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 Sah’ta Thor [vs] Tim Patrick

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Sah’ta Thor [vs] Tim Patrick   Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:54 am

Barbed Wire Ropes Taipei Death Match
Sah’ta Thor
Tim Patrick


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Sah'ta Thor


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PostSubject: Unsanctioned Bloodshed   Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:57 pm

Preflight Thoughts

It was a strange thing to be accused of being involved in kidnapping turned murder. Yet, he didn't fault the assumption based on some of his comments. However, the thing that Tim Patrick didn't realize was that he had been busy with some of his other wrestling obligations. Namely, a trip to Mexico that had resulted in a rather interesting evening. Before that it had been off to New York. Though it was still conceivable that Thor had somehow been involved in the events that had lead to the death of Cody.

"Heroes Also Die will end a war that I never wanted. A war that has become personal in a manner that no one could have ever foreseen. Yet, like all unfortunate events that have riddled the IWF since my arrival this event has been laid at my feet with no attempt at finding another solution. Now I guess I should be used to all of this but in end I feel that my side of the story needs to be told."

As Thor had been speaking an airport terminal comes into view. In the distance many people could be seen going about their lives in a manner that made them seem like insects.

"The question that no one has taken the time to ask is what do I have to gain from allowing Cody to die? Such a huge unresolved issue is something that could very well solve the matter entirely. That is if Tim Patrick or anyone else had the balls to pursue the matter. Instead Tim has accused me of this dreadful crime. Oh don't get me wrong, I did tell him that he would regret making me an enemy. However, I have lines that even I won't cross and things I won't do. Yet, Tim never once stopped to ask me if I had been involved. No he instantly jumped to the conclusion that I had been involved with the kidnapping of his pregnant fiance."

Thor stops to take a breath as he notices a member of his Imperial Security flight team coming toward him.

"While I have so much more to say on this upcoming match I have a flight to Mexico City to get on to and I will further address Tim Patrick's paranoia in a couple of days."

With that Thor follows the woman who had come to get him with a strangely amused smile on his lips.

La Familia?

"Master are you okay?

This concerned question pulls Thor out of his thoughts. He was a bit out of it having been put through something of an emotional ringer the last few hours. For the last three years he had been quietly conducting a search for an of Isabella's surviving family. Having finally being able to visit Mexico as part of a wrestling trip had allowed him to finally make some headway. It was headway that had left him strangely unnerved by what it could mean.

"Not really Paige. I think I found Isabella's maternal grandma and I don't know what to do from here."

Paige comes over, in her pale pink bra and panties, and rests her hand on Thor's face.

"You need to find out for sure Master. Only then can you set up anything more solid."

"I know Paige, really I do, but I don't want to lose Isabella. Nor do I want to cause her any more pain than she has already suffered."

Thor sighs as he tries to push the matter from his mind for the short term. After all, he had a sexy woman now straddling his lap who wanted nothing more than to cheer him up.

"I know Master but I don't think Isabella will abandon you that easily."

Paige moves closer and kisses him passionately cutting off any further comments.


Several hours later a sheepish Sah'ta Thor stood in front of a small adobe plastered house. He was dressed in what could be referred to as cowboy casual having spent the time to get cleaned up for a conversation that he hoped wouldn't lead to heartache. Having knocked on the door he was now waiting for a reaction. It was almost instantaneous in the form of rapid fire Spanish. The door finally opens to reveal a teenage Hispanic male with eyes hauntingly similar to Isabella. Before the teen could speak Thor raises a hand and introduces himself.

"Mi llamo Senor Grant. Mi no habla mucho Espanol. Tu es habla Ingles?"

The boy smiles and nods slowly before replying.

"A pleasure to meet you Senor. My name is Hector, how can I help you?

Thor sighs slightly as he looks Hector over. The boy seemed to be about 15ish so could very well remember Isabella.

"Did you have a younger sister or a niece perhaps names Isabella?

The teen's face whitens before he yells into the house.


