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 Corey Bull [vs] David Caid

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Corey Bull [vs] David Caid   Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:55 am

Corey Bull
David Caid


AD's Theme-Diamond/Against Them All by Stick To Your Guns

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PostSubject: Re: Corey Bull [vs] David Caid   Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:11 pm

The scene would slowly come into view. Darkness fading from your screens would expose the explosion of color that is reality. The purest of whites would cover the walls all around them and the ceiling above. A light blue carpet would cover the floor in its entirety. Lights slightly dimmed, as to not to have them at an uncomfortable brightness.

Footsteps would bring the man closer and closer to a particular door, one of the several that were strategically placed in different locations, each with their own individual number. Eventually, he would reach the front of that door. Bringing his arm up, he would ball his fist, knocking onto the solid wood of the door. Taking but a single step back, the man behind the camera would patiently await the answer from the other side.

A few moments later, inaudible words would be heard from behind the door. The sound of clicking would be heard as that door swung inwards, revealing a young man. His hair shaved closed, the stubble covering the majority of his head. Lower half covered with a pair of slightly faded silver denim jeans. That torso of his would be bared, revealing a toned torso. Upon seeing the cameraman, that oh so familiar smirk would grow across the features of the man.

The Cult like...Figuratively and Literally...and most Estrange Superstar in Insurgency Wrestling Federation today...The Future IWF Heavyweight Champion...YOUR Favorite Drug...David Caid! Bringing his right arm up, he would press his hand against the frame of the door, leaning into it slightly. Those lips of his would slowly part, the words that he spoke better than anyone else would begin to slip free from the depths of his soul.

” Well I'll be the devil himself, or maybe just I am the devil himself. How long's it been since the masses...the users have heard my philosophical words and took as the gospel truth? Never mind that, cause we know the answer, however come in, I was just watching the news. There's a story that's about how someone is a lost soul, a wanderer, someone needing guidance in this world, and maybe...JUST MAYBE, I'm the guidance that poor soul needs.“ Speaking those words, Caid would laugh out, simply stepping to the side, holding the door open for the man holding the camera.

The Cameraman walking into the room, David would let the door close behind them. Walking forward, he would motion his head towards that television. Right away, a rather cute older woman would be seated behind a desk. Looking down at her papers, she would allow her eyes to move back up, looking into the lens of the camera that pointed at her.

” We now have a breaking news story. We'll now send you on scene to the incident. “

The picture on the television set would switch over, revealing a young man who stood outside a rather busy intersection in the road. This young man would look uncannily similar to David Caid himself, all the way down to that smirk of his. That man would part his lips, speaking aloud.

” This just in, Corey Bull is a self-obsessed, over hyped, boring as all holy hell, pretentious lost soul who needs guidance back down to reality. Back to you Kate. “

After that, David would grab the remote off of the bed, pressing the Power button as the television screen went black. Tossing it back onto the bed, careful not to hit the sleeping figure in the bed. Turning his attention back to the man holding the camera, Caid would motion to the man to follow him.

Making his exit from the room, the Cameraman would follow him out of the room. Closing the door behind them, David would begin to make his way down that long hall. Opting to take the stairs rather than the simplicity of the elevator, He would reach for a lantern and turn the knob on the side slowly lighting up the stairs, Caid would begin to speak as they went down those stairs.

” It's been a damn long time since I've been able to fight in front of an Insurgency Wrestling Federation crowd. Too long really. But now we're back, YOUR drug of choice is home and believe me this drug is stronger then ever. I get the chance to do what I love more than anything else in the entire world. I get to make a lost soul see the light of salvation, through the power of the most powerful drug there is in this world. That drug is the truth, the truth...THE TRUTH that everyone fails to see. Talking -Censored Stuff- about the lies that the world and the people like Corey Bull want to try to shelter you from cause he himself is afraid of that very truth. But more importantly, I get to prove that as the pay per view is titled, Heroes Also Die. “

“ Any chance I get to do this simply elates me. You know what else elates me, Corey? Listening to the Hatebringer, spew about his damnation and his pain. First off, how many times must the world of your pain. Nobody gives a flying -Censored Stuff- about poor mommy and daddy, who abandoned you and left you defend for yourself, but I....DAVID CAID, can bring you protection you need, I can give you the guidance, you so desperately long for, all you need to do is become my user, my brother all in the name of a cause that will make people wake up...WAKE UP! Wake Up and see that the truth is right in front of them. Nobody gives a damn about the politics or hardships you've had to endure. It was your fault that you couldn't just say I need guidance. “

