to her match with Thor was great, she was very respectful towards him, didn’t say anything bad, but then… then she wins and she steals a car. When you do things like that, I feel like you’re automatically labeled as a bad person. I don’t know her, but I can definitely judge her, we all can. She steals the car, Flex calls the police, and instead of showing apologizing for it, she calls Flex Johnson a “snitch”.

Mike Wicher: You have to remember where she comes from. She grew up in a rough neighborhood filled with gangs and poverty. She had a hard life, words like that were used around her all the time.

John Sanders: She doesn’t live that life anymore and there’s no excuse. What kind of example is she setting to the young females out there, the young kids out there? A lot of crimes do not get solved because people are so worried about being a “snitch”. That’s not fair and it’s not right. She committed a crime that night and got a slap on the wrist for it, yet, she’s still mad.

Mike and John both sat at the round table for a couple of seconds with silence. John looked as though he was waiting for Mike to try and defend Shey but it seemed that Mike couldn’t.

Mike Wicher: I really have nothing to say, all I can say is that Sheyanne does have her moments. I will repeat myself by saying that she’s still very young, a little bit immature-

John Sanders: Ha… a little bit…

Mike Wicher: And right now she has the whole world at her shoulders. Everybody is watching her and she’s holding a championship that has been passed around since the beginning of the IWF, with her being the ONLY women to do it. She’s under a lot of pressure and surrounded by a lot of fame. With all that comes a character… does it excuse her behavior? No, I agree with everything you’ve said John, but once again I do think she is the biggest name in women’s wrestling right now, and soon she will take that #1 spot.

John Sanders: So who do you think has it now?

Mike Wicher: There are so many women out there right now, so many women holding championships, but in her company, the IWF, it’s obvious that it’s Blyss Lockhart. She unified the Uprising title with the Phoenix title, she’s now the Rising Phoenix Champion.

John Sanders: No questions there, I back you up on that statement. So now, let’s talk about Flex Johnson and Sheyanne. Enough about the bad blood, the trash talk, let’s talk about the skill, the match. Who takes this and why Mike?

Mike rubbed his chin and smiled. He thought about his answer for a while before saying it.

Mike Wicher: Sheyanne retains her title.

John Sanders: I’ll say Flex.

Mike laughed

Mike Wicher: Are you saying Flex just to get under my skin and start another debate?

John Sanders: No, I’m actually saying Flex for a number of reasons. He has the experience whereas Sheyanne doesn’t. Flex Johnson is extremely motivated for this. Flex has the whole world telling him to hang up the gloves and retire, he’s sick of it and he wants the talk to stop. He’s going to go out to that ring and try to knock Sheyanne’s head off for talking all that trash against him. Flex isn’t going to want to just win, he’s going to want to send a message. That message being “Stop telling me to retire, I’m not ready yet”

Mike Wicher:
I’ll agree with the experience factor, that’s going to be the biggest advantage for Flex, but really? You give him the motivation? Flex sure as hell didn’t seem motivated when the time was right for him to. Just coming off of that loss to Sheyanne he had a match with Tim Patrick and it resulted in a draw.

John Sanders: Oh and you were not impressed with his performance?

Mike Wicher: No I was not.

John Sanders: Were you watching the same match we were all watching!?

Mike Wicher: Hey, I know alright? It was a close match, a battle, a war, they gained so much respect, showed so much heart, but you have to understand that he wasn’t facing a champion… he wasn’t facing a dangerous guy or somebody with a killer instinct. He was facing a guy like Tim Patrick, a guy who has his moments and can win matches, but never does so in a “Holy sh*t” kind of way. Tim Patrick is that guy who passes the torch. He will be pit against new hungry up and comers, and most of the time they will just run right through him. Is he a great wrestler? No, he’s a good wrestler, and after coming off a loss to a loud mouthed girl like Sheyanne, Flex Johnson should’ve been motivated enough to just rip Tim Patrick apart.

John stared into Mike’s eyes for a long while before shaking his head.

John Sanders: Everything you said was just nonsense. You are not giving Flex a chance because he got a draw in his last match?

Mike Wicher: If we are saying he got a draw against a top guy like Griffin Hawkins then okay, kudos to Flex, but it’s Tim Patrick man.

John Sanders: You are out of your mind. You are sitting there giving me a mouthful for not giving Shey credit, and here you are trying to make it seem like a tremendous wrestler like Tim Patrick who has been around for a long time, is some kind of jobber....

Mike Wicher: Hey, just look at it like this, you are only as good as your last performance. Sheyanne tapped out Sat’ha Thor and ended his hype train, she applied that choke hold on him with such ease and showed the world she could get it on anybody. She impressed everybody that night, when everybody thought Thor would kill her she made him quit. Flex Johnson got a draw that night, a draw to someone who isn’t even that good.

John rolled his eyes.

John Sanders: There you go again... whatever, this is the part where you say who’s going to win the match, but I honestly don’t even want to hear it if it’s going to be like the explanations you’re giving me now….

Mike Wicher: Hey I’m speaking on facts. Has Tim Patrick ever won the IWF world title? He’s been in IWF a very long time don’t you think? He’s always been stuck on midcard.

John Sanders: And Flex Johnson is a midcard also, that’s an even playing field right there!

Mike Wicher: But Flex has held world titles a number of times in different companies.

John Sanders: Yeah and that was a LONG time ago Mike! He’s not the same as he was before. He’s old now, his legs move differently, his body works differently.

Mike clapped his hands and pointed at John.

Mike Wicher: Aha! And there it is. Sheyanne is twenty one years old and Flex Johnson is too old for somebody that young and that hungry.

John Sanders:
But she’s a baby compared to him. He’s been in this position before, this is the FIRST time Sheyanne will be in a position where she has to defend a championship, Flex has been here numerous amounts of times.