Once this is done Hector turns back to Thor with narrowed eyes.

"That is a common enough name in these parts. Why do you ask?"

This was enough of a confirmation for Thor. He reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out his wallet where he had a set of pictures. Among them were pictures of Isabella from the time he had rescued her to the last time he had seen here just days earlier. With a careful sigh and a carefully masked expression he hands the pictures to Hector.

"Hector take a look at those pictures and tell me if you recognize her."

Hector take the pictures and after about five seemingly eternal seconds gasps dropping to his knees with tears running down his face. He looks up at Thor with questions written all over his face. By this time the grandmother had come to the door. Upon seeing the pictures she lets out a screech and starts to cry all the while staring at Thor with wide eyes.

"Donde es mi Isabella?

"Where is she? How did you get these pictures? Is she alright?"

"Let me explain a few things. You may knew be better as the professional wrestler Sah'ta Thor. Just over three years ago I busted up a child pornography and slavery ring. In the process, I discovered and rescued thirty orphan children. Isabella was one of them. I have been hunting for her family as best I can since then. This is the first time I have been able to visit Mexico since that night. Since then I have adopted all the children and have been raising them as my own familia. Isabella and I have grown quite close since I saved her."

Thor stops speaking as Hector relays the information to his grandmother.

"So you have adopted my lost little sister? Why are you here now then if you have made her part of your family?"

"I feel that Isabella should know her real family as well. It isn't fair to you for me to keep her away from you because of something that happened over three years ago. Where are your mother and father?"

"My father left with Isabella almost four years ago. As a result my our mother faded away from a broken heart believing that Isabella was dead."

Now things were making more sense to Thor on how such a sweet girl like Isabella had ended up in the hell hole he had rescued her from.

"Can I come in so we can discuss how to proceed from here?"

Hector nods and then leads the way into the house guiding his still crying grandmother. Thor follows them inside knowing that he had started down a path that would forever leave him changed.

Border Inspection

He had managed to come up with a workable solution to the whole Isabella's family situation. Having accomplished this He had decided that he would go ahead and drive up into Phoenix, Arizona in order to stop and inspect the border patrol project that he had put into motion a couple of years earlier. In fact, the drive up had been mostly uneventful, if one didn't count the burro stampede from about two hours before.

"Uncle I don't know why we didn't just fly home from Mexico City."

"I told you why Mel. I have some business to take care of on border."

"I hope you have plans to make this up to us later"

Thor just chuckles as he keeps driving. Of course he had some things planned for later that night but for now he would keep them to himself.


A few hour and an official US Border Crossing later we find Sah'ta Thor and his group turning down a dirt road. It was seldom traveled road that was guarded by barricade and a pair of gun toting troops. As they get closer it becomes evident that the troops when wearing Imperial Security uniforms. Thor can't help but smile as he brings his vehicle to a stop just shy of the barricade.

"Good Afternoon gentlemen. Do you know who I am?"

The troops share a nervous glance before nodding slightly to show that they had heard the question. This makes Thor look over at Melfina with a smirk before looking back out the window to continue his quick questioning.

"If you know who I am then why is the barricade still blocking my way?"

The two troops blink then rush to move the barricade so Thor can pass by. Their obvious intimidation showing in every action. Thor shakes his head and wonders how things would be at the base camp up ahead. It did however please him to see that progress had been made on building the border wall that he had ordered constructed.


A short while later Thor pulls to a stop in front of a condemned looking shack. The fact that the building only looked that way from the outside help it to serve as the perfect base camp for this section of this particular operation. Once to a stop Thor gets out of the vehicle and heads on inside knowing that the next few minutes would prove to be enlightening. As he gets to the door he is greeted by a hairy giant of a man. This was obviously the unit commander and his entire demeanor radiated dominance.

"At ease Captain. I am not here to get into a pissing contest with you. Even if I was you know that I would walk away the victor. I just happened by to see how things were going in this sector."

The man seems to shake his body in a manner that causes his muscular form to ripple. There is a moment of silence before the Captain speaks in a baritone growl.

