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 Aries Armadaist [vs] Corey Bull

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Aries Armadaist [vs] Corey Bull   Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:07 am

Aries Armadaist
Corey Bull



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Corey Bull

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PostSubject: Re: Aries Armadaist [vs] Corey Bull   Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:06 pm

"The question isn't 'Who will let me' but rather 'Who will stop me!'.”
Source Unknown

The goal is to break you down and build you up. That’s why some of them call Phase One of this whole process “forming”. Because they take the shape right out of you and reform you into the shape they need. The shape of a soldier, the shape of a moral killer. The shape of someone who doesn’t think too hard about what he’s doing, but when he does think about it he’s able to recognize that sometimes…evil things are necessary to accomplish good things.

They run you. They work you. You climb over things, dead-hang from bars, sit-ups, push-ups, jump over this and run some more. All the while, you get people yelling at you from all corners. Telling you you’re weak. Stressing how worthless you are. You can feel your shape start to crumble, the bits of your old self start to tumble away, like thumbs breaking off the edge of a cookie. They don’t let you sleep for about four days. See what happens to you.

Break you down more. Crumble, crumble.

If your too weak, you go join the Pork Chop Platoon- where they decide that the hands on approach is just too soft, and they start hammering you into the shape they need. Oh, and they’ll hammer you. They’ll get the job done.

Then comes the end of Phase One, which is about three weeks after you got there, after you got your head shaved and a hard cot, and a bowl of chow in the morning.

When you’re destroyed, that’s when they come for you.

Three other soldiers and the drill sergeant. They show you a book, and in this book are military logs and Polaroid’s, and these logs and snapshots show how you’re going to die. Me, I was going to die at a checkpoint in Singapore. Some woman with a baby that wasn’t a baby, but was actually a bomb was going to blow the unmerciful hell out of us.

But the sergeant said I can change all of that. I just have to dip this fountain pen in blood drawn from my left index finger and sign the back of the book. I ask what I am signing, but he tells me the Corps isn’t about asking questions, its about doing what you are told. And those pictures are mighty convincing.

I did what I was told. And I’m still alive long after I have left Singapore. Others though, they laughed it off. They didn’t sign. Thought it was some kind of hazing prank.

They didn’t make it out of Singapore.

The Corps taught me to be a monster. The book made me a monster. And Apocalypse, he unleashed me onto the masses as a monster. And now….I don‘t even remember what being human is…all I know is that I can‘t fucking stand it.

~As the camera fades in, there is a natural darkness to the surroundings. Candles, hundreds of them, light the front of this place, and when the focus is adjusted, we see that we stand inside of a cathedral. Amongst the darkness that is naturally bred inside a cathedral at night, is Corey Bull. The monster in the silver mask looks sorely out of place with his large black trench coat and the mask gleaming in the candle light. He walks to the front, standing before the dais and the candles. He looks up at the crucified Jesus, and then lowers his head.~

”Do not be fooled by what you see. Religion is a fiction made up by man, a really good stag film before film even existed. The good book was written by a group of men that had a good idea. And since then, that idea has waged wars, destroyed lives, and forced natives to bow to something that was a figment of the imagination from the start. Take a James Patterson or Stephen King novel and drop it back before the time of the bible, and I guarantee you that you will receive a whole different version of the “good” book. Religion would not be the same. And that is the truth no matter how people see it.”

“But within every moment of fiction, there lies a strand of truth. On of those truths…is monsters. Prayers and superstitions have been around since man could speak. Warnings and advice to perform certain actions to ward off evil are recited in easily remembered  phrases so that even children can remember them. Most of these adages were born from ignorance or misunderstandings, but some carry very real warnings hidden within them. Sometimes it’s best to remember why all that glitters is not golden and that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck.”

