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 Ethan Cage [vs.] Griffin Hawkins

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Ethan Cage [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:44 pm

IWF Championship...the biggest prize in the business. Get at it boys!


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Griffin Hawkins


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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Cage [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:54 pm

~Long Overdue~

Before I went down to Colorado, I knew I had something to do. After Battlegrounds, I had searched the arena for Tiffani, only I couldn't find her. My guess was that she went home. After flying back to Los Angeles, I got on my bike and rode through the streets towards a certain location. I was tired of things being awkward between me and Tiffani, it was time to settle this once and for all. Me and her had to talk one way or another, at least we'd know where we stand. I rode through the outskirts of the city, passing the trees until I came to a water tower. I parked my bike and slowly climbed up the ladder. I had forgotten how long this was...I stopped until I reached the top. Tiffani looked over me in surprise.

Tiffani Michaels - Griffin? What are you doing here?

Griffin Hawkins - I..came to see you. I wanted to find you and talk to you after our match, but you left the arena.

Tiffani Michaels - There wasn't really any reason for me to stay back.

Griffin Hawkins - Well yeah..after clubbing Blyss like a baby seal, there really isn't any point to stay there..                          

She laughs a little bit. I at least was able to make her smile again.

Tiffani Michaels - Some things never change, now do they?

[color=yellow]Griffin Hawkins - I guess not. But I really don't think it's fair the way her and Gordon are judging you like this. I guess I forgot they never made a mistake in their lives.

Tiffani Michaels - It's fine, Blyss always hated me anyways, now she has even more fuel for her rage. I don't even care what Gordon thinks about me anymore, he was never my friend in the first place.

Griffin Hawkins - I can see why. But the main reason I came here is to finally have it out, lay all the cards on the table and just talk. I know you're probably as tired as I am of walking on egg shells when we pass eachother in the hallway.

Here it comes..her answer. She nodded a small nod before looking up at me.

Tiffani Michaels - Yeah...look Griffin, whether you want to believe it or not, I am sorry about what happened. It was all just a big mistake and things got really out of hand.

Griffin Hawkins - It's okay..I believe you..            

She has a look of confusion on her face as if that was too easy. The girl was probably expecting me to not believe her and yell at her for selling me out for some rich douchebag.

Tiffani Michaels - Just like that?

Griffin Hawkins - Look, you're not the first to be drawn into him. He has made a career out of manipulating people..including me, besides all you were was a pawn in his war against me, I know how convincing he was to you..he has a way of getting into your head and screwing with it.

Tiffani Michaels - Yeah...well it's definitely over for good now. So I guess that won't be a problem anymore.

Griffin Hawkins - But..I'm wondering, what made you decide that it's time for you two to end things?

ffani Michaels - It doesn't really matter, it just didn't work out

[color=yellow]Griffin Hawkins - ...What do you mean?

She looks hesitant and steps back, looking away from me. It was as if she was ashamed of something.

Tiffani Michaels - I just mean that sometimes relationships don't work, that's all.

Griffin Hawkins - Well something had to have happened? Did he hurt you?

Tiffani Michaels - No, of course not. It's really not a big deal Griffin. We just, didn't mesh as well as I thought.

I raise my eyebrow in confusion. What wasn't she telling me?

Griffin Hawkins - You're hiding something..aren't you?

Tiffani Michaels - Just let it go, okay?

Griffin Hawkins - Tiffani I can't..because I get the feeling the source of all this emotion is coming from something that went down..but whatever it is you can tell me..      

She begins to cry a little, shaking her head no.

Tiffani Michaels - I haven't told anyone about this...not Ben when he came to visit me, not even Dad when I went back home after everything happened.

Griffin Hawkins - can tell me. We're here in the same place that only you and me know about. I knew you'd be here when I got back to LA..we've always been there for eachother..and we need eachother have to tell me.

Tiffani Michaels - ....I ran away when I lost the baby.

Did she

Griffin Hawkins - You were...pregnant?

Tiffani Michaels - I was only a few weeks along...I didn't even tell Alex, I wanted it to be a suprise...but one night...

Griffin Hawkins - ..Was the night you miscarried?...

Tiffani Michaels - It was horrible! There was just blood everywhere and I didn't know what to do...I was alone and so scared!

I hold her by the shoulders to keep her from shaking.

Griffin Hawkins - Tiff! Tiff! Calm down..its okay, I know it must have been scary for you, nobody deserves to have that happen to them..

Tiffani Michaels - I couldn't face him after that, there was just no I ran, I didn't know what else to do.

Griffin Hawkins - This might sound crazy..but I think you did the right thing.

Tiffani Michaels - ....what?

Griffin Hawkins - Tiff..look at the way he handled the breakup, he threw a temper tantrum like a crybaby and started hurling all these insults at you when months ago he was bragging to the whole world that you two were "so in love" Would a guy who's acting like the girl who got stood up at the prom look like he's mature enough to be a father?

Tiffani Michaels - I guess not...I just didn't even leave behind a note or anything, he's lying when he said that I sent him a text message. I never did that.

Griffin Hawkins - I think he's been watching too much of  The O.C. If he had a problem with you he could have came to you like a man, what he did to you, that's not what a man does.

Tiffani Michaels - I don't know how somebody can be that cruel. I know running away wasn't the best move to make, but I never said anything that was just so cold to him...I did care about Alex.

Griffin Hawkins - Alex only cares about himself Tiffani, that's what I've been saying this whole time. If he did care for you he wouldn't make you feel horrible about yourself.

Tiffani Michaels - I don't need him to make me feel horrible about myself, I already feel broken enough with having lost my baby.

Griffin Hawkins - You're still young, you have plenty of time and plenty of chances to have children. The worst is over now, you and me are here and we can go back to the way things were before he decided to butt in on us.

She steps back, still guilty over everything that happened.

Tiffani Michaels - How can you just be so okay with everything that happened? Look at how Blyss and everyone keeps telling you that I'm not to be trusted.

Griffin Hawkins - Because you still have this...                      

I motion to the lucky guitar pick around her neck..she never took it off.

Tiffani Michaels - You noticed that?

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah..and I still have this..            

I hold up my arm, the friendship bracelet she made me still rests there.

Tiffani Michaels - I can't believe you still have that.

Griffin Hawkins - They can bury me with it, I'm not taking it off. Because I don't give a damn what Blyss or Gordon thinks. To me you're still that same blonde little cheerleader that would follow me everywhere I went, the same girl who accepted me for who I am and let me be myself.

Tiffani Michaels - That feels like it was so long ago.

Griffin Hawkins - To me things are still the same. I still care about you Tiffani..everything I am today is because of you.

Tiffani Michaels - I'm still really sorry about everything.

Griffin Hawkins - It's okay, it's all over now. What matters is you're here with me.

We both eachother close, I can feel her crying as she holds onto me.

Tiffani Michaels - I'm so glad you were right here waiting.

Griffin Hawkins - I'll always be here waiting for you..

I finally feel complete again...two separate lives brought back together. We were finally reunited and this one would come between us.


~The Quest to Ragnarok~

I finally arrived in Denver Colorado. My road ends here...after all the attacks, stealing the title, the journey ends at Ragnarok. I know for sure that I have to face an opponent who may be my greatest rival. Me and him have been neck and neck since the beginning. We have faced one another on many occasions...he has some victories over me, and vice versa. But now it's one on one for the IWF World Heavyweight Championship. This time there's nobody for him to hide behind. Just us in the middle of that ring.

...But what the hell is Ragnarok?

I mean really...what is it? Did they run out of names when it came to naming this Pay Per View?  Did they look at a Gwar album and decide...hey, lets make a PPV out of it! Course it wouldn't be all that bad. But if I wanted to beat Ethan Cage...I have to do it in style. I sit in my hotel room on my laptop, looking up Ragnarok on google.  As I scan the page, it looks to have many names. One came up that it was a Videogame...which perked my interests. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid gamer. Maybe this would be good.

Damn I miss the days of Zelda..

But if this what the Pay Per View was revolved around, I had to make a statement somehow. Getting up off my bed, I close the laptop.  I know what I have to do...


Driving on the road in traffic can be a pain..especially when everyone is going the same direction I'm going, the mall. I'm driving in my rent a car as I am trying to get into the Mall Parking lot. I have "Them Bones" by Alice in Chains as I pass through the lane leading to where the cars were parked. Keeping my head turned at the drivers side, I search and search for a opening. I let out a small "bingo" as I find my spot, parking my car in the spot. I turn off the car, taking the keys out of the ignition and leaving the vehicle. I lock the doors before heading inside to the mall.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

The mall looked busy for a weekday. There are businessmen walking about while some women are taking their children to toy stores. I scanned around for something..a place where they sold Video Games for the PC, PS3 and other systems. My eyes stopped as they focused on a Gamestop. A small smile comes across my face, this is perfect. I make my way past the crowd of people and into the store. There even seems to be people shopping for games. I look over to where the Nintendo DS section is and pick up a game looks familiar. It reads..Ragnarok DS.

Now we're getting somewhere...

Personally, I'm not a Nintendo person...well, back in the day I was. I had an old school Nintendo for God's sake. These days..not so much. I needed info on this game if I wanted to prepare for Ragnarok.  I needed some info on this game, so I had to find someone to help me out. I go over to where The Pokemon cards are and see what looks to be a heavy set young man in glasses and acne on his face. His T-Shirt reads "Dungeon Master". I sigh and slightly tap him on the shoulder.

Griffin Hawkins - Excuse me uh..kid?

The kid suddenly turned his attention to me. His eyes through his coke bottled glasses grew wide.

Artie Wrigley - Oh my God, you're Griffin Hawkins!

I did like it when fans recognized me. It helps me know that I am admired from around the world. But would it kill this kid to bathe a little?..I give a small smile and nod.

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah that's me kid..

Artie Wrigley - I'm Artie Wrigley! My girlfriend thinks of you when we have phone sex...

More than I needed to know..

Griffin Hawkins - Uh..thanks for the info. Um, can you help me out with this game here?

The fat fan reached his chubby little hand out as he took the game from me.

Artie Wrigley - Oh Ragnarok! One of the best games for the DS, I used to play this game all the time! I even had a chatroom where I would pwn noobs about my awesome skills!

Griffin Hawkins - That's...nice but tell me about this game.

Artie Wrigley - The game takes place in Rune are one of the many brave warriors that will save the kingdom from the hands of destruction from the evil monsters that dwell can even go to places like Niflheim and Valhalla..

Valhalla...thats the Battle Royal. There has to be some sort of connection. Am I in the middle of some kind of game? Do I have to wear some goofy looking knight's outfit?

Griffin Hawkins - Sunday..I am fighting in a Pay Per View called Ragnarok..could it have any connection with this game?

The nerd scratches his head.

Artie Wrigley - I don't..think this is the same thing.  IWF isn't affiliated with the game company any likeness they bear at the PPV would be a serious copyright violation..

Griffin Hawkins - Oh..well, thanks anyway kid...

