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 Gordon Fury [vs] Brandon Macdonald

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PostSubject: Gordon Fury [vs] Brandon Macdonald   Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:58 am

Gordon Fury
Brandon Macdonald



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PostSubject: The Final RP Part 1   Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:43 am

OOC: The following is one single RP posted in two separate posts because it is too big for one single post

***Immediately following From the Ashes***
***A Glimpse into the Future***

Five minutes passed, all of us waiting in silence. Nobody wanted to say a word. They had finally caught me, they had got their man. But I had one more trick up my sleeve. I didn’t come all this way just to get captured. I didn’t sacrifice everything in my life just to be locked up until I died. Everything that happened was just part of the plan.

I lifted up my handcuffed hands and looked at my watch. It was time. I took a deep breath.

Voice:  “Sir, we’ve got an obstruction on the road ahead, going to alternate route on your command”

Agent Jones: “Affirmative”

I could feel the car slow down and turn. I knew exactly where we were turning. Through an old junkyard that I had already been too earlier in the day. Everything was going to plan. I felt the van slow down and almost come to a complete stop. This was it.

Agent Jones: “Why’d we stop?”

Voice: “Sir there seems to be some suspicious activit-”

The voice cut out with a loud banging sound. The van was soundproof, so it was impossible to hear what was going on outside. But the van wasn’t moving at all. Agent Jones was losing his shit trying to get out of the van, which was impossible since the van was only unlockable from the outside. The two guards inside the van had their guns pointed directly at me. I just sat there as Agent Jones desperately tried to radio someone on the outside. I counted down in my head. Five, four, three, two, one.

Something large and heavy landed right on the roof of the van. The force of the object knocked both guards and Agent Jones to the ground. I was expecting it, so I managed to stay on my feet. I quickly dove at one of the guards and kicked him in the face as hard as I could. I reached down and grabbed his baton that he carried and spun around, smashing it into the other guard’s skull, knocking him out cold. I looked at Agent Jones, who was just gathering his senses. I ran and punt kicked him in the skull, sending him flying into the corner of the van. I spun around and smashed the other guard in the skull with the baton. I grabbed a set of keys from a barely stirring Agent Jones and used them to open up my handcuffs. I flexed my wrists a few times, as I heard the back of the van open. I grabbed one of the guards guns and pointed it at the door, but lowered it when I saw my own men, all wearing the same mask that I wore during my wrestling matches. I grinned and hopped out as one of the masked people came forward. They lifted the mask off their face.

Anna: “Well that was easy”

I grinned as I walked over to Anna and kissed her deeply and passionately. There was so much love between us. She helped me escape. We could go back to the way things were now. Well, with much, much more power.

I turned and looked at everyone else who surrounded me, all wearing my mask. These were my people now.

Brandon: “Alright everyone. You know what to do”

All of the men wearing my masks split off into separate groups, as Anna handed me a mask and pulled her own down. Anna handed me a gun as I turned back to look at Agent Jones, who was slowly coming to his senses. I walked back towards him. Agent Jones reached for his gun, but I quickly shot him in the hand. He screamed out in pain as I shot him in both knees.

Brandon: “Might want to quiet down Jones. Or don’t. There’s nobody around to hear you anyways”

Agent Jones: “You’ll never get away with this”

Brandon: “Actually. I just did”

Suddenly the van started to jerk up as the crane above it began to lift the van high into the air. Agent Jones desperately tried to crawl out, but I smiled at him and slammed the door shut.

I turned back to Anna and wrapped my arm around her shoulder as we walked off towards a large object covered by a tarp. Anna and I both grabbed part of the tarp and pulled it off of a large F-22 Raptor that we had bought from our inside man in the military. As we were doing this, the crane released the van from up high, causing it to smash to the ground and explode.

I climbed into the seat of the jet as Anna followed me. I handed her a helmet and mask as she climbed into a small spot behind the seat. I laughed as I put my helmet and masked and closed the top of the jet. I began to taxi it onto the closed off road beside the junkyard. I looked back at Anna

Brandon: “Comfy?”

Anna: “I think I’ll survive”

Brandon: “Only an hour and a half and we’ll be free. Forever”

Anna: “It can’t come soon enough”

Once I took off, only ninety minutes until we hit Mexico. Once we were in Mexico, we were home free. That’s all that we needed to do, and nothing was going to stop us now. Anna and I made it. We suffered, we bled, but in the end, we won. And now, together, like it was always meant to be, we controlled everything. And I couldn’t be happier.

***Tuesday, August 20th***
***My Parents House, Canada***

I looked around the neighbourhood. I hadn’t been here in years. Not much had changed in the decade or so since I used to live here. My parents hadn’t really done much with the house. The lawn was still well kept, the porch looked the same. Canada was a country of little change.

I walked up to the house and opened the door. I had told my parents that I was coming. They just didn’t know why. I didn’t want to scare them. My dad had his suspicions though. He knew something was wrong, and he knew it had to do with drugs. He always knew what I was up to. It must have just been some kind of connection he had with his kids.

My parents were in danger. There was no if’s and’s or but’s about that. I had killed the son of the most powerful drug lord in the world. They were gunning for me now. Anna and I had been on the run, never staying in the same place more than one night. I was covering our tracks as best I could, which was pretty good. Any IWF stuff I did, I did by video. I was going around and trying to warn all of my friends. Up next was Keagan, then Molly. Then Karly. She was pretty safe at the moment. Her dad was a cop, so the cartel didn’t dare touch her.

I walked inside the house and immediately yelled out for my parents, but to no response. I yelled again. Nothing. I knew they were supposed to be home. Their car was in the driveway. I grabbed my phone and dialled Anna’s number, who was parked outside.

Anna: “What’s up?”

Brandon: “Can you see anything upstairs? Like any movement or anything?”

Anna: “Uhhh, no, all the blinds are closed. Is something wrong?”

Brandon: “Have the car ready to go, something’s not right. Stay alert”

I hung up the phone and pulled out my gun from the back of my pants. I slowly moved through the house, gun in front of me. I slowly approached a corner where I could see a small trail of blood. I spun around and saw a body on the floor. Fuck. I looked closely. Too dark and too young to be my dad. Likely that someone got here before I did.

I walked upstairs, finding about four more bodies along the way. My dad definitely put up a fight. I just prayed that he got out alive. But at this point, I was really doubting it. Fuck.

If I was the one responsible for my parent’s death, I would never forgive myself. How could I? My parents raised me much better than this. I had a lot of things go wrong in my life, but my parents were always there to support me.

I made it to the top floor, and to the end of the hallway. There were not enough bodies for me to get my hopes up. I walked over to their bedroom door and kicked it open. I immediately wished I hadn’t.

My mom and my dad, both hanging from the ceiling, a large rope around their necks, blood covering their faces. I desperately tried to fight back tears as I slowly approached them, gun still at the ready. I covered my mouth to not make a sound. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a knife to cut my parents down. I laid both of them on their bed and looked at them closely. Neither looked sad, or happy, or anything. Both had what looked like a very stone-face on, as if they had accepted what was happening to them. Despite the horrific conditions of their bodies, both my mom and dad looked to be at peace.

I closed both of their eyes and walked out of the room and down the stairs in a rage. I punched through a wall on the way outside, and slammed the door shut behind me so hard that it fell off of the hinges. Anna saw me and immediately ran out of the car to see what was happening.

Anna: “Brandon, what’s wrong?!”

Brandon: “They’re dead, they’re both dead”

Anna: “What?!?!”

Brandon: “They got here before we did. We have to go.”

Anna: “Oh my god”

I could see Anna start to tear up. I hugged her tightly as she cried into my shoulder. Anna knew my parents for so long, and they had really helped her after I ran away. They were like an aunt and uncle to her. I knew how upset she was. But there was no time to be upset. At this rate, the more time we wasted, the more time the cartel would spend killing everyone I was close with. We had to protect everyone.

I pulled out my phone and looked at it. I had a new voicemail that for some reason I just got notified about now. I dialled my inbox and listened. It was from my dad, and it was sent before I got to the house. Great.

I could hear gunshots in the background, along with my mom screaming and my dad yelling. After a few minutes, I could hear my dad talking to me.

David: “Brandon, I don’t know where you are, but there’s too many of them. I can’t stop them. I’m sorry. I don’t know what you got into, and I don’t know why. But I don’t care. Your mom and I just wanted to let you know that we love you so much. Don’t you dare miss us, we’ve lived a good life. Whatever happens to us, you go on with your life, and you make us proud, you understand me? I love you Brandon. I love you so much”

I could hear my dad trying to hold back tears as my mom spoke into the phone as well.

Mary: “Brandon, you protect Todd, you protect Karly, you protect Anna. You don’t let this happen to anyone else! Promise me nothing happens to them! I love you so much. I’m going to miss you so much”

David: “Goodbye Brandon. Make us proud”

With that, the voicemail stopped. I took a few deep breaths and saved the message. I couldn’t bring myself to delete that. I didn’t want to get rid of the last time I’d ever hear my parents voices again.

I helped Anna into the car and got into it myself. I drove away, as fast as I could towards the airport. I don’t know what was happening to me. With all that was happening in my life, the fact that it was falling completely apart, I didn’t feel as bad as I thought. In fact I didn’t feel anything at all. My parents were just brutally murdered, and I wasn’t sad. I was angry at myself for letting it happen. I wanted revenge. But as far as feelings went, I felt nothing. Not sadness, no remorse, no nothing. I was turning into an empty soul, and I felt that this was only going to get worse. I had no reason to expect that my life was going to get any better any time soon. If I was lucky, nobody else would have to die. But these last few months had been the most unlucky months of my life. I knew what I had to do. I had to warn everybody. And once I had warned everyone, I had to fight back. There was no more running. There was no more hiding from these guys, hoping that eventually it would get better. No, that was out of the question now.

I had to warn everyone I could. My friends. My wife. My brother. But once I had done all of that, it was time to take down the Sinaloa cartel. And the only way to do that was to kill all of them, one by one. I would need help. It would take time. But I was going to make El Chapo wish he never took control of this god damn cartel.

***Wednesday, August 21st***
***Keagan’s Apartment, Los Angeles***

I pulled up to Keagan’s apartment complex with Anna, and quickly hopped out of the car. I was wasting no time with this one. I ran over to the apartment and found that the door was already busted open. Anna and I both pulled out guns and ran through the building, shoving screaming people out of our way. We ran up the stairs to the seventh floor where Keagan was staying. I ran over to her door and knocked. No answer. I tried to open it but it was locked. I kicked the door a few times, until the crappy lock that held it shut snapped and the door flung open. Anna and I wheeled around, looking through the apartment and clearing each empty room. Nothing was there.

Keagan was obviously gone, which was bad because she knew we were coming. But there were also no signs of a struggle. Nothing was out of place, no blood anywhere. This was bizarre. Maybe she had just stepped out for a bit.

Anna: “Yeah so she’s not here”

Brandon: “No kidding”

Anna and I met back up in the main room. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and looked at it. Nothing. No text, no message, no anything. This was so unlike Keagan. We talked all the time, even after we ended our weird fling. But lately she had sort of grown distant. I was really busy with this whole drug dealer thing anyways. But fuck me for not warning her sooner about this. Just like my parents, this was all on me. I fucked up, and my friends and family were paying for it. How would I live with myself if they got to Keagan first?

Anna: “Maybe she went out? Give her a call”

Brandon: “Alright, she didn’t call me or text me or anything though”

I dialled Keagan up and listened to it ring. After a few times, the phone answered, but nobody said anything. I could hear stuff going on in the background though.

