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 Blyss Lockhart

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The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name - Melyssa Lockhart

Ring Name/Nickname - Blyss Lockhart

Birthdate - 26 February 1990

Hometown - Chicago, IL

Height - 5’8”

Weight - 134 lbs

Alignment - Heel

Picture Base - Amber Heard

In Ring Attire - Black caged back crop top, lace panelled faux leather tights and mid-calf wrestling boots with red-taped fists

Entrance Theme - Dead to Me by All For Nothing


The arena lights go out as “Dead to Me” by All For Nothing comes on the PA system. Upon hearing the familiar music, the crowd bursts into surprised excitement mixed with jeers. A woman appears on stage wearing her in-ring gear with a neon green tank top over it that says “#EternalChamp”. She stands with her back facing the arena, her head thrown back and arms wide open. As the music picks up in volume, the lights also begin to flash like crazy throughout the arena here, revealing the person to be Blyss Lockhart. The lights then stop flashing and she opens her eyes before spinning around on her heels. She surveys the crowd, taking her own sweet time, with a Cheshire smile slowly forming on her face. She then takes off down the ramp.

Ring Announcer
Introducing [first or his/her challenger] from Chicago, Illinois… Weighing in at 134 pounds…

When Blyss reaches the ring, she slides through from under the bottom rope. Then she climbs to her feet and sprints up the far corner onto the middle ropes. She stays bent and looking down, her hands resting on the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer
She is the Eternal One, Blyss Lockhart!

I won’t bow to weakness
I won’t bow to weakness
I won’t bow to weakness
So I will never bow to YOU!!!

Slowly, she looks up and straightens herself with a grin and a mischievous glint in her eyes. She takes one final look at the crowd before taking off her tank top and dropping it onto the floor outside. She then jumps back down in the ring and stays in her corner as she waits for [her opponent/the match to start].

The following questions are designed to illustrate your character's style. This affects the way they compete on the show.

Preferred Style - Her obsession to win will push her aggression quickly into overdrive. She must strike first, and hard, and have the last laugh.

Avoided Style - She doesn’t do power moves.

Other Strengths (In-ring) - Fast reflexes, relentlessness (aggressive submission holds) and highly skilled in Muay Thai (high impact knee strikes).

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - Emotional (sudden bursts of rage may sometimes get the better of her or gets distracted from laughing during a match), hella stubborn (hard to work with or reason with) and short-sighted (it’s her way or no way).

Confidence Factor - Holy shit, she’s arrogant! And a little twisted in the head so will toy with opponent.

Dirty Factor - Does not hesitate to play dirty but only when she can get away with it and as last resort.

Danger Factor - She will risk everything to win.

Other notes - She likes to smile/giggle to herself, sometimes randomly when she’s thinking of her next move or after seeing the misery on her opponent’s face. Like after performing a signature move, she may sometimes just sit/lie there laughing to herself for a moment before anything else. If going for a pin, she would crawl over on her belly while laughing.

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 - BKO aka Blyss Knockout
Description - Running busaiku knee kick

Signature 2 - Hart Attack!
Description - Straight Jacket Neckbreaker

Signature 3 - Shitzo!frenik
Description - Enzui Shining wizard (to the back of head)

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - Possession
Description - Crossface Chickenwing: performed with body scissors or in modified version, where opponent is standing on outside ring apron with back turned and her on the inside with the ropes in between. She leans back as she hangs off the ropes for extra body weight on the move. Both versions must be done aggressively while she screams her opponent’s name and/or laughs her head off.

Finisher 2 - Blyzzard
Description - Shooting Star Press that is performed after blowing a kiss to the opponent either from the top of the turnbuckle or the top rope to the outside opponent. Then she’d go for the pin, covering a sly smile on her face like she’s trying to contain her laughter.

Like the personal information, this is simply any other pertinent information you'd like to provide about the background of your character and serves to give commentary things to discuss.


Blyss Lockhart is a 26-year-old girl from Chicago whose dream is to leave her mark on the wrestling world as one of the all-time greatest to ever step in the ring.

She first joined Insurgency Wrestling Federation back in October 2012 and has enjoyed many accomplishments, including winning the Rising Phoenix and High Impact championships on separate occasions. However since losing the High Impact title, she got caught in a string of losses that seriously marred her confidence. Her career downfall affected her personally and despite getting shots at the IWF Heavyweight title which she eventually lost, she continued to sink in her own misery. Soon she showed sudden unhinged behavior that had caused problems both socially and professionally, leading her to isolate herself from others. She always tried to keep her personal life away from the ring as much as possible but it all proved to be too much for her to handle in October 2014, even though she had won that final match against Parker Wayde, along with Jay Halc who’s one of her most bitter rivals to date.

After several months on break, Blyss returns to the ring in Portland Pro (PPW). She’s one of the first few signees since the ban was finally lifted to allow those outside the city to join the roster and compete. Determined to make a statement, Blyss injured one of PPW’s top dogs Grayson Street in her debut before racking up consecutive wins all the way to the following supershow (Pilgrimage) where she defeated Steven Kingsley and became the new PPW Openweight champion. She continued to dominate with an impressive title reign of 149 days with 2 successful defenses. She eventually lost the championship to Jackie Fowler at Equinox. It affected her deeply so she went on a hunt for her “missing title”. At first, it looked like she was just denying the loss (as usual) but after offering up a monetary reward for anyone who could find the title belt, she seemed genuinely lost and confused. Fellow PPW stars, Sue and Daniel Lanning, shared a mutual dislike for Jackie so they stole the belt and told her to meet at the next Salvo show for the handover. A brawl broke out after Blyss gave them their reward as Jackie crashed the meeting, furious to get his title back. While Sue and Daniel fought with Jackie, Blyss snuck out to escape with the belt. But the following week, during the match between Blyss and Cassius Reed, Jackie comes out to take back his title. Things took a turn for the worse for Blyss when her ankle also got seriously hurt during the match. She was then not able to compete due to injury and after two weeks, PPW announced its last show before going on hiatus.

Now, Blyss has recovered from the injury and is currently cleared to compete. But she has decided to take up coaching at her friend Flex Johnson’s wrestling school instead while still keeping a lookout for opportunities to wrestle every now and then.


IWF Rising Phoenix championship (126 days)
IWF High Impact championship (48 days)
PPW Openweight championship (149 days)


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Blyss Lockhart
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