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 Jason Gabriel [vs] Griffin Hawkins

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Jason Gabriel [vs] Griffin Hawkins   Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:59 am

Jason Gabriel
Griffin Hawkins



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PostSubject: Re: Jason Gabriel [vs] Griffin Hawkins   Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:10 pm


I like this job, I really do.  I get to do all of the cool stuff I did before, and I’m less likely to have a nutcase squish me on a table.  But whenever they send me to interview him, it’s awkward.  I don’t know why they do it. Maybe Alex Dillinger genuinely thinks I’m his best interviewer. Well…I am his best looking one, that’s for sure. I guess when you’re a pro wrestling interviewer that’s really all that matters, isn’t it? But still, ever since Jason’s come back and started being Jason instead of Stygian; nobody else has interviewed him. I know it’s not because he won’t talk to anybody else. In fact, I think he’d rather deal with anyone else besides me. But here I am at Madison Square Garden, going over a short list of questions while makeup puts some finishing touches on both of us before we start shooting this. Maybe Alex has never even noticed. I mean, I don’t think Alex Dillinger really runs things that way. I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who says, “I need something from Jason Gabriel, hey Lilah, go interview your ex because I’m a sick bastard.”

It’s really sort of strange seeing him there with Vanessa Cade. I mean really? She’s totally not his type! She’s kinda skinny, kinda athletic, she’s…Canadian. I mean, don’t get me wrong she’s hot and all. She’s got great legs and a nice ass. But her boobs are kinda… I mean, they’re not bad. But if she stood between Christina and me? You wouldn’t even notice her. And Jason is totally not a legs and ass guy. Just look at them over there! There laughing, they’re telling jokes, they’re having fun…is he playing Pokémon? Is Jason Gabriel playing Pokémon with Vanessa Cade? Jason refused to play Pokémon, like ever! Tina and I begged him for ages to jump in and play Pokémon with us. Shoot, Tina was so totally thrilled because I usually hate video games and never play them, but I liked Pokémon. But Jason would always say it was a, “dumb kids game.”

This is tough. It’s tough seeing Jason with her. It’s tough seeing Jason with anybody who isn’t me and Christina. But… Look at him there with Vanessa; he looks really happy. I called Tina, oh, about a month ago now. I told her that she and Jason needed to get back together. I told her that she and Jason and me needed to get back together. I’d been out to see Christina with her new boyfriend, Stephan. She seemed happy enough. She seemed about as happy with him as Jason did with Jaci. Don’t get me wrong, Jaci was a great girl and a heckuva wrestler, I hear she’s retired now and I’m kinda sad that she’s gone. And I know she and Jason had the hots for each other here and there back and forth a little bit, but they were both married so neither one of them did anything about it. I’m sure when they both became single around the same time it seemed like that was…it had to be a sign from God for them. I’m sure they thought, “Well, how could this have worked out any better?” Of course, Jason was still heavily on the rebound, he was having a major crisis of confidence and he wound up retreating into the bottle. Apparently he was pretty low before his mentor Chuck Finley picked him up and kicked his ass back into shape. By then it was too late for Jason and Jaci. I feel kind of bad about that one. I got hired right before Jason came back, shortly after he came back we both wound up in the same bar…and then wound up in the same hotel room. Jaci just happened call the next day and hear me in the background. I know she was calling to give him another chance and I ruined it. We were lonely, we were drunk, we were in the same place…it just happened. But I guess it was the last straw and he’s with Vanessa now.

Like I said I called Tina about a month ago and tried to convince her that we should all get back together. Tina said a funny thing. She said that she was happy with Stephan, Jason was clearly happy with Jaci and that the only one who really missed us was me. Now there’s no way in hell Stephan is the right guy for Christina Gabriel; well I guess it’s Christina Brooks now isn’t it? Although the divorce isn’t final, yet. And she hasn’t tried to change her name…yet. But when I see Jason like this? Maybe Tina’s right. Maybe I’m the one who misses us and I’m the one who needs to find some place to move on to. Maybe I need to find someone to move on with and quit hoping that that four year cluster fuck is ever going to get back together. I don’t know.

Oh hey! Makeup and hair done! Let me just make a little adjustment; make sure the girls are sitting high and pretty, because let’s face it there are two big reasons I have this job, and let’s do this.

Lilah stands patiently by as Jason Gabriel talks to his flame of the moment Vanessa Cade, waiting to conduct an interview.

Lilah: Hey, Jase, are we gonna shoot this or what?

Jason looks over at Lilah almost angrily, before his face cracks into a smile in the hands of his Nintendo 3DS to Vanessa.

Jason Gabriel: Oh sure Lilah, was just waiting on your stylist and your makeup artist to get the heck out of here.

Lilah: Hey! It’s hard work to look this easy!

Vanessa and Lilah, who have habitually been tended by armies of stylists, makeup artists and hair dressers both laugh at that. Jason just shakes his head.

Vanessa Cade: Men never get it Lilah and they never will.

Lilah: He Vanessa could you go stand out of the shot please? It’s that whole thing where you don’t work here and we can have you on camera for us, or legal throws a fit and then Alex throws a fit and then he comes down here and waggles his finger all the while yelling at me…

Vanessa Cade: Oh no, I get it. Jason has to do the same thing when he shows up at our shows.

Vanessa turns to Jason and wraps her arms around his neck, looking up at him.

Vanessa Cade: I’m going to head back to the hotel, you find me when you’re done here, okay?

Jason nods, leaning down to try and kiss her, but she shakes her head and slips away.

Vanessa Cade: Ah, ah, ah…you’ll mess up your makeup.

Jason Gabriel: …right.  Okay, see you later.

Vanessa walks out of sight as Jason and Lilah frame up in camera.

Lilah: So you and Vanessa Cade, huh?

Jason Gabriel: Yeah…That’s not exactly been a secret. Are you gonna get weird over this? I did try to come back to you, you know.

Lilah: No, not at all. We agreed that, that was a very bad idea, remember?

Jason Gabriel: Exactly!

Lilah: Still, she doesn’t seem like your usual type.

Jason Gabriel: What are you…oh.

Lilah looks down at her ample rack, then Jason with a smile.

Jason Gabriel: Just because she doesn’t risk black eyes every time she goes for a jog doesn’t mean that she’s…

Lilah: Oh no, totally. Hers are very nice. I’m just saying that next to Tina…

Jason Gabriel: Knock it off, Lilah…

Lilah: …Or me…

Jason Gabriel: I said zip it, Lilah!

Lilah: … Or even Jaci…

Suddenly the director counts down: 3…2…1…and calls “ACTION!”  Jason gives Lilah a dirty look that will fade before the taping of the interview starts.


Jason Gabriel stands next to Lilah beneath one of the many posters lining the halls of Madison Square Garden promoting From the Ashes III.  This one has Griffin Hawkins standing on one side of the poster, his tongue hanging out, his fingers poised in the double “metal horns” salute.  On the other side is Jason Gabriel standing with his back turned so that the Arizona Flag on the back of his vest is prominently displayed as he looks over his shoulder.  Between them, on a much smaller scale is the steel cage the pair of them will contest this match inside of.  

Jason is dressed in a black Flux Capacitor t-shirt with jeans.  Lilah is wearing a black From the Ashes III tank top that’s been chopped up and laced to be as tight as humanly possible, and white short shorts.  The pair of them look in the camera as Lilah nods to the director.

Lilah: Hello and welcome IWF fans, Lilah here standing by with Jason Gabriel two days before IWF From The Ashes, live from Madison Square Garden this Sunday on Pay Per View.  Jason, in just two days, you and Griffin Hawkins will step into a steel cage.  Last month the two of you went to the absolute limit in a double decision that was literally too close to call, this month it’s in a steel cage, pinfall only, what does this match mean to you?

Jason Gabriel: Lilah, This match means everything to me.  Ever since I came back, I’ve been trying to prove that it was the man, not the myth, who did everything.  I’ve been scraping and clawing to get out from under the shadow of my excessive past.  Ever since I came back all I’ve heard is, “Stygian was nothing.”  “Jason Gabriel is nothing without Stygian.”  “Just be Stygian again, because you have no chance otherwise.”  There is a shadow hanging over my head, cast by a maniac in a trench coat and two very shapely, beautiful women.  I kicked Thor’s head off, I took Griffin Hawkins to the absolute limit, last week I kicked Ethan Cage in the teeth so hard that his dentist sent me a thank you note…but I still have people thinking that like when Delilah cut Samson’s hair, because I took off my trench coat and started coming to the ring by myself; that I can’t replicate the results.  