Artie Wrigley - Hey, you want to hang with me? I can introduce you to my Mom..

Griffin Hawkins - thanks kid. I think I'll be..going now.

I quickly leave the pimply faced geek. I hope for his future that he gets a woman. But so far I didn't know anything..other than the game Ragnarok was for people who have vaginas. I still had no knowledge of the Pay Per View. But the one thing I do remember in my search was that Ragnarok was a band...


Later that night, I managed to sneak into a Ragnarok concert in the Pepsi Center. I can't believe how stupid the ticket guy was, he actually believed his car was on fire. I made my way through the sea of headbangers as I looked at the stage. They really seemed like my kind of music...Metal. I knew for sure that I had to get answers from them. For all I know they could be holding a concert at the PPV.

That would be interesting...

Maybe they could play me down to the ring.  I wished that I had heard of these guys a long time ago. As they decided to stop for an intermission, I knew this was my opportunity to go backstage and meet them. I'm a metal head just like them, so we could get along great. Making my way past the concert goers, I looked around for a way to get backstage, but I was stopped by two burly men in black shirts. Obviously they were security guards.

Security Guard 1 - Sorry kid, you can't get in!

Griffin Hawkins - But..I'm with the band...sort of. My name is..uh...Lord Metal Von Bloodbath!

Security Guard 2 - Yeah, nice get out of here..

Griffin Hawkins - Now now please please! I got money! I also know this chick named Molly Reid, after a few drinks she's liable to do anything!

Security Guard 1 - We've all been on that ride....the band itself already been on that ride, wait, where's your ticket?

Griffin Hawkins -

Security Guard 1 - Thats it, you're outta here!

The other two members of security pick me up and drag me towards the exit, But I refused to go quietly.

Griffin Hawkins - Attica! Attica! Attica! Attica!

I continued chanting..but none of the fans heard me. They threw me out on the street before going back in.

I still have no answer....


Back at the hotel, I was just looking through my laptop..seeing what else I could find out about Valhalla. As I clicked Wikipedia I did find out something interesting. Ragnarok was referred to as "Fate of the Gods" in old Norse. My eyes widened with intrest as I scanned the page. There have been many stories on Ragnarok. Battles have taken place, and there was mention of Valhalla...referred to as "the Hall of Slain"

I now knew what I had to do.

I close my Laptop and leave once again. My journey to immortality begins.



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Ethan Cage


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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Cage [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:03 am

-Press Start-

Keeping My Title....and My Pride

Once again, Ethan Cage walks through the streets, but this time these streets are in Denver, Colorado. He's wearing a NAS hoodie and a pair of blue jeans with a backwards LA Dodgers hat on, his face in a normal scowl. A sense that he knows he's better, better than a lot if not all of the roster, his chest and stroll equally confident. He is the champion of one of the most saught after companies wrestling has ever seen, and now his choices, his decisions in that ring are one where it could cost him the title. Going against a man as dangerous as Griffin Hawkins, no, that doesn't have our champion worried, but then again, we have went from where Ethan Cage took for granted he was champion for two long weeks and even let down others, to now having to fight to keep his title. With each step he thinks of a strategy, this is where Ethan belongs, in the main event thinking of what he's going to do to his opponent, you see this is the real Ethan Cage, this is the reason Jessica Matthews handed Ethan the title. Because no matter how great you think you are, Ethan Cage brings the motherfuckin' house down and he gives his all. And now comes Ragnarok, even if one of the most ridiculously named pay per views, it's neither here nor there, what people are thinking about, is that Path to Valhalla match, and Ethan Cage has a lot on his table to try and steal the show from that match. But at the end of that match, that road will lead to Ethan Cage, and he will handle it and whomever thinks they are coming to get his title, then they are going home very let down. There are times as this where a man must knock down those who wish you harm or take what is yours. Ethan may not have won the title off anyone but come on, he's held it twice now and he's going against competition like Griffin Hawkins to keep it. But Ash's words last week and not to mention his beat down rings in Ethan's head, especially first hand witnessing Zeven's win over Roland Drax. Perhaps Ash's words didn't fall on deaf ears, this man might be part of IWF's future. But never the less, Ethan's time with the belt, it's going to be hard fought. Mending everything with Rayne, seeing his son back in his life and feeling great. Ethan makes his way passed Powell's City of Books that stretchs a whole block. Several people wanting to stop Ethan as he passes, several "hey Champs" and "What's up Champs" as he walks through. His training lately has been extensive, almost to the point of throwing up. Ethan knows what's on the line this week, and he knows the hole he has to crawl out of in everyone's eyes and if he's going to be a part of these gimmick matches, these "go down" in history matches that are to come, he knows this match with Griffin has to be one hell of a show stopper. The pressure is on, with those placing their footsteps in the sands of the IWF, just as Ethan Cage once had to do, the target on his back is just the way Ethan likes it.

Ethan Cage has come from a life of trying to live up to his father, never in the shadow as Ethan's ego would never allow it, but there is still that jealousy of never knowing if Ethan Cage could've made it without his name, something some second generationers go through.  Ethan makes it into the Portland Japanese Garden.

Once inside, the scene is very surreal, beauty in every corner and this man, who's job it is to fight and break faces. Ethan takes in the sight and smiles to himself. You see, once again Griffin Hawkins felt the Divine Intervention, a move where he fell face first onto Ethan's shoulder and knocked him out. But there's also that sense that the two were knocked out while Blyss and Tiffani Michaels stole the show. Did you see them, was a great match and at the end like Ethan said, his arm would be raised alongside Tiffani's, telling the world, no matter how much of an asshole Ethan is, when it comes to winning, that's all there is. Ethan stepped up and took down the challenger legit, in the ring while Griffin has to attack from behind like some sort of failure. Ethan sees Rayne sitting there feeding the ducks, she's in a pink Wonder Woman logo'd shirt and tight jeans with a slick pair of Vans. Ethan stands there looking at her as if wondering how he even let himself go, even if only for two weeks. When a voice breaks his concentration.

Bobby: How do you feel champ?

Ethan: Bobby...

Bobby: Saw your match.

Ethan: Am I back?

Bobby: I'd say you're getting there.

Ethan: Yeah, that bit of rust did throw me. ...isn't she magnificent?

Bobby: Yeah, in that classic beauty sort of way. I'm more for the slutty girls myself.

Ethan: Yes, and that is why you have 3 children that are not Barbara's.

Bobby: What can I say....the cock wants what it wants.

Ethan: A romantic.

Bobby: Now champ, who was it that woke up with fourteen women not including his wife the night he won the championship?

Ethan: Touche.

Bobby: He's coming, you know.

Ethan: Yeah, just like last time and the time before that. Griffin is old news, and if he thinks he's saving his shut down performance for Ragnarok, he has another thing coming.

Bobby: It's just lucky Blyss tagged in, or he would've lost that match for the team.

Ethan: It's just lucky Tiffani Michaels had her head out of her ass to get us that win.

Bobby: Oh no.

Ethan: What?

Bobby: The last time you talked like that, Molly happened, and we all know the outcome to that.

Ethan: I am a selfish, ego maniacal prick Bobby, I love myself more than words could describe, but admitting someone is okay in the ring, well that's just do.

Bobby: Let's just not make her you friend, they tend to stab you in the back.

Ethan: Beating Griffin Hawkins, while teaming with his former "sister", is just the icing on the cake. The cherry, well that's me keeping my title and going into the next pay per view as the champion. This world is calling me out Bobby, is making me atone for my actions, and I'm going to be the champion I set out to be. And I'm going to snap Griffin Hawkins in half.

Bobby: I love to hear this, sounds like you're back.

Ethan: I feel better than I have in months, and the challenges that are on the horizon just brought back the motivation I was missing.

Bobby: Glad to hear it.

Without looking at Bobby, Ethan senses something.

Ethan: What is it Bobby?

Bobby: I suppose you heard the news?

Ethan: What?

Bobby: Brandon Macdonald is in the Path to Valhala match.

Ethan: And this concerns me....

Bobby: It should, the man is one of IWF's Hall of Famers.

Ethan: Bobby?

Bobby: What?

Ethan: Why am I here, to fight people's pets like Frank Finelli....or to beat so called Hall of Famers.

Bobby: He beat Corey Casey in a Dueling Thieves match and is the second World Champion of the IWF ever. He kept the championship for fourty nine days.

Ethan: And ninety one days the second time he held the championship, cashing in his briefcase against Robbie Hart. You say this like I don't know.

Bobby: Ethan Cage versus Brandon Macdonald?

Ethan: I have to get through Griffin Hawkins first.

Bobby: And that is only if this Zeven Zion character doesn't become a fly in the ointment.

Ethan: Did you see Griffin try to save Gordon Fury?

Bobby: Yes, sad that a man can't find a way to protect his new Phoenix Rising girlfriend.

Ethan: Naming Gordon as the last entrant, smart move, Gordon's good.

Bobby: Gordon's a one note joke. Besides all that-

Ethan: Alex Dillinger put a stop to all that.

Bobby: So much turn over in management.

Ethan: And just think, Molly fucked Brandon Macdonald for nothing.

Bobby: The guy is built like a god.

Ethan: You know...your kind can get married now.

Bobby: Asshole.

Ethan: Don't help that that word was the first thing you thought of.

Bobby: Priceless. What about Griffin Hawkins attacking you with a chair yet again?

Ethan: What about me almost breaking his jaw on my shoulder?

Bobby: Noted.

Ethan: Steel Angel thinks he has rule over me.

Bobby: Well when his balls redrop after what Aries did to him, I guess you'll have to take care of him then.

Ethan: That's assuming they ever dropped in the first place.

Bobby: What a shame.

Ethan: Isn't it, he beats me but loses to Aries and without his balls. He should've stayed in the coffin I put him in.

Bobby: I just want to know...after Ragnarok, will you be IWF's Champion?

Ethan: Never doubt it.

Ethan walks towards Rayne, she smiles hearing his nearing footsteps. Not turning towards him.

Rayne: I thought you and Bobby would never stop making out.

Ethan: What can I say, his beard tickles.

Rayne smiles.

Rayne: I do so like you being back.

Ethan: That ain't the half of it.

Rayne: So tell me champ, what's it like knowing theres an entire match amongst the best in the world, looming about, just chomping at the bit...for your title.

Ethan: Path to Valhala...a little too Marvel...I'm a DC man myself.

Rayne: Back to taking nothing seriously.

Ethan: I did...I didn't like where I went. I know what's on the horizon and those challenges are what I love.

Rayne: And AJ's birthday party?

Ethan: Jello shots?

Rayne: He's turning -


Ethan: Damn duck.

Scene 2:

To promote Ragarok, Ethan has been sent to Walmart.

Ethan stands in a pair of black Addidas joggers and a sweat shirt hoodie with the sleeves off. His title clutched close to his chest. His Ray Bans covering his eyes, no doubt shading a hang over, as he's been celebrating lately getting his life back together. The overweight manager who's shirt won't quite cover his whole stomach, proud and boastful.

