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 Ethan Cage [vs] Gordon Fury

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PostSubject: Ethan Cage [vs] Gordon Fury   Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:53 am

Ethan Cage
Gordon Fury


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Ethan Cage


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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Cage [vs] Gordon Fury   Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:11 am

-Press Start-

The camera comes in on Ethan Cage stepping out of his car. He's dressed in a Daft Punk shirt and jeans and black boots. He's on a lot, he goes to his trunk and pops it, reaches inside and grabs a garment bag which is clearly a suit. He reaches into the trunk again and pulls out a black stealth case. He places the case on the ground and closes the trunk. PIcks up the case and begins to walk towards security. Who stops him at the door, Ethan opens his coat to expose that he's wearing the IWF Championship. The security guard laughs and breaks his silence.

Security: If that's on you, what's in the case?

Ethan: Safer on me.

Security: Safe from what?

Ethan: Guys who ask too many fuckin' questions.

Security: All right smart ass-

Voice: There a problem?

The security guard turns around to see....Conan O' Brian.

Security: No sir, just welcoming Mr-

Conan: I'm really sorry about this Mr. Cage.

Ethan: Ethan works for me better.

Conan: Ethan. I'll have this man seen to it shot.

Ethan: Funniest guys are always the craziest.

Conan: That was a joke.

Ethan lowers his sunglasses to the tip of his nose, and looks the man up and down.

Ethan: Too bad....would've liked to have seen that.

Conan: Well now I just feel awkward.

Ethan: Don't. Thank you for the invite to the show.

Conan: I'm never the one really books you guys, I'm just the monkey being told to host.

Ethan smiles.

Ethan: Fair enough.

Conan: Listen, I am hapy that you're here though, just makes me feel safe.

Ethan: Don't make this weird.

Conan: You a looper?

Ethan: What?

Conan: I feel like I'm looking at myself in the past.

Ethan smirks.

Ethan: If I was, it looks like I've gone to shit.

Conan: Low blow.

Ethan: Now who's the funny one?

Conan smiles.

Conan: You're pretty all right.

Ethan: You got craft service in this place?

Conan: I have my own show, I'm not gonna have food? Help yourself to whatever Andy hasn't eaten already.

Andy: That's not fair, you know I have a slow metabolism.

Conan: You have four slow metabolisms.

Andy: You always make fun of me infront of our guests!

Andy runs off crying.

Ethan: How long you two been dating?

Conan: I'm not-

Ethan: Don't bother, all in fun.

Conan: You've done this type of show before correct?

Ethan: Yeah, in our business, you tend to get asked a lot of questions by interviewers.

Conan: What was wrestling Molly Reid like?

Ethan: Ever wrestled playfully with your girlfriend and find yourself having a boner?

Conan: She left the match on a stretcher.

Ethan shrugs.

Ethan: Still had a boner....least she couldn't have said no.

Conan: She could've said it, just couldn't have done anything about it.

Ethan: You're a scary man Conan.

Conan: With all the management changes, how does it feel, do you feel safe in your job?

Ethan: Yes, management hasn't been the problem so far, they've done great to make sure whomever is replacing the prior, cares even more about the product. Shouldn't some of these questions wait for the show?

Conan: You kidding, now is when I can ask what I want. On the show, all I can really ask is silly questions in promoting the pay per view.

Ethan: Fair enough.

Conan: Rayne?

Ethan: She will be here for the show, she wasn't sure if she'd get her own dressing room.

Conan: Are the rumors true?

Ethan: Which?

Conan: That your brother Austin or Rayne will be joining Underground?

Ethan: I don't know, it's something I haven't discussed with him, but Rayne is under contract to AAWF until ....well until she isn't.

Conan: How does she fit all that and being a mother.

Ethan: We've made it so that we have a traveling sitter.

Conan: Is she hot?

Ethan: Of course, but that was her idea.

Conan: Is know, does she like-

Ethan: Yes, she loves women, a plus for me isn't it?

Conan: Are you only wrestling pay per views?

Ethan: Hell no, I love Battle Grounds, just had a few charaties on my plate that really needed my help in generating money.

Conan: Charities, but you're Ethan Cage, you don't care about anything.

Ethan: I care about my son AJ and his future, and I don't want to leave behind a world that is shattered.

Conan: What do you think about the world and the race situation?

Ethan: My child will accept everyone equally, and as myself judge on their stupidity, not their race. There is genius everywhere, look at the inspirations of our business, the Rock, Booker T and at times even now, that's missing. But I think guys like James Shark can make a difference, if he hasn't already, Andrew The Killer Jackson, Chain Smoke, all those guys even if in different companies, are giving inspiration. One of the biggest injustices was Ricky Steamboat, how that guy wasn't a World Champion is amazing. But as far as the guy getting off with killing a child, well he's going to spend the rest of his life being judged, thrown things at and in constant danger. But children die everyday, and the media picks and chooses who's important, making the world care about certain people, and all people ask, is what about this child...which happens to be their race. It might've been the government pulling the reigns and making it a priority again to keep us as a people against each other. Meanwhile our phones are being tapped, the world is fucked up enough without this needless bullshit.

