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 Alex Dillinger [vs] Damien Drake

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Alex Dillinger [vs] Damien Drake   Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:04 am

Alex Dillinger
Damien Drake



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Alex Dillinger


Posts : 465
Join date : 2012-12-06
Age : 32
Location : Los Angeles, CA

PostSubject: Re: Alex Dillinger [vs] Damien Drake   Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:30 am

Off Camera
Present Day
Location: N/A
Title: “Prologue”

Walking away barely able to stand was a difficult enough feat after being viciously assaulted by Corey Casey. Being told by doctors that I may never wrestle again was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever heard in my life. To know that my career had come to an end, it was a reality that was a bitter pill to swallow. The moment the news hit me I was crushed. I wasn’t ready to hang them up. Sure I’ve had my share of injuries over the last year but for a doctor to look me into my eyes and tell me if I didn’t stop I could further my injuries once they healed and I could possibly never walk was a bit of a wakeup call. Do I continue to risk everything I have for my moment in the sun to last a little longer? It was a really simple answer for me. I never had a choice in the matter even if I lied to myself I knew what had to be done, I needed to step away from the ring.

Announcing my retirement was one of them most difficult things I had ever had to do. Many people actually believe my speech to be disingenuous yet I meant every word I said from the bottom of my heart. There was no prior knowledge that Rick would call me out and name as the man the board wanted to take over as chairman. Yet people believe because of things like kayfabe that it was all scripted. Fuck that, Alex Dillinger would never do a scripted retirement speech. I’m not about sharing emotions on screen and anyone that knows me can tell you likewise. Fuck that. I’m real about everything I do but I keep a lot of my emotions in check and I deal with shit my own way, on my own time.

Taking over as the chairman was interesting, I want to be involved in this business for as long as I live and I always wanted a position to make decisions and help a federation truly flourish and grow. Some people have found my actions to be despicable as well unfair and yet I feel as though I’ve done nothing but open the doors for new talents to step in and shine. This whole uprising movement from the Underground is nothing more than a bunch of pissed off teenagers begging for attention. Yet they’re ruining the morale of the federation as a whole. Something had to be done before it was too late.

Something far more grand stood in my way and that needed to be taken care of first and foremost. Would it be a wise business decision for me to choose my family over the federation I so love and cherish? Probably not, but morally right? Absolutely. I can’t sit idly by while my brother sits hooked up to machines in a hospital because some fucking lackey decided to grow a pair and step up to the plate hurting my family trying to get to me.

The fact of the matter is that Damien Drake did indeed do enough to draw me back into the ring. Despite pleas from Maya and denial from different doctors I managed to get cleared and here I am, ready to compete. Somehow I wasn’t all too thrilled over it, I told myself never to go into a match with raw emotions. This would be exactly that type of match, a personal one.
Off Camera
Present Day
Location: Los Angeles, California
Title: “Concern or Doubt?”

Lying in bed with a blanket covering a majority of my lower half, shirtless just staring at the ceiling as the beams of light slowly crept in through the blinds hitting my eyes causing me to squint. Another early morning in the life of Alex Dillinger. I’ve never been much of a morning person but this had become my life. In order to enjoy any bit of it I had to start my days early and go until my body would physically shut down for sleep.

Sitting up I stretched my arms above my head letting out a large yawn that hurt my jaw and watered my eyes...yeah it was a pretty big fucking yawn. I should’ve known better than to stay up until 3am only to have to get up at 6am.

Listening closely after my senses slowly started to kick in, I could hear the shower water running. Maya must’ve been inside taking a shower. Climbing out of bed I walked down the stairs adjusting the elastic band on my boxer briefs.

Heading towards the kitchen I opened the fridge pulling out the carton of orange juice. Looking over my shoulder even though I knew Maya was in the shower I still wanted to be sure...when the coast was sure to be clear I took a few big gulps from the carton before screwing the top back on and placing it back inside.

Looking outside it reminded me that this would be the time where normally I’d slide the glass door open and walk outside to enjoy a cigarette. Two months without a drag and my lungs felt awesome for it. They thanked me repeatedly with larger, more expanding breaths.