Brandon: “Keagan?”

No response. I tried to make out what was happening in the background. It sounded like people were talking. I could hear what sounded like music. I listened hard. I suddenly heard something familiar. It was one my own personal songs, playing over the phone. I heard someone scream really loudly as I dropped the phone and immediately sprinted out of the apartment, not waiting for a very confused Anna.

I ran down the stairs, heart racing. If what I thought was true, then it was already too late. But I could hope. I sprinted out the apartment and ran over to my car, looking inside of it and immediately recoiling in disgust. I could see why the people around were all crying, screaming, or looking on in shock. I stared at the car for a good while, covering my mouth. I could see a few women vomiting over on the side of the road.

Inside the car was Keagan’s head, severed off completely, right in the driver’s seat. Her legs were in the backseat, and her arms were in the passenger’s seat. I didn’t want to know where her torso went. Here eyes had been removed and sewn shut, and I could see her phone sticking out of the flesh of her severed neck.

The scene was as gruesome as I’d ever seen. I had never seen any severed head this close before, especially one who I used to consider my best friend. This was a girl that I had loved my whole life. And now she was brutally fucking murdered. Nobody deserved this. Not Keagan. She was one of the good ones. I ruined this.

I saw Anna at the last second, and I grabbed her by the waist and held onto her tightly, trying to not let her see what had happened in the car. But she saw. I could tell by the vicious scream she let out right in my ear. I tried to hold her back, but Anna was a lot stronger than I remembered. She managed to break free of my grasp and ran over to the car. I turned around slowly as I watched Anna fall to her knees beside the car, holding onto the door to keep her from smashing the ground. I slowly walked over to Anna, as if in a trance, and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. This was becoming a daily task.

Suddenly I realized something. Molly. I was supposed to meet with her today too. And if they knew I was meeting Keagan, then there was no reason that they wouldn’t know that I was meeting Molly. And if they had gotten to Keagan, then they would get to Molly too.

I let go of Anna and immediately began sprinting away. Molly lived relatively close, in her giant mansion. I knew I had about five minutes to get there before anything happened to her. I refused to let anything happen to Molly. I had already failed my parents, I failed my childhood best friend. I was not going to fail on one of my current best friends and someone that I cared about more than I let on to anyone.

After minutes of sprinting in anger, I made it to Molly’s house and ran over to the gate. It was wide open, and I could see a large van out front. I ran over to the door, which was clearly broken open. I slowly pushed it open and walked inside the house. I could hear noises coming from Molly’s room upstairs. I slowly crept up the stairs and held my gun in front of me. I slowly pushed open the door to her room and saw four men standing there, Molly tied to a chair and gagged. I could see one of the men holding a machete in his hand, moving towards Molly. I immediately fired two shots at the man holding the machete and dove into the room behind a dresser. The three remaining men immediately started shooting at the dresser were I was hiding. I quickly hopped up and fired a quick shot, nailing one of the men right in the head, dropping him. I ducked back down. I only had two shots left, and two guys. If I fucked up, that was it. I quickly looked out behind my dresser. I didn’t see anyone.

I quickly stood up and looked around, seeing one of the men ducked behind another one of Molly’s dressers. I dropped to the ground and fired a shot underneath the dresser, striking the man’s kneecap. As he creamed and collapsed to the ground, I fired one last shot at the man’s head.

Now I just needed to find the last man. I didn’t have to wait long as I turned around and was staring into the barrel of a gun. Well fuck me. The man grinned at me as I got to my knees. I could see Molly out of the corner of my eyes, struggling to break free of the ropes that bound her to the chair. I could see the fear in her eyes. I tried to look at her to calm down. I tried to tell her anything without speaking. But I really had nothing to say to her.

Man: “I’m supposed to bring you back alive, but I guess I’ll just have to take the risk”

The man raised his gun at me, before I heard a shot and blood splattered all over my face. I reached up and wiped my eyes, as the man who held the gun to my head collapsed beside me. I looked up and saw Anna standing there, arms outstretched, holding the smoking gun. She looked cold, emotionless, like she didn’t even realize that she shot a man dead. I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. I could hear her in my ears.

Anna: “We have to kill them”

Brandon: “I know”

Anna: “They killed Keagan”

Brandon: “I fucking know Anna, this ends now”

I suddenly realized Molly was still tied up in the middle of the room. I looked over at her, covered in blood that wasn’t her own. She was freaking out, which was understandable. I don’t think Molly had ever been a part of this kind of violence in her short life. But I had brought her into this.

I reached over to Molly and wiped the blood out of her eyes. I untied her arms and legs from the chair, and then pulled off her gag and threw it on the ground. Molly immediately stood up and wrapped her arms around me, clearly out of fear. I hugged her tightly as she was clearly freaking out. Tears were streaming down her face as she cried into my shoulder.

Molly: “Brandon what the fuck!”

Brandon: “Hey, hey, hey, it’s ok, it’s over. You’re safe now”

Molly: “Brandon what the fuck is happening?!”

Brandon: “A lot”

Anna: “So this is Molly eh? I expected a lot…ummm…older”

Molly: “Who the fuck are you bitch?”

Anna smiled and extended her hand to Molly, who reluctantly shook it.

Anna: “I’m playing, I’m Anna, Brandon’s ex-wife. I’ve heard a lot about you Molly”

Molly: “I’ve heard plenty about you. Fuck I’m sorry, but do you know what the fuck is happening?!”

Anna: “Ask Brandon. I’d rather not talk about it”

Molly turned to me and looked at me. Anna did the same. I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t really talked to Molly in a long time. Last time we actually talked was on the phone, and I basically told her that she was a bitch. This was the reason that I did it. But I guess they didn’t care how close I was to anyone. They were just going to kill everyone who was ever close in my life. Unless I killed them all first.

Molly: “Brandon. For fuck’s sake. I was just sitting here waiting for you to come over and these guys broke into my fucking house, punched me in the face, tied me up, beat me and then were about to chop my fucking head off. Then you bounce in here and kill them all. Look at me Brandon, this isn’t my fucking blood. What. The fuck. Is going on.”

Brandon: “I’m into some bad shit Molly. Some real bad shit”

Molly: “Yeah, no fucking kidding. Was this about you?”

Brandon: “Look Molly. I don’t know how to put this lightly, so I’m just going to say it straight up. I work for a Mexican drug cartel. I deal drugs for them, and have been for almost eight months now”

Molly: “What the fuck Brandon?”

Brandon: “Yeah…”

Molly: “So when we were…you know…hooking up or whatever. You were dealing drugs?”

Brandon: “Yup”

Molly: “Fuck Brandon, you could have gotten me killed or arrested or some shit for that”

Brandon: “Relax Molly, when I was seeing you I had it perfectly under control”

Molly: “Clearly you don’t anymore”

Anna laughed at that one. Both Molly and I turned to look at her.

Anna: “Sorry. I have to laugh so I don’t cry”

That was understandable at this point. I think Anna was starting to get as desensitized to this as I was. The more I killed, the more I saw deaths, the more I just lost feeling inside me. I don’t think it had even registered completely that I had just lost my parents and my best friend, all in a matter of two days. Normally I would be devastated, but at this point I hardly even cared. I was more worried about avenging their deaths, rather than mourning over them. To be honest, I doubt I will even mourn after I wipe the entire cartel off the fucking globe.

Brandon: “Anna and I refused some orders, they sent a message to me. I didn’t agree with it, they killed her husband, so I killed the leader’s son and right hand man”

Molly: “Jesus fucking christ Brandon what the fuck are you”

Brandon: “I told you I’ve been in the military, killing isn’t something I’m afraid to do. These guys think they can tell me how to live my life. Nobody tells me how to live my life”

Molly: “Is this why you were such a dick to me when we last talked?”

I hugged Molly tightly. I really did care about her, as much as I tried to deny it. She meant a lot to me, as a friend. I couldn’t lose someone like her, and it pained me to say the things I said to her, especially when she was trying to turn her life around. But I had to do it to protect her.

Brandon: “I’m so sorry. I had to protect you. If they had known you were a close friend, they would have come for you before I got to you. I never meant to hurt you Molly, and I really wanted to be there to help you turn your life around. I’m sorry”

Molly wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged me tighter. I felt so terrible, but at the same time, Molly was alive. At this point, that was all that I could ask for.

Molly: “It’s ok. I’m just glad I’m alive”

Brandon: “You and me both”

Molly: “What are you going to do now?”

Brandon: “Anna and I are going to kill all of them”

Molly: “What about me? I’m not staying here, no fucking way. Let me come with you”

Brandon: “Absolutely not”

Molly: “Why the fuck not?”

Brandon: “Molly, you’re twenty two years old. You have no experience in any violence besides wrestling and some martial arts. I’m not going to send you somewhere where there is a very strong possibility that you’ll die.”

Molly: “Well I’m not sitting in this house waiting for someone else to come in here and kill me”

Anna: “What about your brother Brandon?”

Both of us looked at Anna again. She was looking at us with a serious face, clearly wanting me to think about her advice.

Brandon: “What about him?”

Anna: “Isn’t he off in Russia for hockey? Why don’t you just send Molly there? You know the cartel wouldn’t dare touch anyone on Russia’s soil. She’ll be safer there then she’ll be anywhere else in America.”

And just like that, Anna made me feel so fucking stupid. How could I have forgotten about Todd? Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Todd was off in Russia for the summer playing hockey until the NHL season started up again. If I had just told my parents, Keagan, everyone to go live with Todd, then they’d all still be alive.

But I couldn’t think about that now. I had to save what I could. And if that meant sending Molly only, then that was better than nothing. I grabbed my phone and started calling Todd. It took a while, since I was calling to fucking Russia, but eventually I got through.

Todd: “Hey Brandon, what’s up?”

Todd seemed relatively happy. Clearly word hadn’t made it to him about mom and dad yet. I wasn’t going to tell him. Not like this. I would wait for him to find out naturally.

Brandon: “Todd, I’ve got a weird favour to ask you”

Todd: “Sure, what is it?”

Brandon: “My friend Molly, I think you know who she is right?”

Todd: “She was that girl you were sleeping with that got you fired right?”

Brandon: “Yeah pretty much. Anyways, she’s never been to Russia, and she’s also a huge fan of hockey. I was thinking, what if she came to Russia and stayed with you? You could show her around, maybe teach her a thing or two about hockey”

Not to mention Molly was always horny, and Todd was closer to her age. I knew he knew that too, which is why I already knew what his answer would be before he even said anything.

Todd: “Yeah sure! Sounds like a blast. When is she going to come?”

Brandon: “How about tonight? You got anything big planned?”

Todd: “Nope, that’ll work. Give her my number, tell her to text me with her flight number. I’ll pick her up from the airport when her flight gets in.”

Brandon: “Fantastic. Thanks so much Todd”

Todd: “Any time. Hey if I don’t catch you later, good luck in your match this week. Do the Macdonald family proud a little more, alright?”

Brandon: “Will do Todd. Love you, talk to you soon”

Todd: “Right back at you”

I hung up the phone and looked over at Molly

Brandon: “You’re good to go. We’ll drive you to the airport right now and get you on that plane. You should start packing now”

Molly immediately walked over to her closet and grabbed a bag and started packing it. I quickly grabbed my phone and booked a ticket for Molly as Anna stared at me silently. I could feel her gaze boring into me, so I finally decided to see what was going on.

Brandon: “Anna fuck, you’re piercing a hole through my skull”

Anna: “You didn’t tell him”

Molly: “Didn’t tell him what?”