“Monster are a reality. People can come up with all the excuses they want as to why they do not really exist,. Figments of the imagination, something someone made up to cover their own mistakes or cowardice. The number of infinite possibilities are out there, but people can not seem to grasp the one that has been always true: monsters DO exist. There faces…their shapes…are as variant as the number of people that exist in the world. They walk the streets and no one knows the wiser. They teach your kids, they pump your gas, they sell you that fast food you don’t need. And they run your countries, they populate the skyscrapers of commerce, they run mega corps that make small business a thing of the past. They are man, not some shadow creature…not something with tentacles or glowing eyes. But man turned monster. And while most of them will never admit what they are, I am not afraid to look you in the eyes and tell you…I AM A MONSTER. “

~Bull turns, the look in his eyes reminiscent of predatory animals.~

”So why here you ask? Why is the monster in a church? Its all about symbolism. Look around me. This is where some life begins, and many ends. This is where everyone comes to confess their sins, to cry, to laugh. This is a center of human emotion. And it is amusing to me. That people can come to believe in an imaginary figure and that it makes them feel…better. Reality is a much stronger motivator for man then this imagination, yet this is where he comes to find his center. The obvious fallacy in this also seems to elude most men. Key example of where fallacy has eluded someone. Aries. And I’m not just talking about his weird obsession with peoples junk.”

That fallacy is the fact that you still believe you are better then me. That you are going to just walk out of that pay per view with the title still strapped around your waist. That after all the beating I am going to hand to you, that a kick in the balls is going to be your winning move. So that’s how it is? Its obvious I have mental problems, but yours are just oozing over the edges. Narcissist….obsession with male genitals. Seriously, what the hell is that anyways? I can understand it to a point as a desperation move maybe. But you take it one step further, making the kicking of a guy in the balls your finishing maneuver.  Its obvious you don’t have the mental facilities to concoct your own maneuver. But even a man as simple as you can come up with something other then that! A move of weakness and desperation. Maybe it goes deeper into your psychosis. Maybe there was those locker room moments where you realized…that you just didn’t measure up. Maybe the nickname pinky has something to do with it. And after all this time, you have this hatred of other men’s cocks cause they are all bigger then yours, even some grade school children.”

~Bull leans on the railing in front of the candles and lets out a deep sigh~

”Well that is quite enough talk about dicks. Oh no Aries, don’t cry. I’m still going to talk about you. I just meant…you know…other dicks. No I’m far from finished with you.  After all this crap that you been doing, I am FAR from finished with you. Chair to the head and my balls have had to been iced for the last two days! So I intend to pay back the favor ten fold. Just bought me a brand new pair of steel toes. I’m going to wrap your sack so far up your body, you’ll be able to wear your testicles for sunglasses. And that is just a payback. That isn’t even the half if it.”

“No, I have this little mania of my own. Well, it isn’t the only mental illness I can assure you. But the doctors call it misomania. The hatred of everything. I told them they were nuts and that I hated listening to them talk. They argued they were right. I hit them….hard. Argument solved. But in retrospect, they may be right. Course I don’t really care if they are or not. Its just a possibility. Anyways, where was I going with this? Shit, I hate when I do that!”

~Bull looks at the camera and inside the mask, a sarcastic twinkle appears for a second within his eyes, before it is replaced with a deep fire that sears the soul~

”It really doesn’t matter. The point is, I am going to hurt you. I am going to use ever sick trick I know to methodically pull you apart. Maybe Ill start with a leg. Attack the Lateral or Medial Collateral Ligaments. See what happens when your leg is flopping around behind you. After that, ill work my way up. Your Latissimus Dorsi muscle in your back, the one that helps control your shoulder movement. Make that sucker start to cramp up, maybe tear it right off and watch it curl up inside your back like a fruit roll up. So now your leg is flopping around…and your arm is lying limp because you can’t rotate that shoulder blade properly. Next…Im going to break your humerus in the other arm, just above the elbow. I want to watch you scream in pain Aries. I want you to feel the break, every time I lock that arm up and slowly rotate it, I want you to feel your bone grinding it’s two pieces together. And when I feel you have had enough…when I think that it has ingrained itself into your skull that we are not fucking around here…then we are going to make you suffer. I’m going to beat you. I’m going to stretch and pull you. I am going to watch as you crawl and flop on the mat, trying to be the winner still, doing everything in your power to continue the fight. Because that is the sweetness of the match for me. Watching you try to continue with futile attempts at an offense. And then I’m going to raise you up and bury you in the mat!”

