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 Storming Raven [vs] Tim Patrick

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Storming Raven [vs] Tim Patrick   Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:04 am

Storming Raven
Tim Patrick



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Storming Raven

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PostSubject: Re: Storming Raven [vs] Tim Patrick   Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:15 pm

Prologue: IWF after the bell.

After the big reveal of Tim Patrick faking his illness, Storming Raven walks back through the curtain. He rubs his chin but there is a maniacal smile on his face. He looks into the camera with a wink before speaking.

“There's a few things I'd like to discuss. First off, the Empire of Blood. They think they can replace me with a woman? That's cute, real cute. I wasn't aware the blood was coming from their vaginas. Seriously, how long will it take for their periods to synchronize? Secondly, Good job, Tim. You managed to make all these mindless sheep believe you. I never did, and now the wolf is knocking at your door, and instead of using his breath to blow the house down he's coming with C4! This is just the beginning. I have all kinds of surprises in store for you. Get plenty of rest, as much as you can before waking in a cold sweat. Come Sunday, only one of us will walk away with our careers in tact.”

Storming Raven motions for the camera to move in closer to his face.

“Now ever since this whole thing started, everyone's been asking why? Well they will soon find out. The mindless sheep think it started with your fiancee and unborn child, but it goes back further than that. Soon everyone shall know. Stay tuned boppers, stay tuned.”

With another wink and sinister grin Storming Raven walks off camera.

Scene one: Around the world

An exclusive

As the camera comes on, the time stamp in the bottom right hand corner reads August, 22nd,2013. It's a muggy overcast day in Paris, France. The Eiffel tower stands in the background as Storming Raven steps into the frame. Though it's a stifling eighty-one degrees, he is dressed all in black. That sinister grin comes on his face as he turns slightly and motions toward the Eiffel tower.

“Do you remember this place,Tim? You should. Hell I'm not even supposed to be here, legally speaking. This was the site of our first epic encounter at Bloody Sunday two. My first high profile match with the company. If you look close enough at the side walk, our blood still stains this place.You won that match....your match. It was pure luck, and it has eaten away at me ever since. On that day, I promised I would have my revenge. I know you're not better than me, and soon the world will know it. You know what they say. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. From that moment, I swore to myself, I would bide my time, and befriend you. I would get to know you like no one else. Then when the moment was right, I'd strike. That was phase one.”

The camera fades out for a second, when it fades back in it's another location important to Storming Raven and Tim Patrick. A bar in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Storming Raven sits at a table in the corner. A bottle of Jack Daniels he brought in himself sits in front of him, half gone.

“Now I KNOW you remember this place Tim. The last IWF world tour, we were here. I was playing with my band Spirit Wheel, and you knowing the danger tried to sneak in. Of course your cover was blown...Gee I wonder how that happened exactly?”

Storming Raven shoots a crooked grin.

“You killed a man here. Unbeknownst to me, this is where I found phase 2. I came back the next day, and this is where I met Ian. It was then I knew the time would soon be right. I had planted the seed, I just had to watch it grow. Funny, I've never actually killed anyone myself. Abduction sure, but never murder. What's worse you kill for political reasons, this really makes you no better than a common terrorist.”

With a shrug he picks up the bottle of Jack Daniels, twists the cap off, and grins.

“Cheers, Tim. Should auld acquaintance be forgot...and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance before forgot....and auld lang syne. For Auld lang dear, for...auld lang syne, We'll take...a cup of kindness yet....for auld lang syne”

He takes a swig from the bottle as the camera fades to black.

Scene two: Swamp music

It's the Friday before From The ashes. As the camera comes on it's blurry, unfocused. A baby crying can be heard. A shrill mocking voice is heard, along with the strange clacking sound of teeth.

“Help me,Tim. Help me! He's killing me Tim!”

The camera focuses to show Storming Raven's hands playing with a skull. He sits at the table in his swamp in the shack. A lit cigarette dangles from his lips. It's three fourths smoked. He scoffs and throws the skull over his shoulder. Another skull with the top cut off sits on the table, he flicks his ashes into it, and stubs out the cigarette.

“Relax, it's obviously not really her skull. That one is still being cured. Congratulations on killing Ian by the way. There's really no big loss there, he was scum like the rest of this festering world. He was just a means to an end. Though it does make you a murderer, no better than me really. See I never killed anyone, as I've said. Yet everyone thinks I'm the bad guy? Well a great man once said:”

Now Storming Raven begins speaking in a dead on impersonation of Al Pacino as Scarface.

“Joo little cockaroaches need people like me. Joo need people like me, so joo can all point jore fingers and say, 'There he is, there's the bad guy.' So joo can feel better about joreselves mayne. Well fuck it, say 'allo to the bad guy.”

Storming Raven shrugs, and continues in his own low voice.