Molly looked over at me in the middle of packing. I stared silently for a minute, not saying anything, not acknowledging the question.

Anna: “Brandon you didn’t even tell your brother that his fucking mom and dad are dead”

Molly: “Wait what?!”

Molly stopped packing and looked up at me. I looked over at her, almost nonchalantly.

Brandon: “I didn’t get to them in time”

Molly: “So Todd doesn’t know that his parents are dead? I assume he doesn’t know that you’re in the drug business either, does he?”

Brandon: “No, and you need to keep it that way”

Anna: “Brandon, you should have told him”

Brandon: “No. He needs to find out from someone else. If I told him, we would have been here all night explaining how it happened, why it happened, all that shit that I don’t want Todd to know.”

Molly: “Well, fuck, how am I supposed to deal with that?”

Brandon: “Just act. You’ve acted before, for the company, for movies. You can be pretty convincing when you want. Just pretend you don’t know anything, be happy, have fun. If he finds out when you’re there, you act surprised, and you help him deal with it. You’re a good person Molly, I’m counting on you to do this”

Molly: “Ugh, fine, but you owe me”

Molly turned back to her closet and continued to pack. Anna and I just sat there in silence. I think the shock of what was happening in my life was finally starting to wear off, but I didn’t feel any more sad or upset by it. If anything, I was just getting angrier and angrier. I wanted revenge, no, I needed revenge. Nobody could get away with trying to destroy my life like this. I was already planning a way to do it. I just needed a little bit more time, and a little bit of information.

Molly finished packing and together we drove off to the airport. We didn’t really talk, mostly we just sat in the car, thinking to ourselves. Molly tried to break the awkward tension a few times, but Anna was refusing to say anything, and I was too busy thinking. I felt bad for Molly. She had absolutely no idea how to deal with any of this, and I was forcing her to learn on the fly. She had no reason to be in this mess, but I put her there. And now she was paying the price for my mistakes. But so was everyone in my life.

We got to the airport and walked inside together. We got to the security area, and I quickly called one of my former bodyguards, who was now working at the airport. I told him to watch Molly at all times until that plane took off. He agreed, and said that nothing would happen to her as long as he was around. I trusted him more than almost anyone I knew. Plus, this was a public airport. With the amount of security, nobody would dare try anything. Too much of a risk.

Molly: “Well, I guess this is it for now”

Brandon: “Remember, please don’t tell Todd about my parents. He needs to find out on his own, so that he can deal with it on his own”

Molly: “I won’t, I promise. Just promise me that you’ll be ok. I don’t want to lose you Brandon”

Brandon: “Trust me, I’ll be fine. I’ll be right here in this exact spot when you get home, after I deal with this whole mess.”

Molly: “Alright. Bye Brandon. Love ya”

Brandon: “Love ya too Molly”

We hugged tightly, and for what seemed like hours, even though it was only half a minute. I didn’t want to leave Molly, but I had to. One of the really good things I had in my life, and I knew that no matter what happened, I would probably never see her again after this.

Molly: “Bye Anna, it was nice meeting you”

Anna: “Likewise Molly”

Molly turned away and walked over to the security check with my old bodyguard. Anna and I watched as she was checked through safely. Before she walked down the terminal hallway, she gave us both one last wave, before vanishing from our sight. I turned to Anna.

Brandon: “We can’t waste any more time. If we’re going to respond, we need to do it right now. The longer we wait, the more people get hurt”

Anna: “I was about to say the same thing. Any plans?”

Brandon: “I have a few ideas, but I’ll need some help. All I need to do is find out where El Chapo is hiding, and we can start right away”

Anna: “And you have a way to do that? Hasn’t he been hiding somewhere unknown in Mexico for a decade?”

Brandon: “Yeah. I marked one of their cash pickups. They’ll drive it back to wherever Chapo is, and he’ll find it.”

Anna: “Isn’t that a bad thing, if he finds it?”

Brandon: “Usually yes, but not this time. I got a special tracker that the military uses now, from my contact. It looks like a regular tracker, but it doesn’t actually do anything. Until it breaks. Once someone or something damages the casing, it sends out one quick signal before breaking. And it sends it right to my computer. So once he destroys the bug, I’ll know exactly where he is”

Anna: “Sounds like a plan”

Brandon: “Can I drop you off at home? I need to go do something personal before we do this”

Anna: “Is it go to see Karly?”

Brandon: “You know me so well”

Anna: “Yeah, I need to shower and change and all that anyways”

We left the airport as quickly as possible and ran over to our car. We hopped in and began to drive home. We didn’t live too far from the airport, and after about a thirty minute drive, I dropped Anna off at home and began the lengthy drive across town to where Karly’s parents lived. It took about an hour with the traffic. When I got there, I slowly pulled up into the driveway. Karly’s car wasn’t there, but her parents car was. I figured I might as well talk to her dad while I was there. I walked up to the door and knocked. Her dad answered the door.

Karly’s Dad: “Hey Brandon, this is a surprise”

Brandon: “Hey Mr. Zedic, is Karly home?”

Karly’s Dad: “She actually went out a few hours ago, and I haven’t heard from her since. I was hoping she was with you”

Brandon: “No, I haven’t talked to her in a while”

Karly’s Dad: “I know. Brandon, I really hope you’ve figured things out. I don’t like seeing my daughter so upset. She wants to see you, you know that right?”

Brandon: “I know, I want to see her so badly too”

Karly’s Dad: “All you have to do is get out of whatever it is you’re in.”

Brandon: “I wish it were that simple”

Karly’s Dad: “It is that simple. Whatever it is you’re doing, just stop. If you truly love Karly, she’ll come first before anything or anyone else. You guys can work whatever issues you have out as long as you just go back to the way things used to be. I really do love you Brandon, but you’re an idiot if you choose anything over my daughter”

Brandon: “I know, I know. I’m really trying. I don’t want to get Karly involved in what I’m in. I’m getting out. Once I’m out, Karly will be the first person to know”

Karly’s Dad: “Good. Oh, and Brandon. Promise me that nothing is going to happen to Karly”

Brandon: “I promise”

I turned and walked away from the house, leaving Karly’s dad staring at me from the open door. Clearly Karly had told him that I was into something bad, but had left out exactly what. Or maybe he just didn’t want to tell me that he knew. I figured it was the former, because he was a cop. If he knew what I was into, he’d have really no choice but to arrest me.

I really wanted Karly back. No, I needed her back. But right now, this was the best thing for both of us. As long as she was with her dad, who was probably keeping extra protection on her at all times if he knew I was into some bad stuff. And I couldn’t have Karly in any kind of danger.

It was weird that her dad hadn’t heard from her all day though. Karly loved her parents, and she would never worry them on purpose. And with me in all this shit, her dad would love to know where Karly was at all times. But maybe Karly just needed some alone time. Everyone needs some alone time once in a while. Lord knows I needed it. In fact, now was the only time I’d get any alone time for a while. I guess I better take advantage of it now. But I did need to let Anna know what I was doing. I grabbed my phone and called Anna. It went to voicemail, if I knew Anna, she took like hour long showers, she was probably still in there.

Brandon: “Hey Anna, it’s Brandon. I just need some alone time right now. Hope you understand. You could probably use some too. Obviously lock the door tonight, sleep with the gun, rig up the security system, all that shit. I’ll be back in the morning. Call me if you need anything. I’ll just be at the usual hotel.”

I hung up the phone and tossed it in the car. I sat down and just waited for a bit. I didn’t want to drive, I just wanted to sit there and think. But I needed to be truly alone for that. Once I got to my hotel room, I could lock the doors, lie down in bed, and just think. I needed this.

***Thursday, August 22nd***
***Going Back to My House***

I pulled up to my house around seven or eight. I hopped out of my car, energized and ready to seize the day. Not actually, but I did feel really good. I had a nice night alone to think over everything that had happened. To figure out what I was going to do next. I knew exactly what needed to happen. And on top of that, I finally got some sleep.

I walked into my house and called out for Anna. No response. That was weird. Maybe she was still asleep. I walked up to her room and knocked. No answer. I opened the door. The bed was a mess, things were everywhere. I immediately pulled my gun out of my pants. I looked around the room. I could see Anna’s phone lying on the ground behind the bed. There was a table set up, with Anna’s laptop on it, opened up. I didn’t want to look at it, but I had to. If anything had happened to Anna, I couldn’t live with myself. Anna was my life.

I opened up the computer and looked on the screen. There was a video player opened, with a shot of a dark room. I could make out a figure, but there was not enough light to see it. As if on cue, the light turned on, and El Chapo was sitting there, in a chair, crossed legged, smiling.

El Chapo: “Right on schedule”

Brandon: “What the fuck have you done?!”

El Chapo: “Oh me? Nothing. Just another step in destroying your life.”

The camera shifted sideways and I could see Anna’s bloody face, hanging down on her neck. She was breathing and awake, which was a good sign. But clearly she had been beaten pretty badly. She was tied up to the chair tightly. The camera shifted back to El Chapo.

Brandon: “You’re fucking dead if you hurt her any more”

El Chapo: “Oh but Brandon. You haven’t even seen the best part”

The camera shifted again, and my heart stopped.

Tied up to another chair on the other side of El Chapo, with the same bloody and beaten face as my best friend Anna, was my wife Karly.

She was alive too, but was clearly in pain. She couldn’t even lift her head to look at the camera, even when El Chapo told her to. He laughed as I fell back on my bed, in shock.

El Chapo: “What’s the matter Brandon. Cat got your tongue?”

I couldn’t speak. I could barely even breathe. I couldn’t even believe what I was looking at. He got the two people who mattered most to me in this world.

El Chapo: “Don’t worry Brandon. I’m not going to kill them…yet. I still want you to do something for me”

Brandon: “What?”

El Chapo: “I want you to go to your wrestling match at From the Ashes. I want you to walk out there for your match. And I want you to shoot yourself right in your stupid fucking head. Blow your brains out on pay-per-view. Only then will I release these two. You have my word.”

Brandon: “Your word doesn’t mean shit to me”

El Chapo: “Well I guess you’ll have to live with your wife and best friend’s deaths on your conscience. As if your parents and other best friend weren’t enough”

Brandon: “That’s all I have to do?”

El Chapo: “That’s all you have to do”

Brandon: “Seems easy enough. Do I have your word that you won’t hurt them from now until I get in that ring?”

El Chapo: “You do. Oh, and before I forget. If you think you’re going to come and find me, and play the hero and save the queen and princess, think again”

El Chapo pulled out a little bug from his pocket. He held it up to the camera so that I could see it. It was the bug that I had placed on his delivery. My heart started to beat again. This was my chance. I just prayed that he didn’t know what it was or how it worked.

He didn’t.

El Chapo crushed the bug between his fingers. At the same time, my phone beeped. Perfect. I started to laugh. El Chapo was certainly shocked by my laughing, as he suddenly looked concerned.

El Chapo: “Is this funny to you?”

Brandon: “You fucking idiot. You fucked yourself now”

El Chapo: “What are you talking about?”

Brandon: “You murder my parents. You murder my best friend. You kidnap my ex-wife and my current wife. You’re trying to ruin my life. Well guess the fuck what Guzman. I’m going to fucking murder you. I’m going to chop your fucking head off and set you on fucking fire, just like I did your pathetic little son. You hide in your fucking mountains because you’re a fucking cowardly piece of shit. Well guess what fucker? I just found out where you’re hiding. And I’m coming for you. So do whatever the fuck you want for your last few days. Because you’re fucking dead.”