'Things are quite dandy Sir. Some of the fresh meat needs toughening up but that is nothing I can't handle. As you saw on your way in the progress on the construct moves along. In regards to our other mission we have managed to slow things down but there are just too many holes in the perimeter to manage a complete defense."

"Understood Captain. Your unit is doing an amazing job. Now how fast can you get them assembled? I want to give them a special briefing"

The Captain smiles and then keys on his walky talky to give the orders for a general assembly.


An hour later we see Sah'ta Thor once again driving on solid pavement. In the distance behind him you could hear the all too strange sound of multiple wolves howling. The howling strange because it was out of place in that particular part of the world.

Events Unforetold

All that was know about about the kidnapping of Cody was that it was a man in a black mask. Yet, the people who had been looking into the case had failed to note of one of the biggest elements in the event. No like Thor had said on the last edition of Battlegrounds he wouldn't have hidden behind a mask. Now however it was time to reveal something that people didn't know about the kidnapping.

"The irony of this kidnapping is that I had my own operation in the works. That is right Tim, I was planning to make my own move against Cody. Like I said I don't need a mask to hide behind. The question that becomes vital at this point is why would I kidnap Cody in the first place? The reality of the matter is one that I don't think you are ready to accept Tim. You have already made up your mind that I was the monster behind the mask who turned the love of your life over to you most hated enemy. So even if I were to tell you the truth now I know that you will think I am trying to deflect my guilt. However, I don't give a shit and think now is the perfect time to get this out in the open. I KNEW that Cody was going to be kidnapped eventually since I received a tip a few weeks ago. In fact, I am pretty sure that entire conversation was captured by a Battlegrounds camera. So I didn't say anything because I wanted to keep the matter in house since it pointed to a member of my organization being part of the plot. That much is a very real fact Tim and for that I guess I need to apologize. What I don't get is how in the hell I didn't know about the impending kidnapping."

Thor pauses as a clip of his phone call from before Ragnarok is patched in for all to be reminded of his role in what he was saying.

"I am going to be honest with you Tim but I had hoped to solve the issue before needing to take such drastic action. As for why I didn't see the move coming, well you try living my life for a few days and see if you catch everything going on around you. Now something you may have failed to take into account Master Detective is that the man on that video you so proudly showed as proof of my actions was quite a bit larger than I am. Now I know you will argue that is a result of my gear I was wearing but even at that point I am quite bit smaller than the masked man in that tape. Okay all that proves is that I wasn't directly involved in the events of Battlegrounds 78 which in your mind still means I was involved. Tim, I feel your pain but you have got to remember that I am not the one who started our little war. You want to face me in one of the most brutal matches known to the industry, fine like I said on Battlegrounds I am game. You know the ultimate irony is that if you weren't so busy looking for others to blame for your faults it would never have happened. I heard how you wanted to retire as a result of our match at Ragnarok and quite frankly I have to wonder how you would think I would do anything to prevent that. Oh so what that you beat me at Ragnarok? In the end you were tucking your tail between your legs and taking your balls to go home while I was remaining on the roster making people forget about you. Like I said before I had NOTHING to gain from kidnapping Cody. Absolutely fucking nothing Tim but I will play your game and let you try and kill me at Heroes Also Die."

With a twisted smile Thor is shown pulling a trash can full of glass bottles into the center of an empty room. He starts to pick up the bottles and then slams them into floor. Each one shatters into hundreds of pieces littering the floor with their remains.