Jason Gabriel: All Gordon Fury could say to me last week was that things had changed and I wasn’t the same guy anymore.  All Ethan Cage could say was how I couldn’t hang in this company anymore.  This company.  This company that I grabbed by the throat and held under my boot for the better part of two years.  I hit a man with one shot and they had to carry him out of the ring.  I pushed one former world champion so far to the edge, they have to lock us in a steel cage just so we can settle it.  And I kicked the last world champion’s teeth down his throat.  Line them up and name them off.  Every person who has ever been the World Champion of this company?  They’ve all gone down to me.  Everyone in the IWF Hall of Fame has been left flat on their back while my hand was raised!  I am sick and tired of the people telling me what they think I can’t do just because I changed my name and dumped the special effects show.

Lilah: So would you say that this match is about proving yourself to IWF once again?

Jason Gabriel: You’re damn right it is.  You see, I didn’t come back and try to trade on who I used to be.  I admit time has passed.  I admit that if you look at what I did in Full Throttle Wrestling?  Not my best work.  I admit that the attack, sorry to remind you Lilah, but the attack and everything that happened thereafter drained every last shred of ability and dropped me down a dark hole.  I admit I let my talent atrophy and wasted my potential.  I wound up neck deep in the bottle.  I let my career go to hell, and I lost the love of a good woman.  Hell...

Jason glances to Lilah, and then back into the camera.

Jason Gabriel: I lost the love of three good women.  Ran them all off just so I could sit in a dark room with a bottle of whiskey in one hand, and a glass in the other.  After a while, I dropped the glass and just went straight to the bottle.  I just sat there in that living room chair, a bottle of Black Label glued into my hand, going through my Netflix queue incessantly and letting my life pass me by.  My career disintegrated and I didn’t care.  Jaci Sovereign packed her bags and left me, and I didn’t put down the bottle long enough to ask her not to go.  I was about this far from just dropping into oblivion, and I’m sure the wrestling world wishes I would have.

Jason points into the camera with a glare.

Jason Gabriel: You all wish I was still holed up in Colorado, miserable and drunk.  Hell, I bet some of you were taking bets on how long it took me to drink myself to death.  Because if I had slipped off the edge and into the grave?  It would have meant none of you ever saw me in that ring again.  And that would have suited you just fine.  I’m sure when I came out in the DeLorean and I told them to call me Jason, I’m just sure that locker room was on the edge of its seat and hoping I was only there to announce my retirement.  But I didn’t.  So the campaign began…from the moment I got here the campaign began to try and tear me down.  And I’ve had it up to here with that bullshit.  Do you know how I know I still have it?  It’s not anything I’ve done in that ring.  It’s all the guys on Twitter an in the back trying to tell me I don’t.  It’s everyone trying to stand in my way and telling me to turn around, go back.  Everyone is trying to tell me to get out, because they don’t want to be the guy who has to stand across the ring for me.

Lilah: So, what would winning this match mean to you?

Jason Gabriel: Winning this match?  Winning this match is just another step on my way to climbing the mountain one more time.  Because that’s what it’s about.  Every guy in the back, every guy in the business has one goal.  For some of us, it’s more likely than it is for others, but it’s always our goal.  To climb the mountain, and throw everyone else off of it until that belt is in our hands, and our name is engraved on the nameplate.  That’s my goal, that’s my mission, and I came back to do just that.  I came back to do that, and do it the right way.  I could have come back and said, “Hey, look, I used to be the man, I used to be cool, I won the world title twice, give me a world title match.”  I could have done that, like so many guys come back after some time off and demand to be put right back into the same matches they were getting before they left.  They act like because they earned it once, they should always be in that spot from here to hell and gone.    Me?  I came back and I was willing to plunge my hands into the dirt and build my way back up from the bottom.  Now, I wasn’t going to have to start at the bottom and work my way up through the Underground, because I have proven myself worthy of a spot on the main roster.  But I didn’t come back in, drop my resume down and demand a title match.  To be honest, I didn’t think I was ready.  Then Griffin Hawkins reached out to me, he came to me.  The only guy who came to me and said, “yeah, this guy can still hang.”  And I did hang, I hung in with a former world champion and pushed it so far that there wasn’t a clear winner…and I did that in my second match back.

Jason Gabriel: Winning this match?  This is the most important match I have had since Parker Wayde and Blaze Thompson got together and stole the World Title from me.  This is the biggest match, maybe of my career.  Because this is the first time in years where I’ve had something to prove…and nobody is expecting me to do it.  It used to be, “Oh, it’s Stygian, he’s got this.”  And if I didn’t, it took an act of god to beat me.  But now that it’s Jason Gabriel?  Now that I’ve had one draw with the man already?  People are chirping, buzzards are circling, they’re just waiting to pronounce me dead.  Why?  Because I came back from losing my family, losing my career and being a fall down drunk to pull a draw with a former world champion?  Most of you people couldn’t get in the ring with Griffin Hawkins on your best day.  It’d be one shot, a three second drum solo, and thanks for coming.  I came back on the long road out of hell and I was in a position to beat him.  

Jason Gabriel: This match is the most important match I’ve had to date, in the most famous arena not just in the world, but maybe in the history of the world.  Certainly the most famous arena since the Christians and the Lions used to host the world’s most interactive dinner theater production.  And like the Christians and the Lions, this is going to be biblical.  Because this is going to be the night everyone points to and says beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jason Gabriel finally stopped the nose dive his career was in and grabbed the life line.  All of the history this arena has seen in this sport alone…Thesz, Rogers, Sammartino, Hogan…and add to that, Ali, Willis Reed, The Beatles, The Stones….you didn’t always know you were watching history when you bought a ticket and showed up at The Garden, but it was a safe bet.

Jason Gabriel: And just like all those other nights where people bought a ticket, came down here and expected to see the best in all of sports or entertainment, they’re going to see it again.  At one point, whenever you mentioned the best wrestlers in the world, my name came up.  It did, don’t pretend like it didn’t.  People like Ethan Cage and Gordon Fury used to crawl out of whatever high school gym they wrestled in and I don’t say that derisively, we all did at one point, and before the pair of them signed on and punched their ticket to the big time?  They would shower off in a cheap hotel room, turn on UECW or IWF and watch me.  They can’t pretend that they didn’t.  They can’t deny that at one point they looked up to me.  And Death Angel struck, and I slipped into alcoholism and depression, this company did what every other company would do; they said “how said”, shoveled some dirt on me and moved on.  Fine.  That’s the nature of the business.  Some of us have been buried ten or twelve times and gotten back up.  And everyone is just hoping that this is a last gasp, because if I come anywhere close to the level I was at before?  Everyone’s hope of being World Champion just evaporated, and their loss column is going to swell up bigger.

Jason Gabriel: The one guy who is not only not afraid of that potential, but wants to see it again is Griffin Hawkins.  He was on my side form the beginning.  Yeah, he had to slap me around a little, he had to call me a few names, but I know now what he was doing.  He had more faith in me I had in myself after I came back.  And as I was in the ring with him last month, and I got in the ring with the last two world champions a couple of weeks ago, I slowly started to realize that he was right.  What does winning this match mean to me?  It means the opportunity to make a statement when I desperately need to do so.  And that’s the one thing Griffin Hawkins can’t prepare for.  I love you for what you’ve done for me, Griff.  For pulling my head out of my ass and setting me back on the path to glory, I will be indebted to you.  But for the next 48 hours you have to become the most hated man in my world.  Because if you won this match?  It would be an achievement.  For me?  It’s that breath of air I need after being held under water for so very long.  You want to beat me, I need to beat you.  I need to put you down and stand over you with my hand raised because I am so sick of hearing about all the things I’ve supposedly lost.  All of this talk about how I can’t do it anymore.  When they announce me as the winner, it will drown out all of the people saying I can’t, and they will have to step back and finally give up on this pipedream of drowning me out with their disbelief and sending me packing to the hills with them clicking their heels, rubbing their lamps and hoping I will go away.

