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 Ashe Corvin [vs] Kyuubi [vs] Frank Finelli

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Alex Dillinger


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PostSubject: Ashe Corvin [vs] Kyuubi [vs] Frank Finelli   Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:09 am

Ashe Corvin
Frank Finelli



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Ashe Corvin

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PostSubject: Re: Ashe Corvin [vs] Kyuubi [vs] Frank Finelli   Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:23 am

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it.

An old dilapidated house, the sun is setting in the distance and a fog is slowly creeping over the ground. In the distance a wolf howls and a murder of crows flies from the nearby trees. The camera man pans around looking through the camera to use its light as the sunlight slowly fades into the unforgiving darkness. Sounds from the creatures of the night fill the air as the door slowly swings open with a screech like that of nails on a chalkboard. The interior of the house looks like it belongs to a house in Beverly Hills. The whole is lit only by candle light. A door stands ajar. Ashe Corvin is sitting in a dark room. He is at a table where a long candle sits. He is sitting in front of an open book. He takes a quill feather pen from an ink well and starts to write.

I’ve always looked at myself as an inquisitive sort. and I’ve never been one to let a little thing like ethics get in the way of my curiosity. I used to mix all sorts of liquids from the refrigerator and have one of my cousins drink them, and then gauge the taste, the consistency, and whether or not they vomited. I used to mix things with my chemistry set that would eat through porcelain. but I have always thought the human mind was one of the greatest areas of play...errrr...I mean experimentation imaginable. all those thoughts, memories, beliefs, all ready to be poked and prodded. I started my experiments in 5th grade, but I didn't really start satisfying my curiosity for the human mind until I started playing with hypnotism and false memory implantation. this is how it started...


It all started with a book on lucid dreaming. I don't remember the title of the book (it may have been lucid dreaming, actually), but I remember the book promised a way to control your dreams, to shape them the way you wanted them to go, to make yourself totally aware you were dreaming, yet to manipulate the outcomes of your dreams without waking yourself up. This idea appealed to me. I had been having dreams at the time, not nightmares, but dreams that I was not happy with the way they were turning out and upon seeing the book in my high school library, I decided to check it out.

The book was useful for what it promised, but what stood out the most to me was the chapter of self-hypnosis as a way of gaining control of your own mind. The book theorized that if you were to tape record yourself speaking the hypnosis technique, and allowing yourself to fall under its spell, you could control yourself a lot more.

One must remember, however, that Ashe is a very, very bad man. When I see something that teaches me how to control myself, my mind works in very, very bad ways and starts wondering, hmmmm...can I apply this to others so that I may gain control over them? So I looked at the hypnosis techniques in there. Controlled breathing, soft tones, that sort of thing. What if I were to change a few words around here and there and use it on someone else? Would I be able to hypnotize them? I wanted to find out. Ashe is a very resourceful man. I am also a very talented man. Friends of mine used to have me give them regular several hour massages, as that's another technique I’ve picked up over the years. What if I were to mix the two techniques together? I was soon to find out.

A was one of my best friends. I had known her since fifth grade and we had been very, very close. We had never been intimate, despite her immense physical and mental beauty, as, at the time, I was a tad shyer than I am now (I was really stupid, really, as she and I discussed it years later and I discovered I could've gotten with her if I had only had the balls to ask) So she knew that she could trust me not to try anything funny. But how would I introduce this to her? I couldn't just ask her if I could hypnotize her. Despite her trust of me, if I were to just come out and say it, it would raise red flags in her head and, even if she were to agree with it, it wouldn't work. Enter past life regression.

She and I had had an interesting conversation about our past lives, as it is something we both believed in. I proposed the idea to her that I would try to bring her back through hypnosis, that I had been reading about it and that I would give it a try, if she would let me. She was, understandably, initially apprehensive about the idea, but, after telling a little white lie that I had done it to myself successfully (which really wouldn't have been possible as I don't trust anyone or ever think I will enough to hypnotize me), she agreed to do it.

So, one day, it was a warm spring day, out in her backyard, we gave it a try. I started by relaxing her for about an hour with a nice massage, to get her body in a state of comfort. I didn't try to force the hypnotism thing too early for fear that it wouldn't work. Finally, when her arms were limp and her legs hung lazily over her lawn chair, I started the technique, telling her to breath slowly and easily, exhaling when I said to exhale, inhaling when I said to inhale. it was basically the technique of putting her to sleep while having her still in contact with my voice. This was the first time, so, of course, this was just to see if it worked.