“And the Rising Phoenix Championship. That title is mine! And I am going to strap it around the waist of someone who isn’t going to piss all over it and give it some lame ass name. You can go back to your cock addiction and we will move on to show the rest of IWF why we are not only a champion…but a force to be reckoned with. At From the Ashes…I’m going to put you in a body bag. Because I am going to NAIL YOU WITH HATE!”

~Bulls eyes shimmer and the candles in the cathedral go out. The entire place turning black~

”….hope your not afraid of the dark….”

~The camera fades to black~

“Subjects name is Corey Bull. Subject is ten years old. He has spent the last three years with us now. When his father brought us to him, we believed he was suffering from a schizophrenia. Since that time, we have diagnosed him several different times, almost all with failure. The boy has zero feelings, stabbing a nurse one day with a plastic fork for no other reason then she was in his way. And he didn’t even appear mad about it, nor did he show any remorse. Sociopath is the first diagnoses that has stuck. Next, after several bad moments with some of the…more adult members of our institution, we have come to the conclusion that the boy has multiple personalities. Though suffering from them seems to not be the case. Most people show some serious problems, yet the boy seems no worse off then any other ten year old.

I have toiled with this for three years. This was to be the one, my grand subject to finally get some of those grants that we really need here. But alas, it has eluded me to what, if any, will cure this lad. He shows no signs of getting better, yet no signs of getting worse. He is learning here with the teacher assigned to teach our younger wards. He acts outwardly like a ten year old boy, but we all know that there lies a dark side within him. Sister Mary suggested an exorcism, claiming the boy was taken over by some demon of hate. But the boy sat straight eyed as the priest perform the procedure. Afterwards, the priest tried to talk privately with Bull. Afterwards, the priest seemed whiter then I remembered him when he left. I don’t know what passed between the two, but Bull would only claim he showed the priest the light.

The electroshock therapy, the medications, the therapy sessions. None of it seems to be putting a dent in the boy. For all in intent and purpose, he is a normal ten year old. But I know he holds darkness within him. Alas, they claim that I was a delusional old man. They released Bull today. Let him return home. I told them it was a mistake. They said I had done all I could and that I was successful. But I haven’t done a thing! Bull tricked them, became a sweet little boy. But when he was leaving today, he turned and looked up at my window and I swear I could see him smiling that shark smile he has. As if he was mocking me. I know that boy is going to be dangerous. I know bad things will follow wherever he walks. I just can’t do a dam thing about it.”


[03:20:37] @ Chuck Matthews : "I don't always like people...but when I do, I FUCKING DON'T.  Stay angry, my friends." -Corey Bull
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Aries Armadaist


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PostSubject: Re: Aries Armadaist [vs] Corey Bull   Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:42 pm

Scene Uno
Off Camera
The Yankee Stadium, The Bronx, NY

He had done this a thousand times, every professional wrestler does. No matter who they are, they all lace up their boots. Except, ya know, you wrestle barefoot, but that's a rarity. It's something you do to the point where it's practically second nature, like blinking or breathing, or the fact your tongue naturally pressed itself against the roof of your mouth. Like all those things, however, once you become aware of what you're doing, it's almost a burden, like it's sudden become foreign to you. This was exactly the annoying sensation rushing through Aries Armadaist's mind as he went through this process. How much he was over thinking the fact he was lacing up his boots. He knew why though. It was his mind desperately trying to focus on something else to try and sooth his nerves. Trying to block out the muffled sound of those in attendance as the thought of just how many eyes were going to be on him tonight. Stage fright wasn't a factor, but if there was ever an event he needed to complete to the absolute best of his abilities, this was it. he couldn't afford a slip up, or one of his sporadic 'gets complete decimated' matches. This was the epitome of do or die, and the very thought of that was beginning to make his hands quiver as he gave his boot laces one final tug. Luckily for him, something else came along just in time to divert his easily distracted attention.