“So I guess that's the way it's gotta be. Oh well, the world needs bad guys, just as much as good guys. I mean what would Batman be without the Joker....Speaking of Batman, they cast Ben Affleck as Batman, what kind of shit is that?! Did they not see how atrocious Daredevil was? Though I digress. If there was no bad in the world, we wouldn't realize what was truly good. So as I see it, I'm doing the world a service. Somehow the world has got it in their heads that you're a hardcore icon. Don't make me laugh! While you and your friends were in backyards beating the shit out of each other for fun, I was on the street, fighting for my life! You see that makes me a little angry. How do these sheep see you as a hardcore Icon, when I've LIVED hardcore for two thirds of my life?!”

Storming Raven rips off his black shirt revealing a torso with so many scars it looks like a patch work quilt.

“Not all of these are from wrestling. Most of them damn near killed me, but I just got back up and came back even harder! I've done everything you have and more, twice over! Yet these people cheer you, and laughed at me! Well they're not laughing anymore are they?!”

Storming Raven is visibly shaking with anger. There is no remorse in his cold black eyes. Blood begins to trickle from his mouth.

“It's funny how two people can be so similar, yet so different. Right now, all you care about is vengeance. Me? Hell I enjoy the pain, it reminds me that I'm alive. So anything you can possibly do to me. I will just laugh and come right back.”

Storming Raven stops, and looks down at the table where the powdered glass covered gloves those idiots in the Empire of Blood gave him sits. He picks them up and slowly slips them on. Then looks back in the camera.

“Our first meeting was by your rules. This time, there are no rules. It's almost bad for you, that you're not broken like you pretended to be. As it is you are far too emotional. You'll let your emotions take over, and take risks, throwing any form of strategy out the window. It will be the...death of you.”

Storming Raven chuckles at his little joke.

“You've signed your own death certificate as it is. I have only lost one trail of tears match in IWF, and I don't plan on losing another any time soon. Though this has transcended far beyond winning and losing hasn't it? If by some act of god I lose, I will do everything in my power to end you at From the Ashes. There will be a new crowned king of hardcore, and like the phoenix I shall rise from the ashes of your empty career to new heights.”

Storming Raven pushes back from the table and begins to pace the floor.

“The trail of tears match is beyond anything you've seen in your worst nightmares. A twenty foot tall steel cage, an already unforgiving structure. Then add that each wall is wrapped in barbed wire and broken glass. If that's not enough, one wall will be electrified, one wall on fire, and as an added bonus for this particular match, one wall will be covered in C4. The remaining wall will just be the barbed wire and broken glass. Hanging inside are the most extreme weapons you can think of. Pinfall or submission inside the cage, hell since this one means so much let's make it two out of three falls inside the cage. Here's the catch that previously mentioned wall with just the barbed wire and broken glass? If one of us is to climb out of the cage, and let's be honest it'd most likely be me, the other must follow or forfeit, once outside it becomes last man standing. How sweet it will be for you, your last match is basically in your own backyard. It must feel like a dream right now, but I promise you, it will quickly turn into a nightmare....You're in my world now bitch!

Scene three: We never been to the Bronx before...

The camera fades in on Yankee stadium, seemingly covered in blood. Soon a red rain begins falling and a sinister laugh is heard. The camera spins until it focuses on Storming Raven in the very last row. It zooms in as he speaks.

“I always hated baseball. Use a bat to hit a ball, then drop the bat and run around some bases hoping to not get “tagged out” by someone on the opposing side with the ball. If there's one thing I learned in my time on the streets, if someone is chasing you, having a bat in your hands will stop them pretty quick, so why drop the bat? It's stupid. I've never ran from anyone, and I damn sure ain't going to do it for a useless game.”

Storming Raven takes a drink from a flask, and grins as a strange red liquid dribbles from his chin.

“It occurs to me, that this is the very first time a trail of tears match has taken place outdoors. This works out great for me, because I always feel stronger, closer to nature. It's history in the making. It is said history is written by men who win wars. Well win or lose I intend to make my own history. The history of Tim Patrick the hardcore poser. He has held the wool over the eyes of these people for far too long. I'm the real hardcore icon in this company. Compared to me, Tim is Mickey Mouse. It looks like my Thanksgiving has come a few months early. It's quite funny every child is taught the story of the first Thanksgiving, but never the second. You see the second Thanksgiving was one of the bloodiest turf wars in the north east. The pilgrims repaid my people's kindness in helping them survive, by killing them a year later. Many lives were lost, and what's worse they made sport of kicking around decapitated chieftains' heads while enjoying their meals that we taught them about. Well, come Sunday I rewrite history. Come hell or high water, Tim Patrick will NOT walk out of this place of his own accord, because it's one,two, three strikes you're out in this crazy game of life and death!”

Scene four: Behind closed doors.

Off camera,Storming Raven stands by the sliding glass door that leads to the balcony of the room at the downtown New York Marriott, deep in thought. Tonight could be the biggest moment in his career and he wonders if he’s ready. He smiles as he hears the door open and looks in the reflection of the sliding glass door to see Nekora.

“Where’ve you been, love?

“At the graveyard...Talking to mom. Had to do a Spirit Summoning spell to do so. Only she could enter the circle, so i wouldn’t be interrupted.” She sighed, running a hand through her hair.