Jason Gabriel: I have fallen far, I have fallen so very far from my lofty perch, and I’ve been trying to find my way back.  Reaching out of the self-imposed mediocrity I’ve mired myself in to grab the golden-haired metal god by his throat and throw him off the mountain?  That will be a statement nobody can deny.  That will be a definitive thing I can point to and say, “SEE!  I have fought my way back.”  Because I’m not just fighting Griffin Hawkins.  I am fighting for my career, I am fighting for my livelihood, I am fighting to do that one special thing some any of you tried to do and fail…nobody can beat Stygian anymore, nobody but me.  And I have every single thing he did hanging around my neck like an albatross.  That’s what Griffin Hawkins is getting in the ring with that he can’t hope to understand.  Not only do I have to beat Griffin Hawkins, which not every man can do, I have to beat the shadow of Stygian.  You think it was tough having to get in the ring with Stygian?  Try getting in the ring with him resting on your shoulders and trying to bury you underneath everything he once did.  I don’t have a monkey on my back, I have a fucking Black Dragon.  That’s why Griff can’t beat me, he isn’t training for the same fight I am.  For most of you guys?  Beating Stygian one night was an accomplishment.  I have to beat him every night, and I will for a long time.  That’s okay.  Because I can do it.  I can beat Stygian each and every night for the rest of my life, and the rest of you?  You’re just unlucky enough to take the brunt of the firepower it takes to do that.  And it starts in that cage with Griffin Hawkins.  I’m going to beat him, and you’ll all see.  The legend didn’t make the man, the man made the legend.

Lilah: Alright, I think that’s all my questions.  Thanks for your time, Jason.

Jason Gabriel: Anything for an old friend.  See you around Lilah.

Jason turns on his heel and walks off in the same direction Vanessa had taken off camera.  Lilah faces the camera for her sign off, and then it cuts to black.


(1/29/12 - 2/13/12)
(9/30/12 - 11/25/12)

(12/4/11 - 1/29/11)
Relinquished to become the #1 Contender for the IWF Title.

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PostSubject: Re: Jason Gabriel [vs] Griffin Hawkins   Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:56 am

[Off Camera]

I really felt good to be in New York. For the next few days I did some sight seeing. I saw a lot of interesting places in New York, Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and much more. I used to live here a long time ago..but its like coming here for the first time, seeing all the beautiful places in this city. After the Press Conference I decided to do some walking around. I knew I had to enjoy all this while I still can..because Sunday would indeed be a long fight. I walked along the streets as the sun began setting. A lot has been running through my mind..can I beat Jason Gabriel, will I make an impact on the grandest stage of all?

Will my match even be remembered as an all star classic? After some walking I made it to the Yankee Stadium. I walked into the employee entrance and was greeted by the backstage crew. A lot of them were nodding to me as I passed through the hallway. A few road agents were going over the Pay Per View coming tomorrow night. They must have been more nervous than me. It wasn't long till I made it to the ring. Everything was all set up, chairs were lined everywhere in the crowd.

I enjoyed getting a view of the atmosphere before the big show. I walked down the isle way and towards the ring. Climbing the steel steps, I step between the ropes and look around at everything. In just a matter of hours this place will be jumping. This is my first From The Ashes..ever. Many people have performed on this stage. Some went on to be big stars to carry the company into the new era...while others faded out of the spotlight..

Which one will I be?

I put my hands in the pocket of my jeans and walked around, taking in the air. This is probably the only time the place will be quiet. Just then I heard something.

"Had a feeling you'd be here.."

The sound of that voice startled me. I thought that I was alone until I turned and saw the direction of the man behind the voice. It was Marquis Laveaux, my mentor. I hadn't talked to him in a while and was surprised to see him here of all places.

Griffin Hawkins -'s you.

Marquis Laveaux - Well met's been a long time.

Griffin Hawkins - I have been wondering where you were. Usually you're the first one to find me.

Marquis Laveaux - I have been busy with other things. But it has been quite a while since I have been in New York. It was where I discovered the beauty of music with my band. has been a while since I have been in a ring.

Griffin Hawkins - Do you miss it?

It was probably the wrong thing to ask. A lot has gone on back when Marquis was wrestling and had gotten involved with one of the members of the Michaels family. It was probably painful for him to talk about, but he did so anyway.

Marquis Laveaux - A little..maybe one day I'll come back. But I'd have to get things in order.

Griffin Hawkins - I look forward to it. So..what do I owe the pleasure?

Marquis Laveaux - Well, while I was busy taking care of other things...I have been documenting you for the last few weeks. You seem hell bent on fighting Jason Gabriel.

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah, I have something to prove to myself and everyone.

Marquis Laveaux - And what would that be exactly?

Griffin Hawkins - I want to prove to all those washed up old has beens such as Brandon Macdonald, James Shark, and anyone else out there from the old generation that the new crop of IWF Superstars can carry this company into the new era.

Marquis Laveaux - Oh..I see..

Griffin Hawkins - ..Why do you say it like that?

Marquis Laveaux - Like what?..

Griffin Hawkins - Like..that. It's like you don't think I am telling the truth.

It almost felt like he was disrespecting me. But I know he wouldn't d that.

Marquis Laveaux - I believe you are telling the truth...just not the entire truth.

Griffin Hawkins - I never lie when it comes to things like this Marquis. You know that.

Marquis Laveaux - You're not being honest Griffin. There is something more to it than this..there is something else that you're not telling anyone.

Griffin Hawkins - Alright then Dr.Phil, tell me what I'm hiding.

Marquis Laveaux - While your intentions are to prove that superstars such as yourself is here to remain in Insurgency for a long time..but this is all about you. How you need this victory.

Griffin Hawkins - Yes I do..I want to prove myself that I can beat Gabriel one on one.

Marquis Laveaux - Yes...but there are other things you're trying to prove to yourself. It's been a long time hasn't it?

Griffin Hawkins - Long time since what?

Marquis Laveaux - You signed with IWF in the month of September last year. When you got there you had many talking about you...some remember you from your days in UECW...some just looked at you and thought you were some flash in the pan gimmick that wouldn't even last five months. And look at you now.

Man do I remember. I had a rocky start facing Baron Tomson.. It almost feels like yesterday we were going at it.

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah..a lot were doubting me. They never thought that I would make it to the top of IWF. I feel as if I proved everyone who doubted me wrong.

Marquis Laveaux - Indeed you did. You established yourself as one of the top Superstars in IWF...but its this obsession that's going to be your downfall.

Griffin Hawkins - Obsession? What do you mean?

Marquis Laveaux - You have it in you to prove everyone wrong. It shouldn't really matter what anyone else thinks but you. You made it farther than anyone else could dream you would.

Griffin Hawkins - But I don't have the title! That is the one thing I need to complete this.

Marquis Laveaux - And you will get it! Do you want to end up like Ethan Cage? He made it his mission to prove to everyone that he's a worthy Champion and he ended up losing it. At this rate you'll be just like him.

That was a scary thought. Ethan's obsession only brought him to his destruction.

Griffin Hawkins - But what if I lose?

Marquis Laveaux - So what if you lose? At least you will have no excuses. You went in and did something no one had the courage to went in with The Black Dragon and lived to tell about it. proved a lot of people wrong. Back in the days of Ascended Supremacy, Jace and the others said you wouldn't amount to anything. But you stayed true to yourself and went on to win many World Titles. You need to stop proving everyone wrong..and do this for yourself.

It really did seem like I was obsessed with proving everyone wrong. I would only wide up beating myself. I take a long sigh as I look out at the crowd.

Griffin Hawkins - ...I guess you're right. I have been spending too much time trying to prove people wrong. I listened to too many people that I didn't listen to myself. But I'm going to make things right. Starting with beating Gabriel in this very ring.

I look back to talk to Marquis, only to see he's no longer there. It was as if he vanished into thin air. What is he? Batman?

Griffin Hawkins - ...I hate it when he does that.

I shake my head and walk out of the ring and back towards the dressing room.


[Off Camera]

Nights later, I am just hanging out in my hotel room, thinking about what Marquis had said. Taylor was visiting a few friends in New York and promised to watch a few movies with me when she returned. I really enjoyed spending my time with her. Just then, I heard a knock on my door. Thinking it was Taylor, I got up and rushed towards the door. But as I opened turned out to be ex girlfriend.

Griffin Hawkins -...Drea?

Drea Dante - Nice to see you remember me.

She walked past me, going into the hotel room. Who does she think she is?

Griffin Hawkins - What the hell are you doing here?

Drea Dante - I'm here to see you obviously.

Griffin Hawkins - And what makes you think I want to see you?

Drea Dante - Oh geez. Enough with the drama queen attitude.

Griffin Hawkins - Well I am sooo sorry if I am a tad bit cranky, we didn't exactly part on good terms.

Drea Dante - And that's in the past now, so we can just get back to what we had.

Griffin Hawkins - ..Wait, are you serious?