Jaci Sovereign
Knock knock.

His wide eyed gaze immediately shot toward Jaci as she announced her arrival, his jitteriness already obvious to anyone from how quickly he reacted. Still though, he couldn't help but give her that cheesy grin he usually greets her with.

Aries Armadaist
How's it hangin', Jazz.

Jaci Sovereign
It's...not. There's nothing to hang.

Aries Armadaist
Aw, jeez, it ain't that cold in here is it?

She couldn't help but let out a sigh. He was starting pretty early with this routine. But, it wasn't a sigh of annoyance, just more of a content sigh. At this point, the man child's behavior had become as routine to her day as the sun rising and setting.

Jaci Sovereign
So, man without a hat, what exactly did you try and send me on a wild goose chase to find you for? Did you actually have something you wanna talk about, or do you wanna keep making Safety Dance jokes?

Aries clicked his tongue as he pointed an index finger in her direction, basically signaling for her to give him a second. He leaned away from her in his seat, rummaging in his duffle bag back for only a few short moments before he retrieved something from it. Jaci was honestly caught off guard when he stood up and approached her with his findings, both of her eyebrows rising slightly, although one arched above the other. Aries presented her with a familiar looking championship belt, her name still adorned on the name plate. The words "Insurgency Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship" engraved into the plating itself.

Aries Armadaist
This is yours.

Jaci Sovereign
Aren't you still lugging those things around every week? Doesn't, like... Alex win if you just drop these titles or something.

Jaci cracked the slightest of smiles as she tried to rationalize Aries' actions over the past few months since her retirement. Amusing as they were, why he kept lugging those belts around even made her wonder at times. And she had him figured out to the point she could probably guess what he ate for breakfast that morning.

Aries Armadaist
I don't need it anymore.

Jaci Sovereign
Oooh, because you got your new nice shiny belt?

Aries Armadaist
No, because I don't feel guilty anymore.

Her brow immediately furrows, viably taken back by his comment. It wasn't just what he could possibly have meant by that, but more so the thought of Aries actually feeling guilty about something. Like he realized he did something wrong.

Jaci Sovereign
What're you ta--

Aries Armadaist
I felt I was responsible for what happened to you.

His look became stern as Jaci's obvious confusion only grew the more he spoke. She even narrowed her eyes at him slightly, possibly trying to figure out where this was coming from, or if this was leading to some sort of joke or prank. What angle was he possibly trying to pull at this point? because, if this was a joke, then he'd gained a flawless poker face in her time away.

Aries Armadaist
The one time I wasn't in your corner, and you got hurt. Hurt bad enough you had to quit what you loved so much you were willing to die for it. Hell, you wanted to die for it. And, on Axle Vengeance's watch, you got taken out. Then, to make it worse, the first thing he does in his seat of power is try and make our belts not matter. Like he was trying to sweep you under the rug. he couldn't protect his friend and his partner in that match, so he was going to try cover his blemish up the best he could. I wasn't going to let that happen. I made sure everyone saw the name "Jaci Sovereign" week in and week out.

Jaci just slowly started to shake her head at him as he explained his reasoning. As surprisingly nice as the gesture was, that wasn't the case. Alex wasn't one to cover his own ass at his friends expense.

Jaci Sovereign
Aries, it wasn't like that. There wasn't any other teams, the division was gonna close regardless of--

He cut her off again as he held up his free hand to her, simply waving it back and forth to signal her to stop.

Aries Armadaist
It's irrelevant now. Still, I just wish I could have been there instead of him. Like, maybe if I was there to watch your back instead, you might have been able to continue, if not for a little while longer. Get to leave on your own terms. or at least be at ring side, something; anything. You were my partner Jaci, and you'd done so much to watch my ass in the short time we teamed, and I doubt I'd even be where I am now if you didn't help me. And it was you who told me not to let the past anchor me down. You were the one who told me not to let what happened with me and Alyx hold me back from being the most I could be in this business. Live for the now, and strive toward the future. That's what you told me. So I can't keep holding onto this thought of shoulda, woulda, coulda. I got to let go and move onto the future. So I don't need to carry around those belts anymore. I was just gonna trash em, but a little birdy told me you'd probably appreciate having yours, and I'm more than happy to give it to you.