Mike Wicher: You said the same thing leading up to the gauntlet match at Isolation “Oh Flex will walk out still holding the gold, he’s been here before, he’s not worried” and then BAM! Sheyanne Successful taps him the fu*k out.

John Sanders: Yeah, tapped him out after he had gone through four to five guys.

Mike Wicher: And that’s an excuse so many people have been using, but what will they say when she does it when he’s healthy and 100% this Sunday?

John Sanders: They will say nothing because it won’t happen.

Mike Wicher: Actually, they will say nothing because they will all be hiding in shame.

John Sanders:
Oh boy…

Click. The scene of John and Mike debating quickly ended. Sheyanne could be seen laying on her bed with the remote control by her side. She had watched the debate and she just had enough.

She felt like she should've turned the television off a long time ago but she somehow wanted to keep listening. After hearing what was said about her, she felt somewhat angry at how people like Mike and John judged her, even though they were just speaking their opinions, she felt like she was being judged.

This was the first time she had ever flipped the channels on her Television only to find people talking about her. Growing up, she was one of those people who worried about what other said. Being in this business got that out of her a little bit, she knew that she had to ignore the fans because sometimes they could just say idiotic things, but these two men? They were going by facts.

She did steal that car, she has been disrespectful, nothing was made up.

Sheyanne sighed and just fluffed her pillow, getting comfortable. She didn't see herself as a bad person, she saw herself as being misunderstood. If only people knew her, if only people gave her a chance to see the real her.

The words of John Sanders ran through her head. She was called a bad girl, a slut,  so many things were thrown her way in the few minutes that she watched. She knew that she was no saint, but that guy made it out to seem like Sheyanne had two devils on her shoulders.

Would things be different if he knew that the one guy Sheyanne ever loved cheated on her? Would it be different if he knew that right after that guy, the next guy she was with cheated on her too?

So she had some one night stands, so she hooked up, she just saw it as a young girl trying to have some fun. She no longer cared for a relationship.

Would things be differently stated if this John person knew that Sheyanne wasn't fighting to be the best? Fighting to be the best in this sport came second to her family right now. The main priority was her family, the only people who knew the real her, who understood her. She was fighting for them.

Due to that reason alone, this debate sort of hurt her. She felt like her mother was watching... what if her mother was watching? What would her mother say about all this? Would she feel ashamed? Embarrassed? As hurt as Shey was?

Sheyanne sighed once more before closing her eyes and falling asleep.


I sat on the couch and had the remote gripped firmly onto my hands. What I was doing was studying tape. The match I was looking at was from Isolation, it was the gauntlet match. I had already watched it in it’s entirety over a dozen times.

Before watching that, I had watched Flex’s match with Tim. I had never sat done and watched matches of my opponents before but Clayton Paris advised me to.

Clayton Paris was a famous head trainer that was mostly known for training James Shark. He formulated a bunch of game plans back when he was working with Shark and helped James evolve his game into new heights. Clayton was the reason James Shark went from being a one trick pony to a well-rounded wrestler who was dangerous in all areas.

James fired Clayton about a year ago for personal reasons, apparently it had something to do with Brooklyn and Clayton felt like she was a distraction to James.

He wanted James to pick and James chose her over him. At that point, James didn’t even need him anymore and he proved it. Clayton had already taught him everything he needed to know, but me? A newbie to this sport? I needed him.

Shark gave me his number and I gave him a ring. Clayton was happy to work with me and told me everything that I needed to do. One of the things was, study, study, study.

He gave me homework and that was to study Flex’s tapes. He didn’t want me to study his old matches, just his recent ones. Therefore, I took the footage from Isolation and Battle Grounds 74, and popped them into my DVD player.

Clayton told me that he had already watched Flex. He told me that he had a great deal of respect for him as a competitor and that I had to respect that about him also. Flex was a challenge for anybody, and anybody taking him lightly would be in for a big surprise. That’s why Clayton was worried about me, he had seen how high my confidence was and he had mistaken it for overconfidence.

When he realized that I was taking him seriously, while having fun on the side with some trash talk, he told me I was just like James. Busting my butt off in the gym and allowing my opponents to think I wasn’t taking them seriously with all the trash talk I was doing.

The bottom line was this, I didn’t like Flex. The
“trash talk” I was doing towards him wasn’t for show and it wasn’t to get him thinking that I was underestimating him. The trash talk I was doing came from the heart and it was real. I truly didn’t like Flex and for that, I couldn’t let him beat me.

That was part of the reason why I was pushing myself so hard in the gym, the biggest reason however was my championship. I was treating this piece of gold like a baby or something. Bringing it with me everywhere and always taking care of it. I did that because this was a first time thing for me. I had never ever won a championship in my life, and now that I had one, I never wanted to let it go.

Matt - Look at this painful submission hold.

Johnny - Shey loves applying all kinds of different holds on her opponents, wearing them down and breaking them apart is her way of fighting

The commentators voices interrupted my thoughts, as I watched myself stay on Flex, I knew that part of my key to success would be to put my pressure on him. I needed to stay on Flex the entire time and not let him get off to any start.

For a guy who had all the experience in the world, he didn’t react well to pressure.
I noticed that because he was always a slow starter. Every entrant into the gauntlet match was able to get off on Flex first, everybody was able to get that
“first hit”. One hit could change the entire match, hell, one hit could end the match. Flex was lucky that I was just a “little girl”, because if I had the knockout power and I came into this match with this piece of info, It’d be over within three seconds.

Johnny - I don't know how Flex did it but he managed to escape the hold.

Matt - But he's running out of ideas and energy, he needs to find out what it will take to beat this woman.

Flex showed a lot of heart, and people were surprised when he was giving me a fight, especially since he was already gassed out and beat up. I wasn’t surprised, I expected a fight. He had the strength on me, the height, the weight, the reach, everything. It didn’t matter if he was dizzy or worn out, he was able to fight back because of all the disadvantages I had going into that ring with men.