Drea Dante - Why would I come here for a joke? Nice to see you haven't changed.

Griffin Hawkins - You haven't learned a damn thing haven't you? You and me..just don't work. Every time another girl even looks at me cross eyed you flip out and get all crazy and jealous.

Drea Dante - No other girl is going to want you Griffin, might as well face facts, I'm the only one for you.

Griffin Hawkins - Forget it Drea, you and me are done, finished, finito, au revior, sayanora, end of story, and for your information I have moved on.

She has a look of confusion on her face. It was satisfying to see her like this actually..

Drea Dante - You actually have a new girlfriend?

Griffin Hawkins - What? You expected me to be on my knees with flowers begging you to take me back? No way jose, I found someone else.

Drea Dante - Oh, let me guess, it's Taylor?

The hell is she? a psychic?

Griffin Hawkins - ..It's none of your goddamn business who I am with.

Drea Dante - I'll take that as a yes.

Griffin Hawkins - Alright fine Nancy Drew, you got is Taylor. So what?

Drea Dante - That's hilarious considering Tyson is still her boyfriend.

Griffin Hawkins - She hasn't ended things with him yet, that moron has done nothing but let her down since day one.

Drea Dante - You're so fucking stupid. You don't even know when you're being used.

Griffin Hawkins - Oh why don't you just get the fuck off it already? Everyone knows you've been jealous of Taylor since day one, you're just crying sour grapes.

[color]Drea Dante - Whatever Griffin. She's not ever going to dump Tyson, all your doing is helping her get her kicks. She doesn't want you for her boyfriend and she's fucking smart for that. You're a shit boyfriend anyways.[/color]

Griffin Hawkins - Well I couldn't have been that bad, after all you came all this way thinking you can just hook back up with me just like that..

Drea Dante - Yeah and now I realize you're not even worth my time. You're not even that good of a fuck really.

I had had enough of her. A look of rage is in my eyes as I look down at my ex girlfriend, my hands turning into fists.

Griffin Hawkins - You don't know a damn thing about me and Taylor. All you're here to do is cause trouble like always. I'm sick of hearing your voice, I'm sick of seeing your face, lets just face it, I am sick to death of you. So get the fuck out of here because I have had just about enough of your crap.

Drea's anger then turns into a satisfying smile. It was almost as if she wanted me to lose my temper.

Drea Dante - Whatever you want. I'm not the one being used.

As she walks out, I slam the door behind me. I was glad she was gone..but was she right? Was Taylor really using me? I don't know. She doesn't seem like that type at all. Maybe Drea was just trying to get into my head..but what were me and Taylor exactly? A couple? friends with benefits? I wish I had the answer...


IWF Cameras finally come to me, only it looks to be somewhere that isn't in the arena..its the streets of New York. The bright lights give the city a gorgeous glow as he looks down at everyone walking along the street. I finally show myself as I come into the shot, looking down at the city. I'm dressed in blue faded jeans and a Punisher T-Shirt. I look down at city below. A lot of people had things on their mind, some going to restaurants..some heading home. I walk away from the ledge, making sure the camera man sees me.

"New York New York...its a Helluva town. In times like this, people are trying to leave their mark on the city that never sleeps. This isn't the first time I have been in a place such as this. In Madison Square Garden, I had retained my title against Alison Cooper and sent her packing from UECW itself. And now I come into a different place..The Yankee Stadium in Bronx New York. On the biggest show of the year...The Black Dragon...The Rock Soldier...Steel Cage match. There must be a winner. When Tyson bit off Holyfield's ear, nothing was settled, much like At Heroes Also Die when I had made Gabriel tap out..yet he pinned me..nothing was settled. Now there will be a winner. A cage match between two popular fan favorites on the grandest can either pin me...make me submit...or escape the cage. Which way will it be?"

I walk across the roof with my hand in my pockets, looking out at the city.

"You're right're right about a lot. You took me to the absolute limit. You took me to places that I never thought that I could go. You pushed me farther than anyone has ever pushed me in my career. You proved that you still got it, and the fans were even cheering you from beginning to end. But there is one thing you forgot to mention Jason. I took you to YOUR limits. Going into this match, a lot of people on twitter were going on and on how you were going to kick my ass, how I was crazy for agreeing to step into the ring with The Black Dragon. But at Heroes Also Die..I sucked it up and went toe to toe with you. Sure you beat me down till I couldn't stand up...but I never gave up. I took my beating like a man and still came at you. I saw the look on your face when I kicked out of the Spartan Kick. You couldn't believe that someone like me could kick out of something like that. And the whole world watched you tap out right dead in the center of the ring. How many people have kicked out of the Spartan Kick? Not many people have made the almighty Superman tap out in the middle of the ring? Not many...How many can claim they beat him in a straight up one on one match? Only a few. I'm going to do something that not many have done..and that's beat you on the biggest stage in our industry"

I was confident enough that I can beat Gabriel. Many have counted me out before, but in the end they always ate their words.

"You see Jason..I am a lot like you. I started at the bottom and worked my way to get where I am in this business. Along the way I fell into distractions such as fame, money, drugs, alcohol and women...a lot of that did do a good job of holding me back. But in time I overcame my addictions and proved that I wasn't a screw up. But there were a handful of people who refused to let me move on with my life. They constantly brought up my past drug problem as if I was trying to hide it. But when I won the UECW Title..I silenced all my critics. I'm sure you had your share of critics before you won the World Title. But look at what you've become..a cornerstone in UECW...and Insurgency as well. I've yet to become a Legend in IWF, but beating you would likely bring me one step closer."

I cracked my neck a little, preparing for the upcoming battle.

"Many have said things about you Jason. Over the last few weeks people like Ethan Cage said you can't hang with the Superstars of Insurgency, Gordon had said you have changed. But me...I don't think you've changed. And I think you've still got it. Our match proves that Superman is alive and well. Unlike all those other washed up has beens who are just climbing out of the woodwork, looking to reclaim what they once still have it in you. You still got it. You are still one of the most feared Superstars in IWF. Even Alexander Remington fears the almighty Stygian. Hell, I'm doing something that he never had the balls to do and that is step into the ring with a future Hall of Famer in Jason Gabriel. It's like I said before, I'm not saying I'm going to win, I'm not saying I'm going to lose, but I am going to make sure that you have the most serious fight of your life."

I know Gabriel respected me, but it felt like he was taking me very lightly. People have made that mistake before and it cost them the match.

"It's been almost a year since I have been in Insurgency. I have had some ups and I have had some downs. I have had people tell me that I would never make it. But no matter what happened, I took things in stride and kept on fighting forward. No matter how many times I've been knocked down, I kept getting back up. Nobody has been able to keep me down. Not Ethan Cage, not Alexander Remington, not Corey Casey, and certainly not some jealous little bitch like Brandon Macdonald. I look into your eyes and I see doubt. I see that you can be beat. In fact...I....KNOW that you can beat Jason Gabriel...on the biggest stage in our industry in the Yankee Stadium...I'm coming to make my mark on IWF."

I look out at the city, a feeling of determination within me has arisen.

"If I can make it here...I can make it anywhere. And I will definitely make it at From The Ashes. Who knows..I might just make you tap out once again. You say this match is the most important match of your career? Well it's important for me too. For years I've heard the stories about the almighty Stygian. I heard about your tour of duty in UECW..and in IWF. For a long time I kept asking myself..can I beat Stygian?...and I didn't know. But all questions will be answered at From The Ashes when that cage is lowered. Many always tell me before the event to have a great match. But that's not good enough for me. What I to fight. At From The Ashes.....I will slay The Black Dragon. They say music soothes the savage beast..course, I'm not here to soothe it...I'm here to cut off it's fucking head. Griffin Hawkins will indeed rise from the ashes."

I walk away from the camera man as he focuses on the buildings before turning it off and going to a commercial break.


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PostSubject: Re: Jason Gabriel [vs] Griffin Hawkins   Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:58 am

[Off Camera]

There was a reason why I didn't have a match last week at Battlegrounds. It's not because they didn't have anything for me, but because I requested to have the night off and just have a contract signing. I didn't want a match because I had a lot on my mind. There was a lot of personal business I had to settle. I wasn't at liberty to discuss with anyone in IWF because I don't want my dirty laundry to be aired for the world to see. Whenever it came to this business, I always did my best to keep my professional business and personal business separate. The week before was indeed one of the more important days in the history of my family.

My Father's trial.