Jaci was half way stunned as the two shared a moment of silence together. Moment of Aries being an actual person shined through every so often, but they were still surprising when they happened. And especially in this instance of Aries actually showing signs of guilt and compassion toward another person. Finally, she reached out, taking the belt from his grasp as she gave him a warm smile.

Jaci Sovereign
Thank you...

Aries simply pursed his lips together and gave her a nod before taking his back his seat, going back to his duffle bag as he began to stuff his unneeded clothing into it, pulling out his current Championship from the bag as well; the very one he would be defending in a very short time. Jaci snickered a little at the sight of a banana being duct taped to the front of it, but decided not to bother to question the purpose of it.

Jaci Sovereign
You ready for tonight, champ?

Aries Armadaist
As I'll ever be. I've gotta be.

His usual tone of over confidence was missing. He'd come a long way, but it still seemed he had a sense of anxiety about defending his championship titles. It was to be expected on a certain level, it came with the territory. But, with the thought of how completely stricken with terror he once was when he won the Tag team Championship, she couldn't help but feel a slight tug of worry for her former tag partner.

Jaci Sovereign
Just keep a level head. Don't panic if you find yourself having to play defense. Don't get desperate either. Other wise, you'll have already defeated yourself.

Aries gave her a nod and a thumbs up for the advice, now being uncharacteristically silent. She wasn't sure how to handle him when he acted so unlike himself. It was like dealing with an entirely different person. Maybe the best coarse of action she could take to help him at this point was to simply leave him alone with his thoughts. So she gave him one last smile, mouthing "good luck,' before disappearing down the hall way once again, Aries' gaze falling from the now empty door way as he stared down at the piece of Championship gold laying at his feet.

Scene Dos
On Camera
Undisclosed Location

The scene opens with a shot of nothing more than a single spotlight taking center frame of the shot. surrounded by complete darkness, this cone shapes beacon from the heavens stood as the only source of any illumination in whatever the camera's current location is. The spotlight didn't stay empty for long as the familiar face of Aries Armadaist crept in, meekly poking his head into the light as he eyed the camera with an arched eyebrow. He looked upward at the light for a moment, having to squint his eyes to even attempt to see it's source before inching the rest of his way into the light, now being the one to take center stage as he nervously tapped his own fingers together. Like a child during a school play in front of his entire student body.

Aries Armadaist
Talking.... Conversation... Mouth words. That's what this part is, in vase you weren't aware. Ya know, in case you haven't been paying attention to professional wrestling in the past 80 years this is wrestler jibber jabber time. For me in particular, this is the time where I give an over complicated run down of my current state of affairs before heading into my up coming match and how it directly effects my performance and attitude going in. Yeah, lemme tell ya, it's really weird being self aware of your own tropes. It's like reading about your own life in a book or something, but I digress. Don't worry, I'mma get to all that good stuff here in just a second. I just wanted to take a moment, stand in front of this camera; in front of you fans like I do week in and week out and just be.. Real for a second. I was originally just suppose to stand here do my regular shpiel. Stand in front of some back drop, say some ridiculous things; I just explained the formula to you, you get the idea. Again, don't worry, still gonna follow through with that. But, I can't just do the same old same old. Not this week, not for this event. whether people like me or not, within the 6 months I've been in IWF--that's right, you've only had to put up with me for 6 months so far, and I'm just gettin' started--within' 6 months I've quickly established myself as easily being one of the most vocal, outlandish, and color personalities not only within IWF, but professional wrestling as a whole, and I dare someone to try and argue that other wise. That being the case, it would be an injustice to just stand in front of a "From the Ashes" banner, or just the same old IWF logo back drop... Whats-it-doo. I believe the occasion calls for something more. Instead, I'm going to do what I do best, and I'm going to do what brought me to the dance. So, for everyone watching, fan, wrestler, or otherwise, to join me as I do what I do better than anyone in this business ever will.