Conan: Gay marriage?

Ethan: I respect it, but it's still funny to see a guy kissing another guy. But I could care less.

Staff: Sir, Mr. Smith and Mr. Mewes is here.

Ethan: Jay and Silent Bob are here?!

Conan: Yeah, Robert Redford had a few reshoots for Captain America, so we got Kevin and Jason in.

Ethan: That's awesome, and Speaking the Kings?

Conan: Still the musical guest.

Ethan: This is going to be a pretty packed show.

Conan: Yeah, if you'll excuse me, I have to see if I can pry Andy out of his dressing room.

Ethan: Sure thing.

Conan walks off camera. And Ethan goes to his cell and texts."Jay and Silent Bob are here". Ethan looks at the camera.

Ethan: Looks like it's time for Heroes Also Die, and I've spent my last few months telling you that I break your heroes, and I've proven what this title means to me, and Gordon Fury, you're going to learn firsthand what it means to me to be a champion. I hope you're ready to taken to extremes of which you never knew you could reach. I am Ethan Cage, and I am the IWF Champion and I will earn my spotlight back. I will not be some co-main event, I AM THE MAIN EVENT! And see to this Gordon, I will be facing the big names for this title. You just came out and interrupted me like you were a somebody, like you matter, well let me tell me something you something're nothing. I understand that you may have gotten some middle of the road wins, but that's all you'll ever be kid, middle of the road. You are vanilla, the only interesting thing about you is that you're from, and you came to America to be someone, what's that say about Australia. Means, you've come here to be the best, and that's just something that won't happen through me. I've made my life's blood and work being the best and I may not have been here every week but when I am here, you're getting all of Ethan Cage. Right now, I have to get ready, I'm busy being upper stay busy....staying the loser that you are.

Ethan Cage walks off camera. And it fades but comes back to-

Scene 2:

Ethan's in the dressing room getting dressed, he's wearing a charcoal grey suit with a blood red tie. He's looking in the mirror when he lifts the championship and places it on his shoulder.

Ethan: God damn I love being me.

Ethan smirks and then winks at the camera.

Bobby: As your agent, let me just say that I'm glad you've finally taken to all this Hollywood shit.

Ethan: It's not that I've taken to it Bobby, it's that it's taken to me. You see, I've been IWF Champion for a while now, and it's made me the happiest I've ever been, being in main events, going to parties, events and IWF signings, this was the life I was meant for. Nothing is too good for me.

Bobby: This Gordon guy, when put to the test, he can be quite the challenger. Do you remember when Ash Soulsfate said-

Ethan: Ash had his time, and yes, I do remember what he said, but Ash beat him every single time and I also remember him saying that.

Bobby: But this is a new place, and you're not Ash Soulsfate.

Ethan: That's right, I'm better.

Bobby: I just mean Austin says you're training day and night for this guy.

Ethan: I am, I'm taking Gordon Fury very serious, much as I do any man trying to take my title. James Shark has my spotlight, and I'm aiming to take it back, and that means breaking another hero....Gordon Fury.

There is a knock at the door.

Bobby: I'll get that.

Ethan: Were you expecting me to?

Bobby sighs.

Bobby goes to the door and opens it, his eyes wide, his mouth stuck open.

Bobby: Ethan, it's for you.

Ethan: Who is-

Rayne steps in.

Ethan: You....dyed your hair.

Rayne giggles in an almost Harley Quinn-esque way.

Rayne: like?

Ethan breathless.

Ethan: Oh, I like.

Bobby: Jesus, Ethan, you get everything.

Ethan: Everything I deserve.

Rayne: Your modesty is showing.

Ethan smirks.

Ethan: What's that?

Rayne: Exactly.

Ethan: Modesty is for the insecure, like Gordon Fucky.

Rayne: You didn't think I'd miss your Conan or the pay per view did you?

Ethan: This will be a weekend of winning.

Staff walks in.

Staff: It's almost time, the interview with Mr. Smith and Mewes is coming to a close and then you're up.

Ethan: You're horrible with time kid.

Staff: I get that a lot.

The staff member touches his headpiece.

Staff: It's commercial, they're ready.

Rayne: Not yet they're not.

Rayne kisses Ethan.

Rayne: There, now he's ready.

Ethan begins to walk out of the room.

Rayne: Babe?

Ethan: Yeah?

Rayne: Forgetting something?

Rayne holds the IWF title up to him.

Ethan: Yeah, got thrown off a bit....blondy.

Rayne: Call me that again and ...I change back.

Ethan smiles.

Ethan: Tease.

Rayne smiles.

Rayne: Only if it's working.

Ethan: It's working, it's working.

Ethan takes his title, fixes it on his shoulder and walks out to the platform. He stands waiting for the entrance.

Conan(From Outside):  Our next guest is the IWF Champion, he's from Las Vegas, Nevada and he'll be in this week's pay per view called Heroes Also Die. Ladies and gentlemen, Ethan Cage.

