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 Cameron Kaiser

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The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name - Cameron Kaiser

Ring Name/Nickname - K’, The First Son, The Godslaying Beast

Birthdate - February 21, 1988

Hometown - Red Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Height - 6’2”

Weight - 240 Lbs.

Alignment - Neutral Evil Heel - Previously, some would call Cameron a zealot. His obsessive nature with a goddess of his own creation drove every bit of him. Coming from a family of monsters, Cameron combined such upbringings with his own, shattered mind. Thus, he became known as the First Son. After such, he began to spread his doctrines across the world. This lasted a year until one day, his goddess told him that he needed to shroud himself. Now, Cameron has sought out help to make himself whole again. Therapy and medications has aided with night terrors, brief moments of delusional rage, and so on. Now, his moniker, The First Son, serves him as what he is to his family. He's the elder brother of the Kaiser Family. He must make sure to bring glory upon their name...and his goddess's. A calm, methodical fellow, Cameron still shows signs of his disassociation with reality and common society. He still wants full subjugation from all the wrestlers around him. Kaisers are meant to conquer. Wrestlers, staff, and everything of the like are his subjects. Using hacking, mental manipulation, and raw violence, he plans to make wherever he goes not only his home, but his kingdom. As a commentator in a past company stated: "How do you beat - let alone get into the head of a guy like that who doesn't see you as an opponent, but rather.. an infection?"

Picture Base - Stefano Milatos

In Ring Attire - Essentially Shinsuke Nakamura’s black pants. He’ll occasionally switch to a red variation with a black line going down the sides.

Entrance Theme - "Numb" by Gary Clark Jr.

The screech of a guitar’s feedback over an amazing amp shakes the arena. The lights that brightly illuminate everything fade to nothing, submerging the whole crowd in total darkness. Smoke begins to pollute the stage as finally Gary Clark Jr.’s “Numb” begins to play. The heavy guitar instrumentals with the blaring drum is a clear onset to the large cloud of smoke. A single spotlight creates the shadow of Cameron Kaiser.

He steps out of the smoke with a cigarette on his mouth and a pair of shades on. Loosely upon his shoulders is the infamous black and red trench coat that he commonly wears. He takes a long drag of the cigarette before jetting out a line of smoke. It merges in with the congregation behind him. Within the smoke, hands reach out for Cameron, trying to grab onto his form. The shadowy appendages associate themselves with the cultist mindset that Cameron has. The man ignores their attempts and begins his way down the ramp.

Cameron makes it halfway down the ramp, allowing the smoke to completely blanket him. The hands that stalked him had reached him, wrapping themselves around his form. Cameron soon comes from the smoke, jacket off. He only stands there in his wrestling attire at the edge of the ramp. He takes a look towards both sides before ditching his cigarette and stomping it out. He enters the ring, sliding under the rope. He sits there for a moment, before getting to his feet.

He stands centerstage, allowing the smoke to circle around him. The spotlight blasts upon him, casting a shadow. Cameron simply stands there, foreboding. Eventually, the smoke dissipates and the lights comes back to normal. Cameron takes off his shades, glaring at nothingness. He heads to his corner and begins to stretch. With his back turned to everything, he awaits for the match to begin.

The following questions are designed to illustrate your character's style. This affects the way they compete on the show.

Preferred Style - Despite his style being geared towards aggressiveness, Cameron has a surprisingly well-tuned technical game. He knows a wide degree of different holds, even some obscure ones. He knows where to kick, punch, and hold to bring his opponent down to the ground. Thus, he excels in fighting bigger individuals; his calculating nature allows him to pinpoint key weaknesses in the giants. His surprising trait is how easily he can turn the tide of battle, he is notorious for being able to get to his feet and plant his foes with a brutal strike. These combos well with his ability to keep a man down. Once he grounds a man, he becomes a hound. He will play with his opponent until he is ready to finish them or he is bored of belittling them.

Avoided Style - After making the transition to a full blown heavyweight, Cameron hates having to try to keep up with speedy wrestlers.

Other Strengths (In-ring) -

1. Timing is everything - Cameron's whole offense is strengthened by his scary nature to manipulate the structure of a match. If he's against a large brute, he'll disable their aggressiveness before opening up his own. When he's fighting smaller, speedy individuals, he likes to slow down, but then disorient with bursts of speed. Cameron's in-ring genius is what usually wins him matches. He'll position himself in even the worst of situations in order to gain victory.

2. Stiff as an ironing board - Cameron doesn't bother with pleasantries. He was taught to harm people, not play around. He's stiffer than your average Puroresu star. It has its benefits and disadvantages.

