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 Jack Savage [vs] Zane Orion

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Jack Savage [vs] Zane Orion   Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:57 am

Jack Savage
Zane Orion


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Jack Savage


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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage [vs] Zane Orion   Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:23 pm

[off camera]
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 12:00 PM Pacific

I was just sitting in my office at home glaring at my trophy case. Looking from title to title when the door opened and my wife Kelly walked in she was fallowed by Noah Philips and Howard Harvard. As always  Noah has holding a silver Halliburton Briefcase and strangely enough he was the first one to open his moth. I got up and greeted Howard with a hand shake and just looked at my wife and Noah.

Noah Philips: Jack we need to talk...

In that instant I was so very pissed off that with out even thinking I reared my leg back and suddenly sprang it foreword kicking Noah right in between the legs. Yeah I kicked Noah Philips  right in the damn dick and it brought a smile to my face.  

Jack Savage: Your right Noh we do need to talk to one and other. You see since Monday I have been doing a lot of thinking...

I looked down and laughed as Noah was laying on the ground and moaning in pain.

Jack Savage: And through all the thinking that I have done I realized that you have been the biggest problem in my career.  Your the reason that I fell like I am losing all the time. Because like it not we both know the truth and the truth is that you have been holding me back...

I looked down at the body of Noah again as he try's to lift him self up and I helped him only to kick him right in the dick again. He quickly drops to the ground again and I start laughing hard.

Jack Savage: You wanted me to act more professional. But see I have the problem with that even though I am a businessman I have never once been called professional. But you want professional I well give you professional because as far as working for me goes...

I looked right down at him with both his hands cupping his balls. I then saw Howard reach down and pick up the briefcase.

Jack Savage: YOUR FIRED!!!

As soon as I said that the my security team entered the room and lifted Noah up and carried him out side placing him in a taxi. I saw the taxi speed off and I laughed.

Howard Harvard: About time that you get rid of that wast of space...

I let out soft and quit chuckle

Jack Savage: Your telling me...

Howard and  Kelly both smile at me.

Jack Savage: But I finely had enough as is shit and no mater any of you say I had to do it... There was no choice in the matter...  

[off camera]
Wednesday, July 23, 2013 1:00 PM

I heard some rumbling around in my kitchen and I knew that Howard was getting a drink. I was not paying much attention to the fact that the door to my office had opened and that my wife was staring right at me.

Kelly Savage: Jack...

I don't know what was wrong with me I heard her but just didn't answer her.

Kelly Savage: Jack...

I moved my eyes up to look into hers .

Kelly Savage: Jack, you only know that I came into the ring after your match because I care about you right?

I look at Kelly and I smiled.

Jack Savage: Of course I know that Kelly... But I had to show them that I could still be a man of violence if I have to be...And right now I have to be a violent man...

I grab my wife's hand.

Kelly Savage: You really think they forgot what you did to Anthony Dawkins and  Megan Andrews?

I look at my wife dead in the eyes.

Jack Savage: No... They didn't forget... But the beating that I took at the hands of a man that I use to think...

I stop and Kelly grabbed my arm.

Kelly Savage: You think that they think of you as weak.  

I just sat still and nodded my head.

Jack Savage:  Yeah that's part of it Kelly and the truth is... Well I guess that you can say that I am sick to death of the way people look at me because when they look at me they see a joke... And I am so sick of that because I am not a fucking joke... But no matter how many times I say it... No mater what I do  they still see me as a joke...

Kelly grabbed my head and kissed kissed me on the lips. Then I slowly begin to smile a sick evil smile.

Kelly Savage: I think that you and I both know the truth there... And there is no way that you have ever been a joke....

The camera slowly fades in on the scowling face of Jack Savage

Jack Savage: I know that most of you have never believed in me. In fact I know that most of you have always seen me as a joke, but I know what I am and I am no joke. Then there is the mater that there is not a one of you that think I can be a monster...  

Jack  starts to laugh hard.

Jack Savage: And I know saying that your monster and being a monster are two different things. But I know I  have still proven that I can be a monster...

