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 Dexter Jacobs

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Dexter Jacobs

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The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name - Dexter Jacobs

Ring Name/Nickname - Dexter Jacobs

Birthdate - July 3rd, 1990

Hometown - Los Angeles, CA (by way of Aiken, SC)

Height - 6'4"

Weight - 270 lbs.

Alignment - Heel

Picture Base - Brock O'Hurn

In Ring Attire - Black brief tights. Black knee pads. Black Elbow pads. Heavy tape on his hands.

Entrance Theme
"A History Of Bad Men" - The Melvins

The lights drop and pulse in rhythm as the introduction to "A History Of Bad Men" by The Melvins rolls through the arena, drawing a raucous amount of boos from the crowd. The intro rolls on for a few moments before the heavy guitars of the verse rip through the loudspeakers and Dexter Jacobs steps onto the ramp. He pauses, cracking his neck slightly, adjusting the tape on his hands a final time. He gives the crowd a glance, sneers and pounds a hand on his chest a few times before making his way down to the ring, entirely focused on the task ahead, giving the crowd no recognition as he makes his way around ringside. He steps up onto the apron, making his way to the middle of the ropes before looking back out at the crowd again, glaring at the crowd and shutting down anyone who happens to be heckling nearby with a few choice words. He then steps through the ropes, making his way toward the middle, where he pauses to throw a single fist in the air with his head bowed, drawing even more boos as he soaks in the reaction a moment, sneering at the official and ring announcer before he makes his way to the corner, pacing back and forth like a caged animal once there.

The following questions are designed to illustrate your character's style. This affects the way they compete on the show.

Preferred Style - He's a powerhouse. Like, seriously. They call him the "Redneck Hulk" for a reason. He can do things strength-wise and athletically that are legitimately unbelievable. He's also an angry, angry son of a bitch. He is going to hit you as hard as he can, and throw you as hard as he can, and hit you some more, and then drive your head through the canvas, and then maybe, just maybe, pin you after that.

Avoided Style - While he's quick for his size, he's not THAT quick. And he generally eschews the top rope entirely, unless its avalanche variations of moves.

Other Strengths (In-ring) - He's really, really hard to stop. You're going to have to come close to killing him to get the job done, and even then it's gonna be a close bet.

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - He's angry. All the time. He's gonna make mistakes.

Confidence Factor - He'll talk some real mean-spirited shit, maybe shout down the crowd every now and then, but otherwise he's just gonna wreck shit.

Dirty Factor - Dex could give a damn about the rules. He's gonna do his thing, and if the ref gets in the way, that's his own terrible decision. If that means losing by DQ, oh well, he's gonna fuck somebody up anyway.

Danger Factor - Dex legitimately does not give a singular fuck. About anything or anyone when it comes to his job. He's there to wreck whoever is in front of him, spike them on their head, and leave with his hand raised. Any collateral damage, to himself or anyone else around him, couldn't mean less of a damn.

Other notes - When I think of something, I'll edit this.

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 - "God Loves, Man Kills"
Description - Crossface Chickenwing (sometimes transitioned into a Millenium Suplex into the turnbuckles)

Signature 2 - "And Hell Followed With Him"
Description - Discus Lariat

Signature 3 - "Drag The Waters"
Description - Orange Crush

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - "Death Is This Communion"
Description - Stalling Sheer Drop Brainbuster

Finisher 2 - "Primal Concrete Sledge"
Description - Tombstone Piledriver

Like the personal information, this is simply any other pertinent information you'd like to provide about the background of your character and serves to give commentary things to discuss.

Dexter Alan Jacobs was born a man of very few means. Growing up in a South Carolina trailer park, the offspring of an absentee father and a mostly apathetic and at times abusive mother, Dexter spent most of his formative years being raised by several of the park's more benevolent residents, and then, when he came of age, by himself, with all that such a life would entail. Dex was prone to extreme bouts of anger as a youth, which of course led to school trouble and multiple fights. Desperate to channel his frustration somewhere, anywhere, Dex tried multiple sports and activities to no avail...until he came upon one in particular: wrestling. Training in a dingy garage, Dex learned the tricks of the trade, and managed to get something of a grasp on his fury. He was quickly taken under the wing of a local promoter and became something of a local star for the tiny Southern Cross Professional Wrestling promotion. However, things took a dramatic turn for the worse and Dex abruptly left the small independent behind, taking up odd construction jobs, sparse independent bookings, and even bareknuckle fights to make ends meet. Eventually, Dex got another shot, this time with a major promotion in Phoenix Wrestling. After a relatively hot debut and a short-lived feud with an outclassed Stefan Raab, Dex's focus turned to defeating Faith Skyler for the Television Championship, in addition to debuting with Insurgency Wrestling Federation. However, after coming within seconds of winning the Championship on two occasions, in addition to a less than stellar debut with IWF, Dex was left on the outside looking in, and the pressure of the national stage and dealing with his failure to live up to expectations (in addition to issues with his then romantic interest, IWF manager Wicked) proved too much. Dex took a several month hiatus from wrestling, most of that time spent bouncing at a bar in Detroit, where he'd made his home for the time being.