Manager: Thank you for coming here and spending a little time with us.

Ethan: Think nothing of it.

Manager: My name is Clem.

Ethan: That it is. Why does your badge say Chris?

Manager: I go by my D & D name.

Ethan: People still play that huh?

The manager panics and thinks of changing the subject as they are walking to the designated signing area.

Manager: I'm a devoted follower of the IWF, I think that show is so awesome, I DVR it all the time.

Ethan: Thought you might ask for Mondays off just to watch it.

Manager: I have seven kids.

Ethan: I'm surprised someone fucked you once.

Manager: You know I did some boxing in P.E class in high school.

Ethan: Yeah, it's kind of the same thing as being a champion of the IWF.

Manager: Is it?

Ethan: dumb piece of shit.

Manager: My bad.

Ethan: Look, I am here for one day and they are all here to see me, you work here every single day and everyone ignores you on the daily. You think  you're me because of who you were in high school, I'm sure you were half a ton less in weight, what does that do for you now?

Manager: Makes me a heart risk?

Ethan: To say the least, you have a half a bag of Skittles hanging out of your pocket.

Manager: I like my Skittles warm.

Ethan: The sad thing is that that was not as a double entadre.

Manager: Have you seen Man of Steel, I joined the YMCA so that I can look like him. And then I'll get all the ladies.

Ethan: Are you even from this planet?

Manager: I'm glad you asked, I have a theory-

Ethan: Don't do this. I know the Big Bang Theory is making you guys cool to be geeks, and believe me, I'm half geek myself but there's just some shit you got to keep to yourself. Where am I sitting?

Manager: Right here by the IWF dvds.

Ethan Cage sees the Hall of Fame dvds with Brandon Macdonald on the cover. Ethan turns it around to have the back of the dvd facing out.

Manager: Can't wait for the Ethan Cage dvd to come out.

Ethan: Ah, there's much more for me to do to make it a legit dvd.

Manager: Oh so you do have a sense of humility.

Ethan: And you don't have a sense to know when to shut the fuck up.

Manager: All right let's let the signing begin.

The manager looks out at the crowd that's leading out the door.

Manager: Thank you to those waiting. Now here to see you is the IWF Champion, Ethan Cage.

Ethan looks at the line all holding posters, signs, I love you Ethan Cage, marry me Cage or Mrs. Cage shirts and signs, it has even become a little unbelieveable. Ethan shakes it off, as he wasn't ready for this since all we ever hear is boos. A boy has the IWF Ethan Cage toy, holding it up. Ethan thinking of his own son AJ, walks over to the boy and bends down to him, kneeling at his side.

Ethan: Sup.

Kid: Hi.

Ethan: This belt is too heavy to carry, think you can hold it for me?

The child nods and Ethan Cage hands the kid the World title and picks him up and sits him up at the table.

Ethan: Okay, I think we're ready.

Ethan sits on the table next to the kid. The first girl runs up to Ethan Cage.

Girl: Hi Ethan!

Ethan: Sup.

Ethan signs a poster and takes a picture while the girl is kissing him on the cheek. Ethan smooths his hair back and realizes how great it is to be the champ. An older lady using a walker is trying to get through and doesn't understand why this line has formed.

Manager: Excuse me ma'am, can you go around?

Old lady: I'm 84 years old you twit, you people these days have no respect.

A hot woman with a nice set that's being covered by a tank top is seen by the lady, the lady simply shakes her head.

Old Lady: You should be a ashamed of your indecendancy.

Ethan snickers. The old lady notices Ethan laughing.

Old Lady: So they are here for you, are they? You some kind of model or something, I've seen better, now that Paul Newman was a looker.

Kid: Who's Paul Newman?

Ethan: A man this lady could never land.

The crowd oooohs.

Old Lady: This is an outrage.

Ethan: The fact the zoo hasn't tazered you and made you an attraction is an outrage.

The old lady slaps him.

Old Lady: While I never.

Ethan: Well maybe if you had, you wouldn't be such a twat.

Old Lady: Hrmmph. Come along Harold!

Ethan: Why are they always named Harold?

The old lady continues and Harold strolls by, hardly knowing what's going on.

Ethan: Excuse me Harold.

Ethan shoves Harold to the ground and gets into the Rascal.

Ethan: Coming dear.

The old lady doesn't turn around.

Old Lady: Don't doddle now Harold, they have a sale on toiletries.

Ethan heads towards the woman, and when the woman finally looks back, she sees Ethan behind the rascal. She begins to move briskly, but really can't go anywhere. Ethan hits her with the rascal and knocks her to the floor and the pushes her like a mop across the floor for a few feet. Ethan raises his hands to stunned silence. Then after a beat, the crowd cheers.

Ethan: oops.

Ethan makes it back to Harold.

Harold: What happened?

Ethan: You fell out of your rascal and it hit your wife.

Harold laughs.

Harold: Damn, don't tell her I laughed. I'll see you kids later.

Ethan: Now, where were we?

The signings go on as planned.

The Promo

Ethan Cage is standing in front of a house party in Oregon, no doubt one he was invited to at the signing. Ethan Cage has a Corona in hand, and a red cup in the other, in the window inside you can see people playing beer pong and goin' on.

Ethan: Griffin Hawkins, so we find ourselves here once again and it's something you made happen. Because you couldn't stand that I hold the belt, you couldn't stand that the attention is not on you. This place is not the place it once was, where you were the best thing running and you didn't even appreciate it. This all started last year when you opened your mouth about me, and you had no idea who I was, then you beat me and all of the sudden you didn't have to worry about me. I was part of your past and you believed that I was simply, a number, that you would walk all over me every time we were to face. You used my briefcase to cash in a World title match and you won it. And then you're absolutely baffled when I won my title in the very same way. Now, as you've been groaning on and on about, your biggest and best excuse was that it took Molly helping me to get my title. Of course you had nothing to say when I retained against you. And you'll talk about how Tiffani Michaels won that match for my side and how it shouldn't count. But what you won't say is that you were knocked out first and had Blyss not tagged herself in, it would've been you that would've been pinned for the three count. See it's those little nuggets of truth you like to keep from the audience or the small group of overaged metal hags that watch you because they look as old as you.

A woman walks in with a short teal dress and white wife beater, hot as all hell, she looks back at Ethan Cage.

Ethan: Right?

Ethan shakes his head, getting his head back in the game.

Ethan: Griffin, you used to talk down to me and it at one point meant something, and that's because you held your wins over me and there was nothing I could say to answer for it, until I beat you equal times and now this tag team win over you. Nothing is looming over my head any longer, I'm ready for you, and I will have my title at the end of Ragnarok and after you it'll be some other chump that wants  a shot at my title and I'll dispose of them the way I'm going to dispose of you. I may not have the friends you have, but I don't need them, never have, as much as you want to talk about Molly beating me. She beat you to get into our triple threat match in the first place, but that's not said is it, of course it isn't, it doesn't show you in that Rock Soldier favorable light you like to show yourself in.

Ethan shrugs.

Ethan: See last week Blyss was so worried that you would screw her over due to your friendship with Tiffani, that she hadn't even considered the reality, that you would instead let her down by not being able to hold your own. You got taken out and let Blyss become worm food. You've built yourself up in her eyes to be some sort of super hero to these women, and they've bought it hook line and sinker but what they will one day realize is that this letting them down thing you do, is becoming constant. You've judged me for leaving, for what I thought was injustice, at the time, and in the end I found my way back, back to your judgemental words and even to the point where you would tell the world that you would never desert these people. Then I win and retain my title against you and wouldn't you know it, who disappears for a bit, you. Now I've brought up your briefcase hypocrisy amongst others that you've put your foot in your mouth but that one is new. I mean facing you fifty times we have to come up with something fresh by now, don't we? You won't.

Ethan looks at his title then back at the camera.

Ethan: Griffin, this belt is what this is about, not our rivalry, there are so many good wrestlers on this roster that our rivalry is small potatoes, and when I retain this title once again and prove to the world that Jessica Matthews gave me this title for a reason. What you want to prove to the world is that you are the rightful owner of this title, but you never say why, you bring up Molly but I beat you two weeks in a row and you still tell the world that you are the rightful owner, haven't you been watching people's reaction, there is none, because those claims have fallen on deaf ears, like most of your promos.

Ethan: You talk about how I'm walking around like I don't have to earn anything, that things were handed to me, interesting, I'd say that was jealousy on your part, that you weren't handed the title. I don't know why you thought you would be, you were insignificant at the end of Homecoming, and while I retained against the boss himself at Isolation, you came out to remind us that you are still signed with the IWF, as if you were stepping up and earned a shot. You said that I wouldn't have the balls to face you, and yet I faced you last week in a tag match and even took you out....again. You think I'm afraid of you, Griffin, that's all in your head, as I said last week the time of your words being in my head are long gone, just as the days when you were a threat to me. I don't fear you, I feel sorry for you, that you felt you had to attack me every week from behind, just to feel like you earned a shot at me. It is you that fears me, because this match, when I beat you, you know that I will send you right back down that ladder. That you'll have to start all over and pretend to be worth something when you know you're not. To strut around here like everyone owes you anything, but they don't, you attacked me, got your match and now I get to tear your head off. That's the long and short of it, you couldn't call me out like a man, you waited until I won and attacked me from behind. And I'm supposed to be the bad guy, and you're supposed to be the savior of the IWF, and you proved to everyone that you are just as low as I am. That you'd do anything for the title, even if it's showing the world just how desperate you are to get it. And when I take you down, and you have to explain to everyone your next excuse, maybe then, you'll admit that you respect me. That I can beat the so called best, that I do deserve this title, if not to the world, you'll admit it to yourself.

Ethan looks up at the night sky.

Ethan: Going back to screwing over, wow, everyone called Blyss your new girlfriend and then you're banging Taylor Michaels, while she has a dude. You know between you and Molly and Brandon Macdonald, you guys will be like the movie Outbreak, whatever Molly has, Molly has, Corey has, Blyss has, you have, man, that's hilarious, just like a season of Jersey Shore. Well, I'm glad you had sex and that there are women desperate enough to bang you. Griffin, as far as competitors, you are my leftovers, and that's what that woman banged, the shell of a man he once was, but he himself hasn't gotten the memo. You are no longer the god you thought, you are losing it day by day, whether it's age or you just simply being over wrestling. You're more interested in the drama within your life than wrestling, it's become second to you and it's helping me in that ring. There was a time when I had a hard time keeping up with your speed, but with your mind on pussy, I could play you in that ring like a puppet. And you will fall ONLY when I allow you to fall. You have shown no loyalty to anything or anyone, and you are making enemies out of your friends and you will be left with nothing but a few sad stories of who you once were. She probably pity fucked you because that was her last chance to bang you while you had any sort of fame to hang on to, and after this week, it's all gone Griffin. You've used up your last life and you're on one bar of energy and you're facing the last boss, you are facing Tyson on Mike Tyson's Punchout and you've been knocked out twice and it's an impossibility to beat me. You see when I'm on this level, when my mind is in the game there is just no one better. I am what it takes to be a champion and I AM the rightful owner of this belt. You are old milk and you've gone stale and are no longer needed here in the IWF.