Jack laughs hard again'

Jack Savage: And  proving that started a few weeks ago with a simple Dick Kick and Cunt Punt it had been a few years since I Cunt Punted a bitch. But even though it's been a few years it was just like riding a bike. Only I found true joy and happiness in doing it.  But as much joy as I had with doing that I thought I would have more when I faced Damien Drake. You see Damien at one time was man that I called a friend. But even he knows our friendship was never like the friendship I had with Alex Dillinger or Ace Static. Because that was a real friendship...

Jack nods his head.

Jack Savage: But now Alex is my boss and Ace is god only know where. Damien I want you to know that I want to face again and I want it to be soon. I was even hopping it would be tonight but that's not going to happen.

Jack looks down then raises his head and looks right into the camera before smiling and looking over at the poster for Heroes Also Die.

Jack Savage:  Tonight is all about the fact that Heroes Also Die. It should bee known as Heroes Always Die and I am no hero. In fact you could say that I am a villain and I am proud of it...

Jack looks over his shoulder then back into the camera.

Jack Savage: And being villain means I don't like heroes in fact I can't stand them. So that means I will be seeing my opponent this week as a hero. Now, I don't really have a personal issue with Zane Orion  but that does not mean I won't hurt her bad because I want to win. That's what it's really all about isn't it?

Jack smiles again.

Jack Savage: And beating Zane will bring me closer to becoming what I covet and that is a championship. I know I may have to hurt miss Orion and if push comes to shove I am really okay with that . Because it will get me back to where I should be. So hurting her may have to be part of the end game. I know I have to do because Money Talks and I am Loaded....


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Lazy Zane


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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage [vs] Zane Orion   Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:28 pm

// Prologue // Off Camera //

back in Nevada, Zane was just enjoying herself at a club, minding her own business at the bar when a girl started yelling her name questionably. She didn’t pay the girl any mind because the tone in the girls voice was confrontational and with people like that its best to ignore them and not even add fuel to the fire.

Zane wasn’t there to get in a brawl, she was just there to chill out and think over some of the things that have been happening in her life. Things seem to settle down until the girl decided to invade in her personal space and thats when Zane figured out who it was. It was her foster family’s daughter who she was with about a year.

She was always so pissed off at her because her dad spent a lot of time with Zane, but if she knew what he was really doing and why he was doing it she was sure she would be singing a different tune right about now. Even with the abuse and sexual assault from the man for some reason Zane couldn’t bring herself to telling the authorities maybe she was scared or maybe she didn’t want to crush the woman’s life who took care of her when she didn’t even need to.

Either way, it seemed like the more she ignored her foster sister, the more pissed she got. Soon she was up in Zane’s face and Zane asked her nicely to back away but the girl started to push her and Zane was just done. Beat the girl down with ease. busted up her nose with a head butt, knocked some of her teeth out with a punch to the jaw, which kind of tweaked her wrist because she didn’t do it properly and the bitch was down. Security came helped the bitch up and was nice enough to start escorting Zane out but during this time, the girl got her Boo to get the bartenders bat and come at Zane with it.

And sure enough, with all the distraction it was easy for the dude to come from behind her and just swing it at her head knocking Zane out and while she was under she started having some intense flashbacks of the day she got ran over, and it got her thinking that maybe she better talk to someone about it.

Therapy // Indianapolis, Indiana  // ZANE AINT GOT NO TIME FER YER BULLSHIT // Off Camera

Zane sat in Miss Teller’s office, staring at her nameplate that was sitting on her desk and she couldn’t help by smile, chuckling to herself causing Miss Teller, a brunette bun wearing woman to look up at her.

Miss Tellar:  What’s so funny?

Sitting back in her seat Zane just smiled.

Zane: It’s your name, it got me thinking of something.

Miss Tellar:  and what does it have you thinking about?

Zane: Dr Seuss

She answered a bit surprised that Miss Teller might not even know Dr. Seuss. In response, Miss Teller looked at Zane a bit oddly. Sighing, Zane lazily recited the line from ‘There’s a Wocket in my Pocket!’