I picked up the computer and snapped it in half. I grabbed it and threw it across the room, smashing it against the wall. He crossed the fucking line. My wife was off limits. He wanted a war, he was getting a war. And I wasn’t going to lose.
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PostSubject: The Final RP Part 2   Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:44 am

***Saturday, August 24th***
***Outside of El Chapo’s Secret Hideout***

Here I was. This was it. My time to shine.

The last three days had been spent preparing for this moment. Getting ready. Studying everything I could about everything. I was getting my wife and Anna back. I was going to kill Joaquin Guzman.

I was hiding outside of his hideout, in the middle of the Los Tuxtlas mountains. It was a small fenced in complex with guards standing out front. It wasn’t a big complex, but I knew that there were more tunnels and rooms hidden within the mountains. Plus, there were about 50 guards standing around at all times.

Luckily, I had a plan. I was hiding behind a tree, carrying a big thing of C4. I had watching the area for the last two days and knew when everything was going to happen. Right on cue, I heard a truck approaching. I gave the thumbs up to one of the two ex-marine’s current mercenaries that I had hired to snipe cover me while I broke in. We had gone over this plan for days while hiding out here in Mexico. I knew El Chapo was waiting for me. His guards patrolled 24 hours a day, and never once let up. I’m sure there were more inside too. I knew he hadn’t moved Anna and Karly though. El Chapo was scared, but he was also confident and proud. He wanted me to come to him, so that he could beat me. But I was going to beat him.

I watched as the truck drove closer to where I was hiding. I quickly signalled for one of my men, who shot down a tree branch in front of the truck. It quickly came to a stop as I rolled underneath it and stuck the C4 to the bottom of it. I held my breath as the truck started up again. I spun around, machine gun at the ready in case someone had seen me. But nothing happened. The truck continued to drive on.

I hopped up and ran into the forest beside the road. I ran beside the car, keeping a close distance behind it, but not enough that I could be seen. I hoped that my two men were sticking to the plan. If they weren’t, then this was all for naught.

The truck slowly approached the security booth at the front of the compound. I quickly pulled out the detonator and held it out. I kept a good distance as I watched as security began to check the van. I watched as they looked underneath it. As soon as they saw the explosive, and were about to signal help, I pressed the button.


The entire van exploded, sending bodies flying in every direction. The guards on the guard towers began to scan around, but suddenly, both fell from the top of the towers and onto the ground. It seemed as though my snipers had done their job. I immediately loaded up and ran over to the compound entrance, gun blazing. I could see men running down the front lawn area towards me, but I was mowing them down. And everyone that I wasn’t was being taken out by my snipers. I dove behind the now burning truck as more men emerged from the building, one of them carrying a minigun. Fuck.

I couldn’t even hear myself think over the sound of the minigun going at full force. I could see bullets flying over the truck that I was hiding behind. Nothing was getting through it at least, so I was safe for now. I didn’t expect this, and now I had to think on my toes.

I reached down and grabbed a body of one of the dead guards beside me. I picked it up by the legs and threw it out beside the truck and watched as it immediately got destroyed by the minigun. I quickly grabbed another body and held it in front of me as I ran around the other side of the truck and aimed for the man with the minigun. A few shots later, and the minigun fell down to the ground still spinning, it’s carrier dead.

I dropped the body and looked around. Bodies were strewn everywhere. But nobody else was coming. I guess my plan had worked. It really wasn’t much of a plan, and it actually surprised me that there wasn’t more security. Maybe Chapo had more coming, and was waiting until he could see me and try to torture me before he had me killed. But for whatever reason, I was able to get to the door of the compound quite easily. I opened up the door and walked inside, carrying two handguns in anticipation.

However, there was nobody inside. All I could see was a dark room with something across the room from me. I looked around and found a small light hanging from the ceiling. I pulled on the chain as the light turned on and dimly lit the room. Across the way I could see three TV’s, and two doors behind them. I stood in front of the TV’s as they all turned on. In the middle sat El Chapo. On the other two TV’s, I could see both Anna and Karly, trapped in what looked like modern guillotine’s. I could only see their heads, stuck in this big contraptions, with a giant steel blade hanging over their heads. I could see two men beside each guillotine, holding a switch. What the fuck was this.

El Chapo: “I see you can see what I’ve got planned for you”

Brandon: “What the fuck is this”

El Chapo: “You think you would be able to get into my secret hideout so easily? You and only two other men, able to take down 50 of my best security? And then you’d be able to just waltz in here and save both of the women in your life? Forget about it. I said I would make you suffer, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

I watched as the two men on the two side TV’s put large black bags over the heads of Anna and Karly. They smacked them both in the face hard, before moving back to their positions beside the guillotines.

Brandon: “What are you doing to them?”

El Chapo: “I’m giving you a choice Brandon”

Brandon: “What the fuck choice?”

El Chapo: “I’m giving you the chance to save one of the two women in your life. Behind the door on your right is Anna. Behind the door on your left is Karly. You can save one of them from that machine. The other one dies. Then you’re free to leave.”

Brandon: “You’re sick. I’m not going to fucking choose between them”

El Chapo: “Fine. I’ll just kill both of them then”

Brandon: “Wait! Fuck”

El Chapo: “They can hear you now. You can talk to them. Say your final words. Make your choice. You have five minutes”

The middle screen cut off. All that was left were the two screens with Anna and Karly on them. I looked at both of them, not sure of what to say. But I was wasting time. I didn’t want to choose. I couldn’t choose. This was the love of my life, and my best friend, my longest friend, one who I would never stop loving. This wasn’t something that I could do.

Brandon: “Karly?”

Karly: “Brandon! What is happening?! Help me!”

Brandon: “Anna?”

Anna: “Brandon, I’m sorry. They jumped me as soon as I got home. There was nothing I could do”

Karly: “Brandon what is happening?!”

I took a deep breath. I had to explain this to them. I couldn’t make this choice alone.

Brandon: “I have to choose”

Karly: “What?”

Anna: “What?”

Brandon: “Chapo says you two are behind one of each of these doors. I have to pick one door. I can only save one of you. The other one dies.”

Silence. Neither Anna nor Karly said anything for what seemed like an hour. Eventually, Anna was the first to speak.

Anna: “Shit”

Karly: “Brandon, I don’t want to die! There must be a way to save us both!”

Brandon: “There’s not, I can only pick one. What the fuck, I don’t know what to do. I can’t pick. I just can’t choose. Chapo! Kill me for fuck’s sake. Kill me and let the two of them go. I don’t care, just fucking take me instead. Don’t make me choose”

Anna: “Brandon!”

Brandon: “What Anna?!”

Anna: “Look. Brandon. I got myself into this. I joined this cartel and I brought you into this. It’s my fault that you’re here. It’s my fault that Karly is here. I should have just left the two of you alone. I chose that place in LA because it was close to you. I wanted you to find me, I wanted you back in my life Brandon. But I never wanted this. I fucked up. I deserve this.”

Brandon: “No you don’t. Nobody deserves this”

I could tell Anna was crying. I was dreading hearing what I knew I was about to hear. I could feel tears running down my face too. Karly was trying to get my attention, but I was focused on Anna right now.

Anna: “Maybe not. But between me and Karly, I deserve this way more. You have to pick Karly Brandon. You love her. She’s your wife. The two of you have a child. She had nothing to do with this. Let me die. As long as the two of you are living happy, my conscience will be clean, and I’ll die happy. Do this for me Brandon. I lost my husband. I lost my best friend. My life has no meaning anymore.  I have no reason to live. Just let me do this one last good thing for you and Karly. It’s the least I could do for getting you involved in all this.”

Anna was crying now, I was crying now. I didn’t want to say goodbye to Anna, but I had to. She was right. I had to save Karly. I had known Anna all of my life. I loved her so much. But she wasn’t the love of my life like Karly. I needed Karly more than I needed Anna. And it killed me to admit that.

Brandon: “Anna. I love you so much.”

Anna: “I love you too Brandon. More than you’ll ever know”

I walked over to the screen where Anna was and kissed it gently.

Brandon: “Anna if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even be alive today. You’re the reason I was still going all these years. And now, thanks to Karly, I finally found something worth living for. I never stopped loving you. And I never will. But thank you for making this choice for me. Because you know I never could”

Anna: “Brandon, just go. Save her. You don’t need to explain this to me. I understand.”

Brandon: “Goodbye Anna. I’ll never forget you”

Anna: “I’ll never forget you either Brandon. And I’ll be there to meet you when it’s your time”

I took a deep breath and took one last look at the screen that Anna was on. I wiped the tears from my face and walked to the door on the left. I kicked it open. Sure enough, I could see Karly across the room where the guillotine was. I started to move towards it, but was stopped as a big man in a mask walked in front of it and cracked his knuckles. I could see a timer begin to count down from a minute behind him. I really didn’t have time for this.

I ran at the man and tackled him to the ground. I began to throw fists and elbows to his head as he tried to roll me over. Eventually he threw me off of him and stood back to his feet. I tried to run for the guillotine, but I was met with a kick to the back of the head by the man. I fell to the ground as he jumped on top of me and began to throw elbows and punches to the back and side of my head. I looked at the clock as the man picked me up. Under thirty seconds.

The man wrapped his arms around my neck, trying to choke me out. I tried to fight it, but I was weak, and he had me good. I could feel myself fading. But I couldn’t. I had to save my wife. I used what was left of my strength to jump and backflip over the man, causing him to fall on his ass and release the hold around my neck. I grabbed the large man’s head with my arms and twisted with all of my strength, snapping the man’s neck and killing him instantly.

I ran over to the guillotine and grabbed the large metal blade. I used all of my strength and ripped it off of its hinges and threw it aside, just as the timer hit zero. I fell to my knees, exhausted. I released Karly from the machine and hugged her tightly.

Brandon: “Thank god I got you”

No response. That was weird. Come to think of it, she hadn’t said anything the entire time. Almost as if she was gagged. I quickly ripped off the mask and immediately fell backwards in shock. As soon as I did it, I heard a voice echo throughout the room.

El Chapo: “You know, I always get my right and left mixed up”

I looked up at the tied, gagged Anna Stone, sitting in front of me, in the place that Karly was supposed to be. I had saved Anna by accident. I wanted to save Karly, but Chapo lied to me. He tricked me. Anna was alive, but Karly was in the next room.

I immediately stood up, without even bothering to untie or ungag Anna. She would understand. I wasn’t even thinking about her. All I could think about was Karly. I ran out of the room I was in, and shoulder blocked my way through the other door. The light was on in the room. As soon as I entered, I looked and saw Karly across from me, no mask, no gag, just trapped in the guillotine. As I looked at her, she looked up at me. We made eye contact for about a second.

Karly: “Brandon”

And then, the blade fell.

I fell to the ground screaming as Karly’s head bounced onto the ground and rolled over to the corner of the room. Blood was everywhere. The world began to spin around me. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t think. My world was crashing down around me as I lay here, on the floor, while my wife’s dead body lay yards away from me.

All the times I had spent with Karly immediately flashed before my eyes. The time we first met. The time we first hooked up. Our wedding, our honeymoon, our first child. All of that was gone. Everything. My whole life was gone. I felt nothing. Every tiny bit of my soul that was left was gone. I was a shell. Nothing mattered anymore. My wife was dead, my life was worthless. How could I live my life without Karly. Chapo had taken her away from me, even after I had chosen her. He had destroyed me. Everything he had wanted had happened. He was the winner. He had beaten me.