I was by my side with my Mother, my sister Wendi, and my brother Charles. Tiffani even was there for moral support, showing that she cares for me and that she is on my side no matter what. My Dad was in the court room along with his lawyer. He was very nervous, yet he hid it well. I could see his Lawyer whispering to him..yet I couldn't hear it. But with Dad's money, he can afford a fast talking Lawyer that will get you out of trouble just like that. It reminded me of when OJ Simpsons hired Johnnie Cochran. Hopefully justice would be served and my Father would get what's coming to him. I looked and noticed that Judge Richard Michaels was residing..Tiffani's father. He had promised me before that my Dad would get a fair trial. And that I had to be there for the family.

There is no turning back.

Tiffani tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention, I must have worried her with the way I was looking around.

Tiffani Michaels - Hey..are you alright?

Griffin Hawkins - Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine. Its just been a long time since I've been in a court room..and also the first time one of my family members is at the stand.

Tiffani Michaels - I know it's hard, but in just a little bit, it will be all over.

Griffin Hawkins - I hope so.

I had notices a pretty girl come into the room, she looked to be around her early 20s. She had a slim figure and long blonde hair. I had recognized her immediately, Rebecca Diamond. She was the one that my Dad had the affair with. I noticed my Mom not even look at her, she was likely making her feel insecure. She couldn't stomach that her loving and faithful husband threw his marriage away for a younger attractive woman. I give an icy glare in her direction, course she doesn't know it.

Tiffani Michaels - Is that her? The one your Dad was with?

Griffin Hawkins - Yeah...the girl is a gold digger. I hope she's proud of herself.

Tiffani Michaels - Well, she made her decision and now she's going to have to live with it. Hopefully she realizes she broke up a family.

I noticed my Mom who was trying her best to maintain her composure in the court room.

Griffin Hawkins - Hey...Mom, you okay?

Patricia Hawkins - Yeah, I'm..fine sweetie.

Somehow I didn't believe it. She was hurting like crazy on the inside, yet she hid it well from me. She probably wanted to stay strong for me. Throughout the hour, many people involved with charity my Father embezzled from. One of the key people on the stand was the CEO of the charity. My Dad's Lawyer made sure to ask the important questions.

Lawrence Creed - My client has been accused of stealing from your charity, are you sure this court can believe your word?

Ian Foster - Yes. The security cameras caught him stealing some money from the treasury box.

Lawrence Creed - Mister it true that your charity has had some..bad publicity?

Ian Foster - Yes..but what relevance does it have?

Lawrence Creed - A lot sir. Is it true that one of your employees was fired due to a drug problem?

Ian Foster - ...Yes.

Lawrence Creed - I see...and was he punished for it by law?

Ian Foster - No...

Lawrence Creed - So why was my client punished?

Ian Foster - Because he was caught on camera embezzling...

Lawrence Creed - But one of your employees was dismissed due to a drug problem. You didn't make it a scene like you are making now.

Ian Foster - But Mr.Hawkins' case is much more serious than this.

Lawrence Creed - I'm sure it further questions your honor.

Man..this guy was good. I hate to say it, but the old man hired the perfect lawyer. One to distort the truth and bring up facts to make the person look bad. After he sat back down. Overtime more and more people involved in the incident was called to the stand. But I was not prepared for what was going to happen next.

Lawrence Creed - Your honor, I'd like to call someone else to the stand. Mister Griffin Hawkins.

I just froze. I had no idea that I would be called to the stand. I looked around, wondering if I should go. Mom looked to me nodded as if to say "go on ahead" I walk up to the stand and put my hand on the bible, held up by the Bailiff.

Bailiff - Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Griffin Hawkins - I do.

I nod to him and sit down. The lawyer came up to me, smiling over at me as if he was my nest friend.

Lawrence Creed - Griffin. You and your father have had your ups and downs over the years right?

Griffin Hawkins - Yes...all father and son relationships have that.

Lawrence Creed - While you two had a falling out..has he had any incidents like this?

Griffin Hawkins - Well..a few...but none like this.

I didn't want to lie to the Court, I had to tell the truth.

Lawrence Creed - Would you say to the court that your father Duke Hawkins is an honest man?

I look over at my father who looks to be smiling as if to say.."go on". I could either save the family by saying he's innocent..or tell the truth. This is a pretty hard decision for me to make.

Griffin Hawkins - Well..he has made some mistakes.

Lawrence Creed - And..what are your feelings on this incident? And honest.

Part of me wanted to tell him that this was no big deal, all I wanted for this family is to be safe. But I looked at my Mom who is looking at me with hope in her eyes. My brother and my sister are doing the same. I then noticed Tiffani who is wanting me to do the right thing.

Griffin Hawkins - In my personal opinion..what he did was wrong. It's wrong not only throw away a marriage and a family..but to steal from a local charity and spend the money on some girl who is old enough to be his daughter. If anything, I am hoping that he learns from his mistakes and punished rightfully. And no amount of excuses can justify his behavior."

The people of the court were shocked that I would say those things. My Dad..was not really happy. The look on his face told me "How could you do this to me?" Tiffani nodded to me, actually proud. I looked to my Mother and it almost looks like a if she's happy I told the truth. Lawrence's face was white, as if he didn't know what to say.

Lawrence Creed - ...No further questions.

I step down and sit back in my original chair. I could feel my Father glaring at me as I passed. Sometime after, the Jury went into the room to discuss their verdict. I could see the anticipation on everyones faces. Finally the jury had made their decision and came back.

Judge Richard Michaels - Have you reached a verdict?

Lead Jury - Yes your honor. We find the defendant..Duke Jerome Hawkins.....guilty.

Everyone is shocked talking amongst themselves. My Dad is running his hands through his head in frustration. Everyone was getting up to leave. I looked at my Mom who slowly got up. She hugged me close along with Charles and Wendi. Tiffani looked to be smiling at me, proud of me for standing up for my family.

It's finally over...I hope.

[Off Camera]

Sunday, I spent my day in a place where I never thought I'd be at...The Library. Surprisingly I fond out that you can just borrow books from there. Usually I don't associate myself in a Library...books are jerks. But I was there for a really important reason. Throughout history Knights of slain Dragons in the hopes of saving their land. Some have become heroes...while others have died trying. I was facing a Dragon at From The Ashes..he may be a sleeping Dragon, but it was a bad dragon nonetheless. But he did say something that really stuck with me.

...I have a black dragon.

..How am I supposed to compete with that?! He could turn into a Dragon and scorch me with his killer breath. So I went to the Library and looked at every book I could. I read many books about fighting dragons and nothing really seemed to stick with me. From Beowulf, To the Paper Bag Princess, I even tried Harry Potter. Nothing was sticking with me. I decided to go to the Librarian to see if she can help me.

Griffin Hawkins - Excuse me miss?

Librarian - Yes sir?

Griffin Hawkins - You have any books on dragons?

Librarian - Oh we have lots of books on dragons.

Griffin Hawkins - Well..I'm looking for one where the hero slays the dragon and saves the land. A real hero.

Librarian - Ah, then you should check out the tale of the Welsh Dragon. You'd be very interested in reading that one.

It sounded interesting to me. I wanted to know more about the battles of King Arthur. And so I decided to check out the book.

Later that night, I was reading the Welsh Dragon at the hotel. Taylor was watching TV, really into the movie. She looked over at me.

Taylor Michaels - You have had your head in that book all night. I never seen you so focused on something since you thought you could hear your name on Led Zeppelin 4..

Griffin Hawkins - I can't help it, this book is awesome. It is so rich with history. It really applies to me in everything.

Taylor Michaels - You really are into this aren't you? Why can't we just watch a movie together, you can read that book later.

Griffin Hawkins - Well..I guess I've been focused on a lot lately..

What Drea had said to me really stuck with me. I didn't want to believe what she had said to me before. Taylor had been really good to me over the years and she would never use me at all. She looked a bit concerned.

Taylor Michaels - Something wrong Griff?

Griffin Hawkins - No, nothing's wrong. I just had a lot on my mind. I need to relax.

She just wrapped her arms around me lovingly to keep me comfort.

Taylor Michaels - You still thinking about what Marquis said to you?

It sounded like the perfect excuse to talk to her whats been on my mind.

Griffin Hawkins - A little bit..what he said really made me think about a lot.

Taylor Michaels - Well, do you think you can beat Jason Gabriel?

Griffin Hawkins - I don't know..I've faced a lot of people in my career and..never like this before. This match could make..or break me.

Taylor Michaels - You're putting a lot of pressure on yourself Griff, it's not good for you.