People should’ve been surprised by me, not him.

He hit his finisher on me, he hit it clutch. The
“Anywhere But Here”, believe me, I expected to not feel a single thing due to how exhausted he was, but he must’ve been saving his last bit of energy for that move because when he hit on me, it felt like he was fresh and I was the first entrant.

When I got hit with that, I wanted to give up. I was hurt and could barely even move, let alone kick out.

Do you know how hard it is to kick out of a move like that? Especially when you only weigh about 80 pounds and there is a guy on top of you, with all of his body weight on you? It’s damn near impossible, but I fucking did it, I did it and I went on to win the match.

People should’ve looked at that and gone
“wow… this girl is something else”, that’s when people should’ve gotten the idea that I don’t fuck around, but yet, people were just like “meh, she defeated a broken down Flex Johnson AND Flex almost beat her while he was already beat up” They didn’t understand, they obviously didn’t know a damn thing about wrestling.

I won that title with sweat and tears, the next day, I couldn’t move, my whole body was hurting. Yet, I took no days off, I went into that gym and still did what I could. They all told me
“Shey, you need to relax, you’re going to kill yourself” and I told them, “No, if I don’t kill myself in the gym now, then Thor is going to kill me in that ring”.

They want to talk about Flex’s heart!? I have more heart than Flex Johnson. Flex is and will always be a phony. Did everyone see how he won that god damn High Impact Championship in the first place!? Ugh, it sickened me. It sickened me that he won the title in such a cowardly way but had the audacity to say that he was going to get “HIS” belt back.

If this belt didn’t belong to me, then the only person it belonged to was Gordon Fury. I still looked at Gordon as the High Impact Champion who never lost the title. Sorta like James Shark, a man who won this very same title and then gave it away that same night, right into Robbie Hart’s hands. Robbie Hart later went on to become the longest reigning High Impact Champion in the company’s history.

Thinking of the history of the High Impact Championship…. Names like Vincent Van Rose, Sean Libby, Tim Patrick, Flex Johnson, Parker Wayde and even James Shark. I wasn’t planning on being alongside those names when it came to the history of this title.

Those were all names of people who never defended this title, not once. To me, if you can’t defend the title at least once, then you should not be under the list of names of people to hold said title. To be a champion, you had to defend the belt, if you couldn’t, then you only proved that you receiving that title was a mistake.

Of course James Shark was an obvious exception. He gave the title away three seconds after winning it, I saw that as such disrespect to the title. As if the title had no meaning at all, I respected this title a lot more than he did and I still respect it, always will. This was the very first title I’ve ever had, ever, in any sport, game or competition. This championship meant the world to me, and if someone like Flex wanted it, they’d have to pry it off my hands attached to my dead body.
This title was going to be staying with me for a very long ti-


My thoughts were interrupted as my home phone began to ring. That’s when I could hear the Television again, my match at Isolation had just ended. It seemed like I had zoned myself when I was deep in thought.

Matt -
Shey with the UNSuccessful Escape!

Johnny -
Center of the ring! No one has ever gotten out of this hold!

Matt - And with everything Flex has been through there's no way in hell he can get out!

Matt - Look at Flex he's trying to fight out of the hold.

Johnny -
He doesn’t have the energy though, this is it for him.

Johnny - It's over, it's finally over!!

Matt - We have a new champion!

Heather Thompson - Here's your winner and new High Impact Champion Sheyanne Successful!

I smiled as I heard Heather announce me as the new champion. As I walked over to the phone I grabbed the remote and ejected the CD out of the DVD Player. Once I looked on the caller ID of the phone, I picked it up all excited.

Sheyanne: HIIIIIII

I hadn’t talked to my mother in almost forever. I didn’t get to see her much due to training and promotional bullshit, but it was always a pleasure talking to her.

Mother: Hey Sheyanne...

She sounded cold, she didn’t have the same excitement in her voice as I did. Something was up.

Sheyanne: Um… is something wrong!?

There was a pause on the other line for a while until I heard my mom sigh. After what she spoke into my ears, I could’ve dropped the phone, my hands were shaking. A tear drop fell from my eyes and ran down across my cheek.

Sheyanne: Oh my god Ma…


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, my fans and the Flex Johnson cry babies…. Allow me to introduce myself…. The FIRST EVER and ONLY woman to hold the IWF High Impact Championship…. The youngest IWF Champion in the game right now and the girl that has everybody talking, plotting and just going nuts! The ONE… the ONLY…. Sheyanne motherfucking Successful yall, THE pretty mixed bitch, ahem…

THE QUEEN PRETTY MIXED BITCH, all dolled up and looking sexy for the camera.

I would just like to remind you all that Judgement time has arrived. Is Sheyanne for real? Or is she just another girl who had a quick rise but ended? We’re going to find out who’s real and who’s fake, we’re going to all see if it’s Flex’s time to retire or if he writes the ultimate fairy tale ending and shuts me up once and for all.

IWF tried to build up Tim Patrick and Thor as a grudge match, but believe me, they played their hype wrong. I don’t like Flex Johnson  and Flex Johnson doesn’t like me. This isn’t for show, this is a match with much more on the line than a heavy championship belt. Pride is on the line, our careers are on the line. This match can break me or make me, this match for Flex can end him or rewrite him, we both know this. That alone makes this a very personal match for the both of us.

Aside from that, you have the back and forth trash talk, Flex Johnson calling the cops on me and getting suspended, believe me and hear me again…. We DO NOT like each other and on Sunday Night, we’re going to show each other exactly HOW MUCH we don’t like each other.