3. What the hell. - Cameron's personality is quite overwhelming at times and he can radiant an unbecoming aura when he's in the ring. The unready need to be wary around him. Some say that his eyes never leave his opponents. He hardly blinks when he's in the ring. Cameron, on occasion, will stop and admire how hard he has been hit.

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) -

1. Even Masterminds Fall - Cameron hates to admit it, but he does have over-rely on his brilliance to push him to victory. Sometimes, he can lose track of himself if he isn't careful.

2. What a freak... - His personality may get people even more riled up and thus get him more injured.

3. Stiff as an ironing board - The amount of power thrown into his strikes can not only hurt his opponents, but hurt him in the long run. He has broken knuckles before throwing hard punches.

Confidence Factor - Cameron may radiate confidence, but he’s hardly a taunter. If he does, he does only to mock someone he either truly despises or respects.

Dirty Factor - Cameron may end up bending the rules to gain some advantage, such as holding a hold till the five count. He isn’t a dirty player; he just knows the game.

Danger Factor - Cameron’s a brutal man, sure, but even he’ll never be the one to dive off scaffolds or ladders. He’ll only do it in the spur of the moment. He’d just be mad at himself for doing so...stupid.

Other notes - Add anything you'd like to fine-tune the way your character is written in-ring

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 - Das Boot!
Description - Shining Yakuza Kick

Signature 2 - Kingdom Come
Description - Double Pumphandle High Angle Powerbomb / Ricola Bomb

Signature 3 - Canadian History X
Description - Curb Stomp from the top rope

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - Death Dealer
Description - Running Lariat or Ripcord Lariat

Finisher 2 - Blood Red Summer
Description - Back to Back Double Underhook Piledriver

Cameron holds his 648 day undefeated streak close to him that was broken as of 2016.

In Force 1 Wrestling, Cameron Kaiser made his debut in the American wrestling scene. He is a methodical man who grew obsessive with a certain contract. A parasite of a woman held that contract. He secured a victory over the contract holder, and then the federation closed. Lost and wishing to extend his doctrine, he got a phone call from one Aiden Marx, a childhood friend who had helped him in his time of need. Marx needed his help to take over one federation by the name of LEGACY. Cameron believed it fit to help, repay his debts. As such, he arrived in LEGACY and began to orchestrate and aid in vicious attacks against anyone and everyone who stood before WASTE. Sadly, LEGACY closed...just like Force 1.

In Kansas City, Cameron's little brother cried out for help. His heart did, at the least. Cameron had to help. He traveled down there. At Back to Basics, he saw his brother fall, not because of his own, usual fault. An imp, an insect had prevented his own flesh and blood from succeeding in his conquest. Therefore, he had to step in. Now, Cameron is watching over his brother directly. His brother needed a sibling intervention. Oliver was not going to do it. Artemis was not going to do it. Sophie could not. Gage definitely could not. It was his destiny to help his little brother.

He ended up succeeding. In the last moments of the esteemed federations, Cameron ended up capturing the MSW Tag Team Championship from The Bonecrushing Phailous with his brother, Peyton. Soon after that, he hunted Johnny Bonecrusher, wishing to end his career. That led him to RWD, where he debuted a while before its untimely closing. He hunted down Johnny Bonecrusher and bloodied his monster, Maxwell Schneider. After the federation closed, he dropped his hunt, wanting to get his career on track.

As such, he saw a new federation come into fruition. The Premium Wrestling Association was open and looking for new talent to bring it to the limelight. First and foremost, they opted to have a tournament to decide their Heavyweight Champion and their Women's Champion. He joined in the tournament and won in the finals to become the first Kaiser to win a top tier championship. There, he went on to carry it with pride. He made the toughest record in PWA with two defenses and a six month reign. Even more so, he kept his undefeated singles career of 648 days alive. He lost the championship to Kaden Kessler, which was aided by Cameron aggravating a shoulder injury. The man took advantage and got the victory. Cameron then went on to look outside of the dying federation for more opportunities. He lost his student, Vanity Fulbright, as her own ego overwhelmed her. Now, alone and being the teacher to two young women, Cameron looks to excel in more places.

1x MSW Tag Team Champion - With Peyton Kaiser and Artemis Kaiser as the Kaiser Dynasty - Longest-Reigning
1x PWA Heavyweight Champion - Longest Reigning, First
PWA Inaugural Heavyweight Championship Tournament Winner
648 days undefeated in singles competition.
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Cameron Kaiser
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