Storming Raven nods and turns around.

“I usually travel to the spirit world to speak to my father.”

He looks out the balcony door again.

“I’m not sure if you should come out with me tonight or not. The trail of tears isn’t just an ordinary match.”

“Oh? What do you have to do in this match? I’ve never heard of it…”

Storming Raven continues looking out the balcony door.

“It’s my specialty match. A twenty foot steel cage, wrapped in barbed wire and broken glass, with weapons hanging inside. One side is electrified, the other is on fire, another is covered in C4, and the other is just the barbed wire and broken glass. It’s pinfall or submission while in the cage, but if either me or Tim climbs out, then the other has to follow, or forfeit. It then becomes last man standing. I don’t want you getting hurt in the crossfire.”

“C4?! That’s basically a tool to kill you! Why the fuck did you accept this match?! I can take the Broken Glass and Barbed wire, fire, and a little shocking, but why a highly powerful explosive?!” Nekora said, her dark eyes wide in shock.

He walks over to her with a smile, and caresses her cheek with his fingertips.

“That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. I’ll be okay. I just have to prove to everyone I’m the hardcore icon of IWF not Tim.”

“I just don’t want you to die…” She said, a small tear running off her cheek as she sat on the bed and laid back on it, sighing.

Storming Raven turns on the stereo and “Leaving on a Jet plane” by John Denver begins to play. He looks back at the stereo and shakes his head before jumping on the bed next to Nekora and puts his arm around her. He kisses her tear away.

“I’m not going to die, darlin. I’m just gonna kill Tim’s career. You can come out with me if it will make you feel better. “

"I hope you murder it..." she chokes out, putting her head on his chest.

He runs his fingers through her hair.

“You don’t have to worry. Nothing will ever take me away from you.”

Scene five: Lyin' eyes, and alibis.

As the camera crew walks into Storming Raven's hotel room, he is wearing an attire a lot like Tim's. He sits on the edge of the bed reviewing the press conference from earlier that day,he motions as if to say be with you guys in a minute. He fast forwards to Tim's part and is seized by uncontrollable laughter. He composes himself with some trouble, before standing up and wring his hands together. He nods letting the camera man know he's ready to go.

“Tim Patrick... You're such a god damned liar.”

Storming Raven changes to a mocking tone.

I don't care about championships, I do this so everyone who is struggling has someone to look up to.

He goes back to his normal tone.

“BULL SHIT! Anyone who says they don't want to be a champion in this business, just knows they're not cut out for this business. Not to mention people look up to champions more than common men. Everyone remembers Jesus, not the guy who sat at the end of the table at the last supper. Furthermore, you mention how you've beat Thor twice, and he beat me in the trail of tears. Use your head chump. I LET him beat me because I was joining the Empire of Blood,idgit ”

He rolls his neck and shoulders, the muscles popping in succession like a roll of fire crackers.

“No one ever helped me out while I was on the street. Everything I have, I had to earn the hard way. I often wonder what it would be like if I did have help. Would I have turned out this way, or would I be one of those snot nosed kids looking for their hand out? I love who I am, I wouldn't have it any other way. The Great Spirit helps those who help themselves.”

A slow malicious grin spreads over his lips.

“Do you like the new look by the way? Consider it my parting gift to you. So even when you're gone people will still remember the shell of the person who once wore it, and the person who now wears it being so much more than that person ever was.”

He shakes his head with a chuckle.

“As far as the woman and the bastard goes; you should be thanking me. I heard through the grape vine if that woman had as many dicks sticking out of her as she had in her, she'd look like a porcupine. So who knows if the whelp was even yours? Far as I'm concerned I did you a favor. Take it from someone who knows...”

He heaves a melodramatic sigh.

“It's a shame it had to come to this. I really do respect you. Sure you made some bonehead moves, like taking me up in this match, but we all make mistakes.”

That sinister chuckle escapes again.

“I almost fooled myself with that one.  You're almost a memory now. A mere foot note in the history of wrestling, while there will be entire chapters about me. Tim Patrick, WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE!”

Scene six: It's show time folks!

The camera shows Storming Raven standing in his locker room, making some last minute preparations. We see him wrapping barbed wire from his feet to his shoulders. He slowly turns around with a scowl.

“Can you feel it, Tim? Can you feel the winds of change, the end of an era? Your sheep can't help you. Hell once we step in that cage, no one can help you. Did I forget to mention the door is welded shut? So there is no easy way out. We're both people who live with no regrets, but after tonight you will have one. You will regret the day you ever decided to step inside my world.”

Storming Raven does a few stretches and walks out of his locker room the camera following close behind.