Ethan pushes back the curtain and is met with a sea of cheers and claps, after taking a few steps, he raises his title, and the cheers get louder. After a few more steps, is met by Conan who shakes his hand. Then Ethan walks to the sofa and sits, while Conan playfully bows to Ethan. Ethan laughs, and finally Conan sits.

Conan: Holy cow, you're a big fella.

Ethan: I don't usually get that from men.

Conan: I made it awkward didn't I?

Andy: I'll say, I was about to leave the room.

Ethan smirks.

Ethan: Again?

Referring to earlier.

Andy: Very funny.

Ethan: I thought so.

Andy: That was sarcasm.

Ethan: Couldn't tell.

Conan: Ethan, you have a pay per view coming up call Heroes Also Die.

Ethan: That's right, with a co main event with James Shark.

The crowd cheers.

Conan: When are you going to fight him?

Ethan: James Shark? I don't know, I mean is that something everyone wants to see?

Crowd: YES!

Ethan: Then sooner or later it's going to happen. I've had a weird schedule of sorts, where it might feel like the Hogan of the 80's.  But I love Battle Grounds, and have some really great matches on there. After I retain against Gordon, I'll be showing up on Battle Grounds, you see James Shark doesn't have the title, and yet, he's on the pay per view poster, he's on the main event, I think he'll even be the last match on the card. Now I'm the IWF Champion, I AM the main event. And I'll set another goal of getting that top match back by beating down Gordon in a fashion that shows the world that I am the best.

Conan: It's become quite cliche hasn't it?

Ethan: What's that?

Conan: Some people say best in the world, some people say best in the world at what I do, and now you want to be the best.

Ethan: It's not cliche when you mean it. We have a very talented roster, savvy, quick and incredible in the ring, and to be holding something as grand as that title, means a hell of a lot. And I don't take that for granted, not in the least. I will lose this title one day, that's inevitable, but it won't be at Heroes Also Die, and it won't be to Gordon Fury. I live my life based on working my ass off and being the best. These people see that, I have an attitude and I don't kiss people's asses so they boo me, I can live with that. What I can't live without, is being the best. I work hard to do that, and it shows in my work.

Conan: This Gordon Fury, 210 pounds, 5'11, 23 years old Muay Thai kickboxer, a backyard wrestler, making it in other companies to the main event quicker than a hiccup. I mean doesn't that scare you?

Ethan: No, I understand how it can, but I have my own accomplishments, and there's one thing IWF is not, it's not a backyard. You see Gordon has to understand that he's coming into my ring, he's coming to claim something that is mine, my title. And that's just something he's going to need the balls to do, not "being a dick" or whatever mantra or mantle or joke he's using today. I am the IWF champion, he's going to need what it takes and more than what I have to keep my title.

Conan: I saw Rayne backstage, she is so beautiful.

Ethan: Yes she is.

Conan: You guys all have beautiful wives or girlfriends, Jack Savage, Stygian, all you guys have these gorgeous wives, is it your muscles? What brings these hotties to you?

Ethan: I don't know, I mean you have have your own show, I'm sure you guys don't do too bad.

Conan: I'm married.

Ethan: What about you Andy?

Andy: I....I...

Conan: He's a bit shy.

Ethan: After a few failed attempts at leaving this show, I can see why. Sorry bud.

Andy: No offense taken.

Ethan: Snippy guy ain't he?

Conan: I've been trying to tell him. Kevin and Jason were out here earlier, told us that you ran into them at the Comic Con festival.

Ethan: Yeah, I was at the Marvel booth doing a few raffles and signings and Kevin had a Q & A in Hall H, and so I went in, that guy is incredible with his wealth of knowledge on comics. He was naming issues, and storylines of books time forgot. It was amazing.

Conan: Well how did you run into him?

Ethan: I was taking a pic with one of the thousands of Princess Leia's. And Kevin...I wouldn't say gawked at her, 'cause I don't want to get him in trouble, I'll just say noticed this woman. Stopped right in his tracks and he was like Leia, and I was like Kevin. And he was like Cage something right?

Conan: That must've been humbling.

Ethan: Well, she was in the slave girl outfit, no one was really thinking with their brains if you know what I mean. And then we did Subway and talked over a sandwich, was funny, the guy is so quick witted.

Conan: Ethan Cage and Kevin a Subway. That's a funny image, it's like a before and after picture moment.

The crowd laughs.

Conan: This pay per view has everything, women, fighting, how did you get into this business?

Ethan: Much like everyone else that found themselves in tights....they saw their dad do it.

Conan: That's weird. I'm sure the guys wearing tights in musicals are not wearing them because their dad saw them do it.

Ethan laughs.

Ethan: I was joking, but yeah, I got into it because my father was a world champion and I didnt want to follow foot steps but I did want to kno what it was like, to feel like the king of the world.

Conan: Well obviously we wish you good luck on the pay per view, Ethan Cage, everybody.

The cheers are heard once again and we fade to-

The Promo:

Ethan Cage is standing in the middle of a Gold's Gym, everyone working out around him. He stares at the camera.