The first try was unsuccessful, as she didn't go along with the techniques the right way, perhaps testing to see if I was going to do anything fucked up to her. I knew to be careful, though, so I gently walked her through it a second time, this time, her going under. Her body was limp, her breathing slow and precise. She was definitely in a state I would describe as dream-like, her voice sleepy and far away, and she didn't recognize me as me anymore, but as a voice in her head. I just talked to her, asked her a few questions, typical stuff, wondering where she was, what she saw, and who I was. She didn't know who I was. I told her I was a friend and she was safe. She didn't see anything and she didn't know where she was. She felt like she was floating on a mattress in the middle of the sea, relaxed and easy. Good, I had done it. It was time for me to end the session.

Over the coming weeks, I perfected my techniques to the point where I could induce hypnosis with suggestion and technique. I would tell her that she would not remember the things I had told her, that my words would fade like a dream as soon as she woke up. Eventually, that came to pass. She would wake up asking me if it had worked this time. Because she had no memory of being under. This was good. It was time for me to push my experiments further (I should note, BTW, that only once did I ever recall any past life memories with her. We are not sure if they were real or if her mind made them up, but once, we were successful in the stated goal).

During one of our sessions, I asked her if there were any men she desired a great deal but had never been with. She said the name of one. We shall call him B. A plan formulated in my head to see how far I could push my technique. I told her that I wanted her to picture herself in a room, a white room. There was a bed there and B was in the room. I created an entire fantasy in my head of the two of them together. From the things they said to each other beforehand to the first button unbuttoned. I knew this guy and knew how he'd dress so I kept things as accurate as possible. Every thrust of the act was detailed, the smells of the room, the sounds they could hear, all of it. Except I never told her where this white room was. That was on purpose.

As the session ended, I told her that she would remember everything I had just told her that she and B had done. She would remember it as if it really happened and that, when she would remember it, she would know it as a reality, not as a fantasy. She would wake up from this session with no memory of me telling it to her.

A week later, she and I were talking about just the normal things friends speak about when I asked her, "tell me something. Ummmmm...did you and B ever fuck?"

"What?!? Why do you want to know?"

"Well, he was telling people that the two of you got it on the other day."

"What the fuck?!? You're kidding me!"

"So, it's true?"

"Well, yeah, but, Jesus Christ, he has no right telling people about it! That's so fucked up."

She was visibly upset. It was time for me to test if it had really happened or if she was remembering the fantasy I had implanted in her head.

"The only thing he didn't tell me, though, A, was where it was. Where was it, anyway?"

"It was...holy shit. I...I...I don't remember."

She seemed particularly disturbed at the fact she could have sex with someone and not remember its location, so I told her the truth.

"That's because it never happened."


"I implanted the memory in your head while hypnotizing you."

"Oh my god! You're fucking kidding me!"

"No, I didn't tell you where it was on purpose."

She was, understandably, freaked out by this news, but, having known me for years, she wasn't surprised that I had done it. She pondered what other things she remembered that had never happened. I assured her that I hadn't implanted any other memories in her head, that that had just been a test. I guess you have to know me not to be furious at me for doing something like that to you.

Still, I had successfully manipulated a human mind. I had gone one tiny step further in my experiments with the human race. There were many steps afterward.


Well, well, well, look what went down at Battlegrounds, I whipped that pretty boys bitch ass like I said I would.  And after two consecutive wins what am I rewarded with?  Curtain jekring From The Ashes 3.  Well, hopefully after I destroy my 'competition' this time I will get some better treatment.  

And what in the blue fuck is it with the front office of this place putting me in triple threat matches?  Seriously.  I have been in more multiple participant matches here than any other place I have wrestled.  If this keeps up I will be a master at them.  I swear to god that I better get something good out of this match.  I am tired of getting this shit on treatment.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for a title match, even though I feel I deserve one. But come on, curtain jerking last week against some fucktard who got moved out of developmental cause he finally pulled his shit together.  And facing a returning dumb fuck in my return match?  Honestly people, open your fucking eyes, I am WAY better than that.   Oh well, jumping through hoops I guess.

Now, on to the two rejects I have to face this week.  One wanna be Mafioso and some wanna be Asian.  Seriously?  Am I the reject cleaner for you guys?  I mean if I am that's cool, I can handle that, just let me fucking know.  I have done that before, surprising as that sounds.  Hell I was the World Champion of a place and it fell to me to take out the trash.  

First off, this wanna be Mafia Don.  Great, I get to take out another one of these.  I swear if they never would have made the Godfather, Good Fellas, or The Sapranos then we wouldn't be seeing some of these New Jersey rejects.  Hey Frank, do us all a favor and drop the fucking act.  Take that silver spoon you got out of your mouth and shove it square up your ass.  That would be great.  You wouldn't know what hard work was if it bit you on the pecker.  

