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 Jack Savage [vs] Savannah

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Jack Savage [vs] Savannah   Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:08 am

Jack Savage



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Jack Savage


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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage [vs] Savannah   Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:43 pm

The camera slowly face of Jack Savage who is standing in front of Madison Square Garden. Jack can clearly be seen wearing a black shirt that says Savannah: Bitch on a Collar. Along with a black Armani jacket and matching pants along with his blacked out Hollywood stunner shades he is grinning from ear to ear.

Jack Savage: But right now I think it's time that I give all of you some brutal honesty. Because some members of the unwashed masses want to question the love that I have for my wife, but I want it to be known that I have loved my wife since the day we first meet. Even though out our time as a couple and more importantly thru out ore marriage we have both cheated on each other. Okay that's not true I cheated her and then I fault so guilty that I chose to drug my wife. Then I proceeded to pimp her out like she nothing more then a common whore...

Jack laughs softly.

Jack Savage: For doing that I will admit that I was wrong and believe me I have begged her for her forgiveness. She has given me that forgiveness and I agreed to go to marriage counseling and work on fixing our marriage. Because I knew that I had to stop drugging and pimping out my wife. But one weekend about five years and nine months ago when Kelly stayed home because she was sick I got really drunk and I cheated on her again but this time it was with a women that at was a former manger of mine a women by the name of Jenny Love...

Jack shakes his head.

Jack Savage: For that action I again I begged for her forgiveness and being the good women that she is she gave it to me. However,we did not know at the time that the actions of my one night stand resulted in me fathering a child. Yeah I don't know how many of you know this about me but I have a daughter, her name is Ashley and I have loved her since I first held her in my arms. I fought for and was awarded full custody and even though Ashley is not Kelly biological daughter the thing is that has never mattered to Kelly and never will. Ashley will never know her biological mother because Kelly as adopted her has her own.

Jack looks down the street at the cabs that keep going by.

Jack Savage: And right now things with Kelly and I have been better news. The reason that I have not been around for a few weeks is we are expecting a child and I knew I had to become a better man. Because my daughter has already seen me do some horrible things and I don't want this child to witness me doing the same. Some things that I have done I would go as far as to calling them unmentionable...

Jack laughs again.

Jack Savage: Even recently I have done horrible things like the revisiting of the CUNT PUNT. But the night I revised it I did both a DICK KICK AND CUNT PUNT in one match. So to my little girl Ashley and to my unborn child I apologize for my reprehensible actions. Because I love I love you both more then you will ever know.

I looks down the street again.

Jack Savage: However, this week I know that I will have to do some things that most of you will have call reprehensible things to achieve a victory. But unlike all of you I am not going to have a problem committing these reprehensible acts..

. Jack runs his hands throw his hair

Jack Savage:The acts that I am going to have to commit are more horrifying then the CUNT PUNT. I am going to make sure that she fells the pain. I am going to make sure that she bleeds because I am going to rip her open. No one is going to be able to stop any of this from happening. But I think that by now you all know that and with this being the biggest show on the Insurgency Wrestling Federation calender I know that I need to make a name for myself....

Jack removes his sunglasses and places a cigarette up to his lips and lights it.

Jack Savage: Yeah I am going to make to make Savannah look like the FUCKING BITCH that she is...

Jack licks his lips.

Jack Savage: I know that I am going to have a lot to prove...

Jack lets out a soft laugh again.

Jack Savage: But unlike all of you I know that I can prove it and I will prove it. Because money talks and I am loaded.

The camera fades to black


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Wild Cat

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PostSubject: center alignment tweaked   Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:55 pm

We begin with a blank screen. A voice - Jack Savage's voice - plays.

Jack Savage:

There will be lots of blood. This match will not be for the faint of heart. I've got that bitch on a leash, right where she belongs. Tune in Sunday...

Then another voice, Savannah's:

Jack Savage- oh, pardon me, Jack FUCKING Savage!

The lights come up. Once again we are looking at a wrestling ring, but this time not at Erotique Desires, but at the Phoenix Nest. She was dressed in black shorts and sport top - the top proudly bearing the logo of the Empire of Blood over her right breast. Around her neck was a dog collar and in her left hand was the strap, while the parts of her body that she showed off showed the marks of past battles- and the bruises of rigorous training for the next one.

Savannah: I'm so sorry that I had to miss that little shindig in New York, Jack Fucking Savage. I so wanted to be there- but not to discuss anything with you, hon. No, I wanted to be there to finally get a chance to sit down with someone and fill them in on my past, and what brought me here to IWF. A lot of people have wanted to know and… I've been busy settling back into the fed life to do anything about it.

Savannah had been pacing the ring like a beast caged. She pauses and smiles at the camera.

Savannah: And then you came along. You and your 'I'm Jack Fucking Savage' swaggering around like your balls are too big for your shorts.  Talking like you know me, that I'm your 'bitch on a leash'. Well, you're half right Jack... ass. I am one hell of a bitch- and one that bites when you push me!