El Chapo: “Get up”

I looked up as El Chapo and a man in a mask walked over to me. The man who had pulled the switch that killed my wife. My mind was filled with a haze of red and rage as it overcame me, and I ran at El Chapo. I wanted to rip his spine out of his throat with my bare hands. As I sprinted towards Chapo, I was tackled to the ground by the man in the mask. As I rolled on the floor in pain, I looked at the man, who pulled his mask off.

Of all the things that had happened to me, my parents dying, Keagan dying, Anna and Karly being kidnapped, Karly dying. All of those things had happened, and none of them were as surprising as the man that I saw was underneath that mask. That face. That shit-eating grin. That fucking red Mohawk.

Nick Ridicule.

Nick: “Did you miss me Brandon?”

I didn’t even have words. I was speechless. I had absolutely no idea what to say. Nick was my old friend turned enemy. A man who I had spent months, almost years trying to forget. I hadn’t heard from him in two years. Nick used to be my best friend, but then he showed his true colours over and over again. The man cared for nobody but himself. It took me a long time to realize that. But when I did, I realized that I didn’t need him in my life. So I just stopped all contact with him. I never knew what had happened to him, and I never cared. Nick Ridicule was essentially dead to me. And now he was the man who had killed my wife.

El Chapo: “I knew this might surprise you Brandon. You see, when I asked around all the scum of the earth, seeing who would want a chance to get revenge on Brandon Macdonald, I didn’t get a lot of support. But there was one man who was eager. One man who hated you as much as I do. Nick Ridicule was that man. So I hired him as my personal bodyguard. We planned this whole thing together. A real life Live or Die choice, wasn’t it? I was a huge fan of the switching rooms idea of Nick’s. He knew you’d pick Karly, and what better than to get your hopes up, and then crush them in just minutes?”

I got to my hands and knees, and was punt kicked in the head by Nick Ridicule, which sent me flying across the room. I slowly got back to my knees, shaking my head. I still had a hard time understanding any of this.

Brandon: “Why Nick? Why?”

Nick: “You stole everything from me Brandon! Everything! You stole my fucking girlfriend, my future wife. You stole my job, my career, my company. Everything I had was lost all thanks to you. I should be where you are right now. I should be the face of the biggest company in the world. IWF is my company. It’s NLWF version two. I made NLWF, without me, there would be no IWF. And you stole it all from me! You said you were my friend, and then you turned your back on me”

Brandon: “Nick, I turned my back on you because you were fucking insane. You were a drug addict, you treated me like shit, and you betrayed me over and over again. I just wanted to get away from you”

Nick: “Well that’s too fucking bad isn’t it?! I’m here now, and I’m going to fucking kill you, just like I killed your parents. Just like I killed Keagan. And just like I killed your wife.”

Nick ran at me and went to kick me in the skull again. I dodged it this time, and slowly got back to my feet. I ran at Nick Ridicule, trying to punch him in the face, but he dodged each and every one. As I got closer, he kneed me hard in the stomach, doubling me over. Another knee was thrown and connected directly with my face. I stumbled backwards as Nick ran and jumped, throwing a spinning back kick to my head. I got my hands up just in time, but the force of the kick still sent me stumbling backwards.

I ran at Nick and tried to spear tackle him to the ground, but he just flipped me over and powerbombed me hard onto the ground. I slowly got to my feet, and he kicked me in the stomach as hard as he could.

Nick: “Just stay down Brandon. It’ll make this so much easier”

I wasn’t going to let him beat me like this. I waited for Nick to go for another kick, and this time I grabbed his leg and stood up, taking him down to the ground with a clothesline. I jumped on him and started to punch away at his face as hard and fast as I could. I wanted to rip Nick’s face off from what he did to my wife.

Nick eventually threw me off of him and stood back up to his feet.

Nick: “You’ve still got some fight left in you. How cute”

Nick ran and dodged all of my weakly thrown punches. He ran and me and connected with a flying knee to the jaw, sending me falling to the ground. I tried to get back up again, but I was kicked in the head once more, knocking me to the ground. Nick continued to stomp on my head over and over again, repeatedly preventing me from getting to my feet.

Nick: “You’re going to die just like your little bitch wife”

Nick reached down and grabbed me by the neck. He hooked his arm underneath my throat and began to squeeze. I tried to run towards a wall like I did before, but Nick jumped up and wrapped his legs around my body, preventing me from doing anything to fight it by pulling me down to the ground.

Nick: “Shhh….don’t fight it Brandon. It’ll all be over soon.”

I could feel myself fading. There was nothing that I could do. Nick’s grip was too strong, and he wasn’t going to release me until I was dead. I closed my eyes and tried to accept it. At least I would be seeing Karly soon. As I thought about her, a little bit of peace fell over me and I waited for the end.

Only the end was interrupted by a gunshot, and then my life rushing back to me.

I looked up at the doorway, and saw Anna standing there, her face stone-cold and expressionless. She held my handgun in front of her with a death grip, and it was aimed right at Nick Ridicule, who was rolling around on the ground, clutching his side.

Anna: “That’s for Karly you piece of shit”

I turned to see El Chapo reach for something, but Anna quickly pulled the trigger, shooting him twice in the knees, causing him to fall to the ground, screaming in pain.

I slowly stood up and stumbled over towards Anna, who was staring at Karly’s head in the corner of the room, her arms locked out in front of her with the gun in her hand. I slowly pried the gun from her hand and took it myself, as I walked towards Nick, who was trying to crawl away slowly. I grabbed him by the mohawk and lifted him up in the air.

I grabbed Nick by the head and lifted him in the air vertically, before dropping him onto my shoulder and slamming him backfirst onto the concrete floor with a Purifier move. Just what a certain someone would have wanted me to do.

I grabbed Nick by the head and held him up in a sitting position. I held my gun up to the side of his head. I looked him in the eyes as he looked back at me. I could see that he was already dead inside. He had no remorse for anything that he had done. He wasn’t going to apologize to me. And killing Nick wasn’t going to bring back Karly, Keagan or my parents. But it was damn sure going to help me deal. I looked Nick right in the eyes.

Brandon: “May the Lord be with you”

I pulled the trigger and watched as Nick Ridicule’s head exploded in front of me. Bits of his face and brain and skull flew all over the room, some of it getting on my face. I was covered in his blood. I looked down at the mess that used to be Nick Ridicule. There was no faking this. There was no coming back from this. Nick Ridicule was dead, and there was nothing that was going to bring him back.

I slowly looked up at El Chapo, who, for the first time, looked scared. He tried to crawl away, but his kneecaps were preventing him from doing anything. I slowly stood up and walked over to him, stepping on his knees as he screamed out in pain. I looked down at him and held his face close to mine.

Brandon: “You tried to destroy everything good in my life. You missed one”

I looked over at Anna, who had walked over to a closet and opened it up, where she was currently looking through it. Without saying a word, Anna pulled out a chainsaw and walked back over to us as I lifted El Chapo into a chair and tied him up to it.

El Chapo: “Please. You can have anything. I have more money than you need. You can have it all. Just have mercy”

Brandon: “Funny how the weak always beg when it’s all over. You know you have no chance Guzman. Quit wasting your breath.”

El Chapo: “Fuck you Brandon. If you just followed orders, none of this would have had to happen. You killed all of them. Not me”

I punched Chapo as hard as I could in the face.

Brandon: “You killed them. And now, we’re going to kill you.”

I looked at Anna, and nodded. I didn’t want to talk anymore. I just held El Chapo’s head in front of me and never broke eye contact as Anna got the chainsaw going, and slowly roughly cut El Chapo’s head off. Blood splattered everywhere, coating both myself and Anna. But I never broke eye contact. I actually watched the moment where the life left his body. Once Anna had cut all the way through his head, and it fell from its body, I finally broke eye contact and looked at Anna, who dropped the chainsaw and hugged me tightly. I stood up and hugged her back. We both looked at each other, covered in blood and brains and guts, made eye contact for a few moments, as time seemed to slow around us.

At that moment, I tried to find any sort of feelings left inside of me, but there was only one. My love for Anna. I felt no sadness, no anger, no peace, no nothing. Just the burning desire to love Anna. I immediately kissed her, and she kissed me back. It was long, it was passionate, it was meaningful. In a sense, I think it was what was always meant to be. Anna and I, together, with absolutely nothing left in our lives but each other. We were all we had, and we were all we were ever going to have now.

Brandon: “Anna, I think I love you”

Anna: “I know I love you”

I looked around the room, and saw a TV in the corner of the room. I walked over to it and turned it on. It was playing a clip from CNN. They were showing a picture of me. I turned on the volume and listened. They were saying that there was a country-wide manhunt for me. There was a warrant out for my arrest. I was wanted for multiple murders in association with the Sinaloa Cartel. They were calling me the second-in-command of the cartel. Boy if only they knew the truth.

Anna: “We can’t go back”

I looked back at Anna. God even when she was covered in other human remains, she looked beautiful. I didn’t know why I was feeling this. I had just lost my wife, who I had loved more than anything in this world, but somehow, for some reason, I felt more attracted to and more love for Anna than I had ever felt in my entire life.

Brandon: “Is there anything to even go back to?”

Anna: “I just never want to leave you again”

We had lost everything in our lives. But we still had each other. And this cartel.

Brandon: “They’re going to need a new leader.”

Anna: “We’ve got nothing left”

Brandon: “This is what we were meant to do”

I walked over to the head of Karly, which was laying there in the corner, separated from her body, totally lifeless. I looked at it. I didn’t feel sad, or upset or anything. Just more emptiness. This is what it felt like to be dead inside. And you truly did have to be dead inside to be in this business. I picked up Karly’s head and closed her eyes. I walked over to her body and set the head with it, and crossed her arms. I left it there for the moment. I would come back later to have a proper funeral for her, but right now I just wanted to make sure the mess was somewhat clean.

I reached down and grabbed the head of El Chapo. I walked hand in hand with Anna towards the main room. We walked outside where hundreds of men stood, as if waiting for something to happen. Perhaps El Chapo had ordered them to do this. But nobody shot me when I walked out. I lifted El Chapo’s head up in the air.

Brandon: “El Chapo está muerto! Tu líder está muerto! Yo soy tu jefe de gobiern!. Ustedes trabajan para mí ahora!”

I looked around and got nothing but nods from the crowd of men. Whether they were scared of me, or maybe just didn’t care as long as they got paid. But nobody seemed to disagree, and in fact, everyone began to go back to their usual posts. I stood there, still holding Anna’s hand and El Chapo’s lifeless head, as someone approached me and spoke to me in heavily accented English.

Hector: “I am Hector Leyva. I was El Chapo’s second in command until recently. If you wish to take over this cartel, there is much that I must teach you.”

Brandon: “Whatever I need to know, you tell me. You work for me now”

I looked over at Anna who smiled weakly at me. I looked around at everything that was happening. This was all mine now. I had lost almost everything, but I had gained so much in the process. I was empty, and I would always be empty. But this was going to be my life now. I was the new leader of the biggest drug cartel in the world. And I still had Anna by my side. I guess there was a little bit of luck on my side. But there was still one thing that I had to do.

***Sunday, August 25th***
***Yankee Stadium, New York***

I lay perfectly still in the hidden compartment underneath the floor of the truck that Anna was driving into the arena. It was almost time for my match, and the entire arena was crawling with FBI, DEA, and SWAT team officers. Alex Dillinger had managed to stall them with bullshit talks about how my contract prevented me from being arrested before I fulfilled my obligations, as in this final match with Gordon. But I had to get to that ring first before I was safe. If they caught me before my match, it was game over.