Zane: Like the Tellar and the Nellar, and the Gellar, and the Dellar, and the Bellar, and the Wellar, and the Zellar, in the Cellar.

Miss Tellar:  That quite interesting Miss Orion. Did you read it before or after you were in the coma?

Zane: After.

Miss Tellar:  are you sure?

Rolling her eyes, Zane shook her head as she licked her lips a bit agitated.

Zane: You know, I think i’m gonna go back to Mr. Thomas sorry that you decided to waste my time.

As Zane stood to leave so did Miss Teller, as the look of worry took over her face.

Miss Tellar:  But he’s retired!

Zane: You don’t think I know that? I was his patient for three fuckin years. But he know me and my story. I don’t think I should have to suffer and push rewind and play for you.

Miss Tellar: But I got all his notes on you and everything!

Zane: Just because you got some damn notes on me doesn’t mean you know me. It was proven when you decided to ask me a stupid ass question that you already knew the answer to.

As Zane went to walk out the door she stopped and turned giving her attention back  to Teller.

Zane: I know when I leave you gonna call him and warn him so let me just have you send a message to him. Tell him that his replacement has no idea how to do her job and she thinks that just because she read about someone, she thinks she knows them and they suddenly have this magical bond and trust that people build over a long period of time and not in a matter of seconds.

As she leaves, Zane knew she was making the right decision. Trying to start over with someone with something so fragile was hard especially when you already gave that trust to someone else. Mr. Thomas knew it best, it almost felt like he has been there since the accident happened. If she was going to share her remembering what color the vehicle was it was going to be to him.

Promo // I’m A Mother Fuckin Hero Of Ryme // Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana  // On Camera

Whistling dixie, Zane is shown sitting on a flight of stairs seemingly leading nowhere. People who are watching are probably wondering, where is she? where do those stairs lead? camera man why can’t you go up and let us see, but all they get is the beautiful Zane wearing her ring attire chewing some bubble yum, and occasionally blowing a bubble here and there and popping to make the POP sound and causing it to echo through the empty staircase.

Letting out a yawn, she finally looks at the camera not looking too enthused. Could be because of her up and coming match, or it could just be a boring ass fucking day in general, or tiring. Whatever the case she let out a sigh...

Zane: I think we can all agree that my last match was a joke on so many levels. You learned more about Roland Drax in that one night than you would if you got on the internet and looked up the dudes bio. I mean who in their right mind is just gonna wear a black g-string under their damn trunks? Were you trying not to show any panty lines? Do you even know what wearing black undergarments mean? It means you wanna have sex. So I want to know what the hell were thinking when you found out you were gonna have a match against me. Did you think i was gonna take your hand and guide your ass underneath the ring and have my way with you? Is that what you were hoping? Cause all I got to say to your ass if thats the case, you be trying to live your life as a fantasy. So you keep dreaming that i would even take interest in a pathetic man like you who can’t even bounce back from a wardrobe mouthfunction? Sorry about your damn luck. Besides I wouldn’t want to be seen with a pathetic man like you anyway. I mean you be in the same category as Nikita Luck, when you can;t handle your losses you just bow out like a mother fuckin pussy.

You all be like “I lost to Zane Orion? yeah i’m outie”, Its like you all expect me to not know my shit when it comes to in ring action. I mean sure I can understand people underestimating me. I’m five two, I don’t post on twitter how i’m working out for such and such match. Hell sometimes people don’t even know I have a match going on. I ain’t no advertiser, thats not what I get paid to do. You want me to start doing that shit I best see some extra zeros on my pay check. HA i’m just playin. I ain’t all about the pay, I just do what I do because its fun... and fun humiliating people and making them look like a fool for you kind folks in the stands and watching at home.

Smiling a bit, she lets out a small laugh. Thats what she do, she is a fighter and an entertainer. If the people ain’t entertained then she ain’t doing her damn job.

Leaning forward a bit, she rests her elbows on her knees, keeping her eyes on the camera seeing how that is basically who she be talking to.