Flex has the chance to go out there and take what’s mine, take something that I have been working for my whole life. He has the chance to flip the tables on me and just make me a name that everyone just forgets. It’s not going to happen because as of this very moment, that chance is gone. Once that bell rings and we look into each other’s eyes, come forward and lock up… his chance is gone out the motherfucking window.

I’m not going to give him any chances, none at all. He won’t be seeing any openings and he won’t have any of my mistakes to capitalize on. All my hard work that I’ve done in my life, everything that I’ve gone through, it’s all been a build up to this very moment. This moment on June 30th, this moment live on Pay Per View on Ragnarok.

Champions defend their belt, Chumps don’t.

Flex Johnson grabbed the title and couldn’t defend it. He had to understand that as a champion, he had to be prepared for anything and everything. Truth is, Flex Johnson wasn’t prepared that night. He wasn’t prepared for every entrant to get a head start on him, he wasn’t prepared for Jack Savage to drop him on his head and he wasn’t prepared for Sheyanne Successful to walk into that ring as an entrant.

He thought he knew what was coming but he had no idea, not even the slightest clue.

A lot of people aren’t giving me the credit I deserve. You can give Flex the advantages in this match when it comes to strength and size, but for fuck sakes, don’t you even think of giving him the speed advantage or the cardio advantage.

I can out work Flex, I can be faster than him. It’s all about timing and it’s all about how much can you push. In this sport, the old don’t last. Flex is now 45 years old, his body doesn’t work the same as it did back when he was my age, a hungry 21 year old prospect.

A lot of people have been telling me that the only reason why I looked so impressive on Flex was because he was gassed. They tell me that I was able to cling onto him and stay on him with pressure the entire match because he was just so tired from the other entrants.

That’s a load of bullshit.

When we look at the competitors who got involved that night and entered that gauntlet match, we’re looking at guys like Masochist Messiah, Alexander Raven, Frank Finelli and Jack Savage. Four guys who are working on the undercards and the openings of the show. To be brutally honest, these three guys suck, period, point blank.

You guys are meaning to tell me that he was too
“beat up” and “worn out” from Messiah? A guy with a winning percentile of 35? Alexander Raven? who loses more consecutively than Ethan Cage? Frank Finelli? The new guy! Or was it because of Jack Savage? The guy who has 15 losses and only 11 wins?


People are quick to throw me under the bus and bet against me but things are going to start becoming different. After I defeated the Uprising Champion, I thought I proved myself. Like I said, judgement day is upon us all, and you guys can judge me and point the finger at my opponent and say that person is going to win…. But at the end of the day, how can you continue to go after me and put me down with criticism when I continue to win?

After I defend this title, that’s three straight wins. A win against the High Impact Champion at that time, a win against the Uprising Champion at that time and a win against the number one contender to the High Impact Championship.

Win after win after win, that’s how I’m going to respond to all the hate, the back and forth bickering and critics. Say what you want about me, but there won’t be a damn thing anyone can say when my hands only continue to get raised.

This isn’t cockiness or confidence. All this is, is believe. I’m the biggest believer in myself. I have so much going for me right now that it’s unbelievable.

We’ve all seen a select few women do quite extraordinary things in this sport, we’ve seen them rise to the top so quickly. I’m just getting started, I’m so young, so talented, so gifted and I have so much more to accomplish. First ever woman to hold the High Impact Championship? Okay, that’s sweet, but I’m searching for more titles and accomplishments.

Maybe sometime, somebody will end my success, but right now isn’t the time for my ride to the top to be over. I still feel like it’s my time in this sport, I feel like all the stars are lining up and things are just going to go my way because hard work pays off.

I’m a great believer in things happening for a reason, and with that being said. I believe that the NLWF came crashing down for me to join the IWF, I believe I joined the IWF to become the High Impact Champion… I believe I became the High Impact Champion by taking it off Flex Johnson so that we could grow some form of rivalry… and that’s not all….

I believe we grew some sort of rivalry so that I could end Flex Johnson, run right through him, slice him in half, shame his legacy and just flat out retire him.

This is where all the strong believers in Flex say
“keep dreaming” or “keep believing”. This is also where the forty-fucking-five year old, with his messy afro and his saggy ass pants screams out: “CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP”

Heh… and that’s fine. I believe I’ll win, they believe differently. I’ll believe what I want, yall can believe what yall want… but just mark my words.

Flex Johnson CAN and WILL be stopped…..again.

I don’t fucking care how much experience you have or what you’ve been doing to prepare for me. The reality is, Flex Johnson is washed up, over the hill and an old man.

After my match with him, I’m going to make him cry like a little girl, a little fucking bitch!

Tap Tap Tap

Ring Ring Ring

The two sounds yall will hear. He’s going to desperately tap for his dear life and that bell is going to ring. Make no mistake about it, and you know what? I can honestly say that I've NEVER gone into a match so emotionally charged, I've NEVER gone into a match with so much hatred for a person.

Fact is, I've been lying this whole time. I've been saying I dislike Flex, the truth is that I hate him. I hate everything that he stands for, I hate that he snitched on me, I hate that he low rides his pants at such an old age, I hate that he's an old man in a young man's sport, I hate him, I hate his mom, his dad, his family, I hate everything about him.

You know what else?

That bell can ring, and he can tap all he wants.... but I just don't know if I'll be able to let go of the hold this time. I'm not a murderer... but don't push me.


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PostSubject: Re: Sheyanne Successful [vs.] Flex Johnson   Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:36 pm

Preface: Scene One takes place after my CD

Sleepless Nights (Saga) Part 3: Prelude to Sons of our Fathers

Scene One
Every once in a while, people ask me what the happiest day of my life was.

That’s a tricky question for me. Honestly, I’ve had a lot of those days. The first day I met my wife ranks highly up there; my marriage is up there as well.  

But you know one day that I’ll never forget?

That day would be the birth of my first son.