Griffin Hawkins - I know..but I want this. I need this victory.

Taylor Michaels - You know..many thought King Arthur was crazy for going into battle. They thought that he was foolish for risking his life. But he proved them all wrong. And today he is known as one of the greatest heroes of all time. Sounds like...someone I know..

I couldn't help but smile at her. She always had her way of making me feel better. She really did believe in me..something Drea never did.

Griffin Hawkins - You really think I can do it?

Taylor Michaels - I don't think..I know.

Griffin Hawkins - I'm not going to make any promises..but I'm going to go in there and fight.

Taylor Michaels - Either way, you're going to turn a lot of heads. When this is over, everyone's going to owe you a big apology.

Griffin Hawkins - I hope so..until then I think I'll watch that movie with you.

Taylor Michaels - Thats what I was hoping you'd say.

She smiled as I wrapped my arms around her. She truly was everything to me right now, all that Drea had told me before was suddenly being washed away. I know for sure that I have her support, and I know the people support me. It was time for me to fight a dragon..


Cameras open up in the Yankee Stadium. Once again I am in the arena, but things are much different this time. Around me is a 15 foot high Steel Cage. While normally I would wear casual clothing like concert T-Shirts...I decided to do something different, for I was wearing black jeans and a Superman T-Shirt..only it wasn't your typical one. It had Doomsday's hand coming right through the bloody symbol. The camera man saw me sitting in the corner of the ring. My trademark aviator shades were over my eyes as I lied back.

"The Death Of Superman...DC Comics...1992. It was a moment for every comic book fan who looked to a hero..and realized a loss. It was something that hit hard for every DC Comic fan out there. Superman had clashed with Doomsday..a menace from out of this world that was looking to destroy Metropolis. Everyone needed a hero...and they looked to the Man of Steel. And he fought that Monster tooth and nail...but as he won the battle...he lost the war. He had succumbed to his wounds and died in the arms of the love of his life. The world had lost a hero..who would be there to protect the weak and the downtrodden? But it wasn't long until a new hope was born. Four new heroes rose from the ashes. The Man of Steel...a man who wielded a hammer and brought justice to the city. The Last Son of Krypton, a hero who beat bad guys with high energy powers. The man of Tomorrow...a cyborg of Superman. And last but not least..The Metropolis Kid..a young brash newcomer who was a clone of the original man of Steel. They all did their best to protect the city..some turned to the darkness...while some stayed loyal to the spirit of truth justice and the American way. Until one day...Superman returned."

There were a lot of similarities between Superman and Stygian. How they fought battles...and were sadly taken down. But what does that make me?

"Like Superman...Stygian had disappeared from the place that he once saved. He had lost the love of his life quite unfairly. But while he was gone..a new generation was born. Stars such as me, Gordon Fury, Tim Patrick, and others fought to keep this company afloat. While we were all busy winning titles and selling out arenas, Jason Gabriel finally broke his silence and made his return to his kingdom. But he may have discovered that it is a much different place than what he left it. There are new Superstars, new titles, new everything. The Man of Steel wants to prove that he is still the most revered Superstar in IWF today. He's not one of those old school Superstars who's trying to take back the spotlight from the new ones, he just wants to prove that he can still hang with the new blood of today. Many would say that I am a lamb being lead to the slaughter, well I say fuck that. Because I am nobody's victim. In my career, I have had everything imaginable happen to me. The avenues I went down, I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. Everything that I've had, everything that I deserve has been ripped from me one time or another..and I still fought through it. You could say that I am a lot like Jason Gabriel. We both know what it's like to go through pain and sacrifices. Thats why this match is important to the both of us.."

I use my hands to grab hold of the cage, shaking them up a little. This possibly could be the most brutal match of my career.

"Jason..I respect you more than anyone on this roster. While people keep saying you can't hang with the new guys, I think otherwise. That last match we had proved that the Black Dragon is still alive. And I want to be one of the few to tell my grandchildren that I looked Superman in the eye...and didn't blink. Hell...I want to be the one to tell them that I fought him and won. Like can be beat. Because the one thing that was his weakness was Kryptonite. And you are looking at your Kryptonite. I've never backed down from anybody in my life...I know what you can do to me Jason...I have watched your matches. When you've put people down, you make them regret the day that they signed to face you. Alexander Remington himself..knew for sure that he couldn't beat you. That's why he put a bounty on your head. Now, I want to do what a lot of people don't have the balls to do and thats go in and fight you in this very Steel Cage. I could beat you, or escape the Cage, either way my hand will be raised."

While it seemed like was more of determination. I wanted to go in and fight until I could no longer stand. I get up and start rattling the walls of the cage.

"Many would say this is the end of Griffin Hawkins. They say that he will not survive the Steel Cage. They say that he is in over his head. They think he's crazy for signing to a cage match with The Black Dragon himself. You know what? To them..all I have to say is just wait and watch. Because I plan on walking out of this cage the winner..even if it is at the expense of a man whom I consider my friend and ally in my war against the system. While Gordon Fury is going to prove that the new crop of Superstars are here to stay...I'm looking to do the same. Jason Gabriel is a mainstay here in IWF, and a win over him would not only put my name on the map for title contention, it would send a message to the locker room that the new blood of IWF can and will carry this company into the future. Brandon Macdonald can't stand the fact that he's been replaced. His jealous rants on me, Gordon Fury, and all the new superstars of the IWF make it obvious that he can't handle the change in the air. That's why I respect you Jason. Because you're willing to allow us to have the spotlight, to go on and main event arenas all over the world. I'm not one of those arrogant young punks looking to knock you off and make a name for myself. I'm someone who respects you and what you've done. And I only hope that after this we can remain friends and that you hold no ill will towards me."

I walk across the cage, looking up at how high the top is. While it would be easy for me to do now, It would take me forever to climb it in the match.

"Look how high this Steel Cage is. This stipulation was added because we didn't have a winner at Heroes Also Die. For going tooth and nail with eachother...all it ended up was a draw...a tie...nobody was happy. Jason came down the next night and challenged me to a one on one rematch. Something was telling me your pride wouldn't allow you to just let this go Jason. You couldn't take it that someone in that ring managed to last with you. The fact that I made you tap out in this very ring must really stick in your craw. The fact that the almighty Superman managed to give up when it really counted. If that second referee was would have been me who won the match. That's why you challenged me. Because you wanted to prove that The Black Dragon can beat any foe..including a former World Heavyweight Champion such as me. Like you, I'm looking to go back to the top. I only have one goal right now and that is to become The IWF Champion once again. My reign was brief because the powers that be didn't want me representing the company..this time around, I'm not going to let anyone stop me, not even you. The world...never forgot Doomsday, and they will never forget the name of Griffin Hawkins."

I give one more look at the camera man before leaving the cage and heading to the back as the scene comes to a close.


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PostSubject: Re: Jason Gabriel [vs] Griffin Hawkins   Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:02 am

-[On Camera]-

The screen opens up with a shot of a British Longsword (or at least a very convincing replica thereof) sitis embedded in a large granite stone on a grassy field against the backdrop of an elaborate brick-and-mortar abbey looking like it was built in some century predating the dark ages.  From the right side of the screen Jason walks in, dressed in knee-length black shorts and a shirt that’s mostly an ice blue due to it being completely covered by a beautifully screened image of The Lich King from World of Warcraft, standing tall over the frozen ruins of Icecrown Citadel and wielding the legendary blade Frostmourne.  Jason walks up to the stone, and walks round it a few times, before he comes around behind it and puts his foot up on the rock in his best Captain Morgan pose and grins.

Jason Gabriel: So…this is what you see, huh, Griffin?  For all the bullshit you spewed about trying to wake me up and help me reclaim my former glory…it turns out in the end, you really were every bit as full of shit as I pegged you for when this whole thing started.  This wasn’t as altruistic as you pretended it was.  That’s okay, Griff, you see, I always knew that.  I knew that underneath all of that, “I know he’s still in there” bullshit, you just wanted to carve my notch into your belt.  Don’t feel bad about my seeing right through you, Griff.  Being a disingenuous cut throat with a subversive agenda doesn’t make you a bad wrestler; if anything it means you’re actually farther ahead of the game than anyone ever gave you credit for.  Seriously, this last month may have been your finest moment.  What you’ve done has been on par with some of the finest spin doctors and grifters in recorded history. I’m not sure if you should run your own Leverage style bad guy crew, or run for political office.