“You think you know pain now, but you have no idea. The trail of tears was specifically designed to push the boundaries of what the human body can take. As I stated, it's not about winning or losing anymore. It's about making sure you never step in a ring again.  Everyone thinks these kind of matches are sadistic and bloody, not real wrestling at all. They're half right. You see in this match it's not about size,speed,or technical ability. It's not even about the pain. It is a test of will. Two men throwing everything they can about each other. The winner will be the one who can ignore the pain. I know I can ignore the pain, but can you? We're about to find out. You see no matter who wins or loses in this match, in the end, in life, I win, you lose. Because I will continue to do what I'm doing. You will sell out and become just another suit. I know how much, deep down, that fucking eats away at you inside. The thrill of the hunt will be gone. Guys like us aren't meant for office jobs. It's a dog eat dog world out there, and this dog will continue to hunt. While you lay with the sheep, I will be out there in front of everyone proving to everyone that I am the real hardcore icon in IWF.”

At this point Storming Raven's music hits.

“Tim Patrick....The hunt is...on”

The camera fades out as Storming Raven bursts through the curtain, on his way to the biggest match of his career, and his future.


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PostSubject: Re: Storming Raven [vs] Tim Patrick   Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:45 pm

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
South Philadelphia, PA
Ritner Street
Tim Patrick’s Apartment
1:30 AM
~~Off Camera~~

Battle Grounds ended a few hours ago and Tim Patrick is hosting his best friend, Blyss Lockhart, at his apartment.  She’s been crashing there all weekend in preparation for the show, and they’ve been working for the past two weeks to try and trick Storming Raven into signing off on a Trail of Tears match at From the Ashes 3.  It worked, and Tim has been upbeat and happy for the first time since Cody died.  It’s a cute scene as both Tim and Blyss are both basically in their pajamas watching bad movies on his couch late at night.  They’ve been watching “Over the Top”, the Sylvester Stallone movie about arm wrestling, and making fun of it the entire time.  The awfulness of the movie got to be too much for both to handle and Blyss gives Tim a look and he gladly shuts the television off.  He turns to her and smirks.

Tim Patrick:

I told you it was going to be terrible.

Blyss Lockhart:

Anything with that guy usually is. I’ll never understand what he says. And this movie? Doesn’t even make any sense at all! Is there really nothing else to watch? This is torture.

She laughs and rests her head on the couch.

Tim smiles and shakes his head “no”.

Tim Patrick:

Haha, dude, it’s 1:30 in the morning on a Tuesday  There’s never anything on.  We’re gonna miss the stupid Sammy Hager theme song to this movie later, it’s your loss.  

Tim’s mood changes slightly as he rests his head back next to Blyss’..

Tim Patrick:

All of this shit that’s happened lately, I’m sort of numb to it right now.  I went weeks after Cody and our unborn child died without smiling and I was just a wreck.  Like, I see her picture and I just feel...nothing.  But I know I feel something, it’s just that I don’t get upset anymore.  It’s an empty feeling.  It’s weird.

Blyss Lockhart:

I understand, Timmy. That’s how it is, you know? Life just goes on and you too. And I think you’re being very strong about this and that’s the way it should be. Cody would want you to be strong. In time, you’ll be okay.

She pauses, thinking to herself for a bit before continuing.

Blyss Lockhart:

So this Sunday will be your retirement match. How do you feel about that?

Tim Patrick:

It probably won’t be my final match ever...just for a while.  Everything lately has taken a  lot out of me.  And every match I have is some sort of insane hardcore brawl and my body can’t handle going at this pace.  But I’ve been talking to Alex and he’s interviewing me for all sorts of stuff, so I’m pretty confident that I’ll have a job with the company after From the Ashes.  Who knows what it’ll be.  But I’m not leaving.  Besides, this match this Sunday with Storming Raven, it’s the most personal match I’ve ever had.  Normally I wouldn’t care if I get the win in the end, I like to put on the best fight possible and give the fans their money’s worth.  This time it’s different.  Trail of Tears is supposed to be his specialty match, and I intend to embarrass him and hurt him...and beat him.

She continues to think to herself and then sits up, tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ear.

Blyss Lockhart:
Is everyone going into FTA like that? I mean, I know how sometimes things can get quite personal and I myself did think like that before but I realize that it’s just my own personal goals and nothing more. But what I’m hearing now, with the matches that have been set up for this Sunday, it seems like payback is on everyone’s minds.

She turns to face him, looking slightly distraught.

Blyss Lockhart:

I mean, I know why it would be like that for you and Raven but… I don’t know. It’s scary to think what might happen.

Tim gives her a reassuring look and puts his arm around her shoulder.

Tim Patrick:

I’m going to be fine.  Really.  I mean, I know he wants to have some crazy shit happen in this cage.  I heard he wants to have one side electrified and one side rigged with some kind of explosive or something.  It’s nothing I can’t handle or haven’t been through before.  Shit, I’ve been at war in Ireland and had entire armies looking for me.  If I can deal with that, I can beat Raven.  And he has it coming.  I’m not the kind of guy that gets police involved in personal stuff of mine, I take care of things.  I’m going to the swamps outside of New Orleans later this week to finish off Ian.  He’s hiding on some small swamp house on Raven’s property.  He’s going to get the same fate Cody got.  And then I’m going to beat Raven.  And I’ll be done with it all.  No more pain in my life.  I can’t do it anymore.  I have to try and have a normal life, I can’t let Ian or Raven take that from me.  You’re pretty much the most important person in my life, and when I’m around you I feel like a kid hanging out with his best friend.  I’m not going to do anything to lose that or put that in jeopardy.  