Thrift Shop is now playing within the house.

Ethan: You have lost your motivation, and at a time when there are sharks on this roster who are circling us. As much as people want to think that Path to Valhala match is going to overshadow our match, I will make sure this match is main event level, even with your lack of motivation. You, will be much like Jack Dawson in Titanic, just sink to the bottom of the IWF ocean, never to be seen again. And the sad part, jackass, is that you won't even be missed. Standing in the heat is not a sacrifice, you standing in the heat was just you being over dramatic and making a very shallow point. Making a point would've been to actually been some sort of help to Blyss during our match. It would've been to beat me in that tag match, to have been smart and calculating rather than just being some sort of wanker out in the hot sun. I did everything I could to make sure you knew I was in that match, when I lifted you for the Divine Intervention and I felt your jaw bounce off my shoulder, I'm telling you Griffin, was like shutting you up for good. But then I realized I will get to do it all over again at Ragnarok.

Ethan laughs at a thought.

Ethan: Griffin, this is how delusional you are, you think that my slump was because I was obsessed with you. What the fuck are you talking about, I was in my own little world. You were the one attacking me every week, going to the point of costing me matches, yet another thing you said you'd never do to an opponent, and now that excuse is because that's what you're "willing" to do, no it would appear that you are obsessed with me, because I hold the one thing that ever made you relevent here in the IWF. You think you're going to prove that I am the most undeserving champion, and yet you've admitted that you have absolutely no right to being a contender for the title, that you didn't earn it in a match like we are having these lower guys do. And here's where you lose everyone, if your whole point is to prove I'm undeserving, then what would beating me really get you. See, you don't really think things out, you just spout out off at the mouth and hope something sticks and all that ever does stick is just bullshit. Everyone sees right through you Griffin, and you are simply reaching in your promos.

A beautiful woman passes by and caresses Ethan's face.

Ethan: You say you know how good I am, that I'm a thief for how I win my matches, my "backdoor" ways of winning matches, and yet, you talk about how low you yourself are willing to go to get my title. Why is it bad when I do it, but completely acceptable and made to be a proven point. You are nowhere on my level when it comes to outsmarting my opponent. You see it as weasling my win into a win, I see it as pure genius, and if you remember oh dear Griffin, I even have a squash match against you on our records when I beat the living shit out of you. You've beaten me in a street fight and in a cage, but I've beaten you straight up in that ring on multiple occasions, so before you try to look down on me, really think about what you're saying because I'm the man that catches everything and I will make you fuckin' eat your words. You say you detect doubt in my voice when I talk about how great I am, did you detect doubt in my voice when you woke up after our match. You told everyone that Battle Grounds is but a taste of what's to come for me, is it, because I was on the winning side of that match, and if you want to count it, that's three times in a row against you that I came out the victor. So perhaps you thought you know, maybe make an outline of positive things to say before opening your mouth, because you're flying off at the handle and it's becoming embarrassing for you.

Ethan: There is no doubt in my voice, not when it comes to beating you Griffin, you making up these lies must comfort you at night but those are lies that are barely getting you through the night because at Ragnarok come the cold hard facts, that I can, have and will beat you and I will go on and retain my title again and I will not only prove what I've been saying but I'm going to make the world know that their champion is alive and well and that they will have to earn a shot at me and work even harder to take the title away from me. You don't have that hunger to make yourself anymore, sunbathing doesn't make you a fuckin' champion, winning matches in that ring does. And when you are in that ring looking over at me, waiting for me to put the last nail in the coffin, pleading for me to end it, I want you to know that you did this to yourself when you laid a hand on me. You are not the stand up guy you thought you were, you are the scumbag you described me to be, only difference is, I've accepted it long ago and as you have pointed out, excelled at it. You've just begun to show this side of you, at Ragnarok, if you want to see what a man will do for this title, you'll have to take a close look at what you're going through, the pain and anguish that I'm putting you through.

A guy replaces Ethan's almost done Corona, they cheers and Ethan takes a drink.

Ethan: You said I backed down from you, is that right, that's very interesting Griffin. I mean after all the times I've faced you in that ring, win or lose, I've never backed down from you. You interrupt my matches and need a chair to attack me, and then have the fuckin' nerve to say I'm a scared little kid, then why do you need a chair and why does my back need to be turned for you to even have the balls to be anywhere near me. Believe me, at Ragnarok, the only thing running, will be my days as champion.

Ethan: You've brought up my losses to Thor and Steel Angel, is that where you want to go, because you're not them, and though I should've won, Steel Angel is a former World Champion and we've already discussed what happened, but when it came to you last week, what happened, that's right, you had to pack your ego into your luggage bag and leave the arena with your head held low because you couldn't look anyone in the eye. You opened your mouth like you had a pair and I laid you out where you stood. And this week, you'll explain it all away in a heap of excuses. You talked about my last reign lasting a week, but even being handed the title, how long have I held it, oh yeah, that's right, you're a dumb shit who thinks that no one is going to notice. I have a defense under my belt Griffin, you might want to brush that under the rug, but I do, and I'll have another after Ragnarok and it'll be against you and I would have retained against you twice and there's just no amount of explanation that will ever show you in any sort of positive light.

Ethan: You call me a fraud, and yet you've built your whole career on being the cowboy in the white hat while I'm the piece of shit that ties the girl to the train tracks, and on a whim, you're willing to abandon all of that and say that it's for the belt, and it's because you were becoming boring. I never attacked you back, but I did beat you in the ring, how weird that our roles have changed, at least between us. You've never been handed a belt in your career, and yet you know what I've gone through to even hold the belt in the first place. This place needed a champion, and you were too busy licking your wounds to be present. Trust me, if we had a rematch after Molly gave up her title, I'd still be holding this, let's consider this the match to prove that. Let's say that this match, is Homecoming 2, and we can relive it all Griffin, and we can act like Molly was never there. We'll see just who gets to say what at the end of this, and when you wake up on your couch, after a drunken bender because you found out just what a fuckin' sham you are. Turn on Battle Grounds, and watch me walk into that arena holding my title and finally silencing all the critics. See, this was never about your opinion about me, I could care less, you talk out of your ass anyway. Those things you said, once got to me, but it didn't send me further down the rabbit hole, it brought me back to the man I set out to be. The man that walked into this company and set out to be the IWF Champion and went through hell to get the briefcase, built a name on being the best and the newest thing out there, now I've been here a while, so I guess I'll just have to settle for being the best.

Ethan: You know something Griffin, you can talk about Molly Reid beating me for my title, you can call it embarrassing, you can say whatever your 80's metal heart desires, but here's the reality. At Homecoming, it was me versus you and I won that match, and because Molly didn't want to give up the title, she was never involved until Jessica Matthews made it a point to MAKE Molly fight, so I fought you then I fought her, that's not excuse, the real embarrassment is that it wasn't you that fought her, because I beat you, I broke her and I sent her packing, and that is what this title means to me. She couldn't even continue holding it and left on a fuckin' stretcher, you, you were in the showers trying to salvage whatever pride you could. She embarrassed me, and why, because she was a woman, interesting, I remember her kicking your ass the week before...and yes, that was a woman, and I remember your matches with Tiffani Michaels, and yes, that was a woman, now I'm not one for women's rights, but on one hand, you build up Tiffani and Blyss to be these amazing wrestlers, and in the next sentence you'll act like a preteen and talk about girls being stupid and having coodies. Well, last week, it was a woman who tried to save your match, and it was a woman on my side who got the pin, and there's no shame in that. Besides, look at you, in tight jeans and're half a woman yourself.

Ethan: You told the world that you're going to get my title at Ragnarok and there's nothing to stop you....yeah there is, you stupid bitch....there's Ethan Cage!

And the camera fades to....



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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Cage [vs.] Griffin Hawkins   Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:56 am

[Off Camera]

~Reaching Out~

Just hours before the Pay Per View, me and Taylor decided to do a little sight seeing around Colorado. We both drove around for a while until we came to Otero County in Colorado. Taylor looked to be excited as she was taking snapshots of everything. I look back at her and laugh a little always was nice to see her excited for something. It was even more nice now that we were together...sort of.

Griffin Hawkins - You're gonna run out of film before you even get there..

Taylor Michaels - No I won't, I'll just use your camera after I'm done with mine. That would be very chivalrous of you...

Griffin Hawkins - What can I say? I love to share.

She just smiles and runs her hand through my hair as we drive along the road. I really was glad to have her by my side. Tiffani would have came with us, but she chose to head for the gym to prepare for tonight's match. Plus it gave us the chance to be alone and enjoy the scenery. Finally we arrived at Bent's Old Fort. A lot of history was made here in this spot. Taylor saw the huge sign and pointed it to it in excitement.

Taylor Michaels - There it is! Right there!

I saw the huge sign that read "Bent's Old Fort". The landmark may have looked kind of old, but it was rich with history. I parked the car, exiting with Taylor.

Taylor Michaels - Wow, this place looks so amazing.

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah it does. It was in this place where the southern trade between Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians took place. It became the center of the Bent St.Vrain Company's trade empire.

Taylor Michaels - You seem to have quite a knowledge of history..

Griffin Hawkins - I guess that C in U.S History paid off well..

Taylor Michaels - You sound like quite the genius..

Griffin Hawkins - Just wait till I win the belt tonight..

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my lower shoulders. I kissed her on the lips as my arms are around her lower back. Nothing could spoil this moment...or so I thought. The sound of "What a Feeling" by Irene Cara plays as my phone is ringing. I reach into my pocket and pull it out, flipping it up.

Griffin Hawkins - Just a second baby...Hello?

Duke Hawkins - Griffin?...

With that, I felt my heart fall down my throat. I recognized that voice, it was my very own father. He had not spoken to me in I don't know how long. I look over to Taylor slowly.

Griffin Hawkins - Um..babe, how about you go to the gift shop and see if you can find something nice?

She looked a little worried, but nodded.

Taylor Michaels - ...Okay.

She turned and walked away, headed towards the gift shop.

Griffin Hawkins - ...Dad?

Duke Hawkins - Yeah's me.

Griffin Hawkins - It's been a while since we talked..

I was hoping I would never have to speak to him again, me and him NEVER got along.

Duke Hawkins - Yes..and I wish it was under better circumstances. But..I think I may be going away for a while.

Griffin Hawkins - So I've heard..

Duke Hawkins - Look, I know at times I didn't live up to my responsibilities as a parent, but everything that I did was because I wanted what's best for you..

Griffin Hawkins - Oh really?..

Duke Hawkins - Yes, and I know when I kicked you out of the house and let you out on your own, I didn't give you a chance. It's a little bit late for

It was nice that he realized he was an asshole to me in those days, but I still harbored some bad feelings over what he had done recently.

Griffin Hawkins -'s okay. I'm not angry about that anymore...

Duke Hawkins - That's good...

