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 Sheyanne Successful [vs] Kyuubi

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PostSubject: Sheyanne Successful [vs] Kyuubi   Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:58 am

Sheyanne Successful


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PostSubject: Re: Sheyanne Successful [vs] Kyuubi   Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:30 am

"YOU FUCKED KENNY? Ew, oh my god Shey no. That's... wow."

Did this bitch really just air that out like that? I eyed her down giving her the stink eye. I'm pretty sure the whole gym had heard her but she didn't even care. She was looking at me as if it didn't matter.

Alia: It's not like it's a secret, the whole world knows. You both put it out there on Twitter. I was just hoping it was a joke or something... it didn't seem like you both were serious, then again you can't really tell through text.

I sighed and shook my head walking over to the edge of the ring, sitting on top of it. Alia, another fighter here at the Confidence Gym followed me over.

Alia: What's wrong? You didn't like it or something?

She really didn't get it. I slowly looked up at her and shook my head.

Shey: No, I hated it. Ugh, I wasn't like this before Lia. I wasn't, and I just keep fucking everything up for myself. I think I'm not supposed to have a love life or something.

Now she looked really confused.

Alia: Woah, woah, woah, slow down. What do you mean? I'm not following you here.

Shey: I.. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just go over a few more rounds, I'll get my gloves.

Alia already had her gloves on. She wasn't here training wrestling, she's currently an amateur boxer. Whenever I wanted to work on my striking, I called her over to go a few rounds with me. We had already gone a few rounds today but right now seemed like a perfect time to go again. She stopped me though, putting her hand out.

Alia: Hey, not until you tell me what's up. You can't just tell me that you did mess with him then talk about how your love life is doomed and all. Talk to me Sheyanne.

Shey: You won't go a few rounds with me until I tell you?

She shook her head with a smile. Maybe she meant it as a joke, in a playful way, but I wasn't having it. I had enough stress on me right now. I got off of the edge of the ring and began to walk away.

Shey: Fine, then we're not going any rounds.

Alia: Shey come back here girl I was just-

I couldn't make out the rest of what she said, I was already out of the gym. Fresh air was good for me right now. I stood outside of the gym for a few minutes until I found myself crying. I was literally tearing up. How can things get bad for me so quickly?

Every time I tried to make things right, I failed miserably.

I needed to defeat Flex Johnson. I needed to defeat him and retain my title in order to help my family get out of the bad streets of New York. They deserved a better life and it was up for me to provide them with that. I failed. They were all counting on me to get that win and I fucking lost.

I lost focus in that match and started celebrating too soon. How embarrassing of me. Celebrating as if I had won the match when the match wasn't even over yet. Jesus Christ...

Shey: Fuck my life...

I knew I had to get this win against Kyuubi. I had to make that girl my bitch and show her no respect in that ring. I respected her talent and skills, in the MMA Octagon and in this wrestling ring, but once that bell rang, all my respect for her had to find an exit.

Today was a bad day though.

Today's training really sucked ass, I just couldn't focus in that gym. Even when I went a few rounds with Alia she hit me with shots that she was unable to land on me in several different sparring sessions. I guess it was because I had just heard about the singing of Carmen Alvarez.

Another member of the Confidence Gym, only she didn't train in the New York one. Luckily for me, she trained in the L.A location.

Me and her used to be close but I didn't know where we stood right now. I technically cheated on her.

I'd be stupid to make up an excuse and say that I didn't know we were exclusive to each other. There were feelings there, a lot of strong ones. We were actually really close to tying the knot and making things official, like full on lesbian relationship, girlfriend and girlfriend.

I fucked it all up by sleeping with Kenny.

That dirty dick that had been in god knows how many vaginas.

I could do better than him, as a matter of fact, I had better than him, it was Carmen.

I think I had a reason for all of this. It wasn't the first time I pulled something like this. I couldn't explain my reasoning's to anybody though, they just wouldn't be able to understand them like I do.

A while back, I was dating Derrin Thomas for a bit over a year, he was a pro football player. I thought he was the one, the one I'd be spending the rest of my life with. Little did I know, he was messing around with other women, mainly Madison Monroe. She was a stripper and one of Brooklyn's best friends.

That hurt me, even after I found out I forgave him.

It was a mistake, because he only did it again, and again and again. I never knew what it felt like to have my heart broken. I guess that's why I've been breaking hearts lately. It wasn't just Carmen, all my other past relationships have failed after his. Either because I've been unfaithful or there just wasn't any communication on my part.