At first, she looks more worried but then smiles and hugs him.

Blyss Lockhart:
You’re my best friend too, Timmy. And you deserve a good life, if not the best. I’ll always be here for ya.

She sighs.

Blyss Lockhart:

Thanks again for letting me stay here for the past few days. I have some things to take care of soon back home. The timing could not be better…

She chuckles at her own sarcasm.

Tim Patrick:

You’re always welcome here.  That guest room is now your permanent room for anytime you want to come over.  

A look of concern comes over his face.

Tim Patrick:

What’s going on?

She shrugs.

Blyss Lockhart:

I don’t really know. Kenzie kept calling and texting me to go home, saying something about Dad. I don’t think it’s anything bad. It’s just her way of making me talk to him since I haven’t exactly been doing that. I mean, there’s the occasional “how are you?” and stuff but we haven’t really been talking. It’s nothing really. I’m just gonna head over there, see what’s up and then leave. I can’t deal with them now. I have to keep my focus for FTA. That High Impact title is very very important. Like, if I don’t win it, I don’t know…

She shakes her head, chuckling.

Blyss Lockhart:

No, no. I WILL win it. I will. Yeah. It will happen. Yup.

Tim laughs

Tim Patrick:

There is nothing you can’t handle.  Family stuff can be awkward as hell and very hard to deal with, but you’re doing a good thing by going out there and at least giving it a shot.  And Flex, he has no chance.  When I got backstage at Battle Grounds I had to sort of keep to myself to avoid blowing my cover.  You have no idea how hard it was when I read on my phone that your match will be a Ladder Match.  It took all I had not to start laughing hysterically.  

There’s an amused look on her face.

Blyss Lockhart:

He’s really gonna be teased about that forever, isn’t he? When I first heard that it’s gonna be a ladder match, I was nervous. But the excited nervous kind. It’s gonna be great. Flex is an amazing wrestler and that’s why I HAVE to win this Sunday. I’ve beaten him once and that’s all good and all. But to beat him for the High Impact championship AND at the biggest IWF PPV? That’s just crazy!

She laughs.

Blyss Lockhart:

Funny how we just had a show that celebrated Corey Casey’s Hall Of Fame induction. As much as I hat--, disliked the guy, I probably wouldn’t be here in the IWF if I hadn’t met him. And I probably wouldn’t have met you, Gordon, Jacob and everybody else… And now doing alright in my career. So much has happened and it’s not even a year yet!

She slowly shakes her head with a smile.

Blyss Lockhart:

It’s crazy…

Tim nods his head in agreement.

Tim Patrick:

I’ve been in IWF for 3 years now.  I made my debut like a month after it’s first show.  Believe me, when I came back from my stint over in Belfast this January, it was like a different company.  It really got so much better with Figgy and Gordon and you.  And dude, I hate Corey Casey with a passion, but like I said at Battle Grounds, he put me on the map.  My match with him in NLWF put me on a very high level and was noticed world wide...then he hired me and signed me to a contract for IWF.  I owe my career to him.  I still wouldn’t pee on him if he was on fire, but yeah.  

Tim stops talking and smiles while trying not to laugh.

Tim Patrick:

I have to be honest about something.  I’m a bit confused.  You have the weirdest dynamic with Flex right now.  Everything you guys say on Twitter is cute and fun and gives everybody warm fuzzies when they read it, but you’re about to have a title match with him.  Are you playing him?

Tim laughs.

Blyss Lockhart:

No, not at all…

She raises an eyebrow.

Blyss Lockhart:

Why? Should I be?

Tim keeps smiling but looks slightly bewildered.

Tim Patrick:

I don’t know.  I mean, I’ve just never seen this before.  Maybe it’s just how I am and the fact that you’re much sweeter than I am, but I can’t picture myself talking to a person I’m about to have a ladder match with the way you guys talk to each other.  

She frowns slightly at this.

Blyss Lockhart:

Why not? Why does it always have to be hostility between rivals? Sure yeah we had a misunderstanding that one time but Flex is a nice guy and all I want is a great match and that title he has.

She looks away and sighs.

Blyss Lockhart:

Truth be told, that’s all I care about now. And he’s never done anything mean or terrible to me so I don’t see why we shouldn’t be nice before Sunday.

Tim nods his head, looking somewhat bummed out that he’s annoyed her.

Tim Patrick:

I know.  I like Flex too.  But I’ve been doing this for 14 years off and on, I just don’t want him to lure you into some sort of trap.  But hey, you’ve beaten him before so I’m probably just talking out of my ass.  I tend to do that late at night….and early in the morning, and the afternoon…

Tim smirks, attempting to make his little sister laugh. She chuckles but then the smile fades. There’s a thoughtful look on her face.