Sure you work out but honestly, how much of that is the 'roids?  More than you are willing to admit a bet, and more by a long shot.  There is that rap lyric out there that is fitting for me, 'Started at the bottom and know I'm here.'  That's me Frank, but you don't care.  That's fine, I don't brag about it that much.  Makes me look like I'm looking for sympathy.  Which I absolutely do not do.  I'm not some stuck up douche bag like you.  

Executioner?  Really?  Don't make me fucking laugh.  He man, the eighties called, they want their 'intimidating' nick name back.  I'm willing to bet the only thing you could execute would be a hand job on what ever Dego WOP you are letting ram you.  Hopefully the grease spot that is left after I wreck you won't interfere with the rest of the event.

Now, that I'm done with the trash I guess I have to move on to the trashier.  Kyuubi, before I even start, what kind of fucktard ass name is that?  Is it Asian?  Camel Jockey?  What?  No, seriously I want to know, so I can avoid whatever the fuck came up with that.  Doubt you even know, seeing as how you are one fucked up bitch.  You're one hell of a 'mutt' but you somehow think you are Asian?  What's wrong, too many shot to the head, if you know what I mean?

Sit there and think because you broke some dumb cunt's arm that I'm gonna be scared of you.  Bitch my brother damn near murdered someone.  You little stunts don't scare me.  You can also think that your martial arts talent and 'skills' will help you.  Well, that would be yet another mistake you have made.  Bring whatever you have cunt, cause it will take it all and then some.  All your training plus every Guido wanna-be that Frank could buy out wouldn't be enough.

You know why?  It's simple really, I'm on a fucking mission and you two low life fuckwads aren't worth my time.  I'm gonna tell you both the same thing, the best part of you both ran down your mothers' leg.  Oh, did that hurt?  Good cause it will just be a precursor to what I have in store for you at FTA three.  I am not called the King of Darkness because I think it's 'cool.'  I have that name because I am one fucked up sadistic fuck.  I will destroy you.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And I will have a smile on my face as I do it.  Why you ask?  Simple again, it is because I enjoy it.  You could say that I 'get off' on pain and agony.  Fear is one of the sweetest scents I have ever encountered.

And believe me, you will both be radiating it shortly before that bells rings to start the fun.  I will make you both beg for the end.  And I will grant you that end.  Just ask Jay or Tolly, I am a kind and merciful God.  And I will make you see that, and refer to me as such by the end of the night.  Prepare yourselves as best as you can.  Because a crusade is coming to FTA, one led by a king.


IWF Record:
Current: 3-0
Overall: 6-5
Former Uprising Champion

Career Record:
eWo Tag team Champion (4x, each time with a different Partner)
eWo Freedom Champion (1x, longest title reign in company History
XWE World Heavy Weight Champion (1x, longest reign, undefeated)
First Member of the XWE Hall of Fame
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Frank Finelli


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PostSubject: Re: Ashe Corvin [vs] Kyuubi [vs] Frank Finelli   Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:28 am

The flight back home after a win is always refreshing and after this most recent Battle Grounds show it felt very good indeed. Thor and I manhandled Corey Bull and John Tolly . In fact, once Bull was on the outside after Tolly made a very stupid move tagging himself in. Thor and I decided to just END the suspense and END John Tolly’s “fifteen seconds of fame” by finishing him off in grand fashion. Corey Bull did his best to try and re enter the ring before the referee tolled the three count on Tolly. But it was already too late for him to even try that desperate action. John Tolly had “made his bed” and now he would lie in it at his own partner’s expense. Corey Bull was the true “class” of his team , there is NO doubt about that . He gave myself and Thor all he had and even more during the match. But when you have a partner who is starved for “headlines” like Tolly seemed to be. It was just a matter of time before he made the crucial mistake that guaranteed his team the loss last week. As I look out the window of the limo as it is headed towards home, the Palm and Banyon trees brig a slight smile to my face. It’s too bad I won’t have very much time to revel in victory during the next several days. From The Ashes III was fast approaching and I had to prepare for two opponents , not just one. The fact that I was in the “opening” match did not strike me as an insult. To be INCLUDED on a Pay Per View card proves that I am headed in the right direction in my mind. But facing a former Uprising champ in Ashe and a damn good talent like Kyubi was going to be a challenge indeed. As the limo pulls up to the house and stops, I fling open the rear door and get out before the driver can even get to the back to open the trunk to retrieve my bags. He takes them out and sets them down and closes the trunk and then heads back to get back behind the wheel so he can go and park the limo in the garage. ( nice having the cash flow to have your own limo). I knew he would park it in the garage then head on home . I had given him next few days off anyway. As I entered the house, I set my bags down by the staircase leading to the second floor and went straight to the kitchen to grab a beer , then went right to the sofa in the living room and sat down to enjoy the ice cold beverage .[i]
Lisa: Welcome home baby, and congrats on the great win you and Thor had..