If I wasn't breaking hearts and I was actually faithful... I had serious trust issues.

This wasn't healthy. Who the fuck would want me?

I heard Carmen wanted to kick my ass. I'd want to kick my ass too.

Me and her have yet to speak but who knows how that will turn out. I've already lost all a lot of friends, I couldn't afford to lose another one. All I really had other than her was James, a few girlfriends and other gym members.



I took three deep breathes, calming myself down and trying to feel relaxed. Trying to clear my mind from all the bullshit. Tomorrow night I would open up the Pay Per View. I had a match to worry about, all the side shit would have to wait till after my match.

I hope the world didn't forget. I hope they didn't forget about the two huge wins I've had. Two straight losses shouldn't be enough to erase those two huge victories I've had.

Winning the High Impact Championship only to defeat the Uprising Champion? They better have not forgotten.

I hold onto to those two victories very tight. I use those two victories as a confidence boost in order to remind myself that I belong on this level. Once you slip up or lose, it's easy for people to point the fingers at you and question your whole career.

Once you're on that winning streak, it's nothing but praise. The moment it's broken, they start to say that it was nothing but luck and that you really weren't that good to begin with.

That's how this sport is.

I was on top of the world and it all came tumbling down. I tried to get up the ladder right away only to fall down deeper.

Now It seems I'm starting back at the bottom. When I say that I mean no disrespect to my opponent Kyuubi. She's a name that just got discovered after her last win.

Not a lot of people knew she was until she destroyed Tiffani.

Who knows what happened with Tiffani that night. Was she off her game or is Kyuubi just that good? That's an answer I'm just going to have to find out for myself. If Tiffani Michaels underestimated her, that's something I'm not going to do at all.

I'm taking this match very seriously. I just hope she is.

There are people out there saying that this match was made for me to get back on track, that this was some sort of warm-up match for me to make me look good. Those people are insane and out of their fucking minds. Kyuubi is no longer under the radar. People know exactly how dangerous she can be and she's a big threat to me.

But just like I said, I hope she's taking me as serious as I'm taking her.

I hope that her win over Tiffani isn't getting into her head too much like my wins got into my head. She needs to realize that everything can be taken away from her with one loss. I plan to get back on track and be that loss.

Kyuubi, congratulations on your win. May the better woman win and let's open up the Pay Per View with a motherfucking bang!


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PostSubject: Fox's Bite   Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:51 am

Baring the Fangs

Battlegrounds 79 would forever mark the beginning of the rise of one Kyuubi within the IWF. She had done something that many even now couldn't believe. She had defeated the once great and mighty Tiffani Michaels. Not only had she defeated the former Queen of the IWF in less than a minuted with a well applied Oni Drop. Yet, in the end that victory meant nothing considering the fact that it didn't further her goals. However, she now had to take on a woman who she felt didn't belong inside a wrestling rings.

"So last week I did what many would never have even dreamed. Something that not even the great Blyss Lockhart was able to do. I destroyed Tiffani in less than a minute with a well applied Oni Drop. In doing so I made her tap out like she was a red headed step child. Now the IWF management seems to think that I have the time and patience to deal with Shey Shey. You see she may have become the IWF High Impact Champion but she lost it to Flex the first time he faced her for it. So what if she managed to beat Sah'ta Thor during his reign as IWF Uprising Champion. After all, I don't think beating him is much of a brag worthy occurrence. Just ask Blyss all about that and how she managed to become the IWF Rising Phoenix Champion in the first place. That is right bitch I haven't forgotten that you still own me for my part in that win. Yet, I am not going to hold my breath while I wait though since I know full well that you think I didn't do anything to help you out. No Blyss I will get my due, who knows maybe I will cost you the title just like the way I helped you win it. We will just have to see what happens at Heros Also Die now won't we."

There is a pause in the purely audio recording continues.

"Don't get me wrong here, but I know that Shey is a talented bitch. Yet, let me tell you something this isn't a strip club where you can shake your ass to earn a quick buck. Every since she joined the IWF roster Sheyanne has done everything she could to party hard and cause trouble. From a drunken stolen car ride on live television to posting every detail about her sex life on Twitter for the entire world to see. Like I said Shey Shey is quite successful but it isn't at being a wrestler. No Shey is quite the talented slut and trouble maker and come out match I will send her back to whatever ghetto she thinks she can escape from. You see I am Kyuubi, the Demon Fox and I will not be denied my goals. Though for you to understand those goals you would first need to know who and what I am. Which sadly for you Mrs. Slutastic is something you don't know. Yet, I am feeling strangely generous about the who matter and come Battlegrounds 80 I will give the entire world some of the answers that it craves. I hope that holds you over until then but trust when I say that no one will see the truth coming. No one can even guess what motivates me within these halls. So with that Shey I hope you sleep with someone else going into Heros Also Die since I am sure you haven't hurt Cameron enough yet."