Blyss Lockhart:

Don’t worry, Tim. I can take care of myself. Have been since I was 15, maybe earlier. I, uh, am always on guard, ya know? I’ve met people who are nice who turned out to have bad intentions about it. I may be nice back to people but trust is another thing. Know what I mean? I try to be sincere about it but… yeah… You know? It takes a little time.

Tim Patrick:

I know.  I’m the same way.  I trust you though, and hope you trust me.  Even if I’m a weirdo that does silly shit to mess with you.

Tim grins and reaches over and tickles Blyss’ foot that’s resting on the couch next to him. She immediately laughs out loud and kicks him in the chest and moves away.

Blyss Lockhart:

Shit! Sorry! Reflex! See?! I told you I hate tickles! Despite that, I do trust you.

She laughs.

Blyss Lockhart:

There are people who have come and gone that I wish they hadn’t. But I’m glad you’re still here, bud. I really am.

A soft smile appears on her face.

Tim smiles back.

Tim Patrick:

You’re not getting rid of me, little dude.  Ever.  I got your back.  

Tim begins to yawn heavily.

Tim Patrick:

I’m exhausted, and think I should head to bed soon.  I’m cooking breakfast tomorrow before you head for the airport.  I found ingredients to make vegan pancakes today at the store while you were out running.  And if we survive it without getting food poisoning, I think we’re gonna have a great night on Sunday.  I’ll be able to close a dark chapter in my life with Raven, and you’ll be the new High Impact Champion!

She giggles at the “food poisoning” part and then pretends to be offended.

Blyss Lockhart:

Really, Tim? I’ll have you know that that is not at all possible. Vegan strong, baby!

Then she gives him a big hug.

Blyss Lockhart:

Good night. You go ahead, I’m just gonna stay up for a bit more. I’m not tired yet.

Tim Patrick:

Well, I’m it’s entirely possible we might both die.  And hell, I’m not doing anything tomorrow, I’ll stay up too.  This has been really fun.  

Tim tosses Blyss the TV remote.  She catches it and smiles.

~~Scene Fades~~

Thursday, August 22, 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana
Honey Ranch
Storming Raven's Swamp Property
11:30 PM

Ian McFadden, the man who shot and killed Cody and her and Tim's unborn child, has been hiding out in a small shack-sized home on the back end of Storming Raven's swamp property for the last two weeks.  He knows Tim is after him and Tim has a strong idea of where Ian has been hiding.  Ian has been staying with Raven in hotel rooms around the country but Raven has grown tired of having to sneak Ian around, and has lost interest in him and doesn't care what happens to him anymore.  Raven got what he needed out of Ian.  He's alone, in every way possible.  His Ulster Volunteer Force comrades have stopped supporting him after the gruesome murder of a woman and unborn child, which gave them horrible press.  

Tim Patrick is also alone in this fight.  In an effort to find out why the operation to kill Ian in Belfast failed, he snapped and killed several of his former IRA comrades and even his general.  He's been banished by the Provisional IRA, the group of men that he fought for.  The only lasting enemy from this struggle that he has is Ian McFadden and he's about to come face to face with him.  
Ian has been inside, panic stricken.  He knows Tim is coming for him but he doesn't know that he's outside of his hideout.  For a man who has killed several people in a brutal sectarian campaign of violence in Belfast, Ian is shaking in his boots.  The only weaponry he has is a rusty knife.  He crouches in a small cabinet, awaiting his doom.  

Tim knows that this, and hurting Raven at From the Ashes 3, are the final acts of vengeance he needs to commit to get justice for Cody.  Wearing his old paramilitary uniform, decked out entirely in green and wearing a black mask, he slowly walks up to the single door of the shack, and knocks three times.  

Ian actually begins to cry.  He has two options – try and fight Tim, or run like hell.  He kicks open the door to the cabinet and races over to the window, opens it and jumps out.  When he lands on the grass, he twists his ankle and screams out in pain.  Tim, hearing the commotion from the opposite side of the shack, quickly runs to the other side to see Ian slowly and gingerly running towards a wooded area.  Tim grins and follows behind, running at a much quicker pace.  

Ian McFadden:


Ian keeps limping along until his feet get stuck in swamp mud and quickly he's stuck up to his knees.  He stands there knowing Tim is seconds behind him and is going to kill him.  He closes his eyes, maybe this is all a nightmare.  He opens them and Tim is standing over him with a gun in his hand, pointing it him.

Tim Patrick:

This will be a fitting ending for you, Ian.  You Loyalists boys think you did everything for England, and they want nothing to do with you.  You went to their prison and spent hard time in deplorable conditions.  Now, you're in America, about to die.  There is nobody here to save you.  Not a single member of MI-5, the UVF, or a member of the Orange Order.  You're alone.  Just like you've always been.  You were a pawn in their game and you're about to meet the same fate you perpetrated on Cody and my unborn child.  

Ian, stuck in the mud, trembles at Tim's words.

