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 Damien Drake [vs] Roman Dillinger

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Damien Drake [vs] Roman Dillinger   Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:55 am

Damien Drake
Roman Dillinger


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Damien Drake


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PostSubject: Re: Damien Drake [vs] Roman Dillinger   Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:29 am

April 18, 2013

Location: Unknown

Sweat pours down my face and chest as I walk laps around my small room. The last few days have been hell as my body has worked overtime to push out all the toxins and chemicals I have put in it over the years. My stomach is in constant knots from all the dry heaving. Cold sweat has become a normal accessory on my body. At night, I lay in total darkness, shaking, trying to focus on everything Vincent and i have talked about over the last couple of days, old movies i enjoy, anything to distract me from the calling of the drugs to be back in my body.

I stop walking, drop down to my knuckles, and begin to rapidly fire off push ups. Exercise has become a huge part of my life recently. I could feel my muscles turning into flab, my body getting sluggish and weak from all of the inactivity. I can't have that, if I'm going to get retribution on the two that out me here, I'm going to have to be at my prime. Thanks to Vincent filling me in, i now know every detail about the damage Axle and Ace inflicted on me.

Vincent was there to see it all. He lived in Japan, working behind the scenes for various wrestling promotions helping to bring American wrestlers to the orient to perform. One brisk evening, he decided to go for a walk. As he took a leisurely stroll through out Tokyo, thinking about he wanted too leave Japan and return to the United States, he wandered to the Rainbow bridge. Hearing a ruckus, he quietly moved to a position where he could see where the noise was coming from without making himself noticeable.

I roll onto my back and start doing crunches at a grinding pace.

As Vincent looked out from behind a barricade, He saw three faces he had not saw in a long time. Axle Vengeance and Ace Static, legends of wrestling and founders of HFF, laying their boots into their puppet, Damien Drake. Furiously swinging chains and fist at the face of this monster, blood splattered into the air and covered the ground, as Ace and Axle laughed into the night. He watched as these two scumbags chained me up and secured me to two cinder blocks and kicked me into the freezing water below.

Moving as fast as he could, Vincent ran to the water and dove in to grab me and pull me to shore. He gave me mouth to mouth and brought me back. I owe him for that. I owe Vincent for a lot of things now. He has given me a new purpose and a drive to fight for the things that I want instead of doing the dirty work for two ungrateful little faggots. It was me that did jobs required to ensure those two got t the top why I wasted my time going nowhere.

Now is my time to rise. I will go back to IWF, I will take my revenge on the mother fuckers that turned their backs on me, and I will have the gold around my waist I rightfully deserve. With Vincent’s help, I will return a true monster. Clean and free of all distractions, I will arrive with new focus and drive to accomplish all of our goals. Where as I was once used for my size and power to push others up the mountains of greatness, I now have a friend to walk beside me, as I climb to the top for my own causes. I will come at IWF like an affliction, but I will leave it like an addiction. Nobody will ever forget me.


Jackey boy, oh Jackey boy, why don’t you give it up already? Every time you have faced me in the ring, you fall, over and over again. Give it up already. You will never be able to beat me, and to be honest with you, I doubt you could really be able to beat anyone else either.

Calling you a has been, at this point, would be an insult to actual has beens. You are a never was Jack. You are just a stepping stone used by the new comers in this business to get a quick and easy victory.  But since you somehow managed to weasel your way to a title at some point in your career, it makes them feel like the match was a big deal. It isn’t a big deal jack, because you are not or ever have been a big deal. Run away Jack and find a place to roll over and die with whatever dignity you have left.

Two in a row now. Two rungs in the ladder now beneath me. Werner Wermacht, Jack Savage, two men both filled with hope and determination; stepped up to face what they thought would be easy victories and look where they are now. Roman Dillinger, now it’s your turn.

You think that just because you come from a family of great wrestlers that you yourself are destined to shine? Sorry to burst that little bubble for you, pal, but that ship has done fucking sailed buddy. The Dillinger clan has gone as far as they are ever going to go. I promise you that I will be the downfall of your once great family line.

I know all about you, Roman. I have seen you train; I have seen you in the ring. I know all of your families little secrets. I was taught by the same men as you were. There isn’t a thing you can do that will surprise me. You will fall as easily as you did when I eliminated you from the only chance you will ever have to shine in your pathetic little life, when I booted you out of the Path to Valhalla match.
Roman, be warned, you are the first step in a plan to wipe out the Dillinger name. With Vincent Jarrod developing the plan and me laying out the ground work, I will dismantle and destroy your family one by one, to get back at Axle for what he did to me. When I am done, your family will only be remembered in hushed, sad tones, talking of the annihilation I will rain down on your entire clan.