With that the recording comes to a rather static sounding end.


The week before Kyuubi had been tied to a chair and read the riot act over her impatience. Though in the end she had left the men responsible laying on the floor writhing in pain. Now it was time to face the music and get a grilling that came from high up in her chain of command.

"Operative Kyuubi we have received disturbing news regarding your recent actions. If it was up to me I would terminate your contract. However there are those on this council that feel your usefulness has not reached an end. Do you have anything to say for your rash and potentially harmful actions?"

Kyuubi who was seen standing in the center of a spotlight wearing her customary kimono. She had her head bowed and arms crossed in front of her in a manner that seemed almost contradictory to anything that had been seen from her before. With a slow lift of her head Kyuubi looks around the dimly lit room as if trying to gauge where the voice that had spoken was coming from.

"Actually yes I have several things to say. I know that my actions may have jeopardized the operation but I feel that it can be salvaged. In the weeks since my rash and thoughtless actions no sign of any response has been noted. Furthermore, I know the target well enough to know that he will react when I have seemingly let my gaurd down. This is why I have made the call to move on to the next stage of this operation. In roughly a week's time I will reveal part of my true identity to the world on live television and in the process force our target off balance. The time is nearing when it will be the best time to strike."

There is a moment of silence before another voice speaks from the surrounding darkness.

"It is no secret that you are one of best assets but if you are wrong about any of this you contract will be instantly terminated. I know that you are smart enough to figure out what that means. Now I honestly hope that you are right in how learning your identity will offset the target. I will take a partial victory as a win in that arena. However, should you do anything to make our mission harder than it will be you who pays the price. Do I make myself clear?"

Kyuubi was unfazed by the threats since she had been hearing them for years. However, she had no intentions of failing this all to vital mission. This mission would be but the first move in a plan that would change the power structure of the world. Though first she had to make sure that her target was forced into a position where they wouldn't be able to counter the next move.

"I understand perfectly and I must say that my cover is still intact. After last week my cover is in the best shape it has been since we came up with it. Yet, I realize that a win at the IWF event Heros Also Die will do much to make my position even stronger. So I humbly request that I be allowed to focus on winning this match so that I can better serve the mission."

The only response the spotlight suddenly being turned off just before Kyuubi is hit in the back of the head.

Moment of Weakness

Kyuubi stirs with a groan since her head felt like it was being used for band practice. Not a band pratice for a group worth hearing, no it felt as if someone had give a bunch of instruments to a group of homeless hobos and told them to make music.

"So you still live I see. I gather that much when those suit wearing men dropped you off just before dawn. Now I know better than to ask what happened Sis, but you look like shit."

"Why thank you for you expert opinion Miles. You are right I can't tell you what happened but suffice it to say that is involved work. As you know I am this big operation and it is coming close to the end. Now seriously do you have something for this headache or do I do I need to kill you for an aspirin?"

Miles just chuckles as he hands over a glass of ice water and two aspirin. He had been waiting for her request and knew that her night had been brutal. It had to have been if she had come home looking like the living dead. He knew that her path in life was one that placed her in a lot of danger and situations that she couldn't talk about. However, he couldn't help but be worried about her since he knew the beast that she had provoked weeks before. So deciding that it was the safest thing to do he turns his attention to her upcoming wrestling match.

"Will you be ready to compete at Heros Also Die? Or should we find someone to take your place?"

Kyuubi downs the ice water than growl at her twin brother while giving him the evil eye.

"I will be ready to take on Shey no problem. The flight over will be all the time I need to get ready for this. I am not worried even with her impressive history but I am the unknown element in this match and that will be my biggest strength. Don't worry about me Miles, really don't. I just need you to keep Dad off my back for another couple of weeks then it won't matter anymore."

"If you say so Lu. You know I worry about you sometimes."

Before Kyuubi can respond there is a short burst of static before the sound of marching boots is heard while the garbled image a of a waving flag flashes across the screen. [/b][/center]
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PostSubject: Re: Sheyanne Successful [vs] Kyuubi   

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Sheyanne Successful [vs] Kyuubi
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