[i] I nod my had as I swallow the beer in my mouth then answer her.

Frank: What did you expect babe? Those two to actually defeat Thor and myself? That was NOT ABOUT to happen honey.
Lisa: True, but I heard that your Pay Per View match is going to be very tough indeed.
I crack a slight smile at her and nod my head, then respond in my best “I’m not worried” voice.

Frank: Ashe Corvin is one tough dude, and Kyubi is no slouch either. But I have one thing neither of them do babe.

Lisa: And that is?

Frank: Something to prove baby. The ONLY person that seems to show ANY KIND OF RESPECT my way is Thor.

Lisa: Well, he does have “other “ dealings with you besides wrestling Frank. He KNOWS the power you have in “certain” circles.

Frank: Indeed he does . But a person like Ashe Corvin taking a few “personal” shots at me make me want to do some very heinous things to hi this week . Ad I am inclined to grant that asshole his wish too. Do me a favor Lisa, get the camera and set it up. I want to say what is on my mind about my “opponents” while it is fresh in my mind.

Lisa: Oh crap! I think I left it in the twins room, I was making a video of them sleeping next to each other. It was so damn cute!

Frank: Just get the camera honey please?

She nods her head and kisses me and goes to get the camera as I take a few more sips from my beer and gets my thought in order. She returns a few minutes later and sets up the tripod and sets the camera on it and focuses it on me and smiles.
Lisa: Do your thing baby!
I crack an evil smirk as I stare right into the camera and begin to speak.

Frank: Kyubi, you have already shown you are a very talented wrestler inside the ring. That fact alone has my respect. Not many women in this business can “hang” with their male counterparts he way you have in the short while you have been around. You are in no way a Blyss, but you are on the way to it. But then again, You have not been in the ring with a man like me. You see Kyubi I do NOT BELIEVE you can survive the match this week. You have to step into that ring and face a former Uprising champ in Ashe and a man who gave Flex Johnson a fit before falling to him. I was very close to defeating him. But that did not happen. Flex knows he was in a battle for his life that night and escaped. But I digress . The fact that you and Ashe have to face me at From The Ashes III is a test for both of you. For you Kyubi, it is to see if you can stand up to a man with MY talents. And Ashe? To see if facing a former champ will “spook” you. I am entering that ring as an underdog. Not many give me a chance in hell of beating someone like Ashe or you because I am not exactly “liked” by the fans and to be honest, I don’t really care for the fans all that much either. But No matter the case Kyubi, I will do what ever I NEED to do to exit that ring with the win this week. If that means possibly hurting you then so be it.
I stop for a few moments and drink from my beer and collect my thoughts and look back into the camera and direct what I say to Ashe.

Frank: You are a real BIG man Ashe. You “make a woman believe she had sex with a man she did not and you think it is some great accomplishment. That is just as sick as what Storming Raven did to Tim Patrick’s woman and child. Only they DIED as a result of what Storming did. There is NO PLACE IN THIS WORLD FOR ASSHOLES SUCH AS you Corvin. But you want to make comments about parts of MY PRIVATE life away from the ring? To set you straight you dumb ass ! I have a wife and twins. I have NEVER participated in the sex fantasy you described as you “ran me down” in that little diatribe of yours. In fact . The ONLY part you got correct is my BEING A “Don”. And not some “Hollywood” contrived IMAGE of a real “Don” either. I DO have the power and wherewith all to make YOU VANISH from the face of the EARTH Ashe! And NOTHING would be done to me if I ACTUALLY made it happen! Don’t take that a s a threat on your life either. I can end your damn life inside a ring should I choose to. I suggest the next time YOU want to “flap your gums” about something YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE about. Think a second or third time before saying it. YOU JUST MIGHT LIVE TO YOUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IF YOU TAKE MY ADVICE you fool! But I am not upset, irate, or even PISSED OFF . What you said made me more determined to KNOCK THE FUCKING CRAP out of you and Kyubi in Philly this week. Once that bell rings to start our triple threat match Ashe, YOU will be the main target of my attack. I am not very worried about Kyubi. But she is in the same AMOUNT OF DANGER AS YOU ARE none the less. Bring everything you have Ashe, you better also Kyubi. Because “The executioner” is coming to “claim” TWO more “victims” of his ax !
I grab my beer and drink what is left of it as Lisa stops recording and sends the video, a devilish smirk is on her face as she sets the camera down and starts to remove her clothes as she walks towards me and begins t unbutton my shirt……

OOC: Sorry it isn't that long, have to work at 6am my time.


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PostSubject: Re: Ashe Corvin [vs] Kyuubi [vs] Frank Finelli   

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Ashe Corvin [vs] Kyuubi [vs] Frank Finelli
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