Griffin Hawkins - But I'm angry at you still for what you did to Mom..

Duke Hawkins - Son..let me explain...

Griffin Hawkins - No! There is no excuse for what you did to this family Dad.

Duke Hawkins - and your mother have had problems in our marriage for years...

Griffin Hawkins - So you go and shack up with some skank that's old enough to be your daughter?

Duke Hawkins - It was a mistake son..

Griffin Hawkins - A mistake that got you busted for embezzlement you mean?

Duke Hawkins - Look, I'm well aware of the charges against me Griffin. I know I probably don't have any time left. But I wanted to make amends with you just in case I'm convicted..

Griffin Hawkins - Of all times, you choose now to make amends with me..right when you know you're busted and you'll probably face a lot of years of prison time.

Duke Hawkins - Better late than never...right? I just..want you all to forgive me.

I really wished I could forgive him..but after what he did to Mom, he really crossed the line. My family might be out on the streets because of him.

Griffin Hawkins - I'll tell you what Dad, when my Mother..your wife, and my sister..your daughter..are homeless with no place to go because the bank repossessed everything...we'll see if we can forgive you..goodbye Dad.

I push the button on the phone, hanging up on him. I wanted to forgive him, but I was still angry. After years of mistreatment, after being the target of his drunken beatings, after missing all the important times in my life such as little league games and birthday parties, after being a completely neglectful father...I had been burned too many times. He always taught me everyone has to atone for their mistakes. Soon Taylor came back with some Bent's Old Fort baseball caps.

Taylor Michaels - What do you think?

Griffin Hawkins - Very nice..

Taylor Michaels - You okay?...

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah..I am. Lets go sight seeing..

We both walk ahead, looking at the old ghost town as I try to put everything out of my mind.

[on camera]

~Hell week~

I wanted to get some training in for my big match with Ethan Cage for Ragnarok. But it had to be a special kind of training. He was probably expecting the same old style, so I called my friend in Colorado Springs Colorado and he decided to hook me up with training...

Army training.

He already had arranged it with the sarge and he knows about the whole thing. I requested not to get any special treatment just because of my celebrity status. I wanted to be treated like an individual like all the other soldiers. Unfortunately I was out of uniform..I didn't think of getting one. Instead I was in Army Fatigue pants and a black tank top. My hair was tied back into a ponytail as I stood ready.

I was ready for war.

I stood in line at the barracks next to all the other soldiers. A lot of them were giving me odd glances. I guess they never seen someone like me before in their army. Soon the door flew open and the sarge came marching in. He was in an olive green shirt and matching pants. His hat was on as if the thing was bolted on. He looked like he was in a nasty mood.

Sgt.Gunnman - Atten..HUT!

Everyone stands at attention, not moving a muscle. I make sure to follow suit. The sarge comes walking, looking over at the soldiers, but I must have stuck out like a sore thumb because he stopped right in front of me.

Sgt.Gunnman - What in God's name are you maggot?!

Griffin Hawkins - ..Sir! Griffin Nicholas Hawkins sir! I was the one who's supposed to be training!

Sgt.Gunnman - Are you shitting me!? I expected a killer, I got cheated! You don't even look like a soldier, you look like a Sweetish transvestite hooker! What makes you think you are ready for this!?

Griffin Hawkins - Sir! I want to prove myself that I can handle any challenge!

Sgt.Gunnman - Well lah de fucking da! Why don't we just have a tea party then!?

He then noticed something on the back of my head. He grabs hold of my ponytail.

Sgt.Gunnman - And just what the hell is this maggot?!

Griffin Hawkins - My hair sir!

Sgt.Gunnman - Well no shit! What kind of man has long hair like yours?! I'm convinced you're not a man at all, I may just make you put on a dress and dance! Would you like that Hawkins?

Griffin Hawkins - Sir no sir!

Sgt.Gunnman - And why not?!

Griffin Hawkins - Well I..really don't think I have the legs to pull off a skirt, I'm really skinny and..

Sgt.Gunnman - That's enough! You've been sent here for training..and I will make you into a cold blooded killer. And you will not smile, you will not cry! You will not shit yourself without me knowing!

Griffin Hawkins - Sir yes sir!

Through out the day, the Drill Sarge made sure to make my life a living hell. I had to run up the stairs, scrub garbage, cans, do push ups, sit ups, run laps, peel potatoes, the whole nine yards. This had to be the hardest training I ever gone through in my life. I was climbing the monkey bars as the sun was burning down on me. I was completely worn out as I dropped to the ground. I lie upward looking at the sky. The Sarge was standing over me, yelling at me.

Sgt.Gunnman - You are without a doubt the most pathetic human being I have ever seen in my life!

Griffin Hawkins - I'm...sure there are worse than me sir...

Sgt.Gunnman - I don't think there is! You are absolutely worthless, why don't you just give up and quit!?

Griffin Hawkins - I'm afraid I can't do that sir!

Sgt.Gunnman - And why not?!

Griffin Hawkins - I face..a man named Ethan Cage, he has something that I want!

He probably thought I sounded crazy. But his eyebrows raised.

Sgt.Gunnman - Ethan Cage?...

Griffin Hawkins - Yes...yes sir.

Sgt.Gunnman - I don't like that boy...he has no respect for his peers. If he was in my army..I would make that little shit sandwich cry for his momma..

Griffin Hawkins - I have...that opportunity...sir...I'm facing him Sunday at Ragnarok..

Sgt.Gunnman - You're the one facing Ethan Cage?! With your body, my sister could beat you to a pulp! From here on no more mr.nice guy...we're gonna make you ready for war!

It wasn't easy..but I went through more training over the next few hours to prepare me for the battle against Ethan. I ended up running up a higher set of stairs, I peeled over a hundred potatoes, I scrubbed the floors with toothbrushes, I even put together my rifle blindfolded....only I ended up shooting one of the shoulders in the foot by accident.

Griffin Hawkins - Sorry!

The Sarge seemed to lighten up around me as he watched me go through training. I ran laps with him behind me shouting encouragement.

Sgt.Gunnman - Come on Hawkins! Move those bird legs!

The sun was beginning to go down as the training continued. I tried my hardest to do some pull ups.

Sgt.Gunnman - Come on Hawkins! Are you telling me you're that pathetic you can't do one fucking pull up?!

I had to prove myself. Mustering up all the strength I had left, I pulled up my chin to the bar and it went above it. I dropped to the ground in triumph.

Sgt.Gunnman - There may be hope for you after all boy..

Griffin Hawkins - Thank you sir...

Sgt.Gunnman - Now drop and give me 50!

I sigh and get down on my hands doing 50 Push Ups. This army stuff may not have been for me, but I wasn't going to give up. I had to prepare and face Ethan Cage and regain the title...or die trying...


~Calling Rock Soldiers~

Cameras open up back in the airbase once again. Jets seemed to be flying overhead on this bright day. Many are driving their jeeps on the base as others are in formation, twirling their rifles. It seems to be a tense time for everyone, but they are ready to go to war. From behind a great Tank, I step on through...finally in an army uniform. I am dressed in green fatigues as my hair is tied back in a ponytail. I really do look like a real soldier. I walk slowly across the ground.

"Fort Carson..a place where men are made into soldiers. In 1942...after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, The city of Colorado Springs Colorado purchased the land and donated it to the war department. This fine establishment was named in honor of the late General "Kit" Carson..a brave man indeed. He lead his army into a war where many thought he would not win. He is hailed as one of the bravest men in Colorado today. While he was fighting his wars then..the Superstars of Insurgency are fighting the wars today. You could say we all are picking up where General Carson had left off.
All of us are soldiers, we fight for what we believe in..we fight to prove that Insurgency Wrestling Federation is the best thing going today."

It's true that we were all at war with eachother. But the enemy was a lot closer than we was ourselves.

"Ethan, just when I think I'm rid of you, you keep popping up like some sexually ambiguous horror movie villain. I've beaten you time and time again..and you've beaten me just as many. You may very well be my greatest rival in IWF. Every time you and me get in that ring, the crowd loves it. Because every time one of us does something to another..they know that we will raise the bar. Weeks ago in the contract signing I gave you a chance to fight me man to man, no titles..just pride on the line. And as didn't have it between your legs to face me. You'd rather do so..when you have a Tag Partner with you. But as I look around have nobody left. You don't have Tiffani to hold your hand the entire way, you don't have Molly Reid to hide behind when you're getting the drop on me in an ambush, and you don't have an incompetent, dumb as a bag of rocks, horse faced General Manager Dr.Jessica Casey to give you whatever you want. All you have that piece of tin around your waist. And when I take it from'll have nothing."

Ethan was indeed on borrowed time. This would be his ultimate challenge would also be one for me as well.

"You act as if you had knocked me out and had the match won for yourself. I find it funny..because I have been knocked out many times before. It didn't matter if it was for five minutes..ten minutes..I always came to and finished the match. And as for not holding my own..if you look back on the match you'll see that I can and will hang with you. In the past we've gone neck and neck with eachother...and nothing has been settled. Tonight will be the night that all the talking ends..because one of us is walking out with that belt. Because I would just love to put this rivalry to rest."

Planes fly over my head, sending a rush of wind past me. Hopefully none of the soldiers end up shooting me accidentally, I hate being shot at..

"And you're right, you did beat me when I went to regain the title. But it took you and Molly to steal the belt from me to damage my psyche. I was angry that I lost unfairly and that the General Manager Dr.Jessica Casey didn't do a goddamn thing about it. It sickened me that she was stupid enough to allow her to be the guest referee..and that every week the two of you ambushed me..and she didn't do a fucking thing about it but sit on her ass and look stupid. But what disgusted me the most was when she gave you the title..for nothing. I was angry..and I let my guard down. It's even more disgusting that you accepted it when you lost fair and square. If you actually cared about that belt as much as you say you do and respect it for what it stands would have told Jessica no and that you would rather earn it in a battle royal or a tournament or a match to determine a new Champion. But didn't do any of that. You accepted your trophy as if you just fought Alexander Remington, Stygian, Brandon MacDonald and Corey Bull all in one night.."

It truly was disgusting what Ethan did with that title. I know for sure that I had to make things right by taking it back and waking him up to reality.

"And as for...letting Blyss Lockhart down. That's hardly the case. Every time you open your mouth you make yourself look like an even bigger dumbass than usual. If I let her down, how come on twitter she apologized to me for what she feels is her dropping the ball? How come she hasn't publicly blamed me for losing the match? All it was was her making a mistake and Tiffani capitalizing it, so don't even try and blame this whole thing on me dude. I told her before not to underestimate Tiffani because every time you make a mistake, she'll capitalize on it. Sure, there's no shame in being knocked out by the Champion..but you got knocked out by someone you've been burying for months now. If Tiffani wasn't in the match, she could have pinned you and got the 1-2-3 and she'd be another person who got a victory over you. But Blyss won't be a factor in this match. Tiffani won't be a factor in this match....I will be a factor in this match."