So Anna and I had devised yet another plan. Not to mention a plan for how to break out after I was arrested, but that was a whole different story. I was hiding under the truck, as Anna was delivering food to all of the tired wrestlers for after From the Ashes. As the agents searched it, I made sure to hold my breath and not move. We had blocked the compartment with a sealant that prevented any of my smell from getting out, so no dog would find me. I was safe. Nothing was going to stop me now.

After a few minutes, I felt the van start to move again. I waited until it stopped again, and then heard someone walking around the back of the van and opening up my compartment. I looked up and saw Anna grinning back down at me as she helped me out of the van.

Anna: “Piece of cake”

Brandon: “Have I ever let you down before?”

Anna and I wrapped ourselves in a huge embrace and long make out session. Fuck I loved her. How could I have been so blind before. Anna was the only person in this world that I cared about, and I knew that for a fact now.

Anna: “It’s time. Ready to do this?”

Brandon: “Everything has gone perfectly. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be”

Anna kissed me again and hopped back into the driver’s seat of the van. She turned on the car and drove it up a ramp and into the hallway of the arena. She drove through the hallways towards the entrance curtain, as people dove out of the way, yelling at her. As Anna made it to the gorilla position, and spun around, I turned back towards her and smiled.

Brandon: “I’ll see you soon”

Anna: “Good luck babe”

I threw open the back doors of the truck and slammed them shut as Anna drove off back down the hallway. I immediately walked through the curtain as my music played over the loudspeakers, signalling my arrival to the fans. They all knew by now what I was. I expected the boos that I got. But I loved it. I was the most powerful man in the world, and I was with the most powerful woman in the world. And I couldn’t have asked for a happier ending to my story. Anna and I back together again. It just made sense. Everything ended up back to the way it was, the way it always should have been. After this match was over, after I took away Gordon’s IWF title, after I was arrested for my crimes, I would vanish.

And I would never return.


I came back to the IWF for one reason and one reason only. To prove to every single IWF fan that what they were getting was not the best that they could get.

For months, no, years after I retired from the IWF, I watched as the level of superstars’ skills decayed. Sure there were a few good ones here and there. But for the most part, the days of elite wrestlers were gone. Instead, we got a bunch of average wrestlers who whined and complained and got main event pushes when they didn’t deserve them. I bit my tongue for a long time, because I didn’t want to get involved with in-ring stuff. I was perfectly content with my job backstage, trying to find some of the best and trying to push the actual best in the company.

But then I lost that job. And then I lost every reason that I had to bite my tongue. I had no reason to stay quiet anymore. I had to come back into that ring and prove to everyone that IWF was suffering. Without myself working backstage with Corey to make IWF the best it could be, the product was going to suffer. The same shitty wrestlers would be paraded around as main event level superstars, pretending that they were actually good wrestlers and actually deserved the spot they were in. These guys never beat any of the best. They just talked a lot, complained about one thing then did the same thing, and beat embarrassingly weak competition and somehow were given title shots and other big time matches.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to come back and send a message. I had to show everyone that there was better than what they were getting. I knew how good I was and how good I could be. I knew firsthand how bad these other guys were. I knew that I could beat the fuck out of everyone in this company, without even so much as breaking a sweat. And I was intent on doing exactly that.

So I came back and won Path to Valhalla, for the second time. There’s only been three of those matches in IWF history, and I won two of them. And I won this one without having wrestled in over 5 months. That just goes to show you exactly how bad the people in that match were. The best wrestler in that entire match was Tiffani Michaels, and ever since I beat her, she hasn’t won a single match. Hasn’t even been competitive in any of them. Just goes to show you that I elevate people to the best of their abilities. But you know who I didn’t elevate?

Gordon Fury.

I went in that match expecting a fight from the guy that I had been stalking for weeks, playing head games with, trying to get him to do anything. And so when I was met with a weak effort and easy elimination, I realized that they were even worse wrestlers than I thought. I figured that I had nothing to gain from fighting anyone in this company. What would I do by squashing some shitty guy they call main event? I was at least hoping that I’d be in some kind of competitive matches, but no. I had to call in my own opponent to fight. Someone I knew would elevate his game and fight me at an equal level of what I was giving.

I called in another IWF legend in James Shark.

And you know what happened? I beat him too. And now he’s retired. I physically beat the will to wrestle out of Shark. The man is a legend, and after stepping in that ring with me, he no longer wants to do this. That’s how you defeat someone. And before you go around acting like Shark isn’t as good as you or others in the IWF, just stop. Look at the IWF all-time rankings. Number one? Me. Number two? James Shark. Grand Slam Champion, multiple-time IWF Champion. A legend. Shark has more talent in his left big toe than Gordon Fury does in his entire body.

My match with Shark was so big that it even took precedent over the IWF Championship match at Heroes Also Die. Do I need to repeat that? A non-title match between two part timers was placed in the main event over the IWF fucking Championship. That’s how little the management trusts Ethan Cage and Gordon Fury to draw money. They know what Shark and I do. They know we bring the house and make the money. They know how much Gordon and Ethan suck.

Yeah I watched that match. I was so thoroughly unimpressed though that I actually fell asleep during it, right before my big match. I watched two guys pretend to be good wrestlers, but all they did was grapple fuck each other and maybe throw a punch and a knee in there until Gordon somehow won randomly. It actually amazes me that Gordon can ever win a match, but I underestimated the lack of talents that Ethan Cage has. But whatever. Gordon won, and finally got his match against me on the biggest stage of them all. This is a place of legends, and I am going to prove how Gordon does not belong in the same conversation as us.

Gordon, this is the biggest match of your career. You’re going to have to elevate yourself to a level that you’ve never been before. But for me? This is just a regular old championship match. You’re the champion, but I’m the favourite. People know that I’m better than you. You have all the pressure of proving them wrong. Do I have pressure to win? Absolutely. It would be pathetic if I lost. But that’s obviously not going to happen. I’ve had main events at From the Ashes before. I’ve been in matches much bigger than this. I know how to handle the pressure. I know exactly what I need to do out there to not only beat you, but humiliate you. I’ve dealt with the pressure. The first time I was in a big match, I let it affect me and I lost. I know you Gordon, and I know that you can’t escape the pressure no matter what. It’s going to affect you out there, whether you like it or not.

Gordon, you seem to think that you can just go out there and knee me in the face over and over again. You’ve gone on record as saying such. Man you’ve got it all figured out, don’t you? You’ve studied the tapes and found my weakness. The best way to beat Brandon is to just knee him in the face. Wow. I’m impressed that you figured that out. I mean, it’s not like I’ve had over fifty other matches where people were able to figure out my weakness like you did.

Oh wait you fucking moronic idiot.

If it were just that easy, I wouldn’t be in the fucking Hall of Fame. You can’t just go out and knee me in the face you fucking stupid “arse”hole.  By the way, this is fucking America and we don’t ride around on kangaroos and go to the opera and say arse. We say ass. Start getting it right if you ever want to be taken seriously here. But I digress. What if I put my hands in front of my face? Well shit, there goes your entire gameplan doesn’t it? I’ve just figured out a way to thwart your entire plan to beat me. Better go back to the drawing board.

The truth is Gordon, and I know it after listening to your press conference, is that you have no idea how to beat me. You don’t know if you can outwrestle me, outhustle me, outsmart me, or anything. You realize that I’m one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the IWF right? I’m trained in most martial art disciplines out there. I may not be the fastest guy in the ring, but it’s pretty easy to slow a bouncing ball of energy down. I’ll just shove my forearm into your mouth, and that’ll keep you at bay. And trust me, I’ve been in this business long enough that there’s maybe one man who could outsmart me in that ring, and it’s Chuck Matthews. Not you. So how are you going to beat me Gordon? I have a muay thai background too, so have fun trying to use that to your advantage. I would like to see your attempts to knee me in the face in person. Please, do it. Just so I can see your fucking face when I block it and you realize that it’s not going to work.

I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever been in that ring with Gordon, and you’re going to find out first hand on Sunday night. Nothing can prepare you for me. So in a way, you were right. There isn’t any special way that you can train for me. You just have to guess. And trust me, that hasn’t worked for many people. I suppose you could ask some of the best guys who have beaten me for advice. But even they’ll tell you that you can’t prepare for me. You just have to wait for your moment to strike. But I don’t let that moment come easily.

You are a transitional champion Gordon. You’re not going to get one single fucking defense. You are going to hold that title for a total of one fucking month, and that’s it. You are not carrying this company, and you never will. You’re just a midcard guy Gordon, someone who deserves to hold onto that High Impact Championship but nothing more. In a time where main event players are nowhere to be found in IWF, they just threw you a bone since they had nobody else. You won, good for you, whoop dee doo. But now they get the real deal back. Brandon Macdonald, IWF Hall of Famer. I’m the face of this fucking company. I’m going to carry it back to greatness. I was carrying this company when there were greats throughout the company. This company needs some old-school to spark something in the new school wrestlers. So I don’t know how the fuck you plan to do that, since you’re shit and you’ve only been here for a few months.

I started this entire fucking company Gordon. You’re only here right now because of what I did. The sooner you get that through your thick fucking skull, the sooner you’ll realize that I’m exactly the legend that I say that I am.

I’ve beaten the best in this business multiple times. Chuck Matthews, Corey Casey, Brenton Cyrus, James Shark. Who the fuck have you beaten Gordon? Ethan Cage, Tim Patrick? I’m sorry but we’re not even in the same league. I’ve held the IWF Championship longer than anyone in the history of the company. I’ve main evented more shows than anyone else in the company. I’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame, I’ve been the wrestler of the year, I’ve had the most violent match in IWF history and I’ve had the most five-star matches in the history of the company. There’s a short laundry list of the accomplishments that I have in this company.

That was then, this is now, blah blah, fucking bullshit. I’m the same guy now as I was then. If anything, I’ve gotten much more cold and emotionless thanks to what’s been going on in my life recently. I don’t feel remorse, I don’t regret anything I’ve ever done or will ever do. Beating you will be a lot of fun. I have all these ideas on how to punish you physically and mentally. Even more so than I’ve already done. You know I’ve gotten to you Gordon, haven’t I? I’m trying to sell this fight, and all you’re doing is hiding from me, refusing to get involved in any type of physical altercation or verbal attack. Why Gordon? You’re the champion, and all people see is a scared little bitch that’s running away from a challenge by some old washed-up fucker who used to be great. Why aren’t you fighting back? Are you saving it all for our match? You’re lucky that I’m so fucking popular. People pay to see me wrestle. That means that people are going to be paying to see you too. But trust me, if I wasn’t this popular, your stupid little fucking scared shit wouldn’t fly. Nobody cares about a guy who doesn’t do anything. Not only that, but you’re the fucking champion. You should never back down from a battle or challenge. You should be going above and beyond for the IWF fans. They all want you to fight back, to slap me in the mouth and shut me up. But instead, you ignore them and just do whatever you want for yourself.

Sometimes I just don’t get you Gordon. You act like you care about the fans, but then you really don’t. You only care about yourself. You’re an asshole, and you need to just accept it. Stop trying to act high and mighty and like you’re better than me. Just get down to my level, where your true level is, and come at me. Just throw one insult at me. Punch me in the face one time. I know how badly you want to. Stop hiding yourself Gordon, and just fucking come at me.

Gordon, you’ve done jack fucking shit in this company, and you don’t deserve an ounce of fucking respect. You’ve been here a few months, and act like you own the fucking place. You got me fired, big whoop, how’d that work out for you? I’m still here, and I’m about to take your championship. You haven’t run through everyone put in your way. You haven’t even had a fucking title defense yet. I’ve actually BEATEN you in a match when I eliminated you from Path to Valhalla.