I am the monster from your nightmares you had as a child. I am the monster that you fear. I relish in ecstasy at the thought of the sheer delight I will feel as I inflict pain on you. I laugh, knowing that soon, I will have you in my hands, held high in the air. I will take your beaten body, and I will throw it into the air, and I will drive my knee as hard as I can into your face. This will not be over quickly though. Like a cat, playing with a mouse, I will toy with your body. I will pick you up again and again only to drive you right back down to the mat.

This Sunday, at the Pay per View, I have you for as long as I want, with no rules. I can take you anywhere I want, and beat you if with anything I can get my hands on. This match is a dream come true for me. Roman, what were you smoking when you agreed to this, because drugs can be the only explanation for this. I can not think of any other reason for why you would possibly agree to a match tailor suited to my advantage.

Just like Ace Static, Werner Wermacht, and Jack Savage before him, I will beat Roman Dillinger into a coma, and I won’t stop until I am satisfied. Then, I’m coming for anyone in IWF with the balls to face me. I don’ t give a fuck who, where or when, I will take on anyone. You have been put on notice IWF, I come to make violence. I will break you all, ZERO FUCKS GIVEN!


May 28th, 2013

Hollywood, CA

Ace Static steps out of his car and walks up to the door of his condo in the Hollywood hills. Opening the door he walks inside and immediately hears the TV on in the living room. Remembering that he turned it off when he left earlier, he proceeds cautiously into the room. Walking in he sees an average sized man wearing plain cloths sitting in a chair, one leg crossed over the other. The man in the chair lifts the remote and turns the television off when he sees Ace enter the room. Sitting the remote down, the man smiles at Ace and talks in a soft, relaxed voice.


Hello Mister Stetson. I am hoping that you remember me, so we can avoid tedious introductions and get straight to the point.

Ace stares at the man for a second, confused.

No need to speak Mister Stetson, judging by your blank expression, I can see that you clearly don’t. My name is Vincent Jarrod. For a brief time, you and I were both employed by PWW, you as the talent and myself, behind the scenes. Now I understand if you’re sitting there confused with no idea as to why I am sitting here in your house now speaking to you. However, if you would kindly take a seat, I promise to fill you in on all the details.

Ace looks at Vincent and sees him produce a small pistol from under the jacket on his lap. Vincent points the gun at Ace and waves him towards the adjacent seat. Slowly Ace, sits down.


Sorry about the gun, but a man such has yourself comes with a reputation, and precautions had to be taken. I’m sure you understand. Now please, allow me to enlighten you to my intentions. Recently I have made a new acquaintance in my life and he sure does have a lot of hatred built up towards you.

Ace goes to say something but Vincent lifts the gun and points it directly in his face.


I would think very carefully before speaking if I was you, because it will most assuredly be the last words ever coming out of the vile mouth. Now, as I was saying, this friend of mine has an undying desire to see you in a never ending agony. He wants nothing more then to break your body and your spirit over and over again until you are nothing. It is my intention to see that he carries that goal out, and help in any way that I can.

For years, you and your friend Axle Vengeance acted as a friend to Damien Drake. You took him under your wing and molded him into a tool that you could use to your advantage. When that plan didn’t work the way you intended. You and your cohort Axle, decided to wipe out your failure and end Damien’s life.

I was there to pick him up though Ace. I was there to nurse him back to health and prepare him for a new path where he no longer had to be weapon used for someone else and I showed him that he deserved better then the two of you could have ever offered him. I never lied to him and promised him things and not deliver like you scum did, I have been honest with him about my intentions and we  are working together to a mutual benefit. In order for all of this to be successful though, old business has to be taken care of.

Damien can not let what you did to him go Ace. He has come for your blood.

Damien Drake burst out of the bathroom and rushes towards Ace. Ace Static has a look of fear and surprise as he sees his former friend come towards him. Lifting his foot, Damien drives his boot into Ace’s face and knocks him to the floor. Damien stomps on Ace’s head and knocks him unconscious. Breathing heavily, Damien backs up a step, laughing to himself and looks at Vincent, who is now standing by the door.