Walking up the stairs again there was Maya in her bathrobe with her foot on the edge of the bed rubbing lotion on her leg. Softly biting my lower lip I walked into the room as she looked up at me with a bright smile. Her pearly whites lit up the room and suddenly I didn’t feel tired anymore, I was wide awake.

“Hey gorgeous, good morning.” I said to her with a smile of my own walking up behind her placing my arms around her neck lighting kissing the back of her head.

“hey” she said quietly back to him, it was filled with a hint of worry, she knew what he would be up against tomorrow and just the thought alone… “how are you feeling this morning?” reaching up with her hand, she pats his cheek a couple times letting out a laugh knowing that he was up late.

“You know, its the morning...hopefully I get some sleep on the plane ride over. You’re looking beautiful this morning as usual.” With my words I tried to butter her up a little bit, she needed it. After everything that was going on and how much she was worried for me and my health I just didn’t want her to stress out on it anymore. I knew she wasn’t happy about it but I couldn’t back out now. I wouldn’t back out now. “Look Maya I know you’re worried about tomorrow but I’ve done this thing for my entire life and it’ll be no different. Believe in me love and everything will be fine.” Kissing her forehead I lowered my hands from her shoulders down to her biceps softly caressing up and down her arms still smiling.

smiling, she raised her arms putting them around alex’s neck, gazing into his eyes. “ I just want you to know, that you’re not alone in this…” awhile back they had a fight and he made the comment that he didn’t need anyone, and even though she stayed beside him something inside her told her that he thought he was still in it alone. “I’m here for you no matter what and I’m going to be there for you when you have your match and..” swallowing a bit, she took a deep breathe ”thats why I have decided to be there for you at ring side.”

Taking my hands off of her momentarily I placed my thumb and index finger pinching the bridge of my nose closing my eyes in frustration. It was nice of her to want to be there with me and I was thrilled to hear her say I wasn’t alone. What more could I do about it though, her mind was made up and she felt the need to be there for me. I couldn’t deny her what she felt she was doing to be caring and loving towards me.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt Maya. That’s the last thing I need to happen. Roman is already in a coma and I don’t even know what I’d do if I was to lose you or be the reason that you were hurt.” As I spoke those words to her I could see her lips go to move as if she was ready to plead with me to allow her at ringside. Placing my finger on her lips I smiled at her. “But I know that there’s nothing I can do to stop you so I’d be thrilled to have you in my corner. I love you Maya. Just please, whatever you do...don’t get in that cage, no matter what.”

shaking her head she licked her licked her upper lip “i can’t promise you that but i can try”

What else could I say to her? I mean she at least said she would try and even though I knew her better than that and knew why she said it the way she did I couldn’t fight her on it. Kissing her lips I nodded my head in agreeance. “Maya, you mean more to me than anyone and anything in this fucked up world...I hope you know that. So when I do things like take off and go for a drive or feel like I need to be by myself it’s not because of you, it’s because of me and my own issues. I try and keep things bottled in and I’m trying to get better about it.”

“I know, and i’m being patient because i know you are worth it in the end. When the time comes where you can open up to me, even with the littlest of things it will be a moment i will cherish and i won’t turn you away even if what you are about to tell me is completely stupid.”

Laughing a bit to myself I was glad she understood me, I mean I knew deep down she’d be more than accepting of my behavior and personal insecurities because she’s always been so cool and calm about things. She was my ideal girlfriend if I could ever dream one up. The mellow attitude, free spirit, loving, caring, beautiful person that I had grown to actually open my heart up to...she was special to say the least. Holding her there against me gave me a feeling of being whole for the first time since before I could remember.

On Camera
Present Day
Location: New York
Title: “Run You Down”

“You know it’s been sometime since I’ve made my way through the curtains climbing into the ring and actually competing. I’m looking forward to this one. The chance to seek VENGEANCE against the man that put his hands on my family, the man that wants to prove that he can step out from under my shadow. Fuck you Damien. You think you can crawl out of my shadow? Does Daddy need to pull your choke chain and make it absolutely clear who the alpha is? In case Vincent Jarrod has somehow warped your mind so twisted to the point that you somehow think you’re capable of winning this match...allow me to adjust your thought process.”