A loud boom echos through the darkness as the single light shuts off, flooding the camera with only a veil of blackness and silence. Only a few moment pass before a single light reactivated, illuminating the Canadian native once again. Now, Aries appears to be elevated, however, his back facing the camera, the stillness in the air is almost unsettling now. What's most impressive is how he managed to relocate himself so quickly, but those would be mysteries only the man himself would know the answers to.

Aries Armadaist
LLLLLLLLLLADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IWF faithful. Loyal viewers watching from home, inside the stadium, and all over this whole big rotten world: WELCOME! Whether you realize it or not, you are on the precipice of having the greatest night a professional wrestling fan could ever dream to have. We here at the Insurgency Wrestling federation are only a mere few hours away from proudly presenting not only our biggest show of the year, but THE biggest show of the year. As you sit on your couch, curled up with nothing but your favorite cheese flavored snack items and a group of your close personal friends, and maybe that one guy you had an awkward experience with at summer camp that one time, know that you are willingly ruining your favorite televised melodramatic sport forever. Because after tonight, you will never witness another live wrestling event without being able to immediately stack it up against the heart stopping action you are going to see tonight, and ladies and gentlemen let me assure you now, regardless of what the event is, regardless of who is scheduled to appear, it absolutely will NOT stack up. Not because you're going to see the young God come to slay as Gordon Fury defends his championship against Gordon Fury. Not because you're going to see former Champion Griffin Hawkins test his worth against former Black Dragon Jason Gabriel. Not because of the High Impact Championship, but because of the Hell in a Cell. Not even because you'll see Tim Patrick and Storming Raven tear each other to oblivion in a heated battle of love and revenge.

As the man spoke, more light shined down from the heavens, piercing the darkness as they illuminated what appeared to be vertically hanging banners, illistrated all of the conflicts Aries had just listed off, and even those he did not that filled up the card of the upcoming Pay-Per-View.

Aries Armadaist
No, Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is sure to be the finest night in the history of professional wrestling because of one match. NAY, not even the match. Because of one MAN!

His arms outstretched, Aries bent his arms as he pointed his thumbs toward himself, the final banner illuminating to simply be his own mug, sporting that wide shit eating grin he was often seen wearing, any mention of his opponent completely absent, unlike the other banners.

Aries Armadaist
He is Ontario's Favorite Son, The Master of Man and Beast, The King of the Animal Kingdom, the Prince of Pottassium, the Scumdog of the Universe, the Intergalactic Potato Masher! He is a former IWF Tag team Champion, a former IWF Rising Phoenix Champion, and the current defending holding of the Grandest Title of them all; The Top Banana, the Banana Champion! Your Favorite Wrestler, and Mine! He is me; and I am ARIES ARMADAIST!

Aries spun on his heel to finally face the camera once again, outstretching his arms, his beloved "Banana Championship" strapped around his waist, his tilted his head back, crying his name out to the heavily light above. Almost on command his very name became illuminated behind him in hissing pyrotechnics, a choir of angels bellowing out as the entire facility suddenly became illuminated in a blinding flash of white as all of the light above illuminating, revealing Aries' entire elaborate set up. The man himself stood atop what appeared to be a giant pedal stool, a huge flight of stairs travelling down to the floor below in front of him. At the bottom of the stair case sat the statues of two beasts, invoking imagery similar to that of the Okinawa Shisa Statues in the form of a Beaver and a monstrously exaggerated buck. Aries lowered his arms, his head following suit as the camera found his gaze once again.