Yeah I know, it probably sounds extremely corny—but that’s how I really feel. You know as a man, when you are growing up and thinking about starting a family, you always imagine having a son. You imagine a little fat dude that looks like you. You picture a small mirror image of yourself.

I wanted to have a son, so that I could raise him to be a strong, proud man. As I look back on life, I can honestly as that I didn’t have the best father. My father’s name was Jeffery Johnson.

Why was my dad so horrible? Well, I’ll tell you.

I had three siblings; I was the youngest of them all. There were many differences between me and my siblings, besides age. For one, all of them were planned. My mom and dad had only wanted three children. I was what my dad called “an accident.” And let me tell you, my dad had no problem telling me that I wasn’t planned.

In that regard, I think my father hated me for that. I was told later in life that my dad was big planner. He planned out everything—how many kids he and my mom would have, how many hours he was have to work to make ends meet, everything. In his mind, I came along and fucked up everything.

Dad treated me different. He was loving and caring with all the others—he was cold and heartless with me.

I remember this one time—me and sister was playing in the house. We ended up bumping a lap and breaking it. My father came home. He gave my sister a small talk, but didn’t seem to upset. I took the grunt of the punishment. I didn’t get a talk—I got a beating.

My dad smacked me hard on the side of the head.

Then he took of his belt.

Additionally, I didn’t eat that night.

Shit like that happened with my father all the time; it never happened with my mom. Mom treated the same as everyone, but not good ol’ dad.

Jeffery Johnson left a big impression on me. When I got older, I made a promise to myself. I didn’t tell anyone about the promise, not even my wife. But…I promised myself that I’d become a good father. I wanted to be better dad to my son than my father was to me.

I wanted my son to respect me, not fear me.

That promise ran through my mind all the time.

I know it ran through my mind the day Flex was born.

I remember looking at him after he was born. My wife Mary was holding him. “That’s my boy,” I thought to myself. “I’m going to be a good dad to him; he is going to become great.”

Flex Johnson.

You know, I always loved the way his named sounded. I know it don’t really roll of the tongue, but it has a cool effect, at least to me. Ha, I don’t think Mary really like the name, but she allowed me to pick it. When we dating, Mary and I had talk about baby names—you know, like most couples do. I remember we had a hard time deciding and agreeing on names. So, she came up with a great idea. The idea was that I’d come up with our boys’ names, and she would come up with the girls’ names.

I actually got the name “Flex” from reading a Japanese anime magazine. Now, the Japanese actually don’t have a character for the name “Flex.” Instead, the character for “Felix” is used. “Felix” means prosperous.

So essentially, “Flex” equals “prosperity.”

Not too shabby huh?

Speaking of Flex, he is about five or so right now. He’s a smart kid—bright and intelligent. He doesn’t talk a lot, at least not as much as some five-year-olds. But kind of funny; he may be five, but he acts a lot older. Mary tells me that he always finishes his chores quickly. And, he helps out around the house. I know he also helps Mary take care of Myrice, his little sister.
He’s a good kid.

But am I a good father?

I wanted to be a great father to him. I wanted to teach him how to toss a football, how to throw a right hook. But, I haven’t done any of that. Hell, for the past couple of years I’ve hardly seen Flex. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Mary doesn’t work; she shouldn’t have to. I’m the man of this household—I need to provide for this family. So, I work my fingers to the bone every day, even on the weekends.

But, that means I don’t get to spend lots of time with Mary, or Flex, or Myrice.

It’s weird how to can work so hard, and still be a failure.

Hell, I don’t know why I’m writing down all these thoughts. I don’t even know who is even going to read it, if any ever does read it.

Flex, maybe you will read it someday. I don’t know how many of the entries I’m going to write. But, I’ve just decided—these are all going to be for you. You’re only five now, so you don’t really understand. Ha, but you’re so smart—maybe you do. But, when you are older, I want you to read these. I’m not the best talker, so maybe me written thoughts would be better.

Son, I just want you to know something. Regardless of how it may appear, I love you.

Flex sat the book down on the coffee table.

“Shit,” Flex said. Flex picked himself up off of the couch; he ran his fingers through his hair a couple of times. He turned to walk towards the kitchen. Before he could make it to the hallway, the front door opened up. Mya walked in the door, followed by Toby.

“Hey babe,” Mya said with a smile. “How are you.”

“Oh…I’m ok,” said Flex. He passed her and made his way to the kitchen.

Toby looked up and Mya.


“I don’t know what’s the matter.”

Toby waddled into the living room; Mya slowly walked into the kitchen. Flex was stood near the sink, his head bent over slightly. Mya put her arms around his waist.

“Babe, what’s the matter?”

Flex didn’t speak; he just stood there for a few seconds. He then turned around to face Mya. Flex put his arms around Mya and pulled her closer. Mya looked into his eyes. Flex never tried to put on an act, but he didn’t usually convey the fact that something was bothering him.
Only a few people, including Mya, were able to look at him and know something was wrong.
Flex kissed Mya. He played in her hair for a few seconds.

“I’ll tell you about it later,” said Flex. He put on a weak smile.
“I need to clear my head; I’m going for a jog.”

Flex pulled away from Mya and headed up stairs.

Mya shook her head.

“This may be a problem—a big one.”

Scene Two
In a few days I’m going to walk into the biggest match I’ve had since joining IWF, no offense to Tim Patrick. And to be honest, it really isn’t my opponent that’s making this match so large—it’s the implications behind the match.

Well, I guess that’s not exactly true—my opponent is somewhat important. When Sheyanne took advantage of an opportunity, she became the first female High Impact champion. That means something; it’s a large feat. Therefore, everyone will be rooting for her—even though we all know I’m the better wrestler. I mean over the past week or so, I’ve gotten a great deal of emails defending Sheyanne as the champion.