Ian McFadden:

You don't want to do this, Tim.  Is this what Cody would have wanted?  She was military minded like you. She would want me to be brought to court and then put in prison.  She wouldn't want any more blood on your hands.

Tim Patrick:

I honestly don't care, Ian.  I really don't.  She's dead.  I'm sure if she was standing beside me right now I wouldn't do this.  But if she was alive and next to me, I'd be doing other things.  I would be happy and retired from wrestling and living a normal life.  You and Raven took that from me.  Your goal since following me to America back in the Spring was to ruin my life.  All because you couldn't finish the job in Ireland.  You didn't have what it takes to kill me, you never did.  You were told by the UVF that you were the hottest thing on earth and you could do anything.  That you were some sort of super soldier.  You were the chosen one to take me out.  And you failed.  I'm alive, and your life is in my hands.  I want to know why.  Start at the beginning, you son of a bitch.  Why is hurting me your obsession?

Ian McFadden:

It was on the Shankill Road.  The November after the Good Friday Agreement was signed.  We knew you and your crew of secret hitmen were going out to kill the top UVF men that didn't want to lay down their arms.  Those men were my heroes.  I was a new member, so new that they wouldn't give me a gun.  I saw from my bedroom window how you went down the road by yourself.  I saw you take out a unit of top men by yourself.  I couldn't do anything about it.  I swore on that night, on the lives of those men you slayed, that I would ruin you.  A year later I became one of the top snipers the UFV had to offer.  We got into a fire-fight with your unit on the Falls Road.  I took out half of your men and you somehow managed to escape danger, only to alert the police somehow of my whereabouts.  I spent years in jail.  Rotting away.  No access to toilets.  I had to shit and piss in a bucket and then dump it out of the bottom of the cell door every morning.  I slept on a inch thick sponge mattress.  The men who I fought for spit on me.    

Tim Patrick:

Don't you get it, Ian?  The British Government never wanted anything to do with you.  If you UVF boys could kill a few IRA guys every now and then, I'm sure they enjoyed that but at the end of the day they just didn't care.  And every time they had the chance to put you boys in jail, they did it.  And they did it to make them look like they weren't Anti-Irish bigots.  It was all a game.  Ian, you spent your adult life fighting for a lie.  Nobody ever cared about you.  Even now, Raven has sold you out.  I'm sure he's in his home and we're only about 100 yards from his door.  You didn't even make an attempt to run to him for help.  I'm sure he told you to leave him alone.  Didn't he?

Ian McFadden:

Tim, don't kill me.  I want to go back home.  I want another shot at life.

Tim Patrick:

You never gave Cody that chance, did you?  Lower your head!

Ian McFadden:

What?!  I...I don't understand...

Tim Patrick:


Ian, shaking, lowers his head and is instantly shot in the back of the head by Tim's 9mm pistol.  He falls face first into the swamp in the same fashion that Cody died.  Tim stands over his lifeless body and sighs.  A huge weight has been lifted off of Tim's shoulders.

Tim Patrick:

There ya go, Ian.  Your will lie in this unmarked, muddy grave forever.  And nobody will fucking care.  Your life was all about hurting others and never doing what's right.  Now you won't hurt anybody anymore.  When you get to hell, tell Maggie Thatcher that Tim Patrick sent you.  

Tim places his foot on Ian's head and pushes down, causing Ian to sink into the mud completely.  He looks up at the sky and walks over to a grassy area and falls to his knees.

Tim Patrick:

He's gone, Cody.  I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner.  Please forgive me.  I love you.

A feeling rushes over Tim.  A feeling of warmth and love, he remains sitting there, in tears.  He can feel Cody is there with him, hugging him somehow.  He begins to smile, realizing that Cody will never leave him, even in death, and he has nothing to be afraid of anymore.  


Sunday, August 25, 2013
Bronx, New York
Yankee Hotel

It's a starlit night in New York City.  Its the middle of the night and Tim Patrick hasn't been able to sleep.  He's called for an IWF camera crew to meet him on the roof of the hotel.  They finally catch up with him, set up their gear, and zoom in on Tim who is sitting on the ledge of the room.

Tim Patrick:
It's that time again.  The time where I find some weird location and speak my mind before a big match.  The more things change, the more things stay the same.  We're on the cusp of a new wrestling revolution in IWF and here I am, doing the same shit I've always done.  Here's the difference...things are about to change, and that change is coming soon.  The “Tim Patrick” you've been watching for the last 3 years will soon be doing much bigger things.  But that's after tonight – after something important.  What's going to happen tonight will be the end of an era, and the end of Storming Raven.  

Raven, do you have any idea what I've been through?  Not just recently, but in entire life.  Some people are lucky to have tons of friends and loved ones.  They're on sports teams in school, are popular at dances, sit with all the other pretty people at lunch, and have happy childhoods.  And some people are lucky to find 2 or 3 people that they can relate to, confide in, love.  I went through my childhood mostly friendless and the first decade of my adult life without friends.  Then I came to IWF and met you, Jacob Figgins, Sean Libby, and Blyss Lockhart.  Seemingly out of pure boredom over the last few months, you and Sean Libby have betrayed that trust and love and friendship I showed you.  The only people I have left in this business are Figgy and Blyss and they're like family to me.  And you attempted to attack and scalp Blyss last week.  We'll get to that later.  The moral of this first little rant is never...ever betray me.  Have you seen Sean Libby lately?  They had to rearrange his face and his self esteem fell apart so hard that he bulked up to the point where I doubt he can even wipe his own ass.  You'll be lucky to live like he did.  