“You cannot...will NOT...beat me, not in your wildest dreams could you ever defeat me. I’m in an entire different league than you Damien. Go fuck yourself if you think you even stand a CHANCE against me. Take a moment to let that sink in…”

“They say do not bite the hands that feeds you Damien. For years I’ve fed you, carried you along allowing you to earn a living and make a name for yourself...hell even GAVE you a tag team championship belt. What more do I have to do for you Damien? I guess that question can be answered on Sunday Damien. I can promise while my name continues to be attached to your paychecks the last thing you will receive directly from me as the ass beating of a LIFETIME.”

“The thirst has been growing Damien, the thirst for blood. It’s been awhile since I’ve needed to physically destroy someone. You so nicely will fill that void that has been empty inside of me. That deep yearning that I’ve been able to ignore up until this point. It’s reached its boiling point.”

“Maybe I should thank you for allowing this release. You see I’ve walked around for months now wondering what was wrong with me, wondering why I felt so off and why I was easily triggered. I knock it out with Maya nightly so I knew it wasn’t pent up sexual energy.”

“No, it’s much deeper than the shallowness in which I previously mentioned. When the bell sounds, it will be almost as if a trigger in my head has gone off. You don’t put an animal like me in a cage like that. I will rip you to shreds Damien, no matter how much you try and deny the fact you know somewhere in the back of your mind that you know EXACTLY what I’m capable of. On Sunday it will be your reckoning. All the anger and hate I’ve built up inside will be unleashed upon you. I will make you a shell of your former self. What Ace and I attempted to do the day we threw you from the bridge I will finish. Once and for all the world will need not worry about the monster known as Damien Drake.”

“For one night I will not be Alex Dillinger...for this one night I will dig deep and bring out an old friend...Axle Vengeance. You’re more familiar with him anyways.”

“Prepare for the fight of your life Damien. I could care less if you intend to dismember me or if you wish to confide me to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I will not allow you to leave that cell unless I’m dead anyways.”

“The world is watching and the world is waiting for the moment when I walk down to the ring and the cage lowers. It’ll forever be remembered as the day that I returned to the ring triumphantly and killed the career of Damien Drake. Congratulations on picking a fight with a dog that’s bite is a helluva lot worse than its bark.”

“When I come to the ring on Sunday I come not as your boss, not as your former friend, not as someone that you used to look up to...but I come to the ring as the man that’s been sent to stop you. You do not have what it takes Damien.”

“Axle Vengeance the MOTHER FUCKING GREATEST for a reason!”

“Fuck you Damien Drake you big tall piece of shit! I’m going to snap your fucking neck and piss on your remains. You think you can challenge me and actually do something? What were you thinking? Did I not teach you ANYTHING DAMIEN!? Come on!? You never EVER pick a fight with someone that could easily beat the fuck out of you, that’s not even a lesson I should have to teach...that’s fucking logic kid. Something that over the years I’ve noticed you seriously lack in the first place.”

“Get the fuck on my level Damien.”

“When you show up to the arena I wouldn’t be surprised if you pulled out last minute, advice I wish I could go back in time and offer up to your deadbeat father.”

“The world knows I’m going to beat you and rip that stupid fucking jockstrap off of your face and pummel you until you’re virtually unrecognizable unless that’s already the which I’ll gladly knock you out and laugh at how fucking terrible you look now. Although the giant goatee and tribal tattoos were pretty fucking lame.”

“It was over the moment you wanted this match to happen…”

“When I’m done with you...maybe I’ll let the Underground kids come in and clean up my scraps just so they can get on the pay-per-view for a bit. Too bad that there won’t be anything left to pick from the bone.”

“I’m not going to go on and on about this anymore Damien. You and I both know what this is all about. You made it personal even though it was always been about business. Fuck you. We both know what needs to be done. We need to fucking fight. We need to go into that cage and FIGHT. No one gets to leave until the other man is completely out. A hell in a cell I quit match!”

“Oh and if you think that it’s not going to happen…”

“Just remember, I’m the boss so it’s official. See you Sunday Damien, you big bitch. I can’t wait until my fist meets your face again and punches right through your Darth Vader cosplay stupid fucking bullshit cunt FUCK mask knocking your fucking teeth down your throat. Fuck you, see you soon. I’m out.”