I kind of wondered what kind of Soldier Ethan would make. The guy would probably be so hated he'd be shot at from both sides...

"What was that you said? Dr.Jessica Casey gave you this belt for a reason? I wanna know..what was that reason huh? You got pinned by Molly one..two..three in the middle of the ring. Is that the reason? Did she feel sorry for you? When she gave you that belt..was it out of pity because your first reign was only a week? Maybe thats it. And as for me not getting a reaction proclaiming that the belt is rightfully mine...well, I guess you're deaf. Because when I came back, there wasn't a single person who had their ass in the seat. They were cheering me, they enjoyed every single moment of me kicking your pathetic ass all over Isolation. There was even chants of "Welcome Back...Welcome Back". After all, its not like you wrestled a full match. You just stood by like a fly on the wall and let Corey Casey do the dirty work for you while you picked up the scraps. And it's not just the fans I'm getting a reaction from. Every Superstar in that locker room whether they like me..or they hate me...they are telling me to bring home the title. Because everyone in that locker room is ashamed of your ass. The entire company is backing me to beat you for your title..and I'm about to make their dreams come true."

I continue walking across the feet are getting tired. I make my way over to what looks to be a great tank. I lean against the side as I continue.

"I'm also the hell do you know if I'm banging Taylor Michaels? I mean, were you hiding in our hotel room or something? Did you have a secret camera set up where you can see whoever girl I bring to my room so you can watch as I bang them? Oh my God you get off on that stuff do you? And you try to say that you're not obsessed with me? I you follow my personal life? Are you part of TMZ? Its no one's business over what goes on in my personal life, especially a sick pervert like you who gets his rocks off on watching his opponents have sex in their hotel room. So seriously dude, go follow The Kardashians or something...because you're really creeping me out."

I should remind myself to check for cameras when I go back into my hotel room.

"Your main problem other than your ego that you don't like it when someone tells you the truth. Like I said..the truth hurts. That's why you beat down that fan and his father just because they were a fan of me. That's why you had to resort to..beating down an elderly woman just because she told you what she thinks of you. You can't take it when the truth is told. If I can quote an old movie....You can't handle the truth! Whenever someone lays down the cold hard facts, you can't take it. You can't stand it because deep down in places you like to talk about at parties, you're scared to death that they are right and you're the most undeserving Champion in IWF history. Yeah, you do have one defense under your belt, but you couldn't even pin him on your own, you just let someone else do most of the work. But congrats my will have your next defense...and it will be your last."

I gotta admit, I do look damn good in army gear..but that doesn't mean I'm going to enlist..

"See Ethan..I never said that I was a good guy. You seem to have it in your head that I'm this goody goody who's always doing things the right way. Well, the truth don't know me at all bitch. I'm not a saint. I'll be the first to tell you that. I've done things in this life that would make you cringe. The people out there accept me no matter what I do. When I'm good I'm bad, when I'm bad I'm better. You act as if this is the first evil deed I done. I guess you forgot months ago when Alexander Remington thought that he had the mental advantage when he turned my best friend against dirty that I can play. When he turned against me and turned Tiffani against me? You know what I did the first night back?...I laid his ass out and I stole his belt like a thief in the night. When he asked for it back...I hit him right upside the head. See, I never claimed to be a good Samaritan. When I get pushed too far..people see just how sadistic and cruel I can be. You found out that I had a dark side when I laid you out with a chair and gave you a concussion. I guess that's why you were scared to fight me during the contract signing..because you know what I'm capable of. I didn't have a chair in my hand..I was daring you to fight me, but you pussed out and walked away."

I couldn't do anything but shake my head at how pitiful it is.

"You can cling to that tag victory that you got for yourself last week..but you better enjoy it while you can. Because this isn't a Tag Match...this is one on one. You didn't take me out...really, you didn't even put me on the shelf. Because as you can see...The Rock Soldier lives. I'm still here, I'm still standing, and I can't wait to get my hands on you and give you the worst ass kicking you have ever received in your life. So forget about focusing on Brandon MacDonald or Zeven Zyron..Zevron..whatever the hell that kid's name is...focus on the opponent in front of you. Who said you were going to make it past Ragnarok?.."

I take my hair out of a ponytail, letting my hair cascade down to my shoulders.

"Near the end of your promo..I detected a little bit of doubt and fear in your voice. It was as if you weren't trying to convince me that you're walking out the Champion, it sounded more like that you were trying to convince yourself. You see the hours passing by..and you know your title reign is in dire straits. No more has to be said Ethan. Your title reign is over...your days of being happy with that belt is coming to an end. I too have an's with that belt. Because that belt says that you are the best in Insurgency. I hold the gold to prove that I am the greatest athlete in IWF hold it for bragging rights so you can look down at everyone like you are better than them. Your title reign going up in smoke..."

I give the Tank a smack...and suddenly a shot goes off from the turret cannon..firing off a huge boom. Luckily no one is hurt...but I managed to take out the wall of the nearby barracks.

Griffin Hawkins - ....Oh shit.

I hear the sarge screaming in anger.

Sgt.Gunnman - Hawkins!!

Yeah...I think it's time for me to go...

Griffin Hawkins -...Seeya at Ragnarok people!

I turn and run away, hoping to escape major punishment. I would be going to war at Ragnarok..but the question is..would I survive to tell the tale?


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-Press Start-

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage, who is sitting in a director's chair. There are several people about the place. Ethan Cage is wearing an electric blue Addidas jogger suit and some Reebok shoes. He has a Jamba Juice cup, extra large. Next to him is Rayne, who is on her Samsung Galaxy 4 with a pink cover, most likely playing Candy Crush. She is in a pair of jeans and an old, faded yet fashionable Guns n Roses shirt. And next to her is Bobby pacing back and forth on the phone. It would appear we are in a huge building, a brick themed building with white trim. People around Ethan are putting up lights, microphones, prop walls and others are in the union who seem to be employed but are playing cards, smoking or playing the crossword in the paper. Ethan looks down at his title and smirks, thinking more and more about his strategy as it pertains to his match tomorrow with Griffin Hawkins, the Rock Soldier. A man that has been a thorn in Ethan's side for a long time now, the only man that was saught to take Ethan's title from him. A lot would think that the belt is better off in Griffin Hawkins grasp, whether it's because of Ethan's actions as of late or simply because of jealousy but Ethan plans to go into Ragnarok and beat the living crap out of Griffin. This is not a test, this is Ethan's livelihood and this is Ethan's legacy. Not to be beaten by subpar talent like Steel Angel or Thor, but to excel at being one of the best champions this place has ever seen. When Ethan beat Griffin, that was not the match that was seen as a show stopper. Griffin Hawkins' started this war, and if you saw his half assed attempt at a promo this week, you'd see that this week, his heart is not in it either. That lust for the championship for Griffin, is gone, and yet, this is for the championship, there will be no chances taken as to let this go. This mornings workout was one of the most intense in Ethan's life, not only for Griffin, but for the winner of the Path to Valhala, because whomever wins that match will have the hungry that eludes Griffin at this point in his career. Perhaps it was shutting down Griffin, stopping his motivation where it started during the tag team match. Or maybe his mouth just wrote checks his body couldn't cash, either way, Ethan's motivation to keep the title and to keep his respect, self or otherwise is well intact. Ethan looks on at the hardest working stagehands, and the ones that have realized that this is the highest grade of pay that they will ever receive, that a union is doing the work every year to get them their work and should they get fired, they'd be covered, and then there are those within that same union that bust their ass because they care about their work, they care about what they leave behind. Ethan looks on and sees the comparisons between what is happening here and what is happening in the IWF, some of the roster think that they will never make it to the top or expect to be handed the main event by backstage politics, or simply that it would just be "their turn", and those are the ones that are passed up every week by a person who actually does bust their ass, to put forth an interesting promo, as well as a match that you won't forget. Yes, to be a natural is one thing, but it's quite another when that natural matches his talent with hard work and that is something that two weeks of no shows should never be able to erase. Yes, there was a dark time, lasted two weeks and now it's over, those people did not beat Ethan Cage on his game, and yet, it'll be on Ethan's record forever, a record that Ethan does take seriously. There will be no excuses this week, there will be no room for error, Griffin's promo may be all a slight, and when Ethan shows up Griffin may be all business, or maybe Griffin just called out Ethan for him to put down the rabid dog. Maybe Griffin has so much respect for Ethan that he sees Ethan as the only man worthy enough to take down Griffin Hawkins and whatever's left of his legacy. Ethan taps Rayne's foot and Rayne blows Ethan a kiss, his attention back at Bobby's constant pacing. Ethan sighs and lays his head back to look up at these lights, what is this all for, it should be about wrestling but Bobby's brain never stops working. His clientele must be hating the amount of time he spends pampering Ethan to make sure he's okay. A lot were talking about how afraid Bobby was that Ethan might be going to that place, that place where he was when he lost the briefcase and was sent away from IWF. Because Bobby sees Ethan as a friend and not just another client, started from the bottom of the IWF and made it to the very top of this company, and the journey has bonded them. And now this week, a threat comes to the title, a man that was seen as the biggest rivalry in Ethan's career, and a man that took comfort in his own mind when it came to beating Ethan Cage, that comfort has since subsided.  The director takes one last look at the set, and finally looks to be ready to start filming, he's surrounded by tech ready to hear what his next commands might be, finally a sign is put up and it is a Subway sign that is being hung up on set and in walks Blake Griffin in a white tanktop and red jogger suit. Blake and Ethan make eye contact, Blake nods, and Ethan returns the nod as he talks to the director over what is going to happen. Rayne hasn't even looked up to see the basketball player but Bobby, Bobby's noticed. Almost foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to represent him. Blake walks towards Ethan with the director.

Director: Ethan Cage, this is Black Griffin-

Blake: Excuse me?

Director: What happened?

Ethan: You called him Black.

Director: What, did I?

Blake: Yes, you did.

Director: Okay, I can't work like this, I'll be in my trailor!

A crew of people follow the director to see to him.

Ethan: Well, that made things awkward.

Just then Paula Deen passes by and looks to the camera.

Paula: Tell me about it.

She crosses camera and exits.

Blake: Blake Griffin.

Ethan: Ethan Cage.

Blake: Who's this?

Ethan: Rayne Atienza, she just goes by Rayne.

Blake: Hello.

Rayne: ....

Ethan: You'll have to forgive her, she's a Laker fan.

Rayne: Yeah, I'll stand and shake Kobe's hand.

Blake: And what about you Ethan, you a Laker fan?

Ethan: Awkward moment number two.

Blake: No worries, I've had my share of these Subway commercials, I've had my share of Laker fans. But I'm humbled by how great I am.

Ethan: I don't think you know what humbled means.

Blake: Besides the rumor of the Dwight Howard for me rumors were rampant.

Ethan: Oh yeah huh, maybe then Rayne would shake your hand.

Rayne: Don't bet on it.


Blake: So you're a wrestler huh?

Ethan: Indeed, and the current IWF Champion.

Blake: That's cool, that belt is pretty sweet.