Ethan: Gordon Fury, you know there were times where I thought my title might be in trouble, but then, this week, I get you. Now I get that you want to step up, be a somebody, get laid finally. But again, this is me, Ethan Cage and I'm not going to allow some punk twenty three year old kid, come in and try to take what's mine. I know you have a past, and I know it was full of failures. Now in this place, it will be no different. Gordon, I've busted a lot of heads to get to where I am today, to have the name that I have. Gordon, this week, you go against a very hungry for his icon status, man. I have this title for a reason, and that reason, you're going to find out first hand. I will scratch, bleed, and claw my way into keep this title around my waist. I am what's best for the IWF because I AM the best in the IWF. You run your mouth on and on about nothing, you show no confidence in who you are. You are just another tag line, you service no one, you are a fluff piece.

Ethan: You're not real, you're based on one liners and slow wit. You're one of the most insecure men we have in this company, that is why you cater to them,...the people. You are a hero, and in this pay per view, it's aptly named. You know who else was a hero, Kurt, your little snot nosed brother. Where is he now,...oh, that's right, he's dead. Can't really trust planes, huh, just like a woman, sooner or later, they all go down. Well, I guess it's kind of a good thing, I mean you wouldn't want your younger brother to see the loser you've become, would you. To see his failure of a brother try to be something he's not, a winner. To have to look at me and know that I'm simply better than you in every single way possible. Yeah, that'd suck, so maybe it's better that he went the way he went.

Ethan: You come out to a song that screams Hate, yet all you want is love, that's why you bask in their cheers, you let it shower over you like it's going to cleanse your soul. I've made peace with myself long ago, I was never meant to be a hero, I was meant to step on toes and say real shit. You and your many girlfriends, or should I say, "beards". How anyone would put up with your childish crap is amazing. I guess there really are desperate women out there. You came out last week saying that you're looking for a fight and why wouldn't you, you're looking for a hand out. You aren't main event, you're only in the main event because of me, I'm pulling you out from the dirt for the lights to shine bright on you one time in your miserable existence, and for that, you should thank me. You should be on your hands and knees kissing my Converse. But you're not, instead, you're going to bitch and moan about the things you never had, and the chances you've never gotten and wah wah wah, you are a boy in a man's world. You are not ready for this. You come out and ask to be in the main event, and I allowed it, because I want to break you. I want you to fail and I want me to be the reason for your failure. Don't ask me why I hate you so much, I just hate your attitude, your chipper, the world is perfect attitude, because son, I'm here to show you that the only thing perfect in this world, is me.

Ethan: You've come here to do what we all came here to do, and that's become a legend, to be known as the greatest that ever lived, as you put it. Well, with your record, you've already proven that you're not the best, but it's your simplistic moveset, your lack of inring saavy and the fact that you haven't even begun to grow up that is stopping you from even being in the race. You will be stopped Gordon, because I'm going to not only stop you, I'm going to drop you on that 35 pound head of yours and I'm going to knock some sense into you. You are facing one champion that takes this title very serious. This is not just another week for you, this is survival. I've seen you run into to make the save, and I've seen you attack people, and you're a big fat dirty bag of shit. And when it comes time to face me in that ring, you're going to know what having the worst pain of your life is like. It's going to make you wish you were hanging out with your dead brother. I will end you ...and the worst part of that you're looking for it. You didn't come out for a came out because you found the right man to put you out of your misery.

Ethan: You know Gordon, you picked the right man to do that. Because I do nothing better than put motherfuckers down for good. You think because you have some little girlfriend that you can act brave, that you're a real man. Well, much like your brother would be disappointed in you, Blyss is just waiting to sink her teeth into someone with merit, someone with clout, and she's going to ride the coat tails of that man. Perhaps that's why you took this opportunity, because it's your last chance to keep a woman well out of your league. Just look at you, you look like an emo muppet. I don't have time to be downgraded to facing the likes of you. I could have better matches with a wet tissue than I can with you. But the man that I am, the mission that I'm on to be the absolute BEST, will motivate me to make sure that I show you up in every single way. You see this is your first show at the big dance and fucker, I live here. And the air is fresh, I live on high dynamics, and there is no dynamic bigger than a threat to my title, no matter how small the threat.

Ethan: Weeks ago, you told everyone that this is your first step towards the World title, and then like magic, you walk out on my show and tell the world that you are ready for me. That YOU are ready for me, I don't beg to differ because I don't beg for anything, but I will disagree. You're going to see firsthand what you're going to be dealing with, and it's too much for you to handle. I will "face the fury", and I'll break my foot off in his ass.

Ethan: Last week, you talked down to Frank Finelli like he was nothing, and truth be told, he is nothing. I know of Frank from a long time ago, and well, let's just say he's had a string of bad luck. I mean you even went so far as to say that you'd beat him with his own penis....well, that would mean your hands would be on his penis, and you'd be "beating" him, now that's gross but I mean that's not a judgement, that's a fact. But see, it's those minions, those idiots that you can beat, and ONLY those idiots. I am supreme, I am the ultra omega when it comes to wrestling. And there will be nothing stopping me from having my hand raised at the end of our match. Gordon, this is going to be the beating you never wanted, this loss will haunt you forever and I will make damn sure you remember my name. You will think twice before EVER coming out and interrupting me again. You can tell your little girlfriend that you won't be coming home after the pay per view, because you're a hero....and Heroes...also DIE!