AD's Theme-Diamond/Against Them All by Stick To Your Guns
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Damien Drake


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PostSubject: Re: Alex Dillinger [vs] Damien Drake   Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:06 pm

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I ever saw violence and the ugliness that it leaves behind. I was only a child then, five years old if I remember correctly. It was a Saturday morning, I sat on the couch watching cartoons on our small black and white TV we had in the family room.

My father sat in the recliner, sleeping off a hangover from the night before. My mother comes walking out of the kitchen with a delicious looking breakfast for my father. Gently, she wakes him and hands him the food. Thanking her, he grabs the plate and forces a smile towards her.  He starts ramming food in his mouth; she sits on the couch next to me, waiting to see what he thinks of his food. Seeing her watching him out of the corner of his eye, he turns and looks at her, food hanging from his mustache. He launches the plate at my mother and springs off of the chair towards her. I watch, scared, as he beats hers with his fist.

I have no idea what is going on. Why is my dad doing this to my mother? I start to cry.

My father stops hitting her, looking at me.


You little pussy, you aren’t even my kid. Why don’t you go to your room and cry if you want to act like a girl.

I look at him; I have no idea what to do. His hand flies across the room and strikes me cross the cheek hard. The tears are falling harder now.



I run as fast as I can, up the stairs and too my room. Thankfully a neighbor heard what was going on and called the police, saving my mother. For me though, it was too late. I knew the darkness inside of people then, and I learned what I had to do to fight it.


Damien has been training hard for his match with Alex Dillinger. I have never seen him this focused before. It is almost scary to see the way he smiles, the glimmer in his eye, at the mere mention of Alex Dillinger’s name.

To be honest, it scares me to see him like this. Will Damien thinking about his past and what drove him down his destructive path push him back to his old ways? Will I erase all the good I have accomplished so far? I hope not. Especially not now. He has come so far, and I have found someone else that I think could benefit from having their eyes open. The benefits would be equally beneficial for us. I can’t do this alone though, for this guy, Damien’s help will most certainly be needed.

That is why I am going to talk to him now. As I am walking down the plain gray hallways towards his room, I am reminded of how this place is so dull and depressing. I have offered Damien to move out of this void and into better accommodations, but he seems to prefer this.

I turn a corner and face Damien’s room. Looking through the small window on his door I see him on the floor doing crunches, furiously training for his match with Axle. I walk into the room and sit down on a chair, waiting for him to finish. Damien stops his workout when he sees me and sits on the bed across from me, wiping sweat off his face with a towel.


What can I do for you Vincent?


Damien, I was hoping to talk to you about something I think you may find interesting.


Does it involve Axle?




Then I don’t give a fuck.

Damien stands up and steps away from the bed towards a pipe running along the wall. Jumping up, he grabs the pipe and uses it as a pull up bar. I walk over to him and try to talk to him some more.


Damien please, hear me out.

He continues his exercise, ignoring my pleas. Frustrated, I grab his leg and stop him from working out further. He drops to his feet and looks at me.


What did you not understand Vincent?


Damien, this is important. This is something that will help us out in the long run.


The long run? Do you honestly think right now I am concerned about the long run? Right now, the only thing that matters to me is beating him to an inch of his life. You run along and think about the long run. I pissed off a serious threat, and now, Axle Vengeance is ready to fight. I have to be focused on him and him alone. This isn’t some chump like all the guys I have beaten so far. If I let my concentration waver for one second, he will not hesitate to jump on that opportunity. Me and Axle mean to do more then just have a some stupid match, we will have a war. Two men enter, nobody will walk out alive. This Sunday, when I finally get my chance to face him, I will do this on my own, the way it has to be done. Then we can worry about your new friend.

Damien jumps back up to the pipe, blocking me out once again.  I know there is no talking to him when he is like this. Best to just let him be. I walk out of his room and head back to my study, fearing what may become of Alex once Damien has gotten his fill.


How could you do it, Alex? He trusted you. Damien believed your every word, thinking you knew the way to take him to the top. You led him along, thinking you were his friend, his equal, and instead he was just a puppet on your stage.

Alex, you looked into Damien’s soul and you knew what he could accomplish, and instead of helping him like you claimed you would, you used him to further your own career.

Not anymore.

Damien now knows what he is capable of. I have made him aware of what he can accomplish. With me by his side, Damien will go further then you would have ever allowed.

This week, Damien finally gets to slam the page on a terrible chapter in his life. After he beats you, we move past you, leaving you forgotten in our wake.