Jason shifts, moving to stand back on his own two feet again, staying behind the sword in the stone.  He fingers the edges of the black leather handle and flicks the cross-shaped pommel with his fingernail, causing the weapon to ring with a distinctive, deep sound.

Jason Gabriel: So, small editorial note, turns out From The Ashes is in Yankees’ Stadium, not Madison Square Garden.  Honestly, we’ve been bouncing around New York doing so much promotional stuff…we were doing the Fan Expo at Madison Square Garden when Lilah caught up with me, we did a thing at Radio City…You can forgive me for getting confused, can’t you?  Sure you can.  The house that Ruth built…well, no, not exactly.  This is a new Yankees’ Stadium.  New building, new history.  Babe Ruth never set foot in the place.  Of course, I expect Griffin Hawkins to gloss over that fact and try to claim that because it’s a similar building, it’s the same building.  You’ve been doing that a while, haven’t you, Griff?  You’ve conveniently glossed over everything I’ve said about not being Stygian anymore.  You’re still building this up into Hawkins vs. Stygian, and I’ll be damned if you haven’t got enough people convinced that if you manage to do it?  That you’ve beaten Stygian.  

Jason claps, walking around the sword in the stone to the side of the rock that the blade is angled towards, where it’d be easiest to pull it out of were one to try the Arthurian feat.  Jason once again props his foot upon the rock and leans down, examining the weapon.

Jason Gabriel: You’ve managed to not only morph me back into Stygian in the eyes of the crowd and even some of the people in the locker room…you’ve managed to equate the feat of beating me with this task here.  “Whomsoever pulls this sword from the stone shall be crowned the rightful King of England.”  You think if you beat me, you’re going to jump the queue and wind up right back at the number one contender’s spot.  Except in the eyes of the people who matter?  Especially the eyes of Alex Dillinger?  I’m someone who hasn’t proven a damn thing in over a year in this ring.  You’re trying so hard to get everyone to believe that this is Griffin Hawkins versus Stygian, you’ve pushed all your chips to the center of the table on this, and you fail to realize that you’ve really leveraged yourself into an untenable position.  Because only you and those who blindly cheer for you and your rock star attitude and good looks truly believe you’re fighting the Black Dragon.  Those screaming girls wearing your t-shirts and hounding you for autographs?  They’re the only ones who think that if you beat me, you’ve accomplished the same feat as few others.  Now, I’m not one to knock a guy who has legions of scream women as his primary fans, hey, that worked for Def Leppard, and I’ve seen you turn down women guys like Tim Patrick and Corey Bull would kill to get a second look from.  But you need to step out of the Aqua Net cloud and actually see the match you’re really in.  News Flash: The Black Dragon has long since been slain.  It took three men to kill him, and in the order of least damage to most, those men were Matt Ford, Death Angel and Johnnie Walker.  Nobody believes in the legend of Stygian anymore.  That’s why you’ve had to work so hard to try and convince all of us that it’s still alive.  But this match?  This isn’t about you pulling the sword from the stone and getting to take on the winner of Gordon and Brandon.  There is no sword, Griffin.  There is no stone…

Jason grasps the sword by the handle and strains to pull it from the stone, really struggling and using his foot on the rock for leverage.  He grunts, he groans, he strains from the effort…then he looks into the camera out of the side of his eye and smirks.  His foot returns to the floor and he casually picks the whole thing up with one hand, sword, stone and all.  As the bottom of the stone becomes visible, it’s clearly a block of green foam.  Jason shakes the sword until the foam “stone” falls off at his feet.

Jason Gabriel: This is the truth of the task you’ve built up, Griffin.  The sword?  It’s resin.

Jason braces the weapon in his hands and breaks it over his knee before tossing the painted resin shards aside.

Jason Gabriel: The stone is craft foam.

Jason gets a running start and kicks the block over the camera.  He watches it fly until it knocks over something in the background, causing a loud crash and the sounds of someone swearing just barely within audio range.  Jason briefly holds his arms up like an NFL referee signaling a good Field Goal try.

Jason Gabriel: Just like the Hawkins versus Stygian match you think you’re getting into?  This is all fake.  This grass?  It’s AstroTurf for fuck’s sakes.

Jason bends down and tears a patch of the stuff up, exposing the bottom of the mat, and the sound stage beneath.

Jason Gabriel: And that’s not a fucking castle.

Jason reaches into his pocket and pulls out a silver tube with a red button on one end and a small timer readout.  He pushes the button and the timer lights up.









He turns on his heel, throwing the silver tube towards the castle.  Just before it hits, it turns into a small fireball that hits the green screen and lights it on fire.  The image flickers off and turns into a wall of burning bright green.

Jason Gabriel: That was real fulminated silver mixed with magnesium and…well, I’m not going to tell the people watching at home how to build an incendiary device.

Jason grins, walking towards the edge of the stage and jumping off.  The camera follows him as emergency fire crews rush past him to deal with the burning green screen.  Some guy wearing a headset and carrying a clipboard follows him around berating him.

Director: Jesus Christ, you fucking maniac!  What the hell were you thinking!  You’re crazy!

Jason Gabriel: Good thing I am, otherwise that never would have worked.

The director stops following Jason, making an exasperated face as the big man walks out of the door of the studio and into the New York streets, he sticks to back alleys for the shade as he navigates the city blocks.

Jason Gabriel: You’re so busy preparing for the fight that you want, that you don’t realize the fight you’ve got.  Here’s the thing, Griff, nobody really thinks I’m any good anymore.  Well, not as good as I once was.  To them?  This is a last gasp of a desperate man who time and talent atrophy has finally gotten he best of.  So while your feeble little bleach blonde brain sees the epic confrontation of The Rock Star and The Black dragon?  Everyone else sees that the guy who used to be champion is fighting the guy who used to be Stygian.  In the context of this match?  There’s no trophy on my neck.  You’re the guy who’s stepping down to fight beneath his weight class.  Me?  I’m a washed up has-been who shed his moniker like KISS  taking off the makeup to try and convince people he’s trimmed the fat and the excesses of his stage persona to eschew gimmickry and renew his craft.  Half the people are waiting for me to just finally quit overall, the other half are waiting for me to put the makeup back on.  Because unless I’m coming out with Lilith and Lilah to the strains of some gloomy European Power Metal song?  Nobody wans to believe I can beat a Griffin Hawkins.  That’s where you’re at.  If you beat me?  Guess what, you’re supposed to.  You’re the former world champion, and I’m the dork who used to be hot shit.  Nobody’s going to give you a medal or put you into the hall of fame for beating Jason Gabriel.  And the World Title?  Forget it.  You aren’t getting a shot at that thing for beating me?  For winning a match you’re supposed to win against a desperate has-been!

Jason shakes his head.

Jason Gabriel: But look at me.  Just look at me.  Come on, look at me! No plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else I don't have: anything…to…lose.  Seriously, nothing.  My legend?  What legend?  Five world titles in three years?  Yeah, okay, maybe that’s something.  Undefeated streak that went two years?  Yeah, maybe.  But hell, that’s still not much of a legend.  Or if it is?  Nobody thinks I’m that guy anymore anyway.  This now?  This is like Gordie Howe playing in the World Hockey League.  Win or lose, people still remember what he did with the Red Wings, that’s the real Gordie Howe.  This Jason Gabriel phase?  That’s Brett Favre playing for the Vikings.  So whatever legend I have?  It’s not gonna be changed by this match.  What else have I got to lose?  My standing?  What standing.  When I told Alex I wanted to come back, he was glad to have me, but he told me point blank that what I did in UECW and the old IWF didn’t matter for a damn thing.  He said I wasn’t going to get any breaks because of who I used to be.  In a weird way, it was that conversation with Alex that gave me the freedom to finally come out from under that stifling persona and be myself.  I’m 2-3-1 in my last six matches…what standing exactly do I have to lose to you?  None.  My legacy?  Hey, I already damaged my legacy by being a belligerent drunken diva in FTW!  So that’s not something I’m worrying about losing.

Jason Gabriel: You have nothing to threaten me with Griffin.  Nothing to do with all your tough words and hollow threats.  Because if I lose this match?  Hey, I’m supposed to.  You’re the pretty boy multiple world champion.  You’re the guy who lost two matches to Ethan Cage you easily could have won.  You’re the A-List guy this time around.  You’re the alpha.  You’re the one signing the autographs, getting on TV all the time; you’re the one everyone expects to win.  You’re the golden boy, you’re the golden god with the rockstar looks.  You’re the chosen one who’s supposed to rise to the top of the mountain again.  I’m the guy people are starting to wonder if they  didn’t invest too much hype into me that I’ll never live up to their expectations.  In short?  You’re Tom Brady, and I’m Eli Manning.