You’re nothing Gordon. You’re a worthless piece of shit wrestler who doesn’t deserve to even sniff my fucking jockstrap. This weekend at From the Ashes, I’m going to teach you a thing or two about respect for someone like me. And I’m going to teach the rest of IWF, and all of its fans, that it can do so much better. I’m going to remind everyone that they actually can see good wrestlers in that ring in front of them. I’m going to remind them that I’m considered the greatest wrestler in IWF history for a reason. I’m going to show you that you can’t fucking hang with me in that ring. No matter what you do, no matter how close you think you are to winning, you will never beat me.

I came back here looking to get a match with you Gordon. I wanted to humiliate you at the same time I humiliated the guys who fired me. What better way to do that then to beat you for the precious IWF Championship, on the biggest stage of them all? No, I lied. I’m not just going to beat you. I’m going to end your career. Cripple you in that ring. After our match, you’ll pull a James Shark, and realize that you don’t deserve to be in the same sport as someone like me.

Enjoy the IWF Championship belt while you have it Gordon. Enjoy being a transitional champ while you can. Because come Sunday, that belt is leaving with me. The company is leaving with me. And you’ll be leaving with nothing but a broken neck, and shattered pride.

But hey, at least you can always put this on your resume, right?

“Was Brandon Macdonald’s buffer bitch for the start of his record third IWF Championship title reign.”


IWF Record: 24 Wins 7 Losses 2 Draws
Overall Pro Wrestling Record: 42 Wins 8 Losses 2 Draws

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PostSubject: Re: Gordon Fury [vs] Brandon Macdonald   Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:55 am

“An Unexpected Face”

The scene opens in the backstage area of the arena that, in a few hours, will be hosting IWF pay-per-view From The Ashes.  Gordon Fury walks through the backstage area, wearing his usual casual stuff, just looking around and getting a feel for the place.

Ever since I started wrestling, I have had a thing for coming to the arena early and scoping the place out, just walking the hallways, that sort of shit.  Helps me somewhat familiarise myself with my surroundings, so that tonight when I get to the arena, so I’m not shitting myself going into a new place.  I do need to find my locker room though, that is kind of important.

Gordon rounds a corner, and in the next hallway stand 2 members of the backstage crew, doing a mini sound and mic check with a third person, who was not a member of the backstage crew.  Dude, is that Jaci “hates your guts” Sovereign?

Indeed it is.  I quickly try to consider my options, but before I can, Jaci looks up from what she is doing, straight at me.  Shit.

With a smile, she gives him a little wave while wearing a tight red short, strapless dress with skin tone heels.

Jaci: Hi Gordon, let me guess, you’re here early to get … “comfortable”

picking up a microphone off one of the nearby tables, she hands it to one of the crew members so they could run the necessary sound test for it since it will be the microphone she will be using tonight.

Well, may as well go make conversation, no need to be a rude douchebag.  I walk over to her.

Gordon Fury: Hey Jaci, nice to see you again, its been awhile.  And yeh, I like to scope out my surroundings before a show.  I have the tendency to get a bit lost, and getting used to the place beforehand is always good.

I offer my hand to her, but I am still kind of scared she is going to bite it off.

Moments like this, I’m glad I don’t have hands.  Reaching out, Jaci places her hand in his and shakes it.

Jaci:  Yeah, I do the same thing as you can tell. Sometimes it helps you get the upper hand as well.

We put our hands down before I speak.

Gordon Fury:Wait a sec, you are gonna be at From The Ashes? Are you competing again?

Jaci:  after what you did to me? I don’t think so…

shaking her head a bit she gave him that look, that sad look like it was all Gordons fault…

And there it is. What a shock.

Well you shouldn’t really be surprised, you DID retire her.  Seeing him sweat, she smiles and starts to laugh a little.

Jaci:  Oh chill out Gordon, i’m over it you should be too. You were doing your job trying to make me tap out and unfortunately you did all you could to make that happen and it just never happened. That must have been very frustrating on you, I get it. The reason why I am here is to announce Alex’s match.

Well she at least seems to understand, thats good, I suppose.  Anyway, the fact she is here to announce for her mate is cool.

Gordon Fury: Ah right, that makes sense.  Its good to see you are still there for Alex.  I did all I could last week, but now its up to him.  And I may be biased because of what I did, but I’m glad to see you back in IWF, even if it is only for a night.

I take a second to briefly look her up and down.

Gordon Fury:You are dressed a bit early for it though aren’t ya? Or is this your casual attire.

I chuckle, cause I’m hilarious.

Of course you are.

Jaci:  You don’t get where I am without looking good 24/7. There are always cameras at every turn, at my front door. I kind of have a reputation can’t tarnish that. Plus me looking good gets people curious about if I’ll return to the ring or not.

Gordon Fury:I think there are other positives for you looking good, but they speak for themselves.  Then again I doubt you could ever not look good, no matter what you are wearing. I personally couldn’t manage that shit.  Rough, seedy, somewhat bogan world champ works fine for me.  

I shrug and chuckle to myself again.

Jaci: I like how you added world champion as though it affects your looks somehow. Because when I look at you I see a very…

Gives Gordon a slow checking over with her eyes before looking into his.

Jaci:   handsome man in front of me. Who looks better without a title if you know what I mean.

I give her a half smile.

Gordon Fury: No need to lie to me to spare my feelings Jaci, I’m tough. That said, I do appreciate the words.  And while being world champion doesn’t affect me cosmetically, that is what people see.  Anyone who follows IWF doesn’t see me as Gordon Fury, they see me as IWF World Champion Gordon Fury.  It is apart of who I am now, and that is just something I have to get used to.

Jaci sighs, rolling her eyes a bit before giving Gordon a disappointed look.

Jaci: A title doesn’t define you, you define the title. If you act like it’s more important than you, that is what people will see. The IWF world champion Gordon Fury, not Gordon Fury the IWF world champion. Don’t let it take over you, don;t let it wear you. If you do? then if you lose it, you will feel like you lost your self and drive yourself insane trying to get it back.

Gordon Fury:Don’t look at me like that Jaci, you have no idea what I have gone through to get where I am.  The world title is the only real constant in my life right now.  Being world champion, having this federation on my back, it means EVERYTHING to me.  I can’t lose, I WON’T lose.  

I take a deep breath.

Gordon Fury: I appreciate your concern Jaci, I do, but I’m fine. This is just how things are, and I’ll deal.

I rub my eyes with my left hand before cracking my neck.

Dude did you even sleep last night?

Of course I did!  2 full hours.

If I had a head, I would shake it at you.

Jaci:  I have no idea what you have gone through?

Pivoting her weight on one foot, she folds her arms across her chest and raises an eyebrow at Gordon.

Gordon Fury:No Jaci, you don’t.  You have your own story, I get that, but you honestly have no idea.  Even from day one I bet you had your merits, reason people would care about what you did.  From day one no one gave a shit about me.  I could have dropped off the face of the planet and NO ONE would have cared.  I MADE people care.  I clawed, I scraped, and I fought, for EVERYTHING I have ever done in this business. I am not saying that you haven’t, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t understand Jaci.  Someone who punched her ticket as one of the greats in this business can’t understand.  I tore the world title from Ethan Cage, in my first opportunity, because there may not have been a second one.  It would not take much for someone like me to fade into obscurity, and I REFUSE to let that happen.

Taking a step forward, standing nose to nose with him she begins to speak…

Jaci:  When I started I was a nobody just some blonde haired bimbo managing her two brothers. Then when I started to wrestle,. women’s wrestling was nothing more than visual entertainment. We had no respect as a division or as people. All we were… were tits and ass living out some some couch potatoes lesbian fantasy. I started in the indy’s where I was put in all men’s match for a joke for a title and when I won, I wasn’t cheered, I wasn’t praised, I didn’t gain any respect. I was still looked down upon. After that when I actually went to a promotion that aired on TV I was back facing women because people still believed we couldn’t hack it against men. I worked my ass off to prove them wrong, I beat every single women on their payroll and thats when they decided to give me a chance against a man named Boris Petrov. But they couldn’t just give me that match they had to make me earn it by throwing me in a mixed tag match. After I won that I went on to face him in a hardcore match… a match that a woman has never competed in before in that company. After that one match I slowly started to become somebody.

Jaci:  I know exactly how you feel, and what you are going through, but a title doesn’t make you a somebody, it doesn’t make you have respect. What you do in that ring day in and day out makes you who you are and what you are capable of doing against all the odds is what earns you respect.

Gordon Fury:Don’t you think I know that? I worked that shit out from day one.  But right now, I am at the top of the mountain, and it will not take much for the ground to slide out from under me.  It’s not the belt that defines me, but being a champion is who I am.  If you don’t approve and want to hold it against me, fine.  But I will keep fighting, and I will keep moving forward, until I am known as the greatest wrestler who ever lived.

Out of nowhere, Jaci slaps Gordon across the face and as he is leaned over she leans down towards his ear.

Jaci: Being a champion isn’t who you are, the sooner you figure that out the better because until then you will never become the greatest wrestler who ever lived. Hopefully what I just did  will knock some sense into you if not I am up for giving you a DDT of some sort.

Gordon’s head snaps back, his face right in hers again, almost nose to nose, a fire in his eyes.  Well not a literal fire, but you know what I mean.  He just stands there as his fists start to clench, but he takes a step back, looking away slightly, flexing his hands.

Gordon Fury: I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. And I meant no disrespect, its just… for me, its just how things are.

Jaci:  They don’t have to be, thats a choice Gordon one that makes me think that you think very little of your self.

Gordon Fury: I know I am capable of great things, things that defy all reasoning and expectations.  But the man beneath those actions leaves a lot to be desired.

Jaci:  You are a great person Gordon, wish you could see that.

To think that Jaci would be saying that to me, it kind of boggles the mind.

It really does.

Gordon Fury: You know Jaci, I never thought I would hear something like that from you.  From day one you haven’t liked me, why has that suddenly changed?

Jaci:  I never said I didn’t like you Gordon, I didn’t like how you worded something. We both know this. Why you keep forgetting that is beyond me.  I might have hated you a while after the incident but things like that happen everyday in the business we are in. Nothing has changed Gordon, I just decided to let the stupid shit go.

Gordon Fury: Well, I appreciate that.  Seriously though, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I’ve lasted this long, and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Putting her hand on his shoulder she tilts her head.

Jaci: You’re going to learn this business the hard way aren’t you?

The look of concern on her face is obvious, and I would be lying if I said I haven’t seen it before.  I look into her eyes, trying to convince myself as much as her.

Gordon Fury: Its the only way I know Jaci.  The easy way has never been an option for me, why should it be now?

Jaci:  Just be careful, and… good luck out there

I give her a reassuring smile as I put my hand on hers that’s on my shoulder.

Gordon Fury: Why do people keep telling me to be careful? I’m always careful.

I chuckle and give her a wink.

Gordon Fury: I’ll do what I can Jaci.  And thanks.

Jaci:  Even though we both know you’re full of shit, I guess I can take the thought behind it and it was a pleasure Gordon.

I take my hand off of hers as she drops it back to her side.

Gordon Fury: What can I say, being full of shit is part of my charm. It was good to see you again Jaci.

Gordon then decides to finish with a touch of awkwardness, as he tries to work out whether to hug her or shake her hand.  Trust me, its hilarious.

Jaci:  You can hug me, I won’t bite… hard

Smiling at him she opens her arms and move her fingers in and out telling him to bring it in.  Gordon shrugs.

Gordon Fury: Good enough for me.