Tell him Damien.


You turned your back on me.  I did everything you ever needed done, had your back during any situation, and you beat me like dog and tossed me to die.

I didn’t die.

I’m still breathing, Axle. Like always, you couldn’t keep me down. No matter how hard you try, you have never been able to beat me, have you?  

You think you are better then me?

You like to claim that you are in a higher league, somewhere I could never reach. That’s funny. The way I remember it, it was because of me that you got to the heights that you did. The whole time you flourished as you held me back. You knew what I was capable of once I was pointed in the right direction.

You feared what you saw in me.

Instead of being the friend and brother that you claimed to be, you used me. Instead of helping me to achieve success for myself while I helped HFF, all of you used me to further your own careers. Without me, Krystal Meth wouldn’t have won a single title. Without me, Ace Static’s career was nothing.  Without Damien Drake, Axle Vengeance would have achieved nothing.

I was the driving force behind every single member of Hollywood’s Fucking Finest accomplishments.

What did I get to show for it?

Nothing. Not a god damned thing.

I was there for you every single time you were down.

When you were in jail, I was the one that looked after your affairs. When you got put in rehab, I was the one that made sure you had everything you needed. That time at that truck stop, in Alabama, when you were banging that toothless waitress in the ass out back of that greasy diner, and her husband came out with a knife ready to kill you. I was the one that made sure nothing happened to you.

You chose Ace over me. You said he was your brother. He was never around unless he needed something from us. After he got what he was looking for, he would disappear again, leaving us hanging.  He was always there to talk about big plans with HFF, but every time, he was out to get for him and he could have cared less about us.

But you always welcomed him back every time. You could never see him for the piece of shit that he truly was.  I could. I tried telling you before how he was, but no, you wouldn’t listen to anything about it. He was your brother; you could always count on him, blah blah blah.

Where was he when your career was ended Axle? Where was your “brother” when your ankle was mangled? He was gone once again. You were left to rot, betrayed by a pathetic excuse of a man.

I would have never let that happen. Just like every single time before, I would have been there, rushing to the ring to save your ass. Had I been there, you’d probably be the champion right now instead of that piece of shit Gordon Fury. Instead, you are a coward, using an injury as an excuse to hide behind a desk.

You are nothing Axle.

You are nothing because without me there to carry you and do your dirty work, you were ended.

It is my time now, brother.

I get my chance now to get VENGEANCE. Now is my time to get justice for what you did to me.

This isn’t the first time the two of us have fought, is it Axle? Not by a long shot. And every single time you and I have stood toe to toe, it was Damien Drake that stood victorious.

You claim to be this great god in the ring, but you can’t even beat the man you claim is nothing but a piece of shit. Axle, you say that you are better then me, that there is no chance that I can ever beat you this week at From the Ashes III. Go back and look at every time you have ever tried to fight me, maybe that will help you remember what happens when you are on my bad side. Trust me Axle; you are definitely on my bad side.

You couldn’t even do it like a man, could you? You knew that there was no way that you could ever take me by yourself. The only chance you had was to have someone helping you. Someone you could throw to the wolves so you could run away and save yourself like the coward you are.


One date I know I will never forget. A date I am going to make sure that you will never forget as well.

You took me to Tokyo, Japan. You lured me there, thinking we had some type of business that would “benefit my career.”

You and the fucking asshole took chains and cinder blocks and you sucker punched me. Never in a million years would I have expected you to turn on me like that. I could see Ace doing something like that, but you? You were the only family I ever had, the brother I thought I needed in my life. You pretended to be all of this and you turned your back on me and smashed me to oblivion. You chained me up to cinder blocks and through me into water to drown like I was one of Michael Vicks dogs.

Then Vincent found me.

Now I have a friend I can rely on. Now I know that someone is looking out for me.

Vincent opened my eyes to what you did to me. He showed me how you used me and lied to me all those years. With his help, I can see how you held me down, scared of what would happen if I was set loose.

Nobody is holding me back any longer.

My eyes are firmly planted in your direction Axle. My focus is clearer now then it ever has been before. Vincent has shown me the truth now, and I see you for the worthless shell of a former great man.