"Beautiful isn't it? The way the light glitters off the edges of those broken shards. It gives a silent testimony to the fact that destruction is coming at Heros Also Die. It is a destruction that Tim Patrick brought on himself with his wild accusations and even wilder challenge. It make me wonder if Tim has been paying attention to what I have had to say about my life up until now. Because if he had been paying attention he would have remembered that before I became a professional wrestler I was part of an underground fight club. He seems to think that an unsanctioned Taipei Death Match will intimidate me into being a easy target. Throw in barbed wire ring ropes and we are left with a match that is one I have dreamed about being part of. Tim I hate to say it but your blind hatred has left you at a disadvantage. I know full well that you intend on leaving me in a grave somewhere but I also know that you have underestimated my desire to make people bleed. You set the rules Tim and since you asked this to be unsanctioned I have to wonder if you even know what you are asking for. Then again that is quite alright because you have ensured that the only rules for our match are the one that are inherent in the match type. I know for a fact that you will do everything you can imagine to kill me at Heros Also Die but trust me Tim, better men have tried to kill me and failed in the process."

Thor reaches into his pocket and pulls out a roll of tape. Pulling off a long section of tape he wraps it around his left hand in a way that leaves the sticky side out. He repeats the process on his right hand with a bring of complete self satisfaction. Once both hands were taped he lowers them into the pile of broken glass to completely cover them with shards and dust. Once each of hands was covered in broken glass he lifts them up into the light to let the light reflect off each of the deadly angles.  

"Tim remember that you chose this match when you are left bleeding. I know you feel as if you have nothing to live for right now but trust me I know that deep down you want to know who kidnapped Cody. That makes two of us Tim and trust me when I say that whoever it was will receive a very public retribution. When I discover the identity of the man behind the mask Tim everyone with see my brand of justice in action. Now you have never trusted me Tim but I will get to the bottom of this and give you a chance and finding out the why. However, I will do everything in my power to make our match at Ragnarok seem like child's play. I am a warrior about to walk into what is my element and all I have to do is force you to lose control. Tim you don't know what I am capable of when I have no way out but you will learn soon enough."

With a smirk Thor lowers his hands while flexing the slightly. He was ready for action and come Heroes Also Die people would once again learn to fear him. He knew that he had been in a slump recently but there were reasons for that that he would delve into now.

"Now I would be remiss if I didn't admit that ever since my loss to Blyss I have been in a slump. I could say a million things about how I have been under the weather or some other equally assine excuse but the bottom line is that I need to win at Heroes Also Die. Something that many of you don't know is that on Battlegrounds 79 I was competing on my 49th birthday. That is right in just over a year I will be 50 and will hanging up my wrestling boots. Yet, I have so much more to accomplish before then and Tim you will help me set myself straight. Yet, don't think I have forgotten about how I lost to Blyss. That is right I haven't forgotten about Kyuubi and her role in my defeat. I will get my due soon enough and when I do everyone will learn why she has been after me. Oh and something else for you all to co
nsider, I will be part of the King of the Cage tournament and have been greatly involved with the Extreme Wrestling Corporation since its return. In fact, I have to be in Las Vegas monday night for what will a record setting night. So Tim I really hope you know what you have done by challenging me to this match because in the end I will show you how brutal I can be."

The reached once more into the trash can and pulls out a length of barb wire. With a sadistic grin he lifts the wire to his forehead. With a slow practiced motion he brings the wire across his flesh cause a gash appear in his skin. He lowers the wire for his now gushing face and starts to laugh. The blood quickly coats his entire face creating a demonic visage.

"Tim I hope you know what you have done by challenging me to a match where I can do whatever the hell I want to you. You should asked yourself what I am willing to do now that I know that no matter what happens in our match I can't be held responsible. You have seen me in the ring when I have had to worry the legal ramifications of my actions. Knowing that should make you shudder in horror since I will have NO restraints holding me back. You think I am a monster now well in less than 24 hours you will learn the truth of that statement. IF you have ever seen a caged lion fight then you have the faintest idea of what will go down in our match. Yet, I feel it is only fair to tell you that you have pressed me against a wall that I never wanted to be back at and like a corner wolverine I will fight to get to freedom. I hope when the dust settles that everyone in the IWF knows that it was Tim Patrick who signed his fate. That it was Tim Patrick who made the match unsanctioned. That is was Tim Patrick who wanted me dead should be the foremost thought before you come after me. He brought a gun to Battlegrounds 79 and made the mistake of not using it against me. At Heroes Also Die the amount of blood that will flow will make the arena seem like a slaughter house. So enjoy your final hours cheering on a hero that fallen into darkness."