If I lose this match, who knows when I’ll get another title shot. Hell, I might NEVER get another one. And if I win, then I risk alienating some fans.

What’s a man do?

Well, most men, especially here in IWF, would throw in the towel. Look at Storming Raven and Tim. They refuse to fight women.

But, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not like most men.

What am I going to do? Well, I’m going to stand up and fight! I don’t care if my opponent is a man, a woman, or an alien. I don’t care if they are taller or more muscular.

I’m a warrior—I don’t back down from ANYONE.

Sheyanne is going to have to kill me at Ragnarok; that’s going to be her only option.
Otherwise I’m going to just keep pushing, keep coming.

That’s what I do-that’s what I’ve always done.

Why change now?

Scene Three
Once again, Flex lay on the Dr. Lina’s black leather couch. However, this time Mya was there as well. She sat in a small chair near the couch. Dr. Lina had yet to walk into the room.

Flex stared up at the ceiling; there were a lot of things running through his brain.

“Where the hell did this journal pop up from,” thought Flex to himself. “I never knew my father very well. We didn’t talk about much, except for sports. I never really knew his inner thoughts about ANYTHING. And, I always coped with that because I told myself ‘he was working to provide for the family.’ But now, I’ve got a chance to read his inner thoughts—specifically, his inner thoughts about me.”

Before he could finish his thoughts, Dr. Lina entered the room. She smiled and took a seat.

“Good morning you two.”

“Good morning” Flex and Mya said in unison.

“Flex, how are you feeling today?”

“I’m feeling…alright,” Flex said. “Umm, something came up a couple of days ago. I’d like to discuss it with both you and Mya if that’s ok.”

“Yes of course,” said Lina. “Now, would you like to begin?”

Mya handed Flex a packet.

“I’ve got my assignment right here.

Since I was six or seven, I’ve been surrounded by death. I suppose these sessions have proved that. And yet, I don’t fear Death.

Is that wrong?

Death is a natural occurrence. Humans made to do a couple of things. We were made to grow and learn; we made to enjoy life and its pleasures. And after all of that, after I’ll time here is exhausted, we are made to pass away.

I never really had a problem with Death itself. No—I had problem with Death’s timing.
It’s one thing for a 90 year old man to pass. You know, it’s probably wrong to say, but an elderly person has lived a full life. They have traveled, had kids, and seen shit—good and bad. What more is there that they could possibly see?

But what about people like my brother? He was still young. Hell, he wasn’t even in his prime yet. His career had just taken off; he had gotten out of wrestling and was a successful fashion designer. About four month before his death, he just had a baby.

Death had shitty timing.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the actual death itself.

My father was murdered, gunned down by some criminal. And my brother, he was killed by a reckless drunk-driving college frat boy.

Is that fair? Was there any justice in those instances?

But, I suppose Death isn’t bound to things such as fairness.

I use to talk to God a lot about the issue. Scratch that—the “word” talking is probably inaccurate. I “complained” to God. Death couldn’t answer my questions about fairness, but I figured the Lord could. I prayed to him a lot after my father died; I did the same thing when Koji passed was well.

I listened, but he never spoke to me—not about Death anyway.

Maybe I wasn’t meant to know.

I enrolled in these sessions because of some dreams I was having. These premonitions depicted my death in many ways, and I wasn’t sure what to make of them. I didn’t tell Mya, but—I always figured to they were a sign. You know—a sign of things to come. I guess that’s why I had trouble sleeping and what not.

Maybe that’s why I was losing matches as well—but I’m not making an excuses.
But how do I feel now?

Even though Death surrounds me—I’m not afraid. Was I in the past? Of course. But things have changed. I stood in the face of Death my father died, and even though it hurt me, it also made me stronger. I was devastated when my brother was killed. But you know what I did? I mourned for a bit, as anyone would. And then, I picked myself up and continued to fight. That’s what he would have wanted; and, that’s what I’ve been known to do.
And, will Death take me out? Sure—eventually. But God hasn’t allowed Death to touch me yet, and there must be a reason.

There must be a good reason.

Lina took a couple of notes in her pad. After she finished writing, she dropped the pad on the floor near her feet.

“Flex that was very good,” Lina said with a smile. “I think these sessions have been really productive.”

Mya nodded her head. “Yes they have been. He’s seemed a lot less stressed at home—at least until today.”

Mya and Lina both turned a bit towards Flex.

“Flex, before we started you said there was a lil’ something you wanted to discuss.”

“Yeah,” Flex said. He sighed. “Well, a couple of days I got a package from my sister. She was going through some old boxes and ran across this book. The book was made out, or addressed to me, so she sent it to me. When it arrived I sat down a read a few pages.”

Flex sighed once again.

“The book was actually a journal—written by my dad. He wrote it to me, to tell me his experiences and thoughts.”

“Kind of like Sons of Anarchy?” Mya asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Hmm,” Lina said. “Interesting…Flex, we’ve talked a lot about your father. You told me you never really got to know him—that you weren’t very close.

“Are you ready to read this?”

“I don’t know if I’m ready or not,” said Flex. “But, I feel like this is something I need to do.”

“We just had a break-through; this journal might set you back.”

“He won’t be going through it alone,” said Mya. She put her arms around Flex. “I’ll be right there with him—every step of the way.”

Lina smiled.

“Flex if this is something you need to do—then you should do it,” Lina said. “An, if trouble arises, you’ll just have to come back and see me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Flex picked himself off the couch.

“Dr. Lina, you’ve….


“I mean—Lina, you’ve be a big help thank you.”

“You are quite welcome,” Lina said. “Now, if you to need anything don’t hesitate schedule an appointment. OR, just give me a call ok,” she said with a smile.

“Yes—thank you.”

Scene Four
Why did I get into this business?