Dex's passion for the ring was still there, however, and upon the announcement of the revival/opening of Willow Swaine's independent wrestling venture, iiW, Dex made the decision to get back in the ring. After a bloody and violent debut in the promotion that saw him only stopped by a tire iron shot from Brytain Rollins', Dex became a quick favorite among the Albuquerque promotions fans, and slowly began to come back into his own, overcoming the crippling self-doubt that had plagued him earlier in his career. IWF soon came calling again, and Dex rejoined their ranks as well, reeling off several impressive wins in both promotions to propel himself into being a somewhat unlikely title contender. Also during this time Dex became involved with ex-wrestler Jordy Tyrell, who became something of a calming influence in addition to managing Dex, something that was more than necessary in the violent environment of iiW. It was that same violence that would lead to further problems for Dex, however. In addition to a concussion given to him by the aforementioned tire iron, Dex suffered a somewhat severe knee injury as he participated in PW's Iron King tournament, but chose to work through it rather than take any amount of time off. This would also be the story after he lost a Hellacious ladder match to Syn in which he was concussed yet again, this time via a sledgehammer shot...Dex's fear of losing his spot in either promotion drove him to fight through injuries, no matter what the cost might be. This willingness nearly cost Dex his career, however, as he suffered a fall from the top of a 20 foot cage at iiW's first and only PPV event, costing him a chance at the iiW Championship, and nearly his life as well. Dex was hospitalized for several days, and was forced by medical officials (and Jordy's insistence) to take a short absence from the ring...only to end his sabbatical abruptly as he was booked into a scramble match for the vacant IWF Undisputed Championship barely two weeks later. Defying medical officials and the oddsmakers, Dex defeated five other opponents to win his first major professional wrestling championship. With disappointingly closing shortly thereafter, Dex's attentions were focused entirely on the IWF...but his mounting injuries proved to take their toll, as in his first defense he lost the Undisputed Championship to West McFadden. Determined not to be a fluke, Dex regained the Championship in a violent Hell In A Cell match, and was set for a third and final confrontation with McFadden to end their feud...when the announcement came that the IWF would cease operations. Robbed of his chance to prove his worth as a Champion, Dex moved on to Vegas, and Sin City Wrestling, in the hopes of establishing himself once more...which he did in short order, winning the SureShot Ladder match on his first pay-per-view appearance and claiming the coveted Global Championship match that the briefcase held. He then moved on to a bloody rivalry over the briefcase with arch-nemesis Sherry Diamond which saw the two escalate the violence to the point of Dex spearing Sherry off the top of a production truck to the concrete. Sherry managed to defeat Dex in the annual Double Down match after that, with the assistance of Lucy Jones and Dex's own temper. Dex moved on to help eliminate Chad Carbone's regime in the War Games match before turning his attention to the Global Championship, declaring that he would cash in his title shot at SCW's anniversary PPV, Legacy. During this time he also became involved with former wrestler, manager, and model Sarah Robinson, a relationship that continues to last. After an unsuccessful attempt to unseat Zoe Thorne under controversial circumstances, Dexter was able to defeat the champion and end her record setting reign with the Championship, defeating and crippling Lani San Diego in a bitter rivalry after that, only to be defeated months later by Michael Norcia in a brutal and physical contest. Dexter came mere seconds from regaining the Championship in his rematch, only to have it slip through his fingers at the last moment. What came after that was something of a downward spiral for Jacobs, with the loss of the FGA Tag Team Championships he held with Whiskey Ayano, and eventually the loss of his partner and friend entirely, and several other shocking defeats. At his wit's end, and convinced he was being disrespected at every turn, Dexter snapped during a match with Kali Sidero, hospitalizing his opponent and much of the ringside staff and personnel in SCW. Dexter declared from that moment that he would no longer be humiliated or stepped upon, and that the anger that he'd tried so long to bury would never be again. He was immediately and summarily suspended without pay after the incident, which also cost SCW majority owner Brian Sasso his shares and his job, as well as the jobs of several others in the fallout. However, Sidero demanded justice, and Dex faced her in an unsanctioned fight at the Double Down PPV, which the enraged 'Redneck Hulk' won with a brutal power bomb onto the concrete. Now, still on the outs with SCW, and with the revival of Insurgency drawing his ire over yet another perceived slight regarding his place as it's final champion and figurehead, he'll make his return...

And bring Hell with him.

IWF Undisputed Heavyweight Champion [2x & Last-Ever]
2015 SCW SureShot Ladder Match Briefcase Winner
2015 FGA Dynamic Duos Tag Team Tournament Champion [w/ "Fireball" Whiskey Ayano]
FGA World Tag Team Champion [w/ "Fireball" Whiskey Ayano]
SCW Global Champion[/i][/i]
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Dexter Jacobs
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