With that Thor drops the bloody barb wire and then turns to walk away leaving a trail of blood drips on the ground behind him. Once he leaves the room a hype video for Heroes Also Die begins to play highlighting the event. As the video comes to an end there is a short burst of static before the sound of marching boots is heard while the garbled image of a waving flag flashes across the screen.


The Empire of Blood
Thor's Wiki
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PostSubject: Re: Sah’ta Thor [vs] Tim Patrick   Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:00 am


Monday, July 22, 2013
Chesapeake Energy Arena
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Backstage after Battle Grounds goes off the air
11:30 PM

After coming out with a microphone to call out Sah'ta Thor and challenge him to a gruesome match at “Heroes Also Die”, he is still visibly upset and shaken.  Having just lost the love of his life and unborn child to a kidnapping then murder, he's a lost soul.  He has barely been able to control his emotions since he had to identify the lifeless body of his girlfriend, and has been screaming at nobody in particular backstage all night.  Nervously, an cameraman slowly walks up to him and turns the camera on. cameraman/interviewer:

Mr. Patrick. I know you've had a terrible week. The IWF Universe and everybody who works here are very worried about you. But we also want to know why you think Thor was involved.

Tim Patrick:

Dude, get the hell away from me...seriously... cameraman/interviewer:

But Mr. Patrick, this is a very serious situation. You brought a gun with you tonight with the intention of shooting Sah'ta Thor and we're all wondering...

Before he could finish his sentence, Tim quickly stands up and smashes the cameraman in the face with his elbow.  He sits on the floor and grabs the camera, looking straight into it.

Tim Patrick:

You want to know how I'm doing? Let me tell you. I grew up convinced I would be alone forever. That I was ugly and unworthy of love from anybody. Then I met Cody. That all changed. What seemed impossible was possible. The love I never believed would ever come, entered my life and we both believed it would last forever. One thing led to another, she moved in, got pregnant and then I asked her to marry me. She said yes. I came out a few weeks ago to announce me retirement and they fucking took her from me. A man in a black outfit that I'm fucking convinced was Sah'ta Thor knocked Cody out and then gave her to an old war enemy of mine, and he shot and killed her and our baby and left them dead in a swamp like they were animals. All in an effort to hurt me. Well guess what, guys. It worked. It fucking worked. Because now I'm broken. Completely broken. But that right there was your biggest mistake. I'm sure those responsible believe that they have won and they'll live the rest of their lives believing that they finally put one over on Tim Patrick. Here's the kicker – those responsible won't be alive much longer. Ian McFadden, you murdering son of a bitch, you're a dead man. And Sah'ta Thor, this match I came up with for us this Sunday night, if you don't die I'll die trying to kill you. Believe me. If my happiness and future is gone, so is your existence from this Earth. Welcome to consequences, motherfucker.

Tim throws the camera down the hallway and lays down on the floor.  Softly, he begins singing an old Irish rebel love song.

Tim Patrick:

“While sad I kissed away her tears
My fond arms 'round her flinging
The foeman's shot burst on our ears
From out the wildwood ringing
A bullet pierced my true love's side
In life's young spring so early
And on my breast in blood she died
While soft winds shook the barley
But blood for blood without remorse
I've taken at Oulart Hollow
And laid my true love's clay-cold corpse
Where I full soon may follow
As 'round her grave I wander drear
Noon, night and morning early
With breaking heart when e'er I hear
The wind that shakes the barley”

He closes his eyes.


Thursday, July 25, 2013
South Philadelphia, PA
Tim Patrick's Apartment
7:00 PM

After spending the last few days with his best friend Blyss Lockhart, the time has come where she has to leave.  She wants to stay, but Tim really needs time to himself.  She has been staying with him and comforting him since early Tuesday.  They spent several what seemed like an hour hugging at Tim's door before she left.  He really needed her this week, and she came through.  