Aries Armadaist
I swear to god, doing shit like this is like having an orgasm for me. Anyways, here I am yet again women and gentlefolk in a position that is quickly becoming very familiar to me. Every so often I get to announce that I am walking into the biggest match up of my career, and honestly, I've been truthful in stating that fact every time, it's not something I just spout out to try and add worth to my match. But, regardless of what I do after tonight, it'll be hard to top getting to defend my Championship on IWF's flagship Pay-Per-View of the year. Regardless of my placement on the card, simply to be apart of From the Ashes is a huge deal for anyone in the company. It's getting to be on the biggest stage we can have, getting to do what we all want to prove we're the best at. In my case, I get the extra kick of getting to test my merit as a champion on such a platform. I get to show the millions upon millions of those watching why I am the best in not only the Insurgency Wrestling Federation, but the best among all the other little colorful spandex wearing goofballs in the world. To say I'm excited for this match would be an under statement. But, at the same time, if I said I was slightly disappointed, it would ring just as true. Like I said, while I'm more than happy just to have the opportunity to preform on this event, if I had a chance to choose my opponent, I would have much rather faced someone who may have left me a bit more wary. Call me a coward all you want, but even I enjoy the thrill of a challenge. Unfortunately, I'm once again staring across the ring from Corey Bull.

Aries exhales an over exasperated sigh as he removes his belt from around his waist, seeing fit to rather have it strapped over his shoulder as he continued to address his viewing audience.

Aries Armadaist
Now, one would be a fool to underestimate Corey Bull. He's a towering wall of monstrous muscle who snacks on pain and dines of death. His mind is consumed with only thoughts of rage, hate, and revenge, and the only human contact he lusts for is so that he may break a person. He's practically a walking Cannibal Corpse song and blah blah blah, who cares. I swear we have at least 4 other people that would match that exact same description. After a while, it starts to lose it's edge. Not to mention, I've squared off with Corey Bull before. It was for the #1 Contendership for the very belt he's going to try and take from me tonight, and in that match I proved something. I proved what I said before the match was exactly right. I was bold enough to claim that the Man Monster Corey Bull isn't quite the monstrosity he and everyone else seems to think himself to be. I proved that to be much more than the simply egotistical boasting of a self centered Canadian when I pinned Corey Bull's shoulders to the mat like everyone else's. Because, not matter how big or intimidating Bull may think himself to be, his knees buckled like all the rest when feeling the wrath of the Dick Kick. A moment that obviously hasn't sat well with Mr. Bull judging from his recent actions against me. I mean, really Corey, a sneak attack after a match? I thought you were suppose to be twisted and sadistic. Your minds suppose to do nothing but imagine up all the horrible things you want to perform upon human beings, and then you just kinda smack me with a chair, or whatever you did. No kidnapping? No throwing me into the trunk of some car? No being chained upside down in some abandonded ware house while you blow torch the skin from my back? Not even that much punishment, just kinda laid me out... You did something I wouldn't have even bothered doing, Bull. A simply sneak attack isn't even worth my time, and I'm the guy who's made a career out of dirty dealings. The more and more I'm forced to have to deal with you, the more you seem less of a monster; less of a man even, and more of a big 300 pound sack of disappointment.

Aries Armadaist
So what's going to be different this time, Corey Bull. What's so different about you this go around. Did my assault on your testicles leave you with this burning fury, and now you're coming at me, fueled with your desire to avenge your future flat headed children? Honestly, Corey Bull, I don't much care what you're intentions are going into this match, or whats driving you in this rematch. I'm more wrapped up with how exactly you secured your spot on this card against me. You weren't even good enough to pass me up and challenge Blyss Lockhart for her Rising Phoenix Championship, I was. I was the one between us that went on to attain Championship gold. Now all of a sudden you've just hopped right up in the ranks, and here you are. Your second chance at glory. A second chance I'd be willing to bet you hardly deserve. But, then again, I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to what you've been doing, so for all I know, you could have managed to rack up enough feeble victories to earn your spot. It's irrelevant though. Because, I can't let you win Corey Bull. Not only because it would mean having to depart from my beloved Banana Championship... But, whether the rest of the world realizes it or not, there's something of a theme carried throughout the event tonight.