“ Each and every time you speak, it seems, you just continue to spew out these mindless, thoughtless, really remedial words. There was one thing you say that I agree with. Nothing has changed. Some of these deniers and sheep are still the same boring ass, overrated, second rate, -Censored Stuff-. It's as simple as that, Corey. That's just how things are, I don't know what else to tell you on the subject. “

“ As for your the pay per view and Full Metal Mayhem and my whereabouts? I have not spent my many months off listening to Grunge, hanging out at Starbucks and working in Backyard Companies. I have been taking the deniers and the non-believers and showing them the way of the truth. I've been spreading my gospel to guys and gals who would make you wake up, Corey.....WAKE UP COREY! And see that everything is alright through my eyes and my thoughts. I have reached a higher peak in this business and in my mind than you could ever hope to reach, Hatebringer. You see, this business is my life and I'm sorry if I offend anyone by this, but as much as I love Insurgency Wrestling Federation I wasn't just going to sit around here forever spreading my words and gospel here I'd be an idiot if I were to have done that. I'd if I did that. “

Looking to the lens of the camera, Caid would simply shrug his shoulders a bit, laughing out slightly. Finishing up that trek down those stairs, the two of them would walk through the lobby of the hotel. Another few steps would lead them through those metallic lined glass double doors. The bright sunny day would cause Caid to cringe upon seeing it. Shaking his head slightly, he would wait a moment or two to get adjusted to the change in the light.

Finally adjusted to it, he would reopen his eyes. The two of them returning to their trek, he would take the lead, walking down the long concrete sidewalk.

” You can seize this day all you'd like Corey, that's fine. I'll simply just snatch it away from you just like I did my other opponents of the past, but at the pay per view I will show you the way through, chairs, and ladders, and many more shiny little objects and then just when you think you can't take anymore and it's time for you to see the light, I'll give you a hit of this FAVORITE drug. Based on my track record, I am one of the most capable, most willful, most dominating men to ever step into an IWF ring. Nobody is saying I can beat you, but I know I can. I will beat you this Sunday. Nobody says I can be the World Champion. But I will. Something you will never accomplish here, Corey. “

Another slight shrug given from YOUR Favorite Drug as he would reach down into the pockets of those jeans. Pulling out that pack of Newport's and white Bic lighter, he plucked a single cigarette from the pack. Placing it between his lips, he would light the tip of it, inhaling a lungful of that cooling smoke. Returning the two objects to their resting place within his pocket, he would turn his head back to look towards the camera.

That cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, nearly invisible trails of smoke began to ever so gently float up, eventually dissipating within the air around them. That oh so confident smirk began to grow across the features of Caid once more. Taking another hit off of that smoldering cigarette, he snatched it from between his lips, allowing those arms of his to extend outwards, presenting himself seemingly.

” A quick tip, Corey. You should forget all you thought you knew about me, a man who you could never compare to and spend time trying to figure out the man you are going to face because I am the best thing around at this time. Nobody gave or gives a damn about you, Corey Bull. Especially Your Favorite Drug, a man of my caliber who wouldn't even consider you a nuisance on the level of a gnat. “

“ You're not as scary as you think you are, Corey. You see, only you would think about getting high on violence and complete destruction. I'm not heroin...meth...crack. What I am is simple. I am YOUR Favorite Drug. That's something you just can't seem to grasp. With your utter hatred and rage, you've failed to see that I have always been my own man. I have never walked in another man's shadow, I am the Truth Bringer. “

“ I didn't walk in any man's shadow...I didn't walk with hate and rage...and I'm damn sure not going to walk in your shadow. But there is one thing I know. There is a sense of inevitably about our upcoming match. It is the end of your beginning. I've got a win against you and I can feel it. Though, I'll care enough to remind you of the fact that the man you thought you knew from your brother Keith, is NOT the man that will stand infront you at Heroes Also Die. “

“ Nothing you say or think is going to change it. It will only bring doubt to you, and I will then show you the real monster, Corey. The both of us simply will do what it takes to win. Real great accomplishment for one of us, Corey. But as for Heroes Also Die...this match is going to be something I'm going to enjoy. I'm going to get into the ring with you and show you just what a little -Censored Stuff- you are. I'm going to attack those ribs of yours, hopefully cracking or even breaking a few of them in the process. “

“ Then you know what I'm going to do Corey? I'm going to knock you on your ass, where you belong. Then...I'm going to hit those ropes and bolt across that ring like nothing you've ever seen before. And before you even have the chance to bat those beady little eyes of yours? I'm going to drive my knee right between your eyes and knock you the -Censored Stuff- out, Corey Bull. Because that's what I do. I don't bore the audience like you do, trying to wear down an opponent enough to make them tap out to one of your little pissant power moves. “