Most kids have aspirations of becoming an astronaut or a doctor. But I wasn’t like most kids growing up. My dad and I—well, we didn’t bond too much. But, one thing that we did do is watch wrestling. I remember the first match that got me hooked. I don’t know how he did it, but my dad had gotten a hold of some NWA Mid Atlantic Wrestling tapes. I remember one Saturday we just sat down and watched for hours; it was one of the rare off-days that my father had.

The match that sold me was a bout between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. It wasn’t like the others matches; it wasn’t just two brutes clubbing each other. No—it was a work of art! It was two skilled technicians demonstrating their craft and telling a story.

From that day on, I wanted to become a wrestler.

No—it was more than that! I NEEDED to become a wrestler; it was what I was destined to do. Throughout my lifetime, I told everyone about my dream. But, no one cared to hear. My friends that I was crazy; they told me I wasn’t a good enough athlete to become a wrestler. My teachers, professors, and counselors thought I was ignorant; based on race and statistics, they didn’t even see me being a free man, much less a successful wrestler.

Even my own father scoffed at the idea!

Only three believe that I could achieve my goal. The first was me, the second was mom. The third was my uncle.

Three people out of a lifetime.

How did I get into this business?

Everyone knows true dreams aren’t easily achieved—they require hard work.

You see, unlike you Sheyanne, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn at a fancy gym. I didn’t have a chance to rub shoulders with world-class trainers.

Hell, I could hardly afford a sub-par wrestling school. My uncle gave me a small loan; it was about $1,200. He gave it to me when I was 18. I saved that money for a couple of years until I found a school close by. The school that I did find was called New York Alliance. Although I truly appreciate everything I learned there, I’d be lying if I told you that it was top-notch. The trainers, although they were good people, weren’t known as the best in the business. But they taught us the basics. The wrestlers—well what about them? With the exception of myself, and my boy Jeff Haman, the wrestlers were terrible. Jeff and I were the only ones that made something of ourselves in this business.

The fact of the matter is, even though I trained, struggled, and scrapped to learn the business; theoretically, I still wasn’t supposed to be anything in this business.
But once I got into door, no one or nothing could hold me back.

Unlike you Sheyanne, I didn’t start off as a wrestling prodigy. After New York Alliance, I wrestled a couple of local indy shows, before I got picked up by a company called Studio 21. Studio 21 was a big deal at the time; but now, the company is dead. Regardless, at the time I wasn’t good enough to make it one the main roster. I was told that I showed potential—but potential is really worth shit. I was sent down to their developmental territory.

I should have been happy. I was finally living the dream right?


I wasn’t satisfied at all. And that’s why I eventually became great.

Studio 21’s developmental was terrible. In fact, I’d argue it wasn’t even designed to train up wrestlers. We didn’t have trainers or classes. Nope. We did all our learning in the ring. Road agents were in charge of booking; essentially, they would place two random people in the ring and let them go. After the match ended, sometimes the road agent would offer a little advice. But, most of the time the agent would say a thing at all.

Personally, I had to re-watch my matches, and try to compare them to the greats. That’s how I learned to work in the business, in the beginning at least. After Studio 21 I took some time and went to some immediate and advanced training sessions. But I digress; there were also other reasons why Studio 21 was a wrestler’s worst nightmare. Essentially, the development program was also a purgatory. Like I said, there no courses—no instructors. Therefore, a lot people never got better. I met some dudes that had been in that place for 5 years and still weren’t deemed good enough to make it onto the main roster.

Most of those wrestlers spent their entire careers working meaningless matches that no one would ever see.

But—they were content.

I wasn’t content.

Sheyanne, that’s kind of been the story of my life. I’ve never been content with my position in this business. That’s why I’ve worked so hard over these years. That’s the reason why I’ve re-tooled and re-worked my style so many times of the years.

I’ve never been content in wrestling and that’s why I’m the best!

Sheyanne, this rematch between the two of us has been swelling for some time now. And at Ragnarok, it’s all going to come to a head.

Sheyanne, I HATE people like you. Would you like to know why? For most of my career I’ve been “The Black wrestler” of the fed. And because of this dark skin I’ve been mistreated, I’ve been bashed—hell I’ve been robbed of championships because of the color of my skin. And, I’ve faced all this adversity even though I’ve carried myself with dignity and honor. I’m a fucking role model. That poor black kid in the ghetto can say “I can make it, because Flex Johnson did.” I’ve been an excellent representation for OUR people.

And it really PISSES me off you people like you walk into a federation. You’re obnoxiously loud; you act as if you no one is able to hear your whiny, high-pitched voice. You can’t speak English to save your damn life; you sound like a fucking coon.

But most of all, you’re ignorant!

Sheyanne, let me ask you something.

What does “real” mean to you?

Over the past month or so you have been quick to run your mouth. You’ve thrown out terms like “fake,” and “bitch.”

So again, let me ask you—what’s “real” boo?

Let me tell you what’s “real;” “real” is struggle and pain. “Real” is growing up dirty poor with four siblings; “real” is watching your mother and father literally kill themselves to provide for the house. And, “real” is seeing the people you love gunned down or killed!

That’s “real” ma’am!

Your opponent at Ragnarok has endured all the instances above—it has transformed him in the man you see today.

Sheyanne, I called the police you for a specific reason. And hell, that reason was exactly wrestling related.  Three years ago my brother, Koji Johnson, was driving home from the store. He was driving on the expressway when he was hit on the driver’s side. The crash was brutal; Koji’s car was totaled. The driver’s side was nothing but mangled heap of steel.
Sheyanne, do you know who killed my brother? It was someone just like YOU. It was an ignorant, reckless 20-year-old punk who thought it would be idea to get drunk off his ass and ride around New York.

It was person like you who killed my brother—hell, I might as well as YOU killed my brother. So, yeah, I called the police. I’d hate for another family to face to go through the pain, agony, and heart break that my family had to go through just so you could go on a little “joy ride.”