Ethan: Thanks man. I've never done a commercial before, seems nerve wrecking.

Blake: Nah man, it's just like anything else, you got to get used to these bright ass lights and repeating the same line seventy five times, even though you're saying it the same damn way. But other people are looking for crazy things like shadows in faces or correct lighting or how well your wardrobe is. All you want to do is say your fuckin' line and leave. Speaking of which, where is this guy, was it really that awkward?

Ethan: Not really, then again, I wasn't the one who said it.

Blake: You know something, they warned me about you.

Ethan: Oh yeah?

Blake: They said you were a bit of a dick, that you'd probably offend me.

Ethan: You and I will never cross paths and you're never coming for my title unless you ever plan on pulling a Rodman.

Blake: Fuck that freak.

Ethan: Not one for guys in wedding dresses?

Blake: That shit was crazy. We go from Magic Johnson, Kareem, Air Jordan and then Rodman, green hair and doing movies with Jean Claude Van Damme?

Ethan: Yeah, he was the worst Guile.

Blake: How are you going to play an American Army guy with an accent as thick as his.

Ethan laughs.

Ethan: I am who I am, I don't care who you are, you and I are here to do what we have to. But yes, I tend to piss people off.

Ethan shrugs.

Ethan: What are you gonna do, ya know?

Blake: So is the champ ready to film this thing?

Ethan: I sure am,  you know I'm fighting a Griffin Hawkins to keep my title.

Blake: What a coincidence. Is he a cool guy?

Ethan: Nah, he's a tool, but it is a coincidence on the name aspect.

Blake gets antsy to start filming, Ethan takes a shot of Patron and Blake's eyes light up.

Blake: Bro, you drink Patron?

Ethan: Is there anything else?

Blake: I'm a Jameson guy but Patron is the shit.

Ethan: Want one?

Blake: Let's do this.

Ethan pours shots into two shot glasses, before they take their shots, Rayne places her's down.

Rayne: You're forgetting one.

Blake: Thought you were a Laker fan.

Rayne: Yeah, but I'm a bigger Patron fan.

Blake smiles, Ethan pours her a shot and the three take a shot.

Blake: Smooth.

Ethan: Hell yeah.

Blake: Hey, there's a party after this, you guys up for it?

Ethan: Party with a Clipper?

Blake: Don't think of it that way, think about it like, partying with Blake Griffin, there IS a difference.

Ethan: Hrmm.

Bobby: He'll do it!

Blake: Who's this guy?

Ethan: Bobby Ball, my agent.

Blake: Oh shit, that's cool.

Bobby: You've heard of me?

Blake: Yeah, if it wasn't for Doug picking me up I would've gone with Ball Inc.

Bobby: Damn.

Blake: Yeah, my contract with them is pretty tight, but thanks for showing interest, I've heard your people reaching out to a homie.

Bobby: No problem, so what time are we showing up?

Blake: Uh...I really don't party with suits man, no offense.

Bobby: I got Polo shirts.

Blake: What do I look like, Carlton, it's just a no go.

Director: Okay, okay, okay, I am ready to shoot the scene.

Blake: It's a Subway commercial, what is this guy's deal?

Ethan: Yeah, he thinks he's filming a fuckin' Twilight movie.

Blake: That explains why those movies sucked.

Ethan: You saw them?

Blake: It was all they would show on the plane man.

Ethan: Whatever.

Director: Are you two ready, "Blake" and Ethan?

Ethan: Okay, dude.

Director: Fredrico is my name.

Ethan: You got it Freddy.

Director: Okay, that's it, I'm going to-

Bobby: If you finish that sentence with my trailor Fredrico, I'll make sure this set is shut down and I'll have your wife or partner fed to my dogs, these two have other things to do and you're taking this job a little too seriously for a Subway commercial. Now, get in your fuckin' chair and do your fuckin' job or I swear to God I get on this phone and have you fired so fast, that your director's chair won't even have time to get cold. Do we have an understanding?

Director: Who are you to talk to Fredrico like this?

Bobby gets on his cell phone.

Director: Ahem, places people, we don't have all day!

Ethan: What happened to his accent?

Blake: They went to the same place his balls did....far from here. Nice job on Bobby man.

Ethan: He's not a bad guy to have in your corner.

Director: And action!

Blake: Subway...

Ethan: Eat Dick.

Blake and Ethan start laughing.

Director: Cut! What the-

The director looks at Bobby who simply shakes his head at him as a warning.

Director: That was funny. Action!

Blake: Subway...

Ethan: Eat Fresh!

Blake holding a basketball and Ethan holding his title, but in their other hands are Subway sandwiches.

Director: That was perfect!

Blake: This guy has never watched a day of sports in his life.

Ethan: Maybe men's polo.

Blake: Yeah, probably. So you down for tonight?

Ethan squints to see who Rayne is talking to.

Blake: That's Kate.

Ethan: Yeah but that looks like Kate Upton.

Blake: It is, man, that's my girl.

Ethan's jaw drops.

Blake: I take it, I'll see you guys tonight.

Ethan just nods.

Director: Action!

Ethan hasn't taken his eyes off Kate Upton, Blake just laughs and shrugs.

Blake: Eat fresh!

Ethan: Eat fresh!

The girls laugh as they see the mess up. The camera goes to...

Scene 2

The camera comes in on Blake Griffin, Kate Upton, Rayne and Ethan Cage coming out of a limo passing by a line waiting to get in, flashes of light go off.

Photographer: Who's your friend B.G?

Blake: Ethan Cage from the IWF, he's the champion.

Ethan: I'm a Laker fan.

Blake shrugs like "what are you gonna do". They get inside and the music is bumpin' and random high fives to Blake Griffin and everyone being courteous to Ethan and Rayne due to Blake. Blake makes it to a table, that seems to be reserved, he throws the sign on the ground and takes a seat.

Blake: So this place gets packed on a Sunday night.

Kate: Yeah. Hey Rayne, I like your skirt, it's super cute.

Blake rolls his eyes to Ethan.

Rayne: Thank you.

Kate: So you're a wrestler too Rayne?

Rayne: Yeah, sort of grew up watching it, my father wrestled and it sort of stuck with me. I met Ethan at a wrestling show, where his dad was wrestling.

Kate: That's romantic, so do you guys ever wrestle each other?

Rayne: Only in bed.

Blake: Yeah!

Blake high fives Ethan.

Ethan: Actually with Rayne's speed, there's people like Griffin Hawkins, Steel Angel and the women of the IWF where I have to keep up with their speed, Rayne helps me out a lot in the training for that. She's faster than anyone I've ever wrestled.

Blake: Speed isn't always a good thing when it comes to a woman bro.

The four of them laugh.

Blake: So what's the deal with tomorrow, you said that you have a match tomorrow?

Ethan: Yeah, it's actually for that title I had during the shoot.

Blake: Oh cool.

Rayne: Do you guys want to go?

Kate: YES! I want to see those boys get all wrestly!

Blake shakes his head.

Kate: Would turn me on for later.

Blake: We'll be there.

Ethan laughs.

Ethan: How do you think the commercial will come along?

Blake: Who gives  a shit man, after your twentieth one, you'll stop caring what you say or how many times you say it. To me, there's only basketball man.

Ethan: That's what I say about wrestling.

A group of girls come up to the table.

Girl 1: Hi Blakey.

Blake: Hello.

Girl 1: When are you and your cute friend going to come out here and dance with us?

Rayne: When you stop being sluts and start wearing panties.

Girl 1: Those things are so....restrictive.

Rayne: So is a crossface, you want one?

Kate: Oh my god, Rayne, that was amazing, but see, those girls are money. Another ticket to one of Blake's game, another girl in a tight jersey and making it look cute. Think of that WWE, when girls wear those shirts making them look cute or the hats, think about it that way, and besides, if they ever get too friendly, I'm always up for a cat fight.

Ethan/Blake: Cat fight!

Rayne: Settle down boys, she was making a point.

Ethan: Catfight?

Blake: Cat fight.

Kate: So tell me Ethan, what makes you want to wrestle, isn't that stuff dangerous, I mean I turned on wrestling once and someone was on a ladder and fell trying to get a suitcase thingie and I had to turn the channel.

Ethan: Well like Rayne, my father was a world champion, my brother is a tag team champion and my other brother is the lead singer of  a touring band. I suppose with my mother and father, music and wrestling were more than a gimmick. When I'm in that ring, things just feel right, I feel like I am where I'm supposed to be. I mean, what made you want to be a model?

Kate: Guys wanting to fuck me ever since i was fourteen.

Ethan: Awkward.

Kate: Awkward would be telling you that one of them succeeded.

Ethan and Blake look at each other not knowing what to say.

Blake: When are those drinks comin'?

Blake looks over at the stage.

Blake: Is that what I think it is?

Ethan: I think so.

Blake: I need a pic with this thing.

DJ: All right ladies and gentlemen, we've just seen LA Clipper Blake Griffin, Kate Upton and IWF's Ethan Cage in the house tonight.

The crowd hoots and screams, some even looking for them.

Blake: Okay, let's get out there and take some shots.

Ethan: Fuck it!

Kate: Hey, fuck it!

Rayne: I guess we aren't going to remember tonight!

The four head to the dancefloor the life of a champ.

The Promo-No Parting Gift

The camera comes in on the next morning, Ragnarok morning. Ethan Cage is on his run, while a cameraman follows him.

Ethan: You ain't afraid of falling?

Cameraman: Used to it.

Ethan: Okay.

Ethan shrugs.

Ethan: Griffin, I saw what you put out yesterday and I get it, either your keeping your words for your next horseshit comments or you've accepted that you are going to lose this match. Which is fuckin' sad, but if you think I'm either going to go easy or that I'm going to fall for anything you're doing, you have another thing coming. You wanted to prove to the world what you would do to get this title off me and your last promo said it all. You won't do anything to get it, all this boasting was for nothing, it was just you wanting attention and now you have it and now that you have it, you've dropped the ball. You've let yourself down and you're no longer the man you once were. Or maybe you're too busy to promote your match, which I've been through myself two weeks ago, though there was no title on the line at the time, but cool. The way I'm going to play this, is that promo wise, you went with a nice little distracting jab so you can set up for the knockout punch, but it's too late, I know it's coming and I'm well ready for it. Because you see, my first was such a good punch to you that you're reeling, and at Ragnarok, I drop you like a bad habit and you go back to where ever you came from when you came out at Isolation and hit me.

Ethan turns down a busy street.

Ethan: You've spent all these weeks saying the same thing, it's really no wonder you don't have much to say this week, because you're going to pile it on all at once this next promo and it'll be what you said last week, and the week before that. Now, I say this, I did see your promo and I am known for making fun of what women have gone through, and since I've had Tiffani for a partner, I have to say, she's gotten a soft spot in me, so I won't go there. I mean you're boning her relatives, but that's neither here nor there. That's something you have to handle on your own, her troubles, me, I just get to wrestle her and leave her baggage at the door when I'm finished. I will say this though, Tiffani Michaels has become a more spirited competitor than you. I mean she was the only one left standing in our match last week, and yet she's been through every kind of drama imaginable. I can't say I respect her yet, but I do know that one day I'll be facing her for my title. She has what it takes to make it, and the day I face her, it's going to be one hell of a match, and besides all that, I'll get to put my hands where ever I want....again.