Aries Armadaist
I notice there's something of a generations clash going on tonight. Old Man Flex trying to keep his title against this bright young face Blyss Lockhart. Established guy like Griffin Hawkins seeing if he's worthy of being counted among the greatest as he attempts to be one of the few to say they've beaten Jason Gabriel. Then of course, you've got Brandon Macdonald, the worst offender of all of this. The one who's been down talking and degrading the young blood, having the gall to say that we'll never stack up to the broken down stars of yesteryear, Claws and clutching and desperately trying to keep his spot while we've got our new Champion Gordon Fury representing the new crop of professional wrestlers. Planting his foot and refusing to back down, fighting to prove that it is in fact time for the old Gods to die, and I can tell you right now, I'm not on the Macdonald band wagon. Then there's you and me, Bull. You may not be that old yourself Bull, but to me, you represent a part of my past. You, like so many others, are a remnant of a long dead organization that so many people in IWF migrated from upon it's closing. You were long gone by the time I got there, but your name was still whispered among the greatest. names that I was constantly compared against. Names that I was told I'd never be as good as. Oh, how I wish they could see me now. Because now I'm staring down the great and feared Corey Bull with a yawn. It's not your fault. It wasn't you that placed that stigma upon me in UECW, but you're going to be the one to pay that toll regardless. It couldn't be any other way. But, maybe this is my ultimate test. I've already defeated you once, but let's see how you measure up when glory is on the line; when theres 10 pounds of leather and gold. Can you show me the Corey Bull that struck fear into the hearts of men then? Or is this as good as you're ever going to get now?

Aries Armadaist
I don't know what this match means to you, Bull. I don't know if your brain can even conceive it meaning more than just another opportunity to inflict pain upon another human being, but that's fine. Dealing with big, mindless, slobbering beasts is something else I've become quite known for. For me, this is everything. To some, this may just be the lowest rung on the Championship ladder. Hell, now that it's in my hands, it may even be less than that. In fact...

Aries proceeds to tear the fruit from the face of the belt, simply tossing the actual championship aside without a seconds thought as it's heard clattering down the stairs of the platform he stood on, now grasping the banana in his clutches as he presents it before the camera.

Aries Armadaist
This is what matters most going into all this. Because this represents everything that I am.

The familiar face of Barry the camera man peeks its way out from behind the camera to chime in his much needed witty banter.

A fruit?

Aries Armadaist
Not now obscure, forgotten, side character. This isn't about me defending IWF's gold. This isn't about me representing IWF as one of it's elite, proving my worth to them. Fuck IWF. I'm not defending their Championship in this match up. The Rising Phoenix Championship was officially dead the second it was in my grubby mits. I'm going into this match defending Aries Armadaist's Banana Championship. A Championship grander than any other on the face of this planet. It's a Championship that means more to me than any other tin covered piece of leather. This Banana represents everything I've done up until this point. It's a monument to my struggles that I've faced in IWF and beyond. It's a testament to every nay sayer who's tried to deter me along the way. To every person who told me to pack up and go home. To everyone who told me to give up the dream because I wasn't good enough. That my Unprofessional Wrestling ways would only get me so far; that I was doomed to be an above average wrestler. I hold this Grand Banana up to them in defiance! This Banana is proof that the name Aries Armadaist is worth more than any of them could have ever imagined! Remember this day; remember these words Ladies and Gentlemen. REMEMBER-THIS-BANANA! Because one day, you will all get to look back and remember this day; remember these words, remember this Banana, and realize that this Banana is not a mere delicious fruit, but a monument for this stage of Aries Armadaist career. The beginning of something amazing. This Banana is much more than just a Championship. This Banana is me, and I am the Banana. Something more than any mere IWF Championship will ever be. And, Corey Bull, if you think you can take me away from me, than you don;t neither either me very well at all. But, if you insist on finding out all about me, then you're gonna come to one quick realization. I am a bad guy. And it's a damn good day to be one helluva bad guy.

Without another word, Aries cut the air with his, signaling he was done entertaining the masses with his words this evening as with another loud boom, all of the area's lights once again deactivated in unison, flooding the cameras view with darkness once again.


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Aries Armadaist [vs] Corey Bull
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