It's been about an hour now since she left. Tim hasn't done anything.  He's just been sitting on his couch starring at the wall.  He stands up to walk and get himself a glass of water when he sees a framed picture of Cody on the kitchen table.  Pale faced, he can no longer produce tears.  He sits at the table looking at his lost love and begins talking to the picture.

Tim Patrick:

Cody, I'm so sorry. I really believed it was all over. I thought Ian was dead, that he could never hurt us. I believed it was safe backstage at the show. I believed we would live happily ever after. I thought it was all going to be alright. I thought we would grow old and raise children and love eachother forever. None of it was true. And now you're dead. I wish with everything I have inside of me that I could go back in time and prevent it all from happening. But I can't. I'll have to live forever knowing that I put you in these dangerous situations. That you died because of me. I'll never be able to forgive myself. Please don't hate me, Cody. I love you...

The best I can do is prevent the people who hurt you from hurting anybody else...I'm going to Belfast.

~~The Scene Fades~~

Friday, July 26, 2013
West Belfast, Ireland
Backroom of Connolly's Bar
The Falls Road
10:00 PM

Tim Patrick flew into Dublin airport early this afternoon.  Since he's legally not allowed in Northern Ireland due to his past IRA involvement, he had to sneak across the border.  After doing so, he took a taxi to the Irish nationalist section of Belfast.  He arrived at the Falls Road about an hour ago.  He notified two of his former leaders, Gerry Hughes and Slugger Brady.  Hughes was and still is the President of the The Irish Republican Political Group, IRPG, and many claim he was a general of the Irish Republican Army, but he denies it publicly to save his political career.  Brady was Tim's General of his Brigade of the special forces IRA in Belfast and Derry City.  

A month ago, Tim called in a favor to Brady to have Ian McFadden killed.  Brady promised to have his top men do the deed, and when they failed they never told him.  As a result, as we all know, McFadden killed Cody and the baby inside of her, with the help from a man that Tim believes is Sah'ta Thor.  

Tim is sitting in the back room of an old Irish Republican bar.  In his hand, a bottle of whiskey.  The room is full of framed photographs of Irish rebel heroes, including one of Tim winning the High Impact Championship in Belfast from the Spring of this year.  He has become a folk hero for that match.  Sneaking into the country, winning a championship and then sneaking out – causing a major riot that shocked the world.  He sits there stone-faced with cold eyes starring at the closed door.  He's been waiting an hour for his old comrades to show up.  Finally, the door opens.  Gerry Hughes enters nervously, looking over his shoulder.  Slugger Brady soon follows, looking cocky and confident and full of himself as always.  Both men walk over to Tim and attempt to shake his hand.  Instead of extending his hand to his old partners, he just points at the chairs sitting in front of him.  This is not a friendly meeting.  

Gerry Hughes:

Well this is surprising, Timmy. I thought you had class and manners.

Tim Patrick:

I do. I was taught to respect those who respect me. Not men who couldn't get the job done. Not men who turn their back on their fellow warriors. Not men who fucked up so badly that the pregnant girlfriend of their most well known associate gets kidnapped and murdered. What the fuck happened?! You guys owed me a favor for my Belfast match a few months ago. I brought the struggle to the news again. I made you all relevant for the first time in almost a decade! I told you both to make sure McFadden got taken care of! You both blew it! I DEMAND an explanation!

Gerry Hughes:

Look, Tim, I'm not involved in paramilitary operations. I'm strictly political. We both know this.

Tim Patrick:

We both know that you're full of shit.

Gerry Hughes:

Listen you little snot, I have done more for this movement than you ever did. And I think you better show some respect and if you have military related questions, you should be asking Brady.

Slugger Brady is sitting in the corner, snickering.  He stands up and walks over to Tim, who also stands up.  The two stand face to face.

Slugger Brady:

Tim, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.