Ethan smirks and the camera fades to...



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PostSubject: Re: Ethan Cage [vs] Gordon Fury   Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:56 am

(OOC: To finish coding when I get home)

"The End"

The scene opens with Blyss Lockhart and Gordon Fury eating brunch in a local restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. It looks a little bit on the posh side, so obviously Blyss picked the place out, as Gordo is a tight arse.  While its not super packed at the current moment, there are still a fair few people in the restaurant.  The couple went to Six Flags yesterday at Blyss’s suggestion, my guess is that it was in an attempt to help take Gordo’s mind off of things that have been troubling him.  He is a very troubled man.

Fuck you. I sit and just stare at my burger as I zone out, just trying to collect my thoughts and put them in “date mode”.

You know when Gordo is not keen to eat a steak burger that something is wrong, and you could tell Blyss knew it. The look on her face as she ate showed that she sensed that he wasn't his usual self.

I have to make myself seem as normal as possible. I mean I have been struggling with all of this shit recently as it has been taking its toll, and I know that Blyss can sense it, especially yesterday at Six Flags.  I had fun, but my mind couldn't focus. So many times I have brushed off her questions, not ready, or perhaps willing, to tell her the truth.  When she asked to see me again to talk about it, I knew she was going to bring it up, although she hasn’t yet. When she asks, I have to be ready.

Blyss looks up at Gordon from her plate and sees he has that faraway look in his eyes again as he takes a sip from his drink.

Blyss Lockhart: How’s your food, Gordo?

She watches me a little intently as I snap out of my daydream,, Blyss’s voice shocking me back to reality.

Oh, there goes gravity?

...Did you just quote Eminem lyrics?

Yes... yes I did.

Gordon Fury: Huh? Oh yeh, good babe.

As a response I take a bite of my steak burger. I chew and swallow my mouthful before speaking again.

Gordon Fury: How is your... whatever the fuck that is?

She can’t help but smile, shaking her head a little.

Blyss Lockhart: You don’t know what this is? It’s crepes with strawberries.

The smile on her face falters.

Blyss Lockhart: Wanna tell me what you were thinking there?

I give her what is an attempted reassuring smile, followed by a sheepish chuckle.

Gordon Fury: Of course that is what it is.  My bad.  

I look at her curiously, as if I don’t know what she is talking about.

Gordon Fury: Thinking about where? What are you talking about babe?

She sighs, obviously fed up at being lied to.

Blyss Lockhart: We can’t keep doing this, Gordon. Your mind is always somewhere else and when i ask you about it, you say everything’s fine. It’s clearly not and I know that. I can’t ignore it anymore. Talk to me.

Well as you said Gordo, well the other you, you have to tell her at some point if you want to move on with your life. She is asking you face to face, maybe the time is now?

No, I’m not ready for this.  If I do it, I want to do it on my terms.  I laugh it off shaking my head.

Gordon Fury: Blyss, seriously, its just all of this professional pressure bleeding through.  

I reach out with my left hand and hold her left hand with it.

Gordon Fury: I’m ok.

Blyss pulls her hand away from him, sharply shaking her head before looking back at him.

Blyss Lockhart: No, that’s not at all there is to it. I just know, Gordon. Please stop avoiding this. If there is something wrong, tell me. Just say it. It’s obvious, you know that?

I hate lying to her, especially to her face, but I only do it for her sake.

Gordon Fury: There isn’t anything wrong Blyss. Nothing you don’t know about, besides the usual shit anyway.  I’m fine.  Please stop worrying.

She slams down her fork and knife on the table in frustration as she leans back in her chair, folding her arms across her chest.

Blyss Lockhart: You’ve changed, Gordon. I’ve noticed for a while that you haven’t been yourself. Something between us has changed too hasn’t it? I feel like it has, but I don’t really know what it is.

There is a sad look on her face now but she tries not to show it. Gordo desperately tries to convince her.

Gordon Fury: Blyss, I haven’t changed.  I’m still me. I didn’t magically become someone else.  You know I care about you.

She leans forward and looks into his eyes..

Blyss Lockhart: I care about you too. I love you, Gordon. But I don’t know why I feel this way. Am I just being confused for no reason? Maybe it’s just me. Dammit!

She rubs her forehead with her palm.

Blyss Lockhart: I’m so sorry. I’m making a big deal out of nothing again, aren’t I?

She is blaming herself. I have the perfect out, a way to end this conversation, but letting her take the blame it isn’t fair on her. It isn’t fair.

Gordon just stares blankly at his burger in thought.

Gordon Fury: Umm yeh. I suppose so.

Blyss Lockhart: Why do I keep doing that? Ugh...