Jason happens to have said that as he comes out of one of the alley’s he’s been prowling and passes by a group of guys wearing various Giants jerseys and t-shirts.  The short black guy in the Victor Cruz jersey turns and smles.

Giants Fan: Eli’s the shit, man!

Jason Gabriel: Can’t argue that.

Jason crosses the street and jogs out of the sweltering New York sun and into the relative shade of an alley again.

Jason Gabriel: Also?  Eli Manning is 2-0 in the Super Bowl against Tom Brady.  And both times?  He wasn’t supposed to win.  Just like I’m not supposed to win.  But I’m going to, because while you’ve been blowing your own trumpet and trying ot change your Twitter handle to @TheDragonslyer?  While you’ve been preparing to defeat Stygian and receive your crown?  I’ve been getting ready to fight Griffin Hawkins.  I’ve been getting ready to reclaim my life and my livelihood.  I’ve been getting ready to be in a steel cage and justify my decision to even try and get back in the ring when everyone in the world, except for one lone man running a training center in suburban Denver, stopped believing in me.  Everyone wants the relic to admit he’s lost it and go out to pasture.  Well, all the fans do.  The people like you just want to roll me onto my back for three seconds so you can put it on your resume on my way out.  Really, that’s how most of the guys in the back get laid anyway, so why should I be surprised that they want to fuck me the same way.

Jason shakes his head with a laugh.

Jason Gabriel: Yeah, you know, I expected it from guys like Cage.  I expected it from the developmental roster.  They smell blood and they want to squeeze that last loss out of me while my name still sort of matters.  I expected it from them.  I expected more out of you, Griffin.  Because that’s the image you’ve built up.  The rock star thing?  Yeah, that’s you.  The pretty boy thing?  Mostly you, but you do all the requisite work to keep the image up.  Hey, nothing against that, that’s how you make your money, you should protect it; god knows Lilith, Lilah and I did.  But trying to pounce on what everyone thinks is a wounded former star on his way down?  I never thought you were that kind of a guy.  The rock star is real, it’s the “aw shucks nice-guy”…that’s what you have to fake.  I guess you can only be Alexander Remington’s best friend for so long before it rubs off on you, right?

Jason Gabriel: You don’t believe I can win this match against you any more than you believed I would last month.  Last month you think you got a preview.  I know what you told yourself, “I thought he was washed up and I took him lightly.”  That’s what you’ve had to tell yourself to have the courage to get into this cage tomorrow night.  It couldn’t have been that I’m still the same guy.  No.  Of course not.  You think you’re gonna hit the gym and refocus and get the walkover you expected at Heroes Also Die.  Because like everyone else, you really don’t believe in me.

Jason guffaws and leans against the red brick side of what is probably a very old tenement building, folding his arms over his chest.

Jason Gabriel: Well, guess what?  I’m not a fucking fairy in a Peter Pan stage play.  I don’t need people to clap their hands and believe in me or else I’ll fade away from existence.  I don’t need people to suck my dick and tell me I’ve still got it.  I measure myself in that ring, nowhere else.  Yeah, not as many people come up to me asking for my autograph anymore, and half of them get mad, spew an epithet and storm off when I refuse to sign “Stygian” instead of “Jason”.  So there aren’t a lot of Black Dragon T-Shirts in the crowd anymore.  Yeah, I don’t get the attention and drug on camera back stage so much anymore.  Hell IWF hasn’t even made a new T-Shirt for me yet.  I’m perfectly fine admitting that I haven’t earned any of that back, yet.  I don’t care if I ever do.  I’m just going to go out there and wrestle against whomever happens to be in the ring that week.  Because once upon a time, and everyone forgets this, but once upon a time?  Nobody believed in Stygian either.  I’m fine being back there, because I built myself up from nothing.  I’ve done it three times.  I did it wrestling in armories and high school gyms up and down the California Coast as JC Gage.  I did it in All Star Japan Wrestling as The Reaper.  I did it in UECW as Stygian.  I did it there, and I will do it again.  And this time I’m not doing it under a fake name some promoter forced on me.  I’m doing it under my own name, fighting for my own life and career.

Jason Gabriel: That’s what you don’t see while you’ve built up this pretend fake battle you think you’re going to have with Stygian.  It was the last thing you said before you signed off, that you were going to slay the Black Dragon and take his head.  But there is no dragon.  This isn’t your fated showdown with greatness.  This is the path that starts my redemption.  At first I thought you were being kind an giving me a worthy opponent to try and prove myself against.  I thought that all last month as you hounded me and challenged me and tried to slap some sense into me.  But as we draw closer to that steel cage in Yankee Stadium, I realize that nagging little suspicion I had in the back of my head was right all along.  You’re just another guy who wants to boost himself up by beating the Black Dragon.  That’s why you’ve already lost the match, Griff.  You’re ready to slay the Dragon in the House that Ruth Built.  You’ve conveniently forgotten that you’re actually in the House that A-Rod, Jeter and Rivera died in, and there’s no dragon.  There’s just a man who’s fought his way back from the kind of nightmare you couldn’t imagine.  You can’t imagine being handcuffed to the ring while the two people you love the most in the world are smashed through a table like crushed cars in a junk yard, and I hope you never have to.  You can’t imagine what it’s like to, as Bon Jovi once put it, “…tell the day by the bottle that you drink,” and I hope you never have to.  And you can’t imagine what it’s like to be pad locked into a structure of twisted steel while a man who is fighting with every inch of himself to reclaim everything he believs in.  A man with nothing to lose.  A man who has no qualms about inflicting permanent, career-shortening, possibly life-shortening damage on you to reclaim everything he once held dear in his life.  You can’t imagine that, but come Sunday, you won’t have to.  You won’t have to imagine it, because you’re going to be sealed in that environment with precisely that man.  That’s why you will lose.  That’s why you’ll fail.  Because I need that match more than you do.  You’ve never been kicked off the throne and forced into the gutter.  I have.  And you’re the first of many men who are standing in my way to get back.  I’m not trying to be the Black Dragon again, but I am trying to get back to the belt, just to show you and everyone like you that I can do it without playing a comic book villain.  The player may have changed, but this is still the Game of Thrones.  You still win…or you die.  That’s why you can’t beat me.  That’s why you won’t beat me.  You’re coming for your crowning moment, and I’m coming to take back my life.  Just remember when the padlocks clank shut and the bell rings…just remember one thing, Griffin:  I’m not locked in there with you, you’re locked in there with me.

Jason pushes off the wall and turns out onto the sidewalk.  The camera stays put and fades out as he walks away, still towering over the New York crowd, but eventually getting lost in the throng.

-[Off Camera]-

Jason walks up the block with his hands in his pockets with a cocky smirk on his face, obviously feeling pretty good about the upcoming match.  Suddenly he’s distracted by the chorus of Warrant’s “Down Boys”.  He pulls his Sonim XP1300 pout of his pocket and studies the caller ID, his face screws up pensively as he tries to determine wether or not to answer it.

Jason Gabriel: Who the hell?  Hmm…

Finally he shrugs and decides to hit the SND button and bring the phone to his ear.

Jason Gabriel: Hello.


Jason Gabriel: Wait, wait, wait, slow down, I don’t even know who you are.


Jason Gabriel: JACI?!?!?!?!


Jason Gabriel: No, of course I didn’t forget you, I just didn’t expect you to call me.  You realize you didn’t block your number this time?


Jason Gabriel: I know you didn’t.  


Jason Gabriel: No, I didn’t throw it out; it’s still in that bag I packed it in.


Jason Gabriel: Look, Jaci, you don’t have to say anything.  You really can’t make me feel any worse about what I did to make you leave.


Jason Gabriel: Of course I regret it.


Jason Gabriel: Will I need a cup and a riot shield?


Jason Gabriel: A neuralyzer?  Why?


Jason Gabriel: Name a time and place.


Jason Gabriel: What’s in Riverton, Kansas?


Jason Gabriel: Fine.  Alright.  I’ll be there.

Jason hangs up the call and looks at the sky, as if talking to some manner of god or another.

Jason Gabriel: I know, I know, but I owe her this much.

He sighs, stuffing his hands in his pockets and moving along.


(1/29/12 - 2/13/12)
(9/30/12 - 11/25/12)

(12/4/11 - 1/29/11)
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Jason Gabriel [vs] Griffin Hawkins
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