She was pacing again, the wild cat trapped in the cage looking to get free, looking to lash out.

Savannah: I looked you up Jack. You claim to have 15 years ring experience under your belt. You think that experience will take you far against a rookie like me. And you'd be right. Hell , even if you're smarter than you look- or at least smart enough to hire people that are even smarter than that low bar, people to tell you that I have two years experience at another fed you'd still be right!

Savannah stops her pacing, relaxing in the corner swishing the strap around lazily.

Savannah: If that was as far as the story went. Y'see Jack... off I've been a girl of the streets ever since I was old enough to think how dumb my parents wee and slip out on them when they weren't watchin' me. I'd then go out and make new friends- by tryin' to drive their skulls through the asphalt while they tried to return the favor. Met  the best friend any girl'll ever have that way- one that is still my friend even now.  

Now there was a couple of years where I tried to be a 'good  girl'. Hell, I even got married and thought I'd outgrown that 'phase'. I really let myself go, mostly to please my husband- who I really did have the hots for but… well it took a visit to Moose to help with her kid to make me face facts. Tryin' to live that life was killin' me- was making me a fat bitch with no friends.

So I went home and divorced him- that was easy found out the bastard had only married me for my family and was already picking out who he was going to shag on the side- then began a long trail getting back in shape. Funny.. it always seems that it's  been my friends in this life that I've always wanted to please most- even more than family.

Anyway, I get back into shape and start lookin' for trouble again. Surfin' the 'net. Trollin' the chat boards looking for meet ups and fights. Also joined a gym where I got involved  in more… organized fighting.

Savannah chuckles for a moment, smirking at the camera and shrugginh:

Savannah: I know, I’m rambling a bit, but it’s all part of the same greater story. Moose has been part of my life for a long time- and was part of me getting into wrestling a couple years ago. Y’see back when we were seniors Moose and I got a bug to go to Vegas and catch a show from an outfit called ‘Sin City Championship Wrestling’. After the show was over Moose and I get a chance to talk to one of the wrestlers- guy named ‘Wild Ass’ Wilde Tanke. Long Story short we ended up- me an’ Moose and Wilde and this other wrestler Vdawg- we all wound up at this little fountain off the strip and.. well lemme just say that I learned a few moves    Vdawg that I’m never gonna use in the ring!

Savannah spend a moment remembering something good before looking at the camera again and smiling

Savannah: I know, Jack Fucking Savage, I know what you're probably thinking right about now. 'What the fuck does all of this have to do with me?' Well,be a bit more patient, hon. All is about to be explained!

Y'see, as I said after graduation Moose went off to be a big thing. Became a model in the end but first she and Wilde hit it off pretty good- while I hung around Seattle and tried to be a 'good girl.'

Like I said, I'm not a 'good girl' I'm a bitch.  

So, couple years back I meet up with Moose again- and she'd brought a friend. A manager friend named Shelly Hollins. Seems that the fed Wilde Tanke was a part of at the time was passing through the old neighborhood and Moose got wind of my new/old hobby.

I'll let you search for the video they shot of me that night- it's online somewhere. But after I knew that they were watchin' I destroyed that bitch. I impressed Shelly- or better to say I didn't make a fool out of my friend Moose- and I found myself on the fast track to the ring.

THey took me in and showed me the ropes of this business. Took the claws I already had, sharpened them up and showed be better and more devastating ways- then unleashed me upon an unsuspecting fed.

GEW was a great proving ground for me. When I first hit the big time I stayed there- always at or near the top of the heap- always rarin' for any kind of match. Of course , at first they took advantage of who I was.. made me the eye candy. But I liked bein' the eye candy… I even liked the bikini matches. 'Course I never have been skin shy.

Thing is as I went on I got better and better- and I got better and better matches. I fought the great and the near great…

Savanna pauses a second, a smile growing on her face.

Savannah: Do you remember all those things Thor said when he introduced me? He should know. I've stood at his back before the end of GEW- but I've also stood across from him.

That's right, Jack Fucking Savage. I fought the legend. And I proved myself to him so well that he had to steal me away from the crew I was with! And by the time he and his sister had finished with me this bitch had the Extreme Chaos Belt strapped around this sexy waist!

Savannah was pacing the ring again, eager now- pumped and ready to roll..

Savannah: Y'see Jack Fucking Savage it all comes down to this. You claim 15 years in the wrestling business and say that you're the shit. Well, I say that I've had more years than that kickin' little shits like you Jack FUCKIN' Savage and from the day I first stepped into a vacant lot to Sunday in Yankee Stadium, New York I've had more hardcore experience to last a dozen careers!

So yeah, this match ain't gonna be for the faint of heart. There's gonna be blood- blood and pain. I'm gonna beat you so hard that by the end of the match I'm gonna have you whimpering like a little puppy! And those balls of yours, Jack Fucking Savage? Those balls that make you swagger so?





See you on Sunday, Jackwad!

We fade to Black.
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Savage [vs] Savannah   

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Jack Savage [vs] Savannah
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