She sighs again and tries to shake it off.

Blyss Lockhart: I’m sorry, Gordon. I’ll stop now. I trust you.

She smiles at him then picks up her fork again, taking a piece of crepe.

Blyss Lockhart: I’m lucky you’re so patient with me.

She chuckles.

Blyss Lockhart: So what shall we do after this?

I look at her face. She is awaiting the answer to her question, but all I can think about is that she thinks me acting weird is her fault.  She blames herself for what is completely my issue.  I wanted to wait, but the both of us here, right now, I have to do it.  If I don’t, I don't’ know if I ever will. This isn;t just for me, this is also for her.

Gordon’s next words are a forced whisper, as if he is trying to push the words out of his mouth.

Gordon Fury: Blyss I... I have to tell you...

Gordon forces himself to take a breath.

Gordon Fury: ...I don’t love you anymore.

Blyss drops her fork, mid bite, a look of utter shock on her face. You can tell she didn’t see that coming, its as if she just got punched in the stomach.

Blyss Lockhart: ...What?

I have to keep going.  I have to end this.  I have to stop lying to her, I have to stop putting her through this.  I force myself to look up into her eyes.

Gordon Fury: The feelings I had for you... The way you feel about me... I don’t feel like that anymore.

She stares at him, unable to do anything. Tears start to well up in her eyes.

Blyss Lockhart: But... how... what did I do wrong?

Tears start to form in my eyes as well, as I can see her heart breaking, even through my tears.

Gordon Fury: You didn’t do anything.  This isn’t your fault.  I just don’t have those feelings for you any more.  I felt feelings for you stronger than I have felt for anyone else, but as time went on, the feelings faded.  I don’t know what happened or why.  

Blyss Lockhart: Love doesn’t just go away, Gordon. Not this fast. When you said you loved me, all of those times... You never really meant it, did you?

She bites her lower lip, trying hard not to cry. Her hands start to tremble slightly.

Gordon Fury: That isn’t how it is Blyss, you know it isn’t. At your place when I first told you I loved you,  I meant it.  And I meant it everytime after that. You know, deep down, that I did love you.  
I pause, trying to find a reason to give her. Something. Anything.

Gordon Fury: I don’t know, I could just feel my feelings for you change.  I didn’t want it to. I fought for us Blyss, I fought for us harder than I ever have fought for anything else.

I try hard to keep the tears in my eyes as she looks back at me.

Blyss Lockhart: And now you choose to give up on us... again. But I still... I still...

Unable to control her emotions any longer, she buries her face in her hands. Then she quickly wipes her tears, not wanting to make a scene in the restaurant. She looks back up at him.

Blyss Lockhart: I don’t want... I can’t lose us. I can’t lose you, Gordon. Not now. I can’t.

Gordon Fury: Blyss I’m not CHOOSING to give up on us!  Do you think I would choose not to love you? This isn’t a choice, this isn't about what I want!  I want to be with you, I want to love you the way I did before... but I can’t.  I have tried to, god have I tried.

My heart is breaking at the same rate as hers as her last hopes are in my hands.  The hopes of us coming out of this intact, like we always have.  What if I am wrong, what if I’m not fighting hard enough? Or what if I don’t break it off now, and I ruin our lives because of it?  I have to make a choice, and I have to make it now.

Gordon Fury: Blyss you will never lose me.  I will always be here for you, and I will always care about you...

I take a deep breath in before opening my eyes and staring directly into her own.

Gordon Fury: But I can’t do this to you anymore.  I can’t stay with you if my feelings don’t match your own. I don’t love you the same way you do me anymore Blyss.  

Tears now slowly roll down Gordon’s cheek.

Gordon Fury: I’m sorry

She looks away, seeming to make a decision about something.

Blyss Lockhart: Okay...

She takes her purse and prepares to leave.

Blyss Lockhart: Nobody really does that when they don’t wanna stay anymore. When it’s over, it’s over. So goodbye, Gordon.

She looks at him then turns to walk away.

Gordon Fury: Melyssa, talk to me. I know you are hurting, but please don’t shut me out.  Please.

She stops walking.

Blyss Lockhart: What else is there to say? You have made it clear how you feel.

She continues walking quickly towards the door without looking back.

I don’t know what else I expected.  I broke her heart.  I took everything she put faith in and ground it beneath my heel. Did I really expect her to feel any different?

You can’t blame yourself for optimism Gordo.

I watch as she opens the door to the restaurant and walks through it, the whole room seems to go into slow motion as I watch the door close, as the door on possibly the greatest chapter of my life, with a woman who truly loved me, closes with it.  The clicking of the door catch rings out with a sense of finality that I hoped would never come.  I slump in the chair and put my head in my hands.  I look up and see the other me sitting across from me.

Gordon Fury: We did the right thing man.  You know we did.

Gordon Fury: Shutup.  Just shut the fuck up.

It was over.  I had finally managed to do it.  However, the relief I expected to feel is instead replaced by an overwhelming and overpowering sense of guilt and shame..

Gordon Fury: What have I done?