Good Job Damien. Now I will go get the van. You bring him out when I honk. Don’t take long, we have a lot of work to do.

Vincent leaves the condo as Damien bends down and easily lifts Ace’s limp body onto his shoulders, still laughing.



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Roman Dillinger

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PostSubject: The Curtain Call   Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:27 am

The Curtain Call

Off Camera
Hollywood, California

Another day of training in the books and my brother wanted to see me upstairs when I was done with hitting the showers. I’m sure he wanted to talk to me about Damien Drake. I had my mind set on calling him out but my brother was really against it. I didn’t know why he protested so much against me wanting to fight Damien. I had seen what Damien was capable of and I wasn’t even the least bit impressed. The guy was big, strong and talked a big game sure, but whenever a real threat was posed he failed.

“What’s up bro you wanted to see me?” I stepped inside his office as he looked up from his paperwork, it was weird seeing him like this after knowing him for what he once was. Now he was a businessman and shit. I laughed while he nodded to close the door and so I did.

“Have a seat...” as he shuffled the papers and filed them away in the drawer to his left I folded my hands in front of me.

“So...” twiddling my thumbs I waited for my brother to start going on and on as he was so accustomed to doing.

“I needed to talk to you about this whole Damien Drake ordeal. Look I know you want to face him but before you say anything just listen alright?” As much as I wanted to protest and plead my case my brother was level headed with his approach so I said fuck it and let him continue.

“Now I know you’ve seen tape on old Damien Drake and I’ve shared some of my stories from running with HFF and him but he’s not the same person. It’s not just a physical appearance thing either Rome. This is a serious change. His mental strength has become increased tenfold. I think it’s due to Vincent Jarrod. Vincent and I had a long conversation despite me not wanting to we both know this is still a business and I still have a job to do. When I talked with this Vincent Jarrod his ideologies are VERY convincing. If I was younger, still active and this guy came to me and taught me and mentored me I believe I would easily become a champion.”

“Are you fucking kiddi-” Alex cut me off holding up a finger. I folded my arms in front of me and leaned back in my chair huffing and puffing letting him know I wasn’t pleased with that move.

“Damien Drake is NOT the same person Roman. He is NOT the Damien of old and he is most certainly NOT my old friend. He’s changed. While I will always regret what Ace and I did that day to Damien it was probably the one thing that ultimately saved his life. He was on a one way track to a personal hell fueled by his addictive behavior and lust for heroin amongst many other drugs. Rome you aren’t ready to fight this monster. You’re not ready kid...”

I stopped listening and just nodded my head as he continued on babbling. Fuck him. He had no idea what I was capable of. He didn’t even know what Damien was capable of anymore. He had lost touch. I knew myself better than anyone else did. I knew that I could walk into the ring and beat Damien Drake. This would be my moment. He hadn’t lost since he had come back and I hadn’t had a match since the Path to Valhalla. I’d walk down to the ring look the monster in it’s eyes and beat him like my name was David. Take every win he worked for away and pull the momentum my way. It was going to happen. I was going to call him out on Battlegrounds and my brother wouldn’t even see it coming, the hype would be too big by the time he could step in to stop it. The people would be buzzing, the board would demand the match to be made, my brother’s hands would be tied.

“I got you bro, don’t worry I’ll keep my cool.” Yeah I was lying right to his face. I didn’t care. Even once he found out I had already taken that into account. With a smile I tapped him on the shoulder throwing my towel over my head and heading out of his office.

Roman Dillinger was about to make a big splash.

Off Camera
Malibu, California

Waking up to the warm weather with a nice hint of that ocean breeze. The sun was creeping up slowly. Malibu had become home. My beach house was where I always wanted to be. No matter the time of day whenever I was here I was at peace. Something about the ocean, the sand, the peacefulness, the was my own little private Idaho.


Her voice sent my heart into a whirl. Looking back to her I could see her bright smile and perfect little dimples as the sun kissed her face. She was my everything.

“Morning, you’re up early.” I said to her as I walked over placing my arm around her waist and running my opposite hand through her long black hair. Giggling she softly bit her bottom lip before placing her arms around the back of my neck.

“I didn’t want to miss the sunrise.”

We walked out onto the beach together hand in hand. Sitting down on the sand we watched as the sun continued to rise up into the clouds. Paige and I had been off and on for some time now. I put in the word with my bro to get her a job with IWF but ever since I had done that for her she had resented me for it. She was prideful and came from nothing. I didn’t know how that type of life was, truth be told I’ve never really had to struggle for much.