Tim Patrick:

Brady, the love of my life and mother of my child is dead because of your inaction. This isn't a “shit happens” situation. People didn't do their jobs and my personal life suffered because of it. My entire life, in fact, is fucked now because of it. My future is ruined because you couldn't get the job done. What would have happened to me if I did something that resulted in the death of your wife and children?

Slugger Brady:

You would have been shot, and rightfully so. You wanna know what happened? We showed up that day at Belfast International Airport. I had my men watch the entire landing area the whole day. The information we got suggested McFadden would be on a certain plane. It was bad info. It happens. You know that it happens. He got away.

Tim Patrick:

Why didn't you look and find him!? Why didn't you tell me?!

Slugger Brady:

We don't have time to do the dirty work of a man who quit our army and took his ass to America to be a wrestler on television. Summer was starting. The Loyalists riot against the Nationalists in summer. You know this. You've been here. We had to protect our community against these Brit bastards.

Tim Patrick:

And you guys did a piss-poor job with that, too! They fire bombed Short Strand without anybody defending them. The cops showed up and watched. They also watched as their bands played “Up to our necks in Fenian blood” outside of St. Patrick's church. Your once great guerrilla army is a disgrace.

Slugger Brady:

Hold you tongue! I can have you kneecapped any minute.

Tim Patrick:

If you make a move to your pocket I'll break your neck where you stand. I want the name of the man who led the unit that botched the operation that was supposed to kill McFadden.

Brady smirks and turns his head to look at Gerry Hughes.  Quickly he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a gun.  As soon as Tim sees it he spins and kicks Brady in the face with his Detonator kick.  Brady is out cold.  Hughes races over to pick up the gun but Patrick gets there first.  Hughes freezes, and slowly starts backing away.

Tim Patrick:

Gerry, I know you have the information I want. We both know you've always been involved in military operations and we both know you will give me the answers I want, or I'm going to riddle Brady's body with every bullet in this gun

Gerry Hughes:

You wouldn't. You have too much respect for

Tim blows a hole through Slugger Brady's knee.  He's still out cold from the kick to the face, so he makes no movement.  Hughes is shocked.

Gerry Hughes:

Now listen, Tim. You don't know what you're doing! I need you to hand me the gun or

Tim shoots a hole through Slugger Brady's other knee.  Hughes falls to his knees.

Gerry Hughes:

Okay, okay, okay! I'll tell you! Stop shooting him! His name is Paddy McNeil! He's down the street in the upstairs apartment above the grocery store! He's armed and he always has a guard with him. They'll blow your head off of you go up there. I suggest you get the hell out of the country before you get killed.

Tim Patrick:

Who's gonna kill me?

Gerry Hughes:
When Slugger wakes up, he'll have

Without blinking, Tim blows a hole through Slugger Brady's head.  He's dead on the floor.  Gerry Hughes just sits on the floor in shock, without saying anything.  

Tim Patrick:

Thanks for the help, Gerry. You've always been helpful when under pressure to do something to save your own ass.

Tim smiles and walks out of the room and out of the bar.  The streets are dead silent.  The area has dealt with rioting from Protestant British Loyalists for several weeks.  Tonight is the first night it hasn't been happening.  Tim walks down the street, his cold eyes tell the story of his intentions.  He's a changed man since Cody died.  He has no remorse and gives zero fucks about hurting others who have wronged him.  

He comes to the door steps of the apartment where Paddy McNeil is staying.  Tim remembers Paddy from his active service.  Paddy always kept to himself and followed orders.  No wonder why he was able to kiss ass and become the head of a unit.  He never had any independent thought, he just followed orders.  Tim hated him for it.  For you to be a member of a revolutionary army, Tim thought, you had to think revolutionary.  He opens the door and walks up a long flight of steps.  There is only one door, one apartment, and without thinking Tim kicks the door in.  Two men inside scramble for weapons.  One is Paddy, the other is obviously his guard.  Paddy picks up a knife and runs to a back room and shuts the door.  His guard fires one shot at Tim and he misses his head by inches.  He tries to fire again but he's out of bullets.