The scene fades to black.

“Roundtable Discussion”

The scene opens up and yet another of Gordon’s shitty motel rooms.  It has been a couple of days since he broke up with Blyss, and in that time he hasn’t stepped foot outside of his room.  He stumbles out of the bedroom into the poor excuse of a bathroom that the shitty motel gave him, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts He looks up into the mirror, black bags under his eyes, because he obviously hasn’t had much sleep.  A smile twitches at the end of his mouth.

Gordon Fury: A face only a mother could love.

He turns on the tap and splashes his face with water, before turning the tap back off and looking back into the mirror.  

Gordon Fury: I wonder if I should shave?

I have to think about that for about one millisecond.

Gordon Fury: Nah fuck that.

I have my day already mapped out.  I have a busy morning of feeling sorry for myself and crushing my mind with what ifs, followed by restlessly tossing and turning in bed.  Then, some heavy drinking until I pass up.  Sounds like a plan.  I nearly make it back to my bed before I hear a knock at the door. I do not feel like dealing with people.  I ignore it as they knock again.

?: Gordo, its Chris. I know you are in there.

Gordon Fury: No way, you can’t see me from there!


Did you really just fall for that?

I blame the lack of sleep.

Uh huh.

Chris Cryptic: Yeh good one dickhead. Let me in.

Gordon Fury: Fuck off Chris, whatever you want, I’m sure it can wait. I’m really busy.

Chris Cryptic: Yeh, cause sitting in your motel room in your underpants feeling sorry for yourself is really important work.

Ok this man knows me WAY too well.

Chris Cryptic: Come on Gordo let me in. Don’t make me kick your door down.

I begrudgingly make way way over to the door and unlock it, opening the door, before walking back and sitting on a chair at a tiny round dining table in the centre of the room, squinting as the light comes through the door.

Gordon Fury: What do you want?

Chris walks through the door and clicks the lights on , before shutting the door behind him.

Gordon Fury: Dude!  Not cool!

Chris Cryptic: You look like shit.

Gordon Fury: Yeh good to see you too. And for the record, I feel shitter than I look.

Chris Cryptic: Which is saying something.

Gordon Fury: Fuck you.  Did you come here just to verbally abuse me, or did you want something?

Chris comes further into the room and sits on the opposite side of the table.

Chris Cryptic: Believe it or not Gordo, but I am your friend.  And as your friend, when I heard you broke up with Blyss, I thought I would come and check on you. You know, cause its the done thing.

Gordon Fury: Well you came, you can see I look and feel like shit, so your job is done.

Chris gets his serious face on, the one where he looks semi retarded. It happens EVERY time.

Chris Cryptic: Look man, seriously, you can’t keep doing this. I can tell just by looking at you that you haven’t left the room in days.

Gordon Fury: Don’t tell me what to fucking do Chris. This is my fault, I deserve to feel like shit.

Oh the irony.  Suddenly my head starts spinning and I put my face in my hands, as if that is somehow going to make it stop.  It finally ceases as I blink to try and clear my vision up.

Kurt Lowe: It isn’t your fault Gordo.  

I look up and to Chris’s left sits “Kurt”, Gordon’s dead brother.

Gordon Fury: Yeh dickhead, listen to our brother.

I look to Chris’s right, and sitting there is the “other me”.  Both of these beings have been created by my subconscious to apparently “help”. Yeh right.

Gordon Fury: Well, isn’t this just great.

Chris looks at Gordo slightly concerned.

Chris Cryptic: You alright there man?

Gordon Fury: Just fucking peachy.  As I was saying, this is my fault, I deserve to feel like this. Thats the long and short of it.

Gordon Fury: Stop being an ignorant bitch! You know you as well as I do, literally, that it was something we HAD to do!  It was killing you being with her while not wanting to be with her.

Gordon Fury: I did want to be with her.

Chris Cryptic: I never said you didn’t.

Gordon Fury: BULLSHIT! We didn’t make the choice not to love her, but being with her was making us miserable.  Doesn’t matter if it was because of her, or because of us, it was still the case.  

Chris has noticed Gordon has been really quiet and weird, so he speaks up.

Gordon Fury: Look man, I know this has got to be a shitty position to be in, but you can’t keep punishing yourself for what happened. Yes you stopped loving her, and it probably did break her heart, but what else could you do, what other move could you make?  Either way you were gonna be miserable, it was just a difference between long term and short term. I know you don’t want to believe it, but its fact.  This gives you a chance to move on.

Gordon Fury: I don’t know man, you have my back cause you are my mate, but I need honesty, I need...

I look up at Kurt, as he looks straight back at me.

Kurt Lowe: I know how much you wanted this to work, especially after Tracey, but just as you couldn’t help that Tracey is a psycho bitch, you can’t help that you fell out of love with Blyss.  Sometimes life just fucks you over, simple as that.

But now you have an opportunity to make it worth it.

Gordon Fury: Now is our chance!