Ethan smiles. Ethan looks at the camera as if looking at Tiffani.

Ethan: Just kiddin' girly.

Ethan takes a steady breath while running.

Ethan: Now, you know Griffin, you say that I've made several gay jokes about you and call me a child for doing so, and how ridiculous it was, and then go ahead and make gay jokes right back, making you what, a genius, no, it makes you look fuckin' stupid and completely kills any sort of point you may have had. I don't make gay jokes about you just to make them, you have pictures of yourself on the internet with feathered hair, with make up on, it's  not just out of nowhere. And again, I get that you want that sort of attention off you that you put it back onto me, but I don't have embarrassing pictures of me dressed like a fuckin' woman. Now if that's what you call a champion, then that's not one that should be a champion here in the IWF. I am the champion of IWF because of what I do, and what I do is hurt people and I go in that ring and do what others can't, or I fall swinging. I go out there and do my best to make sure I am the best, I am the ring general and I know that ring like I know my own childhood home. In that ring I am the most comfortable, and you see, I'm just not ready to give up my title just yet. I have something to show this roster, I have something to show myself, that I was never handed this title, that I was MADE to hold this title. I know that one day I may have a bad day and lose it, but I will always be around this title, or I'll be in qualifying matches to get it back. I will not lose this match Griffin, this match will be one of your most trying, you will try and you will fail and have to look out at the crowd and acknowledge THIS....that you will look better going after the title, then actually holding it. You are the underdog, and that's your whole thing, you say I don't deserve this title and yet here you are stepping up to me, because I am the man holding it. And I'll retain against you and still have to hear you talk your shit. But I'll know once and for all that not only am I equal to you, that I am better than you. I'm not listening to you, or what you think, this is me and I know this title is as much a part of me as any other of my limbs.

Ethan: You can have little meetings with Blyss and she can talk her shit about me living on some easy ride, but you know a match against me has never and will never be easy. Now she knows it as well, but alas, that match had Tiffani get the pin. That last match saw me as an outside anyway, I mean you're trying to get everyone on your side, to see things your way, you have Blyss apologizing to you, and you have my former tag team partner crying her most secret of secrets in your promos, and then there's you kissing everyone's ass, why, to get support, to get that edge over me. Do you think you need that,  that edge, has it come to that. I mean I know I don't or can't make friends here in the IWF, or that no one cares to know me but I'm not here for them, I'm here for that gold I get to carry to that ring. I am here to retain this belt and that easy ride Blyss thinks I'm riding, is over. I didn't do well for two weeks and my entire history is judged. I know, my ego has led me into some darkest of places, and I don't have the best track record with this company, I've even abandoned it, and those two weeks may have been a reminder of that, but fuck anyone who ever thinks I don't deserve this belt. They can act high and mighty and judge me, but I am the champion, and their opinions mean shit to me. Because one day I'll face them, and they have to answer for everything, all the shit they are talking. Just like you at Ragnarok, all the attacks, the constant slander in your promos when it comes to me. You know how good I am, and you know what this belt means to me and you know at Ragnarok, there will be nothing but pain. Pain for myself, and pain for you, but I'll be comforted knowing that I am the champion. You, you'll have to come up with a way to sound threatening to your next opponent, knowing that you reached for the stars and ended up eating dirt. You can climb the mountain dude, but when you reach me, you better be ready because I do not play around, and I will make sure that you know you're in the ring with the champion. I am the best because in these type of matches where things are on the line, there is no one better.

Ethan: And you can have your little one on ones with Tim Patrick, we see him bloody himself every promo or try to look threatening and then he's ashamed of me because of hurting a child, well, isn't that precious, a hardcore wrestler with a heart. Well, I've faced Tim Patrick before, infact, when I did, I got my briefcase to face you. So he knows first hand what it is I do in that ring, and he knows the terror and pain I put him through. Now, I used to give that man props and said to the world that he's ready for the next level and as I go through some of the DVRs of the shows and go to the IWF site and see some of the backstage shit, it's just interesting how a man will use your words of congratulations and gratitude and just make you look stupid. Well, if Tim Patrick has a problem with me, you can tell him I'll be waiting and then we'll see who is ashamed of who. What's the deal with you spilling your guts to anyone that will listen, are you a wrestler or a patient. I mean this is wrestling, it ain't doctor Phil. You are the one so concerned about this match, because you know this is your last shot at my title, you know how fuckin' stupid you look when you have to return to the bottom. And that's just something you're going to have to get used to now. You've attacked me several times but that's as far as you thought it through, you knew how to get to the title shot but now that you have it, you do NOT know how to beat me. I will be stepping all over your face Griffin, you called me out, well here I am , and it's time for you to fall. When you walked into this company, I was in your shadow, oh yeah, this is an exclusive. You see, when the company I was in failed, I was brought over here due to a failed company, we were brought over here and some stayed and stuck it out and others fell at the waist side. That company that failed, well it restarted but I had already had a bit of a buzz about me by then, I stuck it out and got to the briefcase and I hadn't lost on my record, and I was facing at the time up and comers and I was causing upsets.

Ethan slows a bit to jog.

Ethan: Now, you come in along with several others, and you were all handed positions in the Empire or alongside Stygian, and you WALKED into the main event. You've talked at length about how you were never handed anything, but you were in the main event within weeks because of who you were. All my buzz was gone, all my important matches were pushed down because this company had to cater to you. And then what came, management thought it would be a great idea to get you over to the briefcase, to make things look valid when you went for the title. You didn't have to go through the tournament and earn it like I did, you didn't have to put your body in the line four weeks in a row to make sure these people knew who the fuck you were. Porter Mcleod, Sean Libby, Jinx and Ruby Winters,  those people had some of the best matches to make sure that briefcase was earned and they put me through hell to get it and you walk in and have some peon match with Steel Angel and then you somehow earned MY briefcase. Now you tell me that you've never been handed anything in this company and this time, try to say it with a straight you can't.

Ethan: I've thought about it, and if you plan on using your feelings for Tiffani as your excuse as to why you lost last week, well use it because this match at Ragnarok will be one of fury. You think I should be in jail for hurting the kid, well think of it this way, I should be in jail for what I'm going to do to you tomorrow night. Look at what I did to Molly, and if you look at Alex Dillenger, our boss, you'll notice he hasn't gone for the title, in fact at Isolation, he really had nothing to say, did he? He knows his place is to be running this company, just like my place is to be running this roster and being at the top of this show.

Ethan: You tell everyone that your main mission was to shut me up, with the multiple times we've beaten each other in that ring, take a long look, I'm still fuckin' talking. You at one point in my life took everything away from me Griffin, and now you're crying because you can't take your own medical. As I said, I had to live in your shadow, and I let your buzz die down and I came back and made my way right back to you. While you sat on your throne not having a care in the world. I made my way back through the bones of those that sent me packing, and all you thought about was how much easier it was for you to get my briefcase. There is no running, as you said, this match has the implications that it needs. We are both desperate men to keep our status, both desperate to make sure this company understands who we are. And I will remind them, and I will succeed in winning this match, sad but true.

Ethan: Now you are right, I really can't stand when someone else is in my spotlight, what can I say, I do so love myself and I thank God every single day for making me as great as he made me at this sport. I can admit that, I don't care what that makes me look like, because I know what it makes me do, and I know what hurt it inspires me to make for my opponent. This body is made to go through whatever and whoever I have to get what I want, and if I have to go through lumberjacks, if I have to go into a cage, a hell in the cell, whatever, it's just a tool to make sure I get or retain this title. I never went to any other title before this one, I never had to, I earned my way in this company and was never handed a title shot, I earned two briefcases and it hasn't even been a year in this company.  So much of my soul is in this company, I have an entire roster talking about how I don't deserve anything and yet here I am, and since November, I was making my way to this title and I've been doing everything I can for this company. Ever since coming back, this new roster doesn't really know what to think of me, in fact, the two weeks of no shows are the first impression of me and it is what it is, but you see Griff, the eyes, they are on me now. Because they have to continue to talk shit, they won't all of the sudden accept me. They are going to look for something else that makes me look weak in their eyes, and I say to them, go for it. Do it, do what you can to talk down to me, because I'll keep winning and I'll keep getting passed anyone that thinks they can take me on. Thor and Steel Angel, there will be a rematch and we'll have our day in that ring, and then, you'll know that the man you faced two weeks ago, was the best you're ever going to get it. You got a win, leave it at that, but when the other shoe falls and I step into that ring and completely dismantle you, know that that was always waiting for you. Griffin, you and I are destined to be in these matches forever. You and I will be at each other's throats because that's just who we are. We are made to be at opposite sides fighting, because what we do, other's can't. We will tear the house down, and we will go through hell at Ragnarok and I will not have it any other way.

Ethan: Remember weeks ago when you even went to church to beg God to be able to have the courage and the slipping away talent you had to be able to beat me. Well, where I'm taking you, he won't be able to hear you. The sight by the end of the night will look like O.J on a bender, there is no room for error, I will be no shallow breaths, there will be every ounce of energy spent, every ounce of blood and sweat I have Griffin. I have to win, I HAVE TO! This match has become so much more than what it started out to be. We have built this rivalry well, it's become this, it's become something that has put us in the spotlight of the main event and all eyes will be on us and that is where I shine. You and I are in for one long night, and as much as you think long matches are in your favor, they are my bread and butter. I have the stamina that you don't, you may have speed but no one controls that ring like I do. And you will never outshine me. My time is now, just sad that I barely realized it now, you missed your window of opportunity. You have awoken the monster that I always was. And then, you'll have to ask God, for a speedy recovery, because Griffin, at Ragnarok....I leave you broken.

Ethan: The only doubt I have, is that I'm going to be able to let you live. You and I are eternal rivals, sure, but you do know how reality escapes me, because I want to beat you down so bad that you finally shut the fuck up. I know you respect me, you may not like me or go so far as even hate me, but you respect me. That's why you attacked me from behind, because you know straight up, you and I fighting you wouldn't have made your point. You are afraid of me, and you know how great I can be in that ring. You've inspired the best in me in that ring, but this chapter has to come to an end. And it will, with you on the losing end, and me taking my rightful place and having all the critics shut down because Tim Patrick was right. If there's one man right now that would make me prove myself, it will be the man that gave me my first loss in this company, and the man that took my briefcase and my spotlight, and now it's time for me to return the favor. Griffin, at Ragnarok, I end you and I do it all with a smile on my blood stained face. I will take you to hell ...but only one of us is coming back....and if you think it's you....don't bet on it!

Ethan turns the corner and the cameraman stops running letting Ethan go, and the camera fades to ...



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Ethan Cage [vs.] Griffin Hawkins
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