“ I get right up in your face and I beat the holy hell out of you. But as for you? Do I really think I can beat you? Hell yes. I know for a fact I can beat you, Corey Bull. I can feel it and I have seen it in my dreams and my thoughts. And I'm going to do it in reality. I've spent the last few months honing my craft and spreading my gospel. I've gotten better than I've ever been before and this Sunday I'm going to show you the fruits of my labor. I'll see you in the ring you little -Censored Stuff- “

Nodding his head up and down ever so slowly, he would bring that arm of his back up, placing the cigarette between his lips. Taking a rather long drag off of it, he would pluck it free. Bringing his head up, the smoke rolling free from the depths of his lungs before floating gracefully from those smirking lips of his.

Once more, he would shrug those shoulders of his as the scene would ever so slowly fade to darkness, bringing an end to this particular promotional piece.
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Corey Bull

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PostSubject: Re: Corey Bull [vs] David Caid   Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:29 pm

”My mind is my weapon…everything else is merely an accessory.”
Source Unknown

~The twisted planes that are the mind of Corey Bull are erupt with movement. Hatebringer and Saint, the ying and yang of the mind, are pulling on absurdly huge chains, dragging behind them a monolith. Bully, the oldest of the personas, has his women in an uproar, walking amongst the vast plains of fileing cabinets, pulling out folders here and there and rushing them to a central table Bull has set up. On the table is Bully himself, walking back and forth as new folders appear and sorts them. Over his shoulder looks the dragon head of Vengeance. B and Pittbull sit at the other end of the table, shuffling through blueprints. Bully smiles like a kid who just opened his first Christmas present.~

“Isn’t this fun Vengeance. We get to prepare for an actual death!

“We don’t think that the rest of the company is going to feel as good about it as we are.”

“They can all go to hell. Caid deserves what we are about to give to him. We haven’t forgotten UECW, have we?”

“Not even a little! Caid is one of the infections that needed purging then. Now he lays claim to be a drug.”

“Well you know what they say about designer drugs. They are here and hot for a short amount of time and then wham, new drug, new concern…the old one is discarded with yesterdays garbage.”

“We would prefer to discard him much sooner then that.”

“And we shall. We will fire up the monolith tonight, begin to channel the inner hate. We get the furnace going and we are going to walk into Heroes Also Die and make Caid into a sacrificial lamb for things to come.”

“Do we think Caid is a wise choice?”

~Bully grins, one that is known to many as the shark smelling blood grin.~

“Blood is blood Vengeance….blood is blood.”

~The camera comes on and it is facing the ring for Hero’s also Die. Bull is walking around the ring, slowly, his hands behind his back and his head bowed. When the camera enters the fray, he stops and turns his head slowly towards it. Like a faithfully summoned pet, the camera moves closer to Bull and stops, waiting.~

”David Caid. How long has it been since we have stepped into the same battle field to face off? How long has it been since we drove you into the mat and left you there for dead? Too long. Too long has it been since we once again had to teach you a lesson David. Too long has it been since we wrapped our hands around your throat and beat you senseless. But this isn’t going to be like those other times Caid. This is special. This is Full Metal Mayhem. This is a whole new animal…one that we are very intimate with. “

“But that’s not what your thinking about. What you are thinking is why, why did we chose you. Is it because of your great athletic skill? Your obvious awesomeness? That we want to say we fought a future world champion before he was champion?  Well if it was any of those Caid, we would be living in an alternate reality where bullshit constitutes talent. You have a lot of it. New disease…new drug, doesn’t matter how you say it Caid, putting a tie on a pile of shit still makes it a pile of shit, just a well dressed one. No, we are coming after you because we have a ghost in the building and we need to exorcise it.

……burn it out like a plague……

……stomp it out like a drug……

……put it in the morgue like a corpse……

~Bull starts to walk around the ring slowly as he speaks~

”The truth is Caid….you are alive and walking the Earth because WE have allowed it. Those times you were lying on the mat defeated, crumpled in shapes that no human should be in, we let you live. We let you go on because of….family ties. But those bonds do not exist anymore Caid. There is no tie, no bond….NOTHING! This time…we do not need to stop until we feel like stopping it. There is no time limit. There will be no ref to call the match because you are too injured or you can’t go on. It goes until we decide to end it.”