Chris Cryptic: Look man you need to put this shit behind you, and you need to do it now. You know how big this match is for you this week at Heroes Also Die. This is what you have worked your whole career for. The feelings you have now, you need to use them, you need to use everything you have. Its time for you to do what I knew you would do the moment you stepped into IYHWA all those years ago. Become world champion.  Its about time you show everyone why you are someone to respect once and for all. And despite how she feels about you Gordo, you know Blyss will be cheering for you as well.

I smile.  For the first time in a long time I truly smile. I need to put this behind me, because I refuse to let how I feel now cost me the greatest opportunity of my life.

Gordon Fury: Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Chris looks at him with a confused look on his face.

Chris Cryptic: Guys?

Gordon Fury: Don’t ask.

Chris Cryptic: Oh...k.

Gordon Fury: Yeh that’s what I thought, bitch.

Kurt Lowe: Be nice.

My life is so fucking retarded.

The scene fades to black on the four “men”.

“Top of the Mountain”

The scene opens up outside a comedy club.  A roar of cheers is heard from inside as the door opens, and Gordon Fury walks outside, tears in his eyes as he can’t stop himself from laughing, having to lean up against the wall to brace himself.  He finally manages to get himself under control as he wipes his eyes.

Gordon Fury: Holy fucking shit, that has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I legit have never seen anything more ridiculous in my life.  I have no idea how the manager got a hold of Ethan Cage’s promo for this week, but man am I glad he did.  Ethan, you are as predictable as you are hilarious.

I mean we have hollow insults that mean nothing, we have you trying to rattle me by bringing up my brother, and we have you being an arrogant prick and not even giving me a chance.  You know Ethan, I KINDA expected more from you, but, just as Raine is every night, I am disappointed.

THAT is how you pull off a meaningless insult Ethan. If you are gonna do it, can you at least do it right? You see Ethan, you can call into question everything I am, everything I stand for, but you CANNOT take away how much this match means to me.  To you, this match is simply another title defence, as proven about how you are already looking forward to James Shark.  I am just a number to you, and all that does Ethan, is piss me off.

And that is bad.

Indeed it is.

Gordon Fury: This match is EVERYTHING to me Ethan.  While you have taken the better part of 2 months off, only wrestling to defend your title, I have been wrestling every single fucking match I have been booked for, busting my arse to earn this shot.  Make no mistake fuck face, you didn’t give me this shot, I earned it. Why? Because not only had a earned my shot well in advance of Heroes Also Die, but I played the fuck out of you.  Of course I knew you would accept my challenge, are you kidding me?  You see Ethan, you carrying on about how I need love is fucking hilarious, since you are the biggest respect whore on planet earth.

You are the world champion, the top of the company, the apparent best we have. And yet people don’t just simply not like you, they don't respect you, as a champion or as a wrestler. And that drives you mad doesn’t it? That people like Griffin Hawkins, even after losing to you, STILL has more respect that you.  That I, never even having had a world title shot before this, is STILL more respected than you. You don’t have to be liked to be respected. Look at Corey Casey and Brandon Macdonald.  I hate those 2 men, and yet I respect them for what they did as World Champion.  You aren’t even considered in their league, you aren’t even mentioned in the same fucking sentence.  Despite your arrogant exposure, you are an insecure little boy who is just looking for someone to acknowledge you.  

So I knew I was getting a world title shot before I even stepped out onto the fucking stage, because I knew you were gonna be easy as fuck to manipulate.

The best thing about it though, is that you reflect your own insecurities in your fucking promo!  I mean check this out, I wrote this down while I was inside.

Gordon pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and starts reading it.

Gordon Fury: Ahem “You run your mouth on and on about nothing, you show no confidence in who you are. You are just another tag line, you service no one, you are a fluff piece.”  Now that definitely does sound like someone in this match Ethan, but is sure as shit ain't me.  This is not the only time you do it throughout the promo either, and each time I pissed myself so hard, only confirming the thoughts I had about you before it.  

You know, that wasn’t the only thought I had about you though, but, once again, you opened your stupid fucking mouth and confirmed it, and that is when you brought up my brother.  Now bringing that up does nothing for you except push my buttons, so why would you need to do that? Simple, because you, Ethan Cage, are scared of me.

Gordon Fury: You have never fought someone like me before.  You know how hard I am to stop when I am driven to achieve something, you know how unpredictable I can be in that ring.  The fact is, despite your bravado, you doubt that one on one, in that ring, world title on the line, that you can beat me. And all your little jab did was let me know it.  

Ethan I don’t doubt you have in ring skill, and I don’t doubt that you have retained your title this far because of that skill.  But who have you beaten? Griff? Been there done that, except I didn’t have to lose to him first.  Alex? Everyone knows Corey Casey won you that match, dont kid yourself. Not only that, but I beat Axle Vengeance one match removed from one of the biggest wins in his career.

You think you have everything in this match Ethan, you think your defense is guaranteed.  But I KNOW I am leaving Heroes Also Die as world champion, because unlike you, I have no fear.  Its time for you to face the fury...


Gordon walks out of shot as the scene fades to black.


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Ethan Cage [vs] Gordon Fury
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