I open my arms and move in for the hug, wrapping my arms around her as she does the same. Not gonna lie, I kind of expected a trap.

Its because you are super paranoid.

Yeh pretty much.

Jaci goes to give Gordon a quick peck on the cheek, but he must have caught her head turn assuming she was going to say something and turn his head as well making the quick kiss land on his lips instead.  Gordon lets go and instinctively back away a few steps.

Gordon Fury:Shit!  I’m so sorry, I wasn’t trying to…

Aww you’re going red!

Shut the fuck up!

Jaci:  We’ll just call it a kiss for good luck ay?

Wait… she didn’t tear my head off? She didn’t yell at me? I am so confused right now.

Gordon Fury: Umm… yeh, I suppose so? Umm, thanks for that then, I guess?

Jaci: ... Don’t you have some exploring to do?

Gordon Fury: Umm… yeh, I sure do. I’ll uh. see you around I suppose.  Have fun tonight.

Jaci:  Sure thing.

Well that’s my cue to get the fuck out of here.  I walk past her further down the hallway, trying to put that little bit of awkwardness behind me.

Dude, your whole life is awkwardness.

Trust me, I know.

Jaci looks after him as she shakes her head.  The scene fades to black.

“The Final Confrontation”

The scene opens up to a large barren wasteland.  Well barren except for the numerous corpses scattered through it.  The sound of clashing steel can be heard, as the forms of two warriors can be seen in the distance.  One of them is Gordon Fury, clad in golden armour, wielding his signature spear, The Dread Spike.  The other man clad in silver armour, looks alot like Ethan Cage.


This shit again really?

Yes, this shit again. And it will be done everytime I do one of these things, so get the fuck over it.

Go on then.

All people that look like actual people aren’t actual people. Well they are, but they aren’t the actual people they are playing, they are themselves. You get the idea, fuck you.

Anyway… The other guy, who looks alot like Ethan Cage, is weilding a large battle ax.  He swings it at Gordon’s head, but Gordon ducks at the last minute, sending Ethan spinning around with his momentum, his back facing Gordon. With no hesitation, Gordon drives his spear through Ethan’s back, before yanking it out, his dead body collapsing to the floor.  Gordon bends down and detaches the belt that ethan has clamped around his waist.  I hold it up and look at it.

Gordon Fury: This is it. The key to what I have been searching for.  I way to leave this land and lead the people of the Insurgency into a new era of living, a better place.

I hold the belt out in front of me, and the centre plate starts glowing as a portal opens up in front of me.  Through this portal is the most beautiful scenery you have even seen, you know like trees, and grass, and all of that pretty shit.

Gordon takes a step towards the portal, before he hears a voice behind him.

???: And where do you think you’re going?

He turns around to face the voice, and its Brandon Macdonald, clad in a suit of black armour, a broadsword in his hand. Well not actually Brandon, but you know what I mean.

Gordon Fury: I am so close of bringing the Insurgency into a new era, and you won’t stop me!

Brandon smirks.

Brandon Macdonald: No, see, I think I will.  You are leading the Insurgency into a false sense of security, where their champions are weak and pathetic. Here is where the Insurgency belongs, built on the bodies of the weak, defended by its true champion. Me.  With you as its leader, the Insurgency will become weak, pathetic, a shadow of its former self. I refuse to let that happen.

Gordon Fury:You are pathetic. The Insurgency has outgrown this place. It has evolved to a point where we can enjoy a new home, and people like you, who once defended this place, are no longer needed.  The new Insurgency needs a new champion, and that man is me.

Brandon Macdonald: Over my dead body. Once I kill you and take that belt, I will close the portal for good, and I will  retake my role as champion!

Gordon Fury: Bring it on.

Gordon raises the Dread Spike, and Brandon raises his broadsword.  The sun peeks through the dark array of clouds above them, and the light hits the centre of the belt, reflecting light straight into the camera.  The blinding light fills the entire scene before slowly fading out to show the inside of the arena for IWF pay-per-view From The Ashes. The posters on the walls, the thousands upon thousands of seats littered throughout the arena, and of course, a wrestling ring in the centre of it all.  In this ring stands Gordon Fury, since this is his promo, so obviously its gonna be him.

No need to be a smart arse.

Coming from you?

Fair point.

Gordon is standing in the ring, wearing a pink V-neck T-shirt, and a pair of faded denim jeans, the World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder

Gordon Fury: You know, when I first debuted for IWF, this was worlds away from my grasp.  Not just the World Heavyweight Championship, but ALL of this.

Gordon gestures around him.

Gordon Fury: I mean I have wrestled in front of huge crowds before, but nothing the size of the crowd we have tonight.  Every single chair in this arena will have an arse in the seat, and that in and of itself is amazing. And it is at this event, the biggest event IWF has, that I have my first, true, pay-per-view main event.  My face is the sole face of the From The Ashes poster, I am the current World champion, ALL of this!  From the first day I stepped foot into a wrestling ring, these are things I would dream of..  To not just be another wrestler, to be THE wrestler.  To be the very best, like no one ever was.

...Did you just do what I think you just did.

No comment.

Gordon Fury:And in less than a year, I have achieved what some wrestlers never achieve in their whole fucking careers.  And you know what? Its STILL not fucking enough.

I am still underestimated, I am still considered the underdog. I am the world champion, and I am considered the underdog.  How fucked up is that?  I'll answer that for you, its REALLY fucked up.    And the only reason for that is because I am fighting Brandon Macdonald, the supposed greatest wrestler IWF has ever seen.  And you know what Brandon?

Here is comes.

Gordon Fury: Its true.


Gordon Fury: You were the greatest wrestler and champion IWF had EVER seen.  But you notice something about that last sentence? It was all in past tense.  And the reason you are even back in the first place, is because you know that fact, and are too afraid to let go.

You know from the first day I found out it was you behind that mask, I knew this match would happen. I didn't know when, but I knew it would.  Since then, at least in the back of my mind, I have been preparing for this match.  I have been getting ready for this confrontation.  And you of course Brandon. Haven't.  And why should you right? I mean, you are Brandon Macdonald, you barely even consider this match worth your time. You just want the world title, so you can carry the company back to its past glory.  You just don't fucking get it do Brandon?  The old IWF is GONE.  In your mind this new IWF is shit, and is going to destroy the company you apparently love, but you know what I think Brandon?  You want things to go back to the way they were because that is when you were relevant.  In the old IWF you were top dog, you were the be all and end all of this company.  Now?  Yes, while there are some people who think its cool that you are back, but when the chips fall, no one really cares about you anymore Brandon.  You tried to push yourself down all of our throats, especially mine, to prove to your that your time wasn't over.  News flash Brandon, it IS over. And you know it.  You know that right now, I am the face of this company, I am the one that people tune in to see, and it burns you up.  It burns you up that its me in the top spot and not you.  

And speaking of you being “back”, and your love of this company, is only wrestling one match a month considered love?  Is spitting in the face of everything this business and IWF is about considered love?  You are full of shit Brandon, you don't give a FUCK about IWF, this is all about you, and your selfish pride.  The funny thing is, it is that selfish pride, that is why come From The Ashes. I WILL leave World Heavyweight Champion.

I mean yes, you have won your last two PPV matches, but if you REALLY think throwing me over the top rope counts as you “beating me”, you are ever more delusional than I thought.  And you know what, beating Shark is impressive.  But while you look at it as winning your last two PPV matches, you know how I see it?  You have wrestled, two matches.  That's it.  Since your match with Axle Vengeance, that you lost, and I BEAT by the way, you have had a grand total of two matches.  You think beating Shark proves you can still hang? Shark was almost as dodgy with his appearances as you.  Almost.  You think that after two matches that you are ready to be world champion again? I have fought every single fucking week I have been booked, for the better part of a year.  I EARNED my shot at the World Title, you bullied your way into yours.  But you still think this match with me is going to be a cakewalk.  In your mind, you are going to decimate me.  But you know what Brandon. You aren't fucking ready.

That's right, Brandon is not ready for me.  You see Brandon, you have all of these back up things that you do when you are not wrestling.  Wrestling is a hobby to you, it is something you thought yeh, maybe i'll go back.  You know what I'm doing when I'm wrestling?  Eating and sleeping.  Thats it.  Wrestling is not a fucking hobby Brandon. The World Title is not a toy.  There was a day when you understood this, but that day has obviously long gone.  Wrestling, being World Champion, carrying this company, is my life.  It is ALL I have.  I have never been given a single thing in my entire career, and I am grateful for that.  Because I know what this business is about.  You think you can just walk back in, not wrestle every week, because you don't want to, wrestle one match, and be deemed a champion again.  It doesn’t fucking work like that!  Wrestling is EVERYTHING to me Brandon, and you have no idea what that is like.  By you coming back and doing what you are doing, you are not only shitting all over this company you are apparently trying to save, but you are shitting all over the industry that fucking MADE you.  The industry that I would be lost without.  You see for you this match is just business, to take my world title.  For me Brandon, this match is BEYOND personal.  Not only for what you did personally, but as a champion. No, as a WRESTLER, I REFUSE to let someone like you hold the world title.  I fucking reufse to allow a piece of shit disillusioned arrogant cunt face to stain that title and this company by being it's “champion”.  I told you on twitter Brandon, I would rather die than let you take this title from me, and I fucking well meant it.  I am driven for this match more than I have been driven for any match in my entire career, and not only do you have to beat me Brandon, you have to do it TWICE!

You really don't understand how dangerous I can be Brandon, you are in your own fucking la la land and refuse to take stock of what is going on around you.  But you are right about one thing, if you want to win, you can't enter the match with even the possibility in your mind that you might lose.  I am going into this match with complete faith in myself, and what I fight for.  You think all this bullshit you have pulled, all the jokes you tell, that you are getting in my head?  Go ahead, think that.  You think you have this all figured out, but come From The Ashes, I will fucking hit you like a freight train, and it will a true champion to stop me.  And that isn't you Brandon.  The only advantage you truly have, is experience, which you obviously have pissed away, and your reputation, which is funnily enough, the ONLY thing that you have left.  You reputation as the best.  People, including you, look at me as the underdog, as the person who is just going to get massacred in that ring.  You will talk a big game, you will sling insults, but at the end of the day, the bullshit you speak will not matter.  The twitter jabs, the insults, will NOT matter.  What will matter, is when I beat you, not once, but twice.  When I finally prove to the world what I already fucking know.  That I am the World Heavyweight Champion, and I am here to stay.  The new era of IWF is here.  New blood, new stars, a breath of fresh air int the company.  And I am the man who is going to represent us as World Champion coming into the new era.  Because unlike you Brandon, who only fights for himself and what he can gain, but fighting to defend this belt, I fight for every single fucking member of the Insurgency.  Not just the fans, but the roster, the backstage crew, the administration, ALL OF THEM!  Because they are my family.  This fed is my home, and you are an intruder trying to break into my home, and take the most precious thing in my life away from  me.  

Know this Brandon, at From The Ashes you will be fighting a man like one you have NEVER fought before.  I will catch you off guard, and I will make you pay for EVERYTHING you have done, not just to me, not just to this company, but the business that I love, and would do anything to protect from the likes of you.  I WILL leave From The Ashes as World Heavyweight Champion Brandon, and that is a fucking promise.  And unluckily for you Brandon,  I don't break my promises.

Its time for you to face the fury...


Gordon leaves the ring as the scene fades to black.


1 x World Heavyweight Champion (current)
2 x IWF High Impact Champion
4th place in 2013 Survive and Conquer
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Gordon Fury [vs] Brandon Macdonald
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