It would never have taken this long for the Axle Vengeance of old to finally step up and face a challenge. Back when we ran together, you would have jumped up and fought anyone that dared say one thing about you, but now you talk. You sit in your chair behind your big fancy desk and you run your mouth about how great you used to be, hoping that people never forget your name.

Don’t worry Axle; I’ll make sure you will always be remembered. After I get through with you, people will always remember what happened to Axle Vengeance.

I don’t care about picking up another win against you Axle. This isn’t about titles and accolades. This is about a debt that needs to be repaid. I am going to hurt you for what you did to me. Hell in the Cell is the perfect stage for everyone to see what I do to you. There will be nowhere for you to run. Nobody will be there to help you. You will be all alone with me.

I am going to hurt you in ways you have never known. I am going to do things to you that nobody has ever done before. You have never known pain like what you will feel by my hand.

You signed your life away when you attacked me Axle. I am here to collect. I will take your blood and your sweat and your tears. Damien Drake will twist your body until you scream out for mercy.

You will find none.

I will not stop hurting you. I will beat you until you feel all the pain you made me feel. You will be beaten until you are lying there in the ring wishing you had never crossed me.

Axle will look up into my eyes and he will say “Damien, I am sorry.”

I will spit in his face and drive my foot into his head.

I am going to break every bone in your body. What happened between us in the parking lot was nothing. When I get you inside of the cell, I am going to rip you apart and beat you with your own bloody stumps. I will beat you and disfigure you until you are nothing but a freak show attraction, scaring children for a dollar as you travel with a carnival for the rest of your days.

You will regret the day you decided to make me your enemy Axle. There is no turning back now. We have taken this to a level that neither of us can back down from. Can you handle the pressure? Can you ankle stand up to the task? I hope so Axle. I have dreamt of this moment, visualized it in my head.

I make my dreams a reality.

You think that I am inferior to you, at From the Ashes, this Sunday; I show you how wrong you are.

AXLEVENGEANCE, this Sunday, we make with the violence. I promise you, I will break you.


March 27, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

5:30 am

Axle Vengeance Suite

I wake up on a couch surrounded by people I can’t remember. I must have blacked out again.

God that was one hell of a party. Axle sure knows how to throw a small “get together”

I sit up straight on the couch as two sluts cuddled up next to me slide back onto the cushions. Shaking my head, trying to clear the cobwebs I walk to the bathroom to piss. Fuck, the doors locked, I head out to the balcony and quietly make my way through the door.

Relief at last. Pissing over the railing I manage to empty my bladder now maybe I can get back to sleep.


Really, dude, you couldn’t use a toilet? You had to do that here in front of me?

I turn and look as I button my pants and see my good friend Axle Vengeance sitting in the darkness, puffing away on a cigarette. His dark Greasy hair hangs uncombed in his face; he is wearing the same clothes from last night, only now they are ripped and bloody.


What’s up man? Didn’t see you there.




Sorry, someone locked themselves in the bathroom and I had to go so, you know. What are you doing out here man, every one else is inside knocked out or in a coma or something.


Can’t sleep, got a lot on my mind.

Axle stands up and walks to the rail next to where I am leaning. He lifts his bottle of Johnny walker and finishes the rest. We hear the breaking of glass as it hit’s the pavement far below. I chuckle.


Probably hit somebody’s ride.


Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.

We both laugh for a few seconds. Axle stares off towards the ocean and a serious look grosses his face.


Damien, big things are coming. We are taking things over here like we have before. I need to know that you are with us. I know you don’t trust Ace too well, but I need to know that you trust me enough for you to work with him.


Look man, if you say everything is fine, I believe you. This time though, while you guys are getting gold around your waist and bitches on your laps, how about spreading the wealth my way. I’m ready for a title Axle, you know it.


I know you are man. Your time is coming, I promise. You are going places, brother. First things first, HFF has got to take out some dead weight and trash, and then we focus on bigger things. Are you with me?


You know I am.

Axle smiles, and sits back down onto his chair. Reaching into a cooler close by, he pulls out two beers and hands me one. Twisting off the tops, we tap our bottles together and each take a long drink.


Don’t worry about a thing, Dames. Everything is going to be just peachy.


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PostSubject: Re: Alex Dillinger [vs] Damien Drake   

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Alex Dillinger [vs] Damien Drake
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