But, don’t get me wrong—it’s people like you who have ruined this business. It’s thoughtless, shameless people like you that have tainted this great business. And you have the NERVE to say that you are a “real,” respectable champion.

Every single moment that you are the IWF High Impact Champion the company diminishes in value!

Sheyanne, let’s be perfectly honest—you are a fucking hypocrite! You call me a “coward” during interviews, you call me scum on Twitter.


But let me ask you something. It’s clear that you don’t like me; it’s clear you have a problem with me. But, did you ever once try to come and talk to me about your issues? I mean, my locker room is always open.

But that thought never even crossed your mind did it? No of course not. Instead of trying to hash out issues like an ADULT, you decide to run to Twitter. Instead of being civil, you decided to run to Youtube. You chose to be an internet thug, typing and yakking mindlessly behind your MacBook.

And I’m the fucking coward?

But I don’t take it personally Sheyanne. I’ve known people like you all of my life. You talk shit and you think that makes you something; you think that makes you better than others. You think because you are loud and boisterous that everything you say is the gospel.

But in all honesty, character wise, you’re no better than me Sheyanne.

And that burns you up inside doesn’t it?

You can play the victim Sheyanne. You can suck up to people like Tim Patrick; you can try and plea to the fans. But at the end of the day, you and I are just alike.

You don’t like the way I won the title from Gordon. Hey, my question to you is why? That cock-sucker Gordon has been running his mouth ever since he came into IWF. And, he wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash when he talked shit about Remington. And Gordon, like the unfocused douche that he is, attacked Remington before our title match. And guess what—Remington beat his ass! I didn’t hire Remington; I didn’t pay him off.

The only thing I did was wrestle the match I was booked in.

That’s it.

So, unless you have a problem with me doing my fucking job, I don’t see what your issue is.
What, you don’t think my win was “honorable?”

Well, let’s talk about “honor” for a moment. Because I’m guessing that’s something you know about—right?

At Isolation, I was booked in a dumbass Gauntlet match. I didn’t offer any arrogant promo; I didn’t challenge the entire roster. No, I was forced into that match due to contractual obligations.

But, even though I was forced into the match, even though the odds were statistically against me—I stood up and fought. Maso brought his wobbly ass into the ring, and I crushed his soul. The washed up Alexander Raven was the next person. He was more of a challenge than Maso. But in the end, he wasn’t able to cut it. In fact, he’s never been able to cut it—he couldn’t beat me in UECW, and he can’t beat me in IWF. Then out walked Frank Finelli, AKA the walking meat head. You see, Frank is big and bulky, and no doubt if it were a weight-lifting contest then he would have won. But it wasn’t—it was a wrestling match. Frank caught me with a couple of stiff blows; but, he was out-wrestled in the end. And then there was Jack Savage. Jack has never beaten me in his life; but, he thought he would try to take advantage of the situation. But, Jack miscalculated—he forgot he wasn’t good enough to beat me, not even in a weakened state.

You then, in stepped you Sheyanne.

Let me ask you, do you consider yourself honorable Sheyanne? Because, as I recall, you stepped into the ring with a man who had already wrestled four matches previously. You stood toe-to-toe with a man who was bloodied and battered, but still had the strength and gall to face you. Face it Sheyanne, not matter what way you try to spin it—you took advantage of a fucked up situation.

So let me ask you again Sheyanne, what makes you any different from me? You call me a coward, but you have done the exact same shit.

You know what—you’re actually worse than I am. At least I can recognize and own up to the shit I’ve done. But you Sheyanne, pssh, you live in denial.

But you won’t be able to live in denial when I pin you and re-capture my High Impact title!

You know, it’s kind of crazy. When I was young, I knew I wanted to be a professional wrestler. And when I got older, I knew that’s what I would eventually become. But you know, even though I believed in myself and my skills, I never knew I’d make it this far.

When I first stepped into the ring, I never dreamed of winning any titles—hell, the idea had never even came across my mind.

In the early days, all I wanted to do was win a match.

Hmm—look at me now.

People think I’m brash because mention my 10 title reigns. Others say that I’m arrogant because I mention the fact I’ve been inducted into two hall of fames. I’m far from arrogant; I bring up those accomplishments for a specific purpose.

I list those accolades to remind myself that you can come from NOTHING, and become something great—the true American Dream.

I was never supposed to be a ten time champion; and I certainly wasn’t supposed to become a hall of fame wrestler. Hell, most black men in Harlem don’t make it past the age of 25 with becoming some ghetto statistic. But—I made it. I became a champion; I became a hall of famer. Instead of sitting within a grave, I got to travel the world!

I defied the odds!

I’ve been defying the odds my whole career.

And at Ragnarok, I’m going to defy the odds one more time. Sheyanne, I’m going to win this match to prove people wrong. This match is going to show that a 40-year-old can not only “still go” in the ring, but thrive. This match is going to prove that IWF made its wisest decision ever when it hired me.

But most importantly Sheyanne—I’m going to prove that I’m better than you!

At Ragnarok, all the Twitter comments will be irrelevant. At Ragnarok the Youtube videos won’t matter. Sheyanne, the time for “tough” talk is passing away; the time for “action” is almost here. That’s the time that I live for. At the Pay-Per-View it will be just you and me in a ring. There aren’t going to be any trainers there to urge you on, and your mama won’t be there to lead you advice.

It’s just going to be your raw talent against my refined talent, and my experience.
And, I think we both know who wins in that matchup.

Every second of this match, you are going to wish you hadn’t opened your big mouth. You are going to wish that you had shown a minimum level of respect; you don’t disrespect legends in this business—and you’ve disrespected the greatest of them all!



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Sheyanne Successful [vs.] Flex Johnson
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