“But by listening to your own words Caid, we think it is already at an end. They call us insane, but to listen to your delusion vision of grandeur and your theological ranting….we look pretty dam sane compared to you. Here you have gone and placed yourself high on a pedastal, complete with perceived power over others and an imaginary fan base. To listen to you tell it, you are the greatest thing to walk the planet, the new addiction…the need of every sheep that looks upon you. But your theory is flawed and based off of your own perceptions and zero concrete evidence. The fact is David….we can back everything up with SOLID FACT! We have walked through hell and back and can show you the matches we did it in. we have beaten people ten times your better…and can show you the proof. All you can do is spew someone else’s crap in a new form with a bow on it. Same ol same ol David.”

~Bull stops and looks up a moment~

”Course, some would say that we are the same way. Our obsession with violence and destruction….always wanting to rip off this limb and beat that person with it. But every time we face someone, it is essentially different Dave. Can we call you Dave. Fuck it, we will anyways. So DAVE, as we were saying, each person is essentially a piece of artwork to us. The blood…the broken bones…the torn muscles and severed ligaments….each one is a symphony all its own that is turned into art that all can appreciate. Well, all with the same sick mindset as us…or sheep. The sheep enjoy it cause we tell them to. That’s how it works. That’s the difference between us Dave in that aspect. You think that everyone is in to you. But we KNOW that people are into us. People can not turn away from violence. Gore intrigues them. Blood excites them! It awakens an internal instinct that is natural to all man since the beginning of time. Survival! The need to fight to live! You…go ahead and be the drug. Dilute the people….confuse the masses. In the end…they will turn on you like every other drug user that learns their drug is a lie. The world it creates…the feelings it gives…LIES! And us….”

~Bull looks back to the camera and the mask grins back its steel smile~

”…we are a reality. A feeling that the sheep can relate to….something they can understand. The need to destroy the things that stand in your way to being the best…being number one…standing at the top of the mountain as its conqueror! That is a feeling people understand Dave. Have we made ourself clear yet? No…no we haven’t. Its obvious. You still think this is about fear. Fear Dave is a weak concept that everyone believes is all we are about. But we don’t want people to fear us. Well, not really. Those that do are already not worthy to stand in the ring with us. They will run, act irrationally…take the joy out of the kill. But those that do not fear us…those that bring us the fight…oh you see Dave…that is what truly makes us a monster. For we feed on it….we take it and then we return the favor ten fold!”

~Bull moves with a speed that is not accepted as normal in a man his size and grasps the camera by its sides, drawing it closer to the metal monstrosity before it~

”And for you Dave…we will go to the darkest heart of our black soul and bring forth the nastiest and most vile of thoughts we can. We will shatter bones you didn’t know you had…place pain in parts of your anatomy that you didn’t know could hurt so bad….and we shall scar your soul so deeply that no amount of religious faith, self belief, or grand designs of your own thought will ever remove.

Lie….tell us you don’t believe a word we speak….

Ignore…choose not to listen to us….

But believe…for we are hate…and hate will set you free Dave…free from THE MORTAL COIL!

~Bull starts to laugh, something dark and sinister, then shoves the camera away as everything fades to black~

*Bull is seen walking down a street. His large frame doesn’t slip between people, they move out of his way. He walks with a purpose, his eyes miniature heat seeking missiles on their path to their end game. As he walks, the street changes. It goes from civilized to industrial. And Bull continues to walk till he reaches a lot that resembles a junk yard. But where one sees junk, others see beauty. Bull enters the lot and walks to the building, more of a shack then anything. Inside is a large pot with boiling metal in it and a man hammering away on a hunk of metal strip over an anvil. When he turns to see Bull, he grins a one tooth grin. The man nods over to a corner. There stands a bad that seems to have been hammered and dented into shapes that no bat should be done to. If this was league standard, they would retire it.

”Are we ready?”

“Absolutley mista Bull. Zeke has what you need. The bat is ready. The metal too.”

The man moves the pot,  which is attached to an overhead system to maneuver its bulk. Bull grabs the bat and when the man nods, dips the bat into it. When he pulls it out, a layer of liquid metal has covered it. Bull slams it down nearly to his hand into another bin and when he pulls it out, its covered in cooling metal and thumbtacks. Bull dips it into some water that is nearby and the man takes the bat and starts to at strips of barbed wire to it. Once complete, he hands it to Bull. His eyes look it over and their intent is obvious.  Bull reaches into his pocket and tosses a bag to the man. He looks inside and nods his head.

“Why didn’t you build this one on your own?”

Bull looks at the bat, his voice low and menacing.


Bull swings the bat and it levels the man.

”…it has to taste the blood of its creator.”

Bull leaves the building and everything slowly fades.
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PostSubject: Re: Corey Bull [vs] David Caid   

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Corey Bull [vs] David Caid
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