I sat there and played Mr. Gentleman while you spewed your bullshit at the Press Conference.  You played the Cherokee card again.  I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry each time you mention your heritage because it's a heritage that I respect, but your interpretation of how you represent your people is a disgrace.  You, Storming Raven, are a disgrace to the Cherokee people and all other Natives.  A proud history of noble struggle and some of the most beautiful rituals known to mankind is being represented on world wide television weekly by a mentally ill murdering psychopath.  

One of my heroes in life is a man named Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman.  He was a member of the Sioux tribe and strangely, he was the deciding factor that got me involved in the struggle in the north of Ireland.  He went over and drummed outside of the prison where the Brits were keeping the Irish prisoners of war.  Everybody inside of that prison heard the drumming and awoke from their despair and sadness.  It breathed new life into the struggle.  By the time Bobby Sands went on Hunger Strike, Red Crow was one of the only people in America making the cause of Irish Freedom an issue.  Before he died he gave an interview where he said that the Native American Indian people and the Irish share the same motto in life.  “Our Day Will Come.”  That sentence means something to me, something you'll never understand.  You had the right idea at first.  You thought that becoming a Professional Wrestler and fighting with all your heart in front of the world would shed a positive light on your people and their struggle.  It did.  You were a hero.  But as I said, you disgraced them.  I, on the other hand, have never drifted apart from the struggle of my people.  And your slander against me and the struggle of the Irish nationalist community in the 6 counties of Northern Ireland will not go unpunished.  In my active service in the Provisional IRA, I never once hurt a civilian.  Ever!  You know as well as I do that I went after members of the Loyalist Paramilitary and trigger happy members of the British military that tormented the Irish working class.  And that time we were in Northern Ireland and I pulled Blyss Lockhart out of harm's way and you and I cleared out the bar, together, to stop a Loyalist gunman from killing us, was not an act of terrorism.  It was an act of self defense, and you'd be fucking dead if it wasn't for me.  Sometimes I wonder if I should have let that man pull that trigger because at least then you would have been wiped off the face of this Earth.  Turns out, I'm going to have to end your life.  How poetic is it that the man who put you on the map from our match at Bloody Sunday 2 and the man who saved your live in that bar is going to be the man who either leaves you in a coma or an early grave.  Somebody that comes from a culture where it was the norm to scalp people and burn women and children should be careful not to accuse others of “terrorism”.  Understand?

The thing that's bothered me most about you lately is your treatment of women.  I'm not even talking about what you did to Cody, yet.  I mean shit you've done in the ring.  How you talk to women.  You have no respect.  I'm aware that in this company, men and women compete against each other and that’s fine for those who participate in that.  It's sports.  It's competition.  But you seem to get a sick hard-on from hurting, threatening, and talking down to women.  I've known some shitty women, Raven, believe me.  The nastiest people I knew growing up were female.  But just because you have a bad experience with a group of certain kinds of people doesn't mean they represent all of that kind of people.  I know you've been dicked over by women in your life but that's no excuse to take it out on any female you can get your hands on.  That makes you no different than a white guy who got wronged by one black dude and became a racist and started committing hate crimes.  You have become the same sort of person with the same sort of narrow world view that oppressed the Cherokee people.  You are what you hate, and I've grown to hate you too.  

I've come to terms with what you did to Cody.  Handing her and our unborn baby to a killer.  I'm not over it, but I've accepted it.  I'm done crying for her, the tears won't come anymore.  But you took away the greatest thing that ever happened to me, in the physical form anyway.  I can feel her still.  I can smell her.  She's with me and has been with me this entire time.  Whatever death is, it's not final, and I'll always have her with me.  You failed to take her away from me completely.  You're a failure, Raven.  All I have to do is close my eyes and Cody is right there with me and she'll be smiling when I bury your bitch-ass at From the Ashes.

I didn't want it to come to this, Raven.  If you wanted to prove a point all you had to do was challenge me to another match.  You could have tried to beat me like a man.  You could have realized that all I was trying to do a few months ago was push you.  I was trying to drag you out of a long losing streak.  I even told you that.  You were my brother and I loved you.  You took this to the point of no return and what happens later on tonight will not be a pretty sight.  Whatever crazy fire/explosion/barbed wire gimmick you're setting up for this cage match tonight won't benefit you.  I've been walking through fire my entire life and I promise you that you won't be able to stand the heat that I bring.  

Tonight, Raven, you play the role of General Custer, and I play the Natives that destroy you.

Tiocfaidh ár lá.


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Storming Raven [vs] Tim Patrick
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