Tim Patrick:

Don't you know that you can't kill me?! It's impossible. Better men than you have tried, and they were all smart enough to properly load their guns.

With a smirk, Tim fires a single shot into the forehead of the guard, killing him on the spot.  Paddy opens the door to the room he's in and charges at Tim with his knife, screaming as he runs.  But like he did with the guard, Tim just smiled and shot a hole through his head.  A sick comes across Tim's face and he walks over to Paddy McNeil's body.  He bends down and runs his hand through the pile of blood that surrounds his body on the floor.  With his bloody hand, he writes “T-I-M L-O-V-E-S C-O-D-Y” on the wall with an expressionless face.  He turns and leaves the apartment.  

~~The Scene Fades~~

Sunday, July 28, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana
Bankers Life Fieldhouse
7:30 PM
“Heroes Also Die Pre-Show”

With 30 minutes until the start of Heroes Also Die, Tim Patrick is backstage in a dark room lit by a candle.  He sits on the floor starring directly into a camera.  

Tim Patrick:

(Singing) Oh, Danny Boy. The pipes...the pipes are calling....

I want you all to get close to your televisions. I want you to look into my eyes. These are the eyes of a killer. These are the eyes of a man who has seen more shit, experienced more pain, and shed more blood than any other man you will ever see. These are the eyes who just shot and killed his former fellow solders who did him wrong. And I did it with a smile on my face.

Who in their right mind would agree to fight me in an unsanctioned fight? The answer is – nobody. Nobody in their right mind would agree. So that means that Sah'ta Thor is just as crazy as I think he is. That means that even though I wiped the floor with him the last time we fought, that I shouldn't take him lightly. He knows what I want to do to him tonight. I want to make him bleed to death in front of the entire world. And he knows I'm capable of doing such a deed.

Thor, we both know you were the man in black. That you were the man who gave my beloved Cody to Ian McFadden to kill. I'm tired of playing games with you.

You're right though. I picked this fight with you. I signaled you out when you first got to Insurgency Wrestling Federation. You seemed different, and dangerous. You made a name for yourself in other promotions and you came here and immediately freaked people out when you and a few other creeps played with a bucket of blood in the ring. I have a confession, Thor. I like to play with blood sometimes, too.

Tim removes his shirt to reveal the word “C-O-D-Y” written in blood on his chest.

Tim Patrick:

This is written in my own blood. When I was a kid, I used to cut myself to make bullies and abusers uncomfortable. I used to love it. It felt better than sex ever did. But I did it a little while ago to draw blood to write my little love letter on my chest, and I didn't feel anything. Pay attention to my words, Thor. I'm going into a match with you that I'm guaranteed to end up bleeding almost immediately after the bell rings, a barbed wire ropes Taipei death match, and I felt no pain when I bled moments ago.

I'm numb all over. I have no remorse when it comes to hurting those that hurt me and my loved ones and I didn't feel it when I took a razor to my own chest. How the fuck are you going to beat me?

You won't be able to.

I've said it before but I have never meant it more than I do right now. I don't care about getting the 1-2-3 pinfall victory. All I want to do is put the fear of death into you. I want you to feel exactly what Cody felt when you kicked her door in at Battle Grounds. I want you to feel the same panic she felt when you hit her, knocking her out. I want you to feel the same terror she felt when she woke up, only to be murdered by my oldest enemy. I'm going to victimize you tonight, Thor. The contract we signed will prevent security or law enforcement from being involved. No matter what we do to each other, it stays between us.

I've killed people this week, Thor. The situation that you are in is extremely serious. I have two more people I need to rid from this Earth. The first is you, tonight. The second is Ian McFadden himself. And Ian, if you're watching...and I know you are...I want you to know that as long as you're breathing, you will never be safe, and I'm going to put you in an early grave.

You can hurt me. You can destroy my life. You can break my spirit. But I will never stop coming after you.


~~The Scene Fades~~


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Sah’ta Thor [vs] Tim Patrick
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