Zane: and since its obvious we like having fun at other people's expense... my next target the present to me is Jack Savage that has been referred to as a cockroach to me. He is the man that no matter how many times he gets beat down no matter what he is the best damn wrestler their ever was and will be. Sorry to tell you this pops, but there is a time in ones career where they just be stuck in the glory days and i think you be suffering from that. You were a champion, i’ll give you that but that shit was like four scores and seven years ago man and its sad that you still be trying for what you lost. Lets take a look at how your matches go down. You go head to head with green horns and people who suck at their own profession, you win. When you go head to head with big names  that know what the hell they doing you lose.

From my own logic, which is probably making you smile ear to ear right now, you probably think you got this match in the bag but... you don’t. Unlike most new bees, I know what the hell i’m doing and so far I haven’t made one mistake. The only mistake I can even think of wasn’t even a mistake. All I did was reverse a move and apparently that is the end of the world to some people. That is almost like Blyss being hypocritical about me posting a picture of my naked back and then trying to justify that her naked picture with her mosquito bite titties was okay to be posted. I didn’t realize twitter had a picture approval police. Because if they did I’m damn sure they would have sent her a dm saying: “your boobs gotta be so big to be posted or she could get arrested and fined for posting kid pornography.” Then her friend at the time could have been twitter jailed to because she be an accomplice.  

I think you know what I be getting at, but FYI the bitch has yet to apologize to me. Yeah... so anyway Savage, Jack Savage, the Savage one, the Jack of all trades and the master of none, me even with my logic i’m still going to beat your ass. Your old, your slow, and your ass be predictable. After 100 years in this sport you’d think you learn a few new tricks but nuh, you still got the same moves as you did when you were in your mothers womb. Kick, kick, punch, sleeper hold on the unbilacincord. I haven’t even fought you but i got this feeling that i know you like i know the back of my own damn hand.

You washed up and wasted, and getting a few wins here and there won’t change that. I’m what people come to see, they don’t come to see an old man still trying to strut his stuff with his man flabs a flapping “WOOO” and they don’t wanna watch some man break a sweat after he does one move or who can’t even fully pull off his finisher without breaking a hip, “BROTHER”. They also don’t wanna keep hearing a broken record like that joke. Pete and Repeat were in a boat, Pete fell out, who was left? Repeat. Sorry but there ain’t no “WINDS OF CHANGE” in your future.

Chuckling a bit, she wipes her mouth with her hand.

Zane: I’m the only Zanian and I speak Zannese and at Heros Also Die i’m gonna get you on your knees, you be beggin me please, i got you cryin now, you making me feel sorry now, but wait... you be the villain, no need for me to feel sorry, you choose your path, you paved it and now I’m gonna defeat you cause I be the mother fuckin hero.

Still standing, as it should be, and after I defeat you I hope you realize that maybe its best you quit, like everyone else that I defeated before you, take a step back, get off the BattleGrounds and maybe go to the training grounds of Undergrounds and try to get your shit together.

Thinking a bit, she couldn’t help but crack a smile realizing that shit rhymed. She got proud of her self for a moment, even going as far as taping her self on the back doing something she wasn’t even intending on doing.

Zane: lets face it Savage, you just hút, chupar, suu, shǔnxī, sucer, sosat', in other words and in a language you’d probably understand,you just suck. S-U-C-K. Let the new generation have its turn cause all you are anymore is a stepping stone, a joke, and people can’t respect that. People are starting to stop respecting you for keeping up the fight for so long. You should have let your career die in UECW. I heard you were madly respected there for what you did and for what you have achieved. You should have just retired after that cause all you doing now is trashing your name like wanna be cheater Flex Johnson who wants to drop his woman like a bad habit. I’m not gonna wish you luck homie, because even if i did, it would help the inevitable. Hopefully when I beat you, you get some fuckin clarity pops. Now I’m going to mine as I listen to some beats before I gotta retire your ass...

Putting a set of orange earbuds in her ears, she turns up her mp3 and begins to move to the music, even smiling a bit and laughing as the image of her begins to fade.


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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage [vs] Zane Orion   

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Jack Savage [vs] Zane Orion
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