She had just finally started to come around again. I had to work back in with her and I still wasn’t sure if she had fully accepted me back into her life. Either way I knew I wanted to be with her. I knew that there was no one else like her that could make me feel the way I felt.

For this very moment everything was perfect. I didn’t have a care in the world. I didn’t have to worry about some big match and climbing into the ring to face off against some guy probably more experienced than me. All the stress of living up to a legendary family name. It was all getting to me. Eating me alive inside. When I held Paige in my arms and looked out onto the ocean it was pure and utter paradise...

On Camera
Indianapolis, Indiana

I’ve come a long, long way. I’ve doubted my abilities and I’ve been on a high where I’ve even felt unstoppable. Yet I’ve been shelved for almost a month now. All thanks to you Damien Drake. All thanks to the big bitch that walked behind Ace Static and my brother Alex Dillinger. Damien the big dumb lackey as I’ve been told. So what the moose decided to act like a buck?

You’re better off letting Vincent Jarrod do all of the talking for you, at least he’s somewhat articulate...fucktard. I can’t wait to climb in that ring and prove to the world that while you’ve been steamrolling over rejects and curtain jerkers you’re about to climb into the ring with ME...a fucking LEGACY! I’ve got so much riding on this that it’s not even funny man. I’m putting it all on the line against you and I know that. I know that this match is going to either prove to the world that I’m as good as advertised and that Damien Drake is a fucking joke.

The Dillinger mindset is that you know you’re better than whoever it is you’re looking across the ring at. You need to know that shit, you need to feel that shit and you need to LIVE that shit. I don’t just walk around with my head held high and my swag on full. No I walk around knowing that I’m a fucking Dillinger and in this world that means something. When I go somewhere in Los Angeles I get the prime seating, I get the VIP treatment. If you walk in everyone would just wonder where the superhero to take you out is.

I’m THAT superhero, man...I’ve got what it takes to put a stop to the big bad Damien Drake. Not like it’ll take much but I WILL win the match. There’s no stopping me Damien. I’ve been on a roll ever since I got signed to a developmental contract and my brother started to train me. I’ve been trained by the best to BEAT the rest my dude.


I hope you walk into that ring thinking you’re going to be able to walk right through me like I’m fucking nothing. Carry that confidence and arrogance with you and hoist it over your shoulder...drag that mother fucker into the ring and wrestle the match with all the weight cause once I hit you and you’re going to falter.

What happens when the monster gets put on his ass and what happens when this young phenom makes you bleed? The world gets to see you for what you are, what you’ve always been...nothing but a man, a weak man. Someone that falls under peer pressure be it from Alex and Ace or Vincent Jarrod.

My brother talks about you like you’re some kind of changed man that you’ve found your focus again and that this Vincent Jarrod is some sort of genius. I could give a fuck what he thinks Damien because my brother has lost touch with this sport and with himself. He’s not who he once was unlike you. You’re still a lazy, worthless, talentless hack that couldn’t even make it as a God damn muscle lackey role.

I’m the superstar and the fastest rising commodity currently signed to IWF....the hottest newcomer to burst onto the scene since the man himself Axle Vengeance. Get on my level Damien Drake and then come talk to me. I’m going to BEAT you and you already know this. How’s it feel to know you’ve lost before it’s already begun? Yeah I’m on a full head of steam now, riding that wave of confidence. I can feel it all the way in my fingertips man this shits crazy. Can you feel that Damien? Do you hear it? The sounds of all the people watching at home...they’re crying and they’re begging for justice. They’ve seen what you’ve done and they’ve seen how you’ve been walking around like some larger than life persona yet in reality you’re a bum in a costume. I’m not buying it and neither are any of them!

Take a walk for a moment in reality Damien. Reality says you’re a man and I’m a man. Reality also says that I’m a far better wrestler than you’ll ever be and that I come from a greater pedigree. You are no match for me in REALITY. While you live on delusions of being some prophet or some demigod I’ll wait for the bell to sound to strike you down and prove my fucking point. Damien Drake is a joke, always HAS BEEN always...will be. See you around Damien, it’s my legacy to win this match and that’s not your fault.
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PostSubject: Re: Damien Drake [vs] Roman Dillinger   

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Damien Drake [vs] Roman Dillinger
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